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“The very same politicians who recite nationalist slogans about our national schools and turn the curriculum into an ideological hammer send their own children to international schools here or in Australia and Britain.

“They know better than anyone else the shape our schools are in. It is no illusion that people do not have the faith in our judiciary and police that they once had,” (Tengku Razaleigh).

How true. So many hypocrites we have in our midst! Is anyone, reporters, please take note, willing to make a list? On how many ministers are sending their kids  overseas? Wither patriotism and nationalism, huh? According to UMNO’s definition, that is.

It would be a great story instead of reporting so bloody extensively on what BN or PKR politicians say, on their silly AGMs or even on their infantile infighting.



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  1. wits0 says:

    Your children are slotted to be serfs, theirs, lords. Surely anyone can understand that but bn voters.

  2. justme says:

    If politicians were to have their children in our school system, their stranglehold on having a political dynasty in Bolehland would vanish like vapour. Its to their advantage if their children has degrees or what not from Oxford, Stanford etc, maybe even one printed from the streets of Thailand or the internet. Its to impress some of their kind.

    Whatever system it wants to adopt, without meritocracy its bound to fail and fail big time. Are the ruling elites willing to dismantle certain institutions reserved for theirs and theirs only?

  3. wits0 says:

    Nationalist slogan(s) need interpretaion – as always :

    Jostling Tan has jostles herself over the edge…she never ceases to even outdo the waste carrier wan.

  4. kittykat46 says:

    Yeah, its always been like that.

    The 1956 Razak Report – no prizes for guessing which “Razak” this is – was the prototype of all subsequent Ketuanan educational policies.

    HIS eldest son, was of course bundled off to school in England from an early age.

  5. davis says:

    It is sad that education policy in this country is not dictated by sound education consideration but rather by political and religious consideration. Education was and still used as a political tool. Many pupils leave the primary schools without the basic tools of learning i.e. they do not know their 3 Rs. Parents have lost faith in our national schools. The change of medium for the teaching of Maths. and Science is a good example. Decisions are made ad hoc.

  6. Pegasus says:

    Rightly Witso, Justme.. These scums in order to be the masters need to ensure that the rest are kept stupid to rule & control them eventually..they will go to any length to ensure their survival & control…

  7. wits0 says:

    Davis, EVERY darn policy in this country is dictated by political and religious considerations, in varying degree. Dirty politics and hollow religiosity. Common sense, liberality and merits are alien entities.

    In Bangsatland, the conservatives are the pain in the neck – a reverse of the situation in Obamaland.

  8. davis says:

    Justine, For your information in the 2009 University Ranking, Chualongkorn University (Thailand) was placed 138. Our UM was 180. I shall not make comparsion with the universities in Singapore.

  9. davis says:

    Pupils (non Muslim) in our primary schools do five periodsof Morals per week. That ,to me, is a waste of time and is IMMORAL.

  10. KOK Yoon Lee says:

    I think you all got it wrong. Our ministers send their children overseas at a great personal sacrifice in order to free up spaces in our crowed public educational institution so that another deserving Malaysian gets the chance to attend university. In the case of primary and secondary education, then it is to make the classrooms not so crowded and to reduce the teacher to student ratio.

    Bravo, bravo, bravo.

  11. davis says:

    Mr. Kok, Do you truly subscribe to what you wrote or do you want us to read between the lines?

  12. justme says:

    The day when Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, etc, refer themselves as Malay Malaysians, Chinese Malaysians, Indian Malaysians, etc. plus the slogans of defending this race or that race or this religion or that religion are banned, and the slogans changed to defending all Malaysians and only the flag, that would be the day Bolehland come of age. Anything short of that is just like applying cheap cosmetics.

  13. justme says:

    Seem to me more like Ms. Kok?

  14. Kancilandak says:

    Our chilrden got straight “A”s…. 19As… 17As… and 13As… where in the world got children took so many “A”s…? All other countries got mximum only 9A for lower secondary.
    Ours is a very extensive education system… which our gomen has for our young to prepare for their future in a ever changing world.

  15. Read about my battles against the fascist and hypocritical Satu Sekolah untuk Semua initiative by the BTN-brainwashed ultra bloggers.

    They have never dared utter a single word in credible argument against the points I raised, and never dared to venture into my tiny blog. But they would strut around their ultra blogs, giving themselves ridiculous titles like “Noble Knights”, “Yang Mulia”, etc.

    The scary things is that this SSUS crap got a mention from the DPM himself!

    God save us if really such ultra fascists succeed in their agenda to transform our schools!

  16. storm62 says:

    one fine example….baginda razak rob in malaysia, study in UK.

  17. Pegasus says:

    Our education system is screw up big time…the slide started around 1980 when they started to do away with the English schools and started to nationalize the Bahasa, LCE was converted to SPM and the rest followed.The education is now in the pits..with some of the teachers they themselves are not sure what they are teaching..and what to expect the children to learn.. now I am not sure how many universities have mushroom over the years..but mostly its occupied by 1 community ..when they are out from uni…are unable to find jobs or fend for themselves as in the first place this people are not even qualified to be in university. Thats why we have 60,000 jobless graduates who do not posses the right skills and lacks capability to face the challenges and the reality of life …and the idiotic government have to reeducate them again wasting public’s tax money and at the end of the day employ them into the oversize government staff . The mamak kutty started the slide and see where we are now…other ASEAN countries are making headway in education..leaving our nation behind …thanks to the umno/BN fools.

  18. rebena says:

    local education institution are running by politic motivated..

    rakyat see some bn gomen agency were naived in managing the public fund.. those culprits will pay . PR states can continue the two coalition system in Malaysia in the present and future..

  19. Mr X says:

    The hypocrites include pigheads from the oppositions as well. They too do not want our kids to master English, and they too send their kids to elitist schools as well as abroad eg.


  20. wits0 says:

    “Seem to me more like Ms. Kok?” – JUSTME.

    And like a lamer Gelekan or chow mei fun one trying that apologist make-believe yet again. If you conntinue, we’ll do the needful ‘chow lei lo mei’ on thee for thy own good.

  21. davis says:

    BN leaders do not send their children to the national school. Najib went to St. John not the Sek. Keb. Kg. Baru. Over the last 20 years, many unsuitable teachers were promoted as Guru Besar. They cannot lead and unable to produce good teaching and learning. Teacher Colleges took in people who are academically inferior and with no interest in teaching.

  22. wits0 says:

    “Pupils (non Muslim) in our primary schools do five periodsof Morals per week. That ,to me, is a waste of time and is IMMORAL.” – Davis.

    It is but a hollow political bn stunt for show without any worthy effect. Non muslims are not intented to be taught and restricted by rote (only) indoctrination. Clearly that religiosity factor is behind this nonsense. Most people will understand that morality by example is the way, not platitudes and NOT indoctrination!

  23. Nice Lim says:


  24. wits0 says:

    – Nice Lim.

    Certainly so and for a very long time too already. Why were you quiet all the while. Ku Li, and only quoting scriptures now??? And why are you still in umno? A question already asked by Helen Ang.

  25. davis says:

    Surface to surface missile. Where are you? Waiting at the gate of Eton to admit your children. Don’t you have faith in our national system.

  26. wits0 says:

    The dickless misai didn’t get his incubus last night ; they sent him an succubus instead. You can imagine his frustration, no?

  27. Nice Lim says:

    Yin & Yang balancing.
    Leadership by example……no more good example to show when they ( the leaders ) have lost their way!!!!! Killing,corruptions,discrimination,mentality problems…what to say….???
    Only the loving Malaysian majority will show them the way out when times comes as they have fail to lead as a good leaders……………..

  28. wits0 says:

    “Teacher Colleges took in people who are academically inferior and with no interest in teaching.” – davis.

    This has been going on for ages and I’ve personally come across actual examples. None too bright at all, not surprising, since the ‘better’ ones were all sent to the U’s to become future tuans.

  29. davis says:

    Today about 85% of the Chinese parents are sending their children to Chinese Primary schools. Many of these parents are professionals and do not know Chinese themselves. They have lost faith in the Sek. Keb. Many of them went through Sek Jenis Keb (formerly English/mission schools) themselves. If only mission schools were allowed to carry on, the standard of education today may not be that low.

  30. wits0 says:

    The Journos of Bolehland only investiagate things like Mulla Nasaruddin:


    Once, a man found Mulla Nasruddin searching for something on the ground outside his house. On being asked, Nasruddin replied that he was looking for his key. The man also joined in the search and in due course asked Mulla: ”Where exactly did you drop it?”

    Mulla answered: ”In my house.”
    ”Then why are you looking here?” the man asked.
    ”There is more light here than in my house,” replied Mulla.

  31. wits0 says:

    “If only mission schools were allowed to carry on, the standard of education today may not be that low.” – davis.

    ASSUREDLY. The MCA was the main abettor to this crime.

    Doubt thou the stars are fire,
    Doubt that the sun doth move,
    Doubt truth to be a liar,
    But never doubt *this is so*
    *With apology to Shakespeare/Hamlet.

  32. Pegasus says:

    one fine example….baginda razak rob in malaysia, study in UK.

    storm62 – November 2, 2009 at 12:29 pm

    and sponsored by the BN government…at the end of the day we have pirates, robbers , murderers , dim witted goons … sitting in the cabinet & ruling the nation…! Time to kick them out for good in the next GE! …in all states…!

  33. davis says:

    The Sisters and Brothers who taught at the Convents and other mission schools were good and cheap labour being paid only RM400.00 each. They were highly qualified with BA and often MA. Their dedication to teaching is unquestionable. Yet the government does not want these people. Many of us went to mission schools, Catholic, Methodist have gained a lot academically and with good values ingrained which we still carry with us today.

  34. rebena says:

    correct davis, pegasus…
    how many ppl have confidence on local kolot stream..?
    already lost respect toward federal policy.. and system..
    If bn want to be great in value,.. how come so much money corruption occurred in purchasing/ acquisition, and others..
    why this type of things seldom happened in other country ?
    PR leaders continue with their accountability values…

  35. wits0 says:

    “Many of us went to mission schools, Catholic, Methodist have gained a lot academically and with good values ingrained which we still carry with us today.” – davis.

    Many school pass outs are better materials than most of the trashy local grads of today and for decades since the seventies. Like the late MGG Pillai said it, “By right a bumble bee cannot fly, but it does!”

  36. bee says:

    “MALAYSIA HAS LOST ITS WAY,SAYS KU LI”……….So, so, so TRUE. Many months ago i have this spiritual dream that at the end of the leaders of “RAHMAN” the next set of leaders who will find back the way for Malaysian will be “RAZALEIGH”. Long live Tengku Razaleigh who will lead us from darkness to light AGAIN.

