Note: Penang Muslim Councillors want CM to go a step further and ban gambling and alcohol premises to curb social ills.

In the spirit of peace and tranquility, I wish a very happy Wesak day to all Buddhists in Penang and Malaysia. On this auspices day, we are reminded of the teachings of Lord Buddha who among other things has preached enlightenment and tolerance.

The Penang Government in conjunction with Wesak Day celebrations would like to express our intent to promote a healthier and more responsible lifestyle for Penang families. We are concerned at the excessively high number of draws -12 draws or special draws conducted weekly by the three gaming companies licensed by the BN government, which should be reduced.

The Penang state government is not opposed to betting or gaming outlets in Penang. However we are concerned at the excessive number of draws and special draws being conducted by these licensed operators have placed a very heavy burden on many families. Many of the breadwinners feel obliged to ‘chase’ after each draw with all three operators resulting in substantial loss of income to the family and their children.

Therefore, in order to discourage the excessive number of draws and special draws as well as to promote a healthier social fabric, the Penang state government has decided to reject the application of the new sports betting licensee, Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd or other related parties to conduct the sports betting business in Penang.

Under the Local Government Act Section 101(v), the local council is empowered to deal with issues concerning the municipality’s safety, health and convenience.

The Penang government believes in the right of the people to partake in gaming activities and hence will not ban the number of gaming shop of activities. However, the Penang state government feels that the number should not be too excessive and be reduced so that they do not become addictive and destructive to our healthy lifestyles.

Penang state government is not in favour of the BN Federal Government decision early this month to award the sports betting license now in the interest of protecting the Malaysian social fabric and reducing the negative economic impact on them. We will be writing to the sport betting concessionaire to inform them of the Penang government’s decision.

Penang State Government shall direct The Two Local Councils MPPP & MPSP To Exercise Section 101(v) Of The Local Government Act To Bar Sports Betting In Penang Given By BN To Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd.

Once again a very Happy Wesak Day to all Penangites and Malaysians.

So people, can you live without gambling or alcohol?

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  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡
    💡 Happy Wesak Day 😆 Happy Buddha Day 😆 A Mi To Foa 💡
    ::idea: GOD BLESS & FORGIVE US ALL 💡
    😆 OVER GAMBLING is very negative n bad for our coming future generations if we look forward to the future to comes 😆 THE BAD CONSEQUENCES 😆 How many will have more Family n moral problems ❓ How many young n innocence will get involve in this gamblers bad habits that more or less will be like drugs addicts ❓
    Anyway in long terms majority Malaysians will understand that PR cares for all n will THANKS PR 😆

  2. The revenue collected from betting is halal money and should therefore be banned and most of all not be allowed to be used by Muslims. An account for the haram revenue should be set up to fund anything considered to be haran !
    May be Umno is using these revenues in the by election as bribes !!!

  3. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆
    😆 Last month I met a few of my old frens Mothers in ‘Pasar’ or ‘Ban San’ when I go for buying my hse cooking supply there with my Sweetheart to cook n I notice that a few Aunty that used to buy lots of fish n supply from there has reduce their purchase tremendously n I busy body n ask them why buy so small qty stocks ❓
    😆 The Aunty’s reply to me that they wanna ‘pok’ or try some of their $$$Money on 3D,Magnum 4D & Sportstoto on Tue(special Draw),Wed,Sat & Sun ❗ 😯 by saying to me 😆
    😆 😆 😆 Ai yo Handsome Ho Si ah 😆 Aunty ‘pok’ RM1 small & Rm1 n 1st prize big can WIN RM6K you know or not n that why we buy less supply to cook back to eat lo 🙄
    OMG ❗ GAMBLING really can cause social ills n having less food to eat too oh ❗ Don’t play play 🙄

  4. Menyalak-Er says:

    So people, can you live without gambling or alcohol?

