blurred by the rain - poster of asean peoples forum in chaam thailand 18-20 october 2009

(image: Blurred by the rain – poster of the ASEAN peoples forum, Cha’am, Thailand, 18 October 2009 – by sloone)

It was a disastrous 3 day meeting in Cha’am, Thailand, where civil society representatives anticipated several sessions of heated  ‘dialogues’ with ASEAN officials/their government representatives from 18-20October 2009.

As it turned out, it was a monologue – where NGOs had to ‘dialogue’ with themselves since the ASEAN government officials met by themselves not far away from the NGOs, in Dusit Thani Hotel, for their annual Summit.

For many observers, this is like a tight slap on their faces, since the NGOs had high hopes that ASEAN/or rather their governments would be more receptive. Didn’t they just approve the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights – whatever that means now – which will be launched on October 23rd!

asean youth rally

(image: ASEAN youth rally in Cha’am)

For many of us, the AICHR  is a sham, a public relations exercise for these violators of human rights – from Burma to Indonesia, Malaysia, and all in between.

It will not be independent, not transparent, and I expect, not effective! How can it be, when all it wants to do is “promote” human rights and not ‘protect’.

But ASEAN or rather the governments managed to pull wool over the NGOs eyes recently by picking one or two of them to be Commissioners (as in the case of Indonesia and Thailand).

Words of congratulations to the appointed representatives are making their rounds in emails, but don’t they ask themselves this: why do you want to join an entity you have been condemning day in and day out as a toothless tiger?

My little email message to a would be commissioner “are you going to keep your teeth or go toothless, too” remains unanswered.

The NGOs are elated with the recent overture by ASEAN, thinking that finally their voices will be heard. Imagine their disappointment when no one on that side turned up for the much awaited ‘dialogues’.

About 300 participants from NGOs working in diverse issues such as women, workers, fisherfolks, Burma, Southern Thailand, human rights, waited with bated breath.

asean youth dance

(image: ASEAN Youth dance at the opening of the APF in Cha’am)

We ended up enjoying the scenic Holiday Inn in Cha’am, and dancing to the tunes of different cultures during the Solidarity Night. 

Earlier, since last year, the NGOs have also been trying to match the hundreds of meetings where they could “stalk” these ASEAN officials – at times succeeding in making their issues heard for about 5-15 minutes.

They forget that in that endevour they are leaving of course, millions of carbon footprints on the planet – the very thing they shout against.

apf exhibition

(image: one of the many exhibitions at the ASEAN peoples forum in Cha’am)

But ah, never mind. It’s the American and European funders who should care about these things. They are the ones happily paying for all these regional ‘sandiwaras’ – for want of better words – to be a part of the ASEAN regional process, very much like they were during the colonial days 🙂

Well, if all these are not enough, the governments have become even nastier by imposing who they want as representatives to their meetings. Isn’t it their meetings after all?

Why are the NGOs raving and ranting that they (ASEAN officials) have “interfered” in the selection process of the NGO representatives to this meeting?

The NGOs are not giving up and have shamelessly sent a list of ten representatives representing the ten countries. They have also come up with a 10-paged statement to present to the officials, whether they get to meet them or not.

What would be the outcome of all these? We hope it will not be like the  poster above – blurred by the pouring rain.

* all imges by sloone*

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  1. Nice Lim says:

    Human being comes in so many difference races,thinking,shape,attitude and much much more……so,if a person round shape,another person square shape and another one triangle shape….then how to combine as one shape?….then how to talk and solve problem?so….i suggest….before any forum or meeting…..every human being should think positive… only one shape….to shape this world a better place for all to live in….and not to be selfish and insult one another…..then it should not be disastrous and naturally peace and truth will prevail….!!!!!

  2. monsterball says:

    Never give up…try try again.
    Looks like in Thailand…there is actually no strong government …elected by the people.
    Ousting…counter ousting…coups..counter coups.. on going…since Taksin was chased out.
    Thais are split in between…who they want to support.
    With that scenario…the Thai government do not attend…all Asians dare offend Thai government…….playing diplomatic politics.
    Maybe NGO organizers…. overlooked Thailand political situation. They should have the Forum in another country…and things may not be the same.

  3. harrison says:

    ASEAN (the Association of S.E.A.) countries have from the start, zero respect for human rights. For instance, the admission of Myanmar onto ASEAN under the guise of a constructive dialogue with the military junta has proven a regression of Myanmar’s human-right records with Aung San Suu Kyi still under house arrest.

    Only Singapore has an outstanding Corruption Perception Index (CPI) world ranking but an abysmal human-right records including the notorious detaining people without trial.

