“May this inner light brighten your soul
And clarify your path
That you may recognize what is just
And reject what is most vile.
May you and your loved ones be blessed with peace and happiness

Allow me to share this lovely poem from Katrina Jorene Maliamauv:

“The oil in the lamp
In the light it glimmers
By the steady dancing
Of the flame that flickers;
Good triumphs over evil
And darkness bows out
In glorious defeat.

The flame of our soul
Is sometimes questioned
And unsteady
By challenges in our path
And obstacles in our way
But the new dawn is ready
Waiting to be embraced
As we celebrate the festival
Of life”.

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  1. kittykat46 says:

    Happy Deepavali to all my Hindu friends…
    and a Happy Holiday to everyone else…

    Ah , yes, Happy Diwali to Guru-Ji and his “Benefactor” and “Benefactress”….if I may hope the teachings of Hinduism touch your heart….or what’s left of it…

  2. fedup says:

    can’t you people just say happy deepavali .instead you have condescending hidden messages with the greetings.you pakatan rakyat supporters aregetting people sick with your insults and slurs.

  3. statik says:


    u dint get sewing machine huh? neber mind drink some thai song and chirp chirp till your lights go out

  4. statik says:

    how come there are 3 comments but it reads 2 Responses.
    Wordpress alredi drunk

  5. statik says:

    eh, now is ok

  6. hati sakit says:

    Happy deepavali to those in Tanjong Keling!

  7. fedup says:

    statik and hati sakit,

    thank you for proving me right.btw,hati sakit,in your capacity in trying to be clever.you(people like you) are just showing why this country have not progress in race relations .

  8. statik says:

    you(people like you) are just showing why this country have not progress in race relations .-fedup

    I`m indian and I can laff after all it is suposd 2 be my celebration, you otoh have mental problems…now go back to your bottle

  9. wits0 says:

    “..why this country have not progress in race relations .”

    Racism and ALSO reverse supercilious reverse racism.

  10. statik says:

    2nite anyway quite a few indians will be putting out each other`s lites…esp since they won bagan pinang….not to mention a fedup loafer running around

  11. statik says:

    “..why this country have not progress in race relations .”

    yeah, someone has been getting drunk on Najib`s bottle (the 1between the legs)

  12. wits0 says:

    Rather, Racism and ALSO supercilious reverse racism.

  13. statik says:

    Happy deepavali to those in Tanjong Keling!
    hati sakit – October 16, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    kekekeke melayus mandi safar there

  14. wits0 says:

    Obamaland is also afflicted by some people unable to face up to the facts and statistics.

  15. statik says:

    Mandi Safar

    The last wednesday of Safar is one of those yearly observances. In the Persianized Muslim world it was once known as Aakhri Charshamba, in Javanese it is known as Rebo Wekasan.
    In Malay it was referd to as “Mandi Safar”
    Folk Islam celebrated the last wednesday of Safar with ritual purifications(mandi = to bath, in Malay) and with cheerful and joyful activities like picnics at the riverside.

  16. statik says:

    kekeke at times those “fedup” were hung up by their balls and left to dry out

  17. monsterball says:

    Happy Deepavali to Hindu visitors.
    “fedup” is simply fedup for nothing….just fedup…to get attention…insulting kopitiam fellas that mostly support Pakatan Rakyat….for his freedom …yet this idiotic person is fedup with us.
    Anyway…Deepavali is celebrating good over evil…with the light of hope…peace and happiness.
    Lets hope “fedup” will finally be happy and well…once Pakatan Rakyat takes over the governing Malaysia.

  18. Kancilandak. says:

    What better night than this… to drink plenty many bottles of big black beer.. empty bottles arrange on top of table somemore..the ewe of Deepavali… HAPPY DEEPAVALI to all my hindu friends and to Makal Sakti.

  19. fedup says:

    well,i won’t bring myself to your level which consists of insults and slurs.i think people tend to forget the difference between opinions and insultsi think you all should read zaid ibrahim letter.

  20. wits0 says:

    Last November, it was reckoned ‘racist’ not to vote for Obummer!

  21. statik says:

    well,i won’t bring myself to your level which consists of insults and slurs…fedup

    podah pund**. you come out luking for a fight and now you are god`s gift to mankind. maybe u r virgin next kekeke roll up zaid`s letter and shove it up your behind….it will cure your prostatitis

  22. statik says:


    have an anjing panas on me 🙂

  23. statik says:

    if “fedup” was at the pub, he would have got a tight slap for his “opinion” by now by a thamby

  24. statik says:

    Then his lights go out.

  25. statik says:

    And it has nothing to do with:

    “you pakatan rakyat supporters aregetting people sick with your insults and slurs.”
    fedup – October 16, 2009 at 5:44 pm

    Blardy farking Berok Nasional (BN) a*sholes

  26. wits0 says:

    “have an anjing panas on me :)”

    Plenty of hot red pepper sauce and mustard to go with it!

  27. statik says:

    Plenty of hot red pepper sauce and mustard to go with it! – wits0

    Definitely, Tabasco sauce for the french fries

  28. tenlittleindianboys says:

    What better night than this… Kancillandak.

    And why not? When our MIC ex deputy president is known as “Whiskey Maniam” big bottles of beer is nothing for us. Chegu kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari.

  29. apaitu says:

    “..the ewe of Deepavali…” Kancilandak

    adoi, dah mabuk ka beb….lamb chops?

  30. apaitu says:

    if “fedup” was at the pub, he would have got a tight slap for his “opinion” by now by a thamby
    hahahahahaha GOOD ONE

    “Anybody can become angry, that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose and in the right way…that is not within everybody’s power. That is not easy”

  31. monsterball says:

    One unhappy man like Zaid Ibrahim does not represents all Malaysians point of views..on PR.
    “fedup” thinks he can take a piece from here and a piece from there..to make us all fedup with Pakatan Rakyat.
    He is insulting kopitiam fellas intelligence…and I am fedup with this bloody fool who is obviously an UMNO supporter trying to teach so many ….how to be smart .. like him.

  32. sinew says:

    “One unhappy man like Zaid Ibrahim”

    He is not unhappy.
    Zaid just needed to be away from the thick of things for the next 6 months to do his thing – “to provide a cohesive foundation for the coalition and this involves meeting various leaders” ……”and with the Pakatan Rakyat Convention due to take place in December, I need time to finalise the policy framework which hopefully will be approved by the leadership of the respective parties.”

