THIS IS Youth and Sports Deputy Minister Datuk Razali Ibrahim ‘RECIPE’ for nationalism!

“Singapore is the best example,” Razali who is also Umno Youth deputy chief said citing the “kiasu” (afraid of losing) attitude among Singaporeans.

He said “kiasu” was not something negative although some Malaysians found it odd and called Singaporeans “kiasu”.

“Kiasu is the nationalism spirit for Singapore. It means that weaknesses will be corrected without smearing the country’s good name. Kiasu is the key or secret to Singapore’s success.”

Great, isn’t it, easy to. So lets all be kiasu…!@#$%^&*

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  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘
    πŸ’‘ ‘Kiasu’ in GAMBLING is positive bcoz they can save more $$$MONEY in Bank n for feeding their Family n children instead of over GAMBLING πŸ’‘
    πŸ˜† ‘Kiasi’ is negative bcoz most are selfish n only take care of themselves n cannot helps poor peoples one BUT ‘Bo Kiasi’ is good bcoz they can fight n work very hard for the $$$MONEY by using their good n intelligent brain πŸ’‘
    Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘

  2. Alphard Lim says:

    KIASU…..hahahaha funny attitude but good in long term…..brighter future!!!!!

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜†
    πŸ™„ Kiasu here Kiasu there n Kiasu everywhere πŸ™„
    πŸ’‘ ‘Cia yuu’ Butterfly Man πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  4. wits0 says:

    The Gomen of umno has long lost its moral compass and this attempt on kiasu justification is an example,

  5. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😯 Ho 😯 Ho 😯
    😯 I was not in that CONDOMINIUM block then how can I sodoMICE that SHITfool ❓ 😯
    πŸ™„ Kiasu lo this type of πŸ‘Ώ wanna frame someone now ❗ πŸ™„
    Kiasu πŸ˜† Kiasu πŸ˜† Kiasu πŸ˜† DRAMA sodoMICE II sure Kangaroo court will not be fair one eh 😳
    Ho 😯 Ho 😯 Ho 😯

  6. amir says:

    “Razali who is also Umno Youth deputy chief ”

    Already the kiasu fight has started for the next bankrupt`s posts:

    May 31 (Bernama) — Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin today failed in his bid to set aside a judgment in default obtained by Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in a RM100 million defamation suit.

    1Buy Erection (Rembau) coming up.

  7. wits0 says:

    Actually, Alphard Lim, ’em umnoputras are far more showy than many other ppl all along. This is no secret and has been so for for decades. Hence the word, “Gaya” is very next to their lips and commonly used vocabulary in daily life and frequently comes out as Freudian slips often enough. That’s why Jibby (blurted out) tells ppl to “Ubah Gaya anda”.

    What “Gaya” do ordinary people indulge in??!!

    The’re already fortunate if able to own a car(at our crippling prices) to meet their transportation needs! !

  8. davis says:

    Do we have the kind of leaders that Singapore has?

  9. davis says:

    Do we have the same level playing field that all Singaporeans enjoy?

  10. Menyalak-Er says:

    Why do people make words which have negative conotations sound positive?
    Because they have very little else. Kiasu is peculiar to the South East Asian mentality, whereby behaviour is taken to extreme ends regardless of their true abilities. Kiasu is related to Kiasi and ahBeng’ism. If this moron wants to go this way, we’d better keep out of their way, because his ‘Potong Segi’ will mow us all down

  11. davis says:

    Kiasuism has no role in the development of Singapore.

  12. wits0 says:

    “Kiasuism has no role in the development of Singapore.”

    However, perverse murder of semantics to justify anything is the established and regular order of the day from the morally moronic Malusian “leadership”!

    “LEAD”, as a in weighty plumbum, i.e.

  13. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„
    πŸ™„ We don’t have LEADERSHIP by example but BULLSHIT by example all years round πŸ™„
    πŸ™„ They just makes more n more peoples sick of them with all their anus BULLSHIT πŸ™„

  14. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘
    πŸ˜† Congratulation to Celine Dion n Hubby to have lucky TWINS πŸ˜†

  15. Pegasus says:

    The red dot on the map is certainly a large act to follow by the umnoputras..kiasu or no kiasu, Singapore government had done very well ,without any natural resources unlike Malaysia, they have the one of the world largest reserves in gold bars with the World Bank..while Malaysia is heading for bankruptcy…Singapore are moving ahead strongly….umno should just commit harakiri and let PR to manage the country, the Bn regime has lost their direction and their head…its left to malaysian to change this regime…!!!