    For the NGOs -to try but fail is honorable than sitting in futility.

  4. harrison says:

    Good morning Monsterball. 😀

  5. straycat's strut says:

    The disastrous ASEAN peoples forum in Cha’am.

    How come? Must be another UMNO conspiracy and due to the weakness of 1Malaysia. Ah look at that, Monsterball offers another brilliant comment! Singapore is a good venue to talk about human right, right Monty?

  6. wits0 says:

    “ASEAN (the Association of S.E.A.) countries have from the start, zero respect for human rights” – Harrison.

    It has been ARSESEEN right from the start. 😀

  7. monsterball says:

    Good Morning Harrison.

  8. monsterball says:

    Correct straycat’s strut

  9. critical eye says:

    Good one, my friend. I like what you wrote. I just feel that NGOs may have some fault in the way the ASEAN is reacting to their overtures. From the very beginning, I feel that NGOs have taken an antagonistic stance against the ASEAN. We all know that the ASEAN have always been wary and cautious with NGOs. And yet, we persisted on ramming them head with hardball tactics. Sometimes, playing soft can be strategic. I am remembering the books “Getting to Yes” and Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”. We could have made good use of some of the tactics there. 😦

  10. thanaif says:

    Blog ini telah menghilangkan catatan saya yang dikirim jam 0327 pagi waktu tempatan.
    Minta dijelaskan.

  11. kahkahkahkah says:

    e.g Greenpeace “orang utans” have been shouting against palmoil so much about saving orang utans. But there are no orang utans in Sumatra, only in a small part of Borneo.

  12. jomalina says:

    “Malaysia wants to standardise the way palm oil’s impact on the environment is calculated, senior officials said yesterday, as it seeks to counter criticism that the industry fuels climate change.”-Star

  13. jomalina says:

    Based on current studies, palm oil’s greenhouse gas savings ranged from 19% to 72% over fossil fuels, making it difficult to decide on a standard value for the tropical oil, said MPOB chief executive Tan Sri Yusof Basiron.

    That becomes a problem for governments wanting to draft biofuel legislation. Malaysia’s palm oil industry has long wanted to export its biofuels to the EU, which has made big investments in the biofuel sector. But palm biodiesel’s use has been limited.

    “The low and erroneous values would be used to the advantage of detractors, who accuse the industry of not being sustainable, as is happening at the moment,” Yusof told the conference.

    So far, studies conducted by the MPOB showed that palm oil with methane capture at mills could achieve 62% greenhouse gas savings, Yusof said.

  14. tiger says:

    Malaysia will not be interested in all these NGO’s programs or forums. The government is more interested in clinging to their moribund power struggling for survival.

    The politicians in the Government of Malaysia are more interested in seeking opportunities to make billions like the PKFZ fiasco.

    As to the Cha’am forum, is not their cup if tea. They are not even bothered to show some patronizing gesture.

    They are just cold blooded animals.

  15. kahkahkahkah says:

    kancilandak is warmblooded, monsterball is hotblooded

  16. Nice Lim says:

    ” They are just cold blooded animals.”-tiger
    My o my…..tiger just give us a hint….and this tiger also realize how cold blooded this animals are !

  17. rebena says:

    harrison and monsterball have good point to note here :).

    NGO meeting was held in a wrong place.
    Instead, Singapore and Penang SHOULD be selected to organise this event, proven.
    Thai government is weary after politic crisis.

  18. rebena says:

    PR leaders are showing more respect to human rights..

    k toyo was appeared nice to local ppl.. but first he had been got fat with balkis fund and huge mansion in selangor.

  19. rebena says:

    PR leaders, LKS, DSAI, Teresa , PKR, PAS etc have already been pushed myammar to reform on the matter of Aun Sun Su Yi and the human rights there..

  20. harrison says:

    “NGO meeting was held in a wrong place.
    Instead, Singapore and Penang SHOULD be selected to organise this event, proven.
    Thai government is weary after politic crisis.” -Rebena

    I don’t quite agree that having the venue where the participation of NGOs and their respective governments would help in your point here.

    For the records, Singapore’s Temasik Holdings (where the dynasty of *Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew and his offspring have shares) has been heavily invested in telecommunication projects in Myanmar. That’s why the current PM of Singapore, strongly urged Myanmar’s No.1 dissident, the influential Aung Sann Suu Kyi to urge US and it’s western allies to withdraw economic embargo they imposed on Myanmar for it’s abysmal human-right records.

    Singapore has jailed and used the State’s apparatus – the judiciary to incarcerate and bankrupted many politicians and dissidents.