  33. sinew says:

    …and I am fedup with this bloody fool who is obviously an UMNO supporter trying to teach so many ….how to be smart .. like him. – monsterball

    He could be one of musa hassan`s testicles in bukit aman

  34. monsterball says:

    And our usual clown..kancilandak must be drunk by now…drinking free toddy ans samsu…..with some of our beloved kopitiam fellas.
    His comments are getting me blur.

  35. apaitu says:


  36. theyrcoming says:

    “Definitely, Tabasco sauce for the french fries”

  37. monsterball says:

    “fedup ” said he wants to stay at higher planes of life than all of us…will not lower himself…to our level.
    This bloody idiot is getting on my nerves..now I am really getting fedup with him.
    His UMNO masters supporting corruptions..openly…talking kok at the UMNO Assembly…all the time..to fish for votes…and this blighter from no where….dare to come here to teach us manners and how to live closer to Allah.
    This “fedup” idiot shout shut up and stop making us fedup of him.

  38. wits0 says:

    “Anybody can become angry, that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose and in the right way…that is not within everybody’s power. That is not easy”
    – apaitu

    Not easy when one has not even a small glimpse of the said Light whatsoever. That’s not the physical light but something you must necessarily earn.

  39. theyrcoming says:

    “fedup ” said he wants to stay at higher planes of life

    If he is hanged he will be at very high plane indeed….enlightenment, bright lights for him

  40. statik says:

    “fedup” rubbish low down skunk fellow has run off with tail between his legs. One of the ways of making a stubborn donkey move is to knock the testicles around with a stick between its hind legs.

  41. sakit hati says:

    As long as Semi Value is still the MIC Chief of Thieves, those in Tanjong Kelings got nothing to celebrate about.

    It’s darkness during Deepavali for all those in Tanjong Keling.

    Also Happy Depavali to the Bagan Pinang kelings who are wearing new sarees and sarongs sewn by sewing machines given by IMongolianMalaysia

  42. statik says:

    This keling welcomes your wishes. Dont worry come to Tanjong Keling anytime….it is all toddy and nand curry

  43. statik says:

    Btw Tanjong Keling is in Malacca, Bagan Pinang is somewhere else….but you can still get toddy.

  44. statik says:

    Forgot to add that Tanjong Keling has very very very very very few indians. So dont make mistake and go there if you want real DEEPAVALI fun.
    Come to Bagan Pinang and we can toddy together

  45. statik says:

    Kancilandak also invited

  46. statik says:

    It’s darkness during Deepavali for all those in Tanjong Keling.

    Noooooo you got wrong info…..we got electricity nowadays

  47. Nice Lim says:

    Happy Deepavali to all Malaysian Indians and all my hindu friends who celebrate this wonderful Deepavali………all the best wishes for a very successful years ahead…..and happy holidays to all as well.

  48. monsterball says:

    Deepavali is a scared celebration day for Hindus and it needs this fedup idiot to get me on my nerves to be really fedup with him.
    Imagine this fedup corrupted racialist nut teaching kopitiam fellas and their good friends…from pubs and discos…how to sing and dance to the tune of UMNO mumbo jumbo.
    What bugs me most…is his descriptions of how low we are.
    All of us know….how high UMNO corrupted hypocrites can go…with money stolen from us.. and dressed up with false titles….and still teaching us…how to depend on them for our future.
    This “fedup” polisher of UMNO balls….be it from MCA…MIC or directly from UMNO..one thing is sure…is that….he is a NUT to think we all can lower ourselves to brag like him…like his master Naf Ton Raza…totally ignoiring all the sins of his father and and adopted father…..with his first feel sentences…praising sky high…the devil reincarnated as hero and teacher.
    Soooooo….this “fedup” IDIOT.. feeling ten feet tall…inspired by Naf Ton Raza speech..comes here.. feeling confident he can teach us something…that no one have succeeded yet.
    I have a strange feeling 1-4-C is also fedup with the news…he is demoted with lower salary.
    Somehow…that cracko kancilandak…can never get fedup with anything. His IQ is so low….and when he gets drunk….I think he does believe he is son of Allah….giving weird sermons…that have no meaning at all.
    Such are the UMNO politicans mentalities and attitudes.
    Everyone is above the law and closes to Allah…..which brings me back… fedup …..keeping reading sickening advises from UMNO elected PM…..not mine.

  49. makcikjamila says:

    Tanjung Kling boleh di-istihar sebagai salah satu tempat bersejarah juga. Saya maseh teringat pada tahun limapuluhan,penduduk di-situ selalu turun beramai2 kepantai pada hari Rabu yg terakhir didalam bulan Safar.

    Mereka pergi berkelah,berpesta,mandi manda,serta bercanda. Pesta ini mereka namakan “Pesta Mandi Safar”, tujuan untok menolak bala serta menghindarkan dari segala penyakit. Itu hanyalah satu kepercayaan datuk nenek kita dahulu.

    Pendapat saya memang elok dan sesuailah di-percantekkan lagi tempat ini untok di-jadikan tempat rehat dan tempat beriadah.

  50. Nice Lim says:

    Have a lovely holidays my friends….thamby,krishnan,moorthy,shan,shila and all of you….may brightness be with you all.peace.

  51. capn_mohan says:

    “Imagine this fedup corrupted racialist nut teaching kopitiam fellas and their good friends…from pubs and discos…how to sing and dance..”

    hahahaha it seems like “fedup” has been made to do Bharat Natyam

  52. Nice Lim says:

    Hmmmmm ……i wonder why so many cts saying lots of ‘fedup’ ??????
    maybe some idiot trying to be funny with us?hahahaha8)

  53. monsterball says:

    hi adek…apa lu chacap manyat kras bahasa…sama university orang.
    chacap sinan kasi orang kopi kedai Malaysians phaham la.
    ku…tau kopi kedai…Malaysians tau bahasa…tetapi vocabulary limited la.
    ini pukang bahasa blog….tetapi….OK la….tulis simple simple la.
    Saya apa macham tau ku sokong “fedup” atau PR…atau mara kita?
    Bangyat sini baca Oxford lebeh tinggi Khairy ..tetapi bukan bangsa melayu la.
    Tolong tulis bahasa suma boleh phaham.
    Ini bukan politic blog la.

  54. betul says:

    “Saya maseh teringat pada tahun limapuluhan,penduduk di-situ selalu turun beramai2 kepantai pada hari Rabu yg terakhir didalam bulan Safar.” – makcikjamila

    Ya, saya pun maseh teringat tu tapi ni semua dihentikan masa Gafar Baba jadi CM diMelaka kerana langgar undang Islam UMNO

  55. betul says:

    Namun diIndonesia mereka masih lagi adakan Mandi Safar

    Seperti mana tulisan RPK baru2
    “In other words, rulings and punishment would be ‘tailored’ to suit local conditions. This means discretion based on local conditions and situations and whatnot would apply. So the Shariah was not static but dynamic.”

