Can we ever reverse the BRAIN DRAIN trend? I am afraid, it is a bit too late…or is there still hope? You tell me.

“I challenge you to take personal ownership over the well-being of your fellow countrymen. If you can do this and do it well, I can guarantee you that the material benefits will follow,” (PERAK’s Raja Nazrin said here)

I don’t think anyone buys this anymore. Besides material benefits are not the be all and end all. That’s what the government’s propaganda machines would like us to believe. People leave for many reasons – for their sanity, their dignity, not to feel second class in their supposedly own country, and for some sense of freedom and peace from political, racial and religious bigots now colonialising and destroying Malaysia!

Of course, bigots exist, thrive and reproduce everywhere. But it’s one thing to experience it in a foreign country, but quite another, and the feeling is worst, too see it in your own country. It sucks your blood, depletes your soul until you do not want any part of it…


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  1. Richard Loh says:

    They can never admit the real reasons and all the wrongs that had been carried out that causes the brain drain over the years. They just want to talk because they are asked to talk and that’s about it.

    Najib, Stop Wasting The Public Fund On Your “1Malaysia” Promotions

  2. monsterball says:

    I noticed when Pak Lah was PM….the tone and the manner this Prince spoke is totally different now that Najib took over.
    Are the Perak Royalties inspired and influenced by different PMs?
    Yes…majority people leave Malaysia to value their dignity and get away from a band of UMNO BARU robbers and thieves.
    Susan has put the reasons truthfully and sincerely.

  3. escape says:

    He is still talking when no one is listening anymore.
    I am sure there are some who decided to leave becos of what happened in Perak.

  4. Jeffrey says:

    Najib talks about it, his predesessor talks about it and now the Prince of Perak talk about it too.. What’s the point talking about it when they are not going to do anything about it.. UMNO is keen to keep all to themselves, they are not going to share the nations wealth with the other malays.. Only the uninformed malays, the kampung folks and the mat rampits, and the Govt servants thinks the world of UMNO. But soon when all the valuable assets are gone then it will be too late to keep the hunger away. GST is a sign that all not well – the treasury is empty, oil reserve is going too.
    Its time to pack the bags and head for any better places than Malaysia. MALAYSIA SUDAH TAK BOLEH LA….

  5. wits0 says:

    We are no longer amused by equivocations any more.

  6. Pegasus says:

    This kind of speech is becoming all too ominous…there is no substance in it…becoming very lethargic…the Prince speaks in a era of bygones..though we wish it could happen…but with the current rate the Bn has depleted the country’s wealth and being very favourable to 1 race while having different set of standards for other races does not bodes well..
    The whole regime simple has to go…or its us…

  7. kittykat46 says:

    The Prince says all the right things on Motherhood issues…but when push came to shove, the one and only time Perak Royalty actually had to make an executive decision…oh well, I don’t want to get Susan into any sort of trouble.

    You guys know what I mean….

  8. kittykat46 says:

    The truth no one dares to utter in public…the brain drain occurs principally because of the blatant racial discrimination, corruption, abuse of power, and steadily shrinking social and economic space for some in this country, if you are not of the “Right” race.

    Of course people go where the grass is greener. But the PUSH factor is very strong. Young people with no particular financial or emotional strings holding them back may simply choose to work overseas and stay there, but for those who move their entire families overseas, the PUSH factor is often very important.

    I’ve been fortunate that I work in a field where nobody cares much who you are, many of us never ever meet in person the people we deal with. We get measured on the output of our work and what’s in our brains. So the colour of my skin is of little consequence.

    But for the many people, even in the private sector, who have dependencies and interactions with the government , one way or another, the sheer unpleasantness of dealing with the Regime and its minions is a morale depleting exercise. Year in, Year Out….. many of our best and brightest just say, What the Heck….I don’t need this sh*t. Adios Bolehland….

  9. Alex Murthi says:

    I challenge you to take personal ownership over the well-being of your fellow countrymen. If you can do this and do it well, I can guarantee you that the material benefits will follow,” (PERAK’s Raja Nazrin said here)

    It should be

    I challenge the govt to take personal ownership over the well-being of fellow human beings. If they can do this and do it well, I can guarantee you that benefits will follow,” (PERAK’s Raja Nazrin said here)

    but is is a dream …he he

  10. blackprince says:

    “You guys know what I mean….”………kittykat46

    Yes, Princey will never give birth,-just another UMNO yawny (or yoni).

  11. wandererAUS says:

    Raja Nazrin, what a beautifully worded Royal Holy Sermon…plenty of flashes, just rhetoric….to Perakians do buy anymore.
    When your Royal subjects were crying for justice, where were you? Having a fiesta behind the high walls and fences?
    DEMOCRACY, you insult that word.
    Lead by example, dissolve your belakan pintu masuk State govt, bring back saneness to your troubled State then, you can open your royal mouth.
    Remember, “POWER TO THE POWERLESS”…not protecting scumbags!!!!

  12. mitra says:

    Lucifer oso quoted scripture to his purpose.

  13. wandererAUS says:

    sorry, typo error; to Perakians do buy anymore.

    to Perakians, they don’t buy that anymore.

  14. wits0 says:

    “Sorry to disappoint the Prince …”

    Is the same feeling reciprocated to the people(esp of Perak)?

  15. senayan says:

    The speech was written when someone saw the cow jump over the moon (hashish can do that).

  16. hisham_indin says:

    ni cerita ketam menyuruh anaknya jalan betul. nazrin sendiri cakap lain buat lain sama2 pemimpin dan askar BN

  17. moyoon says:

    People fleeing it’s because of the religion!!!

  18. maggie says:

    Lady Macbeth……… “look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it”.

    Just bcos he bathes and looks clean it dont mean so.

  19. moyoon says:

    Mahathir Mohamad is the replica of the other Mohamad, pure and simple!

  20. senayan says:

    “People fleeing it’s because of the religion!!!”…..moyoon

    Dot on target, it is one of the main reasons.

  21. rajamerepek says:

    Was Nazrin responsible for shutting down a blogsite:

    1. stopped operating at August 9, 2009 and not August 9, 2009 as being reported in The Star & Straits Times.
    2. There are 2 Articles that are being related here, “Ridhuan Tee must apologize to Teoh Beng Hock’s family” and “NAZRIN OF PERAK PREPARES FOR HIS FINAL JOURNEY TO THE GATES OF HELL!”
    3. Loke Siew Fook is only related to the article “Ridhuan Tee must apologize to Teoh Beng Hock’s family” and this article was taken from a Malaysian News Paper.
    4. In the Article “NAZRIN OF PERAK PREPARES FOR HIS FINAL JOURNEY TO THE GATES OF HELL!”, Loke Siew Fook was never quoted or related in any way in this article.

    So, What seems to be the problem?:

    Both of these articles were written just after the other and its very likely that blogs and misunderstood the contents and linked both these articles together.

    This happened after the blog had ceased operation. Its normal to view Google’s Cache and read the text blindly.

    The blogs that accused Loke had made an analytical mistake by not reading the blogs properly.

  22. wits0 says:


    1. the use of equivocal or ambiguous expressions, esp. in order to mislead or hedge; prevarication.
    2. an equivocal, ambiguous expression; equivoque: The speech was marked by elaborate equivocations.
    3. Logic. a fallacy caused by the double meaning of a word.

    Noun: prevarication
    1. A statement that deviates from or perverts the truth
    2. Intentionally vague or ambiguous
    3. The deliberate act of deviating from the truth


  23. socopub says:

    “1. the use of equivocal or ambiguous expressions, esp. in order to mislead or hedge; prevarication.”

    Hahahaha ahbengkia raja

  24. ktteokt says:

    What is the point of crying over spilt milk? A famous Chinese saying “常将有日思无日,莫把无时当有时” which literally means “Think of not having (something) when you are in possession of it, do not assume you have it when you have already lost it”!

  25. wits0 says:

    Ahbengkia aka aBangkai, etc., main mission is to attempt that, “Reisistance is Futile” mass mesmerising, overtly or sublimely. We squashed him like a bug.