  16. kookaburra says:

    An admission by a senior BN that Singapore was right in leaving Malaysia,
    while UM is conducting lectures on Barry Wain`s book as to how the mamak destabilised Msia.

  17. kookaburra says:

    Perkasa is not kiasu? They hate to lose their crutches esp since the mopla Mahathai started clutching Ibrahim`s “tongkat”.

  18. kookaburra says:

    Oh I forgot to ask…………is the Rosmah Puaka a kiasu or kiasi?
    Just asking.

  19. wits0 says:

    Potato Albar ‘s dad was famous for going ballistic agitating against S’pore and nons in those mid sixties times, in an out of Parliament, as soon as the Indon Confrontasi was over, This was followed later by MahaKutty’s demagoguery.

    You, bumnoputras just can’t revise/obfuscate history this easily.

  20. rebena says:

    Thanks Ho Ho Ho ‘s great comments that make us relax and continue awake…

    well,.. you see yourself how great is the Singaporean ministers vs mamakuty..
    kiasu.. and be competence,
    kiasu and hate corruption
    kiasu and often moving for enhancement and modernization..etc

  21. rebena says:

    Ho Ho Ho,
    what do you think about the Pemandu’s suggestion about gradually lift out the subsidy ?

    on the hand,
    uncle sam still there.. Let’s see which PR leader will stunn uncle sam in political wrest…

  22. rebena says:

    gomen should not mislead our focus and attention..

    yea.. it is a need to review the subsidy of sugar, some petrol subsidy…
    BUT , it is a Must to monitoring tightly on how the gomen spending the moeny from time to time..

    the PKFZ fiasco, Auditor General Reports .. is still investigate… the culpritn need to pay us back le….

  23. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘
    πŸ˜† Thanks Rebena & Frens n you know n I knowlah how those MISSnister mis-manage our rich country full of natural resources n NOW 😯 wanna pull out the subsidy 😳 methink will be very helpful for the poor,middle group but not the RICH n Famous groupy 😳 If this happen πŸ˜† then IT proof that the components leaders are very weak in mis-management of our country resources,taxes n many many things that I simply can’t imagine 😳 Anyway this I.Jala try to say something against his boss from behind the door n he should be truthful with what is going to happen 😳
    MALAYSIA will only pull through if all Malaysians wake UP n CHANGE this corrupted to the core Goment comes 13th GE πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    ➑ SUBSIDY cut to feed the GREEDY n their GOONS over spending ah ❓ ❓ ❓

  24. rebena says:

    Thanks Ho Ho Ho’s respond πŸ™‚

    Monty, wits0, Pegasus, Davis,
    we hope PR representatives continue to Check the gomen for Malaysia resources usage, allocation funds..
    we also aware too many ppl jump ship and migrate to Australia and Europe..

  25. rebena says:

    Most voters are unhappy about the PKFZ scandal, unfairness in Judicial, TBH case, Auditor General reports,..etc..

    Personally i thankful PM to expedite resolve the Tanjung Pagar railway issue.

    i kno w, i know mamakuty often quarrell with Kuan Yew..

  26. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„
    ➑ i know,i know mamakuty often quarrell with Kuan Yew 😳
    😯 Ai yo yoyoyo this ‘Alabai mamakthiu’ the one who cari pasai with LKY one bcoz he always jealous that others win him ma ma ma 😳 😳 😳
    πŸ™„ Now this KPC want sammy velu to go n hope sammy not follow him go below ok liow πŸ™„ GO RELAX n ENJOY OK LA BUT DON’T FOLLOW HIM GO DOWN ❗

  27. wits0 says:

    Dear Rebena, Plenty more ppl are not amused with many issues beside the current ones which you named.

    Anyone with an awareness and a memory cannot agree with many, if not, most of the things which this bUmno governance has done over time.

    It’s only from the last decade or so that the long bottled up public revulsions are beginning to show in Cyberspace and the ballot boxes. And because of this prolong build up justified anger, there is no hope of the Gomen being able to make any real change of any required consequences. It has written its own self interests in stones – purely for its own elites!

  28. Alphard Lim says:

    Yes Wits0,Ho si,Rebena and all……many things happen for a ‘REASON’ ….whether good or bad!!!….and we are here for positive reason…to fight for justice and hope for big change….and not that 1m hallucinatind ‘ubah gaya hidup’….without less sugar….getting…?????

