Yucks! The STAR aka the paper that is MCA is drooling all over Najib Razak, just because he says he ‘has a plan to end the MCA crisis’ and that he has a proposal.

I guess, it is for this that the STAR is unashamedly carrying Najib’s balls in their latest story: NAJIB WORKS HIS CHARMS @ APEC.

“Reflecting his confident demeanour and his no nonsense approach, the soft spoken Najib said emphatically: “Well, it had better work. Otherwise, you won’t see me around for too long.”

“His spontaneous reply drew loud laughter from the hundreds of people comprising top business leaders and captains of industry among the packed audience at the Suntec International Exhibition and Convention Centre”.

Could people be laughing because Najib sounds like a clown? Najib is so greedy for publicity, and very cheap shot at that.

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  1. monsterball says:

    Time and time again..Najib have proven he is a man who contradicts himself…very often…..but the various medias ..controlled by UMNO makes him look smart healthy and a calm man.
    Few times…you will read he said one thing…and out come another UMNO Minister said another…embarrassing him..showing he is actually powerless over UMNO….or at least UMNO is clearly disunited under his leadership.
    Desperate to get attention…out come talking to MCA guys.
    If OTK or any MCA top guns are sincere…they will tell Najib..not to interfere…..for MCA have actually made up their minds..as all reported in papers.
    No…..the 3 ousted …all cried and do carry some MCA votes..now very precious..because MCA have very few votes left.
    Yes…votes is what Najib is so concern about…not Malaysian Chinese.
    Just like putting back so many MCA Gerakan top guns.all voted out…back into the cabinet ..to made UMNO look strong and influential…representing all races….which is not true…..after 12th GE. UMNO is not representing his own race….right now.
    Malaysians are sick of corruptions and out dated…race separation dirty politics…took 4 States plus one away from UMNO…making UMNO the weakest in the history of all elections.
    ONLY Malaysians understands what is MACC PAC..IGP..Mr Speaker..few judges….”1Malaysia”…”People first. Performance now” dirty shows.
    Enjoy Najib the clown….while it last..with Mahathir getting more more important to UMNO BARU….which he created and with his final days….in this world..we will see .it will be Mahathir killing the party he created…killing the original UMNO. ..killing of Tunku Abdul Rahman indirectly…which started the devil reincarnated ruling Malaysia ..for 22 years…now by his adopted son.
    Najib is just a puppet for Mahathir.
    Najib is useless with low IQ..made to look smart and well liked by Malaysians…not true….totally not true.
    He is even…not respected within his own party.

  2. monsterball says:

    Star needs to toe the line…to hero worship Najib…will back fire.
    Being the top English newspapers…tell me .have many Malaysians..have .any other choices.. besides Straits Times and Star?
    Democracy is dead…but we sill need to read papers for other news….other matters.
    Given me a choice…I will boycott both papers.
    As a businessman….i have no choice and I train my children to love reading..by reading paper first…for general knowledge.
    How much mind programming can UMNO achieve with newspapers controlled by them?
    That is the most terrible sin UMNO is doing now…controlling minds…just like olden days communists…like Hitler..like some fanatic religious cults.
    Thanks to internet…UMNO is loosing grounds for truths have found ways to spread to Malaysians.
    Star papers need real competition..and when PR takes over the government….I bet you Star paper will tumble down…even if they change to be democratic..for Star is owned by MCA…..and will fold up like MCA…sooner or later.,

  3. kahkahkahkah says:

    ..for Star is owned by MCA…..and will fold up like MCA…sooner or later – monsterball

    That is when Wong Chun Wai (WCW-Waste Carrier “Wai” descended from the Bucket Brigade) will start hanging around the DAP offices like he once did in Penang.
    He will face stiff competition from “Jostling” Tan.

  4. betterthanahbengkia says:

    The Star is a comedy paper and trying to improve circulation with “MAD” & “CRACKED’ styles.

  5. davis says:

    MCA is not respected by the young and educated Chinese. They know that MCA will not stand up for them and that MCA is only playing second fiddle to UMNO. STAR used to be a good newspapers in the early days. Since MCA bought the paper it ihas become a mouthpiece of NMNO and MCA.

  6. Those who accept Najib’a proposals will be rewarded and become Ministers or someone important in the BN political system , and those who do not will be put into the political wilderness. What would you choose if you are in politics ?

  7. davis says:

    Today STAR has an article on Chin Peng. Yes, Chin Peng was and still is a Communist but he was first a Freedom Fighter. STAR only has the article but does nothing about allowing him to come home. Newspapers. in other countries write and take up causes. Will Chin Peng ever see STAR taking up his cause?

  8. klepek says:

    “Since arriving in Malaysian waters in 1999, we hardly hear KD Jebat and Lekiu test-firing the Seawolf missile except for that solitary botched attempt in August 2000. That was more than nine years ago. It is absurd to expect the two frigates to be in full battle readiness if they only practice once in ten years.”

    Idiot WCW paper supported wasting submarine purchase by the murderer also. If Star newspaper is so good why could they not locate Bala & RPK for interview?
    All they do is print from bernama or bloomberg. Even a Ahbenkia Form3 pass can do it.

  9. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Good morning,morning,morning,,
    ((Wah lau eh))) Star wars with ahbengkia & @)))kakakakakaka
    With this latest computer era and technology my place is ‘license’ and full of top students and business friends support daily like a big battleship ready to charge forward everyday,weeks,months and years to comes for a real battle,,kakakakakaka
    Yes, The Star publications really carry najis ball but not with our latest internet technology that we have todays,,kakakakakakakaka
    Enjoy your weekend with our pure black coffee less sugar and healthy morning breakfast to start your day fresh and healthy,,kakakakakaka
    Enjoy this school holidays with your family and remember to drive extra carefully fellows Malaysians,,kakakakakakkaka
    Shakira,Shakira,Shakira,,she did it again)))

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= jSxE5FaC9f0

  10. davis says:

    “What wouuld you choose….?”… najib manaukau. The answer is..Accept and be a Spineless SLAVE for the rest of your life. Sorry I am not accepting.

  11. wandererAUS says:

    Najib’s balls are cheap….ask FAT MAMA!!

  12. klepek says:

    Star Publications, Wong Chun Wai and Lourdes Charles sued for RM50 million in damages———–

    “In case you have not observed, of late, MACC was given prominence by the mainstream media to boost its image. And you find the mainstream media coming up with news ‘scoops’, which is actually information fed by the MACC and the police. Never mind such ‘leakages’ are an offence under the MACC Act. The mainstream media is never bothered about such things or about being accountable until they are sued.

    All this is possible because you have prostitutes running these mainstream newspapers. That is why Wong Chun Wai was given a police award and a Datuk Seri. This so-called newsman is nothing short of a prostitute regardless of the number of titles decorating his name.”

  13. klepek says:

    The prostitute Wong Chun Wai and the Cling-On KTK calls it busines——–

    KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 22 — Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon (picture) confirmed in Parliament today that the government had engaged Apco Worldwide, an international public affairs and media relations company, to boost its image overseas.

    The Malaysian Insider understands that the contract is worth some RM20 million….

    To justify the hefty fees it is charging, The Malaysian Insider understands that Apco Worldwide staff are now generating press releases and conducting media training for the government….

    Because of the value of the contract, Apco Worldwide has set up an office for the first time in Malaysia. Its personnel are mainly from the United States, and the main focus of their job remains to improve Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s image.

  14. monsterball says:

    Yes Davis…cunning Star try to please one half of his readers ..supporting Chin Peng….and make sure..it pleases Najib with no follow ups and actions.
    Yes papers can do wonders.
    Right now…Star is doing a wonderful job to make Najib looks good..indirectly making Najib wants to help MCA ….to rise up from the dead.

  15. nostar says:

    if only 10% of the STAR readers who are pissed off with the newspaper’s editorial stand were to stop to purchase the paper, STAR would have closed shop. however since STAR is much smarter than the intelligent readers, STAR will always be the popular newsdaily.

  16. Ahbengkia says:

    Unless we choose not to work in any newspaper, anyone of us would have behaved the same given the circumstances. It is the fact that newspapers in developing countries will always play second fiddle to the government of the day. When we have a change of government, the stance of the newspaper will automatically change accordingly, sometimes even with the same set of editorial staff (out of expediency). The newspapers are not solely at fault. It is the whole system of governance we practise today. If you have a draconian printing act hanging over our head, anybody would have done the same as what the Star is doing now. In fact people like kahkahkah (if he runs the Star today) would have made it worse knowing how depraved and lack of upbringing he is.

    Boycotting the newspapers has been suggested many times. But think about it, even if we boycott successfully, the newspaper concerned will still not change. For them the alternatives are either they sell less and make less or none at all. The choice is obvious unless you are a nincompoop or an idealists. Hence if you are too idealistic, you are actually a nincompoop.

  17. veryupset says:

    Actually that statement is an “insult” to MCA…….!!!

  18. toiletWCW says:

    Najib sweared falsely in the mosque….can we stone him to death for insulting Islam is a question that need answer:

    Americk Sidhu: Let me assure you that P Balasubramaniam has already undergone rigorous ‘cross examination’ by three senior lawyers, including myself, before these interviews were held. We are all more than satisfied that what he is saying is the truth.

    His motive has nothing to do with financial gain for obvious reasons. His financial lifeline has now been severed. There can therefore be no issue of blackmail. If what he has said is untrue, then the silence of those he has accused remains deafening.

  19. straycat's strut says:

    So, what is the problem now? The only issue that I could see is the Star chose to carry DSN’s whatever instead of LKS’s whatever. If the star happened to choose the latter, I bet it will be praised for being fair and balanced. If you want to have a balanced view then you have to read harakah, utusan, suara keadilan, malaysiakini, sloone and star and then form your own opinion. Its unfair to say that someone is stupid, hypocrite, monsterball carrier or whatever just because they have a different view on things.

    Free speech anyone? The truth does not necessarily belong to you just because you happen to think so.

  20. Goh Swee Soon says:

    monsterball’s comments fit for tong sampah!

  21. pluto says:

    Najib’s balls are cheap. ya ask monsterball. he can also tell you how rosmah’s cunt taste like!

  22. james says:

    you are passsing shit on susan’s blog as you have been doing so elsewhere. Better stuff the shit back into your mouth where it comes from

  23. muthusamy says:

    monsterball is a moron who should be carrying najib’s balls. dont believe what he says here

  24. JACKAL says:

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  25. JACKAL says:

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  26. JACKAL says:

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  27. apco says:

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  28. joni says:

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  29. JACKAL says:

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  30. pachik din says:

    monsterball is actually Goh Swee Soon. He is using both names to confuse commentators. Such people should he hung upside down by their balls!

  31. pachik din says:

    Just google for monsterball, you will get a lot of feedback from this despicable character who is forcing his senseless views on all of us!

  32. JACKAL says:

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  33. honda says:

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  34. hurricane says:


  35. jef says:

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  36. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear Leader: “Well, it had better work. Otherwise you won’t see me around for long.”
    Self fulfilling ‘prophecy’. Hopeless and Helpless.

  37. Goh Swee Soon says:

    It is an insult to associate me with that idiot. Just because he has the same name as me, I am also getting all the flak.

  38. magic mirror says:

    Monsterball, whoever you are. Please don’t comment here or in LKS blog, rocky’s bru or anywhere. Nobody reads what you write which is a lot of bull…and in very bad English too!!! the more you comment, the more you shoot yourself in the foot. Do others and yourself a big favour. Get lost from this blog and let others enjoy their comments. Thank you

  39. alakzam says:

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  40. JACKAL says:

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  41. Tan K S says:

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  42. JACKAL says:

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  43. JACKAL says:

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  44. Tan K S says:

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  45. JACKAL says:

    Tan K S

    Huh? Since when Tan Karpal Singh man?

  46. Ahbengkia says:

    If you have a draconian printing act hanging over our head, anybody would have done the same as what the Star is doing now. In fact people like JACKAL (if he GETS TO run the Star today) would have made it worse knowing how depraved and lack of upbringing he is.

  47. norman says:

    Nobody will read his blog if monsterball opens up one, Tan K S. Thats why he dares not. And he knows that

  48. rider says:

    DP Timothy Ong summed it up at the beginning of his speech, “…very skillful performer…’

  49. JACKAL says:

    In fact people like JACKAL (if he GETS TO run the Star today) would have made it worse knowing how depraved and lack of upbringing he is.

    Never interested in running your sh itpile. Now run along and fark your mother or longkang`s mother. You can use WCW to wipe up after that.

  50. JACKAL says:

    Ahbengkia is the resident mother farker on this blog and got his longkang into trouble at the other post. Stupid basta*d begs others to battle for him and then leaves them lurching. Pathetic, mother farking MCA basta*d

  51. Ahbengkia says:

    JACKAL was the name I fittingly used on you and you have deservingly accepted it. Good, you depraved animal.

  52. Ahbengkia says:

    i am not a hypocrite like you. Ahbengkia is my one and only handle here. I have never solicited or canvassed for support like a prostitute like you, you depraved animal, probably watching porn every nite. you sick filthy psycho.

  53. kittykat46 says:

    Unless we choose not to work in any newspaper, anyone of us would have behaved the same given the circumstances.
    That’s UMNO/MCA apologist Bullsh*t.
    Nobody is asking the newspaper to write an anti-government diatribe. We know that’s out of bounds. But writing sycophantic pieces is just opportunistic apple-polishing. Trying to make Triple Latuk ah…

    It is the fact that newspapers in developing countries will always play second fiddle to the government of the day.

    Neighbouring Indonesia is a very good example of a developing country which is successfully learning to let go of government press control. Plenty of critical papers coming up there.

    It is the whole system of governance we practise today. If you have a draconian printing act hanging over our head, anybody would have done the same as what the Star is doing now.