  26. toyolbuster says:

    Its incredible how a supposedly wise person who was so well admired and overwhelmingly respected just about a year ago could crumble so low in the popular rating now.
    So true of the saying “Never judge a person by his looks and sweet talking” In the end, Truth always prevails. Now we all know, he is just another one of them.
    For him to win back the same respect will take him another 2 lifetimes.

  27. toyolbuster says:

    We squashed him like a bug.
    wits0 – December 3, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    Punch a dummy and it always returns

  28. blokir says:

    Tempers flare over Ketuanan Melayu

    Kulasegaran, when posting an additional question to Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon, had said that issues like Ketuanan Melayu had remained a stumbling block to unity in the country because it is regarded as a discrimination of other races.

    “It seems there are a number of aspects that remain an obstacle to unity among the various races in the country, among which is Ketuanan Melayu which is a discrimination of the non-Malays.

    “The New Economic Policy is oppressive to harmony,” said Kulasegaran, to which a number of MPs from Lipis, Silam, Bagan Serai and Arau, stood up and started shouting in protest.

  29. blokir says:

    I wish I could believe Raja Nazrin……but cannot.

    Regent of Perak, HRH Raja Dr Nazrin has said all groups in society must participate in making decisions that affect their lives; and that institutions of governance must demonstrate norms that are fundamentally efficient, productive and just.

    To this writer at least, HRH ‘s actions appear to be noblesse oblige – the perceived obligation of those of high rank to be honorable and generous, but while hanging on to their privileges.

    2 examples to make the point………

    HRH’s sister YAM Raja Dato’ Seri Eleena Azlan Shah45, is a director and major shareholder of Generasi Setia (M) Sdn Bhd, which is a major shareholder of Gamuda.

    Her (and Nazrin’s) uncle Y Bhg Dato’ Ir Kamarul Zaman bin Mohd Ali, also a director of Gamuda, rose from being Quarry Manager, JKR , to some kind of executive at G.B. Kuari Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Gamuda, on 1 June 1990.

  30. wits0 says:

    ““Kinabatangan, that is enough…..I have already told reminded earlier, do not create any trouble because the more important question has been answered. Please avoid issues that can trigger negative sentiments,” said Pandikar.”

    You’re negative when you question the Gomen’s negativities. Something that sounds like this line: “You are racist if you don’t vote Obama!”

  31. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho Perakian more interested in fresh election for true and fair Democracy than this Prince ??? 8) Ho Ho Ho

  32. ROTFL says:

    He is circumscribing the wagons because the Indians are attacking.

  33. Ahbengkia says:

    Haven’t I said words are always easier than deeds, no matter who you are and where you affiliation are. “Deeds, not words” (by the way it is my alma mater’s motto), is a truism, an axiom. So you people find it so difficult to accept what the prince has said. What is the difference when compared to many things we said everyday.

  34. Ahbengkia says:

    second line …..where your affiliation…..

  35. ROTFL says:


    These dummies also can talk

  36. Maverick says:

    HRH should be looking at the national hockey teams dismal performances lately and get it back on track. Then we will look to the others for deliverance if there is any…………..

  37. mitra says:

    ‘MCA: A guide for dummies’

    The tale of past president Tun Tan Siew Sin is often recounted, on how by staying loyal to Umno for years he was harbouring hopes of becoming deputy prime minister since he was already the finance minister and increasingly the most senior member of the Cabinet.

    That never materialised because Umno likes MCA as its number two, and nothing more than that. No MCA leader is to see himself above that glass ceiling.

    Maybe that is what MCA should be thinking about these days, its own future in Malaysian politics, not the petty differences in a party in decline — that is the prognosis.

    For now they are a nowhere party with attractive assets, waiting for the exit door.

  38. nobody says:…t-tun-mahathir/

    Posted by Bryant

    Foreign writer Bryant’s comments on Mahathir’s article : Kaki dalam Kasut where he says Chinese is the real master of Malaysia . This is a rational article written by a foreign observer in Malaysia.

    The highly respected Tun,


    China is coming up, India is coming up, Vietnam is coming up and now even Russia is on the rise. In this flat world that is all wired up and regardless whether we are Malaysian Malay, Chinese or Indian, and if Malaysia does not progress, all of us would become history of this country! Without the Malay, Chinese could not do well in the country and without the Chinese, Malay would not do well. Both have to work together to bring up Malaysia and mitigate the ascute impact that is being brought about by the globalisation.

    For me, a true leader is someone who has the foresight that not only focus on one particular group in the country but take care of the future of everyone. A good leader is someone who know what is the biggest threat the country is facing and direct the people to fight off the threat.

    A leader is also someone who is impartial that has the ability to promote harmony in the country for a long period of time.


    UMNO is a political loser that leads the country to nowhere. They do not understand what is going on the outside world. They have no clue where Malaysia will be in the next 30 years. With the 3 new superpowers, i.e Indian, China and Russia standing tall and high together with USA and the Europe Union, they do not know what kind of world it would be and how Malaysia is going to compete and share the ever smaller slice of cake of the world economy.

    They only know how to get the Malays to fight with other Non-Malay on tiny issues within Malaysia , while the two races know jolly well that the issues they are fighting are trivial and is totally self-satisfying. UMNO does not give a damn to how the poor Malay is going to live in the future and they do not care about the real benefits of the poor Malays. They only want the votes from them.

    The NEP is a good evidence on how they benefit the cronies, instead of the poor Malay.Despite all their despicable acts they are still in the power.


    As you are aware, the Malays control the rights to all the lands and all other natural resources in this country. They control all government institutions, GLC and State owned companies. The Malays dominate the lawmaking process in Malaysia ; The Malays control the decision making process in formulating the economy policies. The Malays own the largest national assets and the Malays are given shares in the public listed companies for free.

    The Malays have also been given all kind of priorities when it comes to buying properties, awarding of public contracts, tertiary education opportunities, awarding of scholarships and even getting a job in government departments. With all these privileges and rights enjoyed by the Malays, you are saying nothing has been done enough to help the Malays to catch up with other races, mainly the Chinese. Then what else should Malaysia do to satisfy the Malays?

    Did the Chinese seize or rob anything away from the Malays or all their wealth was a result of their hard work? If it is all due to their hard work, why do you say it is unfair? I don’t quite get your point here.


    May I humbly ask you what do you expect the Chinese to do if your so-called NEP did not achieve the desired result? Would the Malays be happy if the ethnic Chinese in this country do any of the followings:

    * surrender their assets and hard earned money to the Malays unconditionally;

    * -not to engage in any business activities;

    * -not to score As in all sort of examinations;

    * -not to make money that is more than the Malays are earning;

    * -not to advance to higher education; or

    * – renounce their citizenships and go back to China or migrate to some other countries?


    I am a foreigner but I am surprised that your intention is to divide your own country. I think you are mainly targeting the Chinese. Frankly, tell us, what do you expect the Chinese to do in order to achieve what is so called “equality” meant by you?


    Tun, after all these criticism you have against the present government, I feel that you are starting to lose your rationality on your arguments. You have run out of good reasons to convince us. I guess it could be due to your accumulating jealousy of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, your former counterpart in Singapore . But reality is always hard to accept. No matter how, you have to accept the fact that he is regarded the Father of Singapore but you are not regarded the Father of Malaysia; you have to accept the fact that Mr Lee is able to influence the government of Singapore until he the day he dies but you have not been able to influence the government from the moment you stepped down as PM.

    You must also accept the fact that he is still very popular on the world stage and a leader respected by many but you are not quite. Because of these jealousies, you are starting to accumulate imbalances in yourself that lead you to embark on a series of action to attack your successors. It is very obvious that you are not happy when your successors are more popular than you.

    Is there any good of doing that? What is your intention? Can’t you take it easy? During your time, you criticised most of the developed countries especially the Western Countries out of jealousy and after stepping down as PM you criticise every single soul remained in the cabinet for not listening to you.

    When will you ever stop criticising any people?
    Can’t you respect the decision of others?


    Back to your recent blog, is there anything wrong with Chinese in this country? Did they seize or rob the money away from the Malays? Did they have the ability to come out with any policies to marginalise the Malays? Did they dominate the lawmaking process of this country? Did they formulate the economy policies in this country? Did they control the government departments in this country? Did they control the state owned companies and GLC in this country? Did they control the country’s largest oil companies and banks? You know the answer right?