    Saja UMNO yang haramkan Mandi Safar diMalaysia kerana ciri2 Hindu.

  56. Nice Lim says:

    aiya…that small heart like a cup….cannot contain much of our PR friendly peoples comments…’fedup’ can go on holidaylah…why sound very angry and not nice to hear!!hahaha

  57. Nice Lim says:

    Batman & Robin going for holiday….domoarigato monsterballsan
    kongbanwa and to all fellow Malaysian as well.

  58. Menyalak-er says:

    Merry Diwali, dear friends – may it be a happy, restful, yamseng and mandi safar for all of us.
    As for picos’ ilk, is tuak more edifying than black beer? Toddy is tuak isn’t it? Have a toddy on me…

  59. monsterball says:

    Have a nice holiday…Nice Lim and partner.
    Be safe..well and happy.

  60. sakit hati says:

    Happy Deepavali to Tuan Mahakutty of Kerala and family.

  61. sakit hati says:

    Happy Deepavali to all the Mamaks in Malaysia who have abandoned Hinduism to become Ketuanan Melayu in Bolehland.

  62. monsterball says:

    I also sakit hati seeing so many Mamaks abandoning the great Indian race and culture and proclaim themselves… pure Malays…and embraces the Islamic faith…out of selfish and calculative personal benefit reasons….and God is secondary.
    Mahathir has a brother…as black as pure Indian…and you will never can see him..hugging or loving that brother who looks 100% Indian…..who lives in Sungai Pertani….short distance away from Penang.
    Has anyone sees Mahathir standing besides his own brother in any photo for all these 45 years?
    Why not???
    If Mahathir can hide the truths…or feeling shameful to show the truths….or unable to share his love with his own brother..proudly……you can all imagine how much damages he had created in his 22 years as PM.
    To prove he is a pure Malay…go and recall his race and religion dirty politics….which pleases UMNO crooks s much.with no shame at all…being governed by a half Indian.
    Najib first note is welcoming his hero and half Indian teacher..praising him…in his UMNO AGM speech.
    Isa is back….and corruptions is clearly supported by UMNO..which had smiles of joy from all…UMNO members…knowing it is who you know and not what you know…will be how to succeed in Malaysia.

  63. mapleh says:

    Mahathir`s relatives in Kerala, are also known as maplehs, and they were instigators of the Mopla Riots in kerala. Their proud son did the same in My `69. It goes without saying that indian muslims are the curse of malays

  64. McKenna`sgold says:

    can’t you people just say happy deepavali .instead you have condescending hidden messages with the greetings.you pakatan rakyat supporters aregetting people sick with your insults and slurs.
    fedup – October 16, 2009 at 5:44 pm


  65. wits0 says:

    “LOOKING FOR CUSTARD” here will end up in Little Big Horn as Custer.

  66. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    We wish all our Indians friends and customers Happy Deepavali and happy holiday.

  67. McKenna`sgold says:

    “fedup” is “customer” with no horn, at least Custer had little big horn

  68. October22 says:

    Lights out!!!!
    35 kawasan di Cheras alami gangguan elektrik 22 Oktober ini

    KUALA LUMPUR: Sebanyak 35 kawasan di sekitar Cheras akan mengalami gangguan elektrik selama 12 jam mulai pukul 8 pagi pada 22 Oktober.
    Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) dalam kenyataannya hari ini berkata, antara kawasan yang akan mengalami gangguan ialah Taman Connaught, Taman Marikh, Taman Bukit Cheras dan Taman Len Seng.
    Turut terjejas ialah Kelab Sukan DBKL Taman Bukit Cheras, IWK Taman Desa Cheras, Petronas Taman Len Seng, loji kumbahan Tayton View dan loji kumbahan Taman Koperasi Maju Jaya.
    Menurut TNB, gangguan itu berikutan kerja-kerja penyelenggaraan perkakas suis di pencawang pembahagian utama (PPU) Plaza Pheonix, Cheras sebagai langkah memastikan bekalan elektrik berkualiti dan berterusan di kawasan itu.
    Orang ramai yang inginkan maklumat lanjut boleh menghubungi talian khidmat TNB di 15454.- Bernama

  69. monsterball says:

    huh!!..This fedup is repeating his teaching lesson…telling us how to have manners and behave.
    I wonder does he know….so many are fedup.with him.
    He simply cannot stand truths being revealed.
    It must have hurt him…as ..his hero …the devil reincarnated….claiming to be all Malay…have been exposed.
    I bet you…he will celebrate Deepavali secretly…with his brother.
    Never heard him once spoke few Indian sentences which we know…it is his half “mother tonque”…too.l
    So perfect in English…surely Tamil is piece of cake to him.
    This low class umpoo bola of UMNO …want to be fedup with us?
    Repeating same message shows fedup IQ also low…and why not…being fedup with the wrong people..this fedup idiot..is confused…sense of logics…cetapok…elak love from sweet young thing….elak ways to let go juice….soooooo fedup…need to scold someone…come here to let go steam.
    Do we tell him…”ppoora!!…ne chetapok..na chetapok elak”…or pity him.
    As far as I am concern…i show no mercy to UMNO idiots…for if you do be friendly…..they will climb over your head…like long lost brother….and steal more and more happily..treating all of us…like idiots….which fedup is the product of UMNO factory.

  70. R4Os says:

    I wish all our Hindu readers a Happy Deepavali. Woith this Hindu’s Festival-of-Lights, let the good prevails over evil, and let the light prevail over darkness.

  71. i kill says:

    Let me “LITE” you up!

  72. Kancilandak says:

    His comments are getting me blur -Monsterball

    True… Sifu,
    After drinking all that toddy and samsu with kopitiom flurs I become aware of my inner light… till blur myself. I rather go drink toddy to eat nandy curry with LGS in Penang, then with statik at Bagan Pinang… one never knows if the BP indians pack a hee..hee.. parang together with they nandy curry there.
    HAPPY DEEPAVALI to all Malaysians in this nasional celebrations!

  73. muthurealestate says:

    Nand curry, oodoomb curry………kancilandak curry… :)…….

  74. muthurealestate says:

    BIG LOVE to kancilandak

    May you be blessed with the spirit of Joy, Freedom and Love this Diwali!

  75. storm62 says:

    I love toddy with black beer (stout) down with BBQ kancil….yummy.

  76. storm62 says:

    Taandori kancil with toddy not bad too!

