That’s 80% likelihood.

GREAT! It had to take a Thai, a well known expert, to tell us that Teoh Beng Hock may have been sodomised and murdered.

Wasn’t it clear from the beginning that it couldn’t have been suicide?

Therefore, Dr Pornthip, the Pathologist’s discovery isn’t shocking but expected.

What does that say about our own forensic experts? Who do we believe?

Now that Pornthip, aka Dr Death, has come up with this revelation, what happens?

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  1. najibmustdie says:

    Now the 1murderer Najis will run and swear “I never met that man”

  2. wits0 says:

    “What does that say about our own forensic experts”

    Oooh, that pokemon mamak one, ah? Hahahaha…..!

  3. Nice Lim says:

    That stupid idiot Lingam case close !!!! ….by those mumbo jumbo…kangaroo court again….what do we expect for this innocence Teoh Beng Hock ??? …..he must be for sure …. tortured by those najis macc animal before being sodomised and murdered when he don’t want to cooperate with najis and the macc gangs to frame PR…should be correct….Malaysian are not all idiot like those najis animals…………….

  4. R4Os says:

    Our own forensic ex-pet, said she only follow instructions from MACC and PDRM when doing her investigations, took samples only from spots given by MACC/PDRM, and she was told not to investigate based on the ground of suicide and not on homicide…

    Malaysai Boleh….!!!

  5. i-4-C says:

    Sodomised and murdered ??? Who preferred him dead then??? Obvious isnt it???

  6. Nice Lim says:

    So…..what will happen now….all this murderer will have a secret meeting inside the najis tong 1 toilet before they proceed to plan 2…..maybe they will scrap all 1 m, 1 t…..and change to 2 m , 2 t….shit…..olee shit the banana crab…..let all the crab pinch their itchy ball….so what ? you pro bn peoples don’t just read our comments lah….come out to talk like gentlemen and tell us how proud you are about your this gomen !

  7. whispering9 says:

    Murderous scumbags! Are we going to witness another episode of hooded suspects?

  8. kittykat46 says:

    “What does that say about our own forensic experts?”

    There hardly any such professionals of Iron integrity in Malas-sia’s UMNO-fied public service. Our “experts” do what pleases UMNO, because that’s how people get ahead in the public service.

    Remember Kugan’s “Death due to Water in the Lungs” autopsy ? The government pathologist conveniently ignored the extensive body injuries and evidence of pre-mortem torture, because he was told to make the report look like “death due to natural causes”

    Judiciary, Medical service, Police, MACC, Election Commission, MMC….it really is 1Najis 1UMNO over All, with everyone paying obeisance.

  9. najibmustdie says:

    It is obvious the umno triad b*stards led by Najis Tong Rosak, Lembumudin and the dikir toyol got their henchmen to murder TBH

  10. najibmustdie says:

    Latuk Wong Chun Wai will be holding open house at Wisma MCA soon to celebrate the sodomy and murder of TBH.
    Guests of honor will be Rocky Atan & Kadi Jasin.

  11. Nice Lim says:

    Some of the gomen officer are staying low now….the most evil one…..the one who give the green light to their evil dogs to carry out this discrimination and abuse of power…below have their names all….they are worried but still pretend like nothing happen…..evil will be dealt with severe blow very very soon………killing !!! heaven and hell will not let you free.

  12. najibmustdie says:

    UMNO shapechanger

  13. kittykat46 says:

    I-4-C – Let me rephrase your question to get it in the right direction….

    Sodomised and murdered ??? Who has been conducting the cover up ??? Who ??? Why ??? Obvious isnt it???

  14. wits0 says:

    TBH was murdered by MACC because they couldn’t turn him over and that would’ve looked bad to PutridJaya.

  15. baocraps says:

    TBH was murdered by MACC because they couldn’t turn him over and that would’ve looked bad to PutridJaya.
    wits0 – October 22, 2009 at 9:07 am

    Stupid UMNO should have got I-4-C mother & sisters to do the job….they are professional turn overs.

  16. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Hello i-4-C dick head,,,TBH died in macc custody,,,are you still drink your black stout toddy.Wah,,,you sound like you like prostitute,,,pathetic ash h*le.Don’t be sorry because you are the real arse banger.kakakakaka

  17. baocraps says:

    “Don’t be sorry because you are the real arse banger.”

    He learnt from his mother and sisters…..too much interbreeding in his family producing morons.

  18. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    This dick head i-4-C don’t even have a ball,go c4 your own dick ,don’t play play.kakakakaka

  19. baocraps says:

    I-4-C arsebangers,

    “So the new party called Umno Baru did not repeat the mistake of the old party by registering all its assets in the name of the party. Instead, the assets were registered in the name of the President, Deputy President and Treasurer as trustees of the party.

    What we should focus on now is where are those assets? We are talking about billions here, and they were registered in the name of trustees, not in the name of the party. Can Kadir Jasin please address this and raise the right questions as to where those assets currently are?

    And other than the trustees, what about the proxies? Umno used proxies to park its business interests. Are these interests still in the name of these proxies? And if so where is the money? Remember, PLUS, MAS, TV3, NST, Utusan, DRB-Hicom, etc., etc. etc.?”

  20. baocraps says:

    I-4-C is the UMNO prostitute like kaldai jasin.

  21. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    Where is this kancil2459 mr pm? Promote by this baosir crap.hehe
    Come on kancil2459,say something !

  22. wits0 says:

    “Can Kadir Jasin please address this and raise the right questions as to where those assets currently are?”

    Can a Carddeal Justsins ever do anything for the right reason? Can his protege, Roguekey, ever?

  23. R4Os says:

    Correction: “Our own forensic ex-pet, said she only follow instructions from MACC and PDRM when doing her investigations, took samples only from spots given by MACC/PDRM, and she was told to investigate based on the ground of suicide and not on homicide, the attorney kept reminding her of that during the kangaroo court sessions…”

    Najis Boleh….!!!

  24. baocraps says:

    KUALA LUMPUR: Who in their right mind would pay RM42,320 for a laptop? – Star

    Najis arseli*kersI-4-C and bao sir would.

  25. baocraps says:

    “Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi Mara Balik Pulau in Penang not only paid the price but bought two units of the same brand – Acer Aspire-5052ANWXMI, at a whopping price of RM84,640, said the Auditor-General’s Report.”

  26. baocraps says:

    “A check with local companies showed that the market price for the latest model is between RM5,350 to RM6,500 each. Worse still the computers, Precision 390 Dell, that were supplied are no longer in the market,” it said.

    Also purchased were 15 laser printers, Hewlet Packard P3005X, at the price of RM7,722 each when the market price was about RM5,000 per unit.

  27. R4Os says:

    “Sodomised and murdered ??? Who preferred him dead then??? Obvious isnt it???” –i-4-C


    One fine day when u get sodomised and murdered, then u will understand that…

    Btw, why u come here sibuk-sibuk again while u r still in the 1 month period to recuperate your arse-banged anus? Belum sembuh sudah gatar lagi ka?

  28. kittykat46 says:

    Hahaha…yes….the worms are coming out of the woodwork.
    UMNO’s ill-gotten mega gains had long ago been parked under the names of “trusted” proxies. Its called “plausible deniability” – and its standard corrupt practice.
    Along the way, many of these “trusted” leftenants made it their own money….reportedly Billions have evaporated. Many instant billionaires made, and there’s no legal way to recover it, for two main reasons.
    * The at-arms-length transactions and the secrecy involved made it very difficult to prove the money is UMNO’s.
    * Attempting to recover it legally would entail exposing the breathtaking extent of UMNO’s ill-gotten funds…just like criminals can’t make a police report if their loot gets stolen….
    * Anyway, UMNO has plenty of ways to make new money from Malas-sia, their wholly owned piggy-bank and they have….

  29. rebena says:

    macc and that local forensic turn both eyes blind to the innocent TBH .

    once their interrogation … some violence , kayu or hard plastic may be use to torture the innocent.

  30. kahkahkahkah says:

    * Anyway, UMNO has plenty of ways to make new money from Malas-sia, their wholly owned piggy-bank and they have….

    MCA are their bakuteh supplier

  31. rebena says:

    Auditor General Report… long sorry report ?

    “A check with local companies showed that the market price for the latest model is between RM5,350 to RM6,500 each. Worse still the computers, Precision 390 Dell, that were supplied are no longer in the market,” it said.

    Also purchased were 15 laser printers, Hewlet Packard P3005X, at the price of RM7,722 each when the market price was about RM5,000 per unit.

    for a ordinary pc / printer, that corrupted officer earn RM1,222 ringgit !!!!!!!!!! wo how crooked bn kroni …….

  32. rebena says:

    Auditor General report can be distributed and brief to rakyat jelata, both in semenanjung, and also to Sabah and Sarawak..and tribes..

    Rakyat will need to say no to this corrupted bn kroni !!!

  33. kahkahkahkah says:


    Tian Chua found guilty on biting charge – mkini

  34. adam says:

    Do you think the coroners’ court should order the exhumation of Teoh Beng Hock’s body for another autopsy, this time by Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand?

    Yes. There is a need for a conclusive autopsy to determine how Teoh died.
    88 94.6%

  35. adam says:

    “From the post-mortem picture, I found that there was a contusion on the right side of the neck, which we (pathologists) call a handle bruise, and this injury is compatible with injury caused by manual strangulation,” said Dr Porntip, who has conducted more than 10,000 post-mortems.

    She said the injury was not indicated in the autopsy reports prepared by Dr Khairul Azman and Dr Prashant, which were given to her for examination.

    Action must be taken by TBH family and MMC (Malaysian Medical Council) against Dr Khairul Azman and Dr Prashant.

  36. adam says:

    When asked by counsel for the Selangor government, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, as to the abrasion mark found under Teoh’s shoe, the forensic expert said: “It looks like the body was dragged.

    “In normal cases of a fall from a height, the shoes would not have left an abrasion mark like this,” she explained.

    When asked by coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas whether the floor surface could have caused the dragging effect, Dr Porntip replied: “Hard and rough surface.”

    “However my forensic team did not find anything that may have caused this effect when they examined the 14th floor (MACC office) the last time,” she said.

  37. kontrak says:

    Who preferred him dead then??? Obvious isnt it??? – i-4-C

    It obvious your mummy sell backside oso

  38. rebena says:

    macc- Malaysia crooked and crocodile ..

    we see the involvement from this bunch … to torture an innocent witness. too much mistery they want to cover up..

  39. rebena says:

    mmc dr khairul azman and dr prashant…

    “oh.. is it.. TBH is not a BN ppl ler..
    so just say something to cover up.. ”

    Malaysian hardly can find a Neutral & Independence forensic..

  40. tengelam says:

    Friday, October 16, 2009
    The blood-letting of the jugular has already begun the moment these ‘blood-su*kers’ came into power. Keep a wooden stake near by!

  41. jungleboy says:

    Najis will give a press statement saying that Teo was having a meeting with Anwar before MACC arrested him

  42. rebena says:

    blood on macc officers in Bangunan Masalam, Shah Alam..
    these officers and dr khairul & prasant will pay for it !!!!!!!!

  43. tengelam says:

    PETALING JAYA: Raja Petra Kamaruddin has been urged to come out of hiding to face three defamation suits against him.
    Making the call, MIC disciplinary board chairman Tan Sri K. S. Nijhar said Raja Petra needed to be present in court to answer all the charges against him.
    “He is not being fair to those he had attacked as they need an opportunity to defend themselves,” said Nijhar.

    Nijhar was of course slapped and sacked as GM by TAB (Tenku Arif Bendahara, Pahang Royalty) when Nijhar was found taking bribes in construction of Kuantan Hyatt Hotel.

  44. rebena says:

    Thank you, Dr Porntip R for your neutral independence analysis on TBH.
    shame on local forensic.

    blood shed on those criminals , macc officer, shah alam … and on that dr khairul azman and dr prasant. Judgement will come soon..

  45. kana says:

    Its Khir Toyo’s men murdered TBH, 100%

  46. kahkahkahkah says:

    Little Jack Horny Najis Tong Rosak put in his thumb and pulled out the MCA plum

  47. turu says:

    Dr kailur plashant wtf did u get ur degree dont uhave any concience a ounce of pride .WHY SHOULD one sell it. utter shameful ,I will take u both as examples of a educated barbarian sold ur soul to devils

  48. chong says:

    animal!!! animal!!!
    or worse than animal!!!

    let’s do a huge match like in thai to demand a revamp on all these so-called government servants!!!

    let’s organise!!!

  49. kahkahkahkah says:

    let’s organise!!! – chong

    The only cure

  50. kahkahkahkah says:

    Minyak petrol RM300 seliter!

    KUALA LUMPUR 21 Okt. – Umum mengetahui harga minyak petrol pada kadar RM1.80 seliter di mana-mana jua tempat di negara ini. Namun, Jabatan Audit Negara menemui bukti pembelian minyak petrol sehingga RM300 seliter oleh pihak tertentu di Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan (SUK) Negeri Pulau Pinang.

    Hasil penemuan yang terkandung dalam Laporan Ketua Audit Negara 2008 mendapati berlaku pembelian minyak tersebut pada harga dan kuantiti yang meragukan iaitu antara RM100 hingga RM300 seliter.

  51. kahkahkahkah says:

    Imagine KPI Dr KTK has been paying RM300 per litre!! No wonder he wags his najis backside these days

  52. wits0 says:

    What’s the purpose of having an Audit dept., anyway when no follow-up actions can happen for gross infringements?

  53. FenceSitter says:

    What kind of forenscis do we have?. It does not take much investigative work to tell if the shoe damage is caused by dragging or by a vertical drop from height, does it? Second thing is surely they can find out the origin of debri, cement, paint, and matched it with the scrap marks on the shoe to the suspected spot?
    If TBH landed on his feet first, followed by his back side and then his head, how is it that hands are stretched out and his legs stretched out, body laying at a 90deg angle? I would expect his body to be lumped together, legs bent, no?

  54. R4Os says:

    “Najib met Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat and Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek yesterday to thrash out a solution for the deadlock in MCA. The result was an agreement between the two men to bury their differences.” — TMI

    MCA leaders are 100% umno lap-dogs, OTK is no exception, the 2 enemies fought for live-&-death only 2 weeks ago now may start calling each other “Comrades” and rally behind the C4 Najis, it’s so disgusting these shameless MCA opportunists, only care about their:
    3p = power + posts + pockets

    What do they care about how TBH got sodomised & murdered, about the chinese future, about the money-plundering (they r part of the gang anyway) which makes this sad country gets poorer, few years later when our oil wells run low and we need to pay $$$ to import oil, then all hell would break lose….!!!

  55. JEFFRY BONG says:

    It is very regretable that Most Malaysians is so Naive and uninform and often and simply resort to blind royalty, it is now the time to wakeup from their slumber.We Malaysians now are in a shit hole where institution like this are suppose to be neutral and up right in the performance of their duties to the Nation and not to practice nepotism towards the DOG.

  56. R4Os says:

    We must bring down Be-eNd before it bring us all down…!!!

  57. Kancilandak says:

    Our Pm will handle this problem just like he handle every other problem that come his way…. he is just….as a leader…. he knows the sentiment of rakyat…
    see, he has asked the Srilanka gomen to reintegrate the displaced tamils into mainstream society and care for them… he has the heart to be just… one example is Makal Sakit… he cares and he will handle this TBH case with utmost care… he is the PM of a multi racial country now… he has to care in order to be fair to our multiracial society under him.

  58. bao sir says:

    TBH had joined the wrong party and now being sodomized by Umno.

    This is the result of joining an aqua aka eunuch party.

    If TBH had joined the dawn party aka arse banger party, TBH would be enjoying his sotong curry mee.

  59. ktteokt says:

    It really beats my imagination what sort of forensic experts/pathologists Malaysia produces! How come a foreign forensic expert can reveal so much by just looking at documentary evidence while our forensic experts who personally conducted the autopsy could have missed out all these important points? And mind you, this expert is from Thailand, a nation deemed to be more backward than Malaysia in terms of technology!!!! MALAYSIA memang BOLEH MATI LAH!!!!!!

  60. R4Os says:

    It’s not that our M’sian experts r technically inferior, but bcoz most of them got no balls, not upholding their professional ethics, only worried about their own rice-bowls, don’t give 2 hoots to truth & justice….

  61. wits0 says:

    Talk is cheap, Kancilbonkers. Try Obummer.

    Who pays you to lao sai here, paosai? Toyol dud?

  62. kahkahkahkah says:

    Our Pm …. he knows the sentiment of rakyat…Kancilandak

    Your Pm only know lancau la

  63. mak jun yeen says:

    One flaw in Porntip assessment and its a major flaw vs the govt forencic, that is she did not examine the body by way of post mortem!!!!

    That’s because the family do not want to have the body cut up a second time maybe due to customary belief but that’s the mistake they are going to regret in finding justice for teoh.

    Which judge or coroner in his right mind or proper legal training would prefer the opinion of an expert who did not see the body but came to her conclusion just by looking at the photographs and other reports over those who had 1st hand examination over the body.

    I am not saying that the other experts contention is the truth but what I am saying if I was a judge sitting a a coroner , my legal training would tell me to be careful in weighing the evidence and opinions. At this point Porntip’s analysis though not incorrect but have not the benefit of 1st hand eperience against those of the others.

  64. adam says:

    “One flaw in Porntip assessment and its a major flaw vs the govt forencic, that is she did not examine the body by way of post mortem!!!!”

    Not “flaw” but hindrance. She also said she couldd give 100% evaluation if she allowed to examine and it is not too late.

  65. adam says:

    “Which judge or coroner in his right mind or proper legal training would prefer the opinion of an expert who did not see the body but came to her conclusion just by looking at the photographs and other reports over those who had 1st hand examination over the body.”

    AUGUSTINE PAUL…..and other UMNO judges

  66. bao sir says:

    The precedents of death under custody already proved that the Najib and pdrm are murderers.

    With the death of TBH, it’s a conclusion that Mamakutty & son, Najis, Kil Toyo and gangs were responsible for TBH death.

    This Dr. P is just to double confirm, that’s all.

    This Kil Toyo and Hisham must be grabbed by the balls and be thrown out the 14th floor window.

    Habis cerita and Dr. P can enjoy the rest of the days holidaying in Malaysia.

  67. wits0 says:

    I can’t call it “flaw” either. Ms Porntip has done an excellent job. The judge is unlikely to grant the needful despite all the public opinion and perception. He(she) wouldn’t dare.

  68. kahkahkahkah says:

    LET PR GO FOR BYELECTION LA….you can do your appeal later

    “He faces the possibility of losing his parliamentary seat as the fine exceeds RM2,000. Chua is applying for a stay of execution of the sentence pending appeal.”

  69. csikl says:

    mak jun yeen – October 22, 2009 at 11:47 am,

    if what you say is correct, all the police photographers at crime scenes will lose their jobs

  70. rebena says:

    We trust the comments / finding by Dr Porntip R which is on neutral stance.

    that otk still wrestling on internal fight… ceh….!

  71. kerabit says:

    Najib got new boyfriend (introdus by Rais)

    French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterrand was back in the spotlight Saturday for standing as character reference for two rapists after a row over his admission of paying “boys” for s*x.

  72. kerabit says:

    Pornthip willing to conduct post mortem on Teoh
    Thursday, 22 October 2009 11:33

    SHAH ALAM: Thai forensic pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand is willing to conduct a post mortem on Teoh Beng Hock if his remains were to be exhumed.

    She told coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas she would be able to come up with a more concise and detailed analysis if she could examine Teoh’s remains.

    To a question by counsel holding a watching brief for Teoh’s family, Gobind Singh Deo, Dr Pornthip said she would still be able to conduct the post mortem in spite of the deceased having been buried almost four months ago.

    Asked whether the exhumation of Teoh’s remains for the purpose of the second post mortem would put her at a disadvantage, she said no.

    She admitted that there would be “limitations” due to decomposition if a second postmortem was delayed.

    However, she reiterated that she could still do so at this stage.

    Meanwhile, counsel for the government – Tan Hock Chuan – ruffled Dr Pornthip’s feathers yesterday when he suggested she did not have the locus standi to arrive at her opinion.

    “Since you did not conduct the post mortem or inspect the body or go to the scene of the incident and you are not furnished with all the reports and photos, is it appropriate to form an opinion on mathematical terms that suicide is 20% and homicide 80%?” asked Tan.

    Dr Pornthip replied that she only based her opinion on the evidence provided.

    She said she did not take sides and that her work involved taking care of the rights of the people, especially the dead.

    When Tan rephrased his question to suggest that the limitations she faced could not have helped her arrive at her conclusion that it was 80% homicide and 20% suicide, Dr Pornthip replied: “It is my field, my work and I believe in that. It is more scientific.”

    Dr Pornthip also said she did not agree with some of Universiti Malaya Medical Centre’s Dr Prashant Samberkar’s opinions, in particular that Teoh’s death could have been a suicide.

    However, she said, she did not want to criticise the opinion of the other forensic pathologists.

    She added that she wanted the press to know that her opinion was based on her years of experience and not aimed at contradicting the police or other medical professionals.

    The inquest was adjourned to Nov 9.

  73. kahkahkahkah says:

    By Nov 9, TBH body will disappear like Bala

  74. rebena says:

    Selangor state government & PR may safeguard Dr Porntip Rojanasunand personal safety..

    We need more whistle brower / keepers.

    that tan hock chuan may not conscience well..on this case.

    bring the criminals to the court soon please………..

  75. Pegasus says:

    Sodomised and murdered ??? Who preferred him dead then??? Obvious isnt it???

    i-4-C – October 22, 2009 at 8:55 am

    Yes dud, obviously the umno controlled MACC wants him dead to create fear and throw out the PR government in Selangor which has obviously backfired..!!! At last you’re seeing the light too as you’re friend the Kancilancau..! Ha..ha!

  76. Pegasus says:

    Murdered by MACC ..obviously with umno/Toyol’s help…who else..dud…tak faham-faham lagi ke…dahle bodoh..goblok…take your medicine you fool..!

  77. itchy baC8side says:

    Teoh Beng Hock – most likely sodomised & murdered! Susan

    Aiyo! These animals if you give them a pig, they would also tarok.

    These animals should be sent to the abattoir.

  78. billauchris says:

    In my view, the launching of the AIHRC is another ostenstatious and futile act of the ASEAN leaders, a group of leaders who are committed to the NATO (No Action, Talk Only) philosophy.

    Majority of the ASEAN leaders do not appreciate professionals telling the truth because truth hurts. Past cases had shown that no sooner they spilled the beans than were vaporised from the surface of the scene.

    What has happened to Balasubramaniam? Where is he? Is he still alive? If he is still alive, surely he can be traced?

    Then we had the Myanmese medical officer who examined Saiful’s exhaust pipe and certified that it had not been violated. Where is the doctor now? Is he still around in the country? Or, has his work permit been terminated and repatriated back to Myanmar or elsewhere? We do not hear of him these days?

    We had LGE who once blew the whistle of a high ranking guy who committed statutory rape of an underaged girl but he ended up in prison for telling the truth. Where is justice?

    Now we have the Thai Pathologist asserting that Teoh Beng Hock was murdered. I just wonder what would happen to her the next couple of days? Will there be fireworks? Let’s wait and see.

    We have many NGOs and Opposition Poltical Parties in the country fighting for justice and peace for years. Many of their voices were forcibly gagged and incarcerated for alleged breach of the Internal Security Act, Official Secrets Act or the Sedition Act. Look at what happened to the public protests mounted by the HINDRF members? The authorities used tear gas and water cannons to disperse them. The leaders were detained under the ISA.

    I just pray and hope that the AIHRC will have a great impact on the ASEAN leaders to refrain from oppressing, ill-treating or persecuting those who champion the cause of human rights.

    The public further pray that the said leaders will not protect nor condone the negative promotion of human rights to commit racial incitation, immoral activities, corruption and untoward homicide.

    The masses expect the elected leaders not only to advance and protect their fundamental human rights but also not to be persecuted, oppressed or ill-treated when they exercise such rights fairly and peacefully for the betterment of the society or community in which they reside.

  79. Johanssm@Khun Pana says:

    Nothing will happen.
    Just like the vklingam case, nothing will happen.
    Just like the shooting in batu burok.
    A big Thank You Khob Khun Krup to Khunying Mor Pornthip as she had help us to clear our suspicion.
    Even without performing an actual autopsy, Mor Pornthip is able to tell by 80% that Beng Hock was murdered.
    And she is also able to tell what type of injuries and trauma that Beng Hock suffered before they ends his life.
    If given a chance to reexamine the body then it is a 100%.
    In the event even if the coroner reject an exhumation order.
    We all know that Beng Hock was killed in a cruel way .

  80. wits0 says:

    Quite so, billauchris , that’s why ASEAN has always been simply A**SEEN from the start when it can’t address anything this fundamental but so very essential on the ground. A tok kok establishment signifying nothing of significance at the bottom line.

  81. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha… pico, our dear leader can handle this? He can’t even handle lumpiolus with utmost care – as makal sakit flurs say: “Podah tamby…!”

    Notice how this 1Malaise saman has transformed our nation with a dear leader “KimJongIl” type of advertising campaign? Tiru+++. Homongous posters’ all over the place – beginning of cultism. Yep, complete with receding hairline, potbelly and smirk.

    Btw, how many of you ‘experts’ like mak jun yeen, have ‘handled’ forensic pathology and homicide investigations besides a coronership? I haven’t, but have witneseed and ‘smelled’ many postmortems before. Believe me, 2nd. autopsy will stink to sky kingdom where Ayah Pin resides!

  82. bee says:

    Teoh Beng Hock – most likely sodomised & murdered! Susan………I think he was murdered and then sodomised so that they can blame Anwar for their action.

  83. rebena says:

    witness don’t feel safe in macc premise, how much more kugan case has not properly settled ?
    we don’t believe that suicide rumour on TBH.

  84. wits0 says:

    “but have witneseed and ’smelled’ many postmortems before…” – menyalak-er.

    Easily the most memorable unaromatic experience in a lifetime for any people so “privileged”.

    Toldja, pico is unreformable. He’s been pickled too long in BTN vinegar(formadehyde?).

    Yes, the Cult of Dickhead is being promoted…watch for the increasing tempo of that effort.

  85. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Why do we have so many sodomites around in Sodomyland, every cases we have is sodomy.Initially we haveSO 1 SO2 , Tuya So3 and then got murdered and the one who do it got promoted and now we have sodomy cum murder.We are a sodomy loving country.Who to believe in this Sodomyland.We are really one and only one in this World to have such high profile and shocking happenings.I believed every Malaysians is going to die of heart attacks.

  86. Nice Lim says:

    TBH shall not die in vain………….

  87. Nice Lim says:

    Those idiot gomen goons never see real things coming….
    If they are smart gomen they should start worry about floods situation coming…..serious…ice melting…water round and round the globe…..who will be next ? which unlucky country ?…..this idiot should built more smart tunnel and solve all drainage problems seriously instead of sending out their evil dogs to bite and kill….nature naturally will kill them.

  88. Menyalak-er says:

    This ‘sodomy’ thing is called anal retentive syndrome. It seeems that the powers-to-be are suffering from a terminal form constipation, which requires repeated enemas because normal laxatives don’t work but will instead cause severe abdominal pain.
    No, Malaysians are not going to die of heart attacks – they will be the only nation on earth who will be “buggered” to death – by their so-called leaders.

  89. FenceSitter says:

    The RCI was set up to look into the investigative procedures of the macc. The pathologist were instructed to conduct the post mortem on tbh based on suicide. And DrP was appointed to comment on the photos and reports only? All these completely different goals are to confuse the public and I smell a mega coverup. In the end, like the lingam RCI, the gomen will declare the findings of the probe were not substantial enough to initiate legal proceedings. Mark my words.

  90. Nice Lim says:

    They just wanna find trouble with Pakatan Rakyat !
    Tian Chua get 6 months jail and RM3,000 fined !
    What about Kugan case….beaten to death ? and many many more ?

  91. bustardjudge says:

    You can kill people and throw them off buildings in this country, but God forbid you should “bite” a cop….[even in self defence]

  92. bustardjudge says:

    serious…ice melting…water round and round the globe…..who will be next ? ………..Nice Lim

    Good, bagan pinang will be a lost constituency, and they can all go live in PutridJaya with that 1Barger

  93. wits0 says:

    déjà vu :

  94. Sai..full!..! Landak says:

    What other country in this world got so many sodomites than Malaysia? Noooo….! We are at the top of the billing, since 1997… hee..hee..!

  95. igpsays says:

    That judge (in tian chua case) wife must be raped by cops

  96. Sai..full!..! Landak says:

    Malaysians sodomised DSAI.. his speechwriter… baby Balamurugam… very likely sodomised Nurin… and Sharni… Malaysians sodomised Saiful… maybe Bala too… even Penan girls…one never knows… now TBH…. tomorrow you and day after tomorrow me… We are Sodom and Gomorah… Wait for Judgement day, pals.

  97. igpsays says:

    Najib`s backside oso nobody want – he went to ipoh he had to pay and thick skin think orang suka his loh bang.

  98. goh swee soon says:

    monsterball aka nice lim offered his arse, but no one dared to sodomize him for fear of contacting AIDs

  99. True-Leaders says:

    Feel sorry for TBH’s family that they have to be put though this nightmare. Losing their son, and then being told that it was suicide, being jerked around between courts, forced to undergo psychiatric observations, making them feel like they are the guilty ones.

  100. lawak says:

    Najis Tong Rosak is mathir`s bustard son

  101. lawak says:

    najis tong rosak should go for sykiatrik exam

  102. wits0 says:

    You be soon turned into gore swill soon enough here.

  103. lawak says:

    this r the holey pigs who are running malaisie

  104. 1Pigsty says:

    Malaysia – model islamic state…….so sodomy is ok

  105. rebena says:

    the bodoh officers tried to spread smoke .. claimed TBH has another fren la, affair.. la.. bank account la..
    Ai yo………… Rakyat are not blinded by those false accusation…

    the culprits are going to receive the judgement soon..

  106. kahkahkahkah says:


  107. goh mama says:

    Hello,goh swee soon! go back drink your milk,mama already prepare for you,and remember to change your pampers.

  108. goh mama says:

    Do not piss here and there Goh swee soon.Shy on you.Later mama tell everybody your bad habit and remember do not scratch here and there also,especially your below part.o.k.mama love you.Mmmm.kiss kiss

  109. kahkahkahkah says:

    Our Pm …. he knows the sentiment of rakyat…Kancilandak

    Pm? Oh you mean “Prostitute malaysia”……donno lah you can go to him for farks……i stay away from that activity.

  110. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    19. The question which we should all ask is :

    a. If TBH died from suicide, what is his motive? People do not just jump out of building one morning just for the sake of jumping. Something must have bothered/scared him?

    b. If TBH died from homicide. what is the motive? Ask any policeman around the world, all murder have motive. Who benefits the most from TBH killing?

    Read more at my blog :

  111. kahkahkahkah says:

    Who benefits the most from TBH killing?…

    Fatty Mama

  112. rebena says:

    at a time being , you can guess TBH case is torture case, or a kill case, Not a murder case..

    The Cover-up is an intentional.

    they can get any forensic that loyal to BN and put up a wrong comment, suicide la..

  113. umnolahanat says:

    Who benefits the most from TBH killing?….fattymama

    1. Najib said that he wants Selangor back at all cost
    2. Inquest – MACC orders to investigate came from putridjaya

  114. rebena says:

    If some one is going to marry the next day..
    in a logic manner, do U think is there any good reason to suicide ?

    TBH still phoned frens to come to his wedding dinner..

    the frens definitely can listen whether it is a joyous tone or a fake tone via the phone.

  115. kahkahkahkah says:

    TBH canot give MACC what they want, they get desperate…..dirty tactics, TBH dies….that is why homicide not murder. kancilandak`s Prostitue malaysia in putrajaya {implicated in other murders} responsible. Hang the bustard.

  116. AB LIM says:

    Political motivated lah fat mama ….woi…use your common sense lah….

  117. Sai..full!..! Landak says:

    Yep, Pegasus, thanx.

  118. AB LIM says:

    Every time this bumno goon tik and talk is to cover up only……remember to zip your pant after you piss.ok! everyone know already lah….no need to cover this and that anymore……just admit and repent……

  119. AB LIM says:

    kancilanlansi is saiful ? hahahaha
    Yo,kancillansi@saiful….are you in pain?
    True or just lies ?

  120. kittykat46 says:

    Fatimah Zuhri – “b. If TBH died from homicide. what is the motive? Ask any policeman around the world, all murder have motive. Who benefits the most from TBH killing?”

    You failed to consider The most likely scenario to my mind , which is
    C. Not pre-planned homicide, but use of the threat of death in extreme duress interrogation techniques.
    Go read about Abu Ghraib….yes, such methods have been used before and are used by Malaysian authorities.

    Why would the interrogators want to engage in such practices ?
    I think some of the other comments above have already answered the question.

  121. kahkahkahkah says:

    kancilandak`s Pm(Prostitute malaysia) in trouble again…..

    Court allows Sivakumar to sue EC over ‘vacant’ seats

    KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 22 — The High Court here granted leave today to ousted Perak Speaker V Sivakumar to sue the Election Commission and compel it to declare three state seats vacant and hold fresh elections.
    -malaysian insider

  122. AB LIM says:

    kahkahkahkah – that is very good news ….but bad news for kancilandak`s Pm ( Prostitute malaysia )….hahahahaha
    **just get the hell out from our seat and hold fresh election** hip hip hooray…………..

  123. davis says:

    “What does that say about our own forensic experts?” Our forsenic experts, though professionally qualified, lack inttegrity. They chose not to see the obvious. WHY? Was money a factor?

  124. rebena says:

    Fatimah, am may not respond to details explain whose motive or what motive..

    The fact is the death Cover-up is intentional by macc or politician.

    some rumour claim TBH has quarrel with another guy.

    by the way,
    The fact is the death Cover-up is intentional by macc or politician.

  125. kunta says:

    You guys asked for it..despite being sodomised still gave them the
    landslide victory at the recent PRK.

    Please wake up before you become the next victim.

    All the hooohaaaa and complains but then just days before the election will change the mind and vote for the goons again. Easily enticed with just a few lolipops…cheap stuff.

  126. davis says:

    TBH was allegedly sodomised and murdered. MCA, where are you? MCA claims to represent Malaysian Chinese. Is TBH not a Malaysian Chinese?

  127. Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza) says:

    This is so terrible and so tragic – imagine the horror that Mr. Teoh was going through, including being raped probably! The police and other civil service force is actually, full of gangsters, including violent rapists and murderers! Malaysia has become so uncivilized! Look at that PAS and Islamic religious police; busily condemning attacking personal lives of believers, including petty ones, whilst being silent on such evil and monstrous crimes, by Govt officials and authority! But that brilliant and most brave lady, Dr. Pornthip is a rarity indeed, such a gem indeed!

    Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza)


  128. kittykat46 says:

    The report on Dr. Pornthip’s testimony was a huge splash in this morning’s Chinese newspapers.
    Combine this with the huge yawn about MCA’s infighting….

    Najis has a BIG problem with the Chinese electorate, but the Indian voters seem to be warming up to him more.

    Time to send more sewing machines ?…kekekeke…

  129. rebena says:

    the death cover-up a criminal act.

    based on my very constraints info, i suspected this is a torture related case.

    the fact is , the death cover up need to be reveal soon and bring justice to TBH, as a witness.

    please bring the criminal to the court.

  130. straycat's strut says:

    Some got so selective of what they want to hear. When they heard what they want to hear, it becomes the truth.

    So many testimonies from so many experts and yet, to some people, this is the only opinion that matters. If “justice” is at the hands of some of us here, I guess there is no need to conduct any inquiry. Just call this one doctor, dismiss others and immediately a judgment can be made i.e. TBH was killed and it has to be by MACC.

    And suddenly 80% chance is conclusive to some people. Even if there is 100% chance that TBH was strangled and sodomized, how come some people got so excited and point their finger at MACC? It was in the post-mortem report ke?

  131. monsterball says:

    Glad someone have confirmed… I am not faceless…and nameless.
    Reading all…Malaysia is in good hands.
    Waiting for more slogans from Najib.
    “People First. Performance now”….Teoh is dead..for UMNO pleasure.

  132. kittykat46 says:

    “So many testimonies from so many experts ” – Da Stray.
    We already heard the testimony from the “experts”.

    The government forensic investigator only looked at what the police asked her to look at. Asked why shed didn’t consider other facts which have surfaced – answer – she wasn’t requested to.

    Look, I’m a trained professional, though my field is not forensics.
    Its easy to spot a sloppy or dishonest job .

    If I want to be polite, I will call the police investigation into TBH’s death “a guided investigation” – they had a pre-conceived scenario, and the investigation effort was directed at proving the scenario.

    If I want to be rude, I would call the PDRM investigation a Bull-Sh*t investigation.

  133. mccann105 says:

    welcome to horror movie dial m for murder….let fxxxk all these macc ..any one volunteer go n throw wall ice creams ?

  134. monsterball says:

    80% not enough. Must have 100% with witnesses.
    “Thai Doc is entitled to her opinion”…will be UMNO’s respond.
    To get a crook to catch a crook is correct….but to get a crook to catch his own gang of crooks…die die will not happen.
    Teoh’s case will end up…”misfortune”…bad luck.
    Lingam is already free…what is Teoh compare to Lingam..that got Mahathir and Eusoff Chin…all tied up…yet AG said..”case close…no evidence”
    Malaysians can forget to think sensibly ..smartly..and logically under UMNO. Just listen to them……do not think.