    Although the idea itself may be worthwhile and Daw Suu has taken the initiative in urging the US by curbing economic embargo provided that the military junta exhibited social reforms but the truth is far less inspiring to note that Daw Suu is still under house arrest- being reason to negate her the freedom of movement to lead her NLD party in a head on collision with the ruling junta in the upcoming GE.

    So, Singapore and Penang (an opposition State where the federal Government (BN)is in full control) as a venue will definitely make no difference – at all.

    But, if any countries who detain US citizens unlawfully (denoting the Superpower’s interpretation-unlawfully), their country would be a possible target of economic sanctions.

    This has been proven in the US supremacy in negotiating the release of the 2 US journalists sent to hard labour by North Korea and the release of the Mormon who swam stealthly to the premise where Aung san Suu Kyii was detained under house arrest who (the Mormon)was in prison.

    Unless like Straycat’s Strut’s straycat’s ( October 21, 2009 at 12:03 am) ambiguous insinuation (where I always take in good faith, sungguhx10) where she denoted that perhaps it is better that Singapore hosted the NGOs and their respective government’s forum would be any better (glibly hijacking and twisting my points referring to my previous commentary and asking Monty) ;). I contented with Monty, by stating -“No”. Singapore itself has abysmal human-rights records and by all means has little intention to promote human-rights abroad.

  21. Ken says:

    This should interest you and I hope you give it a more international coverage:

  22. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    ”TBH dipukul,dicucuk,dicacak dan dicekik”
    Why MCA & Gerakan so quiet ??

  23. Giles Ji Ungpakorn says:

    I totally agree with you Susan. Many of the Thai NGOs supported the coup in 2006 and are now royalists. Yet they think they can speak on Human Rights.
    On Climate Change, the Thai NGOs ignore the burning issue of Democracy and try to lobby the unelected government which is neo-liberal and against public spending (including investment in public transport and alternative energy). They also bang the nationalist drum, which lets the government off the hook – blaming it all on the West. Of course the West must carry the lion’s share of responsibility. But activists in the West are fighting for this.
    Strange as it may seem to some. Human Rights in Thailand would be improved if the Redshirts won… That’s where we should concentrate our efforts.

  24. najibmustdie says:

    “Why MCA & Gerakan so quiet ??”

    Liow and Ong now bedmates

  25. najibmustdie says:

    AG`s arseh*le has 9 reasons why RBH committed suicide

    # INQUEST – Dr Pornthip disagrees with Tan’s suggestion. 4 minutes ago
    # INQUEST – Tan suggests to Dr Pornthip that she doesn’t have enough basis to conclude Teoh’s death is 80pct homicide & 20pct suicide. 4 minutes ago
    # INQUEST – Tan reads out Dr Prashant’s 9 reasons for concluding Teoh committed suicide, one by one. 30

  26. rebena says:

    The Justice and Truth will reveal for TBH case.

    Dr Porntip is professional enough to investigate this case.

    we don’t believe that local forensic. he is not neutral in the investigation.

  27. rebena says:

    2008 long sorry Auditor General report ..

    itu pen drive RM90 market price…
    ini kena boros bayar RM480. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Corrupted throw money by the bn government………………., Trengganu million riggit cars, Istana Zakaria, Istana Khi Toyo, Trengganu Stadium collapsed, hospital rosak Johor, Parliment Bocor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please update apa follow-up case ini………..!!!!!

  28. najibmustdie says:

    SHAH ALAM, Oct 21 – Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim today reiterated the call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to investigate Teoh Beng Hock’s death rather than just looking at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) interrogation methods.

    He said the RCI proposed by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to investigate the MACC’s methods of interrogating the dead political aide should be extended to cover how he really died.

    Renowned Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand testified today at an inquest that there was an 80 per cent likelihood of Teoh’s death being a homicide rather than suicide as suggested by one of the Malaysian pathologists who carried out the autopsy.

    The federal government had rejected earlier calls for an RCI to investigate Teoh’s death and, instead, an ongoing inquest is being held at the Shah Alam magistrate court to determine if there was foul play.

  29. rebena says:

    Thai Pathologist Dr Porntip R is right.

    We looking forward for the the law to take its course bring the culprit and the criminal to jail soon.

    macc need to work hard to investigate more Big fish !!!!..
    so many pending case – Trengganu stadium collapsed, Khi Toyo Istana… etc….

  30. najibmustdie says:

    The MACC counsel has been calling for pyschiatrict examination of some persons to determine “state of mind”.
    Now other counsel should call for psychiatric examination of MACC witnesses to determine state of mind. There are some “homicidal” b*strds there like this one:
    Selangor MACC deputy director Hishamuddin Hashim

  31. najibmustdie says:

    Inside sources. Hishamuddin and Khir Toyo were school mates, Khir being a year or two. Of course Khir approved Hisham’s application for a plot of land in Shah Alam.

