Note: Can’t help feeling that all this Allah madness has got more to do with covering up of bigger issues involving 1Malaysia and his mistress. Don’t let the fires douse your interest in other issues affecting this nation. Issues like corruption, of missing jet engines, of our drowning economy, of deaths of a witness and those in police custody, of increasing crime rates and ineffective police force.

From FreeMalaysiaToday:

SHAH ALAM: The Embassy of France in Malaysia is declining to comment on any possible investigations into Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak over the purchase of two Scorpene submarines when he was Defence Minister.

“The embassy has no comments on the matter,” its press attache Remi Yahyu-Ishmael stated in a e-mail reply to FMT regarding a report that the French police might soon be investigating alleged corruption in the submarine deal.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat weekly newspaper Suara Keadilan reported that two French lawyers were in Kuala Lumpur recently to gather information regarding the submarine deal and a purported RM540million paid to a company as commission.

According to the report, the lawyers also gathered documents related to the murder of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu who was the lover of Najib’s aide Razak Baginda who was linked to a company paid commission for the submarine deal.

Altantuya who was blown to death in 2006 purportedly came to Kuala Lumpur seeking part of her commission of US$500,000 in the submarine deal.

The report said the French lawyers were gathering relevant documents related to the submarine deal to a lodge a police report in Paris.

In an e-mail reply

Quoting a recent report by Suara Keadilan, it is reported that sources confirms that a police report will be made in Paris soon to investigate allegations of a payment RM540 million was paid to a Malaysian company, alleged to be crony company of the PM by a French company for the purchase of two Scorpene submarine.

The report further mentions that all documents and reports regarding the death of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu and claims of corruption on the purchase of the two submarines by the Malaysian government has been handed to two French lawyers.

The news report claims that the two lawyers was in Malaysia approximately three weeks ago to discuss the matter of lodging a police report in Paris.

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  1. oA says:


    oh yeah – when the loud mouth and the grand old man – go for each others throat again you can basically forget about them its only for show – a distraction sort of for their failed plan.


  2. wits0 says:

    Don’t imagine that the cops serve the public. They serve the titled elites.

  3. monsterball says:

    There is no doubt…the burning incidents are distract Malaysians from bigger issues….pin pointing UMNO corruptions and Najib’s doubtful character.
    Human beings tends to care for their lives….and properties..and a such…the burning incidents will distract millions of Malaysians..from the real important issues…right now….but not involving their lives or livelihood…….earning a living.
    Yes…these incidents will give alot of business people sleepless nights…fearing businesses will go even worst than they can handle now.
    Mahathir did same thing…confronting Rulers…while staling billions….and do all the unlawful things….as and when he liked.

  4. wits0 says:

    It’s both a distraction and another of those, “Belanjar sambil meliwat” thingy.

  5. wits0 says:

    In answer to this darn assertion that

    Umno not ‘racist or extremist party’: Najib

    A certain Magnus wrote: I know my Malaysian history front and back, thank you very much. I know for a fact that from the late 60s and 70s onwards, Umno turned into a racist, fascist bully. It progressively worsened until it became the nasty, abysmal, corrupt and rotten quagmire of politicians that it is now.

    It is said that one should be careful of the monsters one creates or helps to create, as that monster might one day turn against its creators.

    Short of a miracle – such as the emergence of real political leadership – only spending time out of power and in that meditative political dog-house of evolutionary wilderness known as ‘political oblivion’ can perhaps help to change/reform Umno back to how it was originally

    As John Lennon wisely said, ‘Life happens to you while you are busy making other plans.’ So, too, it seems with history.

    I cannot entirely agree with Magnus because I know my history too.

    Umno has always been racist. It’s ideology is fundamentally racist. In earlier days it was far less greedy and pushy. that’s all. After the Indonesian Confrontation, it grew unfetteredly vile and hegemonic – because they could. And Jibby’s father was one major motivating schemer behind the deposing of TAR.

    The so-called nationalists and conservatives are now the pain in the necks(they use the name of patriotism like any typical scoundrels always have in history) and today the hope lay with those with liberal and enlightened ideas.


    We need not wear gloves just to box
    But to sort it out through the ballet box
    To deal with those who behave like a fox
    Let’s pray for God’s wisdom on how to outfox

    © Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 110110
    Mon. 11th Jan. 2010.