  37. Pegasus says:

    Yes davis, not to mention the La Salle schools which had dedicated and excellent teachers as well…all gone now..Malaysia lost its status as one of top English speaking country in Asia…still remember till late 70’s we were hold in high esteem by the western giant companies for our command in English…but this is fast declining… we had 1 after 1 hopeless education ministers who had lowered the standard of education
    in the hope of helping a community …but instead it has backfired and the country is burdened with these low standard graduates…it will take years to correct this…meritocracy should be in place to correct this worsening slide…

  38. Kancilandak says:

    If Japan Koriya and Taiwan can come out to compete in the world economy with they own education system…. why we with our look east policy cannot be the same? We have made it so far …. to be the 1st in 3rd world… and for sure in due time we can achevie what the 1971 education minster prophisise at that time.

  39. Kancilandak says:

    Kuli has forgetten that it was during his time as the finance minster that the carrian holding scandal happen…. why is he complaning now… when things are getting better under BN?

  40. wits0 says:

    Pico is one fine example of our educational ‘quality’.

  41. davis says:

    Kancilandak, Japan, Korea and Taiwan succeed and we fail. They have good education policy. Education to develop personal potential. Ours was to serve the ambition of ours leaders and this has gone on for the last 50 over years. Education is a mean to develop their nations. Ours is a mean to preserve and to protect the interest of the ruling class. You see the difference now.

  42. monsterball says:

    Of late ..Tengku Razaleigh is very vocal against UMNO….speaking out truths we all know long ago.
    Speak…no action…no good!
    He rejoined UMNO BARU became so pally with his one time arch enemy……Mahathir…hoping to be elected as UMNO President …hoping to be PM.
    Perhaps as age catches by..this one man…Tunku trusted and love can do one last good act…and resign from UMNO BARU.
    Perhaps “timing” is important too?…not now later.

  43. wits0 says:

    “You see the difference now.” – davis.

    He can, but after a few hours(at most), the instilled denial mode must return as his ONLY known and trusty comfort zone cocoon.

  44. justme says:

    Kancilandak—“If Japan Koriya and Taiwan can come out to compete in the world economy with they own education system…. why we with our look east policy cannot be the same? ”

    Work ethics , hardworking and independent (dislike of crutches) and pride,plus love for country. A place where one can really call a home!!! Simple answer.

    Haha, Kancil, these are rare commodities among certain community.

    I belief, when Japan took on the great USA during the second world war, there was the belief Malayans do live on tress.

  45. puzzled says:

    Datuk Seri Hishammudin Tun Hussein’s son did O levels and went to the United Kingdom to further his studies

    Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s daughter,Nooryana Najwa has been accepted into Georgetown University in Washington DC to read politics and international relations after doing her IB (International Baccalaureate)

    Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein and Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s children are academically smart. However, it seems like both of them did not sit for SPM. Before doing her IB, Nooryana had her education in GardenInternationalSchool . Najib’s son, Norashman Razak had his education there too

    But Garden International School bases its curriculum on the National Curriculum of England . It teaches the English National Curriculum through Key Stages 1 to 4 and Cambridge ‘A’ Level.

    Datuk Seri Najib and Datuk Seri Hishamuddin are cousins.
    Their fathers were our former Education Ministers. Datuk Seri Najib’s father, Tun Abdul Razak, the second Prime Minister of Malaysia, was the education minister in 1955. Datuk Seri Hishamuddin’s father, Tun Hussein Onn, our third Prime Minister, was the education minister in 1969.

    Fast forward, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak became our Education Minister in 1995-1999. Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein was our former Education Minister. *Well, there goes the saying, “like father, like son”*
    Hishamuddin’s son and Najib’s kids did not follow the Malaysian Education System (so I doubt they sat for UPSR, PMR or SPM) though they come from an ancestry of Education Ministers. Both of their grandfathers were former education ministers, one’s father was the education minister and is now the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia while the other’s father is the current education minister.

    So why weren’t Datuk Seri Najib and Datuk Seri Hishamuddin’s children following the Malaysian Education System??

    Were our Ministers trying to be kind to not let the government subsidize their kids’ education by sending their offsprings to a private school instead of national schools??

    Or is it that both Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein do not have confidence in the Malaysian Education System because it is too crap that they had to sent their kids to a private school which follows the English National Curriculum so that their offsprings would not be screwed up by the already-screwed-up education system in Malaysia ?
    Which is which?? I do not know but I am apt to think that the latter prevails.

    *SIGH* So much for being a kind and compassionate minister. If the Malaysian

  46. Pegasus says:

    Kancilancau…your place is obviously in the jungle…thus, we can understand why its very difficult for you to comprehend the current education level in this country…the mamak kutty ask us to look east to avoid looking at west where his wealth were invested…thank god …he didn’t ask you to look up..lest you’re blinded once the sun is high up….what is there to achieve when we have inherited a hopeless & worthless education plan that seem to be benevolent towards a single community…

  47. kittykat46 says:

    “why we with our look east policy cannot be the same? ” – Pico

    Plenty of reasons, but in your blind hero-worship of Mahakutty, you fail to see he himself laid the seeds of destruction of Malaysia’s education system.

    Japan, Korea , Taiwan practice very, very tough meritocracy, open competition in their education system, absolute integrity in their grading system….Have you see how Korean students study for their university entrance examinations ?
    I can tell you even most Malaysian Chinese kids, who are used to heavy parental pressure to do well in exams will cry if they had to face the Korean exam system….

    Yes, that’s what it takes to build a world class education system.

    Are the sons of the soil prepared to take part in such open competition ? No special grading system, no special side-door to enter university, no special quota, no 100% reserved institutions…..

  48. storm62 says:

    another fine example…..kancilancau spell Korea = “koriya”…koyah la lu sang kancil….shoo, shoo, go back to the jungle.

  49. davis says:

    Kancilandak. Do you know that the syllabus of Primary Six in Singapore is ahead of our Tingkatan Satu ? They sit for the O level at Sec. 4. Their passing mark is high. For some subjects in our SPM, the passing mark is as low as 30. Now you know why they score 19 to 15 As

  50. davis says:

    Please read 19 as 10 in my above posting

  51. monsterball says:

    Najib said…something like that…in papers today…”UMNO is not racists. Few UMNO guys are. Ignore them”
    I seriously and really think this Najib needs to have his brain examined.
    One time…OK…few time…coincidence…all the time trying to master the art of double meaning talks….brain is having worms…eating up the balanced mind to become…gila babi.
    Kopitiam fellas are plenty smart…even though less educated…cannot be fooled…cannot be bought.
    Children matters….Malaysian unity matters….a Malaysian Malaysia dream matter….and that needs political parties to stop defending and fooling his own race. UMNO BARU is the worst.
    MCA…gone case….Gerakan meeting yesterday..28 reporters…first questions asked..making Gerakan and Koh Tsu Koon create history again….meaning no questions….Gerakan not important.
    Out come Najib…consoling KTK…..”Do not give up.UMNO needs you”

  52. Pegasus says:

    Are the sons of the soil prepared to take part in such open competition ? No special grading system, no special side-door to enter university, no special quota, no 100% reserved institutions…..

    kittykat46 – November 2, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    Ha ha ha…KK46, this sons of tainted soil will then run to big mama complaining they had to play on uneven field…and big dada will built another 2 or 3 universities to ensure they are the towering people around..!…but spot on KK46!

  53. Pegasus says:

    Monty, not only MCA & Gerakan are gone case, don’t forget their other sleeping partner MIC,which is already dead and gone case…but somehow still managing to puff and huff here and there without any hope of revival… Najis should haul up the umno culprits who are racist and take stern action like sack them from the party to show his seriousness and not paying lip-service…but knowing his 1Malaysia slogan this are nothing but all bullshits…!..

  54. monsterball says:

    Follow Singapore education system….more than 50% Malays will fail exams…not that Malays are stupid…but because they are being MADE STUPID by UMNO BARU…to stay relax…no worries…to depend on UMNO…easy life…easy money…no sweat needed.
    UMNO have trained Malays to be lazy and contented.
    So our educational system..must be slow…filed with false history…filled with racists teachers…glorifying UMNO and PM…programing children to hero worship and depend on UMNO..from day one in schools.
    These UMNO devils…know the government schools are not good…so all send to private schools paying thousands per year in school fees..small change from millions stolen from us…but the main point…these hypocrites also do not support the schools they ask Malaysians to support.
    Chinese are the smartest…to prefer chinese schools…with dedicated teachers… accepting low salaries…even as voluntary teachers with no salary…years make sure….chinese do not be programmed by UMNO.
    Today Chinese schools are in great demand….yet Najib..our “1Malaysia” man….said…let Malaysians choose the schools they like.
    He know chinese schools is the best….but dare not be first PM to admit and plan changes to use chinese schools methods…to inspire changes for the better.
    No no no….Malays must stay backward ..contented and lazy….in order UMNO can get votes. Once too smart…UMNO is finished.
    Is UMNO finished now?

  55. surface to surface missile says:

    Well! So sad Bolehland’s Respect and Power Scales are rated lowly and so do the Economic Distribution and Information Scales.

    These are signs of a Despotic Nation.

    So one can expect the educational system in Malaysia is rated lowly.

    Bolehland must restore its democratic system which was robbed from the then Lord President Salleh Abbas of the Supreme Court in 1988 by Mahakutty and replacing it with a despotic system- Mahathir engineered destroying our Democratic System completely.

    But can we restore this democratic system with the present conditions in Bolehland?

    Can the opposition parties aka PR (Pariah Rakyat) restore our Democratic System which was destroyed by Mahakutty?

    Looking at the 1ManEunuch Rocket Party aka 1ManRocket Despotic Party, can you all not understand now why I am blasting it with surface to surface missiles?

    Hey man! I am trying to restore Democracy in Malaysia and raising the Level of Standard of Education In Bolehland, can you not see the picture now?


  56. monsterball says:

    He must have woke up from his smelly bed….filled with liquor smell….eat some sotong…energized…talking again.
    Look at his message….trying so hard to master double talks…trying to convince us…he is on our side.
    What this ‘surface to surface missile ” is saying….”yes I a beaten…I agree”….then slooowwwwly…aim his misisile at us…but first must kill monsterball.
    Notice….one “missile”?…not plural…singular..which means….this useful defender of UMNO have not fire his missile yet….talk talk scare us.
    My kopitiam fellas and friends.. will bury him alive with spits…so much…becoming a pool of slimy water…to jam his firing system….hahahahahahahahaha

  57. monsterball says:

    Notice when we are focused to talk intelligently and seriously….out with his nonsense.
    What does that tell you all?
    To me…he has no other ways to try and chase readers out….and get monsterball…stop talking serious…start f.king.
    You wish is my command!!
    Shoot you ONE missile and SHUT UP!!

  58. davis says:

    Surface to surface missile, are you still squatting in England?How can you restore the standard of education in Malaysia when you claim that you are in England? How can you restore something if you do not acknowledge that it is defective? How can you restore democracy when you support oppressive laws like ISA? If you do not believe in the Opposition, how are you going to bring about changes to improve the standard of living of the people?