    Malays are the one who dominate the the lawmaking process of this country; Malays are the one that formulate the economy policies in this country that favours the Malays. Malays are the ones that control the government departments, state owned companies and GLC. Malays are the one the control the funds in this country. Malays are also the ones that control the largest oil companies and banking industry in this country. With all these rights enjoyed by the Malays, what else do you want the Chinese to do?

    Surrender their houses and savings and their wealth that they earned with their hard work to the Malays, for no reason? or ask all the Chinese to renounce their citizenship and go back to China ? Have you ever thought of after 30 years of implementing NEP, why it does not achieve the desired result? Don’t forget under the NEP there are a series of policies that favors the Malays. The obvious ones would be the distributions of APs and awarding of contracts.


    If with all these policies, it still does not give the Malay what they want, what else do you want the Chinese to do? Is the Chinese to be blamed because they are too hard working? Or the Malays to be blamed because they do not treasure the opportunities given? You know very well the NEP has been misused and it only benefits the cronies. So if you have designed NEP to only benefits the cronies, please don’t say it is the problem of Chinese that NEP does not achieve its result. It has nothing to do with the Chinese but NEP and the Malay themselves.


    This is a globalised world, Chinese and Malays should not be fighting against each other because Malaysia is competing with other countries. China used to be backward and lagging behind Malaysia but now they have caught up and have even surpassed Malaysia . Can we ask them to slow down their development? If they refuse to listen can we make a complaint to the United Nation that China is developing too fast and this is very unfair to Malaysia, which adapts a more a passive approach? Who give you the right to prevent others from progressing?


    Who you think you are? This is a flat world (Obviously Tun did not read the book named “The World is Flat”). Don’t be so narrow minded to only focus on the Chinese or Malay in Malaysia . We should now look at the world as a flat world.

    If Malaysia does not progress, no matter we are Malay, Chinese, Iban, Kadazan, Indian etc , we must work together or we would be extinct one day!

    Change WE Must

  39. simonsez says:

    The problem is religion that makes them above non malays. In every muslim country the popn of the non muslims will decrease and so the same with msia.
    The elderly are content to stay but the younger ones must be encouraged to migrate. The alternative is “masuk melayu” and play with nazrins and najibs.

  40. wits0 says:


    Hey! we cannot question that. It’s insensitive. Some people’s sensitivies trumps others’. Therefore if it takes a local FLAT WORLD to achieve that, it is necessary! Bodok sombong is no big deal.

  41. wits0 says:

    Clueless past president Tun Tan Siew Sin deserved his disappointment for fleecing the people for the gomen then with ever increasing heavy tax burden, come budget time, like as if the taxes were well aimed at the purported rich. They weren’t. Anyway, he was a Baba who thought himself more acceptable to racist umno. Ha!

  42. kancilandak says:

    Yes, we live in a flat world.. when we accidently knock off some headgears with a bola takraw, we might get killed.

  43. nobody says:

    Go see the beautiful house of Mukhriz Mahathir

  44. Musa Susah says:

    Dear Bryant,

    It is not that the UMNO leaders do not know all the facts that you have put forward. They are very well aware of it but what they are doing now is to make sure that they will continue to remain in power. Furthermore they know that their time is up soon and therefore have to resort to such dirty tactics to try to save themselves. They also realized that many Malays have opened their eyes and can see through the dirty and unfair policies which UMNO is adopting mainly to benefit themselves and their supporters.
    Don’t be surprised though, they may just succeed because many non-Malays (especially the Chinese) forget easily and quickly when UMNO throws just the crumbs to them.
    I don’t blame UMNO. They are in fact the people with brains as otherwise how could they rule the country for so many years. It is indeed very sad ,you know!

  45. Menyalak-er says:

    Musa Susah: “…they may just succeed because the non-Malays (especially the Chinese) forget easily,…”
    Au-yah musang, you know why the chinapek traditions and customs are extant for the past 5 millenium? Its because they don’t forget and are pragmatic. What, may i ask, are you trying to get at?
    Seems we’ve got another ’embolus’ in the brain… double speako ahbeng type.

  46. kittykat46 says:

    “Ahbengkia aka aBangkai, etc., main mission is to attempt that, “Reisistance is Futile” mass mesmerising” – wits0.

    Yup, Ahbengsai’s not so subtle message is – BN is still going to be Top Dog, so its dumb to resist.

    This spammer has obviously never read the history of resistance movements all over the world – people has struggled, and, yes, failed against even worse odds, yet they persevere.

  47. whispering9 says:

    After TDM, then PL and now DSN. And came the Perak fiasco….there is only one song in the minds of those who left or planning to leave. Sorry Prince…it is too late to be a Han Brinker ‘Finger in the Dyke’ now. The hole is just too big for little fingers.

  48. whispering9 says:

    The embed is probably turned off by Susan. So here is the lyrics to Carole King ‘It is too late.’

    Stayed in bed all morning just to pass the time
    There’s something wrong here
    There can be no denying
    One of us is changing
    Or maybe we’ve just stopped trying

    And it’s too late baby, now it’s too late
    Though we really did try to make it
    Something inside has died and I can’t hide
    And I just can’t fake it

    It used to be so easy living here with you
    You were light and breezy
    And I knew just what to do
    Now you look so unhappy
    And I feel like a fool

    And it’s too late baby, now it’s too late
    Though we really did try to make it
    Something inside has died
    and I can’t hide it
    And I just can’t fake it

    There’ll be good times again for me and you
    But we just can’t stay together
    Don’t you feel it too
    Still I’m glad for what we had
    And how I once loved you

    But it’s too late baby, now it’s too late
    Though we really did try to make it
    Something inside has died and I can’t hide
    And I just can’t fake it

    Don’t you know that I…
    I just can’t fake it
    Oh it’s too late my baby
    Too late my baby
    You know
    It’s too late my baby

  49. wits0 says:

    Methinks, the ’04 GE was the last time the cinapeks trusted BN. In the ’99 one, they did not understand the Anwar’s raison d’être and he was still closely linked with bumno ideology. Why would the said cinapeks now return to useless and treacherous MCA or Gelekan? I don’t think they are that fickle minded. There is nothing for them there but the same sh*t.

  50. kittykat46 says:

    Najis says ““The manufacturing sector must alter its game plan in order to stay competitive, both regionally and globally. It will remain vital to Malaysia’s economy and holds the key for our nation’s march to ever-higher levels of prosperity,”

    Does Najis know how long it takes for an manufacturing investor in Malaysia to get Mida approval to widen the terms of his manufacturing licence ?
    18 – 24 months. Mainly due to Industrial Coordination Act requirements.

    If you read the Industrial Coordination Act its basically all about Bumi equity….

    In neighbouring Singapore, you just need to “inform” the authorities. That’s all….
    In Thailand it takes about 6 months, maximum.

    If UMNO is willing to repeal the Industrial Coordination Act, I will sit up and listen. Otherwise…its just Wayang Kulit.

  51. chong says:

    wanna puke everytime heard the 1malaysia advertisment!!!

  52. billauchris says:

    Raja Nazrin advice I must say was invigorating; but to whom was it directed? At it stood, it was non-directive. I believe it was directed probably to the whole BN Government machinery. As far as history goes, the profound royal advice will surely fall into deaf ears.

    Let us face the fact and reality of the day. When these avaricious and corrupt UMNOputras find it so easy to put their fingers in the till, I do not think they will care a damn for the royal ‘command’.

    The instructive advice was rather academic and naive and it certainly came too late. The whole BN Government is so racially and religiously polarised taht it will take another two or three generations to undo the system.