  7. igpwatcher says:

    covering other $hit holes with more $hit holes? what a brilliant strategy!

  8. rebena says:

    We the Malaysian will continue to pursue the matter of the corruption issue, highlight the street crime, F-5E jet engine issue, TBH, PKFZ..

    on other hand, one may be feel lega that PM and other minister have visited Metro Tabernacle church, adter the wake of untoward incident occurred, recently.

    i don’t think some other umno leaders , dare to come near after Friday incident.

  9. Menyalak-er says:

    8th church bombing at SIB Seremban, early today.
    Do you still think this ia a distraction, Susan? They have unleashed forces they can’t control or are unwilling to caontrol.
    The ‘distraction’ hypothesis doesn’t sit well, as compared with ‘chaos and ruin’ hypothesis. What is the use of ‘distraction’ when the whole country goes up in flames? Martial Law asap as soon as there is a whiff of retaliation, possibly staged by the goons themselves. This ‘agitation’ is more serious than many people think.

  10. altano says:

    Beyond repair ,change them completely.
    This is the day-13th GE.

    Overfed Malaysian.

  11. Nice Lim says:

    Malaysians overall are being fooled by those…. BN goons for more than 54years in power and it’s times ……for all of us to wake up and to learn and to know what actually happen now!

    Yes,most of us are being fooled by BN goons because they control the media and newspapers from telling the truth…..from all their evil agenda….as what is happening right now…..

    Jet engine…Teoh Beng Hock actual autopsy report,DSAI sodomy case,K.Kugan & Altantuya’s murder cases,PKFZ scandals and many more of their dramatic bolehwood movie….Why and why?

  12. Nice Lim says:

    Menyalak-er :
    8th church bombing at SIB Seremban, early today.
    Do you still think this ia a distraction, Susan? They have unleashed forces they can’t control or are unwilling to caontrol.
    The ‘distraction’ hypothesis doesn’t sit well, as compared with ‘chaos and ruin’ hypothesis. What is the use of ‘distraction’ when the whole country goes up in flames? Martial Law asap as soon as there is a whiff of retaliation, possibly staged by the goons themselves. This ‘agitation’ is more serious than many people think.

    If you drive your car around the mosque area ….you can see all their Pdrm dogs …more worry about their own worship places being torch or bomb back in retaliation then…..temples or churches….but i believe Christians peoples will not do that kind of stupid evil act like them as Christians religion teach them to be tolerance and love…for BN ….they are racialist and lost all their moral….because of their irrelevant leader..
    They are desperate….and must create chaos to divert or fooled all Malaysians from all ….their previous corruptions or murders cases….i believe….and so do you!

  13. Lee Kok Poh says:

    “The announcement by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak of a RM500,000 allocation to the Metro Tabernacle Church in Desa Melawati to help it to relocate to new premises in Batu Caves after experiencing the worst case of a series of church arson in the past few days is commendable and a step in the right direction but it cannot undo the grave damage whether to nation building or to Malaysia’s international reputation as the best location for foreign investment, tourism or educational opportunities.”

    The Altantuyaa controversy and the attempts to wrest control of “Opposition” states aside, I think Najib is doing quite a creditable job. It is hard to change UMNO’s rotten culture overnight. UMNO is heading for the big longkang in the next general election and if it loses, I would still say that Najib has done his best to save UMNO, but not those other monkey ministers who are still living in the past.

  14. Menyalak-er says:

    This is the most extreme of all the provocations, corruption and incompetences perpetuated by bumno. Soon the autopsy of TBH, will be far ‘distracted’ by postmortems of ‘holy warriors’, as if 05/13 isn’t enough. From what i’ve read so far in this blogspot, only najib manakau’s comments and ‘chaos theory’ makes any sense.
    Soon all of dear leader’s ‘sin’s’ will be swept away by a huge conflagaration.
    Race might not cut it nowadays, religion certainly will – as temples, kuils, churches, mosques, suraus burn on both sides of the South China Sea.
    There is definite venality, pretence, hypocrisy and cynicism by the goons, as they persist to call these acts of “Vandalism”.
    What can we do… Calm both sides? My ‘side’ is as calm as can be, the goons are letting things be and the moderates are quickly inured.
    The ‘reconciliatry’ measures are between themselves (moderates and extremists), with nothing to do with the Christians – the afflicted, will fail.
    By thinking that this is a ‘ploy’ of distraction, is an insult to any rational person.