    Again, the PPPA probably precludes any hardcopy press from printing truly critical pieces, but what we get is toadying driven by greed and political ambition.

    The PPPA doesn’t require you to carry Najib’s Ball*s.

    Anyway, I don’t expect you to understand such principles.
    You sound like you have none.

  54. Menyalak-er says:

    Principles? That’s akin to polishing balls for these flurs.

  55. wits0 says:

    “The PPPA doesn’t require you to carry Najib’s Ball*s.” – KK46

    It’s WCW who chose to be exceedingly servile for his own gains. That’s why the dark Star exceeds the requirements. A moral moron won’t understand such a point.

  56. JACKAL says:



  57. JACKAL says:


  58. JACKAL says:


  59. JACKAL says:


  60. Ahbengkia says:

    //The choice is obvious unless you are a nincompoop or an idealists. Hence if you are too idealistic, you are actually a nincompoop.//

    This was what i wrote earlier. See i exactly know how you fellows think.

  61. Ahbengkia says:

    Suffice for me to say this: should anyone of you, be he the shameless liar, the foul mouth ass or the pseudo second upper from a garbage uni run the Star today, the ball carrying and the prostitution activities will be 100 folds more. I have qualm in saying this.

  62. Ahbengkia says:

    but what we get is toadying driven by greed and political ambition.//kitty

    That is your f opinion; you have no way of knowing whether or not there are threats and coercion etc applied to those running the main stream newspapers. Why is it that for Bala you all seem to understand perfectly he was under duress?

  63. Ahbengkia says:

    early post: it should be: i have no qualm in saying this.

    Anyway, I will be away engaging with top income earners (minus the pseudo one from pseudo ivy league uni of course) for the next two days. I will be back, not running away.

  64. kittykat46 says:

    Getting too hot in the kitchen….kah..

  65. davis says:

    Ahbenkai, I shall have meal with honest people, none of which are top income earner. We shall sit as equal. I do not have to carry their bags. Have a good eal.

  66. davis says:

    eal to read as meal

  67. ktteokt says:

    This clearly shows that MCA is a “subsidiary” of UMNO, under UMNO’s care and control!

  68. Das says:

    Najib works, or rather worked, his charms at APEC? Is this anything new? He has been doing this for “donkey years” and getting away with it but the time has come for repentence….what more with blunders after blunders since he became the DPM and eventually PM of Malaysia! He “owes” his position to too many corrupted people in high places! Does this say much about the current PM of Malaysia and one who was not elected by the Rakyat?!

    Public relations is one thing, but to have it and being a Public Servant and to do the opposite for your country, simply goes to show and give the impression that that individual is a master at deceiving, not only himself, but the entire world! Hence Najib’s reply which all of you think as “CHARM”….in actual fact it is his guilt coupled with his weakness as a human being that has made him diaplay such behaviour during a international event!

    Once again, GOD BLESS MALAYSIA, with such a PM!!!!!!!!!!!!


  69. wits0 says:

    MCA gave up the ghost completely after ’69 and became a wholly owned subsidiary of umno. From then onwards it betrayed its own community in its entirety for the gains of its own collaborating elites. A simple reality that even its own die-hard supporters are waking up to.

  70. wits0 says:

    Najib betrayed his innate lack of integrity when he often parrots his belief that Politics is a matter of Perception(only) in the past. That’s a clear Freudian slip that he does not believe in honesty or truth for their own sakes or place any values in them. What actual charm(of any real worth) has he got? He also has no depth but plenty of bad Karma.

  71. kittykat46 says:

    ” From then onwards it betrayed its own community in its entirety for the gains of its own collaborating elites.” – wits0.

    The total lack of integrity and principles espoused by a certain Zero here is so very reminiscent of MCA and its leadership.

    His is a world where ideals and principles are for nincompoops, and anything is saleable if the price is right….heck, I suspect he’d sell his mother to the nearest Bangla if its worth it.

  72. daniel says:

    since 308, I have not buy The Star. I am saving $.

  73. Kancilandak says:

    Yarrabeee…! Dah habis ke belum…? Meluat lah… tak habis2 lah abengkua nih…!

  74. wits0 says:

    “…heck, I suspect he’d sell his mother to the nearest Bangla if its worth it.” – Kittykat46.

    And then tells people, “You gotta be realistic in this world, you know!”

    Pontius Pilate, washing his hands after delivering the death sentence on Jesus, was said to answered a question with a question, “What is Truth?”, when asked about that. And he turned away before waiting for the answer.

  75. wits0 says:

    Aiyah, kancil,’ini monyet sudah kena cabai’, tadak tahu jalan keluar dapor panas lah. Dia suka bikin Banzai charge untuk MCA saja.

  76. monsterball says:

    Start about Star…an MCA paper… one with several nicks charge in and guess who is their favourite person to be insulted…..yours trully.
    We can safely say….the pattern started by MCA Simon Lim to destroy me 5 years ago….is still being used.
    The messages are the same…..nothing new……so boring.
    Anyway..I willrepeat….Star will go down with MCA after 13th GE……so enjoy all your same old insults to me…while it last..
    Yes we need a JACKAL to eat all the crows and ravens.
    Trap ahbengkia…you will have all those MCA balls carrier sitting in the same table…..eating.
    Look carefully…it is actually one…not many.

  77. davis says:

    For those of us who have read the Singapore Strait Times, we noticed there is little , at times no news about the Ministers of Singapore. The Star, on the other hand, gives the impression that it is a newsletter of the BN.

  78. wits0 says:

    “The Star, on the other hand, gives the impression that it is a newsletter of the BN.” – davis.

    How true. There being no other daily news/reports that are more pertinent to the man in the streets. it appears. The Star was also bodeking Mahakutty in his time to the clouds. until you often can’t find an issue without his face or mention somewhere within it.

  79. whispering9 says:

    DSN did a reverse 69 position when he first proclaimed to sustain GDP growth at 9 per cent year-on-year until 2020. He then changed it to 6% hours later.

    If you read his speech at APEC ‘he told participants of the Apec dialogue that he would push hard to ensure Malaysia achieved a 5% economic growth next year, 2% more than the earlier expectation by the government.’

    Malaysia GDP at 2008 was USD 195 billion which is around 4.6%. The outlook for 2009 is rather dismay….IMF gave a forecast of -3.6%.

    Whereas our NMY maintained that ‘Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) can achieve a 5.4 percent growth in 2011,’ 11.11.2009.

    Today, from a business bulletin, “MIDF Research is upgrading its forecast on Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth to -3.3 per cent from -4.5 per cent, or a 1.2 per cent point revision, on the strength of the stronger than expected recovery in the services and manufacturing sectors. For 2010, MIDF said it is maintaining the GDP forecast at 4.3 per cent, despite the higher revised base in 2009.”

    Now, you see why the delegates are laughing? From 9% to -4.5%, Malaysian officials can’t make up their mind on the actual GDP %. At this rate, DSN may have to do an OTK (that is, said resign and then don’t resign). He does need his sense of humour.

  80. Bollocks says:

    “Reflecting his confident demeanour and his no nonsense approach, the soft spoken Najib said emphatically: “Well, it had better work. Otherwise, you won’t see me around for too long.”

    That’s what The Star wrote, but at the back of Najib’s mind he is saying “Well, things better work or it is the gallows for me, maybe for Fat Mama too.”

  81. whispering9 says:

    I was told that without Selangor and Perak back in her fold, BN led Government will not be able to achieve the targeted 4% GDP from 2008 negative position. It is a catch 22 situation now. PKR should get their acts together in Selangor and explain this catch 22 situation to her politicians and party members. Penang is seemingly okay now. When the Federal Government starves these states financially, she is starving herself too. Ultimately, the two-party system should be allowed to work and a mutual co-operation to exist between states and federal bureaucrats cutting through politicians control and allowing more transparency for us rakyat.

  82. monsterball says:

    Advertising TV commercials are a powerful medias to convince people to buy a product…..even if the product is substandard or no good.
    Yes…paper and TV are powerful tools to get buyers.
    Papers and TVs…depend on advertisers to be profitable.
    UMNO is using all his might and force to control papers and TV stations.
    Since Najib took over…it has never been so low class and obvious.
    Trying so hard to win votes….UMNO will do any and everything.
    Mahathir used to insult Abdullah for killing off democracy….by controlling papers and TV stations….now says he is wrong…in support for Najib. This mamak is the most dirty politician you can ever find.
    Yes papers are controlled by UMNO…and MCA have no balls to go against UMNO’s whims and fancies.
    MCA is 100% puppets to UMNO….a racist party…trully so shameful to all Malaysian Chinese…..as Chinese value dignity and principles in life…more than anything else.
    We understand in the past…they have no choice…yet people like Tan Cheng Lock.. Tan Siew Sin …even Penang bridge man…ex Penang CM….forgot his name…all played the game…but all are more sincerely to protect the Chinese….can never be a 199% UMNO puppet.
    The present bunch was voted out…first in in the history of MCA,…voted out in 13th GE…brought back by Najib..into the cabinet.
    Who do you think MCA belong to….who owns the Star?

  83. Menyalak-er says:

    W9, thank for the info.
    Yes the ideal ‘state’ for this country should be a 2 party system (bicarmel), but what we must do now until the next GE, is to uproot, expose the corruption and hypocrisy that is Be-enD.
    Only then, will ‘our’ alternative can have it’s day in the sun. While many can’t see the difference between PR and BN MPs/ADUNs in personalities, PR has many idealistic ‘innocents’ who have not been tainted by hubris and materialism, unlike the crumbling edifice of it’s opposition.
    I know many in this blog read you wrongly, as they wanted to commit you to something that you rather stay clear of. But as in anything in life you have to “descend the wall”. In this ‘war’ you’ve to choose sides – otherwise you’d a casualty of ‘friendly’ fire.

  84. Q & A says:

    The correct answer :
    1) whispering9 really carrying and massage najibs ball.
    2) The Rakyat still will voted BN out and will target better GDP under PR gomen.
    As simple as that,peoples choice and decission.

  85. monsterball says:

    I mean 100% not 199% and the…12th GE..MCA was voted out…and co .come 13th GE….MCA is dead party,,, and UMNO can take is’s place as opposition parliamentarians.
    Only this way…can all Malaysians be united…then so easy to straighten out all the evils UMNO have done.
    Confuse..make short cut work to long long methods..with that formula..UMNO can employ more UMNO’s members…doing little work…wasting our money…unproductive…OK..as long as you vote for UMNO.
    That’s one way to buy up the country.

  86. Goh Swee Soon says:

    Go stuff the your latest uselsss comments up your arse monsterball, they are not wanted here or anywhere.

  87. mercury says:

    101% of the time senile of idiot monsterball does not know what he is talking about. You deserve to eat shit monsterball!

  88. brenda says:

    who is this moron monsterball at so many of you love to hate? I don’t give a shit about his comments when he posted them in Malaysia Today where he got kicked out by Raja Petra. I just scroll them through

  89. Q & A says:

    “I was told that without Selangor and Perak back in her fold,BN led Government will not be able to achieves the target 4% GDP from 2008 negative position”-whispering9 (was told only)
    The correct answer :
    I was not told but myself and fellows Malaysians can see how corrupted to the core under this very evil BN regime and in order for Selangor to be back under BN evil fold again,this innocent Teoh Beng Hock was killed in a senseless way.
    Even now Perak was in a state of mess under BN Najibs najis sick drama.
    Whispering9 trying to twist and turn like some other BN goons again.Beware!

  90. sam says:

    monsterball has made a big nuisance of himself anywhere that he got kciked out. He tried to bodek ampu Zorro and Sheikh kickdafella, but they could see is true colours and dissociated themselves from him

  91. monsterball says:

    What whispering9 means…lets have two party system…but UMNO will still govern.
    Q & A said it.
    Menyalak-er have exposed it.
    Monsterball will talk kopitiam language to make it clearly for low educate fellas to understand exactly what whispering9 is saying.
    He says….vote PR as strong opposition.. and support UMNO to govern the country..got it?
    Wait for one smart ass from MCA to suggest MCA pull out…to be the
    “third force”….sort of watching over PR and UMNO…and actually become the most powerful.
    Young voters….are you all learning how terrible cunning people like whisoering9 talk…with hints and no balls to talk straight…..but hint to keep UMNO governing the country?

  92. Solomon says:

    Susan still owe Captain marvel 3 unpublished comments.

  93. Solomon says:

    Sam, brenda mercury with the same avatar can be described with ex US President G. Walker Bush’s catchphrase – axis of evils.

  94. sam says:

    Only susan is a fool and stupid enough to entertain monsterballs comments. Anyone could have shoved them back his arse

  95. Gila says:

    Orang gila Tanjung Rambutan adalah seperti berikut = =
    Goh swee soon,mercury,brenda,norman,tan k.s,alak zain,magic mirror,nada,jef,hurricane,pachik din,joni,apco,jackass,sam semua ini binatang adalah musang jelmaan ahbengkia?
    Ya tak ya juga,betul betul gila jelmaan pontianak dan syaitan ini.
    Hah hah hah

  96. john says:

    Solomon in the Bible is righteous and just, but solomon here is stupid and does not or refuses to acknowledge that monsterball is a trouble maker. Go jump in the shitpot with monsterball, solomon. Don’t disgrace your bibilical namesake

  97. ali says:

    Gila, you are equally as gila as monsterball

  98. Kancilandak says:

    But umno will not give in.. after 52 years… to play oppoisition role.. umno will use eveything in it’s power… all it machinery and wealth to sit tight and hold sway over the next election.. hee..hee.. it alredy started from Bagan Pinang.. watch out for the next buy election then all will know.. hihee..hee..!

