It seems the police can’t spot Raja Petra Kamaruddin. (Malaysian Insider)

They can’t even tell if he is in or has left the country.

So Immigration Department also cannot pakai?

Hiya. But I am glad for once that our institutions are weak and ineffective.

Yet, I worry. If the police can’t find a non-criminal, how are they going catch the real ones?

I guess in 1Malaysia, everything is blur one.


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  1. niamah says:

    They can`t even get Najib/Rosmah into court

  2. niamah says:

    Bala oso missing

  3. kittykat46 says:

    We seek him here,
    We seek him there,
    Those Idiots seek him everywhere.
    Is he in heaven or is he in hell…?
    The most elusive Pimpernel….

    Most times when Polis Raja Di Malaysia manage to arrest criminals is when they get caught red-handed, or their identity is known and the person hasn’t made a real serious effort to disappear.

    The rest have very, very low probability of being apprehended, and that’s the biggest factor why there is so much crime in the country.

    You’d be surprised how many people will commit a crime if its worth their effort and they have confidence they will not be caught.

    In the case of PDRM, that confidence is very accurate.

    First Things First…the PIG (Police Inspector General) needs to be sacked….not have his contract renewed instead..pooh !

  4. matkilau says:

    PIG has to b castrated first and foremost. Useless malay good for sleeping on mattress only.

  5. 1by1 says:

    1by1 and more to come:

    “Former MCA president Dr Ling Liong Sik fractured his right arm after a fall in his house at midnight last night.”

  6. wits0 says:

    They won’t catch the bad guys and can’t, the good one. Crime becomes a technicality and selectively prosecuted.

  7. 1by1 says:

    On the run Mr. Mongolia better be very afraid:

    “Eight minor earthquakes shook Bukit Tinggi in Pahang between 4.45am and 12.05pm yesterday, the Meteorological Department said.”

  8. wits0 says:

    ‘“Former MCA president Dr Ling Liong Sik fractured his right arm after a fall in his house at midnight last night.”’

    AG Mohtar had a Humpty Dumpty and could tar no more Anwars.

  9. i have a dream says:

    Every sen Mahathir has is stolen from the rakyat.

    How to catch criminals?

    Every sen that Mahathir has has the DNA of the rakyats’ blood and sweat!

  10. kancilandakcops says:

    Rogue elephant captured

    JERTIH, Fri: A rogue elephant that has been causing havoc in Pelagat for almost a week was finally captured

  11. i have a dream says:

    Mahathir is the biggest thief in the world.

    Just leave him alone. Mahathir is a moribund thief.

    After all, Mahathir very soon will be joining his buddies- Marcos, Suharto and Saddam.

    They can play hell-fire futsal in hell-fire field using hell-firing foot-ball.

    Paul Augustine can be their referee and Ling Liong Sik and Semi value can be the hell-firing ball pickers.

  12. Kancilandak says:

    But polis are very good at manning roadblocks.. we must appreciate that part.. which is fraught with danger.

  13. danet7882 says:

    The polis are ‘rajin’ manning the roadblock becoz it is a source of income for them 🙂

    No roadblock No $$$…

  14. wits0 says:

    “No roadblock No $$$…” – danet7882

    Corruption as a “time honoured” perk for the foot soldiers on the ground. Bigger ones for the higher ups. They excuse each other in the polis hierarchy. Ditto within the entire governance but with the cops, it’s heavily shielded, protected and denied by the top. That’s part of the adat!

  15. davis says:

    Law and Order is what the police should be pursuing. However in 1Malaysia the police is the Law. The police has no respect for the laws of the land. Judging the behaviour of the police, I wonder if the police ever heard of?knew the Magna Charta.

  16. Menyalak-er says:

    How to catch criminals, when you are a criminal in uniform?
    Simple, be a bigger criminal. Musangs can’t catch other musangs. You need a binturong to catch a musang. Guess who’s that binturong?
    Pico, what is fraught with danger? The roadblock or the polis manning it.
    In any stable nation, there is very little need for road blocks – even Russia have roadblocks only in Ingushetia and Chechnya. Why is that?

  17. fearnoone says:

    Is a lawless country…

  18. wits0 says:

    “Is a lawless country…”

    One ruled by some people’s adat and indulgence.

    “Pico, what is fraught with danger? The roadblock or the polis manning it.”

    The ordinary denizens’ lives are fraught with real danger. The MSM is working very hard to paint an utopia for a State where justice takes second place to this dominating adat.

  19. AB LIM says:

    So…how to catch criminals ……
    So…criminals comes in two types
    1)Normal citizens.
    2)Uniform citizens ( all governments enforcements officer + politician )
    Use CCTV & Voice Recorder everywhere inside out at all MACC,PDRM,Immigration Dept and all office,Jail every room where they question witness or suspect ( includes every corner of the building,staircase,windows area ( where witness or suspect can automatic jump )
    Well….also,Disco,Karaoke,Supermarket,Car park (indoor,outdoor or basement),Office buildings..and etc
    And…also get satellite service to capture picture of illegal logging,human trafficking,mountain activities no bombing activities and etc…..but must award all messenger or whistle blower and not to intimidate or catch them.yes correct…
    So…i believe all this smart crime buster can be done if PR government manage to take over from BN this coming 13GE….well i believe this are the best way to catch criminals from inside out no matter who they are….big or small fish.YES MALAYSIA BOLEH IF UNDER PR.

  20. KOPI FREN says:

    Kancilcar,when police road block hah i habis kopi duit you know,hide below ic and pass to him,police teach me how to hide $$$$ and pass it to him then no people yo cari makan susah lo.teruk dia olang.

  21. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Yes AB,good idea that CCTV or Voice recorder!
    100% proof and can keep for long term use.
    Example:csl dvd case!gotcha!!

  22. AB LIM says:

    PR government must also have more genius people’s with brain to manage this wonderful country….without compare skin or religion believe….no pilih kasih….do wrong terminate and do right promote…yes then only we can be proud to say Malaysian Malaysia Can Do It.

  23. wits0 says:

    “do wrong terminate and do right promote…”

    Hell no, that’s not how things work in Bolehland.

