Khairy: Najib has my undivided support (Steven Gan, Malaysiakini)


I think I am going to puke now. Such a waste of time to report this bullshit.

Why does the media distract us from bigger issues like Perak, Teoh Beng Hock, Altantuya …. and the list goes on…

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  1. BUBAR DUN PERAK says:

    Anak haram najis tong jilat khairy.

  2. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Khairy must be dreaming { we are going to puke too } get your c4 khairy!

  3. davis says:

    To be fair, we will have to take his word at face value. The question is whether Najib will do so. That will not take long. The truth will be known soon.

  4. rebena says:

    bn perak and the local police have ugly bombarded and rampas jubah the State Speaker. We know the samseng behaviour and rakyat will chase the bn assemblers and the three frogs.

  5. AB LIM says:

    Olee shit the banana crab….i do not have to predict here but i believe that most will ( PUKE ) with this playboy comments……..
    Playing with najis new ball games…hahahahahahahahahahahha

  6. chanjoe says:

    Monyet knows he has to ampu Najlis or else he will be a goner as signs are for a snap GE next year and thats why there are lots of BN propoganda going on and an advertising company I know has got a contract to do more billboards on Najlis and his kerja untuk rakyat.

    So monyet has to say good things so as to at least he gets the chance to contest GE again but this time…Chegu Bard will get you and this Badrul Hisham is not the slime graded Badrul of Port Kelang.

    PKR must wake up and immediately sack the 2 wayward MPs in Zukifli Nordin and Wee Choo Keong. They had caused enough unwarranted problems and shame to PKR and its time to dump them and let them be yet another BN-Friendly Independent MPs. We dont need them anymore as they will be spent force come GE 13.

  7. Nice Lim says:

    My oh my….this is what we say ‘bodek’ to get a good position ?
    PUKE ….

  8. atanco says:

    Undivided..? do you mean ADT (any damn thing) you will do for him ? yeeeeee.

    The sign of a desperado….

  9. Richard Loh says:

    If you must know, the way MK is reporting lately, it looks like somebody is taking over. MONEY will be the culprit, can you blame them? I did not renew my subscription two years back since I notice that they are leaning a little towards the you know who. Maybe we will know at their 10th anniversary.

  10. monsterball says:

    It seems that everything said or done by UMNO are more important than anything else…concerning Malaysians.
    It seems that all Malaysians must judge their futures…based on what UM,NO say or do.
    We can conclude Khairy is confirming Najib as his commander in chief….so UMNO is well..Malaysia should be well too….regardless how unwell we all can see..and feel for Perak…the fallen bridge…few students died for nothing…the after effect of massive mismanagements….the country’s real economy showing rich getting richer…poor getting poorer…the clearest sign of a corrupted government.
    The PKFZ RM12.4 billion scandal …the RM28 billion per year overpaid in tenders…the latest development of Teoh Beng Hock’s death…all not important…..shows clearly UMNO ministers clear attitudes….go to hell with us…go to hell with all our priorities…as they have the right to do all things..according to UMNO’s whims and fancies.

  11. najib manaukau says:

    This is the style of KJ !
    Especially now that he is without his father-in-law (the ex-P.M.) to support him in everything he does even if Najib was to ask him to kiss
    his ass. This Oxford graduate will gladly go down on his knees to kiss his backside or does anything Najib desires and of course ultimately he wants to be in the cabinet, like all the other ministers, to make his millions.
    So much for the Oxford education-what a crying shame !!!

  12. harrison says:

    Khairy J. supports NTR. To believe Khairy is equivalent to believe that Anwar Ibrahim supported Dr. Mahathir or vice versa. “Grudge” we call it…and it will never end.

  13. whispering9 says:

    Thanks God It Is Friday. 🙂 Wow! I thot you are going let the comments to exceed 1k. Have a wonderful weekend, Susan & company.

  14. Kancilandak says:

    monkey see monkey do… or is it fox?

  15. monsterball says:

    I think 1k is possible…with few pipe pipers leading the way.
    Go and post…to add one more.

  16. monsterball says:

    fox steal. monkey see no evil..hear no evil..speak no evil..idiot.

  17. harrison says:

    Does anyone believe in KJ that he support NTR? It’s the spirit of Hallowe en maybe, and one could always wear the mask of Altantuya Shariibuu.

  18. ureverything says:

    Both of them should be in the lockup.

    One for the death of Altantunya, the other one for money politics. Hahaha…

  19. MAHATHIRISM says:

    Malaysiakini’s role in making political change in Malaysia through cyberspace is undeniable. In fact, it is a brand name in Malaysia when mentioning alternative media and it had been so for such a long time.
    Nothing is impossible to say that Malaysiakini role might shift towards a pro-BN lot without notice, and could be happen very quite way. The famous 308 political tsunami happen partly because of cyberspace influence. KJ had admitted this as the major reason for shock political change in Malaysia. In Malaysian political game, BN for sure watching this development in order to alter negativity towards them.
    At present, Malaysian cyberspace had seen fast and very much change since 308 election with growing numbers of portal website. The quality of these portals are sometimes surpass Malaysiakini. The survival of Malaysiakini also depending on fees collections.
    It is not wrong to predict that Umno’s KJ will give more than attention in ‘buy over’ Malaysiakini. He is a jobless multi-billionares in Malaysia with high ambitious to be the youngest PM in Malaysia. At this point, it remain to be seen if Malaysiakini role change into BN ‘toy’; only time will tell. Looking at the way Malaysiakini operates, one thing for sure is that cost of running not cheap.

  20. MSM says:

    “Why does the media distract us from bigger issues like Perak, Teoh Beng Hock, Altantuya …. and the list goes on…”

    Most of them like Malay mail – Ahiruddin Atan & Star – Wong Chun Wai support murderers.

  21. billauchris says:

    A few days ago, I paid a visit to my long lost friends in Cheras. There were just a happily-marrried couple. The are very religious and would not fail to visit their temple where and when necessary. Being God-fearing, they lead a simple life founded on truth, justice and harmony.

    When I casually asked them for their opinions on what happened in Perak, to Teoh Beng Hock, about Altantuya and corruption in high places and the media, I was quite surprised that they had stopped buying local newspapers for many years. When asked why, they just said: ‘the local press failed in their primary duty for not reporting truthfully.’

    Many of my friends had the same opinion. They rely more on Malaysiakini, U-Tube, Malaysia Today for current news.

    Yes I think I would follow suit and unsubscribe my montly order for local papers.

  22. MSM says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 30 – The High Court here today granted leave to the Kedah State Assembly Speaker, Datuk Dr Abdul Isa Ismail, to challenge the Election Commission (EC) for failing to hold a by-election in Kota Siputeh after it declared the seat vacant.
    Judge Datuk Alizatul Khair Osman Khairuddin also set Nov 6 for mention.

  23. wits0 says:

    “Yes I think I would follow suit and unsubscribe my montly order for local papers.”

    Local papers serve the cause of Belial. Kutuksan is the top and direct minion followed by the likes of theStar(star?!) with the likes of WCW(waste carrying wong) and Jostling AH! The second is in many ways more dangerous because of its spinning and deceptions. They insult us greatly. I ceased buying/ reading these evil sh*ts for almost 2 decades. In fact I feel offended that whever I go to Google, it must auto redirect me to .my! Ditto Astro for which I cannot stand a moment of the soundbit from local noose.

  24. verytrue says:

    “Local papers serve ….. with the likes of WCW(waste carrying wong)..” – wits0

    UMNO faggots/maggots/worms/flies can only survive on waste…..

    OCT 30 —Port Klang assemblyman Badrul Hisham Abdullah quit PKR yesterday and was almost immediately welcomed by Selangor Umno, who said it would help him with allocations for the state seat.

    This isn’t the first time that Umno is so keen to adopt the riff-raff from PKR.–the-malaysian-insider

  25. verytrue says:

    The worm in “kotak Ezam”….

    Ezam, Badrul akan sertai UMNO?

  26. wits0 says:

    Here we see an Ox farts and and bottles it up as liquified aromatic perfume for people’s consumption.

  27. Pegasus says:

    The beruk has no choice other then to hang on to najis balls for political survival… he could not rely on his father-in law who was a total failure…he could not be above the law now…other then to stoop down to najis balls….!
    The MSM are in the pits…no right thinking Malaysian would want to read them other then to read for fun ( if any ) of what kind of lies and deception stories to camouflage the reality… people are turning to internet for right version of the news and political happening in this nation…this was simply one of the reason that lead to Pakatan winning in the 5 states…as the people are simply tired of the bullshits printed out in the MSM and the lies in the Malaysian news channels…!

  28. wits0 says:

    “UMNO faggots/maggots/worms/flies can only survive on waste…..”

    Words of wisdom of the day and for a very very long time past. The rest of the people must be made bodoh so that they alone survives. *Don’t question umno rights!*

  29. Pegasus says:

    Finally, can you smell whats cooking..? The beruk is going to be the Rock for najis….? Truly 1 Malaysia..I am touch…
    While we have so much more important matters in hand…the MSM sees fit to report such irrelevant news… this is pits..! and still digging deeper…!

  30. Menyalak-er says:

    1Rock for najis? Yep, fosillized shit called coprolites. Bodekism gone amok! Go change your pampers, KJ – shame on you – you conniving, snivelling, hypocritical turd.
    Yes Pegasus, downright dimwitted non-news of the day…

  31. bee says:

    I am in no mood for HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH……….instead i put my thump between my 2nd and 3rd finger and say to them NANANANANANANANANANANANANANANANANANANNANAAN

  32. Kancilandak says:

    There is nst, star, malay mail, china press, nanyang, berita metro, batu nesan, namban, osai and none got Malaysia in the name except Utusan… therefore utusan malaysia is the nasional newspaper… and now Malaysiakini joins in hee..hee..

  33. OBAMA says:

    OBAMA welcomes True ‘LEGENDARY’ Singapore Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.
    The one and only respected leader in Southeast Asian Nation and not Najib.
    Najib actually makes Obama sick and puke.HAHA

  34. wits0 says:

    “..and now Malaysiakini joins in hee..hee..” – kancilbodoh.

    Steven Gan is a much more respectable writer than that irredeemable Waste Carrying Wong, despite whatever fault we perceive about him and LLL traits. He may be just using reverse psychology coz otherwise he may be accused of being one sided, not because he relishes publishing this report. I think he quietly sniggers too.

  35. 1 Toilet Puke says:

    1 Toilet Puke.

  36. straycat's strut says:

    Ah Sis, I think malaysiakini was just being sarcastic. And seriously, I don’t think anyone is listening to KJ. Not even UMNO. So, I wonder why Steven Gan takes him so seriously.

    …and probably there is nothing good for a headline coming out from DAP or PAS or PKR. Well, you know how the situation is at this time, kan? All not so good news one. I think its time for another demonstration lah. I hate to disappoint monsterball but PR is getting boring. It used to be promising and amusing at the same time. I don’t know what it is now or if it is still there by the time I finished this comment.

  37. Puke says:

    They make me want to ‘PUKE AND PUKE AND PUKE’ again,dammit.

  38. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo,KancilcarOO3.Apa pasai lu panggil Aunty 75 tahun ini James Bond OO7 Beautiful Girl ? Lu tengok Aunty banyak cantik yo Aunty banyak gembira lah.Lu buat Aunty tak boleh tidur yo mari Aunty cium sama lu.Ai bau busuklah.Aunty sudah mau ‘PUKE’.ai yo.


    When you have a circus as a town
    You can expect a field day for clowns
    With their laughters and sorrows to drown
    But don’t overdo all that to cause others to frown

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 301009
    Fri. 30th Oct. 2009.

  40. storm62 says:

    1Najis = 1Toilet

    1Rosmah = 1Public Toilet

    i smell rats here, suddenly KJ so nice to Najis…..maybe he’s sharing his toilet now….ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  41. air to surface missile says:

    It seems that everything said or done by UMNO are more important than anything else…concerning Malaysians. Monsterball

    WTF, this useless nanbotinan monsterball is whole life tokking tok. Just leave me alone, you farking no brain no use hainanpuik hwole life bodekking that no-ball also useless eunuch rocket.

