Wow. This is what we call ‘magic’ – making claims for events that never took place also can, ah? But claiming is only one side of the story, who reimburses such claims without thorough checking? Shameful lah.

Are these the memories we want Malaysian kids to grow up with? No wonder, many parents are telling their kids to go study overseas and don’t come back lah. Of course, UMNO and the ultra racists are happy for this.

MACC crackdown: Umno MP, exco aide among those charged (Update 4)
(The STAR). But this is just leadership by example lah. Their Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, also makes claims for things that never took place.

Like 1Malaysia concept, right? But then, they are NOT the only crazy fellas lah. Shah Rukh Khan recently claims he owns land on the moon!


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  1. Richard Loh says:

    1Malaysia under 1Najis, that is the real problem. MACC….

    Please Take This Poll:

    What Do You Think Of MACC Latest Blitz

  2. monsterball says:

    UMNO side of story…well educated Malaysians side of story….which side do you believe?

  3. mafai says:

    Not surprising. Musa Hassan`s mattress also never took place.

  4. monsterball says:

    Keep digging for the truth…so many are revealed by brave Malaysians.
    Those who dig ..spied and get into UMNO file room….risking their lives…come out with “secret” documents that shows how crooks cheats…not good enough evidence..without three witnesses…and twist the arrest the person…revealing “secret” documents…very unlawful…instead of praising and hero worship him…….to exposed crooked that hide and deal crookedly.
    PM to feel embarrass?
    Do that…he is finished.
    Therefore….denying denying …applying…”innocent …until proven guilty” defence mentality.
    This is how a crook with respond…while planning another tell us..lets move on…forget the past.
    After all..he is the PM…with absolute power….what can Malaysians do him…is how he is thinking to himself.

  5. mafai says:

    “PM to feel embarrass?”

    That useless farker can never be embarassed. Even his God he has con already

  6. uzdeks says:

    MACC charging the umno monkey is a con. Wait and see more PR people will be charged but khir toyol will be made next pm

  7. berambus says:

    Better to buy this and send all umno members there:

  8. tengelam says:

    “1Malaysia heroes – making claims for events that never took place.”

    That is what BM [Bangsa Melayu] is…..BIG MOUTH

  9. october22 says:


    MCA and Gerakan have received the ultimate insult from Umno. If MCA and Gerakan still remain in Barisan Nasional after this low blow, then these parties are not just Umno running dogs but Umno ball-l*ckers as well. Hear properly what is being said in this video recorded in Parliament.

    This guy speaks the truth. How can KPI Minister introduced KPI when his own KPI ( key performance Indicator was a failure ie. he failed to secure his parliamentary seat).
    There is truth in what is said about OTK.
    I agree 100%.
    OTK has declare before EGM to resign if he loose any of the resolutions. Vote of no confident is enough for him disappear forever.
    I agree!
    So… What OTK is waiting for?

  10. october22 says:

    Selangor MB is a criminal……………

    The Shah Alam MP was puzzled as to the criminal record as he was not aware he had one.

    However, a check with Bukit Aman revealed that the office did not issue him a letter regarding the criminal offence which prevented him from obtaining the official permit.

    “When I asked them to provide details of my alleged offence, they refused by saying that I needed to go through Jais in order to obtain the information.

    “Why should Jais enquire for me as it is my own “criminal record?” said Khalid who was perplexed as to why there was so much confusion and lack of transparency in the matter.

  11. rebena says:

    uzdeks cakap omong omong..
    toyo sudah jadi toy buruk , kena buang dah..

    warga dah kenal budak nakal tu.

  12. october22 says:

    omong omong obrol…..

    So, January 2010 is supposed to be the date that Barisan Nasional takes back Selangor from Pakatan Rakyat. This is what Umno is telling their people in the state agencies and government departments.

    Further to that, many within the Pakatan Rakyat government are going to find themselves facing all sorts of criminal charges, corruption charges included and Anwar Ibrahim included. Umno has asked its election machinery to get ready to face at least ten new by-elections as there are going to soon be ten empty seats.

  13. isa says:

    This garbage started by Mahakutty. There is no supervision over this Mahakutty, hence the ra*ping spree bagan.

    Mahakutty is the no. 1 criminal in Malaysia.

    If Mahakutty still can move freely on this earth, Malaysians are to be blamed.

    But if this in Thailand or Indonesia, Mahakutty would be in exile like Taktsin or pretending to be sick like Suharto thus can shun going to court.

    Mahakutty is the no. 1 snake in the world.

    Nobody likes Mahakutty in this world!

  14. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    This mahakutty @ kututhir very weak and old now.His heart very weak now after so many operation bypass.Times up and times to go.

  15. Captain Marvel says:

    “ISA” and “Look who’s talking” commenters, you guys are absolutely “correct, correct, correct”…

  16. wits0 says:

    “Nobody likes Mahakutty in this world!”

    Kancilterbalik does. To ‘it’ , he is a demigod who still wants to(cook and) serve us all! Saw what he offered in the Astro ads?

  17. isa says:

    If Mahakutty has the conscience, Mahakutty should surrender all the loots he plundered from us for the past 28 years and then he can go and commit hara-kiri himself.

    This claims here is just a small potato as compared to the amount amounting to thousands of billions plundered by Mahakutty!.

  18. uzdeks says:

    “However minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz was not surprised and emphasised that Abdul Rahman’s charge proved MACC did not practise selective prosecution.”

    That is the only reason the berok umno was charged, and the case will be buang after he is found guilty and appeals. The real target is s`gor govt.

  19. davis says:

    In Taiping, they gamble on the time as to when it will rain . Anyone taking bets on the outcome of Abdul Rahman’s trial.

  20. uzdeks says:

    “If Mahakutty has the conscience,…”

    That malay from kerala does not have any conscience……he dunno what it means.

  21. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Sure we all are correct,correct,correct.Why?
    Because Captain Marvel say so.HaHaHaHaHaHa
    Up up and away..Captain Marvel

  22. wits0 says:

    “That malay from kerala does not have any conscience……he dunno what it means.”

    A moral moron isn’t expected to. But bolehland through umno bought it hook, line and sinker. He became its demigod and still is its idelible all time icon for successful ra*ing of the country’s wealth and getting away with anything.

  23. wits0 says:

    “The real target is s`gor govt.”

    As certain as the sun will rise in the east tomorrow. If not, pigs will fly.

  24. 1macc says:

    Zorro called me about 6 o’clock this evening to say that he had been summoned to appear at the police commercial crime division near the Bank Negara train station tomorrow afternoon at 3pm.

    Seems they want to question him on something that was posted on his blog. Don’t know what at this time

  25. wits0 says:

    Meant. “ the WEST, i.e.”

    Deviousness is its entitled right because the right to rule is divinely ordained. Its whole philosophy is vile.

  26. 1macc says:

    malays should pray to ayatollah mahathai

  27. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Hello there)))) calling calling))))) crazy gina boy !!
    We are looking for you fulat crazy gina boy.hehehehehe
    Yuu hooooo some surprise for you.hahahahaha

  28. 1macc says:

    UMNO Kerala Holy Pig talking:

    Former premier Dr Mahathir today supported the suggestion to introduce a single stream school system in the country.
    Training his guns on Chinese parents, he said: “They do not want their children to mix with Malay and Indian kids.”

  29. wits0 says:

    That KeralaKutty is a hateful creature at heart. You can temporarily appease him only by letting him rob, cheat and lie at will.

  30. uzdeks says:

    The best present for the pig mahathir is for all his children to die before him.

  31. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Durian season he eats durian and stuck to his throat.Oh Uh uh umm
    Immediately got heart failure and the end for mahakutty @ kututhir.Correct,correct,correct.Hahahahaha

  32. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    He talk too much,open his mouth wide and big poisonous bees fly inside his mouth,then stung his ass*ole mouth and then he cannot talk permanently.Hahahahahahahaha

  33. monsterball says:

    uzdeks…I share your anger. I feel your frustrations too…but we must not wish death for anyone.
    Life is precious….let it be. God will know what to do.
    Every action has an equal reactions…and Mahathir’s countless sins have earned him the title….”devil reincarnated”.
    Most important of all…he does not carry votes.
    Malaysians do not respect this cunny sly fox anymore.
    Let kopitiam fellas talk anything….except…wishing someone to die soon.
    But wishing kancilandak to die young…OK. That’s a nick…..who is one knows.
    Wishing monsterball die and go to hell..OK….I like it….hahahahahaha

  34. FenceSitter says:

    So there are more pr corruption in the past 18month than bn had in the past 50 years? The pr corrupt ppl must be really stupid for not knowing how to cover their asrse. Rite?

  35. monsterball says:

    I mean i die and go to hell….is OK.
    When I die…they can pray to all the help them.
    Still Johnny Walker….I may our lived few much younger than me.
    Dead or alive…I will still vote…against UMNO.
    Dead….see Rose Chan again..enjoy her strip tease shows….what’s wrong?
    Dead…can see all the exciting movies….visit kopitiams and talk nonsense…nothing holy holy…what’s wrong?
    And many many more……
    Only those with great guilty complexes..pray for forgiveness and want to go to heaven..for the other hell….I will surely not be in…and that is the HELL…with tortures and sufferings to crooked lawyers..judges..…and police officers.

  36. monsterball says:

    Najib backside will come out oil HELL…when his time is up.
    However I wish him long life in jail. is precious.

  37. Everytime this mother fcu*er from Kerala name appears, I feel like devouring his cut flesh and gulp his blood.

  38. justme says:

    These made good headlines. Question is,lets just wait for the trial and verdict.
    Who gets acquitted and and who gets convicted? Care to guess?

  39. wits0 says:

    “..and that is[ALREADY] the HELL…with tortures and sufferings to crooked lawyers..judges..…and police officers”

    You got it!.

    A different hell awaits Mahakutty and followers. Their death Bardos will send them there!


    “In the tradition of these teachings it doesn’t matter wether you’re a Buddhist or not: you will still have the experience of the wrathful and peaceful deities.” u/q.

  40. Nice Lim says:

    Those bad souls that do the killing,cheating,bad bad things …will have to answer every single sins that they have done during their lifetimes……

  41. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Mahakutty @ kututhir midnight go to 1 toilet and slip.Oppps,
    fainted and ambulance take him to emergency operation rooms,heart failure again.
    Semi viloo come to visit and says Ayo yo my brother what happen to you?
    Mahakutty @ kututhir says,dey don’t brother brother with me o.k ! I’m finish o.k ! Are you ayo yo happy now?