    “Mahathirism is a unique blend of social and political interests which were used to define the major economic policies.” :

    KKP. however, forgot to mention that matter of personal agenda. Jetting around the world constantly for what? “Unique” here does not ring as something positive but merely as unfettered indulgence.

  24. AB LIM says:

    Kancilansi…everytime i read your comments…i nearly vomit…i hope that you can go back to your whoever boss and inform them to get really no 1 good people to run this country and not all this no 1 robbers that robs us dry…some already say cari makan also susah….very few genuine long term investor coming to invest in our beloved country…so ask them don’t squeeze all our country resources dry…like 1 orange juice squeeze until dry ….throw away…finish…look into bigger picture…my six sense tingling now…someone know what to do… see and you read…you should know…this is call fair….freedom of speech and to really voice out loud in order to CHANGE for better….truth shall prevail and may truth save us all….fellow MALAYSIAN.

  25. Nice Lim says:

    Badowi out,MCA either one out,MIC SAMI too long and need to get out.
    BN in power 52 years plus,too long might be kick out coming 13th GE.
    And that will be nice to have new untainted one to manage!

  26. hangthem says:

    What is needed is something like the French Revolution (Najib also likes France). Then the Rakyat can hang the whole Cabinet, AG and IGP.

  27. storm62 says:

    catch RPK?….. what for? ……no duit kopi…..somemore have to do too much paper work…..better set up road blocks….sure income.

  28. Nice Lim says:

    God and Nature will catch up with us!

  29. Nice Lim says:

    catch RPK?: -storm62
    Yes,what for and not nice to do that.They should catch the real culprit and not the messenger,real idiot.This Jerry everyday need to hide from Tom!

    run jerry run.

  30. {Why not call us to fight crime ?}

    {We might catch criminal for you}
    {We know who are the criminal!}

  31. monsterball says:

    Police big shots are not blind..nor blur. They also wear contact lenses and belly tucked in devices….to look young and good.
    Put a pile of money in the forest sand see how sharp their eyes are.
    They can even smell a crook…just dogs…smell and compute in brain….male or female…gangster or good one.
    Since most police big shots need to obey the hound dog …the leader of the pack…with no questions asked….good policia..treat RPK with secret admiration and respect.
    So difficult to find ……..even if RPK stand in front be caught..also cannot see.
    The time is not right to lock RPK up..
    The timing must be right.
    Our “1 Malaysia” man dare to talk about “1 World” to world leaders…..with his out of this world super duper brain……more important than catching RPK.
    Malaysia is blessed with wealth and low class actors.
    Kopitiam fella hates such hypocrites..but are powerless….until election day.
    UMNO know that too well……now saying “People First. Performance Now”..trying so hard to fool Muslim kopitiam Malaysians.
    The greatest show on Earth……..must go on….but everything will come to and end with a last performance….by UMNO..and we will end this so call greatest show..that have been repeated with no changes for 30 years.
    Every show needs people to buy tickets and see it.
    Audiences are most important and powerful.
    In Malaysia…the actors….sre most powerful…capturing some police be actors…to act and show how powerful they are…but with empty results…..for the true real power likes with the audiences……….who are largely..kopitiam fellas.
    Kopitiam fellas are the real bosses..and always will be so….until they get that into their thick skulls….the show must go on…to see which ticket will Malaysians
    kopitiam fellas will buy to support…..crooks performing….or sincere Malaysians … acting…all serious….play their buy time. “1 Malaysia”… Najib said. We accept.
    “1 World”…he said….we accept.
    What that crook says…we accept…play he game.
    It will make him a lunatic very soon.

  32. monsterball says:

    He is more like a stupid looking Bull Dog… than a Hound dog.
    I love the smaller version….Pugs..real ugly and stupid looking….only know how to carry my balls..for food.

  33. i have a dream says:

    How to catch criminals?

    Mahathir from Kerala 1 day no die, no way the criminals in uniform will catch other criminals.

    Mahathir from Kerala is the biggest crook in Bolehland.

    No way Mahathir From Kerala will catch himself and put himself into jail. Sweet dream.

  34. i have a dream says:

    The people of Malaysia are just an inept kind.

    In Indonesia and Thailand, the peoples are in control. They disposed corrupt dictators, whereas in Bolehland, we condone dictators.

    It’s time we follow the peoples of Indonesia and Thailand and start disposing all these dictators in Malaysia before they ruin the nation.

  35. i have a dream says:

    If the voters in Bagan Pinang elected this Isa the no. 1 crook in Seremban, the people of Malaysia will continue to have nightmares.

    The voters in Bagan Pinang if elect this biggest crook in Seremban, as their hero, the voters are nothing but crooks themselves.

    The voters in Bagan Pinang are responsible to the rot of the country.

  36. i have a dream says:

    The people of the country are responsible in putting all these criminals in jail, starting from Bagan Pinang.

    Then we can start to have sweet dream… else continue with the nightmares and no thanks to the voters in Bagan Pinang.

  37. R4Os says:

    Semuanya OK…….

    Kes ni belum tutup, kami akan terus siasat, ke seluruh 1malaysia, 1world, 1universe… walaupun sampai ke mana-mana diperlukan, sehingga kami dapat tahu lokasi RPK, sampai dia kena masuk lokap.

    errr….. siapa yang sebut “Catch Criminal” tadi….???

  38. R4Os says:

    Apa criminal…???

  39. i have a dream says:

    This Isa is shameless and a big shark of the worst kind.

    The nelayans and farmers in PD would know how hard life is to harvest fishes alone the PD coastal line and tilting land for vegetables and fruits.

    They have been swindled by this biggest crook Isa the JAW who has been robbing the resources in PD’s land and sea.

    Life will be worst if this Biggest PD JAW is allowed to continue terrorizing the people, stealing lands and robbing the denizens off their resources in the PD land areas.

    How to catch criminals?

    By voting against this Biggest JAW of the worst kind in PD, then send him to jail.

    It will be the biggest joke in the world and 1universe if this biggest JAW of the worst kind is given the power to steal and rob and terrorizing the PD people again and again.

    The Bagan Pinang voters will make sure this white big Shark will not be given the power to wreak havoc in the Bagan Pinang area again.

    ISa the biggest endemic crook in Bagan Pinang should be in jail, not in the adun office.

    No more JAW in the sea or on land.