    Whatever you said applies the same thing to your farking master aka eunuch roaket the Aqua… is worst than Umno!

    Syed’s interview reminds me that Mukhriz is a late bloomer in Umno. When his father was PM, he barred all his children from running for any office in party and in government. Imagine: if Lim Kit Siang had emulated Mahathir, someone else would be Penang Chief Minister today …

  42. wits0 says:

    “..Just leave me alone,..” – arse to face misai.

    Who’s “me”? Sounds like simply turd.

  43. monsterball says:

    Khairy is reduced to nothing by Najib. Not wanted to speak in by elections…and told to shut up in Parliament….he was almost non existence…until UMNO General assembly came about…and he spoke as so call UMNO youth chief..with approximately…35% support only.
    He has to declare and polish Najib’s balls…..openly…to get greenlights to advertise himself.
    Otherwise..coming youth chief election…next year…he will be the one and only shortest term..Youth Chief…replaced by another.
    Being outright shamed by Najib…not chosen to be a minister…this motor cycle gangster do felt the shame….for few weeks… out he comes….playing balls carrying politics for his own personal advantage.
    Every UMNO ….MCA politician have shown…how selfish the are and all are trying to fool Malaysians…to fish for votes.
    Tragedies..disasters…sufferings from the poor…and above all…so many businesses……big and small are loosing money.retrenching staffs…all purposely not published in papers…not reported…..making it look like Malaysia is paradise under UMNO.
    If so…those voters who want change of government …so clearly seen….are getting larger and larger in numbers must be really stupid voters.
    The smart for UMNO……is that it?

  44. monsterball says:

    “air to surface missile”…needs to insult me…like all the pro UMNO racists.
    Truth hurts you? That’s natural.

  45. monsterball says:

    ‘air to surface missile’ does not know DAP and UMNO are just the opposite.
    DAP fights for all Malaysians to be equal…for unity and a Malaysian Malaysia…and daringly exposed all the corruptions of UMNO…and even dare to protect an innocent Muslim child being raped by a Minister…goimg to jail for that..with the Muslim mother praising DAP.
    DAP is the one and only political party that dares to expose all UMNO corruptions for decades…and this bloody “air to surface missile” idiot said UMNO and DAP are the same….talking to win votes.
    One steals….the other exposes….same?

  46. surface to surface missile says:

    This rocket eunuch party is worst than Umno. at least Umno bast*rds don’t put their son as CM unlike the eunuch party.

  47. surface to surface missile says:

    These eunuch farkta*ds should all be sent to the lockup eating monsterball marinated with Mahathir’s s*it.

    Then this farking son of eunuch will relinquish the CM post.

    Then this useless hainanpuik nanbotinan can go fly kite in hainanese island with twiso. Oh! Twitso, you are the best.

  48. wits0 says:

    Oh nooo, you’ve the best turd, eat it yourself, arse to face misai!

  49. surface to surface missile says:

    This monsterball is the most dirty bas*ard on earth, bodeking eunuch with a small heart.

    Put la all your sons, daughters, daughter in laws and this farking monsterball as the ministers in your cabinet.

    Else fark off from Penang and Perak and politicks for good!

  50. surface to surface missile says:

    Monsterball will be please to be the minister of pondans of the Ministry of Monsterballs.

    Grrr all the pondans will love this monsterball’s backsite.

  51. surface to surface missile says:

    You farking eunuch monster, put this Mr. Twitso as the Minister of Twits in charging of all the farking twits in Malaysia.

    This Mr. Twit will give his undivided support to you. You farking no use eunuch monster forever creating problems in Malaysia.

    You and your son of eunuch can go to the Penang bridge and jump joining your ancestor in Malacca straits.

  52. wits0 says:

    Surly arseface misai. I don’t waste words with wormy turds when they want just to exchange”compliments”, unlike Monsterball.

  53. surface to surface missile says:

    Lim Kit Siang and co has done the most disservice to democracy in Malaysia. Makan gaji buta but yet berlagak macam important.

  54. surface to surface missile says:

    Lim Kit Siang and co have failed since independence to achieve anything in politics; except thru angry votes against Abdullah Ahmad Badawi recently.

  55. surface to surface missile says:

    Lim Kit Siang has his son Lim Guan Eng and Daughter-In-Law, Betty Chiew holding high political positions.

    Are you telling us all the other Chinese in DAP incapable? Remember Chee Keong, Lam Thye , monsterball, twitso, sloone, arse banger Lim, kopi fren, rebena, davis and many others? What happened to them?

  56. surface to surface missile says:

    Yes…LKS is no prime minister. He IS t a true blue dictator.

    Ask Chan Kok Kit, Chan Kit Chan, Fan Yew teng, Goh Hock Guan, Lee Lam Thye, Lee Kao, Wee Choo Keong, Sim Kwan Yang, ect, etc. they will tell you the story of how a “bleeding heart democrat” turned farking mad when confronted with dissent and threat to his authority.

  57. surface to surface missile says:

    How he silenced and purged them to facilitate one LGE’s rise.

    How Chen Man Hin was used to sanction his purges and how a certain Singh joined in his “main belakang” fest to manouvre his two wakil wallahs into positions of influence.

  58. wits0 says:

    “kopi fren, rebena, davis and many others? What happened to them?”

    They all seem to be doing just fine without being involved in politics like loony Weemites and Lam Pah.

  59. surface to surface missile says:

    About LGE’s meteoric rise in the DAP, the less said the better. The guy is a typical chingkie closet racist who put on a great show for some Malay damsel whose grandmother “disowned” his entreaties

    Subsequently. As for being PM material, let me see, in a span of 7 months we have had the 2 Pesta scam, the Wireless fiasco, the Kings of Tennis opera, the Golf course for Korea inc. tableux, the Municipal council appointees scandal while

    “The Rape of Penang” goes on unabated in the background with 2 floods being the gifts of nature in return. Being afforded the limelight by the ‘TREACHEROUS”

  60. surface to surface missile says:

    STAR – he used the opportunity to rant against his predecessor…and campaigned for applause for attracting foreign investors (the last i read 8B this year- of course his strategist and spin misters refused to divulge how much was down to the previous govt, whether the 8B included investment deferred from last year, and how much were paper MOU tigers)

  61. wits0 says:

    The other end of your feeding tube is apparently connected to your inferior os.

  62. surface to surface missile says:

    DAP stand for Dictator Action Party.

    I think LKS and Karpal Singh will stay forever in politics until they became minister of Malaysia…until then you all will see them until they gone…kaput in hell….

    in 30 years of DAP history, how many good leader gone as they were being penalized by LKS and Karpal Singh family for being outspoken???

  63. surface to surface missile says:

    Remember Lee Lam Thye??? Such a great politician who cares for the people than the party…way to go bro…..

    LKS and Karpal Singh family….you all are making a lot of sin in this world….it’s time to behave properly and lets the younger generation to take-over….

    Peace my friend….

  64. surface to surface missile says:

    . I am Monsterball. I am most probably stupid. I can’t write in English, and I most probably don’t even know the National Language. I should just die and become a zombie and dig a hole and bury myself and then die again.

  65. surface to surface missile says:

    Monsterball can’t even do that properly and usually ends up shooting himself in the foot!

    Or he gets back the same shit he throws at others…only twice as much… much for that nincompoop who has been kicked about from pillar to post…all the way from Raja Petra’s blog, Lim Kit Siang’s blog, Hsu Da Ren’s blog, to Susan’s blog…monsterball

  66. surface to surface missile says:

    Just give me the coordinations where this farking monsterball is and I will fire a missile bombing the s*it out from this rotten monsterball!


  67. monsterball says:

    Look at that “surface to surface missile” babbling and rambling….insulting me and witso….the trademark of UMNO’s drunkards and pea brain member.
    God help us….if he actually is working for the defence as a missile operator.
    Commander tells him to point at certain degree and shoot…he shoots and missile lands at Putra Jaya Parliament house.
    Insult me and my lousy english???..why you idiot…kopitiam fellas say the understands my english 100%..will all vote against UMNO.
    What have you achieve here by behaving like a lunatic?
    Ah yes…entertain us and gives chances to poke your backside.
    How considerate you are.
    One…backside itchy. Do you favorite past time hobby….poke poke poke till backside come out oil,for him to grease his missiles.. nuts and bolts……..hahahahahahaha

  68. monsterball says:

    Looks like surface to missile went to try get free milk…got nothing..came home empty handed and throw all his frustrations at us.
    Loving the greatest DAP frog…Lee Lam Thye…and why not…he is a hero to UMNO.
    His missiles…..must be made at blakan mati in Belakong……boom boom boom….actually are fireworks…with stupid names…just like him…burst…no control…fly here fly like his lunatic brain..blasting out…insults…talking my english….and ambil bodek….even on Lee Lam Thye.
    How low can you go…you stupid ass?

  69. monsterball says:

    65 degree left…19 degree right….10m degree up….and fire!!
    It will land at your arsehole!!
    What is this “”HAHAHAHAHAHAHA”..when you just blow out hot air…firing nothing.
    People “HAHAHAHAHAHA” only when mission accomplished.
    Only crazy nuts like you…”HAHAHAHAHA” doing nothing..making a real fool of yourself.
    Come on…you want to play with monsterball?
    Give me your worst.
    What else have you got….besides insults and my english?
    Lets talk UMNO and DAP…or any mastters concerning Malaysians.
    Talk country stuffs…not keep smelling my backside.

  70. monsterball says:

    After all the dirty filthy comments with half truths……he is performing his prayers …asking Allah forgiveness and start all over again.
    That’s the trademark of UMNO ..way of life…his cow brain have fallen into.

  71. monsterball says:

    Have a nice weekend and enjoy low class UMNO Malaysians comments.
    Hit them back.real hard. Do not give face to these welknown… manners..lack of parental teachings and guidance.. hypocrites and braggarts. Most UMNO members are like so..spending time to master the cheat to cheat and take bribes…no time to teach their children how to behave..and respect senior citizens.
    Truth hurt so much…that they are here to see this blog…gets less and less visitors…because this blog do convert voters to change government.
    Freedom Fighters and NGOs do not play politics to please anyone.
    Their sole purposes in life….is equality…fraternity and liberty to all.
    Malaysia is asick country made so by UMNO with race d religion politics… divide and rule..and to buy uo the country..encouraged by Mahathir when he formed UMNO BARU..and made himself a Dictator for 18 years.
    That is the most evil PM you can ever get…and Najib is his adopted son.
    Jokes we can all do…fool around…and talking nonsense…so easy.
    But the country is really rued by the devils and corrupted band of robbers….out to buy up rule forever.
    Your wife/husband…sons and future grand children future are at stake.
    You forgot totally how powerful your votes are.
    That is why UMNO behave like this.because you voted with no self respect not principles in life. You just vote for peace and harmony…which is out-dated now. For those who have not vote or have not register to vote…..”think not what the country can do for you. think what you can do for the country”…so said Kennedy..and that should be true to all Malaysians.
    Yes.we are Freedom Fighters and no use to fight for you and your children…if you sit still and do nothing.
    Your vote is most powerful!!
    You can change government as you like….and UMNO must be voted out…because they are so the fact…they govern much too long.
    Personally…I do not care who governs the country .as I never depended in the government..for help.
    But I care for Malaysia and children and grandchildren….and Malaysia have been badly managed far too long…to divide us..never t unite UMNO.
    That’s evil….after 54 years of independence…and we old folks are trying to do our best for young Malaysians.

  72. wits0 says:

    That trashy graveyard hour operative – just having a ‘lil fun with that raving madhouse Goebbel. By no means he can distract anyone from the real issue at hand. Coward too, to have to vamoose by sunrise. 😀
    Dumb and ineffectual vampire.

  73. Stealth Bomber Jet says:

    Our A-team Stealth Bomber evade radar Jet Fighter, with the speed of light together with 1 Alien UFO help will wipe out every one of their out dated technology fighter jets or missile before they can launch any attack.

