Najib Razak on PI Bala’s damning claims that Najib knew murdered Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu and his brother Nazim and a businessman linked to the prime minister’s wife made him retract a statutory declaration on the case.

“I will not entertain any frivolous statement,” Najib said icily before asking reporters to move on to the next question at the Umno supreme council meeting last night. (Malaysian Insider)

So Bala gets off scott free for making frivolous statements? How nice you are Najib!

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  1. kahkahkahkah says:

    “I will not entertain any frivolous statement,” Najib said

    OK, you dont entertain, but you will be entertained nontheless.
    Already your MACC is making entertaining noise.

  2. kahkahkahkah says:

    “ICE” Najib is further “entertained” overseas…………

    Rudd accused of appeasing Malaysia

    On a visit to Malaysia in July last year, Mr Rudd praised the country as a ”vibrant” and ”flourishing” democracy, while the country was gripped by allegations of vote-rigging and corruption.

    But the Prime Minister adhered to usual protocols by not meeting with Mr Anwar.

    ”To use terms like ‘robust democracy’ when the entire battle is against an authoritarian order with all the institutions being corrupt or compromised, that is, of course, an issue,” Mr Anwar said yesterday.

    ”What is worse is when the ruling party establishment highlighted this statement [by Mr Rudd] and used it in their campaign against us.”

  3. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha…Susan have an art I admire…to write a short post…with so much meanings.
    Yea..looks like Najib is a very nice and humble PM.
    This means Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore is one hell of a lousy PM.
    WOW our 57th position as the most corrupted country in the world…under Najib….not true…it is works of foreigners ..jealous of Malaysia and UMNO good governance.
    Well… much unanswered ..unsolved mysteries.
    Bala is right…Najib go to jail.
    Najib ever forgiving…Bala…no gain…how nice.
    Malaysians are all fools..are we???

  4. bayevers dongeng says:

    Najib is now Justice Augustine Paul in disguise to decide what is frivolous or not relevant.
    After another few weeks, like Dr.M, he wont be able to remember.

  5. julie_jupe says:

    Datuk Abu Kassim succeeds Ahmad Said as MACC numero uno.
    “The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has never received a call from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak on corruption cases being investigated by the commission,” he continued.

    We are expected to believe that?Najib will not call…..his PA will or AG will, or IGP will and so on.

  6. Ablastine says:

    “Teoh haunts Plaza Masalam… literally”

    I suppose this is some place the UMNO government got no influence – the spirit world. They control the judiciary, police, army, royalties, the attorney general but do they have the same influence in the spirt world. We shall see.

  7. chriz732003 says:

    “…do they have the same influence in the spirt world. We shall see.”…. Ablastine

    That is why Ahbengkia is taking the big step to the “other side” probably this weekend.

  8. wandererAUS says:

    ““I will not entertain any frivolous statement,” Najib tong rosak….then why threatened justice seekers with your famous ISA. Why don’t you have the balls and come forward to clear your “GOOD NAME”! Hiding behind FAT MAMA won’t do you any good…the Ghost of Altantuya will haunt you till your last breathe… until justice is done!

    Lover boy, you have a lot of time to entertain foriegn it,.your Fat lady may c4-ed you……

  9. moon_bxpk says:

    Battle over ex-top cop’s RM47m estate

    (NST) – A bitter legal tussle is brewing between a brother and the son of a former deputy inspector-general of police who left RM47.3 million in property on his death in September.
    Jeffri Jaffar, son of Tan Sri Jaafar Abdul, obtained an interim order against Ahmad Dedol from the Syariah High Court in Muar on Nov 4 to freeze all movable and immovable properties of his father until a decision by the court.

    He also obtained an injunction to prohibit Ahmad from transferring or disposing of the property.

    Jeffri, 39, wants Ahmad’s bank accounts frozen besides banks and and also that of banks and financial institutions, including Lembaga Urusan Tabung Haji, Permodalan Nasional Bhd, Bursa Malaysia and enforcement agencies, to adhere to the syariah court order.

    He also wants Islamic religious enforcement agencies, the police, the court and other relevant departments to help him enforce the order.

    Jaffar, 77, died on Sept 1 at the Gleneagles Hospital after massive upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

    He joined the police force in 1951, rosing rising to become the director of the Federal police Anti-Narcotics Department in 1982.

    Within several months, Jaffar was promoted to chief police officer of Johor.
    In 1984, he was made the Federal police director of management and the deputy inspector-general of police the following year until his retirement in May.

    After his retirement, he became the chairman of Cosway Corporation Berhad, Dutaland Berhad (formerly known as Mycom Berhad) and Yinson Holdings Berhad.

    He was also a director of Olympia Industries Berhad, Silverstone Corporation Berhad, Parkson Holdings Berhad (formerly known as Amalgamated Containers Berhad) and several other private limited companies.

    Jaffar’s wife, died three years ago.

    In late October, Ahmad, 70, obtained a letter of administration from the High Court in Muar to administer Jaffar’s property.

    Ahmad was entrusted with identifying Jaffar’s properties, settle his debts and distribute the balance of the wealth according to Islamic religious law.

    However, Jeffri went to the syariah court to file an action to stop Ahmad from performing the task.

    The New Straits Times understands the syariah court has fixed Dec 7 to hear the dispute which could include Ahmad’s application to set aside the order obtained by Jeffri.

    According to the list of property in the letter of ad ministration, Jaffar has 36 landed properties worth RM9.7 million in Johor and Malacca.

    This includes three clusters of property in Muar worth RM7.1 million.

    He left behind RM37.3 million in Tabung Haji, savings and fixed deposits in Amanah Saham Malaysia (ASM) and Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020 (ASW), Bank Rakyat, Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) and several commercial banks.

    Among the larger amounts are RM3.8 million in Tabung Haji, RM6.5 million savings in ASW, RM1.3 million in Amanah Saham Didik, RM2 million fixed deposit in Bank Rakyat and three fixed deposits of RM1 million each in BSN.

  10. kahkahkahkah says:

    Nik Aziz and PAS members are saying prayers for Najibs stomach to burst, that is why Najib`s brains are taking to ICE first.

  11. kancilandak says:

    Yes, with you around even SDs are frivolous.
    Mahathir robbed the country… frivolously.
    Lingamgate… frivolous.
    ISA people for they own protection… frivolous.
    Police using c4 to bomb foreigner to bits is frivolous.
    cow-head incidents … frivolous.
    CP index… frivolous.
    rampant crime… frivolous.
    TBH murder… frivolous.
    shoving a trucheon in a pondan’s bum for political mileage is … frivolous.
    ringgit falling… frivolous.
    Everything about your rule is frivolous…!

    You are floating in the air in exhuberance, Mr. Prime Minister.
    We the rakyat are walking on solid earth and have begun to think.. not frivolously, but practically and logically.

  12. ajajal says:

    Najis it is not that simple to hide . You may have all the MACC AG and IGP to cover you up but how much and how long can they manage it. Sooner or later your days will end and you will have to
    shit while you are running . The whole of Malaysia will be after you.

