Statement released by SUARAM today:

On 3 April 2009, Najib Razak succeeded Abdullah Badawi as the Malaysian Prime Minister amidst several controversies and allegations, most seriously, his alleged links to the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya Shaaribuu and his past records with regards to human rights. On 31 March 2009, even before Najib officially took over as Prime Minister, serious curbs on fundamental freedoms were already imposed when the Home Ministry barred political parties from bringing up the murder of Altantuya, which Najib has alleged links to, in their campaign in the run-up to three by-elections in April 2009 – in Bukit Gantang (Perak), Bukit Selambau (Kedah) and Batang Ai (Sarawak).

Coincidently, Najib’s first 200 days as Prime Minister also coincides with Altantuya’s 3rd murder anniversary on 19 October 2006. Until today, the controversy surrounding her death by individuals closely linked to Najib, including the unanswered and unresolved questions regarding why she was murdered by explosives only available from the Defence Ministry when Najib was Defence Minister, and shady deals related to the purchase of a costly submarine, continue to elude us.

As such, when former Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi announced that he would retire and be replaced by Najib Razak, SUARAM noted:

“The imminent change in the country’s top political leadership in March 2009 is expected to bring about attempts by the ruling party to consolidate its power after its massive loss of popular support and the strong challenge posed by the opposition in 2008. Previous experiences have shown that such attempts to consolidate power often result in heightened persecutions and prosecutions of dissidents and critics of the government, and the general deterioration of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the country.”

Despite these serious concerns, in July 2009 on Najib’s 100th day as Prime Minister, civil society in Malaysia gave Najib Razak a chance to demonstrate his commitment to human rights and democracy by listing 10 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as a set of guidelines for Najib’s policies as well as a performance benchmark with regards to human rights and democracy.

However, to date, more than three months after the KPIs were set by civil society, none of the KPIs listed by civil society have been implemented. Even worse, the Najib administration has continued to blatantly disregard human rights, with numerous serious violations already witnessed in less than one year in power, despite having expressed his government’s “intention to uphold civil liberties”.

The serious human rights violations during Najib’s first 200 days in power include:

Continued use of emergency and detention-without-trial laws
After much pressure from the public especially in the mass anti-ISA rally on 1 August 2009, the Najib Razak administration released most of the ISA detainees. However those released were given 2-year Restriction Residence orders. None of them, including those detained for more than 7 years, have been charged in an open court or been proven guilty.

Despite announcing the government’s review of the ISA as a result of increasing public calls for the legislation to be abolished, to date, the Najib administrative still have not signified any intention to repeal any of the emergency and anti-subversion laws and measures, especially the Internal Security Act 1960 and the Emergency (Public Order and Prevention of Crime) Ordinance 1969 (EO) and the Dangerous Drugs (Special Preventive Measures) Act 1985 (DDA) which provide for indefinite detention without trial.

9 individuals remain detained under the ISA and an estimated total of over one thousand individuals, including minors, currently being detained under the EO and the DDA.

More telling of the Najib’s administration’s intention to keep the detention-without-trial legislations was his Home Minister’s statement on 16 September 2009 that “Kamunting (Detention Camp) is there for a reason because it is to protect (the country) against threat to security”.[vi] The minister also said, “If there are people out there who are threat to national security, I will fill Kamunting to the brim.”

Racial and religious intolerance
Racial and religious intolerance continued to deteriorate under the Najib administration despite his pronouncement of the ‘1 Malaysia’ concept, which supposedly promotes equality amongst all Malaysians.

In August, a protest was held by Malay-Muslim over the relocation of a Hindu temple to a predominantly Muslim neighbourhood. The protestors carried a slaughtered cow head – an insult to the Hindu as the cow is a sacred animal in the religion. The government initially consented the protest only to be met with a public outcry, which prompted the government to change its position and charged the protestors using the highly problematic laws relating to public assemblies and sedition. Najib’s government further harassed Malaysiakini, a news website which posted a video clip of the protest (See below: Media Freedom).

To date, Najib Razak’s government has not shown any intention to heed persistent calls by civil society groups, including SUARAM, to enact a Race Relations Act and a permanent Race Relations Commission to outlaw racism and incitement of racial hatred.

Crackdown on assemblies and peaceful civil disobedience
In this period, Najib’s administration continued to be intolerant to the constitutionally-enshrined right to freedom of assembly and had arrested more than a thousand individuals who participated in peaceful assemblies.

In May only, 167 arrest was make which involve 163 individuals were arrested in a period of 20 days in relation to actions of protest against the unconstitutional regime change in Perak, including for wearing black, fasting and holding candlelight vigils.

The most recent case of crackdown was when 589 Malaysians, including 44 juveniles, were arrested during the Anti-ISA Rally on 1 August 2009. The police had also used batons, shields, water cannons and teargas to disperse the crowd during the rally.

Curbs on media freedom and attacks on alternative media
Under the administrative of Najib, the media remains tightly controlled via laws and regulations curbing free speech and restricting dissenting views.

According to a reply by the Information Minister to a question in Parliament, the ministry had issued a broadcasting guideline to all public broadcasting stations prohibiting them from reporting on 7 issues, including news about opposition parties.

The Najib government also continued its attacks on the alternative media and strengthened control over the Internet. Less than a week after his appointment, on 9 April 2009, a journalist from Merdeka Review, an online news website, was barred from covering Najib’s announcement of the new cabinet line-up. It was reported that when Merdeka Review contacted one of Najib’s aides to seek clarification on the matter, it was informed that the decision was made by the Prime Minister’s Office.

Most recently, in September, Malaysiakini, an online news website was investigated by the MCMC for a video clip of the ‘cow head protest’ posted on its website. The MCMC ordered Malaysiakini to bring down the video clip or face charges under the Communications & Multimedia Act 1998.

Human rights abuses by law enforcement agencies with impunity
Najib’s administration has not shown any concrete intention to reform the police force in this country, especially to implement all recommendations by the Royal Police Commission. Among other things, is to establish an oversight mechanism to look into all complaints against the police. Instead of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) as was recommended by the Royal Police Commission, the government passed the Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission Bill (EAIC) which appears to be unconstitutional.[xi]

Because of the failure to reform the police forms, abuses of power by the police remain rampant. Deaths in custody remain a matter of serious concern, with inquests into these cases either progressing extremely slowly or not held at all.

Further exacerbating the level of impunity in the police force, the government has extended the tenure of current under-performing Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan for another year despite being widely viewed as having failed to carry out his duties and responsibilities in the past three years, with the increase in crime rates, failure to eradicate poverty and increasing human rights abuses.

In July, Teoh Beng Hock, an aide of a politician from the federal opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP), died while in the custody of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). Despite calls for a Royal Commission to be set up to investigate into the death of Teoh, the government set up a Royal Commission to study only the investigative procedures and left the investigation of Teoh’s death to an inquest which will be headed by only a magistrate. Considering that inquests held by magistrates are often extremely slow with many long overdue cases still pending in the courts,[xii] the Najib administration’s decision to leave the investigation into the death of Teoh to an inquest instead of a Royal Commission demonstrates the Prime Minister’s insincerity in ensuring justice and in ending impunity.


For further questions, please kindly contact Mr. Moon Hui via email at or telephone +6012-7209981


[i] The murder trial of Mongolian national, Altantuya Shaariibuu, also raised concerns regarding political interference in the judiciary. The trial, which commenced in 2007, saw the judge being replaced abruptly, while Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail replaced the public prosecution team less than 24 hours before the start of the trial in June 2007. Further, a defence lawyer who represented one of the accused claimed that there was “interference from third parties” pressuring him to withdraw from the case. These fuelled speculations of political interference in the trial given that one of the accused, Abdul Razak Baginda who was charged with abetting the murder, is known to be a close adviser to Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Speculations surrounding Najib Razak’s involvement in the murder were further fuelled in 2008 when several revelations, including a statutory declaration made by private investigator P. Balasubramaniam on 1 July 2008, linking Najib Razak to Altantuya Shaariibuu. Among the stunning revelations in Balasubramaniam declaration was that Najib had informed Abdul Razak Baginda that Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan would “take care” of the murder case which implicated Abdul Razak. Balasubraniam, however, retracted this statutory declaration on 1 July 2008. After the retraction of his statutory declaration, Balasubramaniam disappeared from the country. On 31 October 2008, as had been widely speculated, the Shah Alam High Court acquitted Abdul Razak Baginda, ruling that the prosecution team had failed to prove a case against him. On 14 November 2008, the prosecution team announced that it will not appeal the decision made by the Shah Alam High Court.

[ii] For instance, Najib was the leader of the UMNO Youth, which in 1987, organised a rally at the Jalan Muda Stadium in Kuala Lumpur at which banners read, “May 13 Has Begun”, “Soak the Kris in Chinese Blood”, among others.

[iii] See SUARAM (2008) Malaysia: Civil and Political Rights Report 2008 – Overview, Petaling Jaya: SUARAM (p. 27).

[iv] The 10 KPIs proposed by civil society, of which none have been implemented, were:

1. Perak Constitutional Crisis

Assessment – deepening crisis which threatens the future of our democratic way of life

Explanation – A host of unelected institutions – palace, judiciary, Attorney General’s Chambers, Elections Commission, police, bureaucracy, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission – have been dragged into this unconstitutional regime change. If this precedent is not reversed, what would happen during future elections if neither BN nor Pakatan Rakyat enjoys a comfortable majority?

KPI: Fresh elections for the State of Perak.

2. Electoral System and Process

Assessment – still neither free nor fair

Explanation – Elections lacking integrity and credibility are a denial of our citizens’ democratic right. They also reduce the competitiveness of electoral politics and also deprive the winner of legitimacy. If unreformed, they could lead to political upheavals as has taken place in Iran and Thailand, recently

KPI: A Royal Commission on Electoral Reform before the next constituency redelineation exercise.

3. The Judiciary and the Prosecution

Assessment – still controlled by the executive

Explanation – The Judicial Appointment Commission is controlled by the Prime Minister, making the recent reform a farce. Judicial power in the pre-1998 Article 121(1) of the Federal Constitution has still not been restored. The Attorney General (AG) both controls the prosecution and advises the federal government, resulting in a fatal conflict of interest. The AG also controls both deputy public prosecutors and lower court judges.

