A ‘very reliable source’ pointed me to this story on China Press and translated it to me. It was an exclusive report, quoting ‘sources’ in Thai media and the police.

It was clearly meant to discredit Dr. Pornthip as the story questioned her credentials. While it is acceptable to quote sources, the story provided no evidence, in fact it sounded very much like baseless allegations against her work.

What is more interesting is that the report came out the same day Teoh Beng Hock’s body was exhumed (Sunday, 22 Nov 2009). Everyone is questioning the timing. What’s the motive/agenda behind this media game?

If you have friends who can read Chinese, ask them to translate this story for you: CHINA PRESS SLIP SHOD STORY ON TEOH BENG HOCK.

Well, a facebook buddy, Daniel Liang, did some translations. He said:

“This article cites the death of Hongtong Tan Wattana, a Thai millionaire, in 2001. The Thai police considered it a suicide case, however, Porntip firmly believed that it was a murder. According to the sources, Porntip conducted autopsy on the corpse on three different occasions, and reached the same conclusion that it was a murder. Eventually, the court made a judgment that it was a suicide”.

“According to China Press, the source from Bangkok indicates that former Thai Prime Minister Taksin, Thai police, and even the Thai medical community do not think highly of Porntip”.

Hmm, sowhat do you think of Dr Pornthip now?

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  1. wits0 says:

    “Hmm, so what do you think of Dr Pornthip now?”

    I think she looks cute and is a great soul. Her profession isn’t the best or easiest in the world but someone has to take it up. She has done that well and wonderfully.

    I KNOW that the Dark Side will always damn the righteous and the truth seeker to serve the hidden interests of entrenched elites.

    Just look at the pathetic ‘professionalism’ our our local contemporary. Yuck!

  2. monsterball says:

    I think Dr. Phontip is getting more and more popular.
    I think many MACC guys are shivering in their pants.
    I think….Najib is one hell of of sick PM..protecting murders…unless….he is a murderer himself.

  3. davis says:

    “Eventually the court made a judgement that it was a suicide” A court consists of judges, human beings. Human beings make mistakes and also bad judgements. Just because a person is appointed a judge does not mean that he is above other human beings and that he will not make bad judgements. There have been many cases where the innocent have been convicted. Judges are fallible like any human being.

  4. Yong says:

    Can the power in Thai buy a Thai judge?

  5. monsterball says:

    Not all great lawyers can win all court cases.
    Not all CEOs do not make mistakes too.
    Bringing out a 9 year old case..to brand Dr.Phontip….which the judge ruled..said she was wrong….is showing how desperate MACC is.
    9 years….how many more hundreds of autopsy Dr. Phontip made wrong findings……..just one?
    You bet…they will put out a string of bad judgments….not one…to bury her reputation.
    Good sincere people seems not to be appreciated and welcome by UMNO bunch of goons. The signs and logic of it all.. points to…….feeling 100% guilty.

  6. davis says:

    “Can the power in Thai buy a Thai judge”…Yong. I cannot answer yes or no. I can only say possible. Failure to submit a piece of evidence can turn the case round.Admission of certain evidence has the same effect. Dr. Porntip has conducted many cases and many of her findings were accepted by the courts. Yet this was not mentioned. Why? Is it an oversight or is it something else?

  7. wits0 says:

    “Why? Is it an oversight or is it something else?’ – davis.

    Obfuscation, plain and simple with intention to dissemble/discredit.

  8. JACKAL says:

    Rocky is hoisted on his own petard:

    Monday, November 23, 2009
    Negri Sembilan prince sues paper for RM50 million

    Tunku Naquiyuddin sues The Malay Mail. As I am The Editor of The Malay Mail, I shall furnish only the facts of the case:

    Naquiyuddin (pic above), the eldest son of the late Yamtuan Negri Sembilan, says the paper has defamed him in an article we ran early last month. In his letter of demand, Naquiyuddin wants the paper to publish and apology and pay him RM50 million in damages. We have just replied to his letter of demand to say, in a nutshell, that the said article wasn’t about him.
    Tunku Naquiyuddin is not stupid to be taken in by Rocky`s reply.

  9. veryupset says:

    Ahh… Susan!

    Dr. Prontip will be discredited as much as possible as “these” people have their own intentions..!
    “The guilty will be the one that makes the most noise”….!!!