  99. Gila says:

    Kalau gila ini gila you respond kepada i ini !
    Hah hah hah
    You ini tentu betul betul lagi gila lah.
    Amboi ini apek duduk kerusi nampak macam lembek saja.Putus cintakah ? Amoi tak mahu sama you kah ? Atau sudah gila kah pos banyak nama macam baru keluar dari Tanjung Rambutan !

  100. Gila says:

    Kancilandak musang ini lagi action !
    Menang 1 kali di BP sudah tunjuk action.
    Pangilah tok musang hang itu bubar dun Perak, hah nanti tengok siapa menang dan siapa kalah.Betul betul kepala otak udang ini kancilandak tiruan.

  101. monsterball says:

    aiyah…I am stupid….even blog owner is stupid….all anti Najib is stupid.
    You all are very clever.
    What’s next Doc?

  102. ali says:

    Gila, patutlah kau sertai monsterball di Hospital Bahagia Tanjong Rambutan. Kedua2 kau dan monsterball gila!

  103. Gila says:

    Amboi apek gila ini.
    Pos lah muka handsome besar sikit barulah orang semua boleh nampak.Hah hah hah
    Gila pi kot Tg Rambutan? Hai apa pasai,kan kalau sudah gila tak perlu ke sana lagi.Yang sepatutnya diheret ke HB Tg Rambutan mestilah engkau ni,orang tak macam orang,hantu tak macam hantu,lebih baik pi mampus engkau ni.

  104. monsterball says:

    Next by-election…Najib announce….he is resigning.
    Is that it…..kancilandak?
    Or are you trying to say something else to frighten kopitiam fellas.
    Come one.come all…come to play with monsterball.
    You want to play.OK…you want to insult…..peace and goodwill to all mankind.
    “Love thy enemies….for you shall be with me in the Kingdom of heaven”…so said a holy one….long long ago.
    Bless you all..my loving enemies.
    Hope you all speaks the truth and I am the liar.
    Pray you all have be long life to continue your “mission”..whatever that mission is.
    Life is precious…so speak till you drop dead.
    Time is precious. Try nit to waste time like me. I am old…and have time to waste. I earned the right to waste time. Have you all earn it yet?
    Allah said to Mohd…”Read read read”.
    I say to you….be prepared for the wind of change…for it comes ..so powerful…no one can stop it.
    Now guys/gals…respond la..no foul words….OK?

  105. Menyalak-er says:

    Pico, besides being ultra miniscule you are also named after a small crater on the moon, did u know that?
    One thing u’r right it’s “buy” election. Don’t worry the next one in Kedah you will have to pica.

  106. Kancilandak says:

    umno leaving the roost is like the soul leaving a body that it have inhabit 52 years. No one should think it will be that easy to trounce BN in 13GE. The younger generation believes in umno. the older have lived with it. Losing 5 state was a blow… now we see it try to wrest back.. with it strength increasing by leaps and bounds… by hook or crook umno got back Perak… never know next kedah or selangor… and sifu talking about 13GE hee..hee..

  107. monsterball says:

    “The younger generation believes in umno”…said it all by stupid kancilandak…swing here .swing there…laughing like a hyeana.

  108. Menyalak-er says:

    Aiya, just got his petrol expenses for his pudina-lah. Notice how bimno has morphed into an ‘it’ – yep the animal…, made up of picos like him.

  109. Tu Lan says:

    ahbengkia you better be careful.
    //ninja// after you

  110. wits0 says:

    As expected, ahbengkai sends him all the morphs, mutants and orcs like Goh swee soon,mercury,brenda,norman,tan k.s,alak zain,magic mirror,nada,jef,hurricane,pachik din,joni,apco,jackass,sam, john and ali etc.. whenever he is defeated. That’s the bn immutable quality in discourses.

    Monsterball said, “…Confuse..make short cut work to long long methods..with that formula…”

    Actually clueless, then confused and 100% lazy wrt to governance, so that they, the goons, can have more time doing their own private biz and collecting rents. They don’t like challenges and problem and label these as threatening national security. Remember how Mahakutty reacted when after a jolly enjoyable globe trotting trip, he had to face the October ’87 crisis? He smacks down with his mail fist on righteous people, sparing the rascals in Ops Lallang!

    They, umno leadership, essentially panders to the lowest common denominator of awareness and sentiments among especially rural voters, rather than lead ’em to a better future. Every new(er)decision they make is grounded on the wrong reason and made on an ad hoc basis and must serve elites’ interests first and not threaten them in any material way. All take and no give. Or just give crumbs by further robbing from somewhere first and keeping the bulk and fats for themselves.

  111. betterthanahbengkia says:

    That is your f opinion; you have no way of knowing whether or not there are threats and coercion etc applied to those running the main stream newspapers. Why is it that for Bala you all seem to understand perfectly he was under duress?

    The prostitute`s hypocrite son lying blatantly again that that there are no threats or coercion on those running the MSM. Bastar*dised mother farker says threatening a person`s family is not coercion. This mother farker ahybengkia should be spread eagled over kancilandak`s car bonnet and the 52 flagpoles shoved up ahbengkia`s blardi backside. Then we can hear him scream the truth.
    The MCA prostitute and his depraved family are selling rotten eggs.

  112. betterthanahbengkia says:

    Ahbengkia the lazy loafer poorly educated jinjang chinese bastar*d

  113. betterthanahbengkia says:

    Ahbengkia`s father was definitely a gangster and village MCA headman. The son turned out to be a lazy loafer poorly educated jinjang chinese bastar*d

  114. betterthanahbengkia says:

    Why is it that for Bala you all seem to understand perfectly he was under duress?

    Because your mother got dirty longkang front and back you cannot also think. Told you long time ago to shut up if you are not able to think instead of proving you got VD in your brains.

  115. monsterball says:

    I heard the skunk.. ahbengkia has a degree in cooking….always need to get ready to fly off with Najib.
    No wonder he can cook up so many stories.
    True or false..I do not know..but it sure sound like his character too.
    hhmmmmmmm skunk slam duck cooking…
    SHAZAM…Captain Marvel…do not be disappointed. Improvise and use your imaginations.and all your messages should beat moderator.

  116. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…Ask silly question..you get a silly answer.
    “betterthanahbengkia” is good at that.

  117. wits0 says:

    Ahbengkai has chickened out here and sents in his proxy spammers. The intention is to make visitors disgusted enough as not to return. Fat hope, chicken little.

  118. Kancilandak says:

    Yme I think akengbuaes, do not be mistaken, sifu, younger generation driving around in their flashy cars and latest proton saga, are all for the gomen and it incentives, my wife included. With her gomen salary and incentives she ask why she cant own a brand new saga on a 9 year loan.
    Malaysia is good to her and kind, and she says me and my friends are misled by stupid blogsites.
    Come down to earth you guys… you think what, sifu, so easy ah? The young people think we are stupid, forecasting doomsday when there is none… Is not easy, my friends.
    Sometimes I think abengkua is right.

  119. monsterball says:

    Expect the bunch of my beloved enemies to insult me more with new facts…new discovery…waiting and waiting…NOTHING!!
    It’s the same old tune by the same of group …changing nicks from one to look like..so many..with the same old mission…a mission impossible…yet never give up.
    Frustrated..even call blog owner …stupid.
    How sad. I will pray for your poor soul…when I have time.

  120. monsterball says:

    hi kancilandak…..you are speaking about one race..that is what you saying…including your wife.
    A racist like you…what do you know about other roots and cultures?
    You think ahbegnkia is right?…..good for you…skunk No.2.
    Learn to twist with class la.

  121. Gila says:

    Kancilandak gila

    Kancilandak gila

    Kancilandak gila

    Kancilandak gila

    Kancilandak gila

    Kancilandak gila

    Kancilandak gila

    Kancilandak gila

    Kancilandak gila

    Kancilandak gila

    Kancilandak gila

    Bodoh Bodoh Bodoh Bodoh Bodoh Bodoh Bodoh

    Kancilandak tiruan gila lagi betul-betul bodoh.

  122. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo ini kancilcar003 olang sudah panggil dia gila.heheeheee
    Aunty banyak pening baca sini ada banyak olang jahat.ai yo
    lagi baik semua pigi ‘si ka leow cap ceng kia’ itu najib punya olang.heheeheee

  123. wits0 says:

    “Sometimes I think abengkua is right.”

    You need rightly done ahbengkai to go with your kua: http://www.filedropper.com/chicken1

  124. wits0 says:

    Kua = mampus, or take it as kuah.

  125. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo itu teoh beng hock punya kes ha kena tangkap sama itu olang jahat punya.kalau tada tentu hantu dia tentu kacau sama itu olang jahat punya.ai yo Aunty kesian sama itu teoh beng hock.banyak muda sudah mati.itu olang jahat tentu masuk ‘tay gaik’ punya.

  126. KOPI FREN says:

    ‘ah kua’ atau ‘kua’ itu boleh pangil dia pondan gay lo.heheeheee

  127. wits0 says:

    Adalah lebih nakal dalam sauce kancilgila….remember that, “There’s more tomatos in Libby’s”, ads?

  128. monsterball says:

    skunk meat with kancil kua…new recipe for Najib..created by a cook with degree in cooking…attending famous Che Wan’s cooking class…passed and hired by Najib.
    fly her fly there at short notice…this skunk is impossible…keep bragging.
    Only way..is to gun him down.

  129. Menyalak-er says:

    Look Pico, my son is 24yrs. old has a bachelors and finished his masters when he was 21, in a western country. Stable good job, even in gwai-lo’s land. He drives a Honda Civic GTR and recently put a down payment for a bungalow. No one looks down at him.
    Yes, the family had to bust our asses, so that he can get his ‘dues’.
    Mana ada UiTM and other BTN’ed scholarships?
    Tell me, if he was in 1Malaise, ada ilham macam ini tak? He’ll probably be like ahbeng selling celup DVDs in pasar malam…
    So you think you are blessed with potong pudina and sag and living in a creepy PKNS project next to a ‘towering’ unstable slope?
    Jagan la compare. Ada org yang lebih cerdik dari engkau!

  130. storm62 says:

    hey kancil lanciao, ask ur wife to go to Dubai to buy Proton la, it’s cheaper there, Proton is cheating the Malaysian people la….go check it out urself!….ka ka ka….got cheated by the gomen and still say kind to you?…..you’re a freak!

  131. monsterball says:

    piccolo is a flute created by China.
    Yes addressing ahbengkia is also correct…blow here blow there…useless low class compositions of his.
    Many families have suffered like menyalak-er because a malay…not supporting UMNO or other races…that are totally excluded for govt, scholarships.
    MARA keep sending goons overseas that cannot even speak english…yet attending english private universities overseas.
    Hundreds of millions owed by those malay students..no suing…sudara sudari….all not told to the public.
    Of late..try to pick few more chinese and other races..to win our hearts…like khairy said…”forget the past”
    He can have his kopi kau kau and dot dot diot as much as he likes. That’s his business…but don’t try to use his Oxford training to fool MALAYSIANS.
    It will not work.
    Actually he has 33% support to be UMNO Youth Chief……very shaky and no strong support at all.
    Noooow…say he will support Najib…his father-in- law greatest enemy.
    Najib is weak as UMNO chief. He knows it too well.
    Papers and TV makes him look good…totally not true.
    The real show is about to begin.starring Teoh Beng Hock..Bala and Mongolian model…soon at all theatres….directed by PRK and Anwar Ibrahim..destined to be a blockbuster….capable to beat…”Slumdog Millionaire”.

  132. Nice Lim says:

    My oh my………
    Yes…Teoh Beng Hock shall not and will not simply die in vain in this irresponsible idiotooo Macc evils goons hands…..truth will be reveal soon….GOD bless his soul and all his Family members as well…
    All Malaysian walks of life will not simply let this Be-end evils escape this sin they have done as simple as they think this time………….

  133. wits0 says:

    “..you’re a freak!” – stormy.

    And a “man” of straws. Fit to accompany that ahbengkai breed to purgatory.

  134. wits0 says:

    Yes, Nice Lim, Teoh Beng Hock shall not have died in vain. And here’s the music to underscore that: http://www.filedropper.com/gowest
    He has now proceeded to the Pureland in the West.

  135. Nice Lim says:

    **..you’re a freak** – storm62
    Even Batman will fly off to moonlighting instead of staring at him.Hahaha

  136. whispering9 says:

    “I know many in this blog read you wrongly, as they wanted to commit you to something that you rather stay clear of.”

    Thanks. The last thing I want is for BN UMNO to retake Selangor. But another last thing I want is for PR to morph into another BN type when my children reach voting age (10-12 years from now) without check & balance. So the best option now is for PR to win GE13 again. Going into states, especially in Selangor, with this 2-party promise is a better game plan than continuing gutter & frog politics. If BN wants to use gutter politics, just let them. PR think tanks & strategists should also be aware of how BN thinks like the above catch 22 situation when they deny federal aids to PR controlled states. Strategy like that cannot work….especially in Selangor. Kepong is one typical and historical evidence. Even without the Federal pole, keeping Penang & Selangor suffice for now. Retaking Perak would be good too.

    [In this ‘war’ you’ve to choose sides – otherwise you’d a casualty of ‘friendly’ fire.] In a physical war…yes, and civilian casualty is high in contrast to the combatants. But in politics, we don’t need to choose sides. We also have the option to vote. Here in Susan’s Blog, only Susan can deliver the ‘friendly’ fire; insults & 4LWs have no effect at all. Anyway…..thanks again, Menyalak-er & company. Good nite.

  137. Nice Lim says:

    Thanks wits0 and as most of all caring Malaysians are following this TBH case very closely with sincere blessing and heart felt for all his family members as well.God bless all….