  74. Nice Lim says:

    Good Morning wits0,monsterball,kopitiam frens and all lovely and friendly Malaysian.
    My oh my….Everynight must worms,bats and now vampires too come out to do all those idiots freak shot and nonsense comments.This idiots shoul go to Parliament to debate it live instead of grumbling everyday here and then all their unsound nonsense.
    Woi…Nematode worms,Vampire bats and all midnight bumno ghosts……
    Oh i forgot….this things don’t have common sense and heart….just a waste of my salive…..better keep it for a good kissing with my beautiful Alantosan Girlfriend.hahahahaha
    Get your real nick…..get your real life back….

  75. wits0 says:

    That puerile punk got class only for social culture malaysia news group. He’s poo here.

  76. monsterball says:

    Headline….” Get them” said Najib…on corruptions revealed by A-G’s report.
    Then said…”They will not necessarily face legal actions.They might face administrative action”……meaning found guilty..don’t worry….no jail sentences. He wants ti check all those billions taken. very year..are for personal or for party….and if for both..what are the percentage…allocated for this and that.
    Najib’s contradicting and double meaning talks are legendary.
    Such is the kind of PM we have cunning and full of shit.
    Read again…his comments….and tell me .this is a PM for UMNO or for Malaysians.

  77. wits0 says:

    “….so cunning and full of shit.”
    He has always been very predictably so.

  78. surface to surface missile says:

    Now the US has got an advanced missile capable of shooting satelite in the outer space but the rocket eunuch still have rockets good only for obliterating dinosaurs like dinosaurs with monsterballs

    This eunuch archaic monster rocket is outdated and not applicable in this modern era now.

    It’s totally obsolete but still we have this monsterball from the dinosaur age think the archaic rocket can be used in this advanced technology with high tech info and comm.

    No wonder we have this ‘sage’ still manning the archaic eunuch rocket because he is surrounded by useless and parasitic monsters from the dinosaur age with monsterballs. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ( Patented by Susan)

  79. surface to surface missile says:

    The useless archaic and outdated rocket monster cannot even overcome Umno pigs from the kampong let alone ruling the nation.

    Better save the obsolete and outdated rocket and display in the National Muzium!

    We and our children will never have any future under the reign of useless archaic eunuchs which still practicing ancient nepotism and cronyism of the ancient dark dinosaur age.


  80. surface to surface missile says:

  81. surface to surface missile says:

    These obsolete dinosaur eunuchs hire all these useless dinosaurs with monsterballs as dinosaur cyber troopers ala the kampong umno pigs hiring the Umno cyber pig troopers to quell the modern missile power.

    These obsolete dinosaur eunuchs must be oblit*rated simultaneously with the kampong Umno pigs before they are deep rooted also on our land like the kampong Umno/BN pigs.

  82. surface to surface missile says:

    One kampong Umno pig giving another Umno kampong pig undivided support! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    One archaic eunuch monsterball giving another archaic eunuch monsterball undivided support! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  83. 1 Alien says:

    The narrow minded surface to surface missile still doesn’t get it,you just cannot shoot down UFO.You missile cannot even reach the moon.
    Come to Mars if you dare and we can shoot one another with laser if you have one.We are watching you,surface to surface dump missile.

  84. Nice Lim says:

    We can ‘PUKE’ out in a silence way without being notice by those goons…what a big TSUNAMI PUKE is coming to flush them out…..

  85. niamah says:

    “Khairy: Najib has my undivided support”

    Najib`s balls are divided by his dick, which makes it a whole.
    Ergo Khairy is Najib`s dick.

  86. Scott Thong says:

    This just in: Malaysia is 16th worst nation for gender equality.

  87. Scott Thong says:

    This just in: Malaysia is 16th worst nation for gender equality.

  88. Monstergirl says:

    No, please don’t shoot my Monsterball, my family of Monsters. If you really want to shoot him (I mean it :D) you may as well shoot me. Huh, you got surface to surface/air missiles?, have you heard of the Incredible Hulk, those missiles don’t even tickle him (i mean it).

  89. Q & A says:

    1 Toilet ” HA HA HA PUKE ”.
    N-Zip ~ What’s next anybody ?
    K-Jack*ss ~ O.K I’m fully 101% support N-Zip without divided.
    N-Zip ~ Why you are so good to me Jack*ss ?
    K-Jack*ss ~ I want you to make me as 1 Toilet Minister because i know what you did with your fat mama last summer with Al’tuya c4 !
    N-Zip ~ O.k o.k no big deal,you can have your new post right now.
    K-Jack*ss ~ O.k before we walk out from this 1 Toilet,let me ZIP your pants first so nobody’s will know what you do with me inside here !
    N-Zip ~ Just do your job and get the hell out from here and don’t let me see you again.Jack*ss.(PUKE,PUKE,PUKE,PUKE,PUKE)
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. He He He says:

    He He He Ha Ha Ha,Trying to divert our attentions to other subject !!

  91. The Incredible Hulk says:

    Don’t make me ANGRY,you don’t like me when i am ANGRY !
    I will slam all your missiles into pieces.WoooorrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRR

  92. monsterball says:

    There you go….every post..these sick brains must come and upset serious discussions…using me as the main target.
    ‘monstergirl”!!…! you are a doll….love you so much. Your message is so nice and out come “Incredible Hulk”. Keep it up! Kopitiam fellas brains are much much better than hypocrites……because hypocrites train themselves to fool others and put out low class acts…day in day out…for decades….that now is their distinct mentality and personality…because they steal and cheat and much so…now they are fighting to save their own lives…no more challenging oppositions to debates….no more daringly…bail out with EPF or Petronas money…as doing that….it will be sucide to UMNO.
    So Najib uses slogans…….and these idiots uses insults…living in fantasy world…to have their final fun…knowing te end is near.,all may need to go and be to sampah workers…not too long from now..or be the poorest of the poor …themselves….tasting what they created for others…in their living dead…final years of their lives.
    But if you see many so healthy and not think God is not doing his work in mysterious ways.
    Those are actors…living dead….suffering secretly…you can never see.
    However..some are chosen by Lucifer to capture Malaysia….and we must all wake up and fight these devils.
    We are winning. Take care.

  93. Menyalak-er says:

    Methinks, there are too many metaphorical urinary & anal incontinents on this blog nowadays. It’s no longer entertaining nor edifying and fast becoming irrelevant with personal agendas like DAP bashing, as per dictated by gelakan and the other spineless unmentionable entities.
    What does it tell 1, when 1 can’t see a reflection of 1’s image on the mirror? Extinct and no longer relevant. So don’t attempt to resurrect yourself in this world, as 1 is unreal.

  94. monsterball says:

    They say..”.silence is golden”.
    But for “surface to surface missile” idiot…his silent means half dead….half drunk and eyes rolling….lying at the floor…making a nuisance of himself….sleeping it off.
    Monstergirl …did it!
    That missile…is made in China for children to play….and this idiot kept few from Hari Raya time…to imagine…he is at war with the KEEPERS of this gate…..firing all at monsterball.
    hi idiot….I am here!! Come on …fire more of your stupid worthless hollow missiles that is worst that my fut to your face.. Smell it..with patai or durian aroma…you have had it.

  95. monsterball says:

    Yea Memyalak-er…maybe we ignore and focus on our discussions and opinions…making them non existent.
    To start of with….I sign off…for a day or two…if all want it that way.

  96. Monstergirl says:

    Wow, thanks Br…I mean Hulk for the Yahoo clip and thank you for makin’ my point. I love u Monty.

  97. wits0 says:

    Just a spudhead spammer. Menyalak-er, for all intent and purpose, in the service of the prickhead 1, directly or otherwise. A little provocation and “it” has to show that he’s ‘not afraid of daylight’. One of those puerile things that 1-4-C aka Kancilmorsin would happily bring in and dance with.

  98. Reformed says:

    Yes… seeing all these awkward people posting off topic remark… and having ruthless, no discipline, contempt of law and order politican and ex poltican to put down the poor man for they own benefit.. it is best to just lie low and bide time till next elections. Goodbye.

  99. wits0 says:

    Meantime, “‘KPI’ minister Tsu Koon unfazed by quit call”.

    Who cares, we already know/expected. that ain’t news.

  100. davis says:

    Dr. M did want his son to be PM. He was smart not to do so when he stepped down. He knew many UMNO leaders wanted that post and would have confronted him and would have brought out many skeletons out of UMNO cupboard. He allowed time to take its course. Surface to surface missile wants us to think that Dr. M and his son are saints. Is it possible that the son may not be PM material? If through a cruel twist of fate, Dr. M’s son become PM, will not surface to surface missile be rejoicing?

  101. kittykat46 says:

    “Khairy: Najib has my undivided support”
    The reality Kay Jay faces is that, shorn of Father-In-Law’s patronage, he is a mere appendage in UMNO, a Nothing.
    Hi ill gotten gains may buy him some synthetic respect, but even that is running short, as FIL is no longer pulling the strings.

    He serves purely at Najis pleasure, without a natural constituency support of his own. So this is purely an exercise in grovelling.

    Anyway, the way he changes colours faster than a chameleon doesn’t earn him any respect. Remember “I will never apologise for fighting for my race ?”.

    This guy was a thorough racist when it suited him. If he changes his story after spending 7 years in jail, I might listen to him 🙂

  102. wits0 says:

    Davis and Kittykat46, I fully concur with you both. OctoKutty never did things without an ulterior motive and calculation. KJ will also do anything to further himself. Both has the consistency of an emulsion.

  103. davis says:

    Is not surface to surface missile a kind of rocket? Strange a critic of DAP chose a cognomen of a kind of rocket. Maybe this ia a case for Sigmund Freud.

  104. wits0 says:

    Ask that punk what’s the difference between a missile and a rocket and I doubt if he can give the right answer off the cuff anyway. In Bolehland, the AG will find no cause for any such a sanity test.

  105. davis says:

    Surface to surface missile, we both forgot that the present PM’s father was also a PM once. Present PM also have a relative who was also a PM. Looks like the “dynasty” culture is being practised here. Do you want that change?

  106. davis says:

    Sorry , Please read have as has in my above posting

  107. davis says:

    “Singapore pips London as No. 2 financial hub” Just less than 400 km south of us, here in KL, and yet way ahead of us in so many things. Can someone tell me why ?

  108. wits0 says:

    “Looks like the “dynasty” culture is being practised here.”

    One with the strongly suspected blood taint of 513. worse of all. Was Harun Idris the only tainted one?

    I don’t think this POS spammer can be reasoned with.

  109. storm62 says:

    surface to surface “miss-ile” is a kind of “rot ket” short for “rotten kettle” that can only make noise when it reaches a boiling point of 100 degrees centigrade…..other then that it’s is of use at all and harmless.

    it is known that there are many of this “rot kets” in the Malaysian government and they are facing hard times now that the people are changing to “rock cat” supplied by the up and coming democratic party called DAP.

  110. surface to surface missile says:

    The rakyat is the boss! Understand. If you want to be a public servant, listen, else taste the agony of being booted out.

    The old rocket was booted out from Malacca, Penang and now soon Perak.

    I am the boss, so better take heed or else count down begins, 3…2…1… blast off…..

    Bye bye bungus rockets and this is the alternative norm for the rockets for 53 years.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I just love Susan’s this HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sort of a by-pass valve for the over pressurized missile! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  111. bayi says:

    I think Steven Gan knew we needed a laugh and provided us with a whooper of a joke through “straightforward” reporting. It kills two birds with a single stone!


  112. surface to surface missile says:

    When the rakyat blast the pkr sotong mee, they acquiesce and rectify but the rocket eunuchs are arrogant and want to fight back!

    Is this how the servants treating the boss?

    Dey! I pay your salary for a living and not the other way round….

    Where got a servant not subservient to the boss?

    No wonder come next GE, the bossy rockets will be tendang out! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  113. Menyalak-er says:

    Any commentators recently visited, or are from Rembau?
    Since this MP of theirs is grinding, rubbing and squashing his nose into dear leaders buttocks and nether sphincter, what kind of development has happened there? Besides the new Mat Rempit convention center and the Kera rehabilitation home…
    In the same vein, how is the biri-biri business doing in Pekan? What do the use the sheep for? For Kera-ing.