  10. doglover says:

    hahahahahaha best news of the day. Rocky is responsible for closing down malay mail kekekekekekeke kadir jasin oso lafing

  11. 2nd class says:

    When Dr Porntip found out in 2nd autopsy that TBH was not murdered, the Malaysian public will also not think highly of her.

  12. kittykat46 says:

    You need to understand a bit of the politics of Thailand, which can be as dirty and corrupt as BN’s Malaysia.

    Dr. Pornthip is often a thorn in the flesh of the Thai authorities because of her unshakeable integrity.

    In October 2004, there was an International outcry after the mass death of 78 Muslim men under military custody in Takbai, southern Thailand (just next to Kelantan).
    The military authorities tried to spin the story that they had died due to weakness arising from fasting during Ramadhan, and they had refused water to drink.
    Dr. Pornthip made it clear that her autopsy revealed the some of the men had been beaten, and all showed extreme heat exhaustion from being kept in Oven-like conditions.
    The military tried to pressure her to change her story – without avail.
    The Inquest identified 3 Thai Generals as being responsible for the mistreatment of prisoners leading to their death. None have ever been charged.


    It may interest people like Kancilandak that Dr. Pornthip, a Buddhist, has stuck her neck out to defend the truth in the deaths these Muslim men.
    Rock solid integrity is often a rare commodity in this world, and Dr. Pornthip has it.

  13. kool&geng says:

    When Dr Porntip found out in 2nd autopsy that TBH was not murdered, the Malaysian public will also not think highly of her…2nd class

    In which case you are an imbecile. The doctor made her earlier assesment based on not having been able to do an autposy. The magistrate allowed the 2nd autopsy on HER testimony.
    You truly are the dunce in class and go stand in the corner with a donkey hat.

  14. AB LIM says:

    There you go again………………hey>>>>>
    What a sick bunch of pathetic ministers…….you all should listen to the voice of the peoples ( the majority ) and not to 1 or 2 of your sick master….just catch those no ball culprit and let them be hang……what a sick assh*le and coward to follow and threatened Dr Porntip’s …….
    The truth will be reveal very soon and don’t be scared if you stupid goons done nothings wrong…………

  15. najibmustdie says:

    If the 2nd autopsy proves Dr. Dr. Pornthip wrong, I have no doubt that as a true proffesional she would have no hesitation in giving her views.
    This is very much unlike the liar, cheating, murdering Najib Tun Tazak who can only swear in mosques and run out of the country when the heat gets too much…..a shameless bugis coward.

  16. Logical says:

    Any thing that comes out of China Press,Nanyang and Star can be dismissed out of hand.

  17. kittykat46 says:

    “Any thing that comes out of China Press,Nanyang and Star can be dismissed out of hand.” – Logical

    China Press Sdn. Bhd. , wholly owned by Nanyang Press.
    Nanyang Press, in turn 42% owned by MCA Huaren Holdings.

    Used to be controlling share by Huaren Holdings, but forced to reduce below 50% after protests by the Chinese community.
    MCA continues to exert an unhealthy editorial influence over all its stable of newspapers.

  18. Kancilandak says:

    It’s TBH parents who trust Dr. Pornthip… and we should not doubt the grieving parent’s judgement.
    They lost a dear son.. watever insensitive co*kless press can go bang b*lls.

  19. Menyalak-er says:

    Medical and forensic evidence can only go so far to ‘influence’ a legal judgement. If the evidence is ‘neutral’ or ‘for’ the powers that are – there is no doubt it will be taken in as the most important component, if the judiciary is weak. If the evidence is against, then the judge will discard the evidence in favour of circumstantial ones. Miscarriage of justice? Yes.

    That is not to say that sometimes, forensic evidence cannot be intrinsically flawed – like DNA evidence. Physical and biochemical evidence can be manipulated, but the type of injury can’t as in TBH’s case. But it still requires the court to admit or reject the evidence. That depends on the integrity of the judge – especially in our legal system, in which there is no jury trial. Established procedures are fiction, when the executive plays god.

    No? Only fools don’t understand or they have watched too many fictitious CSI’s on the idiot box.

    That also brings us to the question of cooking evidence in Anwar’s trial does it not? DNA in ‘recto’ is akin to saying someone is like a coliform bacteria.