KPI: A Parliamentary Select Committee on Judiciary and Prosecution Reform

4. The Parliament

Assessment – still controlled by the executive

Explanation – There is no sharing of legislative leadership at both the house and committee levels. Opposition parliamentarians are thrown out almost on daily basis. There is no provision for the role of an Opposition’s Shadow Cabinet.

KPI: A Royal Commission on Parliamentary Reform

5. Internal Security Act (ISA)

Assessment – terrorising innocent Malaysians who differ in their political opinions from the BN

Explanation – Allowing detention without trial and other violations of human rights is unacceptable to any civilised society.

KPI: The repeal of ISA, with no new laws allowing detention without trial

6. The Police

Assessment – still violating human rights

Explanation – The police still arrest innocent citizens without clear justification. Detainees continue to die in police custody due to unacceptable reasons. At the same time, crime rates have soared higher.

KPI: Implement the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC)

7. The Media

Assessment – still suffering from political control

Explanation – The media remains tightly controlled via laws and regulations curbing free speech and restricting dissenting views. Secondly, entry barrier in the print and broadcast media has resulted in monopolistic control by BN interests. There is no independent public service media like the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

KPI: A Parliamentary Select Committee on Media Law Reform

8. Freedom of Information (FOI)

Assessment – still denied

Explanation – Information vital for public interests is normally classified under the Official Secrets Act (OSA). This has hindered transparency and accountability and also resulted in widespread opportunities for corruption and mismanagement. While Selangor is initiating its own FOI law, nothing is happening at the federal level or in other states.

KPI: FOI laws at both the Federal and State levels

9. Local Governments

Assessment – still unelected and unaccountable, largely unresponsive and incompetent

Explanation – No taxation without representation. Local governments should not be the appointed handmaidens of the government in power and must be elected to have any political legitimacy.

KPI: Local Government Elections nationwide.

10. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC)

Assessment – practicing selective investigations, still impotent in fight against corruption

Explanation – Like its predecessor the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA), the MACC is still controlled by the Executive and has no independent power to prosecute. Hence, it remains the tool of the Executive to eliminate political opponents rather than an independent institution that is truly combating corruption.

KPI: Amendment of the MACC Act to increase MACC’s autonomy under optimum parliamentary oversight.

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  1. verytrue says:

    So there you have it. Perakians, in particular the Malays, think that the opposition is not showing the Su*tan of Perak the respect he deserves. What they do not know is the Su*tan does not deserve any respect. And many are also not aware why the Su*tan wanted Pakatan Rakyat kicked out of Perak.
    Now, we hope, they do.

    Ask your Indian friends what Su*tan means – it has something to with the rear orifice (Assh*le)..

  2. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    Ya,pass to their pocket fully loaded with vitamin ‘M’….
    Na,fail to deliver to all Malaysian,always twist and turn….

    200 days nightmare.

  3. Nice Lim says:

    All the crap !!!
    200 days full of pirates and goons doing twist and turn !!!

  4. k1 says:

    Look at what the gerakan satayman KTK said about 916 holiday…Kajang satay down should invite this satayman as their speaker – “dai yan ren”.

  5. verytrue says:

    May 13 also has to be declared holiday – “Remembrance Day”

  6. monsterball says:

    Never in the history of any past PMs.. for the first 200 days apply clear double standards ..tell so many lies…. declaring so many slogans…all empty words..all contradiction to real actions …all out to fool Malaysians….hoping all will feel nice and believe in him.
    We thought we had enough of Mahathir for 22 years..but Najib is making sure…UMNO BARU owes loyalty to Mahathir…and all should continue.
    Somehow…Mahathir and Najib have so many similar characteristics.
    Both are very cunning….both are smart in dirty politics…but Najib is still a raw student…applying dirty politics with so much contradictions…to expose what a liar he is.
    Najib will bury UMNO BARU.

  7. Menyalak-er says:

    It’s been 200 days??
    My goodness what happened…, nothing’s changed. All this yipping, yapping, liow and bo-liow – yet the metamorphosis of that maggoty instar of dear leader hasn’t happened?
    Why tok-kok about KPI’s when no one has an idea of their starting nor ending points, especially invertebrates? Kpi’s are for retards.
    Only change is Sept 16 – next year, when this antipope has decided to canonize it as 1Malaise Day. Took them flurs 46 years to realize it’s significance, glacial speed.

  8. kittykat46 says:

    Liow Tiong Lai and his wife’s RM 500K+ Alphard under MACC investigation…..

    The allegation first appeared in RPK’s Malaysia-Today…where so much truth about Barisan Najis, that the authorities don’t want you to know, gets revealed….

    Here’s the sting confirmed from my source……
    * Mrs. Liow Tiong Lai really does have a spanking new RM 574,000 Toyota Alphard MPV.
    * Axis Construction Sdn.Bhd really is a contractor with Health Ministry projects

    As for the rest of the story….the Truth is Somewhere out There.

    After PKFZ, Kuala Dimensi, OTK’s Multi-Million Ringgit loans, free rides in Kuala Dimensi’s Private Luxury Jets…..nothing about MCA surprises me any more….now well and truly the cesspool of crooks and thieves.

  9. wits0 says:

    “200 days full of pirates and goons doing twist and turn !!!” – Nice Lim.

    Ever reflect on how many rogues have acquired enough commissionaire wealth (at our expense)to last any Mr Average a few lifetimes during the 200 days period?

  10. wits0 says:

    There seems to be an orgy going on with the MSM spinning out all sorts of “positive” sounding reporting and refrain for the establishment via Gogoo News. It shouldn’t be auutomatically directing us to local noose.

  11. kittykat46 says:

    Iran, purveyor-in-chief of suicide bombings gets a taste of its own medicine.

    The immutable law of karma comes back to everyone, in the end.

  12. wits0 says:

    Iran, number 1 lying regime. Pakiland, the number 2. Maybe 1Malaysia is number 3 on the International scheme of things among the Club of Doom.

  13. Nice Lim says:

    wits0-Oct 19,2009 at 8:03 pm
    Correct….with their Billion or Trillion $$$$$$$ in Swiss or somewhere around the globe…..need private jet to check their account balance!!!!
    …………..can last Average peoples like us few lifetime … Alibaba mountain……………

  14. ktteokt says:

    I think there is no need for enacting a Race Relation Act. Just go back to the RUKUNEGARA enacted in 1970 for guidelines! Isn’t is expressly written in the RUKUNEGARA that “…..membina masyarakat yang adil……” Is the maintenance of the NEP and Malay special rights ADIL?

  15. wits0 says:

    “..need private jet to check their account balance!!!!”

    Mahakutty perfected that most secured transaction method – directly at foreign banks – no chance of leaks and any wall overhearing. That’s why he must go jet trotting around the world ever do often and this got written in stone as the top men’s perk since. For the lower echelon however, it may be just “belajar sambil liwat” mainly.

  16. wits0 says:

    Certainly, there’s no need for any “Race Relation Act”. That’s purely a Borg-ish aspiration, ktteokt!

  17. najibmustdie says:

    Hold me, love me, hold me, love me
    I ain’t got nothing but love, babe
    Eight days a week …


  18. wits0 says:

    His 200 days is well celebrated as the Mother of Denial. He dredged that river deeper and wider :

    Hardly a silent scream though, of Evard Munch’s classic painting but a raucous fart.

  19. Kancilandak says:

    Milk is already spilled… there is nothing to do now except keep in heart… let it burn a hole into the soul till when the time come we teach this oppressor a lesson.

  20. beb says:

    we already give BN 52 years…now we want to give opposition a chance to prove they are better than BN…anything wrong with that ?

  21. Amirul says:

    Najib is angry, he is lethal(Altantuya), and he is a cunning, diabolical fox and in due time, one could see a neo-Mahathir Mohamad in full throttle.

    Where are my friends -Sofia and Jean, Susan, what happen to them -blown away in pieces???? Give me tissues will ya,,,,

  22. storm62 says:

    Najis 200 days as umno’s PM….

    and the people suffers 200 days of agony, shame, humiliation!!!

    200 days of mourning for 1Malaysia.

  23. OM7 says:

    200 days and despite all the criticism and cheap shots taken at him the economy is improving, BN won in Bagan Pinang, UMNO is making plans to reform and other BN component parties are cleaning house. Now whether they succed or not is a different matter but the fact remains that while PR has been sleeping since the failure of 916, BN has been working. That, i’m afraid is the perception of all those fence sitters. You may ridicule them and say that they only read and listen to the main stream media but what has PR done to counter these allegations or accusations? NOT MUCH. Why? Because the PR reps are busy in their own political scuffles, worrying about Beyonce, raiding 7eleven, securing their positions in the party i.e Azmin Ali and the list goes on. So what has happened to MAKKAL SAKTHI? or Is it just a rhetoric used in GE’s and by elections. Malaysians are not stupid and ignorant. They want to see their reps working and not just sitting pretty riding on national issues but never meeting their constituents. PR you have 2 years left. Pls remember this time the leader of BN is not Badawi but Najib Tun Razak. Believe me he is a master in the world of politics. Either work as one unified cooperative coalition or face another tsunami- in the opposite direction. SUARA RAKYAT SUARA KERAMAT.

  24. luke worm says:

    Najib’s 200 days – pass or fail?


    Najib is just a joker.

    Before Mr. Mahakutty took over, Malaysia is a 1People’s Malaysia.

    After 22 year Mr. Mahathir’s rule, it’s a 8/9PeopleMalaysia- with the pretext of advocating NEP, Malay privilege, Ketuanan Melayu and whatnot, the BN government plundered the wealth of Malaysia well and good.

    Now with the pretext of 1Malaysia, this Mr. Najib is just like his innate corrupt predecessors, continuing to plunder Malaysia’s wealth to the next generation.

    Nobody will believe in this 1Malaysia until there is a separation of powers and checks and balances being restored in Malaysia- like before Mr. Mahathir took over Malaysia.

    Malaysia will be forever literally a 8/9Malaysia with Mr. Najib’s 1ManMalaysia.

    More people will emigrate to overseas with Mr. Najib’s 1ManMalaysia!

    Tell me, who would want to live in a crime-filled despotic 1ManMalaysia?

    Sayonara 1ManMalaysia!

  25. wits0 says:

    “Believe me he is a master in the world of politics.” OM7

    Who’re you that I should believe? You’re already being presumptuous on your part and the object of your promotion is a well known diabolical one.

    Whenever a fellow comes forward and say, “Trust me”, alarm bells start ringing in every astute person’s head. You’re not even aware of the very nature of such things. That’s why, a pushy outriding minion is all you can be for your Dark lord.