  135. whispering9 says:

    “So many testimonies from so many experts.”

    Please list the so-called experts. As far as I know, there was only one pathologist, Dr Prashant Naresh Samberkar. He gave a 50:50 verdict on suicide as a probable cause. His argument could be flawed since his autopsy did not include examination beneath the skin layer.

    “TBH was killed and it has to be by MACC.”

    If a corpse is found inside your house, you would probably be the prime suspect, especially, when you have a nonchalant attitude towards it.

    It is not “suddenly 80% chance is conclusive to some people”….All this while, 80% of the people believe he was killed. But 20% try to blame it on suicide.

  136. kan nee neh says:

    So this dap has become an aqua party.

  137. wits0 says:

    What is said by kittykat46 – October 22, 2009 at 5:17 pm about guided investigation is well known and factual.

    It appears that all the commonsense conclusion so far voiced cannot ever match the denial of a single strutting stray cat whose view is that the MACC cannot be responsible. Maybe the Kanamit(of the Twilight Zone) briefly appeared and did it all. That absolves the MACC gestapo, surely.

    TBH suffered massive skull fractures and not all fractures are the same. Once any of ’em cannot commensurate with the said trauma, all alarm bells were actuallly ringing per se. You have to explain this important variance from that of a fall. I’m sure even menyalak-er can tell the inconsistency from the x-rays although he’s not into coronership.

  138. kan nee neh says:

    The Pr is just a bunch of hang chi peng.

    If you lose the political power, you lose everything, including the judicial power.

    So make sure you win the next GE, else kena sodomi*e.

    Bodoh Pr. They deserve to be sodo*izedd.

  139. wits0 says:

    “If a corpse is found inside your house, you would probably be the prime suspect..” – W9

    Not probably, but definitely. Only a fulat(jeans fallen off) stray cat would attempt a a co*kamamie denial of the situation.

  140. straycat's strut says:

    w9… all I am saying was why make a conclusion based on one testimony.

    “…Samberkar. He gave a 50:50 verdict on suicide as a probable cause. His argument could be flawed since his autopsy did not include examination beneath the skin layer.”
    Mind you, Dr Pornthip only looked at pictures. Yet, Pornthip report is acceptable and Samberkar’s is a “conspiracy.”

    “If a corpse is found inside your house, you would probably be the prime suspect”

    Correct. A S-U-S-P-E-C-T. And again, the postmortem report did not say whodunit. Even if it was my home, what if I was not alone? I may have a pretty maid and you could be visiting her! So, listen to what my gardener has to say first la before you crucify me!

    Just kidding kay… nice day.

  141. straycat's strut says:

    “Only a fulat(jeans fallen off) stray cat would attempt a a co*kamamie denial of the situation”

    That was classy. Name calling aside, what was it that I was trying to deny?

  142. Bujang says:

    I saw a letter:
    Great Leader’s son is Director in the San Miguel Corp, the largest beer brewery in the Philippines

    Typical hypocrite. When poor helpless Muslims (like Kartika) are
    whipped for the act of consuming 3 glasses of beer, a well connected son of a scion, is now set to benefit in the millions by selling billions of mugs of beer. His father was the first one to have
    declared that ” Malaysia is an Islamic state”. His brother Mukhriz,
    who also happens to be super rich is one of the great stalwarts of
    Malay and Muslim rights. Malaysia has become another Animal Farm. As George Orwell said; ” All men are born equal, but some are more equal than others.”

    Our Great Leader’s son, Mirzan Mahathir, was recently appointed to the board of San Miguel Corp, the biggest food and beverage conglomerate in the Philippines and the owner of San Miguel Brewery Inc. Q-Tech, a Manila-based investment company in which Mirzan has a stake in, recently acquired a 19.9 per cent share in San Miguel Corp for 39.61 billion pesos (RM2.9 billion).

    It bought the stake from Japan’s Kirin (Japanese Beer) Holdings, which used the funds to help finance the acquisition of a 43 per cent stake in San Miguel Brewery Inc. San Miguel Brewery controls 95 per cent of the Philippine beer market. The company has made San Miguel Beer for more than a century. The beer is brewed in the Philippines, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, and is sold in 60 markets worldwide, according to the company’s Web site. Mirzan’s corporate forays have not been without controversy.

    He once controlled Konsortium Perkapalan Bhd when Dr Mahathir was prime minister, but was forced to sell its shipping assets to Malaysia International Shipping Corporation (MISC), in what critics said then was a bailout. Malaysian Insider

    I think Malaysians should know by now that there are three sets of
    laws in Malaysia: One for ordinary Malaysians, one for UMNO and one for Mahathir and his family. The Mahathir clan are the most
    hypocritical people around, pontificating and lecturing others while
    doing exactly the opposite. Frankly I am sick of them and the fact
    that no one dares to challenge them, especially their evil patriarch.
    His blog is infested with servile fans which goes to show how screwed up many Malaysians are.

    BTW, I still cannot understand how this Indian could weild such a power over so many of his “fans”?
    You know why he is still talking? In case he’ been forgotten and he could not cover for his son’s unexplained wealth!
    But then some choose to be blind…..
    And Teoh is just……..

  143. wits0 says:

    “That was classy.”

    It’s about fit.

  144. i-4-C says:

    MACC would have got Teoh on the witness stand in court but he got eliminated the Arse Banger’s style to stike fear to others in his camp hehe

  145. king kong says:

    King kong will arse banger i-4-C arse wide open~~~kong kong purrrrr

  146. gosh says:

    i-4-C mama is still selling backside in chowkit to migrant workers maintain heroin habit

  147. wits0 says:

    i-4-C has the turd eye wide open also.

  148. gosh says:

    w9… all I am saying was why make a conclusion based on one testimony. – strutting baytch

    The word is credibility you baytch. What your husband gardener does with your farking maid is your family problm. Does your loving bustard fark your maid .
    Your analogies are only fit to be shoved up i-4-C`s mother`s front and rear orifice.

  149. gosh says:

    “Does your loving bustard Najis in putridjaya also fark your maid”

  150. Menyalak-er says:

    Yes i would agree to kk46’s assessment about professionalism. Dr. Prashant’s report does not in anyway nullify Dr Pornthip’s, but he was stymied for obvious reasons and couldn’t continue probing, as someone said insightfully – that it, was a choice between a bullet and his thosai. I don’t think there is a need to comment further on the merits/demerits of the autopsy.

    What should be the most urgent consideration now, has to be a second autopsy. Get to the cause of death and the circumstances leading to it, and then we can talk about motives, conspiracies etc.

  151. gosh says:

    Ijoked slart complaining about the gardener farking the maid, hopefully the gardener farks the stray slart also.
    Dr. Rafick says:

    3. Some people are wondering on how Dr PR came to this 80% conclusion. I can safely say that is based on facts and her own personal experience. She would then make a guesstimate on the probability that TBH was murdered and did not commit suicide. We must appreciate that Dr PR came to the conclusion without examining the actual body but based on document review which includes photos, reports and the reports by her 2 assistance that came over several months back. I will try to explain in the simple manner on how Dr PR arrived at this conclusion.

    4. Dr PR concluded that that TBH was unconscious and was already injured when he exited the window based on the type, severity and location of injuries. It appears that TBH has two types of injuries. One is due to the fall and the other is due to physical abuses. She concluded that in the absence of reactive injury when the late TBH impacted the floor, he must be unconscious.

  152. gosh says:

    what was it that I was trying to deny? ……straycat’s strut

    your cant

  153. gosh says:

    Some got so selective of what they want to hear. When they heard what they want to hear, it becomes the truth….……straycat’s strut

    yo you describe yourself very well

  154. october22 says:

    Dictionary: alley cat
    n. A homeless or stray cat.
    A promiscuous woman; also, a person of loose morals. For example, “She’s constantly picking up men in bars–a real alley cat”. This idiom transfers a stray cat that frequents alleys in search of food to a woman of easy virtue, especially a prostitute seeking customers. [Slang; early 1900s]

  155. wits0 says:

    Straycat don’t strut so well these days with her jeans at her ankles.

  156. Thumb Logic says:

    Today is a sad day for all of us Malaysians. When I was in government from the late 60s right through to early 2000 my impression was that the Thais always looked up to Malaysians. Today many Malaysians are looking up to this Thai lady who has the courage of her conviction to call a spade a spade. It is now time for all Malaysians to be given the right to call a spade a spade. Our Government officials who have been enthrusted to positions from which they should uphold the constitutions should have the courage to speak up and run this country in accordance with the constitution, the Rukun Negara and the rule of law.

  157. gosh says:

    “Straycat don’t strut ..”

    It is a S.L.U.T.

  158. Gila says:

    Kawan di England kata polis di negara Malaysia sudah gila dan amok mcm itu ‘mad cow disease’.Betul-betul malulah.

  159. kahkahkahkah says:

    “Straycat don’t strut ..”

    Too much i-4-C Arsebanging in putridjaya, torn open by umno

  160. ACAB says:


  161. Gila says:

    Pembunuhan yang dasyat dan tidak berperikemanusian meningkat secara mendadak.Gila betul kerajaan kita ini sekarang macam dirasuk puaka.Malu saya di luar negeri sekarang dengan berita pembunuhan kejam Saudara Teoh ini.Betul-betul gila pembunuh yang membunuh Saudara Teoh ini.Terlalu kejam yang tidak sepatutnya berlaku.

  162. wits0 says:

    “Our Government officials who have been enthrusted to positions from which they should uphold the constitutions should have the courage to speak up and run this country in accordance with the constitution, the Rukun Negara and the rule of law.” – Thumb Logic.

    Nah, they lost it long time ago – beginning way back at the time when the so-called “Mr Clean” in the PSD was sneaking in unqualified ppl into the Gomen service. It’s about obeisance and little about professionalism which is utterly laid bare for all to see today. The myth is totally trashed today by events and is wholly visible. Saw how they mutilated the GO beyond recognition? Remember the special exam PSD which gomen servants had to sit for? WTF did that serve except to make life difficult for you all.

  163. Gila says:

    Rakyat di Indonesia semakin benci terhadap kita sekarang dan kebanyakan pelajar atau peniaga di sana semakin bimbang.Semua ini disebabkan kekejaman dan ketidakadilan Kerajaan kita sekarang.Rasuah,pembunuhan,penipuan,pengeboman oleh N.mat top di bali dan lain-lain lagi punca kesemua itulah yang menyebabkan kami berasa malu sekarang.

  164. wits0 says:

    Dr. Pornthip is an accomplished professional(She even looks cute!).

    In Bolehland, no matter how good you were/are, you still have to pass the Kertas ‘Am which is Über Alles. A brainchild of a racist PSD whose concern is not with real quality but Obeisance(thanks to Kittykat46 for invoking that word). And no one can critique.

  165. AB LIM says:

    Was money a factor? – davis
    With this Thai pathologist Dr.Pornthip Rojanasunand latest revelation that 80% homicide and 20% suicide…and previously our local forensic expert choose not to see the obvious when even evidence pointed clearly in front of them and still pretend and try not to understand….then this must be money factor….or their hired goons with fake forensic certificate to do this professional job…Mr davis.

  166. Nice Lim says:

    NO no no no no no…oh no nonooooo
    what are you trying to say ! -Samuel Goh Kim Eng


    What more can anyone now openly say
    With what happened between night and day
    If only all the dead could still freely talk
    There would be many other culprits to stalk

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 221009
    Thur. 22nd Oct. 2009.

  168. Nice Lim says:

    We do have lots of professional and students friends overseas…..maybe ‘gila’ is one of our friends friend !! Well said ‘gila’…oh..i mean you are not ‘gila’ or ‘mad’…..what i mean here those who do the killing are really ‘ really gila’ and heartless….agree with you…..

  169. Nice Lim says:

    Well said Mr Samuel Goh Kim Eng….that really make sense and thank for this…mooorrrrrr…Motivation….you are good….alright man….It is coming to midnight and dead man might start coming out walking…..Thriller………….

  170. harrison says:

    And suddenly 80% chance is conclusive to some people. Even if there is 100% chance that TBH was strangled and sodomized, how come some people got so excited and point their finger at MACC? It was in the post-mortem report ke?

    straycat’s strut – October 22, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    Dear friend,

    In the precinct of MACC where Teoh Beng Hock died, presuming that he is murdered, would it be accurate to say that MACC (agents/interrogators) is highly suspect or in complicity with a third party(could be anyone not employed under MACC).

    Perusing the whole chronology together by a very strong thesis, and the discrepancies of testimonies of MACC staffs during cross-examination, if MACC or a 3rd party abetted by MACC did not murder TBH, I suppose he would have been highly killed by catwoman.

    Well said, Katharina Sri on the putridity of Royal Malaysian police.

  171. Nice Lim says:

    TBH shall not die in vain…MCA best actor holding hand…live telecast drama…what about the unlucky one? Die innocence and they don’t really care ! Oh God…they sure will get big rewards and awards.

  172. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    9. Many pro-PR supporters jump in ecstasy when Dr Pornthip suggest that there could be 80% chances of homicide and 20% of suicide. Many pro-BN supporters also whack the personality and physical feature of Dr Pornthip upon hearing/reading this.

    10. I believe both reactions are pre-mature. The notion that if TBH died because homicide = PR right BN wrong OR TBH died because of suicide = BN right PR wrong is down right silly.

    19. The question which we should all ask is :

    a. If TBH died from suicide, what is his motive? People do not just jump out of building one morning just for the sake of jumping. Something must have bothered/scared him?

    b. If TBH died from homicide. what is the motive? Ask any policeman around the world, all murder have motive. Who benefits the most from TBH killing?

    Read more at my blog :

  173. Dr Malaysian says:

    Everybody must be stupid!!! All also guessing and no 100% proved that Teoh is being killed so everybody keep your stupid mouth shut up lah.. and let that expert to do her 2nd autopsy confirmed is 100% homicide on open your STUPID BIG MOUTH!


  174. Dr Stupid says:

    Since Dr Malaysia says that everybody are stupid,then this Dr Malaysia should bang and sodomized this Fatimah Zuhri to see whether it works or not.This might benefit and boost the process even more faster to confirmed this tbh case 100% homicide.I will suggest Dr Malaysia can start to use his c*ck and do the autopsy test now and close his STUPID BIG MOUTH.
    By Advice From : Dr Stupid.

  175. Dr Guessing says:

    Aiyaa.. now everybody is only GUESSING and no proved yet Teoh Beng Hock is 100% being KILLED!!!

    After that expert checking if there is no SPERM inside Teoh’s anal then she will say oh.. this is 100% Teoh is SUICIDE because confirmed is no SPERM inside that means his anal is sodomised before!!!

  176. Dr Stupid says:

    Then Dr Malaysia should use his big c*ck to poke a hole into this witness Mohd. Imran Abdullah mouth so that he can tell everybody how much Macc paid him.We all just sit down quietly and let this Dr Malaysia to run the show.Make sure you make this Mohd. Imran Abdullah start talking the truth or you better keep your STUPID BIG MOUTH shut.
    By Instruction From : Dr Stupid.

  177. Sean says:

    Sodomised? You just made that up! He had a 6cm by 2cm wound in his anus – you don’t get that from sodomy. Or so I hear. I don’t think that’s a good choice of headline. Now people are going to think Anwar has been charged with ripping chunks of flesh out of Saiful’s ahse with such explosive force that he would have been thrown out of an office window and fallen to his death, had it actually occurred.

    Anwar has been charged with the pejorative biblical reference for the perfectly legal ‘slipping one up your friend’ that most of the modern world no longer frets about. I don’t think there was any suggestion that TBH’s anal injury was the result of male-on-male romantic action. Is it too late to change your headline to ‘anally tortured’ or something more in tune with the skimpy facts?

  178. Dr Stupid says:

    Sodomised? You just made that up! He had a 6cm by 2cm wound in his anus-you don’t get that from sodomy. ~ Sean

    Sean,you are correct and at least Dr Stupid are not so stupid after all.Both this Dr Malaysia and Fatimah Zuhri just talking nonsense and we are too late to change your headline to ‘anally tortured’ instead of their stupid sodomised sensation with fresh sperm donated from sperm bank.

    Aiyaa..Just let this two big mouth walk the talk and sodomize one another.100% result will be out very soon.

  179. I-4-C says:

    Teoh’s arse being ripped apart is in itself an important clue pointing to the assasin’s obsession with arse holes. Who else ????

  180. Dr Question says:

    1) Who sodomised Teoh Beng Hock ?
    2) How can Teoh Beng Hock wipe all finger print from the window and glass before he jump and say hey look,i have clear all the proof and jump ? Did he so stupid to do this stunt ? If not ? Who are ?
    3) What kind of object can make his anus swell to size 6cm by 2cm ?
    4) How much Macc paid the star witness Mohamad Imran Abdullah to keep his mouth shut ?
    5) Any instruction direct from Putrajaya Bad Boy Nazri or Lembumudin or even luxury 23mil mansion Toyol to do the job ?

  181. king kong says:

    King Kong will arse bang i-4-C ash wipe open again and again.
    King Kong like i-4-C ash.

  182. itchy baC8side says:

    This TBH was real unlucky the moment he joined the aqua/eunuch party.

    His fate was sealed the moment he signed the dotted line joining the aqua/eunuch party.

    TBH should have continued his career as a journalist. His boss was also responsible for his death.

  183. itchy baC8side says:

    So this aqua/eunuch party is fit only for being sod*mized by Umno since the birth of aqua/eunuch party.

    Umno has been sodo*mized this aqua/eunuch party for the past 53 years and counting.

    This aqua/eunuch party can huff and puff but Umno would bulldoze through.

  184. itchy baC8side says:

    This aqua/eunuchhs are fit only being sodo*mized by Umno and TBH is just a victim of this useless aquas/eunuchs.

    If this aquas/eunuchs don’t bother to take good care of their subordinates, can they take care of the denizens whom they do not know?

    Well! If you want to know how the aquas/eunuchs behave, just go to Jalan Alor and Chow Kit, there are plenty of them there. These aquas/eunuchs are worst than the aquas in Jalan Alor.

    These aquas/eunuchs have been huff and puff for the past 53 years, Umno is just numbed to the noise of aqua and eunuchs.

    TBH would not have been sodomized and killed if TBH didn’t resign and joined this aqua/eunuch party.

    This aqua/eunuch party loves Umno to sodomize them. Without the sodomization, they are feeling uneasy.

    They are addicted akin to the opium smokers. They can’t survive without it.

    So no big deal with this sodomization. It started 46 years ago during 513.

    So Umno sodomize this aqua/eunuch party, and this eunuch/aqua party knows how to sodom*ze the Malaysian Chinese only.

    The aquas/eunuch cyber troopers are worst than the Umno cyber troopers. Their mothers also do not know who their fathers are as they were born in Jalan Alor or Chow Kit.

    This aquas/eunuchs are the real bast*rds of the worst kind!

  185. I-4-C says:

    The killer is definitely an arse banger as every serial killer leaves behind a signature hehe

  186. king kong says:

    King Kong found new taste,itchy baC8side will be arse bang by Kong too.
    King Kong will arse bang itchy baC8side to the core so that this itchy baC8side will not feel uneasy no more.
    When you are itchy,always remember King Kong,because Kong one are really big for you,itchy baC8side.

  187. king kong says:

    King Kong still like i-4-C ash hole taste.
    King Kong will arse bang i-4-C ash hole all day long because i-4-C ash really taste good.

  188. king kong says:

    King Kong coming to bang i-4-C arse again.
    i-4-C Do you like Kong size ?

  189. king kong says:

    King Kong miss i-4-C ash again.
    i-4-C are you still there ?
    King Kong miss you and Kong would like to offer you King size instead of Kong size.Do you like it ? King Kong will share a bunch of banana with you after our round.o.k ?
    Do remember King Kong again when you want some more.We can do it all night long.

  190. monsterball says:

    King Kong go and kongkek you kong kong itchy backkside…..

    You idiotic king kong… your kong size is no way …. compare to my monsterball size….

    Go and fark your backside own self ….with kong size… you want lube oil, idiotic Kong lu lau bu…

  191. monsterball says:

    Susan…The above is not from me.

  192. rebena says:

    some one was jumped to conclusion..
    sodomy victim does not mean he/ she was bodoh.

    the one that apply this unnatural violence act was very bad.

  193. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Wah lau eh,,,something wrong yesterday,,,have a cup of coffee on us first,,,fellow cts.

  194. rebena says:

    Second autosy will be carry out.
    TBH family and lawyers and Dr P are discussed the details.

    We trust the indenpence pathologist.

  195. monsterball says:

    hhhmmmm….My real name and nick are all copied!!
    This shows how sick one can be…with Oct 23 7.50 am.the above copier trying to do his best to let Susan ban me..
    This shows I am great!!!……..hahahahahahaha
    Vast majority Mahathir and only UMNO ministers think he is great.
    So many f….k “monsterball” in blogging.
    Are they kopitiam brave fellas or worms from UMNO minster’s..backside?

  196. monsterball says:

    king kong….keep it up!
    Do not let a copycat of me …confuses you.

  197. monsterball says:

    Now…where are we?
    Ah yes…arse banging and murder.
    If you trust the famous Thai Doc..overwhelming foregone conclusion….you will know UMNO chosen men…bang asses and kill.
    That is why….1-4-C love to talk ass banging…a son of a father who bang assess for a living.

  198. rebena says:

    dr guessing onli make wild guessing..

    Most of the Rakyat know TBH was tortured before die.
    Second autosy will be carry out.

  199. 72raisins says:

    Read more at my blog :
    Fatimah Zuhri – October 22, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    I am not a PR supporter, nor am I a BN supporter, and Fatimah Zuhri is still a prostitute.

  200. monsterball says:

    Penang MARA proven very corrupted animals…..stealing millions from Penang folks.
    Wait for Najib….”People First. Performance Now”…asking for 100% proof with 3 witnesses.
    But to me…I think he will ignore and try to pull all Malaysians to another subject or matter….which is exactly what he is doing.
    That’s UMNO usual stunts when caught red handed.
    Best of all…these thick skin hypocrites can keep acting and acting same low class politics…trying so hard to fooling Malaysians.

  201. 72raisins says:

    Ask any policeman around the world, all murder have motive. Who benefits the most from TBH killing? – Fatimah Zuhri – October 22, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    Blardy prostitute is spamming

  202. 72raisins says:

    The killer is definitely an arse banger as every serial killer leaves behind a signature hehe – I-4-C

    As a b*stard you have experience

  203. rebena says:

    there will be action taken following//
    The Auditor General Report…

    those pegawai makan money.. will be kena tindakan..
    they need to pay the fine etc…

  204. 72raisins says:

    Teoh’s arse being ripped apart is in itself an important clue pointing to the assasin’s obsession with arse holes. Who else ???? – I-4-C

    Your b*stard father and mother Ars*holes OF COURSE

  205. 72raisins says:

    Distribution of b*stard Families in the US in 1920*stard-family-history.ashx

  206. Wuhenry says:

    It look like all the words with CC are not sustainable.

    KLCC – cannot grow start well but still CC
    MACC – start as ACA well respected but now CC
    MDC – as angel but keep changing its MD and smart enough to change in early stage to MDeC
    LCCT – sooner than later will go down as other malaysian company -not sustainable with too many routes and too cheap the fares. It will CC soon.

    Believe in the Chinaman superstious CC = 44

  207. Nice Lim says:

    Genuine Monsterball – Kopitiam fellas are gentlemen type and they are our supporter and PR supporter as well.
    My o my….some pathetic goons trying to make PR peoples here fighting one another….

  208. 72raisins says:

    “Kopitiam fellas are gentlemen type and they are our supporter and PR supporter as well.”

    BN b*stards think they are weaklings.

  209. Nice Lim says:

    **Bar Council Revives Call For RCI Into Teoh’s Death **

  210. 72raisins says:

    The Malaysian Judiciary is made up of B*STARDS also. I challenge the m***er farking BN Chief Justice to try me for sedition, pukee mak dia.

    “Court differs from Perak decision”

  211. kittykat46 says:

    Evey time I leave my home to go town, I have to pass this billboard with the murderer’s mug-shot on it.

    1Malaysia. People First, Performance Now.

    I was thinking about how Teoh Beng Hock died, when I saw the advertisement.

    I had this visceral feeling of nausea and disgust…

  212. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Sumokong 72 magic power,,,kakakakaka
    The bn b*stards will know what is weakling when time come.kakakakaka

  213. veryupset says:

    I’m sure by now we made it to the international news “again” becoz of the condradicting autopsy done by our 2 CSI against the 1 Thai CSI expert….!!!!!

    She also “offered” her services for a 2nd autopsy. Why…????
    I guess photos & reports just don’t match….
    She must have smell ……………….!!!

    I salute Dr. Prontip…!!!!

  214. 72raisins says:

    A murderer and his call girl moll are sodomising the country

  215. wits0 says:

    “Blardy prostitute is spamming” – 72 Raisins.

    Fartimah is trying to sound intelligent but ends up as another sordid umnoputrid hypocrite. She stresses on the motive behind TBH’s murder but forgets that the motive was uncannily avoided like an illegitimate taboo over Altantuya’s. She can only fart. QED.

  216. R4Os says:

    “Now we have the Thai Pathologist asserting that Teoh Beng Hock was murdered. I just wonder what would happen to her the next couple of days? Will there be fireworks? Let’s wait and see.” –billauchris

    Let’s all pray that Dr.Pornthip won’t received the C4 treatment as the poor mongolian girl Altentuya had suffered…

  217. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    What happen to our respected Monsterball ? Some worms trying to insult him again !!! Wah lau eh,,,some idiots are really ‘siow lan’.

  218. 72raisins says:

    “The bn b*stards will know what is weakling when time come. kakakakaka” —Five Star Kopitiam

    This is the big mistake of PR who must promise the Rakyat there will be “hangings” of IGP, AG, CJ and the 1Prostitutemalaysia (PM) if PR form the new govt.
    Forget the crap of being nice blah blah, about forgiving. The people are in the mood for blood and PR leaders betr have a mind shift on this matter very fast.

  219. 72raisins says:

    “Fartimah is trying to sound intelligent but ends up as another sordid umnoputrid hypocrite.” wits0

    She is a filthy haji taib belakang mati diseased woman

  220. Nice Lim says:

    ” Let’s all pray that Dr.Pornthip won’t receive the C4 treatment as the poor mongolian girl Altantuya had suffered…” – R40s
    Well….i don’t think so …..unless najis and the Mcdeath gangs are really retarded with no brain.

  221. wits0 says:

    “I had this visceral feeling of nausea and disgust…” – Kittykat46,

    What’s known to be diabolical will elicit that feeling.

    As Obi-wan Kenobi said to Luke Skywalker, “Trust in your feelings, Luke.”

    An instance where there is no error in feelings.

  222. rebena says:

    from Malaysia Today..

    written by by2020, October 22, 2009 22:47:13

    It is because the public servant is buying all this items at exorbitant prices from the politicians, an indirect way for the BN political masters to reward their supporters using public fund!

    Unfortunately many voters are still innocent and allow the politicians to squander their money and still vote for them!

  223. rebena says:

    …………….about Auditor General long sorry story ….

  224. apalagi says:

    IJN calls Malay Mail boss LIAR

    KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 22,,,,,, IJN has no plans to privatise ….malaysianinsider

    Updated 12:06, Wednesday 21/10/2009…The attempt to steal IJN from the people, Round 2 Thieves! Thieves!
    – Ahirudin Attan , another umno b*stard spreading rumors like fartima

  225. Nice Lim says:

    “Fatimah is trying to sound intelligent but ends up as another sordid umnoputrid hypocrite.”-wits0
    This fatimah zoo blog also invite peoples to give comments in order to get her intelligent hypocrite respond.

  226. wits0 says:

    “…an indirect way for the BN political masters to reward their supporters using public fund!” – rebena.

    This has been going on for decades amd most urban ppl knows about this. But the MSM, e.g., obfuscates this outarge ‘dutifully’ all these years.

  227. 72raisins says:

    Well….i don’t think so …..unless najis and the Mcdeath gangs are really retarded with no brain. – Nice Lim

    They have brains, but are just plain evil.

  228. rebena says:

    corrupted government officers telan duit like nothing……….
    political tsunami will come with new wave… them..

  229. wits0 says:

    “They have brains, but are just plain evil.” – 72raisins.

    The Mephistophelian nature that Bolehland voters enabled via umno/bn..

  230. rebena says:

    2008 report, when the human resources ministry was procuring equipment for the technical training centre, it paid RM30,510 for a stud platform device worth only RM990, a mark-up of 2,981.8%!
    condemn those corrupted government officers..!

  231. Nice Lim says:

    This should match with them > or <

  232. apalagi says:

    Tamil Tiger Vijay Kumar Chockalingam defends Najis s.l.u.t. This is the Law firm that used to be Sri Ram and co and VJ Kumar named together with Mr korek, korek, in the Royal commision video. Can it be trusted? Make ur own conclusion guys.

  233. wits0 says:

    Outcry over result of VK Lingam case

    Try sinning that, Fartimah! Or rather, fart your heart out.

    Nice Lim, it’s not necessary to be nice to perverts.

  234. wits0 says:

    Meant : Try sPinning that, Fartimah! Or rather, fart your heart out.

  235. Nice Lim says:

    hahahahaha what the crap this fatimah zoo…..

  236. 72raisins says:

    what the crap this fatimah zoo…..Nice Lim

    In the zoo b.i.t.c.h. fartimah is animals droppings carrying disease

  237. 72raisins says:

    (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said he was disappointed at excesses and discrepancies highlighted by the Auditor-General in his 2008 report this week and warned that punitive action will be taken.
    Punitive action? Punitive action?
    You b*stard you just wait….you will die miserably.

  238. whispering9 says:

    “If TBH died from homicide. what is the motive?” fatimah.

    When law & order breaks down or get compromised by preferential treatment or prosecution, most homicides or crimes committed are just random acts of cruelty or lawlessness without second thought or moral reservation; no longer pre-meditated with a motive. Ask any qualified criminologist and he/she would confirm it. Malaysians cannot deny that the crimes committed here are mostly randomized these days. So why ask for motive?

  239. 72raisins says:

    ALL Fartimah`s BN PUKEE MAKS……..

    WHO IS
    * The Chief Editor of a mainstream Malay newspaper who had an affair with a young girl while his wife lay paralysed in bed?
    * The Chief Minister who eloped to Thailand to secretly marry his second wife?
    * The Federal Minister who was caught with a female artiste in a Port Dickson hotel room?
    * The Federal Minister whose brother was arrested for drug trafficking?
    * The Federal Minister who had an affair with someone else’s wife that eventually resulted in a broken marriage?
    * The Chief Minister who had an affair with someone else’s wife that eventually resulted in a broken marriage?
    * The Chief Minister who had an affair with an under-aged girl which resulted in an illegitimate child?
    * ·The Chief Minister who had an affair with a girl who eventually gave birth to an illegitimate child?
    * The Chief Minister who kept an under-aged mistress at a condominium in Kuala Lumpur?
    * The religious leader who had an illicit affair and who is now holding a prominent position in a very important government religious body like the National Fatwa Council?
    * The Chief Minister who had an affair with his sister-in-law who have birth to an illegitimate child?

  240. kittykat46 says:

    “…an indirect way for the BN political masters to reward their supporters using public fund!” – rebena.

    Its also a very common example of how the NEP has been perverted into a money-machine for UMNOputras (and some Chinaputra Klingons)

    Goverment departments never buy anything from regular distributors at market prices. On the pretext of supporting Bumi entrepreneurs, they have for years bought at inflated prices from unknown companies, often shell companies who don’t actually have any commercial operations.

    Over the years the system has mutated and mutated to the point now with unbelievable markups, from companies owned by UMNO Machais, usually adding no value added service at all.

    I can agree with true affirmative action programs which support genuine entrepreneurs really trying to make it in the business world.
    I have seen first hand how government affirmative action works in the US – yeah, the much hated US of A . Government departments are often mandated to allocate some proportion of their contract awards to minority-owned businesses – – but that’s the only break they get. Prices have to be competitive with the market, quality and performance is measured as with everyone else. Many Black-owned small businesses got their first break that way, but it just helps give them a foot in the door, that’s all. After that they have to perform, like anyone else.

    UMNO, on the other hand, corrupts and perverts everything it touches.

  241. apalagi says:

    ALL Fartimah`s BN PUKEE MAKS……..72raisins – October 23, 2009 at 9:37 am

    ” All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. ” — Macbeth

  242. Nice Lim says:

    Death of witness not important and this idiot Hishamuddin hashim was digging his own grave…..Dr.Pornthip will dig it out again…haha

  243. apalagi says:

    Lembumuddin is another umno b*stard with a bog mouth

  244. wits0 says:

    “UMNO, on the other hand, corrupts and perverts everything it touches.” – Kittykat46.

    Verily, verily. That’s why suppressing the media 100% all the while was very necessary. All must be made stupid so that it alone will survive. You see that intention everywhere, not least of all, in the education policy e.g.

  245. R4Os says:

    “TBH shall not die in vain…MCA best actor holding hand…live telecast drama…what about the unlucky one? Die innocence and they don’t really care ! Oh God…they sure will get big rewards and awards.” –Nice Lim

    a bunch of shameless hypocrites in such obscene acting, only 12 days after their “You-die-or-I-die” battles…

  246. wits0 says:

    “a bunch of shameless hypocrites in such obscene acting..” – R4Os.

    That’s why they’re the MCA – the Most Contemptible A**holes.

  247. aiyoyo says:

    ALL Fartimah`s BN PUKEE MAKS……..72raisins – October 23, 2009 at 9:37 am

    May13, kerling, kg. medan, seks23 shah alam……..that is the baruah BN

  248. gdp says:

    How long before the BN lifeline is cut?…..

    1. The current stock market rally is a false rally, a mirage.
    2. This economy is far, far, worse off than most Americans realize. Fact is, we’re now in the early stages of a depression. Period.
    3. The next stock market will be a bear… a snarling, bloodthirsty “grizzly.”
    4. The so-called “economic stimulus” is not a stimulus… it’s an anti-stimulus.
    5. Our next investing threat isn’t hyperinflation – it’s hyperdeflation.
    6. The worst is over? Wrong. Mutual funds face another massive redemption panic by year’s end… possibly worse than the sell-off of 2008.

  249. gdp says:

    “The financial catastrophe is going to happen to investors all over again.
    As 2009 bleeds (and that’s the perfect word for it) into 2010, the average portfolio and 401(k) will plunge again by 20% or more. “

  250. kittykat46 says:

    Yeah, the double-dip recession is definitely coming….the big question is when..

  251. rebena says:

    the bn crooked and harimau/tigger/tiger tails may be cut, hang, sell it off..

    we not fancy about the sandiwara in mca

  252. wits0 says:

    “we not fancy about the sandiwara in mca”

    Not only don’t fancy but finds it absolutely repulsive and pathetic.

  253. Nice Lim says:

    **we not fancy about the sandiwara in mca ** – rebena
    My o my…after 12 days of either ”you die or i die’ sandiwara….temporary now they have to scratch each others back side again and maybe part 2 coming soon in near future….hahahahahaha

  254. Pegasus says:

    Fatimahhhhh, you need a bukake to wake up?

  255. Nice Lim says:

    **Not only fancy but finds it absolutely repulsive and pathetic.**-wits0
    Yes,real pathetic with their ball shrink to none and they even can’t remember what they have said or do before that ! What’s next ?

  256. Nice Lim says:

    **Fatimahhhhh,you need a bukake to wake up ?**-Pegasus
    I believe this fatimah zoo still sleeping in the zoo….very active at night….searching for ….hahahahaha

  257. wits0 says:

    “Yeah, the double-dip recession is definitely coming….the big question is when..” – kittykat46.

    We’ll relish seeing someone eating her words :

    Zeti: Worst is over, economy on road to recovery

  258. najibmustdie says:

    Budget 2day the tiuniamah conman b*stard son of razak will say he saved the economy

  259. Nice Lim says:

    **Kangaroo Court Don’t Need Evidence ? **

  260. one red dot says:

    These PRputras are another useless no brain eunuchs, sotong mees and suicide bombers.

    If you know that the courts are Umno courts, yet they still want to go there to commit suicide.

    These Pr goons are just plain stupid. Bodoh! Bodoh!Bodoh…. unlike RPK- my smart and intelligent brother!!!

    The people of Malaysia- Selangor, Perak, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan- gave them the power and what they do with the powers given to them?

    Dey! These are five Powerful States as opposed to those pariah states belong to BN.

    These useless Pr goons must be bobbitted starting from sotong mee (guaranteed no sotong mee 3 case in future), 1oldman-rocket-eunuch and 1mooncake-buffalo!

    Then they might be able to restore the powers given to them by the people pf five powerful states without the useless cum tautological organ.

    Hari2 orgasm, where got power to fight?

    Lawan tetap lawan? Cakap tak serupa bigin punya pondan!

  261. i kill says:

    What can you do about this? Next to nothing! Protest – kena teargas. This is Boleh Land!

  262. i kill says:

    Fools! Israeli police/army shoot ppl throwing rocks at them. Here you get gassed for marching peacefully!

  263. Catwoman says:

    “Fools! Israeli police/army shoot ppl throwing rocks at them. Here you get gassed for marching peacefully!” -I kill

    U must be a “freedom-fighter” or at least made contributions to finance acts-of-terror.

