…and why do I have nothing to say about Bagan Pinang? The by-election passed by me as if it was just a shadow play.

Because voters do deserve the candidates/governments they get. They have to live with these chosen ones. What baffles me is why they do not think of the implications of their decisions on others, like their children and grandchildren for example?

And if more people had chosen a tainted person to be their representative, than those who had chosen one who might anytime turn a religious bigotby virtue of his party PAS, what are we to say?

Is there a viable alternative, with all the in-fighting in Pakatan Rakyat, giving people the impression that they are more interested in politicking than governing the country?

I am sorry to say but the people of Bagan Pinang looked at Isa Samad, then they looked at Zulkefly, the PAS candidate, and their chose their local boy. Who is Zulkefly to them? Who is PAS (ala KJ’s who is DAP?)?

More flustered I am with Najib Razak, the 1Malaysia clown who endorsed corruption in not so many words when he supported Isa. What standards has he set for Malaysia?

I don’t wholly buy the often said argument that if people had paid their dues, they should be given a second chance. I’d give drug addicts a second chance, but a politician, cannot!

A drug addict wasn’t expected to have integrity, and to be entrusted with the lives and future of his constituency, a nation. But a politician is expected to be so. So how can they be compared?

Which is why I have nothing to say about Bagan Pinang until now…

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  1. trantor says:

    “I am sorry to say but the people of Bagan Pinang looked at Isa Samad, then they looked at Zulkefly, the PAS candidate, and their chose their local boy.”

    In S`gor Kiri Toyol`s lover Hassan Ali started his beer binge just a few days befo the Bagan Pinang elections. He could have waited a few days adter the elections but did not. PR must start their “weeding” process now…..or they will lose more seats.
    Many will now rather spoil their votes than vote for PAS. Btw that PAS clown Hadi is now hiding in his hole after the PAS debacle.
    PKR&DAP can win seats, but PAS loses them.

  2. whispering9 says:

    In GE12…goats, cows, frogs, some gems and lots of snakes got voted ‘cos we were puked by UMNO. However, I have nothing to say if we are expected to re-vote for these farmhouse candidates come GE13. LGE should just spend 101% taking care of Penang from now to GE13. Here, in Selangor, they must start kicking out the farm animal, beginning with Karlsberg Hassan. Be humble and take a page from Hannah Yeoh’s blog on how to behave and act like a good down to earth honest politician.

  3. KOPI FREN says:

    Nothing to say about BP?
    Ai sheh,aunty ada banyak to say about see lah.bila itu bn ( budak nakal)bina banyak kolam (project) dan buang itu semua duit dalam kolam itu untuk katak puru mereka makan ( corruption )banyak banyak,kita semua olang miskinlah,apa mau cakap.tak boleh tangkap itu bn katak (budak nakal).undi pos bos budak nakal tentu dapat lebihlah.apa olang buleh cakap.semua sudah tau.aiyo.minum kopi kaw kaw dulu.tungu Perak election.tengok siapa cakap siapa.Katak puru

  4. vrmalaysians says:

    The pull of money & fear factor overweigh common sense. Merely a hiccup towards the goal of sweeping them into the dustbin of history come GE13

  5. wegen says:

    PKFZ fiasco got connected with politician,.. highly possibly with bn folks.. and ex- Adun , ..etc..
    Rakyat is conscious about this.

    Bagan Pinang by-election is a by-election.

    Once the General election, those culprits can not cover the rusty, and Rakyat will flip them to the dust bin basket.

  6. m says:

    heard there is a suspicious news about Mr Liow, mca no.2.

    his wife get luxury car / bank in..

    dunno whether rumour and should be investigate ?

  7. Sentinel says:

    How come you use a picture of “Katak” MP Hee Yit Foong of Jelapang for this article?

  8. vengai says:


    A friend of mune is from Bagan Pinang.When i met him two days ago and ask about the by election, he told me this.

    He said if any other candidate other than Corrupted ISA were nominated by the UBN in Bagan Pinang, than the Pakatan would have won even UBN get free 3521 votes.

    It is ISA who won not the UBN.The credit of winning belongs to ISA personaly.He said ISA during in office as the Negori MB did alot of things to the non in Bagan Pinang.

    I dont if what my friend say is true or not.He said ISA even build 1000 low cost houses
    expecialy for the poor indians who stay in estates in that constituency.

    That is why the Indian voters voted for him as a gratitude.And he said ISA if famous among the nons in Bagan Pinang.It is not because of MIC or Makkal Sakti or they hate pakatan and PAS.
    They dont see him as corrupter but as a men who fulfil their need.