    We don’t want nightmares, we want sweet dreams…

  40. Kancilandak says:

    AB LIM..
    Roadblocks are a polis culture.. new recruits start their training there.. where they learn they ropes.. what to do/not to do in the process of carrying out their duties till they retire.. the ‘adat’ is deeply entrenched in the whole exercise. Believe me I was a polis bantuan.
    PR cannot do anything about this.. Malaysians have be brought up in the “all rezeki is halal and is from god” falsafah.
    And DSAI is no different..with his performance when in gomen.. and with his (sodomised yet again.. and this time by Saifull) reputation… what can we laymen expect?
    Unless we hang on to umno with our dear lifes, non professional lay man types like me is finished in this country. All hope is lost.

    You blame us?

  41. Kancilandak says:

    I put the blames on people like sifu monsterball.. it was people like him who voted this gomen in for last 53 years.. they.. the big guns make they money to let, we, their young ones suffer.

  42. Kancilandak says:

    Yes, it’s people like sifu.. who sitting in they banglos, limusins and yatch-boats.. happily typing away good governence rhetorics on they keyboards.. with a cigar in they mouths.. with brandy and caiviar on the table.. with young maids to attend they every needs.. while we the simple people work 48 hrs of the day to put food on our tables.. at the same time suffering the ‘adat’ mental state of this gomen which they voted in!

  43. wits0 says:

    “Unless we hang on to umno with our dear lifes, non professional lay man types like me is finished in this country. All hope is lost.”

    Even with all the aid exclusively given(at others expense) after all this time, you stll cannot stand on your own two feet? You admit being pathetic and lalat-ing?

    “You blame us?”

    Give us a good reason why not? For robbing more deserving non professionals from other races of their place in the sun! From which not many are rich enough to go for tertiary overseas. Those non tertiary ones who went to work in Taiwan got denigrated by gomen ministers for being mercenary minded!

    Why just try to blame your sifu? Your own inadequacy and unmeritorious entitlement complex are the greater sins.

  44. wits0 says:

    “while we the simple people work 48 hrs of the day ”

    Yes, you truly live in a different planet – one with 48 hours in a day!

    Your innately wild resentment is that atavistic hallmark of umno that feeds your entitlement fantasy. Nice adat!

  45. wits0 says:

    “I guess in 1Malaysia, everything is blur one.” – Susan.

    It’s a hole-ly mantra to invoke a Grand Delusion.

  46. hang him says:

    So how to catch criminals?

    By posting a picture of the criminals in the internet.

    Nowhere can these criminals escape!

    After catching them, hang them Otherwise the job is endless if they escape..

    The biggest crook in PD is seeking a mandate to rape the people in Bagan Pinang

  47. monsterball says:

    Bloody kancilandak is sick dick sick!
    First I always voted for freedom and a democratic country….which means I never voted for UMNO or BN at all.
    Secondly…I always fight for equal rights….and freedom to choose any religion….as all humans are born free….not guided like sick and weak ….non stop.
    Thirdly….I made my money and enjoy myself…as I like…how I like..when I like……never depended on hand outs from UMNO or BN…or play balls carrying methods to win ant tenders. I have NEVER depended on government business at all……based on being favoured and bribery.
    It needs an idiot to learn the art to twist and accuse……blaming me for his downfalls.
    Now it is the kopitiam fellas that are to be blamed for our sufferings and treated like animals.
    This kancilandak…..has become two..with split mind…cannot be relied to be friendly at all.
    He will sell his wife or girlfriend for a tender.
    The likes of him….I have seen enough….totally …a man with no principles….and so jealous of others.

  48. monsterball says:

    Bloody hell!!
    Najib..”1 Malaysia”
    Now balls carrying MCA second class citizens want “1 MCA”
    At least we know MCA have shown how loyal they will be to UMNO..and why not…..MCA is more than 2 an it is a party…..dogs eat dogs…cunning cats cunning fight cats….all seen in actions…right now.
    Yes…today MCA will have their results….who is favoured to be President and any fool..seeing so many photos of Ong Tee Kiat…smiling and always trying so hard to be closed to Najib…can know..Dr.Chua is a gone case. Balls carrying MCA members….have no choice.
    it is between a better balls carrier or one that is sooooo stupid.
    To me….MCA is a dead party. If not…than MIC is very much alive powerful too. You go and think.
    Do not let propaganda by defy voters and put MCA and Gerakan loosers back into cabinets…make you loose sight…what Najib’s “1 Malaysia ” means.
    It is simply …full of shit……no meaning at all.
    Go and

  49. monsterball says:

    Preparing myself to go to Bagan Pinang….now.
    See you tonight!

  50. bee says:

    1malaysia do not catch criminals; we let them go or we let them die during investigation.

  51. AB LIM says:

    Whao…what a feeling…after having a cup of pure black coffee less sugar at my fren kopitiam place…stay active and look radiant ..good for anti oxidant and then take Sheep Placenta after breakfast to stay healthy,youthful look and fully charge for challenge ahead……
    So….olee shit the banana crab…this goons never learn…waste my saliva…better keep it for good kissing with my alan beautiful girlfriend..haha….
    Yes …i do and kopitiam fren also agree with our wise cts friends over here…i know and you know….
    This goons never learn how to go back to BASIC and that’s why greedy for power and money$$$$ …how they born to this mother earth empty handed and when mother earth calling ( above or below ) they still need to go back also empty handed…only take back with them universal knowledge…some evil and some good…GOD know everything’s..yes,correct.They are being use and blinded…yes man..that’s why this world are full of ignorant.What to do…maybe some will wake up and some won’t ….let things come naturally …better than by force…unnatural!!
    Yes..naturally we start to fall in love with PR…still long way to go and learn…until old…never ending true story…from kopitiam with love..hahahahahaha

  52. benjamin says:

    If you think that BN will win in the Bagan Pinang by-election, you’re gonna be in for a big surprise!!!

  53. kaneh says:

    Unless we hang on to umno with our dear lifes, non professional lay man types like me is finished in this country. All hope is lost.
    You blame us?
    Kancilandak – October 10, 2009 at 3:22 am

    So you admit you are use-less, hope-less, worth-less, and only fit to be fertiliser.

  54. popeye says:

    “So you admit you are use-less, hope-less, worth-less, and only fit to be fertiliser.”