  77. yumyum says:

    I love toddy with black beer (stout) down with BBQ kancil….yummy…..storm62

    Yes, very yummy if spicy. spicy kancil and anjing panas

  78. size? says:

    Hassan Ali should look into this, it is right up his street…..kancilandak would love it

    “Busting bras for that ‘natural look’ ”

  79. Another Rakyat says:

    Dear Susan,

    A Very Happy Deepavali to ALL Malaysians who celebrate the Festival of Lights, ESPECIALLY to the humble folks who work and live in the estates in Bagan Pinang!!!

  80. recipe says:

    Hi Susan,

    May this happy Depavalli gives you lots of reciprocating action.

  81. muruku says:

    Happy Deepavalli to Kepala Pusingh and Son.

  82. monsterball says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmm….Kepala Pusingh….M
    Son….??? because “M” can be “monsterball” and son can be that idiot kancilandak who claimed to be my adopted son too..but OK now..he hates UMNO..and why not..
    “temporary” adopted to see..is he is not trying to fool me.

  83. Kancilandak says:

    Alamak…! everybody want my daging…
    and Kg. Buah Pelik also not safe for me… like this I better run to England study at Oxford.

  84. Magick says:


  85. Magick says:

    hey kancilandak how about wishing me happy birthday befo you fly off…i wont eat you

  86. Magick says:

    “As Malaysian citizens we pledge our loyalty to His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan A***g and the country. We shall disband our armed units and destroy all weapons to show our sincerity in terminating the armed struggle.”

    That was Chin Peng’s pledge together with Rashid Maidin and Abdullah CD on behalf of the CPM on that 2nd of December of 1989 in the town of Had Yai in Southern Thailand. And he did it as a citizen of Malaysia!


  87. luke worm says:

    If light up inside Mahathir, I can see his heart is black.

  88. luke worm says:

    Don’t know what this LKS & son doing? Never see them greeting the Indians nor declare their assets?

    Next GE, don’t know how much are their assets?

    Guess they have no time for the small fry Indians.

  89. monsterball says:

    He has no heart.
    He is living dead.
    He is a devil reincarnated.
    His mission is not over yet.
    Deevapali is a good day to reflect our thoughts…have the world got better to live in?
    I say yes.all over the world……but no…not in Malaysia. It is getting from bad to worst.

  90. monsterball says:

    luke worn….what are you talking about?
    Why are you so concern…how much LKS and son are worth….when they do not govern the country at all.
    Maybe worth billions upon billions…so filthy rich…to use the money to fight UMNO.
    Where did they get the money? Why so busy body. Who cares…when not one sen is stolen from Malaysians.
    You proof LKS and son are corrupted….then talk like so.
    If not…better focus of UMNO and MCA buggers.

  91. luke worm says:

    How do have happy deepavalli if we are not allow to vote for the local councilors but can watch only the rocket hijacked all the local council positions.

    Next GE, bye bye to rockets!

  92. luke worm says:

    Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Guess this rocket father and son are corrupt to the core like the BN’s Mahakutty, Bodollah, C4…

    Else where is the separation of powers and checks and balances in the rocket party?

    If the rocket is a 1manrocket, there is no different to the 1C4Malaysia.

    All are despots and don’t expect good governance in Bolehland- whether it is BN or PR!

  93. gaga@hotmail.com says:

    Next GE, bye bye to rockets! – luke worm

    ok.bn will gives you your vote for local councilors, and beggars will ride horses

  94. gaga@hotmail.com says:

    Don’t know what this LKS & son doing? luke worm

    Y u need them, wen you can share Najib 1Toilet? That is more fun, maybe gro Rosmah will b there wif u. U can Kar-ok 2gether

  95. lovegrass says:

    luke worm is no glow worm

  96. 1ToiletMalaysia says:

    …have the world got better to live in?…It is getting from bad to worst….monsterball

    You ain`t seen nothing yet……..The fun is just beginning

  97. wits0 says:

    “luke worm is no glow worm”

    Maggot on hire.

  98. wits0 says:

    Avians make nice feast of creepy crawlies here.

  99. wits0 says:

    What happens when a buffalo(long)pretends to be a magpie:\http://hartalmsm.wordpress.com/2009/10/17/what-a-barking-mad-pie/

    – it gets the fire not the light.

    What’s just a maggot?

  100. 1ToiletMalaysia says:

    That barking magpie`s article was carried in the UMNO barker`s journal “Malay Mail”, a paper which should be restricted for sale to only malays.

  101. 1ToiletMalaysia says:

    “And how can a newspaper go on and publish an article dotted with unsubstantiated claims? Especially Malay Mail, which has seen numerous lawsuits over the years, and its editors would definitely be aware of the defamation and sedition laws in the country either through personal experience or through knowledge?

    If the Malay Mail can’t get its act together, it serves them right if they go the way of the dodo.”

  102. wits0 says:

    ‘If the Malay Mail can’t get its act together, it serves them right if they go the way of the dodo.”’

    It has to compete with Kutuksan for the photo finish.
    Nocturnal insects also love the flame, finding it irresistible. That’s their only awareness of what the light means.

  103. 1ToiletMalaysia says:

    Najis Tong Rosak`s inner light of awareness……….

    Najib Razak contradicted himself in his speech last Thursday at the Umno General Assembly. He spoke of the all-embracing 1Malaysia concept on one hand and of the need to retain the New Economic Policy (NEP) on the other. The Native Americans in old cowboy movies might have said that he spoke with a forked tongue.

    How can you have the NEP and at the same time say that we are all 1Malaysia? The NEP is exclusive to a particular group of people, and such exclusivity sets them apart. There is no 1Malaysia; there are 2Malaysias.

    -kee thuan chye

  104. wits0 says:

    He and his ilks will naturally and perversely say that kee thuan chye errs in his perception! What else?

  105. gdp says:

    The Malay Agenda and The Balance of Payments: Part I What is Ringgit and What Can It buy

  106. lovegrass says:

    In the event that Sir kancilandak has not left for Oxford yet……cuci mata disini

    Ampang, 18th October 2009: Temple And Thighs

  107. tengelam says:

    “It has to compete with Kutuksan for the photo finish.”

    Latuk Wong Chun Wai`s mission in life………
    “Searching for link between Tongkat Ali, honey and sp*rm” – The Star

    *The word is not *spam* but with an “e”

  108. wits0 says:

    “Latuk Wong Chun Wai`s mission in life………”

    To subvert Reality…..like as if he can!

