I attended a forum on health in Penang when a veteran politician told me he was reading my blog and had one advice for me: that I should not be ‘vulgar’. I was like…duh…! Can I help it when policitians themselves lead the way?

Image by Wits, thank you! Read why he is not fit to be MP. He has always been vulgar. Here’s one good example.

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  1. bu(a)ng says:

    l like your rhyming couplet. So in solidarity of poetic vulgarity, this Bung Kena Buang, Kena Batang, Kena Buang Batang!

  2. 011011 says:

    Good to know that you are back.
    Welcome back. Phew!

  3. Ellese A says:

    I like your thinking Style and writing theme. If others are vulgar we should be vulgar too. If others are rude we should be rude too. If others can commit a wrong we can do too. If others commit an offence we can do too. If others incite hatred and racisms we can do too. If others commit corruption we can do too. Excellent. Do unto others what others had done to you. We will then have a peaceful world.

  4. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜†
    ➑ This lawless law-maker@ law-breaker and cannot use batang need to be ‘buang’ with its illegal married πŸ™„
    😳 Methink he will talk vulgar like ‘bocor’ again πŸ™„ SHAME SHAME on this bodohland ‘buang batang’ samseng 😳


  5. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜†
    😯 After ‘buang’ this law-breaker then many will wish that ➑ Semua Katak Sepatutnya Letak Jawatan Dan Bertanding Semula Kerusi Mereka Macam Jantan@Gentleman lo πŸ™„ or another option ‘BUANG all KATAK-KATAK’ too πŸ˜†

  6. Francis says:

    oh.. Buang itu bocor, la.. wedding pesong lorong belakang ?

    Tua Ki, Please help to tarok dia and katak zrain and w choo keong

  7. wits0 says:

    Bum Mocker of the Ratbin,
    Sustained by rich bumno guano,
    Has face as thick as buckskin,
    Using his John Thomas as a bilbo.

  8. rebena says:

    Hope the Sabah PKR, or Yong Teck Lee party , please plan and send in a better Candidate and challenge Buang yang tak senonoh , yes, at the upcoming GE 13..

    Buang talk like a buaya, or budak nakal gatai

    Ho Ho Ho, Monty, Wits0, menyalak , any further comment..

  9. Menyalak-er says:

    “Buang the Bung!” Yeah that sounds appropriate.
    I’ ve no comments on why this lecherer and his pegangzizie jumped the ‘gun’.
    But a morally acceptable position would be to apologize to the court, the kadis and to his constituents.

    To be honest, i did think that we (yep, me included) were a bit ‘vulgar’ in this blog too, esp. with mb trying to dominate it. Being passionate about something, does not mean that we have the licence to destroy others ego. I think we have to be a bit more circumspect with our ‘barking’, haha.. Anyway, i’m still having a tough time commenting here, as the spam daemon seems to be in overdrive still..

  10. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜†
    😳 That 584 buang r really useless fella that really insults lots of ladies in whole Malaysia bcoz of his vulgar ‘bocor’ disrespect on all sweet ladies n methink this kena buang@kena batang goons not a gentleman@jantan n look more like a banana man in tree top πŸ˜† πŸ™„ 😯

  11. wits0 says:

    Dear menyalak-er, we’re already very circumspect and mild with this bugger already, – one who thinks nothing of offending the sensitivities of the other half of the world.

  12. Ho Ho Ho says:

    πŸ™„ MONKEY songs chiki chiki ugly bOng bOng look alike hanging on the tree πŸ™„
    😯 Chiki chiki bOng bOng being eaten by BUAYA darat 😯

  13. Menyalak-er says:

    Circumspec in ways that bungs are, i guess.
    The fact remains that this bung from kina-batangan relies on feudalistic patronage for the ilanun and bugis to vote him in. He is a totally ineffectual MP, prone to rabid, vulgar, puerile and deceitful statements. This mystery of why people vote for him really ‘mystifies’.
    But then the rural electorate in general are probably too inbred to understand this. Look at the Felda, Felcra schemes – die oso want to ‘bangsa and budaya’, even though their guts are being ripped out by their masters. Their concept of ‘adat’ being very superficial, except when it comes to ‘wang hantaran/ehshan’..

  14. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„ Ho πŸ™„
    πŸ˜† When this banana kena buang can cheat on his WIFE ❗ then for sure this law-breaker banana can also cheat on all the RAKYAT too ❗ My fren ‘Tua Ki’ will call this type of banana ‘ci per’ or go eat his own ‘sai’ in a shito-shito way 😳 Ai yo yoyoyo methink this kena batan lan not fit to be MP n should call for BUY ‘atang’election again la πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  15. hutchrun says:

    Ellese A
    May 19th, 2010 at 06:19

    There is another alternative, you can always lie back and enjoy it.

  16. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜†
    πŸ’‘ Don’t look dow on others πŸ˜† Every human being are born equal πŸ˜† Don’t play play ah πŸ’‘ πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† ➑ http://bit.ly/bN5oiM

  17. rebena says:

    Let’s Malaysia leaders continue to alert on challenges on economy and currency market, we need to avoid being Greece in Asia

  18. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘ Ho πŸ’‘
    πŸ˜† By GOD or by PEOPLES POWER support n help πŸ˜† one way or another those DICTATOR n BULLIES bumNO will learn their lesson very very soon πŸ˜† http://bit.ly/cmsV9L

  19. I'm Malaysian says:

    This bong really need to be kena-buang coming kena-batang election..
    No ladies luck..

  20. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😯 Ho 😯 Ho 😯
    Ai yo yoyoyo itu cakap BESAR lagi BANYAK punya ‘BRA’ Katak perkosa n all its bumNO members banyak diam about this football betting license ❓ ❓ ❓ Why ah ❓ Oh ❗ selfish fellow only protects himself only
    πŸ˜† where got sound one as long as he is o.k and others poor peoples play until bankrupt or involve in Ah Long also not his bussiness one πŸ˜† so next time this Katak ‘BRA’ man talk big πŸ˜† we just ask him to go sell FISH 1st πŸ˜† 😳 πŸ™„

  21. Ho Ho Ho says:


  22. Ho Ho Ho says:

    😳 This Bong@Buang really kena Mad Cow Diseases n need medical attention 😳 bcoz he wanna chase all away with his batang BARKING power 😳

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