  20. tukartiub says:


    kah kah kah… MODEL APA NAK BUAT… kah kah kah..
    kah kah kah… MODEL MONGLIA DATANG KENA BUNUH… kah kah kah..

  21. kahkahkahkah says:

    While Najib is running, MSM say “DPM embarks on 7-day mission to fix MCA”.
    Fine, on the 7th day he will rest izit or will there be 8 days a week after that?

  22. theotherside says:

    With Teoh’s second autopsy, this particular report by the weekly has now become a hot topic among the Chinese community in the country, especially those in Peninsular Malaysia.

    They (the Chinese community) are anxiously waiting to see whether the second autopsy would yield some new evidence that would match and confirm the earlier statement by renowned Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojansunand during the recent inquest on Teoh’s death that there is a 80 percent of it being homicide.

    Many supporters and sympathizers of Teoh are also hoping that the information confided by Teoh’s spirit through the little girl, that is now known to a few top DAP brass including Hiang Wah, could somehow bring justice to Teoh and his family.

  23. izat says:

    We know the negative intention from some quarters against a justice upholder Dr. Porntip and PR.

    God is watching these.

  24. straycat's strut says:

    Its hard to accept that Dr Pornthip has her share of weaknesses when all these while we took everything she said at face value, her opinions divine and her words the truth. Both sides are politicking and if we want to swallow anything just becasue we fancy what was said and it suit our leaning then we might as well worship monsterball.

  25. Pegasus says:

    Rock solid integrity is often a rare commodity in this world, and Dr. Pornthip has it.
    kittykat46 – November 24, 2009 at 9:04 am

    Right KK46, and sadly in Malaysia we are lacking this … the BN regime will try all means to discredit her…but may the truth prevail …and hopefully these S-holes will pay for the gruesome murder of TBH…if not now …then in afterlife…!!!

  26. tengelam says:

    Stupid straycat slu t takes things at face value and Dr Pornthip opinions as divine. But what else can be expected from a scavenger of alleys.

  27. Fern says:

    Dont blame or redicule Porntip.She did not not asked to be here.She did it because she has that passion to see the truth! No in our country we have those specialists idiots with half bake thesis who can’t even figured it out TBH was buggered and mind you 2 pairs of eyes missed these or they purposely erased it from their report ? Ponrntip knew by observing those photos and they dont lie like those two idiots.Gosh how did suside crop out you figure unless these smack of hidden hands !As they say our judiciary is zeeelch! and the final outcome wont be a surprise ! while the moral killers will be on the way to the bank laughing!

  28. Pegasus says:

    Straycat…only a lonely stray like you will have such negative thought…where there is nothing in your life to look for…TBH was obviously murdered…and what Dr Pronthip reveal is already known by everyone…but needed to be proven…as the bloody Macc run by BN regime has try to cover up the murder..don’t waste your time to divert people’s attention here S-hole !…just get the f**k out and stray somewhere in toyol’s blog..!!!!

  29. tengelam says:

    .don’t waste your time to divert people’s attention here S-hole !…just get the f**k out and stray somewhere in toyol’s blog..!!!!…….Pegasus

    Yeah, or the slu t can go fark ahbengkia`s mother backside (if not booked yet by najib)

  30. Billy says:

    If Pornthi’s credibility is in question, then the Thai authorities would not have allowed her to perform so many autopsies in the past including the victims of the 2004 tsunami. If TBH’s case was indeed one of murder, then all she need is to prove it, and going by her experience and credentials, I am sure she will be able to do just that, for the TRUTH IS OUT THERE!

  31. niakong says:

    In forming any opinion, one has to first perform the necessary work to gather evidence and make the relevant analysis thereafter to substantiate his/her findings.

    Did Thaksin perform the autopsy himself? The Thai police? The Thai judge? The “head” of Thai medical fraternity?

    If the answer is “yes” to any of the questions above, then it is probable that Pornthip may have made a mistake during the course of her work. And thus, her mistake on the examination should be pointed out and made known.

    But if the answer is “no”, then on what ground do these people have to unanimously condemn Pornthip (other than political ground)? How did the judge arrive at his verdict in the first place?