    To thwart brain-drain! Ha, ha, Ha…It is a joke! Unless the BN Government can undo the following:

    1) Open the door for non-Malays into the civil service, miliary, police and para-miliary;
    2) Do away with the UNiversity Entrance Diploma Programme and just maintain and recognise the STPM as the only entrance examination;
    3) Let all students compete with the Government university scholarships by re-introducing the Scholarhship Examinaiton;
    4) Accord professional courses the best students according their merits;
    5) Allow non-Malays the opportunity to management some of the GLCs;
    6) Appoint an Ombusman and an independent Tender Evaluation and Award Commitee comprising different races who are duly qualified;
    7) Accord equal status to all Malaysians regardless of race and religion
    8) To evolve an education system with syllabus that is devoid of any racial or religious overtures;
    9) To accord English as the Official Language while Bahasa Malaysia as the National Language; and,
    10) To remove any MP, SAM and Government Officer or Official if they are found or convicted of corruption or misppropriation or CBT or any shameful crime.

    The above are but few measures that need to be urgently taken if Raja Nazrin’s ideal aim is to be met.

    No point having the 1Malaysia policy when the machinery is doing to the contrary to deviate or depart from its objective.

    I think, we are tired of rhetorics for the past five decades. We need affirmative actions.. The country is rich and resourcesfully endowed enough for everyone. We do not need to shamelessly stooped so low as to steal and rob the national resources behind the veil of secrecy and confidentiality.

    All responsible and justly minded people of Malaysia are looking forward to the day when these natiional thieves are brought to answer for what they did.

  53. Ahbengkia says:

    This spammer has obviously never read the history of resistance movements all over the world – people has struggled, and, yes, failed against even worse odds, yet they persevere.//fake meow meow

    Let me ask you: which would you prefer, fail but persevere or succeed in getting what we want. I am sure you prefer the latter and for that you need strategy and workable ideas, not rhetoric and empty talks that we can see so clearly in others but never on ourselves.

  54. Menyalak-er says:

    KK, ICA is a misnomer for greasing, the more the ‘faster’.
    Recently a German biotech investor was so pissed when his ‘small’ time R&D operation, worth RM25mil, was politely asked to ‘contribute’ 10% his total investment undertable to the specified ‘baha-gian’ for him to continue.
    Macc? Forget it, teutonic practicality reigns!
    Of course, he upped and left for the contiguous shore, i.e. Thailand.
    Moral of story? Nothing beats bestial bureaucratic vitality and efficency greased with the needful…

  55. monsterball says:

    There this ahbengkia skunks again…….addressing kittykat…meow meow!
    And his first message also teaching us..deeds more important than words….as if we all do not know.
    Yet this bloody skunk…have only holy words written all his life.
    Promise this…challenging that…saying loosing he will quite….all lost and last count I made was three times….all words….no actions.
    This master of .changing nicks…master liar…master bullshitter…master of apple polishing will have 2 more days to put his words into deeds again…to quit for good.
    And kopitiam fellas all know this skunk will never leave…unless being dot dot dot till kingdom come……hlep non stop bleeding…smiling as he goes.

  56. monsterball says:

    not holy words la….hollow words.

  57. monsterball says:

    And it takes RM10 million to buy up the Pahang loyalty….all Malaysians know.
    There you go…Mahathir’s …”Money is Power” is working..and Najib intends to faithfully copy his adopted father’s footsteps…showing his success…..buying 3 frogs in Perak……making Mahathir so proud.

  58. Musa Susah says:

    Dear menyelak-er
    I feel sorry that you ask me what actually I am getting at.
    Obviously you really can’t catch what I am getting at and you are actually the embolus in the brain. Try reading again what I have written. The fact that you feel so agitated is the answer to what I am getting at.

    Dear Kitty kat,
    This message is also meant for you. If you interprete my message as resistance is futile, you are very much mistaken. Anyway its good to know that you and menyelak-er are the persevering type. I hope there are many more like you two.

  59. kancilandak says:

    Hihee..hee.. Abengkuah back as musa susah. Susah betul lah..!

  60. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha..This drunkard half past six transform himself…..right infront of our “Musa Sudah”…yet previously he sworn …..he never had any other nicks before.
    hahahahahaha…read Musa Sudah responding to ahbengkia’s menyelak-er and kittykat.
    The part he hide was calling kityykat…’fake meow meow”…addressing him…”dear kittykat”
    Ahbengkia is progressing towards the gutter he belongs,
    Soon he needs to sl his 6000sq. ft toilet…to peer at the road pay ahlongs…or finnito…go before mamak.

  61. monsterball says:

    Promised and bragging….he will convert this blog commentators to support UMNO…for a so call big fee…tried and trued for months…no can do…cannot even cross over my kopitiam fellas …want to finish me off in this blog.
    Insults hurled to me cannot work. Now say I am a depraved useless old man…to apply ignoring me.
    2 more days…he needs to eat shit or quit…just watch he will eat shit ….like talk more shit.
    Yip.25 young salesmen stood up..clapped hands in appreciations of my 2 hours training course.
    If I do not brag of my good work done by myself…who is going to do it….ahbengkia ah?
    Calling me useless less educated man compare to him…I want him to read all my achievements…even at age 70…on going ..still going on strong…to get more jealous..and getting mad and get all his worms to throw their best insults to me……and let young voters judge…..hahahahahahahaha

  62. wits0 says:

    Abengkuah is not Musa Susah, methinks.

  63. monsterball says:

    So another on come to support ahbengkia..witsO?
    OK la…the more the merrier and my monsterball needs few to carry….making me….saying,….”I feeeel good” like late James Brown. God bless his soul.

  64. monsterball says:

    hi kancilandak…you give sifu wrong information.

  65. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho Ahbeng0.000kia @ ahkua gay pondan 😛 eat his own shit again and the prince eat Ro$mama cookies and turn to bn frogs now 😀 😉 😡 😛 8)
    Ho Ho Ho

  66. moyoon says:

    Now finally the wolf has finally removed his sheepskin!

  67. davis says:

    ” Deeds not words”… ahbengkia. May I remind ah bengkia that there are good deeds and bad deeds. So far what sort of deeds have you done. Calling others ” nincompoops”. Is that a good deed? Prepare to steal, is that a good deed?. Tell half truth and lies, is that a good deed? Sublety tell others not to resist and not to call for changes, is this a good deed?

  68. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho the way Musa Susah reply patern make me think of Fatimah Zuhri patern 😉 Ho Ho Ho this crazy fatimah also start to mutate 😀 crazy frog is coming to town 😛 Ho Ho Ho

  69. charleskiwi says:

    Why is the Prince lecturing to a bunch of Ketunan Melayu ?
    They cannot immigrate anywhere and most of all what is there Malaysia has to loose even if they do ! They need the ‘clutches’ NEP or NDP are providing them and above all to protect them , go and preach to the non Malays !

  70. davis says:

    Ahbengkia, why can’t you answer questions with a “Yes” or a “No” or with a single sentence. You have to write a mini thesis and yet not answer the question. You must have a motive for doing so. A not so noble one at best and a base one most of the time.

  71. Musa Susah says:

    Bloody chauvinists. Ignorance and arrogance are beginning to show their really ugly heads.

  72. hahaha! says:

    What a blooming joke!!
    This fancy dressed man still has the cheek to preach his hypocritical politics and morality?

    I just have this to say to him “Tak tahu malu”

  73. rebena says:

    A PKR MP has revealed a BN minister , a previous minister, a tycoon/ a tan sri .. were inviolved in brought huge sum of money (without a justification) to Dubai and UK.

    2008 March – RM 600K to Dubai
    2008 Jun ~ Aug – RM 22200K to UK

    Negeri Sembilan MB, Mohd Hassan – 2008 RM10000K to UK

    Bank Negara should start the investigation and suggest for action need to be taken !!!!!

  74. wits0 says:

    “Bloody chauvinists. Ignorance and arrogance are beginning to show their really ugly heads.”

    For ages, since the beginning, the umno types have always labelled the DAP as chauvinists in the MSM – as if that word was invented for the DAP and second nature to it! But I can’t find the real chauvinism in the accusation as much as I can see that blanket curse-word(like ‘communists’) effect only. No one, it seems, asks about the ketuanan melayu thing (previously a little covert, but later fully overt), whether that is actually unabashed and open chauvinism incorporated. So much for that non-existent but implied moral high ground of simply maligning.

    That’s the true case of Ignorance and arrogance.

