This song is dedicated to 1Malaysia Clown and Desperado Dotty.

Looks like 1Malaysia, Dotty and WANITA UMNO are desperate liao. This latest stunt – SAYANG PROJECT – by these desperate women is a case in point.

Which makes me wonder: why no one love them already izzit? Kesian.

Worst still: “Under the project, Wanita Umno will carry out charity, community and volunteer work to serve the needs of the grassroots”.

You mean they’ve never done this before? I thought that is what WANITA UMNO is for: the grassroots.

Sharizat’s ministry has spend 457mil RM to help the poor. Betul ke? Then how come still so many poor? And now asking the women to give “more of their hearts”?

Aiyoh. Surely the number of poor people are going to increase like that lah.

But never mind, as long as some poor people benefit, also okay lah. can we ask for more during these desperate times?

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  1. trantor says:

    This perempuan puaka sayang project is an attempt to take over the 7/11 or KK outlets which are doing well.

  2. whispering9 says:

    “Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.” Charlie Brown

    Hahahaha….an unrequited love affair.

  3. Hamba says:

    RM 457million you say! Now, how much actually really went to the real poor and helpless? If they are as “good” as the Jab. Kebajikan Masyarakat, then no more than 10% will actually be given to the poor and helpless. The rest will disappear through a worm hole or a tear in the fabric of space and time ( in other word..gobble up by UMNO’s grassroot but it’s an unsubstantiated claim..just like worm hole in space).

  4. kittykat46 says:

    RM 457 million ?
    Leaking pipe syndrome. You pour in 10 Litres of water at one end, the receiver gets 1 a litre coming out the other end.
    Where does the other 9 litres go to ?
    Dunno….this is 1Najis 1Meleset-land, remember ?

    Anyway, remember Bagan Pinang ?
    People deserve the government they vote for….a few sewing machines and little envelopes of cash….

    I’m sick of 1Meleset-land.
    I’m sick of watching people rejoicing the 2nd coming of Isa, either not realising or not bothered, about the system he stands for. And by their rejoicing , they are helping perpetuate this rotten system.

    In GE12, the BN ADUN candidate in my area was actually a good friend of my parents. We’ve had him over for dinner in our home before. But I refused to vote BN because doing so would be my little contribution to perpetuating the rotten system.

    I’m sick of PAS trying to be more UMNO than UMNO.
    Is PAS Untuk Semua just a sound bite ?

    I’m sick of Penang PKR trying to be another UMNO. Yah, there’s a bunch of PKR Machais trying to wiggle out state level contracts, just like UMNO Machais of old.

    Maybe its time to try Australia ?

    Thank God its Friday.

  5. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai yo yo,itu desperado lagu bagi aunty ingat my 1st love handsome boy.heee.tapi aunty sudah more desperate.thank you susan & boy ya.kalau itu dotty girl & boy pi kelantan buat tada baik hah.dia olang tentu desperate punya.heeee.kena rotan buttock baru tau.itu wanita act act sahaja bagus.ptui.dia olang also binatang jahat sama budak sheh.banyak mau cakap.(thau hei ) dulu.nanti aunty senang mari ceramah lagi sama you olang.good boyhah.ok.

  6. Nice Lim says:

    i)haha…..What a great morning with this desperado song..
    ” If we pull the string too hard it will snap and If we let the string too loose it won’t work”.
    Yes,correct…God never interfere in human life …human always cross the line…..God only give us the warning sign from time to time whenever necessary.
    I believe this bumno dotty trying to get their big bite on the share of cake now!
    In a desperate way ?

  7. whispering9 says:

    {Under 1Toilet, teachers – and even principals – will soon have to share toilets with their students… “and to mingle freely”, the country’s top-selling English paper says.}

    The temptation of pedophiles, nope? Is 1Malaysia promoting “freely mingle with school children” visit 1Malaysia 1Toilet Terengganu. Didn’t someone asked ‘What is wrong with 1Malaysia’?

  8. wits0 says:

    “Didn’t someone asked ‘What is wrong with 1Malaysia’?” – W9

    At one time who questioned the ineffable Mao think?

  9. wits0 says:

    “I’m sick of PAS trying to be more UMNO than UMNO.
    Is PAS Untuk Semua just a sound bite ?” – Kittykat46.

    Even Nik Aziz agreed that PAS screwed up BP but “pundits” like Anil Netto still refer to blame th KBP tale on LGE. Like as if Mahai Saksi party really has a future.

  10. whispering9 says:

    wits0…..did you know I started by reading close to 100 socio-political blogs as a daily routine. After GE12, it dwindle to a handful. When Tikus left….it was 3 sopoblogs. Today, I deleted AN’s blog from my bookmarks. Goodness…what will happen to my reading if Susan also change? Kekekekeke….anyways, thanks god for Naruto on the Friday (& also Bleach). Have a nice weekend. Gotta go.

    ps: Don’t get too upset with politics, kk46. Politicians are like diapers. They will be changed when they becomes smelly. At most, they can only be re-cycled twice or thrice. And that is an absolute truth. Have a little more faith in ordinary Malaysian’s nose….lah.

  11. ajip says:

    Pakatan Rakyat

    Better be carefull,

    tangan wanita2 ini boleh mengubah politik malaysia

    jangan kalah teruk baru nak menyesal kemudian

    ramai orang mudah terpengaruh dengan cara umno ini

  12. kahkah_kahkah says:

    “1Malaysia 1Toilet ”

    So all malaysians can use Najib`s toilet?