  59. Kancilandak says:

    Dear davis,
    singapore is pro western…. they education system make their chuldren forget they own mother language… go see for yourself… they think they white people!!
    You cannot see anyone wearing cheongsam, sari or baju melayu unless they tourists… they family value is western and have high divorce rate… they system make them forget their roots…. do we want our children to dump us in oldfolk home like what they do in Singapore?
    Our system is diffirent and the gomen experiments are working… just be patient.

  60. rebena says:

    s2s misai can register a new party.. so arrogant…

    we have kopitiam frens can tarok ..gasak, bantal his statements

  61. justme says:

    Excerpt–“-Why am I not surprised? We were told this 30 years ago, back in the 1970s. Today, we are still being told the same thing. The highest number of HIV cases is in Kelantan where the population is 97% or more Muslim.

    One thing we are also told is that the highest number of HIV cases is amongst the fisher-folk community, the fishermen and their wives. If you don’t believe me then go ask Tan Sri Sanusi Junid, the one-time Agriculture Minister. And fishermen are supposed to be at the lowest rung of the economic ladder. This means the poorest people are those who suffer most from HIV.

    Is not Kelantan called Serambi Mekah, or the Corridor to Mekah? And is not Mekah the centre of Islam. So does this make the Corridor to Mekah or the centre of Islam the most immoral place in Malaysia?”


    That answers your question why Singapore has a much better education system, in all aspects.

  62. davis says:

    Kancilandak, have you done a serious and in depth study of the Singapore socierty and its education policy? Every pupil must study his/her mother tongue. For admission into university, a credit, not a mere pass, in the mother tongue is a requirement. So, here you are not telling the truth. Clothing. Go to Geylang Serai and you can see and buy all the baju kurung you want. Go to Little India (Serangoon Road) you can get all the sarees. Plenty of beautiful Indian girls in their national dresses. Go to Chinatown (New Bridge Road) all cheongsam and samfoo on display and being worn. When did you last go to Singapore? . The rate of divorce is also high in Malaysia. Janda sangat banyak pun. In Singapore there is a law that empower parents to take action against children who do not provide for their parents. We are behind.

  63. monsterball says:

    kancilandak is talking full of shit again.
    He likes to paint S’pore…to be US stooge……like Mahathir.
    90% S’poreans are related to Chinese culture..and China respect S’pore so much….making Lee Kuan Yew their adviser.
    UMNO supporters purposely tell half truths.
    This kancillandak does not know..moving forward does not mean must wear dress codes in the public…to show off…like those UMNO hypocrites..shoeing he are Malays..which means Muslims….yet are such great corrupted hypocrites.
    Kancildandak….go and talk about Malays and muslims in Malaysia and leave Chinese cultures and dress codes to Malaysian Chinese.
    He better train his mind to be at par with Malaysian Chinese….and stop being a busy body.
    But Malaysians w ill all be bust bodies to expose UMNO race and religion and double standards politics…non stop…till 13th GE.
    This is not bust body character. This is exposing thieves and robbers…using race and relgion to fool his own race.

  64. monsterball says:

    not “bust body” is “.busy body”…is what I mean…and other mistakes everyone knows my lousy english and can understand.

  65. Kancilandak Teacher says:

    My dear student Kancilandak,time to learn your new subject.Teacher will give you a test later and if you fail,then you will get cane by me.Understand?

  66. Menyalak-er says:

    Hmm… marking on the bell curve that is so skewed to the left, that only veritable idiots can fail, are we?
    So we can assume Pico is somewhat in the middling 1/3 which is 30-40% – a grade E in O level terms, but an ‘Excellent’ in our tangential system. As for s2s, he is the only fella that needs to stimulate his amygdala, as wallnut in order to squat – go look it up under ‘information’…

    The problem with our educational system today, can be summed up thus:
    “Do and do, do and do,
    Rule on rule,
    A little bit here and a little bit there,
    And they all fall backwards, be hurt and ensnared.”

    UM was considered within the top 3-5 Asian varsities in the 60’s and early 70’s. To plummet into the pit within 30 yrs. takes much undoing, not doing.

  67. wits0 says:

    “Shoot you ONE missile and SHUT UP!!” – monsterball.

    Hahaha! He’s trying to talk sense now? A snooty devil attempting to be our friend? I think no one will touch you with a ten foot pole, loony misai. You have already done yourself in.

    “Trying”, but not going to be successful. Has anyone any use for a devil that quotes scriptures? Only Kancillansi, perhaps.

  68. ktteokt says:

    puzzled, this is what they call “do not do unto others what you do not wish to unto yourself!” An Education Minister who does not have faith in the education system he has set in his own country and resorted to sending his children overseas to receive other systems of education is simply admitting that his system is LOUSY!

  69. monsterball says:

    When kasncilandak is cornered….he will come out to tell how smart he is to make us talk truths.
    He is a not by fooled by him….saying he
    may” vote against UMNO. There are thousand sitting on the fence that votes are unreliable…for the will vote selfishly…..or no vote at all.
    These are talk big…with big mouth…empty vessels making the most noise ..mostly Malaysian Chinese…commentators…found in Lim Kit Siang’s blog…that supports MCA.
    We need to read people’s characters by reading their messages…..are they constant or like people with no backbones….swaying where the wind for them.
    kancilandak is such a person.

  70. wits0 says:

    Menyalak-er, the only thing close that vile misai can associate with amygdala(if at all!) might be princess Amidala, queen of Naboo, a realm created within the rich cortex of George Lucas!

    “To plummet into the pit within 30 yrs. takes much undoing, not doing.”

    Bingo! It may take a serious economic downturn to stimulate that possibility of starting to rethink. Even then , with umno. it cannot stay any right course even if realized and tentatively applied. H/P6-ness is its true nature.

  71. wits0 says:

    “When kancilandak is cornered….he will come out to tell how smart he is to make us talk truths.
    He is a not by fooled by him….” – monsterball.

    That’s why, for convenience, I just called him a spy.

    The avalanche of truths and facts, however, mentioned in this blog became a tsunami has overwhelmed him completely, so much so that he has to slap himself in the face everytime and yell out his regular umno hubris regurgitates.

  72. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…..kancilandak stoop so low..out come a teacher to teach that old mousedeer…..ABC.
    This shows readers and commentators know kancilandak is full of shit.
    Insulting S’poreans …he had it coming.
    This pariah good for nothing Malay feels no shame that ..we are miles behind S’pore.
    Dress in style.. to show your race….go la…to Timbuktu.
    Space Age country talk dress codes?
    hi idiot…Chinese have more than 5000 years culture and dress codes…all born in our blood and mind….no need to show off…and act like UMNO hypocrites.
    Talk corruptions….if you dare….or SHUT UP …like I told the ONE missile man….shoot that stupid one missile…and SHUT UP too.
    Yes both of you SHUT UP.

  73. monsterball says:

    I need panadol……..hahahahahhahahaha

  74. monsterball says:

    I rest now…let panadol work.
    I come back…headache gone…watch UMNO racists.
    Don’t make me mad!!
    No Chinese dress code….said by a monkey…eeeeeerrrrrrrrr benchi nya.

  75. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo.cakap about educationkah.Aunty just belajar sampai standard 3 sahaja.tapi Aunty banyak pandai kerja kuat kuat bagi anak pergi us belajar arkitek.nanti dia balik Aunty banyak senanglah.Aunty tada pandai tak apa.Anak pandai sudah bagus.
    Ai yo.saya dengar kancilcar hari ini banyak bisingkah? boy boy jangan jahat hah.
    Ai yo.lagi ada misai 2 misai punya bom gila?
    Aunty dulu jepun bom punya jam Aunty pun tada takut.Aunty kampung punya olang semua tangkap dia olang potong semua dia olang punya misai misai semua.heheeheee
    Ai yo.pangil itu misai2misai mari bom sama Aunty lah.nanti Aunty bagi dia bau Aunty punya sarong baru dia tau.heheeheee
    nanti misai2misai pengsan dan mati.heheeheee

  76. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    ”Shoot you One missile and SHUT UP!!”-((monsterball)))
    Ai ya,,,Don’t play play.kakakakakaka
    Whole day all my customers and friends really enjoy our sotong curry!
    Wah lau eh,,this ‘miss sai 2 miss sai’ means ‘miss the sh*t firecracker’,,,useless one,cannot shoot and cannot blast one.kakakakaka
    Yu hoooooo ‘miss sai 2 miss sai’ come and shoot your cracker now,,,we are so scared,,, arrghhhhhh,arrghhhhhh((helppppp))))))
    Kakakakakakakaka,,Ai ya,,talk about education properly over here in a polite way and don’t always show off you bomb lah,,,later short circuit and explode your self finish,,,pochi.Kakakakakakahahahahahaha

  77. monsterball says:

    Dress code. Malays buy the most jeans in Malaysia.
    Is that the dress code of Muslim?
    Mahathir wears like half Indian half Malay little bit Chinese..little bit like gangster chief. Is that Malay dress code?
    When was trousers coat and tie became Malay dress code?
    Cheongsam found to be very difficult t run away from UMNO rapists…so change to tight skirts.high heels to kick the balls…..if you try funny.
    Now that is Chinese advanced and intelligent dress code.
    UMNO crooks…claim to be Arab decedents…correct?
    Why not women wear all black… cover up everything…except the eyes…as Muslim women dress codes?
    Infact fanatical Muslims.. forced their women in Malaysia to do that for some time…realizing how stupid they are…using a hot desert attire as dress logic at all in Malaysia.
    Hi your so call dress code also copy from Indonesia la.
    Where got Malays go dress code…you dum dum….all copied.

  78. chinlwu says:

    An Appeal To Tengku Razaleigh


    You speak with much truth and honesty. You have pointed so often what is wrong with our education system, our juduciary system. civil service, police and so on. Now, Tengku, we the citizens of ” Golden Years ” of this blessed nation Malaysia, who trully love this country very much, ask you how sincere are you are to see changes ? We want our grandchildren and greatgrandchildren to see this blessed nation become a great nation in all aspects, in education, government delivery system, economically, etc.. May we ask you, how siincere are you to make Malaysia a better place for future generations.
    Nobody in the party, you love so dearly is listening to you and even bother to read what you write.

    We need you to lead Malaysia, leave the party . You and Tok Guru
    can transform Malaysia. Come GE 13, you can change things and lead Malaysia the way you want it. Millions will support you.

  79. monsterball says:

    So sick to hear someone with 500 history…denying decedents from Chinese and Indians…mixed blood..calling themselves as Malays want to teach 5000 civilized people…dress code…when all of them were wearing leaves for centuries….when Chinese became so advanced and civilized…long long before your grandfathers…ever learn to wear clothes.
    Why on earth…Ibans changed their dress code…with women showing tetet wearing bras?
    Perhaps some…make their husbands womit seeing worn out tetets…showing off..shaming them.
    So were many Malays….no wear bras. Now that’s Malay original dress code..what happen?
    kancilandak…you insulted my root…and do not try to pin point I am a racist…like you.
    I am very very very very proud of my roots..understand?
    You are proud to be a cunning idiot…a low class spy from UMNO.

