I must say I am quite excited to see the DAP win in Sibu. Can we have more by-elections, please. But I hate the way this is turning into a racial issue when it is not.

It’s too obvious by now that the minorities in this country are simply fighting againt ‘discriminatory policies’ of the MAJORITY. That they are Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Dayak, Kadazans, etc…are a matter of pigmentation.

I am sure Pakatan must be secretly thanking Muhyiddin’s “I am Malay first” declaration, Mahathir’s Perkasa and the overall Allah issue for making things easier for them in Sibu.

From ‘tak ada modal’ to campaign, they have suddenly loads of issues to blast about. Thanks to Azhar Ibrahim (Penang Opposition leader’s) tirade on May 13, army takeover and possible attack by the underground Malay gangster Tiga Line group, whoever these poor souls are. 

Wee Choo Keong’s surprise (not a surprise actually) resignation from PKR is NOthing compared to all these!

Goung back to Sibu, the way money is being poured into by-elections is simply horrifying. The right thing for the EC to do is to ban these acts of daylight bribery. But who is the EC? perhaps, we need an answer to that first.

Anyway, money did not work in Sibu and a few other constituencies which had a by-election in the past months. This is a good trend for the coming days.

I am now itching for a Kedah state election. Anyone game for it?

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  1. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆
    ➡ BRIBERY will not work for those bumNO no more bcoz RAKYAT are not fool and will WORK HARD WORK HARD FOR THE MONEY than accept bumNO bad corrupted money$$$$ 😳
    Mamaktiu think that money can buy everything 😆 ❗ he can win for temporary with greedy frogs jump over but in a long terms they are going to be voted out by BIG TSUNAMI of ‘SILENT RESPECTED MALAYSIANS VOTERS’ very very soon 😆 😆 😆

  2. hutchrun says:

    I have been calling for a Kedah election for some time now. Najib just doesn`t have the gonads to call for a GE, so Azizan should grab the bull by the balls and dissolve Kedah Gormen and go to the ballot. The UMNO Moo (first lady??) will also be happy.

  3. Penang Voter says:

    My philosophy is very simple:

    BN gives, I take. I still vote Pakatan
    Not enough I ask for more. I still vote Pakatan
    They still give what I ask, I still vote Pakatan

    Promise to give if they win, I tell BN “Go to Hell !!!” I still vote Pakatan

    What is there to lose?????? Right?????

  4. justme says:

    Kedah state election? Not a wise idea at this point in time. Weed out those opportunists in PKR first, the achilles heel of Pakatan Rakyat. Many in PKR are in only for the spoils of war,not ideals or beliefs in the struggle for a better Malaysia.
    As alleged monetary bribes as a tool used by BN/Umno is losing its effectiveness, we can expect non Malays to bear the brunt of blame for any Umno/Bn loses. Katak Ibrhim has been rather vocal on these, and even some telling us pendatangs to go back to China or India or whatever. Why the threats and blame to non Malays? What about the Malays that voted in Pakatan Rakyat in the 5 states last GE? What threats on them Katak Ibrahim? Maybe revoke their Bumiputra status and priveleges ? Because katak cannot threatened them any other way? Does that Katak Ibrahim has a pea brain, he did not realise 45-50% Malays voted opposition last GE? So what say you Katak, esp to those Malays? Most well known idiot in Bolehland =Katak?

  5. kplee says:

    As for that dickhead Ib Ali and half dead mamak kutty, please OPEN YOUR BIG MOUTHS and state that the Sarawakians are ungrateful and Sarawak should get out of Malaysia now, let this be seconded by that racialistic and corrupted mamak kutty. With Perkasa’s panel of brilliant economic and financial strategists, coupled with Mamak kutty’s know-how, we do not need Sarawak’s petrol money.
    Next is that SUPP candidate Robert Lau. He is upset at Malaysiakini for not “writing good articles about (him)” and then accusing Malaysiakini of being “extreme left”? Hello, Roberto, just because you and your pals are used to the mainstream media’s pandering to your needs and obvious biases toward the BN/UMNO because of oppressive media laws, and the fact that your buddies own the mainstream media, doesn’t mean everyone is like them. Dont be a sore loser. MCA/MIC/GERAKAN/PPP and now SUPP are irrelevant to the rakyat as long as they are in BN/UMNO. Come on, Roberto, leave BN and join PKR before you fade into oblivion. NOW!!!!!!!!

  6. Shiokguy says:

    Dear Susan

    As I said before, the best politician is the one who is terminally ill..



    Shiok Guy

  7. richard says:

    good job guys keep pushing

  8. jess says:

    Finally Sibu voters drop BN/UMNO to the drain. Well done and salute you SIBU people.

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