Received this media advisory in the mail from Biro Komunikasi, Parti Keadilan Rakyat:

Representatives from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Civil Liberties Malaysia, Democratic Action Party (DAP), Human Rights Party (HRP), Police Watch Malaysia & Human Rights Committee, Group of Concerned Citizens(GCC) and Lawyers for Liberty will be submitting a complaint to the Malaysian Human Rights Commission (SUHAKAM) over the brutal treatment received by Norizan Salleh in the hands of the Royal Malaysian Police.

Norizan was shot 5 times and beaten by the police in an incident that can only be described as ‘guilty until proven innocent’.

The complaint will be filed on:
Date: 11 February 2010 (Thursday)
Time: 11 am
Place: SUHAKAM, Menara Tun Razak, Jalan Raja Laut.

*Members of the media are invited to cover this event*

INSIDE is the text of a memorandum submitted to the Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Musa Hassan on the shooting incident for your reference.

4 February 2010
Tan Sri Musa Hassan,
Inspector General of Police,
Bukit Aman

MEMORANDUM OF PROTEST: Shooting by police of Norizan Bte. Salleh

The Facts:
1) On 30.10.2009, 29 years old Norizan bt Salleh was shot 5 times by police.
2) Norizan was travelling in a car when the incident happened. Without justification, police shot at the car from behind, the bullets penetrating through the body of the car and hitting Norizan who was seated at the back seat.
3) After being shot, Norizan was then kicked and stepped on by the police personnel despite bleeding profusely from being shot.
4) No person in the car was armed with any weapon and there was no threat of any kind to the police. Despite this, police chose to open fire repeatedly at the car.
5) Norizan is an innocent woman who has never been charged in court for any crime. She has suffered serious injuries including permanent damage to her hand. A bullet lodged close to her heart had to be removed by surgery at Institute Jantung Negara. Norizan is lucky to be alive today!
6) Norizan lodged a police report on 16.11.2009 complaining of attempted murder by police, but no action has been taken by the authorities against the culprits.

Increasing incidents of unjustified police shootings

1) Activists, lawyers and elected representatives have raised the issue of unjustified shootings by police on many occasions, but have been ignored by both the Police Force and the Government.

2) In almost every case, the police version of the events has been similar; that the victims opened fire and police returned fire, killing all of them. It has been easy for police to get away with this version, as the victims are usually dead and the truth buried. This has also been the police version in two recent shooting cases. [Kulim shooting (February 2009) and Klang shooting (November 2009)].

3) Norizan’s shocking case proves that unjustified shootings by police have reached dangerous levels.

4) The brutality with which Norizan was treated after the shooting indicates the extent and seriousness of problems in the Police Force.


1) An immediate investigation by a Bukit Aman team specially set-up for this purpose;
2) The result of the investigation be made fully public;
3) All those police personnel involve in Norizan’s brutal shooting be suspended/arrested immediately;
4) That the case be classified as attempted murder;
5) That there be immediate and thorough reform of the Police Force;
6) That the IGP explain to the public why the police have never revealed this shocking incident to the public;
7) The leadership of the police support the setting up of the IPCMC.
8) That all suspicious police shooting cases over the past decade be re-opened.

Endorsed by:
1) Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)
2) Civil Liberties Malaysia
3) Democratic Action Party (DAP)
4) Human Rights Party (HRP)
5) Police Watch Malaysia & Human Rights Committee
6) Group of Concerned Citizens(GCC)
7) Lawyers for Liberty


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  1. I'm Malaysian says:

    Huh! A bunch of pdrm gangster more appropriate with their kind of action and brutality

  2. I'm Malaysian says:

    This bunch of wild pdrm dogs only thinks that their salaries are from their boss Barisan Najis and not from Malaysians people tax payer money..SHAME to Malaysia and the whole world with their kind of mentality

  3. I'm Malaysian says:

    Raja Petra’s son warded after swallowing razor blade!
    Why,Who and What happen actually?

  4. same2 says:

    Raja Azman pleaded guilty to the charges after he was beaten up in the police station and was forced to plead guilty. He later told the court he was beaten up to force him to plead guilty.
    He then withdrew his guilty plea and pleaded NOT guilty
    Raja Azman has also not been jailed as the reports say. He is under remand in the Sungai Buloh Prison while awaiting trial because he did not apply for bail.
    Both the Bernama and Malaysiakini reports are incorrect.
    Furthermore, Raja Azman was admitted into the psychiatric ward after going berserk during a beating session and was later transferred to solitary confinement.
    On 6 February 2010 he was again subjected to a beating and then transferred to a punishment cell meant for one. However, Raja Azman was made to share this cell with five other prisoners.
    While in this punishment cell, Raja Azman was given the razor blade, which he used to slash his wrist and then he swallowed the razor blade.
    This is to correct the errors and omissions in the Bernama and Malaysiakini reports, which we believe was done with malicious intent.