  26. monsterball says:

    To summarize…..Najib’s 200 days is simple full of shit.

  27. monsterball says:

    Sayonara luke worm.
    Don’t write and don’t come back to Malaysia.

  28. najibmustdie says:

    Now Liow should be given a Tan Sri for having been brave to lodge report against this PR instigators and liars who made police report against him for corruption.

  29. veryupset says:

    All said & done….

    What happened to the “all goverment servants to declare their assets, accounts & all their crap” for us to know & see..?????????

    I know of one “crap” that did it & denied it till kingdom come….!!

    It has always been all talk & goodies for certain people & back pockets….!
    These guys behave like as if they are “The Untouchables”..!

    200 days or not….. I don’t give a damn anymore. We’ve all be commenting, complaining & whining………
    And yet they keep stuffing this “1Malaysia” ding dong down our throats….!!!!

    Yeah right..! People “1st”.
    Their people 1st lah………..!!!!

  30. najibmustdie says:

    “1Malaysia is number 3 on the International scheme of things among the Club of Doom.” – wits0

    Hassan Ali`s “nordin top” incinerator (NTI)

  31. menangkerbau says:

    Now the Pakatan Rakyat group accepts the BN govt of Perak in attendinf the sitting on Oct 28, therefore Perak crisis is over….

    Ganesan is all heart ahead of Perak sitting

    “The PR representatives also said that Ganesan had unfairly given them only one day to submit their written questions to the House,…..”

    The PR reps should step down en bloc and force by-elections in Perak

  32. menangkerbau says:


    Ketua balai polis direman kerana kes rogol bawah umur

    KOTA BAHARU: Seorang ketua balai polis di daerah ini, yang berpangkat Sarjan Mejar, ditahan reman selama tujuh hari mulai hari ini bagi membantu siasatan berhubung satu kes rogol di bawah umur, Sabtu lalu.

    Ketua Polis Kelantan Datuk Abd Rahim Hanafi mengesahkan penahanan anggota polis berumur 49 tahun itu yang ditahan di Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Kota Baharu, semalam.

  33. bee says:

    The old senile Horse (ma) is the king of all shit stirrers. Your friend najis is the king of all lallang, who bend with the wind to his advantage. See how he captured the silver land and he justified it with ‘they started it with one of us”. See how he won the last by-election with the indians votes; he open a non-related political party at the expense of mickey mouse clubhouse. Now the ‘M’ana ‘C’ari ‘A’long party is down and out. We will see how he will take advantage of the crisis. A lallang has no backbone; can never be trusted; alway make use of your votes and never of any use.

  34. menangkerbau says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 20 — PAS secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali has admitted that the new Indian party, Makkal Sakthi had resulted in the party losing the support of the non-Malays in Bagan Pinang….

    “In a way Makkal Sakthi affected our share of non-Malay votes and the announcement that the party was endorsing BN,” said Mustafa in an interview.

    Come on man. You bargers lost heavily on your malay vote alone. Dont go around blaming the cow-herds…..lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama kekeke

  35. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    ” Do we have capable leaders who can lead us ? ”
    after this 200 days !!!

  36. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Where are all the murderer after 200 days ??????
    No answer ??????

  37. kahkahkahkh says:

    “Where are all the murderer after 200 days ??????”

    They had a Party and elected their best to be Peeam piiisssssss

  38. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    High tide or Low tide,business as usual,,,,after 200 days.
    Kopi kaw kaw good for antioxidant and for everyone.o.k ?

  39. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Good morning,good morning and good morning again everybody !

  40. kahkahkahkh says:

    Four friends, who hadn’t seen each other in 30 years, reunited at a party. After several drinks, one of the men had to use the rest room.

    Those who remained talked about their kids. The first guy said, “My son is my pride and joy. He started working at a successful company at the bottom of the barrel. He studied Economics and Business Administration and soon began to climb the corporate ladder and now he’s the president of the company. He became so rich that he gave his best friend a top of the line Mercedes for his birthday.”

    The second guy said, “Damn, that’s terrific! My son is also my pride and joy. He started working for a big airline. He then went to flight school to become a pilot. Eventually he became a partner in the company, where he owns the majority of its assets. He’s so rich that he gave his best friend a brand new jet for his birthday.”

    The third man said: “Well, that’s terrific! My son studied in the best
    universities and became an engineer. Then he started his own construction company and is now a multimillionaire. He also gave away something very nice and expensive to his best friend for his birthday: A 30,000 square foot mansion.”

    The three friends congratulated each other just as the fourth returned from the rest-room and asked: “What are all the congratulations for?”
    One of the three said: “We were talking about the pride we feel for the successes of our sons….What about your son?”

    The fourth man replied: “My son is gay and makes a living dancing as a stripper at a nightclub.”

    The three friends said: “What a shame…what a disappointment.”

    The fourth man replied: “No, I’m not ashamed. He’s my son and I love him. And he’s lucky, too. His birthday just passed the other day and he received a beautiful 30,000 square foot mansion, a brand new jet and a top of the line Mercedes from his three boyfriends.”

  41. tiger says:

    {{Never in the history of any past PMs.. for the first 200 days apply clear double standards ..tell so many lies…. declaring so many slogans…all empty words..all contradiction to real actions …all out to fool Malaysians….hoping all will feel nice and believe in him.}}


    This monsterball is a ball li*ker.

    Look at his own master LKS & Son, where are the promises during the campaign in 3/8/09? Why this monsterball has no complain?

    Where is the declaration of assets? Where is the vote for local councilors? Where is the from of communicationact in Penang?

    This LGE and rocket are worst than the BN dogs!

    Mahakutty has resigned after 22 years in politics but old leaking power rocket still wants to power on!

    Dey! Monsterball, what kind of nanbotinan is you?


  42. tingtong says:

    Tiger mak got no puik

  43. tiger says:

    This monsterball is a total disgrace to all the Hainamese in the Hainamese Island.

    If this monsterball is in the Hainamese Island, the Hainamese sure castrate this monsterball or else people will think that all Hainamese have got monster balls like monsterball.

    This monsterball is just a waste of hainemese chicken rice.

  44. tingtong says:

    Tiger pen*s najis aphrodisiac

  45. tiger says:

    tingtong mak got puik puik! Ngow! Ngow..

  46. tiger says:

    Najis just gave a swing of his keris in the air and tingtong two balls coming down.

  47. wits0 says:

    “Tiger mak got no puik”

    It’s a M$ member.

  48. tingtong says:

    “tingtong mak got puik puik!” – of course
    not like tiger virgin mamak no puik….now tiger is najis viagra god

  49. kahkahkahkh says:

    “Najis just gave a swing of his keris…” – tiger
    “….now tiger is najis viagra god” – tingtong

    Lord Indra with Keris

  50. tiger says:

    This monsterball is befitting to toking tok his brand of politics in pasar malam.

    Susan is a lady with wisdom allowing this monsterball to voice his grouses but this monsterball is tokking tok all the times and is a bane to this blog and has stretched the limit of tolerance.

    Dey! Puiklomike, go sell Hainamese chicken rice in Pasar Malam and don’t waste Googles bits and bites here though it’s free of charge.

    Google: Yes! This monsterball sure is wasting a lot of our memory spaces in the hard disks talking rubbish all the times.

  51. kahkahkahkh says:

    “It’s a M$ member.” – wits0

    RM – rosmah mansur

  52. tiger says:

    Witso’s mak: sakit, sakit… swearchi..

  53. tiger says:

    Oooh ahhh, tintong mak finally got organism.. enteering the virGiney record book…

  54. blakangmati says:

  55. R4Os says:

    Najib’s 200 days – pass or fail?

    He gets “F9” (Flopped) for his 1Malaysia “cakap tak serupa bikin” hypocricy….

  56. tiger says:

    Malaysia politics is for the tigers who are out for the kill and just not suitable for Hainamese chicken rice with monsterballs, fish balls, tingtong balls,meatballs, twitso balls and whatnot…

  57. kittykat46 says:

    1Najis is a fraud, and he very well knows that himself.

    The very real threat to Malaysia’s future is that there are a significant number of people buying it (sigh…:( ) and enough people may believe it to ensure continued Barisan Najis hegemony for the next XX years. By the time people finally wake up, we will be well down the slide towards Zimbabwe

    You don’t believe a country can become destitute through corruption and mismanagement ?
    Did you know that in the 1950’s – the Philippines had a higher standard of living than Malaya ?
    What happened in between is they had Ferdinand Marcos….
    We now have Najis….

  58. Omar Khayyam says:

    The Ball no Question makes of Ayes and Noes,
    But Right or Left, as strikes the Player goes;
    And he that toss’d Thee down into the Field,
    He knows about it all — He knows — HE knows!

    -Omar Khayyam

  59. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    Tiger ball is shooting upside down and tiger is also doing some tiger show ! wrong shot with wrong ball and drop into wrong hole and then tiger scratch his ash and puke into that ash h*le.shit.

  60. wits0 says:

    “What happened in between is they had Ferdinand Marcos….
    We now have Najis….” – KK46.

    Marcos was promoted as a war hero to the naive populace, as an anti-Japanese fighter but later even the details became disputed. Exactly the same thing to be expected when people falls for feel good hubris of the time – total disenchantment.

    Naif’s dad was himself a suspected Japanese collaborator but the details are naturally suppressed and revised 180º.

    The Makhai Saksi town criers are bought for small change bit pretends to be tiger. Venality of desparados are satisfied by the first scattering of crumbs by a diabolic master and the promise of more.

    No wonder Temujin did the appropriate thing with Jamukha’s betrayars. Something PR can learn something from.

  61. wits0 says:

    Moo Yessin clearly confirms that the MCA is a wholly owned subsidiary of umno.

  62. kahkahkahkah says:

    “No wonder Temujin did the appropriate thing” – wits0

  63. kahkahkahkah says:

    “The calf is normally beheaded and disemboweled and has its limbs cut off at the knees. It is then soaked in cold water for 24 hours before play to toughen it. Occasionally sand is packed into the carcass to give it extra weight. Players may not strap the calf to their bodies or saddles. Though a goat is used when no calf is available, a calf is less likely to disintegrate.”

  64. kittykat46 says:

    “MCA is a wholly owned subsidiary of UMNO”…
    Yup, and it makes the storm-in-the-toy-teacup between the two all the more pathetic.