  138. Nice Lim says:

    Wars will only destroys and kills mankind,
    Nature are always the best of all………………..
    Let us just relax our mind and soul for a while…….my FRIENDS……

  139. kittykat46 says:

    “Ultimately, the two-party system should be allowed to work and a mutual co-operation to exist between states and federal bureaucrats cutting through politicians control and allowing more transparency for us rakyat.”- whispering9

    Its a futile hope. Najib is pursuing a 50 year-old policy that any state, or constituency which votes for the Opposition will be punished in terms of government funding. Non-BN states get what is known as a “Federal Development Department” which works directly with BN cronies to fund them – often ignoring the State government, and acting like some Ottoman Nabob.

    BN’s policy is to strangle any two-party system. THERE WILL BE NO 2-PARTY SYSTEM, as far as BN is concerned. BN in its current form will not survive a prolonged 2-party system.

    Now, with Selangor and Penang, and most Wilayah Parliamentary seats in PR hands, this policy is now effectively cutting the nose to spite the face. And its hurting the national GDP…..but how to explain to these fools ?

    The two states together generate a massive chunk of Malaysia’s manufactured exports and GDP…..what happens to Malaysia when you deny them development funds ?

  140. wits0 says:

    “BN’s policy is to strangle any two-party system. THERE WILL BE NO 2-PARTY SYSTEM, as far as BN is concerned.” – Kittykat46.

    Verily, verily, such a hope is doomed. No need to read tea leaves or cast the I Ching coins, mah. 😉

  141. wits0 says:

    This also they won’t/can’t do, two party system?

    Put an End to Biro Tata Negara

  142. monsterball says:

    Go read whisopeing9 last paragraph.
    He said war ..you chose sides…politics…you have options with your vote..no need to choose side.
    Over as over again..he is telling voter..do not conclude…be open minded.
    Ignoring all that UMNO controlling….ignoring Malaysia is governed by a pack of gangsters….ignoring unusual deaths..and most of all…ignoring billions upon billions stolen…all reported in papers….whispering8 said “in politics”….what politics?
    Politics with obvious no freedom of speeches and rights?
    This whispering9 is such a pro UMNO supporter..applying his usual style…telling everyone have options.
    Smart twister he is….talking with the art…not to offend..but certainly not to vote for change in governm
    UMNO is not a political party..since Mahathir started UMNO BARU.
    Whispering9…such a learned man…know that too well.
    Rarely he comes out…and when he speaks…it’s pro BN.
    You have a choice to think…are we in politics or are we at war with UMNO?
    If it is war with UMNO…it is For or Against……not sitti8ng on the fence.r.
    Goodnight..my fellow true Malaysians.

  143. wits0 says:

    Whispering9 ought to do more of Khoo Kay Peng and none of Khoo Kay Kim(the apologist prof emeritus who’ll mildly criticize umno once and spend the rest of the week spinning in atonement for that!) 😉 Okay, okay, maybe I exaggerate. :D.

  144. kittykat46 says:

    Emeritus Professor Tan Sri Dr. Khoo Kay Kim has been one of UMNO’s “useful idiots” for ages.


    I deliberately emphasised all the…umm…perks which UMNO bestowed upon him in return for his essential services to UMNO.

  145. tshock says:

    I have stopped subscribing to the Star and I urge you to do so as well.

  146. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha…wits, it was indeed fortunate that the goons let the old prof be. He could have been the Dino Historian Royale, if he continued to polish their balls.
    As regards to w9, i think he has become disappointed and disillusioned, especially with the daily highlighting of PR’s faults by msm and cts’. His heart is in the right place and he does hope for a better nation. Otherwise, he won’t repeatedly expose some of the ‘conumdrums’ that we are well aware of.
    I respect his stance – as he has not deviated much, even when vitriol was at its peak.
    It’s just that i wish that these minor skirmishes doesn’t cloud his judgment before GE13. For when he is lucid and thinks with clarity again, he can be a good asset for our cause, just as davis and monty are.
    Monty is an excellent lighting ‘rod’ (besides his humongous balls and take no prisoners attitude) who will weed out the hypocrites and protect most of the innocents here. Davis is the socratian wit who persistently attacks with: “Why? why? how? what?” Excellent strategies.

  147. monsterball says:

    Kuan Kong…Chang Fei and Lui Pei…the three sworn brothers.
    I am certainly like Kuan Kong….prayed and respected by all kopitiam fellas when I am dead….hahahahahahahaha
    I think Davis is Lui Pei and witsO Chang Fei.
    wawawa…..Davis destined to be a great Governor.
    Anyway..I am dead .all forgotten…or thrown to the gutter to rot…to be spit upon..no matter…dead no more feelings…no more sufferings…who cares.
    But dead or alive…I will vote in 13th GE.
    Dead …too bad…jump into ahbengkia’s body and control his mind to put “X” for PR…for change of government…come out smiling…then went crazy saying…to himself..”What have I done!!”…with me laughing…non stop. He turned crazy….living in Tanjong Rambutan cracko house..happily.

  148. monsterball says:

    Can menyalak-er be Kong Meng?
    Can he plan wars?
    I think witsO is Kong Meng and Menyalak-er is chang fei. We do not see eye to eye many times…but when time to unite…he stands on our side.
    witsO…have I got all the characters right?
    You know…I am not educated in Chinese……but did read the 3 kingdom many times..and many more chinese history…to know my roots.

  149. wits0 says:

    Note how WCW is doing a preliminary Khoo Kay Kim here when he wrote: ‘UMNO leaders should not be overly worried about how the MALAYs feel about their policies.’ URL Ref : http://fwd4.me/5PR

    Watch how he’ll likely do his spinning attonement next, ala ashes and sack cloth.

    But he’s right at least that UMNO shows pandering rather than leadership for the reasons we all already know. He is also right to say that calling for integration via 1 Malaysia, given the nature of ethnic communal politics (preset by UMNO) is, iow, BS. Of course he dared not be so direct as to term it so.

  150. wits0 says:

    The above WCW piece was written in July and he seems to have attoned for that via Susan’s Blog article by praising Jibby sky high.

    Now, don’t we all understand what is a Khoo Kay Kim(KKK) gambit? 😀

  151. wits0 says:

    Aiyoooo…! How could I be anything resembling Kong Meng of the Three Kingdom, ah, Monsterball? That guy was a genius, a true strategist, also a sort of undocumented “scientist” of its times. You might somewhat resemble Kuan Kong tho’ 😀 Plenty brawns.

    I’ve come across non “bananas” who thinks that “bananas” are ignorant about their roots but many of these presumptuous ones are even more ignorant themselves. That is the H/P6 phenomena in Bolehland where some people cannot even master a single language skill well enough yet fault others for their lack.

    Ahbengkai ‘dragon’ can ride his ivy league chariot to lead the charge his orcish horde. My “gur”(i.e., pike) will help cut him down from it.

    Menyalak-er is a brilliant physician, one capable of healing himself. Davis is a very educated and cultivated Indian. Kittykat46 is a highly credible person.

  152. monsterball says:

    Then it should …be Athos…Pothos.,Araamis…and D”ctanan…One foir all all for one..excluding memng.yalak-er replaced by kittykat…..hahahahahaha
    Is that KKK the school professor now Tan Sri?
    That lecturer who is a Dean now appeared in so many talk shows…always umpu UMNO.

  153. dapholankan says:

    Now who’s carrying Najib’s balls? Sloone

    Of course it will be monsterball. It’s a pleasure for monsterball to li*k Najib’s balls… Hehehe..

    Add another two Nalib’s balls to monsterball will not be a problem to monsterball, they are negligible, Kiakiakia….

    But you need to send your kids to Thailand/ Singapore to further their education. Better send to tuition to learn Thai now.

    Subject: Fw: Malaysian Universities

    If Malaysia does not improve its educational system (with BN running the country, don’t dream),

    the country will not progress. AFRICA, HREE WE COME, but NO, the AFRICAN speak better English leh…..


    According to Spanish ranking system, Webometric Ranking of World Universities, the Top 10 universities in South-East of Asia are :


    Out of the top 10 ranking South East Asia universities, 2 are from Singapore , and the balance 8 universities are from Thailand . Also, on the Top 100 list, Thailand has 41 universities, Myanmar 18, Indonesia 14, the Philippines 13, and Singapore 7.

    In Asia , the Top 10 universities are :

    Out of the Top 10 ranking universities in ASIA, 4 are from Japan , 5 are from China , and the remaining 1 is from Singapore . We are also nowhere near the Top 100 universities in Asia . In terms of Global Ranking, None of Malaysia ‘s universities are anywhere near the TOP 1000 universities.

    Well, the fact speaks for itself ! Thailand , Myanmar , Indonesia , Phillipines, and Singapore are way ahead of Malaysia . Despite all our constant shouting of Malaysia boleh this and that, and all the emotional rhetorics of shiok sendiri and self denials, we are already an academic backwaters nation in South East Asia….

  154. ????? says:

    Msia TIUNIAMAH UNIVERSITY is No1 in the world producing ahbengkias and dap longkangs

  155. siew eng says:

    star started carrying his balls since he became pm.

    but then the paper’s had plenty of practice carrying past pms’ balls. it’s a tradition and a must-do. don’t be so condemning lah.

  156. ????? says:

    carrying past pms’ balls…..siew eng

    At work Agbengkai WCW of Star shows off the muscles he developed to “jostling” tan everyday. Then he compares with Malay Male Rocky when they are getting drunk after work.

  157. mirip says:

    Now, don’t we all understand what is a Khoo Kay Kim(KKK) gambit? 😀
    wits0 – November 23, 2009 at 4:09 am

    Ahbengkia Khoo Kay Kim is another liar, he had to apologise with advertsments in newspapers about an australian whom he badmouthed and falsely accused.
    This is the calibre of Professor Emeritus in UM.

  158. mirip says:

    The full text of University of Malaya’s Professor Emeritus (now also a serving Suhakam Commissioner) Dato’s Dr. Khoo Kay Kim’s apology to the co-authors of Alias Chin Peng: My Side of History ( Singapore, Media Masters, 2003 ), Ian Ward and Norma Miraflor, as published in an advertisement in the latest edition of the Ipoh Echo, is as follows:


  159. simonsez says:

    This WCW and Rocky should be put in charge of the plagued Iskandar Project then it can be buried faster———-

    KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 23 — Three chief executives in the space of three years. The attendant publicity that comes with such high-profile changes surely isn’t what Malaysia would have wished for its most ambitious development corridor.

  160. wits0 says:

    “Emeritus” – better be called Emir’sTikus.

    Not really so surprising, mirip, as there was another who became famous with his microscopic worms(blamed for obstructing the denizens’ progress and success) in kampong soil. Until now, in an era of DNA and what not, there is no evidence of these worms! Da professor cacing and da professor tikus! Wooo hooo! Such calibre to glory goes, with the help of the ever bodeking MSM as well.

  161. wits0 says:

    Dear Siew Eng, do now you understand why we’re not sympathetic to the infernal king making and readers stupefacting noosepapers?

  162. wits0 says:

    “At work Agbengkai WCW of Star shows off the muscles he developed to “jostling” tan everyday. ”

    She jostles something plenty.

  163. rebena says:

    “mercury,brenda,norman,tan k.s,alak zain,magic mirror,nada,jef,hurricane,pachik din,joni,apco,jackass,” who were those low class pet used up so many nicks ??

    monsterball have been expressed his reasonales over some posting..

  164. najibmustdie says:

    PI Bala`s Advisor, Najib Tong Rosak, has an idiot AG:

    Rosli may be a smart lawyer who does not need anyone to teach him the law. But there is something we inside the A-G Chambers can teach him about beating the abusers of the law at their own game. And this is what we want to tell you, Rosli. You want to win your case badly? Then trick them the way they have tricked everyone else just to win a case.

    See what RPK did to the sedition and false declaration charges? Today, RPK has been discharged and Musa Hassan is red-faced after making a public declaration that he will bring RPK back the latest by October 2009. Musa, it’s already mid November. Your time’s up!

    So Rosli, look at what has happened and don’t ever say we did not tell you – don’t bother being a gentleman with this AG, IGP or even the Courts!

  165. najibmustdie says:

    Who was the Datuk?

    Najis has run away to US to get Obama`s help

  166. rebena says:

    So the best option now is for PR to win GE13 again. Going into states, especially in Selangor, with this 2-party promise is a better game plan than continuing gutter & frog politics. If BN wants to use gutter politics, just let them.

    Anyway…..thanks again, Menyalak-er & company. Good nite.

    whispering9 – November 22, 2009 at 8:37 pm


  167. kahkahkahkah says:

    Enos the chimp became the first chimpanzee in orbit on November 29, 1961.
    Fast forward 2009, Najis sent a monkey to the White House under the M`sian Space Pgm

  168. izat says:

    We are Not discriminate against age..

    monsterball, ahbengkia, Jackal… menyakar, Lim,…etc have freedom to air the comment here..

    moreover we have enjoy their humorous remarks.

  169. wits0 says:

    One is the TOTUS(Teleprompter Of The United States), the other looks like …..katak.

    Bolehland got problem? No big deal. Bonama will solve things with yet another speech.

  170. izat says:

    The PR and Selangor government have tighten the security for Dr. Porntip, Gobind, and TBH family..

    hope the Media can give some space to TBH family while waiting for 9th Dec 2009.

  171. kahkahkahkah says:

    Bolehland got problem? No big deal. Bonama will solve things with yet another speech….wits0

    All who shake the msian murderer`s hand are doomed.

  172. kahkahkahkah says:

    izat – November 23, 2009 at 10:17 am,

    100 times better than Najis Tong Rosak

  173. najibmustdie says:

    “All who shake the msian murderer`s hand are doomed” …. kahkahkahkah

    All Malaysians do is shake their Head

  174. kittykat46 says:

    “One is the TOTUS(Teleprompter Of The United States), ” – wits0

    Haha…a lot of Americans are waking up with a hangover from the Bobama party. Another case of over-high expectations followed by the inevitatable under-delivery and letdown.