  114. surface to surface missile says:

    Old eunuch is your boss, and I am the boss of your boss! Is this how your treat your grand boss!

    You meant you want your boss to get tendang out come next GE hence the stupid rebuttal?

    Adoooi! Just a bunch of nincompoops who don’t know how to market their boss!


  115. coral says:

    Najib 1Malaysia is fast becoming 3 or 4 Malaysia. That’s why this Berok wants to give undivided support to the divided Najib.


  116. coral says:

    Najib was installed by Mahakutty because this Mahakutty can manipulate Najib at his whims and fancies.

    Najib is just a paper tiger, hence this berok wants to give undivided support to Najib.

    This berok sure knows how to l*ck Najib monster balls.


  117. davis says:

    “I am the boss of your boss”… surface to surface missile. From your ranting, I think that students of Carl Gustav Jung will benefit and have a better understanding of their study.

  118. Q & A says:

    Question To~ ‘surface to surface missile’:-
    1)Can you tell us why everyday you must always mention ‘eunuch’?
    2)Are you an ‘eunuch’ yourself?
    3)Did anyone from rock-cat cut your banana out and let your ball just let it hang it there?
    4)We notice that you sometimes get too excited and mumble out the voice ‘adoooi’ or ‘dey’ ! That sound very familiar to us and we know who you are and what you did last summer! Why you keep on changing your nick?
    5)Are you a psychotic?
    Kindly answer all the questions above when you are out to play your pathetic useless outdated and noisy rock kettle again.Thank you and may your eunuch boss bless you with a sound brain tonight.

  119. davis says:

    surface to surface missile. I have to ask a favour from you. Can we have discussion intellectually and intelligently on this blog ? Can you restrain using words that you would not want your children to use? Thank you.

  120. kittykat46 says:

    Najis says country overdependent on IPPs

    No, he is wrong.
    The IPPs are a huge parisitic leaches feeding on the country’s economy. Every time you pay your electricity bill, you are mainly enriching them.

    A person who had involvement in the original so-called negotiations between the government, TNB and the IPPs told how Mahakutty basically ordered TNB and government officials to sign the agreements, eyes shut.
    The terms are not what they would have agreed to with eyes open.

    I don’t know how many millions Mahakutty personally made out of those deals, but it must have been Very, Very , Very good indeed.

  121. straycat's strut says:

    surface to surface missile. I have to ask a favour from you. Can we have discussion intellectually and intelligently on this blog ? Can you restrain using words that you would not want your children to use? Thank you.

    davis – October 31, 2009 at 9:11 pm

    Good call Davis, sir. But why single out one person?

  122. wits0 says:

    “Good call Davis, sir. But why single out one person?”

    Because he has only a single stroke and no rationality.

  123. surface to surface missile says:

    surface to surface missile. I have to ask a favour from you. Can we have discussion intellectually and intelligently on this blog ? Can you restrain using words that you would not want your children to use? Thank you.

    davis – October 31, 2009 at 9:11 pm

    Are you still in your daylight dream?

    We are dealing with dictators of the highest level and you are asking me to deal intelligently and intellectually?

    Why don’t you ask RPK to deal intelligently and intellectually with the BN dogs?

    And why RPK is in Mongolia having a ‘sweet time’ with his two beautiful Mongolian friends?

    Politics is just not suitable for a lame dog like you. Why don’t you just go and teach in a school and forget about politics and be a good teacher?

    Malaysia is in a quagmire because we have too many useless worms and balll*ickers who don’t really understand the root of the problem that we are experiencing.

    Is this the way a boss being treated? And you want me to debate intelligently and intellectually?

    Why don’t you just go for castration and join the eunuchs rocket?

  124. surface to surface missile says:

    1)Can you tell us why everyday you must always mention ‘eunuch’?

    Eunuch is a common word in the Chinese culture… for serving the emperor. Are you a Chinese? Do you have any knowledge in Chinese culture? Are you an eunuch also?

    2)Are you an ‘eunuch’ yourself?
    I shan’t answer this question so as not to hurt you and your mother’s feeling!

    3)Did anyone from rock-cat cut your banana out and let your ball just let it hang it there?
    No! The eunuch rockets got bananas but no balls to cut. Now the bananas are on the menu! I don’t mind to have minced-ball lasagna sauteed with chili sauce made out from your castr*ted balls- if there are still any left!

    4)We notice that you sometimes get too excited and mumble out the voice ‘adoooi’ or ‘dey’ ! That sound very familiar to us and we know who you are and what you did last summer! Why you keep on changing your nick?
    You sound like a gangster from the black society. No wonder this country is ruled by gangsters, eunuchs, sycophants, bandits….this country is fast gone to the dogs.
    5)Are you a psychotic?
    You & monsterball are in the same genre! You should be in Tampooi li*king monsterball’s monsterballs to mitigate the degree of your mental retardation.
    Kindly answer all the questions above when you are out to play your pathetic useless outdated and noisy rock kettle again.Thank you and may your eunuch boss bless you with a sound brain tonight.

    If you have still some breath left, please go and commit hara-kiri NOW- save me all the precious time answering all these stupid stupid, mental retarded questions released from the Tampooi!

    Dey! Continue li*king monsterball’s monsterballs to maintain your level of retardation!


    Q & A – October 31, 2009 at 8:50 pm

  125. storm62 says:

    1)Can you tell us why everyday you must always mention ‘eunuch’? – surface to noface missed sial.

    simple, bcoz ur master is so used to sodomy….ka ka ka ka….they have NO balls....unlike monsterballs.

  126. surface to surface missile says:

    “Looks like the “dynasty” culture is being practised here.”

    One with the strongly suspected blood taint of 513. worse of all. Was Harun Idris the only tainted one?

    I don’t think this POS spammer can be reasoned with.

    wits0 – October 31, 2009 at 3:43 pm

    The rocket eunuch initiated this massacre of 513 by provoking the Umno extremists after some victory in the GE before the 513 massacre.

    This old eunuch indeed has the innocent blood on his hand!

    This old eunuch should not involve in politics after the 513 massacre of many Chinese lives.

    This old eunuch deserves to be ha*ged also for this stupid provocation that led to the unnecessary loss of many innocent Chinese lives.

  127. surface to surface missile says:

    “I am the boss of your boss”… surface to surface missile. From your ranting, I think that students of Carl Gustav Jung will benefit and have a better understanding of their study.

    davis – October 31, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    “Those who have been once intoxicated with power and have derived any kind of emolument from it can never willingly abandon it.” — Edmund Burke

    “No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation.” — General Douglas MacArthur

    “A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one!” — Alexander Hamilton

  128. davis says:

    surface to surface missile, you are not prepared to discuss matter intelligently and intellectually. Is it because intelligence and intellect will expose the flaws in your arguement? Or is it because you lack both? It is a defensive mechanism, especially when cornered, to use abusive language. Yours is a classic example. Chinese , following the teaching of Confucius, are well mannered . Are you a Chinese?

  129. davis says:

    Concerning , 513, May 13th, I suggest that you read the book by Dr. Kua. From your ranting, I doubt you have read it.

  130. surface to surface missile says:

    Dear Mr. davis!

    There is nothing to discuss!

    Susan blog here is for one to voice one’s grouses and thanks to Susan for the kindness! HAHAHAHAHA!

    What Malaysia one is:

    1) Separation of powers and checks and balances

    2) Third vote

    3) Rule of law

    4) Limitation of terms.

    5) Good governance….

    Are we heading in this direction?

    You have your opinion and I have mine!

    What is your agenda here?

  131. davis says:

    “Malaysia is in a quagmire…..understand the root of the problem….” surface to surface missile. Can you please enlighten us the problem, its root and possible solution? Please present your dissertation with civility. Thank you.

  132. surface to surface missile says:

    Concerning , 513, May 13th, I suggest that you read the book by Dr. Kua. From your ranting, I doubt you have read it.

    davis – November 1, 2009 at 4:37 am

    Aiyo! This is another traitor from the ex-DAP.

    This traitor betrayed the PJ voters by wittingly filling his nomination form wrongly for the 1999 GE thus giving a walkover to the MCA dogs.

    After the GE, this PJ traitor was found touring the Alps in Europe with the whole family ala Lingan and Chin in New Zealand.

    The PJ voters had a ‘good time’ being sodo*ized by the MCA dogs for 8 solid long years until Chew Mei Fun was booted out replacing by another useless ‘whiz kid’ eunuch.

    Isn’t this traitor the principal of the New Era College continued teaching eunuch politics in the College and later was asked to discontinue and quit the college?

    If this traitor is in China, this traitor would be beheaded publicly for betraying the PJ voters and the bill for cleaning the mess would be charged to his next of kin.

    And now you want me to read this PJ traitor’s book?

    It appears that you are very raw in politics. I suggest you dick more political books out from libraries and start burying yourself in them.

    I have more pressing tasks to do you know, son!


  133. monsterball says:

    I kept quiet and he still insults me. Sorry break promise…I am back.
    “surface you surface missile”….Wa…quoting few war generals speeches…..trying to tell everyone… know about war fares?….and studied in USA?
    What degree have you got?
    Everyone reading your comments….knows you are one screw loose …with a brain…divided into two sides..fighting each other.
    Just look at you babbling and rambling….war war war…fight fight fight…and you can only stop talking like that..after getting drunk.
    Do you know what..General Patton and Mao Tzetung said?
    OK… love wars. What else?
    All those generals.. are thinkers and planners.
    What kind of general are you?

  134. davis says:

    Surface to surface missile, Good morning. Firstly let me assure you that I have no hidden agenda. Like you, I like to see this country be a better one, where the people can have a higher standard of living without losing their basic rights. Where their basic needs are met. That you have the right to your opinion I fully endorse. I do not hold any party membership. “Sir, I may not agree with what you say but I will defend your right to do so”..J.J. Rousseau. Shall we all take that as our guiding principle in our discussion on this blog?

  135. monsterball says:

    General Patton said…”Shoot that coward……talk alot…hiding in a hole”
    Yip…you sure talk alot..faceless…nameless…and balless.
    Worst of all…you are a thing…that can talk.
    Wa Space age is so advanced in Malaysia ..under UMNO.

  136. monsterball says:

    The ulterior motive is to upset concentrations and chase readers away.
    This is an UMNO cybertropper.
    You cannot reason with them.
    The more you talk nice…the more this worthless missile thinks he is winning.
    We unite and each give him hell.
    Only this way…you can make him groggy and run away.
    OR…ignore him totally….let him talk to himself……but he will choose me to insult….SO???

  137. monsterball says:

    No need to pray la. Why be such a great hypocrite?
    Allah can read your mind and know what a sick man you are.
    He is angry….UMNO do not help and put you in Tanjong Rambutan mad house……but then…Najib is mad too……….hahahahahahahaha

  138. davis says:

    ” I have more pressing tasks to do you know, son!”… surface to surface missile. If you are not in your nineties, please withdraw that word “son”. What is wrong with you? You cite Chinese history and civilisation and yet you behave like living outside the Great Wall.

  139. monsterball says:

    This is living proof……MCA needs UMNO idiot to insult DAP.
    MCA needs UMNO racists votes..too.
    This useless…china made surface to surface missile…look-a-like ..harmless…useless..just fo one UMNO member so worked up….thinking he is a war…when PR is calm and laughing…waiting for 13th GE.
    This bloody idiot…knows how powerful DAP is…and keep insulting.
    This bloody idiot knows…monsterball have guts and big and walk the talks.He is very mad with me too.
    So mad…Saturday nights..all passed by… by one…no happy results….just drink and get drunk…no friends…no nothing.
    Kopitiam fellas simply love to grease some UMNO members sick ass…if they dare to talk like that …face to face.

  140. monsterball says:

    hi idiot!!..Prayers over….shoot your useless missiles.
    Oh no!!…I think..he is cleaning Najib’s toilet…vacuuming the carpet…boil hot water….and ask himself…”‘why me? why can’t I be like monsterball….so happy …have money tree… worry? Cannot stand la….must insult him”

  141. monsterball says:

    Yip…I know it is Sunday….no work….but Najib needs his room…sparkling clean..telling Dotty plenty of working to do..actually firing missiles at this “surface to surface missile” idiot…giving him.. extra allowances to drink.
    Backside painful…but worth it…got money to drink and get drunk.
    This is a gone case….good for nothing idiot…..a shame to Malaysia society…to his family…and lets pray…he stays single all his life.
    One idiot is enough. Do not produce more….with your lunatic brain..very sinful.