  15. kancilandak says:

    8th church bombed.. they have unleashed forces they can’t control or unwilling to control.. -Menyalaker
    Unwilling to control is more like it. And what is the government as a whole doing about it..? Where is Koh Tsu Koon..? where is Samyvellu..? what’s mca doing..? Why are all these people condoning this evil agenda..?
    Let Tok Guru Nik Aziz lead the call of true muslims.. the call of the true Allah of Islam… let’s all who want to practice our own religions freely.. follow Tok Guru and rally against the allah of umno… to break this so called arms dealing god who is evil… little gods who demolishes temples and burn churches to cover up for their criminal activities…!
    What is happening now is typical of… and out and out signature of Mahathir..!!
    Is Najib man enough to call for a snap election now..?

  16. whispering9 says:

    Once upon a time, a client of mine employed a new Assistant Project Manager; a notorious guy famous by taking ‘protection money’. He approached me and hinted, which I ignored. Next, he drew up a list containing 50 reasons why my company need to ‘improve’ and called for a senior management meeting to discuss these ‘shortcomings’ with me. On the day of the meeting, I spoke directly to the MD (before anyone could speak),’If you have list with 50 shortcomings of your long serving in-house vendor, you shouldn’t call for this meeting. You either sack your Manager or your vendor.’ Having said that I left the meeting and that Company. Needless to say, that company later went bankrupt with the new assistant Project Manager.

    Moral of the story What is there more to hide if the list is sooooooo long. We either kick ourselves or kick the government. Nothing to discuss or to hide anymore.

  17. ajajal says:

    Cover ups umno is a specialist politically . AG MACC IGP all tools of UMNO just that the people are not buying anymore.

  18. ajc says:

    It’s a good thing no mosque has been burn, if so then Malaysia is gone. Damage now, is not only to the church buildings but more so to the relationship betwen races, not to mention the foreign investment which the nation’s economy greatly need.
    If this the politics some people wants to play, then there’s gonna be nothing left for anyone to fight for. So carry on if they wish, but I do ask ALLAH to save the country and its’ rakyat. Salam.

  19. Fairness says:

    Who paid RM500,000 for the restoration of the church?
    Even my 86-year old grandma knows it will be the goverment who will pay as soon as the incident happened.
    Not BABI, not LKS, Zaid Ibrahim, LGE and the bunch of useless politicians. That Kok woman telling BBC it’s the work of terrorists. Even Obama do not want to use the word terrorists.

  20. xthamn says:

    where did the 500K coming from …..mmmmm from the tax payer lah … not gov also

  21. kittykat46 says:

    Deputy IGP says Seremban incident didn’t occur.

    If so, then what’s this ?

    “Who paid RM500,000 for the restoration of the church?” – Fairness
    After the ruling party spent the whole of last week telling the Malays that the Church bringing the Herald case “mencabar kedudukan Islam”.

    You think non-Muslims don’t read Utusan Malaysia ?

    Najib is guilty
    UMNO is guilty

  22. wits0 says:

    It Happened Under Your Watch, Najib!

    ““Don’t point the fingers at UMNO or anyone else,” so declared an angry Najib Razak, responding to a question on last Friday’s bombing of a church. It was pathetic to see him react thus, a body language that bespoke of a sinister kid whose bag of malicious tricks finally exploded in his face….”
    He has no credibility whatsoever and for all the best reasons.

  23. storm62 says:

    “Who paid RM500,000 for the restoration of the church?” – Fairness

    it’s our tax payers money. why should he pay before the police complete their investigation? they should NOT repair the church until the police complete their investigation.

    siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas.

  24. storm62 says:

    it’s NOT about money here, if this case is in US they can sue for US500 million.

    what if innocent humans are burned to death here, how much najis is willing to pay?

  25. davis says:

    The RM500,000 is your money, my money, the taxpayers’ money. Not Najib’s.

  26. davis says:

    Fairness, can you tell me who burnt the church? Don’t tell me that the Christians burn the church.