  5. Ho Ho Ho says:

    😆 GONG XI FA CAI 😆

  6. Ho Ho Ho says:

    😆 🙄 😳
    ➡ 👿 evil dogs only protects their evil master and will fire tear gases at OPPOSITION protesters whenever they protest ❗ Unfair la lalala 🙄
    Ho Ho Ho

  7. apalagi says:

    Bala says no to Singapore rendezvous with MACC

    “They (MACC) want to take my client’s testimony at our High Commission in Singapore, but we decline,” said his counsel Americk Sidhu to The Malaysian Insider.

    He did not give specific reasons but it is known that Balasubramaniam has made his personal security a prerequisite for his testimony and was unwilling to compromise it.

    Americk said his client had other objections too.

    “They want to classify all our correspondences as ‘secrets’ under the OSA, which we disagree to, and I am not at liberty to say more until we receive feedback to our letter expressing our disagreement to the conditions they intend to impose on us,” said Americk.

  8. amir says:

    Tan Boon Wah was forced to stand for four hours by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission that threatened to assault him repeatedly, according to Malaysian opposition members, which appeared in a report by Din Merican, a Malaysian-based independent news correspondent.

    “They said that if I don’t ‘tell the truth’, they will take away my wife and there would be no one to care for the children. But I did not give in,” Tan said.

  9. Ho Ho Ho says:

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
    💡 Take them out this 13th GE and the WORLD people really watching them 💡
    ➡ 👿 Evil better watch out ❗ 😳

  10. wits0 says:

    Suhakam is a filing office for dead letters – one that needs to be fully fed for every meal? Cops say cannot take action and then took action on LGE, for “sedition” at own ‘urgent’ initiative. No consistency makes for no credibility. Flagrant duplicity all around in 1AwtaMalaysia.

  11. Fairness says:

    Excuses, excuses for Raja Petra’s son. When I read the news, I know you guys wil go police bashing. My take is he’s just tired of an absentee father. One who runs away overseas or maybe hiding under a bridge near the Klang bus stand. It’s a proof that RPK fail to put his house in order. Yet he has the gumption to criticise the government on how they run the country. People in glass houses should not throw stones. If I am his son, i will also kill myself.

  12. righto says:

    cmon, police brutality in malaysia is a fact. what can suhakom do?

  13. mirip says:

    Time to “wallop” LKS & Nizar

  14. mirip says:

    “If I am his son, i will also kill myself.”

    Consider yourself lucky then!! Go and play with Nazri & Najib`s sons, they will teach you a few “tricks”

  15. straycat's strut says:

    Norizan who?
    I was travelling all the time and I was never shot at even when I was not wearing my seat belt at 13o km/h. I wonder why she was shot from behind and well, I would not jump the gun and pass judgment just yet. Even SUHAKAM etc demands investigation and did not do police-bashing so readily like some of us here.

    Fortunately, Norizan seems to be a Malay and not a Chinese or Indian. If not, it would be an open season for Malay-bashing.

    And mark my word, no one will bother to pursue the case by tomorrow because she is a Malay! TBH and Kugan were lucky in that sense. I don’t think Karpal will call for a royal commission on this one.

  16. Menyalak-er says:

    Shot up 5 times? Why? What were they pursuing? A perceivd hantu langsuir?
    This is called an exorcism attempt with extreme prejudice, without the ‘judice’.

  17. davis says:

    airness, are you saying that if one is not a good father, one has no right to fight fot the rakyat ? I think that is wrong. Maybe when one is putting the interest of the rakyat before that of family, members of the family may have to undergo some difficulties.

  18. Ho Ho Ho says:

    👿 ➡ ‘F’ the ‘airness’ sick SHIT 👿 🙄

  19. davis says:

    Wonder how much longer does the police need to charge Nasir Safar? Did someone say that he would not be charged?

  20. wits0 says:

    Airless is saying that she was shot 5 times to give her some ventilations via 9mm perforations? No one reported how many rounds were fired at the car (in toto)? 15, 30 or more?

  21. Pegasus says:

    Fair-ass,imbecile like you will have difficulties in understanding the sacrifice that RPK has to go through for this country and knowing his son is being tortured by the regime to get him must be heart wrenching to him.
    You certainly don’t posses the qualities to be RPK son…rather your insignificant death will mean nothing to this country…just a statistics…just stick around…

  22. Pegasus says:

    The wild guns must be trigger happy..practicing their shots…Numerous times we have read about police shoot-out with criminals gangs members..where all of the gang will be shot dead..but the police cars will be squeaky return of fire?.

  23. wits0 says:

    Airless and heartless, with a bit of luck, someone close to you might just encounter the type of experience that the poor victim had. If that’s what it takes to instill some decency and humanity into your rabid stance, then it ought to happen!