  109. monsterball says:

    “1Toilet”…There is nothing that I have not seen in Malaysia that Najib can plan worst than that.
    If lives need to be sacrificed.so be it.
    Let the show begins!
    But who will benefit with a “Gunfight at OK Coral” at
    “High Noon” … or shall we behave as..’The Untouchable” with the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi….tolerance with disobedience…until, 13th GE.
    Malaysia is a “Tail of two cities”….that needs a “Dirty Dozen” or at least “Magnificent 7” to “Tora Tora Tora” those rats,
    What we need is “A man of All seasons”…as PM from PR.
    Give you one guess…who he is….and if ever he is not available…the better half is just as good.
    If both are not available…be prepared for “Star War”.

  110. storm62 says:

    wow, you must be a movie addict monty…..i think we need the services of “ghost busters” to clean our cabinet or send ministers from kinabinatangan to “jurassic park” with you as the gate keeper…hi hi hi….”tarzan” & “george” of the jungle will assist you and your new pet “kancilanciao”….ha ha ha….Happy ” Kow Ong Yeah”

  111. luke worm says:

    Looking at BNputras and PRputras, there ain’t any future for Malaysia and the next generation.

    No wonder there are many emigrating in droves alredi.

    I am living in San Francisco for the past 18 years. It’s a natural air con here.

    No mosquitoes, no loud speakers before dawn, no rocket, C4, moon or sodongmee.

    In looking for an employee, an employer can’t advertise ‘ preferably male or female’, else he/she will land in a prison.

    Unlike Malaysia, sigh… better don’t say, otherwise this comment will not be aired…

  112. luke worm says:

    This is a sc*ewed up country. In America, this is nothing….

  113. monsterball says:

    luke warm…You better forget about Malaysia and continue your proud life in San Francisco. Be an American citizen and… shut up.
    There are few things we do not need to learn from Americans…and your 18 years there…seems to show…how proud you are running away from Malaysia..yet come and teach us…how great a life it …….to be like you… to migrate.
    UMNO also looking forward to see more Malaysians of other than Malays… migrating……..and your messages and sickening video does not help our mission nor objectives.
    We are dealing with lives.
    We can joke…and insult……but guiding Malaysians to give up and migrate..is coward irresponsible selfish act.
    I take it …this time…you do not know what you are talking about.
    If you continue to insult Malaysians and encourages migrations…I will not be so nice to you..in my best message respond.

  114. monsterball says:

    What is this “rocket ans son” stuffs?
    Have the balls to talk like a man…you bloody nut.
    Does it mean M and son or DAP rocket symbol and son?
    Speak like a man.

  115. monsterball says:

    You are not luke warm……..but luke worm??
    Worm..you say…..you are?

  116. Kancilandak says:

    fluke worm must be one of those drunkard indians of Kg Buah Pelik who still dont know the BN short change them… even before LGE came in…. cant blame a headless hindraf keling who cannot differtitate between the true call of makal sakti… aginst the umno pet… makal sakit… after drinking many black beers celebrating victory at Bagan Pinang.

  117. monsterball says:

    BRAVO!! kancilandek….More like that..all is forgiven.

  118. storm62 says:

    alamak, kancil took the wrong medicine again ke? wei kancil, are you drunk or still having ur hang over from yesterdays dewali’s heavy drinking?……suddenly you’re on LGE’s side?

    No more BBQ kancil for me today…i’m on vegetarian from now…untuil kancil change his mind again….ha ha ha.

  119. Kancilandak says:

    Gimme five Sifu..!

  120. wits0 says:

    “You are not luke warm……..but luke worm??
    Worm..you say…..you are?”

    Fluke worm aka Tremotode, this kwai lan one.

  121. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha… ‘luke warm’ to fluke worm is quite a leap of imagination guys > kudos’ and toddy all around!
    Now, you see why one needs to be a flat fluke worm in San Francisco – the next earthquake will squash any queer ‘nipis-nipis’.
    Now pico, i don’t want you to go to SF no matter what – they tend to skewer mousedeery things through the posterior bung. Yes, i think UUM is the best place for you to pursue doctorate in trematodal parasitology, the academia there being flatworms living on a flatworld.

  122. monsterball says:

    There you see…be goody…no drink toddy…even stormee…change to vege…no more..BBQ kancil…how nice…….all happy.
    Najib supports corruptions….contradicts and trying to be fool Malays.
    Now you believe….now you know…never too late…..kopitiam fellas never wrong.
    U got my five!!

  123. monsterball says:

    Fluke worm..a parasite…or flat fish….thinking the world is flat too…a kwailan he is.

  124. Nice Lim says:

    Olee shit the banana crab…..worms attack? nematode worm…anyway worm or not worm….nice to be back….so….if it is poisonous ….then it need to be format or quarantine….hahahahahhaha

  125. Nice Lim says:

    Mushi-mushi wits0-san….Domo arigato for your kirei alan-tosan sweet songs….after a weekend holiday with my sweetheart….relax and look at the greenery mountain….good for our eye and mind….to get fully charge and prepare for a challenge ahead……here is something for you and all our wise and friendly cts after long journey and battle ….relax a bit > or <…….

  126. Nice Lim says:

    Mountain High !!!
    so…if you say A mountain very high…
    then….someone else will say B mountain are even more higher …..
    Good or smart….we work as a team….a good team for PR….with our heart and mind…never to look down on others….but to built and look forward to one vision….SUCCESS for our beloved Malaysia Malaysian.

  127. storm62 says:

    aiya monty, world is flat not so kwai lan….but if monsterballs are flat….then that’s real kwai lan….hi hi hi

    flat worm looks more like “tai lok meen” to me….yum yum.

  128. luke worm says:

    Malaysia is a nation of crimes ruled by criminals.

    If these criminals are in San Francisco, they would have been sent to the prison in Alcatraz Island long ago.

    After living in San Francisco for 18 years, no where one would live in a pariah country like Malaysia again which is ruled by people of greed.

    Even I am a pendatang here, I am treating like an American with equal rights, no ketuanan white or black.

    Unlike Malaysia, is a nation fit only for chimpanzee living.

    Sigh! I am glad I am no more living in Malaysia, else I will be reduced to a chimpanzee also.

    San Francisco, oh beautiful San Francisco, I really enjoy the San Francisco black coffee- the aroma- that keeps me staying in San Francisco.

    No wonder Malaysians can only taste San Francisco white coffee in Malaysian San Francisco Restaurants.

    Sigh! I pity you all Malaysians…

  129. wits0 says:

    Kok fluke worm, if after 18 years you’re still a ‘pendatang’ in San Francisco. there must be something wrong somewhere. If you don’t refer to chimpanzee here as ‘orang hutan’, you are really out of touch.

    What do you know except rant like a kwailan? Better stick to wearing some flowers in your hair as the old hippy song goes and get gayly married! Please stay focused on Uranus. We don’t need your pity. Cheh!