  27. As I said before the Muslim Malay police will not guard the churches but to appear that they are doing something of the situation they said they are guarding now the proof is here they would sleep while on duty. Otherwise how could everyday more churches are bombed, burnt and arson committed !
    Don’t expect the police to catch their own kind- all talk and no action ! That is Malaysian police force
    a true representation of a Malay institution ! I am only speaking the truth and not the view of a racist.

  28. kittykat46 says:

    There is a scarier possibility in that the perpetrators have “protected” status.
    Either the investigation gets carried with extreme lassitude, or it gets diverted when it comes up against “untouchable” people. Even murder cases have been quietly buried that way.

  29. bee says:

    How low can you go. They scoop so very low to regain lost votes, they even use Allah to win lost support. I First, Allah Second, Die Last. When someone is so filth rich they fear not hell, why can’t enjoy life and let the greedy fools to scoop that low.

  30. Alamak says:

    ALAMAK the BN bunch must be crazy with more AMOK like they are very desperate for something lah !!!!!! Take over Selangor by force or by fire-bombing ?????

  31. mashe says:

    What made the MB of N. Sembilan transfer 10 million illegally ?

  32. Ho Ho Ho says:

    testing 123456 sick SHIT policia pdrm dogs 😡 Ho Ho Ho from kangaroo island Ho Ho Ho 😀

  33. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😀 why those evils BNed stoop so low with no leadership by example and make Malaysia in a very bad position and image 😡 Ho Ho Ho

  34. ktteokt says:

    BN, especially UMNO, can carry on creating “smoke screens” but Malaysians won’t be blinded by them! Malaysians want to see how UMNO deals with Altantuya’s disappearance, Teoh Beng Hock’s sudden death, Kugan’s sudden death, the missing jet engines, threats to Dr. Pornthip from Thailand ….. and more! No amount of smoke screens will distract the attention of Malaysians from all these!

  35. Joshua says:

    Yes, we must focus on 1FrivolousMalaysia: 1 Statement, 1 Book, 1 Church!

  36. why key? says:

    Hey Fairness. Please be enlighten that the government’s money IS tax=payers’ money. By the way, are you paying income tax. If so, how much????

  37. wits0 says:

    Meanwhile, no Money, no Justice, only Just-Ice:

    Govt and Baginda ask for deposit in Altantuya RM100mil suit

  38. Alamak says:

    ALAMAK ! No money no talk and no justice lah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ALAMAK ! This Najib and that Razak never think of ALLAH when they commit crimes lah
    This Najib snake is poisonous and that means all his body and tail people also poisonous lah !!!!!!

  39. tourman53 says:

    Oh my Allah,Jesus and lord please forgive and pardon those who set fire to churches cos those who have done it were those UMNO brainless shit.

  40. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😀 Alamak,yes that UMNO brainless SHIT have created their own SHIT brainless poisonous army to hates other people religion and blatantly set fire to churches now with their evil hidden AGENDA and their DRAMA as well 😀 Ho Ho Ho

  41. billauchris says:

    The public know who the mastermind was behind the organised mid-day protest, church, school and vehicle torching the deliberate cause of religious instability in the country.

    The game UMNO is playing is dangerous, despicable and unbecoming of being a government out to prevent the minority rights to freedom of religion and expression. Their irresponsible actions would cause them dearly in the long run.

    It has certainly learned from their fiasco in the GE12. The religio-racial game they continue to lay will see to their downfall in the next general election. They failed to realise that by so banning Herald from using the word Allah in its Bahasa Section, banning the importation of Bahasa Indonesia Bibles, disallowing he local to use Bahasa Malaysia to translate the Christian Bible and confiscating the 15,000 copies of the bibles from Indonesia, they are punishing our brothers and sisters in East Malaysia.

    The damage has been done and I hope that our East Malaysians know how to exercise their vote wisely in the coming GE13. We just cannot allow the UMNOputras to turn Malaysia into a barbaric nation. For Malaysia to progress toward industrialised economy by 2020 and preserve and utilise her natural resources prudently, we need to eliminate these brainless UMNOmullahs from the political arena.

    Brothers and sisters in East Malaysia, all we need is your continued support and your persistent demand for freedom of religions and expression as enshrined and provided for in the Federation Constitution.

    God bless all good and righteous people of Malaysia

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