Rocky Bru said “I said I was confident that under Najib’s watch we witness the abolition of such archaic regulations as the PPPA, which among other things requires newspapers to renew their publishing licences annually”. (The Media Under Najib)

I almost chocked, as I feel the print media journalist must feel now after reading these guidelines (Malaysiakini)!

The Home Ministry’s year end present to journalists has given new meaning/value to what is “undesirable” and what is to be “banned”. It’s really like asking the journalists to go commit suicide, sorry to those friends who are still in the media!

But this is Great for politicians! More reasons now to vote Najib’s government out!

But looking at the guidelines again, it seems Utusan Malaysia may be one of the newspapers that may be in trouble soon, if this reads properly:

“The draft also outlines materials that are banned outright, including written material that is prejudiced about any race or religion, content that touches on religious and cultural sensitivities, and seditious material”. (Malaysiakini)

Malaysiakini has already got into trouble for their cowhead protest videos:

The draft defines “undesirable” materials as including “news, articles or information that is exaggerated” and which can “confuse the public”.

“The controversial cow-head protest was raised as a case in point, with the ministry claiming that publishing photos of the protest was “detrimental to public interest” and akin to inciting racial tensions”.

Hiya, it looks like the print media will be a very boring place to visit soon!

  • “detailed reports” on criminal offences such as rape, murders and robberies are banned on the ground that the coverage “usually does not reflect the actual incident”.
  • Matters that typically require common sense in publication, such as those relating to religion and decency, are explained in far greater detail than before, complained participants.
  • For example, articles may not discuss “open lifestyles” beyond religious and societal norms. This means a ban on topics of cohabitation, adultery, homosexuality and counter-culture movements (black metal, punk and skinheads were three examples given).
  • Dolls, figurines, illustrations and sex aids which portray human genitals may not be published, along with pictures of anyone in suggestive poses, or who is semi-nude or wears skimpy clothing.
  • The document also deems models in G-strings as too ‘hot’ for publication, along with advertisements for escort services and guest relations officers…

Thanks to the Najib government, I believe the online media would be doing very well from now on.


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  1. wits0 says:

    “The draft defines “undesirable” materials as including “news, articles or information that is exaggerated” and which can “confuse the public”.”

    “Undesirable”? Which of course means worse than nothing when the wrong people decides that with the big stick.

    The people are not confused but the gomen pretends and insists that they are.

  2. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😀 real SHIT Bullsh*t when this ‘FRIVOLOUS’ najistode with their killer on the loose with unsolved Altantuya,Teoh Beng Hock,K.Kugan,PKFZ and many many more he himself will do everything under his SHIT power to cover up everything 😡 where got more media freedom 1 😀 Ho Ho Ho

  3. mccann105 says:

    what happened to hasaan ali bin ali hassan ? seemed pas also closed case news!

  4. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    Wrong place with Wrong PeeM with Wrong set of law that will terminate anyone who talk bad about him Hmmm very bad and bullshit.

  5. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😛 media freedom his ‘ka chooi’ when a NTV7 talk-show host Florence Looi was immediately transfer to news desk for talking whether this najistode SHIT should be given rating C or D for his SHIT performance 😀 better give this SHIT najistode rating c-4 or if can d-4 for ‘IT’ to eat but i will give him grad SHIT rating 😛 Ho Ho Ho

  6. monsterball says:

    Rockybru is useless to talk about.
    For years he have been trying hard to fool friends and foes.
    This man is a drunkard….and is the internet “ultusan melayu” with his blog.
    He is paid to carry Najib balls.
    Now 60 years old…showing his true colour.
    In real life….he dies have endless family problems……so let it me….
    To me…he is a nobody…..typical ungrateful….full of shit man..
    He is a political blogger..and he blogs for Najib …and Mahathir’s son.

  7. bee says:

    More media freedom means “I talk , You listen; You talk, I listen” Therefore Pee man ‘More media freedom’ should be construed as ‘More media freedom for selected few’ where “I talk, You listen; You talk, none listen”

  8. freedomchacha says:

    Propaganda Dept will distribute more najis next year

    “Info department to ramp up 1 Malaysia briefings next year”

  9. wits0 says:

    “This man is a drunkard”

    He has the gloated eyes of one.