    Two old men Just fighting for the right to be Poodle-In-Chief.
    I guess the renumeration (all-inclusive package) is very good.

  65. kahkahkahkah says:

    Taliban leader Najis “Khan” tried to lay buzkashi in seks23 with cowhead, after mahathiu olo lessons

  66. kahkahkahkah says:

    after mahathiu polo lessons

  67. rebena says:

    mca leadership very big mess !!!!!!!!
    If OTK, CSl, LTL not resolve in this two months,
    afraid big displeasant will come to pass..

    PR rep are still working. the main media has been control by BN, therefore we can’t see much things publish by paper media and TV.

  68. izat says:

    hi tiger, can U please see whether macc do their work or not ?
    better to check big fish, toyo and balkis funds.. and give us an updates !!!

  69. kahkahkahkah says:

    balkis funds..

    ball kiss from “tigris”

  70. izat says:

    Rakyat is dismay and feed up to see PKFZ fiasco, mca leaders prob, toy and balkis fund..

    If tee keat will not settle quickly, then he will be regret soon..

    The State governments will need to check the preparation before
    the Year End Monsoon season.. especially on Trengganu, Kelantan, …etc..

  71. kittykat46 says:

    Deputy Home Moron says IGP contract renewed because of “Excellent Performance”

    Excellent dirty jobs done for UMNO, he meant.

    Crime is soaring in urban areas.
    The morale of ordinary policy are at an all time low.
    Senior officers busy lining their pockets……

  72. […] Najib's 200 days – pass or fail? « *SUSAN LOONE's Blog* […]

  73. monsterball says:

    lanchiow chow ceebai ahbengkia turned to luke worm and now…poo na bor tiger.
    But never mind…the more the 3 are not 3 but one…insults me…the better for Malaysians to judge.
    Truth hurts….and NOW….
    Najib is to meet Obama!!
    Mahathir paid US1 million for 30 minutes.
    Go guess…what will a scoundrel like Najib need to pay.

  74. Nice Lim says:

    The dude is back….just craw back grumbling….we will be back 2night …fellow cts….roll over and crash the dude……sayonara…..

  75. monsterball says:

    Wrong place wrong time..found the right place right time to talk tiger show….hahahahahahaha

  76. monsterball says:

    You are so right…Malaysian politics are for the tigers.
    First time….I agree with you..but you are only in name as a “tiger”. In person…you are a worm and chow ceebai kia.
    And tiger show performer you are….cheap cheap one want to see…so out-dated….so crude….so stupid… style….just like UMNO buggers.
    Tigers are kopitiam fellas..and UMNO siokos love to copy and confuse others. What have you not learn. If you talk like that in front of my of my suki nan…few of your teeth…gone…talk more…tongue…half gone.
    Meet me..all gone….like Bala.

  77. monsterball says:

    hi Tiger!! Want to perform tiger show?
    Worm can crawl over a worm…roll and roll…put in also no one can fun.
    ahbengkia can bengkok…pusing….with my female pug…hole just nice for his pencil thin stick.
    Final come out as TIGER…WOW!!…5’2″ katek…peanut balls…and same stick..need wrong hole.
    Only 2 weird guys from UMNO get thrilled… chap hands…never seen such fantastic stunts done before.

  78. tiger says:

    This monsterball is a further total disgrace to the Hainamese people after that MCA nanbotinan has embarrassed the Hainamese and local Chinese.

    This monsterball has some mental problem better someone send him to Tampoi before this monsterball running amok killing innocent people!

  79. monsterball says:

    Now I know you are really a tiger show performer.
    Dot dot dot…same style…so much so talk also..same words…same insults..nothing creative…nothing special.
    How can I be “further disgrace..bla bla bla”….when the so call.. first disgrace is not there…you idiot!!
    I am a Malaysian and don’t try to play play with me on clans and race. Kopitiam fellas are not like you idiots…putting on acts ans shows.

  80. monsterball says:

    Come…Teegir……lets rock and roll!

  81. wits0 says:

    Tigger can only rock and roll with Winnie(the Pooh).

  82. monsterball says:

    You are tiga suku.
    One suku…lanciow chow ceebai kia….one suku.. earth worm… suku..tiger show performer.
    Put all together…your are a nut….so out-dated …so full of shit.
    Better get KrisMooDin to save you…like he felt so sad for the Bali bomber…poor guy….shot dead..if under your brother…..the big mouth KrisMooDin……sure get cured….no bombing.
    Me..go to Tampoi?
    Me….Monsterball go to Tampoi hospital?
    You are a real sick man.
    Lucky you talk here. Talk at kopitiam..your next word will be…HELP!!!

  83. monsterball says:

    My english is bad enough!
    What shit is…” is a further total disgrace….”???
    hiidiot….”further” is just a small step..from starting point.
    “Total”….is the sum grand child do in maths.
    How can action…mix with figures…you dum dum ass.
    Never thought I need to be a school teacher too……hahahahahaha

  84. monsterball says:

    I tell you….I have a license to kill too…… 007…boom…but right now…my itchy hands love to strangle you ..suffocate you..half dead…..let go…not dead.. charged with fighting…no murder. ..RM50 fine..all OK.
    Since witso said you rock and roll with Pooh only…how about lets cha cha cha? No like modern dances…not voooooooom power.
    hi idiot….stop using “tiger”. Change to “tigger”..and play with your honey bunny.
    GET LOST!!

  85. Monstergirl says:

    Please don’t character assassinate Monty, he is just offering his opinion, hard opinion mah.

  86. tiger says:

    Now this monsterball is befitting servicing his body parts in the Chow Kit area or Jalan Alor.

    This foul mouth monsterball is immoral and pays no respect to Susan who is an intellect.

    This illiterate monsterball sure doesn’t appreciate Susan is an intellect else he won’t be putting all the derogatory words here.

    This monsterball is just a stupid and insane nutcase who doesn’t know this web-blog is accessible through out the world and the way he represents himself it’s a disgrace to all the Malaysian denizens.

    This monsterball is insane and reflects badly to all the Malaysians.

    This monsterball must be stopped before he embarrassed and shamed the nation in front of the world.

  87. wits0 says:

    R/C Tiger Tank?!!

    Cheoh ee, ah!

    Need I say more about his “intellect” on analogy? ROTFLOL!

  88. monsterball says:

    Monstergirl…you are a doll!! Miss you so much.
    See….how much love I get….you idiot.
    When the relatives of of monsterball appear….you imposter…disguising as 3….lanchiowkia..worm..tigger…all can become flesh…bones and blood…become one hantu raven…fly fly your master…Najib…who is in Indonesia now…ampoo bodek Sosilo….next ampoo Obama…come back..with new slogan…akang datang…bulum sampai lagi.
    Remember…hantu besar paid US1 million to meet Bush…half hour meeting..admitted by him.
    Anak hantu…want to out beat daddy…one hour…how much US$??????
    Sure got donation from good friend…no bribery.

  89. monsterball says:

    ‘”This monsterball must be stop….bla bla bla”
    Talk is cheap…do it…you idiot!!
    Try to talk nice to someone…to ban me err… slimebag…good for nothing worm.
    You started to insult me…and you want to complaint?
    You are typical UMNO by product…never regret…never admit mistakes…always right.
    If so…how come lost 4 States plus one?

  90. monsterball says:

    That look like a 1945 tank.

  91. monsterball says:

    For years…UMNO idiots keep saying monsterball must be stopped.
    So tired of hearing empty vessels making so much noise…tak boleh pakai.
    SLOGAN MAN…where art thou?
    I want more.

  92. monsterball says:

    oooop forgot…in Indonesia.

  93. tiger says:

    This monsterball, just by the nick we know he is just an ancient monster good for the dinosaur era.

    This foul-mouth monsterball is just not up to the level giving good comments but contrary is projecting immoral thoughts and behavior to the world community.

    This monsterball in the zero sum game, is a liability to the modern world.

    Dey! monsterball, go find your dinosaur friends in Kopitian in Tampoi!

    Don’t simply run obsequiously spitting fire without any purpose and don’t contaminate our dear Susan’s sacred blog with derogatory words here.

    Her sacred blog is for fighting against tyranny and misuse of powers by the crooked politicians.

    So better behave yourself and dudok diam2! Understand dinasour/monsterball or whateverball you have got!

  94. tiger says:

    Remember…hantu besar paid US1 million to meet Bush…half hour meeting..admitted by him.
    Anak hantu…want to out beat daddy…one hour…how much US$??????

    This monsterball is just a stupid and ignorant archaic dinosaur.

    Najib made 500 million bucks out from the Sukhoi and Scorpene submarine deal.

    This Rm1 million is just a small potato to Najib.

    Outdated monsterball, better dudok diam2 before Najib bombs the shit out from you with his newly acquired ‘Tiger Shark’!

    Bodoh this monsterball. He is wasting further Google’s free bit and byte here.

  95. monsterball says:

    hahahahahahahaha…old stuffs…from a typical tongue twister…who can easily forget like Mahathir…how he insults me..using foul words…trying to be nice to Susan…shower so much praises and compliments..that without monsterball…this blog will be paradise.
    Again…such was said many times long long ago.
    Love to insult me..get me in the mood to respond…even try to get me be a racist… him..and that’s what they want…and now…appealing to Susan…..same out-dated tactics.
    I am finished with you….dum UMNO half past six ass.

  96. wits0 says:

    It’s not even a Tiger Tank(Radio Controlled model or otherwise). It looks more like a German Panther Tank! A Panzer V model, to be a bit more exact.

    Hahaha! Jackass baloney by that tigger.

  97. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha….This dum ass is saying Najib accepts and give bribes….hahahahahahaha
    UMNO BARU habis.

  98. kahkahkahkah says:

    Oh no. Now we are getting a tiger jacking off. The MACC paedophiliac must be hunting for his morebile.

  99. wits0 says:

    Less than 20 Naval multirole Su 33 are operated by Russians, in real life.

  100. monsterball says:

    Yes…I hope MACC read his message.
    Maybe print it out and go file a police report.
    Great courage …TIGER MAN!!

  101. kahkahkahkah says:

    After 200 days, “Tiger” Najis finally came :-

    Press Freedom Index 2009
    No. 131 Malaysia

    Lower than, Mongolia (91)

  102. wits0 says:

    “Lower than, Mongolia (91)”

    Aka outa Mongolia @ 131

  103. kahkahkahkah says:

    Mongolia @ 131 outa limits controlling TV sets

    “There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. We will control all that you see and hear. You are about to experience the awe and mystery, which reaches from the inner mind to the outa limits.”