  142. davis says:

    From the rantings of surface to surface missile, one concludes that he is not one who believes in the Right of Association. His position is that you are OK if you are of his group only and follow his/his leader’s orders.Otherwise, you are wrong. May I point out to him the ability to quote sayings of other people does not make him learned.

  143. surface to surface missile says:

    Looking at this monsterball …..buffing and fuming like a mad monster with monsterballs…. protecting his monster masterball…. well! Tampoi will be very funny and fun from now on….

    Tampoi is befitting this 1madmadmonsterball…..


  144. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Hello there, surface to surface missile !
    This is a new mission for you.Don’t worry as you will get your rewards.
    Very simple.Just use all your missile and start bombing all those Najib Nazi gestapo and associates then i will supply you with more advance misai later.
    Hello,stop hallucinating as this Bushman are now at his ranch playing with his ball mumbling ‘read my lips,read my lips’ and that Mad man Saddam is now serving his term in hell.
    Next time, get the approval from Obama first before any new operation. Get it? Di*k head.

  145. wits0 says:

    “May I point out to him the ability to quote sayings of other people does not make him learned.” – davis.

    It does not make him even worth reading or rational, only a trolling spammer hoping to be continuously noticed for his vomit.

  146. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    (((monsterball)))) Good morning and to all our friends as well,,,
    Wah lau eh,,’siow lan’ what ‘sobface to sobface missile’ everyday and night talk none stop like a very sick person.
    Ai ya,,,just drink our latest double double fresh orange juice for this Sunday sunny holiday.Happy weekend.Bye.

  147. wits0 says:

    The Star don’t have News, just old Yawners:
    “PUTRAJAYA: A high-powered task force will be set up immediately to scrutinise wrongdoings reported in the recently-released Auditor-General’s Report, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    This is to ensure that those involved in any misappropriation of funds or abuse of power would not “get away with it” but face the consequences….”


  148. kittykat46 says:

    Yes, wits0, the usual f*king excuse for doing nothing.
    A committee to scrutinise a report, coming out with yet another report in 6 months time.

    Any Head of Department/ DG worth his salt should now by now have the facts surrounding the major cases in the AG’s report, and be ready to carry out the necessary administrative actions.

    With due process, of course.

    We need wrong-doers being charged in court
    We need wrong-doers being fired
    We need wrong-doers being demoted

    We don’t need another committee.

    Najis has NO REAL interest in fighting corruption, because Najis is PART OF THE PROBLEM, not part of the solution.

    The only real way to clean this out is a Regime Change in Putrajaya in GE13.

    All the Surface to Surface Missile rantings about real or imagined PR or DAP shortcomings are basically irrelevant beside the almost unimaginable level of corruption in the Barisan Najis regime.

  149. wits0 says:

    Always using that selfsame age old con game of a promissory future – dragging things far enough into the future to make ppl forget what they’er all about, by then, e.g. the Lingam case, and by which time, declare matters a non issue. The WCW’s trashy noosepaper serves full time in complicity on this ploy.

    One A-G does his job, another A-G shoots it down. Repeat things ad infinitum and everything appears A-OK.

  150. Captain Marvel says:

    surface to surface missile. I have to ask a favour from you. Can we have discussion intellectually and intelligently on this blog ? Can you restrain using words that you would not want your children to use? Thank you.

    davis – October 31, 2009 at 9:11 pm

    Good call Davis, sir. But why single out one person?

    tstraycat’s strut – October 31, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    Actually, the acts of civility should be extended to you as well, ma’am, aye?

    Acts of civility – haiya, you don’t have a dong between your legs lah, just some holes only MAH….

  151. monsterball says:

    surface to surface missile…is that best you can reply to me?
    Yes…I love to go to go to Tampoi and you Tanjong Ramutan.
    Perhaps you prefer to be in Tampoi with me too?
    Are you hinting you are a Johorean or a street sweeper for Singapore?
    WOW..clever to hint too er.
    We go…to Tampoi..OK?
    The differences is…you go as a patient….I go as a visitor.
    Me mad mad mad?….right you are.
    Sooooo clever again. Wow UMNO missile can think too.
    Good morning Five Star Kopitiam!!….He is drunk day and night….drinking compounded whiskey. He also drink beer with some mothballs to spike him up instantly.
    He loves meatballs…meehoon soup….cowballs curry with…chapati….shitballs from crabs…roasted…chew like kacang with his Whiskey.
    Now you know why…he simply love monsterball…to thrill him physically…hahahahahahaha

  152. kittykat46 says:

    Surface to Surface Dud Missile…..

  153. Good morning Monty…. 😉

  154. monsterball says:

    SHAAZAM!! Captain Marvel here.
    I wonder why those hollywood idiots do no know how to make a movie of this great hero.
    I waited so long…not one.
    55 years ago…I saw “Captain Marvel”…bought his comics too.

  155. monsterball says:

    Goodmorning harrison ford..oooppp….I mean harrison Idol.
    Hi… like harrison ford movies?
    What happen to harrison bin handsome nick?
    How is Miri…your hometown..or is it..somewhere else.
    Hopev life is treating you well.
    We have been together a long time…correct?
    Now join in and f…k the shit out of..” surface to surface missile”.

  156. Captain Marval says:

    You r an educated comic fan, Mr. Monsterball. Captain Marvel’s power is almost equal to Superman in DC comics. Of course DC will never make anyone stronger than Supe.

    Did you see Marvel and DC’s Superman (pre-crisis) and Spiderman joining forces in fighting D. Doom and Parasite. At one scene, the Incredible Hulk was running amok in Manhattan where Superman effortlessly stopped the Hulk by removing a buzzing contraption planted at the Hulk’s ear making it enraged and tearing up the city. I saw the Hulk pouncing on Superman and the latter was unmoved. Supe was way too powerful only maybe Marvel’s Silver Surfer can equal him.

  157. wits0 says:

    In Victorian times, women don’t strut. The Queensbury Rule was used in boxing(only) which is regarded as a sports. We have wild raving spammers and trolls (including sympathizer)without common sense but pu-ulenty highfalutin.

  158. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha…Cool hand Luke aka kittykat also join in.
    Yes….my friends…PR is OK..keeping quiet. DAP is extremely strong. Anwar..touring to buy time..avoid talking nonsense…or responding to insults..we keep reading..just.stay cool and buy time too and attend court.
    RPK cannot attend court. He is a very brave Malaysian….join no party…and a true freedom fighter in his own rights.
    PAS .is harmless……but Hadi Awang is the snake in PAS.
    Every party have their weaknesses…all told to the public…no hiding.
    Only UMNO….purest of the pure….where angels and demons can live together…..some got married…..producing lunatics… like surface to surface missile.

  159. Good morning Wits. 😀

  160. monsterball says:

    Captain Marvel… must be talking comics strip movies.
    Have you seen “Captain Marvel” with life actors…a 2 hour non stop black and white thrilling movie?
    I keep searching in DVD shops….cannot find.

  161. wits0 says:

    Extracts from: As You Like It :

    Art thou thus bolden’d, man, by thy distress,
    Or else a rude despiser of good manners,
    That in civility thou seem’st so empty?

    You touch’d my vein at first: the thorny point
    Of bare distress hath ta’en from me the show
    Of smooth civility: yet am I inland bred
    And know some nurture. But forbear, I say:
    He dies that touches any of this fruit
    Till I and my affairs are answered.

    An you will not be answered with reason, I must die.”

    Davis is not Jaques ; he’ll surely not die! 😀

  162. monsterball says:

    Wow….That’s deep meaning witso.
    Over my dead body…can any lousy homemade missile hit Davis…yet dead..I will come back and haunt that lousy operator of surface to surface missile…keep wishing I get ban from this blog…with his female companion…that Captain Marvel spoke so defend this blog..
    I have a full collection of Shakespeare books and DVD….read few….but…”Friends..Romans….Countrymen…lend me your ears” I like best..

  163. Kancilandak says:

    Good for you Dato Jamluddi jarjis… go and show to the world how we who they call 3rd world have evolve to become the highest in civilsation in the recent years… go ahead great son of soil.

  164. surface to surface missile says:

    ” I have more pressing tasks to do you know, son!”… surface to surface missile. If you are not in your nineties, please withdraw that word “son”. What is wrong with you? You cite Chinese history and civilisation and yet you behave like living outside the Great Wall
    davis – November 1, 2009 at 6:13 am.

    Hello! Mr. Davis,

    You are right, I am inter continental and have been staying in London for the past 15 years and I am still residing in London. In England, everybody is calling everybody son. There is nothing wrong with me. The son here is not the biological son-father relationship but the Father-son relationship.

    You might say that well, this is in Malaysia and I don’t buy that crap. With the advent of internet, this is a 1world that we are living in.

    Sigh! This is lack of knowledge and can I blame you of your converging outlook?

    Sigh! Sigh! Malaysia is in such a shamble largely because of this lack of knowledge.

    In England, if an opposition fails in the Parliamentary election, the opposition leader will voluntarily abdicate the position.

    But in Malaysia, we have the opposition leader shamelessly clinging to the position with the addition of installing his son as the CM..

    Even the despotic Mahakutty didn’t do that. Do you think Malaysia can achieve developed status with this kind of parochial mentality?

    Yes! This is happening in a pariah country like Malaysia.

  165. monsterball says:

    My favorite Tarzan is Johnny Weismuller…the Olympic gold medalist swimmer. He became so poor…was a door a Las Vegas hotel and get tips for his famous Tarzan call. He died two years ago.
    He was living on charity sponsored by Actors.
    I just found a full set of his DVD….all black and white movies…watch all over and over again..feeling like a 10 year old child…all over again.
    How to grow old with such a brain like mine?
    3 years from now…surface to surface missile..will run like hell…as all his missiles cannot fire….all rusty and useless…like up…thee is a fut his mouth….”poooooooooooof…pooooof….oooooooorrr” dead!!…no up up and away like Superman.
    Me…..monsterball will be honorary prison Malaysia…monitoring all the crooks…and surface to surface missile…will be strapped up like wacko…we see in a ‘Batman ” movie…shouting….”I want monsterball”….till ghost riders come to carry him to his next kingdom…with 72 virgins waiting…..poking needles …let him suffer day and night.

  166. surface to surface missile says:

    From the rantings of surface to surface missile, one concludes that he is not one who believes in the Right of Association. His position is that you are OK if you are of his group only and follow his/his leader’s orders.Otherwise, you are wrong. May I point out to him the ability to quote sayings of other people does not make him learned.

    davis – November 1, 2009 at 7:36 am

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You are fast becoming like the monsterball who has the penchant of stereotyong others!

    Well! I believe in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as below.

    That is what Susan Web-blog is all about! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  167. davis says:

    “Here’s the smell of the blood still: all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. Oh, oh, oh!”..Lady Macbeth Wonder if the above will be said by someone in Putrajaja.

  168. monsterball says:

    One thing is always missing with these nuts…to completely understand and feel for others.
    If you do not have that little knowledge…do not talk politics.

  169. davis says:

    Surface to surface missile. Your illogical rantings, your habit of using abusive language and your denial when confronted with the truth pain me to conclude that you are a poor specimen of the human race.

  170. kittykat46 says:

    These CT’s have to meet their expected quota of posts so they can claim their allowance…..

    So most of the time you just get stupid junk from them…..doesn’t help Barisan Nasional’s cause at all, but the powers-that-be don’t have a clue how to go about that in Cyber-space.

  171. monsterball says:

    If surface to surface missile values human rights sincerely…he should be real mad with police force and Najib.
    Talk is cheap!

  172. wits0 says:

    “So most of the time you just get stupid junk from them…..doesn’t help Barisan Nasional’s cause at all, but the powers-that-be don’t have a clue how to go about that in Cyber-space.”

    Ooops..KK46, don’t tell them.