  75. moyoon says:

    Before it was race, now religion.

    Better gear up for a different mode of battle now.

    islam, the religion of peace. ( And a big stack of bodies)

  76. moyoon says:

    The battle is universal. People of the world unite against this mad & evil religion!

    The State Department refers to “state hostility toward minority or non-approved religious groups,” as if different faiths randomly oppressed different faiths. However, Islam has distinguished itself with the willingness of governments and individuals to harass, attack, jail, and kill members of other religions. Even the most moderate and tolerant Islamic states often fall far short of respecting religious minorities. In Morocco, for instance, the government detained converts from Islam to Christianity, expelled Christian missionaries, and restricted “non-Islamic materials and proselytizing.” Many other Islamic states are far worse, however.

    The U.S. expelled the Taliban government, but has not created a free society. Although the Karzai government responded to outside pressure and took some steps to improve religious liberty, explains State, “the residual effects of years of jihad against the former Soviet Union, Taliban rule, civil strife, popular suspicion regarding outside influence of foreigners, and still weak democratic institutions hindered the realization of this aspiration.” Relations among different Muslim sects “continued to be difficult”; non-Muslims face “harassment and occasional violence”; “most local Christians did not publicly state their beliefs or gather openly to worship.”

    In this small Islamic state respect for religious liberty has been falling. The State Department reports that “non-Muslims were prohibited from receiving religious education in private religious schools, which had previously been allowed.” Moreover, “across denominational lines, non-Muslim religious leaders stated that they were subjected to undue influence and duress, and some were threatened with fines and/or imprisonment. Active monitoring of churches and disruption of supply shipments and mail were reported.” The authorities also limited the use of literature and worship places by religious minorities.

    Although progress was made in some areas, “The status of respect for religious freedom by the government declined somewhat,” reports State, “based on the failure to investigate and prosecute perpetrators of increased incidents of sectarian violence,” mostly against Coptic Christians. Moreover, the authorities “again failed to redress laws and governmental practices that discriminate against Christians, effectively allowing their discriminatory effects and their modeling effect on society to become further entrenched.” Christian converts from Islam were harassed and abused.

    The most populous Islamic nation, Indonesia long has reflected a more moderate variant of Islam. But Muslim extremists remain active and often unconstrained by the authorities. Reports State: “Ongoing government restrictions, particularly among unrecognized religions and sects of the recognized religions considered ‘deviant’ were significant exceptions to respect for religious freedom.” Worse, the government sometimes “tolerated discrimination against and the abuse of religious groups by private actors and failed to punish perpetrators.” Those responsible are rarely punished. Moreover, “Some groups used violence and intimidation to forcibly shut at least nine churches and 12 Ahmadiyya mosques.”

    One of the uglier Islamic persecutors is Iran. The constitution nominally affirms the rights of “protected” religions — Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians. However, in practice no non-Shi’a believer is safe. Explains the report: “Respect for religious freedom in the country continued to deteriorate. Government rhetoric and actions created a threatening atmosphere for nearly all non-Shi’a religious groups, most notably for Baha’is, as well as Sufi Muslims, evangelical Christians, and members of the Jewish community. Reports of government imprisonment, harassment, intimidation, and discrimination based on religious beliefs continued.” The state also promoted discrimination in the areas of education, employment, and housing. Iran is a Country of Particular Concern.

    Tragically, liberating Iraq from Saddam Hussein meant liberating some of the worst sectarian passions, which he had brutally held in check. Roughly half of Iraq’s historical Christian community has been displaced, many to Jordan and Syria, another secular Arab dictatorship. Although the government does not persecute, reports State, “violence conducted by terrorists, extremists, and criminal gangs restricted the free exercise of religion and posed a significant threat to the country’s vulnerable religious minorities.” Although overall violence is down, Christians and other religious minorities continue to be targeted by radical Muslims.

    This former British colony remains freer than Iran but not as free as Indonesia. Observes State: “Minority religious groups remained generally free to practice their beliefs; however, over the past several years, many have expressed concern that the civil court system has gradually ceded jurisdictional control to Sharia courts, particularly in areas of family law involving disputes between Muslims and non-Muslims.” Conversion from Islam is prohibited and, notes the department, “Religious minorities continued to face limitations on religious expression and alleged violations of property rights,” including prohibiting proselytizing of Muslims.

    The population is divided among Christian, Muslim, and traditional faiths. Although the national government does not persecute, a dozen “northern states use Sharia courts to adjudicate criminal and civil matters for Muslims,” notes State, and “local political actors stoked sectarian violence with impunity.” Although Christians are not free from all blame, the initiators more often have been Muslims and their victims more often have been Christians; there also have been reports of forced conversions to Islam as well as threats to extend Sharia law over non-Muslims.

    Washington’s ally in the war on terror is one of the least hospitable states for religious minorities. State notes “some positive steps to improve the treatment of religious minorities,” but Christians, Hindus, and Jews remain second-class citizens, if that. Explains the report: “Law enforcement personnel abused religious minorities in custody. Security forces and other government agencies did not adequately prevent or address societal abuses against minorities. Discriminatory legislation and the government’s failure to take action against societal forces hostile to those who practice a different religious belief fostered religious intolerance, acts of violence, and intimidation against religious minorities.” Christians even risk execution if convicted of “blasphemy.”

    Another close U.S. ally, Saudi Arabia is among the globe’s worst persecutors. At least Saudi Arabia makes no pretense. Explains the report, “Freedom of religion is neither recognized nor protected under the law and is severely restricted in practice.” Although the private practice of non-Sunni Islam is usually left alone, “This right was not always respected in practice and is not defined in law.” Moreover, explains State, “the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (CPVPV) continued to conduct raids on private non-Muslim religious gatherings.” The repressive kingdom has been designated a Country of Particular Concern.

    No surprise, this wreckage of a nation with an Islamic majority is not a good host for religious minorities. Notes State: “The Transitional Federal Government (TFG) generally did not enforce legal protections of religious freedom.” Not that it probably could do so even if so inclined, given the rise in extremist militias, which “often imposed through violence a strict interpretation of Islam on communities under their control. There were also reports that individuals who do not practice Islam experienced discrimination, violence, and detention because of religious beliefs.”

    This tragic nation, whose Muslim north long has warred against its animist and Christian south, also is inhospitable land for religious minorities. After years of violent conflict, an accord of sorts was reached, theoretically ensuring religious freedom in the south while favoring Islam in the north. State explains that, while the Government of National Unity “did not vigorously enforce its strictest restrictions on religious freedom, it generally did not respect religious plurality in the north.” There also “were some reports of societal abuses and discrimination based on religious affiliation, belief, or practice.” Sudan is another Country of Particular Concern.

    Although the government generally respects freedom of religious practice, it restricts Islamic expression in education and official circumstances. Moreover, notes State, “Minority religious groups also faced difficulties in worshipping, registering with the Government, and training their followers,” as well as proselytizing. Further, “Threats against non-Muslims created an atmosphere of pressure and diminished freedom for some non-Muslim communities. Many Christians, Baha’is, and heterodox Muslims faced societal suspicion and mistrust, and some elements of society continued to express anti-Semitic sentiments.”

    Yet another failed or semi-failed Islamic state, Yemen enshrines Islam as the state religion, holds Shari’a as the source of all law, bans conversion from Islam, and forbids proselytizing of Muslims. Although non-Muslims remain nominally free to otherwise practice their faiths, reports State, “There was a decrease in the status of respect for religious freedom by the government . . . , particularly with regard to the Baha’i and Jewish communities.” Private perpetrators of violence against religious minorities were not punished.

    Washington’s ability to aid religious minorities in other nations always will be limited. However, any Western dialogue with Islam must take into account the tendency of Islamic governments to persecute. For a start, the U.S. should suggest that Muslim governments that campaign against the “defamation” of religion start by respecting the freedom of conscience of those who live under their control. After all, murder is the ultimate form of defamation.

    — Doug Bandow is senior fellow at the Cato Institute and a senior fellow in religious persecution at the Institute on Religion and Public Policy. A former special assistant to Pres. Ronald Reagan, he is the author of Beyond Good Intentions: A Biblical View of Politics.