  80. monsterball says:

    Huh Tengku to lead Malaysians?
    Are you NUTS!!!
    He is not wanted in UMNO…that’s a fact.
    Soooooo he hentam UMNO….that can be seen.
    He left UMNO….hentam Mahathir…..join UMNO BARU…like long lost brother to Mahathir….so call moving forward…all forgiven..thinking with Mahathir’s support….he an be UMNO president again….all haste him and mamak acting.
    Lat chance…last dance…insult UMNO….waiting invitations from promise PMship…to join…ALL KEEP QUIET…..maybe watching and waiting….what is next best move…to fight the UMNO devils…maybe.
    UMNO control everything….but majority Malaysians hates UMNO and next step….must be careful…buy kopitiam fellas have their plans too.
    Won’t tell ….big big secret!!

  81. I-4-C says:

    Now that AL Gore is gone and the present Obama Adm has no time for this Arse Banger, Malaysians can live in peace and no longer fear another financial tsunami. Cherriooooo friends !!!!

  82. titanium says:

    Agree! Susan!

    Malaysian education is designed to be canned so that our students shall be subservient to the dictatorial regime when they graduated.

    These politicians who sent their children to overseas obviously do not want their children to be programmed into robots in the institutions they set up.

    These politicians’ testic*es should be castrated and these balls be extruded through the grilling machine. Then grilled the meat balls which are good for the useless monsterball and the bunch of useless eunuchs and concubines in the kopitian! Hahahaha!

    NB: The meatballs also contain ingredients from monsterball and his eunuch kopi kow friends. Hehehehehe…

  83. aluminium says:

    Hi Titanium,

    Lets continue our golfing. Leave that useless good for nothing monsterball and his useless kopi-o kow friends whole life tokking co*k in the kopitiam.

    They can huff and puff in a soon to be closing down kopitian in a downtown but come next GE, their goyang kaki & zzzzz eunuch masters would be booted out from politics.

    This is the reality of a rise and fall alternative for the alternative eunuch party.

  84. uranium says:

    Ya la ya la! Every time I think of this useless fuc*tard monsterball and his useless kopi-o kow friends in the kopitian I got Oob.

    Better don’t tok about this monsterball fuc*tard coz this monsterball’s mother hard up with a monster with monsterball. That’s why we have this monsterball and is the only one in the galaxy with monsterballs. Hahahaha…

    Only eunuchs would hire this monsterball to do the running, then people would be fooled thinking that these fuc*ing eunuchs got monsterballs!

    Just like that kancillantooi, occasionally feeing itchy backsite and needs to be shaft with a titanium driver, just like his fuv*tard master from Kerala.

    This stroke is for twitso, oh! Twitsoso is the best, Kittykitkat also not too bad, that’s why I always carry kit kat with me. No Ribena at the moment coz this Ribena makes me thirsty and miss the hole! hihihihi!

  85. plutonium says:

    Aiya! Buddies! Don’t talk about this fuc*ing useless fuc*tard monsterball and his fuc*king eunuch and concubine kopi-o kow friends in the kopidiam.

    They are just a bunch of goyang kaki fuc*tards good only zzz, eating, whole life toking co*k, kongkeking in the kopidiam having orgies everyday literally wasting their time just exactly like their useless eunuch fuc*tard masters who can’t rule the land properly with good technique professionally but whole life tokking coU* in the ‘kopidiam.’ just like these bunch of hin1 contagious parasites in the soon to be closing down kopidiam.

    Their useless fuc*ing eunuch masters are really outright dictatorial.

    Looking at this fuc*ing eunuch dictatorial equation : Dictatorial Eunuch= Tar + AB + HO + MT + NR – there goes up my handicap again.

    No where my handicap can go near to Tiger Kayu as long as these useless fuc*ing eunuchs are in positions screwing up the land without reporting to us their BOSS of their assets, without the 3rd vote, without limiting their terms, without checks and balances and the worst is this stupid fuc*ing soul-less monsterball and his kopi-o kow eunuchs and concubines are extolling in exultation all these zzzzz, goyang kaki dynastic useless and obsolete dynastic eunuchs.

    Aren’t all these eunuch sons/daughter and/or their grandchildren studying overseas also?

  86. chromium says:

    Sigh! Even if I have the best golf set in the world, I also can’t excel la in this scre*ed up country with all these bunches of useless & corrupt dictators living on this land- whether they are in the government or opposition & especially this monsterball shamelessly promoting his fuc*ng dictatorial theory with his hp6 English and hp6 knowledge.

    This monsterball is a disgrace to mankind and every time you all talking about this monsterball reminds me of the Su*ltan of Johor Hahahaha!

    This twitso is the best but so sad can be manipulated easily by that nanbotinan & kuibotikui monsterball so much that I also 12 main this twitso’s bu*t with my putt stick! Kahkahkahkahkahkah!

    Lets go happy hours in the club’s pub after we have finishing this last kitty kat hole, buddies! Sorry no Ribena for the last h*le Kiakiakiakiakia!

  87. chromium says:

    Beware! This monsterball is a wolf in sheep skin.

    This monsterball should be castrated, skinned alive, chromed, then ship back to his ancestral land in Hainan Island.

  88. monsterball says:

    Now it is plutonium…chromium and uranium.
    The usual insults …now GASES are talking!!
    Trying to impress…how the surface to surface ONE missile l will be tanked up with all those GASES.. to fire soon.
    Yes….gas bag is trying to say…ONE missile is here…the 3 gases are here…filling up..ready to fire…aiming at monsterball.
    I hope they quickly do it…..and leave us alone.
    Monsterball…..being insulted by GAS BAGS…that is normal.

  89. chromium says:

    Yes! As long as this bunch of Umnoputras led BNputras, the rocketputras, moon-pasputras, sotongmeeputras are no more in politics but replacing with learned professionals who are holistic in education, then the standard of education in Bolehland boleh be elevated.

    This monsterball’s should be castrated and shipped back to the hananpuik Island as monsterball’s hp6 knowledge and hp6 English are just simply outdated and a peril to the standard of English and knowledge in Bolehland.

    This evil monsterball with his evil interests is destined to be cast into the abyss into Hell with his evil eunuch masters!

    This monsterball ass*ole has committed a crime of the highest order not forgivable on earth, in Heaven or Hell.

  90. wits0 says:

    No sales here:

    Now becomes ELEMENTal(discarnate spirit, i.e.).

  91. monsterball says:

    Sarong copied from Fijians….baju from Javanese..songkok from Ali Baba…all copied…where go original dress coat……..kancilandak?
    Your kind is so mad with me….and sick of your stupidity too.
    As GAS BAGS….the are hinting to you….leave UMNO and join your sifu…which I will kick you away .like a football…if you come near me.
    We do not welcome traitors.
    Go and read your same kind calling me a wolf in sheep skin.
    These GAS BAGS are showing the clear signs….their gases not pure..full of shit mixed up….cannot fire missile…at all.
    Talk about my English…describing monsterball…make a fool of himself.
    hi…the right expression is…”A wolf in sheep clothing” for a PERSON la…..which is totally our of proportion to describe me.
    But never mind…your cow brain….is also welknown.
    You see….if you want to use that idiom…you must proof I am a hypocrite. …but why teach gas bags…that are gases from their arseholes…..bragging to be warfare controlled item….that only Najib can approved to be used.
    Did you get his approval….dickheads?

  92. monsterball says:

    wawawwa…..all crimes have a fixed judgment….jail…hang or fine.
    This cracko said my crime is soooooooooo bad…do not know where to put me.
    hi idiot…it also mean….I am innocent good for nothing..gas bag.
    Hi….gas bag judge…where do you the two criminals.. Mahathir and Najib….tell me?
    Oh gosh!!…don’t..please …don’t tell me you think they are saints..and heroes.

  93. monsterball says:

    Put both together with monsterball…and three of us will have a gas party….hahahahahahaha

  94. monsterball says:

    put here…put put there…put put every where…see who die first.
    How’s that sound to you….pretty good idea…gas bag?

  95. monsterball says:

    Again we talk serious stuff about dress code…here comes gas bags disturb us. This time. they very shameful….dress code exposed……all copied!!…..must blast monsterball into thin air..correct?
    hhhhmmmmmmm 3 elements…….and the good guys have 5…and how are you going to win this war… got 3…we got 5 elements…dum dum dickhead.
    What are the 2 extra?…go ask Bruce Willis….idiots.
    And my kopitiam force is always ready for star war with you dun gas bags.
    Aiyah….why early morning…..need to scold someone again.
    This bloody kancilandak…love to instigate…to get his crazy nut him.

  96. monsterball says:

    Hi chromium….gas bag…you talk earth heaven and hell.
    I challenge you know next to nothing about heaven and hell.
    Come on…prove me wrong.
    Where is heaven and where is hell…gas bag?
    Talk shit talk…you are the best.
    Do not know….SHUT UP!!
    Have you no shame?….talk big…only hot substance….useless braggart.

  97. lithium says:

    This monsterball is a useless nut case. I don’t know why he is blaming me for nothing?

    Hey! Monsterball, you no go to school mei? I am inert and harmless.

    Why you made so much fuss on me?

    Stupid eunuch monsterball!

    Susan: May the truth save us all from this evil & hp6 monsterball!

  98. nitrogen says:

    Hey lithium,

    This monsterball is just a mentally retarded hainanpuik where got know Chemistry.

    Let’s pump some inert gases through thIs monsterball’S as*hole and let him fly to another planet with lots of monsters with monsterball.

    Save him from further embarrassing his hainanpuik ancestors in the Hainanese Island!


  99. oxygen says:

    Yeah! Dear fellow gases, this monsterball is just a waste of my oxygen.

    So difficult to produce 1 atomic oxygen through the poor hardworking leaves’ photosynthesis and yet this monsterball’s blood is evil and black just like that Mahakutty.

    Yeah! Send this monsterball to hell with that evil black soul Mahakutty to hell together.


    Susan: May the truth save us & oxygen from this two devils!

  100. AB LIM says:

    Yo…olee shit the banana crab + crap !!!!!! midnight gases
    Lithium,Potasium,Cesium,Sodium,Francium,Magnesium,Rubidium,Cancium,Phosphine,Nitrogen,Chronium and all nium nium nium….hahahahaha
    I just pour some water and use my lighter…..pufffffffff…..ssssaaaazaaaaammmmmm….pufffff gone…up to the sky and i will save some gases for my kopi boy frens to do some cooking…..hahahahahahahaha

  101. AB LIM says:

    Hai yo oxygen…..if you are tired just go ‘tao hei’ and put your funny head inside the toilet bowl and start to breath in and out for 1 day and 1 night …then 2morrow you will be more energize and maybe your chemistry knowledges will be better like professor nutty nuts…..hahahahahahaha

  102. AB LIM says:

    Ya lah…..but you send this mahakutty will do because we know you like to play play with monsterball!! You don’t play with mahakutty because he is gone case already and you can send him now as he is asleep and you just don’t supply him oxygen ok already mah…….