    I yam Popeye the sailor man. And I yam strong to the finish cause I … I have heard some disgustipatin’ songs

  55. Kancilandak says:

    Good morning witsO,

    I am suprised that you so awake in the wee hours of the morning.. I just return from market this morning.. where I also distibute 120 plus pieces of the Pegasus posted Syed Akbar Ali article about the prices of cars in Malaysia.. pity it was in English… very difficult for me to translate the whole article in malay.
    I very happy today.. for able to do my part for the downpressed community.. also, the best part..hee..hee.. to have needled old sifu while he was still asleep.. this morning!

  56. wits0 says:

    “I am suprised that you so awake in the wee hours of the morning.. ”

    And what were you similarly doing at the same time? Afraid to face the rapid response crowd during normal hours? Clearly so as I’ve noted previously too. In needling your sifu, you suffer a fulat but think nothing of that angle. Brilliant!

  57. Pegasus says:

    kancilancau, the road blocks, as all Malaysian knows are for the PDRM to collect duit kopi partly for themselves..I have a couple of cops friends who divulge this info way back more then 10 years ago…
    Last month…Ramadhan…road blocks were everywhere… for the cops to earn some extra for their buka puasa and hari raya shopping…this month NOT a single road blocks around my area ( mind you with prop up tents not sure of others places…but bet its the same…and this green light is given by the higher authority …knowing very well what its for …under the pretext of crime control….!!!…stop pretending like you are innocent..not knowing anything…be a good muslim…stop the bottles…you prick!!!

  58. najibmustdie says:

    Siew Chiang was habouring many questions inside his chest and it took a long time for him to break his silence. He asked Kit Siang why he was speeding desperately this morning. Kit Siang then told us.. He wanted to make it to the Prison before the row call. If we had made it in time, our meeting could begin, and Guan Eng would not have to take part in the row call. During the row calls, the prisoner had to squat in a row, hands behind the head ¡ As the father, Kit Siang did not want us to see his son in that moment of ultimate humiliation.

    Siew Chiang told Kit Siang that he did not see Guan Eng in the row. I said I did not also. Then Kit Siang told us where Guan Eng was squatted. He sped, because he had not wanted us to see the ultimate humiliation to his son, but I had sinned with my eyes.

  59. KOPI FREN says:

    kancilcar,wah you so jahat,who is you sifu?and why you needled you sifu then hee..hee..ketawa pula,sui betul kancilcar ini,you wait sama olang sleep only you chiam tikam balakan olang,jahat betul you ini,who mau jadi you sifu?you sikalang very happy!lau kao lu,homat sama you sifu lah.
    itu macam banyak good punya olang tak suka sama you then pangil sama you kancilancau,kanciltadaotak,kancilansi wah banya banya lagi macam nyamuk aedes you ini kancilcar.heeeheeehee

  60. Kancilandak says:

    Yes what you say about me is true.. but for god sake what is a fulat?

  61. najibmustdie says:


  62. KOPI FREN says:

    kancilcar ..bogel atau telanjangkah? ulat sama lu ini,heeheee

  63. Kancilandak says:

    Pegasus, my place there no roadblocks.. but heard from my cousins that last 4days JB is full of roadblocks 24 hours of the day.. expensive place what.. they must be pokai after raya.

  64. Kancilandak says:

    hee..hee.. so that is a fulat.. telanjang bulat.

  65. konichiwa says:

    Malaysia is a Indonesia provinsi ——–

    Asked on Bendera’s claim that 8,000 Indonesian workers in Malaysia had signed up to support its mission and fight a war with Malaysia, Musa said the police were monitoring closely the situation nationwide to prevent any untoward incidents.

    “If anything like that happens, those (Indonesians) here will be the first to be rounded up.

    “We have discussed the situation with the military but we are not going to tell people what we are going to do…they should know better.”

    Musa added that no reports of attacks by members of Bendera had been reported in the country so far. The 32-year-old Mustar had said some 200 volunteers are scheduled to arrive on Oct 14.

  66. Pegasus says:

    Corruption is the epicentre of the Malaysian BN gvernment from bottom right to the top…and with umno/bn leaders leading by example and even with guidelines……there is no stoppin them…unless we vote them out in the next 13th GE…people like Isa ….are rewarded to be candidate…despite all the corruption cases…speaks volumne of the despicable ways umno are fighting the money politics/corruptions..
    Without these corruptions income…probably the civil government might come to a standstill…!!!..kancilancau…got a taste of this first blood…during the raya week..Ha..ha..1Malaysia…1family…working in 1dept…..what..utter rubbish…!

  67. konichiwa says:

    umno mamaqs are afraid of indonesians taking over karena then the malays will be “real” rulers.

  68. KOPI FREN says:

    hai yo,kancilcar ada sikit comel dan jahat,aunty kopi ada anak belajar di us belum balik,nanti balik aunty kopi pangil anak cakap dan fac fac english sama lu.oklah.aunty kopi tala k-po punya.suka you comel comel dan jahat telanjang..heee..heee jangan sombong tau

  69. konichiwa says:

    6Kotak Mohd Ezam joined UMNO, now he is a Trojan Horse for Indonesians operating from Jakarta and insigating Indonesians against malaysia.
    But indonesian IGP Musang dare not question him

  70. ,
    who says they are not doing their work. or
    who says they don’t know how to do their work.
    they are quick to catch offenders, mah.

    Even, No need for any warrant of arrests .
    they are quick in catching other offenders, i.e.
    traffic offenders, drunk drivers, tipsy drivers,
    drivers beating the traffic lights,
    drivers on the road without wearing seat belts,
    drivers on the wheel, using hand-phones,
    they are quick to catch these offenders.
    you know why.
    don’t need to elaborate lah.

    then, for wrongful parking on non-busy side-roads,
    like near 1-U shopping, TV 3, kpg. areas, etc
    they are quick to catch offenders.
    and issue SAMAN every other day.
    you know why,
    KPI , mah.

    But, you go to UP-TOWN DAMANSARA,
    the whole place is in a mess,
    you can park at the road corner or T-junction corner,
    you can park on wll the WHITE LINES.
    you can park at the centre of the road,
    you can triple double park,
    they cannot catch.
    there is a police station nearby.

    mat rempits, they cannot catch.
    motor-cyclists without helmets, they cannot catch.
    rojak stall, chendol stall, coconut water stall
    by the main highway with lots of customers and
    cars parked by the main road is okay .
    these they cannot catch.
    what to talk.
    just observe lah.