    This “missile” one rants like he’s really got fissile Kwali, wat. He only fizzles like a damp cracker. But to imagine getting strutting prop-up! That’s even more amazing.

  173. surface to surface missile says:

    Surface to surface missile. Your illogical rantings, your habit of using abusive language and your denial when confronted with the truth pain me to conclude that you are a poor specimen of the human race.

    davis – November 1, 2009 at 12:17 pm

    You are fast becoming like the monsterball.

    Kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga!

    That’s why this monsterball must be confined in Tampoi before more monsterballs are spawning out!

  174. surface to surface missile says:

    If surface to surface missile values human rights sincerely…he should be real mad with police force and Najib.
    Talk is cheap!

    monsterball – November 1, 2009 at 12:21 pm

    Monsterball is stilll zzzzzzzz…. in Tampoi….


  175. wits0 says:

    “…a poor specimen of the human race.”

    More like the Kanamit specis – ‘To Serve Man’, sort.

  176. surface to surface missile says:

    These CT’s have to meet their expected quota of posts so they can claim their allowance…..

    So most of the time you just get stupid junk from them…..doesn’t help Barisan Nasional’s cause at all, but the powers-that-be don’t have a clue how to go about that in Cyber-space.

    kittykat46 – November 1, 2009 at 12:19 pm

    Are you talking to the mirror? My dear little kittykat!


  177. monsterball says:

    Davis has the ability ti describe surface to surface missile so well.
    Captain Marvel and witso too.
    surface to surface missile….do not understand….millions of monsterball waiting for the right time…to come out. Right now..sit at kopitiams…happy happy….ignoring wild gooses chasing shadows.
    surface to surface missile…is back to his old self…when cornered.
    He cannot talk straight for more than 5 minutes…or from one message.
    “confined in Tampoi before more monsterballs are spawning out”…he said.
    You see….a mad god does not know he is a mad dog.
    He looks at others..and think all are weird …except him.

  178. wits0 says:

    “Are you talking to the mirror?….”

    That’s your recognised compulsive speciality.

  179. monsterball says:

    mad god………….hahahahahahaha

  180. surface to surface missile says:

    One thing is always missing with these nuts…to completely understand and feel for others.
    If you do not have that little knowledge…do not talk politics.

    monsterball – November 1, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    Monsterball! If you have the knowledge, you should be trying to solve your monsterballs problem first instead of wasting your time here.

    Adooi! You think this is in space with weightless monsterballs?

    The monsterballs are a burden to you ala you are a burden to society.

    Go solve your monsterballs problem first before entering a ‘football field’!

    Yes! The policemen will harass you if they see a monster carrying monsterballs running amok in a ‘football field!’

  181. surface to surface missile says:

    “…a poor specimen of the human race.”

    More like the Kanamit specis – ‘To Serve Man’, sort.

    wits0 – November 1, 2009 at 12:39 pm

    Do you know there are many twits in the mental hospitals in the UK?

    FYI, they think too much!


  182. wits0 says:

    “FYI, they think too much!”

    And you obviously cannot.

  183. monsterball says:

    RM600 more to pay for each credit card….taxed by government…plus credit card membership charges….one card…will need more than RMik to maintain.
    Only kids from rich families do not feel the pinch.
    Old guys like me…might as well..give up credit cards. After all..I have paid punctually or more than 40 years…why should I pay more…to government?
    RM28 billions lost every year. You mean my RM600 will be used to feed the poor?
    Najib have no shame..keeping taxing and said good for the budget….when billions are overpaid from the so call budget…he totally ignore the pains of Malaysians…just uttering the words….”‘I am disappointed”…..that’s all…lets move on.
    Read his character….the biggest liar.. hypocrite with lowest IQ… PM we ever had.
    slogan man is low class.

  184. monsterball says:

    Now he talks UK comparing to Malaysia.

  185. davis says:

    Most of us read “Wealth of the Nations”

  186. monsterball says:

    hi idiot….surface to surface missile..what problems do I have?
    You are also a doctor too?
    You mean your words are inspired by God to say all that to us?
    You bloody nut…everyone say out loud your problems…yet you lunatic want to keep focusing on me.
    I so easy meat for you ah?
    What a jerk you are.
    So many adjectives describing and insulting you back….yet you think you are so smart?
    You are at a third degree gone case nut…no cure.
    You are the smartest in this blog….to chase monsterball out and disturb this blog.
    Until you succeed…you will never stop your nonsense….is that it?
    Why like that dum dum surface to surface missile…have eyes and see not….have eras and hear not..have mouth and talk shit.. all the time.

  187. davis says:

    Most of us read “Wealth of the Nations” , “On Liberty” even “Das Kapital”. Surface to surface missile chose to read the “Prince” . A Machiavellian he has become and his conduct so typical of a Machiavellian.

  188. monsterball says:

    Najib showing his true colour.
    He can now borrow billions now..and use the millions to pay interest for the billions he need to borrow…to cover up the lost of billions by crooked deals.
    Tax RM50 per credit card. What a brilliant idea.

  189. wits0 says:

    Misai may not have read even, “Prince”, there being little need for such an incarnate. All the related Machiavellian characteristics come automatically by instinct and nature.

  190. surface to surface missile says:

    Since the Umnoputras cannot rule the country without corruption and since the rocket eunuchs cannot declare their assets, it’s time the British taking back Malaysia!

  191. air to air missile says:

    If the British takes over Malaysia, surely this monsterball will change his taste and start li*king British bananas and balls!

  192. sea2sea missile says:

    British master:Or dear! No monsterball please, will you!

    Thanks but no thanks. Mr. monsterball can save his saliva for his dinosaur’s backsite.

  193. davis says:

    “Umnoputras cannot rule the country without corruption”…surface to surface missile. I did not expect you to say that. If this is the begining of the quest for truth, we give thanks to the Almighty. I always know that you are not really that bad, misled maybe.

  194. obaman says:

    How dare this monsterball disparaged my predecessor Mr. President Bush.

    This monsterball must be obliter*ted with Lance missile!


  195. Nucklear Bomb says:

    Wipe out ‘surface to surface,air to air,sea2sea and last eunuch obaman’ missile from the face of the Earth.The End.Extinction.Bye Bye.

  196. Nucklear Bomb says:

    “The rest are history and they have lost the war” fellow earthling.
    What you see or read on your screen will be Ghost talking with themselves ‘surface to surface,air to air,sea2sea or the obaman missile’.
    HAHAHAHAHAHA they are history.Only GHOST talking with their own low IQ brain stuck inside their assh*le.

  197. british master says:

    The first i thing will do when in charge of new Malaysia is to have a thorough check on Mr eunuch and son assets.

    This mad monsterball can go to hell!

  198. british master says:

    If the rocketputras refuse, let them taste some bun together with the Umnoputras!


  199. Kancilandak says:

    It is writen…. in some holy books that the people of the east rise with a great army to fight on the side of god on the great day of armadeggon… I beleive it is we the sons of the soil.

  200. kittykat46 says:

    “we the sons of the soil.” – Pico.
    You mean the sons of Kerala ?
    Or was it the sons of Bawean ?

  201. davis says:

    Attempts are being made to divert our attention from the subject whether Khairy will give his undivided support to Najib. They fear that in our discussion some skeletons may be exposed. The British are not coming back. No atomic bomb will fall on this land. Shall we just stick to Khairy and Najib.?

  202. monsterball says:

    surface to surface missile is gone.
    It is air to air missile talking ti sea2sea missile with british master taking over Malaysia.
    This is a clear sign of a psycho talking to himself.
    But one can imagine being more than worst than a psycho.
    In Malaysia…kopitiam fellas call him a f..cked up psycho.
    Perhaps he misses british toots and tootsies…tools and mouth.

  203. wits0 says:

    KK46, It does not matters to Pico, one tiny bit, as long as the myth of malay dominance serve the fascism of BTN.

    There is possibility that misai is malay although it tries to confuse us into thinking that he is malay, with the h/p6 mention of chinese culture. And Pico knows who he actually is. That’s why the former needed to join in the hubris – in support.

    Davis, these weird clowns are unreformable. First aim of theirs is to trash this Blog, to make visitors dismayed and leave in disgust. hard luck, Jose!

  204. wits0 says:

    Corrrected :
    ..although it tries to confuse us into thinking that he is NOT malay,,

  205. monsterball says:

    Suffering from mouth disease….with hole so big..Malaysian tool s not good enough.
    It must be British Made…from Manchester….all tall like bangali.
    That’s the stuff he likes.
    He cannot get our malaysian bangali…all are against UMNO..hate the sight of him away.

  206. wits0 says:

    It is clear enough that misai with many changeling nicks is “better educated”(within the h/p6 scheme of things) than the pathetic bull’s milk franchiser. A toyol who turun padang can always be expected to be mischievous.

  207. monsterball says:

    Yes.Davis…Khairy and Najib are my favourite subjects now.
    Khairy went to Permatang Pauh….with videos and speeches ….all about sodomy…all about Anwar…not working.
    Stayed there for days…did not bathe..look so dirty talking filth and trash.
    End result…is history.
    End of his papa-in-law rule oif men.
    Najib 200 days as PM….tons and tons of shit talks…plenty of arrests…and very sad…many deaths too.
    These two hates each other like poison Ivy hates Batman.
    Khairy is feeling the heat…to be side lined by Najib….now carry Najib’s balls openly.
    Najib have mission impossible….keep trying hard to fool Malaysians…and try to win young voters with slogans.
    His adopted father is not pleased…step in…to lend a hand.
    Khairy have no influence over voters…Najib chases voters away…Mahathir is just a useless clown to us.
    That is why….these nuts here hates monsterball…telling the truths..with no fear.

  208. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    “That is why….these nuts here hates monsterball…telling the truths..with no fear.”-monsterball
    This nuts are not only hates you but fear the truth be expose.This nuts also fear and hates the whole of poor and middle class ‘kopitiams’ fellas as well.Kakakakakakakaaka
    Do not fear or worry for all those nuts as all our friends will be around to give full support too,,,Kakakakakakakakaka

  209. monsterball says:

    Your wish that I go to hell is sweet music to me…idiotic..”british master”
    In hell….I can so many kind of dishes…with girls dress up with no fear.
    In heaven….sweet nothing!! ..all white…pray pray pray…so dull.
    But hell or heaven is right here….you bloody fool.
    What you are now…is real hell life…became a psycho.

  210. wits0 says:

    “Mahathir is just a useless clown to us.”

    Note that he has appeared over Astro ads stating that he still wants to “serve the nation”. Doesn’t he look real old and shrivelled?

    He still wants to inflict himself on the people!

  211. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    “He still wants to inflict himself on the people”-wit0

    This old wolf look very haggard now and might not last long with his face feng shui.Kakakkakakaka

  212. whispering9 says:

    “It is writen…. in some holy books that the people of the east rise with a great army to fight on the side of god on the great day of armadeggon… I beleive it is we the sons of the soil.”

    It is all wrong. It is not people of the east but hordes from the north. The great army is not fighting on the side of god. Armageddon is about fighting against God. It is about a future where 1leader will unite a warring world under 1world order. It suppose to start well but descended into anarchy after the 1leader consolidated his power and decided to blame all ills on God. At one time, they thot Henry Kissinger was the 1leader.

    “The sons of the soil”…. is a synonym for “hillbilly” in accordance with Urban dictionary. 😉 guess…it is an apt declaration.

  213. wits0 says:

    “Mongolia” may want to give him a State’s funeral at everyone’s expense.

    Can/will he go with dignity, that’s another question for the master of irony and Machiavellianism.

  214. wits0 says:

    “The sons of the soil” think others then came from the dust of Uranus, ah?

    We have a Nose-throw-damn-us here! Hmm….cut your nose to spite your face.

  215. wits0 says:

    W9, when has that inverted subject ever gotten anything right? The BTN will see to that! 😀

  216. wits0 says:

    Another HAHAHAHAHA!
    “Do not question (the appointment).”

    Koh appointed minister in appreciation of Gerakan’s contribution – Najib

    Contribution to umno, i.e.

  217. wits0 says:

    BTW, Stupid prude(s):

    Somebody needs to have a “chow lei lo mei” done for her, again.