  9. statik says:

    vengai – October 16, 2009 at 6:29 pm

    That is true.

  10. bee says:

    Bagan Pinang by election is the same as a F1 race. You need a good driver as well as a well oiled and maintained engine. Bn has that upper hand from day 1 after the death of the late representative.

  11. chong says:

    to bagan pinang voters,

    congra to u. u deserve the isa. but just don’t cry and ask for help if any of your family members in sudden death in the government bdg or lockup!!!

  12. Another Rakyat says:

    Dear Susan,
    You disapproved of the YB of the Rakyat of Bagan Pinang.
    You APPROVED the the YB of the Rakyat of Permatang Pauh who had been Convicted and Jailed for CORRUPTION!!!
    Anything BIAS there?

  13. McKenna`sgold says:

    “You APPROVED the the YB of the Rakyat of Permatang Pauh who had been Convicted and Jailed for CORRUPTION!!!” – Another Rakyat

    Another Rakyat is a biased s.o.b. DSAI was considered “CORRUPTION” by UMNO judges becos he told the police to speed up investigations. No monetary transactions were involved.
    B*stard IGP has after that, made a few statements that rakyat have a right to tell the police to speed up investigations.
    Ergo, “Another Rakyat” is just another B*STARD who does not understand what corruption is. He can only sark Najis` kok.

  14. McKenna`sgold says:


    “We learn from the MACC that Beng Hock had slim savings amounting to RM3,611.36. Counsel for MACC at the inquest, Abdul Razak Musa inferred this to support his contention that Beng Hock was in dire need of money to get married at short notice…to what purpose this insinuation by the authorities, I do not know.

    But here is a case of Razak being unfamiliar with Chinese urban lifestyle. Of all the Chinese weddings I know of, every single one has made a profit from the reception dinner. The ‘ang pow’ collection, more often than not, generously exceeds the cost of the banquet. After paying the restaurant bill, the bride and groom hosts usually have change left over.

    The mainstream media and Umno bloggers have tried hard to push the theory that Beng Hock committed suicide, and financial problems being one of the triggers. Since Malaysia has a teeming working class, then it follows (if we concur with this Umnonista line of thought) that we must be a highly suicidal country with 30-year-olds plunging out of high-rise windows every three seconds. ”

  15. wits0 says:

    The Counsel for MACC also said that the whole nation wants to know why he was cohabiting with a woman.

    Bulldust! Only 1 BullMalaysia wants to know.

    We’re no more interested as to whether the counsel does anal thingy on his own wife.

  16. McKenna`sgold says:

    That MACC Counsel must be having problems with his own lanacau. If people want to cohabit that is their right. TBH is not a muslim, neither is the m**her farking MACC counsel Head of Moral Police.

  17. McKenna`sgold says:

    TBH family should hire a PI to tail the MACC Counsel so we can see how “pure” the bustard is. We already know the MACC Boss is a paedophiliac.

  18. wits0 says:

    The pure custard seems clearly resentful of the agar agar like what their known religiosity tend to “legitimize”. That hypocrisy must always appear to do a resounding fulat.

  19. McKenna`sgold says:

    They try to force their religion down other people`s throats while they wallow in filth

  20. McKenna`sgold says:

    A most despicable community breeding another rakyats and fedups…socities of the malcontented and despicable characters. It is hoped that the UN that supports these people will one day itself be a target of these virtuous ones like in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

  21. wits0 says:

    “while they wallow in filth”, their resentment grows and to justify that, they fall fack on their indoctrinated presumption of moral superiority for support. The snake swallows its own tail.

  22. najibmustdie says:

    “It is hoped that the UN that supports these people will one day itself be a target of these virtuous ones like in Pakistan and Afghanistan.” – McKenna`sgold
    “The snake swallows its own tail.” – wits0

    And here they come:
    Malaysian authorities have arrested a fugitive Iraqi terrorism suspect as he tried to enter the Asian country using a false passport.

    There must be many already in “safe h(e)aven” Islamic M`sia.

  23. najibmustdie says:

    Isa Won and UMNO Lost!

    We came and saw, we did and knew, that it was an uphill task with all the machinery and money that was thrown in. This election is a more aggressive stance taken by umno and we saw a bit of it in Manek Urai, Kelantan, remember? In Manek Urai PAS had only won by a slim majority of 65 votes in 2009 when they had a bigger majority of 1352 votes in 2008. PAS nearly lost it in Manek Urai and that was a close call.