  71. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    What PKFZ CORRUPTION can do for us all ??????????

    With this amount RM12.5 bil? not chicken feed man!
    1)equivalent to five RM2.5 bil BMF scandals!
    2)can built 25 universities ot RM500 mil each!
    3)can built 125 hospital at RM100 mil each!
    5)can built 1,250 schools at RM10 mil each!
    6)can built 312,500 low cost house at RM40,000 each!
    7)can also give to 27 million Malaysian a payment of RM338/person!

    What’s next..victimized Malaysian citizen?

  72. AB LIM says:

    They Left BN-Umno For DSAI.
    More to join PR.

  73. AB LIM says:

    Just look at them clearly!! AGAIN and AGAIN…………
    Just sickening.

  74. AB LIM says:

    Kill 2 Birds With 1 MCA Stone!!
    Both Dog eat Dog.The End.

  75. Menyalak-er says:

    Yo AB, time for Sami the Guru to take over this hopeless, hapless and helpless entity. Maybe the 2 flurs can combine forces and become a ChuaOng (snake king) that swallows its own tail.
    And kindly don’t refer to them as members of my ‘species’, even if rabid – they are reptiles ler…

  76. semimca says:

    Only choice is for Semi Value to be president mca president, he is their only saviour now. After that he can take over umno which is so messed

  77. gdp says:

    ‘Economy will not slip into recession’
    Sunday, 07 December 2008
    (NST) – Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop has given an assurance that the economy will not slip into a recession next year, despite the worsening situation in the United States.

    Pump priming: Wrong diagnosis

    Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak announced that the government will prime the economy with an additional RM1 billion monthly till the end of 2010 in a bid to bolster the country’s economy.

    The criminal Najib is now going to be printing money.

  78. gdp says:

    Friday, July 06, 2007
    Printing money with borrowed money?-the case of Focus Equity

    Focus Equity Sdn. Bhd., majority owned by entrepreneur Joseph Vijay Kumar, and Vincent Tan Chee Yioun, of Malaysia’s diversified Berjaya Group, plan to form a joint venture with Dutch security printer Royal Joh. Enschede to build a 580 million ringgit, or about $150 million, security-printing plant outside Kuala Lumpur.
    (Source:Malaysian Firm Plans Security-Printing Venture,By Leslie Lopez
    29 June 2005,The Asian Wall Street Journal)

  79. AB LIM says:

    Coming soon menyalak-er…..Haha….sami a/l kutty will be next…he start to feel the heat…sure go holiday then come back pochi…selamat jalan,bye-bye,cai cian,sayonara*******

  80. richardwrites says:

    Berjaya fiasco and Malaysia belongs to Vincent Tan?

    “Later, the outcome has resulted that the printing plant is viable and timely to be constructed. As such, in 2006, a loan worth of RM600 million was approved by a GOVERNMENT-BACKED BANK to the aforementioned company which will be backed up by a 30-year concession agreement between the government-backed bank, the government and Focus Equity sdn bhd.

    But the way this printing plant is going to materialise from the very beginning is questionable.”

  81. Thumb Logic says:

    In any system of government the Attorney General is the key law enforcement officer. The consistent application of the law flows from this all important person. If you have a honest and fair Attorney General law enforcement will become better if you have a bad Attorney you will not only have inconsistent appilcation of the law but the law itself will become bad.

  82. AB LIM says:

    Wait wait….maybe he can change his mind…register as MCA member and get elected as MCA 1 opapa president….possible cause got empty post available…hahahahaha anything can happen in bolehland***

  83. Hussein says:

    This Prime Minister of ours talks about 1Malaysia and at the same time micro manage the selection of a corrupt candidate for Bagan Pinang. I say mirco manage because as in all things UMNO, the President decides. He is the President. From day one it was Isa. Then having decided on Isa they found the reasons for doing so….“the people’s choice”…and what have you. This is our Prime Minister deliberately lying to us and then going on to deviously plot with UMNO to have the outcome they wanted.

    Now tell me this. If the Prime Minisiter is like this – what of his cabinet? What liberties will these Minister take knowing that it is alright to lie, it is ok to spend money to win an election. It is ok to say that the military should not be accessible to any political party and then promptly have the Minister of Defence bring the MB into the army camp to give $100,000 for whatever reason and promise them a swimming pool and futsal faculty if they elect their corrupt candidate! In the name of getting votes? What do you think we can now expect these Minister to do in cabinet?

  84. Hussein says:

    The mind boggles….can you imagine the whole PWTC being turned into a dungeon infested with thieves and robbers…protected by the government of the day and aided by the Police in their deeds? God help our country.

  85. Jason says:

    1malaysia has no hope..

  86. Nice Lim says:

    Greed blinded everyone.This is what happen in 1 Malaysia now.

  87. goblok says:

    “Finger prints present on a letter threatening the life of Selangor opposition leader Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo were not clear enough to identify the sender, said Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar.”

    Khalid is a ikan bilis nasi lemak moron. The farking Toyol sent it to himself la.

  88. AB LIM says:

    ‘In Politic No Permanent Friend or Enemy’
    *But get cheated….will be permanent enemy…….

  89. AB LIM says:

    ‘In Politic No Permanent Friend or Enemy’
    *But get cheated….will be permanent enemy…….
    ( sorry correction)

  90. wits0 says:

    “What do you think we can now expect these Minister to do in cabinet?”
    – Hussein.

    Only more of the same perverted practices and hypocrisy that is obsessed with the fake IMAGE in everything to sustain themselves and nothing of moral/ethical substance…..just hopeless hubris which is totally at odd with reality. All that. “proud of…” nonsense is part of this ‘stupid-izing’ nonsense. 😛

  91. wits0 says:

    “The farking Toyol sent it to himself la.” – goblok.

    That’s the automatic conclusion of any astute ones wat.

  92. wits0 says:

    The ugly and foul Attorney General in Bolehland is a goalkeeper to ensure that the ruling elite is kept as safe as possible.