    Hisham has strong cable with Macc Hq notably with Ahmad Said, the Macc Chief and Ahmad Said in turn is a running boy of Nazri Aziz. For the first time in the history of the ACA/MACC, a Minister seems to be talking on behalf of Macc. It never happens bf as the ACA/MAcc is supposed to be independent.

    Khir with the help of Hisham and the blessing of the top leadership wanted to topple S’gor PR gov’t. Hisham can’t do it without the approval of the Selangor Macc Head. So Hisham instigated his Boss removal and Ahmad Said sent a weak officer, Jaafar Mahat to head the Macc.

    Soon after, the blitz on the PR gov’t by Selangor Macc begins. Hisham was in full control with the approval of Ahmad Said, another corrupt ACA/Macc officer.

    -Dr. Rafick’s right2write blog

  32. kahkahkahkah says:

    MACC [Murderers And Corrupted, Criminals] chief, Hamdan Said also likes child pornography which is why underage rapes are high in M`sia.

  33. wits0 says:

    Pressure mounts to exhume Teoh for second autopsy
    It will be, Nyet, nyet, nyet……..all the way, from the coroner’s court.

  34. najibmustdie says:

    “Indonesia Rising, Malaysia Crumbling”

    4. What does this testimony means? To some it may means that TBH was murdered by MACC officers. To me it means a lot more. It means that the entire system which consists of the MACC, Police, the doctors (from Klang and UHKL), and officers in Putrajaya is now on trial.

    5. It creates a damning perception among the people on whether the Government Machinery can be trusted to work professionally and independently. The perception is now growing that the interdepartmental cooperation has gone beyond the “professional level”. It appears now that there is a cooperation not to uncover the truth but to cover it up!

    7. We must not forget the “surat layang” which gives information on the inner working of MACC and character of their officers and in particular Mr. Hishamuddin………..

    10. Personally, I say it is the best interest of BN government to give up the culprits, punish those who are involved as this will have a long term implications. BN need to sacrifice those people to protect the interest of the political party. Right now managing people perception is far more important than anything else. I suggest they do it before it is too late. To the doctors of Klang Hospital (and UHKL) that were involved in the Post Mortem, they must be pacing in their office…

  35. kahkahkahkah says:

    AG`s man Tan said that anus laceration could be bcos of bone puncturing. Thai lady said no, bcos no bone fragments.
    Coroner should allow for both Tan and Hishamudin to jump out from the same height so bone fragments can be found in their anus.

  36. jubal says:

    Surge in BN activity? Build-up to elections?
    Just a mild hunch, but I’m getting a slight feeling things are afoot.

    “30,000” for 1Malaysia in Ipoh, a surge of BM crusaders left and right, 50 percent broadband connectivity, green buildings, claims that Malaysians feel reallll safe on the streets, government acquiescence on EPF issues, and here’s my fave alarm bell ringer: anti-Anwar rumour mongering.

  37. october22 says:

    Since MCA & MIC are firmly behing UMNO now, Najib should announce fresh elections tomorrow*****

    Hishammuddin says citizenship a gift, not a right
    “In replying to Kanowit MP Aaron Ago Anak Dagang , Hishammuddin said the ministry has received 3,640 application from those born in Malaysia for citizenship from 2000 to 2006, but only 1,066 application were approved while 2,574 were rejected.”

  38. avalatha says:

    Sept 16 should be renamed ‘1 Malaysia Day’, says Samy Vellu
    Samy Vellu also appealed to Najib to consider declaring Thaipusam a national public holiday.

  39. wits0 says:

    Totally agreed with Dr Rafick @

    “To me it means a lot more. It means that the entire system which consists of the MACC, Police, the doctors (from Klang and UHKL), and officers in Putrajaya is now on trial.”

    No less.

  40. wits0 says:

    “Coroner should allow for both Tan and Hishamudin to jump out from the same height so bone fragments can be found in their anus.”

    The two BS bums will need to land on their asses in sorta fetal position.

  41. Menyalak-er says:

    Actually Susan, from the ASEAN perspective – NGO’s are non-entities, period. Ranging from full military rule to not so benign ‘guided’ autocracy, communism/marxism, constituitional to absolute monarchies to so-called banana republics – is there any one nation who practices ‘real’ democracy as in western nations?
    If none, the NGO’s remain a voice in the wilderness, until even the hotel was wrong…
    I believe that NGo’s are only effective if they concentrate on the People’s well being and issues totally humanistic. Any attempt to politicize, will invariably lead to more angst amongst themselves.