  218. monsterball says:

    Holy books are not holy at all.
    Intentions are good to control uneducated wild people…thousands of years ago…but so call holy people…co-operated with tyrants/dictators and kings…for so call win win situations…… the expense of slave driving and treat humans like animals….if they do not submit to their whims and fancies.
    Yip…”son of the soil” all gone..replacing by new ‘son of the soil”..who are actually…second class citizens…claiming the soil is so many countries.including Malaysia.
    However those second class became first class in other countries..are considerate…truthful and do treat everyone as equals….including the original son of the soil….making the country united…strong and wealthy.
    In Malaysia….UMNO BARU uses history to divide and rule…uses history to glorify his race….to program treat others as guests…and program be such great generous tenants.
    With that…UMNO crooks can do as they like….daylight stealing…no problem….sharing their loots with chosen few.
    They become a band of robbers…out to buy up Malaysia.
    These self proclaimed “son of the soil” is applying exactly the same jungle laws….no change…to make sure.his own race stays backward..contented and must depend on UMNO.
    We can see….in 12th GE….Malaysians…particularly the Muslims…are sick of UMNO BARU dirty divide and rule…to apply laws of men…..and not rule of laws.
    No need to go into details….as Mahathir need to speak till he drops dead…. to protect his UMNO BARU and sons.
    He also love to show the world…how smart he is….which only Malaysians know..what is he.

  219. storm62 says:

    Yes! This is happening in a pariah country like Malaysia.

    surface to surface missile – November 1, 2009 at 11:51 am

    wei s2s missile, who are you to call Malaysia a “pariah country”?

    you must have been born by a pariah from the arse, you phucking low down bus3rd. this shows your phucking pariah mentality!!!

  220. Nice Lim says:

    Contribution to bumno…I’ll give najis my 100% support with my ll(olo)ll middle finger !!!

  221. Nice Lim says:

    (sorry correction)

  222. wits0 says:

    “Holy books are not holy at all.”

    Not when your heart is not in the right place. You can wear it on your head all your life or push your religiosity like a wheel barrow in the manner that a big belly “sai tor” does when he/she walks. But that makes no difference, only adds to the bottomless self righteousness. When you don’t see the Light, you end up observing the Form of things, doing only the stipulated rituals as mandated, missing the substance – forever. You become merely manipulated by theologians whose aim is to amass wealth and mundane power.

  223. Menyalak-er says:

    Yo guys, have you noticed that there are periodic outbursts malevolent, maledictory, maleficent and malodorous energy on this site – under different nicks with the same dysfunctional thought processes?
    This goy is suffering from a bipolar disorder. From the above abusiveness and the ‘messianic’ hubris, one can actually interprete this as a hypomanic and manic stage of MDP, and a little bit of lithium might help. The depression and vitriol poured on his repeated ‘eunuchism’ remarks, tell me that he also suffers from hypospadia – konek bercabang, and has to squat.

    Pico, do you see a dopleganger in front of you? If you do, then you are truly a ‘son of the soil’.

  224. Nice Lim says:

    Well….this Hollie really sound Holy from her heart……..
    Whats good to have a heart if you don’t even know how to use it for right purposes…..pretend,robbing,killing,discriminating,insults…..bla bla bla….
    Just relax for a while after so many explosion…with this true song from her heart 100% Hollie Steel…. oh….what a pure heart…..

  225. wits0 says:

    Pico cannot be expected to understand what’s a dopleganger. He’s waiting for someone to lead the bumno/bn charge and then he’ll loyally cheer the hubris thereof. This is not about to vary.

  226. monsterball says:

    In any is the singer…not the song that matters most…witso

  227. monsterball says:

    hi…Menyalak-er…so many bombastic words…how do you expect kopitiam fellas with low education understand…unless your message is catering for the higher ups…you know…like very high class restaurant customers and not kopitam fellas.
    Remember…we are trying to win votes…not win prize in writing.
    So..can you translate your message into simple language?

  228. Nice Lim says:

    To be or not to be,To support or not to support,To back-up or not to back-up …..all this are in the hands of silence voters and the majority as well….not the yes man nor bla bla bla….STUPIDITY is the best weapon the see through enemy line and heart……………”Chi Kong Wo Fo”
    What is the use of high post or rich if majority always comments them as evil and so on……..It is not the education level but a good HEART that break off every challenge with pure and sincere in every words they write or say…..that is the key to win more and more voters and supporters…..just have a HEART ….not just a heart… but a GOOD HEART……..because every human being have eyes to see and brains to understand what is right and what is wrong……………..we are born not to pass judgement but to be love and care…as how we are doing right now…for good cause…fighting for the poor,unlucky one and we will prevail…….
    Good night to all and have a very successful weeks ahead…….

  229. monsterball says:

    Every single word Nice Lim wrote…I understand.
    The whole message I understand.
    That is what the power or writing is all about….everybody read and understand.
    And for a young person who can explain what is a good heart…that I read and feel from a writer that is blessed with one..I am so happy “Nice Lim” supports change in government.
    Now compare Lim’s message with those supporting UMNO.
    Are we not far apart from them…and you know why?
    We are Malaysians….they are racists….and many more differences.

  230. monsterball says:

    Goodnight Nice Lim.
    Goodnight from me.. to all too.
    Nice news….Malaysian won the world double Junior championship played in Alor Star…just now.
    Nice to sleep with good news.
    Signing off….goodnight again.

  231. coral says:

    That is why….these nuts here hates monsterball…telling the truths..with no fear.

    monsterball – November 1, 2009 at 5:46 pm

    This extinct rocket monsterball is a disgrace to mankind.

    Go and ask your rocket masters declare their assets but they can’t because they are as corrupt as the Umnoputras and BNputras.

    Come next GE, these rocketputras will be booted out again.

    These rocketputras are just like the Port Klang PKR, after GE, all zzzz and goyang kaki, gaji buta. This is the norm for the past 53 years but know only making noise.

    Looking at this rocket monsterballputra (son of rocket soil) and sycophanputras hired by rocket monster eunuch putras, they are all the same, feather of the same Klang crow!

    All these BN putras and rocketputras must be obliterated come next GE and put all of them to jail for blatant and surreptitious corruptions….. including this eunuch monsterballputra.

  232. surface to surface missile says:

    wei s2s missile, who are you to call Malaysia a “pariah country”?

    you must have been born by a pariah from the arse, you phucking low down bus3rd. this shows your phucking pariah mentality!!!

    storm62 – November 1, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    Malaysia is not only a pariah country but is also the only country in the universe that practices Apartheid policy ala the fcu*ing Ketuanan Melayu .

    This storm62 must have brought up in Jalan Alor from a mother servicing illegal Indonesian and Bangladeshi workers day and night.

    Even the mother also doesn’t know who is the father as long as she collects Rm 10 for quick service.

    This storm62 is just like the mother, need to be fc*ked up in all angles!

  233. sotong says:

    Surface to surface missile, this storm62 is a sob and everyday backs*te need to be banged with a hard object like your missile.

    Why don’t you use your missile head and shaft into this no-use fcu*ing ass*hol’s as*hole?

    Or simply just blast the stupid ass*ole’s ass*ole with your surface to surface missile!! Hahahahaha

  234. davis says:

    Good morning to one and to all. Whether Malaysia is a “pariah” country or not depends on its leaders and its people. If the leaders are corrupted and the people condone such leaders, then Malaysia is such a country. You , the people of Malaysia, determine the status of this nation. Likewise a person is judged by the language he uses.

  235. sotong says:

    This dap & son are useless fcu*ing bas*ards need to be sotongised everyday together with this no-use far*ing nanbotiban monsterball hainapuik!

  236. davis says:

    Surface to surface missile, you are still obessed with Jalan Alor and the shady business conducted there. How do you know the rate is RM 10 now? Do you get a cut of that amount?

  237. sky juice says:

    This dap LGE’s mother pu**y is nice and juicy like sky juice.

    I love lic*ing it especially before GE when this LGE is telling lies in front of big crowd that the city councilor will be elected by the Penang people.

  238. monsterball says:

    “Early bird catches the worm”
    Good-morning Davis and all..kopitiam fellas.
    Wow..all sea creatures today.
    Water….coral and sotong……no more star wars…all missiles f..cked up.
    Actually sotong is a worm…as he loves to be in backside ..mixing up with shit stuff….which he proudly proclaim…he loves sodomizing people.
    Actually this toothless…boneless…can crawl into any hole…a natural born hole digger…in the sea.
    Exactly same message put up by surface to surface missile…the reincarnated thing into a worm….and in few hours to..not by million of years….few hours.
    No reincarnation la….impossible….simply a crazy nut drunkard with his imaginations…and must insult me first…to start the day.

  239. davis says:

    On this blog, there is a concerted action to discredit DAP, its leaders and its partners. To achieve their aim,these writers are prepared to use abusive and vulgar languages. Why do they stoop so low? Do they fear that DAP with its partners will form the next government? Do they fear that their monetary interests are at stake?

  240. monsterball says:

    sky juice..a sore loser from Gerakan?
    LGE and DAP telling lies?
    Why Koh Tsu Koon carry UMNO balls for v18 years and on going…OK?
    hi….idiot..who in the world does not tell a lie.
    Do Penang people complaint about LGE so call lie…or just you?
    Najib and UMNO not only lie …day in day put…non stop..but are actors and hypocrites.
    Why your eyes so blind….cannot see that?
    Yes…you can see….but you must carry balls to survive.

  241. monsterball says:

    Yip Davis…This is exactly what it is…they fear DAP and Anwar.
    They fear Susan’s blog.
    They fear commentators here….telling truths.
    They choose me as their punching bag….because I fear nothing.
    They fear UMNO will loose in 13th GE.
    Therefore..they put up such abusive and vulgar messages…to chase readers away…hoping to save voters…to vote against UMNO and BN.

  242. monsterball says:

    The want to chase readers away…with their repeated nonsense.
    This blog …they fear most.

  243. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Good morning,good morning,good morning,
    ((monsterball))) today we cook sotong curry seafood special,,,kakakakakaka
    Wah lau eh,,crazy bugs transform to sea coconuts!kaka
    I mean sotong and nuts with some seaweed for us to cook,,kakakakakakakaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Ai ya anyway,,,have a cup of our black coffee and start the day fresh and sweet.kakakakakaka seafood day !

  244. monsterball says:

    I mean they fear this blog most….in internet.
    In real life…they fear DAP…Anwar and RPK most.
    Anwar is top of the list…as he is the favourite… to be PM.
    Now..wait for them to insult me..for telling the truth…with abusive and vulgar words…to chase readers away too….to sort of sabotage Susan’s blog.

  245. davis says:

    “….they are as corrupted as the Umnoputras and BNputras”….coral. If these putras are corrupted, what are you, coral, doing about it? Do you still want them to govern this nation? If Umnoputras are corrupted, should we not then discuss whether Najib and Khairy are corrupted. If they are, we should then discuss the degree of corruption and the amount involved. Kindly revert.

  246. monsterball says:

    Goodmorning…Five Star Kopitiam.
    I love seafood Tonyum ..with lots of sotong.
    Then ..I eat tosai…with curry sotong….real nice.
    Fried sotong .crispy…yummy.
    Sotong koropok…not too bad…but prawns better.
    Roll sotong…to real flat…grill it…and eat with special chilly sauce and kopi-oh….yummy too.
    See….this sotong here …is asking for trouble.
    Talking about eating…makes me hungry now..for breakfast.
    See you all later.
    Keep a sotong for me.

  247. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Correct,we all eat this sotong’s later after we cook it,whole day our customers and frens using our wifi and give us high five to read and laugh at those crazy bugs goons changing to this and that,,kakakakaka
    Wait till they come later.They like to read our Pakatan Rakyat cyber troopers commrnts and updates,really makes sense and interesting.kakakakakakaka
    really lots of ‘siow lang’ kakakakaka

  248. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Ah yes ((monsterball))) remember to catch and keep some naughty sotong worms for our ‘Dragons’ fish to eat and we sure keep your crispy and curry sotong’s for you too,,,kakakakakakaka
    busy day ,,,be back bye

  249. davis says:

    ” Racist comments from “one or two Unmo leaders” should be ignored said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak”…the Star online 2/11/09. Ingnorance/Inaction equate to acceptance. No disciplinary action has been taken. I take it that it is OK to make racist comments if you are a Unmo leader. Does that right extend to others? Surface to surface missile (presently residing in England), would you like to comment on this ? Coral, you are also invited.