    Law people always says that there’s no such thing as a “bad law”. But we’re not law people and are not obliged to subscribe to their technical jargonism. When any law lends itself to be easily and selectively perverted, that is a bad law, for all intent and purpose. So, legal community, please don’t just repeat that jargonistic mantrum!

    And we have foolish, selfishly partisan and irresponsible law makers as well.

  93. hangthem says:


  94. hangthem says:

    What Say You Now, Liow Tiong Lai?

    Fears over cancer vaccine as schoolgirl dies
    By Olivia Sterns
    For CNN

    LONDON, England (CNN) — The death of a 14-year-old girl in England after she received a vaccination for Human Papilloma virus (HPV) has prompted a widespread freeze on the country’s national vaccination program.

  95. wits0 says:

    Both Ong and Chua have to go

    Please take the confounded MCA along too!

  96. hangthem says:

    Now that Najib has dropped all pretence of queasiness about bedding down with corruption, he could do us all a big favour and save taxpayers a lot of money by closing down the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, the National Institute of Integrity and all the other related agencies because he has made his position on corruption so clear. They are of no use to man or beast.

    Also legalise paedophilia – umno approves

  97. R4Os says:

    “Kill 2 Birds With 1 MCA Stone!!
    Both Dog eat Dog.The End.” –AB LIM

    I’m very happy with the MCA EGM’s results in line with my expectation! Big hypocrite OTK was shown the “EXIT” sign… But latest reports said that he kept mum about his earlier vow to quit his post if he lost in the vote-of-no-confidence, this arse-h0le is a hypocrite who may turn back on his words, I expect he need some “friendly reminders” or pressure by the 3rd-Faction whose top-dogs r now staring at the No.1 & 2 chairs with salivating & lapping tongues, puff..puff…puff…

    As for CSL’s lost, I’m a bit disappointed, it shows that those MCA delegates werent 100% dumb, otherwise it would have helped PR to garner more votes in the coming elections.

  98. kittykat46 says:

    A bit unfortunate that OTK is being shown the exit.
    Its not that I have any confidence in him or ANY other MCA leader, but he was doing something useful to help air the filthy going-ons in PKFZ.
    I’m sure everything is going to be conveniently and cleanly buried now. There is no hope of the truth coming out and the REAL guilty parties punished short of voters giving Barisan Nasional /UMNO the exit door in Putrajaya. There are too many BIG BN fish who had their filthy hands in the PKFZ trough.

  99. R4Os says:

    It’s very interesting to note that the 3rd-faction aka The King-maker had only 100+/- votes, imagine the new MCA No.1 & No.2 leaders will come from this tiny faction…?

    More shows by MCA Production House Sdn. Bhd. will be “COMING SOON” to your nearest cinemas…

  100. AB LIM says:

    1)”this arse-h0le is hypocrite who may turn back on his words,”
    2)”As for CSL’s lost,I’m a bit disappointed,”-R40s
    Well…it takes two to hold bumno ball and now they get their reward….50-50…haha…
    as wits0 says—-Please take the confounded MCA along too!..haha
    Samy @ kutty might be interested to merge with them anytime.!!!!!
    he is next………………….

  101. acab says:

    Sheila Devi (37) housewife, was arrested when she and another neighbor known as Arun went to the Klang Police Station to get back her items that has been seized for no reason. She made a report on the matter when one of the plainclothes policeman that raided her house earlier came and checked on the details of the report and got angry and start to be sarcastic at her and the neighbor. He told Sheila that she will be arrested now for protecting the illegal immigrant and handcuffed her.

    The office said that if the report she is making reach the attention of his boss, he will be sacked! and said that he wont give he anymore chances for her to negotiate on anything now. Sheila was in tears when she begged the police officer to release her.

    The status of the report that she made was not known.(report made to a police lady officer with her badge no: 140056) The refugees card will be sent to Putrajaya for verification said the policeman.

  102. wits0 says:

    AB LIM, intermission time, have kopi O kow kow while sweet alan sings you the theme song from John Woo’s epic(ah, yes, thank you for no longer ‘shouting’ at susan’s 😉 ):

  103. Menyalak-er says:

    kk46, no need to feel a ‘bit disappointed’. He’ll probably get to keep the min of transport post with Sami Glue, or even Palanivel, as the prez of that accursed party. Nothing will change as far as politics will be concerned – do you really think that that PKFZ thing will really be exposed in toto? Nah. Unless PR takes over, and gaol the lot of them for CBT, money laundering etc.

    If that anarchic useless entity disappears, many of us won’t even realize it – look at their severely compromised myopia of dumbing down the Chinapek vision to just education, drains and piggeries. Their only attempt at integration was to tell their Bumi cohorts “Jagan makan ini – tak halal!” They have not served any purpose for the past 40yrs. Even turds feed the dung beetles…

  104. R4Os says:

    “A bit unfortunate that OTK is being shown the exit.
    Its not that I have any confidence in him or ANY other MCA leader, but he was doing something useful to help air the filthy going-ons in PKFZ.” –kittykat46

    I supposed u don’t really know his true colors, OTK doesn’t deserve any sympathy, he gets what he sowed…

    About the PKFZ probe, I reiterate again it’s not OTK but Najis who wanted the probe for “Wayang Kulit” purpose, and Lim Kit Siang was the prime-mover whose relentless pursue in Parliament made the report see the light-of-day…

    OTK didn’t expect things got that far, that’s why he took 6 free-rides in Tiong’s private jet, and most prob’ly pocketed the Rm10 millions “Donation” from Tiong to MCA as “Buah Tangan (Kancilandak’s term) in exchange for his “Favour”, like what OTK’s predecessors did in the past, but bcoz of the report, Tiong exposed his loots, wanna-die,-die-together…

  105. acab says:

    The A.C.A.B. [All Cops Are B*stards] is a Malaysian rock band. The band was formerly known as A.C.A.B. from 1994 to 2003 which popularized streetpunk/oi! in the Malaysian underground music scene. The band regrouped in 2005 while adopting indie rock as their genre.

  106. loytak says:

    The Star proudly reports that Siow Chen Pin, the sole MCA assemblyman in the state, immediately got on the phone to call the authorities and get them to erect street lights in the rural town of Siliau (this name is very cute la – sounds like Hokkien for “die already”).