  42. wits0 says:

    The reinstatement of CSL :

    Die faster lah, MCA!

  43. Menyalak-er says:

    “Shah Rukh Khan claims that he owns land on the moon.”
    Yep Susan, and Dear Leader claims that mme. Lumpiolus owns a piece of shah rukh khan. As the cuckolded ‘wife’ he therefore owns all the water on the moon.
    His cousin Kerismudin, is also the true home minister of that unmentionable party when that ROS reject ‘deputy prez, porn star’ was given penetration rights again. Overruling his own ‘jabatan’ is not an urban legend.
    Meanwhile the MACCup bumno MP will go scot free and will someday become a hero like Samy the Swami…

  44. monsterball says:

    Hell and heaven are words…not real.
    They are right here. We are experiencing them….right now.
    But there are spirits and ghosts for sure.
    There are good and bad spirits…and ghosts are usually afraid of human beings..poor fellas harmless…hungry and lost.
    Afraid….your body will be taken up by a naught spirit…using your body…no more you…to personify that spirit in real “life”.
    Not strange to see a person speaks japanese…if that spirit is a japanese.
    One thing all spirits are afraid is fearless kopitiam fellas…we come.they run.
    Humans can hide their true identities by acting like someone else.
    Najib have master the acting…lying and cheating.without victims knowing it…like a crooked magician….having studied Hinduism .Javaism…Borak-ism….bullshit-ism. .apply his best in 200 days as PM.
    Learn advertising and marketing….private tution…secretly at home…now performing…how to buy up people and control sell UMNO to voters.
    After more than 53 years …need not sell…..buyers will come automatically…if your product is good.
    But need to apply all sorts of stunts to sell…is clear sign……the product is not wanted.
    The product is UMNO…no one wants..except by those people….weak in minds…greedy in nature…brag in personality…all minds captured by UMNO devils.
    We have save alot… many left?….a clear minority…from a huge majority…before.
    Najib is scared like hell!!

  45. wits0 says:

    “Their Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, also makes claims for things that never took place. ” – Susan.

    He also denies anything and everything that does not produce a good image on his regime.

    It’s the pits.

  46. monsterball says:

    He knows he is finished and scared like hell.
    Outwardly showing happy and well…sleep having nightmares
    When Dotty says..”sit” he sits…”stand!”.. .he stands. …talk too much..Dotty tell all out…about Atlantuya….not only Najib goes to jail…HELL is waiting for him.
    He is a natural born liar.

  47. monsterball says:

    His succeeded to get 3 new supporters….with special talents.
    Devils they are…can change from 3 Stooges…to 3 Devils…to 3 war 3 sea creatures…to 3 elements…performed by kancilandak..fatimah and ahbengkia…directed by 1-4-C..showing….only at Susan’s theaters.
    PR convinced all level headed and smart Malaysians to join their parties.
    How can Najib afford to be truthful and go to jail.
    “Truthfulness” is taboo to UMNO.

  48. sky juice says:

    This blardy old rocket eunuch is just a good for nothing power crazy fuc*tard needs to be burnt in Hell with this propaganda monsterball.

    Who on earth would want to hire a monster for an organization?

    What has this eunuch been doing? Watching Rome burns while fiddling or conspiring with Mahakutty joining the burning?

    It’s time this rocket eunuch fu*k off together with this monsterball before this nation is kaput.

  49. sky juice says:

    This useless stupid rocket eunuch is just wasting another opportunity putting the whole nation in the right track but alas, appointing his fcu*ing son as the CM.

    There goes the opportunity in righting the wrongs in Malaysia again and again, and again…..

    This is the norm of this stupid, parochial and good for nothing eunuch party. It’s whole life either in house fighting for land, power, money or women, or then this nepotism again…

    This stupid and narrow minded rocket eunuch with no wisdom will let the Umno-led BN dogs continuing sodom*ing Bolehland.

  50. sky juice says:

    This stupid useless fcu*ing rocket eunuch is just not interested in running his party properly, nor the proper management of the state or the country’s affairs.

    Looking the state of affairs right now in Bolehland, this eun*ch rocket party is given a little bit of mandate and power not because the rakyat is hard up on this useless eunuch rocket party but just got totally disillusioned with the BN dogs led by the sleepy zzzzzz nanb*tinan Bodollah and son-in-law.

    Before 03/08 this eunuch was saying he was retiring from politics, but now is still crazy in power. This fcu*ing eunuch rocket is just a outright l*ar and should be ha*ged for good with the useless son… and all the traitors, be it the BN or PR.

  51. sky juice says:

    Dey! You useless fu*king rocket eun*ch, you are as crazy as the Umno-led bas*ards who are all crazy in power.

    Else this country will be a heaven on earth.

    All this fc*king politicians (BN & PR) and this monsterball here are turning fast this beautiful nation into hell just because of 1 little word: power.

    Dey! If the opposition party is roooten especially this useless eunuch party is rooootten to the core, can there be change? Yeah! Monsterball! ‘sweet dream’!

    Guess the ‘angel’ from devil is giving you words for your assignment the next morning.. hehehe…

  52. sky juice says:

    Please la if you have some brain, can Bolehland be an excellent country if you and your son are still in power in Bolehland after 53 years?

    Are you walking on water? You have squandered another opportunity to put Bolehland in the right track by restoring the judicial system to be independent… and also the nation.. by practicing nepotism, by putting your son as the CM.. by not fulfill your promises before 3/8 -in declaring your assets, third vote, limitation of terms, abolishing the toll booths, separation of powers, check and balances….

    But the problem with this rocket eunuch’s pea brain, how can the nation be correct when this rocket eunuch is the root of the problem- practicing blatant nepotism and cronyism?

    And this monsterball is a clear cut example here.

  53. sky juice says:

    So come next GE, all the rocket eunuchs would be booted out and let Umno and its cohorts continue screw*ng the rakyat.

    This is a cycle and is a cruel permanent pattern for the rakyat as long as this stupid rocket eunuch is still at the helm crazy in power for self interests.. for putting the son as CM…. to stay as long as the dynasty can… as long as he has the power… the dead or alive of the rakyat is immaterial- as long as the father and son got the power!

    This is just a decadent party like the Umno-led BN dogs.

    Susan: 1Malaysia heroes – making claims for events that never took place.

    What can the rocket eunuch do about it?

    Well! The rocket eunuchs can only watch and fiddling while Rome burns.

    And now the rocket eunuchs are in deep shit with the Umno-led running dogs going after the rocket eunuchs for misappropriate of funds.

    These beautiful land of ours are destined to be like Niger with all these crazy nuts and eunuchs in a labyrinth of sodomy- and the reality is- the rakyat is the final and ultimate victim!

  54. sky juice says:

    All these fu*king politicians (BN & PR) are all intoxicated with power.

    They are all 1MadMadMadbasta*ds who are all totally drunk and mad.

    When this monsterball wakes up from the next morning, he is still not sober, still got the hangover and smell like shit.

    Look, this beautiful Bolehland of ours are fast going to the dogs with all these intoxicated crazy nuts who think not for the country, rakyat and rakyat children but are obsessed with power and women.. and money, wealth… these mabok to the core and corrupted and intoxicated minds focus on 1 thing and nothing else- “power”.

    As long as this rocket eunuch and son and dil and all these Umno-led bas*ards are in power, all these garbage will persist infinitely!

  55. davis says:

    I am not sure whether those politicians, mentioned by many of you , will go to hell or not. But this I know, the people of this land is now in HELL because of what they have done to the country.

  56. monsterball says:

    Yes Davis….the country is controlled by devils and thousands are living in hell life for nothing.
    We are what we make it to be…and 12th GE…was a mistake by thousands of voters giving UMNO and BN a chance to change..with the strongest opposition in the 53 years of v our independence history.
    Now we know UMNO can never change…as so much so call secret documents must be protected at all cost….to avoid so many ministers…past and present to be convicted in court and go to jail for corruptions so unbelievably huge….with billions in UMNO party….ready to buy up the country….for UMNO to govern forever.
    UMNO BARU must keep on governing….now. No other choices for him.
    Najib must be PM after 13th GE…or else swearing by the Koran..not valid….go to trial….for RM500 million corruption and the most vicious ad cruel crime……Malaysians have ever witnessed.
    Khairy is shivering and need to close rank with Najib.
    Notice most big mouths are speaking less…for when they speak…they are chasing voters away.
    Najib have to be very calm….but come the 13th his speeches. If he talk like we have seen in Permantang Pauh…he knows he is finished.
    No matter how smart they try to act and fool Malaysians…signs and things happening cannot escape the truths….and these coming 300 days under Najib….we have enough signs and actions made by UMNO to know….how desperate they are.
    Naturally..police force is most powerful now…preparing Emergency Rule…if UMNO falls….and PR are no fools…Malaysians are calm .going about with their lives….earning a living..waiting 13th GE.
    Sky juice are for many things…including washing our backside..after shitting.
    Our “sky juice” in the blog….have tasted shit and keep talking shit.

  57. Nice Lim says:

    Life goes on….happy or sad,
    Hell or not hell,
    Everyone knows what they are doing….
    But 1 things for sure and we are 100% sure is that…..we have change the political landscape and also the life of all fellows loving Malaysian by declining this evil Be-end of 2/3 majority in Parliament on 12GE and comes 13GE TSUNAMI …..there will be more bigger majority for PR as what they (be-end) have done to their own peoples….just look at PERAK and the rest of the un-solved murders and corruption to the core………and many many events that never really took place !!!!!!!!!

  58. weng says:

    PR and ppl are living together in Penang and Selangor, in harmony and happiness..

    we are against toyo and kroni.. toyo is extremely boros and expert in most type of money corruption..