  103. davis says:

    Look up the Table of Elements and you can pick up lot of names ending in “ium”. Any student of science can rattle off those names. We all agree that our education system is not on par with those of other countries. What are we, the government and the people, doing about it? Can we come up with some suggestion as to how to improve our education system?

  104. rebena says:

    I often thanks Susan Loone’s blog and thanks Kopitiam frens.
    that i can learn independence idea and comments from the seniors, monsterball, AB Lim, Nice Lim, wits0, menyalak, davis and many many more..
    i never enjoy so much in other web blog. this is the good territory i can enjoy the humor, the smart comment from these..

  105. najibmustdie says:

    and if you still can’t see the clear picture then go buy a gun and put a bullet in your head

  106. rebena says:

    most recently there are some news from Kampar..
    apart from the small bridge collapsed, we are sad also to hear some three good student passed away due to the strong waterflow crashing, near a waterfall..
    who know, these students could become a great enginner, or doctor if not pass away now?

  107. najibmustdie says:

    “DATUK Seri Najib Razak’s assertion over the weekend that only “one or two Umno leaders” have made racist comments and that they do not represent the party’s views belies belief. ”

    “Dato’ Seri Najib kicked the ball first to insist to insist none should openly debate if Muslims could slander the followers of other religions”
    -M.G.G. Pillai [2004-12-17]

  108. AB LIM says:

    Can we come up with some suggestion as how to improve our education system?-davis
    Good question,yes if we can get our gomen to change all those corrupted ministers first because they are the main causes of what happen to all our younger generation today…it is not the problems to teach any subjects in English….but the main things is that those gomen ministers… most of their times spent on trying to cover up their wrongdoing and scandals.
    And one last answer…..just change and get in more intelligent minister and everybody can see how our country change to the right directions….

  109. Nice Lim says:

    Love yourself and care for your health….one of the best education money can’t buy.

    Best way to be stress free…..

    Best Anti-Aging Swiss MFIII Sheep Placenta….

  110. kittykat46 says:

    Wah, wah, wah, earlier we had a whole stable of missiles….now we have a whole bunch of chemical elements.

    Just an ignoramus trying to show off his faulty knowledge…typical UMNO product ?

  111. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Good morning,good morning,good morning,
    Wah lau eh,,whats up! ((AB 10km butterfly)))) long time no chit chit,,kakakakaka
    Ai ya,,,my English so poor,i should have further my studies when i was young,,hmmm never too late as long as i keep on learning,,kakakakaka
    Hmmmm,,,,gas smell today,whats up! all the ‘ium,ium’ things,,anyway thanks for supplying me more gas today,,,kakakakkahahahahaha

  112. rebena says:

    correct .. see the intelligent dialogues from davis and AB Lim..
    Malaysian need to be reform into the betterment..

    puzzled why s2s misai want to carry the bn balls…
    what’s the dignity to carry for those corrupted ppl, bn gomen officers..
    every time also have corruption practisse in auditor general…….

  113. najibmustdie says:

    “Good question,yes if we can get our gomen to change all those corrupted ministers first… ”
    AB LIM

  114. AB LIM says:

    Oh wow…clint eastwood is back..hahahaha

  115. davis says:

    AB Lim, I agree with your observation. We need an Education Minister who is prepared to overhaul the whole ministry and throwing out all the deadwood. It was only in the late eighties, thirty years after Independence, that the ministry acknowledge “learning is a life long process.” Now you know the kind of ministers and officials we had and have heading the ministry.

  116. najibmustdie says:

    S’pore school system ‘key to harmony’

    KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 3 — Malaysia should emulate Singapore’s single stream school system so as to produce a population that “no longer spoke and acted on racial sentiments”, former information minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin said in a news report published yesterday…

    “Just as Singapore uses the English language to break the crisis posed by the rise of Chinese chauvinism and communism in the early 1960s, Bahasa Malaysia can play a similar role in our country, even though it is somewhat late,” he said….

  117. davis says:

    Malaysia should emulate Singapore single stream school system said former information minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin. Yes, I do agree with him provided UNMO is prepared to adopt 100% , yes !00%, not 85%, no asking of quota, no preference for any group, no discrimination. Is UNMO prepared to sit down with PAP and learn from LKY and his team? Has UNMO the political will to do so to improve this country.

  118. wits0 says:

    Why can’t bolehland’s so called journos investigate the obvious like this :

    They’ll rather keep on doing Mulla Nasruddin forever. They’ll keep on warning about malaria when you are threatened by man-eating tigers!

  119. electrocutioner says:

    why not list down too the children of few other high profile individuals? DSAI, LGE, KTK, Muhyiddin, Ali Rustam, Zahid Hamidi…..?

  120. najibmustdie says:

    “This Tuan not only wants to enslave other races but their own by having fellow malays sembah and jilat their backside simply because of their Datukship, tansri, jedimaster, lord of the universese nonsense.”

    Take Five: Malaysian parliamentary session on Biro Tata Negara (National Indoctrination Bureau)

  121. wits0 says:

    “Now you know the kind of ministers and officials we had and have heading the ministry.” – davis.

    Have to sound somewhat arcane, Davis, the present one’s physiognomy says he’s unfit for anything resembling education. He has demonstrated that suspected inability by jerkish keris ‘jig’. (Even the Scottish sword dance does not involve waving their claymores).

    There is no hope for reform in umno – its entire philosophy is WRONG! Add or minus a few scoundrels changes nothing.

  122. davis says:

    In the Singapore education system, one’s mother tongue is not only protected but promoted.With 75% of the population being Chinese, it will be advantageous for an Indian boy or girl to learn Mandarin instead of Tamil. No, you must know your Tamil and be good at it. No credit in your mother tongue, no admission to the university. Learn your Tamil and take Mandarin as your third languages. A lot of Singaporeans are able to speak and write two or three language excluding Singlish. Is UNMO prepared to promote the Mandarin and Tamil?

  123. R4Os says:

    Talking about hypocrites, nobody can outdo OTK @Mother-of-all-hypocrites, read this Sinchew journo’s nice piece:

    nanbotinam, kuibotikui not only great at acting as superhero, he is also great at “memory loss” on what he promised…

  124. wits0 says:

    “Is UNMO prepared to promote the Mandarin and Tamil?” – davis

    It is only committed to fascism and tribal hegemony over everyone else with that primitive fatalism appealing to lame brains and stiff necks. And pretends that these can actually promote “unity” and impress the whole world.

    The msm chessrs on…like there’s no tomorrow.

  125. I-4-C says:

    Malaysiakini reported that “Opposition leader reiterates that the intellectual gulf separating West and Islam is illusory”. Not surprising as he couldnt differentiate between the arse hole and the legitimate one hehe

  126. najibmustdie says:

    “Is UNMO prepared to promote the Mandarin and Tamil?” – davis


  127. R4Os says:

    Talking about learning Chinese & Chinese education, certain member here see RED at seeing posted links to Chinese articles in this blog, as if he owns this blog and self-appointed referee of this blog, but pretend to fight for rights n justice, wah lau er… Does he know what is “freedom of choice” & “freedom-of-expression”?

    I really hope this old-fart is not what PR represent!

  128. davis says:

    electrocutioner, you forget Samy. Wonder if his children went to SRJK (Tamil), next to the cow shed? I have visited such a school.

  129. najibmustdie says:

    Does he know what is “freedom of choice” & “freedom-of-expression”?…R4Os

    There`s one with malaysian education who thinks an arsehole is not a hole, ….probably a proud owner of a cloaca.

  130. Pegasus says:

    arse obsesser 1-4-C goes fanatical all the time equating everything he sees to arse…speaks volume of his hollow brain…

  131. R4Os says:

    “Justine, For your information in the 2009 University Ranking, Chualongkorn University (Thailand) was placed 138. Our UM was 180. I shall not make comparsion with the universities in Singapore.” –davis

    Don’t judge the book by its cover, look deeper into it, u will find that the non-bumi students in UM are top-notch, their tech capabilities (except for English proficiency) are no less if not better than those overseas grads, I was a management staff in a MNC in KL, I had subordinates both from local univ. and overseas, I can tell u guys u may be surprised at their calibre, we have to be fair to those non-bumi local grads, they are usually the good students who couldn’t afford overseas tertiary edu, be fair to them and be kind and considerate to our local boys…

  132. wits0 says:

    “There`s one with malaysian education who thinks an arsehole is not a hole, ….probably a proud owner of a cloaca.”

    Can we not see the amount of Ayrab cultural But-ter denials that some people have consumed through traditional absorption? Hey! Their blood itself contains the denial and blame corpuscles, as well, wat!

    Proud to be this, proud to be that! None of which can stand close exegesis.

  133. R4Os says:

    “There`s one with malaysian education who thinks an arsehole is not a hole, ….probably a proud owner of a cloaca.” –najibmustdie

    Lemme guess, i-4-C, or izzit i-C4…?

    this arsehole-maniac sure love arseholes, esp his own one…

  134. R4Os says:

    one fine day, somebody should shaft a C4 into his arsehole and blow it up, pOOMMMM…., it’s good for human gene pool if that happens to savage like i-4-C….

  135. jubal says:

    Can we not see the amount of Ayrab cultural But-ter denials that some people have consumed through traditional absorption? – wits0

    “The meat of horses, mules, or donkeys is not recommended. It is strictly forbidden if the animal was sodomized while alive by a man. In that case, the animal must be taken outside the city and sold.”
    —Imam Khomeini – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution

  136. kahkahkahkah says:

    this arsehole-maniac sure love arseholes, esp his own one…R4Os

    By now no one can be sure if it is his after it has been turned over so many times.

  137. davis says:

    R40s, your point is noted. Yes, we do have good and outstanding graduates from UM. We are talking about the university and the perception of it by the academic world.

  138. uzdeks says:


    Sabak Bernam MP and four others to be charged with graft

    SHAH ALAM, Nov 3 – A large crowd gathered at the Shah Alam Sessions Court this morning as Sabak Bernam MP Abd Rahman Bakri and four others waited to be charged for graft.

    The others are a former aide to Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, a company director, Rahman’s aide and a special assistant to Selangor executive councillor Ronnie Liu.

    Among the crowd of supporters were MPs and Umno supporters from Sabak Bernam.

  139. R4Os says:

    This Najis maybe a big croc but he is a very smart guy, he knows that the Chinese community, be it Chinese ed or English ed, most of them care very much about Chinese edu in M’sia (lots of my English ed friends & colleagues send their kids to Chinese schools, by hook or by crook).

    Najis knows that to win over Chinese votes, he must be seen to be “supportive” on Chinese schools…

    PR leaders beware, u all have a bigger challenge ahead to win over or even retain chinese voters now…

  140. gdp says:

    Robert Kuok pulls out of M`sia:

    Felda Global is a wholly owned subsidiary of federal government agency Felda which is in charge of the country’s agriculture agenda.