    Latuk Wong Chun Wai of MCA`s Star is the biggest turd feeding BUMNO.

  107. AB LIM says:

    Thanks wits0,Wow that remind me of my sweetheart again after a long journey and battle…well listening to lionel richie song ‘hello’…and i’m on my way back to have a passionate good night kiss from my alan sweetheart now…so relax….what for to shout at Susan…haha..she bless me and smilling now…all the best susan my dear…..i’ve grown up now…no more shouting…i hope..but more kissing!!! what to do! i’m a very romantic guy..thou…hahahahahaha

  108. wits0 says:

    “..OTK doesn’t deserve any sympathy, he gets what he sowed…” R4Os.

    Yes, if he did anything useful at all wrt PKFZ , that could hardly be due to his own intention or initiative.

  109. loytak says:

    Last day of campaign, Pakatan courts Bagan Pinang Indians

    “What have MIC or Umno ever done for you? We need real change for a better future. Never ever vote for them again,” said Anwar.

    The PKR de facto leader, very much aware of the sensitivity surrounding the issue, accused MIC of being a party full of “yes men” and said they should be held responsible for all the Hindu temple demolitions done under BN’s governance.

    “So what did they do when Umno demolished the temples? Najib Razak punya pasal, kuil kasi picah pun tapa (Because of Najib, you can go ahead and demolish them) ,” said Anwar in a Tamil accent which drew laughter from the crowd.

  110. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    O Oh,My friend start kissing,don’t forget the main subject here,thou!

    DR M KUTTY,says everything’s empty now!

    So,they can start packing and retire together with DR M KUTTY.

  111. R4Os says:

    “Samy @ kutty might be interested to merge with them anytime.!!!!!
    he is next……” –AB LIM

    Hahaha… now that MCA is weakened beyond redemption, they should seriously consider merging with the other kucing-kurap Be-eNd parties in order to stand a better chance against PR, so MIC, Gerakan, IPF, PPP, etc, all should merged.

    Then the next “Block Bluster” show may be infighting for MCA presidency between Semi-Value vs Koh-Tsu.Koon (in Hokkien KSK means “lost everyting including his pants”, so precisely his name reflects on his fate…). wah-lau-er, who say that Bolehland is a boring place to live…?

  112. R4Os says:

    “Nothing will change as far as politics will be concerned – do you really think that that PKFZ thing will really be exposed in toto? Nah. Unless PR takes over, and gaol the lot of them for CBT, money laundering etc.” –Menyalak-er

    Agreed with u 100%. wait till PR takes over the federal gomen, I can’t wait to see Dr.Mahaithiu s/o Kutty go to Sg. Buloh jail in Solitary cell, he should be the 1st devil to get charged for corruption. Then not forgeting other umnoputras like Daim, Toyol, Muhammadx2, Isa, Taib Mahmud , Semi-Value, Ling Liong Sik, OTK, etc., all these should pay for their looting of our taxpayers money….

    Dr.Mahathiu = Bapa Rasuah Malaysia

  113. wits0 says:

    “Nothing will change as far as politics will be concerned – do you really think that that PKFZ thing will really be exposed in toto? Nah. Unless PR takes over, and gaol the lot of them for CBT, money laundering etc.” –Menyalak-er

    Agreed with u 100%….- R4Os.

    Definitely so. To come clean, this must happen and if it takes more than a decade. I don’t see any other viable way to start in any new enlightened direction.

  114. monsterball says:

    To catch criminals… must clearly understands what is a criminal.
    In Malaysia….all against UMNO are anti Malaysians…all make anti walks..against UMNO…all anti “1Malaysia”…and all anti …the Islamic religion… few more…even putting out flag upside down…lighting candles….walking peacefully…all are anti Malaysia. Only “1Malaysia”..understand it…is not anti.
    It is finding out….which of these anti buggers…that is on the most wanted list..that can influence Malaysians to be anti UM,NO.
    Since Islam is foremost important and UMNO is the champion of the Islamic faith in the world……that idiot Anwar never learn…..6 years jailed no enough….want more… he is top of the list with repeat performance.
    Lim Kit Siang have been anti UMNO more than 35 years…been in jail several times. He is now second on the most wanted list…followed by Tian Chua.. LGE and Kapal. These people are a pain in the arse to UMNO.
    Maverick RPK….noted in be capable to swing listeners to be anti UMNO….is on the top 10 most wanted list.
    There you know know…who are the criminals in Malaysia.
    But Malaysians know too well….the greatest mistake made by voters………was to put UMNO back to govern the country with a much weaker position. under the 12h GE.
    With that power………..UMNO brought back loosers….continue to use money to encourage that all will be like hem.. and apply money power to buy up our country.
    Malaysians are shocked and helpless…that the real criminals are applying the dirtiest type of politics you can ever find in the educated and advanced world…focusing to mainly fool their own race.
    Yes…support race and religion politics…support no freedom of choices for Malays on religion…… UMNO is the rightful owner of Malaysia to do as they like…and you are not a criminal.
    In Bagan Pinang….a proven criminal stands proudly as the candidate.
    UMNO should it won by huge huge majority in the 12th GE…so all logic point to UMNO winning again.
    I was there for few hours and found thousands like me…lending moral support to PAS.
    Yes…….in Kopitiam….met few friends and new ones too….from Terengganu and Kelantan…..all came at their own expenses…no one help them financially..doing voluntary work….of which…one is to watch over ballot boxes with postal votes…all in….3000 votes locked in a store..and they have 24 hours to see no one …can unlock that…….until vote counting time.
    Yes….these young Malaysians..all Malays….do not really behave like Malays at all.
    All expect UMNO to win with a slim majority. UMNO is very confident too…as they put surely win….then make him .. a Senator and back to be Mentri Besar..of Negri Sembilan…..for the 13th GE…to bribe and win elections again.
    But Allah does work in mysterious ways….and to-night’s results…. will be another sign….that we need to suffer more or doing enough to prove we have repented from our sins in giving criminals the power to govern.
    It is really the good against evil in Malaysia.

