Hey everyone, go sign this petition lah @ SUPPORT THE STUDENTS FACING CHARGES.

I am petitioner 2338.

Please support these UM students who are being punished for nothing!

Why should anyone be persecuted for this, I can’t figure, except that BN/UMNO got jealous that they were not invited to be judges?

Who does the UM VC answer to? Now is the time to proof that UM has not been co-opted by “the powers”.

Sorry, but no matter how this case is twisted, I can’t find any other reason other than the one I meantioned above, naive as I am.

How can UMNO say it is for all, when they merajuk and get jealous so easily? Hey, brother, relek lah.

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  1. trantor says:

    UM – Untuk Melayu

  2. trantor says:

    Saturday November 11, 2006
    Teachers say sorry over skirt-lifting
    MALACCA: The two teachers of a primary school here, who forced their pupils to lift their skirts up to see who was menstruating after a used sanitary pad was found in a washbasin outside the toilet, have apologised to the pupils and the parents.

    Thursday October 15, 2009
    Wanita ready to ‘raise their skirts’

    A PENANG Wanita Umno speaker shocked Wanita delegates when she said that the movement’s members were ever willing to “sinsing kain (raise their skirts)”.

    But all this, Siti Faridah Arshad of Balik Pulau Wanita division clarified, was for the sake of Umno.

  3. Nice Lim says:

    Signed what?
    8) this student never learn…why?
    Yes,their teacher never correct them when they did something wrong!
    ‘Correct me when i am wrong’…something like this
    over here we get corrected by most wise and good cts and that is very good and nice….keep on moving forward and learning.Thank you.
    **Wanita ready to ‘raise their skirt’ oh oh……
    someone better correct them…..hahahahaha

  4. darter says:

    **Wanita ready to ‘raise their skirt’ oh oh……someone better correct them…..Nice Lim

    Why? It is their adat to wait for SiNajis dart

  5. Nice Lim says:

    8)hmmm maybe and who know? what about you?

  6. Foo Kuan Poh says:

    the people is not racist, it is the UMNO people that is racist with racist policy and agenda.

    if want to change, try pakatan or zaid ibrahim.

  7. Foo Kuan Poh says:

    don’t try pakatan, vote for them

  8. wegen says:

    where is the URL link to clcik and sign up this petition ?

    Rakyat know the local Univ authority like to play this type of tactics on the students..

    we are against the abuse power of the Universiti Malaya ..

  9. kahkah_kahkah says:

    8)hmmm maybe and who know? what about you?
    **darter**……Nice Lim

    Semua boleh masok, never look a gift horse in the mouth kahkahkahkah

  10. Yamashita says:

    It is a case of old pig brains fearing young Einstein brains. Punish them (the students) before they outshine them (UM VC and goons).

  11. monsterball says:

    2502 is mine….but petitions seems to be worthless in Malaysia…all thrown to waste paper basket.

  12. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    kancilandak should come here and signed this petition for support instead of go to register his birth certificate again by the name ‘Chunt Chill Lan’.Where is this kancil today?Wrong place at the wrong time again?

  13. Kancilandak. says:

    I am here… I sign the petitition… but forgot the nombor… wait I go back and check.

  14. Kancilandak. says:

    Lost… like pasir dalam beras… no:2459

  15. pasirdalamberas says:

    Top 26 reasons Why I hate….BN, UMNO, MCA, MIC so much…

    4) When my family was looking around for bank to loan us educational fund, we approach Bank Rakyat because Bank Rakyat offers the lowest interest rate (..still about 8%)..when I walked in to inquire, the lady gave us an irony look and said, “Pinjaman kita hanya untuk Bumiputra”…

  16. pasirdalamberas says:

    My mum got snatched of her handp bag and reported to police. she has to wait for hours before her can see the police in charge, while others you-know-what-I-mean can just cut Q…already pissed with their sluggish response and when the police questions, “Do you know who is the guy on the bike, is it Malay, Chinese, India?” , my mum answer, “Malay” and the police jump up and shouted, “How do you know its a Malay, which part tell you its a Malay?” …My dad was there, and he said, “How would we know it is not a Malay, you tell me! he has a skin like one and speaks Malay! and you are shouting like one”..damn… – Thank God my Dad voted for DAP YB Lee GUan Aik!