  42. i-4-C says:

    I thought that woman Dr P was a prostitute sorry sorry. Shocking hair colour for a pathologist !!! She should be busy in Thailand as there are so many suspicious deaths there. When I first her on photo, I thought what an old hooker !!!

  43. i-4-C says:

    Quite frankly, when I heard about the arse abrasions on Teoh, I knew right away, these were the “trade mark” of a hit man employed by that Arse Banger !!!

  44. i-4-C says:

    So is that Arse Banger truly an Arse Banger? Of course !!! Dr M being in the know, confirms it !!! Now his party has cracks all over due to constant arse banging hehe

  45. wits0 says:

    “I thought that woman Dr P was a prostitute sorry sorry. ” -I-4-C.

    I knew this was coming and I didn’t have to wait too long, from your turd eye….the stupidest one among all commentators.

  46. Menyalak-er says:

    Jeez, you’re right wits – the nexus of this flurs neural circuits is within his anal corrugations. Shallow and constipated.

  47. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    This stupidotomitobrain arse banger i-4-C is back and must be at wrong place and wrong time seeing ghost and start to apologize and trying to cover najis and macc arse.hehe

  48. monsterball says:

    If a person’s hair colour can make an idiot like 1-4-C give wrong identity an conclusion…you can imagine all those wrong predictions he made in the past…cases with his half blind brain.
    My gosh!!… is playing Inspector Clouseau !!
    Shaming Malaysia not enough…must drag France into his stupid it.
    Know this….know that…proven wring all the time….say sorry and start all over again…specializing on backside… be the biggest idiotic sicko in Malaysia.
    Just like mamak…love something….blame others…this 1-4-C keep using Anwar as his proven culprit…for all matters concerning backside….and why not….all UMNO corrupted buggers survivals depend on Anwar going to jail…with the one and only country in the world…jailing someone doing nothing wrong….using a religion…to find fault with Anwar.
    It will never work…..but what can UMNO do….better than this set up… to get Anwar into jail…..killing I-4-C?….not worth one sen…a rubbish dung eater…always drunk….and such are the special emplyees of help do their dirty jobs…for few glasses of compounded brandy and whiskey…..each day.
    “the stupidest one among all”….so said witso on behalf of kopitiam fellas.

  49. monsterball says:

    World recognized specialist from Thailand said…”Teoh’s death…80% due to stranglelation…and anus….penetrated by a hard object”
    Wait till bloody 1-4-C blame Lim Kit Siang for anus…his buddy….Anwar have already been accused by this hire someone to strangle Teoh to death….to do a favour for LKS.
    Before he utters another stupid comment…might as well let him know…we kopitiam fellas know how UMNO idiots think and plot to win 13th GE.

  50. i-4-C says:

    Teoh was definitely murdered to cover for what??? Obvious isnt it??? Some shady deals in Pakatan Buntut hehe

  51. bao sir says:

    This TBH death has a lot to do with the arrogance of the rocket eunuchs.

    TBH boss was arrogant when MCAA was at his office and newspaper showing him pointing his finger in the air.

    The next day TBH was summoned to Massalam. What the boss was doing when TBH was in the MCAA office?

    This showed that the rocket eunuchs don’t bother about their employees safety!

    Do you think the rocket eunuchs can protect the rakyats over their dead bodies?

    Yeah! Sweet dream.

    The rocket eunuchs are in politics for their worldly greed- for power, wealth, lands, women, US$$$$.

    This rocket eunuchs have been in the politics for 53 years and what they have done?

    Malaysia is in this sorry state because of rocket eunuchs- they can’t produce, period but know only plunder!!!

  52. bao sir says:

    And now we have the second generation of rocket eunuchs!

    Kepala pusing’s son is doing a dejavu of kepala pusing in the 70s, 80’s and 90’s.

    Kepala Pusing would never win major court cases because we know that the judiciary was controlled by BN.

    Dey! Kepala Pusing, the battle is not fought in the court battlefield but in the political battlefield.

    Kepala Pusing and rocket eunuchs were booted out from Penang showed that the rakyat in Penang loathe rockets greed of powers instead of taking care of the people.

    The court refused to take sotong mee suit proves that the court is again and again a BN court.

    It’s futile and TBH would die in vain not because of Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand’s incompetence but we know that the court belongs to Mr. Najib.

    Najib decides the verdict of the court.

  53. bao sir says:

    And now we have the second generation of rocket eunuchs!