  104. monsterball says:

    See you later guys.
    I have printed and going to police station … know what.
    What I will not do for “tiger”…my dear friend.

  105. Kancilandak says:

    Here wit sit infront our computors and talk about everythin which not relevent to susan posting… what are we the dissaponted Malaysian going to do about all this oppression and suppresion? well, at least until the next election what we going to do individually? talk crap whole day? What is the Pakatan doing as a political body? How can we hee..hee.. be even sure they will exist until 2013? Has the oppoisition got a competive edge to set things right? What is anyone to learn from all your racket above?

  106. AB LIM says:

    Wow…..look like our cutie kancilansi did change after all this while……that’s very positive sign !….but i ask my second Master advice and my Master ask me to check with this kancilansi….whether he use a new tactic…..”If we can’t fight them,then joint them ! “…wow…we hope not because we really want him to change for a better Malaysia Malaysian and not to fight with us internally when he joint the group….something like virus attack now and then….hahahahaha
    Anyway…Kancilandak ! wow this is the first time you get my respect to call you by your real nick…..unless you gone nuts again…then you will get what you want….hahahhahha

  107. tiger says:

    This monsterball just doesn’t have the knowledge nor experience in dealing with crisis we are facing but instead monsterball is exacerbating our problems.

    Nobody is denying monsterball in voicing his grouses but unfortunately monsterball is unwittingly wants to impart his ‘knowledge’ to others.

    The problem with monsterball is that his ‘knowledge’ is befitting to kopitian chit-chat only whereas we are dealing with professional crooks, racists, plunderers, highway robbers and bla bla…

    Monsterball is just an obstacle in solving our endemic problems- shooting wildly with a pistol and this is detrimental to others who are more professional in wanting to right the wrongs in Malaysia.

    Hence whence come to monsterball comments, just give a cursor down and goes to the next comment.

    Monsterball’s comments are bad for the denizens here because obviously monsterball didn’t go through the proper education and his written English is bad for those who are in the process of learning English.

    But the most important thing is monsterball’s character and attitude which are akin to a spoiled child.

    Hence his comments here and in other web-blogs are childish and bad for the world community.

    Conclusion- monsterball is just not suitable to give comments in web-blogs for it’s very bad for the world community!


  108. 1 Alien says:

    ” Tiger Should Be In The Zoo ”
    + –
    Before the show start,we detected this anydud did craw back and this anydud really miss you guys here after over 200 days +

  109. Monster King says:

    All I know of Susan is that she will not take flattering, swapping it for any misdeeds. The ruse to flatter Susan Loone and to make snide remarks and insinuations on Monty will not work here.

    This is just like asking Susan to cover-up/ omit any further writings about the controversial deaths of Ms. Altantuya Sharibuu by flattering her anew. Rocky Boo would do that I believe, but not Susan.

    Monsterball, selflessly contributed his time and money in many by-elections in supporting Pakatan Rakyat.

    Well, son(Monsterball), keep up the good work and work hand-in-hand with our family of monsters- Monstergirl and omit any sorts of obscenities.

    Sorry my family of monsters, that I, Monster King cum lately..3 year only MAH……..:]

  110. 3rd force says:

    What is the Pakatan doing as a political body? How can we hee..hee.. be even sure they will exist until 2013? Has the oppoisition got a competive edge to set things right? What is anyone to learn from all your racket above?

    Kancilandak – October 20, 2009 at 9:19 pm

    After 19 months, the PRputras are getting used to the system and perhaps have learnt one or two things in the process.

    But I can’t quite see the difference between the BN and PR.

    They are politickians and all are therefore the same.

    The rakyat elected PR in 4 1/2 states as governments and give them the powers to rule but what do they do?

    Why susah susah change the sysytem when the system works for them perfectly- in plundering the wealth ala the BN putras.

    Hence there is no change in the governmental system- no new dawn, no Malaysian Malaysia, no pass Pas- but only how to garner wealth, lands, wealth, wealth, power, women, wealth and etc. etc.

    Perhaps Susan, RPK and other web-bloggers should seriously thinking of forming a third party…

    These BN and PR just can’t be trusted.

    How do I know? I am living in a PR government state. The MP and State assemblyman are no different to the BN’s.

    You know something, till now I haven’t seen a single shadow of them.

    Bye bye PR comes the next GE.

    Hello Third Force!!!

    Welcome third force!

    LOng live third force!!

  111. Kancilandak says:

    Yes, 3rd force is right…

    RPK, Susan, Haris, Nat, Zorro and all should unite to make a third force… based entirely on Human rights for a Malaysian Malaysia… unless the name ‘Human Rights’ has alredy been hijacked by big bottles of black beer drinking headless hindraf nuts.
    Yes… we’ll do the canvassing… come whatever… It will be Human Rights all the way!

  112. tenlittleindianboys says:

    Not all indians are headless hindraf beer drinkers, mind you Kancilandak.

  113. tiger says:

    {{RPK, Susan, Haris, Nat, Zorro and all should unite to make a third force… based entirely on Human rights for a Malaysian Malaysia… unless the name ‘Human Rights’ has alredy been hijacked by big bottles of black beer drinking headless hindraf nuts.
    Yes… we’ll do the canvassing… come whatever… It will be Human Rights all the way!

    Kancilandak – October 20, 2009 at 10:05 pm}}

    Rome is not built overnight!

    I think we should consider this third force.

  114. tiger says:

    If third force can dedicate for the people for human rights, let the spark burns and continues the whole of Malaysia.

    1UnitedThird force!!

  115. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    kancilandak sudah mabuklah,,,,,insult my Indian fren ini,,,,wah,,,,cepatnya dia ini berubah jadi kancilwolf……wooooooooofff

  116. wits0 says:

    “Here wit sit infront our computors and talk about everythin which not relevent to susan posting..” – Kancilnoclue.

    Debunking wannabe trolls and dissimulators with facts is hardly irrelevant. First, before we learn can something. we need to ask the about the, “what, where, when, why, how” events happened as they did. We need to know and understand the reason, the motive and spirit behind all human actions before we can correctly judge any human issue. To this end, we actually have to have in our grasp not merely the raw info but also need to ascertain that our own self-awareness and standing integrity is actually sound.

    The most outstanding reality remains that bumno/bn cannot change or cease to lie and will have to be shown the door. How much better PR is a almost a different matter. (Many years ago, LKS wrote his book, titled, “Who Lives if Malaysia Dies”? That was of course a rhetorical question as a title ; now we see how that has slowly been happening.)

  117. Nice Lim says:

    This kancilnotnice talking crap again….ai ya….you know ….i know….

  118. Nice Lim says:

    ”1 United Force” to crash bee-end out with all our relevant PR supporters.

  119. wits0 says:

    Nice Lim, it’s more pleasing to listen to your favorite Alan. Here I’ve recorded the audio of Alishan Mountain Girl in MP3 which you can pick up from here:

  120. tiger says:

    For the third force, every rakyat is the king and queen of the jungle!

  121. Nice Lim says:

    kancilnotnice should ask ”what,where,when,why,how” when he read all our cts say this and that……maybe he is still heartless and don’t understand all the suffering,pain,challenge all our beloved Malaysian are suffering now….after 200 days of their najis and the band ending all the rakyak money show…………..

  122. Nice Lim says:

    Domoarigato gozaimazta wits0….
    oh what a relieve for me… last……my sweety alan-tosan…haha

  123. Menyalak-er says:

    Pico, what is “Human Rights”?
    Is the Human Rights Charter by UN enough?
    “Self awareness” wits, is a very, very rare commodity and we only see glimpses of it. Integrity? Hmm.. many fakeries here. Too transcendental for most.
    But, i agree with your assessment that we’ve got to kick out bad rubbish, to voyage and push forward to that unknown 4-D world.

  124. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Our Malay friends ‘puasa’ to be more humble and feel others suffering.
    Our Indian friends ‘take kawadi’ to be near to god and cleanse their body.
    This month all my Chinese friends take vegetarian for nine days during ‘Kow long ea’ celebration to remind us not to kill living things,,,as they have life too.
    My friends,Malaysian is a very unique country where every races live in peace and harmony…..but we must do something fast and serious to stop corruption,killing,discrimination that happen in our unique and beloved country now in order for our country wealth to be really used to develop and give our future generation of children better education for a better tomorrow.

  125. monsterball says:

    I never knew I have a living “DAD”
    He must be more tan 100 years old.
    Anyway…..thanks for your support and understanding…monster king.
    That tiger show man tries to fool everyone…and now applying.. how to agree to disagree….and say I am not suitable for web side.
    He has the thick skin face…to try fooling Susan too..with his good for nothing sweet nothing ..compliments.
    Everyone are insulting him back…yet he wants to convince everyone…I am not suitable in web side.
    I wonder what reputation and qualification he has established…to talk like that.
    I suggest he goes to Lim Kit Siang’s blog…and say same thing.
    Tiger show man is a professional..I am not.
    Sure he is…a professional hole digger….any hole will do….like a dot dot…dig dig dig..come out…look for monsterball and try luck to chase me away…a mission…all have failed for years.
    This idiot…tiger show man never stop…trying to fool all.

  126. monsterball says:

    And that bloody kancilandak is drunk again!.

  127. wits0 says:

    Kkancilfaker cannot see the Light as long as MahaKutty stays on as an object of his perpetual reverence.

    Even Saul was said to have been first struck blind in the wilderness by the Light before he reformed into Paul.

  128. Nice Lim says:

    “Think positive then it will be positive,Think negative then it will be negative”….earth will still go round and round no matter what happen….happy or sad…………………………………………..

  129. storm62 says:

    a kancil fighting for human rights?

    you must be joking or drunk, pico!

  130. Nice Lim says:

    If a person stop some others freedom….then this is very bad and not nice……………..Good night fellow Malaysia Malaysian.

  131. straycat's strut says:

    Najib’s 200 days – pass or fail?

    Let’s forget Najib for a while. How about yours Monsterball? 60-something years. Pass or fail?