  130. monsterball says:

    That worm said he pity us. He thinks San Francisco is paradise.
    Well I have been there…..nothing much..just a port for drunkard sailors…a row of side shows to attract tourists…plus a big china town.
    What is there is San Francisco….is so clear..that you can see the island where the American famous jailhouse…sound like..”Alcatras”??..where their famous gangsters were mostly caught……live or hanged..electrocuted there. Is a port……with a jailhouse…a paradise?
    San Francisco is actually a port for robbers and thieves in old old days..where the likes of Jack Sparrow’s ghost and his pirates maybe still flying around there.
    We may as well say…living around Pudu Jail is paradise.
    Ah…he showed surfing……like in Malaysia…no such things.
    That idiot does not know millions come to Malaysia….for sunshine and great surfing sights.
    This worm…have chosen the right nick…..who is actually very jealous of our paradise life in Malaysia. Yes…i repeat…Malaysia is paradise…and we intend to clean up all the dirt and filth left by UMNO.
    Worm ran away….worn eat dirt and left overs. Worm sleep at seaside…looking out for food. Worm imagining he is surfing and enjoying…but this worm is actually a gone case nut from Malaysia..no more hope..to be real happy.
    Worm knows nothing..except San Francisco.
    hi….worm…lets talk America!! Tell us more…where have you been……you slimy good for nothing idiot.
    So glad…one worm have left Malaysia.
    There is no doubt in my mind…this worm is a beggar…a vagabond…a good for nothing idiot.

  131. Nice Lim says:

    ‘Sigh ! I pity you all Malaysian’- luke puke worm
    Sigh you muppet nematode puke worm….actually we pity you this beggar worm,kok flute worm….after 18years with mat saleh still talk like idiot…..pity is for animal…..sympathy is for human being……sigh muppet worm…..don’t try to show off your hippies life…..go play with your own flute or begger worm….we pity you…pathetic.

  132. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    If we catch any worm,,,,we just feed it to our Dragon fish in the big aquarium,,,kakakakakakakakka

  133. kittykat46 says:

    The 1Najis rally in Ipoh yesterday was a rent-a-crowd.


    My friend from the Perak chapter of a voluntary organisation which does have a bit of funding from the Government had a similar experience to share. They weren’t actually paid cash, but given to understand there would be some government quid-pro-quo in return for getting all the members and supporters to attend.

    I told her to stuff the Government funding-lah, but they can’t. Public and business support not sufficient, they still need help from the government. They are doing some good charity work, so I left it at that.

    How corrupt has 1Najis-land become ?

    A voluntary organisation which does exemplary charitable work deserves some Government assistance….its taxpayer funds anyway.
    But in 1Najis-land you have to become an UMNO/ Barisan Najis stooge as the price….. :((

  134. monsterball says:

    And NOW…..
    Najib said….”We can only progress if we embrace i Malaysia”
    He should say…”UMNO can only continue to win..if Malaysians believe in my 1 Malaysia” That should be truthful and make lots of sense….for young readers to learn to talk with no double meaning.
    “1 Malaysia”…finally revealed!!’It is…”1 voice…1 dream…1 hope”……and it starts with supporting corruptions…back to double standards..and back to be champions of Islamic religion.
    Hope …faith and charity…all there…how nice.
    Enjoy Najib’s lying….cheating…..scheming…twisting…turning…as good as you can get.

  135. luke worm says:

    According to Maslow theory, before independence, Malaysia is in the level one of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory.

    After 53 years of independence, Malaysia is stiil at the same level (level one) in the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory.

    There is no sign of Malaysia moving up the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory!

    Alas! Very soon Malaysia will be fused together with countries like Burma, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Iraq – when the last drop of oil is pumped out of the oil well.

  136. monsterball says:

    It is always that….”at a price”…kitty.
    And the price will strip you away from being a dignify man…and obey like a dog.
    Many submit to the “price”…as money matters most to them..against everything else.
    Yes..”at a price”..take it or leave it….is UMNO’s condition..and most took them..paying the price they are regretting…too late..money bought their soul and person. Talk too much…jail you go.
    This is nothing new…for the chosen ones…UMNO tends to use…from all races.
    Where else….are the billions gone to?
    Some to own pocket….some are for the work…to hero worship the devil…to rule over Malaysia…..forever and ever.
    Cleaning process by patriots are seen in 12th GE…not good enough. The devil is still governing.
    We must clean it properly and good…in 13th GE…or else………many more like Teoh Beng Hock may die..or one like Bala…..suddenly disappear….and you go trace back all events.,including poor C4ed lady……all are against UMNO…all died or disappeared.

  137. realtimes says:

    Malaysian No.1PIG admits Perakians do NOT accept him :-

    IPOH, Oct 18 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak told Perak folk today to accept that Barisan Nasional’s (BN) takeover of the state government earlier this year was done according to the law.

  138. monsterball says:

    Soooo what…worm?
    First you encourages migration.
    Then you promote San Francisco..surfing paradise.
    Now you talk our language…confrming you have sold off Malaysia and live in your stupid paradise.
    So what..worm…will you come back and fight the devils?
    If not….SHUT UP…and start realizing…what a good for nothing..big mouth instigator you are…with no balls to defend your country…just talk talk talk.
    How I wish you can be caught and feed to the Dragon fish owned by.. “Five Star Kopitiam” .
    That will shut your mouth forever.
    hi…..idiotic worm…have you no shame…talk so brave..15,000 miles away?

  139. realtimes says:

    San Francisco birthplace of LSD culture

    “June 14, 1964 – Ken Kesey’s bus trip to New York – one Prankster didn’t make it and landed in the loony bin.”

  140. monsterball says:

    I think it is my destiny to knock some senses into thick skulls…a dirty job……no one wants.
    Sometimes…it does wonders….to wake up an idiot to be smart.
    Sometimes…it does not work….but at least few like 1-4-C…and his buddies are all so quiet.
    Doing that…I get the rewards……..feeling useful…plus lots of insults too.
    I take all insults……means those idiots cannot stand truths revealed to pull votes away from UMNO and MCA.
    Feeling somewhat successful to pull votes away…it is my destiny to talk .till I drop dead…and hopefully few more yeas after 13th GE….to see a worm go back to the worm hole..or be careless enough to be caught…for someone to go fishing….using the said worm…as a bait.
    This worm…is trying to bait some..be like him.
    I pity any girl get close to such a slumbag….where one in a million..one can be a millionaire…….but our worm…is in San Fransisco..not in India..preferring orang puteh than Asians.
    This guy is ready to sell backside for money.

