The recent incident of Church burning in Selangor must not teach us how to hate.

Father Francis Anthony of the Holy Spirit Chruch in Penang was really calm today when speaking about the Church ‘burning’ issue. It’s good to see that most people are not panicking over this unfortunate incident.

The Priest sent some heartwarming messages which he received from many considerate and loving Malay/Muslims, some offered to help clean the damaged churches. Some called to ask how he was doing and if he needed help. These are wonderful gestures.

So much love still in the air.

Don’t label everyone as ‘terrorist’ or ‘violent’ or ‘church burners’. Most Malaysians are peace loving, united, and caring.

And have a good weekend. I’ll pray that love fills the hearts of those who hate, pray even for the church burners. But first, let’s hope, they will be brought to justice.


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  1. Nice Lim says:

    My oh my….this world is really full of ignorannce….no matter what religion we believe or worship …..we must pray for World peace….country stability and peace….all others Malaysian living in peace,health and prosperous….all our family members and relative living in peace,health and prosperous…then only we pray for ourselves as the same as all of them…..

    Life is short….and we must live life to the fullest….never look down on others who are weaker or poorer than you or me….we must not discriminate or bully others….as the same apply in every religions as well…all Malaysians must work and live in peace together and not to have a heart full of hatred….

    Gods only wants all human being to have a good HEART and to know what is love all about…to feel…to respect each other….to know what is suffering…and most of all….to learn to be a real human being with full knowledge and to teach our coming generation to love and to live a good and happy life full of love and not full of hatred….
    So….have a good HEART….my friends….and you will understand what love is all about…respect others you respect yourself too…..

  2. lion says:

    Father FA can’t say what he wanted to say.

    He already told us that he didn’t want to go to Kamunting.

  3. tourman53 says:

    Only the UMNO malays are SICK !!!

  4. davis says:

    Father FA being a servant of God talks of Love. But out there are the servants of Satan who want to spread hatred. Love, I believe, will not change these servants of Satan.

  5. veryupset says:


    What more can “I” say….

    What else is there that they “cannot” do n get away with it…??????????

    Their world is an oyster…!!!

  6. wits0 says:

    Kow Tow Koon’s budging in with his “dialogue” solution:


  7. Menyalak-er says:

    Hehehe… wits, ksk is inflicting himself on us because that is his version of LOVE 101.
    The world is an oyster without a pearl, verupset. Chin up – we won’t let them cast us down. We are ‘happy’, delirious and terribly excited about the possibilities that are to be. It is Allah’s/Father God/I Am will! So insyallah, all will be well.

  8. wits0 says:

    Kow Tow Koon is a cooked blur sotong meant to be served with oyster sauce at dear leaders’s table. An awta Buddhist himself, trying to solve this “God” problem. Things cannot get more revolting!

  9. Menyalak-er says:

    Wits, ksk don’t know the ‘I Am’ ler, he’s still serving oysters to his cherished bosses who seem to think mussels are are ‘plants’ mah…

  10. Shame On You says:

    KINZIR TOYOL only love his rm24mil mansion!

    Now they only love to destroy and show their superior ketuanan sh*t !
    Are they the same dalang behind churches burning in Selangor and klang valley ?
    Why not all others Malaysia states but only at this khinzir toyol and the gangs area where they want to take over by all means,do you have the answer ?

  11. wits0 says:

    Menyalak-er, I think the only claim that Kow Tow Koon can claim to be a Buddhist is the fact that he went to a Buddhist primary school opposite his ancestral home. His 2 years in MBS taught him nothing about the ‘I Am’ ; he never went for chapel services. His 18 years in power saw him spreading 10K angpows around selected kongsis in Penang b4 each elections. He only knows how to kow tow to success although he need not do so for he’s way too wealthy to need to. What kind of Buddhist will be that abject?

  12. Menyalak-er says:

    Sorry for late reply wits, was answering some concerned members queries about the Kg Jawa and Miri thingy, which i didn’t know anything about at time os call.
    Heard this flur, is now calling for closed door interfaith ‘dialogues’.Wonder how he’d handle that since he knows so little about “I Am”? What do you think?
    This ain’t about politics nor economy, this is serious stuff that requires much theological insight…

  13. wits0 says:

    “closed door interfaith ‘dialogues’.”

    The’ll sell your ar*se easier and cheat you blind behind close doors. The same “Change from within” crap of Gelekan and MCA?

    If, e.g., some party says you took something from them but you didn’t, what’s there to compromise? Do you appease hubris?

    Blur sotongs don’t have theological insight. They can only sell your ar*ses.

  14. Alamak says:

    ALAMAK this Umno is finish lah bcoz they don’t have love and a big bully is more appropriate for them racist party lah !!!!
    ALAMAK their Mca,Gerakankan,Mic speaker all so silence bcoz all sama corrupted bangsat lah !!!!!

  15. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😀 those Bned evils sure got very bad intention and agenda to create chaos in Selangor as they always dream and wish to take back that state 😛 they must be dreaming now because the Selangoreans don’t love them anymore because the are very bad and evils SHIT 😀 Ho Ho Ho

  16. Alamak says:

    ALAMAK ! we pray for peace and love lah and for the goons to be kick out coming GE next round with our all out love to vote against them lah !!!!!!!!!!!!

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