    Isreali police fired rubber bullets when rocks and other objects that will cause serious injuries are thrown at Israeli enforcement agencies. The Israeli soldier/police would not hesitate to fire live bullets only if the protestors used live ammunition to target the Israelies.

  264. kahkahkahkah says:

    “Fools! Israeli police/army shoot ppl throwing rocks at them. Here you get gassed for marching peacefully!” -I kill

    If you are saying the IGP should be stoned, I agree….but would be better to do it unto death.
    Also +Najib+AG+Lembumuddin……….aaargh this is tiring….just stone the whole farking cabinet or hang them from that towering flagpole (for towering malays) in dataran merdeka….before that throw shoes, slippers, socks dll.

  265. hosanah says:

    “Fools! Israeli police/army shoot ppl throwing rocks at them…”

    British Colonel Declares “The IDF Did More to Safeguard Civilians Than Any Other Army”

  266. HeavenHelpUs says:

    What insanity in Malaysia! How many more TBHs, Altantuyas and Kugans? We have sudden deaths in custody and OSAs for the dumbest reasons possible.

  267. najibmustdie says:

    Malaysia’s Indian Tamils (joined by Indonesian illegal workers) are finally to be represented by a leading British Queens Counsel (QC) who has accepted a brief from an Australian law firm to bring charges against leading Malaysian political figures for various offences committed against the complainant communities. The venue and jurisdiction Europe, the United Kingdom.

    Counsel acting for the group has agreed to take on a brief of prosecution against the current serving Inspector General of Police (Malaysia), his immediate predecessor in office, Malaysia’s former Minister of Home Affairs (Syed Hamid Albar) and the current incumbent in that position Hishamuddin Tun Hussein Onn for crimes against humanity, gross violation of Human Rights in Malaysia (extra judicial killings) and for torture.

    The leaked document also includes the list of offences the defendants when charged, will have to answer to which includes;

    (a) individual and gang rape (b) torture (c) extra judicial killings (d) confiscation of property (personal) (e) kidnapping (f) drownings (g) body snatching (h) forced conversion and other forms of depravation of liberty (i) torture and kidnapping of children.

    If the prosecution does go ahead, it may well be the case that the 4 individuals named in the suit may be forced into exile in their own homes within the limited security of the borders of Malaysia. Such a restriction would mean that they would be unable to travel freely outside the geographic boundaries of Malaysia.

    The warrants if issued by a competent court in the UK is likely to further do irrepairably damage Malaysia’s image as a liberal, cosmopolitan, developing and industrialised democracy. That veneer of respectability it craved and jelously sought to guard, built up over decades of hard work and ambition will peel off from the heat that ensues to reveal a tin pot dictatorship parading as liberals and democrats.

  268. HeavenHelpUs says:

    najibmustdie – i hope i am proven wrong but i doubt this will go very far. It will drag on for years and the scums would have died of old age or something and nothing would come out of it.

  269. najibmustdie says:

    “i hope i am proven wrong but i doubt this will go very far.”

    It does not have to. It`s importance is:

    “ of the oldest fields in psychology. The oldest quantitative law in psychology is the Weber-Fechner law, which quantifies the relationship between the intensity of physical stimuli and their perceptual effects. The study of perception gave rise to the Gestalt school of psychology, with its emphasis on holistic approach.

    What one perceives is a result of interplays between past experiences, including one’s culture, and the interpretation of the perceived. If the percept does not have support in any of these perceptual bases it is unlikely to rise above perceptual threshold.”

    What will MCA/MIC do as the case drags and foreign companies are forced to move out or reduce their holdings, will UMNO die with Najib? These are the questions, and the longer it drags it can only get better.

  270. rebena says:

    one red dot sounds like a fencesitter who dislike Kit Siang..

    though some occasion was make noise..
    LKS is much more better than utusan chief editor or macc chief..

    utusan chief has venomous poison to dirt Malaysian harmony..

    macc chief is not a lelaki..
    expert in cover-up death case !!!!!!

  271. verytrue says:

    “macc chief is not a lelaki..”

    that towering malay basturd is a paedophile and he passed the disease on to his son

  272. monsterball says:

    The strongest Royal Commission of Inquiry ever assembled…said Lingam…Mahathir and Eusoff Chin lied…..yet case closed by AG.
    What is the use of having more RC team?
    I guess Bar Council is right….more team….all being insulted by UMNO..when findings exposed what they are…all thrown out…shows rules of man from the jungle are applied.
    Throw out Lingam case… choice. Better loose some votes than to see the master of all crooks get into trouble.
    Teoh Beng Hock case will be thrown out…even RC agrees with Dr. Phorntip.
    “1 Malaysia” means only I in Malaysia gave final say….as long as UMNO governs the country.
    Koh Tsu Koon needs to show his best balls carrying act… saying..”I hati 1 Negara 1 wawasan”
    Wait till Najib f..k him….trying to be too smart…as those are exactly what “1 Malaysia” does not represent.
    That idiuotic ..KTK is also trying to prove he is smarter than his boss….hahahahahaha

  273. monsterball says:

    Prepare yourself for another by-election!
    Tian Chua sent to 6 months jail…plus RM3000 fine..may loose parliament seat.
    Meanwhile enjoy… Acer ordinary laptop cost RM42,320.00 .bought by Penang Mara..under Koh Tsu Khoon…who dare not object….yet so thick skin….trying to teach Lim Guan Eng……how to manage Penang.
    See KTK face makes me want to womit.

  274. kahkahkahkah says:

    See KTK face makes me want to womit. – womit

    Then better no see too much or you might turn into a wombat

  275. kittykat46 says:

    KTK ? The less said about him the better; unfortunately he had the thick face to take up the Senatorship and be a Minister – and became a failed KPI minister within a few months.

    King Midas is said to have turned everything he touched to gold.
    KTK turns everything he touches to turd.

  276. monsterball says:

    Better late than never.
    Thanks “five star kopitiam” and “Nice Lim”.

  277. kahkahkahkah says:

    “…; unfortunately he had the thick face…”

    For a skinny runt, he sure got plenty thick skin and verrry little bone

  278. monsterball says:

    How to avoid seeing his face?…kahkahkahkah.
    Few blog owners who also hate the sight of him…had to put his face out…to write their messages.
    I guess…seeing that also inspires me to recall and remember all the shits he represented in Penang for 18 years.
    One of his close friend…I know… hates him like poison now.

  279. kahkahkahkah says:

    “KTK turns everything he touches to turd.”

    Aha, and we have another basturd…..his followers jump on for the free ride

  280. kahkahkahkah says:


  281. monsterball says:

    Shit he is…this bloody Koh Tsu Koon…a total shame to the Malaysian Chinese community..carrying the devil reincarnated balls for 18 years and now the son…being rewarded with a minister post….when voters rejected him totally.
    His face is as thick as Samy Vellu…except less one layer…..for Samy dummy fat arse can write love poems….he cannot.

  282. kahkahkahkah says:

    “Come on, Tsu Koon the CM of Penang for 18 years was even unable to stand up against small timer Ahmad Ismail, the Umno Bukit Bendera division chairman, when he said the “Chinese are squatters” during the Permatang Pauh by-election last August. Ahmad Ismail even whacked and cursed Tsu koon in public and even tore down, stepped and spit on the picture of Tsu Koon in the presence of journalist, at that time. So how to monitor the Umno chaps lah?”*king-up-to-tan-sri-koh-tsu-koon/

  283. verytrue says:

    Gerakan Turd`s real job is to polish Najis 2 hang low…

    Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon confirmed in Parliament that the government had engaged Apco Worldwide, an international public affairs and media relations company, to boost its tattered and bruised image overseas.
    It is rumored that the contract is worth some RM20 million
    [Who gets 10%?]

  284. verytrue says:

    Wednesday, August 26, 2009
    Global PR for Najib

    Niamah!! Drowning man clutching straws

  285. wits0 says:

    “Then better no see too much or you might turn into a wombat” – kahkahkahkah

    A spinelessly hopeless nincompoop bedecked in gloriously incongruent academic qualifications managed to con Penangites for 18 long years. His “mojo” has always been a grotesque hoodwink.

  286. siapaitu says:

    “So how to monitor the Umno chaps lah?”

    For Lembumuddin is easy, the keris is up KTK bakside.

  287. wits0 says:

    “Niamah!! Drowning man clutching straws”

    Good karma entirely exhausting, bad moon rising. No way he can prolong his mojo very long in the tide of Man.

  288. siapaitu says:

    Semi Value now working for Vincent Tan:

    Deputy Mayor Mohtar Hani said the structure in Persiaran Kerjaya, Jalan Glenmarie, Seksyen U1, Shah Alam, was a place where gamblers went to get predictions for 4D or numbers and not a house of worship.

    However MBSA councillor K. Uthayasoorian today said he was disappointed that MIC was resorting to such tactics for political mileage.

    “They have twisted the facts,” he said, adding the embattled Indian party, which has lost the support of the majority of the community, was using the incident for its political survival.

    According to him, the picture of the Hindu deity was brought to the site after the temple was demolished.

    Earlier this morning, about a dozen members from the Selangor MIC youth held a press conference at the site.

  289. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha…, Swami Sami’s getting his knickers all twisted up on this not so holy site; and his non-cerebrate thambis are desperately looking for something they can pour their swill over.
    Yep, siapaitu, mic is definitely working with 3-D, 3+1D, 4D and other ahlongs.
    Dey, enough of thearetics lah – suffering hallucinations from delirium tremens izzit?

  290. monsterball says:

    These are facts.
    There are “2 UMNOs….UMNO and UMNO BARU…with members that have….have not and lost in the woods.
    There are “3 MCA”…right now…and all know that..too well.
    There are “2 MIC”….Samy and Subramaniam.
    There is no Gerakan…..only in name and one welknown puppet.
    How on earth…….Najib can say “1 Malaysia”…when his Barisan National..are fighting each other like dogs and cats.

  291. monsterball says:

    P.Gunasegaram said…”10 ways to 1 Malaysia”
    1. Ban race based political parties.
    2. Cut corruption.
    3. Redress imbalance in govt. and corporate sector.
    4. Introduce proper national services.
    5. Move to one single school system over the long term.
    6. Abolish racial quotas.
    7. Abandon equity targets based on race.
    8. Move towards equality of opportunity, not out come.
    9. Avoid scholarship University place etc based on need and merit.
    10. Introduce anti discrimination legislation and enforce it scrupulousy.
    If Najib do all that….his “1 Malaysia” will kill UMNO.

  292. kiasu says:

    monsternoball bamboo racist, u want more?

  293. wits0 says:

    Someone’s “1 Malaysia” can be well illustrated in MacBeth by the 3 witches in Act 1:

    ‘Fair is foul, and foul is fair:
    Hover through the fog and filthy air.’

    How can that vary?

  294. king kong says:

    King Kong is hungry and angry.
    King Kong will eat all the evils.

  295. Nice Lim says:

    When heaven rains…..all Trees,Animals,Human being…big or small will get equal share of water….Heaven always fair for living things and to us as well.
    But human being are always difference….double standard and look down on other poor or weak among themselves.
    ‘God’ bless Teoh Beng Hock to be in safe hand and near to ‘God’ again….and bless all their families members as well.

  296. KOPI FREN says:

    Aunty hari ini banyak marah sama itu olang jahat.Olang jahat itu hati banyak busuk punya.tada baik punya.dia olang jatuh lonkang Aunty pun tada kesian sama dia olang ya Aunty dengar itu beng hock ah boy banyak kesian sama dia.Aunty pun menangis tengok mak dia menangis.bukan senang jaga anak begitu besar bagi olang jahat bunuh.Olang jahat itu tentu tada baik punya.nanti hantu cari sama dia ya kalau Aunty boleh pukul olang jahat Aunty pun mahu.celaka punya binatang.pariah punya olang.’cap ceng’ punya olang.

  297. monsterball says:

    wa…. KOPI FREN…U manyat angry sampai marah ‘cap ceng’ cukop kuat.
    Best U bahasa saya understand.
    Saya pun manyat bernchi orang2 jahat sampai purok sakat…. pergi berak….satu satu biji…bomb sumai muka…saya feeling..siok siok.

  298. KOPI FREN says:

    Aunty nanti bagi itu ‘cap ceng’ jilat itu Aunty punya kaki ‘ hong kong leg’ dia olang baru tahu.he heee.awak apa monster ? boleh goreng itu ‘cap ceng’ punya bola.goreng goreng pisang dia pun boleh.he heee
    Aunty tada belajar.Aunty pangil cucu taip sama Aunty perlahan ya.Aunty kesian sama itu beng hock boy sudah mati.itu ‘cap ceng’betul betul binatang.monyek lebih baik daripada dia ya

  299. monsterball says:

    One flew over the coocoo nest is bac
    Talk too much….”king kong” will eat him up.

  300. medusa says:

    TBH was definetly mudered. Nobody ever believe all the spin doctors who say otherwise. How can a bunch of muslim officers who bangbackside and comit murder call themselves muslims? Praying five times a day will not clense the evil from their hands. By the way, can someone tell me what is hudud punishment for anal penetration and murder. Cut hands, cut legs, cut head or cut lanchiau? Maybe hudud punishment should be considered to check those Ammo goons who abuse their power. Period

  301. monsterball says:

    Saya monster besar ball.
    Itu chakap biasa…tak takot mati dan orang jahat.
    U apa aunty?
    Saya tau U kersian beng hock.
    U sonkong umno atau pun benchi samsa.

  302. monsterball says:

    Majority Malaysians know Beng Hock was murdered…except Najib and UMNO hypocrites.

  303. KOPI FREN says:

    mahu beranak kena bunting 9 bulan banyak susah.lagi muntah muntah.dia olang itu bunuh olang banyak cepat.buang dan pukul sahaja olang sudah mati.kalau anak dia olang kena bunuh baru tahu apa itu ya dia olang itu betul betul ‘cap ceng’ dan tidak berperi kemanusian.boleh pangil dia olang ‘cap ceng khim siu’.lain kali dia jadi perempuan beranak baru dia olang tahu apa itu sakit ya

  304. KOPI FREN says:

    kopi fren Aunty punya cucu

  305. monsterball says:

    Goodnight to all my friends.
    All to hell with all those UMNO ” Little Stuats ”
    kiasu can play with my balls.

  306. KOPI FREN says:

    medusa~hudud punishment
    This pathetic brainless animal should be punish to the maximum.Hudud law should be the best to be apply to Muslim like in Kelantan correct?

  307. monsterball says:

    U Saiful punya “Aunty” ke?

  308. monsterball says:

    Apa pun…..Selamat malam.

  309. KOPI FREN says:

    My Aunty tired,going for a nap.What happen?
    ooops,next time better let my grandmother talk.bye.

  310. gdp says:

    Lying 1Prostitute Malaysia (PM) promises a huge deficit cut. Also reduces company income tax. What happens when oil price drops.?
    The only reason oil price has gone up is the USD has dropped. Petronas cannot save BN. Now USD is 3.39 compared to 3.60, malaysia earns less for exports.
    Only way it can work is print more money, and that means more inflation. So all you poor chaps are going through your noses for Najis steaks.

  311. Malaysia All Culprit Centre says:

    Catch The Culprit

  312. Nice Lim says:

    Yes ….the culprit must be brought to justice…..Teoh Beng Hock shall not die in vain…..millions of eyes are watching…..millions of ears are listening…..TBH will not and shall not die in vain…the culprit cum murderer will be caught.

  313. I-4-C says:

    It doesnt take a genius to figure out that MACC wants Teoh alive and charge in court over corruption in Pakatan whereas Pakatan wants him in the grave as “dead man tells no tale”. Common sense lah !!!

  314. water margin says:

    The Lks & son system aka 1-eunuch-rocket system is directly responsible for the death of TBH.

    The 1-eunuch-rocket system is the worst political system in Malaysia.

    MCA has a better system than the 1-eunuch-rocket system.

    Even the MIC system now has a better system than the 1-eunuch-rocket system.

    Do we and our children have a future under a 1-eunuch-rocket system?

    These old rocket eunuch and son are the major obstacle in achieving a 1-United-Malaysian system in place.

    Hence this 1-eunuch-rocket system must be destroyed before we can achieve the 1United-Malaysian system..

  315. wits0 says:

    Yawn……………..go stuff your Pravda up your U-Know-Where, Water Margin. It ain’t getting sold at Susan’s. Raving lunatic aka spammer with various handles but same rant.

  316. wits0 says:

    “Common sense lah !!!” – 1-4-C.

    Another wise ‘un’s foresight through his turd eye.

  317. the stupid king kong is dead says:

  318. monsterball says:

    i-4-C must talk like that…trained to talk like that…so much so..talking like that with no commonsense and full of shit.
    His BUDDY…”kaisu” call me monternoball and ask me “U want more?”…as if so powerful …so influential.
    Missing for months…come back…to ask me…..”U want more?”
    hi idiot…kaisu….come on give me more!!
    Make sure not grandfather stories ….paste here paste there..that makes everyone sick of reading.
    Yes….give me more…up to date.all original…you good for nothing tiny tot braggart..trying to copy your master….Naji who is alreadr a lousy liar and braggart……….pretending and acting all the be someone else.
    Yes…..kaisu …I want more. If cannot deliver new news…SHUT UP….GET LOST!!

  319. monsterball says:

    Early morning must scold two idiots..i-4-C and braggart “kaisu”.
    Very bad luck for them.
    Don’t waste money to buy empat numbor this weekend.
    100% no strike.

  320. monsterball says:

    King Kong lives forever!!
    One may die…so many more like him…are alive….making millions for Hollywood….don’t you know that?
    Have you actually seen and know the history of King Kong…dum ass?

  321. king kong says:

    I-4-C are lucky to avoid Kong this time.grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    King Kong will still bang I-4-C arse wide open every time Kong catch you.
    King Kong miss I-4-C ash again because ash taste good.
    King Kong will search for you.

  322. king kong says:

    I-4-C so scared of King Kong bang his arse wide open because he cannot stand King Kong big and strong King size.

  323. king kong says:

    King of Kong’s,King Kong,King Kong brothers and sisters,King Kong wife and children all will search for I-4-C and all will have a big bang of this I-4-C ash hole.

  324. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Happy & Good morning Monsterball and all good cts fren,,,
    Wah lau eh,,,this Susan blog really come alive with Monsterball and so many good cts around.It is like in wonderful world of disneyland,,,kakakakaka
    Wah,,King Kong also come out to bing bang that idiot 4c ash ash,,,good goodie,,all my fren at my coffee hse very exciting now,,,kakakakaka
    O.k guys and gals morning coffee on me,,,kakakakakakakakakakakaka

  325. kittykat46 says:

    “It doesnt take a genius to figure out that MACC wants Teoh alive and charge in court over corruption in Pakatan whereas Pakatan wants him in the grave as “dead man tells no tale”. Common sense lah !!!” – I-4-C

    Let me ask a very simple question then.
    Why has MACC and PDRM from Day 1 Hour 1 carried out a cover-up by absolutely pushing forward the suicide story ?

    You think PDRM is helping cover-up for DAP ?
    Hihihihihihihihi….maybe someday when PR is in charge in Putrajaya ?…wink..wink… 🙂

    I suppose you are even dumber than I thought….

  326. monsterball says:

    King Kong is one of my favorites…also have big monsterballs with a good heart.
    King Kong and I are one kind.
    He play play with that idiot…. 1-4-C…..I waiting for a braggart “kaisu”
    Come on…you brainless creatures….try chase me out.
    Cannot at least say some thing nice to carry Najib’s balls…which all of you are very good at.
    But first. must get rid of monsterball….the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!!

  327. Nice Lim says:

    wits0-oct 24,2009 at 2.42am
    This I-4-C night owl ( burung hantu ) only come out at night…scared of human being….and also scared of king kong as well….hahahahhaha
    We support you king kong… can ‘phu ee a ka chooi tua tua lat’

  328. wits0 says:

    “This I-4-C night owl ( burung hantu ) only come out at night…”

    Like other idiotic spammers/lunatic Goebbels do, at the graveyard hours.

  329. Nice Lim says:

    We just leave it to the KING…..kong to spam,bang and goobleeer their asre hole wide open……hahahaha
    Thanks king kong……we support you to bang boom bong all those spammers and lunatic goebbels idiot…torrrrr

  330. monsterball says:

    One just opened a five star kopitiam…near my office….really expensive renovations and highest quality stainless steel stalls surrounding the entire two corner shop lot.
    Flowers from well wishers all over.
    Opening day….I brought few friends to try the food…real lousy!!
    Lets hope the owner do not think of collecting stall rents … with his investments…a passport to success.
    He should be an expert in food…and should taste one by one….before approving to rent it out.
    Now one week old…coffee shop is almost empty with people going back to old established reliable delicious food…all no star….simply a kopitiam making kopitiam fellas…feeling at home.
    Yes kopitiams are needed and wanted more and more…as UMNO have made middle class people to ordinary class…going backward…..and naturally he will use that famous line…”it is world economy crisis”..that effects Malaysia.
    Stealing billions upon billions….now the chain reaction is being felt….not once UMNO dare to admit stealing..for if doing that….Teoh Beng Hock would have been alive.
    UMNO kills!
    Last but not least….our very own “five star kopitiam” commentator is OK…very practical and sincere..jovial and happy.

  331. monsterball says:

    King Kong is the best!
    1-4-C balls shrunk…very painful…getting hard knocks from Kong’s little finger…that’s enough.
    If Kong yells…1-4-C will be blown miles away.
    If he gets Kong really mad….just bif foot step on him….DEAD!!….but it looks like Kong wants him alive to be his bed room toy….and that scares the shit out of 1-4-C.

  332. monsterball says:

    huh! I also comment at graveyard hours.
    Does that mean…I am also a lunatic….witso?
    To my opinion….whatever hours not important.
    It is always original…always be the first to show new thoughts ..that counts most and not always cashing into other’s thoughts or comments to appear smart.
    Do you agree….witso?

  333. Nice Lim says:

    Monsterball…..that graveyard hours only for those linatic fatimah zoo,I-4-C and all their lunatic goons and not us or king kong…..hahahahaha

  334. monsterball says:

    Thank you…Nice Lim.
    Have a nice weekend.

  335. monsterball says:

    When I was young…I took a RM300 bet that I dare to sleep at the graveyard overnight.
    I won the bet…for I made sure I was completely drunk…and slept like a baby…..hahahahahahha

  336. Nice Lim says:

    Yes….with Monsterball comments and guts….we feel great and excited…..those goons are really get Monsterball big ball roll over them + king kong do some wide open their arse…..bravo…..that’s why i should not be nice to those idiotic goons no more.
    Teoh Beng Hock shall not and will not die in vain until those lunatic killer are put behind bar and hang them.

  337. wits0 says:

    “huh! I also comment at graveyard hours.
    Does that mean…I am also a lunatic….witso?”

    No, me too wat, sometimes, but not spamming nonsense like these worms and to hopefully escape resounding kutok.

  338. Nice Lim says:

    **That’S What Friends Are For**

  339. Nice Lim says:

    Well…if you take 2 empty cups and 1 dry tower out….then pour the A cup full with water and the B cup just leave it empty !
    Then….you just pour the A cup water onto the floor and then use your empty tower to wipe and soak the water to the tower and then just squeeze the water to the B cup !
    So….this is how water or things move from A to B….this is what Chinese Monk or Tibet Monks say…..”REINCARNATION”
    So….they the evil might throw and kill Teoh Beng Hock body…but not his soul ! ‘God’ will bless Teoh Beng Hock soul and give his soul a better life to live in next life.
    And….for those who do kill living things…’God’ will transfer their evil soul to war torn country or maybe born with lots of misery to suffer in their next life………………

  340. davis says:

    I-4-C. From what you expressed, you are a smart guy who is willing to use your talent to carry out your master’s biddings even though you know it is wrong. Pity!! Stand up and be a man. Your own man. Many of us have read the book ” Straight and Crooked Thinking ” and can see throught your spin. Please respect our intelligence.

  341. wits0 says:

    “Please respect our intelligence.”

    He won’t, just like Toyol dud. Twisted minds.

  342. Kancilandak says:

    Once again he has proved his worth… PM Najib Tun Razak… is looking ahead strengthen the economy… this is the best ever budget in 40 years…. our PM has the poor at heart…. no matter all the slander … he is forging ahead with a motive to improve the the layman’s lot… this what 1Malaysia all about… He, now is the leader of 1Malaysia!

  343. monsterball says:

    Thank you witso.

  344. wits0 says:

    Kancilnakal is out of strokes and, as previously, is reverting to empty hubris. 😀

  345. monsterball says:

    In 40 years..UMNO never been exposed..proven and voted our by so many… idiotic kancilandak.
    Therefore you master of all idiots you hero worship had to come out with slogans and budget goodies to win votes.
    Nothing from now till 13th GE must offend voters.
    It is all good news and more slogans.
    But when this years budget found to be no working to fish more votes…wait till next year.
    You can will always see the real Najib..UMNO government….when they find out…voters will not take the bites to fish for more votes….out come ISA…next year…bad news budget for all.
    Allocating 30 to students for all paid free University studies prove logical for a small country like Malaysia ..yet only few days ago…he said UMNO is a big government…meaning our country of 17 million population.. is as difficult to govern as China’s 1.2 billion population…..yet China have unite their people with more races than ours…. within 15 years.
    No sireee….UMNO never wants unity.
    Why then the “1Malaysia” stuff?
    UMNO represents Malays or Muslims. So how can “!Malaysia” works under a racist government or party?
    I say I say I say…it means treat UMNO as your landlord…all will be fine.
    Young voters of Malaysia…do you want to have another Lord besides your religious beliefs?
    UMNO BARU represents the devil.
    UMNO is dead…do you all know that?
    And kanchilandak soul have been captured by the devil… 1-4-C is gone case…and another “kaisu” trying so hard to be the hero to get be banned from this blog.

  346. davis says:

    Is the Budget for the poor? I am not so sure. Why impose a service tax on credit cards? Presenting a budget is no big deal especially one with a deficit of some RM 45b.

  347. wits0 says:

    Such a big allocation for the defense sector where the known evaporation rate and kickbacks can be most exciting for some people only!

  348. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    This kancil2459 sound happy but in wrong way,idiot sound.This najis was not elected by Malaysian as PM after all ,but push his way from undemocratic vote from corrupted umno and by using c4 on Mongol beauty and now feel the pain by using 1Malaysia and 1Toilet to fark out his shit.Everything this umno are doing is in a wrong direction.Wrong place ( 1 Toilet ) and Wrong time ( should be a caveman to do a killing c4! ).
    Kancil2459@Cunt Chill Lan are you still drunk with your black beer in your hand ?

  349. kittykat46 says:

    This is a really strange budget.
    I’ve spent some time looking over it, as I don’t trust the “ampu bodek” comments from senior “establishment” connected people, even if their credentials sound impressive.

    I’m still shaking my head.
    To quote the Lost In Space Robot – “It does not compute”.
    Najis is trying to pull a fast one on us, thinking we are all poor in maths or ignorant of macroeconomics and finance.

    Anyway, at least there’s RM 500 of tax relief for your broadband subscripton.
    And the maximum tax rate has been reduced by 1% from 27% to 26%. I’ll save a couple of thousand ringgit per year 🙂 .
    Actually I’m OK with paying taxes, just get very upset with the way the government mismanages the money.

  350. monsterball says:

    kancilandak does not pay one sen tax all his life.
    And still looking for free milk….free beer….with his vote always free to UMNO for getting a job..doing nothing..getting paid.
    All he needs to do…is ‘get ready..set….OPEN!”.. ..trousers for UMNO inspectors with all sorts of tools.
    Been doing that…few months already.
    Once he reached few years like 1-4-C…he will be a seasoned backside opener …to cover his own arse secrets by blaming others playing arses. Both cannot do anything to their task masters…using Anwar as a punching bag.
    I suspect Mahathir’s arse was visited by few…when he was a school boy…and one may look like Anwar….bad luck to poor Anwar and mamak’s son…simply love asses….welknown to smart Malaysians of olden days.

  351. monsterball says:

    I mean…”trousers DOWN……bla bla bla”

  352. monsterball says:

    Who does UMNO thinks they are trying to fool?
    All races love kopitiams and these UMNO crooks with hundreds of millions stolen from us.year by year…….dressed up with false titles..riding in most expensive cars….living in palaces….as if the most successful politicians in the world that are rewarded by all rich Malaysians…no complaints.
    No no no….UMNO BARU gang is a real gang that are out to buy up the country.
    First ..must not show they are crooks or con men. They must be experts in marketing….with advertising ans slogans.
    Newspapers are daily advertising…….how good they are……not working!!
    Slogans…the most from any PM ……..not working.
    Budget goodies…enjoy it. It is your money…will not work too.
    But Bagan Pinang proves it can work. What is that magic?
    RM 6 billion to farmers….you can go and imagine how many votes can that buy.
    Few more sens increase in cigarettes.. means alot to the poor that have only cigarettes and beer to enjoy life and keep warm..working in estates and fishing ..early in the morning.
    I wonder the RM8 billion covers …making these people with better life.
    From my past observations….80% will go into their own pockets.
    Think of the poor and you will know…UMNO BARU is fooling the rich….and the greedy and the half past sixes young voters.
    80% all will not fall into their traps….this time.

  353. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    1 Dirty Malaysian.
    Kancil2459@Chunt Chill Lan are you married ? If not then you are the
    wrong man for girl to choose ? And if you are married with children,then make sure you buy pants or shirt to all your children in a correct size and not in a wrong size. Do teach them all the right things and not the wrong things.You should know what i mean right things to wrong things and 2X5 things.

  354. i can fly says:

    Aiyo! TBH, why of all the jobs, you chose this rocket aqua party?

    TBH would be an sad example for anyone who intends to join this rocket aqua party!

    Altantunya case has not been resolved, now we have this poor TBH case.

    This rocket aqua party is responsible for the death of TBH also if the Rocket aqua didn’t let TBH go alone to the lion den!

  355. billauchris says:

    The cause of death of TBH was culpable homicide according to Dr Pornthip’s opinion. Besides, the dead was probably sodomised – the revelation was indeed not only disgusting but revolting. The perpetrator must be a savage with a high degree of sado-masochistic tendency.

    I cannot believe these MACC officers who caused TBH’s death through the use of brutal force and senseless barbaric means could be engaged in the first instant as civil servants. In my view, they do not qualify for any pubic aoppointments.

    What happened could be traced back to the the way in these brutes were brought up and educated. The national education system must have contributed to the development and production of such wierdos whose moral values were turpitudinously shocking. They ought to be quarantined in the zoo or Tanjong Rambutan asylum.

    Recently the Minister of Higher Education proposed to introduce the 1-Toilet policy in schools with a view to encouraging and fostering better relationships between teachers and their students in the toilets! What sort of bankrupt minister do we have to have come out with such a brilliant idea! Does he intend to have more of our up and coming leaders of tomorrow imbued with sodomy tendency?

    All the officers who were involved in the interrogation of TBH should be indicted for the murder of TBH. They are guilty of collective homicide and the other charge is for alleged sodomy of TBH’s exhaust pipe which I believe must have be savagely penetrated by a hard object like a truncheon.

    For this bizarre murder, the head of MACC must be held accountable and should be sacked summarily.

    What happened before us brought shame to the country who is a party to the AIHRC. We do not need to advance the human rights of those in the service of the Government to apply brute force to extract admissions out of the civilians’ vocal chord and to commit homicide and be set free by those in power.

    I think AIHRC must take up TBH’s case against Malaysia.

    To assuage the agony and the injustice done to TBH ahd his wife and family, serious actions must be taken against the culprits. Besides, the bereft family must by compensated for the loss of a dutiful and loyal son of the country.

  356. monsterball says:

    “I can fly”… should fly to the rubbish bin and be with his dirty stinking friends and leave us alone.
    One can fly….means dreaming of flying…the sign of dying person…..or turning crazy.
    If “I can fly” really can fly…he wil not be talking like an idiot…insulting DAP or the dead man.
    This…..”i can fly” have no respect at all for poor Teoh’s family.
    One can battle …debate and insult…but to use the dead …blaming him to be a DAP member is the reason for his death…and not the real reason….why he is dead…is sickening joke.
    “I can fly”… is a dirty house fly that eat shit and talk shit.

  357. wits0 says:

    “Few more sens increase in cigarettes.. means alot to the poor that have only cigarettes and beer to enjoy life and keep warm..working in estates and fishing ..early in the morning.” – Monsterball.

    This is linked indirectly the current populist culture of (fake)Climate Change thingy too. The accompanying and complete self righteousness that rides on its very back. What happens to the claimed “prihatin” in governance of about a decade back, e.g. Kok tok are always laid bare in the streets with this sort of (so wise!) governance everytime .

    Another example is bio-fuel, make corn, wheat etc. into ethanol……….let flour feed cars, rather than people. Very grand and Green idea indeed! Ditto with palm oil.

  358. wits0 says:

    “I can fly” is also a pro-bad governance spammer/CT using other handles. He succeeds only in demonstrating how heartless is the unofficial view of the very system which he tries to justify..

  359. Fly Buster says:

    Why not you “I can fly” to Kugan place and let us beat and eat you up.Indian must not vote for Barisan Najis {BN} yang berbau perkauman dan tahi.

  360. wits0 says:

    “From my past observations….80% will go into their own pockets”. – Monsterball.

    The evaporation rate has been always high, especially with defense purchases which someone with prior expertise is very fond off coz that’s rather easy to hide.

  361. AB LIM says:

    Olee shit the banana crab….killing do happen now and then under this sickening bumno .

  362. AB LIM says:

    Malaysian must wake up……alll walks of life…..all races….reject evil…..CHANGE.

  363. kittykat46 says:

    Unfortunately, a lot of Malaysians are still asleep.
    Either that , or, for a few sewing machines and little packets of buah tangan they will happily vote UMNO forever.

  364. AB LIM says:

    There must be a way…..we will figure it out…..nothing live forever…so…those evils goons are reading and wonder ? and their next move……we know what you did and the reason why we are here……evil just beware….more and more peoples from all walks of life…..all races are changing and will wipe yo out….very very soon.

  365. tenlittleindianboys says:

    The Indians are worse, sarees, ricecookers, RM100 for beers and empty promises….. and they swoon into BN laps like virgin maids.

  366. AB LIM says:

    Most of my respected Indian friends and brother are o.k one….i believe if they read more up to date news from PR website ….telling true and real incidents that happen now and then….then they will wake up and realize….why they should reject evil be-end party.Just don’t read or listen to news that are control by those evil goons….they all will get brainwash….

  367. Menyalak-er says:

    Wits0: “The evaporation rate has been always high…, coz that’s rather easy to hide.”
    Heard that Jean the Todt, ambassador tourism motorhead was elected FIA(motorsports) president yesterday. How does that figure in the evaporation rate and even stranger leakages in our tourism ministry? They were granted RM899million for some weird promotional projects – like health, sewing and global warming tourism.

    KK46:”Unfortunately, a lot of Malaysians are still asleep.”
    Yep, it’s called sleeping sickness – somewhat akin to Kuru. Caused by cannibalism of somnambulent brain of an ex-PM whose passion was a sewing machine.

  368. wits0 says:

    “…they all will get brainwash….” – AB LIM.

    For the less well-informed, they always seem to be over influenced by traditional habit….of looking up to “heroic and macho” leaders with endless unkept promises…instead of breaking away and thinking clearly enough.

    “”Unfortunately, a lot of Malaysians are still asleep.”” – Menyalak-er.

    Or contribute to the con game for quick gains. Like Kancilcadre, aiming for his Bull Milk franchise.

    The economic downturn may be the thing to make some people think decisively.

  369. AB LIM says:

    When a child growing up…he/she will ask this and that…..why,how,how come,can i,should i,may i…..and when majority of Malaysian grow up and wake up….then things will not be the same again……
    It’s sad now that most incidents are all cover up and not transparent…. and that will cause lots of ignorant among us….the Malaysian majority….Opposition leaders was discriminate too….isa,jail or fine for some stupid reason…..well,this will end when everyone from all walks of life knows their duty….duty bond to CHANGE this evil government and really get a new good government that was really elected by all Malaysian…Peoples Power.

  370. AB LIM says:

    Yo….kancilansi do yo feel sad too when innocents life is lost or just happy with yo bull milk franchises ?
    …scroll up to read and see it for yo self and tell us how yo feel ?
    Quite some times didn’t chit and chat with yo….yo shoudl be more wiser now….i hope ! Don’t always just yo yo your mini ball…..yo ‘sifu’ will be angry at yo again and grill yo ball later……………………..sorry so hard on yo…bcoz yo are still a hard nuts ball….yo know and i know !

  371. fatimahzuhri says:

    1. Hahaha…It is funny reading some of the comments here.

    2. Let us stick to the issue ok?


    Excerpts :

    1. Much has been said regarding the Teoh Beng Hock saga.

    2. Sadly some people would like to use this unfortunate and tragic event as a political mileage in their never ending political ambitions.

    3. I have heard a lot about what allegedly happened on that fateful morning however since the inquest is on-going I am bound to keep tight lip about it at least until the inquest is over.

    4. However if a person uses their mind in the right manner, one might be able to see what is really going on.

    5. Today, Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand testified at the court after she was brought specially from Thailand on the expense of the Selangor state government.

    6. No one should/could deny her many experiences in handling forensic cases since she has worked on over thousands of cases before.

    7. However today she testified in the court 100% based on the Beng Hock Autopsy report. Yep that is correct. She did not do any CSI-like investigation on the body or the crime scene.