  29. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜†
    πŸ™„ Hope we are not going to ubah 😯 until BANKRUPT n eat only roti jala man πŸ™„

  30. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘
    πŸ’‘ Most of by close frens invest over-the-sea now n come back very filthy RICH with BIG CAR,BIG HOUSE n BIG ❓ πŸ™„ top secret one πŸ’‘
    πŸ˜† So,since you Butterfly man are so busy then not to ‘tau thia’ bcoz many old frens around to follow up man but remember to be there πŸ˜† u know n I know la lalalala πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    πŸ™„ Many brainy peoples will fly off when they feel bad of being misleads you know or not ❓

  31. Alphard Lim says:

    Olee shit the banana crap + crab….many still wonder why this shameful xai’ful case still going on????
    Well…..political motivated the main reason and not personnal as jibby says….oh…i can’t help him!!!!…..then close this shameful case immediately and get this xai’ful xai’cology dok….

  32. hutchrun says:

    ” i know,i know mamakuty often quarrell with Kuan Yew ”

    PR should try to get the UN to investigate May 13 like they are doing in Kenya. Then the truth of what the kiasu crab mamak was up to thern will get known.

  33. wits0 says:

    “PR should try to get the UN to investigate May 13…”

    Because this was never investigated, it became that much easier for Bumno to discard the moral compass of the land – one reason why we keep getting morally moronic leaders without any sense of accountability all the way!

    A land and ppl that does not practice justice cannot progress much, nor deserve to . This was the MAJOR milestone license to moral perdition.

  34. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„
    😳 Olee shit the banana crab + crap… 😳
    πŸ™„ Sound like you are eating SEAfood n talking Butterfly man hahahahahahaha πŸ™„
    πŸ˜† Make sure those Crab,Fish or Chickidee anus you don’t eat or 😳 you know la πŸ˜†
    ➑ Try this if you still got appetite to mum-mum

  35. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜†
    πŸ˜† HAVE FEELING n do not torture animals bcoz they got right to lives too like all of us n if free go ‘DATING’ la BUT make sure your lovers are not racist n fair to all n CHEERFUL πŸ˜†

  36. wits0 says:

    Here’s another form of kiasu-ness:

    The message of which is, simply, “Ayrabs and co-religionists can do no wrong!”

  37. hutchrun says:

    Malays were kiasu before s`pore left malaysia. This e.g. of kiasu malays:

    “Hungry Indian poor children eating sand: UMNO’s New Straits Times and the Star damage control false news reporting! Felda like land scheme for poor Indians denied.”

  38. wits0 says:

    Kiasu bumnoputras (1) are immune from fake and indulgent victimhood (2) believe there are no poor ppl except melayus.

  39. hutchrun says:

    “Malaysia”…..what is that???? Some drug for non malays?
    UMNO with its 50 years perkosa has turned it into “Malay-sial”.

  40. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😳 Ho 😳 Ho 😳
    😳 When they only help their ‘abang n adik’ who have no classy to be MP with them n can say ‘bocor’ or foul words inside Gomen hse then this type of virus will sure make the rich country bankrupt very fast one 😳 HOW n WHAT ❓ THIS TYPE OF ‘KIASU-NESS’ CAN UNDERSTAND ❓ ❓ ❓
    Ho 😳 Ho 😳 Ho 😳

  41. wits0 says:

    What’s so different in the de facto kiasuness of umnoputraism and the mark of the “666” Beast described in the book of Revelation?

  42. rebena says:

    SIme Darby and Pos Malaysia need to be investigated as soon..

    See, they not manage well these big company, how we believe they can handle the subsidy-cut implementation and enforcement..

    ..hmmm.. Chor Chee Heung promoted to local Housing Minister..

  43. rebena says:

    Ho Ho Ho , Monty,…

    ai yo yo is not relevant to us. See his assistant Palanivel get promoted in gomen minister portfolio.. PR have qualified candidate to topple this emperor..

  44. rebena says:

    gomen may view on 5 years plan on subsidy reduction..

    the Petrol subsidy has the strongest impact to all Malaysia..
    sugar subsidy need to reduce.. coz we want to see Less sugar daddy and sugar mummy eg – bumno and bn..

  45. rebena says:

    PR representatives , please check on the number of deputy minister has increase.. then is it taxpayers money has to fork up to pay more deputy minister ??????????

    the gomen servant number is too huge la.. need to slim down for the money sake of the rakyat la

  46. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„
    πŸ˜† You see Rebena n Frens πŸ˜† this bUmno goons need more PUPPETS inside their ponds so that they can swindle more $$$ with an excuse that they spend this n that so they can increase many things untill the very POOR PEOPLES cannot survive πŸ˜†
    πŸ˜† CUT DOWN ON SUBSIDY BY STAGES ❗ methink many POOR PEOPLES that makes up of MAJORITY PEOPLES POWER will cuts n phuck those goons out very soon lo πŸ˜†
    Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„