  13. mccann105 says:

    hello ..yes may i talk to pm naijab..
    sorry he is shitting brick now…leave a message ..we will come back to u..
    it s urgent..abt p i bala?
    ok just leave us yr bank acct nos ..cimb will call u soon! thank you

  14. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho this najis shit avoid answer serious quesions 😡 what a sick and worst or all PM we ever had.Do not answer ‘frivolous’ question? He must be very afraid deep down inside with all his evils wrongdoing Ho Ho Ho 😀 😉 😛 🙂 😡 8)

  15. acha_bonsir says:


    Najib oso has a frivolous economics degree

  16. ati_alma says:

    CJ is equally frivolous as Najib (who does not know the difference between 9, 6 and 5……………

    KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 5 — A number of senior lawyers are leading the charge against the Chief Justice for allegedly compromising the judiciary’s independence in his bid to clear a mountain of backlog cases and bump up his KPI ratings.

  17. ati_alma says:

    Fewer seeking second home in Malaysia

    KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 5 — The red carpet has been rolled out for wealthy foreigners to make Malaysia their second home, but fewer people seem to be making a beeline for it.

    Data from the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme shows the number of successful applications falling by half in the last three years since it reached a high of 2,600 in 2006.

  18. wits0 says:

    “Najib oso has a frivolous economics degree”

    His son is frivolous like he was/is:

    His known nepotic sense of entitlement to rule, from the very start, because of his dad and ultra partisan supporters was also frivolous.

    Kutuksan, BTN and Ketuanan are frivolous monstrosities.

    And “MA…aa…aaccCC”, is the sound that goats make.

  19. tajuljakmania says:

    “I will not entertain any frivolous statement,” Najib said icily

    Climate change has got him,

    1. All right he is going to get iced by Dr.M
    2. When he is in the mortuary it will be more icy

  20. tajuljakmania says:

    Why Najib n Rosmah went to the US recently……..

    He to get a prepuce and she to get bigger brea*ts asts

  21. seefour says:

    1Malaysia is frivolous.

  22. wits0 says:

    “1Malaysia is frivolous.”

    And is a complete oxymoron.

    Selangor DAP man reveals BTN’s ‘racist’ syllabus

  23. Michael Tunggao says:

    Who is IDIOT? We Malaysian all knows that PM Najib Ton Rasak is Idiot. Obviously you do not need to reiterate and remind us, bloggers.

    TGNA already prayed that Najib stomach to busrt and only a matter of time we Malaysians can see Najib being rush to Nilai Memorial Park for Voodoo procession.

  24. wits0 says:

    “Fewer seeking second home in Malaysia”

    They may be realizing how frivolous and vexatious this location actually is, where:

    “Fair is foul, and foul is fair:
    Hover through the fog and filthy air.” – the 3 witches in Macbeth.

    Dash that frivolous hope of sustainable sales in deceit!

  25. casper says:

    Give it a little time and let us all wait to see Najib, AG and IGP run rings round themselves. And yes, frivolous my foot because a grown man was made to run for his life and that of his family at an ungodly hour.

    It is beyond comprehension, the audacity of ALL these sinister characters, all of them the “not too bright” sort who are at the service of Najib and Rosmah.

    Just to recap, Bala taking leave of M’sia together with his entire family (minus pet dog) was documented quite conclusively and released to the many independent sources just because the mainstream remains coy and mute.

    As usual, all events, encounters and very pertinent information is brushed off like it is all the work of a very disturbed mind but the clincher – what can’t be refute so easily – has to be the money trail.

    How does one begin to explain the source of funds that kept Bala and family afloat when they were on the run ??? Tell me IGP and AG, how do you explain the money ?

    Finally the noose is beginning to tighten round the necks of all these sinister hands propping up Najib and to think that Altantuya made a request for “HELP” to the tune of (only) US$1/2 million !!!! Bloody animals is what we have at the helm of this nation’s government. Act now Muhydin Yassin and stick it to your boss.

    Regards sloone and all out there.

  26. thanaif says:

    Do we have any land to call Malaysia dear Miss Susan?

  27. monsterball says:

    thanaif…..Are you a Malaysian… or one another planet to ask such a silly question?

  28. Spirit lover says:

    Woooooooh! Malaysia have a team of International/malaysian spirits roaming our streets…folks if you are with PR, you’ll be fine.
    UMNO scumbags?…don’t try your luck, these spirits were murdered and have their lives shorten prematurely. They are rather very selective who they want.
    Mongolian C4 and Fat Mama, sleep well!

  29. Pegasus says:

    The signs are there…mild earthquakes in Malaysia,in Najis home state…soon we might see another explusion if Najis stomach burst….ha ha..the truth will prevail soon…Najis can’t hit around the bush forever..sooner or later the bushes will engulf him…and then the fire…starts…

  30. bee says:

    Oxford dictionary meaning of ‘frivolous’ – lacking a serious purpose. So murder is not a serious business. Corruption is not a serious business. Legal documents, like SD is not a serious purpose.

  31. wits0 says:

    Bee, when the sons of Belial* rule, everythings gets variously perverted. That must be expected in human affairs.

    *An evil spirit; a wicked and unprincipled person; the personification of evil

  32. Menyalak-er says:

    Aiyoh, Michael Tunngau (2.57pm) – please lah, not Nilai Memorial Park… My mum, dad and beloved family interred there. Please don’t desecrate the place. Besides, the ‘property’ price will drop! Best to bury in Bkt Tiggi where the mini-earthquakes are – need a big one to shake Pahang folks out of their stupor.
    ‘Frivolous’ is a actually very appropriate word coming from a limp dick whose running around in circles.

  33. kittykat46 says:

    The “frivolous” statement is actually very revealing about Naif Tong Rosak’s character and attitude towards lesser mortals.

    Murder and other cases of extreme action are just minor, frivolous matters in Naif’s quest for power.
    This is a Dark Regime with a Very Dark Master.

  34. hanturaya says:

    I am shocked that nobody raised the issue of the Bala the SD man ran away from the country and that RPK the SD exposer have also ran away. That means both of them do not have to prove that the SD is true or that Najib cannot defend himself because these 2 ‘hereos’ are gone!

    You morons do not want the truth,
    You are no better than Najib and the rest in UMNO that you hate!
    Probably if you are the PM you would do even worse.

  35. wits0 says:

    Yes, Kittykat, the “frivolous” statement is actually very revealing for it trivializes the natural seriousness of the matter. The usage of “frivolous” presumes that he himself is so firmly established in correctness and righteousness that he’s completely inviolable.

  36. kittykat46 says:

    Najib dared not sue RPK for libel.
    Instead he used the power of the state to prosecute RPK for “criminal defamation”.
    Or in case you haven’t noticed.
    Who’s the moron ?

  37. wits0 says:

    “Who’s the moron(s) ?”
    He, and Abengkia aka hanturaya with multi nicks.

  38. Menyalak-er says:

    Again, we have the ahbengtypes viz hanturaya, who can’t seem to find themselves even though they are starring at the abyss or are already in the abyss. Stereotypes huh.