  10. tokioRain says:

    umm rocky is an ass but he did one thing right – he got uncle monsterball banned from his blog cos the old man was spewing crap all over the place, just like here. hehehe, not hahaha…

  11. wits0 says:

    ““Info department to ramp up 1 Malaysia briefings next year””

    A dying regime will depend entirely on propaganda, indoctrinatiion and lies. Happens everytime throughout modern history.

  12. john`sarsehole says:

    Loyalty is sometimes an overrated virtue. One much respected counsel once suggested that PM Najib form a new team.

    The PM was reluctant to do so. The main reason he says, the people around him have been loyal to him. For that reason, he is prepared to overlook other qualities.

    The wise counsel answered back. Loyalty is indeed an esteemed virtue. It was essential when you operated at the other level. You needed that virtue to ensure you achieve your goals. The loyalty that you speak of is specific.

    Now, you are operating at a different level. The loyalty that you require is of a different kind- a higher level of loyalty that is universal in its effects. Its loyalty in the sense of being faithful to a cause. Not faithful to a person.

  13. kittykat46 says:

    Good luck to them trying to explain 1Malaysia.

    I’ve yet to see an honest, coherent explanation of what 1Malaysia is.
    Its all a rambling dissimulation, propaganda without substance.

    It ought to be very simple – all Malaysians have equal rights and equal access to the country’s economy and institutions. All Malaysians have an equal “place under the sun”.

    But that’s simply impossible for UMNO to say. So you end up with long winding statements that don’t actually say anything.

  14. monsterball says:

    Yes..kittykat…keep both eyes wide open for young Malaysians.
    Smart ass is here to talk kok.

  15. wits0 says:

    “Its all a rambling dissimulation, propaganda without substance.”

    Ain’t that so! LOL!

    Racist umno cannot ever countenance a “place under the sun” for all. Some must know their places!

    “statements that don’t actually say anything”
    Supported in kind by Bengkai and Sunshine types, using different strokes, to make matters even more convoluted – into a sort of Gordian Knot, if possible. Honesty, logic and coherency are meant to be s*cked into the characteristic maelstrom of Bolehland spins. The NEW Reality! “NEW”, as in Mahathiran Gimmickry.

  16. tokioRain says:

    no lah uncle monsterball, u are the one tokkok. hehehe.

  17. WhataJoke says:

    What a joke!

    Monsterball fondly called Rocky Bru “My dear Attan…Mahathir did some good ….no one can deny that…..” and ended with “Best personal regards!”. Even this posted this BS “ps: Pasquale my friend….do you agree??.” And attempted to start a blog tagging Rocky “hi Rocky…You have been tagged!! Be a sport and put down your 6 weirdest things in your life!!” Goto Rocky Bru archives, you can even extract comments where he criticized and condemned Susan. What a joke!

  18. tokioRain says:

    what a joke indeed. this uncle is always good for a laugh any time of the day. kopitiam fellas hehehe.

  19. tokioRain says:

    haih…monty is taking afternoon nap ar?

  20. niakong says:

    By controlling what the media should disseminate to the people instead of focussing on reporting it as it is, it’s as good as rewriting the history books to cheat the younger generations and as good as embracing communism!!! I guess that’s what 1Malaysia is all about.

    The draft may have defined “undesirable” materials as including “news, articles or information that is exaggerated” and which can “confuse the public”.

    But what’s the definition of “exaggerated” ,”confuse” and “public” so on and so forth? It’s very subjective. The High Court may interprete them as so and so, but the Court of Appeal may take a 180-degree stand the next day (depending who the plaintiffs and defendants are)!!!

    So, Utusan is still safe while others may risk their permits being suspended or revoked!!!

    1Media untuk 1Kerajaan untuk 1Malaysia.

  21. kancilandak says:

    Yes.. yes.. sweep everything under the carpet and keep the rakyat in the dark.
    As it is the papers at my shop is not selling as it used to be.. except for Sin Chew. Good reason to keep less stock of toilet papers… and pay less to the poor vendor… hee..hee.. let’s kill the business.

  22. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😀 more freedom under bullSHIT najibtode 😡 no no no i will say more freedom under dotty ro$$ichic where 3 UM students go to court for saying she forgot to put on her thick make-up SHIT face 😀 Ho Ho Ho

  23. ajc says:

    I wonder very much why The Malay Mail is a free paper nowadays. Free not in the sense of freedom free, but Free like no need to pay, come and please take me, read me.