  132. monsterball says:

    I always think positive…in my private life.
    I am always happy…..although in business….there will be some bad news/results… I try my best…and that’s all I can do…with no regrets.
    I am too old to feel sad or be really offended.
    In blogging…to me..I have a mission …a be useful and part knowledge.
    For me…being upset…angry….using all my energy to those who insult me…is a way….to release my stress.and sometimes to get stress up…for blood circulation and stay young at heart……hahahahahahahaha
    I work myself to get upset…and change to another person.
    That’s vitality…not easy to copy.

  133. monsterball says:

    I have a blessed life….straycat’s strut.
    Everyone travel through good and bad times.
    Yes.I have failed….and from my failures…I learn from my mistake…and succeeded too.
    My weakness is trusting people easily….in my working life…but no regrets. I will still trust and experience good or bad…comes from that weakness…which I consider..where my .good heart comes from…also god gifted..
    Remember…the Chinese saying…to succeed..first is your gifted life…your destiny…second is your luck….do you have it or not….third is the surroundings…balanced or unbalanced to your life…fourth is how educated you are…and fifth is how charitable you are.
    Have all that…in a balanced life…you will be OK.
    I think….this established…I am a wise man.

  134. monsterball says:

    straycat’s strut….I can eat all the high cholesterol food I was eating from young…up to change.
    I like pork leg and fat meat. I like lots of curry pour wet int my rice…mutton and fried chicken with vege.
    I like to smoke at least 10 cigars per day…and was smoking at the age of 13 …up to now.
    I have no regrets over my failed marriages…as they gave me 5 wonderful decent children and 9 grandchildren and all my ex wives are friendly to me.
    I am always busy.

  135. tiger says:

    Dear monsterball,

    Please la go tell your grandfather story in kopitian to your cuckoo friends in the Tampooi!.

    Nobody is interested in your failed marriages and business life nor your bad smoking habits here.

    If you have nothing to show, just shut up and don’t waste Google bits and bytes though it’s free of charge.

    Don’t misuse that privilege for personal gains/sympathy, Mr. monster’s giantball.

    It’s better watching a basketball game than reading monster’s giantball toking tok on the internet!

  136. tiger says:

    Monsterball is just an ordinary failed man but wants to project he is a clever man.

    Nobody will be interested in his tot tokking.

    But if Bill Gates were to reveal his secrete of success, everybody is interested.

    monsterball is just a stupid fool when trying to depict himself as Bill Gate.

    Bill Gate is a humble man unlike this monsterball, he thinks he is the all time great. This monsterball is really embarrassing his ancestors here.

    Here is the secretes of Bill Gates everybody will be interested…

    Bill Gates, the self-made billionaire start managing Microsoft since when he was only about 20 years old. He became the youngest billionaire in his 30s and at the age of 39, his wealth beats Warren Buffet (wealthiest stock investor), he became the world’s richest man.

    I grab this article from a local newspaper some time ago. Bill Gates was once an ordinary man just like you and me. However, he uses his own talent and hard work, he founded Microsoft and now has got everything he deserves, wealth, power, credibility. Look at the picture below, it is a picture of Microsoft company before it gets famous. Can you find out which one is Bill Gates?


    So you see, even the richest man in the world has his hard time. Do you think that Mr Gates never fought for his career?

    Do you think that he was born lucky and with all the talents? Of course not! He learn through the hard time and able to cope with it. You know what, if he can do it, so can you.

    Principle 1 – Adapt to your life. You must accept that life is unfair. Nobody is born perfect and lucky, you must learn to adapt to your life, then change it. How your live is going to be will be totally lies in your hand. You must manage and handle your own life.

    Principle 2 – Pursue for success. This world will not care who you are, you must pursue for success only then you can get a foothold in your life. Success is the highest state of life, it can change your behavior and attitude, and even your self-esteem. If you think that success doesn’t belong to you, that is a lame thinking.

    Principle 3 – No pain, no gain. Success will never come automatically, you need to pay for it if you desire for it. This is the basic principle in our life, you aren’t going to become a CEO of certain company if you don’t work for it. You will not going to make $10k a month if you’re not paying any effort in it. Therefore stop thinking that success will drop from heaven, without hard work , success will not be yours.

    Principle 4 -Change your attitude. If you think that your teachers in school are strict, think about your boss after you’ve gone for work. So stop blaming other people and change your attitude on how you look at things.

    Principle 5- Everything matters. No matter small or big business, they can make you money. Small business can grows into big businesses. Thus, by slowly taking small steps everyday, you can achieve big result one day.

    Read: The 11 Principles From Bill Gates (Continues)

  137. kahkahkahkah says:

    you must be joking or drunk, pico! ….storm62

    “Battle Without Honor of Humanity” by Tomoyasu Hotei at minute 1:30

  138. rebena says:

    The Auditor General report has come out.. can tablet in Parliament.

    Please catch the big fish, big sotong..
    in 2006 report,
    a technical pen – a market price RM160.00
    But the gov agency corrupted and spend for RM1,146.00 for the same item. Almost 10 time rugi expense !!!!!!

    Bodohland gov corrupted !!!!!!!

  139. kahkahkahkah says:

    Auditor General reports are a study of the joke that is Malaysia. Year in year out it is the same thing.
    A little bit of noise……..and then no more. No action is ever taken, now it is a matter of honor as to which BN administration can make it a thicker report.
    The thicker the better, that means they can win more Bagan Pinangs.

  140. rebena says:

    bumno politician are more cunning.
    some of them really expert in money corrupted and expert to given a sweetest candy to the voter.

    though some PR ppl may be slightly noisy in certain matter disputes. they are more accountable and transparent and they are Not boros.
    am born in a PR-led state.

  141. rebena says:

    tiger or tigger smart play with mak salle English..

    and monsterball has enjoy living with our local folks, with our Malaysian common language and gesture.

    If we are relax and get entertainment and some constructive critism from these, no room for grumble.

  142. Nice Lim says:

    ” Greatest love of all ”
    Children are our future and just give them a sense of pride to learn…..

  143. najibmustdie says:

    A girlyman as PM, and prostitute as “1Lady”, the next Audit Report will be more thick [if done conscientously].

  144. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Now,,,this is what we use to be,,,,to live with dignity

  145. najibmustdie says:

    INQUEST – Court resumes with Dr Pornthip taking oath at witness box.

  146. najibmustdie says:

    INQUEST – Dr Pornthip tells court she has conducted more than 10,000 autopsies, of which about 100 dealt with fatal falls from a high place.

  147. najibmustdie says:


    INQUEST – Dr Pornthip says injury to Teoh’s anus caused by penetration with object before fall, based on pictures taken from death site.

  148. kittykat46 says:

    “But I can’t quite see the difference between the BN and PR.”

    You probably spend too much time in front of a computer terminal.

    There was definitely a different tack which was being worked by the Perak PR government before it was overthrown – in fact probably part of the reason why it was imperative for Najis to engineer the coup.
    Penang is definitely having a go at running things differently. Anyone who bids for work with the Penang State government can tell you its not the same, existing contractors get a different message as well.
    In Selangor, PR seems to be clumsy politically, but they are actually getting positive feedback in terms of the state administration.

    Still very early days, lots to be done and as with all politicians, we need to keep the pressure on to keep them honest….but I suspect many of those who simply condemn PR outright are just BN agent provocateurs, not “3rd Force” my foot..

  149. rebena says:

    i am ok to hear about monsterball ‘s sharing about his life..

    monsterball should reduce smoking number daily !..

    we learn life experienced from both failure and success one……..

  150. kittykat46 says:

    The annual Auditor General’s Report……the usual long sorry story of mismanagement, abuse of power, fraud, corruption, incompetence in Kerajaan Malas-sia.

    It will remain so, forever and ever as long as UMNO remains in power, because UMNO feeds on the same corruption and abuse of power. When the big boys eat big, the little tikus also want to play.

    I wrote in another post how sick in the stomach I felt watching the people cheering and celebrating the 2nd coming of Isa…..I guess people get the government they deserve.

    Malas-sians seem to have a very high tolerance for corruption and abuse of power

  151. rebena says:

    There are the different working culture between bn and PR state governments..

    I need to say there have some nice and good government servant in BN also..

    but on the ground of transparency and accountability, PR states –
    esp Penang and Selangor are doing better than bn.

    Also, these two states government also shown some work of caring community … by finance aids to soem hardcore Poor..
    regardless race and religion, regardless time..

    bn also show caring.. but two month before by-election.

  152. kittykat46 says:

    I’m OK with the reformed Monsterball…..

    There have been times when I couldn’t stand him with his previous presence in Susan’s blog….but he’s changed his approach, and I think he deserves another chance.

  153. najibmustdie says:

    INQUEST – Dr Pornthip says Teoh’s death is 80pct homicide & 20pct suicide.

  154. R4Os says:

    “INQUEST – Dr Pornthip says Teoh’s death is 80pct homicide & 20pct suicide.” –najibmustdie

    I guess 80% of Malaysians think Teoh’s death is homicide, 20% think it’s suicide.

    Of the 20% M’sians who think it’s suicide, 80% are BNputras!

  155. wits0 says:

    ““INQUEST – Dr Pornthip says Teoh’s death is 80pct homicide & 20pct suicide.” – najibmustdie ”

    Watch the umno spin masters within and outside the MSM go into a frenzy now!

  156. Kancilandak says:

    Yes, the 3rd Force… with all bloggers rally support we will oust both BN and PR next election.. hee hee… with that Kancilandak become the Pre-Em and… tiger the deputy Pre-Em.. we call ourself pre-eminent (like in Animal Farm, we are more equal than others).
    We will creete a new ministry under our command for indian rights.. that alcohol is supplied free to indians thruout our term.. Sifu can handle the minister of infernal affairs… to keep the likes of abengkia at bay.
    luke worm be the minister of tourism… we will shakle his two feet to the surf board to surf 24 hours till he attract americans to our country…
    storm62 to take care of weather forcast…
    defence portfolio to kittykat46 so all our utks will be called kittykatC4… like those black cats in India.. hihee..hee..
    and we can creete a lab in Pahang jungle so Menyalak-er and witsO can do research on genetical mutations… on nematodes and tapeworm since they like worms so much..!
    and susan and the rest of bloggers will provide check and balance to our gomen… and hee..hee.. we can boo them out of parliment… like usual!

  157. wits0 says:

    “When the big boys eat big, the little tikus also want to play.”

    Verily, verily….this has always been and always will remain their unwritten adat and raison d’être.

  158. wits0 says:

    Kancilnakal, the 5th columnist wannabe in the turd force.