  59. monsterball says:

    Soooooo…..this cracko chooses ‘sky juice’…after watching Bruce Lee documentary film…telling how powerful water is.
    He speaks at the wee hours of the night….then pray for forgiveness…and rush to Putra Jaya to wash toilets…with his sky juice.
    That is his job…nothing else..wash toilets and clean shit away.
    That’s not power Allah gave to “shy juice”?
    That’s a shit job…to punish him…and like his master….this cracko can never change…mumbling and talking to himself….using the broomstick to hug and pretend it is a girl…to release own tensions.
    Everyone are laughing…..not enough.
    He must advertise to the whole world…..what UMNO have produced…what great loyal servant he is to UMNO…while others treat UMNO as elected public servants…to serve…and we are their boss.
    Naturally…millions Malaysians are disappointed…with UMNO…..making the country into a hell country.. and living in hell lives.
    Some Malaysians are scared….some are selfish….some are so rich..want peace and harmony.
    All actually hates UMNO BARU!!
    But signs are showing very clear….most of the above..will do the right thing..when time comes…for the slogans.. are the last straw Malaysians are going to allow Najib to fool them….treating all Malaysians like fools.

  60. weng says:

    which sky juice taking so many nicks and chat ..

    If LGE was brave enough to go jail due to that false trial via Tamby Chik- former Malacca CM,
    LGE is ok continue to be a CM in Penang, as long as not corrupted.
    DAP will appoint more Woman party leaders.. which are capable..

    Two Coalition system is a fact in Malaysia..
    i support monsterball to be a candidate in GE 13, whether DUN or MP capacity is good..

  61. monsterball says:

    hahahahahahahaha..Thank you weng.
    I will spent my time..mostly in jail..makan gaji buta….cannot talk…if I am a politician. Maybe die in a mysterious way too.
    No thanks……I love freedom and free from any party…to do .speak truths as I see it….with no fear.
    I love my kopitiam fellas and if I can convince some pro BN voters to vote for change of government and behave like bosses to politicians…not to be scared of them……my job as a useful loyal sincere Malaysian is done.
    See you all in the evening.

  62. weng says:

    Cyber troopers, monsterball, wits0, have conscience and capable to contribute to the nation if given chance to be a candidate and win in GE13.
    RPK and Zaid can be the new Independence MACC executive leader/ minister in PR government.

  63. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Good morning,good morning,good morning,
    Wah lau eh,,,”sky juice” talking to itself and eat its own shit,,kakakakaka
    Yes (( ORANGE JUICE )))) will be better,full of vit.c,,,kakakakakakakaka
    Have a lovely days,,,monsterball,Mr nice,rebena and to all )))))))))))))))

  64. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    ((OH YES))))
    ”sin foo,hao thim” means sour now never mind but we all will taste sweetness later on,,,kakakakakakakakakaka
    busy,busy,busy day ahead,bye.KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA

  65. rebena says:

    Thanks and appreciate Susan Loone’s space..
    here we have freedom to discuss and exchange views..

    macc will need to continue their work..
    lots of investigation pending for their follow-up and legal action..
    eg : frauds case discovered in Auditor General reports, PKFZ,.. and further…

  66. uzdeks says:

    uzdeks…I share your anger. I feel your frustrations too…but we must not wish death for anyone.
    Life is precious….let it be. – monsterball

    To each his own way… will be the best for mahathir…his children first….this is war not for the faint hearted………..ask Najib he knows.

  67. davis says:

    “Enter thou into the world of politics and all things shall be given unto thee” Sadly the above is the motivation that drove a lot of people to enter politics. They are not there because they believe in a cause but what they hope to get. For thirty pieces of silver they are prepared to betray their countrymen. Many a MCA members belong to this class of leeches. The present drama being played on the stage of MCA is a good example.

  68. matibabi says:

    However, Dr Mahathir said in this country, you could not even talk about it because the Chinese educationists were very vehement that their children must be like Chinese.
    “The Chinese educationists do not even want Chinese children to be near Malay children.. they mustn’t get into contact with Malay children… that is why they rejected our vision school,” he said.

    There are 60,000 malay students in chinese schools, his monyet rocky in malay mail support him.
    This babi melayu india wants the non muslims to be cursed and sweared at in the muslim schools. Real pukkimak punya orang.

  69. wits0 says:

    Davis, you’re absolutely correct wrt (especially) local politicians who have grown crass and cynical! But sadly enough, the people who puts them there also deserve what they got when they kept voting time and time again for the same devils. That’s why really good people cannot really thrive in any top positions in such an environment where “small men”, venal to the core, will suffocate and displace the honorable ones. Even non politicians, e.g., like Lim Teck Ghee of ASLI has to resign for speaking the truth. What more?

  70. davis says:

    matibabi, do go to Ampang Road. There is a Chinese school there SRJK(C) Lai Meng. Observe the cars parked there to take the children home. They are BMW, Merce, Volvo and all models that I cannot afford or even dare dream of. The children entering these cars are Malay. Their parents are wise to enrolled them to that school.

  71. matibabi says:

    kryptonite could destroy superman,
    keralite mahathai is the man who destroyed malaysia and turned it into a pigsty

  72. Menyalak-er says:

    I wonder why no Malay nor Chinese wants to attend a Tamil school?

  73. wits0 says:

    Mahakutty is one creature filled with hate, greed, ignorance(of anything deep) and delusion(of grandeur). The people pays for that rotten hubris – that’s also karma, for elevating him as leader and darkening their own psyche and the psychic environment.

  74. davis says:

    ” I wonder why no Malay nor Chinese wants to attend a Tamil school? “…..Menyalak-er. Because the builing facilities are so poor, the teaching is often below par, the headmasters pathetic appointed because he is a MIC member. Indian professionals do not send their children to Tamil schools. Not even Samy.

  75. Kancilandak says:

    What has becummed of the civil service…. like a filthy swamp breeding all kind of maggot in it… what they ever think of is money any which way they can get.
    It is timely that our PM came out with program to rehalibitate the civil service to excellense.
    We never hear this kind of money grabbing ‘magic’ took place under TDM time.

  76. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    ….Then they should encourage ”Kancil2459 @ 007” to tamil school as he can get his free beer there and shout ”night chap guinness stout venneleki nallavi”.hahaha
    he can be a good 007 spy kids over there.hehehuhuhukikikukiki

  77. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    “Says xxxxx Altantuya’s father,if they the deep shit pathetic evils never use c4 on my beloved daughter,then i shall never curse them to death today”
    Oh,thank you for your comments Mr Sharibu.We are going to say that too.Yes correct.

  78. davis says:

    “We never hear this kind of money grabbing ‘magic’ took place under TDM time”….Kancilandak. We did hear loud and clear, maybe not you. The maggots were reared by TDM and now the maggots have metamorphosed into the flies that we encounter everyday in our dealing with the government services.

  79. Kancilandak says:

    I was in tamil school until Std.6… whose headmaster used to mix samsu into the glass before pouring the “nai chap ginness stout unngeleki nalleti”… in the local coffee shop where we used to buy keropok kacang….(a very bad experience and like to forget about it althou I retain many freinds from that school) until we family move into a felda scheme and a proper school…. MIC never worried about Tamil schools and no big black beer drinking political indian ever will.

  80. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    Ho ho ho,kancil2457@007 drink samsu since std 6!!!O.k,tell me more about your nightmare there?

  81. davis says:

    Kancilandak, did you sit for your UPSR exam. in a classroom with a leaking roof, in semi darkness ? Did your headmaster have a PJK? Many Tamil headmaster have.

  82. davis says:

    headmaster to be read as headmasters

  83. wits0 says:

    “The maggots were reared by TDM ..”

    He wrote that invisible provision for the might and mighty into stones – that the top ppl can fleece the public with wantonness and immunity. He created perks for himself. He allowed a good measure of the same for his elitist bumno ilks, else how can he be supported in return?

    Naturally pico has never heard of such things because his ears and mind are pawned to the BTN pedagogy. And Mahakitty did all these while potraying himself as the only just man standing in politics anywhere in the world!

    Pico also cannot connect the dots why the civil servce is gone fart. He seemingly cannot understand imitation of the top ppl and the sense of entitlement so typical of BTN products.

  84. wits0 says:

    Meant: “for the HIGH and mighty..”

  85. wits0 says:

    The history of Bolehland for 53 years is one of revision of history into a hubris drug for some people. Therefore myriad fakeries also becomes everywhere easily evident with any closer look.

  86. WHY WRITE?

    To share
    What’s close to my head beyond hair
    Giving me the chance my views to air
    With my personal thoughts to bare

    To care
    For all those who love me
    Eating with me rice and mee
    Even without meat from hare

    To dare
    Share with others what I believe
    Knowing it may help others to relieve
    Themselves in how they fare

    To glare
    The obvious social injustices and wrongs
    Lending a voice to those who aren’t strong
    To gallop faster than any stallion or mare

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 041109
    Wed. 4th Nov. 2009.

  87. Menyalak-er says:

    Ah yes, about the Tamil schools. That’s why we ‘had’ Hindraf, a real hero. I’ve been to some of these so called schools – awful!! They would be quite willing to intergrate to a national school system, if they look beyond MIC and swami samy. The aim of Tamil schools was part of the divide and rule scheme.

    Pico, i’ll take your word for your early schooling. I understand why you sometimes remain so beholden yet ‘confused’ with the system and establishment. But you are smart, due to eating many palm oil fruits and durian in Felda. You can join us and fight the injustice that we see now, and forget about the gaji. Then you will be considered “righteous”.

  88. R4Os says:

    Read this from Sin Chew Editorial:

    “Ong has failed to honour his own words by not conforming to the decisions made by party delegates. It is therefore not a question now as of who have betrayed the party president or have attempted to throw him out of office.

    How could a leader lacking integrity lead MCA? How would such a leader put the party’s unity plan into implementation? And how would he ever win the support and respect of the Chinese community?

    The worst ever president in party history

    At this very moment, the party president could only represent those with vested interest within the party. He is not qualified to represent the Chinese community in whole.

    Plunging MCA into such a sorry state we see today, Ong could as well be the worst president ever in the history of MCA. There hasn’t been another MCA president who has been so unprincipled as to dishonour his own pledges…”

  89. R4Os says:

    “A mission to clear up the truth

    As the Fourth Estate in a democratic system, Chinese newspapers will never confront, nor side, any political party or faction, but will instead stand firm on their stand and mission to help the public see the truth, for the interests of the Chinese community. They will not opt for silence for fear of accusations that they have hidden agendas behind their moves, or are supporting or against any particular leader.