  24. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😀 this Ding Dong Malay Mail is free because makatiu a/l najistode they robs us all la lalala Ding Ding Dong 😀 Ho Ho Ho

  25. Hi Hi Hi says:

    Ding Dong Bell
    Pu*sy`s in the well

  26. bangkalipoeylukiaka says:

    Only those INVERTEBRATEs who have been BOUGHT over with all the CORRUPTED gains by the EVIL ones will kiss the ASS of Najis and Gang.


    Hope PAKATAN RAKYAT will rule one day and wipe out all these DIRTY and CORRUPTED JUDGE, EVIL GUOMEN TOP BRASS etc and SEND all of THEM to PRISON, for LIFE hopefully.

  27. Sean says:

    abolition of the PPPA? PR is only promising to ‘amend’ it:
    1.B.vii “Free all media, amend the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984, enact a Freedom of Information Act and ensure Internet freedom”

  28. Thumb Logic says:

    Dear Susan,
    Please carry the article by constitutional law expert Mr. Abdu Aziz Bari in Malaysiakini today. He laments the state of lawlessness among those who govern Malaysia and asserts that Malaysia is Zimbabwe by another name.

  29. izat says:

    oh.. that zahid hamidi and umno bukit bendera nak desak KTK turun.. aikkkss.. biarlah umno degil,.. arrogant..etc..

    zahid boleh pergi duduk kat kelantan, sabah..

    PR is belong to Penang State rakyat..
    also Selangor..

  30. wits0 says:

    Good for nothing Star using dumbass distraction and gap fillers:

    Misplaced Media Priority

    Amazing, The Star newspaper published 6 articles on the marriage of actress Zizie Ezette and Kinabatangan Member of Parliament Bung Moktar Radin.

    Zizie is Bung’s second wife. Polygamy is an insult to many non-Muslim Malaysians. The newspaper should use its space to accommodate articles on Second Finance Minister Husni Hanadzlah’s speech on the decline of Malaysian economic competitiveness or accommodate a debate between Pakatan and Barisan on the GST implementation.

    Zizie and Bung’s marriage is only fit for the group’s new sensational website, The Daily Chilli.

  31. rebena says:

    I wish a Happy Christmas Day , and Happy New Year to frens here, Monty, wits0, Lim, albengkia, menyalak, kopitiam frens, many many many more .. etc

  32. Wuhenry says:

    If you fight against corruption, you loose your position in UMNO

    If you do not fight corruption , you will not loose anything at all but gain recognition and wealth.

    It is better to betray your friends but never UMNo .About Rockybru – He is in the right path.

  33. Pegasus says:

    The Malaysian government propaganda papers are just that…nothing challenging nor are they investigative..the MSM are just insipid and have their tail between their legs and only wags when ask to… ! incapable of satisfying the mass with their nonchalant reports to various scandals & wrongdoings…

  34. rebena says:

    The Federal gomen.. talk very loud.. but action a little bit ..

    AFter fatal road accident occurred,..they said want to investigate this and that.. enforce this .. etc.. but not efficient..

    many fatal case still happen..

    If U see the city driver in China, India, Bangkok, Surabaya..etc..
    Their road traffic is worse than Malaysia..

    BUT their fatal case is lower than Malaysia 😦

    Can Malaysian ministries able to reduce the Fatalities on the roads ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  35. rakyat Malaysia says:

    tidak ada kebebasan mutlak dalam semua perkara.anda menuduh akbar Utusan Malaysia dan Berita Harian sebagai alat propaganda kerajaan.bila Utusan Malaysia dan Berita Harian menyiarkan isu hak bumiputera dan melayu anda kata akhbar tersebut sebagai perkauman.bagaimana pula dengan sesetengah akhbar cina yang sering mempertikai hak bumiputera dan melayu atas nama malaysia malaysian,demokrasi, freedom of speech dan pelbagai lagi alasan karut.bukankah itu juga perkauman,malah lebih perkauman..kebebasan adakalanya wajib dikawal dengan lebih ketat agar tidak ada ruang untuk golongan tidak bertanggungjawab menyalahgunakan kebebasan bersuara.apa pun ISA adalah terbaik untuk Malaysia..sokong ISA selamanya!!!

  36. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😀 Corruption and Lawlessness- Zaid Ibrahim :! 😕 ::?? Malaysia Boleh 😀 Ho Ho Ho

  37. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😕 😦 😀 more media freedom using Allah for Sabah & Sarawak (O) (0) zero freedom for Semenanjung M’sia! Why? 😕 😛 Ho Ho Ho

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