  159. kittykat46 says:

    Dr. Pornthip is internationally respected for her work in Pathology, especially in the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami in Phuket.
    She led the team which helped identify many “hopeless” cases of badly mangled/decomposed bodies, from little bits of clues and DNA evidence.

    She has been invited to speak at some of the most prestigious medical forums in the world. It will not be easy for UMNO-MACC to simply dismiss her testimony.

  160. wits0 says:

    “It will not be easy for UMNO-MACC to simply dismiss her testimony.” – KK46.

    We know that but it’s the nature of bumno/bn to attempt making the Earth mone under their feet in their favor. It’s their nefarious nature for denial.

  161. Nice Lim says:

    najibmustdie-oct 21,2009 at 9.50am
    R40s-oct 21,2009 at 11.09am
    kt46-oct 21,2009 at 12.17pm
    wits0-oct 21,2009 at 12.51pm
    noted and TBH family should be happy with this new testimony….but as usual….this bumno-macc might ….fail this testimony with their nefarious nature again…sure …they will twist and turn again…maybe another 200 more days……like lingam….i can’t remember this and that….so the fairy tales start again and again………ai ya
    We should give PR a more bigger support next 13GE then this goons will really know what o do!!!!!!!!

  162. najibmustdie says:

    See, see the MACC paedophiliac boss has been promoting sodomy.
    This is the UMNO ADAT in full swing.

  163. najibmustdie says:

    Najib`s Pimp-In-Chief says

    “t’s a deliberate attempt to avoid being charged for corruption and to gain sympathy from the public”

  164. wits0 says:

    “t’s a deliberate attempt to avoid being charged for corruption and to gain sympathy from the public”

    Thus spake the vile worm.

  165. bao sir says:

    luke worm be the minister of tourism… we will shakle his two feet to the surf board to surf 24 hours till he attract americans to our country…

    Luke worm will be in charge of the judiciary and until all the corrupt BN putras and PR putras are locked up in jail, we shall then remove his shackles… hi hi hi..

  166. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    This worm can change and diversify into some other forms anytime that not even your six sense can notice it… hi hi hi..
    Might be good one..

  167. monsterball says:

    And that “Tiger” can perform his nightly tiger show to all his buddies at Pulau Langkawi…getting free roti jipun…given by ever generous monsterball……hahahahahahahaha

  168. monsterball says:

    “Dear Monsterball”…he addressed me…then his messages…non stop totally rubbish..with lots of insults.
    Must have wounded his prick in the tiger show…blame me…and hard to pee.
    Serve him right.

  169. monsterball says:

    First chowceebai kia..then a worm….and now..a tiger….human to spineless slimy creature….to animal.
    Change and diversify he sure can.
    No need sixth sense to smell a rat.
    Nose sense good enough.

  170. wits0 says:

    Abengkia is NOT Tigger.

  171. Menyalak-er says:

    Nice Lim, 1:22pm: “noted and TBH family should be happy with this new testimony…”
    ‘Happy’ is an inappropriate word to use, Nice – what have they got to make them happy? Evidence that their suspicions are proved right only compounds the anger and confusion. We too are not happy – we become angrier and more determined to see justice done.

    Yes, Dr. Pornthip’s evidence weighs heavily against a suicide and more importantly posits that murder most foul was commited.
    In such cases, a repeat autopsy should be done, for example to reveal whether the hyoid bone, epiglottis, tracheal rings etc were damaged – which will definitely point to strangulation. The transverse fracture is self evident as are the lack of reflexive ‘protection’ injuries. But what stymies me is the anal penetration… Seems to be the ‘gold standard’ of the times.

    Calling for an RCI is not necessary, if we had a professional investigative homicide team, sans pdrm. Incompetence, mediocrity and corruption obvious on the part of the forensics, police and politicos.

  172. maccmullahs says:

    “But what stymies me is the anal penetration… ”

    They knew it was his wedding day coming up, so they tried to shame hime. It is part of the middle east culture and very common in their jails.

    It is believed that religious permission of rape, including male-rape, of ‘opponents of the Islamic regime’ has been recently given by Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, the monitor and spiritual guru of president Ahmadinejad. Islamic authorities usually deny that rape is being committed in their prisons, fearing strong reaction from the public, both inside and outside.

    In an interview at the Jamkaran gathering after the revelation of rape in the Mullah’s prisons, Mesbah Yazdi was asked: ‘Can an interrogator rape the prisoner in order to obtain a confession?’ He answered:

    “The necessary precaution is for the interrogator to perform a ritual washing first and say prayers while raping the prisoner. If it is a male prisoner, then it’s acceptable for someone else to watch while the rape is committed.”

  173. maccmullahs says:

    In an ultimate psychological analysis of rape, rapists seem to come from a subculture of violence, whose values may be different from those of the mainstream. A rapist is often a poorly educated man from the lower socioeconomic strata, who had criminal records. Therefore such a man may be demonstrating his toughness and masculinity in a more violent and antisocial manner.

    Rapists of the MACC prisons are not necessarily the psychopathic and antisocial torturers, but most likely ‘pious’ Muslims, married men, and even can be kind fathers. They just follow the ‘divine’ guidance of the 1Malaysia Islamic regime, and do not consider those rapes as a criminal, and do not feel remorse after the assault. These s*xual ‘offenders’ are not accountable for their s*xual assaults, because rape is allowed.

  174. verytrue says:

    The Suthan of Perak says WHO THE FARK CARES?

  175. Nice Lim says:

    Menyalak-er-oct 21,2009 at 6.57 pm
    Yes and thanks for your correction….we are also become angrier and more determined to see justice done….with this MACC blatant lies and cover up.
    ” Dr.Pornthip Rojanasunand revelation is giving credence to the believe by Teoh’s family and supporters that he was murdered even though the MACC has tried to label the murder as suicide” Shame on MACC.

  176. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Absolutely NO No No No…………I cannot go further than that. No
    No No NO………..

  177. wits0 says:

    “Shame on MACC.” – Nice Lim.

    Afraid they don’t understand what’s shame and have none, like any deprave people wouldn’t That’s what towering bringeth.

  178. Nice Lim says:

    Perhaps this ‘saifool’ should be thoroughly check by Dr.Pornthips as well….requested by DSAI…

  179. Nice Lim says:

    JEFFRY BONG-Oct 21,2009 at 8.37 pm
    OMG is there any recording proof….that sound really pain….force….threatened….by ?????????

  180. Menyalak-er says:

    Thanks maccmullahs for the relevant info, but while this yazid guy is actually sociopathic, the macc goons are ‘good Sunni’s’ psychopaths, with the buggering attitude.
    The thing is that the penetration is most likely to be an UFO(unidentified foreign object), which is probably truncheon-like to be identifiable at ‘first pass’ postmortem. That means that there was signs of tears or lacerations perianally/intrarectally, cuz the external muscles are lax in death.
    Hey, Nice, no problemo… i just wanted to start the conversation in context, i know what you meant.

  181. Nice Lim says:

    Anyway thanks again menyalak-er…..we kopitiam inglish so so only….still learning…..but with all you guys….wise cts comments and chat daily……we should master and learn very very fast….hahaha

  182. wits0 says:

    Watch the MSM closely now – see what contrivation they’ll be using to divert public attention from this latest testimony.

  183. Menyalak-er says:

    Already started wits, they’re starting to cast some aspirations onto the family for not allowing the 2nd. autopsy for ‘unknown reasons’!
    I wonder whether they will stop the ‘psychiatric tests’ on TBH’s kin and friends though? This is the pits of desperation.

  184. wits0 says:

    ‘unknown reasons’ and ‘psychiatric tests’ – they are unaware that they’re admitting to the world that they themselves are in the pits. And that they’re condescending to the presumed low intelligence of the public.

    All these years of sh*t media’s deceitful propaganda have made them believe their own sh*t utterances. Everything they attempt to sell these days are dependent of the expected stupidity of the public.

  185. monsterball says:

    I am OK with the reformed kittykat46 too.
    Once I cannot stand him as MCA member…bragging and bragging….now resigned from MCA….changed alot.

  186. monsterball says:

    Dr.Phornthip said it all and UMNO will say….no 100% proof…her conclusion …not good enough.
    Do not expect crooks to arrest crooks..UMNO appointed.. to do harm to shut our mouths.
    MACC falls..IGP will be arrested too.
    You can go on dreaming.
    12 year old Seven Suzuki from Canada spoke at world stage.
    Go listen to her 6 minutes speech to world government representatives at ” The Middle Ground” blog…owned by Romerz.
    Then ask yourself…have UMNO contributed to make the world better or worst. Have UMNO practices what they preach to Malaysians.

  187. bao sir says:

    Najib’s 200 days – pass or fail?

    Mr. Najib should be in the lock-up 20 years ago for sedition for cleansing his rusty keris with Chinese blood.

    Najib is responsible for the murder of TBH, the missing of Bala, all the deaths in pdrm, the commissions he received during his time in the army.

    Najib should be in jail.

    If Najib is still as free as like a bird, what the hel* is the second force dping? Zzzzzz and eating sotong mee?

    Hence the third force must be formed to perform the justice, ie. to put all these corrupt gangsters in jail..

    Hail the third force. Long live third force.

    Long live Kancilandak- our new PM!

  188. R4Os says:

    “…..We should give PR a more bigger support next 13GE then this goons will really know what o do!!!!!!!!” –Nice Lim

    Yeah! Come GE-13, all right-thinking M’sians must all focus on putting PR on Fed Gomen, don’tt get conned by ‘1Malaysia’ feloney of Najis, don’t get fooled by PKFZ ‘Eye-wash’ by OTK, don’t get fooled by Makkal Sakthi Party, don’t waste sympathy votes on Kiasu KTK KPI (non)Performance minister, bcoz none of these BNputras cared about TBH’s death, Cow-head’s demo, Auditor-General’s report on Gomen-serpants plundering of national coffers, etc…

    Bcoz they r partners-in-crime to Najis & Gang, BNputras are crooks, albeit smaller crooks compared to Umno devils, but they r crooks no doubt, don’t harbour any hope on them…

  189. Susan

    It does not matter. I never voted for him, for me his is not my PM. No point rate him, waste time.

    Have a nice day and you are doing a great job.

  190. wits0 says:
    “….T Nathan, 45, father of schoolgirl N Dina Deve, 11, who died on the night the suspension bridge collapsed, was devastated over the news of his daughter’s death.