    They are well aware that it is an act of connivance if they choose to keep quiet when they should not.” –SinChew Daily

  90. Menyalak-er says:

    Davis, you are indeed a good foil and see things as they should be, although you must be careful to read into what i don’t say, not what i say… Wits, kk46 and some others do it the positive way, i do it the negative way. That’s why it’s hard to understand… Thanks again.
    Lets watch Pico and guide him, as he still thinks Octokutty is Lord Vishnu, not realising the ‘Destroyer’ is more appropos.

  91. R4Os says:

    Umnoputras have come out with another NAP plan to screw the Rakyat, both from front and behind:

    In front: Umnoputras screw Rakyat with APs extended to 2015, give more protections to crap Potong cars, and make car buyers pay the world’s highest car prices.

    From Behind: For those who can’t afford pricey new cars and hang on to their old cars, now Umnoputras screw Rakyat with mandatory yearly Puspakom roadworthiness tests, to force them to replace their old cars!

    Except members of umnoputras, no one can escape this Potong’s curse and get ripped off by Umnoputras! Rakyat must decide that enough is enough, and come out in full force to vote out Be-eNd in the coming GE-13…

  92. 1stone2birds says:

    To each his own way… will be the best for mahathir…his children first….this is war not for the faint hearted………..ask Najib he knows.

    uzdeks – November 4, 2009 at 11:10 am

    Monsterball is having a comfortable life enjoying his kopi-o kow in Kopitian with his decadent friends.

    This ‘if I don’t kill you you will kill me political world is just not his cup of coffee’.

    Mr. monsterball is having a hedonistic life. He still thinks that he is in a political kopi-o class good only for amicable discussion and learning.

    Wait till he is bombed into pieces or being thrown out from the 14th floor, then he will realize politics is dirty and ruthless.

    Monsterball is good only for the kopitiam where he can chit-chat comfortably all his life and he is not viable for the treacherous political battle field.

  93. davis says:

    Menyalak-er, Thank you. We have the same motive i.e. to give everyone a place in the Malaysian sun. We may express ourselves differently but our goal is the same.

  94. 1stone2birds says:

    Umnoputras have come out with another NAP plan to screw the Rakyat, both from front and behind: R40s.

    You have omitted the middle. The Rakyat is being screwed also by the opposition party as well since they are not affected because they are allowed 1 AP every year.

    They can get cheap luxurious cars for their family members and cronies for being acquiescing!

  95. davis says:

    Kancilandak,while it is virtuous to be grateful for things given , gratitude must not blind us or silence us. If you see something is not right, you have to speak up. If you do not, then you have the disposition of a slave.

  96. Nice Lim says:

    ‘some use a bigger route to be back and some use a short cut to be back’
    > OR < the same as we are all destine to fight evils and for a better place to live in this unique country Malaysia.
    Dirty Tactic…..Postal Vote To Remain—-NAZI !
    ( their next 13GE evil plans…..ghost rise up and votes )

  97. Nice Lim says:

    Languages Barrier !!!
    Some might think that they are outclass or low class peoples until the wise one……humble enough to pull themselves down to basic….same standard then all will start talking and comments naturally.
    No way to pull a bull or cow to drinks water if they don’t want to…unless use some other way……
    If they are in a square shape……then i shall transform myself to that square shape….than only he/she will feel comfortable and compatible with one another…..monsterball is correct….use simple English…thank again our respected ‘monsterball’.
    Never to late to learn….”i would if i could and i could if i would”
    Just feel free…..serious,sincere and simple…..that is what friends are for…..

  98. Nice Lim says:

    Natural !
    Their face never look natural to all of us……no matter how they act or doing their Drama….again and again….for majority over here as i can observe and read daily…..most of us and that include me feel the same….we just feel sick with all their act and drama….and all their 1 this and 1 that…sigh….
    Time to wake up….we are the one….the majority that voted them to serve and when time comes everything will not be the same for this evils again….they use their cheating heart….walk the talk….killing….stab us at the back….oh how to describe …maybe you all have more better comments than me….everyday i read their act and news….i feel like wanna puke and feel sick….better go and listen to children laughter because children heart are really true and pure…hahahahahaha
    “Natural comes from pure sincere heart and not from all their mup-pet acting and cheating every now and then”….

  99. davis says:

    In the struggle against Marcos, the people of Philippines had a battle song . I think it was “Bayam Ku ” Any composer out there to give us a battle song to bring down the corrupted regime.

  100. Nice Lim says:

    “The Greatest Love Of All” to our future generation…..just give them a sense of pride and confident to success…………….

  101. bee says:

    1MalaysiaZero…..Avoiding claim of event that happened – C4

  102. budak cina says:

    Plunging MCA into such a sorry state we see today, Ong could as well be the worst president ever in the history of MCA. There hasn’t been another MCA president who has been so unprincipled as to dishonour his own pledges…”

    R4Os – November 4, 2009 at 1:30 pm

    As of today, Nov. 2009, the worst MCA president is this spineless and crocodile of the worst kind Ling Liong Sick.

    He is a mother of all fcu*ers alright.

    He should be chopped into 10,000 pieces also and let Auntie KOPI FREN cooked meatloaf for her kopitiam’s friends.

  103. kittykat46 says:

    “The worst ever president in party history” – R40s

    🙂 I think he is the best ever president in MCA history.
    MCA in its current form needs to be disassembled for the good of the country. He’s doing a fine job heading that way…:)

    Whether MCA is worth reassembling after that is a good subject for a few rounds of teh tarik….

    I think not, I think the rights of all citizens are best protected by non-raced based parties, but there are still plenty of old-timers who worry “Who’s going to look after the Chinese community’s rights ?”

  104. monsterball says:

    uzddks.This is war of the words.
    If it is real war they want..yes ..we kill or to be killed.
    I admire your extreme hatred….but you must not be like them,.

  105. wits0 says:

    “but there are still plenty of old-timers who worry “Who’s going to look after the Chinese community’s rights ?””

    They think like the Yap Ah Loy generation, these so pure non bananas!

  106. monsterball says:

    1stone2birds..You are very wrong about me….but you are entitled to your opinions.

  107. monsterball says:

    Are we back to agree to disagree discussions?
    Interesting and only the intelligent commentators .. can do that well.
    All I ask those that fully agree to vote change of government…not to fall into the traps of smart pro MCA buggers.
    UMNO idiots are well known here.

  108. wits0 says:

    Remember this, Davis?

    “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.”
    -Proverbs 11:2

    The racist hubris of MahaKutty(which pico is addicted to)is so similar to the Arabesque sort.

  109. wits0 says:

    KK46, there is a persistent but pretty fatuous pride wrt to some of the true yellow banana sort. They can be poor in ALL languages and still be so!

  110. wits0 says:

    1stone2birds, if Monsterball has had a hedonistic life, that’s his choice and if another leads a comparatively “monastical”, that’s also his own choosing. If neither inflicts himself on another, this becomes irrelevant here.

  111. monsterball says:

    “Who is going to look after the Chinese community’s rights?”
    Well..if you have the government fighting for one community…applying double standards and using religion to also control one community….surely others that defend their own communities….cannot be considers racists.
    One TOTALLY forget….all agreed to see one community…the Malays be given special help….BUT…that was for 20 or 25 years..written in the Constitution.
    UMNO amended and keep amending Constitutions…to favor one race….and if you read between the lines…favors corruptions too.
    DAP is the one and only political party fought for equal rights and defended the Chinese community….twisted by a Chinese political party….far far from the truth.
    Yet DAP have other races as their members…and Lim Guan Eng went to jail….defending a Malay girl being raped by Melaka still labeled as a Chinese political party.
    Lets all forget race issues….and focus on CORRUPTIONS.
    Who is exposing UMNO crooks all along?..Lim Kit Siang.
    You see.we can talk smart and joke…insult each other …as much as we like…but there must be gratitude….appreciations..and gratefulness. Otherwise….we are not human beings.
    Yes LKS risked his life to all Malaysians…yet we never hero worship him…never thank him..and those UMNO idiots…keep insulting him.
    Come on…why pretend…Tamil schools are there because Samy Vellu wants to play racists politics..all his life…leading his race to be third class….not even second class. Tamil schools should be closed long ago…but UMNO love to see Tamil stay backward,,,for only that way…they will be not so smart……no need to think..just put the “X”..for MIC.
    UMNO should close all National type schools and apply the already proven great Chinese schools teaching methods…with lots of Malaysian Chinese as Head masters.
    That will never happen…for UMNO us afraid his own race become too smart too.
    There you see….UMNO wil rule for ever…if Malaysians behave like jungle people..accepting jungle laws.
    They have succeeded so well in the past……until 12th GE.
    Now…they are fighting for their lives… stay inn power or go to jail.
    I say…National type schools are filled wit racists headmasters.and subjects..purposely made keep Malays..half past six…yet these UMNO ministers and politicians…send their children overseas or study in private schools from kindergarden onwards.
    Now…calling them… hypocrites..correct or not?
    So…if a corrupted crook…..a hypocrite…a racist…one is fighting for his life to avoid jail….behaving so calm…displaying what a kind an non racist he is….what is he?
    Can you honestly say…you can understand his speeches …clear as a crystal?
    These are more than being a racist.
    These are a band of robbers and thieves..out to buy up Malaysians..and the country.

  112. rebena says:

    beneficial to learn from all our frens here included R40s, wits0..
    reasonability & smart remarks applied..
    i no need to spend efforts talk abt KTK, OTK, LTL. that ‘s not the priority. The media can give us more update on the PKFZ fiasco, current economic sectors, and abt the auditor general reports..

  113. rebena says:

    correct monsterball.. about the DAP..
    i was, am and will still thanks LKS for sounding the drums to alert us about the bn gomen corruption practises..

    If LKS, or any DAP senior leaders carry out the botol and kelapa and carry bn balls.. by this age, he can be half rich as millionaire, or even similar with Ling Liong Sik’s son.. easily became a director for 20+ company..

  114. monsterball says:

    Davis…we do nit need a battle song in Malaysia.
    We are in control..with our disobedience and non violence personalities.
    We are applying Mahatma Gandhi’s wisdom to change the government.
    Few have died for no reasons. We feel the pains and sorrows for their families…noting police force is on UMNO side.
    They should not play politics….but they do..all because few high ranking officers are fighting to avoid going to jail too.
    The pattern and actions are so clear.
    All things been said…the value lives too…for if that leads to what Philippines went through…to free their country….kopitiam fellas are the first to be ready at the front line…with no fear.
    Then…only then..we can talk of small or big balls.
    Those with no comments…excused..stay home and be safe.
    You plan to vote against the government is good enough.
    Those worms from UMNO…make sure you do not hide under your mother’s sarong.
    And the victor will always be the truthful side.
    Go read history…you UMNO racist idiots.