    What we saw here in Bagan Pinang was the power of money as in Manek Urai, however the win here is the additional money power of Isa Samad and all he had to do is to buy oops! I mean win over another 1000 voters or so, which is nothing as compared to the 2500 delegates from the umno election.

    In a GE, UMNO will not be able to “distribute” sewing machines.

  24. wits0 says:

    Islamic M`sia is motivated by false pride to show off to brethren countries. More better than even araby ; it is and has always been aspired for. Pakiland sure succeeded pulenty along this sort of aspiration!

  25. McKenna`sgold says:

    We Blame the Chinese for Everything that is Wrong with Us

    That’s right. The Chinese is the best excuse for average Malay to hide their failures and shortcomings. In fact, we do not have to think about success because should we fail in anything we can blame the Chinese.

  26. Ilham Hanafi says:

    To Vengai who heard from his friend that Isa build 1000 low cost homes for the Indians, I strongly think it’s untrue. Simply if it’s true, it will be all over umno propaganda/media during their campaing.And I really don’t hope that just because of this rumour some Indian votes went to Isa, if so then I do know why Isa won.
    I hope to the voters who voted Isa, when their children grow up one day ask them. Did you know that Isa is corrupted? And if answer yes, why do you still vote him. What are you teaching me (your children) here?

  27. angry says:

    PR cant even handle a tainted politician…
    why becoz they r busy fighting among themselves…

    look at DAP NS aduns r they doing enough bonding with the malay voters who voted them in…….the answer is no no no no no…..
    they think they r very great….

    come next election all will lose their deposit….

  28. muthurealestate says:

    “To Vengai who heard from his friend that Isa build 1000 low cost homes for the Indians, I strongly think it’s untrue.”

    Sori to inform you it is true. Go to PD and take a drive after the former SiRusa Inn and keep your eyes peeled on the left side of the road after the former SiRusa Inn. The lowcost houses/apatyments were built over a period of time….not in 1 day.
    As it is said “Isa Won, UMNO Lost”

  29. gibran says:

    The reason PR lost in Bagan Pinang is because of the Hindraf factor.
    If they think of actually residing in Putrajaya, then PR needs to engage with Hindraf for the Indian votes. Something tells me that they are reluctant to do so.

  30. muthurealestate says:

    At least 16 of the 18 division chiefs who signed the memorandum want Kitingan to replace Azmin as Sabah state chief.

    Finally, the meeting resolved that senior PKR leader and lawyer Zaid Ibrahim be dispatched to Sabah on Oct 17 on a trouble-shooting mission ostensibly under the guise of attending a hastily-arranged Aidil Fitri function.

    Azmin, according to insider accounts, objected and claimed that Zaid is pro-Kitingan and could not be an honest broker.

    The politburo meeting over, Azmin is reportedly still trying to prevent Zaid (left) from turning up in Kota Kinabalu on the scheduled date.

    hmmm Azmin is getting too big for his own shoes

  31. yumyum says:

    Politicians talk about struggles and sacrifices. But this is the last thing they would do if it involves their own interests. They want us, the people, to struggle and sacrifice. But they themselves are not prepared to struggle and sacrifice.

    And this is what makes Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat no different.

    To paraphrase from the movie Patton
    “Rakyat`s blood is polticians` guts”

  32. watploblm says:

    Dr M dismisses Khairy’s call to end ‘siege mentality’

    PETALING JAYA, Oct 17 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad yesterday brushed aside Khairy Jamaluddin’s call for Malays to end their siege mentality, pointing out that perhaps “some of us are already successful.”

    But the former prime minister said there were still many Malays who found it hard to make a living.

    Aiyah so simple man. Just tell them all to stay at home and the gormen send a cheques for RM5K to them every month.
    The non malays can do all the work. Ploblm solved.

  33. wahab says:

    UMNO for ALL ? What Nonsense!
    Suka Meniru Bila Terdesak….Aku cadang UMNO …C*bai for All..!!!

    Nampaknya mereka begitu terdesak menarik sokongan bukan melayu yang kini beralih menyokong Pakatan.Maklumlah MCA dan MIC pun dah hancus berkecai.

    Janganlah pulak keahlian Umno di buka pula pada bukan melayu,nanti kang kena tukar nama lak

  34. wahab says:


    The UMNO general Assembly has adopted the amendments to the constitution without much debate and the primary amendments will see an increase to the number of voting delegates from 2,510 to 146,500 delegates.