    8. She testified based on what she read from the Autopsy report.

    9. Many pro-PR supporters jump in ecstasy when Dr Pornthip suggest that there could be 80% chances of homicide and 20% of suicide. Many pro-BN supporters also whack the personality and physical feature of Dr Pornthip upon hearing/reading this.

    10. I believe both reactions are pre-mature. The notion that if TBH died because homicide = PR right BN wrong OR TBH died because of suicide = BN right PR wrong is down right silly.

  372. kittykat46 says:

    Haha…fatimahzuhri…your comments really have me laughing out loud….you really lightened up what has been a very somber week.
    Thanks for the entertainment value….ditto to I-4-C and Cu*t-chill

    Yup…Dr. Pornthip made her conclusions from evidence already on record.
    Which means the facts were staring in the face for any trained specialist in the field. Which throws mud in the face of the law enforcement people who carried out the investigation.
    a) Police have carried out a dishonest investigation by ignoring very visible facts just because it is inconvenient to the authorities.
    b) Police have carried out a very sloppy investigation by overlooking very visible facts.

    Either way, its a very damning picture of Polis Raja Di Malaysia.

  373. i can fly says:

    This aquatic rocket eunuchs aquas must have making billions of $$$$$ selling the Malaysian Chinese bac*sides to the BN sodom*tes.

    Why the rocket eunuch aquas are refraining from declaring their assets as promised during the campaigning of the 030809 GE??

    The conclusion is that these aquatic rocket eunuch aquas are as rotten to the core as the BN sodom*tes and their wealth is all dirty money.

    TBH is just a typical victim of all the many Malaysian victims betrayed by the aquatic rocket eunuch aquas sacrificing to the BN soodom*tes.

    If the aquatic rocket eunuch aquas still reluctantly declaring their assets as promised in the 0308 GE, these aquatic rocket eunuch aquas must be ha*ged for being blatant liars and corruptions of the highest level!

    These aquatic eunuch aquas must be ha*ged for being traitors to the endemic Chinese for telling blatant lies.

    Declare or be han*ed. There is no third option, including those no-soul sycophants!

    Declaring of assets to the public is a must if you want to run a public office

  374. Lee says:

    Actually will the culprits in MACC be indentified, charged and put to death. That’s the next question that all forumers should ponder.

  375. I-4-C says:

    This arse banger’s hit man has rammed aPajero at the back of his ex driver’s car at PJ killing a wife/mother and kids. So it doesnt surprise me that the arse banger has struck again. Iinconvenient truth lah !!!

  376. i can fly says:

    If the PR can not be a paradigm to good governance, surely the BN somi*es will continue sodom*zing the endemic people blatantly and perpetually.

    Seeking a public office by telling blatant lie is a serious crime of the highest level and deserving the public hanging.

    If the PR sways from their promises in the last GE, all must be han*ed publicly, starting from that sotong mee- goreng before dawn….

  377. storm62 says:

    This arse banger’s hit man has rammed aPajero at the back of his ex driver’s car at PJ killing a wife/mother and kids. So it doesnt surprise me that the arse banger has struck again. Iinconvenient truth lah !!!

    I-4-C – October 25, 2009 at 12:54 am

    I-4-C, are you refering to Najis tong rosak…this bloody arse banger, bang Altantuya and killed a mother of two from mongolia and rob her of her commission and dare not even sue those foriegn news agencies who posted in their front pages about this arse banger’s involvement with the murder of ms. Altantuya…..this arse banger should rot in hell then to be an umno’s pm, whom really brings shame to Malaysia and her people.

  378. johanssm Khun Pana says:

    To commit a cold blooded murder requires a motive?
    Yes, most of the time there must be a motive.
    And at certain time , there isn’t any motive.
    The Altantuya case is a good example .
    2 policemen whom are protecting najib went out from PutarJaya and killed Altantuya.
    Wheres the motive? Do they need another motive to attach explosives to a dead body while in a jungle?
    Are they motivated to kill her or they received instructions to do so.
    Up until today , the Altantuya case is well covered up.

    Do they need a motive to killed Teoh?

  379. maradonne says:

    Mr. Teoh Beng Hock would be still alive and kicking if the dap was transparent and honest in their accounting and bookkeeping of public fund.

  380. amigo says:

    If the family of TBH doesn’t want to exhume the body for a re-autopsy by Dr. Death to examine the real cause of death, so be it
    and the case closed.

    Then the Teoh family should not pursue with the suit and immediately abort the court case!

  381. amigo says:

    Please la Mr. Lks & son, declare all your assets othewise please resign from all public posts!

    Can you not understand simple English?

  382. wits0 says:

    “Can you not understand simple English?” – amigo.

    Why are you interested in nobody else’s asses,amigo assh**e?

    Meantime, virgin Fartimah explains how, in a stormy night, she got pregnant by a toilet seat.

    Maradonne is a new fartball star.

    All fears the heavy return traffic and sneak in at the grave yard hours.

  383. monsterball says:

    We have two new smart visitors….maradonne and amigo…which is one worm that can turn from male to female.
    Trying to be Maxican fly then….a Spanish fly.
    Using DAP as a punching bag with no logic.
    Both can….”yaya…yeeya..caramba….magarita”….and VAMOOS to Najib’s hole…come back when they have their mouths full.
    Yes….I am more calm this morning ….dealing with idiots.

  384. monsterball says:

    huh …Amigo trying to teach LKS and son…the power of the English language?
    Can amigo understands..he is a sick ass with no brain?

  385. monsterball says:

    When King Kong fut back at them…the will be blown away..back to Najib’s hole….having meeting….asking each other…”What’s next”

  386. wits0 says:

    In lieu of an ode…..and to save a thousand words:

  387. I-4-C says:

    So wanted Teoh dead??? Obvious isnt it???

  388. maradonne says:

    The key to success of change in Bolehland is either lks & son declaring all their assets and returning all the loots garnered gained by conspiring with the BN dogs or resigning from all public posts.

    Else there is no future in this land of corruption.

  389. Baby Kong says:

    Baby Kong just bite i-4-C ash and pinch i-4-C nipple until it swollen.

  390. king kong says:

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    King Kong will catch fatimah crazy to play i-4-C nipple as well and let them enjoy it together.

  391. wits0 says:

    Only associated headless worms and beserk orcs are holding their formation.

  392. king kong says:

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  394. amigo says:

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  397. amigo says:

    Go and play lks’s mother and he will give you more artificial banana…

    This monsterball is insane.. go and play kepala pusing’s mother also.

  398. king kong says:

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  402. kittykat46 says:

    ““I can fly”… is a dirty house fly” – monsterball.
    The politics in this country can sometimes be a 4-way or 5-way argument.

    I met a few people the other day who probably hate DAP and LKS/LGE more than any concern they may have about BN/UMNO/Najis. These are disgruntled ex-DAP types. I listened to their 60 minutes tirade against LKS and LGE, which sounded to me like petty arguments.
    Not a word about UMNO’s filthy transactions…sounds like they will happily accept even the most serious abuses of power from UMNO, as long as they can put down LKS…

  403. 32 bits says:

    Don’t know where this two pariah dogtors obtained their qualifications->Dr Khairul & Dr Prashant.

    They have shamed the Malaysians.

    If they have some conscience left, better go and commit hara-kiri NOW!

  404. 32 bits says:

    The MCA has held EGM to resolve their leadership crisis.

    Now PAS’s Tok Guru is holding another one.

    DAP has no such problem because lks & son aka rocket aqua dictators are in total control.

    The only thing the dap concubine can do is to defect to BN.

    Now this Perak is in deep shit because of this useless old eunuch rocket parochial attitude.

    Ipohians, it’s time to kick this useless power crazy eunuch back to the sugar cane field like what the the Malakans and Penangites did.

    Yeah! That’s the result from not taking heed from your BOSS- declaring your assets or else, go eating sugarcane elsewhere- next time holland!

  405. wits0 says:

    “…These are disgruntled ex-DAP types. I listened to their 60 minutes tirade against LKS and LGE, which sounded to me like petty arguments…”- KK46

    I also suspected those to be MDP Wee madhatters types without an argument worth listening to. For all intent and purpose, these incongruent a**holes are the enemies too. They might just as well serve under Sauron directly!

  406. R4Os says:

    “I met a few people the other day who probably hate DAP and LKS/LGE more than any concern they may have about BN/UMNO/Najis. These are disgruntled ex-DAP types. I listened to their 60 minutes tirade against LKS and LGE, which sounded to me like petty arguments.” –kk46

    Not surprising that there r so many such idiots in Bolehland, who only whine about petty personal grudges while turning blind on greater dilemmas on this sad country, they would rather have the Be-eNd devils rule them…

    Karma begets these ppl with Msia slipping down the drain and so will their kids future…

  407. monsterball says:

    One who keeps changing nicks..disguising himself to be few from one…wants to teach DAP something.
    Amigo aka amigirl by King Kong had it coming…poke poke her…she vomited all the hynanese chinese rice she ate.
    Little bit also cannot tahan…want to talk nonsense here.
    At least 1-4-C can tahan so long.
    Hole so big…still can talk nonsense.. non stop.

  408. monsterball says:

    On the positive side….the few people who are DAP supporters or members who are speaking out their unhappiness over certain DAP matters openly are good.
    It shows DAP supports freedom of speeches..and nothing will be lost to UMNO…if they are personal grudges.
    DAP and keDAILan have thousands upon thousands joining them….each month…in togetherness or as members.
    What are few idiots that have no country sad affairs in heart…..nothing new.

  409. R4Os says:

    “Once again he has proved his worth… PM Najib Tun Razak… is looking ahead strengthen the economy… this is the best ever budget in 40 years…. our PM has the poor at heart…. no matter all the slander … he is forging ahead with a motive to improve the the layman’s lot… this what 1Malaysia all about… He, now is the leader of 1Malaysia!” –Kancilandak


    Why so fast u revert back to umnoputra again? As soon as Deepavali is over, no more drinking black-beer ka?

    Anyway, I think we need somebody like u to make this blog interesting, so keep it coming, keep on clowning here…

  410. wits0 says:

    The thing is, Monsterbal, this Wee has been a raving mad cuss from a selfishly disgruntled position for a very long time and his Weemites are following that tradition. Just because they can’t achieve their personal ambition, they think the can also still hoodwink the people to believe that they actually have the people’s interest at heart. Look at their unholy ravings here and it’s clear what ‘kuali’ they have.

  411. monsterball says:

    Yip!! witso….Correct…but we must never allow their messages go unanswered……be it personal or otherwise.
    So far…..things have improved vastly in this blog.
    UMNO is unholy and have no quali…..who are these people?…same la.
    But got quali or no quali….we must shut their mouths…the moment they start talking unholy things.
    Najib can use slogans and apply all the unfair advantages… to win young people votes.
    We kopitiam fellas will use internet to hentam back.

  412. Menyalak-er says:

    Hmm… pico somehow spelled budget correctly, normally he’ll spell it as Bad-jet. Yep, got his payslip on Friday.
    Wits, Monty – let them cts’ troll in the early hours before dawn – that’s their ‘natural’ circadian rythym – like toyol crickets.
    What is a Hainamese? Don’t they teach proper geography nowadays?

  413. monsterball says:

    Yes…..that bloody good for nothing son of a gun kancilandak….changed for the better…for few weeks…and now back ro his old self.
    I guess he was expecting alot of goodies….drinks and delicious food.. during Deepavali holiday……now over…no more free drinks and food…go back to carry Najib’s balls.

  414. monsterball says:

    Let them or not let them..Susan has the final say.
    But the moment message is approved…we must respond.
    Notice how quiet they are… little kittens…so kui kui..planning next dirty move.
    We are all ready.
    If 1-4-C …the false prophet is under King Kong’s little finger…who are these cheap skunks…new coming madanoone and amigo….who actually know so much about me too..shows these skunks are old ones…changing nicks.

  415. Kancilandak says:

    Tihee..hee..hee! I’m back… either susan ban me comment, or we have one of the best internet systems in the world!

  416. wits0 says:

    “Notice how quiet they are… little kittens…so kui kui..planning next dirty move.

    Kuibotikui cast. They are rehearsing the next Kabuki with the leading platers, (fulat)Stray, Lady of Fartimah and Toyol Dud underground.

    Kancilkeesiow is only a ticket tout and jester between scenes. The Weemites are doing their own version of the Mahai Saksi thing for Sauron.

  417. Kancilandak says:

    But, if you asked… my expert opinion is that the farming folk and villagers are happy with the budget… and from the way the PM has be handling things… he has increase his groundswell of rural support.
    The oppoisition is sadly ruined… from now on they running they last leg!

  418. I-4-C says:

    Maybe king kong arse banged Teoh and threw him over the building to save the arses of those in Pakatan Buntut hehehe

  419. kittykat46 says:

    Funny thing, my Indonesian friends can’t actually understand all the legal and constitutional nonsense in Malaysia about Ketuanan Melayu and all that jazz.

    To Indonesians, Melayu is just a little tribe from the Jambi region of Sumatra.

  420. wits0 says:

    “Maybe king kong arse banged Teoh and threw him over the building to save the arses of those in Pakatan Buntut hehehe”

    Why only “maybe”? Has your turd eye gotten constipated?

  421. wits0 says:

    “my expert opinion is that the farming folk and villagers are happy with the budget..”

    Your expertise is only as a H/P6 court jester.

  422. king kong says:

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  424. I-4-C says:

    King Kong and his tiny willy hehehe. No wonder he used a weapon on Teoh’s arse !!!

  425. Kancilandak says:

    And if a spam election be called anytime soon… hee..hee.. the BN will win by a comfortable 60% majority.

  426. king kong says:

    Do you like the big bang i-4-C ? King Kong really miss banging your big arse.King Kong like your ash a lot.i-4-C is now King Kong favourite because she wear bra and have a girlie look now.Grrrrrrrrrrr

  427. king kong says:

    King Kong no bang Teoh because King Kong is Teoh friend but i-4-C enemy.i-4-C sound very panic now since he like to bang arse,all the King Kong members will start to bang i-4-C arse non stop until he cry for help.King Kong believe no one will help i-4-C.Grrrrrrrr

  428. baby kong says:

    i will pinch i-4-C nipple harder this time.woooo wooo wo
    he can wear 49″ bra size later.

  429. davis says:

    “Leadership by example” used to be the slogan of BN. BN leaders must declare their assest first before demanding others to do so. Can you ” I can fly” get your masters especially Samy to do so?

  430. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    Hello There,
    Kancil2459@ Chunt Chill Lan,you are still holding your black beer tok kok.
    After DiVali you go back to carry your naikjip ball again!Ai ya no more free kuih for you.When your snap election start ? Wrong time again ?

  431. 32 bits says:

    Old rocket eunuch has been advocating transparency, accountability, integrity and whatnot.

    Why is it that so difficult to declare his and son assets?

    What have you got to hide unless you have a lot of dirty money that can’t see light!

    Dey old rocket eunuch rocket should be doing this job and not me man!

    Man! If you want to to live on the people, be transparent, accountable with integrity, else bust off, period.

    And to the sycophants, they should be locked-up in jail everyday feeding them with oily Hokkian mee, sure die of high cholesterol very soon- especially that stupid hainanpuak aka cuckooed dead king kong!

    Will politicians follow judges in posting wealth details on website?

    Candidates have to declare their Assets at the time of elections.But why no agency verifies it ?

  432. yap ah go says:

    Now even Zimbabwe politicians are declaring their assets.

    This Mr. Lim KS should promote the declaration of assets of politicians.

    53 years have lapsed and there is no sign of declaration of assets by Mr. Lim nor he insisted those BN goons declaring their assets.

    This Mr. Lim surely is hell lot of a politician!

    Even Zimbabwe’s politicians have to declare their assets.

    This Mr. Lim must have been sleeping all the times like Mr. Pak Lah!

    Susan: May the truth save us all!

  433. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    Dey,32 bits @ yap ah goer lanciao very slow.Why you are in wrong place so busy body ?
    If you are so busy body,then you can ask your Bodek Najis Toyol to declare his asset first.
    Sycophants 32 bits@ yap ah goer lanciao.Go eat your own shit.

  434. king kong says:

    First King Kong will tare open 32 bits ball to feed all my jungle monkey friend and then will catch this Miss Maradonne@yap ah go and goer her arse wide open to feed all my monkeys friend too.
    King Kong ask why Miss maradonne so scared until change your nick to yap ah go.It is you like to be goer instead of arse banging ?
    Just let King Kong know and don’t be shy.o.k ? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  435. monsterball says:

    yap ah go can go to Pulau Langawi to ahgogo with the devils.
    Lim Kit Siang or DAP have never been in control of tax payers and public funds….why should he declare his assets?
    Oh I see!!….where the hell DAP got so much money to fight the devils…is that it?
    Why should he tell all? None of your business.
    As long as Malaysians tax payers money and National wealth…like oil revenues are not touched by LKS or Anwar…this “yap ah go” can go to ahjib and carry his balls.

  436. monsterball says:

    Don’t worry King Kong..your cousin brother….Mighty Joe Young is always ready to assist you….but these tiny creatures are a piece of cake…
    to and hide…for how long?
    When mouth needs samsu..always out to say something…get few coins from their bosses..out to Brickfield…stinga tiang..stinga mabok….tinga mati…go back sleep again….start all over again.
    Monsterball is always ready to f..k 1-4-C….bit this kancilandak who claim I am his Sifu…has turned traitor to PR again..talking real nonsense… carry Najib’s balls.

  437. king kong says:

    Miss maradonne King Kong miss you again.King Kong can smell it very fast.Grrrrrrrrrrr

  438. monsterball says:

    “If you ask my expert opinion…………”so said kancilandak.
    This idiot is already half drunk and half crazy.
    “expert advice”……….eeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bernchi nya.

  439. king kong says:

    King Kong a friend of monsterball and King Kong hates evil.King Kong will catch and eat all evils.Grrrrrrrrrrr

  440. monsterball says:

    abariba… cantalina….amigo..siok siok kina…amigo now rumba samba…go cantalina drink tagila….copying Maxican….only because he loves siesta in office…no work…so nice.
    Come to real stuffs….face….like hantu…like a pug.
    “Amigo” will be my next pug’s name. I simply love pugs…so stupid looking with no brains.
    Amgo….come play with my monsterball or VAMOOS!!!

  441. monsterball says:

    In cantalina…..idiotic ‘amigo’..eating totila..looking for chickita…..who hates this bandodila…ran away with a matador…goodbye forever.
    Amigo real name is Carlos bin Dina…half male half female…became a desparado…to be famous…looking to soooti boloti monty ah….always miss…now planning to run to Argentina….to be a marachi….an assassin..for few be the ugliest amongst the good and the bad.

  442. monsterball says:

    Adios amigo!
    You really bodoh sekali.

  443. kittykat46 says:

    “MDP Wee madhatters types ” – wits0

    Haha…this guy was essentially a fellow traveller in Khir Toyol’s campaign to destabilise the PR Selangor state government, whether he sees himself that way or not.

    He was recently rewarded with a trip to the UN in New York, recognition for his services to UMNO……really cheapskate lah, these guys.. if you want to sell your soul, at least make it expensive-ler……

  444. wits0 says:

    “…really cheapskate lah, these guys.. if you want to sell your soul, at least make it expensive-ler……”

    Can’t ler, market value is very low, so how to imitate Doran Grey’s asking price?

    Just look at the way his moronic Weemites croak sh*t here ; they’re more interested in self gratification than convincing anyone else(they actually know they can’t except earn expletives from them in return).

  445. monsterball says:

    Tarzan heard all the news by “toom toom” drum talks.
    Very angry…getting ready with his apes and elephants to stamp the shits out of 1-4-C…kancilandak…maradoone…amigo…agogo…kaisu…and all which are actually not more than two……in disguises…so thick skin UMNO and MCA hantus.
    Oooooooyeeeeoooooohhhhhhh!! Umpa umpa….sumpah…UMNO humbug…sumai pergi tong sampah..akan datang…bulum sapai hari lagi.

  446. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Wah lau eh !,,,,so many crazy bee-end bugs here,,,Ai ya if you bumno goons talk and comment with logic things and then we for sure will response to all of you positively,,,but most of your comments doesn’t make sense at all,,,to hurt and criticises without using your brain !
    Example :
    1)K.Kugan was beaten to death in pdrm custody ,Teoh Beng Hock was kill in MACC custody and so many more like c4 blown to pieces !should you bn guys scold your government in the first place instead of telling all of us lies and lies again and again?
    Ai ya you bumno guys and gals wake up lah as my fren also said,,,talk like a gentlement and not lies because this lies will make more and more Malaysian more angry with you bumno party.
    Coffee from our heart to all our frens:

  447. Road skunk says:

    After the stunning takeover of 5 states, the Pakatan did not live up to the name, although much of the byelections were won by them, the loss at Bagan Pinang was a critical assessment to their sad state of affairs. NTR has been formidable ever since and even before he took over as PM. Many may say that he was not given a mandate by the people, as yet, but his vitality in holding up umno and the BN is remarkable. That he has used all the ammunition arraigned against him to his benefit is something nobody can ignore. Pakatan could not live up to that vitality and charisma which NTR projects and which Anwar and his lackeys lack, and as it seems, will not take long for such an entity as Pakatan to disintegrate.

  448. monsterball says:

    hi maradoone come out..King Kong miss you!
    Me too.
    You bunch of jarkuns….tell me where is
    “The Planet of the Apes”…so easy…..tell me.
    Now you know who King Kong is….bodoh!!

  449. monsterball says:

    After the 12th GE…UMNO do not give Pakatan any room to wok in peace.
    Get the facts right.
    Very easy for a “road skunk” to judge and talk.
    No wonder he is a nick “skunk”..very suitable.

  450. monsterball says:

    All the King’s men try to comfort Teoh Beng Hock’s parents…will not work.
    Teoh’s parents have given permission to get Teoh’s body exhumed and examined by Thai doctor….shows how much trust ordinary Malaysians have on UMNO government.
    Will UMNO ever feel shameful?…..not in a million years.
    UMNO must be voted out.

  451. monsterball says:

    See you all tomorrow..guys and gals.

  452. wits0 says:

    “Will UMNO ever feel shameful?…..not in a million years.”

    It does not understand what’s Shame – from day one, based on a flawed and fascist ideology. The new(er) clone just got more openly bold with unfettered power, that’s all.

  453. Kancilandak says:

    Hihee..hee..! road skunk… what a nick.. with maradono monstergirl, amigo, king kong, baby kong and kangkong… now we have a road skunk. Hee..hee.. sifu … now your hands are full.

  454. wits0 says:

    32 bits, maradoone…amigo…agogo…kaisu…and all which are actually not more than two – Monsterball

    This attack of the clones is a sign that they are losing the intellectual and moral war at Susan’s. They have resorted to mere headless spamming because they no longer make any sense otherwise.

  455. kittykat46 says:

    “that vitality and charisma which NTR projects ” – Road Skunk

    All I’m getting from Najis projection is seriously Bad Vibes; that murderous aura.

  456. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha… “formidable, vitality, charisma”?
    Goodness me, if you call dear leader that, road skink must have the social quotient of “1”. Bet with you, he speaks in tongues…

  457. wits0 says:

    “Bet with you, he speaks in tongues…”

    He has always spoken in tongues(Stray feline will love it as ‘class’!), from way back. And he’s not about to change anymore than kancilblindworm can. The later is clamoring for a “spam election”, when only a Hornel’s Spam selection would really enlighten him no end.

  458. ktteokt says:

    It’s good to hear that the family of Teoh Beng Hock has finally agreed to an exhumation of his body for an autopsy by Dr. Ponthip! This will certainly determine how he has died and it will not be for the guys at MACC to deny!

    But in the meanwhile, before the exhumation order is granted, the family must find ways to safeguard Teoh Beng Hock’s grave and body to ensure it is not stolen!

  459. Menyalak-er says:

    Wits, i think pico doesn’t know that original spam is filled with lard.
    He has been re-BTN-ed.

    They just can’t get it into their thick skulls that Be-End is no longer a viable, formidable, vital entity. Everything they do is a rehash of mistakes in the past. There is nothing ‘vitalizing’ about them, nor do they realize that the rakyat has changed over the past 2 years.
    A good question to ask would be: Why sewing machines instead of computers?

    Their cts’ reasoning is circular and thus repititious – i mean, can’t they think of anything except arse-banging? Their sense of reality has denigrated to a pinhead and remains 2 dimensional.

  460. Nice Lim says:

    Some with ‘conscious’ mind will pass the night peacefully with sweet dream for a brighter tomorrow.
    Some with ‘unconscious’ mind will use the silly time to say and do stupid things throughout the night with evil intentions.
    Luckily….we have brave and wise peoples around sacrifice their precious time to fight and ward off evil during this midnight hours.
    Thank You and Good night my Friends.
    Good night to all Malaysian as well.

  461. kittykat46 says:

    The real Spam is made from Khinzir meat….
    Pico is welcome to try it….SEDAP ooi… !

  462. 32 bits says:

    Just looking at this monsterball, we can imagine the quality of the 1eunuch-rocket party.

    The 1eunuch-rocket party has been in politics for the past 53 years and what has the 1eunuch-rocket party done for the Malaysian Chinese?

    Lim Liong Sik, Lim Keng Aid, Lim Ah Lek (All are Chinese traitors) all have retired from politics except this 1-eunuch-Lim (also a useless Chinese traitor)!

    Dey! Time to fark off from further plundering and join your budddies enjoying the loots!

  463. 32 bits says:

    1eunuch-rocket party is literally a hokkien paery.

    This cuckooed hananpuik has no future in 1eunuch-rocket hokkien party and will be futile no matter what tok he is tokking here.

    This cuckoo hainanpuik aka rotten-mouth monsterball should join his clan OTK who is another cuckooed hainampuik in the MCA.

  464. I-4-C says:

    Stop Pres : 1 ArseBangers Club splitting up hehehe

  465. straycat's strut says:

    This attack of the clones is a sign that they are losing the intellectual and moral war at Susan’s…


    Intellectual? Re-phrasing (again and again and again) what somebody said earlier, or saying yes, yes, yes even to monsterball is being intelectual? Man, you really overrated yourself. You can impress youself (and monsterball) with your “shiok sendiri” words but just like Anwar, September 16 passed by but still, not all were impressed by his pseudo-intellect and what was that again? Morality? Hah!

    Gotta give it to you for your ability to impress yourself with your own “intellect” and what was that again? Moral? Gee… can’t figure out what that word has got to do with you yet.

  466. maradone says:

    The politicians in Malaysia must make declaration of taxes be part of the deal if they want to hold public office.

    The rakyat in future will not elect any politician who doesn’t declare their assets.


  467. rebena says:

    that 1-4-c and water margin talked crazy..

    million of eyes and ears are focus on TBH bringing to light.

    mca sandiwara , so low class and lousy ,, also can see ah ??

  468. kittykat46 says:

    Straycat’s strut – Anwar’s 916 maneuverings, whatever massive defects you might see with PR, pale in significance compared to the wholesale Plundering of the country, and yes, license to murder, being conducted by UMNO and their henchmen.

    The world has many shades of gray, one of the key tests of a person’s sense of balance in this imperfect world is the ability to assess different degrees of proportion.

    Go Read “Straight and Crooked Thinking”, which, I believe, was once standard required Form 6 study, before UMNO gutted the nation’s standard of education to achieve its political aims.
    Its a timeless classic, even more relevant in the context of the 1Najis year 2009 than when it was first published 30 years ago.

    I hesitate to recommend University-level references, probably beyond the intellectual capability for the UMNO CTs here to understand.

  469. I-4-C says:

    Pakatan new logo : (_o_) hehehe

  470. Sean says:

    Asian Chancellor of Germany soon?

    The photo is strangely unlike photos of many Malaysian politicians. I didn’t feel the urge to vomit at all!

  471. davis says:

    To 32 bits, I-4-C and others. You all are smart guys. Why do you stoop so low to use unparliamentary word in your contradictions? Let us be civil and pertinent in our discussion.

  472. R4Os says:

    “Old rocket eunuch has been advocating transparency, accountability, integrity and whatnot.

    Why is it that so difficult to declare his and son assets?

    What have you got to hide unless you have a lot of dirty money that can’t see light!” –32bits

    Dey, 38bits, what have they plundered? care to tell us here?

  473. R4Os says:


    why don’t u ask your Nanbotinam chief-eunuch to declare his assets first? To prove that he didn’t whack the rm10mils donated by Tiong?

  474. rebena says:

    32bits, 1-4-c, stray, why must U talk so low class.. ?

    U may have reasons to dislike LKS..

    Can U prove to us when LKS involve in corruption ?

    those be-end government servants swallow money in front of U… U dare not to talk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  475. wits0 says:

    “I hesitate to recommend University-level references, probably beyond(/STRONG> the intellectual capability for the UMNO CTs here to understand.” – KK46.

    That’s a “certainty”, yet again. rather than a probability.

  476. R4Os says:

    Guess why Nanbotinam swallowed his own words and shamelessly hang on tight to his post?

    Coz he need the chief-eunuch post so as to get “concession” from MA.CC, as long as he is still the chief-eunuch, kow-tow to his emperor Najib, and carry his balls…

  477. wits0 says:

    Ooop, my html coding slipped, but never mind, watch the fun from the reality bites.

  478. kiasu says:

    Monsternoball the racist bamboo, you really want some more ya racist!!!

  479. 32 bits says:

    (( Dey, 38bits, what have they plundered? care to tell us here? R40s ))

    Why don’t you ask them to show us their assets- fixed and liquid, local and overseas.

    What is there to hide?

    Do you think they are so dumbed to show you the plundered assets?


  480. 32 bits says:

    Can U prove to us when LKS involve in corruption ?


    Aiya! LKs has committed the corruption of the highest level by putting his son as the CM.

    This is a serious crime befitting by hanging.

    Have you studied Chinese history?

    China was strong when one emperor picked another learned and capable scholar to run China. China was strong for a few dynasties until when an emperor chose his son as the emperor.

    That led to the total destruction of China.

    In modern China, one president would chose another learned and capable scholar to take charge of the country and the term lasts only for 8 years.

    Now Mr.head of eunuchs chose his son to run the country for life. This is going to lead Malaysia to total destruction.

    Go la study some China history then you know what is good and bad for the nation.

    Looking at the quagmire we are facing, we are in the process of total destruction.

  481. rebena says:

    even OTK, S Veloo, KTK, Zahid H,, khir toyo, ..etc dare not to declare their assets……….

    32bits, kiasu can set example to declare la..

    wit0 and king kong may consider to cuci them …

  482. weng says:

    ai yo.. Be-End have Mahakuty and SOn Mkriz, Najb and Kerismoodin (relatives)… Ling Liong SIk and two son in mca, Lim Keng Yip and Son (Si Pin)….

    so, LKS and son also can be legitimit to go into politic…

    what a big fuss ??????????

    Please give example who has corrupted and who has not ?

  483. rebena says:

    Can U please clearly indicate which article in Perlembagaan Malaysia , that a son can not be go into the politic ?????????

    why U sour grape ??? just bcoz some leaders do work and care for rakyat..

    U please register a new party la ?

  484. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Straycat`s strut vs I-4-C !
    Straycat`s strut says :
    ” Gee…..can’t figure out what that word has got to do with you yet ” meow gee meow gee,why I-4-C play your own ball (_O_) shame on you,gee i scratch your ball and you scratch my back.Gee Meoooow.
    I-4-C Arse Banger says :
    You C Straycat`s,temporary King Kong not playing with my ash*le and i feel a bit itchy.Why not! You can temporary scratch mine and i just gee and strut yours.

  485. rebena says:

    32bits , Can you PLEASE stop talk like a silly ..?

    Please ask the MACC to do their work,,..

    Auditor General Report 2008 has Mountain of investigation need to carry out…….

    Kopitiam and Tea house rakyat are waiting for these updates…!!!!!!!!!

  486. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    32 bits vs maradonne vs kiasu
    32 bits says :
    Dey Porrah,you know who i am ? 3 + 2 = 5
    equal to = 2 X 5 puke.MEga pukeee.I’m a very sick man with very low bits.
    maradonne says :
    Declare your asset,declare your asset,declare your asset.Dammit why you BN ash*le still don’t declare your asset.
    kiasu says :
    kiasu means i’m afraid of ‘su’ lost lah.ok i go to sleep now.

  487. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    32 bit can just go and bite or just bit his porrah dey ash*le or play with his own d*ck lah.
    Dey porrah,go take your samsu lah.”Night chap guinness stout,venneleki nallavi.”

  488. kittykat46 says:

    “This is a serious crime befitting by hanging.” – 32 bits
    The following people are likely guilty…..

    Mukriz a/l Mahakutty
    Najis a/l Tong Rosak
    Keris Muddin a/l “Saddam” Hussein
    Vel Paari a/l Semi Value
    Chuat Tee Yong a/l “Blue DVD” Chua
    Lim Si Pin a/l Spittle Lim (rejected by voters, but he tried)
    Ong Ka Chuan abang OKT (“Triad” Ong)

    Why the fixation on Lim Guan Eng ? And LGE has certainly shown a lot more mettle than just being S/O somebody, which is more than I can say for most of the Barisan Jokers above.

  489. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Fatimah cuci own web.
    Fatimah cuci says :
    Hello all of you crazy dogs ( I-4-C,kiasu,32 bits buttock,maradonne,stray`s cat meow ) go and cuci my car and i will pay you all later.Don’t worry,later we try others idea and see what they says.Ai yo,ai yo oklah we belah first.

  490. rebena says:

    China emperors have too much concubine.. some of them corrupted ………

    LKS has one wife, LGE has one wife and happy dignity family..

    why do such comparison.. ?

    probably u thought LKS is bising..

    However, LKS is bising for a legitimit cause – korek those corruption case and brought to parliaments…….!!!!!!!!!

  491. wits0 says:

    “Monsternoball the racist bamboo, you really want some more ya racist!!!” – kiasu.

    What can you give, ah? You got what it takes, meh? Wakakaka!

  492. Medicine Time ! says:

    O.K { Fatimah cuci,32 bits buttock,I-4-C arse banger,maradonne asset,straycat`s meow,kiasu lost } medicine time.Be good and don’t be crazy.Go and further your studies at any overseas Universities you guys like but always remember to take your crazy brain medicine.take care.

  493. wits0 says:

    “Why the fixation on Lim Guan Eng ?” – KK46.

    Spite and resentment are not rational things. LGE is just about the only worthy ‘dynastic’ thing so far. He earned his own spurs. The rest are largely scums with a few exceptions like Gobin Deo.

    Want to korek? Start with OctoKutty. Or else STFU!

  494. Medicine Time ! says:

    rebena correct.those warlord so afraid LKS & Son korek their corruption cases and sent this stupid retarded brain dogs to get their medicine here.
    mad dogs or mad cows diseases medicine are ready for them !
    itchy medicine ready only for I-4-C temporary !

  495. wits0 says:

    There are nice learned cats(like Kittykat46) and pretentious stray ones. The later is easily moved to caterwaul.

  496. rebena says:

    32bits, u thot it has luxury income to become top of the DAP , is it ??
    do U know that throughout 40 years , how the DAP members and leaders live ??????

    Due to the lack of resources in many years , They have to ask for donation … before GE.

    those bumno and mca folks, have many volvo and benz, big chunk of business, big mansions in Klang, Shah Alam and etc..

    DAP members know what is dignity and shame..

    be-end – crooked and some corrupted. (i didn’t say most of them, i say some of them currupted)…

  497. Menyalak-er says:

    STFU? Yep.
    KK46, Wits and friends, let them wallow in their toxic brew of hate and vitriol. Hypocrites bark, hypocrites wheeze. No intermediary thought process needed. Insulting LKS and LGE as ‘dynastic’ is the pits of perversion and desperation.
    Penang will remain in DAP-PKR’s hands, and that’s reality.

  498. rebena says:

    Thanks Medicine Time and Kopitiam man aqnd rakyat supports …

    32bits please go to register a new party and become the permanent president it in 40 years la…

    S Veloo take control mic for 20 – 28 years ..

  499. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai ya itu I-4-C banyak olang cakap dia banyak gatai lo.nyamuk gigit dia punya batang hari hari kah ?
    Ai ya,I-4-C ah.don’t play play sama Aunty.kalau I-4-C mahu play play Aunty pun boleh.I-4-C bagi tau pukul berapa.Aunty boleh play sama you punya.olang lain you tak tahu play tak apa.nanti Aunty ajar you macan mana play.hah ? kalau you jahat lagi nanti Aunty pangil you ‘cap ceng gatal’baru tahu.

  500. rebena says:

    Menyalak-er has a good points..

    PR are continue to lead Penang, Selangor continuous..

    you may ask the Auditor General to check Penang and BN state governments…… to see who has swallow taxpayers money……

  501. wits0 says:

    “Penang will remain in DAP-PKR’s hands, and that’s reality.” – menyalak-er.

    The bn wholly owned subsidiaries are experiencing their last days – like those of the last days of Pompeii.

  502. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Just relax my frens,,,enjoy your cappuccino.

    So,poisonous snake and viruses need to be format or kill.Need hard way and not soft way,,,One way or another.
    Now,the money gone into their pocket or drains ?

  503. 32 bits says:

    LKE and dowager empress were booted out from their Dap committee home town and lost the Dap stronghold Malacca Parliament seat which used to house eunuch father and son.