    It would buy PPB’s 100 per cent interest in Malayan Sugar Manufacturing Company for RM1.22 billion and its 50 per cent of Kilang Gula Felda Perlis for RM26 million.

  141. […] In Malaysia  BN/Pakatan legislators or whoever crosses the line in white collar crime must be hauked up and there must be no distinction. Before even writing this breaking news I came across this article and it got my mind working overtime in Susan Loones blog  Journos, investigate this please […]

  142. wits0 says:

    “This Najis maybe a big croc but he is a very smart guy,… ”

    True, in the cunning conniving sense. In Bolehland however, it will have to be remembered, any ‘smart’ deal only favors the vendor.

  143. 4-C-I says:

    “This Najis maybe a big croc but he is a very smart guy,… ”

    Smart? No lah. With AG, IGP and military covering his arsehole, he is only a little smarter than I-4-C (who ayatollah khomeini is waiting for).

  144. I-4-C says:

    Every time he made trips to the West, he went arse banging. Forgot he was followed hehe

  145. 4-C-I says:

    Yes, Najis got big lobang….now he thinks he is malay lobsang lampa

  146. 4-C-I says:

    DIE MCA….OTK arsebangs Liow
    mkini: MCA boss sacks 4 Liow-aligned CC members

  147. R4Os says:

    This arsehole OTK, he would do anything juz to reman in power… he’s a tyran showing his true colours now…

    Sounds familiar? OTK is a Mahaithiu a/l Kutty Wannabe!

  148. R4Os says:

    Fortunately, this hypocrite OTK’s true characters now get uncovered by the post-EGM events, his days as MCA no.1 is numbered, bcoz the Chinese community really hate such leaders who conveniently eat his own words in a matter of a few days!

  149. R4Os says:

    It’s good for PR, now everyone can see all these MCA leaders have zero crediblity, can twist & turn 180 degees within a few days, all for self-serving gains, shameless lot of ppl…

  150. R4Os says:

    As shameless as I-4-C…

  151. E-rotic King Kong says:

    I-4-C come to E-rotic King Kong baby,let E-rotic Kong give you a ding dong.Come on baby I-4-C,don’t be shy or shameful to do it with E-rotic Kong.Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  152. Menyalak-er says:

    Whatever said and ruminated will not change the reality of the problems faced by a tripatrite education systems – that is causing all manner of ill to our youngsters. At present we have the gomen schools, the ethno-language-centric (be it Chinese or Tamil) and the madrasah types. This is a quagmire generated by self interests. There is no way forward with such ethnocentric ideation and the current ethnic polarisation is reflective of this.

    While we may be jocular about the ridiculous secular and syariah courts because of their inability to agree, education affects all. The proposal for a single stream is one way to proceed, and that was the way after Merdeka until the late 70’s.

    All schools should be have propotionate hours for teaching the languages. The medium of instruction should be in English for mathematics, science and commerce. Other subjects should be taught in Bahasa, and a credit must be obtained in Bahasa to have a full cert. It must be compulsory to pass a third language whether in Mandarin or Tamil or Hindi at the SPM level.

    Whether anyone of you realize it or not, the fact is that the Chinese education in by rote learning which leads to dyadic thinking. This does not augur well for an increasingly competitive globalized world. Proficency in spoken and written English is a must.

    R40 has put up a point that the local university ‘nons’ are actually quite well trained. I am on the committee of several organizations for interviews – i can tell you the majority can’t speak nor express themselves adequately. Their attitudes and mannerisms also leave much to desired. Technically and in written English, they are usually sound. How do we employ grads like these? I shall not belabor you with the other catergory, who feel that we are obliged to employ them on basis of skin color.

    At higher and more ‘sensitive’ levels, the MNCs’ tend to employ overseas grads. Thus this dichotomy causes an artificially perpetuated feudalistic ‘meritocracy’, does it not? Meritocracy is not by grades alone…

  153. wits0 says:

    “Proficency in spoken and written English is a must.”

    It is ALSO a neutral language, not forgetting and being so can hardly be used to further the narrow minded ethnocentric proclivity so exploited by bn/bumno.

  154. rebena says:

    low class *******nium bising like useless drum…….. nicks..
    **nium is an eunuch … even bn baru also no need him..
    same gang with k toyo.. Any Malaysian will bantal him ……..

  155. wits0 says:

    In a dramatic turn of events, the Registrar of Societies (ROS) has declared Dr Chua Soi Lek the legitimate MCA deputy president.

    Translated: Mongolia appointed him as such.

  156. budak cina says:

    Whether anyone of you realize it or not, the fact is that the Chinese education in by rote learning which leads to dyadic thinking. This does not augur well for an increasingly competitive globalized world. Proficency in spoken and written English is a must.

    Menyalak-er – November 3, 2009 at 12:43 pm/em>

    Looking at those in the US and Uk , a lot are now in deep shit and homeless though they are proficient in English and they speak English since the birth of life!

    You are talking through your as*hole son!

  157. Kancilandak says:

    Just like that kancillantooi….
    -uranium – November 3, 2009 at 1:47 am

    Waah..! Apasal nih..? Kancilandak taka kena mengena pun kena tetak juga.

    Oi… all you plutotnum and klentoknium… go fight your own battle with Monsterball lah …. why you pull me in… my sifu can stand alone in any battle even without his kopitiam friens one… hee..hee..hee.. you saw it this morning right?
    Tokok with hee..hee.. nicks like teteknium and pepeknium pulak….
    At least my sifu comment got something to learn one… all you gas comment is just like gas ppffeeeet…! all go up into empty air!
    Set a good example lah… with kopitiam flurs at least young people can learn something….
    tok tok tokok like balloon go out of gas for what. Empty gas balloons make the most hee..hee..hee.. kuntot noise.

  158. budak cina says:

    ow class *******nium bising like useless drum…….. nicks..
    **nium is an eunuch … even bn baru also no need him..
    same gang with k toyo.. Any Malaysian will bantal him ……..

    rebena – November 3, 2009 at 1:19 pm

    Look at your name Ribena and with all the cium cium here, I not only want to cium you, but also want to bantai you like kopi o kow kow. Toyo will bantai anything as long as got lobang, including kerbau hehehe..

  159. Menyalak-er says:

    Ah, budak cina – that’s why you are dyadic…

  160. budak cina says:

    and you are a canine!

  161. davis says:

    Chinese education is by and large one of rote learning. This may be because you have to memeriseall the characters.The Chinese language has no alphabets. Whether pupils will develop creative thinking depends on the method of teaching, the content of the lesson and the teacher or rather the attitude of the teacher. Great thinkers and creative writers have come fom all streams of education.

  162. wits0 says:

    “Looking at those in the US and Uk , a lot are now in deep shit and homeless though they are proficient in English and they speak English since the birth of life!” – budak cina.

    You have twisted the implied meaning inanely. In no way has menyalak-er said that English is a panacea for all social ills but as a start in the Bolehland context. Yucky Reductive Fallacy and Straw Man attempts.

    Also speaking a language from birth(?) per se cannot alone ensure proficieny. You have to work hard and smart for success.

    A key in hand is useless if you choose not to open the lock with it. Having no real key but instead reviling it is like cursing the darkness instead of lighting a candle.

    You don’t even sound very much like a regular budak cina.

  163. wits0 says:

    “Great thinkers and creative writers have come fom all streams of education.” – davis.

    True, but when the focus is on science and technology with its rapid and ever accelerating advancements, it’s simply logical to seek the most efficient way of keeping pace with that.

  164. Kancilandak says:

    there are many here who tok about Malaysian Malaysia and racial integration…. but how many non-indians here know about a ’15day after death’ hindu ceremony..?
    I was at such ceremony last night with my hindu classmate of his brother’s passing on special prayers…. many of my schoolmates were there.. chinese.. singhs… one portugis and even one malay … awake whole night to show our respects… until in the wee morning we went to the nearest river to put the ashes away… that’s what our unity in our kampong… what we learned at our schools those days… to be united.
    Where is that type of friendship or integrasion now on this present political climate…?
    It is all in the education…. there is a sober discussion going on in kopitiam …but simply blowing hot air like titanium and chromium is not going to lead us anywhere.

  165. wits0 says:

    We don’t have to read memorize the entire book of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”, to realize what’s logical and wise action.

  166. wits0 says:

    Why is pico using the exoteric observances aka rituals of Man as a measure of attainable unity? What is exoteric can actually replace what is esoteric?

  167. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo,’budak cina’ mari cakap cina sama Aunty! kalau you tak tau cakap cina hah you sendiri pergi makan tahi.heheeheee
    {{‘lu ae ka chui heow cham cheou orh? ka leng ho ah ee ban lu ae leng tau lu koh cai’}} hah apa Aunty cakap ‘budak cina?
    Kalau you bukan ‘budak cina’ nanti you pi sendiri makan tahi.heheeeheee

  168. KOPI FREN says:

    kancilcarOO3 apa pasai hari ini you banyak gatai?
    Aunty sudah pangil lu jangan gatai you lagi mau gatai.nanti lu kena ‘tiam-tiam lu ko cai’heheeheee

  169. davis says:

    English is the language that developing countries must master in order to learn science and technology.It is also the language for literature. Some of us are fortunate that we went to English schools and English became our first language. We even dream in English.However we must respect others languages. Germans used to be great chemists and a lot of papers on Chemistry were written in German. French was the language of diplomats. Every language has a place in the sun.

  170. Sean says:

    Just on the offchance that one of LKS’s faithful forty visits here (or is it just monsterball?), it could be that his blog problems aren’t his alone:

    Should he get a blog? Poor old sod!

    You don’t really want everyone to become proficient in English, they’ll start criticising everything that moves – and then where will you be?

  171. justme says:


    Do you know anything about this?
    UK Islamists: When Sharia is intalled in the UK, ‘British Queen will be forced to wear burkha’
    Tuesday, November 03, 200

    Looks like Obama is leading the US along this route?

  172. davis says:

    Sean, you can criticise in any language. English is not the only language to do so.

  173. Sean says:

    “UK Islamists” (see – linked, eventually from yours)
    Hahaha nice shot! I ROFLd when I saw the guy holding the placard in London recently that said “Freedom go to hell”. I wonder if irony will go with it? I’m impressed that he wrote in English. I thought that was a really inclusive move.

  174. Menyalak-er says:

    Yes, davis every language has its place under thse sun. But some are more equal than others. I was just trying to see whether there is a possibility of working out a holistic plan for our education system.

    I do not intend to go into merits/demerits of language. Knowing the politico-ethnic problems faced by Malaysia, we should come to some sort of accomodation/compromise and factor in these problems.

    The influence of language is not dependent on population statistics – e.g Mandarin, Spanish, English, French and Portugese (in that order) are the lingua fraca of almost 75% of the world. But have you tried trading in Mandarin or Spanish?