    Lets see how long the Najib hype lasts….WCW and the other cheerleaders may keep it going a bit longer for those who only read Bintang, Berita Hangus, or Utusan Meloya, but in the end you can’t forever deny The Emperor Has No Clothes.

  175. wits0 says:

    “Haha…a lot of Americans are waking up with a hangover from the Bobama party…” – KK46.

    These Americans finally bought the Brooklyn bridge with Obummer. They will rue it.

  176. kahkahkahkah says:

    WCW, Rocky favourite Najib song

  177. kittykat46 says:

    Do you have any idea what’s happening with Sheih Kickdefella ?
    You still in contact with him ?

    Seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding him, and he’s been terminated from his service with the Kelantan State Government statutory body. I read some very conflicting views about the whole episode…and also noticed he’s removed Susan’s Blog from his blog roll….

    Hmmm..one of the rumours is he’s gone back to UMNO…??
    I hope not…he has taken a courageous stand on many issues of governance, and a Malay blogger, too. We need more people like him.

  178. Kancilandak says:

    to me is very foreboding… or am I overly suspicious.. this bomama… jarjis.. this macc appointed uk patohlogist… or am I being paranoid? (can feel my heart racing)
    Only saving grace is… Dr.Pornthip and Gobind is there with TBH.

  179. limjitkit says:

    In all fairness it is ok for the UK pathologist Dr Peter Vanezis to sit in on the autopsy.
    However, yesterday`s reports made no mention of him being present at the 2nd autopsy. So I duno what macc or their autopsy expert are up to.

  180. limjitkit says:

    Oh ok, I dont read Star too much this is what they said,

    “The autopsy was completed by 3.15pm. It was carried out by Sungai Buloh Hospital’s Pathology and Forensics Department chief Dr Shahidan Md Noor.

    Besides Dr Pornthip, who is engaged by the Selangor government, others observing the autopsy were British forensic pathologist Prof Peter Vanezis, who is appointed by the MACC, and pathologists from the first autopsy Dr Khairul Azman Ibrahim and Dr Prashant Naresh Samberkar.

    Dr K. Saravanan assisted by taking photographs during the post-mortem.”

    So now,

    “Please be patient and wait for the inquest to resume on Dec 9,”


    Gobind also thanked the police for acting quickly to provide escorts after Dr Pornthip complained that she had been followed on Friday and Saturday.

    “To those following her, come forward. Don’t be cowards,” he said.

  181. kahkahkahkah says:

    “Najib in New York, on route to Trindad and Tobago”…mkini

    Bull `working visit`, he is checking up on his offshore accounts.

  182. kittykat46 says:

    And possibly, Dotty needs some shopping therapy in New York…
    I heard the Airbus A320 cargo compartment is not big enough for her purchasing expeditions…

  183. wits0 says:

    ” Bull `working visit`, he is checking up on his offshore accounts.”

    Safest hedge against discovery is to deposit them yourself. Pioneered by u-know-who and written in stone as a perk. The RM200 Airbus 318 can carry plenty.

  184. wits0 says:

    Ooops…an Airbus 319(very similar looking externally as the 318), no? With naturally special specified exec fittings to make it very very much costlier than a basic one. It’s broad body still not broad enough for some broad? Go for an Airbus 380 then!

  185. kittykat46 says:

    Ah, Yes, wits0, Perdana Satu, the PM’s official plane, registration number 9M-NAA is an extended range A319.
    It can fly from KL to New York with just one refuelling stop – six auxiliary fuel tank. Luxurious interior, needless to say.

    One of my hobbies is plane spotting 🙂 I have a 600mm camera lens 🙂 cost a small fortune. 🙂

    This commercial photo was taken at take-off from the end of the Subang Airport runway, I think.

  186. davis says:

    “UMNO will use….all it machinery and wealth to sit tight and hold sway over the next election”… kancilandak. Wealth is money and as you just said it, umno will use money to win/buy/rig the next election. You have rightly pointed out UMNO politics is money politics. Money politics is corruption and you seem to condone corruption. The issue for the next election for UMNO is not to advance the living condition of the people but just to retain its power to enrich its leaders at the expense of the people. Kancilandak, thank you for telling us what UMNO will do to win the next election. The young people now know what UMNO will do.

  187. kittykat46 says:

    Biro Tata Negara has taught Kancillandak that UMNO is defending their “hak” in their “Tanah Air” from being taken over by “yang lain”. So semua OK with UMNO.

    The son of an old family friend described how disgusted he was by the BTN course which he was forced to attend in Uni. The kid fortunately had the benefit of an upbringing in a liberal family with many Chinese friends. Many kampung kids would have bought the racist BTN brainwashing lock, stock and barrel.

    Isn’t that correct, Kancilandak ?

  188. davis says:

    There was a Professor Wang in MU in the sixties who later became VC of the Hong Kong University. In the top universities ranking HKU is away head of MU. Wonder if he had been the VC of MU, will MU be in the same class as NUS. Presently Professor Wang, though retired, is attached to NUS.

  189. Menyalak-er says:

    I seriously doubt pico’s sanity, davis. Sometimes he appears pro-PR(rakyat) even. Inconsistency. His condition is not just a multiple personality disorder (which has been hog-washed by many psychiatrists) – but he appears to be ‘khayal’ (fugue state). Watch out he might ‘amok’ very soon…

    Wrt to kk’s remark of offshore accounts, i would also like to take note of wits0 ‘entitlement’ hubris that is the core of many Be-enD politicians, esp. the females (‘women’, being too polite). It is not only the offshore accounts that require massive container loads, the In House vaults too have much more in terms of ‘baubles’, gold and precious gems.

    It is well known that these characters will walk off with such ‘delights’ after adorning themselves in a merchants premises, without paying for it. This happens is even after a ‘wang ehsan’ has been paid for their ‘gracing the premises!

    A acquintance of mine was horrified, when one of these ‘witches’ walked off with a RM80k cartier pen adorned with real diamonds. Luckily, he apologised profusely and said that that was a fake, retrieved it, and offered another almost identical one with cut zircon. Kak Pidah pales in comparison to the present brood of ripoffs…

  190. CSI says:

    jejejejejeje this evil naj tong shit jejejejejejejeje
    Bull shit on working visit jejejejeje even Obama or Clinton’s did not meet this shit pm in NY on route to Trinidad and Tobago !!! nononono
    This time they are trying to escape being question about TBH death he will be overseas yayayayayaya like what happen when TBH was killed during interrogation until 3 to 4 am until he lost his life under this evil naj tong dogs hand yayayayaya thrown down from macc 14th floor yayayayaya
    he is also on overseas trips then yayayayaya someone can check this evil naj tong shit patent ???? jejejejejejeje all well plan and don’t be fool by this mr&mrs naj tong shits patent yayayayayaya all well plan yayayayaya during anwar ibrahim sodomize case this naj tong shit also overseas yayayayayaya this is all their evils patent jejejejeje OTK also overseas when LKS ask him to expose PKFZ corruptions scandals yayayayayayaya this BN pm to ministers all really eat shits and very evils indeed yayayayayayayayaya

  191. kittykat46 says:

    Hihihi Menyalak-er…remember there was this gang of Housebreakers who specialised in breaking into VIP homes ?

    The joke is the house owners were often constrained in reporting exactly how much was stolen, because they didn’t want to make potentially public just how much of a treasure is in the house…

  192. JACKAL says:

    MCA Ahbengkias and longkangs pray to fat cow God Moo to save them….and on the 7th day he will rest

  193. wits0 says:

    “I seriously doubt pico’s sanity, davis……”

    He often tries to camouflage this by projecting the puerile impression of a naughty child. To buy that is to buy the PR mirage about Mrs Jibby.

    With some living experience and hindsight, one acquires the knack of sensing a good measure of accurate gut feeling about people without nagging doubts that accompanies the diffidence accompanying one’s earlier years.

  194. CSI says:

    Killer and Liar Pattern —————–
    busy,busy,busy,not in,not in,not in
    cannot remember,cannot remember,cannot remember
    he commit suicide,he commit suicide,he commit suicide
    why stay in 2 star hotel instead of 5 star hotel?
    not me,not me,not me because i am not in Malaysia !
    i swear,i swear,i swear dammit i really swear !
    jejejejejejejeje yayayayayayaya gegegegegegegege
    shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit
    Better don’t questions them, just ask them to eat shit,shit,shit

  195. JACKAL says:

    UMNO monkey god`s son wants to stand for elections in Kota Siputeh
    Mukhriz terhegeh-hegeh nak jadi calon

  196. wits0 says:

    That flash Gordon comics Ming the Merciless’ double? http://www.movievillains.com/images/ming.jpg
    A soft, fat and wimpish but a similarly greedy/lustful version.

  197. Menyalak-er says:

    Ah Mrs.Jibby aka Lumpiolus, is the biggest culprit of walkabouts, wits. That is why pico has this dire need to do the same… only that his kampong mentality and the true ‘Malayness’ in him doesn’t allow it sometimes. Sort of shredded personality…

    Yes CSI, u’r absolutely korreck, korrek, korreck – naj tong is hearing his master’s voice, the octokutty – get out whenever there seems to be a ‘problem’. Remember – Memali, Sabah PBS fiasco, octo was no where to be seen, and musa had to take the fall? Avoids direct association, even when the dalang cables are made of carbon fiber. What naj is hoping for is sodomy by remote control… won’t work!

  198. CSI says:

    i know and you know
    make sure you dogs get the jobs done only when i am overseas,understand you all stupid morons?

  199. davis says:

    The UMNOputra and UMNOputri are worse than our former colonial masters. They, the British, had and still have a sense of fair play.

  200. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    jejejejeje CSI over,the battle begins when 5 Star are ready anytime now,MONSTER FIRE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  201. kittykat46 says:

    UMNO ? Sense of Fair Play ? Doesn’t coexist, ever…

    As you know, UMNO started as a racial party, always has been.
    However, the money-grubbing, corruption and arrogance really took off during the Mahakutty era.
    It blossomed and took deep root during his long reign.
    Its irreversible in UMNO now.

    When they were trying to Preserve and Restore the priceless Angkor monuments in Cambodia, they found some of the temple structures hopelessly invaded by strangler figs. The strangler fig roots had embedded themselves so deeply in the remainding structure, to attempt to remove those roots would destroy the building. Yet, if the roots were not removed, they would in time rip the building apart….its what you call a No Win Situation.

    So the archaeologists decided to leave the tree roots alone.

    UMNO is in that kind of situation right now.

  202. Q & A says:

    Najib & Dotty Ro$mah really go for working business trip ?
    Further his studies in what kind of shit degree oversea RAZAK BAGINDA ?
    Any secret meeting with Najib & Ro$mah ?
    What’s next ?
    Check this out~history tells all

  203. monsterball says:

    kittykat….I do comment in kickdefella.s blog once awhile only for past 2 years.
    I know him personally …but will not comment on his present situation.

  204. monsterball says:

    Yes Q&A…..keep reminding all…to let UMNO know .we do not easily forget.
    With the power to remember and recollect past events..or unsolved corrupted acts..with actions…awhile..then no results..move on to something else…hoping Malaysians easily forget…..and we do not….UMNO is finished.
    Mahathir is training youngsters how to easily forget 14 times in less than an hour….with his low class acting.
    Crying is he best act I have seen him done…also did not work.
    Yes check the history….like Q&A said..and you bloody pro BN SKUNKS..don’t forget to check my history before you try to insult me any further.
    But with half past sixes brains….stubborn as mules….go ahead la…insult as much as you like.
    I am calm and learning to love my enemies to learn more truths……..hahahahahhaha

  205. wits0 says:

    “The UMNOputra and UMNOputri are worse than our former colonial masters. They, the British, had and still have a sense of fair play”. – davis.

    Assuredly so, especially for the nons for 54 years. What makes the apologizing component(subsidiaries) AH of umno thinks they can blind people forever? And Abengkai is part of that effort, that’s why we shall not spare him here.

    The British had considerable sense of fairplay and because of that, and they hobbled no private struggle for a living of law abiding citizens. Not so these umnoputrids who have used virtually every hobbling trick directly and indirectly against the nons since independence. Is it so surprising that they also fail their own community? You cannot do sh*t without getting it on your hands and body and the whole country is in decadence and backsliding?

  206. Pegasus says:

    I seriously doubt pico’s sanity, davis. Sometimes he appears pro-PR(rakyat) even. Inconsistency. His condition is not just a multiple personality disorder (which has been hog-washed by many psychiatrists) – but he appears to be ‘khayal’ (fugue state). Watch out he might ‘amok’ very soon… Menyalak-er

    Laaa..Isla…Bonita..!… Menyalak-er ,this kancilancau is IN amok state..!..he goes delirious …at times in coma…! It depends on the flow… If there are pro-bn mails attack in the blog …when there is a deluge ..he will turn to landak and poke PR…when its overwhelming support for BN…he will defect to PR… this unscrupulous fella is certainly in khayal…let him be woozy!!

  207. wits0 says:

    “Its irreversible in UMNO now.” – KK46.

    It was actually irreversible by nature of its ideology and dogmas. from the beginning itself but Mahathiu openly officiated that and wrote it ’em pedagogy in stone. Would Davis have had believed in umno’s language policy from ’67 as a means of unity? I don’t think so.

    The MCA(Most conremptible Party) was smugly confident about their alleged role as protector of chinese culture and language that they never cared a damn or understood the augury of consequent doom for others. Ditto all othesr in the lop sided Alliance.

  208. monsterball says:

    British politicians are gentlemen..from both camps.
    UMNO politicians are thick skin low class greedy crooks..never ever feel shameful to dress up wit false titles…..to show off…how well the dressed and live..with billions stolen from Malaysians.
    British politicians are sporting lot.
    UMNO politicians makes all the rules to favour them.. in everything.
    British politicians loves to dine and wine.
    UMNO politicians love to dot dot dot..gamble and talk kok.