    Yes KK and wits, its limpdick’s way of saying he doesn’t give a fecolith of what others might say about him, eventhough he realizes that the ‘potential’ damage is very great.
    Denial stated sarcastically, is actually more damning in other peoples’ perception.
    He needs some linguistic tweaking before all his public relations buildup comes tumbling down before Bkt. Antarabangsa.

  39. monsterball says:

    hunturaya…meaning king of the devil….has proven he is a real devil with one screw loose.
    Yes…this is one of ahbengkia transformation…he is welknown to do at will.
    His message will not get any votes for UMNO.
    That’s most important to me.

  40. storm62 says:

    I’m shocked ! No hantus raise the issue the coward umno PM dare NOT sue The Liberation Front and 10 other foreign news agencies for linking Najis to the M U R D E R of Altantuya !!!

    what a FRIVOLOUS idiot he is !!!

  41. Ahbengkia says:

    I T I S T I M E
    Why are we such a hapless nation? It is time our leadership extricate themselves. It is time they clear their names? It is time they put all the accusations, real or imagine, to test and to rest.

  42. bankalipoeylukiaka says:

    So, the true murderers of the poor Mongolian woman has been confirmed.

    Bala is right.

  43. rooftop says:

    Is third Jihad a frivolous?

    Watch the movie for free now!

    Obssession- Radical Islam against the West.

  44. wits0 says:

    Teacher Zorro teaches a new word for the day:
    Frivolous aka Frivilous

  45. monsterball says:

    ahbengkia saying high time for UMNO leaders to clear their names?
    What if the do not listen to you……ahbengkia….what’s next?
    Will you then..declare you will vote will be AGAINST UMNO and BN?
    It is also high time you stop bossing others around.
    It is time you give full actions plan.

  46. monsterball says:

    And it is high time you say sorry to all kopitiam fellas and our friends.
    Failing which….every time you speak is …reaping no wasting your own precious time.
    When TIME and MONEY means everything to you… will save you both…if you learn not to waste time and start learning from koiptiam fellas.

  47. monsterball says:

    FRIVOLOUS…Oxford dictionary said…”not serious purely for or interested in pleasure”
    What a smart ass he is…using that line as reason not be concern.
    This is 10 times more worst than…the one..that made him to swear by the Koran.
    Why swear by the Koran….and now…out come Bala giving much much more truths of it all….and he dare not prove Bala is a liar….give out clear reasons why Bala must be arrested and in the name of Allah….he is take Bala …….once and for all… to clear his name?
    Why are UMNO BARU PMs… such nice guys in the whole wide world?
    Why are UMNO BARU PMs so unique and ever forgiving?
    Using ISA and police to protect themselves…showing how serious they are against so call threats to the Nation…Bala statement…is a cracko?
    Yes..UMNO BARU have learn the art to act and talk so well…over and over again…for decades…that only fools will believe Space Age era…….with eyes …….Vision2020..absolutely perfect.
    Naturally all brains are better than those crooks…right now.
    “1Malaysia” “People First. Performance Now”….hahahahahahahaha

  48. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Good morning,morning,morning,, 😉
    (( Wah lau eh ))) ‘FRIVOLOUS’ means crimes they do all you better don’t ask because not serious,,crazy lo kakakakakakakaka
    What a fantastic Sunday and wish for good shinning day,,kakakakakaka
    Have a relaxing morning breakfast with your loveone and relax with this ‘Realty of life’

    Well,you guys and gals out there make sure you all drive your car with extra careful as you all can read everyday accident cases on the rise.Take good care and bye for now.

  49. Ahbengkia says:

    I would prefer very much to p!ss on monster each time he pops up his head.

  50. 1ToiletMalaysia says:

    Najib: Bala “Frivolous”.
    Bala : Najib is a Fr. Ivo Louse, the new UMNO God

  51. monsterball says:

    The feeling is mutual…ahbengkia…but I will shit on you too.
    You are always the teacher…always the judge…and never the student.
    You learn so much from kopitiam fellas…now you want to piss on me?
    Anyway….we know who you are and I want to make sure you know…kopitiam fellas are.
    You piss on me..buckets full of shit and piss are ready for you to bathe and eat…drink and be merry…hahahahahahahahaha

  52. 1ToiletMalaysia says:

    I would prefer very much to p!ss on monster each time he pops up his head.,,,,,,,,Ahbengkia

    Dont stress yourself too much………..for you a fire hydrant or lampost will serve. Let your IGP friend know when you are doing it so he can watch and learn to lift his own leg.

  53. monsterball says:

    And…swearing by the Koran…so many UMNO robots call Anwar to do the same….like Anwar was born yesterday.
    Now…..Naf Ton Raza says he will not entertain Bala firvolous statement.
    Why then he went to mosque to swear in the first place?
    See….all know Naf Ton Raza ..low class actor and liar.

  54. army says:

    “Why then he went to mosque to swear in the first place?
    See….all know Naf Ton Raza ..low class actor and liar.”

    His stomach going to burst with Najis while Ahbengkia chase tyres:
    2009 Dis 4
    Himpunan Rakyat Kelantan Menyokong Tok Guru Nik Aziz

  55. monsterball says:

    Yes…long live Tok Guru Nik Aziz.
    I also pray ahbengkia get very bad stomachache…eating kopitiam fellas shit and drinking kittykat…witsO Davis and mengalak-er cultured…well educated pee……….hahahahahahahaha
    I have a strange feeling 1ToiletMalaysia shit is most siok and full of vitamins for ahbengkia to eat first.
    HO HO HO’S shit…sure plenty of sambal balachan and patai smell.
    You want to piss on me….you two timer…good for nothing..braggart….ahbengkia?
    I have popped out so many times…..where are you…idiot?

  56. monsterball says:

    I just learn…’The pen is mightier than the sword” is outdated.
    In space age…”The computer keyboard is mightier than the missiles”
    But like always…it depends who is using the pen and the keyboard.
    Ahbengkia uses so much…cannot convert one vote for BN.
    Kopitiam fellas…no waste time…use computer keyboards to spread TRUTHS…with no much so….even kancilandak is converted to vote against UMNO..with 20 voters.. following him.
    That’s what productivity is all about.
    The first 20 is very hard.
    The next 2000 is so easy.
    hi kopitiam fellas…give yourself a pat at the back for a job well done.
    You do not brag of your success…who is going to do that for you…ahbengkia?
    He is sooooooo jealous…calling all ninkumpoops.
    Do not ever forget that.
    Now he talk the language we like to hear…is all bullshit.
    I exposed him…he want to piss on me….and not responding to my comments…because he has nothing to respond.
    New tricks also do not work.
    He is really pissed off.

  57. ckh says:

    “Fair is foul, and foul is fair:
    Hover through the fog and filthy air.”
    – the 3 witches in Macbeth.

    Coming Soon to Putrajaya!

    Macbeth Act 2. Scene II

    These deeds must not be thought
    After these ways; so, it will make us mad.