  115. monsterball says:

    Please not…..I am nobody’s agent nor a DAP member.
    One smart Gerakan doctor keep finding ways and means to label me…insult me..when he does not like what I wrote..against Gerakan and have different opinions on his posts.
    That’s freedom of speech from Gerakan political hypocrites…that must carry his balls…to continue commenting.
    I went there to battle Gerakan.
    My job was done.

  116. wits0 says:

    “One smart Gerakan doctor…” – monsterball.

    If he’s truly wise and moral, why is he still with Gelekan?

  117. monsterball says:

    Yes yes yes..I love to be Min.Of Education
    Close up all Tamil schools.
    Closed up all Chinese schools…and make sure ALL the teachers and Headmasters take over National Typed Schools…sacking all racists and half past sixes teachers.
    Not enough…import from India.
    Study all school books…with experts…to teach and guide all to be real smart.
    All teachers must be dedicated to give extra classes … bring slow learners at par with everyone.
    Yes….I will succeed or get murdered…..hahahahahahahaha

  118. monsterball says:

    He has no moral…..witso
    He bought expensive box of chocolate for my birthday.
    He called me a wise man..
    Finding me….no easy meat for him to fool….oUt come the politIcal doctor… who claims he is not a politician…yet stood for Gerakan election… elected …saying he is there to try pull Gerakan out…one year ago…still there.
    No success….still did not resign..when all advise him to leave Gerakan…to first and show what he said …is what he meant.
    This is a typical cunning good for nothing …two face hypocrite.
    These are Gerakan and MCA Malaysian Chinese selfish…so full of shit.

  119. roti canai says:

    Whether MCA is worth reassembling after that is a good subject for a few rounds of teh tarik…. Kittykat46

    Aren’t you cute? Me teh o kosong will do. Hehehehe..

  120. wits0 says:

    IMO, he’s serving as an apologist for Gelekan, trying to further the old sick(and actually long dead) myth that Gelekan iwas the “conscience of the BN”.

    Goes to show that a smooth tongue and gentle demeanour in writing camouflage an unworthy intent.

    The line on the sand has long been drawn but he stays on the other side, the Dark one. Unctuous fella.

  121. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha….roti canai respond is cute too.
    That’s the genius of the English language…..hahahahahaha

  122. bukit cina says:

    Yet DAP have other races as their members…and Lim Guan Eng went to jail….defending a Malay girl being raped by Melaka still labeled as a Chinese political party. monstreball

    Mr. Lim Kuan Eng is also an easy backside type. If the Malay girl was itchybawah and willing, then there was no case for Mr. Lim Kuan Eng to pursue about.

    Mr. Lim should understand the culture of the Malay Muslims. It’s perfectly for them to engage each other just like the Prophet Muhammad who married Aishah at the age of 9 and was much younger than the Malay girl.

    The late Ahmad Nor had advised LGE to drop the issue but he persisted and landed in jail against the backdrop of a strong Umno judiciary.

    This is what the Chinese said got guts but no brain.

    There were much pressing issues to pursue but he chose this one.

    There is another Chinese proverb which says Hero saving a beauty. Was LGE wanted to show he was a hero?

    If there was an issue and since this was a Malay race issue, the late Ahmad Nor would have taken up the issue but didn’t.

    This showed that the dap was not brainstorming the issue and as such this ‘hero’ ended up in jail!

    And we have this Mr. Monsterball praising and extolling Mr. Lim Guan Eng. No wonder Mr. Lim Guan Eng is in cloud 9 and refused to descend… and wanted to be there 4ever!

  123. monsterball says:

    No more “conscience of BN”…gone forward….Gerakan be “third force”
    between UMNO and PR..which means that small teeny weeny spineless.. worm….become the most powerful decision makers…. in the country.
    Exposed by me….labeled as “agent provocateur”…from ?????

  124. wits0 says:

    “Was LGE wanted to show he was a hero?” bukit cina.

    Would LGE have won Penang as a spineless lamprey like KTK?

    Why should LGE descend?

    Your pal or alter ego “sky juice” descends as sticky and smelly goo after his misai melted like Icarus’ wax wings got melted by the Sun. Wonder what he’ll reincarnates into soon enough. Ninja tadpole?

  125. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo.ini imitation bedak cina banyak nyamuk punya jahat lo.pangil Aunty masak olang makan.dia sudah ada sikit gila punya.Aunty tidur pun mimpi sama ini bedak cina jahat.masak olang makan.Ai yo.apa pasai ini bedak cina banyak jahat?heheeheee

  126. monsterball says:

    Our “bukit cina” is saying I am favoring Lim Guan Eng ..which also mean….all Penang voters supported DAP are idiots too.
    This “bukit cina” must have drank filthy sky juice…… to be so smart.

  127. storm62 says:

    phoo kee cina, lim peh si Penang kia, lim peh “vote” DAP lu too lan ar? lu chee bai lang ka leow “vote” bn kam lan ar? chow chee bye!

  128. Kancilandak says:

    hihee..hee.. no bonus for civil servants this year and… Kelantan to get payment from offshore oil operation from next year….right decision on the right twack…! DSN is spot on.

  129. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo.”storm62” pun si hokkien lan ah.good la.kan ho ee siow lan ma tong khiow ka liow.’cap ceng kia’ .wa lan ka liow ”vote” guan eng ”dap” heheehee
    Ai yo.kancilcar ah.tentulah lu punya dsn najis bagi duit offshore oil lah.dia sudah takut kalah sama pas.tiap tiap hari bising sampai dia najis tak boleh tidur.Ai pun tada bonus pun bagus.heheeheee

  130. Menyalak-er says:

    Um pico, right twack? I honestly think that the ‘wang eshan’ or is it ‘sagu hati’, is a tavesty of justice – it’s not the royalty which is at 5%. Your Dear leader is on the left teat as usual.

  131. najibrazak says:

    “Was LGE wanted to show he was a hero?” …bukit cina

    Why on earth would LGE want to do that when the farking brave MCA heroes are running around in nappies.

  132. najibrazak says:

    bukit cina`s mother oso itchy backsite sold to umno for heavy piling

  133. wits0 says:

    “And we have this Mr. Monsterball praising and extolling Mr. Lim Guan Eng. No wonder Mr. Lim Guan Eng is in cloud 9 and refused to descend… and wanted to be there 4ever!’ – bull kid cina.

    Lu beh tahan, meh? Ki si lah, si kui kia. Lu ka ki siow ka bo loh, Um chai lu tiong kim bo bin liow ah? Lei e kah e keng fulat pei kwai thiu.

    Tau sah bimbang aunty, sekalang dia dapat makan kenyang kenyang. 😀

  134. Whisper~ says:

    Shsse~hey ear,did you hear anything !
    ”vote bn kam lan ar” and now why they all f*ck bukit cina ?

  135. najibrazak says:

    Y should LGE go down on bull kid cina? Just becos as*hole think he got golden dick he think he is a gift. Mother farkers are like that.

  136. ear says:

    yes yes whisper,they are mad at ”bull kid cina” and don’t know why yet !

  137. KOPI FREN says:

    heheeheee smart wits0 boy.Aunty cai ee bo cheng 3.’fulat’ bea yau kean siow.heheeheee
    Ai yo Aunty tired liow mau tidur liow.min tean chean.Mmmm kiss kiss bye bye ka liow lan.

  138. Menyalak-er says:

    Si lar, chin chia chay toolan kia ti chipeng. Ki’ siow biow kin, gi na sai bo tow loh. Lanpah-lanchiow eyau bo, tak pai kong LGE/LKS. Chwee chway quay tow, siang ka low sai nya.

    Pico vanakam? In.gah poringay?

  139. Whisper~ says:

    Shsse~hey ear,why everyone talk funny funny today! Do you understand ?

  140. najibrazak says:

    So bukit cina has got supporters.
    Then they should keep quiet if any of their own underaged are raped. If it is just a case of muslims doing it to their own, then Ahmad Nor would have been correct. In fact why all the hue and cry over Canny Ong`s rape and murder…that is also permitted.
    She was taken hostage, assaulted, raped and murdered.

  141. ear says:

    No boss,maybe today they all eat wrong pills or eat too much ‘hokkien mee” kikiki

  142. justme says:

    Just curios about this “
    Yellow Verdict Image

    In our tests, we found downloads on this site that some people consider adware, spyware or other potentially unwanted programs.

  143. mouth says:

    O O O woi,whisper~ and ear.Don’t busy body so much,let them talk and go get something for me to yak.o.k?
    Make sure you two funny things also support Pakatan Rakyat.This is an order.o.K.

  144. Kancilandak says:

    Menyalak-er sir,
    ingge waai, kathu, mooku solraan.. hihee..hee.. ellathukku gila pudichi.. so, buat de ja. Vanakam.

  145. monsterball says:

    wa…..witso and storm2 speaking hokkien… bay ho.
    ang si merah….babi si tir…..chow cee bai kia…si kui…..hahahahahahasee
    see kan kow liow….twar kui kia…pator tia…tak git..low sih.
    sui kui lai char siow char pi.
    goo kia bor pak hor..low hor bor pak sai….gua nan liak lia kan song sing…kow kow..

  146. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…moderator also got groggy….hahahaahahahs.

  147. monsterball says:

    kancilandak talking tamil..saying we are nuts?
    ignawa poring gay? tangkachi elek…ni cektapo….poorah..siabater kunci…cee bai cow cow…..hahahahahahahaha

  148. storm62 says:

    Pico vanakam? In.gah poringay?

    Menyalak-er – November 4, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    aikssss…menyalak-er, i din know u speak hokkien and tamil too…ka ka ka….kancilanciao, yindian or mamak?gua gerenti ee em si hokkien lang la…..ka ka ka….pico, porcik dah dey!

    BBQ kancil nalla sap purrh, yum yum…ho chiak!

  149. Kancilandak says:

    wa pu se hokkien… wa se ike mamak lah… hee..hee..! Nalla saapten lah veetle… asam pedas… hee..hee..!