    And now they found sanctuary in Penang just because the Penagites were totally fed up with the Gerakan spineless yes-man- another uselesss eunuchs like the eunuch father and son.

    Remember, the Penangites booted out the arrogant old eunuch out from Tanjong because he refused to be transparent and declaring his assets.

    They will boot the useless hp6 eunuch son also.

    If got guts, go declare your personal assets, or else fark the shut up against transparency, accountability, integrity and whatnot and fark off from Penang.

    If RPK is the CM, nobody will complain and RPK would be the first one to declare his assets in Malaysia and England- if he is the PM of Malaysia or England.

    RPK deserves to be the CM or MB, not this useless son of Melaka belacan eunuch!

    This balacan eunuch fits only carrying woods on a bullock cart in Melaka.

  504. JEFFRY BONG says:

    MACC ACCUSATION THAT TBH IS ON THE TAKE IS A VERY Serious Defamations. where the rights of the victim was denied especially when he is dead and no right of defence in a court of law.This is adding insults to the dead and a direct insult to the victim’s family reputation.This unfair accusations is not substantiated with facts,and automatically have posthumously elevated TBH role from just a witness to that of a suspect.This is most unfair and prejudicial to the victim. Why MACC suddenly make a summary judgement concerning TBH role??especially when investigations was still incomplete???

  505. rebena says:

    will catch macc culprits and bring to the book.

    RPK is much respect leaders by mosts of the Malaysian.
    RPK need to be a candidate of the coming GE and be voted in as MP.

    Be-End leaders rule for 52 years also dare not to declare assets..
    32bits can tarok them also….

  506. Justice says:

    “Justice For Teoh Bebg Hock” dari manusia sejagat.

  507. rebena says:

    Correct… DAP, PKR, PAS and the public have mnetioned that Justice to be bring for TBH, soon.

  508. Mat Burger says:

    MACC pengkhianat.Buat kerja maksiat dan memalukan.Mati engkau orang.

  509. davis says:

    DECLARATION OF ASSEST. From what is written so far by 32 bits, he is obsessed in the pursuit of the non declaration of assest by LKS and his son. He did not bother about the non declaration of assest of BN leaders and their families. Why?

  510. kittykat46 says:

    A lot of poisonous snakes and worms are obviously paying attention to Susan’s blog these days….
    they mostly ignored blogs before the 030808 Tsunami cause their political masters considered blogs just a tiny lunatic fringe….then they woke up and found they had lost 4 states and their precious 2/3 majority in Parliament.
    So now they pay attention, but still in a totally stupid way by trying to rubbish the blogs instead of engaging people intelligently.

    Look at I-4-C and his arse banging….is this how BUMNO plans to regain its 2/3 majority ? 🙂

  511. Nice Lim says:

    This nematode worms don’t even have heart or eye to see things.This worms only know how to eat everything along their way…..our resources and citizens tax money.They will never understand what is pain ….how are they going to declare their asset? Corruption and discrimination the weak come with their set of law…..with approved license to do whatever they like.Oh yes,they will know when time come…..nobody going to be nice and friendly with them anymore.

  512. rebena says:

    32bits , please don’t practise double standard.
    If U demand declare assets from LKS, then U MUST pursue the same matter from BN..!!!

    Kopitiam have sufficient frens and acquaintance to tarok macc – shah alam division.. tarok until TBH case solve.

  513. mf says:

    Hello Susan

    This is unrelated to your post but I felt it is a very important matter. The following link is to an Austrian journalist who was fired from her job for hightlighting a suspicious case related to the vaccine program in the pharmaceutical company called Baxter in the European Parliament, I think earlier this year or late last year. You can find more at the following link.

    My question and concern is how aware are we over in Malaysia (and perhaps in Thailand where you are based) about the whole issue surrounding the H1N1 vaccine program? I just read in the online Star that Liow Tiong Lai had announced that Malaysia has bought 78000 doses of the vaccine from a company in the UK to be provided to frontline health workers here in Malaysia and more will be acquired later in January.

    In the link above Miss Jane Burgermeister had provided a list of link that hightlight the risk regarding the vaccine from around the world. Do you want to give a comment or bring it up as a post so that we can be informed of its risk? I am aware that the vaccine is not properly tested in the lab and that there the component called adjuvant which are detrimental to human. The adjuvant consist of stuff like squalene and also mercury, and squalene is reportedly a level 3 bioweapon.

    I hope this can alert you to the potential disaster confronting people who do not know or aware of the harm of this vaccine.

    For your information, Obama had declared national emergency with regards to the H1N1 in US. There are those who questions this action suggesting ulterior motives on the government and the big pharmaceutical companies.

    With regards

    ps I’m linked to your facebook account and also my email is available in case you want to correspond.

  514. Nice Lim says:

    “Think positive then it will be positive,Think negative then it will be negative”
    Those nematode mup-pet worms only talk nonsense and full of evil intention….nothing more than that…..let us release our good beast to handle them time after time…..until all their ball shrink to -o…>or<

  515. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha.., A-H1N1 again from mf (at least it wasn’t milf). You may want to compare this virus with our cts’ here – all hype and no kick.

    The vaccine? Mercury and squalene adjuvants – also like our cts’ – in pico or micro quantities, no harm. Larger doses lead to ‘spamming’… err, not so halal and deadly.

    Bonama, the blur? Emergency? Thank God it’s Monday! Where did you go to school, my dear – didn’t they teach you discernment?

  516. monsterball says:

    hi….you all lovely kopitiam fellas’
    I keep quiet and read and found all the creatures have no answers to your confontation wuth them
    Yes…it is confrontasi they want…not debate….and yours truly is the main target to be insulted and get me in the mood to f..k them high and dry.Those days are over…as 13th GE is a long way off….so we play play with these idiots..with wits and tolerance. That will make them mad.
    “KAISU” was corrected said by one…translated into hokkien means “afraid to loose”. What are really stupid man he is…revealing he has no balls..yet talk big.
    Latest news..headline in Star paper…”RM28 billion lost per year to overpayments” …which all know are commission….very legal.
    Naturally…UMNO buggers want 100% proof and 3 witnesses .or else not valid…just rumors….
    I repeat….RM28 billion per year stolen from Malaysians…on and on an on…in the name of helping one race.
    UMNO is corrupted to the core…and their leader said….”1 Malaysia” ‘People First..Performance Now”
    Yes siree….fool people first…perform now..on and on.
    Bloody kancilandak is very happy more and more hantus coming to this blog.
    Actually two..disguised as few……..those pariah low class worms…….kai su….no balls..don’t come here and talk big.

  517. wits0 says:

    “Bonama, the blur? Emergency? Thank God it’s Monday! Where did you go to school, my dear – didn’t they teach you discernment?” – menyalak-er.

    A TOTUS is not a POTUS. Where “T” stands for teleprompter.

  518. wits0 says:

    “Bloody kancilandak is very happy more and more hantus coming to this blog.” – Monsterball.

    His instant transformation into true gremlin from pretended mogwai form is always right on cue when hantus appear.

  519. 32 bits says:

    From what is written so far by 32 bits, he is obsessed in the pursuit of the non declaration of assest by LKS and his son. He did not bother about the non declaration of assest of BN leaders and their families. Why?

    Dey! This job supposed to be every Malaysian job in seeing every politician, government servant, judges etc. declaring their personal assets.

    For the same token, why are you so obsessed picking on me for picking the eunuch rocket?

    What I am doing is for the benefits of the nation, can you not understand?

    If you want to pick on any others, it’s you choice man!

    You are the BOSS! So better do your job properly before this country becoming another Niger man!

  520. Kancilandak says:

    “Justice For Teoh Bebg Hock” dari manusia sejagat. -Justice

    O…Boy! Is that DSAI or some kind of clone… in that clip?
    Glad to see him up and about to speak on behalf of justice for TBH…. and with LKS there too…!
    This is what perks us up! Like this I’d so love to be at Stadium Kelana on Sunday.

  521. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Ensure culprits will not escape prosecution.

  522. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Dey tambi 32 bits aka 2X5 mega puke pukee,you still high with your ”night chap guinness stout, venneleki nallavi!”dey porrahh your 32bits very slow and pochi.You can go play your d*ck and slide it inside your ash*le upside down.

  523. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Kancil lanciau lampa you talk too much.Your mouth like chicken ash,very smelly.

  524. Kancilandak says:

    Macam ni lah baru ada semangat… Hidup Reformasi!

    Hey Man! Looky whose talkin? chicken bum is a gostronomy delight… delicasy in this parts the world muh man…. after fry where got smelly?

  525. Thumb Logic says:

    In a democracy the Office of the Prosecutor, AG, and the police play an important role in keeping an eye on the rule of law. We may wish to recall that during the Presidency of Bush the AG was accused in the press of having forced the removal of 15 State Prosecutors General apparently, according to the press reports, for not playing ball to the wishes of the President on prosecution of terrorist. The 15 Prosecutors resigned under protest.

    Subsequently, The AG himself had to face a Senate Select Committee to answer the charges. He spoke eloquently at the hearings and defended the policies of George Bush. He was taken to task by the committee. To make the long tail short he resigned.

    This demonstrates that democratic countries place a significant importance on the independence of the AG. We need to go back to the good old days when no one in government or citizens questioned the decisions of the Office of the AG.

  526. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Chicken ash*le kancil lanciau lampa,i just ate kinjir meat ! Very tasty but the kancil chicken ash mouth i cut it out,very smelly.

  527. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Kancil lanciau lampa means ( di*k and ba*l ) chicken ash you better brush you teeth first before you start to fark,very shit smell.

  528. Kancilandak says:

    Hey Looky.. kinjir meat nice.. ah? want to try lah sometime… but must do secretly hee..hee.. scared lah… wait this alamak fellurs binocular me lah… kena rotan nanti…like the modal girl.

  529. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    You are the most dumb and stupid kancil lanciau lampa.You see if your mouth is so small like chicken ass then you cannot eat anythings but can only eat worms.He he he he he he he he

  530. Kancilandak says:

    Hey Looky, you cannot influense me… I follow sifu…. Monsterball no eat worms.

  531. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    You are stupid and dumb again,your sifu will ask you to eat all bumno idiot worm when he is free.He will teach your chicken ash mouth how to open and eat worms for us.He he he he he he he
    Your sifu a good person but your are stupid and dumb and don’t listen to him.Chicken ash mouth.He he he he he he he

  532. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    When there are any worms craw inside here we will inform you ”kancil lanciau lampa chicken ash” which worm to attack and eat with your chicken ash mouth.He he he he he he he

  533. rococo says:


  534. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Look like this “kancil lanciau lampa chicken ash” talking to himself and next time he will eat worms with his chicken mouth.He he he he he he he he
    Worms be very worry and beware !

  535. monsterball says:

    kancilandak thinks “Look Who’s Talking” is a small baby he can bully.
    King Kong is resting…happy looking at the peaceful…happy..watching….listening…and very alert.
    Mardoone must have fainted seeing King Kong.
    Agogo is running like hell…. …transforming himself as an ahgua…walking back lanes…….looking for customers.
    Road skunk gone. Worm gone. I can Fly gone. .Fatimah gone… kaisu talk big…….gone…no staying power…no know how to debate with substances and intelligence…only know how to insult PR.
    ahbengkia also gone. No need for me to hentam…..all my kopitiam friends talk so well….except King Kong wants to eat eat all and be done with them.

  536. monsterball says:

    NEVER so many millions of Malaysians owe so much to so few to confront so call so many which are actually two or three.
    Inspired by Churchill….The Battle for Malaysia has just begun.

  537. Roadskunk says:

    Admittedly, the BN is going through a tough time, but their resilience has increased multifold. What has come out of the crucible is refined steel, a fortress such as BN is being solidified with such a refinement that a disunited Pakatan will find it virtually unassailable from now onwards. It is thus sad that the Pakatan Rakyat is but mere words with no stalwarts of enough calibre to hold it together.

  538. Kancilandak says:

    Hey Looky, look who is back… and boy… skunky dont look like small worm to me… so bomblastik.

  539. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Kancil Lanciau lampa chicken ass vs Roadskunk Raccoon fark.

  540. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Careful this Roadskunk raccoon fark can get you fainted.
    I-4-C di*k can also shrink then he cannot bang arse anymore.
    Roadskunk are your public enemy no.1.

  541. Medicine Time ! says:

    So,Kancilandak i will advice you to take your medicine now or else you cannot sleep tonight.

  542. Lee says:

    Susan this forum is turning into personal fights and I think there should be control over their languages.

  543. I-4-C says:

    The perversed Arse Banger calling for Teoh’s justice ??? He should initate an investigation into his camp immediately to find out who’s the murderer??? It couldnt be a coincidence that the murderer also an arse banger !!! Just a disciple executing his master’s wishes !!!

  544. Justice says:

    Nizar speaks his mind

  545. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    This is how I-4-C look like and talk like!Silly and talk without using BRAIN.

  546. Kancilandak says:

    Alaamak… medicine time, why you so like to frihgten me..?

    Dear Roadskunk sir, I understand what you saying although you sound like a war commander of Alexander the Great… but a cruxible is a batu lesong kind of thing, no? like the one we use to tumbuk sambal belacan…? How to use that to refine steel? I thought iron is melted in fire… no?

  547. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    Hello,Kancil2459@Chunt chill lan i feel that you should sleep now after medicine time give you sleeping pills.Are you dream talking or hallucinating now in this wrong morning hour ? What happen to you ? You sound and act like kera kena belacan ? Go to sleep early and if you have anythings to say or tell,so many peoples will tell you what to do.Don’t worry so much Kancil2459@Chunt chill lan. Selamat malam + pagi.

  548. monsterball says:

    The road skunk seems to think all the UMNO ministers have better IQs than PR politicians.
    Skunk lives up to his name…being chosen by God to be smelly and full of shit.
    Usually kopitiam fellas avoid talking to a skunk.
    If all of us are already know yo be smarter than skunk and his friends……including the sly fox cunning double headed snake.. kancilandak….pick any PR elected parliamentarian…..all smarter than those rouges. If they are so smart…they do not need ISA to protect them like coward and sissies…….but they do need that…to be bullies and thieves.
    Notice those idiots keep saying PR do not perform…do this or that….insulting them?
    This is a low class art to try telling young readers…PR is unproductive…so do not vote them in 13th GE.
    Najib uses slogans to fool young voters.
    His supporters here….including MCA worms uses productivity to prove PR is a failure.
    Right now…UMNO’s productivity is stealing RM28 billion a year..calling that Commissions……headline in Star paper.

  549. monsterball says:

    When a mouse deer address a skunk as..”Dear Roadskunk sir”…..
    FINITO!! …kancilandak is a itchify female doe..any stick will do.

  550. wits0 says:

    No use wan ler, everyone, tell Pico that a lesong is a mortar and he’ll picture a meriam katak or the plaster on the wall. Mention Warthog and he’ll think(in a leap of brilliance) of the one with depleted uranium ammo. Not a wonder that Bolehland is stewed.

  551. wits0 says:

    “Susan this forum is turning into personal fights and I think there should be control over their languages.” – Lee.

    Actually the rabidhoods ask for it ; we oblige, because we can and when it pleases us to.

    You can’t treat serious illness with mild medicine. That was what the ancient sage Nagasena said to King Milinda in a famous dialogue.

  552. monsterball says:

    Good night Wrong place Wrong time.
    Good morning to all….and sweet dreams for me too….cheerio.
    See you all in the evening again.

  553. 32 bits says:

    This monsterball is just a disgrace to mankind and embarrassing to his hananpuik ancestors here..

    Better go back to your dinosaur land.

  554. fly robin fly says:

    This cuckoo monsterball will forever tokking tok here cos this monsterball’s brain is entirely deformed permanently with h1n1.

    It’s impossible to save this completely cuckoo monsterball to be a common monsterball again.

    Even this cuckoo monsterball is nornal, but then has to castrate the monsterballs replacing with normal balls or just performing the castration only so as to convert this monsterball into a eunuch monsterball like his eunuch master aka eunuch rocket head!

  555. angel says:

    Hi fly robin fly,

    Don’t worry! Save the operations for the needy patients in the GH.

    This monsterball is a totally condemned junk with no scrapped value.

    So save your time, money, energy and sweat on this useless monsterball scrap.

    I will ask allahs not to wake him up this afternoon and he can have sweet dreams eternally!

  556. rococo says:

    lucifer was once an angel, murderer najib was once a baby

  557. rococo says:

    Yes you can get away with murder in malaysia, if
    (i) you are with the security wing of the UMNOputras
    (ii) you hold political power
    (iii) you are the constitutional defender of the rights of the bumuputras
    (iv)you are the rich and powerful

    If you believe those thieves, liars and murderers Teoh threw himself out of the window and while on the way down he snapped his own belt, and committed self-sodomy with one hand as he strangled himself with the other.

    Only a complete idiots would believe that.

  558. wits0 says:

    Getting Away with Murder in Malaysia
    “As many as 350 people have died in custody since 1990. The privileged are rarely brought to trial.”

  559. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Good Morning & Happy morning,,,have a good cup of warm and good aroma coffee (antioxidant) and healthy morning breakfast and have a very good and nice day ahead.
    Wah lau eh,,,so many crazy bugs get ‘k’ and ‘tai say’,,,good for our health.,,kakakakakakaka
    “Teoh Beng Hock shall not die in vain and all kopitiam good friends knows”

  560. Nice Lim says:

    Dr old and haggard Kutty mega project good ! lots of buildings empty…wasted our taxpayer’s money….nah….sound to us like mega puke …without this projects here and there….all his cronies finish….”ciak sua”.

  561. najibnomics says:

    Petronas has earned an estimated RM1,000 billion over the last 35 years. The people in the oil industry say it is more like RM2,000 billion but I am prepared to give the government the benefit of the doubt and place it at RM1,000 billion.

    What have we shown for that RM1,000 billion? Can we see RM1,000 billion worth of development? Add up everything the government has built over the last 35 years and see how much they all come to. You will be hard-pressed to account for even RM300 billion.

    That should be what Malaysians talk about, not what AP reported above.

  562. tikusmacc says:

    Megat has skilitons in the cupboard:::

    Come on Megat – go do your business – make your money and leave the business of keeping the bustards in UMNO honest to those who are prepared to walk the talk…and I am not one of them. I am safe here in Adelaide. The bustards cannot touch me!

    Or have they got you too by the balls too ……and making you do their bidding? God knows what skeletons you have in your cupboard!

  563. Nice Lim says:

    “If we are going to screw this country up,why not start at school ?”
    Think twice !

  564. tikusmacc says:

    Pakistan’s counter-terrorism mechanism is in shambles. It does not know who is a friend and who is a foe. It does not know who is a terrorist and who is a serving or retired serviceman. It does not know who is an ally and who is an adversary of the State of Pakistan. There is a danger of it becoming the failed state of Pakistan.
    Next is the terror exporting malaysia.

  565. tikusmacc says:


  566. rebena says:

    We are pursuing the TBH bringing to light in public and also Auditor general reports..

  567. tikusmacc says:

    IGP -SYED ALBAR & HISHAMUDDIN pursued by Interpol soon

  568. monkeynajib says:

    We must not treat our leaders like our pet monkeys; we must never indulge them. Instead we must subject them to the toughest scrutiny and not be afraid to criticize

  569. Kancilandak says:

    Comment and disapeared! No answer from skunky… I think it will be better for skunky and his friends to dip their irons in sambal belacan than anything else to create watever further formidalty they want.

  570. bnsial says:

    1Malaysia camp: 1 drown, 2 missing after bridge collapses
    Oct 27, 09 10:38am

    One pupil drowned and two others are feared missing after a “newly-built” suspension bridge collapsed into the Kampar River as pupils participating in a 1Malaysia camp were walking across at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Dipang near Kampar last night.

  571. Kancilandak says:

    How I wish those many millions of people like me will get to read the postings like those above by witsO, tikusmacik, 5 star kopitiam, najibnomics, nice lim and monkeynajib which is the true of the poor mans bleak exitence in this rich nation.
    Today I have learned to read in between the lines. What sadden me is if the oppoisition is so tied up to do anything, then they expect the people to take action? By the time such opportnity comes… will the people have a voice at all…?
    I start my day in a eerily unhappy note… not knowing exactly what to do… seem like 2013 will be long way like eternity… I feel down today… Kancilandak has been playing the fool too much… I am sorry.

  572. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo.kancilcar ah.apa pasai you sakit hati?tentu you ini banyak jahat baru boleh sakit hati.jangan takut Aunty ada jaga sama lu punya.dia olang jahat you jangat ikut jahat lah.jadi budak baik baik dan jaga ibu dan bapa you yo.jangan sedih hah.

  573. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo.kancilcar jadi manusia mesti kesian sama semua tengok ada olang banyak jahat macam syaitan bunuh olang you jangan ikut.tau tak?bunuh olang boleh pergi neraka punya.potong kepala,potong tangan,potong yo semua potong habislah.jadi hantu.

  574. KOPI FREN says:

    Sikarang punya subjek hah.olang cakap pasai itu budak Teoh beng hock kena kena kesian sama olanglah macam itu Anwar Ibrahim dan PAS punya olang.semua olang mesti sama tolong dan kesian olang baru baik.tau tak?kalau tak tau kesian olang dan lagi bunuh olang punya olang.Aunty pangil dia olang “cap ceng kim shiu”.

  575. Q & A says:

    Self Defence And Get 6 Months Jail + RM3,000 Fine In Bolehland.
    Luckily ‘Tian Chua’ Is Not At Mad Dog Macc 14th Floor Building.

  576. what the heck says:

    This is Malaysian politics. If you want to play politics, you have to expect to kill or be killed.

    Now the BN kills but the PR has no balls and doesn’t kill!

    So if you want to blame, go blame the PR!

  577. wits0 says:

    “Self Defence And Get 6 Months Jail + RM3,000 Fine In Bolehland.”

    4 burly cops cannot handle one skinny one? One has to punch him first(he admitted that) and that’s not excessive force but all okay in Bolehland? Anyone in Tian’s position might have responded by reflex action in the same manner! They seemed to be choking him too.

  578. what the heck says:

    We want politician like RPK who got guts and not afraid to die for good cause.

    Now he has 2 Mongolian girlfriends but poor Najib has to share 1 Mongolian girl with Razak.

    If RPK is killed by the BN murderers, RPK will be a martyr and will have 69 virgins hugging him simultaneously.

    Sigh! If that is the case, BN murderers will be in deep shit.

    There will be a lot of suicide bombers for the BN murderers.

    For non-Muslims, the Koran (appendix) says ditto!

  579. I-4-C says:

    What a sick belief !!! From dust your are and to dust you will return. That’s the hell waiting for those so called “martyrs” or morons.

  580. what the heck says:

    LKs & son are not like RPK. They are scared to die but want to be despotic in the rocket party.

    They are the kings in the rocket party but when come to confronting against the BN murderers, they are just like pig- like aqua (Transvestite in Hokkien)

    Sigh! The despotic aquatic eunuchs are just no fight for the BN murderers.

    By resorting to buffalo court belongs to the BN murderers, these rocket eunuchs are offering their rear side to the BN murderers ala TBH!

    So the stupid rocket baike son can show his tantrum or specious oratory skill, but TBH still will die in vain.

    Malaysia Today politics is just not suitable for the rocket aquas but for iron man like RPK who has got guts and not afraid to die.

    So Rocket eunuch aquas please pack your luggage balek tongsan eating your sugar cane sticks!

  581. wits0 says:

    “Wasn’t it clear from the beginning that it couldn’t have been suicide?” – Susan.

    People with a moral soul will not forgive a deceitful governance for this unforgivable and outrageous lie.

  582. Latest Update says:

    Latest News Update.
    (I-4-C) get hack on his arse banging di*k by (what the hack),Oh that’s really pain you moron#shout (I-4C).Oh my goodness you use sugar cane stick to push inside my arse too#shout out very loud and cry(I-4-C)and (I-4-C) fainted.My gosh that very good (what the hack).HaHaHaHa

  583. Latest Update says:

    Thank you for reading our latest news update.Our reporters will keep all of you updated on our latest news to come.We hope that all this chimps will give our channel more freak show to keep you all entertain every day and night.Howdy,Bye.

  584. New Government says:


  585. wits0 says:

    Thank you or your updates, Latest Updates. But don’t you think the Roman pilum is more effective than sugar cane? Diabolic Caligula was said to have used that on his detractors with great effect, exiting at the mouth. Who needs a modern day anti armor tungsten penetrator?

  586. monsterball says:

    32 pices of silcer can buy
    “32bits” soul…dirt cheap..good for nothing principles in life.
    fly robin fly” flew away to hell..when sparrow with his little arrow killed this stupid robin. Instead of 72 virgins…he is getting 72 lashed everyday…”ooch..ooch” backside ….very painful.
    And finally …it needs a false “angel” who claim can talk to Allah.what to do with me.
    Read these three 3 nicks…one traitor…one living dead and last one .a religious fanatic nut.
    So compatible to be UMNO lifelong members.
    Good evening folks!!
    Keep up the good work.

  587. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Wah lau eh,latest news update now!,,,very very good for all my customers and friends,,,,,kakakakakakakakaka

    “Teoh Beng Hock shall not and will not die in vain”.

  588. News Update says:

    Welcome~wits0 and all friends as well.News Update will improve from time to time.We are here to protect and not to destroy.

  589. kittykat46 says:

    1Malaysia camp – 1 Drowned , 2 missing in Kampar, Perak

    I hate to say “I told you so” but this 1Najis fraud is going claim many more lives before its finally buried.

  590. monsterball says:

    The worst has already started with Teoh and few deaths…out of no reasons….except all are supporting oppositions and influential to voters.

  591. Menyalak-er says:

    Yes, this sham of a 1Malaise has taken its first first victims. Of course accusing fingers will be pointed at the caretakers, campsite supervisors, organizers, school authorities, the builders, the state education directors and other flunkies…
    Now will they blame the toyols and jinns who thought up this scam? Perish the thought!

  592. monsterball says:

    RM28 billion over paid…..over charged.. per year in tenders and contracts.
    Does not make you feel sick?
    Why are we judging PR?
    Even if it is not united….it is much better than to elect a bunch or rouges and thieves to steal from all do use some money….to buy up buy up the country.
    This is not a laughing matter.
    UMNO BARU is evil.

  593. wits0 says:

    “Now will they blame the toyols and jinns who thought up this scam? Perish the thought!”

    They are still scamming big time how to increase the velocity of money so as to generate more unfettered evaporation and direct condensation into their ow pockets. Example, Ali Rustscum calling for the bridge to Sumatra and the 1Umno PM indication that they’re actively considering imposing the VAT(Value “Added” Tax) in view of the Doomsday tale of the drying up of Petronas fleece.

  594. wits0 says:

    We’re very proud of TBH’s family.

    It’s like OK Corral now but the bad guys are expected to chicken out and or use all the dirty tricks in their arsenal:

    SHAH ALAM (Oct 27, 2009): The family of Teoh Beng Hock today filed an application with the coroner’s court here to exhume his remains for a second post-mortem to be conducted by veteran Thai pathologist Pornthip Rojanasunand….

  595. Menyalak-er says:

    Yes, they had to do the needful, wits.
    Don’t get your hopes to high up though, the AG might still disagree for arcane reasons…
    Anyway, tomorrow’s gonna be a very interesting day:
    1. Perak State Assembly Fracas, Part II this time complete with hoodlums and high tech stuff;
    2. Jeffrey Kitingan resignation letter(?) with intended vitriol, which will effectively scupper PR’s death march to PutraJaya;
    3. The discovery of the 2 other kids who fell into Sg. Kampar;
    4. More arrests by JAIS, by irate cuckolded husbands; blah, blah
    Yep, interesting times these days.
    Time to return Susan…

  596. Pegasus says:

    George Soros told the mamak kutty to built a bridge to the moon instead when the mamak came up with the idea to built a bridge over the straits of Malacca to Indon, supposedly the longest bridge in the world over 93km in the 80’s…of course Petronas money was there to fleece…The idea was drop…then,the bridge will probably see more Indons making a beeline over here …to make this country 1Malaysia!….

  597. wits0 says:

    “the AG might still disagree for arcane reasons…” – menyalak-er.

    I fully EXPECT him to….! He is VERY predictable.

  598. AB LIM says:

    Be awaken.
    Well,with our conscious and subconscious mind guiding us….like driving a car…turning left or right….press on brake or gas….looking forward….we are always conscious with what we are doing and also with what is happening in Malaysia now and then.
    We will not be sleeping on our slumber doing day dream……but always be awaken with our conscious and subconscious mind to work our way together as a very good and strong team to fight off all evils and get our self ready for coming 13GE.
    We will always go back to basic and be humble….even though we might be smart,funny or stupid sometimes.We will learn to see and sense like Eagle eye… up high and catch our prey or enemy with one single strike…..they might see us as weak….but when times come…with a very huge tsunami…..everything will change…change for a better MALAYSIA MALAYSIAN with all races sharing and working together as one…..without discrimination or look down on one another.
    “Teoh Beng Hock shall not and will not die in vain”

  599. storm62 says:

    “Teoh Beng Hock shall not and will not die in vain”

    just make sure his murderers die in pain.

  600. AB LIM says:

    “just make sure his murderer die in pain”-storm62
    Yes….like how Mad dog saddam hussein done to their peoples…after fires rain from the skies none stop….hiding inside his own drain ash*le and get caught ….fair trial….get death….the end.
    Yes….the murderers days are numbered…..their testicles now shrink to -0 or maybe none….hiding and trying to figure out what to do!….how to create new story to cheat us all again as if we are all stupid Malaysian.
    Their drama and acting will come to the end……be-end.

  601. bulldog says:

    This Najib is a mother faker of all times.

    I want to swallow his cut flesh and drink his blood!

  602. bulldog says:

    If this mother farker of all times continues to torture RPK”s son, we can guarantee that his sons will subject the same treatment no matter when.

    This is the reality.

  603. bulldog says:

    When Altantuny’s son has grown up, her son sure will do the same thing to the real murderers.

    Blowing up the murderers in pieces.

  604. monsterball says:

    Now we have a bulldog that is as angry as King Kong….carrying for justice and revenge…over an obvious cruel and evil government..who is so corrupted…yet teaching Malaysians how to be honest and good noble politicians to retire……to let UMNO keep dividing us…and steal.

  605. bulldog says:

    Monsterball is infected with the deadly nipah disease.

    Monsterball is highly deadly whether dead or alive.

    No! I won’t go near to this monsterball whether dead or alive.

    Those who are with/near his deadly monsterball- dead or alive -must be cuckoo also.

  606. angel says:

    aiyo why you so stupid go and wake this stupid monsterball up?

    alahla: I didn’t wake him up, it’s the devil which wakes him up because this monsterball is a devil.

  607. monsterball says:

    Crying for justice from bulldog…that these few idiots are still carrying Najib;s balls over such a sick and corrupt government….bringing Malaysians back to dark age era…yet promoting space age programs….putting out slogans as if Malaysia was formed yesterday…to thrill young voters……making me groggy to type with so many spelling mistakes…which I want to say .”crying”……and typed “carrying” make my message also little confusing….but thank kopitiam friends are used to my typing errors and know exactly what I am trying to say.

  608. 1-7 star kopitian association says:

    monsterball and dogs are not allowed in 1-7 star kopitian in Malaysia.

    1-7-star kopitian association.

  609. monsterball says:

    Teoh Beng Hock will be the symbol of our reasons to free Malaysia from the yoke of tyrants.
    Altantuya will be the reason why Malaysians must vote for change of government….having seen such a low down cruel act…under UMNO government that must not happen again.
    Billions of money stolen every year…admitted by UMNO professional members….out of no choice …or feeling guilty… will be the main reason for Malaysians to vote UMNO out…to avoid poverty ….no matter how hard you work. Sooner or later…even kopitiams will be empty…because Malaysians cannot afford to enjoy even the simpliest cheap food and drinks.
    Multi million corruption acts.termed as “commission” to be legal… must be stopped……or UMNO will succeed to make Malaysians so poor that they can use money to buy up the country and loyalties….and be even more braver to kill with no fear…making Malaysia.the most backward and poorest nation in South East Asia…when oil is all dried up with the next 15 years or so.
    Malaysians must vote for change in government…to stop be confused…stop those tyrants to steal and get away with all sorts of crimes with all sorts of rules by men…to be free.
    Do not vote UMNO out…you will al be puppets on the strings…with no dignity nor principles in life to survive.
    Life is not all about money….and UMNO knows money is the root of all evils…using money stolen from us…to buy up the country,
    This is war of the minds with rouges and Satan’s children…….only few….teamed up to be a gang…to do Satan’s job.

  610. monsterball says:

    I have been walking…talking .. eating …with lots of all sorts of kopitiams in Malaysia..long before that idiotic…”1-7 star kopitiam association ” writer.
    If you notice..when I write seriously with so much truths and sense…all those UMNO and MCA hantus are out again…to insult me.
    Why can’t… “1-7 star kopitiam association” writer debate?
    I tell you why….like all those hantus…keep changing nicks..they have no answers to all our comments…..which actually help my mission to get votes to change of government.
    Those idiots have no class…no dignity…all humanly goodness…all gone..because they prefer to be puppets to UMNO.

  611. monsterball says:

    When one puts out….”not allowed”…meaning banned from kopitiams….yet daily I am there…shows how childish and idiotic “1-7 star kopitiam association” writer is.
    Having no shame…boasting and bragging….no intelligent comments…just talk nonsense.
    What a sick idiot he is.

  612. monsterball says:

    My dogs are so cute and real stupid looking…all kopitiam owners allow me to bring them……and eat at outside table…giving so much joy to all patrons of the kopitiam…reminding them..the dogs in Barisan National.
    However…..I seldom bring my dogs to kopitiams..for the get more attention from lovely chicks…making my heart…goes.”vooom vooom vooooom”…disrupting my cigar and coffee enjoyment enjoyment…objectives……making all my old friends go nuts..with wild ideas… “wild things” came alive…hahahahahahahaha

  613. monsterball says:

    Low class ‘Angel’ writer.. is a devil in disguised….yes he/she is..afraid of ghost-busters and his/her own shadows…a creature who have lost his/her soul….to the devil….come her..trying o be an angel…with full of s…ht comments.
    It is one person….changing nicks….with no shame at all.

  614. monsterball says:

    I wake up from nice good sleep.
    Those idiots work at night…on jobs…no one wants…because they are NUTS!!

  615. monsterball says:

    I presume that is the way “bulldog” is trying to compliment me………hahahahahahaha
    Thanks bulldog!

  616. monsterball says:

    These young night WORKERS…are cleaning toilets and sweeping floors..

  617. monsterball says:

    Pest control team is on the alert.
    I rest now.

  618. 1-7 star kopitian association says:

    Monsterball, why you no ask your eunuch masters go declaring their personal assets?

    Do you know not your masters are as corrupt as those BN with monsterballs like you?

    Else fark the shut up!

    1-7 star kopitian association.

  619. wits0 says:

    The graveyard hours changelings from the Dark side are thoroughly frenzied and resorting to spamming even pure gibberish because the best of their dissimulating generals here have eaten crows.

  620. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo,apa itu 1-7 star kopi ass(pungkok)? lu mari jilat Aunty punya kaki dululah.’silan kui’lu tipu olang.makan tahi punya olang gila.Bau Aunty punya buah ketiak nanti lu tau.matong khiou baru tau.olang gila.

  621. KOPI FREN says:

    Olang gila malam malam tala mau ini olang semua macam hatu pontianak.’cap ceng punya hantu’mari jilat Aunty punya kaki Aunty bayar lu hantu 1 ringgit.gila punya 17 star pungkok.

  622. Latest Update says:

    Morning News Update.
    My gosh we just receive latest chimps information!
    This latest imitation Bulldog just bulldozer 17inches star kopi money assh*le aka maradonne+32 bits testicle + fatimah zurith@cuci car.
    Original Coffee friends Old Auntie just stuck her smelly leg finger into their mouth#bulldog,17inches assh*le,maraddonne,32bits testicle and cuci car fatimah~oh gush what a good smell# all cry out and vomit none stop.
    We will see their condition later and will updates all those chimps news again.
    Thank you to all our readers and supporters.

  623. wits0 says:

    “We will see their condition later and will updates all those chimps news again.”

    It’s a forgone conclusion that their condition will always be within that selfsame delusional bounds. They can change their nicks but never their stench.

  624. 1-7 star kopitian association says:

    Lu kasih najib congkek kow kow la kopifren. Hari hari minum kopitahi otak pun macam taik hitam.

    Lagi bagus kasih najib guna c4 bom awak belakang sambil tahi keluar!

    OK! Ada naik hari dari 1-7 star kopitian assosasi. Lu duduk diam diam kalau tidak kasih lu minum najib kuncing!

    This is a report from Arnaud Dubus, a French reporter based in Thailand, which is published in Liberation French newspaper, 5th of March 2009. The English version is as following:

    Shaaribuu Setev is a bitter and disappointed man. Yet behind the saddened face of this Mongolian lies a fierce determination. Seated in a sofa in the lobby of an Ulaan Baataar hotel rattled by gushes of a freezing wind, this sixty years old man is ready to fight. His face features, hardened by the suffering and the stern climate, and his intense gaze tell all. “My daughter has been murdered by Malaysians on Malaysian territory. And they did not have even offer a word of apology,” states this professor of psychology at the National University of Mongolia.