  47. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😳 Ho 😳 Ho 😳
    😳 Altantuya’s Ghost will not RIP until the πŸ‘Ώ being expose 😳

  48. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„
    πŸ™„ Since you goons are my backdoor PUPPETS ❗ your duty is very simple πŸ˜† SIT boo boo n listens to what I like to do n never questions me when I need BIG $$$ MONEY to cover my ass from being expose πŸ˜† so make sure all you goons knows how to be my YES MAN or you will end up like that tikus PKFZ ❗ FRIVOLOUS’ GOT IT ❓
    Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„

  49. davis says:

    “Water, water every where and yet not a drop yo drink” Water as a bargaining/ trump card against Singapore is no longer effective. Singapore has New Water. Maybe in the future we may beg Singapore to buy our water when our petroleum dries up.

  50. tembolok says:

    “Maybe in the future we may beg Singapore to buy our water when our petroleum dries up.”

    Another great idea would be to put Najib`s 1Toilet on the grave of the Maha Taik so Rais Yatim can pee straight.
    10sen per crap/pee and the collections from public will avert bankruptcy for Malay-sia.

  51. tembolok says:

    Najis Cabinet:

    How can CSL’s son who is not even a one term MP be given a DM and NOT KJ? Did the father give up his crown for the son???

  52. davis says:

    Tembolok, we are seeing the setting up of the Chua Dynnasty!!

  53. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜†
    πŸ˜† When that filty porn star manage to climb so high πŸ˜† for sure this porn star manage to find its way to ENTERTAIN the whole bunch of goons with his latest dvD hee wee πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    πŸ˜† 1 NO PROOF n 1 GOT PROOF n sure la the 1 NO PROOF one need 1 GOT PROOF one around him to feel clean n better man than him ma πŸ˜† PROOF 1 will not last long one πŸ˜† wait n see lo πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  54. wits0 says:

    Davis, the BN is long steeped into the Dynastic pursuit all the time. Yet its scummy supporters and trolls have the cheek to point the finger at LGE, one who truly won his own spurs the true hard way!

  55. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😳 Ho 😳 Ho 😳
    😳 This SHITfool can LIED about his Brother In Law Married then for sure DSAI sodoMICE case also shim can twist n lied one 😳 LIAR 😳 LIAR 😳 LIAR
    😳 WHY ❓ Malai’sial’ got this kind of SHITfool idiot pon-pon one eh ❗ 😳

  56. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😯 Ho 😯 Ho 😯
    😯 BEWARE ❗ UniFi TM customers on your PASSWORD security risk ❓ Who is trying to check on who privacy ❓ 😯 ➑
    Ho 😯 Ho 😯 Ho 😯

  57. Pegasus says:

    Palanivel, Samy’s law is given a lifeline by Najis, both these Mic mans are good as dead..irrelevant to the living people…Palanivel was rejected as candidate at HS by election ,a failure and we have many of them given the back door entry by this bn regime…all leaders of disasters, capable of wrecking havoc and making Malaysian life more miserable …the country is already in bankrupt…not only in wealth but of leaders as well….we have to vote PR in …these bn goons are bringing in more clowns into the cabinets…we have to change this ….!!!!

  58. Pegasus says:

    Hope our EPF money is safe πŸ™‚ Get your nominee done if you have not done so, if you have nominated , just check every 6 months or so ..less there could be some wrong deletion….and your account shows there is no nomination done, though you had.!!!

  59. gunong tahan says:

    aai, what happened to our anchor writer monsterball? Is he still alive?

    This blog is so peaceful without monsterball.

  60. hutchrun says:

    Malay Indians run out of gas……….stop farting

  61. hutchrun says:

    Najis full of gas

  62. hutchrun says:

    Kiasu Najis man lied in Court……..not relevant

  63. wits0 says:

    Wait for him to tell us that we eat too much rice!

  64. wits0 says:

    Malay Indians run out of gas……….stop farting
    Plan B is always about abject apology and bootli*king.

  65. hahahaha says:

    bootli*king……….that`s y malays call them kling

  66. kandhan says:

    Habitual lying swearing prevalent from Najis downwards part of UMNO Islam Hadhari….

    Brother-in-law claims Saiful lied under oath

    β€œSaiful’s allegation implies that I’m co-habitating with a woman which is against Islamic teachings. This has sullied my name and caused me great embarrassment.”

  67. wits0 says:

    Malusia is already seriously sick with kiasu-ness wrt to its obsession with titles mah.

    Jimmy chua don’t need them to be highly regarded by us.

    The rest can mostly bedeck themselves with such meaningless crap and gain not an iota of esteem from us. Quite to the contrary.

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