    The major complaint in UMNO is corruption or as they would like to put it as “money politics” of which umno has claimed is not the same as corruption, and could even be referred to as a “technical matter” when referring to Isa Samad, the recent candidate for the Bagan Pinang by-election who was convicted of money politics.

    Increasing the delegates is only going to empower the warlords as the warlords power comes from the influence and control of their delegates, the delegates are nominated and pick by the warlords who have control of the divisions and branches from which the delegates will be chosen. The more delegates the more money and these warlords will now have an army of delegates which makes them even much more powerful.

    The problem in UMNO are the en bloc delegates votes that the warlords control and you can’t curb their influence by giving them more delegates, it will be like giving them more ammunition for their weapons. Instead of just taking away the delegates system, they have extended it further. This is not problem solving but adding fuel to fire.

    “So the Warlords will still Reign Supreme and are Powerful Brokers.”
    – Megat Najmuddin –

  35. vengai says:

    Thanks friend.

    And may be now i know that my friend give wrong information.And i can say this to my other Pakatan Supporting friends.

  36. whispering9 says:

    All these talks about who is the real king maker of BP reminds me of the debate amongst the major organs of the human body. Eventually, the arsehole makes a point and wins the argument. Guess who’s the arsehole of Bagan Pinang? Fresh with inspiration, many want to be the arseholes now. :rolls:

  37. daboss says:

    Who’s the Boss?

    When the Lord made man, all the parts of the body argued over who would be boss.

    The brain explained that since he controlled all the parts of the body, he should be boss.
    The legs argued that since they took man wherever he wanted to go, they should be boss.
    The stomach countered with the explanation that since he digested all the food, he should be boss.
    The eyes said that without them man would be helpless, so they should be boss.
    Then the as*hole applied for the job.
    The other parts of the body laughed so hard at this that the as*hole became mad and closed up.
    After a few days…The brain went foggy, the legs got wobbly, the stomach got ill, and the eyes got crossed and unable to see. They all conceded and made the as*hole boss.

    This proved that you don’t have to be a brain to be boss…Just an As*hole.

  38. 1ToiletMalaysia says:

    1big problem for the UMNO gormen is the malay youth who drink samsu in increasing numbers.
    The nut Hassan Ali thinks he can stop it by getting 7/11 to ban….but you never find samsu in 7/11. Another PAS wayang kulit.
    And if the mat rempits want their samsu all they have to do is pay RM1 extra to the indian felr to get it.

  39. krising1 says:

    Seeing how easily the Indians sold away their votes, it is easy to understand why they voted for BN all these years and then complain of being marginlised. Then we also had the Indian leaders who went all over the world and exaggerated the well being of the Indians in this country. For that the Indians were rewarded and today they have immeasurable wealth. Sometimes we have to scratch our heads how to help them.

  40. PR supporter says:

    Despite all the support that we had given DSAI, is not worth our to spend a little of our time to rethink what we are doing is correct?

    DSAI, has probably lost his plot as to what he did with Saudar Zaid Ibrahim and there will be more BP in the next GE, perhaps except for Permatang Pauh.

    DSAi sided with his ally and sideliined a national leader, who despite all his perks and priviledges, chose to resign and fought along side DSAI. Where does that leave us Rakyat?

    Therefore, we got to observe very carefully what DSAI said from now on. He is damn good an orator, but we do not want good national leaders, who are loved by all and sundry to be sidelined by the likes of regional warlords ala UMNO.

    DSAI has got to prove to us his ability to solve all the bickerings in PKR before we Rakyat make the next move. We had done all we can and we had done enough for DSAI but will he reciprocate?

    Just watch.

  41. monsterball says:

    He need not prove anything.
    Easier said than done.
    He is deak
    Ling with the biggest crooks on earth and is doing fine…whether he speaks or keep quiet.
    To judge..accuse…insults are easy.
    To understand and support sincerely needs complete knowledge and understandings of the political situation in Malaysia…..and what is Najib planning to do.
    Anwar is dealing with the entire UMNO machinery that is never fair…..and he is he main target to put him into jail….for one false move.
    You think that is an easy life to lead us to freedom?
    I hope “PR supporter” writer is sincerely supporting PR.
    If not change your nick..and be real.
    If yes…then learn and think before you speak.

  42. monsterball says:

    I mean.”He is dealing with the biggest crooks on earth”…in my broken 3rd sentence.

  43. Pegasus says:

    Pirates of the Bolehland..! With Najis as the leader…he has to take in more pirates to run the ship… to keep it floating for now!!!

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