    The assassination of his daughter, Altantuya Shaaribuu, took place in October 2006. This was a murder unlike others in a region where business conflicts or petty politics are often settled with a gun. Everything in this case, which started in 2002 when the French Spanish company Armaris concluded the sale of three submarines to the Malaysian government for the amount of one billion Euros, is out of the ordinary.

    The impact of the “Altantuya case” in France, Malaysia and Mongolia has yet to reach its climax. The murder of the 28 year old Mongolian was the result of a “commission” at the price of 114 million Euros by Armaris to its Malaysian counterpart. This “commission,” which was acknowledged by the Malaysian government in front of the Parliament in Kuala Lumpur, has triggered a chain of events that has led to the assassination of Altantuya and the disappearance of several key witnesses in the case.

    A report from the Malaysian police, written on 19th november 2006 and which has been kept secret until now, reveals dry and precise descriptions as to how this young woman, a member of Asian high society, has been killed. In this document, one of the killers, a policeman of the Malaysian Special Branch named Sirul Omar, replied to the questions of an officer at a police station close to the murder scene. “When the Chinese woman saw that I was taking a gun, she begged me to spare her, saying she was pregnant. Azilah (the commanding officer of Sirul) grabbed her and [threw] her on the ground. I immediately shot the left side of her face. Then Azilah took off her clothes and put them in a black plastic bag. Azilah noticed that her hand was still moving. He ordered me to shoot again, which I did”, said Sirul. This is the first confirmation of Altantuya’s assassins’ identity. “Then we carried her body into the woods. Azilah wrapped the explosives around her legs, her abdomen and her head, and we exploded her.”

    The revelation of this report in the French newspaper Liberation is the latest chapter in this colorful and dramatic saga featuring French weapon sellers, Mongolian Shaman, and Malaysian politicians. This case is explosive not only for the Malaysian government, since the deputy Prime minister Najib Razak (who is scheduled to become Prime minister at the end of March) is suspected of having links to the case, but also because it could embarrass the DCNS, this French company specialising in military shipbuilding. The French Spanish company Armaris, which sold two Scorpène and one Agosta submarines to Malaysia in June 2002, was bought by DCNS in 2007.

    With her magnetic beauty and sophistication, Altantuya is reminiscent of the troubling image of a Far East Mata Hari. She grew up in Saint Petersburg (Russia), then studied at the Institute of Economic Management in Beijing. Besides speaking English, she is fluent in Russian, Chinese and Korean. The fateful cycle for Altantuya came into gear when she met Abdul Razak Baginda in Hong Kong in 2004. Baginda is a security expert and the director of the Malaysian Strategic Research Centre, a pro-government think tank. The two quickly became romantically involved. Altantuya, nicknamed Tuya by her friends, proved to be a useful assistant, helping Baginda translate from Russian to English.

    Whereas Altantuya is young and beautiful, the rich and alluring Baginda is a well known figure of the Kuala Lumpur’s elite, notably because of his proximity to the Malaysian Deputy Prime minister and minister of Defense Najib Razak (he is also his security affairs adviser). Baginda parades in the most exclusive circles of Kuala Lumpur, sometimes accompanied by his legitimate wife.

    In March 2005, Altantuya and Baginda departed for Europe, touring France, Germany, Italy and Portugal in the red Ferrari of Baginda, staying in posh hotels and dining in the finest restaurants of the old Continent. This trip, however, was not only for tourism: the contract for the sale of the submarines had been signed in 2002, but important details had yet to be settled. “We knew that Baginda was used by Deputy Prime minister Najib Razak as an intermediary for weapons systems deals, especially the high level ones,” says a regional security affairs expert.

    At the end of March 2005 the couple was in Paris, where they met with Najib Razak. A picture shows the threesome in a Parisian private club. “Tuya showed me the pix. She said that one of the men was her boyfriend, Abdul Razak Baginda, and the other the “big boss”, Najib Razak. I asked her if they were brothers because of the names, but she said no, and that Najib Razak was the ‘prime minister’”, said Amy, Altantuya’s best friend (Najib Razak has sworn on the Koran that he has never met Altantuya). According to a private detective, now in hiding in India, the beautiful Tuya was also the occasional mistress of the deputy Prime minister, who was introduced to her by Baginda at the end of 2004.

    The story became dramatic when, in October 2006, Altantuya was informed that the commission paid by the French-Spanish company Armaris had arrived on a Kuala Lumpur bank account. It had been paid to Perimekar, a company owned by Baginda. Altantuya rushed to Kuala Lumpur, in order to claim her share of the commission from Baginda ; she said she was entitled to 500,000 dollars. Baginda and Altantuya broke up prior to this. A jealous Rosmah Mansor, the feared businesswoman and wife of Najib Razak, objected any payment to Altantuya. Altantuya arrived in Kuala Lumpur with two other Mongolian women, one of them was a Shaman responsible for putting a spell on Baginda if he refused to pay. For several days, Altantuya harassed her ex-lover.

    On the 18th of October, Baginda could no longer tolerate the daily scenes made by Altantuya in front of his house. He contacted the Director of the Special Branch, Musa Safrie, who happened to also be Najib Razak’s aide de camp. On October 19th, 2006, a little before 9 pm, two police officers of the Special Branch, Azilah Hadridan and Sirul Omar, were sent in front of Baginda’s house where Altantuya was gesticulating and shouting. They had the order of “neutralizing the Chinese woman.” They kidnapped her, and drove her ten kilometers away and shot her several times. Then, they destroyed her body with C 4 explosives, a type which can only be obtained from within the Defense Ministry. Her entry into Malaysia was erased from the immigration records. It would appear that Altantuya had never come to Malaysia, because there is no trace left of her.

    There is no perfect crime. The taxi driver hired by Altantuya for the day did not appreciate that his passenger was kidnapped under his eyes without payment for the fare. He took note of the registration plate of the kidnapper’s car and filed a complaint at the local police station. In a few days, the police identified the car and realized that it was a government vehicle.

    Events unfolded that even the Deputy Prime minister Najib Razak could not impede. He tried to cover the case. A few hours before the arrest of Baginda, he sent him a SMS : “I will see the Inspector General of Police at 11 am today… The problem will be solved. Be cool”. A few hours after, Baginda was arrested as well as the two police officers of the Special Branch, Azilah and Sirul.

    After a trial considered dubious by many observers, Baginda was acquitted with the accusation of having ordered the murder and released in November 2008. Accused of having perpetrated the murder, Azilah and Sirul appeared in front of the Court last month. If convicted, their sentence is death. The verdict is scheduled for the 9th of April.

    Thousands of miles from there, in the Mongolian capital city Ulaan Baataar, Shaaribuu Setev, Altantuya’s father, is trying to control his anger. To him and his family, the acquittal and release of Baginda is symbolic of the unfairness of the Malaysian judicial process: “The Malaysian government is not even answering to the letters from the Mongolian Foreign Affairs Ministry,” he says.

    When Shaaribuu came to the Malaysian parliament to meet Najib Razak, the Deputy Prime minister had to escape through a back door in order to avoid an embarrassing encounter. The Altantuya case has become a key element of the Malaysian political game between Najib Razak (who is expected to become Prime Minister after the United Malay Nation Organisation (UMNO) Congress in March) and the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. So far, Najib Razak has navigated around the obstacles, but the murder of the young Mongolian remains a sword suspended over his head.

    One of the most obscure aspects of the Altantuya case is the role of the Armaris company. In October 2007, the Malaysian Deputy Defense minister, Zainal Abdidin Zin, acknowledged in front of the Parliament that Armaris had effectively paid 114 million Euros in commission to Perimekar. He maintained that it was not a bribe, but a payment for “support and coordination services.”

    Was there corruption as in the case of the Taiwanese frigates in which the French DCNS was also implicated ? DCNS, a private company with public financing, has declined our request for a meeting. “Nobody can comment on this case,” was the sober reply of the DCNS Press relations officer in Paris. A document, which could establish a link between Altantuya and the French company is the guarantee letter written by Abdul Razak Baginda so that his mistress could obtain a visa to enter the Schengen zone (of whom France is a member country). The French embassy could not refuse this service to a man decorated with the Legion d’Honneur. But the role of Altantuya in the submarines negotiations is still not clear. Intelligence agencies find her background intriguing and the Russian FSB (ex-KGB) is following closely the case.

    In Ulaan Baataar, Mungunshagai, the eldest son of Altantuya, who is 12 years old, is traumatized by the death of his mother. Altanshagai, the youngest, who is five years old and mentally handicapped, has not understood that he will never see again his mother. “He is asking for her all the time and is staying the whole day prostrated on his chair. Every evening, I bring him sweets and I tell him that his mother gave it to me for him”, says Shaaribuu Setev, the grandfather of the two boys. As for Baginda, he settled down in the United Kingdom with his family. He never uttered a word of regret on the deadly fate of the one who shared his life for two years.

    Arnaud Dubus (in Kuala Lumpur, Ulaan Baataar and Paris)

  625. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo,kurang ajar ini 17″ punya pungkok tak tau malu.Doktor kata siapa jilat Aunty punya kaki yang ada penyakit “HONG KONG LEGS” punya akan jadi gila dan cakap cakap tak boleh henti sampai kena sakit jantung dan mulut semua jadi besar dan bengkak.Ai yo lu ini betul’cap ceng punya perempuan’ you ini betul pembunuh punya binatang.Olang gila.

  626. monsterball says:

    That bloody braggart half screw loose ……….repeating is previous long message all over again under different nick….”1-7 kopitiam”….tell me to shut up.
    I have been talking in blogging for years…..written thousand of comments….like Johnny Walker…..still going on strong…………hahahahahahahaha
    Maybe he will shut up for good long before I do….cannot speak…when PR governs he country.
    One look at his nick…you know…he is a born idiot…declaring “1-7 kopitiam”……….meaningless..and the place all fellas go who are against UMNO.
    Only way…he can survive in kopitiam is talk and act…as if against Najib.
    Telling me to shut up…wanting to know where PR got their a busybody good for nothing NUT.
    Money not stolen from Malaysians….why ask so meathead…scumbag…kucking kurap “1-7 kopitiam”.
    hi fellas….what is 1-7 ??
    I guess he thinks he is No1 scumbag amongst the 7 in this blog.

  627. R4Os says:

    “This monsterball is just a disgrace to mankind and embarrassing to his hananpuik ancestors here..

    Better go back to your dinosaur land.” –32 bits

    OTK is the biggest disgrace to the hainan-puak, he is exactly like the Hainanese saying: “Nanbotinan, kuibotikui…”

  628. R4Os says:

    OTK gathered 500 ppl in front of MCA building carrying banners to show supports to him, and then he had the cheek to claim the the whole Chinese community want him, therefore he is forced to eat his own words and stay on.

    He claimed, “Personal disgrace is nothing, the community’s expectation is of upmost importance…”. This Most-Corruptible-Ass chief-eunuch is shameless to the core!

  629. monsterball says:

    yea….KOPI FREN…itu 17 betul orang gila..nak borak….tampah2 berita…dahulu..pajang sekali….nak kasi mereka tow…..dia IQ tinggi sekali.

  630. monsterball says:

    R40s…This good for nothing ..MCA selfish politicians have the cheek to claim…they represents the Chinese community?
    Temples and schools are what they represents for past 54 years….begging and begging UMNO…with no shame…no dignity.
    The get few millions each year .while billions are taken away from us..yet have no balls to expose.
    You mean they do not know all these crooked deals?
    Sure they do…especially under Mahathir …..up to now.
    MCA makes Malaysian Chinese sick to the extreme…..voted them out….yet they still talk.representing the community?
    If they said..they represent the art of carrying … teaching Malaysian Chinese how to do that…to survive….carrying UMNO balls….than it makes sense.

  631. R4Os says:

    The Nanbotinan chief-eunuch thought his CWC would put up a “drama” to “beg” him to stay on the top job, but it turned out the CWC prepared for post-OTK transition instead, he got real mad and accused his 1MCATeam of betrayal/backstabbed him in the EGM (as always, shameless skunk always blame others for his own failures), his poor machai’s now face a dilemma as the Chinese saying, “Jump into Yellow-River also can’t cleanse the accusation away…” These poor basturds, themselves to blame for following the wrong master!

  632. monsterball says:


  633. monsterball says:

    Just like Mahathir cried…announcing his retirement…hoping UMNO Supreme council will vote for him to stay….found out….majority wants him out….and here he said …he resigned willingly.
    But this bloody MCA guys….from both camps shook hands…so clear….so selfish with no principles in life.
    Anyway…MCA is gone case…….already in 12th GE. They know it….so these guys are playing politics for their own selfish reasons.
    UMNO is trying to buy up the whole country….and you have such scums of the earth…from other races..agreeing to it….to be slaves and second class citizens.
    MCA MIC and Gerakan are all gone….from 12th GE.
    Do not give anyone a chance to fool young voters.

  634. monsterball says:

    32bits talk low class nonsense.
    Again…signs are there…”32 pieces of silver”…we know what happened….to Jesus.
    This guy needs to choose the figure “32”….to say he is a traitor to Malaysians.
    I will not be surprised…..he is not a Malaysians at all.

  635. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo,itu olang ingat dia pandai cakap banyak,tetapi sebenarnya dia itu 17″star pungkok banyak bodoh punya.Cakap banyak tada guna punya.Aunty sini banyak olang sudah sayang sama Anwar dan PR punya olang semua.

  636. R4Os says:


    If u guys can read Chinese, u can read up Sin-chew (M’kini Chinese edition too), this chinese media very accurately reflects what the majority of chinese community think about MCA + the bunch of greedy 1MCA monkeys who fight life-&-death for some peanut handout by Umno’s Najis&Gang…

  637. R4Os says:

    Yeah, u reminded me, Dr.Mahaithiu put up an act deserving an oscar-award winning Best-actor and cried like a baby, only to be supported by the oscar-award winning Best-actress Rapigdah, the rest of Umno SC were smiling inside their heart, especially Pak’lah, must have been the happiest man in the hall then…

    This nanbotinan OTK resembles Mahaithiu pretty much, he is the small version of that Maha-thiu s/o kutty, he’s a tyran, a dictactor, hypocrite, good actor (act as if he’s like a legendary swordsman hero in the chinese fictions), one-man-says-all (he bundled his CWC to the “All Resign if I lost in EGM” without their consent, those CWC weaklings kept quiet so he held them hostage).

  638. monsterball says:

    R40s .thanks for info….and I have friends telling me that too.
    Facts cannot lie…..MCA was voted out from 12th GE…by Malaysians of all races…..especially from the Chinese community.
    MCA have reached a stage…so low class…with no dignity and principles in life…..which the Chinese community treasure more than money.
    Chinese community slog toil and suffer without begging UMNO for this or that….keeping all their angers and disappointments of MCA till 12th GE.
    Najib’s “1 Malaysia” No1 priority is to divide and rule..with MCA’s help.
    These MCA and Gerakan devils are the lowest kind of politicians you can ever find in the world.
    They are performing….enjoy and never let them fool young Malaysians.

  639. R4Os says:

    Sin-chew chief-editor TY Tay’s humourous write-ups say it best in his column here:

  640. R4Os says:

    So are the other journalists/columnists in Sin-chew:

  641. talimerah says:

    Ai yo,kurang ajar ini 17″ punya pungkok tak tau malu.Doktor kata siapa jilat Aunty punya kaki yang ada penyakit “HONG KONG LEGS” punya akan jadi gila dan cakap cakap tak boleh henti sampai kena sakit jantung dan mulut semua jadi besar dan bengkak.Ai yo lu ini betul’cap ceng punya perempuan’ you ini betul pembunuh punya binatang.Olang gila.

    kopi fren, ….Saya pun tak percaya yang mak kau tu pelacur

  642. R4Os says:

    Equally good are M’kini’s chinese write-ups:

  643. monsterball says:

    aiyah R40s…….This is english blog la. You got something from chinese..translate and report to us….not paste paste paste.
    How can UMNO hantus and english educated pest control guys read something they do not know?
    They want mandarin blog…..they know where to go and comment.

  644. JEFFRY BONG says:

    TBH was planning life and his future and not contemplating death.The commision should also investigate itself why their colleaques was so excited and keen to focus on a mere few hundred ringgits and neglected the investigations for yrs of the PKNZ mega project involving Thousnds of Billions ringgits ,letting the transport minister to pick up all the garbage and dirts littered by somebody this is most unfair.

  645. R4Os says:


    Do some homework if u want to know what the majority of chinese really think, find a translator (sorry I don’t have one).

  646. monsterball says:

    And in Malaysiakini….they have english translations.
    Yes…paste the english version.. as not all pay as members to read malaysiakini.
    Please stop this pasting …of chinese news…which majority do not read and write mandarin.
    That’s why they are here in this blog…and that’s why Susan choose English too…for english speaking visitors.

  647. monsterball says:

    I do not need to do homework this and that to please you….and I am monsterball….not “monster”. Have some manners!!
    I am trying to point out….this is an englidh blog…and all are not going to do homework for your sake.

  648. monsterball says:

    I know what majority chinese really think.
    I mix with them…all my life in kopitiams..retail shops….service centers..pasar malam…and most are awakened to think of the country and children…other than theirs. Malaysian chinese are no more selfish.
    Are you trying t teach me something?

  649. monsterball says:

    For your information….I do have lots of multi millionaire chinese friends too..
    You go and find out how chinese christians and chinese buddhists think…if you are that smart to teach me.
    Then go and survey….pubs and disco chinese patrons…how they think.
    Please do not talk nonsense with me…R40s.

  650. R4Os says:


    What’s wrong with u? Why u want to pick a fight with everybody here? u don’t know who is your fren and who is your enemy? u don’t want to read juz ignore it lar…, obviously it’s not meant for u, I’m sure there r many readers here who can read in Chinese, let them have “freedom of choice” to read. When other ppl post some other links here, even if in other Malay or Arabic, I welcome them, I won’t tell them “hey, I know where to find these links, pls don’t send”.

    BTW, does you have millionaire frens make u feel you r on a higher stool than the rest? What’s the matter with u?

    I don’t think Susan want to ban readers who are bi-lingual here, that would be too narrow minded.

  651. R4Os says:

    Now I know why so many ppl here despise u….

  652. Kancilandak says:

    OTK gathered 500 people…to show supports to him -R40s

    Woud’nt it be better for OTK to gather support for Teoh Beng Hock family to get truth and justice? After all TBH is chinese even if not of same political orientation.
    Isn’t his chinese blood boiling because of this doubtful death… I am not wanting to be racist here… but leaving OTK out… the other MCA chinese are not anguished about this death? Or is it the typical “gua tak tau” or “gua tak mau tau” attitude?
    See how these lowlife so hardup for bits and pieces of bones thrown from the master’s table… even the indians are better… they went to the streets believing in a cause! These component partys are just that… components only… they believe in they own personal gains.
    If the sickening AG is going to ‘tidak apa’ about TBH case.. I curse him to get cancer in his bum.

  653. R4Os says:


    Hey, u r tokking sense again, hope not bcoz u r drinking black-beer again.

    U r spot on, that’s why many chinese like me really despise MCA, they claim to represent us, but they never say a word about all those important things affecting us, like TBH’s death, ISA, BN’s billions of corruptions, Lingam’s case, Cow-head’s demo, etc. If they have some conscience, they should have left BN and join PR to fight for a better tomorrow…

    All they care about is how to get rich themselves, how to get power, status, etc., all self-serving greedy basturds…

  654. R4Os says:

    This OTK has made a lot of small tricks and say many “great words” to fool a lot of ppl for a long time, he is a master of “Manipulative Art”, he think he get 500 monkeys to demo in front of Wisma MCA, then he can tell the rest he have the whole Chinese community behind him!

    He can fool some ppl some of the time, but he can’t fool everybody all the time…

  655. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo,Aunty bagi tau “face feng shui” hah.Itu Ong Tee Keat punya muka dan kepala besar bagus tetapi dia punya mulut banyak banyak besar boleh telan dan tipu semua olang kerja sama dia punya.Dia itu macam punya olang banyak selfish punya.Lebih baik dia resign dan balik kampung jual ikan”sell fish” ai yo.

  656. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Wah lau eh,,,”Someone very smart trying to prove something but do nothing” This one really like “bo nau” prawn brain aka otak udang.Kakakakakakakaka
    Be careful of this bumno goon tactic,,,they are now in very desperate position and now trying very hard to confuse and destroy us.
    No other idea and always changing like “lau chua” snake,,,poisonous type changing skin and need to be “cham tao”,,,Kakakakakaka
    Ai ya,Fellow frens and wise cts,,,relax a bit and have a very relaxing and good luncheon.

  657. Nice Lim says:

    “Bumno still leads the way”and all the puppets still left far behind holding najis ba*l……

  658. davis says:

    On this blog many have expressed the non declaration of asset by LKS and his son, giving rise to suspicion that LKS and his son have indulged in acts of corruption. If they are corrupted, why has the MACC not taken any action?LKS and his son are DAP men , not BN men. No action because no corruption. Incidentally , has any one seen the declaration of assest by the PM and Rosmah?

  659. wits0 says:

    “If the sickening AG is going to ‘tidak apa’ about TBH case.. I curse him to get cancer in his bum.” – Kancilandak.

    If that happens, there will be a similar rascal from the bumno slime pool to replace him. Remember Mohtar Abdullah? He died in a coma from a fall at home and could selectively tar people no more. Or that still living truly senget mouth double speaking fellow of SHAM?

    As long as your beloved bumno is in power, only the vile worms will be in high position and “di sanjong tinggi” by own kinds (only).

  660. wits0 says:

    Davis, these a**holes are just doing their daily Goebel-ling, believing that if they repeat the same vile bile frequently enough, people will believe in ’em. In effect, they’re insulting us ; that’s why they can’t always be spared colorful retorts befitting of ’em. This isn’t Lulu’s Blog where commentators are expected to be prim and proper.

    Extenuating circumstances require extraordinary responses. Queensberry rule is inappropriate here today.

  661. gigo says:

    Now I know why so many ppl here despise u….

    R4Os – October 28, 2009 at 11:29 am

    Of course! And same as me!

    This monsterball whole life tokking tok and he thinks everybody is like him.

    Real bodoh this monsterball. Not only many despise him, many want to castrate his monsterball because this monsterball whole life tokking big just because he has big and cumbersome monsterballs.

    Only a cuckoo hainampuaklomak like monsterball thinks he is taking sense when most just consider this monsterball is tokking to the sky coz this hainanpuik just like his hainamese association’s pig otk. Either both have to send to Tampooi or for pork roasting.

    But not for me coz this hainanpuiklomak is a cuckoo monster with monsterball infected with nipah deadly virus, hence the monster big balls.

    This monsterball is just a garbage here tokking tok wasting earth natural resources.

    What can we do with a computer totally infected with virus! Obliterating it before it spreads like wild fire.

    Ditto to this no-cure monsterball which is as good as dead even the Hainamese Goddess Goon Yin also can’t save this moribund monsterball, let alone with the deadly Nipah virus.

  662. Nice Lim says:

    Davis,Teoh Beng Hock lost his life by going to the wrong place with a mere RM2K ++ what corruption?
    If really LKS & Sons was really corrupted and didn’t declare their asset ….i believe both of them will get into more serious problems that ….we all can’t imagine what will happen to them !……just look at this unlucky ‘tian chua’…trying to self defense from pdrm brutality by biting their hand…..get 6 months jail + RM3,000 fines…..All are political motivated.

  663. davis says:

    WitsO, maybe the presentation made on this blog is a reflection of our Parliament. Sad indeed!!

  664. Nice Lim says:

    “Extenuating circumstances require extraordinary responses.
    Queensberry rule is inappropriate here today”-wits0
    Correct….cannot be nice to them anymore…..this poisonous snakes changing skin every now and then and those viruses mutate to a more deadly one…..and all this mup-pet nematode which only how to eat and fa*k should be castrate and lets them eat one another.

  665. 32 bits says:

    On this blog many have expressed the non declaration of asset by LKS and his son, giving rise to suspicion that LKS and his son have indulged in acts of corruption.

    LKS is a traitor to the Malaysian Chinese by accepting millions and millions of $$$$$ bribed money from Mahathir during the Mahathir era.

    That is why LKS & son shun declaring their assets.

    It’s a universal law that every politician has to declare their assets if he/she wants to hold public office.

    LKS & son refrain from declaring their assets because they have plentiful of plundered money!

    Else what the fark of so scare of declaring their assets?

    Can they blame the rakyat (boss) from accusing them of corruption if they refused to declare their assets?

    Hey! They are already outlaws for not declaring their assets. They deserve to be sent to a lock-up!

    Can you not understand this logic?

  666. Nice Lim says:

    “Perak Crisis” should call for an election….before things got worse!

  667. wits0 says:

    “If really LKS & Sons was really corrupted …” – Nice Lim.

    Perish the thought. To whom did OctoKutty declare his asset? He actually greatly overreached himself during his time when he also introduced his slogan about ‘Leadership by Example’, something which was quietly and quickly withdrawn when the very inconsistency was also quietly realized as being embarrassing for many of his ilks as well.

    Yes, Pico, to whom did he declare his assets?

  668. davis says:

    It is indeed sad and tragic that a young man died because certain forces wanted to recapture Selangor for their own interest. Malaysia, where life is not sacrosanct.

  669. wits0 says:

    32 bits is going all out to seize the crown from I-4-C for the most stupid commentator of all.

  670. davis says:

    32 bits. How do you know Mahathir gave millions to LKS? Were you the go between? What was your percentage> You are saying that Mahathir indulge in corruption. Now we know.

  671. wits0 says:

    “..Malaysia, where life is not sacrosanct.” – Davis.

    This can only be inevitable, given the grandiose nature of the bumno racist-fascist cum elitist philosophy and little real egalitarian consideration.

  672. davis says:

    32 bits, there is a RM500K car going around Bentong. Do you know the owner or her better half? Was a declaration made? Are you interested in the funding of that car? Will you be riding in that car?

  673. 32 bits says:

    32 bits. How do you know Mahathir gave millions to LKS? davis

    Well. Why don’t you go and ask that Indian crook of all times.

    You are just a stupid nincompoop. How do you know Mahathir has plundered billions of Malaysia’s money?

    Use your brain la son!

  674. Q & A says:

    Dey 32 bits,Wrong answer.You are just a stupid program robot with no brain but empty chip with low Gb Hdd.
    Playing with our intelligence.You should answer and the question with all the correct answer to all of us,we are waiting for your answer to the above questions?
    Question and Answer time.

  675. Q & A says:

    Dey 32 bits.Are you in hiding mode? Come on just answer all the above questions correctly this time with full facts and proof for all of us.We are waiting for you answer!

  676. davis says:

    321 bits. You were the one who first said Mahathir gave millions to LKS. If you do not know then you should not say it. I did not say that Mahathir plundered billions of Malaysia money. You or rather your subconscious, said it. Concerning your rude remark I shall overlook it this time.

  677. davis says:

    321 bits to be read as 32 bits

  678. wits0 says:

    32 bits is just a 2 bits town crier in an age of handphones.

  679. 32 bits says:

    Dey 32 bits.Are you in hiding mode? Come on just answer all the above questions correctly this time with full facts and proof for all of us.We are waiting for you answer!

    Q & A – October 28, 2009 at 2:50

    Wtf! I am not holding public office, nor being paid by you!

    Why should I render my service to answer any question? Use la your otak udang!

    Since LKS & son are public servant and being paid by the Malaysian people, why don’t you go and ask them for their service?

    They should give you the answer since they get paid for providing service to the people.

    Otherwise what the fark they are elected for?

  680. Q & A says:

    Dey 32 bits, lay off the opposition and investigate this instead !
    With full proof.

  681. Q & A says:

    Dey 32 bits,No joking,you can ask you samy kutty !

  682. Q & A says:

    Wtf 32 bits,since you don’t have brain to answer all our questions,then you better use your otak udang to fark off yourself from here.We don’t just walk the talk as we have proof for you.How easy for you to fark your kutty next time.Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  683. gigo says:

    Hello 32 bits,

    Just forget about all this ball-less eunuchs.

    Lks & son are in politics because the rakyat are fed up with the BN wolves.

    Every time the rakyat give them a bit of power, they though they are cun and start being arrogant as if they are 64 bits.

    It’s just one garbage in garbage out and another garbage in and another garbage out.

    The BN and PR are no different. They are snakes and rats in the same nest.

    That’s why Malaysia is in deep shit!

    But if Lks & son had been declaring their assets all the times, TBH would not have been murdered.

    All these stupid sycophantic eunuchs are still in off-line mode!

    Sigh! TBH, why did you ever want to be a eunuch? So sad this happened before you got out from this out-dated eunuch obsolete system!

  684. JEFFRY BONG says:

    It really stick in every Malaysians minds that they have ruled out foul plays in less than 24hours and it is a suicide .What a slanted investigations, it a shame this P….officer was heard quoted and
    was published in the papers , captured in a phtograph raising his hand.His face really make me sick as a malaysian without any credibility and conscious at all as a human being.
    For justice I think we have to invite Jusctice POA from heaven to preside over it !

  685. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    Oh my dearest gigolo,
    You are at the wrong place and wrong time to console that pathetic 32 bits assh*le.You are in no position or with a conscious mind what happen now and you don’t even have testicles balls to play, dear gigolo !

  686. davis says:

    32 bits, You raise the issue and when classifications are required you are morally obliged to provide them. You can not say that you are not paid and therefore you will not provide.

  687. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    Oh yes,Justice PAO should rise from ‘HEAVEN’ to call all his ‘HELL’ generals to give this mothers of all evils a big hell of surprise.This evil place will be in ‘HELL’ as they like to go to wrong place at the wrong time.

  688. Latest Update says:

    Latest News Update.
    Oh my gosh,today we have new species call gigi aka gigolo with no ball to play and try to console this 32 bits aka puke guy!
    Say Gigo aka Gigolo~Dey 32 bits do not worry i will scratch your back and support you but i need a favor back from you later !
    Say 32 bits aka puke guy~ What? need to do you a favor ! What favor?
    Says Gigo aka Gigolo ~ Dey 32 bits do not worry,i just need to confirm that you have a nice ball for me to play with,can i?
    Say 32 bits aka puke guys ~ puke like hell none stop and fainted! Maybe will be back tonight!
    So,stay tune and thanks all.

  689. monsterball says: have you opinion…I have mine..and who ever hates or like me….none of your business.
    The only common ground we both travel to …is wanting change of government.
    Other than that…we are miles apart.

  690. 32 bits says:

    32 bits, You raise the issue and when classifications are required you are morally obliged to provide them. davis

    Why don’t you go tell the corrupt eunuch & son? You meant they are not morally obliged to declare their assets?

    Do you not know declaration of personal assets is a prerequisite for an accountable and honest politician?

    You can not say that you are not paid and therefore you will not provide.

    davis – October 28, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    Rocket aquas are being paid and yet they don’t provide!

    Mr. RPK provided everything without any reparation and now he is in Mongolia enjoying himself with two beautiful Mongolian chicks!


  691. kittykat46 says:

    “It really stick in every Malaysians minds that they have ruled out foul plays in less than 24hours and it is a suicide .” – Jeffrey Bong.

    In fact, the moment the death was reported the decision was already reached that it was suicide. The entire so-called “investigation” was directed at proving the pre-conceived decision, NOT to uncover the real cause of death.

    I just hope we don’t end up like Greece in the bad old days of military rule in the 1970’s. It was a common occurence for Opposition figures and anybody who criticised the regime to die of “heart attack” under detention. Even healthy young men in their 20’s. They always had doctors who signed off the “heart attack” death certificate, even autopsy.

    After the collapse of the military junta, a number of such doctors were stripped of their licence to practice and jailed for criminal conspiracy.

    I’m thinking some 1Najis-land doctors are in need of such penalties…

  692. davis says:

    “..TBH would not have been murdered”..gigo TBH was murdered and not suicide. Thank you, gigo. Who kill TBH ? Will you, gigo, want to see that justice for TBH is done?

  693. monsterball says:

    Gigo …32bits….one and the same.
    Mahathir took RM1.2 billion EPF money to bail out his son…and 32 bits ask all of us….how do we know Mahathir stole money from us.
    “UMNO is corrupted to the core” under Mahathir…yet 32bits ask do we know.Those word were spoken by UMNO Tunku Ahmad Ritthauddin….yet 32bits keep asking how do we know.
    PKFZ 14.5 billion and yesterday’s papers saying…at least RM28 billion per year overpaid to tenders….yet this 32 bits ask us how do we know Mahathir stole from us.
    Naturally “gigo” loves to insult me….and R40s must be happy..proven right.

  694. davis says:

    32 bits, Have all politicans including BN ones declare their assets? I mean declare truthfully. Aquas do not provide. You also do not provide.

  695. monsterball says:

    32bits is talking about honesty and accountability…by bull dozing his demand for PR guys to declare their assets.
    Why not he give us the full list of UMNO present and ex ministers assets….which must include all the relations.
    32bits….is such a typical UMNO lanchiow kia….with his half truths…all lies…and think he can replace 1-4-C…which witso is sharp to note that.
    For all you know…it is also one and the same.
    Old nicks…all got beaten flat and no use…so try new ones….to fool readers.
    Reading gigo and 32 bits…….both cannot come near to kancilandak cunning and stupid twist and turns.
    At least kancilandak proves he can once awhile criticized UMNO..when he is half drunk.

  696. wits0 says:

    “32bits ask do we know.”

    How does that 2 bits know he’s the real son of his said father? Surely he was born before DNA testing entered mainstream usage. How do we know that the two bits’ mom wasn’t also laying around big time?

  697. wits0 says:

    The Cart before the Horse!
    [All the sh*t that can be spoken…]

    MACC blames lack of public support for its ineffectiveness

  698. AB LIM says:

    Yo…..32 bits what are you trying to proof over here ? Telling lies or telling the truth ?

  699. kittykat46 says:

    Wits0 – Are you implying 32Bits may be a Basta*d ?

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  700. wits0 says:

    Who knows? We’ll make him Custard here anyway, Kittykat46. Like Custer at Little Big Horn.

  701. Q & A says:

    Hi hi hi, this 32 bits is still in a state of hallucinating and don’t know what he is doing right now !

  702. AB LIM says:

    After worms….there will be night owls later.

  703. wits0 says:

    “After worms….there will be night owls later.” – AB Lim.

    Not owls, AB Lim, but raving mad moon bats.

  704. davis says:

    “eunuch and son”..32bits. I am confused how a eunuch can have a son. Biologically impossible. Maybe 32 bits discover something new in biogenesis that most of us do not know. Maybe his discovery will win for Malaysia its first Nobel prize and a Tun for himself.

  705. monsterball says:

    AB LIM!! You are getting smarter everyday..and witso getting real mad with 32bits. Seldom he is that mad…hahahahahahahaha

  706. monsterball says:

    “raving mad moon bats”………….hahahahahahahahaha

  707. wits0 says:

    How do we know that 2 Bits isn’t the dud Toyol with another nick? There is surely a certain resemblance.

  708. monsterball says:

    mad moon bats with ticks and lies all over body…..scratched and scratched…reach the balls…all finito…hahahahahaha
    creatures will kill creatures.
    You never see Batman scratch his balls…because the bats he loves…are totally clean………..totally different from Malaysian mad moon bats….hahahahahahaha
    Now bats are infected and turned lunatics…lets see what new nicks they can come out with.

  709. monsterball says:

    Yes..many message you read from so call new comers…are same styke and ideas as those before..with different nicks.
    UMNO is about to be a bankcrupt party….slogans must save them.
    Mad fellas here have same old stupid arguments….throw out insults at me….and behaving so angel-like…so truthful..with most idiotic demands and arguments….exactly like the devil reincarnated….advising all UMNO ti be honest and non corrupted people…..then change his mind….when Isa won the by-election.
    Now it is…the results s that counts…back to square one…UMNO must be corrupted to succeed.

  710. AB LIM says:

    Sorry to all our respected friends…..just back from dinner….yes we will prevail and we will win the battle in 13GE….wits0,monsterball and all.
    Yes…the night owl will be coming and they are in a state of panic as all my kopitiam friends say……….

  711. AB LIM says:

    Olee shit the banana crab…….Correct…..raving mad moon bats…hahahahaha

  712. AB LIM says:

    davis-Oct 28,2009 at 5:06 pm
    Yes….this basta*d will be the one and only to receive its Nobel Prizeeee with tun sampah 32 bits award in his hallucinating pathetic brain that eunuch produce children and can fly too.

  713. monsterball says:

    Dinner at 6 pm? You must be very hungry.
    I also took my dinner very early today too.
    Usually eat at 10pm.
    I went to a restaurant in Delhi at 7pm for dinner….completely empty.
    They told me Indians take their dinner at 10pm.

  714. AB LIM says:

    Yes….monsterball…10pm your dinner?….my Sweetheart will be grumbling if we go out late….then no good night kiss for me….take dinner early will be good for digestion as our body machine function will not be active after 11pm or so…..maybe others difference….haha

  715. monsterball says:

    I rest now…and check for those idiots turning to creatures of the night.
    I don’t think they will come back tonight.
    Most love to get drunk.

  716. AB LIM says:

    Who knows…..maybe the dude guy will craw back….hahahahahaha

  717. mangali says:

    Well! Looking at all these sycophantic eunuch defending their masters, i just love it, especially that twitso.

    He is so cute, he he…. I don’t really mind to perform some reciprocating action on his rear end, with some high pressure grease, of course it’s my favorite!