  141. R4Os says:

    “fluke worm must be one of those drunkard indians of Kg Buah Pelik who still dont know the BN short change them… even before LGE came in…. cant blame a headless hindraf keling who cannot differtitate between the true call of makal sakti… aginst the umno pet….” –Kancilandak


    Nice to , and start to talk sense,

  142. jubal says:

    “I think it is my destiny….”

    ‘Tis all a Chequer-board of Nights and Days
    Where Destiny with Men for Pieces plays:
    Hither and thither moves, and mates, and slays,
    And one by one back in the Closet lays.

    -Omar Khayyam

  143. R4Os says:


    Nice to see you start talking sense nowadays, must be the season of Deepavali’s Light that caused your angel prevailed over your evil, hahaha…

    Hope it’s not bcoz of hangover from drinking too many bottles of black beer with your new friends in Maka-Sakit party.

  144. luke worm says:

    Malaysia is a land for the corrupt and greed.

    There is no future living in Malaysia, not this Millennium nor the next millennium.

    If you want to live in Malaysia, expect corruptions of the highest level whether it is BN or PR.

    Malaysia is a lawless nation where crime pays!

    There will be no peaceful living in Malaysia- now, tomorrow or in the future.

    50 years after independence, why are the Indians are still making noise?

  145. luke worm says:

    So sad for the Malaysian Indians, after 53 years of independence, there is no Happy Diwali….

  146. monsterball says:

    He knows how to get alot of people into trouble with his lanchiow character…all forgotten…but lost something in Malaysia……he remembered.
    I heard the girl friend is now a Datin…and he has a mission to make us all miserable..like him.
    Malaysians…fighting the devils…with no fear….simply makes him mad…because..worms have no balls…nor batang.. nor hole….no brain. ..ran away….now conscience pricking him…turned to be a nut.

  147. Medicine Time ! says:

    Time for your medicine luke worm !!!

  148. verytrue says:

    Malaysia is a lawless nation where crime pays!
    There will be no peaceful living in Malaysia- now, tomorrow or in the future. – luke worm

    WELL SAID. It is true of all countries in the “Club Of Doom”

  149. Medicine Time ! says:

    After your medicine,then you should ask all bee-end expert who are still in power but not long,to answer all your funny Q & A !

  150. verytrue says:

    Lahuma’s cicit (great grandchildren) are still scraping a harsh living in their disintegrating kampong; his fears of their being reduced to begging painfully prescient. Over half a century of unchallenged UMNO leadership, Malays are reduced to begging: begging for handouts from their government, begging for economic scraps from non-Malays, and begging for respect from others.

  151. wits0 says:

    It is true of all countries in the “Club Of Doom”
    http://www.thai-blogs.com/index.php/2006/12/03/malaysia_and_the_club_of_doom_the_collap?blog=17 – very true.

    The author however took great pains not to state clearly the ideology that brings the Doom!

    Kuli speaks some truths lately but why is he still in umno, as Helen Ang asked most pertinently.

    Both these persons are actually contrived at the bottom line.

  152. Medicine Time ! says:

    If this bee-end fellas do not have guts to answer all your Q & A !!!
    Then that’s the end and all this luke worm says are true and well said.
    San Francisco !!! he must be sick.

  153. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    At present we eat veggie for nine days,,,,but our Dragon fish eat worms everyday,,,,,worms are welcome to kopitiam aquarium anytime.kakakakakakaka

  154. wits0 says:

    The Devil always quote scriptures too.

    Don’t insult St. Luke by presuming to be his worm!

  155. verytrue says:

    Another corrupt former Chief Justice :-

    “What was it that the Su*tan and his family wanted which Pakatan Rakyat said no to and which Barisan Nasional has now said yes? Yes, let us see how in just a few months the Su*tan and his family has suddenly become one of the richest royal families in Malaysia, of course, at the expense of Pakatan Rakyat.”

  156. verytrue says:

    What say now all those who were having orgasms over Nazrin ?????

  157. Kancilandak says:

    Menyalak-er, Storm62, R40s and other fighting friends…

    So sad for the Malaysian Indians – Fluke worm

    we sit here this good country fighting for betterment… to clear the filthy rubbish this rich ministers have creeted so’s our children can benefit…. but this fluke worm ran off to San Francisco to hide and now showing off his surfing in interenet.
    Fluke worm, what have you done for your community in Malaysia for they betterment?
    How different are you from the minister who sent his children to posh private school outside Malaysia while the children from your community walk seven miles to a school with a education system that dont benefit them in the end?
    We stay put and fight… wait for the right time to act with our votes… then only we will surf… and in our Malaysian seas!
    Did you vote? Wormy? Or are you one of them hee..hee..postal votes with no brains of your own?

  158. luke worm says:

    In this 1world, the boundaries are boarder-less. One can choose to live one desires.

    It’s not only Malaysia has got high-level corruptions but there are other nations which are more corrupt than Malaysia.

    Only when you are in a better country, you can see the blatant greed of the corrupt politicians conspicuously.

    What can the Malaysian people do except huff and puff?

    Sigh! Sigh! Sigh! Malaysians before independence, they are slaves to the British masters.

    After 53 years of independence, they are more slave under the corrupt BN despotic regime than the British colonial masters.

    How are you going to fight against the BN regimes when the BN rotten-to-the-core politician could win the Bagan Pinang by-election and the PR are literally just meant Pariah Rakyat Party which serves individual interests.

    There is no future in 1Malaysia unless you want to be one of them- a corrupt Malaysian at the highest level.

  159. monsterball says:

    There are so many kinds of worms…tape worms…hook worms…earth worms…tree worms…leaf worms…just to name a few.
    But a luke worm..is a new specie.
    Born and developed in Malaysia…crawled to San Fransisco 18 years ago….feeling home sick now.,…..trying to hide his frustrations..leaving our land of paradise.. our beautiful Malaysia….smelling so many empty tubes and cans of deodorants used there…very popular item indeed..no roti canai….no tea tarik..no bak kut teh…no asam laksa…hokkien mee…just buggers this bugger that…potato chips with tasteless cookings.
    This new found luke worm…tell all the bad news that we all know are true….but the good news that we kopitiam fellas are staying put and fight it out…winning the wars…he also knows…..but cannot do anything…cannot come back anymore…no more Malaysian citizenship.
    Look at his thick skin.
    Everything we said…….he ignores….and keep putting out…all we know…..donkey years ago.
    Why so? Because….this luke worm thinks that’s latest news…..thinking….he is doing good services to us….by keeping us up with his latest news…he received recently.
    Naturally….this luke worm is on our side…but his intentions are not good ……nor is he a Malaysian anymore.
    Therefore….this bloody worm is a pain in the arse….a busybody……a useless good for nothing.. informer.