  175. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Kopitiam use ((“Chinese Abacus”))) match genius for our children.

  176. budak cina says:

    {{‘lu ae ka chui heow cham cheou orh? ka leng ho ah ee ban lu ae leng tau lu koh cai’}} hah apa Aunty cakap ‘budak cina?
    Kalau you bukan ‘budak cina’ nanti you pi sendiri makan tahi.heheeeheee

    Apa awak ini auntie, ini cakap macam hokkien lah. Lu bo hiau kong tiong kok huay mei?

  177. KOPI FREN says:

    lu ini imitation punya ‘budak cina’.ai yo.budak bodoh,budak gila lagi bagus.
    ‘si kui kia ka leng ah ee ho lu ciak ah ee ae hk ka lu toh cai,bo lo eong ae siw lan,cap ceng kia’heheeheee

  178. KOPI FREN says:

    ‘Cap ceng si kui kia ni te huan pa thang chou ya cea’heheeheee
    ‘nin te pi ku thong cin ni chi tg rambutan na pian cuok’heheeheee
    ‘yak si la lei siow hai cea,co ya thou’heheeheee yak si

  179. budak cina says:

    You don’t even sound very much like a regular budak cina.

    wits0 – November 3, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    Well! Mr. Witso, if I don’t sound like a budak cina, what do I sound like then? Do you understand the Chinese language, culture and philosophy?

    You sound like a banana to me! Though shall not judge from the cover of a book only.

    Confucious says: what you do not like to do to yourself, do not do unto others.

    Sigh! Looking at today’s education in Malaysia, one must study in a Chinese school to be a great leader.

    Malaysia’s Chinese are in this quagmire because we have banana leaders!

  180. Sean says:

    “Confucious says: what you do not like to do to yourself, do not do unto others.”
    Did he say that? Blimey. Given what I like to do to myself more than anything else, I wouldn’t like to stand next to him in a crowd.

  181. budak cina says:

    auntie! Lu si siow boh la! Lu ho kau khan kau pun mai khan la! Hahahaha!

    Kan Nee neh, auntieee wa keh siow auntie, lu cin jia ku bo kah lan jiao si boh… hahahaha!

  182. Menyalak-er says:

    Was Sun Yat San banana? We actually don’t know why you are in this blog, budak cina. Is it your intention to insult others?
    The Golden rule is: “Do unto others, what you would have them done unto you.” The negative form is called the Silver rule.
    Don’t talk about philosophy if you have none, and must copy, pirate and parrot.

  183. budak cina says:

    Did he say that? Blimey. Given what I like to do to myself more than anything else, I wouldn’t like to stand next to him in a crowd.

    Sean – November 3, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    Please la don’t stand next to me! You can stand next to my auntie KOPI FREN, after her orgasm, just mention your price. How muchhh? Hahahaha.

    Aunti, lu cap beh liow ohhh!

  184. budak cina says:

    Aiya! You are just a human shit. Nobody respect you in this blog. You are just a waste of bits and bytes here…

    You think you are Ketuanan Melayu here? Porrahhhh..

  185. monsterball says:

    Good-evening my fellow non racists Malaysians.
    Earth wind fire and water are life saving elements.
    Those idiots try to scare us with ONE missile..and 3 elements….they found in Tong Sampah…from WW2….now out-dated….cannot pakai…just show off only.
    Just like their UMNO masters…..with so call dress codes…false titles….acting…bullshitting…threatening…….no tension.,,create tension….no problems…..must create problems. Simple management…make into complicated…with so many red tapes…..all done to encourage corruptions.
    And boy oh boy..revealed RM28 billion over paid a year…not important…lets move on. Go read the papers…so many useless news..not one about the over payment report.
    UMNO is caught over and over again….stealing from Malaysians….so need millions to pay interest….borrowing billions to cover up….as if nothing happen.
    What is the bright idea?….walla…Rm50 tax on each credit card.That will solve ONE problem…{so they think} and our come…ONE kill monsterball exposing it.
    If you all notice…all government owned companies are so slow to up date…your payments. You always receive…their statements….saying you owe so much when paid one month ago.
    This is the standard rule from these huge co[orates.becit electricity bill..crdit card company owned by an UMNO crony…Newspapers statement of account…all not updated.
    They will tell you…this is computer generated…ignore it…if you paid already.
    Now…put all into ONE MONTH…all paid…not recorded….how many millions RM ….you think?
    That is how they keep showing false re[ports….to show how strong the company is.when infact….not so…keep borrowing from banks…also owned by UMNO….making the money go round and round…ending up…feeding shell companies..making few crooks filthy rich…..and naturally..all must contribute to UMNO party….for it is UMNO party smart idea.
    The present scenario…..showing UMNO very shaky….so Auditors must save their hides….exposed with no fear…RM28 billion overpaid per year…on and on…for years.
    Any decent government will take actions over so clear frauds and thief…..but the crooks are governing….so be prepared…simple made complicated….to confuse and hope Malaysians will forget and move on.
    Those maggots..can change from missile to seas creatures and now 3 elements….wit so purpose to make sure….we do not talk serious stuffs.
    I challenge one to talk heaven and hell…and he ran like hell……no balls….full of shit.

  186. davis says:

    menyalak-er, I used Mandarin in Chintown in Singapore and in China too. There was an exchange of goods and money. That is trading,is it not? If I am in Peru, I may have to use Spanish to buy a candy.If I am in France and want to clear custom for goods imported, I shall have to fill in the forms in French.They may not accept English.

  187. I-4-C says:

    TheStar Online reported “Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is backing the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) crackdown on corrupt politicians but wants them to pursue more “high profile” cases as well.” Yes the MACC should investigate where this Arse Banger gets his billions !!!

  188. rebena says:

    monsterball feedback is correct..

    way-behind / outdated bn gomen agency like to slow update our Paid utlity bills………….. electric, water and telephone bills…

    U check the jumlah tertunggak… confused..(but U might already paid.. but they will tell you.. next month will be updated.. BUT in following month .. the jumlah will still carried forward and NOT offset accordingly……………..

  189. najibrazak says:

    Yes the MACC should investigate where this Arse Banger gets his billions !!! —- I-4-C

    From your b*tch mother…..every1 knows…..oh and bustard father

  190. najibrazak says:

    I dont belief I-4-C mothers, sisters, sisters, nieces sell sea shells in Chow Kit.

  191. I-4-C says:

    The MACC should start with the affidavit of the ex Deputy Bank Negara Governor and also the account opened by the 4 undercover CIA posing as Syrian businessmen in 1998. Just thought this information will help hehe

  192. najibrazak says:

    Yeah, and your mother is still a prostitute and your father is a bustard. Just thought this information will help hehe.

  193. najibrazak says:

    She farks hard for the money
    so hard for it honey
    she farks hard for the money
    so you better treat her right

    Outta there in the corner stand
    and wonders where she is and
    it’s strange to her
    some people seem to have everything

    Nine p.m. on the hour hand
    and she’s waiting for the hell
    and she’s looking real pretty
    just wait for her clientele

    Twenty five years have
    come and gone
    and she’ seen a lot of tears
    of the ones who come in
    they really seem to need her there

  194. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo,siow lan imitation ‘budak cinna’lu banyak lucky Aunty pigi masak yo kalau tada tentu Aunty taro you sampai pengsan.heheeheee
    lai kam ah ee hong kong eh ka la.heheeheee
    ‘budak cinna’sudah siow liao,cau hui jip mou.heheeheee

  195. davis says:

    Most of us would like to have English as the medium 0f instruction in our schools.However we must respect the wishes of the various communities to preserve their languages. The ideal solution is that all subjects be taught in English and the pupils’ mother tongues be taught as language subjects. Language is an important part of one’s culture.

  196. wits0 says:

    Budak cina falls on his face when he displays the suspected deep seated ethnocentrism with his banana, non-banana schism. Not difficult to cause his fulat there.

  197. KOPI FREN says:

    Aunty no good english no problem tapi Aunty hantar my son Jacky to US study arkitek and he come back time sure he good in english and make big house cantik cantik one.heheeheee

  198. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Hello Aunty kopi do not worry because all of us will go and fu*kau that ‘ crazy cina boy’ for you.Go take some rest Aunty ! And Aunty we love you.Mmmnnn kiss kiss

  199. 1macc says:

    Clear & Present Danger…for the Chinese in Malaysia.
    How Lee Kuan Yew Sees M’sia in 20 Years’ Time

    He said all constituencies in Malaysia would be dominated by the Malays in 20 years’ time, and the leadership in this country would value the Chinese population less and less. The Chinese population would continue to slide, he added, not because of the pathetically low fertility rates among the Chinese in this country, but because those who could afford would have sent their children overseas, who would decide not to come back. ”

  200. wits0 says:

    Because “nationalism” has taken on a hegemonic and ethnocentric meaning in Bolehland, it has become a dirty word.

  201. Menyalak-er says:

    All English, davis? Will be impossible to implement. Too late for this country.
    When i mean trade, i meant international trade and commerce, not local markets. I apologise for leaving this out.
    What will language will your SnP written in, if you are trading from Malaysia? Grant you that a bilingual agreement is practiced.
    Now, which commercial law will you want to apply – Malaysian, International or say Chinese law, if you are exporting to say China Brazil or France?
    Therein lies the conumdrum. Most of the time it is our commercial laws written in English.

  202. monsterball says:

    Lee Kuan Yew is wise and farsighted…but his prediction will not come true.
    Change of government will happen within next two to three years..three most.
    Within these 20 years…..Malaysians will be united proudly as one Malaysians….all treated equally…all will help any Malaysian that slack behind.
    There will be special l professional task force to see…which Malaysian is unable to follow the progress and pin point the weaknesses and strengthen them.
    When you are united and as one….everything is possible.
    Malaysia cannot attract those who went abroad…due to double standards and partly due to the standard of living long.
    It will need to bring our standard of living to be at par…with Singapore or Korea…which were two countries..far behind us…40 years ago.
    It is these 35 years …..under Mahathir was 22 years…we keep going backward….and clear double democracy at all..that keep frustrating Malaysian Chinese…where they leave the country…out of no choice…do not come back….pleases UMNO so much.
    That will end…when UMNO is voted out.
    It is destined….there will be a Malaysian Malaysia…that ideas was originated by Lee Kuan Yew…..which was not practical …40 years ago.
    All will change….and we will catch up to give Sipore a run for the healthy and friendly competitions…that UMNO can never do.

  203. I-4-C says:

    This big arse “buaya” will be caught as a matter of time lah !!!

  204. E-rotic King Kong says:

    Come to E-rotic Kong I-4-C,let Kong ding dong you and don’t play with buaya.Grrrrrrrrrrrr
    Erotic Kong can smell your arse now wet and ready,come to Kong baby.