    Methought I heard a voice cry ‘Sleep no more!
    Macbeth does murder sleep’, the innocent sleep,
    Sleep that knits up the ravell’d sleeve of care,
    The death of each day’s life, sore labour’s bath,
    Balm of hurt minds, great nature’s second course,
    Chief nourisher in life’s feast,–

    What do you mean?

    Still it cried ‘Sleep no more!’ to all the house:
    ‘Glamis hath murder’d sleep, and therefore Cawdor
    Shall sleep no more; Macbeth shall sleep no more.’

    Who was it that thus cried? Why, worthy thane,
    You do unbend your noble strength, to think
    So brainsickly of things. Go get some water,
    And wash this filthy witness from your hand.
    Why did you bring these daggers from the place?
    They must lie there: go carry them; and smear
    The sleepy grooms with blood.

    I’ll go no more:
    I am afraid to think what I have done;
    Look on’t again I dare not.

    Infirm of purpose!
    Give me the daggers: the sleeping and the dead
    Are but as pictures: ’tis the eye of childhood
    That fears a painted devil. If he do bleed,
    I’ll gild the faces of the grooms withal;
    For it must seem their guilt.

    Never mind … all frivolous sahje ……

  58. davis says:

    Ordinarily if N is libeled by B,N will take all action to clear his name including legal action.When N does not take any solid action, other than dismissed the libel as frivolous then the public perception is that N is guilty as per libel. The libel is even more credible when N, having a number of legal advisers, fail to institute legal suit against B. In this case inaction amounts to admission.

  59. najibmustdie says:

    Bala`s 1st SD stands as the 2nd was obtained under dubious conditions and Najib`s family frivolity. Najib is an expert in frivolity since he started frollic king with a certain GRO.

  60. wits0 says:

    “Never mind … all frivolous sahje ……”

    Hahaha! All the (rights to)frivolities are belong to them. How can there be any left for us?!

  61. davis says:

    “It is time they (I take they to mean BN leaders) put all the accusations, real or imagine, to test and to rest” ..ahbengkia. Where will the test take place? In the courts? Knowing Malaysian judges (ahbengkia’s words), will the test be carried out without fear or favour? Will the judges just put the accusations to rest on technical ground?

  62. wits0 says:

    Knowing Malaysian judges (and the given system themselves), the gulf of divergence between legality and natural justice is becoming like the expanding universe under the Big Bang theory. It’s the special Frivolous Theory in action.

  63. Ahbengkia says:

    Davis, if you can, you suggest a better alternative. I don’t know how, at least I thought that is the best way forward for this country. That is why I have been a strong advocate of government institutions and governance. I know you would say almost everything is breaking down or has broken. So what do you suggest – hang them at the Merdeka Padang without trial and proper investigation? Both of you are hot air idealists or hypocrites; you make your choice as I have also stated in the other tread.

  64. wits0 says:

    “Both of you are hot air idealists or hypocrites..”

    You’re a H/P6 scumbag of the lowest order.

  65. Ahbengkia says:

    witso, and you too, another hot air scumbag idealist. So, i have made a suggestion that they should subject themselves to investigation, what have you suggested. I know you will go on ranting the police is not right, the macc is not right, the judiciary is not right, the whole government is not right. By the way, I also know that. Now, you tell me what is the best way forward.

  66. wits0 says:

    “Now, you tell me what is the best way forward.”

    You don’t have the moral fibre to grasp. Don’t contaminate the bandwidth here.

  67. davis says:

    Both of us, witSo and I do want changes which you do not want, ahbengkia. You fear changes. We are still working out how to change the leadership of Malaysia and that is something you only pay lip service. We are also working on your hint that there may not be GE 13th. Let the readers judge who is the hypocrite on this blog.

  68. Ahbengkia says:

    Davis, that is why i feel that you guys are not discerning enough. No, i did not give you all hints; i am giving you all a warning so that you fellows (and other readers) are better prepared for this. In fact i said more than that. You missed out the second part which i think is more likely to happen.

  69. Ahbengkia says:

    what fibre? the last time i check it was thick and pure cotton. If there is anyone who contaminates this blog, he is your moronic (and lunatic) friend. But of course i can’t expect you to see that – how can one moron point out another moron.

  70. wits0 says:

    In another thread, “Can we trust Bala?”, the stink bug abengkia wrote :

    “NO, i don’t think so. BUt monsterball will trust or distrust depending on what Bala, the snake, says.

    Ahbengkia – November 13, 2009 at 1:55 pm”
    If you call call Bala a snake, I can call you a stink bug.

  71. davis says:

    Ahbengkia, there goes you again with your half truth. Your warning or rather your masters’ warning is not to warn but to threaten. We know how to read between the lines.

  72. Ahbengkia says:

    Don’t worry I can defend everything I said.

    Isn’t investigation is supposed to reveal the truth. For all we know, Bala is lying. So what is wrong if I don’t trust him? His records seemed to suggest so.

    Davis, if you are not smart enough to discern what I wrote, there is nothing much I can do.

  73. wits0 says:

    “Davis, if you are not smart enough to discern what I wrote, there is nothing much I can do.”

    If you’re so smart and your messages so vital, why don’t you git the f**K out from this space and start your own blog? Isn’t it because you have nothing to say that’s worth listening to but rubbish rants as a miserable and failed CT?

  74. Ahbengkia says:

    The last time i checked, Susan still allows me to come here and there is not a damn thing you can do about it, too bad.

    By the way, you know nothing about me, so don’t make too many assumptions which may later come back to haunt you.

  75. kittykat46 says:

    We will say what we think about lan tooi and his multiple nicks – and there’s not a damned thing he can do about it.

  76. wits0 says:

    “By the way, you know nothing about me, so don’t make too many assumptions which may later come back to haunt you.”

    A stink bug never haunts me. And I know Susan better than you do.

  77. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha….He knows Susan practices democracy…and freedom of speeches.with rules set out by her..and will never stop anyone commenting…as long as the follow the rules….and this ahbengkia is using this line to argue how welcome he is in this blog.
    Sure we know nothing about you are faceless and nameless.
    What shit logic is that?
    And no doubt we kopitiam fellas ….especially storm expects you to come and haunt him first…if his Federal highway wish for you..come true.
    I certainly will only pray you live in the gutter…and you can keep on praying I die soon.
    So we all have wishes and hopes…why compliant?

  78. kittykat46 says:

    Oh, we know plenty about lan tooi/ahbengkia.
    Very revealing of the very lowest order of mentality at which his mind operates.

    We’re not interested in his biodata, why would we want to know that shi*t anyway.

  79. kittykat46 says:

    There are people whom your opinion of them improves or at least remains as you read what they write.
    There are those whom your opinion just plunges every time they write something new, until its just rock bottom.

    No prizes for guessing which category lan tooi @ ahbeng belongs to.