    Kepala pusing’s son is doing a dejavu of kepala pusing in the 70s, 80’s and 90’s.

    Kepala Pusing would never win major court cases because we
    Najib decides the verdict of the court.

    Hence the rocket eunuchs will be happily losing court battles again and again as long as they are in the battle fields, receiving remunerations for doing nothing most of the times!

    They don’t give a damn whether they are winning or losing court battles.

    Rocket eunuchs aren’t interested in winning battles or war cos they are complacent with their present easy life and status quo!

    53 years ago the eunuch rockets were like this, and 53 years later, it’s the same eunuch rockets.

    This rocket eunuch party will have to be destroyed, else expect more TBH cases to surface!

  54. whispering9 says:

    Dear bao sir,

    U probably do not read a lot, much less a financial paper. So here for your pleasure…..

    “Written by Regina William, The Edge

    The Penang state government has received praise in the auditor general’s 2008 report for its cost-cutting measures and prudent ways, which have resulted in the state’s consolidated funds increasing 21.1% (RM178.45 million) from RM847.45 million in 2007 to RM1.02 billion in 2008.

    The report states the consolidated funds stood at RM703.66 million in 2004, RM794.68 million in 2005 and RM770.49 million in 2006.”

    You can almost estimate the leakages during the past administration tenure under Gerakan-BN. Don’t be a silly boy lah.

  55. najibmustdie says:

    Kalau Hati Dah Busuk…

    Kuman di seberang laut nampak, gajah di depan mata buat-buat tak nampak. Itulah yang saya tahu mengenai A. Kadir Jasin, seorang wartawan dan pengarang terkenal yang berkhidmat penuh setia di bawah rejim Dr Mahathir Mohamad dahulu.

    The other hati busuk is Ahiruddin Atan now the “malay male” boss. Latuk Wong Chun Wai is also hati busuk only no one knows when he will fall off the fence pole.

  56. baocraps says:

    Kepala Pusing would never win major court cases because we
    Najib decides the verdict of the court. – bao sir

    Karpal Singh is any time better than your father and mother who could only produce an idiot and moron like you. Real pu*dek. Similarly, LGE is a million times better than the rotten baosai family.

  57. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai YO,ini bao sir sound like ‘ular sawa’ in Chinese,malam cari makan.kancilcar nanti kena telan baru tau.he heee
    Ini Lim Guan Eng olang lagi bagus tau.banyak tempat systematic fogging anti nyamuk aedes dan ada jaga sama kita semua.Dia olang betul betul buat kerja.Dulu punya itu Ai Khoon ( mau tidur ) banyak malas dan olang tada suka sama dia. Olang Pearl Of The Orient banyak suka sama ini Lim Guan Eng.he hee

  58. baocraps says:

    I-4-C and bao sir are dua2 BN pimps selling their mothers….
    no one is buying their b*tches

  59. najibmustdie says:

    “Tapi nampaknya Kadir tidak pernah berubah sikapnya sebagai budak suruhan. Sejak zaman dulu, kewartawanan yang dibawanya memang propaganda basi dan bohong semata-mata.”

  60. baocraps says:

    “I thought that woman Dr P was a prostitute….. ” -I-4-C.

    Your mother and sisters give 10 sen a shot in chow kit spreading vd

  61. baocraps says:

    “Your mother and sisters give 10 sen a shot in chow kit spreading vd”

    To avoid vd the only safe way will be to rocket jamback their behind lobang – no guarantee, [bao sir females ditto], but now even proton stop producing jambuck

  62. wits0 says:

    “I thought that woman Dr P was a prostitute….. ” -I-4-C

    Really, who cares what you think because you can’t anyway. After getting a spanking here you call in your creepy crawly reinforcement in the form of paosai, another sh*t spammer with that regular litany of execrations.

    W9, you’re too civil with bn worms ; they aren’t really human and cannot understand that.

  63. wits0 says:

    “Latuk Wong Chun Wai is also hati busuk only no one knows when he will fall off the fence pole.”

    He’s just opened and applied another tube of elephant glue to his ass:

    Discard old ways to win over the young
    Malaysia Star – ‎55 minutes ago‎
    WE take a bow to Prime Minister and Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for his polished performance at the recent Umno assembly.

  64. baocraps says:

    Niamah Latok Wong Chun Wai is the chinese slave with pigtail bowing to najis and polishing umno balls.

  65. whispering9 says:

    “W9, you’re too civil with bn worms ; they aren’t really human and cannot understand that.”

    Hahahaha… my own way, I hope they do 😉 . Btw, Penang SCF of >MYR 1billion is a first in Malaysia. Kudos.