  209. monsterball says:

    I suspect ahbengkia left in a hurry this weekend to screw nuts and bolts {tiger show}or be screwed in Haadyai for a construction company.. to earn extra income.

  210. davis says:

    I think it was said “Language a weapon of oppression” Yes, language was used to oppressed other races. Singapore allows the use of four languages and yet it is “One Nation, One Race .One Singapura” In less than 40 years, it is one nation. Fifty over years, we are still trying to have a 1Malaysia.

  211. ktteokt says:

    Najis still has balls to let people carry kah? I thought they were blown up together with Altan when he used C4 on her corpse?

  212. kittykat46 says:

    Folks, have you noticed all the worms (easily 20 – 30 nicks ) have disappeared along with Ahbengkai ?

    Yup, we’ve got the DNA….and its a Kai = chicken = prostitute.

  213. wits0 says:

    Umnoputrids promote venality and unfettered pridefulness – anything under the sun so as to increase the hollow hubris in people as a permanent feel-good ecstasy. Tok kok about “Unity”(and most other essential matters), after shooting themselves in the foot from(even b4) independence, doing all the wrong things that went against that effort but petting themselves on their own backs while robbing from the public like that’s an entitlement for “services” rendered. It’s such an extraordinary vileness.

  214. Pegasus says:

    These MCA,MIC and Umno are the 3 stooges on the Malaysian stage trying to give a performance on 1Malaysia unity..and they fail miserably…downright idiotic..!
    They have pass their prime..and are living on borrowed time…the coming 13th GE will be their d-day …where all Malaysian will be united to get rid of this bloody regime which has misled the country to disunity, destruction of the trust we had on one another among the races..and robbing the nation at will….!!! They have planted the seeds of hatred among the young minds…and some have grown to show the anger they have in them…with guidance from the mamak kutty…over the years he was the PM…The mamak had destroyed the feelings of joys among other races…with all kind of teaching….May God gives him the place he deserve….!!!..

  215. wits0 says:

    Ahbengkai can only do what the Japanese navy tried to do at the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Not knowing that the US navy had long broken their Code since Midway and known of their actual battle plan from Phillipino querillas. Not knowing that the later has the proximity fuse and plenty of veteran pilots versus their greenhorn ones.

  216. kahkahkahkah says:

    ARKIB 18.11.2009
    Najib Razak, berkata Gabenor Sulawesi Selatan, Syahrul Yasin Limpo akan melawat Kuala Lumpur tidak lama lagi bagi membincangkan perkara itu dengan Kementerian Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani.

    BOGOR — Menteri Pertanian (Mentan) RI, Anton Apriyantono, menolak rencana Pemerintah provinsi (Pemprov) Sulawesi Selatan (Sulsel) mengekspor beras ke Malaysia.

    Najib`s lying even is bad.

  217. davis says:

    I think Malaysians of the Han origin should bow their heads in shame. MCA, an organisation claiming to represent the Chinese, has to seek approval from UMNO to have a fresh election, Are the leaders of MCA Chinese? Are they descendents of the people with a history of 5000 years ? Are they descendents of the people who were taught moral values by Confucius? Descendents of the people who wore silk at the time when the English painted themselves blue to meet the attack by the Romans? Descendents of the people that read the “Art of War” “Water Margin” “Red Chamber Dream” and the “Golden Lotus” ?

  218. bruit says:

    (Malaysian Mirror) – There shall be a by-election in Kota Siputeh, Kedah, the High Court ruled Monday.

  219. wits0 says:

    I don’t think the MCA can survive this present disgrace, even among the orthodox supporters, this time round. The MCA, btw, is the detetritus of the Kuomintang party of Chiang Kai Sek, a known traitor to China during the Sino Japanese war.

  220. tengelam says:

    Descendents of the people that read the “Art of War” “Water Margin” “Red Chamber Dream” and the “Golden Lotus” ?…..davis

    You are turning on renowned se*ologist Ahbengkia Chua Soi Lek already

  221. kittykat46 says:

    Why is the EC so very adamant there should be no by-election in Kota Siputeh ?
    Because UMNO only won in GE12 with a wafer-thin majority of 490.

    The difference with Bagan Pinang and also GE12, is that UMNO is not the state government in Kedah.
    Its going to get mighty interesting….

  222. davis says:

    Chiang Kai Sek who in his quest to destory the Chinese Communist Party, did nothing about the invasion of China by the Japanese.

  223. tengelam says:

    M`sian jughead ambassador and bottom pincher JJ is improving his engrish…
    How to Spell OKLAHOMA…visual aid.

  224. wits0 says:

    Chua Soi Lek , responding to that situation as health minister over that poor tottler who lost her limb because of wrong treatment in hospital, famously said, “Don’t like, don’t come.”

    When caught on video with his “personal friend”, he should have said, “I like, therefore I cum!” That would’ve made a famous quote as his legacy.

  225. kahkahkahkah says:


    cilaka punya nasib
    bar di washington
    melarang raba raba bontot kah kah kah

  226. kahkahkahkah says:

    The rapper stormed into the Tenaga Nasional branch in Muar and started hurling abusive language at the workers after he was unable to get someone from the utility company to answer his phone calls for the 10th time.

    The tirade was made into a short film and put on YouTube. The clip and variations of it have since attracted over 700,000 views.

    Sin Chew Daily quoted Information, Communications, Culture and Arts Ministry’s secretary-general Kamaruddin Siaraf as saying that Tenaga Nasional could take action against Wee if it feels that the film had damaged its image.

  227. wits0 says:

    M’sia’s Jar of (humsup)Grease goes to Washington.

  228. kalikavandan says:

    Rocky also gets duku…….

    art harun said…

    Dear Wenger,

    I thank you for supporting my position. I noticed you had even tried your best (through 3 comments, if I remember correctly) to explain the issue and your stand (and my stand) on the same at Rocky Bru’s blog. But alas, the arguments by most of the commentators there degenerated into whether a lawyer or a doctor is a better leader. LOL!!! later, it became a fertile ground for Art Harun bashing and lawyer bashing. Heheh…sometime I wonder whether freedom means anything to some of us.
    In any event, I admire your passion. I for one do not have the patience to even comment at Rocky’s site. But you can rest assured a firm rebuttal is in the offing.
    Thank you again for all your comments and this post.
    Have a good Sunday.


  229. wits0 says:

    “I for one do not have the patience to even comment at Rocky’s site…’

    I never go to snake and scorpion lairs.

  230. puiklomaik says:

    This monsterball is a mother farker of all times whole life knows only how to l*KK his useless master farkker lks & son balls

    Wow! Guess this farkking useless monsterball must constantly does the li*kking to maintain his mass/volume ratio constant.

    Go & let Limm Kiit Siang sodomi*e the only thing this farrker will farrk until he dies also can’t obtain orgasm because this old lks farkker got no sperm to shoot this fsuking monsterball’s as*hole.

    This monsterball is just good only fc*king his own mother & ancestors and the bloody lks mother’s & grandmothers orifices..

    Monsterball! Tiu nyama!

  231. davis says:

    Kancilandak. I like to ask you something personal. You are at liberty not to answer. No offence taken if you do not answer. Are you and your wife teachers?

  232. Thumb Logic says:

    Most of you do not see it. This MCA issue is a red herring. You see now we are off the PKFZ. It is gone.No one remembers it at all.

  233. Kancilandak says:

    I was very busy after my last comment… tebang belukar around my yard and just came in.
    I acknowlege davis, menyalak-er, kittykat, witsO, pegasus and the rest.

    davis, I happy to have liberal friends like you guys.. for that’s how I was brought up.

    I thank you for the liberty not to answer, no we are not teachers.

  234. monsterball says:

    poor poor “puiklomak”…said all foul words describing me… ye not clear what he is trying to say at all.
    Will you like to try again….slooooweeely”puiklomask”?

  235. Kancilandak says:

    I seriously doubt pico’s sanity… -pegasus

    I remember menyalak-er sir asking me what is my purpose in this blog….

    I am a nobody… a no account… but I promised the soul of a dead person long ago…

  236. storm62 says:

    “I was very busy after my last comment… tebang belukar around my yard and just came in.” – kancilanciao

    “tebang belukar”??? i thought kancil like to hide in the belukar?….ka ka ka….wow, i see kancilanciao clearing his belukar in his yard for mating kut?…..or digging umno’s graveyard?…ka ka ka.

    hard working kancil…but not so smart for a kancil. my advice is for you to leave umno and you’ll be the smartest kancil.

  237. water margin says:

    Hello! Mr. Monsterball, I think you have offended this Mr. Puiklomaik. Be cautious of your inputting images into your computer.

    Newton Third Law: To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    I think this Mr. Puiklomaik was just responding to your earlier messages on this thread.

    Think! Why were there so many bloggers condemning you on this thread?

    You might want to refer back to your comments if you want to find out the answer.


    Water Margin.

  238. monsterball says:

    Davis…. kancil and wife teaches themselves …at chosen nights only.. …new strokes and art of kunfu fighting..
    He said he is commenting to fulfill a promise to a dead soul.
    That dead soul must have said with his last breath…”kancilandak….promise me you will do it”
    He replied…”.yes”…only he knows what is “doing it” meant.
    Calling me “sifu” maybe trying to do me up..later.
    Twisting and turning….also trying to play ding dong bells with all…keeping us guessing…what is really dong.
    No need to guess….kacilandak is a racist…and out to do no good.

  239. monsterball says:

    water margin….who cares!!
    Come one.. come all…from one or two…dressed up into few…come..play with my balls.
    But play with different strokes…not always same old stuffs..showing how stupid and unimaginative you are.

  240. Q & A says:

    Where is this actor KDSB bodek BN boy Tiong King Sing ?

    Why Tiong King Sing so quiet after being scold by frog face DPM Muhyddin ?

    Is it they are acting in this MCA drama no 1 & 2 OTK/CSL you die or i die but no one die until now ? ha ha

    What are they trying to prove or do now ?

    To divert our Malaysian publics attentions from this serious corruption RM12.5 bil case in PKFZ that UMNO also involves ?

  241. Q & A says:

    MCA stupid shit drama you die or i die and until now no one die or resign yet.ha ha
    The frog face superhero Muhyddin now will come to their rescue !
    Why ? Drama lah to divert our Malaysians peoples attentions from their PKFZ corruptions scandals !
    Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit BN dogs Drama.

  242. kittykat46 says:

    Hehehehe…Ahbengkai is back in action…

  243. monsterball says:

    Q&A….Tiong cannot fly..cannot drive…all vehicles seized by MACC.
    Talk to much….his house maybe seized too.
    Yes….MCA idiots are fighting for own survivals…to stay in politics…rub shoulders with UMNO influential politicians…get tips..on shares ..which land to buy.sell expensive almost immediately…make huge profits.. get small tenders through proxies….looking good ..looking clean.
    Ong Tee Keat is trying hard to fix Ling Liong Sik….encourage by one…from MCA..on the PKFZ matter…to indirectly fix up Mahathir.

  244. Q & A says:

    Correct answer kittykat.
    This ahbengkai @ chicken shit is back.

  245. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha….wait for this chicken shit do the Chicken Run…saying “got to run” ..to meet someone rich and important.
    Where is he…my favorite chicken shit man….ahbengkia.

  246. kittykat46 says:

    “saying “got to run” ..to meet someone rich and important.”

    The spineless toady that he is, Ahbengkai probably goes there to do apple-polishing in the hope of getting some crumbs from the table….

  247. monsterball says:

    I say he is a skunk….not a chicken shit.
    But he can disguised himself into someone else…skunk to chicken…all he needs is to turn foul mouth to be a stinko.

  248. Q & A says:

    Correct monsterball~
    You see what this devil NAZIs BN can do to their own supporters !
    Support you are o.k and against them you are k.o !!!
    That’s why this carry Nazis balls Kancilandak also will never dare to against them or no salary tomorrow + his property and car will also be seized too ! kah kah kah

  249. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi pico, about ‘souls’:
    * What good is it for a man to to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?
    * Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?
    * What have you promised to a dead person? Is his/her soul exchanged?
    * You are not a nobody, that’s what ‘they’ want you to think. You count, as everyone counts. You are a soul that needs deliverance. And we can’t do that for you. You have to do it yourself.

  250. Kancilandak says:

    This decemberlima exisibition maritime show, we all be proud to watch our first scorpene exhibitioned… must bring my kids for the show.

  251. Q & A says:

    1 Question for you Mr Kancilandak.

    Tell us how do you rate this PM Najib from Mahathir & Abdullah ?

    Use your good soul inside you to answer this question Mr Kancilandak.

  252. kittykat46 says:

    Do keep an eye out for Altantuya’s shade when you take a look at the Scorpene……

  253. Q & A says:

    Scorpene scorpene scorpene
    torpedo with c4 to pieces ‘1 Malaysia Altantuya’s Scorpene’
    Proud proud proud
    say you!oh my GOD.

  254. monsterball says:

    “Now who is carrying Najib’s balls?”….Susan asked.
    Go to BN…pick all you can that are balless……such as…speak good of him….keep quiet or dare not offend him….you will find vast majority are from MCA.
    Ong Tee Keat…No1 carrying Najib’s balls.
    Look at all the recent photos…must get his face shown when Najib snap shot is on…during Hari Raya and Indian festivals.
    Ong Tee Keat is MCA President
    So we can say MCA carries Najib’s balls wholesale…….exactly like MIC and Gerakan.
    But MIC and Gerakan is dead…so you can say Samy and Koh Tsu Koon shamelessly carry Najib’s balls..representing no one…but themselves..for very selfish reasons….like Khairy.
    Khairy turned balless is carrying Najib’s balls for his survival…in UMNO…knowing he is a weak Youth Chief.
    Now we know Najib is also a weak UMNO president.
    So all these spineless balls carriers will end up in Tong Sampah sooner or later.