  80. monsterball says:

    Cat has nine lives.
    Kittykat is Cat-Man..if at all ..he is a cat.
    Yes cats meow meow….but no cats are fakes. Cats are scats…no fake cats.
    Ahbengkia call kittyykat a fake meow meow…me…a monster.. .Davis a liar..all others are ninkumpoops…shows how much attentions he is hungering for.
    No love..nobody…living alone…sitting on a dock..watching the ships go by….all alone…after a hard night’s work…got money…no girls want to go out pak tor with him….now more than 40 years old…poot selling days are numbered…customers want young poots.
    He enjoys getting faark by all of us…contented and start his nonsense all over again…next day.
    He usually start off….wanting my attention.
    Sad sad sad case of one who try to impress Najib and MCA….apply his bragging and stupid style…confessed …cannot convert even one voter to support BN…after months of twisting and turning.
    He should take storm advise….jump down from a fly over bridge…at Federal highway..let cars roll over.
    We do not know him?
    Trying t say…how important he is?
    Kittykat have responded . We all agree
    Ahbengkia got wind in his head…and shit in his brain.

  81. Ahbengkia says:

    There are people whom your opinion of them improves or at least remains as you read what they write.
    There are those whom your opinion just plunges every time they write something new, until its just rock bottom.//

    not articulate at all, you need to improve your writing style.

  82. Ahbengkia says:

    someone just don’t get it, let me repost here:

    there was this movie, a man dated a woman and after one nite stand, the man promised to call back. the woman waited but no call came. So she started to call, leave messages etc. Yet there was no response from the man. But she kept trying. Finally, the daughter of that woman had to tell her, “mum, didn’t you get it, he doesn’t want to talk to you”.

    someone here is that woman, pathetic.

  83. davis says:

    That woman is the people of Malaysia and the man BN government. A lot of promises were made but did not materalised and the people waited and waited. Good story.

  84. monsterball says:

    Ahbengkia can compose a story like a 15 year old student.
    His passed out from Mahathir’s 22 training one of the best half past six …..ever produced.
    He is an “IT”…half human……..half animal..with feathers grown in his body.
    He has such a terrible split personality….that all can read his character… a book.
    Before he comment…..he needs to take few drinks to calm down his nerves.
    No drinks….he will start faarking me first….get violent and scold everyone.
    This ahbengkia is one of the lost sheep…we read in a good book.
    But he is a wolf…without teeth and balls….just a big mouth to talk kok.

  85. monsterball says:

    Good story my foot!
    Davis is tired and want to go to sleep… he said .”good story” shut ahbengkia’s mouth.
    Davis have an art to control ahbengkia.
    We kopitiam fellas will rock and roll..with him anytime..any day.

  86. JEFFRY BONG says:

    What a frivolous way to avoid a question.I thought only kids always said the darnest thing.What a sordid state of affairs we have in our country.
    Let us not make oneself like a clown in the eyes of the world.
    An SD is termed a legal document and its contents is endorsed by the commissioner of oats.It can only be generated out once and the person is legally responsible for the statements made.It cannot be recanted add on or make changes to it.The truth of the contents must be investigated and establish in the first instant.Certainly if found the statement made is a lie that person can be charge in court for perjury.This is not a hocus pocus matter so let us move on and not confuse the legal fraternity.This is how the system is always remained.

  87. kancilandak says:

    An SD is termed a legal document… -JEFFRY BONG.

    Malaysia has no legal anything Mr.Jeffry… people can buy ‘legal’ BCs.. ICs.. drivers licences.. road taxes.. work permits.. even steal other peoples lands with ‘legal’ documents.
    People can obtain c4 legally…steal state govements legally… can steal a peek at an adun’s private parts.. legally… MBs can show middle finger legally.. can wiggle their bums obscenely in a august house legally!
    Malaysians in their greed have learnt to bypass laws in their every endevor to make filthy money. If the PM can sit on top… without the people’s mandate legally… then the people will believe they have the right to rape their own motherland-legally… akin to raping our own mother that feed us… what’s the difference? What SD..?
    If money is legal tender.. then the legal tender is money.

  88. veryupset says:

    Susan…. U mean to say our PM can just dismiss it & NO action taken..??? Just like that arr…..!

    Then why these goons still “hounding” Anwar…????

    Anwar & Najib’s case is different in accusations, u noe…!!! How are the courts gonna prosecute…, I don’t know lah..!

    Still wanna say Malaysia Boleh..??

  89. wits0 says:

    Aha, kancil can write better and makes better sense than that vile Niamatode, when he tries. Can you see how this state of affair came about? It came from the very top, this underlying CYNICISM of venal and hateful bumno “leadership” over the years.

  90. Menyalak-er says:

    Well wits, no matter how pico hides, his innate intellect will come to roost. He probably has a degree in psychology or political science from a not so belukar varsity.
    The question is, whether this facade of doublespeak will continue, because it’s part of the Stockholm Syndrome…

  91. davis says:

    Kancilandak, now is the time to be a true Malaysian by speaking out against corruption and oppression. With your higher education, you can expose the wrongdoing of the BN government. You can share your thought with your peers . You and your peers have a role to play in the future of Malaysia. The less educated Malaysian including your former schoolmates are placing their hope in you. Don’t fail them.

  92. kancilandak says:

    pico no varsity graduate… pico spm grade3, only saving grace is ‘A’ in mathematics. But pico wants to survive… to reeducate.. and to strive for betterment… and why not.. when I communicate you guys everyday. I have sifu, you, witsO, davis, pegasus, storm and all. Learning process till old age mah?

    Pity, Ahbengkua got nothing for me to learn except the word “nincompoop”

  93. Menyalak-er says:

    Pico, supposing your sifu or anyone of us have a ‘business’ proposition for you, would you dare to take up the challenge?

    You won’t get any support from the gomen at all, and all you have is your hardwork, guts, honesty, ethics and all your nest egg. Can you trust us? It’s not the money, but learning to survive and being independent – your selfworth. Becuz that’s how many succeed – through trust and faith…, not by entitement.

  94. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho Kancilandak aka pico get my support for his truth fullness but Kancilandak aka pico must remember that Ho Ho Ho will be your worst nightmare if you twist,lies and play around with all of us 😉 Ho Ho Ho

    Carry on with your will to success with the challenge ahead 😀 bless you and Thank you to voice out for a better tomorrow and to against this corrupted, and all the wrongdoing of this BN evil goment without fear or favor along your way of learning ahead 🙂 Ho Ho Ho

    Make MALAYSIA a better place for everyone to live in peace and harmony without hatred or discrimination.Bless you and to all as well.

  95. kancilandak says:

    What is challenge when everyday living is challenge in itself? Ok, I trust you guys.. hardwork, guts, honesty, ethics… (what am I if I didn’t have the indipendence and will to survive… the selfworth, which is my life all this while) all I posess but… nest-eggs…? whatever I have will not be enough for my children and their future.
    Trust and confidence is what I need, if you can give that… then, what is your proposal?
    But, be warned.. if doublecrossed kancilandak’s death wish will be unbearable. Vengeance by George Jonas is my favorite book.