    Transparency is of upmost importance in controversial cases like these. If the medical evidence also falls under the Official Secret Act, then let’s not talk or hope further (other than for the worst)!!!

  32. JEFFRY BONG says:

    She was being decorated by the KING OF THAILAND and she is called Khunying Pornthip Rojanasunan.She speak for the dead who is in need of Justice especially murder cases.Those who speak ill about her is an enemy of JUSTICE so please stop the crap.

  33. truth says:

    The Thai police were so much after Dr. Pornthip that they even arrested her once for saying in a 2004 interview for Channel News Asia that “everyone must die sometime.”
    Dr Pornthip stood by her statement. “It’s a biological fact, a matter of science,” she insisted. “People die.”

    Thai police were no different from Police Dogs Rule malaysia (PDRM).

  34. Wuhenry says:

    Before the 2nd autopsy it was 80% murder

    After the 2nd autopsy it is 100% murder – nobody will be going to kill himself for the meagre sum of money ( even it is proven )especially he is a Chinaman.

    It was politics and I think the young man could handle the situation.

    Even they lost Selangor to BN – so what ??
    It is not the end of the world -Belum Kiamat lah

    You have to be alive to fight the next day.

  35. wits0 says:

    Pegasus sez illustrated: http://www.filedropper.com/strayed

    In the old computer game of, “Duke Nukem 3D”, a famous expression was, “S*ck it in!”

  36. monsterball says:

    I know straycat’s strut is jean.
    Somehow…whatever she wishes to comment…it must end up being sarcastic to kopitiam fellas….using me.
    She is more refine……but she is ShitWoman. Ahbengkia is crude and vulgar…He is SkunkMan.

  37. monsterball says:

    Susan asked TBH..what media game was that.
    Feeling sincerely sad for TBH……many have responded on behalf of TBH.
    Naturally straycat’s strut thinks….. I am a nut.

  38. Ha x 100 says:

    Naturally straycat’s strut thinks….. I am a nut.-MonsterbaLL

  39. kittykat46 says:

    “Duke Nukem 3D” – wits0.
    Hey, that was one of my favourite blast-em games….once upon a time….
    Another was Wolfenstein 3D – the best secret was to find one of the big multi-barrel machine guns….wooo..hooo..

  40. monsterball says:

    I do not need to be worshiped….straycat’s strut.
    I think I have plenty of respect from many.
    You are good in twisting truths to for or against…..not truths against lies.
    Yes truthful commentators against liars…..and twisters…like you.
    You go ahead worship Nsjib. Don’t be shy…worship him openly…willingly …and with all your love.
    Kopitiam fellas do not worship anyone.

  41. Shariah Judge says:

    i TRULY BELIEVE SUSAN DESERVE a spanking for usurping comments. Let’s say let’s replace Susan to be sebat instead of Kartika.

  42. kittykat46 says:

    Hahaha….Ahbengkai is now a Shariah Judge….cut already ?

    Now we know where he disappeared to for the last 2 days….to get “cut”… wah can have 4 wives now, ah….

  43. monsterball says:

    yes kittykat….when ahbengkia have no ideas how to respond… .he love to insult people.
    Poor Susan is his target now….and he dare not use” Judge Pau”..knowing Chinese judges do not behave like him.
    He must use a Muslim judge..and we know few of them..are corrupted judges.
    See…at the back of his mind….he knows he is wrong…..yet want to do it.
    Why so? All because he has a job… polishing Najib’s balls.

  44. monsterball says:

    He cannot handle any woman…as his brother john…no voom power..because his balls are like pea nuts.
    He gets the thrill…..polishing balls he does not have…and behave like a female dog on heat.
    Very popular tool… to UMNO crazy nuts….who love to dot dot dot ..day and night.

  45. monsterball says:

    I mean dot dot dot him..day and night.
    Notice….he suddenly disappear on weekends….saying important meeting with rich people?
    Half truth told….rich they are important to him only…make plenty of money.
    All normal professionals spend weekends with families. Even bachelors go home to be with parents…not ahbengkia.

  46. davis says:

    Why must Susan be caned? Is it a crime to have a blog under Islamic Law? Under which section of the law, civil or Islamic, that a person having a blog be caned? Here we have a Shariah judge stating a person with a blog be caned. Is this the kind of Islamic Law that 1Malaysia is promoting?