    ► Subscribe to National Review magazine here or NR / Di

  77. altano says:

    It’s just like another formal speech before a dinner gathering commence.

    The menu on the table is more interesting…

  78. Menyalak-er says:

    Honestly, i thought it was religion before race…
    Anyway, musa mudah, thanks for your answer, we have to be circumspect not circumcribed you see. This blog is full of holeys.

  79. telur dua says:

    Did he say something?

    Material things mean a lot to the have-nots, but only 20% of the population are qualified to pay income tax. So how to “take personal ownership over the well-being of your fellow countrymen?” In fact, as good citizens, we have been doing exactly that under the guise of the NEP, but in return the Gomen ‘spit’ on our faces.

    Royals are treated with divinity. Divine is the status attained by the giving up of worldliness and not surrendering to temptations. Material things and divinity cannot be had in equal measure. You gain one, you lose the other.

    So, Your Highness, what say you if you challenge yourself to take personal ownership over the well-being of your fellow countrymen?” I trust that you have plenty to give.

  80. kplee says:

    Well, just talk is no use. Look at the country with much issues like religious extremism, corruptions among top government servants, scandals after scandals, the actions and judgements of the judiciary, PDRM, MACC etc….the lists goes onnnnn..are for all to see.
    People who talk like that are themselves protected by these very instituitions and are blind to the rakyat sufferings. Or worse, they are hypocrites and cowards themselves. All they know is MATERIAL benefits, MATERIAL benefits. These people lives in big comfy castles have almost everything on their plates. The rakyat is already has had enough of the day to day frustrations from the present corrupted, unethical and so called religious government. Please shut up trying to expound your great “statemanship”. Just enjoy your luxuries and leave the poor rakyat alone. We dont believe you guys anymore.

  81. Ziggy says:

    First UMNO under Mahathir abstracted the Royalty’s Teeth then
    Najib decided to give them Dentures but then it nothing like
    the Real Teeth, try chewing a Rump Steak with it.

  82. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…It needs Davis to delight readers……exposing idiotic ahbengkia…love writing thesis……a long winded braggart……….hahahahahahaha

  83. […] Excerpts taken and modified to reflect Myanmar, from the *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog* […]

  84. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho prince of darkness and not a good prince 8) better the princess don’t kiss him and let him be an ugly frog forever Ho Ho Ho 😉

  85. bankalipoeylukiaka says:

    As long as the corrupt and evil political party is in power, neo-apartheid policy and neo-nazi style racism will continue to haunt this country forever.

    The people’s money and the country’s resources will be drained away and it is doomsday for this country.

    We are suffering, what about our next generation?

    Want them to suffer even more when everything goes to these evil and greedy ruling elites and their cronies?

    So, who wants to stay if there are better prospects elsewhere?

  86. moyoon says:

    It’s the royal that conspired with Mahakutty to destroy our independence of judiciary.

    Now it’s another royal that conspired with C$ to overthrow the Perak State’s PR government.

    The royals need to look to Nepal.

  87. moyoon says:

    Can we trust the Umnoputras now that they are using religion to divide and rule the country?

  88. moyoon says:

    The pr states must now building up an army that would protect the people who elected them from the army of religious fanatics!

  89. wits0 says:

    Moyoon = anotherAbangkai morph. No takers, bug!

  90. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho najisro$mama playing chess by using king and queen + his puppet prince frog eating all his shit games Ho Ho Ho 😛 😉 😡 😀 🙂 8)
    ahbengkai@moron rambo@momolan tooi@fatimama are puppet shit useless moron 😡 Ho Ho Ho

  91. JohanssmKhunPana says:

    Nice speech again by RajaGopal.
    After the Perak’s political fiasco this RajaGopal is worthless.
    Just like the rest of his RajaLingam kins .

  92. monsterball says:

    yea witsO…moyoon is trying to create if kopitiam fellas hate royalties….not true at all.
    He is trying to project how those who hates UMNO think like him…..not true at all.
    This is another style put out by UMNO.. to confuse voters.

  93. Butterfly says:

    HO HO HO,

    After reading so many of your comments in this blog, I am tempted to add my comments for the first time. It appears that the real SHIT is you. Your comments reflect your immaturity and shallow thinking. You seem to be unable to grasp the significance of other people’s thinking in their writings. Ridiculing is your forte. Disgusting mentality.

  94. monsterball says:

    Butterfly….nothing smart to judge people.
    I think you are disgusting too.
    Your mentality is worst that disgusting.
    You have a mentality to carry balls.
    HO HO HO is better than you by half.
    Stuff your opinions on HO HO HO.. to your rear end.

  95. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho fly butterfly fly and turn to worm again and reborn as shit worm again and again you shit eater 😛 Ho Ho Ho

  96. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Good Morning Sir Monsterball and to all 😀

  97. chriz732003 says:


  98. Ahbengkia says:

    Butterfly, don’t worry, the more they rant, the more they show their depravity. They are no freedom fighters. They are just a group depraved scumbags, including one old fart who thinks he is very rich. Hey old fart, there is nothing great to be rich when you are about to die.

  99. chriz732003 says:

    BN is desperate killing PR people now they are so desperate Ahbengkia the millionaire with 6,000 sq ft bungalow wants to be slaughtered for belated Hari Raya Haji celebrations. Then he will be reborn as kupu malam.

  100. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha…..Ahbengkia is repeating same message on me….he did at Mahathir’s post….and so many have responded….scolding him..but he is so thick skin…..will never change.
    No need to do here again….except….at least I children have plenty of my hard earned decent money.
    1 day more…he needs to quit the blog…as promised…..and he will break that too.

  101. monsterball says:

    Good-morning HO HO HO

  102. chriz732003 says:

    They are no freedom fighters…………Ahbengkia

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Poop Master and selfconfessed Moronic Ox is a “freedom fighter”, PR is most lucky not to have this cow waiting to be slaughtered for BN.

  103. Butterfly says:

    Ho Ho Ho and Monsterball,
    Even the language you both use reflect on your character. I am not defending anybody but would appreciate if discussion can be done in a civilized manner without having to resort to vulgarity.
    Think about it. You won’t lose anything. You will only gain respect. Even if you don’t care about respect from others think about your self respect.

  104. monsterball says:

    Butterfly…you an keep your advises to yourself.
    Go..put out your views and stop trying to judge me and HO HO HO.
    We have so much self respect.dignity and principles in life.,. that you certainly do not have.
    So comment and let HO HO HO and me have the pleasure to keep faarking you…..if you go out of line.

  105. monsterball says:

    Butterfly…what do you know so much about respect?
    Tell me.
    Shit…you learn the at to carry balls and yet you want kopitiam fellas to respect you?
    I know you are a female… will not call yourself a “butterfly”…and today…in is you kind…that wreck the whole STATE.
    Talk about that.
    You want talk respect? Shit…respect does not come from speaking nice and with cultured words like Mahathir and Najib are doing so well…including balls carrying person… like you.
    Respect comes from readers identifying TRUTHS…who are speaking that and half truths or whole truths…from the heart or from the lips…with no feelings for a Malaysian Malaysia.

  106. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho Do you have guts and ball to voice out loud against all this be-end evil gomen wrong doing and this shit ass ahbeng0.000kia liar ? If you dare to f them with guts and ball then we kopitiam fellas will give you our respects or you just keep your bloody shit mouth shut up and fly as far as you can to eat your own shit 😡 Ho Ho Ho

  107. Ho Ho Ho says:

    above comment is for shit butterfly Ho Ho Ho 😛

  108. monsterball says:

    My last sentence maybe misunderstood.
    What I meant was..respect comes from one who speaks the whole truth……..from the heart….to the mouth…thinking about others…and with personal benefits….likes or dislikes..or with selfish ulterior motives.
    One may speak with foul language…under the present UMNO government and circumstances…cannot be labeled as uncivilsed.
    It is far far better than those whole speak half truths or no truths at all..with so much finesse…so much hypocracy…dressed up like so cultured and true gentlemen…like Mahathir and Najib….like Butterfly…hero worshiping both of them…like crooks and a …b..tch.
    We will speak with no foul words…once we get rid of those devils in disguise…and that black magic woman…call butterfly.
    Meanwhile..HO HO HO with his bottle of rum have kopitiam fellas full support.
    He can irritate Ahbengkia….and that’s not easy.
    Keep it up HO HO HO.
    Go to hell with butterfly…which I think. it is a moth.