  96. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 🙂 Kancilandak speak loud and clear and this ‘ahbeng0.000kia aka bangkai ball will shrink with his shit burst out 😀 😛 🙂 😉 8)
    Ho Ho Ho well said ‘do not doublecrossed me or else’ Kancilandak 😀

  97. wits0 says:

    “Should we feel sorry for Ahmad Said Hamdan, who is leaving ahead of schedule?”
    Whoa, Mariam da Meriam, that’s some frivolous question!
    And we love you for it! 😀

    It was bad peristaltic movement and a purging, after eating TBH.

  98. Pegasus says:

    Agreed HoHoHo… Kancil , hopefully you will stay in focus, like all of us here, we just want a country that treats ALL its citizens equally without bias nor suppressing any race, manage the country’s wealth with trust and accountabilty, have a efficent civil service, dynamic intelligent leaders…able to navigate the country to higher level of progress….
    We want our country to prosper well and be above the others , in the early 80’s , we were supposed to be 1 of those economic dragons coming up along with Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, S.Korea…, today we have lost that vision, loosing grip on our resources, losing our self dignity and pride for the type of government we have…who had badly mismanage the country’s wealth and in fact plunder & siphon off billions of the people’s money for their own pockets.. we want our generation & future generations , irrespective whether its a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sikh, Kadazan, Iban child or any other races, they should ALL lead a comfortable life., we have the means to provide all Malaysians FREE Education, FREE Health services, FREE houses even Roads WITHOUT Toll and many more if only we have a proper & right government with the citizens welfare at heart…!!! the billions lost could have been use to provide all this basic structures we need…
    Your view is certainly a fresh breath compared to the rotten pungent smells comments written in early days… Keep it up…Kancil!!

  99. monsterball says:

    kancilandak has awakened…some sort of a born again Malaysian.

  100. wits0 says:

    Anwar was charged with corruption for asking the cops to speed up investigation. The infamous Immigration has no record of Altantunya’s entry. That’s perfectly okay!?


  101. wits0 says:

    That damning allegation that TBH committed suicide was utterly FRIVOLOUS!

    Even Semantics get murdered here in Bolehland.

  102. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😀 ‘FRIVOLOUS’ BN-tode the main problem for all Malaysian 😛 Ho Ho Ho

  103. monsterball says:

    BALLDEDASH!!…You all speak FRIVOLOUS like Bala….is the expected answer from Najib…….hahahahahahaha

  104. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho ‘FRIVOLOUS’ 😛 😉 😡 🙂 😀 8) as what happen now with this najistode in power Ho Ho Ho

    Chua : Fresh pools unlikely ( 3 MCA musketeers liars )
    Ho Ho Ho their never ending love sick battle 😀

    More young Malays quitting M’sia!
    Ho Ho Ho we love our country but did our country love us? Nop our niamatode leaders love money and power more than all of us 😡

    Ro$mama graffiti : Three UM student charged
    ‘FRIVOLOUS’ no freedom to speak out the truth Ho Ho Ho 😛

  105. kancilandak says:

    Yes, Pegasus,
    kancilandak has agreed… for a fair and just goverment to care for every child born in Malaysia irrespective of race, religion or creed… to share and prosper equally… and I am not alone in this. We have a whole bunch.
    This present asminstration has rotted like bangkai. Mahathir and his cronies have failed this nation. We have grand things to show, and even grander vision… but integrity, dignity, competiveness and future is ruined. The rakyat have been done in.
    We must change even if we have to go against our parents.. it is a new beginning. It has to be… no more compromises.

  106. kittykat46 says:

    Wanted 1Criminal

  107. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho ‘ That guy? He’s a blody racist ‘ Ho Ho Ho 😀

    Ho Ho Ho Dude Nazri looking for trouble 😛 ‘tiu-tiu’ will find a way to sack you soon 😡 8)

  108. monsterball says:

    Our PM teaches us to say….”FIRVOLOUS”…to defend ourselves from being accused as murderer.
    Lawyer: Did you kill that woman?
    Monty: FIRVOLOUS!! Next question.
    Lawyer: I repeat .. did you kill that woman?
    Lawyer: What you keep repeating that word?
    Monty: I don’t know. Ask Najib. He taught me…that word. It works wonders for him. Why not for me too?

  109. wits0 says:

    Now, a proposed GST of 4% is small matter? Very FRIVOLOUS!

    From manufacturer – wholesaler – retailer – consumer, an item sold by the manufacturer @ RM1 becomes nearly RM1.13 when you buy it.

  110. kancilandak says:

    kancilandak has awakened… -monsterball

    sifu, I’m reading a powerful book… The Power of Positive Thinking for Young People by Norman Vincent Peale… is all based on the Bible… and an eye opener for me… yes, you can say that again – some sort of a born again Malaysian… and there is more practical truth in this book than anything abengkua and his 1001 siblings says..hee..hee..!

  111. monsterball says:

    Yip…kancilandak….ahbengkia is a liar…braggart….full of shit.. and keep supporting BN for personal benefits…not for country and Malaysians.
    Glad you are reading good books to be awakened…and you are lucky to have a good heart to understand TRUTHS.
    Your roots are good..from family and friends.

  112. monsterball says:

    And ahbengkia’s ghosts must start a message..f…king me ..or ask me to commit suicide.
    Don’t believe…go to main post.
    Early morning..ask me to jump from Twin Tower.
    I agree la…..if he is willing to join me.
    You see…..when one tells you to do this or that…that person must be daring to do this or that also….leadership by example man.
    But Najib “I Malaysia” ‘People First. Performance Now”…useless slogans…because Najib does not practice what he preaches..exactly like his adopted father……Mahathir.

  113. wits0 says:


    Ahmad said:

    “Teoh Beng Hock’s case is nothing. It is a very small case. We have handled much bigger cases.’’


    “there is no difference between corruption involving a few ringgit and corruption involving a few hundred millions of ringgit”.
    How many big cases did Ahmad Said’s MACC pursue?

  114. 2or3 says:

    Who is frivolous: PI Bala or PM Najib?

    When questioned by reporters regarding private investigator P Balasubramaniam’s latest revelations implicating the family of Prime Minister Najib Razak in the Altantuya murder scandal, Najib snapped: “I will not entertain any frivolous statement”, and asked reporters to move on to the next question.

    This curt reply, to crassly cut reporters off from asking further questions sounds to me more like a reflex in panic rather than a responsible answer from the prime minister of a supposedly democratic country. For it was a totally inappropriate reply to Bala’s serious accusation made in circumstances that commanded respect and credibility.

    What can be more serious than accusing Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor and his brother Nazim of having used the carrot-and-stick manoeuvre to force Bala to retract his first affidavit which implicated Najib in the murder scandal?

    And what can be more respectable than having Bala’s revelations made in an interview conducted and witnessed by three senior lawyers of the country?

  115. davis says:

    “Teoh Beng Hock’s case is nothing. It is a very small case”…Ahmad Said. When has the death of a person been a very small case? Is Ahmad Said saying that the loss of a life is not important? Is Ahmad Said saying so because so many have lose their lives in the custody of the government agencies?