  255. Q & A says:

    menyalak-er~ Yes,we wish that he wake up his own soul and be independence from this dark forces.

  256. Menyalak-er says:

    If you do go to the LMS 5 pico, would you be kind enough to switch on the side scan sonar (if there is one) to see if Dear Leader’s balls appears on the screen. If you can’t recognize them, call your sifu. Monty can recognize anything that’s irregular and souless, ‘cos he’s got soul…

  257. storm62 says:

    This decemberlima exisibition maritime show, we all be proud to watch our first scorpene exhibitioned… must bring my kids for the show.

    Kancilandak – November 23, 2009 at 10:11 pm

    Warning : Do NOT bring ur kids there, when they see the submarine, they think of C4! likewise when they see najis, they think of altantuya!

  258. Nice Lim says:

    **True Love**
    What is true love?
    Our earth parents ( Father and Mother ) give us our body and Heaven ( GOD parents ) bless us with soul to be alive and carry on with this wonderful life with full of sadness or happiness in this journey to learn how to be a human being and to knows what is love ….throughout this life journey on earth.
    So….please remember that our parents and Gods love us more than we can ever imagine as how you love all your own children as well.
    Do more good things and always repay and respect them…..
    When a person pass away he/she will leave his/her body on earth and his/her soul will be call upon to either upper or lower by their guardian …depend on what he/she have done in his/her life……good or bad!
    The good heart with full credit will be call up to heaven for report their next journey……
    The bad heart one with – debit will be call down below to report their sins and to answer what they have done during their lifetimes….either to be reborn in animals or insects or either nematodes forms of life that’s are really HEARTLESS in their next life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please enjoy this life to the fullest and do more good than bad or evils things.
    Thank you to all 5 star friends for the back up and ……..
    Good Night to all………….take care………..

  259. monsterball says:

    “Who is carrying Najib’s balls?…….Part 2.
    Why almost all that know if UMNO is voted out…they will be investigated for corruptions.
    Since UMNO is corrupted to the core….so said Tunku Ritauhuddin..almost all UMNO politicians carry Nsjib’s balls…not that they like it…but each to save themselves….especially the IGP.
    Few have special ways to carry Najib’s balls…money faces.
    These are not UMNO members….but will sell their souls for money….to talk and do whatever Najib wants. We call the frogs.
    Strange as it may seem….Mahathir s carrying Najib’s balls?
    A daring man non stop exposing Police State…under Pak Lah.exposing corrupted acts…making sure Malaysians know Malaysians know.. Pah Lah is good for nothing…and they are all true.
    So much so…it looks like he is helping to destroy the devil he created…the UMNO BARU party…..in his last lap of life.
    All of a sudden…Najib took over…he is back to his old self.
    Mahathir is not easy to identify carrying balls or doing good service for Malaysians.
    But his charcater is so clear to all Malaysians.
    Therefore we can conclude Mahathir carry Najib’s balls so that his balls will be carried by Najib in return..to make him the most powerful nan in UMNO again.
    All UMNO know M is too old..anytime can go. It is natural.
    Why then support him to make sure Najib carry his balls too?
    Simple…carrying Najib’s balls have not produced results good for UMNO. Time is running out.
    Superman Mahathir is need back….to save every crook in UMNO.
    Now there are also balls swingers…one day support,..next day disagree with Najib.
    These are not frogs…as they are all in UMNO.
    These are trully balless shit people…starting from Khairy…to Nazri..Hishamuddin….Toyo…an many more.
    Lat but not least…the Najib’s balls carrier that are silent……..non commit in nature…speak no evil ..see no evil…talk no evil… like Rafidah…Mat Bin Mat….and few more…are actually praying silently for Najib’s balls to be healthy and well…….for Najib fall..they fall too.

  260. monsterball says:

    I say goodnight to all.
    Sleep well …sleep tight…no nightmares.
    Cannot sleep…read a book..do something dull…like counting sheep.
    If UMNO had true love…they should govern forever.
    So much corruptions exposed…these 30 years..telling us to forget…give them another chance…to change…is full of shit.
    We must vote them out…even if you need to vote independents candidates .like…Carlos..Ah Kow…or Selvam.
    We must never let UMNO to fool us anymore……when we DO HAVE a strong alternative …like PR….and Anwar must be PM….dead or alive.
    Goodnight again.

  261. wits0 says:

    Q & A to kancilbangga: “Proud proud proud say you!oh my GOD.”

    BTN brainwashed and misplace sense of values – cheap and shallow values. Kancilbangga swallows them lock, stock and barrel – it shows everytime. Ecstasy pill effect emulated.

  262. wits0 says:

    “I say he is a skunk….not a chicken shit.” – monsterball.

    “Yan char” (human scum) of the MCA sorts. Not to get too upset or excited ler, make sure it hurts him more than it does yourself.

  263. wits0 says:

    “Water margin”? Who’s zat?

    Abengkai’s urine margin on the sidewalk and alleys.

  264. smonsterball says:

    This monsterball is just a layman trying to voice his grouses on this Sloone’s sacred web-blog- a web-blog for telling nothing but the truth!

    But sadly, this monsterball doesn’t follow a proper precept nor any good dialectics.

    This monsterball is impervious and is impetuous, incongruous, insidious, inordinate and intractable ala the monkey god.

    Alas, the monkey god has 72 transformations and with one somersault could travel 180,000 miles.

    But no matter how mighty this monkey god was, the monkey god could’t go beyond Buddha’s palm!

    There is a similarity between the two-monsterball and the monkey god. This garrulous monsterball can huff and puff but still this monsterball is not going to achieve anything ala the monkey god flying beyond Buddha’s palm- but a bane to Sloone’s goal in telling the truth to the world on her blogsite.

    Mr. monsterball is not going to achieve anything here with his tirades simply because Mr. Monsterball lacks proper education, knowledge, experience and knowhow in solving Malaysia Today’s monolithic problems.

    To the contrary Mr. Monsterball in fact is creating more problems to our existential national problems.

    Hey! Mr. monsterball, we are here to solve our grave national problems which are not only affecting millions of lives but also millions & millions of our future children in Malaysia.

    Looking at the images Mr. monsterball have been retrieving from his memory bank- these are all garbages deposited onto Sloone’s sacred web-blog!

    Well! It’s gigo (garbage in, gargage out), a culmination of lack of proper education, knowledge, experience and knowhow.

    Hey! Mr. monsterball, there is a systematic technique in solving a problem you know?

    What is your problem?

  265. smonsterball says:

    Well! It seems that you can’t even identify your problem, how can you provide a solution? Let alone the best solution?

    Hence you are retrieving all kinds of garbage images received and dumping into your memory bank from your garbage clique… and depositing all the garbages onto Sloone’s sacred web-blog… rendering Sloone’s web-blog a pariah web-blog in the eye of world professional intellectuals.

    The Chinese axion- no matter how poor a family is, one can’t be poor in education.

    Obviously you didn’t follow this axiom and hence you are ignorant and acquiescing in getting a proper qualitative education!

    Sigh! You level of education is only good in chit chatting in a kopitiam with your clique but please leave the professionals alone here to do the ‘talking’.

    There are all walks of lives in this world but no one will disparage you because of your lack of education!

    But thy must understand thy strength and level of education before depositing garbage images onto other people’s web-blog.

    All web-bloggers want quality images and not garbage images depositing onto their web-blogs.

  266. smonsterball says:

    You know something? To comment in RPK’s Malaysia Today, one has to fill in a form with particulars including educational background.

    This implies that RPK wants only qualitative bloggers to deposit qualitative images into his web-sltes. Can you understand now why RPK barred you from depositing garbage images into his web-blog?

    Well! To maintain the quality of his web-site.

    Now looking at your (Mr. monsterball) comment here:

    water margin….who cares!!
    Come one.. come all…from one or two…dressed up into few…come..play with my balls.
    But play with different strokes…not always same old stuffs..showing how stupid and unimaginative you are.

    monsterball – November 23, 2009 at 9:24 pm

    No wonder all the Blog Masters would bar you blogging from their blog-sites.

    Well! All the best Mr. monsterball, keep learning but use your intuition in identifying your problems.

    Chaos & sweet dream.. hehehehe..

  267. monsterball says:

    “Now… .who is carrying Najib’s balls?”…Part 3
    Why……of course..all UMNO and BN half past sixes.
    Be serious….we are talking about politicians….not commentators.
    PR openly argue….let all know…to practice true democracy…..to respect Malaysians….hiding nothing.
    Have you seen anyone carrying Anwar’s balls?
    Anyone carrying Lim Kit Siang’s balls….fo promotions?
    Looks like PAS is practicing true democracy too…hiding nothing.
    So young readers….read and do not simply believe what I wrote….or from the newspapers.
    So many for and against blogs.
    Go read and find the real truths.

  268. wits0 says:

    Ahbengscum is trying to upset Monsterball because he feels the later is the most vulnerable. Where are the rest of your “professionals’, eh, Abengdud? Hahaha!

  269. monsterball says:

    Young readers….do not forget….all truthful people get insulted…or even killed….exposing truths that go against the government of the day.
    2500 years ago…Buddha spent 45 years to tell truths against the crooked and sinful..Maharajahs and Swamis.
    Then 500 years later.. came a man call Jesus with so much passion to tell truths…fearing no one.
    600 years later still…an ordinary man name..Mohamad had to fight evils to protect truths….to be hero worshiped as God’s last prophet..faithfully.
    60 years ago…Mahatma Gandhi uses non violence with disobedience to free India.
    It will takes decades before humans will know how great this man was. it will take another Asoka….in India…to put Gandhi at par with the others.
    All suffered insults….all live in uncertain with lives…with no fear.

  270. monsterball says:

    If what I wrote was a live debate …entitled….
    .”Now, who’s carrying Najib’s balls?” organized by Susan.
    and smonsterball is my opponent……all will throw bad eggs to him….saying “No contest…get lost. Monsterball is the winner”

  271. monsterball says:

    Great men in the past and present are almost all….laymen..not much education….self taught…fast learners….so much so…they are the people who employ all the professionals in the world.
    Young futs should shut up and learn more.

  272. monsterball says:

    A Prince is the only man…not a lay man to be worshiped..2500 years after his death.
    But he actually gave up all his wealth and be a lay man…to achieve his objectives and success.
    A carpenter..achieved similar status….not forgetting one who was told to read read read…because he was far behind….as a lay man.
    One well educated lawyer…uses all his god gifted talent…chose to dress as a lay man…to be like a lay man…to free India.
    I hope “smonsterball” should feel very shameful to insult me.
    To answer “smonsterball”.. .the solution to all problems… is to vote UMNO out.
    Lets see…will he apologize. I guess not.
    These scums of the earth are out to insult good lay men…and support killers..with no regrets..just for a sickening job.

  273. davis says:

    Good morning to one and to all. From the prose used by smonsterball I deduce he is ahbengkia.

  274. wits0 says:

    “From the prose used by smonsterball I deduce he is ahbengkia.” – davis.

    The stench of a-“bangkai” is unmistakable.

  275. monsterball says:

    Good morning Davis.
    Yes..I think so too.
    The idiotic pattern is so so similar.
    One moment said I am a layman…next said I like the Monkey God…but cannot escape the Buddha’s palm. He did not say..who represents the Buddha. I guess…must be MCA? oh not..not UMNO…a Malay party.
    Then he said….I am so irresponsible…ignoring the millions depending on a solution….which I keep writing…no solutions given.
    That idiot forgot I wrote more than a thousand times…the solution is…. vote UMNO out.
    Yes Davis….the skunk is back.

  276. wits0 says:

    Abangkai sez : “This monsterball is impervious and is impetuous, incongruous, insidious, inordinate and intractable ala the monkey god.”

    What a vulgar corruption about the monkey god. His shallowness, dishonesty and H/P6 education shows through very nicely.

    An educated person knows that in the legend of the monkey god, Sun Wukong, in “Journey to the West”, one of his names awarded was, translated, “Aware of Vacuity”. Meaning that he has sort of reached Samadhi and understood the Nature of Things(like exemplified by the Diamond Sutra but being unperfected, he was powerful and intractable but not insidious or ignoble. If hes ever agnoble, how could he have been chosen to protect the holy scripture?

  277. wits0 says:

    typo : “agnoble” – ignoble,

    What’s so insidious about initially tricking his way out after 500 years of captivity under a mountain?

  278. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha witsO….I dare not comment like you…which I was actually laughing…that skunk compared me to the Monkey God.
    I am not even 10% of Kuan Kong….me Monkey God?………..hahahahahahahaha

  279. davis says:

    The Monkey God is respected by the Chinese people. He is a folk hero. Smonsterball alias ahbengkia, if only MCA has a Monkey God, then MCA will not be what it is today.

  280. wits0 says:

    That A-bangkai also sneers at Susan’s Blog as something sacred, so why does he come? I don’t go to the lairs (blogs) of snakes and scorpions.

  281. monsterball says:

    Naturally…he needs to use so many bombastic words…to make sure I and all kopitiam laymen cannot understand.
    I wonder does he understands kopitiam language.
    I am sure he does…for he understands mine..yet all kopitiam fellas insulted him….why he insults…only me?….not fair…….hahahahahahaha
    Using everything he can think off…to put me at a disadvantage….my lousy english…his respond with bombastic words…my life history…my character..this and that…..never debate….always judging me…to project he is smarter than me…5 years on going….non stop..started by so many UMNO members…same style from MCA skunks.