  109. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😉 Thank you Sir Monsterball and keep it up good boy Kancilandak 😀 a
    s i am still in Singapore and only use my Nokia 9300i to post my comments on off and can’t concentrate 100% 😛 anyway with sincere Thank to Sir Monsterball with your back up and support 😉 keep it up too Sir Monsterball and i will be back to Malaysia tomorrow evening from Singapore Orchard Rd. 🙂 all the very best and Good Night.

  110. monsterball says:

    Goodnight HO HO HO.
    I and your kopitiam buddies and our friends will always support you.
    We need someone to make Ahbengkia and his ghosts crazy and you are doing a marvelous job.
    Crazy nuts…needs crazy medicine…and you apply your art…sounding crazy….makes ahbengkia more carzy…..hahahahahahahaha

  111. monsterball says:

    I have a strange feeling “butterfly” is straycat’s strut…who is jeancumlately.
    We am read the patterns …so similar.

  112. wandererAUS says:

    monsterball, you are doing fine, even the great ahbengkia maybe reinforced by some of his 3 legged troopers…”Quantity is not Quality”
    Stuff them and grease them if you need to!!!

  113. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho yu hoo ‘BUTTERFLY’ where are you? fly baby fly 😛 Ho Ho Ho
    This coo coo shit ‘BUTTERFLY’ really disappoint the prince of darkness. 8)
    Ho Ho Ho

  114. Butterfly says:

    Talk big. If you are so ‘beng’ as you picture yourselves, come out into the open as HOHOHO and Monster ball and show those UMNO goons and their meow meows and wow wows your true feelings and your dislike for them. Members of DAP, PAS and PKR plus Hindraf Indians have done it. You are just a bunch of “AFEI”
    You people do not know the meaning of “Discretion is the better part of valour” Just a bunch of young chikus showing their brainless braveries. You will not achieve anything by what you are doing now. Just Kopitiam talks. Obviously you are a bunch of young hot blooded kids but when you are older and have families of your own, you will think differently and will be more careful with your words and actions and you will be more discreet(I hope so) Fighting for our rights is sacred but do it intelligently.
    I have traveled a lot in my life time and I have witness with my own eyes how the supporters of Aung Yang SyuKee, were dealt with by the Burmese ruling Junta, how the Indonesian rebellious university students were dealt with by the armies, what happened during 513 when I was caught in the riots. Mind you, you ‘ve got to see these with your own eyes to believe it and to understand the horror of it all. If you think people power alone is enough to bring down a regime which do not care two hoots about human life, then you are very much mistaken. If you still cannot understand what I am trying to tell you, then its better I stop here. Go ahead and continue to curse me and swear at me with your vulgarities and profanities. Good Luck and good bye.

  115. 1 Toilet says:

    Oh what a shame to this no ball /Butterfly/ and i will advice this Butterfly to come to my 1 Toilet and just hide inside, until after next 13th General Election over. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

  116. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😉 First i must thank you Butterfly for your chikus shit advice as you have shown your chikus Butterfly true color Ho Ho Ho 😡
    Are you so scared now to live in M’sia and going to migrate to nowhere farm Butterfly? Ho Ho Ho 🙂

  117. StevenO says:

    “Of course, bigots exist, thrive and reproduce everywhere. But it’s one thing to experience it in a foreign country, but quite another, and the feeling is worst, too see it in your own country”

    Worse still!!! Endorsed by the government!!! No where in the world will you find apartheid being institutionalised. Only in malaysia boleh!

  118. wits0 says:

    “If you think people power alone is enough to bring down a regime which do not care two hoots about human life, then you are very much mistaken.”

    Don’t get carried away too fast on your high horses ler. I was there and almost got my head blown off and had enough witnessing of events then as a young fella who happened to be there in KL, learning a trade.

    Now, who is advocating open violent protests here? So don’t paint matters with a broad brush nor show off your worldy and widely travelled experience just because you got dough and opportunity to enable travel. There are many rich dowagers around with money who are hooked on touring everywhere but that does not really make them wiser, just more snooty.

    In the fullness of time, even empires will fall because people no longer believes in them. So what’s a regime? In the ripening of bad Karma which takes just a little time, a regime will fall under its own weight and the signs are now showing. If your personal stakes are not with it, then let it be for the betterment of all.

  119. R4Os says:

    Very timely article on this “Brain Drain” hot topic now:

  120. R4Os says:

    “So, for those who say, “If you don’t like it here you can leave”! Those are very reckless statements made by very irresponsible leaders. A country’s economy is a very serious matter and sending out the wrong message can cause our economy to collapse big time. 29 million is a lot of mouths to feed. This migration issue is more than just about unhappy Malaysians leaving as it involves the migration of both skills and funds. Immediate attention must be given to review and revise political, social, as well as economic policies to prevent this dangerous trend. One observer rightly pointed out when he said, “This is not migrating; this is fleeing!”

    This human resource exodus, if left unresolved, will be a tragedy far worse than May 13.” –Straight Talking

  121. monsterball says:

    Goodbye “butterfly” and keep your shit advises to yourself.
    Yes…”Brain Drain” is serious in Malaysia and for reasons they know best… migrating or fleeing……both are on the air planes…. to other counties.
    This is nothing new…and our government seems to ignore the problem…because in the past are non Muslims…migrating or fleeing.
    Recently…one year 300,000 left and most are Muslims… prompting UMNO to look into the “BRAIN DRAIN” more seriously.
    It only shows….UMNO is a corrupted racist party….and with such crooks…nothing can be done.
    People are leaving not because of better pay.
    People are leaving .outof no choice.and mainly to work and feed the family. for the childrten’s futre.

  122. Immortal Ghost says:

    It is very wise and timely of Butterfly and Musa Susah to get out of this argument. I understand your messages but don’t waste your breath in this blogg on this topic.

  123. Fair and Square says:

    You curse and swear at others who differ in their thinking with yours yet in your writing “It only shows… UMNO is a corrupted racist party….and with such crooks…. nothing can be done” you are actually getting the messages of some of the writers in this site. With all the essential government machinery in their hands, including the Royalties, you are right that nothing can be done. Mao Sze Tong says “Power comes from the barrel of the guns” is true and cannot be dismissed. Even if PR were to win the election you think UMNO will quietly surrender their rule? You want to fight them with only your ‘MONSTER-BALLS’?

  124. Bujang Lapuk says:

    Monsterball ni memang kurang ajak dan mulut kotok. Hang ni langsung tak ada kesopanan. Nanti kena terajang baru tau. Mak pak hang mati bila hang kecik itu la hang kurang ajak. Alhamdulila bukan semua orang bukan melayu macam hang tau.

  125. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😉 the wolf is back in new shit nick ‘Butterfly’ 😡 ‘Immortal Ghost’ 😡 ‘Musang susah’ 😡 ‘Fair and Square’ 😡 ‘Bujang Lapuk’ and many more! ?? ‘IT’ is ahbeng0.000kia reincarnate? Ho Ho Ho 😉

  126. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 🙂 musang tode inside our Trojan horse all this while 😀 but with our eyes and with our conscious mind we will prevail and win this battle 🙂 Ho Ho Ho

  127. Immortal Ghost says:

    Please don’t comment or reply those rude and foul mouth people here. The more you do, the more they enjoy themselves. If you do and get smeared with shit, then you asked for it. They will eventually contaminate this blogg. Let them rot.