    Gambling? No problem ‘cuz me no gamble.
    Alcohol? Depends. If methylated or rubbing alcohol to drink, definitely not. A coupla of social drinks witout inebriation, depends on who’s paying. Drunkeness? Never, except when in company of Samy, and that also restricted to toddy. Anyway i don’t think we need Prohibition like laws anywhere.
    Smoking? See:

    To all the Buddhist ‘friends and foes’ on this blog, have a blessed Wesak weekend.

  5. Pegasus says:

    To all Buddhist, Happy Wesak Day… May God Bless All…!!!

  6. Pegasus says:

    Happy Wesak Day to all Buddhist …!!!

  7. Pegasus says:

    New betting licence should stop. Enough social ills..what the Penang Government are doing are certainly good…there are enough draws in a week…to increase more is to cause more hardship to the layman…..the betting should reduce not increase ….

  8. Nice Lim says:

    To all Buddhism in Malaysia…..Happy Wesak Day and may Lord Buddha bless you all…

  9. I'm Malaysian says:

    Happy Wesak day to all our Buddhist friends and to all who celebrates this peace loving religion peoples as well..

  10. I'm Malaysian says:

    A big applause and bravo to our Pakatan Rakyat leaders and Penang CM LGE..
    Keep up the good work..

  11. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡
    💡 What a Happy n PEACEFUL HAPPY WESAK DAY 2010 💡

  12. wits0 says:

    We all KNOW gambling is BAD.

    But from a Gomen that insists that racism is good and the only way, well, it’s just a matter of time before it will dictate that gambling is good! This is now manifesting in your face!

  13. kahkahkahkah says:

    Errrrr, so Vincent Tan will get licence for GRO Lounge monopoly?
    $osmah “1st Lady” – Chairwoman?

  14. kahkahkahkah says:

    WAWASAN 2020 = BM:

    Bangsa Melayu, Bangkit Melayu, Bahasa Melayu………BANKRUPT MALAYSIA

    1Lagi Projek “Unta Melayu Nakal Org” led by towering Bugis camel driver

  15. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😯 Ho 😯 Ho 😯
    😳 Ai sheh man 😆 Living insects like Ants we also cannot kills already some more this ROAST-thump ‘otak udang’ wanna torture animals ah ❓ ❓ ❓ HELLO HELLO you sicko n brainless n where you put your brain ❓ maybe no HEART also 🙄

  16. wits0 says:

    Present from a Towering One for Wesak Day

    Malacca Chief Minister Ali Rustam today defended the state government’s decision to allow the establishment of a multi-million ringgit biotechnology centre that will feature several animal testing laboratories.

    Something we have come to expect from towering morally moronic clones of TDM.

    Perhaps later he’ll say that what the Imperial Japanese Army’s Unit 731 did in WW2 in Manchuria has justification too! Why? Because Humans are also regarded as animals too!

  17. kittykat46 says:

    The Melaka Cheap Minister is a prime example of the Arrogant, Moronic UMNO warlord who needs to learn some humility by losing power.

    Those who deal with chemicals and pharmaceuticals which will be exposed directly or indirectly to human beings understand that animal experimentations are, regrettably, a necessary evil.
    Possible carcinogenic, toxic or other unwanted side effects can be deduced from similar chemical structures, but one of the most effective ways of establishing safety data is still laboratory experiments on live animals.

    More enlightened countries now recognise such experiments must be carried out only under strict guidelines and ethical restrictions. Torture is a No-No, and the animal research practices in the labs are subject to inspection and audit by external independent parties.
    It is NOT a “God-Given Right”

    The point is There are no such regulations in Malaysia. I suspect this “Vivo BioTech” has decided to set up shop in Malaysia precisely because it can avoid the stringent controls on animal experimentation in other countries.

  18. parkit says:

    “…establishment of a multi-million ringgit biotechnology centre ..anima testing laboratories.”

    Paki-melayu want to study bio terrorism.
    After some time they will clone the paki and the langkawi roti mamak M.