  150. monsterball says:

    What a night…what peaceful and happy night it is.
    They are drinking now…drowning their sorrows ..not true…alcoholic..true.
    Once very high….all sorts of imaginations comes into their minds.
    But all are focused to protect their racist hero…belittle oppositions…insulting me.
    Transforming into so many kind of creatures…things…..all aimed to be terrible frightening characters….all turned to be useless…powerless…for they have no wisdom….limited knowledge…all exposed.
    Wait till….the wee hours of the night…
    What a night….all come back..needing services ….one way or another.

  151. Kancilandak says:

    That was fun, sifu… ear, nose, throat all blur oredi…hihee..hee..!

  152. monsterball says:

    kancilandak is saying…his mother is hokkien..father tamil..very proud to be rubber taper mamak son..selling toddy as a small boy..father grateful to UMNO blighter’s rubber estate owner..bringing up a mouse deer to become a toilet cleaning in Putra Jaya…and advance life..better than tapping rubber.

  153. I-4-C says:

    The word “1Malaysia” has a powerful effect for unity while the Opposition’s is more like “Malaysians for arse bangers” hehe

  154. monsterball says:

    hi idiot….only eyes can get blur …effecting the brain la.
    ear…nose throat .so call blur by you…are effected by drinking too much toddy at Tamil Street… idiot.

  155. I-4-C says:

    Only idiots will support that Arse Banger hehe

  156. storm62 says:

    aaahhh…this blog is getting to be more Malaysian now!

    unfortunately susan blogs from Bangkok, thanks susie….sawadee kaaa……..and pico is enjoying all the new hokkien words…ka ka ka.

  157. monsterball says:

    Here comes arse man…1-4-C.
    Must have arse.
    “1Malaysia”…powerful unity??
    This 1-4-C brain is half past six…mouth is filthy and smelly…and I have no doubt…body sinks with shit smell…that always attract King Kong to do one to him..sooner or later.
    Me…I simply like shooting darts at his backside…until he half dead..becoming ..1-see -see.

  158. storm62 says:

    alamak, yenna dey I-4-C, chow hai lu….lai cha siow cha phnee, shoo shoo, go away, go and hor lang kan lu ay kar chuooi!!!

    day in day out, arse banger….got nothing new ka?….thanks to those who voted for bn, there we ended up with this idiots who only knows how to bang arse but nothing else….bloody “poh hiao” I-4-C.

  159. monsterball says:

    “Only idiots will support that Arse Banger”
    I am sure witso can see how much respect Anwar..while trying to insult him.
    Naturally…Malaysians are all idiots and crooks are Malaysia.
    Even Mahathir said his sons are smart to be multi millionaires…which also mean we are all stupid.
    That we accept. After all.. .1-4-C worship Mahathir as God too.
    That is his opinion…let it be.

  160. monsterball says:

    Devils are here..lets talk english….and grease their backsides proper and good….no more jokes.

  161. monsterball says:

    I go sleep now.
    Goodnight my friends and idiots…don’t keep me awake for nothing.
    Say something new…or SHUT UP!!

  162. lisa says:

    How unfortunate Monsterball, to have only darts in your quiver, hehehe.

  163. monsterball says:

    There you see….so quick to insult me…to keep me awake and respond.
    Who the f..k is “lisa”? old lady that I did not service long long a
    go…out to take revenge on me?
    I shoot darts now…wait till I shoot sting bombs…progresses to something else…depending how much inspirations I get from their insults.
    Old one….dull and low class…showing no brain…no class.
    Good night again. One more minute…all quiet. .I go to sleep..ok?

  164. monsterball says:

    Actually lisa is sweet to talk like that.
    Goodnight lisa..thousand apologies.

  165. E-rotic King Kong says:

    I-4-C come to Erotic Kong,let Kong ding dong your itchy arse baby.
    Oh,Erotic Kong miss you so much,come on and let Kong give you a ding dong baby.
    Don’t shout I-4-C,since you like to arse banging then just close your eyes and open your legs so Erotic Kong can ding dong you.
    Oh,I-4-C big arse taste so good.Come on baby one more time.

  166. monsterball says:

    hahahahhaha…Now I can sleep well.

  167. Lim Kuan Kong says:

    DAP is the one and only political party fought for equal rights and defended the Chinese community….twisted by a Chinese political party….far far from the truth.

    Dap is just a useless eunuch party good for nothing but good for Umno for arse banging.

    All Dap can do is to goyang kaki, zzzzzzz tidor and let Umno and BN arse banging their ass*oles.

    But when something was accomplished by others, they were quick to tell the whole world it’s them who fought for the Chinese ala monsterball here.

  168. Lim Kuan Kong says:

    Just like the SRK (Cina) Damansara, its the villagers, Dong Jiao Zhong, all Chinese Associations of different groups and bloggers who fought against the Bodola regime for the reopening of the school.

    The Dap eunuchs were alll sleeping , goyang kaki, gaji buta and can only let the Umno and BN putras main the Malaysians backsite.

    Now this monsterball is still sleeping in his cave knows nothing but keeps lic*ing the eunuch monsterballs.

    When the SRK(C) was reopened by Kerishame, the DAp eunuchs were quick to tell the whole world that they were the one who fought for the reopening of the school and can see all the banners praising themselves for fighting against the BN regime.

    These Dap eunuchs are just shameless and immoral nuts.

    They are eunuchs literally.

    With all these useless, zzzzzz, no brain eunuchs, whole life kongkeking their own backsites, gaji buta eunuchs around, sorry RPK, you can forget about enjoying your nasi lemak, teh tarik and roti canail in Malaysia again, not with all these useless no brain, zzzz, gaji buta eunuchs are still around.

    Soooo sorry for you son!

  169. Athies says:

    I will not believe MACC until the dentist, PKFZ, and the submarine issue is settled and the people are arrested and trhown into jail for 35 years!!!!

  170. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Good morning,good morning,good morning,
    Wah lau eh,,,((HOKKIEN))) tuition class now !!!
    Ai ya,anyway today we are having ‘hokkien lor mee special + sotong’ kakakakaka
    To all our respected customers and frens: Have a cup of our pure peel fresh orange juice to start your day fresh,,,(( HOORAY )))

  171. Nice Lim says:

    Kelantan ‘wang ehsan’ !
    Don’t humiliate Kelantanese with this words…they are not beggers….

  172. kittykat46 says:

    “Just like the SRK (Cina) Damansara, its the villagers, Dong Jiao Zhong, all Chinese Associations of different groups and bloggers who fought against the Bodola regime for the reopening of the school.

    The Dap eunuchs were alll sleeping , goyang kaki, gaji buta and can only let the Umno and BN putras main the Malaysians backsite”
    Lim Kuan Kong (definitely not his name)

    Lets get something straight. All the “fighting” by Dong Jiao Zhong would have come to Zilch , Nothing, in fact it did come to Nothing, for a long time. And it would have stayed at Nothing if voters had continued to Vote Barisan Nasional…..just as people like you, probably, because you can’t stand the DAP , right ?

    What changed the whole scenario was the tsunami of 030808.
    So, yes, the large numbers of people who changed their votes to PR had a big impact on Government behaviour….

    Now for GE13… will you vote ? Still can’t stand the DAP/ PR ?
    Vote for Najis ? Think again….think more deeply instead of just with your d*ck…

  173. kittykat46 says:

    I say again…..
    I’m very well aware of PRs faults, PKR’s faults, DAP’s faults.
    But for the sake of future generations, we, as many as we can convince, need to use our votes to support a Regime Change in Putridjaya…..
    Because Barisan Najis is leading us on the road to ruin….
    Another few terms of Barisan Najis in charge in Putridjaya will guarantee us a place beside Zimbabwe in the international stakes…

  174. Porntit says:

    mmmmmmmmm..u r cute Kittykat….u need an autopsy?

  175. wits0 says:

    His name is Limpeh Kang Kong.

    “Now for GE13… will you vote ? Still can’t stand the DAP/ PR ?
    Vote for Najis ? Think again….think more deeply instead of just with your d*ck…”

    Just because an amoeba is also classifiable as a sentient being(thing) does not mean that it can actually think.

    Anway he’s fully consumed by the PR Derangement Syndrome, and to allude to any mental effort on his part is rather a futile exercise.

  176. wits0 says:

    “I’m very well aware of PRs faults, PKR’s faults, DAP’s faults.” – KK46.

    So are we. But bn/bumno is the pits. How’s that for brevity?

  177. kittykat46 says:

    MACC witness’ credibility takes a beating in court

    Ahhh-So, this is how UMNO-MACC “rewards” the Perak Frog-hoping Accused, by “throwing” the case….

    Really strange country we have here…Malas-sia….when it’s politically necessary for UMNO, the proscecution will actually aim to lose a case…..prosecute just for shiok-shiok only…

    Gani Patel- PIG Musa Hassan – MACC Ahmad Said
    The Unholy Trinity , servants of UMNO

  178. Nice Lim says:

    HAHAHA My oh my…..
    “KUAN KONG” is the name for our Chinese warrior ‘GOD’ name….
    don’t play play….later ”KUAN KONG” will find his way into your dream and chop chop you.

  179. wits0 says:

    Court allows exhumation of Teoh Beng Hock’s remains for second post-mortem

    Watch how they’ll attempt sneak in more and more strictures on Ms Pornthip than the existing ones.

  180. Nice Lim says:

    “Another few terms of Barisan Najis in charge in Putrajaya will guarantee us a place beside Zimbabwe in the international stakes…”-KK46
    Yes for sure we all will and more innocent one too….Najis still think majority Malaysian are so low in iq and he still can fool us all with all his slogan and do all his evil things at the backdoor without being notice..haha…..Nop…yes we need change and that is the main thing all loving Malaysian want it to happen.CHANGE.

  181. kittykat46 says:

    Ling Long Sek now says Dr M oversaw PKFZ land valuation

    The snakes are starting to turn on each other….

    I always suspected in the end, Mahakutty had a hand in it…..something that BIG couldn’t have happened without his say so…..with the biggest hands in the till, of course…

  182. weng says:

    1-4-c have so many nicks straycat,.. or s2s misai ? low class..

    why haress DAP so much ? Why U envy LGE ? Any remarkable justification U envy LGE ‘s achievements ?
    am not bother abt s viloo, otk, ktk, and many more…

    Are you get oil from k toyo or ahmad said ?