  13. m says:

    Based on many years record, DSAI, Azmin Ali, Tian Chua.. etc already cling well and fight for the PKR good cause. Some ppl are ok with Zaid . but other may have concern over his style.

    Azmin and Cikgu Badrul also quite good character. i think it is ok to appoint local Sabah and Sarawakian leaders in PKR..

    PKR, PAS & DAP need to be under PR.
    one single party just unable to tackle the crooks from bn.

  14. wits0 says:

    “Goodness…what will happen to my reading if Susan also change?” – Whispering9.

    You mean in the manner of that man of straw like Rougekey? Perish the thought. dear waffling Hamlet 😀 .

    Susan is more attune with the Nimue’s song here:

  15. botakboon says:

    The puaka women of Najis will bring down the final curtains

  16. storm62 says:

    hello susan, should have play her this song from Cliff Richard – Devil Woman….suits her nicely.

    anyway, Happy Deepavali to Najis a/l tong rosak and Guru Ji.

  17. Kancilandak. says:

    “You got to change your evil ways, Baby” by Santana also good.

  18. statik says:


  19. statik says:

    heehee that fellr luk like me

  20. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Oh,,,dotty dot!!

    in 1 toilet.

  21. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    here it come.

  22. sinew says:

    leech desperado….The blood-letting of the jugular has already begun the moment these ‘blood-s*ckers’ came into power. Keep a wooden stake near by!

  23. R4Os says:

    Such a beautiful classic from ‘The Eagles’, even thou cover version only, good singing…

    Dotty & Wanita Umno don’t deserve this lovely song…

  24. wits0 says:

    After all the yucky mentions of unspeakables, of ideology and beings, Kopitiam needs a recess.

    Sweet and talented Alan now returns to sing the superb theme from “Red Clff”, this time with English subtitles:

  25. muthurealestate says:

    KANDAM ——–

    Proton model tops Kiwi ‘unsafe’ list
    Oct 16, 09 6:54pm

    The Arena, a pick-up truck manufactured by Proton, is so unsafe that it should be taken off the road, warned a consumer group in New Zealand.

  26. muthurealestate says:

    A failed “towering malay” project ——-

    One freaking meagre star. Even worst than the Chinese-made Great Wall Motors SA220 or V240, which scored 2 stars.
    Luckily, Proton already has plans to phase out the vehicle in Australia. Seeing how close the date of the news was to the date label on the crash text vehicle (20 AUG 09), I can’t help but come up with the conspiracy theory that the the decision is linked to the fact that the vehicle would be undergoing crash test in the next few days.
    Back in Malaysia though, none of the media seems to be reporting it. It’s a good thing the car isn’t available in Malaysia. Yet, if the Malaysian-made vehicle scored such appalling figure, what about other passenger vehicles manufactured by Proton? Then, I found this, and this, and finally this. So, it does seem that Proton has a bad rep for making sub-standard, relatively unsafe car.
    A NATIONAL car company, which after over 25 years of protectionism from the state, still produces sub-par cars – if that’s not an embarrassment to Malaysia, I don’t know what is.
    By the way, the overly-formal pseudo-robotic voice of the reporter with the Proton Jumbuck segment can be watched here:

  27. Yamashita says:

    Proton model tops Kiwi ‘unsafe’ list
    Oct 16, 09 6:54pm

    The Arena, a pick-up truck manufactured by Proton, is so unsafe that it should be taken off the road, warned a consumer group in New Zealand.

    muthurealestate – October 17, 2009 at 2:20 pm

  28. wits0 says:

    Potong Humbug does an overseas fulat!

  29. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    We should have more of this Hollie Goodie instead of those dotty bum bum girl,kakaka,,,,,

  30. gaga says:

    Five Star Kopitiam you put vid like that the MACC pdofiliac boss barger will b chasing after her.

  31. donplaypuks says:

    AGEN OO$$$ (licensed to plunder state and/or federal coffers at will) STRIKES AGAIN

  32. amoker says:

    where does the 457 million goes to ?

  33. 1ofthosethings says:

    Buy 1Malaysia, RM 30 a pop
    It’s starting to be pretty typical of Najib (especially in Perak), thinking that he can buy anything, even the truth

    He waved his flag [the one between his legs] and “I saw in every corner of this stadium, people from all walks of life, people of different races and cultures”.

  34. Pegasus says:

    Happy Deepavali…!
    The fat lady has started singing…another project to collect money ,use,abuse and disappear later!

  35. tourman53 says:

    Ha! Ha! Tit for tat.

    Khir Toyo said cows are stupid. And he explained why he said that as follows. Malays have a proverb, he said, bodoh macam lembu, which translates to stupid like a cow. So stupidity is always equated to cows, at least as far as Malays are concerned.

    What Khir Toyo does not know is that the English also have cute sayings, just like the Malays. And one of the English sayings is ‘greedy like a pig’. This normally refers to people who eat too much and stuff their faces unabashedly. This would include people who eat everything they can get their hands on without a second thought — like many Malaysians who ‘eat’ the rakyat’s money by taking ‘commission’ and ‘under the table’ money. These types of people would classify as those who are greedy like pigs.

  36. wits0 says:

    A person who’ll take a handle such as ‘anon dud'(when he meant, ‘dude’, I’m sure) gotta have defects.

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