  24. Ho Ho Ho says:

    ➡ 😈 ‘Airless’ is heartless and full of sickness 🙄 😆
    😆 no moral and useless + full of sickness 😆

  25. kader says:

    “Airless and heartless, with a bit of luck, someone close to you might just encounter the type of experience that the poor victim had.”

    As the Red Indians would say to this Airless then
    “Today is a good day to die”, but I can wait till tomorrow also…..ahhh as long as it is very very very soon

  26. kader says:

    The story making its rounds amongst the officers of the Royal Malaysian Police is that Musa Hassan’s house was raided by the MACC on Sunday and they found an exceptionally large amount of cash hidden in his house.

    This story has spread the length and breadth of this country and every policeman and his dog is talking about it. The ironical part about this whole thing is not that the police officers believe this story. It is the fact that they are relating this story with glee and excitement while calling Musa IGP Bodoh is what is.

  27. wits0 says:

    “Today is a good day to die” – For bUMNO Borgs.

  28. Menyalak-er says:

    Of course, whatever da perp. Pecker Moo says is right. It has to do with parallel thinking skills, that require Pecker alogarithms and Koyak-Dibawa-Tempurung theories. Can’t stand realism, but a good yarner – can tell yarns wearing a cement face…

  29. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 😆 Ho 😆 Ho 😆
    Uncle LKS twitter ➡

  30. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄 Ho 🙄

    💡 For : PAKATAN RAKYAT 💡

    Blow Wind Blow

    the winds
    you’re blown

    the winds
    you’re still

    SUCCESS – 💡
    be along your
    WAY ❗


  31. jubal says:

    Illegal workers greet Najis Tong Rosak:

    Najib on walkabout in Petaling Street

    KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak went on a walkabout in Petaling Street here today to inspect the latest developments in the area which is a tourist spot.

    He was greeted with a lion dance at 4.50pm and over 500 patrons in the area crowded around him to shake his hands.

    The prime minister spent about 45 minutes chatting with the traders and later met the Petaling Street Hawkers Association president, Datuk Ang Say Tee.

    The security forces had a hard time controlling the crowd and media representatives and the public were not allowed to enter a hotel here to cover the meeting between Najib and Ang.

    Najib khalwat/sodomy with Ang

  32. ktteokt says:

    Police are dogs which are ungrateful because they do not know who their masters are!

  33. mirip says:

    SINAR HARIAN telah melaporkan 87% warga perak
    tidak bersetuju dengan zambry yang menyamar
    sebagai MB

  34. Menyalak-er says:

    Petaling Street? Mr Hox3.
    Wah…, like this must go down there soon to pay ah ang a visit @ hotel ang-kow(Malaya). I think Tiong Nam better-lah, nearer to backlanes of ChowKit.

  35. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Menyalak-er :Petaling Street? Mr Hox3.Wah…, like this must go down there soon to pay ah ang a visit @ hotel ang-kow(Malaya). I think Tiong Nam better-lah, nearer to backlanes of ChowKit.

    ➡ If they come down to Pearl Of The Orient here 🙄 methink they can name that Lrg Garu Hotel jib+Ang Sodogood Hotel ❗ What about that ❓ hahahahahahaha 😆 😆 😆

  36. tembolok says:

    Anwar mencabar ustaz gerombolan tentang
    tanah dan bukit bukit dan gunug yang
    diberikan kepada lim goh tong
    untuk membuat tempat

    Apa pendapat al ustaz dan alim ulamk gerombolan ?

  37. Ho Ho Ho says:

    😆 😆 🙄 🙄 😆 😆 🙄 🙄 😆 😆 🙄 🙄

  38. tembolok says:


    anwar berucap TANPA pembesar suara.
    orang ramai berpusu pusu ke pentas
    dan rapat untuk mendengar ucapan dalam dewan.

    diluar ada lebih dari 3000 warga kota telah dinafikan
    untuk mendengar ucapan anwar apabila
    alat pembesar suara di karang polis.

  39. Menyalak-er says:

    Maybe Genting Casino should only permit foreigners. Malaysians can then main-main at the merry-go-round, arcade games and choo-choo trains. At least some of the pesky ah longs will be done in.
    Hahaha…, but imagine how much bumno stands to lose in contributions! Even Octo’s offspring was sprung by the late Uncle Lim.

  40. tembolok says:


    ramai yang datang secara senyap senyap dari
    beberapa kem di sekitar kuala lumpur
    telah diminta oleh anwar ibrahim
    untuk bersama-sama menyokong

  41. tembolok says:

    Utusan Melayu thrown on stage by Azmin Ali, 3000 crowd urges boycott

  42. tembolok says:

    Malay rulers only for muslims….are sad

  43. zambrykrisis says:

    In Malaysia the Court rules OK if BN does this to the citizens…..

    “beaten unconscious, stripped naked and forced to drink urine”

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