  183. Nice Lim says:


  184. weng says:

    what lim kuan kong .. let him migrat to Zimbabwe or Myammar to know what is those extreme gomen and corrupted military ruin.

    Already bn waste Malaysian rakyat ‘s tax money and natural resources.. with all type of corruption.

    Luckily Two coalition system has formed before bn barbeque lim kuan kong.
    how much did toyo or ahmad said paid to U ?

  185. wits0 says:


    He can’t. To him politics is just a matter of Perception(only). Meaning that there needs be no inherent truth or honesty in its makeup. A true protege of MahaKutty, the ultimate local moral moron.

    They’re that completely cynical in their ‘smartness’. The people has to be made stupid and repressed so that their worldview will thrive.

    Maybe Dr M will again say he can’t remember over the PKFZ scandal as he did over the Lingamgate one.

  186. Nice Lim says:

    weng re’..this idiotoo I-4-c also don’t even know what he is doing….play play only and phua choo kang also don’t bother this nuts…hahaha
    and the rest……drunk during midnight …lost their conscious mind and start bla,bla,bla non stop with their steam bomb…hahaha
    Well..this nuts heart very small only…like a small cup and can put in fews pen…thats all…cannot contain much problems….thats why this nuts are jealous with PR combination success and try everything now and then to break PR……PAS unity talk,LKS & sons declare asset,DSAI sodo case….and many many more….
    Anyway our PR leaders heart are as big as an ocean….get jail,discriminate,isa ….this and that….but they still do all their very best to serve and fight for the truth and right…..their mistakes most are transparent where most of us notice and get it corrected….and not like those evils goons……hahahahaha

  187. free_ky says:

    Are you get oil from k toyo or ahmad said ?….weng

    No man, he get free KY and petroleum jelly for his arsebang prostitute family

  188. Nice Lim says:

    Hi wits0……correct…..coming to an end they will just bla bla bla…..cannot remember this and that……hahaha
    frogs can fly………..

  189. free_ky says:

    Only idiots will support that Arse Banger hehe…I-4-C

    Your father and mother will know

  190. uzdeks says:

    In the verbatim of the Public Accounts Committee’s (PAC) meeting procedures released yesterday, Ling said his ministry could only “state the fact that we wanted the land.”
    However, Ling pointed out that the costing and valuation of the land was determined by the Valuation and Property Services Department (JPPH) which was chaired by former prime minister and finance minister, Dr Mahathir.

    His son Mukhriz want to be PM, but I wish Mukhriz die of cancer before year ends and is followed next year by “Sang Miguel” Mokhzani. This family of kerala crabs must go soon in the most horible way.

  191. uzdeks says:

    “Dr Mahathir had said that he heard that the project was being plagued by problems but claimed that nobody reported to him of any wrongdoing.”

    Blardy bustard deaf, blind man claim to be lanchow towering purky mak malay

  192. justme says:

    Taiwan sent its ex- president to jail, the USA tried to impeach a sitting president, is Bolehland capable of these?

  193. vanakam says:

    “Without protection we would not have a car industry” — Mahathir Mohamad

    Dei poondeh, without you malaysia would have been better off da and we would not have junk

  194. kittykat46 says:

    “Without protection we would not have a car industry” — Mahathir Mohamad .

    Yeah…this crrybaby kid called Potong is still feeding like a leech on the Malaysian public after 25 years, still crying for protection…

    A 10 year old kid deserves all the support and protection they need…..but if they still come back with cup in hand after 25 years, they deserve a good spanking on the backside….

  195. 4-C-I says:

    Proton is only good for driving in mahathir and najib highway arses, no need traction for smooth driving

  196. sadsad says:

    Mahathir die by day langgar by proton, if allah is still valids.

  197. najibmustdie says:

    Forked tongue, farked brains of m`sian PM……

    Thursday November 5, 2009
    PM: Morally wrong for Cuepacs to ask for bonus now

    K’tan gets ‘wang ehsan’, PM denies snap polls coming

  198. tiumahathiura says:

    Thanks to dap rockets for all the cooperation.

    If not for them, I won’t be what i m to be now.

    I happy, u happy….

    Gracious to dap putras… hehehehe

  199. fark1Malaysia says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 5 — DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang says the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report on the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal revealed the government’s plan to suppress information.

    He said the report proves that the Cabinet has been lying to the people about the scandal which could cost taxpayers RM12.453 billion.

    “The prime minister, the deputy prime minister and the Cabinet are all putting up a great pretense as if they are learning about the abuse of power, criminal breach of trust, illegalities and improprieties in various aspects of the PKFZ scandal for the first time when most of this information has been in their possession for quite some time,” he told a press conference.

  200. wits0 says:

    “Without protection we would not have a car industry” — Mahathir Mohamad .

    Because of protection I cannot/will not change my clunker. Now Najis wants to let P*ssykom screw me. Damn the trio!

  201. fark1Malaysia says:

    Najib sanctifies BN corruption………

    BN’s rule is based on what supporters call “development politics.”

    If cash, such as that claimed by PAS for extracting oil in Kelantan, was dispersed to the state government, BN would lose the most significant leverage it has over voters.

    The BN federal government says it will pay Kelantan “goodwill payment” for oil extracted in its waters but PAS lawmakers are disputing it, saying it is akin to receiving alms instead of rightful oil royalty.

  202. kittykat46 says:

    Lim KS already helped expose the PKFZ scandal more than 2 years ago. The late Captain Yusof Ahmad, a blogger and retired Port Klang officer ran a long running expose on his blog, using his knowledge of Port Klang operations for very good background explanations. At the time the government publically said it was just a minor issue, very correctable.

    Kong Kong Choy went on leave for “health reasons” and did not contest in GE12.

    Just silence after that.
    Now Najis is using the same old trick of appointing a committee to study the recommendations of another committee….and so on…and so on……

    The book is titled
    How to Appear To Be Doing Something When You Don’t Intend to Do Anything About It.

    The only real solution is to Kick the Bast*rds out of Putridjaya.

  203. kittykat46 says:

    “Now Najis wants to let P*ssykom screw me” – wits0.

    That was a blatant Potong-protection scheme….but I have a feeling this measure will be “shelved” after a while.
    Guess which demographic voting group owns the most clunkers….

    My Hobby car is a beautifully maintained 20 year old classic which just gets lightly used on weekends…….I’ve given Najis enough middle-fingers, but here’s another one from me….

  204. davis says:

    In the early nineteen thirties, one national also promoted and built a national car. The leader was Dolf Hitler.

  205. davis says:

    Dolf to read as Adolf

  206. kittykat46 says:

    One P*ssykom official I know has 3 mobile phones.
    1 for Work, 1 for Personal , 1 for “Business”. And they are all high-end models. The “Business” phone always has top priority…

    You probably notice a lot of badly maintained commercial vehicles on the road.
    In theory, they all have to go back to P*ssykom every 6 months to pass a roadworthiness test. How do you think they all manage to Pass, everythink OK ?
    A strict P*ssykom roadworthiness inspection, carried out fully to procedure is actually quite difficult to pass. If the car/ vehicle is not in good condition, it will fail. That’s the theory anyway.

    In Malas-sia everything can be settled….just needs “Oil”

  207. OIC says:

    Dolf to read as Adolf…..davis

    OIC, Not this felr then

  208. davis says:

    A numbers of writers have made scathing remarks about DAP and its leaders, LKS and his son. Other than slanderous remarks, no evidence has been produced to prove their allegations. That, to me, is propaganda at its worst. The language used is pure profanity.

  209. R4Os says:

    ““Without protection we would not have a car industry” — Mahathir Mohamad .

    Blardy Mahaithiu…, when he retired, immediately he volunteered to become Potong and Petunas advisers, and said it’s FOC, no salary required, he said he want to continue to serve the nation..

    Tuna mahaitiu, he think all Msians are fools to believe that, he quickly grabbed these 2 posts bcoz the 2-Pees are the richest gold-mines in Bolehland! He was quick to hog the 2 gold-mines so that he, his family, his cronies all can continue to plunder and screw the rakyat…

  210. wits0 says:

    “That, to me, is propaganda at its worst. The language used is pure profanity.” – davis.

    That’s why they deserve their incomings most appropriately. Looking forward to heartily dishing out mt share to ’em.

  211. R4Os says:

    I still keep my 18yo AE101 with a 20V-4AGE Silvertop, it still can outperform Potong junks anytime…! But with the latest ruling, from next yr onwards my AE101 must face the money-plundering Puspakom…

  212. wits0 says:

    “..he, his family, his cronies all can continue to plunder and screw the rakyat… – R4Os

    And erect in their wakes all sorts of bureaucratic inconvenience that go along with that as well to the ordinary folks.

    Example, say, someone applies to buy a Proton on a clunker rebate scheme but he is not going to get his new car at the same time he has to surrender his clunker. Customer has to surrender their old crate first? So, what kind of customer relationship is that?! It’s just pure BS unchanging arrogance of the spoilt and protected AS!

  213. Menyalak-er says:

    Yeah, guys we can tokkok until the biri-biri come home – that stupid 15yr. old car ‘ruling’ won’t be changed!

    That is until the bumno supporters from the Felda kampungs start yelling blue murder. The insidious plan was a precursor to the ‘vehicle end-of-life policy’, although MITI denies it now.
    Besides Puspakom, Potong and Puttdua were supposed to be the beneficiaries. The average bomoh/ustaz in the kampong will rather hang on to his 1978 toyota corolla/nissan sunny for dear life, than to buy a milo tin. Have they thought about those old ‘prewar’ 4wd that the natives use in East Malaysia?

    Let’s wait until the pakciks/makciks start the rebellion and deliberately gostan into their bumno pondoks, then MITI will also gostan. Pico will also gostan with his dreams of a previous century classic beemer.

    Their ways are predictably spineless and main layang-layang…

  214. wits0 says:

    “The insidious plan was a precursor to the ‘vehicle end-of-life policy’, although MITI denies it now.”

    Can’t think of a more devilish plan to perpetuate the 3Putras.

    In the near future the Mr. Motoring public will PAYtriotically sustain the local BumnoPutrid motoring industry by committing 40% of their disposable income all their driving life.