  47. monsterball says:

    If that judge is fair…he should cane monsterball before anyone else.
    Put out to show the public…cane lift up for actions…..biiiiiinnng baaaaang…..,booooom….pachuuun….paaacuuun…..comes the wild bunch…on horse backs….shot caner dead.
    Investigations shows no mata2 ….another victory for freedom fighters………hahahahahahaha
    Najib will say….’Head must roll”….done his job speaking out…..go back to play with his pussies…like Hugh Hefner…but his is a private secret hide out….impossible for anyone to get in or know.
    All beauties must swear…do the jobs……paid well and shut up… get C4ed.

  48. davis says:

    Shariah Judge did not say that Kartika need not be caned.He wants Susan be caned instead. Kartika is to be caned because she drank beer.Shariah Judge did not say anything about making of beer. Am I to conclude that drinking is bad and sinful but making the brew is ok.What a judge have we but “knowing Malaysian Judges” (with the permission of ahbengkia) it is no surprise.

  49. storm62 says:

    question for all.

    can i sue that idiot who use my country’s name as a slogan?

    is “1Malaysia” and advertising gimmick?

  50. wits0 says:

    Abangkai doing a Ridhuan Tick as soon as he gave up his prepuce. By next week, he’ll be “You-Sow-Cin”. Kim siew!

  51. kahkahkahkah says:

    can i sue that idiot who use my country’s name as a slogan?…storm62

    There are some grounds for “false advertising”, …best done in the European Court.

  52. Shariah Judge says:

    I was just jokinglah when I said Susan should replaced Kartika to be canned. Sorrylah… 😉 (Statement) Withdrawn….

    “Hahaha….Ahbengkai is now a Shariah Judge….cut already ?” -Kittykat

    Hahaha. Thank you for making my point, Kitty. For the records, I am not Ahbengkia”.;) Hahaha. =)

  53. storm62 says:

    Bukit Gelugor MP Karpal Singh ridiculed the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan’s statement that if the police are forced to stop questioning witnesses after office hours, it is tantamount to asking the police station to close at 5pm.

    attention all criminals: Robbers, snatch thieves, rapist and murderers, etc.

    1) Pls conduct your crimes from 9.00am to 5.00pm Mondays to Friday.
    2) 9.00am to 1.00pm on Saturdays.
    3) Off day on Sunday, pls enjoy the loots with your family on Sundays.

    by order : IGP Malaysia.

  54. jubal says:

    IGP is a total blardi fool, and he demonstrated that in the dsai trial. He may be IGP and yet he still does not know the Lock Up Rules which any policeman should know:

    Karpal explained that Rule 20 of the Lock-up Rules (1953) states that the rest time for suspects is between 6.30pm and 6.30am and therefore they cannot be interrogated during these hours.

    “Although Section 112 of the Criminal Procedure Code(CPC) empowers the police to record statements from witnesses, there is no time frame provided for that purpose in that section.

    “However, what points towards that direction are the provisions of Rule 20 under the heading ‘time of rest’ of the Lock-up Rules (1953) which state that suspects are required to be confined to their cells from 6.30pm until 6.30am,” he said.

    The IGP should be confined to carrying mattresses or emptying the wastepaper baskets and ashtrays only which is what he is fit for.

  55. jubal says:

    “Karpal also urged those who have been questioned as witness beyond office hours to consider filing suits against the police and government for false imprisonment.”

    DAP’s Kajang councillor Tan Boon Wah has filed a legal suit against the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission pertaining to the anti-graft body’s powers to question witnesses overnight.

  56. stinkygoose says:

    Useless stinky iGP who the other good for nothing idiot ahbengkia koh tsu koon gave kopi-o 113

  57. stinkygoose says:

    OT, but related:

    In response, Gooi said conversion of a minor was already “bad in law” and went against the Penang Islamic Council’s own enactment.

    “What is important is for the Welfare Department to answer how they could have shockingly allowed a seven-year-old child in their care to sign the ‘Sijil Akuan Masuk Islam’ in 1989,” he said.

    He noted that Section 80 of the Penang Administration of Islamic Affairs Enactment 1993 provides that no child under the age of 18 can be converted to Islam without the parents’ permission.