  17. next time don invite outsider lah. dah lah masuk competition yet go invite outsider pula. maybe the vc should expel them for good lesson for others univ is not political playground

  18. Menyalak-er says:

    Anyone wants to take potshots at anydud here? Malas lah.
    I truly wonder whether this flur has any tertiary education? Tertiary literacy, maybe – absolutely decorticate.

  19. wits0 says:

    “..absolutely decorticate.” Prior to mummification.

    In Thailand, a peta means not that crummy PETA of the USA but more of a toyol kindred.

  20. Menyalak-er says:

    Sometimes, wits i really wonder what has happened to the anti-establishment angst and the vibrancy of idealism of our youth.
    Yes your application of ‘mummifification’ is most apt.

  21. wits0 says:

    “Sometimes, wits i really wonder what has happened to the anti-establishment angst and the vibrancy of idealism of our youth.”

    Our trusting and disorganized generation was sold out by the likes of the component parties ala BN which only got far worse after circa ’67. Indonesian confrontation was over, S’pore was out and umno went full steam ahead for blessed hegemony.


    Every university should be an integral part of society
    Where undergraduates can learn without unnecessary anxiety
    Let there not be imposed excessive rules and political piety
    Under the lame excuses of providing protective academic purity

    (C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 181009
    Sun. 18th Oct. 2009.

  23. Menyalak-er says:

    Yes Sam, the present Malaysian varsities are not educational instituitions – they have become Rote (read Robotic) kidnergardens – nuturing weak, passionless, ineffectual, static and immature linear thinking.
    Where’s the poetry in that? Their innovative thinking has morphed into donkey see, donkey do.

  24. wits0 says:

    “Their innovative thinking has morphed into donkey see, donkey do.”

    After the BTN indoctrination, how much real thinking is even salvageable?

  25. Nice Lim says:

    No Honour….next round Mulan will crash Hee out!!!

  26. realtimes says:

    **Anyone wants to take potshots at anydud here? Malas lah.** – Menyalak-er

    Sabenarnya no need….he has confirmed he is a descendant of “bucket brigade” Ph.D…..you can take him out of it, but he cannot get out of it.

  27. chong says:

    done a while ago. i’m 2953

  28. Pegasus says:

    Menyalak-er, relax le…the dud guy is a real sicko ,he has stop taking his medicine….

  29. Pegasus says:

    signed – 3070

  30. Hannah says:

    I was at JPA twice to get an education loan for my daughter. Both times I was there I was just amazed by the fact that ‘certain’ people received more attention than others. With all this talk going on about ‘1 Malaysia’ what witnessed in JPA was not about ‘1 Malaysia” but a clearly depraved, disillusioned vision. Please leaders when you make statement of equality for all races, please go down to the Government Offices and see the treatment that we non Malays receive. Let us start when it must start at the grassroots. We all need help in educating our children – and that too we are not asking for scholarhships but a loan.

  31. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi Hannah,
    It’s not only the nons that have been marginalized. My son’s national service malay friend from Johor who’s family is poor and apolitical, was similarly brushed off in JPA even though he did well in his SPM. How poor? He said that the NS food was infinitely better than his food at home – only one meal a day!
    He couldn’t even get the PTPTN loan unless someone stood as guarantor for him. Why? Because – ‘tak da’ connection/cable!
    The bloke at the counter, had the temerity to ask me why a non must stand as a guarantor for a bumi. It was the pits…
    Yes, 1Malaise.

  32. good. now i can view all you ppl real identity.

    like wat tdm quoted, you should pay more effort in study rather joining demo and fanning gov hatred…..

  33. you call this petition. heck there are many dubious identity, where some the IC is not even complete (and the name’s aint correct). like this anyone can simply fake the signer to gain sympathy from the univ lah. no wonder univ don give a damn, oppos supporter might fake tdm and drkhir signature for the petition pula.

  34. kalo sign petition should provide full ic number and name, don hide behind nick and fake IC. everyone can falsify id and claim obtain 1mil signatures.

    no wonder um don give a damn.

  35. wits0 says:

    Just because ‘anon’ dud. da peta, suffered an involuntary fulat, everyone else too must do fulats! Mua hahahahaha!

  36. kittykat46 says:

    “Anonymous Dud is a sicko who has stopped taking his medicine”

    Hihihihihihihihihihihi….. 🙂

    Perhaps his psychiatrist has written him off as a no-hope case….

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