    Lim Kit Siang -Do not undo others, that which you would not have others undo you”

  718. mangali says:

    These sycophantic eunuchs sure will agree eunuch daddy cannot produce, so he goes to jalan alor watching bangadeshi, napalis, Myammar illegal workers releaseing their pressure onto these sycophantic eunuch mothers.

    Then this old eunuch would adopt all these basta*d sons and daughters as his little eunuchs.

    No wonder all these jalan Chow Kit bast*rd eunuchs sooo protective against their saviour old eunuch which has no monsterballs like monsterball!

    Well! Guess this old rocket eunuch can’t declare his assets as his assets are gathered from all these sycophantic eunuch ba*tards’ mothers in Jalan Chow Kit!!!

  719. wits0 says:

    Very gratifying to note the the nutter moonbats go wild with their stooopid expletives! It means we’re doing very fine. They think they got what it takes to upset us? Hallucinate on, ass*hole(s)! Hahahahaaaaaa!

  720. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Look the “mangali-mange” are talking and feeling itchy.
    Need medicine for itch relief!

  721. Justice says:

    { Om Mani PadMe Hum }
    May Teoh Beng Hock soul in peace now with BUDDHA blessing.

  722. kittykat46 says:

    Funny how the nematode worms usually come out of the septic tank late in the evening….

  723. baike says:

    Dey! Mangali man, sure you love these sycophantic eunuch bas*trads.

    Poor TBH, he should not be subjected to the cruelty of those bas*ards from MCAA officers.

    May TBH RIP.

    But if these MCAA were doing on all these eunuch bas*ards here, then they are ok doing their duty in weeding out all these eunuch bas*ards from this chaotic society.

  724. doggy says:

    Funny how the nematode worms usually come out of the septic tank late in the evening….

    kittykat46 – October 28, 2009 at 9:19 pm

    It’s time to release my pressure+pleasure, kittykat46!

  725. Justice says:

    Oh “doggy” shy on you,no manner and you will get bad karma for insulting others.
    Oh “doggy” you are a real pathetic idiot without brain,no Gods will forgive you with this animal insult.
    “A MI TO FO”

  726. doggy says:

    No No No! No monsterball for me! I loathe monsterball’s monsterballs.

    Save monsterball for the old eunuch with his finger digging the monsterass*ole!

    They are obstacle to me, no time for monster ass*ole!

    I rather save my energy for kitty…. or the Lims….! Kitty kitty, here I come again… for orgasm again… and again…monsterball style… ha ha ha… I loveit… I love it…

  727. jasus says:

    Oh “doggy” you are a real pathetic idiot without brain,no Gods will forgive you with this animal insult.
    “A MI TO FO”

    Justice – October 28, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    Buddha is all forgiving, not a pathetic like a sanctimonious fool like you.

    If you A MI TO FO really cares, go tell Mr. LKS declaring his personal assets and donate all the plundered money to the poor. Then you are a real A MI TO FO, else your are no different to all the sycophantic eunuch here but a fake A MI TO FOO!!.

    God bless A MI TO FOOOL!

  728. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Go Tiger GO,Just fu*k the hell out of this ‘doggy’ and eat it’s meat.
    Cats cousin will revenge for you.

  729. storm62 says:

    i came to know that the collapsed bridge was built illegally….NOT approved by JKR….in an illegally runned state of Perak by an illegal mamak MB.

  730. storm62 says:

    wah lau eh….mating seasons oredi ar?

  731. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Next on the list will be ‘jasus anus’ looking for a big c0*k from tiger.
    This evil 32 bits ash*le and Fatimah miang are looking for something special tonight from tiger throughout the night doing it none stop.

  732. lim go ting says:

    I am so sad with this AB Lim. He is a mot*er far*er alright.

    This AB Lim cannot let him sees holes cos he simply tarok even if his mother.

    We don’t call him mot*er far*er for nothing you know.

    He is no different to Mahathiu who happens to be like this mothe* far*er AB Lim!

    They are abang adik!

  733. I-4-C says:

    It’s hardly surprising to see resignations and defections in PKR due to disillusions and empty promises, the hallmark of Arse Banger’s campaign. Maybe he is so dump that he didnt even realise how he betrayed his own country in 1997 hehe

  734. 1 Alien says:

    + Khir toyol mansion detected+offer at 5 million only+

  735. lim go ting says:

    This LKS is just a total disgrace to the Lim’s ancestors feeding as a parasite and conspiring with Mahathir.

    This disgraced lks could not declare his assets cos this parasite has a big mouth so need the plundered assets to sustain his eunuch lifestyle digging concubine as*hole.

    Why did Hee Jit Foong left this LKS? Because this LKS likes to gorek here and gorek there.

    That’s why Hee Jit Foong left the eunuch party and joined BN.

    Now Perak is in deep shit because of this LKS’s gorek here and there.

    That’s why this LKS can not declare his assets because his assets are garnered from digging here and there illegally!

    How much C4 paid him for digging?

    As long as LKS is still alive and digging, LKS will continue digging… even in his coffin… A MI TO FOR!

  736. monsterball says:

    No hantus AB LIM.
    Early or late dinner depends on your personal lifestyle…..your way of living.
    Basically…you eat…your body system keeps working…no rest.
    Eat early..system will be resting together with your sleep…after few hours..which is excellent way to give the “energy” system work…get up feeling fresh and ready for work.
    Goodnight AB LIM and all.

  737. kittykat46 says:

    “Why did Hee Jit Foong left this LKS” – Lim Go Ting
    Simple. Its an open secret now.
    Hee Haw needed money to settle her husband’s financial problems.
    In PR/DAP there is no way to “Dig Up” money like that.
    But in BN /UMNO, of course, 10,001 dirty ways to get money.

    1Najis offered her the deal. She’s quite a cheapskate. The rest is history.

  738. looks who's talking too says:

    This Look Who’s talking has a big mouth but so sorry uncle eunuch lim has no balls like monsterball to shaft his big mouth but can only resorting to digging gold through the as*hole.

    When uncle eunuch lks is talking, better get ready a can of high pressure to reduce painful digging!

    Looks who’s talking before you open your big mouth and cover your ass*ole, always!

  739. Reformed says:

    …collapsed bridge was built illegally… -Storm62

    At least someone had the mind to built that bridge for people convenienc.. although he going to answer dearly for the collapse… but somebody going there to point finger and give RM10,000 as charity to appease the dead is very stupid…. for 22 dead will be RM220,000 which could have be used to built a legal bridge… maybe even cheaper… for the benefit of the rakyat before this catastrophy happen.
    But no… they brain dont think that way… instead… to cover up for they inneficensy. they throw rakyat money back on the face of the grieving… trying to buy votes for future… and they call themself leaders!

  740. 1 Alien says:

    + Hometown Folk Slam Jelapang Hee +

  741. Reformed says:

    Sorry, I thought 22 died… but 3 deaths still count… it is life.. of children which money cannot buy.

  742. monsterball says:

    Just to let you guys know…I responded to all those hantus…and message got lost!
    I hope Susan finds it…and put it out.

  743. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi stormy, monty and friends,
    There are a lot of ‘ghost’ nicks running around and we would do well to discount them as they are repititious and serve no purpose.
    I think your post got gobbled up by Susan’s block, if too long without paragraphs, monty. Break up your message…

    Reformed, i can guess where you are coming from, but all is not well for 1Malaise, when 10-12 yr olds are being so-called sent to such camps which are akin to indoctrination camps. This is the same thing that fascists and communists do during in Nazi era and Mao’s Cultral Revolution. North Korea does this, and that is why we have a Dear Leader or Great Leader.

  744. wits0 says:

    Menyalak-er, judging from this obdurate and fatalistic determination by Moohigh below, what you noted has to be only too true. The worship of god like decisions from Jayaputrid must be observed with total obeisance, regardless.

    Besides they want to cover up the mess by casting the image to the world that the Gomen never makes mistakes. This embedded arrogance is characteristic and bare to see in bumno. But they’re cluelessly way out today.

    “..Earlier Wednesday, Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, also the Deputy Prime Minister said camping activities will continue and all schools must take note of the Kampar bridge tragedy, adding that precautions will be stepped up to ensure that no deaths occur at future camping activities.”

  745. wits0 says:

    Post got gobbled up by Susan’s Spam Daemon because of certain words it objects too. You have to learn to substitute them.

  746. Menyalak-er says:

    CAP has ‘requested’ curtailment of the NS and this nobrainer indoctrination, wits. It’s meant to turn them ‘malleable’ – which they are at this age.

    We can bet our sorry asses that someone ‘lumpy’ is reaping a tremendous profit from this particular scam. It’s run same as the NS thingy: poor food/supervision, lousy accomodation and dangerous environs. Teachers? What a joke – they are suffering even as we speak.

  747. monsterball says:

    You all are doing fine.
    I read and go to sleep.
    Goodnight everyone.

  748. moonshine says:

    The world is real peaceful with all these daylight murderers and eunuch sycophants sleeping soundly like a pig.

    Alas, but when all these murderers and eunuch sycophants wake up in the next morning, it’s going to be chaotic again.

    This eunuch rocket can still sleep soundly after all the shits created by him?

    If all these rocket eunuchs are in China, they all would be sent to the field planting sugarcane sticks.

  749. baike says:

    If all these rocket eunuchs are in China, they all would be sent to the field planting sugarcane sticks.


    Wow! Wow! If they are in the sugarcane field planting sugarcane sticks, it will be very convenient for the rocket eunuchs to shaft each other ass*ole with the sugarcane stick.

    Then I will be out of job! Sob… sob… sob…

  750. taikotai says:

    Dey baike,

    Don’t worry, while they are in the sugarcane fields sticking each other’s ass*ole with sugarcane stick, it’s better for them tokking tok in the kopitian wasting taxpayers’ money and planning how to siphon all the rakyats’ money.

    That is why Lks & son and all these eunuch sycophantic ass*oles couldn’t declare their dirty money assets.

    How to declare plundered money? MCAA will love to go after their ass*oles. with sugarcane stick!

  751. taikotai says:

    The world is real peaceful with all these daylight murderers and eunuch sycophants sleeping soundly like a pig. Moonshine

    If the world is without all these negative elements ala sycophantic eunuchs and eunuch rockets who refuse to declare assets- this world will be a beautiful world.

    The world is balanced when all these undesired elements (sycophantic eunuchs and eunuch rockets) were created but have to do castration just to check the number, the next performance will be monsterball, twitso, AB Lim….

  752. najib tong naif says:

    The world is balanced when all these undesired elements (sycophantic eunuchs and eunuch rockets) were created but have to do castration just to check the number, the next performance will be monsterball, twitso, AB Lim….

    taikotai – October 29, 2009 at 4:30 am

    Since this monsterball loves so much of my slogan: 1Malaysia, People first, performance now, I shall be pleased to perform the castration and declare my latest acquired asset in the internet!

    LKS better declare your plundered assets eles I shall bobbitt the only organ left btn the legs in the Parliament.

    I will also do the same to me!

  753. bao sir says:

    This corrupt eunuch & son team has committed corruption of the highest level and is the main obstacle in destroying corruption in Malaysia.

    These two corrupt eunuch and son must be arrested first and sent for the guillotine!

  754. bao sir says:

    LKS: Son, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have introduced politics to you, otherwise you will be doing your job as an account clerk happily in a private firm!

    LGE: Hey no problem dad. It’s my honor to be guillotined together with you by bao sir personally. No risk no gain, and no pain no gain.
    Well! This is the result and we have to pay for the risk for not declaring our corrupt-amassed assets.

    This is what I learned in school!

  755. AB LIM says:

    TEOH BENG HOCK shall not and will not die in vain.
    Yes….they are really PANIC,SICK,FULL OF DISEASES and scared now….just go through their mup-pet nematode comments ,this time we will have more and more peoples come in to joint PR.
    We can see how panic this worms are due to TBH body going to be exhume and get the real culprit.”NO TRUTH ,NO PEACE” …TEOH BENG HOCK soul will R.I.P when all the culprit get caught and proven guilty for this inhuman crime…………………..

  756. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Good morning,Good morning,Good morning,,,
    Wah lau eh,,,so many low class ghost,burung hantu at night! Do not follow their stupid way ”bo nau”talking nonsense really with evil intention.
    Ai ya,,evil will always be evil ”mou tak kau” and let them rod in hell.
    Ai ya,,,,just relax all my Frens,,,,have a cup of sweet aroma black coffee or our peel fresh double orange juice to start your days fresh and active.
    Ghost,evils,worms,,,,all ”hau siow” and talking like mummies…guu guu oo ooo,,,,kakakakakakakakakaka

  757. rebena says:

    gigo and 32bits bising like drum and trumpet…….

    luckily 32bits have conscience that he honour the fair struggling of Raja Petra Kamaruddin..
    we have the conscience too..

    let’s drink tea, plain water and kopitiam and exchange view in a peaceful manner..

  758. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo.Aunty cakap betul punya.itu ‘cap ceng kim shiu’ malam malam keluar main bogel sikarang.banyak binatang punya olang.Itu binatang semua punya nama Aunty sudah ada nanti Aunty bagi hah.
    Semua ‘cap ceng’ punya nama :
    (anon anai dud,fatimah gatai,maradonne,I-4-C,bao sir,tai ko tai,32 bits,gigo,bulldog,doggy,mangali,baike,moonshine,lim go ting,jasus,najib tong naif ) hah.ini semua macam hantu dan pontianak.
    Sikarang semua olang tau ini semua ‘cap ceng’ punya nama.semua tipu punya boleh tukar nama punya.tentu itu gatai punya olang buat punya.nanti dia lagi keluar tentu semua olang ketawa dia gatai lagi.he hee heee

  759. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Look my dear rebena,this basta*d snake might change it’s snake skin and get a new nick-{lim go ting,baike or mangali} if you observe this basta*d comments properly.Never trust this evil my dear.Anyway Thank You for your support and concern.Bless you.

  760. Nice Lim says:

    My oh my….it is very sad to see so many sick peoples giving nonsense comments on this wonderful Susan blogs.This idiots are really pathetic and never know what is life,respect one another…..they are just a bunch of banana worms….eat and fark out….days and night.
    Just ignore all those stupid asho*e and carry on our duty to fight for truth and right****

  761. wits0 says:

    Don’t be naive, rebena, these named by KOPI FREN don’t their hearts in the right place. First and foremost, they show this when they try to trash Susan’s Blog with various grades of nonsense.

  762. monsterball says:

    “taikotai”….meaning handphone talking to himself…as “bao sir”.
    Handphone….is a product not a human being.
    Choosing a nick as “taikotai”..a handphone…you can again see how low their IQ is.
    And “boa sir” …whatever it is…..thinks he is such a great script writer.
    Again the low IQ is exposed.
    Harping on assets….because all UMNO and Barisan National politicians cannot understand how PR can fight them with so much funds available….and UMNO is very short of cash.
    Wait for few multi billion projects…all approved…money from EPF and Petronas need to finance.
    This “taikotai” and “bao sir” is one person….not interested billions overpaid to tenders. .approved by UMNO.
    These anti PR people are weird and sick..half cracko…..half drunkards.

  763. Nice Lim says:

    Oh what a wonderful morning at my five star kopi frens place ….take my morning breakfast….and sheep placenta to stay radiant and healthy throughout the days……

    Perak assembly: ‘There’ll be hell to pay’

  764. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha….taikotai is performing and he said he is waiting for me witso and LIM to perform.
    hi…idiot!! We do not perform …like you monkies..and jarkuns.
    We are gangbusters…ghostbusters….excellent debaters….and for all of you here….we are the keepers of the gate in this blog.
    Naturally…you all know….we are also for changing of the government.
    Any problem with that?
    Sure you have…because we are making all of you crazy nuts…more crazy…correct correct correct??

  765. Nice Lim says:

    ” These anti PR peoples are weird and sick..half cracko…..half drunkards.”-monsterball
    They are just a bunch of banana worms know how to eat and fark….to destroy everythings along their way….not to really exchange ideas and communicate in a proper manner way..
    Check this parasite worm out !

  766. wits0 says:

    “we are the keepers of the gate in this blog.”

    And Spotty sez:

  767. monsterball says:

    rebena….You cannot talk nicely to them.They are out here to disturb the blog…and scare people like you away.
    They are here to insult and keeping talking nonsense.
    Nice Lim understands and is now.not so nice to those devils.
    If you support change of government…you need to help and confront them, Do not be scared of them. Me…witso…AN LIM ..King Kong..and many more will support you…as they have supported me.
    Notice I am the chosen one for them to insult?
    You see….they are afraid of kopitiam fellas…because these are the people that threw MCA and Gerakan out…weakening UMNO.
    Please…help us to help you…and your family.

  768. monsterball says:

    See rebena…Nice Lim….is all out to help chase racists..drunkards and half crackos away….not forgetting worms they are too…..the lowest form of life.
    We have been writing like these for years…and they come back with different nicks…for their mission to chase new comers away from this blog.
    So stay and be with us…read and comment …anything…but do not let them scare you away.
    Build up a strong cultured group…talking to each other…with intelligence..with a touch of fun and laughter…to pull each other’s legs.. and and those idiots will feel totally out of place.
    Meanwhile…we the team of gatekeepers….will puff and huff….to blow all till Kingdom come…that is..the 13th GE.
    Come back with different nicks….that suits their characters well.
    One smart idiot….thinks he call himself “jesus” one will him………..hahahahahahaha

  769. monsterball says:

    All may have forgotten….Najib won with a slim 500 votes in 12th GE.
    Yet..he is UMNO chosen PM.
    Come 13th GE….imagine he looses with a 10 majority to PR candidate….not only UMNO voted out…”1 Malaysia” slogan man thrown to tong sampah.
    A person with a prayer of goodness for Malaysians…put it into a mission…with positive attitudes and passion to succeed.
    That is why…..these worms are so afraid…to see more visit and stay in this learn…”The Truths Save Us All”…not may….buts or if…just plain truths…..all hidden away by UMNO…to keep fooling Malaysians.

  770. Nice Lim says:

    Well….everything is in our hand…we do have freedom to choose….we do have our choice…..if you would and if you could……time will tell and change Malaysia Malaysian to a more open,wise and peaceful country to live in without fear or favor…then there will be no discrimination or so many corruption and un-solve killing that happens now and then….just change… change for better.

  771. Reformed says:

    This who KOPI FREN call pontianaks knows what is coming to them… having tasted defeat… they scrambling to hold on to something…. very easily accusing someone so that they own misdeed will not look prominence..
    Is a trick of the human pride… either show egotism… or pretend to be ignorant thinking others is as ignorant and gullible like themself… it is the fear of the coming failure which they cannot avoid… scared like hell… but out of pride talking macho among themselves in their darkness… when nobody is listening.

  772. Reformasi says:


    ” Satu Lagi Projek Kerajaan Barisan Nasional atau Barisan Najis ”
    daripada Khinzir toyo’s toyol : saya untuk Indonesia

  773. rebena says:

    many of us and kopitiam frens were and are enjoy with the humor and style from monsterball, wits0, KOPI FREN, Nice Lim, ..etc.. Thanks for your kind words.. we continue the good deeds.. since Penang and Selangor states governments are on the track of accountability, fair, no wastage on public fund .. and Anti-money-Corruption.

  774. Q & A says:

    Reminder from Khairy Jamaluddin ?

    Why HIM and not Ong ti kus ?
    They are too corrupt to be thrown out like teohs ?

  775. Nice Lim says:

    That’s the spirit rebena,just ignore all those evils from the devil asho*e…and just help and support our beloved PR leaders and frens to carry on fighting for a better Malaysia Malaysian and get back on track to face this challenging world again and get back our respect and moral from every human beings around the globe.Show them that we are truly loving human being and not living like animals without sense of love and compassion………BRAVO.

  776. davis says:

    From his posting I gather that mangali is very familiar with the activities taking place in Jalan Alor and Jalan Chow Kit. He must be there often.Wonder if he is there for pleasure or for immoral earning.

  777. rebena says:

    mca , OTK failed to learn from the wisdom from Obama and Hilary..
    both of them can work together during the time the Liberal Party contest versus Republican Party.. though both two camps need to sort out their differences..

    it is pleasant and fun with kancilandak message (now ,
    not so harsh) , Q&A, and many more frens around this blog.

  778. Nice Lim says:

    That sound nice to us but not to this ? mangali !
    who cares because i will not be nice to this heartless idiotooooo…..

  779. storm62 says:

    At least someone had the mind to built that bridge for people convenienc..- reformed.

    hi reformed, that bridge is not for the people, it’s for this 1Malaysia camp program…..and it’s FREE….bcoz the contractor got this job (to built the camp) thru direct nego and we all know it’s at sky high price.

    so they throw a flimsy bridge FOC as a sign of good gesture but see what it has doned to these innocent 12 year olds.

  780. Nice Lim says:

    ***75% angry when seeing a cop,1(% feel safe in)Malaysia !***
    Why ? cop-1-feel-safe-in-malaysia/

  781. kittykat46 says:

    “From his posting I gather that mangali is very familiar with the activities taking place in Jalan Alor and Jalan Chow Kit. He must be there often.Wonder if he is there for pleasure or for immoral earning.” – davis.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 Hohohoh….yes, sounds like it….

  782. Menyalak-er says:

    Yes stormy, the bridge was built by crony capitalism and that’s why it’s Free. The millions of cost overruns are used to build this substandard dinky ‘bridge’ besides greasing the lanuns.
    The contractor who built this ‘contraption’ is only one of the many culprits – the chief of whom is that ‘apologizer’ muhee!

  783. wits0 says:

    “From his posting I gather that mangali is very familiar with the activities taking place in Jalan Alor and Jalan Chow Kit. He must be there often.Wonder if he is there for pleasure or for immoral earning.” – davis.

    He probably pays for all those activities with his Credit Card and he’s working very hard as a CT now to offset the increased cost of doing business with or owning one. Perhaps he should instead contact the fulat catewauling ones to save money.

  784. kittykat46 says:

    At the trial of Ronnie Liu for “obstructing MPSJ officers from carrying out their duties” , the police DSP admitted he only had a hazy idea why Ronnie Liu was being charged. The officer admitted Liu did NOT obstruct the MPSJ officers…..

    Duh…another Dud…

  785. Search the Web on says:

    No KK46, i think the DSP’s on ‘our’ side… haha. He has literally pee’d over the hot coals, extinguishing the case.
    It might surprise alot of people to know that their are a ‘minority’ of righteous gomen servants – of all races and creeds – the Malaysians who actually wield power. They are the one’s who are keeping the economy sputtering inspite of the odds…

  786. wits0 says:

    The cops cannot tell minutes from seconds. How do they tell innocent people from criminals?

    They really don’t care – and that’s the plausible explanation left.

  787. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Remember this watchdog was finally given a polished new BRAND name and inaugurated with a lot of fanfare and promtions last year by the outgoing………
    GOMEN.The very agency setup to combat the abuse of power has become in the PUBLIC EYE a symbol of abuse of power and an instrument portable tool with big flex cable connecte to DCP .
    In desperations to quell public anger a BI was set up .The public is hoping all mystery will be answered in due time.

  788. Reformasi says:


    Jangan lepaskan Khinzir Toyo’s Toyol.


  789. monsterball says:

    Yip….In Perak…2 parliaments and 3 kataks.
    Najib dare not call for a State election….yet promote “1Malaysia”
    Najib is a liar..a hypocrite and full of shit.

  790. davis says:

    “….and sent to the guillotine”….bao sir. The word ” guillotine” brings forth the image of the French Revolution and the execution of CORRUPTED OFFICALS OF THE STATE. No freedom fighter was executed. Associated with the French Revolution was the storming of the Bastille by the freedom fighters. . We have our Bastille. Bao sir, are you prepared to storm our Bastille? You are a freedom fighter, are you not ?

  791. monsterball says: oppositions in Parliament in Perak.
    All resolutions passed and sittings finished within one hour.
    One hour…all Perak citizens future are decided.
    One hour…tall take it or leave it.
    Najib must be so proud…Perak is the one an only State….complete control…no oppositions.
    When a PM is unrealistic..unreasonable…can he unite all Malaysians into ONE?
    His “1 Malaysia” is a joke.
    Malaysians are united to throw UMNO out…and Najib int Tong Sampah..where his Godfather Mahathir can do another crying act….soon….just 24 hours after 13th GE.
    Perhaps he can smell the rat is caged…and the rotten king…can start another Japanese roti exile with his few good friends…like Khairy and Toyol.
    Japanese roti is just an fool Malaysians.
    Multi billlion RM paid up venture…owned by two sons…and that is because the two sons are smarter than all Malaysians.

  792. monsterball says:

    Cops cannot tell seconds from minute…but they can tell kopi not enough sugar by not tasting it.

  793. wits0 says:

    “….and sent to the guillotine”….bao sir…..” – Davis.

    Bao sir, Davis, sounds like “pow sei”, (too full of oneself in Cantonese). He just need a couple of old time hot JuJube pastilles up(not down) his itchy orifice.

  794. I-4-C says:

    Those who Pakai Kasut Recon soon realised they have been fooled. Original better lah hehe.

  795. davis says:

    An Indonesian maid was traumatise3d and died . Selangor PK government out of compassion has taken upon itself to transport her back to her home village for burial and also gave some compensation to her family. Truly a caring government. One expects the former MB (anak Java) to do something for his country woman. He did nothing. He has forgotten his kins.

  796. whispering9 says:

    Did any of you watch NTV7 news a minute ago? Hahahahaha….very amusing. BN MP asked MCA & Gerakan Presidents to resign after insulting them in Parliment. KTK was called a brown nose politician. I just checked with Urban Dictionary and here is the definition:

    Brown-Nose: To seek favour by sniffing the bumhole of a superior.

    Hahahahaha……bravo 1Malaysia unity. I am pissed with the youngling deaths in Unity National Service and now Unity Camp. This unity thingy is evil and seems to require blood sacrifices.

  797. wits0 says:

    RPK’s son beaten in prison?

    Somehow this no longer a shocking news/allegation, considering what has transpired in Bolehland.

  798. wits0 says:

    “This unity thingy is evil and seems to require blood sacrifices.”

    We can easily name the Baals off the cuff.

    KTK is a particularly pathetic brown nose because right from his youth, he could have led a comfortable life without becoming one. You can hardly find another more disgusting POS.

  799. whispering9 says:

    wits0….u should search for a You-Tube version. It was very amusing. KTK should hang himself by the scrotum if he still turn up as Gerakan President tomorrow.

    Each passing days….I do believe that we are coming to a baal reincarnation. Malaysian politicians are taking deaths too lightly.

  800. Nice Lim says:

    **Glaciers melting pose threat to mankind,Floods will be everywhere**

  801. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai olang still tak tau.Nama KOH (SOUR) TSU (LOST) KHOON (SLEEP) itu pasai dia kalah di pearl of the orient.dia SOUR LOST SLEEP makna dia pahit then kalah then go back sleeplah.banyak senang saja.Aunty lagi pandai.
    Itu I-4-C ( mean i si si = saya mati mati ) he hee heee
    sorry hah Aunty suka sama you nama.apapasai you nama tada bagus semua bunyi ‘si si’ macam mau mati lagi mati.Ai yo.

  802. wits0 says:

    “Malaysian politicians are taking deaths too lightly.” – W9.

    Brown nose politicians and gomen servants holding key offices, plus the MSM, are abettors to this Belial system. Without such an incarnation of participants pretending towards “duty” and selfish blind obeisance as an adat, this can hardly have happened over time.

    Can we see clearly the nature of the touted ‘adat’ today? Some will not.

  803. Nice Lim says:

    “Each passing days…I do believe that we are coming to a baal reincarnation.Malaysian politician are taking death too lightly.”-whispering9
    Reincarnation…yes i hope ‘GOD’ will give TBH a better life in his next life….being a very rich and powerful person and ‘GOD’ will sent those taking death too lightly politician and all the killers to reincarnate in war torn land and suffer in their next life.Well…this is KARMA and this really happen if you surf at youtube and just type ‘reincarnation’.

  804. monsterball says:

    More deaths…less votes against UMNO.
    For all deaths seems to be people who are not supporting UMNO or are their members.Every vote counts for UMNO now.
    How strange…what coincidences.
    Cannot up in Perak….3 frogs….great UMNO job..showing “1 Malaysia” is such a bullshit.
    RPK son wacked in prison too….so said RPK.

  805. monsterball says:

    Lets hope those idiots…that support UMNO and MCA wake up…to realities in life…stop all their nonsense and start developing a truthful character with dignity.
    It will be nice…if they start confessing and regretting.
    I never give up looking for lost sheeps and bring them home.
    Even hantus can change to be friendly ghosts.

  806. cpu says:

    This eunuch rocket has been in politics for 53 years selling the rights of the Malaysian Chinese to the Umno dogs.

    This Chinese eunuch traitor was booted out from one state to another state and all are Chinese concentrated areas.

    The Chinese in Malaysia are damned supporting Chinese parties thinking that that supported parties could fight for the Chinese rights?

    But alas, the Malaysian Chinese have been betrayed by this rocket eunuch party. This eunuch rocket party is just a dynastic eunuch party will continue selling the rights of the Chinese just to maintain its foothold in Malaysian politics.

    The death of TBH just shows that this eunuch party is an easy meat for the Umno thugs who despised these eunuch rockets.

    And looking at the eunuch rockets refusing to take heed in declaring their assets shows that this eunuch rockets are conspiring with Umno and are as corrupt as the Gerakan and MCA and therefore can’t declare their assets.

  807. Nice Lim says:

    ** Work Hard but Work Smart….Talk Loud but Talk Smart With Sense**
    Pakatan Adun,blocked,pushed and shoved…

  808. cpu says:

    The Gerakan and Mca are working and cooperating with Umno to sodo*ise the the local Chinese in broad day light where as the eunuch rockets are working surreptitiously with Umno to further sodomi*e the Rakyat in the dark.

    So this eunuch rocket party is worst than the MCA and Gerakan traitors.

    It is a ‘jinx’ for this Eunuch rocket. Where ever this Eunuch rocket goes, there bound to be problems- be in Malacca, Penang and now in Perak.

    This is what this Eunuch parti wants- working surreptitiously with Umno to create chaotic situation so that Umno could continue sodo*zing the rakyat perpetually.

    And looking at all these useless eunuch sycophants here especially this monsterball defending his eunuch rocket master, they are not to rule the country properly taking heed from the rakyat but just want to stay in power to conspire with Umno to sodom*ze the local Chinese.

    It’s high time the endemic Chinese see the clear picture this eunuch rockets are enemies of the endemic Chinese and Chinese of all the world.

    Chinese and the rocket eunuch Chinese are different group and culture.

    This monsterball epitomizes the culture of the eunuch rocket which has no principle, philosophy, religion but a pariah useless Umno running dog party.

  809. AB LIM says:

    Reformed-Oct 29,2009 at 11:45 am
    Yo,reformed yourself in a good manner with brain first.
    As our wise Kopi frens says-“I COULD IF I WOULD”
    Yes,we could if we would…..we the kopitiam fellas are not as simple as you idiot ‘reformed your d*ck’ think….we can be very good and we can be very bad also….we can ‘K’ or ‘F’ you …you ‘reformed your d*ck’ are our country rubbish and also a real pathetic idiot….but i am happy that all my kopi frens are wise enough to have conscious mind when to pull the brake and when to press on the gas…..for us…you are just a shit in the 1 Malaysia toilet that need to be reformed and flush out.Stupid Reformed ‘ma ka hai’ …Yes i am fuc*ing you…so what…olee shit the banana crab…..

  810. Nice Lim says:

    My oh my….the nematode worms are back in action…doing what tonight…..attack Susan blog….what a real idiots

  811. AB LIM says:

    Yo…cpu ‘cuci pungkok u’ wash your ass…..why are you so afraid of our HERO RESPECTED LIM KIT SIANG & SON…yes i know…..because with PAKATAN RAKYAT….they all going to win next GE13 election then you idiots everyday and night K-po and panic you all will lost….and get jail for all your evils deeds….’ho kau kang,pu nia bo’.night owl.

  812. AB LIM says:

    This sicko must be Fatimah zoo gatai aka 32 bits basta*d cpu.

  813. wits0 says:

    “This monsterball epitomizes the culture of the eunuch rocket which has no principle, philosophy, religion but a pariah useless Umno running dog party.” – cpu.

    Who’ll buy that ass-jaculation of yours?

  814. AB LIM says:

    I still wonder why this sicko keep changing their nick + di*k and so afraid of Pakatan success during 12th GE and now they are more worry for 13th GE big TSUNAMI….that is why they are so afraid….if they lost then they will burn all their corruption file and proof and then……….cabut… to nowhere land…idiot night owl…why you just stand still ….talk something …..why you so scared and keep on changing like poisonous snake changing skin…pathetic…’ki ho kau kang’

  815. monitor says:

    This monsterball epitomizes the culture of the eunuch rocket which has no principle, philosophy, religion but a pariah useless Umno running dog party.

    cpu – October 29, 2009 at 9:47 pm

    This eunuch rocket running dog aka monterball is ubiquitous in various websites promoting and defending his master eunuch rocket and recruiting more eunuch running dogs to sodo*ize the endemic Chinese.

    This monsterball is literally a monster- a reflection of the pariah eunuch rockets.

    They are just a huge burden for the rakyat to sustain for their survival ala the literal dinosaurs which had become extinct 65 millions ago.

    Can the rakyat maintain the survival of the good for nothing dinosaurs ala the eunuch rockets ala monsterball and his useless recruits of cacophony?

    This eunuch rockets fear nobody and thinking that they are gods of dinosaurs-like the Umno god of thugs.

    Hence this dynastic eunuch rockets doesn’t practice human rights, democracy, justice, human sympathy and whatnot.

    These monsterball and the dynastic eunuch party are nuisance to mankind ala the extinct dinosaurs.

    The endemic Chinese just can’t sustain the survival of this insatiable appetites of monsters aka rocket eunuchs, monsteball and all his recruits.

    Let them seek their own extinction.

  816. E-rotic King Kong says:

    Come to E-rotic King Kong baby,let kong ding dong you.
    First,King Kong will tare your ‘cpu and monitor’ and get you out and then arse bang you.
    If you need E-royic King Kong to ding dong you again,just call King Kong with your ding dong.

  817. wits0 says:

    He has nothing sane to say but a litany of cr*p

  818. AB LIM says:

    Never talk to midnight ghost….32 bits cpu without monitor how to see the ghost inside ? Just let the crap do it self or the crab grab and pinch his ball and divided it into two cpu + monitor…wake up seeing double…..hahahhaha waste my time talking to nuts…
    Good night to all ….

  819. keyboard says:

    “This monsterball epitomizes the culture of the eunuch rocket which has no principle, philosophy, religion but a pariah useless Umno running dog party.” – cpu.

    Who’ll buy that ass-jaculation of yours?

    wits0 – October 29, 2009 at 10:10 pm

    Hi monitor,

    This twitso is another useless pariah twit literally willing to sell own soul, mothers and sisters to monstraball to defend the dynastic eunuch monsters!

    Sigh! This world has changed! The evil dark force is still in the dark thinking that their machinations can gain momentum through this dynastic rocket-eunuch monsters even in this high tech information and communication era.

    Porrahhhh! Monsterball and kopitian monsters, yeah!!! In your sweet dream!

    DAP feeds on Umno’s racial politics

    The Batu Talam by-election had shown the DAP is nothing more a stalking horse for Umno and BN while superficially it wants to cooperate with the PKR. When PKR and PAS announced a boycott, the DAP Pahang state treasurer’s son was fielded as an independent candidate against Umno, while the DAP Pahang state secretary formed an advisory group to help campaign but
    withdrew later.

    DAP is a political party known for its tough party discipline. Why would the Pahang state secretary and treasurer were keen to file an independent candidate if not without blessing from the top party leadership? Why no disciplinary action was taken against them? Why would the state secretary decide to dissolve the advisory group after pressure from the party leader? Was the top level leadership of DAP consulted initially or the top brass actually given the order to do so?

    The move by the so-called independent candidate had sabotaged PKR’s and PAS’ effort to bring the issue of unfair electoral law to public attention. Umno and BN have even used the independent candidate’s proclamation that his participation in the by-election had brought RM500 million allocation for the constituency by government. It justifies the ground not to boycott any elections no matter how unfair they could be for the opposition.

    Isn’t it that the DAP has also always complained about – unfair electoral law – and asked for electoral changes? It did not condemn the act of the independent candidate with strong links to DAP, but the party secretary-general openly said that the DAP would never boycott any general elections. It was a slap on the face of the opposition front.

    It must be reminded that the DAP came to Malaysian political limelight when it won a few seats in the 1969 general elections in the wake of boycott by the Socialist Front. In other words, it is a party born to be a stalking horse for Umno and BN.

    The DAP survived on nothing else but as a machine for elections. It only lives on short time ’sedekah’ from Umno. Its party supreme leader, Lim Kit Siang, is very happy with Umno’s racial rhetoric as he knows well that the DAP would thrive on Chinese votes if the Umno opts for racial attacks on the non-Malays. The DAP is practically a parasite of an unfair system. It lives by feeding on the ailing system.

    The DAP and Umno would be two big winners in the next general elections. DAP will gain a few more predominantly Chinese constituencies at the expense of MCA and Gerakan, and Umno will still keep a tight grip on Malay voters at the expense of PKR and PAS.

    There was theory that there must be an understanding between Umno and DAP – DAP keeps check on PKR and PAS by harping on less relevant issue such as Islamic state while making sure they would not make any inroads into Malay rural constituencies. On the other hand, Umno purportedly made racial slurs to ensure the DAP will win a few more seats in predominantly urban Chinese constituencies. It is a theory that should be explored further.