  58. aryanti_rizki says:

    PDRM dan Dr forensic tempatan yang tipu maka akan menerima hokum alam sejagat, menimpa mala petaka, . kemusnahan dan kesengsaraan diri hingga anggota keluarga mereka selama 3 keturunan.. Mari lah kita tengok dalam masa yang terdekat berapakah angota MACC dan PDRM atau pakar forensic yang memberi hujah karut akan menimpa kecelakaan akibat disumpah fengshui.

    Like that the 2 porno kings Ahmad Said and his son going 2 fly together man.

  59. The Sign says:

    BN Umno led government playing with fire and they are going to fall very soon.
    The sign is out there again!
    Peoples frustrations///////////////////

  60. WORLDCUP says:


    This football team need your support

  61. monsterball says:

    I do not support any Malaysian football teams…managed b y UMNO politicians…..but if “WORLDCUP” is referring to the kopitiam fellas here…the are doing fine..
    You cannot stop idiots keep putting out nonsensical messages.
    I imagine…a doctor give the medicine..to one.
    He turns up to become few…with same symptoms…give same medicine…no better results.
    You know what these people who can duplicate themselves and do not respond to medicine that usually cure??….HANTUS!!
    And usually HANTUS love to disturb …but are afraid of ghost busters.

  62. KhunPanaJohanssm says:

    The Thai people themselves loves her .
    But the Thai police hates her.
    The Thai military hates her as much as the Thai police.
    This type of love and hate relationship is only possible when a person speaks the truth instead of tying to hide the truth.

    Our local pathologist failed big time when the autopsy table itself was contaminated .
    Our local polis failed big time when Beng Hock’s wrist watch is yet to be found.
    Our local Macc failed big time when they are still holding the mobile phone, car keys when they “released” Beng Hock.
    Our local macc failed big time when beng hock was investigated until early morning and the office dont even have cctvs.
    The macc branch head failed big time when he drove all the way to PutarJaya instead of calling the polis.
    Our forensic failed big time when they re investigate the scene well after 48 hours and they did NOT seal off the office in the first place.
    The security failed big time when they failed to record the movements of people going in and out of a govt office.

    Even without KhunYing Pornthip , the general public will say that this is a murder case.

  63. wits0 says:

    “Even without KhunYing Pornthip , the general public will say that this is a murder case.”

    Yes! Except the BTN zombies.

  64. AB LIM says:

    Murderer cum Pirates cum Zombies cum Moo cum Dogs cum Evils cum Shit cum Mamak cum Toyol’s cum Liar cum Cap Ceng
    Oh you name it we have it because this is the shit name for their evils games!

  65. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Hmm Dr Porntip look very beautiful with her hair style and more professional than Malaysian 1 very stupid tahi pathologist Dr Khairul Ho Ho Ho 😮 🙂
    🙂 ;)) 😀 😉 :(( 😡 -_- Ho Ho Ho


    Seek the truth and the truth will set you free
    Don’t give any chance for your conscience to flee
    Or you’ll suffer stings worse than that of the bees
    And allow your opponents to laugh loudly with glee

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 271109
    Fri. 27th Nov. 2009.

  67. amoker says:

    This is the latest. The UMNO blogs including of Rocky Bru are trying to say that she is paid USD150K per hour by the Selangor governemnt. And they quoted some cases like this that says that she is not good enough. And they brought in an gwailo as we all think that gwailo is much better than asians and gwailos never make mistakes.

  68. Tree of Life says:

    In my mind TBH who had not eaten must have been very hungry, his paramount biological needs must have been food and a hungry person would not have anything else in his mind but to fulfill that urge and need. For anyone to say he committed suicide during those moments, to me i consider these people as devoid of compassion, lack of understanding and as one without wisdom and broad discernment of human needs.

  69. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho stupid bn playing sick shit game Ho Ho Ho 😡 😀 😛
    screw them with my homework ( :-O (H) :@ :S :$ :`( :l (A) 8ol 8-l +o(
    <:o l-) *-) ^o) 😎 (L) (U) (M) (@) (&) (sn) (bah) (S) (*) (#) (R) ({) (}) (K) (F) (F) (W) (O) devil(6) ) @$%$$#%^&&*(*&%$$ stupid bn media control games 😡 🙂 😉 8)

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