  215. budak cina says:

    hoi Auntie KOPI FREN, wa keh mahatiu char siu pau ho seh liow boh!

    Kan Nee Neh, ang ni mann geh?

  216. Wow! Look at all these pendatang from other states, plundering wealth from Selangor state.

    Mahathiu: Kedah

    Bodolah: Penang,

    Koh Tsu Khoon: Penang,

    Najib: Perak

    Kill Toyo: Jarkatar

    Chan Kong Choy: Perak

    Tiong King Sing: Bintulu, Sarawak

    Ling Liong Sik : Perak,

    Ong Kaa Ting: Perak….

    What are the Selangorians going to do with these plunderers from other States?

    Fiddling while Rome burns???

  217. wits0 says:

    “That is until the bumno supporters from the Felda kampungs start yelling blue murder.”

    Putridjaya could be working very hard to plan a special skim to subvert them.

  218. Tuanku, it’s time to bar all these plunderers from other states entering Selangor, especially this snake from Kerala…

  219. lim kuan kong says:

    what lim kuan kong .. let him migrat to Zimbabwe or Myammar to know what is those extreme gomen and corrupted military ruin. weng – November 5, 2009 at 9:35 am

    Are you still living in cave? Malaysia is now worst than Zimbabwe and Myammar. Thanks to dap eunuchs zzzzzzz leting Umno-led BN have a wonder time in Bolehland.

    Already bn waste Malaysian rakyat ’s tax money and natural resources.. with all type of corruption.

    The dap eunuchs are being paid big fat salaries and obviously they are not doing their job but zzzzzz, kongkeking, busily fighting for power among themselves all the time..

    Luckily Two coalition system has formed before bn barbeque lim kuan kong.

    Bodoh, this lampar tua should be chopped to 10,000 pieces for insulting his ancestors for KOPI FREN to cook But Kut Teh for all the kopi frens in the kopitian.

    how much did toyo or ahmad said paid to U ?

    You are a stupid sob. How much have you plundered? Have the dap eunuchs declared their assets?

    KOPI FREN, this one is for you, kazng cincha chao… pi ku tomg yao ni tong…

  220. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai ini olang banyak banyak jahat.pangil Aunty chop chop cooking olang makan.Ini imitation budak cina sama limkuankong sudah gila semua.tiap tiap hari mau makan olang.Ai yo.’lu lan si kui lai.em si tua bo seh si kui kia.em bak seh kai.siow lan’tiap tipa hari cakap politik gaduh gaduh.Ai yo.Aunty dengar pun kepala pusing macam U turn.heheeheee

  221. wits0 says:

    Aunty manyak sharp ler, ‘tu limpeh kang kong is the same kowsai as the misai sifat chai. Yucky, goo-y loony a**hole is stinking in cyberspace.

  222. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo.Aunty tau ini olang semua banyak jahat sama olang tiap tiap hari ‘ciak kau sai’heheehee.Aunty cook ‘kau sai’ bagi ini olang gila makan.heheehee.kalau dia tada kenyang Aunty bagi dia olang makan Aunty punya ‘Hong Kong Keok’ kaki Aunty banyak wangi punya.heheehee

  223. budak mangali says:


    Lu tamau mahatiu, mahatiu manyak busok, lu kasih anjing khan ini mahatiu…. wa tak mau HK keok, wa mau lu pico… hehehehe

  224. Whisper~ says:

    Shsse~hey ear,why this Kopi Aunty everytime ai yo and ai yo! Is this old lady in pain?

  225. ear says:

    Yes boss,i will go and check for you.
    Woi,Lau Aunty what happen to you?
    Why you everyday sound so terrible like ghost ai yo and ai yo?hehehe

  226. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo.ada budak mangali mau Aunty punya ‘kachui’ heheeheee
    Ai yo,hari ini ada banyak olang gila.Ai yo budak bangali ah lu betul betul mau Aunty punya seksi ‘kachui’ kah.Ai yo yo.heheeheee
    nanti you bau pensang mati baru tau.heheeheee

  227. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo,you gila punya ‘ear’.jangan kacau sama Aunty.nanti bagi lu ini ‘ear’ makan sama cina boy sama itu kang kong olang gila baru tau.heheehee
    Aunty ini hah ialah james bong girl 007.heheeheee

  228. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo,Aunty sudah mau pi tidur.heheeheee
    Aunty banyak happy ada budak bangali kata Aunty punya ‘kachui’ cantik.heheeheee.Mmnn kiss kiss budak mangali.heheeheee

  229. KOPI FREN says:

    Mmnnn kiss kiss budak mangali lagi.sweet dream sama Aunty hah handsome boy mangali.heheeheee

  230. monsterball says:

    lim kuan kong do need a shrink doctor.
    Thinking he is soooooo smart…read his messages…just full of shit .drinking sky juice.. from our “shy juice”.
    Yes…change nick..same style….different strokes.
    Who are they trying to bullshit?

  231. wits0 says:

    Misai multi sicko nicks cannot be helped by any known shrink in this world. He needs to be reborn through the proper channel. Hey sicko mutant, ni mah tah delivered you through her anus without placenta and Ms Lucifer was the midwife.

  232. monsterball says:

    Soooo…. gone case…la.
    Lucifer have one more adopted son.
    You bloody lim kuan kong…in name sake…not in blood worm…go back to the chow ceebai ahbengkia hole.

  233. FenceSitter says:

    1Malaysia? The PM must be kidding himself. Bolehland is full of doubles is it not?
    2 economic policies, 1 for bumi, 1 for the non-bumi.
    2 education policies
    2 laws, 1 civil, 1 syaria.
    2 banking policy.
    2 working days week policy.
    2 rule of laws, 1 for umno, 1 for the rest.
    2 macc policies, 1 for bn, 1 for pr.
    2 police policies, 1 for bn, 1 for the rest.
    2 immigation policies, one for east, one for west msia.
    2 cms for perak.
    2 vps for mca.
    and recently 2 ROS, one for bn parties, one for the rest of us.


  234. cakapbenar says:

    Thanks to dap eunuchs zzzzzzz leting Umno-led BN have a wonder time in Bolehland.
    lim kuan kong – November 5, 2009 at 7:05 pm

    If you so brave, y not you go and blow up PWTC when Najib and all umno supreme council members r meeting? Everyday your (KTK) is sarking Najib`s co*k.
    This LKY son Gerakan lim got no ba*ls letting BN have a wonder time in Bolehland.

  235. najibmustdie says:

    Lucifer have one more adopted son.,,,,monsterball

    Mahathiu`s brother,
    Officials said that Major Nadal Malik Hasan, a licensed doctor and psychiatrist, was shot and wounded by military police at the scene but not before he had extinguished the lives of 12 people.

  236. limkk says:

    lim kuan kong – low class… bodoh………………………

  237. limkk says:

    bodoh lim kuan kong…
    bodoh lim kuan kong…bodoh lim kuan kong…
    bodoh lim kuan kong…
    bodoh lim kuan kong
    bodoh lim kuan kong…
    bodoh lim kuan kong
    bodoh lim kuan kong…
    bodoh lim kuan kong
    bodoh lim kuan kong…
    bodoh lim kuan kong
    bodoh lim kuan kong…
    bodoh lim kuan kong
    bodoh lim kuan kong…
    bodoh lim kuan kong
    bodoh lim kuan kong…
    bodoh lim kuan kong
    bodoh lim kuan kong…
    bodoh lim kuan kong

    bodoh lim kuan kong… ARe U toyo or ahmad said ?

  238. melayulahanat says:

    “ARe U toyo or ahmad said ?”

    he is kangkong

  239. melayulahanat says:

    Another melayu lahanat,

    “Jais director Datuk Mohamed Khusrin Munawi who told Utusan Malaysia that non-Muslims cannot enter mosques as “they are like women with menstruation”

    All these bustards muslim holey men should be sent to waziristan.

  240. wits0 says:

    “All these bustards muslim holey men should be sent to waziristan.”

    After revelling in their vaunted “unity” throughout history to push through their evil ways, they still think that the good times are forever. Too holey to realize all things are CYCLICAL in Nature. Good karma is not a never ending credit line.

  241. rebena says:

    non-muslim or tourist can enter mosque..

    been enter the putrajaya big mosque for sight seeing more than three times..
    don’t forget the gomen use taxpayer money to build the milion dollar mosque..

  242. Nice Lim says:

    “Khairy Chicken out”- when ‘HEART’ full of evils……..
    ** ** ** ** **

  243. same2 says:

    “1Malaysia heroes – making claims for events that never took place.”

    That has been going on for a very looooonnnnnnngggg time…..that is “towering malays”

  244. Nice Lim says:

    ” Anwar Sodomy Trial : Defence won’t get documents ”
    Since Mahakutty use kangaroo court and unfair judges and now his adopt sin son are doing the same……..

  245. melayulahanat says:

    Barua Najis also swore in a mosque that he donno Altantuya……that means Najib was frenching very well in buying scorpenes.

  246. billauchris says:

    Many people want to be involved in politics but do not have the prerequisites. A lot of them did try out the profession but soon realised that it was not their cup of tea. So they went to see their guru or sifu for advice on why they failed in their desired profession.

    The guru or sifu asked them one point blank question, that is,

    “Do you often say A meaning B having in mind C but actually D?”

    Little did we know or realise that the prerequisite was such a tall order. No wonder, we failed so miserably. So which college or university will teach us that prerequisite or the way to acquire that requirement, which appears to be so stringent?

    “What do you mean by that Mr Guru?” so asked these enquirers.

    Yes, indeed. You need to be suitably qualified. In other words, you need to be both suitable and qualified. You may be qualified but may not be suitable. Sometimes, you may have all the qualifications on earth but you lack the suitability factor. Hence, you cannot be a politician.

    So how do we learn then to be a successful politician? Join BN or UMNO then as apprentices for say 5 years to sharpen your sinister, immoral and graft skills. During this period of trial, you must be prepared to pander to the needs, whims and fancies of your seniors. In other words, do as you are told implicitly.

    When you come to a stage where events become non-events, then you know that you have reached the pinacle of career. Get out before you are crucified.

  247. kahkahkahkah says:

    Peter`s Principle….

    “I would not have been offended if the guard checking my identification card was a Malaysian. Instead, a foreigner was checking a Malaysian’s documents

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