  116. 2or3 says:

    “Even if it is true that Bala had falsely accused Najib, that he had repented and retracted his allegations in a second affidavit, and ran away to another country to escape retribution, there is no conceivable reason for him to make a comeback to invent another pack of lies, thereby exposing himself for the second time to the risk of serious punishment. Unless, of course, he is a lunatic, which is clearly not the case.”

  117. 2or3 says:

    All murderers in the Prisons should be set free as they are there on account of “frivolity”. Even better would be to disband the frivolous PDRM who can join Ahbengkia`s “Greater Economic Co-Prosperity Sphere” at the KLCC toilets.

  118. wits0 says:

    In a very small case, the person gets killed, in a very big one, the person gets freed? Remember what they say about owning the bank a small sum versus owning the bank a very large one? In the second case, the bank will get a gomen bailout.

  119. 2or3 says:


  120. tembolok says:


    before rakyat end up paying for his false swearing as in Iraq where so many died for Sad-Dam

  121. kancilandak says:

    “Teoh Beng Hocks case is nothing… -1Frivolous Ahmaid Said

    It is 1frivolous statement from 1frivolous paedophile!

    If it has been his 1frivolous paedophile pilot son who died like TBH, he would have autopsy done by 1frivolous Malaysian pathologists and left it to 1frivolous coroner to decide on 1frivolous coffin to dump his 1frivolous son’s frivolous corpse to rot.
    And this 1frivolous ars*hole has been leading 1frivolous macc all this frivolous while… under the frivolous leadership of 1frivolous nitwit!

  122. kaja.osinski says:


    The scene ends with Myshkin and Rogozhin lying together outside the room where Nastasya lay dead. Myshkin, like a child, comforts the raving Rogozhin who has been in a fit for a few hours. Ultimately, the police, along with several other characters, burst through the door, and to their horror, Nastasya was dead, and their precious prince has succumbed to a complete mental breakdown; Myshkin is, once again, an “idiot.”

  123. kittykat46 says:

    “How many big cases did Ahmad Said’s MACC pursue?” – wits0

    Let me see….
    Their investigators had teh tarik and roti canai with Toyol.
    They interviewed PKFZ Tiong on board his plush luxury jet….
    They had chapati and lassi with Lingham…

    All cases “tutup”….no crime committed…

  124. kittykat46 says:

    Haha…I see we have a Dostoyevski reader here…

    Nice to meet you, kaja.osinski…

  125. Nice Lim says:

    **Pornthip maintains 80% possibility of homicide in Teoh Beng Hock’s death**
    Well….Dr Pornthip for sure 100% correct with her experience after attend Teoh Beng Hock’s second post mortem and she maintain that it is homicide with strangulation,sodo in his anus,direct blunt force and terible torture…… those muppet nematode MACC dogs…….

    Lawyer : Did you kill TBH?
    McDeath : FRIVOLOUS!! Next question.
    Lawyer : I repeat….did you kill TBH?
    Lawyer : Why you keep repeating that word?
    McDeath : I cannot tell you.Ask Najib.He call to teach me ….that word.It work wonder for him.Why not for me too?
    Lawyer : No…no… are going to be hang and going to HELL as well…even you said that stupid magic word.
    McDeath : Shit…..stupid Najib…
    Lawyer : Ha ha ha Gotcha this time……..
    The Happy Ending…..
    Anyway….thanks MR Monsterball for this brilliant idea that makes sense and i wish you good of health and all the very best always…….
    Ha Ha Ha

  126. zztop says:

    A PM has been accused by an ordinary folk on murder. My god, instead of clearing his name and sue the accuser, he got the cheek to call it “frivolous”. Unconsciously he is telling everybody otherwise.
    Not even one of any government dare to say anything. What happen to those dickheads in MACC who claim to be fair, PDRM, the judiciary and those holier than thou in religious organisation……..doing.
    What type of people we have running this country nowadays!!!
    This is Bolehland.

  127. wits0 says:

    **Pornthip maintains 80% possibility of homicide in Teoh Beng Hock’s death**

    Skull fracture(s) inconsistent with a fall have been found already. This disparity alone has very serious implication. We wukk have to wait for the full report.

  128. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😉 my tall and Handsome Teacher is back home 😉 Ho Ho Ho

  129. Nice Lim says:

    Well….anythings can happen in this Bolehland as i heard that Dr Sharibu was offer a very big amount ( blank cheque to write big big amt as he like ) to settle his Daughter high profile case…..hope it is not true….then what about TBH report….maybe they are negotiating on how and what to cheat the public as well…….unless this idiot Government officer come out to clear their innocence ….who knows….as you can see what happen to PI Bala now….telling the truth and was offer a RM5mil? Oh…what type of pirates or goons running this Bolehland…….
    That why….we need to change….Change for better and for a better Malaysia Malaysian and throws all this muppet nematode goons out from our beloved country Malaysia……we really need a fresh,good,transparent Government and we all still have a choice….CHANGE…..a must for the sake of our country…. MALAYSIA.

  130. monsterball says:

    Well said…..Nice Lim.

  131. monsterball says:

    I wonder why that smart ass…ahbengkia cannot talk like Nice Lim.

  132. wits0 says:

    All your sensitivities are belong to us!

  133. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Mr Nice Lim we now in a dangerous situations ,this a road of no return having leaders who are not credible and are foisted upon us.OMG even GE 13 will not help.This really a concerns of all

  134. Nice Lim says:

    Thanks Mr Monsterball and wits0….
    Yes,MR Jeffry Bong…..we are aware with full conscious and sub conscious mind of this dangerous situations that most Malaysians citizen are facing right now under this evils Be-end regime…..but with this 21st century computer era…..we won the internet war as you know and i know……and we shall prevail in coming 13th GE as well with full of Peoples Power support from all races and all walks of life that can give their vote for CHANGE…….and most Malaysians citizen are not as stupid as what this evils Be-end regime thought they are….and this evils regime are making a big mistake with playing racial card….every now and then……..What a pathetic goons they are………….

  135. klepek says:

    MACC`s biggest succes was in arranging for the acquittal of Eric Cheah.

  136. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 8) this is what Mad Cow Disease is about 😡 Ho Ho Ho
    Ho Ho Ho 😀 this SHIT-todes should live in the cave and be a cave man 😡 Ho Ho Ho

    Ho Ho Ho 8) Racist Ahmad ‘SHIT’ Ismail 3 SHIT years suspension being lifted early by evil Umno 😡 Ho Ho Ho

    Ho Ho Ho 😀 BEWARE the evils UMNO is playing racist card again and the whole wide world is watching and going to nap and catch them like saddam hussein SHIT 😡 Ho Ho Ho

  137. wits0 says:

    Jeffry Bong, the concern of all Malaysians should be to face the fact that we cannot prosper under umno.

    Any change will come from this common but firm understanding arising from the nameless individuals – like the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, dangerous or not. No people can really flourish under an elitist. self-serving and racist regime that is synonymous with the devious trait that perverts and corrupts common logic, understanding and ethics everytime and in every area.

