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  2. kiasu says:

    R . R . B said…
    Bro Pasquale,

    I was one of those people who voted PR , well actually it was a vote against Mr Sleepy head’s / SIL BN. I too was caught up with the euphoria after, giving high fives to my teh tarik buddies the coming days after March 08. Happy that a statement has been made and more than happy to give the opposition a chance to rule 5 states. A chance they had always been asking for.

    Then what did i get back in return?
    Lets just recap the important events that made me feel that I made a grave mistake;

    1) Bro Anwar’s “I have 30 people ready to jump ship come Sept 16th”
    Everyone was excited, praying for 30 to jump and then what? he had to swallow his own medicine in Perak. And all PR went berserk, disrespecting HRH at the state assembly, as though 3 jumpers were such an immoral and undignified event. Eh hello? 30 ok ka?

    2) RPK’s “we have hard (ie – photographic proof),and damning evidence”
    …but we forgot to make copies.

    What the hell? you possess evidence of conspiracy at the highest level. Evidence that connects your nemesis to murder, mind you, and one that will put your sworn enemy away forever….but u forgot to make copies.. What the Fish???

    3) Bala’s SD – Mr flip flop admits being offered 5M. Then BN machinery gets accused of taking him out, only to have him resurfaced months later. And resurface to claim what?…..

    here goes … He links a carpet seller to rosmah. One that can decide funding for the ministry of education, and who gets released on behalf of the home ministry. Also claiming that a Datuk took his pregnant wife to a Luxury car showroom to threaten his life. Well, at first they wanted to meet at a fast food joint but decided against it as the fast food joint had CCTV but the LUXURY car showroom did not…. sigh…
    Oh and PI did not know who the VVIP was, but knew who his wife was.. wtf..??
    oh..and prior to that, deepak, a pakistani muslim decided that the best place to meet was a bah kut teh shop in rawang…

    These 3 reasons are enough for me to swing my vote back to BN. This is only 3 of the major events within a web of Anwar/saiful scandal, RPK having hard evidence but when it came time to bring it to court runs for his life, allegations that Rosmah NEEDED to witness the murder with her own eyes, a crumbling coalition of unlikely bed partners, ..etc etc/

    shit, i voted for this clowns. What have i done? I voted for Azmin?!! crap! bring me the next elections please .. I need to right my wrongs



    November 16, 2009 7:55 PM

    cc monsternoball (mau lagi ka?) wtf

  3. vsp says:

    Tale of a simple kampung bumpkin and a demigod in Bolehland
    Mahathir thinks that he is the greatest thing that has happened in Bolehland. He is living in a glass house but he likes to throw stones at other people’s attap houses. But he doesn’t realise that his priceless, shining house of glass will not withstand the stones that are being hurled back at his house.

    Mahathir thinks that he has achieved a lot and he has a legacy to be proud of. But I say it is damn bullshit. Any donkey who have the power and the money to throw around would have achieved the same thing but at a great cost to him in the long run.

    Let’s make an analogy of why I say Mahathir’s achievements are a feet of clay. Mahathir is akin to a kampong idiot who has touched a TOTO Mega strike of RM20 million. To a kampong’s bumpkin, this was fantastic wealth, which if managed well would last him for 100 generations. But no, this was a stupid, spendthrift guy who immediately upon getting the money advertised himself as the greatest gift to a kampung which had not seen such wealth before. He began to throw money around, buying a big mansion, a hot-rod sports car and pouring gifts on his immediate family members and relatives.

    Soon he had many admirers in the kampung who became his hangers-on. He became very popular with the kampung folks and with his money he began to control those around him. Whatever he says or do there were many sycophants who would praise him to the sky. Sooner or later he became very powerful. Even the headman of the village, the little police pondok guys were lavished with gifts from him. This went on for a while until the money ran out and his world collapsed on him. He ran into debts and could not lavish any more gifts on the simple kampung folks. Soon he lost respect and became a scourge to his own kampung and many abandoned him. He was reviled by those who once heaped praises on him and he was forced out of the kampung.

    Fast forward to a scenario that had taken place in Bolehland. Mahathir became the prime minister of Malaysia. Malaysia is a rich country blessed with various resources. Becoming the Prime Minister was akin to a bumpkin striking a TOTO mega prize in our imaginary kampung. The wealth of the country became his possessions. He began to launch mega projects and lavished great wealth on his family members, cronies and hangers-on. Everybody in Bolehland was fascinated with this wonder boy who would be able trickle down some wealth down the line with his mega spendings. The world was also fascinated and soon legions of fortune seekers descended upon Bolehland to sell trinklets and expensive baubles to the unsophisticated denizens of Bolehland. The citizenry lavished great praises on him and even considered him as a God. He becaome very powerful and he would not tolerated anyone he considered to be a threat to his powers. With the muted agreement of the majority of Bolehland’s citizens he managed to pass many laws that would ensure that no one could opposed him. He muzzled the Press so that everyday he would be the top dog in the news that sang his praises. He went to war against many imaginary enemies: the judiciary, the monarchy, all reasonable voices of society and the evil Westerners and he won every battles. The police became his hatchet men and goons. He was suspicious of everyone and even his 4 successive deputies were put on pastures when they cautioned him to be sensible. So much wastages and leakages were thrown on mega projects that soon the house of cards came tumbling down during one fine day in September 1999. His reign of terror became so debilitating to the health of Bolehland that he was forced to give up the prime ministership. After he departed, one crisis after another began to strike at the heart of Bolehland.

    Thus, this is the legacy that this lunatic megalomaniac has left behind.

  4. miwaki says:

    You see,there are still people prefer a government which is corrupted,incompetent and arrogant.That’s could be the reason why Malaysia is still considered a third world country by our friends living in developed countries.Not only our government is lousy,her citizens are no better.