  19. wits0 says:

    Hi Kittykat, over the years this Malacca Scum Minnister have said a lot of vile and offensive things in the true tradition of Bumno racist/fascist hubris and never gotten censured by the skavishly abetting media.

    Therefore I saw no need to accord him indirectly, the finer points of the matter. He deserves them not at all! Not the least in mitigation wrt what he said about playing God! Whatta towering AH!

  20. Menyalak-er says:

    What does rusty know about biotech? Kacip fatimah and tongkat ali. I suggest the build a nuke cooling tower and place it between his ears.

  21. Ho Ho Ho says:

    💡 Everything has IT’S LIMIT like boiling POINT ❗ n PR DAP is right to put a STOP into this over GAMBLING right to the POINT that will help majority Penangites in long term n bcoz of this ‘SINCERETY’ 😆 PEOPLES will accept PR DAP decission with THANKS 💡

  22. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡
    🙄 Between ‘ANGEL’ 💡 n ‘DEVIL’ 👿 🙄
    😆 Even PR gomen ‘BANNED’ footBALL betting 😆 many will still gamble n bet their $$$Money at underGROUND boss betting 🙄 So,Approved or Disapproved gambling still cannot really STOP peoples from ‘GAMBLING’ ❗
    💡 BUT 💡 1 n only ‘SOLUTION’ will be ‘EDUCATION’ to educate all our Malaysians citizens to be good moral with good conscious mind to understand all those NEGATIVE things that will destroys them in long runs 💡

  23. Ho Ho Ho says:

    💡 LOVE your Family,Girlfriend,Boyfriend,Mom,Dad,GrandMA,GrandPA,Kids more ++++ n spend more $$$ MONEY on them rather than give n waste your $$$ MONEY on GAMBLING bcoz when you are old 😳 only your Family n your LOVE one n your Children will pay you back n NOT GAMBLING boss 💡 FALL IN LOVE n have more BABIES n don’t give away your $$$ to GAMBLING DEN 😆 😆 😆 HAPPY WEEKEND 😉 😉 😉

  24. bee yong says:

    When you mix Buddhism and Gambling in the same article, the word “Greed” between the two. Greed is the ultimate aim of gamblesd while Greed is the ultimate up-rooting for the Buddhists; like water and oil – they do not mis.

  25. Kherry Scarry says:

    Zakat strictly for Muslims only. Non Muslims are forbidden to receive them. Rightfully revenue earned from gambling is haram and the taxes collected should channel back to Non Muslims. Then why in the hell is this present Government taking everything that is Haram that doesn’t belong to them !!!

  26. Menyalak-Er says:

    “Then why in the hell is this present Government taking everything that is Haram that doesn’t belong to them !!!” K.S.

    Cos’ they are Halal by the Grace and Mercy? They own the certification, remember?

  27. wits0 says:

    Even KTeMucks also understand this “Ali Rustam – a terrifying future danger ”

  28. I'm Malaysian says:

    Pakatan Rakyat..
    Yes,we are the future..

  29. I'm Malaysian says:

  30. ktteokt says:

    Because the BN government cannot cope with illegal betting and in order to end such activities, it has decided to legalize football betting by issuing a licence to Vincent Tan.

    Using this similar line of thought, the BN government has also not been able to cope with illicit drugs and their abuse, so are they also going to legalize illicit drugs and start issuing licences to cronies for their sale?

  31. hutchrun says:

    This video titled Slovak Sling by Woo Ming Jin is damn farni. It stars everybody’s favourite Harith Iskandar as a corrupted politician and Patrick ‘Nee-ama’ Teoh as a corruption facilitator (is that the word or should it be ‘briber’? Hahaha…).

    This video captures the common knowledge of corruption among our politicians and police force and how they (literally) strip you naked with their greed. And the fact that the video involves an illegal dvd peddlar is so Malaysian.

    Have a good laugh…

    Note: This video is part of the 15 Malaysia project.

  32. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡


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