    Unsurprisingly Kit Siang or his son, Lim Guan Eng, will return to Parliament as the opposition leader – the only post in the bureaucracy that they are able to hope for. Malaysia will go back to the politics in the 70s and 80s: Lim Kit Siang, son and co will play as the champion for non-Malays and Umno for Malays. That is the vicious cycle of Malaysian politics, and not only Umno but DAP is now part of it.

  820. speaker says:

    Unsurprisingly Kit Siang or his son, Lim Guan Eng, will return to Parliament as the opposition leader – the only post in the bureaucracy that they are able to hope for.

    Malaysia will go back to the politics in the 70s and 80s: Lim Kit Siang, son and co will play as the champion for non-Malays and Umno for Malays. That is the vicious cycle of Malaysian politics, and not only Umno but DAP is now part of it.

    keyboard – October 29, 2009 at 11:17 pm

    This is the problem of playing nepotism in politics.

    The eunuch rocket has betrayed the rakyat for 50 years selling the endemic Chinese backsites to the umno dogs and now we are in for another 50 years of betrayal through nepotism.

    This despotic eunuch old and young corrupt rockets should be booted out come next GE and be hanged by the rakyat power!

    This eunuch rocket monster party is outright arrogant defying the ratyak’s orders in declaring their assets, third votes and limitation of terms.

    “We need to teach politicians a lesson…It is time we took back the country from the politicians.

    Politicians, both sides of the political divide, are just not delivering. They are screwing us good and proper.

    Politicians just can’t be trusted.

    If Barisan Nasional kicks Pakatan Rakyat out come next general election it is not because Barisan is strong, it is because Pakatan is weak.

    We took 30 years since 1978 to get where we got in March 2008. The last ten years since 1998 was on a Reformasi platform. In just over a year the politicians are undoing 30 years of hard work.

    Victory did not come easy on 8 March 2008. I wasted more than half my life to see what we saw in March 2008.

    And now they expect us to just sit back and watch them undo everything through their arrogance, ego, short sightedness, lust for power, selfishness, and self-centred and narrow-minded political agenda…I don’t expect overnight results.

    I am prepared to see the opposition build back, brick by brick, what Barisan Nasional destroyed over 50 years. But Pakatan Rakyat is not rebuilding. It is destroying even more.

    It is creating as much damage as what Barisan Nasional did in 50 years…Pakatan Rakyat must remember that it was not they who won the 8 March 2008 general election.

    It was the rakyat who did. And now the rakyat is no longer part of the equation in whatever they do. Pakatan Rakyat must be given a tight slap on the face”.

  821. monsterball says:

    They are so sick and weird…getting drunk every night…with an unstable mind….do not know who they are…with eyes rolling…high on drugs too….that makes them eat shit….talk shit and the devil takes over…playing with their souls…..having fun with one out ..another into his body…changing names.
    These are the young lost souls that will suffer as the grow older and older….and UMNO depends upon thousand created by them…to vote….and they are all lost without UMNO.
    These are worst than half past sixes.
    hip hip hooray for Mahathir and his UMNO BARU….the end results are sen here at their best…with Najib showing the way….day in day out too.

  822. monsterball says:

    This idiotic “speaker” writer.. trying to impress everyone with his half past six long comment…with low class art to talk agree to disagree.
    He blames PR for not keeping ther words when PR have not even started to govern the country.
    He totally ignored…..from day one. after the 12th GE…it is UMNO governing and never do anything right…except keep on talking politics and making life difficult for PR State governing….buying 3 frogs to grab control of Perak .
    He simply ignored… the history of bridge building…..only under Najib have one fell off ..after one month completion….kiiiing innocent children.
    This shows the country is under auto pilots that are also sleeping in their jobs…..all employed by UMNO.
    “speaker” writer is speaking from his arsehole.

  823. monsterball says: have a “keyboard”….who is actually “speaker”….with his same long nonsense to test his writing skill.
    What skill?
    Poking fire is his best skill…trying so hard to irritate and insult witso now….like I said…….speaking from his arsehole…cheepai chiew.

  824. monsterball says:

    Change to “monitor”…speakhg to himself as “keyboard”…not enough…reply with “speaker”…..3 nicks from one idiot…who is the same idiot that spoke with 3 different nicks ..few days ago…..and 3 more…to show so many are here to rojak the blog.
    Like Najib”1Malaysia”…that have 2 Peraks and 3 frogs..these 3 are worms….ready to be eaten by their own frogs….as dog eat eat cat are happening within Barisan National…the signs of the end of UMNO …..that frightens these worms so much…..daily get drunk…yo avoid facing the truths..fearing nightmares and a monster ball come rolling to treat them like 3 blowing pins….boom…….SPARE!!..all drop as I like…kui kui.
    Feeling the pains..dare not show out…must keep on getting perform….come out with 3 different nicks….start all over again.
    Go to kopitiam…talk like that…all will be thrown out…like rubbish.

  825. monsterball says:

    witso…how can insane people talk sensible things?
    Fortunately…king kong is game to eat two of them…both got cold feet ….must have fainted…change to another worm.

  826. wits0 says:

    “trying so hard to irritate and insult witso now….”

    He can, meh? Get a potato, we’ll make potato chips, a lemon, lemonade. He’s also pretending to be computer running wild with split personality talking to and agreeing with itself. He’s only a pathetic spud.

    No prize for guessing :

  827. monsterball says:

    What a glorious day today will be.
    These worms will go to ask Allah for forgiveness….and starts all over again.
    Their master…UMNO powerful,..politicians ask for forgiveness to keep fooling Malaysians.

  828. monsterball says:

    1-4-C….come out… bloody worm!!

  829. wits0 says:

    Jocelyn gets pie in face from Zorro ; his commentators are NOT so kind.
    He is rather a mite too kind to that minion of devils such as the Thief of Perak. Perhaps he has a soft touch for…females.

    Lambada is definitely a lovely dance song.

  830. monsterball says:

    Laps at pool at 2.30 am… zorro?

  831. wits0 says:

    AB Lim,your fav Alan in MP3 for d/l here:

    Not able to record more HQ audio from YouTube video. Recorder can record, but no playback by any players. Dunno why. KittyKat46 knows?

  832. monsterball says:

    Zorro is a political blogger.
    He is for sale to the highest bidder.
    His master and close buddy…Rockybru bought up by Najib.
    They are enemies out of no choice….as ‘People’s Parliament” blog owner Haris Ibrahim and RPK..are his closest buddies right now.
    Zorror have an art to win trust and confidence and now…trusted by RPK family members. That is his low class art…that needs intelligence and skills….not many want to learn.
    We call that balls carrying to the extreme.
    When with Rockybru…he was the master mind.the planner for all road shows. He purposely brought “big dog” a die hard Mahathir supporter to a meeting with sort of insult Anwar with “big dog”….doing most of the talking.
    Now he is sort of…Anwar supporter.
    Do not get close to political bloggers….except in blogs like LKS..who is a true freedom fighter…long before many were born……never change….never afraid….a legend…so many worms in this blog are trying to insult him and LGE.
    To me…zorro is a low class worm too.

  833. monsterball says:

    kittykat sure know…alot about computers.
    Paying highest income tax bracket….make piles from stock market …I hope he is still doing well with his art and craft.
    How are you…Kit T.Y..”Tan”?

  834. wits0 says:

    “LKS..who is a true freedom fighter”

    He is a true legend and I’ve read a couple of his his early books and followed some of his proceedings/debates in Parliament and how he defeated ultra racist Syed Jaafar Albar everytime. He fought all his life for the egalitarian ideals without which there can be no real justice based unity possible.

  835. I-4-C says:

    Yes. Good morning to you sifu. You gonna play my ass*ole with your monster size rigger?

    No problem sifu, but first you have to part with your monsterballs. ..hehe…

    I ain’t let you in with your monsterballs attached between sifu legs.. hahaha…

  836. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Good Morning to all our valued customers and friends,,,,have a cup of warm aroma cappuccino coffee and make your self fresh up for all the challenge ahead.

    Wah lau eh,,,every night sure got funny funny worms come out one eh,,,
    this computer worms with cpu,monitor,keyboard and speaker ( whole set)…..wah lau eh,,,,real marathon runner,,,,kakakakakakakakakaka

  837. E-rotic King Kong says:

    Come to E-rotic King Kong baby and let Kong ding dong all your arse.
    After Erotic King Kong destroy’cpu and monitor’ then Kong will steps on ‘keyboard and speaker’ and then will slowly doing ding dong all of them.
    E-rotic King Kong now miss I-4-C arse hole.Make sure I-4-C wear original rubber shoes before E-rotic King Kong arse bang I-4-C again and again.

  838. E-rotic King Kong says:

    Come on I-4-C baby,make yourself loose and open up wide and ready to let E-rotic kong ding dong you for a good time.

  839. E-rotic King Kong says:

    Come on I-4-C baby,just let E-rotic King Kong be your true lover forever.
    Mmmmm,I-4-C really taste good and wet.Do not worry I-4-C.
    E-rotic kong will let you play your own arse first and E-rotic kong will be back to arse bang you later.Enjoy your own arse first I-4-C.

  840. monsterball says:

    huh….Truth reveals!
    1-4-C is kancilandak.
    Go read 1-4-C respond to me….calling me “sifu”
    kancilandak is still groggy after last night samsu… and forgot to change nick.
    King Kong simply love this 1-4-C and should have two for the price of one.
    WOW..kancilandak had me fooled…behaving like idiotic mouse-deer when all the time…is that fortune teller that tells all wrong fortunes…so much said he is actually…”1 see see”… hokkien means..he is admitting …he is half dead.

  841. monsterball says:

    1-4-C is the best!!
    He can transform himself to many nicks..with different personalities….that only King Kong can smell him as the one and only.. this blog.
    This bloody 1-4-C…do have acting skills to master the art…of a best of the best Malaysian crook……that he cannot be an UMNO minister…all due to him…mixing too much with snakes and reptile……a Tun Sambathan ….”Little India”.
    He must be a good for nothing mamak too.
    WOW!!……..kancilandak….mouse-deer is actually a tyrant with no brain and full of shit in his head.,

  842. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    (((((monsterball)))))you are really lucky to have this kancilandak and i-4-c calling you ‘sifu’.Congratulation,you are a real man with 2 ‘thou tai’.
    Wah lau eh,,,funny things happen in this morning hours too,,with this erotic king kong tailing i-4-c and give him a good ash*le service.kakakakakakakaka
    Wah lau eh,so many friends and customers to service,,o.k talk to you guys later,bye for now.

  843. wits0 says:

    Hi, Bull’s milk dealer, kancilnakal!

  844. AB LIM says:

    wits0,Thanks for this Sweet Alan mp3 song….appreciate that…..and all the very best to you.

  845. AB LIM says:

    Olee shit the banana crab…..’monsterball’ must be happy with his two little cute disciple ! …..hahahaha
    Bravo monsterball…….

  846. AMIGO says:


  847. najibmustdie says:

    “Badrul quits PKR, now BN-friendly Independent”

    In that headline with pic, the woman sitting next to Badrul is wearing dark glasses. What is she hiding? Is she 1wanita umno who “lift skirts”?
    Did she learn from GRO Rosmah how to do it?
    Did Najib teach her how?

  848. najibmustdie says:

    RPK’s son beaten in prison?

    “My son has informed me he can no longer stand these daily beatings and he wants to plead guilty to the charges. I have advised him to do so although we both realise that this means he will be spending at least ten years or so in jail.

  849. najibmustdie says:

    “Today, Barisan Nasional is in power so it has the power of life and death over its citizens. Well, who knows, one day Barisan Nasional might be kicked out and Malaysia will see a new government.

    “Those behind the effort of torturing my son with these daily beatings had better hope that Barisan Nasional stays on as the government for a long, long time to come. If not, and if Barisan Nasional falls, then rest assured it will be retribution time and all those people who are using my son to get to me will be made to pay for it.

    “And, please, this is not a threat. This is a promise. And that is all I wish to say about the matter.”

  850. najibmustdie says:

    MIC prostitute`s son Nijhar wants RPK to surface so RPK can be “finished” and Najib will be safe…..then Nijhar can get more corruption money.

  851. najibmustdie says:


    “Have no delusions about it. The enemy is the Malaysian police. Those are the people we must first bring down if we want to bring down the regime called Barisan Nasional. Malaysians must declare war on the Malaysian police.”

    IGP should be the FIRST as an e.g. Next is the fat bustard AG. Unfortunately, we cannot hang their families with them.

  852. najibmustdie says:

    “Najib Tun Razak is now the Prime Minister instead of sitting in jail for conspiracy to cover up the real story behind the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu because of the police. And the Chief Conspirator to this cover-up is none other than the IGP himself, Musa Hassan. This was told to me personally by the Honorary Consul of Mongolia to Malaysia, Datuk Syed Rahman Alhabshi. And he told me in no uncertainty that he had given Musa Hassan a thick dossier of evidence that has now been buried and has not been allowed to surface in the murder trial.

    Let me make this very clear. Najib is Prime Minister instead of sitting in jail because of Musa Hassan and the Malaysian police. And Musa Hassan is behind the brutality against the opposition. And what happened in Perak yesterday should be proof enough to convince you in case you are not already convinced by now.”

  853. najibmustdie says:

    “There are those who say I have gone underground to ‘escape punishment’ for the allegation I made against Najib and Rosmah in relation to the Altantuya murder. That’s what they want to make you believe. But this has nothing to do with my sedition or criminal defamation trials. I have gone underground because I know they want to detain me without trial under the Internal Security Act to stop me from getting further evidence on how the police helped cover up the facts behind the Altantuya murder.

    But the facts will not remain hidden for long. Before Christmas this year the facts will surface. Malaysians will be told the truth behind the Altantuya murder. Malaysians will see the evidence of how Musa Hassan and the Malaysian police made sure that Najib would become the Prime Minister instead of sitting in jail for conspiracy to cover up an act of murder.”

    Mahathir supports murder.

  854. najibmustdie says:


  855. najibmustdie says:

    “The Malaysian police are a bunch of gangsters in uniform. They are in fact worse than gangsters. Even gangsters have some sort of ethics. If you have ever mingled with them you will know what I mean. The gangsters in uniform, however, have absolutely no ethics whatsoever. And to make it even worse, these gangsters in uniform prostrate in prayer five times a day and face Mekah and imagine themselves as God’s chosen people who have been guaranteed a place in heaven no matter what sins and crimes they commit.”


  856. najibmustdie says:

    The A.C.A.B. is a Malaysian rock band.
    The band signaled their return with a performance at Rock the World gig in 2005 with a mix of old songs and new material. With music heavily influenced by the British indie rock and post-punk revival scene, The A.C.A.B. released This is The A.C.A.B. in 2006 drawing old as well as new fans to their new direction in music.

    ALL COPS ARE BUSTARDS {ACAB} album cover:

  857. tengelam says:

    PDRM – Pariah Dogs Rule Malaysia

  858. Reformed says:

    For those of us who wish to be informed or updated or even inspired I would suggest reading coments from the regular commenters in this blog… in this respect Monsterball is tops with his comments… and the other strong regulars.
    Reading postings from kitchen cabinets and window grills is a utter wasting of intellects and time… best to scroll down and reach the next regular witsO or Menyalak-er and others.

    Those wishing to teach must have a deep understanding, broadmind and clear thinking so what they teach will reach target…. which is dull and void from commenters like vcd, amplifier, equalizer and the lot.

    Reading AB LIM was like watching Donald Duck teach his nephews to behave but with bad words thrown in for no reason at all.

  859. whoru says:

    “Reading AB LIM was like watching Donald Duck teach his nephews to behave but with bad words thrown in for no reason at all.”

    And who are you to moralise? You work for IGP?

  860. whoru says:

    “Those wishing to teach must have a deep understanding, broadmind and clear thinking ….”

    U certainly dont sound it.

  861. wits0 says:

    “Reading AB LIM was like watching Donald Duck teach his nephews to behave but with bad words thrown in for no reason at all.” – Reformed.

    Oh, but there’s more than ample reason to. I use ’em too as befitting the situation.

    Hmmm….. are you friend or Cao Cao(like the one in Red Cliff)?

    AB Lim aka Nice Lim is a decent person on the right side of history. Kancilunclean is a dissimulator out to spy here and harboring the hidden attempt to find out things but he’s not up to the job.

  862. urnut says:

    AB Lim is also known as Arse Banger Lim who like to bangs/be banged by buffaloes.

  863. wits0 says:

    AB Lim is also known as Arse Banger Lim who like to bangs/be banged by buffaloes.”

    How can you know? Unless you live in Uranus and is a nematode.

  864. Reformed says:

    To AB LIM,

    I have always enjoyed your comments… what I meant was… as you was talking about me it was a comic relief for me last night, never saw you to be that angry before, and please.. what I said did never meant to be insult.
    Maybe I’m wrong in my paragraphs… I’m not that educated.

  865. Reformed says:

    Btw, Nazis and their spy networks are not for me… it make me puke even to think about them.

  866. urnut says:

    How can you know? Unless you live in Uranus and is a nematode.

    wits0 – October 30, 2009 at 11:39 am

    Because your mother didn’t let him bang because of leakage, so Ares Banger Lim can’t tahan, he banged buffaloes which happened to be on the road side.

    From that time, he doesn’t bang your mother, he prefers banging buffaloes with leeches which regulate his blood pressure.

  867. wits0 says:

    It’s obvious that AB Lim is likely from the chinese school ; even some old timer from english schools don’t have a good command of english. What’s happening today is, the system makes for no good command of any language at and after school. That’s almost intentional by default.

  868. davis says:

    “…theory that there must be an understanding between UMNO and DAP”…. keyboard. Previous it was allegations of non declaration of asset. Now it is allegation of collusion of DAP with UMNO.Keyboard, cpu and the likes of 32 bits, I believe, are ghostwriters of UMNO. I have to cede that your style of writing and falsified content are much better that the previous UMNO ghostwriters. Probably been to Oxford.

  869. wits0 says:

    “Probably been to Oxford.” – davis.

    A very good possibilty, but being an Oxfart product is by no measure of any hope-for integrity. Being from Princeton university, e.g., KTK still inflicts himself grievously on the people, living by the Code of Bullshitdo. The sons of Belial cannot help but follow their innate propensity.

    The Internet is a great equalizer and they’ll get there dues from their peers. The high profile CTs(like Chaptokam and Dud) don’t get very far in the Net.

  870. urnut says:

    AB Lim aka A1 Ba*tard Lim…. is a farking assh*le good for nothing monster with monsterballs…. hahaha….

  871. AB LIM says:

    TO : Reformed aka chicken father + Urnut aka di*k boy from Mickey club.
    Well…well..well,so this ‘Reformed duck’ or so call bapa ayam with his stupid idiotooo new friend ‘urnut aka urut di*k’ …..doing some good service for this idiotoo chicken father by holding this reformed chicken father testicle and di*k whole day so that this Reformed aka chicken father will pay urnut aka urut ball …….1 Malaysia ringgit later.hahahahahaha ….
    Yo, urut boy ! make sure you urut this reform di*k until it break off or drop dead…

  872. AB LIM says:

    So Reformed aka bapa ayam & your urut di*k son….since you are very smart….tell us how many languages you can speak ? ‘lan si lan yong bo nau lau kau kia”

  873. AB LIM says:

    My six sense tell me that this urnut aka urut ball boy sound like kancilansi…..
    Yo,come out and talk like a man….you no ball pondan…..mup-pet nematode ball less worms

  874. AB LIM says:

    “ARROGANT” or “SOMBONG” or “LANSI”…..
    Barisan is arrogant and drunk on power

  875. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo,apa pasai tiap tiap hari ada olang jahat.Aunty susah hati tengok macam ini.Itu budak Teoh sudah mati kamu olang tada kesian sama olang lagi cakap yo.betul betul ‘cap ceng kim shiu’ punya olang.

  876. davis says:

    “Itu budak Teoh sudah mati”….KOPI FREN. He was murdered(dibunuh). Let us not forget that. We must find the killer.

  877. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo Aunty tentu mau itu killer kena gantung sapai mati punya.Itu killer betul betul binatang’cap ceng kim siu’ tada kesian olang punya.
    Kamu olang tengoklah.ada olang jahat tada hormat sama olang mati.lagi tiap tiap hari cakap kotor macam binatang.

  878. rebena says:

    these cpu, keyboard, speaker, monitor, urnut, bising for the low class cause.. driven by money-corrupted and politic cult

    Kopitiam and Tea house frens have sufficient resources to tarok them..

  879. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Correct my dear rebena,you are talking positive with your intelligent brain.We support everyone who fight for the truth and right.

  880. AB LIM says:

    This two idiotoooo must be playing with each other assh*le now….changing new nick and di*k every now and them….maybe some pathetic from tanjung rambutan just release one….sometimes their brain o.k and sometimes out of alignment ……hahahahaha
    O.K all of you idiotooo can come out to play your own ball now because i am going to sign out now… don’t worry and be happy.o.k

  881. Kancilandak says:

    …kancilunclean… out to spy here… -witsO

    Hihee..hee.. imagine…!

    Kancilandak as James Bong 007 in
    a babanacrab roadskunk production
    costarring Monsterball as SPECTER.
    produced by ABLIM and Directed by witsO
    it’s a 5Star Kopitiam released.
    and KOPIFREN aunty the bond girl.. hee..hee..hee..!

  882. monsterball says:

    Sometimes when I read those writers that wish to insult me….makes me laugh.
    They insult….and long the way…got lost and confused..whether to insult me or include another person in……making their whole message exactly like what I call them….idiots!!
    Want to class.
    Want to insult class.
    We expose corruptions…from so many incidents…they keep harping for PR freedom fighters to declare their assets…to change the subject…..and using this line….on and on…no class..nothing else.
    kancilabndak…is the finest example…of a cracko…trying to impress us with his movie plans and directions.
    Can you imagine a mouse deer acting as 007?
    That reminds me of ” Labu & Labe”..Malaysian Laurel & Hardy.
    kancilandak thinks he can out beat P.Ramlee?….is why……this cracko can “hahahehe” when all reading his comment..simply feel sorry for him….putting me as Specter….sure die in his hands.
    Can you ever believe kancilandak can kill monsterball?
    Daily….this idiot is getting worst….but being 1-4-C and kancilandak…both calling me sifu…that in China..such kind of students…will be thrown way from the school…..or killed instantly.
    They choose the path…and mouse deer run can run like hell…come back as 1-4-C..fortune teller..starts all over again…similar to chinese old kungfu movies…..chapter chapter 36….going on and on for years.

  883. monsterball says:

    Staying power will be the ultimate winner.
    Like Johnny Walker….monsterball….neverr grow old…still going strong……..vooom vooom….vooooooooomm..hahahahahahaha

  884. wits0 says:

    “Want to class.
    Want to insult class.”

    But got not so good intention.

  885. monsterball says:

    Intention…to rojak this blog.
    Therefore you are right…no so good intention.
    Not so good intention,…..not enough….but perform like many from one or two…with the intention to many supports Najib.
    What idiots they are.

  886. MSM says:

    “Can you imagine a mouse deer acting as 007?”

    Can, that is Towering malay like IGP or AG

  887. monsterball says:

    Sooooooo kancilandak crazy for KOPIFREN er?
    He 007…she Bond girl…sure get dot dot dot by kancilandak. know what “aunty” means?
    It means got husband and children…and much older than you.
    But then….if he is drunk….any hole will do.
    First movie..Specter going to kill 007..produced ad directed by kancilandak…waiting to be sued by Ian Fleming.

  888. monsterball says:

    rebena is a making to be a beautiful swan..proud… fearless..afraid of no worms…ghosts or imposters.

  889. wits0 says:

    “What idiots they are.”

    They’ll have to reassign another “smarter” dissimulator/spy digger than this mischievous brat. LOL! Let’s see how “smart”! See in the clowns, lah! Hahahahaha!

  890. monsterball says:

    Come on …you guys….talk til you drop dead.
    They want to rumble…we can entertain them.They want to jig-a bug…Nice Lim ever ready.
    They want to rattle rock and roll…rebena also ready.
    Talk out of order and out of line….King Kong in no good mood…just want to poke and let them feeeeel good.
    They want more…so many here will oblige them.
    Me..I watch …..happy and contented.
    So come on you worms…new or old nicks.come one come all…….play with my kopitiam friends….stop insulting me.

  891. monsterball says:

    “That’s right…the woman is smarter” so said Harry Balifornte…and in this blog…our beloved blog owner is smarter than all those idiots put together.
    Allowing them to comment will indirectly win more votes for change of government.
    So rojak on….you idiots…with pea brains.
    More you do..more can see what kind of people supports Najib.

  892. monsterball says:

    And if all do watch Bond movies…most bond girls are second hand from Specter…….hahahahahahha
    Me Specter er…you dum ass.
    Who is controlling the world now…….Malaysia with two Russians submarines?
    Wa…sailing boat…loots stolen all can be
    Submarines….can hide hide…sneak here sneak there.
    Najin really boleh la.

  893. monsterball says:

    ‘KOPIFREN aunty the bond girl…hee hee hee”

  894. monsterball says:

    How to reach 1000 when I am talking to a fool?
    Good night….sleep tight…sweet dreams.
    Tomorrow the sun will shine again…or else we are all dead.
    Alive we all will be…healthy and well…for God is with all of us…no matter how bad you are….we are all Malaysians.
    The only difference is…those are idiots…we are smart fellas.
    Good night again.
    Wake up…lets see this post reaches 1000 messages with the usual 30% from me…..hahahahahahahaha
    Need to say that..before those worms come out to insult me.

  895. AB LIM says:

    Yo…..kancilansi 003 @ I-4-C crazy bug…..wanna be 007 ? ….You must me joking….hahahahahahhaha
    What about we supply yo 12 dozen free 003 for yo to use daily until yo di*k break off….you must be hallucinating Kopifren Aunty as bond girl…..hahahahaha wait till the Aunty wake up you will know the taste…….hahahahaha….so….kancilansi…in my next and coming comments i will call and name you Kancilansi 003 instead of 007… will get your 003 supply very soon……………enjoy yourself with every hole you can use it on….mr 003….hahahahaha

  896. I-4-C says:

    The “cracks” in PKR ( Pakai Kasut Recon) are inevitable when one uses “culup” tyres instead of original ones hehe

  897. E-rotic King Kong says:

    I-4-C Come to E-rotic King Kong baby.
    Don’t worry about any ”crack” and stop talking ”crap”.
    Just let yourself loose and cracko so E-rotic kong can ”culup”ding dong you now.
    Don’t cry baby I-4-C,just enjoy it quietly.
    Oh,E-rotic King Kong will arse bang you again and again.
    Oh I-4-C, do you like to be ding dong? Tell E-rotic King Kong.

  898. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha….kancilandak 007 changed to 1-4-C….telling us…lets forget and move on…without realizing E-rotic King Kong…can smell him miles away.
    When Kong talks..1-4-C balls shiver……….hahhahahaha
    PS: Remember he said Mahathir stole and bribed? What happen to the police report…….I filed?

  899. monsterball says:

    NOW!!..1-4-C is insulting all poor Malaysians using culup …….or retreaded tyres.
    He is asking trouble from retreaded tyres makers….and must have found out…the poor and the makers are all PR supporters.
    Hentam tetap hentam!!

  900. monsterball says:

    Come out … scums of Malaysia….you balless…brainless…good for nothing…slimebags..scumbags…and maybe one Malaysian made.. bagpipe …tuned into a handbag for prostitute.
    Come play with monsterball.
    Come talk about my english and insult me.
    Is that all you idiots can do?

  901. I-4-C says:

    Enjoy driving your Recon car plate number “PKR” with “culup” tyres hahaha !!! This is what they call “REFORMASI” hehe

  902. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo,KancilcarOO3 sama dengan i-4-c (i si si) atau i mati mati sama car nombor plate.sikarang ini olang gila sudah gatai kasi nyamok gigit sama dia punya bola bengkak.tiap tiap hari mau kena cuci lubang yo i-4-c lu pi jual itu kondom OO3 lagi bagus.heheeheee

  903. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    (((Good morning ))) monsterball and all kopitiam friends,,
    Wah lau eh,,,I-4-C everyday doing this arse banging with EROTIC KING KONG!,,,We are sure this I-4-C will be arouse or either in pain.His assh*le must be very big to be able to stand this big apes banging every now and then,,Kakakakakakakaka
    Wah lau eh,,,,we better sit down and enjoy all this freak and funny shows throughout the days.Kakakakakakakakakaka

  904. monsterball says:

    How can a poor man who can afford only culup tyres… drive with a number plate that needs thousands Ringgit to buy?
    When kancilandak transform himself to 1-4-C…two clear different personalities.
    One asking for trouble…one looking for trouble.
    1-4-C is the one looking for trouble….which I suspect…he misses King Kong very much.
    Five Star Kopitiam is such a nice guy with good manners…
    …everything is “Wah lau eh”….to those creature….said with fun and laughters..that makes me happy…he is enjoying himself.
    But you can ….wah..we…woo…wah….to those lunatics…they feel no shame at all…..another typical character and mentality of UMNO buggers.
    Can all see clearly UMNO monkies and donkies performing …exactly like their teachers and task masters?
    This reminds me so much of Moses and his people…being ill treated by Egypt King….led his people to freedom.
    It is a fairy tail. Nevertheless very entertaining… and truths….faith and hope and charity….. always win…is the message.

  905. monsterball says:

    “REFORMASI” is such a powerful one word created by Anwar…that this idiotic 1-4-C interprets that with his usual pea brain and thinks ……how smart he is….laughing like a bloody fool…for all to laugh back at him.
    He is not a clown…per se…to purposely entertain us.
    He is such a great student of UMNO’s teachings…that 1-4-C is the classic example of a half past six Malaysians..UMNO is very proud of…especially Mahathir…the devil reincarnated scumbag.

  906. Kancilandak says:

    Kancilandak can never be 14C…. just becoz some nut call Monsterball sifu does not mean nut and me one and same… I can swear that on my Beano comic book.
    I am of Malaysia for Malaysians camp… maybe old school… but right school.

  907. The Incredible Hulk says:

    Yeh Kancilandak,wait until HULK bang your ass split into two and you will be 14C.You will see a very bright star then.

  908. monsterball says:

    “I am of Malaysia for Malaysian”
    What is that?
    He is surely not for a Malaysian Malaysia.
    This pariah racist talk exactly like Najib…”1 Malaysia”… ,long as UMNO is fighting for one race
    Anyway…kancilandak is just a small boy….growing up..thinking he can take me.which he claimed…I am his sifu..
    Imagine a student….killing the sifu…what a great hero kancilanfdak will become. Keep dreaming. Your IQ is not even 10% of mine.
    Go and read your comic books and dream on.

  909. monsterball says:

    “maybe old school ..but right school”…kancilandak
    Maybe out-dated old school that was right before and tak boleh pakai now.
    Forget divide to rule.
    Forget how this land belong to one race….and we are all tenants and you are my very nice generous landlord.
    Forget….Malays are farmers and simple folks.
    Forget Malays want to be fed by UMNO..ongoing for 54 years.
    Malaysian Malays want to vote UMNO out..for they disgrace their own race.
    There is no old school that is right..or new school that is wrong.
    Certainly old schools are all wrong….because they program children with wrong history.
    Other races kept quiet…as when one monopolized…others have no choice….keep quiet and mind their own business….suffering in silent…sweat and toil to see their children get what others easily with UMNO’s help.
    UMNO was right. UMNO BARU totally wrong…to bring Malaysia backward. Who created UMNO BARU and why?
    So simple….all old powerful influential UMNO warriors reduced to become nothing….with Mahathir the first member….all powerful…to do as he likes.
    So get it clear….old school was right for certain period…and Mahathir..extended the old school…..that is actually out-dated…to play race an religion dirty politics to the fullest….encouraging Malays to accept bribes and corruptions.
    How can kancilandak and 1-4-C be so proud of UMNO…..that is actually making his own race go backward…depending on UMNO…and not train them to be independent and strong.

  910. Kancilandak says:

    Inedible hulk also I not scared… hee..hee.. but when I make sifu angry…. all the facts come out… hee..hee… this is history we need to learn. See how smart I?

  911. wits0 says:

    “Kancilandak can never be 14C…. just becoz some nut call Monsterball sifu does not mean nut and me one and same…” – Merchant of Cow’s Milk.

    Not an important point. In spirit, you two are well qualified to be soul mates. Methinks thou protesteth too much.

  912. I-4-C says:

    PKR’s Reformasi is about culuping the whole country into arse bangers hehe

  913. monsterball says:

    So what 1-4-C?
    What if majority Malaysians do not care about Anwar’s personal life?
    What we are ONLY interested is what Anwar said or do..and that pleases vast majority Malaysians.
    Between an arse banger….and thieves…that steals from all all Malaysians…who will you choose to be PM?
    Get real.1-4-C.

  914. wits0 says:

    We have all been variously ‘sodomised’ by bumno for 52+ years but I-4-C says he lives just for that wonderful experience. That Anwar was a sifat chai has never been proven but that I-4-C is a loony pervert is clear to all.

  915. monsterball says:

    Yes..went to jail for 6 years..also proven falsely charged.
    Anwar is the one and only man….Mahathir was afraid of….now his adopted son…Najib..have PRK hot on his heels.
    1-4-C is a pervert… doubt about it. He loves talk asre banging.
    The mentioning of that must thrill him alot.

  916. wits0 says:

    Wanted: Pornthip’s head!

    Thai pathologist Khunying Pornthip Rojanasunan has promised to bring Teoh Beng Hock’s case to justice by requesting an exhumation of the dead politicial aide’s body for a second post-mortem, making her a well-known legendary figure across this country.

    She fears no evil, and has over the past three decades brought justice to countless unjustifiably killed victims.

    That explains why a million-baht tag has been placed on her head!

    Guang Ming Daily travelled all the way to Thailand to talk to her. The full story will come online Sunday morning.

  917. monsterball says:

    Strange…..Dealing with Malaysian justice …somehow people get C4ed…a witness on murder case…suddenly.. whole family..lost into thin air….and now a price on the head of Thai’s doctor….who is about to examine Teoh’s body for evidences.
    RPK had to hide….not out of fear…but out of no choice….and still posting without fear at all. He name IGP as the man…trying to save his own skin that needs to protect Najib with his life.
    Deaths that are suspected to be political motivated……seems to have our police force…zero success in solving crimes.
    What will be Dr.Porntip’s reaction…towards such a high price for her death. What will be Najib’s comments…if any. Surely as PM of Malaysia…this is serious matter that his “People First. Performance Now” slogan should include all people that are threatened with assassination…involving with a Malaysian death case…..she is helping to solve. Najib should be grateful and protect her.
    But we know who Najib is….don’t we.

  918. Menyalak-er says:

    “But we know who Najib is…don’t we.” MB.
    Not really Monty, he has the consistency of mush – first he speaks about rule of Law, then he flushes it down the ethics and morality asssociated with it down the drain, cf. the Lingamgate.
    Then he talks about 1Malaysia and the performance now crap, leaving a big hole in PKFZ, Auditor-Gen Report and other glaring misappropriation of fund scams.
    He kisses Sabah’s PBS ass, while stabbing them in the back.
    Then he talks about a ‘caring’ society but based on Malay superiority.
    He talks of equality, then allows for the further talibanization, as in his home state where the sentences of lashing are about to become the norm… Much, much more due to Botox poisoning by his spouse. Has anything changed for the kopitiam flurs? He certainly lacks the cojones you have.

    Now Monty, tell me can we really know or read someone like that? Yes we can, can’t we. This is a lalang snake swallowing it’s own tail, isn’t it.

  919. Nice Lim says:

    ” The Stupid Macc Najis Pathologist ”
    Most Stupid Wanted Head-Dr?khairul

  920. wits0 says:

    It’s common knowledge that the none-too-bright flurs usually have the mouths frequently agape.

    BTW, not only specialists but ordinary MOs(and even experienced Medical Assitants and other para medics) actually have the ability to tell the types of fractures from the x’rays(alone). What more Dr. Pornhtip? This one can’t?

  921. monsterball says:

    All can read Najib like a book…..hahahahahaha

  922. wits0 says:

    Bolehland’s smart deal of the century, buy one, free another large(r) one. So, now you’ve two fully united PMs for the price of one!

  923. monsterball says:

    It is a real shame that a legendary doctor like Dr.Porntip.. come to Malaysia to assist in a possible murder case…be subject to such threats…all because what she said…do not please IGP or Najib.
    I say both of them..because the IGP should make a strong statement…and send bodyguards to protect her…and Najib should do the guarantee the good doctor …peace in mind …to do her job.
    If the government do feel for Teoh’s family great loss..sincerely….this is the time to show it.
    One police officer is being accused…and possible proven guilty. It seems to say…”What more do you want….Mr.& Mrs Teoh?'”
    Two are standing trial for the Mongolian murder case…also saying to Malaysians…”What more do you want?”
    Well…..IGP and Najib knows exactly what more Teoh parents want…and most of all..using C4 is not something Malaysians take lightly for killing a person….by ordinary people.
    What more do we want?
    Any kopitiam lowly educated Malaysians know exactly what more Malaysians want..except IGP and Najib…do not know.

  924. monsterball says:

    Good night to all.

  925. monsterball says:

    Good morning to all.
    Main post under attack. Go help out.