  138. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    This naj tong is a real idiot and should not be a PM at all!
    He is now at wrong time and wrong place…..{FRIVOLOUS IDIOT}

  139. monsterball says:

    Najib is not an elected PM.
    He was elected by UMNO buggers to be UMNO PM.
    It is a side show..UMNO is very good at.
    If Najib have the decency..he should have a 13th snap general election… get elected by the people.
    That should be the decent and noble do.
    But we know Najib……well.
    He has no power in UMNO..nor respect from majority Malaysians.
    He will drag on as long as possible to delay The 13th GE..for he knows……majority voters …hate UMNO and him.
    He will never be an elected PM by the he stays on to be UMNO PM…as long as possible.

  140. JEFFRY BONG says:

    There are more negative signs than plus signs if you seriously make an assessment of the past 30 years and the current situations and make an evaluations yourself.
    1) Misled youths on two wheels of death a by product of the NEP
    2) Slanted assessment by our Dr Death.
    3) Corruptions iNDEX was Sliding yet the retiring of the Head was praised for doing a fantastic job by the chief secretary of the govt.The reply we got from him was TBH was just a small case where death was involved. What an unapologictic , inhumane and boastful reply.
    4) Oh ,I do’nt entertain frivolous statement on SD from a top executive.Next question please.Very soon our Commisioner of Oats will be running out of job.
    5)Practising of parochialism from top to bottom.
    6) Read Barry Wain Book on How RM100 Billions was being mismanaged and evaporated.make your own evaluations and judgement .
    7) Chauvinistic and Muzzling the MSM.
    8) Justice & Truth are two sides of the same coin ,but we have none of that.

  141. wits0 says:

    JEFFRY BONG, truly FRIVOLOUS was Jibby’s dad education policy of 1955 which was formulated with the wrong spirit – that of hegemony made easy. That’s why it does not and have not united the people as much as made them backward and uncompetitive. Abdul Razak couldn’t have been that dumb as to not have realized the innate inadequacy of BM. It was shallow political expediency and racist hegemonic instinct. Yes, Jeffy, look back more than just 30 years.

  142. kittykat46 says:

    It was a very different world in 1955.

    Virtually all national boundaries were important constraints to open trade. Most of Asia comprised commodity exporting economies, and Malaya was actually one of the most competitive ones. UMNO could formulate an extremely inward-looking and chauvinistic education policy – and get away with it.

    Fast forward 54 years.
    Information flows at the speed of light. Goods are manufactured in whichever country can produce it most competitively. Many Asian economies are leaving Malaysia behind, choking in the dust. We have neither the low-cost advantages of the lesser developed economies, nor the skilled trained labour of the high-tech economies.

    UMNO and its stupid education policy still thinks in terms of Ketuanan M. If they don’t change they will end up Tuans of a destitute nation. By that time most of the skilled Nons would have quit Bolehland for other shores.

  143. wits0 says:

    Kittykat: “…an extremely inward-looking and chauvinistic education policy..”

    Yes, Kittykat, umno has always been the original CHAUVINIST and yet, ironically, the DAP is maligned to sound as if it invented chauvinism! This is the measure of parroted propaganda so steeply inverted and brazenly glaring for all(who have eyes) to see. A frivolous madness repackaged so unabashedly ; a hypocrisy so vile and blatant that only Neolithic minds can accept as holy truth.

  144. wits0 says:

    Kittykat: “…an extremely inward-looking and chauvinistic education policy..”

    Yes, Kittykat, umno has always been the original CHAUVINIST and yet, ironically, the DAP is always maligned to sound as if it invented chauvinism! This is the measure of parroted propaganda so steeply inverted and brazenly glaring for all(who have eyes) to see. A frivolous madness repackaged so unabashedly ; a hypocrisy so vile and blatant that only Neolithic minds can believe as holy truth.

  145. JEFFRY BONG says:

    To reminisced over again the past 30 years and to add on to negative signs item 8)
    It has become most unbearable to observed that we as Malaysians has to put up with the culture of impunity, where the people who walks the power of corridors and the politically well connected of this regime are above the law but preached to the oppressed otherwise.

  146. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😀 ‘FRIVOLOUS’ SHIT Nazim zalim rojak devil 😛 Ho Ho Ho
    ‘Nazim Razak : I’ve nothing to say ‘ just say ‘FRIVOLOUS’ like his evil brother naji$tode 😡

  147. wits0 says:

    “I’ve nothing to say ‘” ???

    Say ler, something more expected and natural, like, “It’s untrue, I’ll sue him!”. Hahaha!

  148. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😉 this is the most sickening P’SHIT’M way of avoiding and telling lies to all M’sians ‘FRIVOLOUS’ and must be voted out one way or another like how all the SHIT-tode will be flush out 😀 Ho Ho Ho

  149. wits0 says:


  150. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😀 Happy evening to you Sir Wits0 Ho Ho Ho 😀

  151. wits0 says:


    Nazi paints himself into a corner and passes the buck to the AG:

    DAP stalwart Karpal Singh wants the Attorney General’s Chambers to issue him the certificate of ‘fiat’ which will authorise him to prosecute VK Lingam on behalf of the government.

  152. Menyalak-er says:

    Wits, Putail won’t have the guts to issue the old lion king the cert. Nazri, the Aerophagite, will have to eat air again. There is a very real probability that Karpal will eviscerate the whole AG chambers, nematodes and all.

  153. JEFFRY BONG says:

    SD have been made a mockery since the high profile SD made in 2001 by an ASP accusing …………right up to the top and presented to the then PM but no actions was taken………it really loosed it’s credibility since then.
    Forget about making an SD ANYMORE …IT IS NOT PART OF OUR SYSTEM it was treated like an unimportant document.

  154. loyar handal says:

    The 2nd SD made by Bala holds no water and AG knows in law it is useless. The 2nd SD in fact leaves the ground open for AG to prosecute the Commissioner of Oaths who was party to it.

  155. JEFFRY BONG says:

    What a brazen corrupted acts resulting in two jet engines being packaged off from the RMAF for sale and the value was RM100 Millions .
    Armed forces chief commented that the internal theft was only a ‘tip of the iceberg’ after a newly completed audit revealed related equipments worth millions was also missing.These shows hanky panky was going on for sometimes ,enriching themselves into instant millionaires at the expense of the taxpayers money.Such total depravity in every sector of the institutions will surely milked the country dry and back to the dark ages creating warlords everywhere .There are countries currently is in this type of predicament if the gangrene is not stop .

  156. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Who is Frivolous :Bala or Jibby???
    This snub reply that rudely and quickly cut off reporters from further asking questions displayed more of a shocked reflex in fear of an unrevealing secrets that he prefered to lived with it till the end of judgement time .This is not supposed to be a top person behaviours that represent the country. This is an irresponsibles and outrageous retorts from a top executives and noticeablely this type of reactions will increased the public suspicions .
    If he feels that such allegations are without substance resort to the tort system rather than mere denying or using the Gomen resources .
    What relevancy is there as regards to personal issues using the various
    Acts & institutions in the country to fight off scandals, allegations etc inadvertently it will increase dissensions in the country.There is no way u can gag until immortal time the only solution is to tackle it personally.

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