    Broken-hearted, he could not take any meal and had to be put on the drip. On Thursday morning he passed out at his house in Mambang Diawan, near here, and died…”

  191. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Parang Culture & Guns Cuts Across Malaysians Public Freely undectected.
    Look at the news record,Police are being beaten up by motorcyclist thugs until he blackout and landed in hospital.This happened in Bukit Mertajam.Criminals gun fight with Police in KL and the lists goes on.Lately a corporate citizen Datuk Patrick Wong was killed by parang carrying robbers in his own bungalow in KL.
    I am appalled and disgusted to read the dailies of such happenings everyday and the problems which have become an issue seem to be endless.
    Inspite of so much have been written,highlighted and discussed it’s always remained forgotten.
    All kinds of murders happened, political or otherwise, corruptions index have plunged to a very low level.Somebody need to address these issues and come out with answers to the teething problems.
    The country and cities public safety have declined to a very low level where lawlessness prevails to an extent where hardcore criminals can have a free hand to commit vicious crime freely anywhere.This have come to a positive plus where the common
    public perceptions was criminals rule by Night and the Govt rule partially by Day.
    Very soon we will end up like SOMALIA where anarchy prevails
    and there is noday and night creating warlords all over the country.
    Police should actively engage these criminals and not be desk bound leaving the paper works to the ladies.Be friendly and join the public for community policing.etc
    Publish in the papers to get input and ideas.The public are being
    tyrannized by such deteriorating situations in daily life.Even simple folks are affected like small time traders, news vendors,hawkers and delivery boys are being robbed.Hot spots of crime happening must be identified and advertised and make known to the Public so that they will not be easy target for these parasites and pests.
    We will soon become a NATION OF ROT& DECAY if nothing is being done to arrest these complacency and inactivations.
    The Govt must have zero tolerance on all criminal activities and come up with a policy and plans how to deal with hardcore criminals ,the public need to know what are you going to do about it.Any special plans to protect soft targets liks girls,senior citizens,women and childrens?????
    Engage senior citizens for advise and share experiences, perhaps get them employed.
    It’s not rational to keep on treating the problems which the police
    also failed miserably and leaving no time to treat the root cause.
    Generally the public have lost trust in the institution of justice where often punishment meted out does not reflect the seriousness of the crime committed.
    Given the rampancy of the rising crime rate in the country it justify to amend the laws with the time to give harsher sentences to repeat transgressors as a deterrent especially incorrigible and unrepentent lawbreakers.
    This vicious and zero moral recalcitrants obviously cannot be reform and need to have long isolation sentence to prevent further harming the public.
    Their lacked of remorse and thinking clearly place no value on the sanctity of human life.
    How many robberies ,killings, rapes, assassinations etc will it takes to make MALAYSIA realise the weight of the current problems, issues and critical situations we have at hand.
    Malaysians naturally are a peaceful and forgetful lots and history will continues to repeat itself again and again.We must not let down our guards and stay alerts as everybody can be a robbers’ target and snuff off like a candle.
    There will be no future for the next generations of MALAYSIANS
    if we cannot enjoy simple thing like PEACE & PUBLIC SECURITY
    which is the basic fundamental rights under the constitution.
    It is our constitutional rights we need not request for it as it is enshrined.The public demands the lawmakers what are we
    going to do about it.Stop the war of words and internal squabbles and get cracking or let it ROTS.

  192. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho Ho Ho najibgila 200 days fail miserably 😦 😡 😉
    :)) 😀 😮 😉 😦 ;)) :(( 8) c4 mongolian beauty Altantuya’s sure very bad PM now Ho Ho Ho 😡

  193. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Shocking revelations by the papers that there is an outflow of 304,358 young professionals educated MALAYSIANS lost just in 18 months .This is a record breaking numbers migrating to other countries and to add salt to injury mostly are degree holders with ample experiences , well trained and in their prime economic value.Malaysia is loosing out to other countries who appreciates and value our human resources.Now the questions is what make them make this drastic move????There is really a need to find out what went wrong??Politcal?? Leadership issue?? Govt policy ??
    etc etc.
    Now another question. What is the quality of the inflow we are getting compared with the the outflow ??
    I believed there is no records of profiling of individuals or background checks on them.Perhaps the public can assist on the ground and their perceptions on these problems which have become an issue a long time ago. Though it is a bit belated it is not too late if the Gomen is holisted enough to do a sincere job.
    The inflow quality we are getting are mostly migrants workers legals as well as illegals some with tainted backgrounds and criminal records in their respective countries.The numbers could be around 3 millions as per recent records. These are some of the factors why we have an exploding crime rate.There is more questions than answers to the problems.
    Get the troubles shooters to do a clean up job as this kind of issue cannot compromise nor deny anymore.
    It is a shame that one can find any kinds of nationalities working as prostitues in Malaysia .Why??? For goodness sake stop denying.If it is not human trafficking .what it is? Stop the abusement and wasting time arresting the wrong peoples.

  194. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Brazen bogus cops have been making headlines lately especially
    very commonly happening in Kuala lumpur.They are real professional con man making a lucrative business robbing people in broad day light.Even challenging real cops for obstructing their duties…….duties of robbing the peoples.
    Police have been very efficient in responding to all cases but what is the use, it is like bomba fighting fire all the time it should be preventive rather than reactive.From arrests ,prosecution and finally to the court for the case to be mention where have gone wrong? Why such cases happened so very often???
    To solve and prevent criminal cases from repeating it a battles of the minds all the time. Exert some genuine solutions and helpful advise from the professional police adviser to resolve these issues once and for all.

  195. JEFFRY BONG says:

    In Malaysia we have far too many foreigners coming in not as legal tourists but foreign beggars, foreign pickpockets gangs,foreign fake students,foreign gang robbers,foreign prostitues, foreign illegal arms traders,foreign illegal workers etc,etc this really something very ,very abnormal in managing our country borders.
    How in the first place these peoples can come in illegally without
    being detected .There must be somebody be made accountable for all these issues.
    There are about 2.1 millions illegals foreign workers in malaysia ,
    then what about the legals ones and that adds up to 4 millions or over putting a great strains on the public facilities especially medical facilities.
    Everyday one can observed that all general hospitals in the country is choked with foreign patients depriving Malaysians of these medical facilities.

  196. JEFFRY BONG says:

    To adds up to all these hardships Ordinary Malysians have to put up everyday, very soon it looks like and feels like we are foreigners in our own country !

  197. stupidahbengkia says:

    1b*stard foreigner to chuck out is Najib back to sulawesi

  198. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Pesky youths on cupcai who rob and snatch from the young and old while under the influence of drugs which causes death is no
    small matter .Lately such incidents have become very rampant and it seem to us to be getting out of hands . Each individual who have been arrested must be profiled, a study be made why it happen and if the victim died as a result of his actions .The death penalty must be impose on them.

  199. october22 says:

    Embassy car in hit-and-run
    Wednesday, 16 December 2009 10:39

    SINGAPORE – A car believed to be from a foreign embassy was involved in a hit-and-run accident in Bukit Panjang Road early on Tuesday, hitting three people at two different traffic junctions.

    Police said that the car first hit two pedestrians who were crossing the junction of Bukit Panjang Road and Bangkit Road at about 3am.

    Tong Kok Wai, 30, and Bong Hwee Haw, 24, suffered head injuries and were taken to the National University Hospital (NUH).

    In ICU

    According to a Straits Times report, Tong is in the intensive care unit while Bong is in a surgical high dependency ward.

    Instead of stopping, the car continued on its path of destruction. Witnesses said it beat another red light 100m ahead at the cross-junction of Bukit Panjang Road and Pending Road.

    There, it hit another pedestrian, Muhamad Haris Abu Talib, 18, before speeding off.

    Haris was also taken to NUH with leg pain.

  200. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Pesky crows have been multiplying uncontrolled in major towns in KLANG, BUTTERWORTH ,PRAI,BUKIT MERTAJAM and city of George TOWN .The local authorities failed in their duties to combat the pest nuisance making the human populations to exposed to health issues like the bird flu and the second wave HINI which will reach our shore very shortly. These are supposed to be in the KPI ITEM under our koh tsu koon & Idris Jala team .I believed they can complete this task item within a 12 months period so ask your team to start shooting these crows which you failed to see .It is indeed a disgrace that they failed to resolved such a small issue let alone posturing about more ambitious
    project until tourists labelled these towns as Crow Town of Malaysia.
    These crows have been defecateting their shits everywhere especially on the roof of parked cars ,buildings , public utilities poles ,holy places like
    mosques and temples.These crows have here for years and allowed to festered and multiple creating a nuisance as well as a health hazards to the human populations.
    Do we have to wait for an outbreak of desease before starting to get rid of them ???

  201. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Pesky crows have been multiplying uncontrolled in major towns in KLANG, BUTTERWORTH ,PRAI,BUKIT MERTAJAM and city of George TOWN .The local authorities failed in their duties to combat the pest nuisance making the human populations to exposed to health issues like the bird flu and the second wave HINI which will reach our shore very shortly. These are supposed to be in the KPI ITEM under our koh tsu koon & Idris Jala team .I believed they can complete this task item within a 12 months period so ask your team to start shooting these crows which you failed to see .It is indeed a disgrace that they failed to resolved such a small issue let alone posturing about more ambitious
    project until tourists labelled these towns as Crow Town of Malaysia.
    These crows have been defecateting their shits everywhere especially on the roof of parked cars ,buildings , public utilities poles ,holy places like
    mosques and temples.These crows have been here for years and allowed to festered and multiple creating a nuisance as well as a health hazards to the human populations.
    Do we have to wait for an outbreak of desease before starting to get rid of them ???

  202. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Inspite of all the complaints submitted in to all the relevant parties no activities or planS have been activated nor the public was being inform what is the next course of actions will taken to get rid of these crows which is a public nuisance crowing day AND night and is a disrgrace to the Nation in the eyes of the tourists and as well as a Health HAZARDS to the humen populations .Please have some accountability .How to score high marks in your KPI??????? yOU HAVE 12 months only to deliver your NKRA.

  203. Lok7 says:

    Then from all the complaints and comments, you think is there any party which is better than BN?Do u guys think PR can lead malaysia? Kah kah kah. What can we expect in 200 days? Show us that altantuya’s murder was related with najib! Show us the prove of misappropriate behavior of submarine purchased! Show us the prove that there is no media freedom in malaysia!

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