  160. wits0 says:

    Fluke worm, you are as good as a troll only, spewing old stale news with that snooty sneer at every opportunity. Dumba** serving no useful function.

  161. Nice Lim says:

    My o My……what a crazy luke puke worm ………

  162. storm62 says:

    Menyalak-er, Storm62, R40s and other fighting friends…- pico

    a belated Happy Deepavali to u pico……hey monty, finally, finally, ur loyal student have “graduated”…..cheers monty, toddy on me….ka ka ka…big bottle of black beer on kancil.

    selamat balik ke pangkal jalan yg benar, pico! tahniah!

  163. Menyalak-er says:

    Haha… stormy, be careful with that flur. Only thing is that pico, seems to be very true to Malaysian ideals, just as we are: that is, same river, different direction of current.
    He is thus a ‘worthy opponent’ who thinks for himself, unlike the detritus and slimeballs that we usually see.

  164. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    Kancil2459 ( Chunt Chill Lan ) did you knock your head ? Are you yourself after so many big bottles of black beer ? Did you change to your good inner soul as well ? Come on man,just be yourself back or maybe you should be in a wrong dimension or lost ? You need any help ? Oh wow ! you really make lots of guys over here wonder why,why and why suddenly and finally ? Should i be happy or be careful ? ai yai yai

  165. tingtong says:

    walk softly, but carry a big stick

  166. izat says:

    we are kawan kopitiam, rakyat jelata.
    fedup should think and exercise a little more wisdom writing about local politic.

  167. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    ‘izat in right place at a right time ‘and ‘fedup is now at wrong place and wrong time.’.

  168. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Kopi kaw kaw for ‘izat’,,,,welcome to kopitiam.

  169. izat says:

    Kancilandak has enhance his courtesy in this space. great..

    stubborn Otk NEED to Quickly settle the party leadership issue..
    If he delay, then some one may be very harsh with him , no give face oredi.. patience limit out………….

  170. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Too corrupt goons never know what is HONOUR.the end for them.

  171. izat says:

    What was luke worm tried to say ?

    U probably don’t like LKS’s personality.

    But We rakyat know that LKS & son does not corrupted..
    they are much accountable with their life..
    it was abeno and mca corrupted & swallow money from taxpayers
    . we have been observed LKS & Son for more than thirty years.. ok !!!!!!!!

  172. rebena says:

    about the crime rate,
    Malaysia federal government can
    -employ another one thousand of new police to mobilise more..
    -build another eight more police training camp.

    Malaysia has quite long of seaside and very challenge to monitor the illegal ppl, smuggler, ..

  173. wits0 says:

    “What was luke worm tried to say ?”

    A fluke worm farts thro’ both ends.

  174. Kancilandak says:

    Kancilandak learn from his parents first to be a Malaysian… even today I see my father and his multiracial friends sitting and arguing among themself over my mum’s teh.. like in the old days. And the blogs taught me to be better Malaysian… I stop pour petrol from Petronas and buying from Shell for the past month…. Why? I even help my friend this week sell off his perdana and buy a ’84 beemer e28 for RM5500… which he says is much more comfortable and classy…. so he dont have to pay thru his nose to the politically afflicted bank. And today, I started current a/c with HSBC. I doing my part for a better Malaysia…. I’m getting smarter after join you guys… yes. I want to be like sifu when I become older.

  175. Menyalak-er says:

    Pico, RM5500 for a ’84 728se? Wah chun… then spend another RM20k for recond? Yep, more tahan lasak than that Pudina which turns turtle and requires at least RM220k/year (according to those trengganu aduns) to upkeep.
    Smart move to HSBC, won’t go bank-rupt! Gimme your ac no., i check it for you daily – promise won’t rampas…!

  176. Kancilandak says:

    Menyalak-er, sir, it’s a 520i and in superb condition accept for paint… one owner… I myself got jealous of my friend. Great deal and impressively servis record… you got to see to beleive.

  177. Menyalak-er says:

    Pico, these are classics mah. Solid stuff.
    For you, i suggest Merc. 124 230TE-series (or Be-em 523 ti); station-wagon for family, post ’85. Very rare, lagi solid and parts cheap and tahan. Abt 30-40k – sell off your pudina and other potongs. Got self leveling hydraulic suspension, can sit up to 7 (2 at back for kanak2) and a sight for sore eyes, especially with new paint job. Make sure front suspension and steering good. Go back kampung, all kenduri. Like that, damn class and respect.
    Don’t buy newer models ‘cos otherwise you look like those bumno machais, simply spend other peoples money…

  178. Kancilandak says:

    Hee..hee.. I like to get one beemer 520i like my friend within RM10k ok lah…. but how to sell my ’06 pudina… still got 3yrs? My friend just got RM18k for not V6 ’98 pudina!

  179. MALU LAH says:

    Jangan jual,tungu di rumah,nanti i fon kat u,lagi bagus one.ok.cil?

  180. Menyalak-er says:

    Beemer harder to upkeep and need more repairs – karat kat suspension dan bush-la. But engine superb, if serviced regularly. Tgk mileage – don’t go abv. 250k km.
    Trade in for ’06 pudina baru 50k la, kena bayar ansuran another 60k, betul tak?

  181. Pegasus says:

    Happy Belated Deepavali…to all Hindus..! May the light shine on those who are in darkness…Kancilancau…maybe the spotlight is on you…you’re changing?…Good to hear you’re beginning to see the light…!

  182. Pegasus says:

    1Toilet Najis ..now has many foreigners in Sabah…we have them over in Peninsular M’sia as well..only that they are holding mykad!!!…God bless all.!

  183. aiyoyo says:

    Aharudin Atan celebrates deepavali….

    Anonymous said…

    “p/s: u asked for it pariah, when i try to be nice..so, don’t just blame me now..enjoy your day! hahaha..”

    I dont see why I should not, when you chaps sark my lingam, and you enjoying the cream oso….muhibbah
    11:26 AM
    Anonymous said…

    “p/s: u asked for it pariah, when i try to be nice..so, don’t just blame me now..”

    yalah tu dia after 52 years pariah party is still BN member. The pariah kerala fisherman`s descendant is head of umno for 22 years. In fact many umno leaders are “pariah” descendants.
    Be proud of it kekekeke
    12:03 PM

  184. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡
    💡 Happy Diwalii to all Malaysian Indian Hindus that celebrate this wonderful n blessing occasion n may all your wish come true n drive safely home n enjoy all your holidays 💡
    Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡

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