  128. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😀 the ‘Immortal ‘SHIT’ Ghost’ finally smell it’s own shit 😛 Ho Ho Ho

  129. monsterball says:

    Look at all those balless UMNO and MCA supporters.
    They know we are doing a great job….now talk kok…talk how we talk.exactly like the Mr.Speaker telling everyone to speak with low tone and nicely….like Najib and Mahathir.
    Mine oh mine…these idiots really know the art to twist and make us look ….like deserving to be screwed up by UMNO.
    One even hinted….if PR win and govern out for UMNO reactions…..clearly shows…he is a product of UMNO.. to think UMNO owns the country..and all elections are for show…no oppositions can ever win. govern the country.
    Talk is cheap! Do anything unholy….just wait and see.
    Oppositions are not interested to pick a quarrel now…as we are riding high….in clear position to vote UMNO out.
    Let them insult…talk as much as they like.
    We relax…and I will smoke my cigars…drink coffee…reading all insulting me…with a calm and composed mind.

  130. davis says:

    Immortal Chost. This blog is a platform where ideas and convictions are expressed , exchanged and debated. Different people have different style of speech. Not all speak alike. When you said “rude and foul mouth people” does it includedahbengkia and lan tooi?

  131. Immortal Ghost says:

    Yes!!! Whoever it is. Different style and different views are exceptable but not rude words. We can always debate and present our views in a gentlemanly way. When different views are put forward logically and in a refined way most of us will respect such views. I agree, not all my views are right and I or many others will be sensible enough to learn from others , who’s views make sense. The fact that we are writing in this blogg shows that we are educated people and as such we must behave like one. It would then be a real pleasure to exchange our views and thoughts. I hope I have not offended anyone with this answer. Thank you.

  132. Immortal Ghost says:

    Sorry the word should be “acceptable.”

  133. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho Immortal Ghost! you sound so nice with good manner and i say Good Evening to you but if you are still a human being then you better change your nick back to not a very eerie GHOST GHOST sound or if not later midnight wandering Ghost of ??? will be looking for you!!! Ho Ho Ho 😉 😀
    Wuu woo wuuuuuu wooooo Ghost coming woooo wuuuu 😡 see Ghost 8)

  134. monsterball says:

    yea..If you are so humble and truthful…change “Immortal Ghost” to “Humble ghost”
    We are not here to bre nice…as being nice…see what happen to Kugan and Teoh Beng Hock?
    Najib is behaving very nice….and he is a liar and a suspected murderer.
    Does being nice pay in Malaysia?
    Ah..we are flexible and versatile.
    We are very nice…and speaks with such nice cultured our working period.
    In blogging…we change to WAR TIME…..FOR and AGAINST.
    How to be nice to win votes?

  135. wits0 says:

    “When you said “rude and foul mouth people” does it included ahbengkia and lan tooi?” – davis.

    One can be rude and abusive without using expletives too. These two(actually just one)spammers/dissimulators deserves what they get for they have an evil mission.

    BeritaMalaysia’s uncle Yap was a stickler for decorum and BM long lost its dynamism while at one time it aspired to rival the Sang Kancil forum.

    You do not treat serious ailment with mild Ayurverdic medicine when chemotheraphy is indicated. You cannot apply the Queenbury rule to Thai boxing. You do not tie your own hand behind yourself just so as to appear gentlemanly with such a handicap. You adjust accordingly to the situation. A man has to adjust to all seasons.

  136. Immortal Ghost says:

    Thank you. Thats what I am trying to say, don’t use expletives. As for the rest of your arguments I go with you but evil mission? I admit I have a mission but not evil (maybe to the other side I have an evil mission). “Caution” is what I am trying to convey. You are not free from repercussion when you write in any blogg in Malaysia and in Singapore. A dead or neutralized hero is of no more use. You don’t tell your enemies what you are going to do to them unless its meant to be a decoy.

  137. wits0 says:

    BeritaMalaysia’s uncle Yap was a stickler for decorum but he did not admonish his favorite commentator when that Chomskyite ‘intellectual terrorist’ first started using the word “bollocks”. I remember quite well.

    No, Immortal Ghost, read again, I did say you had an evil mission, just that multi-nicks niamatode.

  138. Immortal Ghost says:

    Just because I don’t concur with everything you write? Is cautioning you evil? Cautioning you does not mean I am against you. If I have evil intention I wouldn’t have cautioned you at all and let you carry on with your very free expression. If you still feel that I am evil to caution you then I will refrain from doing so. Remember WitsO, its not difficult for them to get you if you are living here.

  139. wits0 says:

    Ooops…my apology, Immortal Ghost, I meant, “I did NOT say you had an evil mission.” Typo, it happens. Nope, you can’t be evil like that niamatode. But what’s exactly is the nature of your caution? I’m sure we are quite cautious.

  140. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😡 ‘ Immortal SHIT Ghost ‘ you can go eat your morning SHIT first 😛 Ho Ho Ho niamaimmortalghosttodeshit wooo woooo huuuu huuu

  141. 2or3 says:

    There must be vim and vigour. Minus that and this blog will have maybe only 2 commentors….an immortal ghost and ahbengkai.
    Sorry, with lantooi it will be 3 commentors

  142. wits0 says:

    Wah! 10 years ago such a statement was just a murmer but now it’s in M’siakini: ‘We love our country but does our country love us?’

    The natives gotta be unamused.

  143. 2or3 says:

    If you do and get smeared with shit, then you asked for it. They will eventually contaminate this blogg. Let them rot…..Immortal Ghost

    Then you should move house I would say to spare yourself the agony. You are no Rugby player for sure.

  144. Immortal Ghost says:

    Read again what I have written and you will know the nature of my caution. If you can’t then sorry lah.

  145. 2or3 says:

    ‘We love our country but does our country love us?’

    Of Course Not. Many times in Parliament non malays are encouraged to get out. The country is not losing as the Pakistanis and Arabs are replacing those who leave. In 20 years there will be camels in the streets of KL (some of them become “commentors”) and public whippings and stonings in Dataran Merdeka.

  146. wits0 says:

    When dealing with niamatodes, all options shall remain on the table.

  147. 2or3 says:

    Read again what I have written and you will know the nature of my caution……………Immortal Ghost

    Why are we waiting?
    We are waiting for Ahbengkia`s Police Report.

  148. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😀 shit Immortal Ghost @ Musang Susah @ Butterfly @ Fair and Square @ Bujang Lapuk 😛 😀 😡 🙂 😉 8) Ho Ho Ho Immortal Ghost full of SHIT smell 😡

  149. 2or3 says:

    Sh*t, the educated ones, the intelligentsia cautioners do not know how to make police reports.

  150. 2or3 says:

    “I challenge you to take personal ownership over the well-being of your fellow countrymen. If you can do this and do it well, I can guarantee you that the material benefits will follow,” (PERAK’s Raja Nazrin said….

    Then Azhar in Penang scratched his backside and got on to YouTube.

  151. wits0 says:

    If kindness is the motivation behind an advice for caution it’s more useful to be specific, no? Saying that expletives alone is bad isn’t quite enough. In fact that sounds more like a shotgun blast, even as a kill-all threat. When the natives are rightfully aroused, threats can make matters worse.

  152. 2or3 says:

    Malaysian are “WIMPS” always being cautioned by those in power.

  153. 2or3 says:

    It is time for another French Revolution where all cautioners can be beheaded……after being thoroughly abused as they stand in their tumbrils on the way to the guillotine.

  154. wits0 says:

    Even wimps can grow tired of being cautioned, or talked down for decades.

  155. Doc says:

    Umno should be glad. After years of repeatedly unsheathing the ‘keris’ at Umno assemblies and telling the ‘pendatang’ that if they are not happy with the Umno-promoted concept of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’, they should just leave the country. Guess what? The ‘pendatang’ have heard the call and are leaving, and will continue to leave.

  156. wits0 says:

    The sincere way to condemn the rightfully foul language:

    Resist that ‘foul word’ called ‘Ketuanan Melayu’

    Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) wants former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad to admit that the National Civics Bureau or Biro Tata Negara (BTN) programme is racist in content.

    mahathir cyberjaya lecture 220409 q&a sessionAt a press conference at Universiti Malaya today, representatives of student groups in the coalition registered their objection to Mahathir’s claim that BTN courses have helped promote unity and patriotism.

    Rather, they argued, the courses have been used to propagate “Umno Islam” and to invoke racism among university students….

  157. Thumb Logic says:

    Please do not cry. Brain drain is better than brain in the drain.

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