  282. monsterball says:

    Tan Siew Sin cannot speak nor write a word of Mandarin.
    I believe Penang guy and Tan Koon Suan also cannot.
    Once Ling Liong Sik took over….Mandarin is a must….so so English OK..not important…Mandarin is.
    Naturally…expert in Bahasa is compulsory….or else you cannot go into politics.
    You can see….MCA became 100% racisat party….once under Ling Liong Sik…to support Mahathir’s race and religion politics.
    Yes..separate the races to govern….MCA loves to be second class citizens….forever treat UMNO as Boss…encouraged by pariah LING.

  283. davis says:

    Ahbengkia Alias Smonsterball, may I compare or rather associate you to one of Shakespearean characters. Iago. WitsO may think of you as Cassius

  284. monsterball says:

    hhhhmmmmm……I have
    King Lear…As you like it….Merchant of Venice…Hamlet…Richard 3…..Henry 5…Romeo & Juliet…Twelfth Night….Macbeth…and my favourite…Julius Caesar.
    Which do you recommend be to VIEW THE MOVIE…all DVD!!
    I know..nothing beats reading…as the language is what that counts…but I need short cut….not much time left for me….which one to see..Davis?
    See you all after 5pm. Got to dress up to work.

  285. davis says:

    Try King Henry VIII and you may see ahbengkia there.

  286. wits0 says:

    “WitsO may think of you as Cassius” – davis.

    Since I knoweth not his girth, I’ll settle for Caliban. In character, Iago is just very appropriate.

  287. JACKAL says:

    “Which do you recommend be to VIEW THE MOVIE…all DVD!!” – monsrerball

    Ahbengkia is a mother farking ba*tard. So it is better to watch “Caligula” the emperor who used to sleep with his horse. Trailer:

  288. kittykat46 says:

    Ahbengkai and his One Thousand and One Nicks.
    He can keep changing his nicks, but his unmistakeably bad smell gives him away every time…..

    The other obvious aspect is he has absolutely….nothing….of any consequence to say.

    Ah-bangkai busuk 🙂 RM 0.000 🙂

  289. Kancilandak says:

    1 question… -Q & A

    They are true sons of soils destine to rule as elite sons of soils who working their soils out for betray sons of soils in this nation of forgetful sons of soils… and now one son of soils want to contest siputeh to further strengthen his soils, not satisfied with his jerlun soils.

  290. Kancilandak says:

    And I thought 1abengkua son of soils supporter of 1sons of soils on leave for two days…. return to soil this blog and oppress sifu using another soiled nick.

  291. Menyalak-er says:

    Pico, are you having delirium again?
    As for smonsterballs/ahbengkuis ‘chaos’ theory – i think it should be ‘chow kau’ (running dog) hypothesis – get lost!
    The only ‘profession’ he has, is probably just that.

  292. kahkahkahkah says:

    …. return to soil this blog and oppress sifu using another soiled nick…Kancilandak

    English language exam paper for a certain Malaysian university. Don’t laugh too hard okay?
    Objective test.

    Question: What does it mean when a person has a ‘sixth sense’?

    Required answer: The person has the ability to see ghosts.


  293. kittykat46 says:

    Exam paper set by Ahbangkai…hihihihihihi

  294. Q & A says:

    Mr Kancilandak,since you are one proud pro BN supporter of your son of soil Jerlun Mukhriz a/l Mahathir to contest for this Kota Siputeh by election if nominated! Destiny you said and by contesting this Kota Siputeh State seat means he is destine and qualified to be MB of Kedah ?
    What if he lost this Kota Siputeh seat that you said he is destine to win ?
    1 last Question :
    Do you really know why Altantuya’s was c4 is such a cruel way and who approve the use of this c4 explosive ?
    ( please answer this question before you proudly take all your kids to LMS 5 in Langkawi this december scorpene exhibitions )
    Thank you for your answer from Q & A on Nov 23,2009 at 10:16 pm.

  295. Kancilandak says:

    Q&A, since you did not give me the liberty to decline answer you question, I claim my individual right choose to remain silent.

    (I will bring my kids for exhibsion… I want them to see how a submerged formidable life threatening unthinking machine can come out from the calm seas to intimidate they lives if they do not choose to align themselves with the devil… and to make up their minds whether they want God or this bloodlust soulless mindless killer machine to lead their future.)

  296. thesink says:

    No prayer for the dying

  297. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    Kancil2459 @ chunt chill lan make me puke every time i see your comments. hah hah hah hah
    Why ? evil will protect evil.
    Hmmm ‘Liberty’ statue in New York and Kancil2459 @ chunt chill lan carry najibs ball standing tall together with them over there. hah hah hah hah

  298. kittykat46 says:

    I hope the Scorpene doesn’t run aground on the way to Langkawi…

    If you read accounts by British, American and Japanese submariners in WWII in the seas around South-East Asia, you’ll get a pretty good idea of the environment the Scorpenes will be operating in. The Scorpenes are much more sophisticated than WWII subs, but the laws of physics haven’t changed.

    The only really hospitable zone near Malaysian waters for submarines is the deep waters of the Andaman Sea, roughly North-West of Penang Island. British submarines had a fun time choking off Japanese shipping supplying Burma, that’s why they were so desperate to build the Death Railway.

    Straits of Melaka ? There is a zone near Cape Rachardo/Melaka where the deepest passage is just 12 meters deep. The Scorpene can barely submerge going through there.

    South China Sea. A large part of the South China Sea between West Malaysia and Sarawak is so shallow sunlight can penetrate right to the sandy bottom. Its was, and still is a dangerous place for submarines to operate.

    The Scorpenes may be effective against a navy with poor ASW equipment. But against a sophisticated opponent, in the waters around Malaysia, they are in big, big trouble.

    Now, why did they buy the Scorpenes…….? I’m still wondering…

  299. tengelam says:

    The submarines are going to run aground on a Friday. Already the ferry to Dumai has sunk.

  300. wits0 says:

    “The only really hospitable zone near Malaysian waters for submarines is the deep waters of the Andaman Sea..” – Kittykat46.

    That’s why I said, KK46 is a very credible person around here. He has exposed the underlying unsuitability of submarine operation in the waters around the peninsular – something which I’m surprised lots of people don’t know. Those who knew things are usually even shocked by the glaring ignorance of their fellowmen.

    The Scorpenes in the Andaman seas, hiding, and keeping still for days,waiting for enemy warships to approach, at best, can fire just one salvo and then promptly die! Yes, modern ASW(Anti Submarine Warfare) counter measures will almost certainly see to that.

  301. davis says:

    Kancilandak, before you take your family to see the submarine, do ponder on the following questions. Why is LIMA held at Langkawi? Who owns eateries and other properties there? Who gave free tax status to that island? Penang had its free port status taken away. Who comes from Kedah? Why are you so easily deceived?

  302. Kancilandak says:

    yea davis, it’s Megatron Megalomaniac’s.

  303. kahkahkahkah says:

    Damn fool Najib`s 2 submarines are going to take om more than 100 submarines that China has? The monkeys in the 2 submarines wont have time to put on their sarongs and jump into the sea.

  304. Q & A says:

    Mr Kancilandak,
    You have bear in your very own mind that Altantuya’s basic right and life to live on was taken away from her by using c4 cruelty way and that you take side with the evils to remain silent .
    Just remember that history will tells all and one day your very own child will grow up and maybe have a set of mind that will be opposite your set of mind and compatible with our set of mind, fighting for every humans individual right without taking side for truth and justice.
    What is the point to post your comments here if you are selfish by protecting your own liberty and basic right by taking side with the evil one and to ignore others innocence liberty and basic rights ?
    What is your agenda here ? To tell lies or truth ?
    Still history will tell the truth to all our coming generations of children,just bear it in your mind.Thank you.

  305. Q & A says:

    Mr Kancilandak,
    You have bear in your very own mind ( wrong la )
    should be~
    You have to bear it in your very own mind ( correct la )
    Wah, if you have ‘BEAR’ in your mind then everyone here will be eaten by kancilbear la, hai ya little joke la.
    What happen to you actually during your childhood time, i am just curious as i can read that most peoples here find that you are so funny ?
    Why again ?

  306. monsterball says:

    OK…..Davis..Henry V111…I read in school….killing wife one after an other…scheming…planning no good son of a gun King.
    Was he who said…’My Kingdom for a horse?”….or was it Henry 5?

  307. monsterball says:

    or Richard 111…..hahahahaha all mixed up in my mind.

  308. davis says:

    Kancilandak, does Malaysia need submarines? Is Malaysia threatened by other countries? Is Malaysia going to war? If Malaysia is threatened, do you think the submarines can protect the country? Malaysia has a long coastline. Should not the money used for purchase of the submarines be used to build more health clinics and schools? Ahbengkia said that I asked too many questions. Questions bring forth the truth.

  309. monsterball says:

    How to find reasons to sapu RM500million as commission?
    Najib must have few ideas and chose the 2 submarines….best idea.
    It suits his Min Of Defence job. Mamak gave the greenlight….some for him…..some or the party…go ahead.
    Najib is dreaming…..thinking ..if a war comes..it is like his father’s time….guns and cannons. So the two submarines will blast all….and we are victorious. He is still reading comics and living in the good old 60″s.
    Now is missiles and fighter jets.
    Oh gosh!!…..Don’t tell me this give him an idea to buy 10 anti missiles weapons and missiles too.
    Lets see…his next visit. To Iran or North Korea….or his ever close buddies…the Russians warfare suppliers….known to be most corrupted wheeler dealers..in the world.

  310. monsterball says:

    Ahbengkia hates all your questions…because he has no answers to give…..Davis.
    He never respond to any comments or questions asked…..unless he fees he can take us on and prove …you …witsO and me are liars…to his idiotic conclusions.

  311. rider says:

    … a noble agenda according to our senses, to keep the embers of hatred from dying out, to expose the selfish, evil nature of her killers every day, every minute to gullible young people, to keep her funeral pyer burning with fiery fire to high heavens… till the time comes for her spirit to be appeased?

    (It’s just the need for knowledge we dont have)

  312. Another ball polishing act and angkat kaki stunt by the Star’s chief editor dato’ Wong no less. Wonder if he’s gunning for the Tan Sri title with such desperate moves ?

  313. The Sign says:

    BN Umnodie stupid peoples only carry najib ball.
    The sign is very clear.

  314. R4Os says:


    Can u please tell me why all my comments get censored?

  315. R4Os says:

    No profanity, no nasty comments, why censored?

  316. R4Os says:

    This is called “freedom of speech”?

  317. R4Os says:

    is somebody here carrying OTK’s balls?

  318. R4Os says:

    so no bad comments on OTK is allowed here?

    is this your version of “freedom of expression”?

  319. monsterball says:

    I think…you paste and paste too much nonsense….to rojak the blog.
    You want freedom of speech…go read Straits Times and Star.
    In the house of anyone….behave and respect.
    Tell the truths from your point of views..all approved..like mine.
    Go overboard.I also got many messages not approved.
    Look at our last sentence…how sarcastic you can be.

  320. monsterball says:

    You post against OTK or anyone….check your language.
    This is not pro OTK or PR blog.
    This is telling the truths…as anyone feels and think…to put into words.

  321. R4Os says:

    This stupid monsterball, u think you know what I posted?

    show how stupid u r making such jumping into conclusions, goes to show how stoopid u r n still think u r so smart!!

    W T F ???

  322. R4Os says:

    unless u r the one who read my “censored” comments n censored my comments, how u know what I have posted?

    Can’t imagine how PR can get more votes with idiots like Monsterballs, OMG…!!!

  323. R4Os says:

    What is this pro-OTK or anti-OTK crap?

    n not pro-PR or anti-PR?

    or pro-Sukinan or anti-sukinan crap? so u r juz another sukinan who think OTK is ur blurdy hero?

    Monsterball = blurdy farking sukinan idiot…?

  324. R4Os says:

    u complained about my language used on OTK?

    Hey…. look at your own language used in this blog b4 u comment on other, blurdy idiot….

  325. R4Os says:

    So Monsterball = Susan’s Blog master?

    Monsterball’s posts makes up majority of Susan blog’s posts?

    Is that why? I hope not… I think Susan’s credibility is greatly in dire straits if that’s true!

  326. R4Os says:

    so OTK is not part of MCA and is not BN? so critics of OTK is not acceptable here bcoz OTK is not part of MCA and not part of BN, What the F*ck…???

    Why don’t u ask your sukinan OTK to join PR instead of hogging the MCA No.1 post despite losing in the EGM?

    Ppl like Monsterball simply don’t understand “democracy” but claim to fight for democracy, what a joke….!!!

  327. monsterball says:

    Wow…so many messages to just say I am stupid….over and over again..with all sorts of weird logic ..only crackos like him can understand.

  328. monsterball says:

    One word he chose…out come his messages to insult me.
    Must have waited for so long.
    Never try to be nice to your enemy.
    For or against or shut up….but never try to part good reasons why his messages got moderated.
    Now all approved……look at what he wrote..all nonsense.

  329. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ahbengkia and Fatimah carrying najibs ball kuat kuat Ho Ho Ho
    :)) 8) :)] ;)) 😀 😉 😉 :(( 🙂 😦 😡 😮 😦
    Ho Ho Ho

  330. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Thank you my teacher Ho Ho Ho najibgila really bad and ahbengkia capati carrying najibgila ball everyday 🙂 😡 😮 Ho Ho Ho

  331. Ziggy says:

    Hey Fellas, in the first instance Najib has got NO Balls, its kept by
    Rosmah in a chassity belt under lock and key.

  332. Woo says:

    PM thinking that his One Malaysia works, no matter what BN doing
    is just want to buy voters and to be in power again fr the coming GE
    fr MCA & GERAKAN in the end of the road , the chinese will not vote for MCA & GERAKAN there all already finished HA HA

  333. Woo says:

    TKK can carry PM’s balls he is good at it, that’s why he goat his post
    the worse CM in Penang TKK if you come back Penang i m sure we will vote for u lu BAN BAN TALAH in hockien TKK no ball one ha ha

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