  66. rebena says:

    that 1-4-c and bao sir are those bn pimps and bosia.

    perhaps they are frens to khi toyo or ahmad said.
    a bunch of corrupted.

  67. rebena says:

    an Independence and neutral comment –

    “Written by Regina William, The Edge

    The Penang state government has received praise in the auditor general’s 2008 report for its cost-cutting measures and prudent ways, which have resulted in the state’s consolidated funds increasing 21.1% (RM178.45 million) from RM847.45 million in 2007 to RM1.02 billion in 2008.

    The report states the consolidated funds stood at RM703.66 million in 2004, RM794.68 million in 2005 and RM770.49 million in 2006.”

  68. bao sir says:

    Lge the eunuch don’t know when going to declare his assets as promised in the 308 GE???

    Guess this time has to bobbitt this eunuch liar since this eunuch liar has no balls like monsterball to castrate.

    Don’t play play with the rakyat your boss you know, son of eunuch!

  69. kan nee neh says:

    Lge is the Chief Minister of Penang is the greatest joke in the world.

    This is seriously wrong.

    If LGE is the CM of Melaka, nobody might complain, but not in Penang.

    If this dynastic eunuch has some slightest conscience, he should climb to the cantilever of the Penang bridge with the old eunuch aka 1eunuchRocket and former CM aka 1UmnoYesman and jump into the Penang Ocean.

  70. kan nee neh says:

    The PR in Selangor is also another farking party.

    Before 12 GE, all the farking PR condemned the tolls in Selangor, but after the 12 GE, they have forgotten to dismantle the tolls because the Selangor government has got shares in the tolls.

    These farking PR and BN are all the same.

    They need the bobbitting.

  71. apalagi says:

    On October 23, these sources say, Liu will introduce business men to Ban Ki-moon, and have their photos taken. It is not known if Mr. Ban is aware of the payment of funds by those he takes pictures with.

  72. Kahela Shane says:

    the article entitled here “The Disastrous People’s Forum in Cha-am” is entirely and completely wrong and misjudged. The author had a lot of bitterness. Maybe because she or he never did listen to the meaningful discussions and debates on the floor that is why he/she had never had any learnings nor any worthy sysnthesis.

    Yes, ASEAN, for its more than 40-years existence, has been very unresponsive to the needs and welfare of the people. But the civil society of course do not want to prolong it anymore. Criticizing this ASEAN, which are the heads of the member-estates is our responsibility to protect and fight for the people’s interest. But of course, criticizing will not matter if we will just end up nagging and nagging with each other. We should engage the ASEAN armed with the objective of promoting, protecting and guaranteeing the rights and welfare of the people — the women, the IP, the labor, the urban poor, the fisherforlks, the peasants, the youth and children, and the other vulnerable sectors of the ASEAN society. We need to assert and win our statements of our stance, our position, our relevance and how should they supposedly do their job.

    You study and analyze the historical and structural context of the ASEAN for you to realize how wrong your judgments are. Yes, we cannot win the struggle in just a 3-day forum, even 1 week nor 1 month and 1 year. But this is just one of the so many steps that we should take on to achieve our dream of just and humane, people-centered ASEAN. Th battle cannot be win in an overnight time. And it requires people’s unity in this advocacy despite diversity.

    By the way, you should have raised your sentiments during the forum. Not now that you look like a “government-organized-whoever-or-whatever” who never contributed meaningfully and rightfully to the ASEAN People’s Forum.

    That is just all for now.

    Thanks still.


  73. wits0 says:

    “Susan look like a “government-organized-whoever-or-whatever” ..”

    Way out man! Who’re you kidding?!

    Asean is simply a tinsel facade built on kok tok and provide a very remunerative employment opportunity for the elites.

  74. […] The News about APF…Please Comment! 2009 October 23 by bennetthaynes SUSAN LOONE’S BLOG: The disastrous ASEAN Peoples Forum in Cha’am […]

  75. sloone says:

    Dear WIts and all;
    I am referring to the comment by one Kahela Shane. Her response is so typical of the NGO types. It is easy for them to criticise everyone else, but when they get criticised, the one who criticises has to be “government sponsored whatever or whoever”.

    Get real. And get a life!

  76. wits0 says:

    Have a glorious ego trip on your bollock cart o Kahela!

  77. wits0 says:

    I don’t for a moment believe that ASEAN has accomplished anything worth mentioning that has real impact on its people but it’s sickening also to see that a secondary and opportuntistic” industry” has evolved around it to gain from it like the camp followers of ancient armies.