  250. sky juice says:

    All these politicians are all useless fuc*tards.

    The Perak people are smart. They elected 50/50 of all these fcu*tards and now all these fuc*tards are having a ‘good time’ sodo*izing among themselves.

    Dey! monsterball and gangs, whst the fu*k are you doing in the kopitiam wasting time enjoying sotong mee from pkr?

    Better go to Perak and give your racket master a helping hand!

    All the states in the next GE must emulate Perak voters and let them sodonm*zing among themselves.

    Next GE, this useless eunuch king aka monsterball’s useless master will be booted out from Perak eating sotong mee together.


  251. kittykat46 says:

    Hehehehehe….same idiot, 20 different nicks….
    surface to surface
    surface to air
    air to surface
    stealth bomber jet

    my advice to this guy is to seek psychiatric attention….

  252. Nice Lim says:

    Good Morning and Happy Morning to wits0,monsterball,davis,kt46,menyalak-er,5S kopi frens and to all as well………
    As predicted every now and then some creature or worms will craw out when ghost wake up.Hahahahaha
    check this out –
    ‘Show us some backbone,Gerakan’

  253. Nice Lim says:

    “my advice to this guy is to seek psychiatric attention….”kk46
    Hahaha….correct and should straight sent to Tanjung Rambutan for permanent stay there as well….

  254. davis says:

    Sky juice, you just love to use the four letter word. An obession, I believe. There is a better four letter word. LOVE

  255. kplee says:

    This Oxfart bum again!! He is already history as far as Najib is concerned. Why dont this bum hide behind his sleepy, flip flop f-i-l sarong and wank himself.
    Your disguises and apportunistic characteristics stinks to the core.
    Just shut your stinking mouth and dudok diam diam like a goog doggie.

  256. storm62 says:

    hi hi hi…sotong and s2s missile must be pondans walking the streets of lrg hj taib, the only charge rm10….you bus3rds are good at arseholes only….no wonder your leaders are full of shit with sodomy.

    pls don’t come back to this “pariah country” s2s missled…we will stay and fight this corrupted government and you phucking hell enjoy in other people’s country, you coward!!!

  257. tuya says:

    I really owe a big time to RPK and Susan Loone, everyone who tried their best in seeking justice for me although it’s not looking that good so far.

    It’s alright, keep fighting for the truth, my files classified as “State Secrets” are in the French dossiers and highly unlikely to be revealed. The French government prioritizes economic purchases of military equipment from Malaysia in order not to reveal the truth…

    I will be taking a bath after Teoh Beng Hock uses the shower room…

  258. wits0 says:

    “‘Show us some backbone, Gerakan’” – Nice Lim.

    How to? It hasn’t any. Even b4 prostituting itself to bn in pre ’69 days, it was all noisy tepid talk only. Tan Chee Khoon was only a momentary spark or two.

    How many decades/generations are required to to confirm a fraudulent party as one? The only thing certain and remarkable about bn component parties is that they have exceeding longetivity in self-serving meaninglessness and selling out people.

  259. wits0 says:

    Storm62 and others, that psycho spammer is losing steam. He’ll fizzle out soon enough. Go prove us wrong, you two bit scum loony. Hahahahaha!

  260. Pegasus says:

    S2S liquid missile can’t fly even 6 inches .. missing the holes as well…probably it drips in his pants… such stagnant hollow mentality…should stay where he is to enjoy his days…

  261. rebena says:

    surface misai talked like the bao sir, or 32bits…
    surf m is a person pardon for money-corruption…

    Kopitiam and tea houses have sufficient supports for monsterball,
    Nice Lim, AB Lim, wits0,,,etc.. and more frens..

  262. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha.., kopitiamtiam flurs also need some high-faluting words that we keep to ourselves and not let the xibai cts in our discussion. Those words that many cannot understand can be looked up in the dictionary la, then we use same against those kera and nematodes. New words mah, must change…
    This blog then becomes no.1 intellectual kopitiam blog in the world. Instead of eunuch, we use hypospadics for the ct’s, which means ‘koneq bercabang’

  263. Nice Lim says:

    “Lim si pin upset with members over poor turnout at Gerakan conference”
    only 38.5% turnout……the rest already upset with their own leaders and now wake up and….. will cross over very soon!!!

  264. wits0 says:

    ““Lim si pin upset with members over poor turnout at Gerakan conference”” – Nice Lim.


    Doesn’t ‘see peen’, in Cantonese, means the POS esp. in infant diapers, O Nice Lim?

  265. monsterball says:

    shy juice alone…coral hasve big mama fish sit on lay her eggs… cannot taklk and shit day and night. “sotong” cannot last….come out..gone.. mamak mee goreng….muslim mee rubus….or buddhist sotong soup…hindus love sotong pakar..see 3 hours movie…slowly munch….tankachi…very happy.
    Sky juice in sea…no coral…no sotong….last post….insult monsterball.
    All my friends protect me….also gone…wet land dry land.
    Wait for creatures of the night….now so nice.

  266. monsterball says:

    lianchiow…chow ceebai…most foul mouth Lim Keng Yiak..killed Gerakan…and that’s good….for Koh Tsu Koon never had balls .just long arms and bog palms….to make sure Mahathir’s balls are happy and contented…so much so…..Najib wants to try his balls carrying technique…legendary….satisfaction guaranteed.
    Penang under this idiot became a city for robbers and thieves…filthy and dirty….lousy road systems…yet this bloody Koh have the cheek to play dirty politics in favour of UMNO….to insult Lim Guan Eng.
    Any decent man from Japan…would have commit sucide…to save face..especially if he claims to proud of his chinese roots.
    These corrupted second class rouges…sole their race to enrich themselves..the worst kind of chinese you can eve get…which includes MCA too.

  267. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    ((monsterball)))) remember to catch and keep sotong worms for our ‘Dragon’ fish o.k! ‘Kam siah lu’,kakakakakakahahahahahahaha
    Cun,KSK AND OTK both no ball and only know how to carry najib fish ball.
    This two bast*rd are now our Chinese peoples useless ‘kow tow’ dogs,,useless and greedy for money and power only,,,ptuiii shit on them.kakakakakakahahahahahahaha

  268. wits0 says:

    As told by an ex-reporter to yours truly, Lim Keng Yiak actually spews forth a spray of foul saliva.spittle during press conference from his shucks mouth. Most interesting, can anyone confirm that? LOL!

  269. kittykat46 says:

    Haha…yes wits0, the spittle bit is true….

  270. Menyalak-er says:

    Lim Keng Yiak’s spittle?
    1. That was the stuff that powered the new NASA Ares I-X rocket. 2. In small amounts, it’s used for powering surface to surface missiles.
    3. Whenever he was about to give a speech, all vip’s were given raincoats and umbrellas. However, the Muslims vvips had a harder time – as that secretion was not ‘halal’.
    4. Not to mention that his favored son is a spittle, who had the audacity to challenge Tian Chua, hero of the ‘biting instead of spitting’ fame.
    5. The copious amounts are due to maladapted dentures, which were supplied by discredited toyol dentist.

  271. monsterball says:

    This time..reporters are smart….no foul mouth Lim Keng Yiak..was spitting to his members.
    Balless Koh Tsu Koon…with big hand palms..really hates real life.
    He was sooooooo successful in carrying Mahathir’s balls…waiting for LKY to win votes for him…..but instead…he spit all away to DAP.
    LKY talks alot with no actions….a empty vessel making the most noise…competing with Ling Liong Sik….lost and Gerakan came tumbling down.

  272. wits0 says:

    The subject once held the water portfolio – that must have included the spittle one as well. His own brother was also once implicated in bad biz practice, some lousy publicly listed granite co., but everything was subsequently all hushed up.

    He’s one absolutely useless gargoyle who was never relevant but managed to hoodwink his clueless grassroot all the while. The bustard MSM helped a lot to this effect, especially in the bad old days b4 the Net came along.

    Gelekan has always been a meaningless sponsored subsidiary of umno as an insurance/counterweight against the similarly abject MCA.

  273. wits0 says:

    “Balless Koh Tsu Koon…with big hand palms..really hates real life.”

    I don’t know about that but I know that the chinless and spineless wonder hides his true feelings. That’s part of his insipid character that helps him have that confounded thick skin.

  274. Nice Lim says:

    MACC blits : what about catch the big fish Toyol !

  275. kittykat46 says:

    Toyol is the key hatchet man in the plot to destabilise the PR Selangor state government.

    MACC can’t / won’t touch him….in all its previous incarnations it was/is employed as a political weapon.

  276. Nice Lim says:

    Correct….evil protect evil….waste of saliva
    they can only scratch each other back….hahahaha

  277. rebena says:

    count the day of k toyo of his politic path.. his statements & plots pervert destruct..

    i know PM and some leaders show improvements in the policy and altitude..
    but if the money corruption is so rampant.. evil corruption as in Auditor general reports..

  278. najibmustdie says:

    “i know PM and some leaders show improvements in the policy and altitude..”

    Altantuya? TBH? Perak?

    “In May 1911, ten men in Serbia formed the Black Hand Secret Society.”

  279. kittykat46 says:

    In the spirit of 2Malas-sia, MCA now has 2 Deputy Presidents.
    Soon they will have 2 Presidents.

    Perak has 2 MBs, 2 Speakers….why not MCA ?

  280. monsterball says:

    Whatever it is…Koh Tsu Koon depended on two god fathers…to be in politics….this far.
    Lim Kheng Yiak who uses him to rule Gerakan from the outside…abandoned him..when not going right…and Mahathir used him…to make sure UMNO can steal from Penang folks with his eyes closed.
    With that great reputation as the best puppet UMNO can ever hope for…..Najib is keeping him alive…hoping to use Penang CM again.
    This is a real useless good for nothing balless ..empty vessel…making hollow noises…no one really be bothered with him anymore.
    He has no dignity nor principles in life. He is a nobody …trying to be somebody..with no shame at all.

  281. Nice Lim says:

    Both MCA 2 balls should just resign and Perak should call for snap election again and let the peoples choose.

  282. wits0 says:

    KK46, you’re in Penang, so just ask old people whether it’s true that KTK mum was also a second wife to his dad.

  283. monsterball says:

    WOW!! If that is true…KTK’s wife is also his mom.
    Brave Jack Nicholson…who acted “joker” in Batman movie said..his sister is also his mother…meaning dad…made her sister pregnant and born Jackie.
    He is not a ba..rd. He is not natural.
    What is he?
    If KTK’s dad “play” his wife…and he keeps quiet…this balless good for nothing idiot is exactly what UMNO like.
    There are many stories of Tan Koon Suan’s wife… Penny too..most are true.

  284. kittykat46 says:

    🙂 , nah, I don’t want to get into that. It doesn’t matter at all to me whether his mother was married to his father……I know one or two excellent persons who don’t really know who their real father is….

    A man’s worthiness is judged by his character and actions….and KTK has been found wanting in the course of his entire adult career.
    Its funny how I found myself agreeing with the UMNOputra Id*ot that KTK should resign in shame….hahahahahaha

  285. wits0 says:

    KK46, all I asked was whether KTK was son to his father’s ‘second’ wife ler. Nothing more. Old timers timers there have said so. Maybe not having a father’s full attention/guidance might have disposed one to be spineless.

  286. […] HAHAHAHAHA! « *SUSAN LOONE's Blog* No Comments| Posted by : admin Read More Hyprobulksms-Sistem Affiliate terhebat malaysia […]

  287. same2 says:

    “Khairy: Najib has my undivided support”

    Smart, Khairy telling Najib, he (Khairy) got no anus to be used by Najib.

  288. saifool says:


    KHAIRY GOT NO CRACK———-Like Umi Hafilda his bottomline is intact.

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