  205. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Hey I-4-C assh*le why are you hiding below ‘monsterball’ and call him ‘buaya’ !!! Good for you that King Kong caught you and get your ass bang.Hahahahahahaha

  206. monsterball says:

    1-4-C calling my ‘buaya”?
    Are you sure?
    E-rotic King Kong waiting and waiting…saw Kong….run like hell’
    Stock checking time….3 Stooges….became 3 devils….became 3 war weapons…became 3 sea creatures….became 3 elements..produced by kancillandak….fatimah…ahbengkia….directed by 1-4-C….showing at Susan’s theaters only.

  207. R4Os says:

    “In a dramatic turn of events, the Registrar of Societies (ROS) has declared Dr Chua Soi Lek the legitimate MCA deputy president. Translated: Mongolia appointed him as such.” –wits0

    Not only CSL, OTK also gets “blessing” from Najis Tong Rosak for his “Unity-Plan”, Najis is the puppet-master behind MCA’s show now, the LTL faction got screwed, they get ‘sacrificed’ in order for OTK’s unity plan to succeed…

    To ppl who still think OTK is the hero of PKFZ probe, I tell ’em to go shaft a piece of banana up their own arse, to feel what it’s like to get arse-banged by OTK…

    Only 2 months ago OTK told everyone CSL’s stain can never be cleansed n he must be ‘amputated’ from MCA, look what now? OTK & CSL embraced each other, drink kopi-O together, bcoz they want to keep their no.1 & 2 post, the 2 scumbags r so shameless, so disgusting!!!

  208. budak cina says:

    Well! Whether it’s English or Chinese it doesn’t matter.

    This is another machination of that Mahakutty to divide the people.

    Mahakutty should be ch*pped to 10,000 pieces and let Auntie KOPI FREN cooks her famous Hong Kong Char Kui Tiu! Hahahahaha…

  209. Pegasus says:

    Arse loverboy ,1-4-C job is to rattle and disrupt the comments on the blogs, these Ct’s like the kancilancau, Fatimah ..(still looking for her bukake) only proof they are total failures…I think Monty did mention this recently…these S-holes are trying to muzzle but instead finds themselves muscle out with their idiotic non-brainier comments, which is just worth to puke on …

  210. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo,imitation siow lan budak olang ini sudah gila mau makan olang.Aunty bagi you ini siow lan imitation budak cina jilat Aunty punya Hong Kong keok lagi bagus.tengok you macam mana pengsan.heheeheee
    Ai yo,nanti Aunty itu ‘tiu kau lei mahakutty’ untuk you makan hah.heheeheee

  211. davis says:

    “and we will catch up to give S’pore a run for the money”…..monsterball. Chinese PM Deng told the Chinese to go to Singapore, learn from them and beat them. That has come about for the Chinese. The question here is UNMO prepared to put aside its pride and learn from Singapore. UNMO is more inclined to destory Singapore in every possible way. For UNMO, Singapore is an enemy to be destory.

  212. kittykat46 says:

    “Whether anyone of you realize it or not, the fact is that the Chinese education in by rote learning which leads to dyadic thinking. This does not augur well for an increasingly competitive globalized world. Proficency in spoken and written English is a must.” – Menyalak-er

    Both my children attend SRJK(C) Primary School, so I’m well acquainted with its strengths and weaknesses. I’m an Australian graduate, so I’m also well aware of the strength and weakness of the Western education system.

    I give credit to the Chinese School education system for maintaining, as best as they can, a strict attention to discipline and educational standards. In the context of Malas-sia’s education system, its probably the best we’ve got. But its not good enough.
    Our Chinese schools have become very much frozen in time in their approach to teaching and education. Too much emphasis on memorising instead of exploring solutions.

    I’m seeing the same defects in many of our local “Nons” graduates. Very good book knowledge, weak in problem solving in unstructured situations and communications.

    An unstructured problem is where you need to explore what the problem is actually about, and work out, individually or in a team how to go about solving it. Many difficult real-world problems are like that…and our local universities are not training graduates how to do that.

    The Western system has almost the opposite problems. Strong communications skills, good at “thinking on their feet”, but many lacking in the stern discipline to carrry through difficult tasks.

  213. davis says:

    Our education system is examination orientated. The examinations are fact based. You are examined on the amount of facts that you know. Thinking is not encouraged. Children are not encouraged to question in school or at home. We want our children to follow and to obey. That is our society!!

  214. wits0 says:

    Remember, Davis, Mahakutty was dead set against individualism, likening individualism to the worse of the loony leftist idiotarian excesses of the West. His “Eastern” values meant simply obeisance to dear infallible leader.

  215. wits0 says:

    Single Stream School System & Malaysian Hypocrisy
    Dr Mahathir is not wrong to suggest that a single stream school system can help to promote unity and racial integration.

    He said that Malaysia is unique because it had multiple school streams but other countries had only one.

    The ex-premier should be reminded too that Malaysia is also unique because it had so many race based political parties but other countries such as US, Canada and Australia would not even tolerate race identification and discrimination.

    Dr Mahathir should blame his own policy and his party for discriminating and amplifying racism in the country.

    The outcome: Two bright students Daniel Ibau and Marina Undau were denied places in the matriculation programme just because they were not Bumiputera enough. Many more had suffered the same fate.

    Dr M should not just preach but he should walk his talk by telling his party leadership to turn multiracial because it will be good for unity and racial integration too.

    Otherwise, it is better for him to realise that we are growing really tired of his hypocrisy.

  216. monsterball says:

    Forget about progress under UMNO. Davis.
    What you said is true…that’s why change of government is a must.

  217. budak cina says:

    Agree! My dear Susan.

    Please also check on the looted assets of this Mahakutty just to see how much did he plunder when he ruined Malaysia for the past 28 years.

  218. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo imitation budak cina sudah pandai check check mahakutty.heheeheee.Aunty banyak happy budak cina tada jahat.nanti Aunty char koay teow itu kutty ma tiu bagi lu makan.hah.heheeheee

  219. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo check dia punya isteri pun lah.itu ‘tiam kok ka si lan’.dia isteri diam diam pun banyak pandai punya.banyak duit itu kutty bagi sama dia.anak anak keling ini pun sama.heheeheee
    Ai yo.lagi ada.itu najib & isteri campur najib punya brother di bank cimb,otk,Sami vilu,KJ monyek,Khir Toyu,Isa,lin leong sik,badawi tidur,PKFZ semua olang mca,umno,mic jangan lupa.Ai yo banyak olang lo.lagi baik tangkap semua.heheeheee

  220. vanakam says:

    Poondeh Mahathai,

    Malaysian Police powerless against curbing abuse of Indian school children
    August 23rd, 2008

    Kuala Lumpur, Aug 23 (ANI): Following reports of school teachers targeting students of Indian origin in Malaysia and subjecting them to physical and verbal abuse, the countrys police have found themselves powerless in taking action against such teachers, saying the maximum they could do was to report such instances to the Education Department.

  221. vanakam says:

    Poondeh Mahathai,

    Kuala Lumpur, Aug 5 (IANS) About 500 angry parents and other members of the Malaysian Indian community gathered outside a school to stage a protest the alleged use of racial slurs by a teacher against ethnic Indian students. The incident took place Monday at Banting, the principal town of Kuala Langat in Selangor state. The crowd began gathering outside SMK Telok Panglima Garang’s main entrance from noon and dispersed about two hours later, The Star newspaper reported Tuesday.

  222. vanakam says:

    Poondeh Mahathai,

    Kuala Lumpur, Aug 22: Indian children in Malaysia are facing the wrath for no reason. Their only fault is that they are ‘Indians’. From past one year, incidents of school teachers physically and verbally abusing students of Indian origin have been on the rise in Malaysia, and in some instances, teachers even called the Indian students by derogatory names.

    A ‘hate- Indian’ attitude has been developed by the Malaysian teachers towards Indian students after the transfer of a school teacher from a secondary school in Banting, who is now facing an inquiry after she admitted to have leveled racial slurs against Indian students. Parents of the abused children have lodged police reports since November last year alleging that as many as five school teachers had physically and verbally abused Indian students.

  223. najibmustdie says:

    According to government figures, only 7 percent of students in national schools are non-Malays. Parents fear sending their children from their past experience of the government indoctrinating young minds in the guise of an educational setting. Inciting racial sentiments in the classroom and boot camps (BTN, National Service, 1Malaysia) is in fact a big business nowadays.

  224. Pegasus says:

    English stream school should be re-introduce but to have this change we need to change the BN government first…! If we want to stand on par with the developed nations or even to have so-call towering personalties ..we need to pay more attention and emphasize on the usage of English. Successive Malaysian Education Ministers have only drag down the standard of education down the sloppy road so as to enable certain community to stand holding a crutch as these people could not walk the walk in this reality world only in Bolehland…!
    UM current ranking is not surprising…with the standard we have now… These goes to sports too…we were on par with the South Korean and North Koreans in the 70’s & early 80’s in football…then while they have progress to world class level…we have slide down the ranking pretty fast to even fear meeting the likes of Laos and Vietnam!… our education system does not encourage sports activities to be included in their curriculum that would motivate the student to participate..and produce good sportsman/woman.
    Most of the non-malays students are hitting the books to free themselves from the suppress environment they are in now as they know education is the only way out …to a better life…we can help that by first kicking out the BN regime…!!!

  225. monsterball says:

    Mahathir is always afraid of University students.
    He knows all cannot be fooled and many are smarter than him..except none can come close to be chosen as a the devil to do devil’s work…making Malaysia a country for Lucifer to live and rule forever.
    The more you are educated..the more UMNO is afraid .

  226. same2 says:

    “Journos, investigate this please…”

    No can do….Rocky, wong chun(i) wai blah blah co*kroaches live in toilets.
    Only shelltocks works

  227. R4Os says:

    “Whether anyone of you realize it or not, the fact is that the Chinese education in by rote learning which leads to dyadic thinking. This does not augur well for an increasingly competitive globalized world. Proficency in spoken and written English is a must.” – Menyalak-er

    Come to US and work for a couple of years, u will probably change your prejudice above about the Chinese educated ppl:

    In US, u could see lots of migrant workers from Asia, particularly China, Taiwan, HongKong, etc, most of them had at least high-school or degree education in “Chinese” edu system in their motherland before coming to US to do their post-grad degree, and they don’t speak fantastic English language, but they are among the major contributing forces to the US industries, esp in Engineering & Technology, Medical, Dental & Pharmaceutical professions.

    On the other side, u would be surprised at the mediocrity of most of the local workers who had “English” education from primary till tertiary, the edu standards here is nothing to shout about… They r mostly big talking heads but they r technically weak, and they produce mediocre works…

    It’s a myth that the Western edu is superior over Eastern, and the West is losing out in competitiveness to the East, slowly but surely, one fine day, when Chinese language become the international biznes language, then your kid may write:

    “Whether anyone of you realize it or not, the fact is that the English education in by liberal learning which leads to lack of discipline. This does not augur well for an increasingly competitive globalized world. Proficency in spoken and written Chinese is a must.”

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