  78. Menyalak-er says:

    Asean in cha’am (dire, in cantonese) straits – c’mon these idiots can’t even agree on ‘simple’ things like a proper FTA, and those parasitic NGO’s are trying to talk about “freedoms” of this and that?
    There are so many outstanding unresolved ‘international’ and inter-grouping issues, yet some insist on marketing their version of ‘ideals’… Let’s start with the SPCA.

  79. Nice Lim says:

    Hi Dear Susan,
    For centuries ‘God’ created rice field that produce natural rice mostly in Asian countries to feed ‘every human races’ all over the globes fairly…poor or rich…children to grow up…
    Well for those peoples who only know how to criticism everyone but cannot be criticised by others….those are selfish peoples with double standard and only thinks for themselves only and not the poor.
    No matter what, life goes on…and earth will still go round and round.We just cannot satisfied so many types of human being …some round shape,some square shape and some triangle shape.Let it come and go naturally.

  80. Absalom Heimson says:

    I don’t think the picture is so gloomy. The generals in Burma would be happy to read this blog, but for many it’s too early to condemn the AICHR. Sure it’s weak, but it has the potential of becoming stronger. The two civil society representatives must not be brushed aside so willy-nilly – they are experienced, wise and just as enthusiasitc about human rights as any blogger. I trust that if they decided to join, they think there’s a chance, and if they fail, they’ll resign.
    There’s always time for condemnation and rejection. Maybe the AICHR will deserve these too, but right now, there may, just may, be a chance. Patience please. It’s not as if there are other avenues that are working great. Give them a year – or at least six months.

  81. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear Absalom, I’ve travelled all Asean without NGOs but for charitable causes. I don’t want to sound condescending, but your civil society reps seem to me oblivious to the term Asean – which many professionals and educated view with disdain. I would not even qualify Sloone’s ‘toothless tiger’ moniker – Asean is nothing but a paper tiger, and is not even ‘real’.

    Forget about ‘human rights’ for the time being – do what a civil-ized entity would do. Feed the hungry, educate the poor, bring relief for the oppressed, extend micro-credit etc.,
    Why? Because their so called ‘elected’ leaders aren’t doing it and will never. Teach the masses how to catch fish and not throw rotten fishes at them

    Don’t patronize us with your ‘western’ ideals – some of us are even more WOG than you think and educated in the best western traditions. But we know when to draw the line on the sand as we’re living the reality. No, we are not disappointed by your attempts, but we look askance to the insipid misconception that we don’t understand what ‘freedom’ and human rights/dignity nor democracy means. In this way we are more dignified and erudite enough to see the ‘vanity’ these presumptious ngo’s have. They are a waste of time, resources and intellectualism.

  82. wits0 says:

    On the road to Cha’am :

  83. rebena says:

    k.n.n. also become the be-end puppet..

    macc need to employ more integrity persons to investigate the culprits behind those corrupted gomen officers..

    U read Auditor General reports yourselves..
    from 2002, till the recent 2008

    Asean meetings have good plan… but not effective enough when implemented.

  84. rebena says:

    Accountability. Was last year’s Budget adhered to? In fact, the government has been consistently spending more than planned. How effectively was the money spent? For example, RM47.8 billion is being spent on education and training this year. That’s equivalent to RM8,000 for each student in public education. And yet, so many parents feel compelled to send their children to private schools or for private tuition. So, what happened to all that money?

    How big should the next Budget be? Bigger is not necessarily better. Because bigger means higher taxes or higher government borrowings.

  85. wits0 says:

    Thailand wants to host World Cup?

    What a convenient Arseen diversion!

  86. AB LIM says:

    “Life Goes On”

  87. rebena says:

    PR led-states governments are continue its accountability value in the fight against money corruption… against the dark box tender practise… The states have already save miliion of ringgit.. of Rakyat money and taxpayer..

    BN gomen officer/ staff suspected involved in corruption as in Audit General 2008….

  88. rebena says:

    mca top leaders dilemma..
    kopitiam frens feed up with it…..

    bn gomen officers, Federal gomen officers and agency – have wasted so huge money from taxpayers!!!!!!

    the justice will be come forth !

  89. rebena says:

    TBH second autopsy / exhumed is ok to proceed..
    to bring to the light and bring that criminals to the book..

  90. rebena says:

    THANKS SUSAN LOONE’s blogs..

    many of us and kopitiam frens were and are enjoy with the humor and style from monsterball, wits0, KOPI FREN, Nice Lim, ..etc.. Thanks for your kind words.. we continue the good deeds.. since Penang and Selangor states governments are on the track of accountability, fair, no wastage on public fund .. and Anti-money-Corruption.

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