  5. thanaif says:

    Gajah sama badak berlawan kucing tersepit diketawakan?

    Anjingkan ada sebagai teman.

  6. monsterball says:

    Tell Asia Sentinel…..we need them here…in Malaysia.
    We are fighting against all odds against a corrupted government…controlling everything and have a hand’s full…..right here in Malaysia.
    How can we help Asia…when we have not yet succeeded to help ourselves?

  7. Pegasus says:

    Goodbye RRB, you have make your points…for the rest of us …we will keep on the fight is not over…its just the beginning..!

    Your points against – Anwar, RPK and Bala…alone does not constitute freedom and equality among all races in this country that the majority of us are looking for…!

  8. tengelam says:

    Does Asia Sentinel know about the nutcase Deputy Education Minister Mohd Puad Zarkashi


  9. tengelam says:

    Najib VOWED to bring back talent from abroad, now the contract to teach them bahasa melayu will go to 1$osmah`s clingons.
    Or Najib must go to the mosque again to retract his earlier vow.

  10. tengelam says:

    PM vows to bring home talented M’sian diaspora

  11. monsterball says:

    Does Asia Sentinel know our police force declare war against all who opposes Najib or UMNO and not protect Malaysians and the country.. as it should be?
    Charity begins at home and our home Malaysia needs every help we can get.

  12. monsterball says:

    Yes…tengelam…UMNO is very proud to have such weird stupid minister.

  13. davis says:

    Does a language make a nation? In Switzerland a few languages are used and recognised. Is Switzerland not a nation? An advanced nation too. A nation is more, much more, than a language. It is a nation because its citizen are united. Its citizens are treated equally. Equal opportunities in education and employment. In the place of work, efficiency and profit are the main goals, not the language used.

  14. tengelam says:

    I also get very “susah hati” when UMNO leaders speak in manglish

  15. tengelam says:

    First, UMNO was made of malays, then mamaks took over, now they are mangalis.

  16. tengelam says:

    To me what is sad is that we have a deputy minister like him! He tells us that when he receives letters in English he returns them? I can only ask you guys to have a look at this clip from a Bujang Lapok film….if only P Ramlee was still around I am sure the said deputy Minister would have a part as an extra….or maybe lead actor number four (after the three Bujang Lapok lah!)

  17. Pegasus says:


    This is the product & end result from the umno school mentality , this S-holes will drag the country back to 15th century…Well done..!

  18. Menyalak-er says:

    This Puad flur is a product of the mangled higher education system.
    What language do they speak in Cabinet Meetings? Right.. Manglish. What do the Senior Civil Servants hear during postCab meetings? Right.., Manglish.
    So puad the kasi is right, no english – only manglish.
    That’s why we have an unintelligent chimera of a gomen which is not governing but putting out fires day in, day out. 1Policy barked 1/4 in bugis, 1/4 english, 1/8 mandarin, hokkien teochew, cantonese, hakka 1/16 kelantanese, 1/32 hindi, 1/64 tamil.. ad infinitum.
    Result: No one understands.
    Conclusion: Idiocy.

  19. wits0 says:

    Face it, BM medium did not bring about greater unity because it was implemented with the WRONG SPIRIT.

    Its aim was to hobble the nons and promote malay hegemony. It managed only to downgrade the standards everywhere. Speaking of karmic returns! Hahaha!

    Putting it very briefly, in a nutshell.

  20. gdp says:

    Maxis makes strong return in biggest ever IPO

    0.40sen on Rgt.5 is 8%, the chunk of it goes to the remisiers. There is nothing to warrant Maxis trading at this price. Their Indonesia investment is a mess and Astro is just rubbish these days with repeats all the time. What is so strong about it?

  21. hashim says:

    Editor Utusan Malaysia Dan PM Menyerah Kalah

    Kelmarin Editor Utusan Malaysia(EUM) mengambil keputusan menyiarkan foto Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim bersama Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Razak (PM) sedang minum bersama di Dewan Parlimen.

    Ia merupakan isyarat besar kepada rakyat Malaysia bahawa Anwar Ibrahim bukan penjenyah dan penghianat negara.

  22. goblok says:

    PUTRAJAYA, Nov 19 — The education ministry’s first Aptitude Test for Year Six students during their UPSR exams has shown that only 5.7 per cent (29,084 students) out of 509,885 pupils are skilled at problem solving and decision making, and only 34.34 per cent (175,101) in skilled thinking.

    They are mass producing ahbengkias looking for exhaust pipes.

  23. wits0 says:

    “They are mass producing ahbengkias looking for exhaust pipes.”

    And prepared to give up their prepuce for a future.

  24. goblok says:

    And prepared to give up their prepuce for a future…..wits0

    To the ahbengkias “prepuce” is something that happens before throwing up after mouthing BN leaders.

  25. bodohsombong says:

    vsp – November 17, 2009 WELL SAID!!! You are damn right!

  26. 1Malaysia says:

    French toast available here:

    However, it might pay to take a look at some other deals in which top French politicians were involved, some of them along with DCN, and to ask whether all of that €114 actually went to Razak Baginda’s company, or if some, with the complicity of Malaysian politicians, went into the pockets of their French counterparts.

    ….Although Sarcozy and Balladur have both denied any wrongdoing, a top-secret memo turned up in October 2008 from DCN, which was state-owned at the time of the alleged kickbacks. Copies of the memo were shown on French television. The memo reportedly said France had stopped paying the bribes after Chirac won the 1995 elections despite requests by Pakistani officials for several years afterwards. Eventually, according to the story, the Pakistanis eventually lost patience and orchestrated the bus attack on the Agosta engineers in retaliation. The third submarine ordered and leased by Malaysia was an Agosta.

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