  115. AB LIM says:

    “It is really the good against evil in Malaysia”-monsterball
    Yes 100% agree with you monsterball….it is really a battle between good against evil in Malaysia….and a real battle to be won by all Malaysian hopefully start from B.Pinang and whole peninsular that will include fellow good Malaysian from Sabah and Sarawak in short time to come as well…
    PAS needed more time to combine their energy and forces but like we all know (postal voting the main evil factor…like dead man walking and voting )….money control everything,,,,corruption to the core….EC was bias and siding those evils….Tok Guru Nik Aziz once say …Umno look Islamic but inside really unislamic….that’s the fact…and everyone including their own race start really to realize and really learning.
    Yes…the battle will be won… never ever give up hope…over here…we the northern region part lend our support in any best way possible ….to WORK HARD…but WORK SMART WAY………..and when time come…another BIG TSUNAMI will rise and where the evil will fall…..
    Happy morning Monsterball…all the best and to all Wonderful Malaysian as well.

  116. AB LIM says:

    Well…our respected DSAI have done lot’s of smart tactic…..Shout out loud and clear….in street or in parliament…as he knows that arrogant goons control media and news…so,…there are always a way…to win a battle….mysterious or miracle way…p&c coming soon……….

  117. ayecarumba says:

    Murderering playboy Najis Tong Rosak now lukin for Marge Simpson……..

    Marge Simpson has done something that Homer might not like but will make Bart the proudest kid in his school

  118. monsterball says:

    Good morning….AB LIM
    The evils are torn apart and disunited.
    MCA voted no confidence over Ong Tee Kiat leadership.
    They voted agreeing to expel Dr.Chua.
    “1 MCA. 1TEAM”…which i counted more than 2 right now.
    Ong Tee Kiat….should resign…if he is a man.
    The starter for “1Malaysia”………cannot even have “1 Barisan National”….talking… “1 world”
    Now other countries are demanding.”1 WAR”!!!

  119. najisbin says:

    MCA is dead…………

    “MCA is now without leadership. Both the President and Deputy President of MCA have been rejected by delegates at their EGM.

    This has a bearing on the government of the day. Those members of the cabinet from MCA are there by virtue of being appointed by the PM from a list submitted by the President of MCA.

    With Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat’s removal by his own party via the EGM, he and his chosen team in cabinet may no longer be taken to represent MCA, let alone the Chinese community. This is implied by the logic of the BN’s system of communal representation.

    Now that Ong’s leadership has been rejected, he and his fellow MCA members of cabinet should do the honourable thing and offer the Prime Minister their collective resignation.”
    -Tengku Razaleigh

  120. AB LIM says:

    Happy Morning ….Monsterball
    Yes…we did it perfectly during 12GE ..KSK & all yes man packing….and there will be more to come..hahahahaha
    Anyway….sunday and sunny day…going for kopi kaw kaw at my fren kopitiam place with my sweetheart….and moonlighting the day together later….will be back………..

  121. najisbin says:

    “The collapse of MCA’s leadership reflects MCA’s loss of support in the Chinese community. The Party as a whole should re-consider its position in the government if it is no longer relevant to its ethnic constituency. MCA’s troubles are part of a larger collapse. Our system of communal representation has broken down.

    A further question is what becomes of BN and Umno without a viable MCA. Without Chinese support, Umno would be like PAS in the days when it seemed like a local party of Kelantan: an exclusively Malay party strong in some localities but irrelevant nationally.

    There is a view that Umno, and by extension, the Malays, can somehow go it alone. Some calculate that Umno can cling to power by winning back the Malay masses through playing on divisive racial and religious issues. This is a mis-reading of the country at large and it underestimates the good sense and moderation of the majority of the Malays.

    Meanwhile there are signs that PAS, with the assistance of its partners, is taking up the middle ground vacated by Umno. In cooperation with its partners, PAS is now a force to reckon with in the plural centre of the country. It is from the middle, not the extremities, that Malaysia was and is won. MCA and MIC are now marginal to the country and Umno appears to be following suit.”
    -Tengku Razaleigh

  122. ahbengkia says:

    Monsterball, seriously i think you got a mental problem. You are just giving half truth and you don’t seem to understand what is going on. How old are you seriously, moer than 70? If really so, i suggest it is better for you to take rest and go quietly.

  123. wits0 says:

    “Latuk Wong Chun Wai of MCA`s Star is the biggest turd feeding BUMNO.” – loytak.

    Hahaha! Combining two dialects, even “Chun Wai” can take on a different unintended meaning with different intonation, no? It can sound like, ‘maximum crookedness’!

  124. kahkah_kahkah says:

    # Pas bomo helped umno bomo wif heavy rain.. Sky is cleart now for a hot by election ahead..about 3 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  125. Menyalak-er says:

    “..’unmentionable’ parties are marginal now” T.KuLi.
    1st. time i disagree with YB KuLi – they are not marginal – they don’t exist since their pulverization in ge-12. They may think they exist, they hope and pray they exist, but read my anal corrugations – they don’t. A figment of imagination and corruption.

  126. wits0 says:

    T.Kuli isn’t someone I trust even when stating the truth. Not only because he is inherently (umno and therefore) racist or because of his own baggage but because a devil also liberally quotes scriptures.

  127. monsterball says:

    MCA is split into three with the third force…holding the trump card.
    Already not recognized by the 12th GE…we read and laugh….and in the end…it is showing Najib’s “1Malaysia” a useless meaningless slogan.

  128. kittykat46 says:

    Did anyone see the photos of the pathetic KTK tailing behind Najis in a few mainly Chinese neighbourhoods in Bagan Pinang ?

    The word “appendage” comes to my mind…
    Definition of Appendage – “Something Minor, non-essential attached to a larger entity.”

  129. monsterball says:

    kittykat….KTK and OTK are doing that for months.
    If KTK do not tag along as UMNO doggy….what else is he good at?
    Especially OTK….before MCA AGM.
    Now lets see he keeps is words to resign…since MCA Supreme Council have voted no confidence to him MCA leader. The result is so clear.

  130. Menyalak-er says:

    KTK? Yep noticed that jawless appendiceal lamprey, lurking in the shadows with the somewhat blurred image of Genghis daughter. I heard that he has replaced Guru-ji, in certain bak-kut-teh rituals.

  131. hohohohohoho says:

    “KTK tailing behind Najis”

    Well, they are both i-4-C`s Arsebangers

  132. davis says:

    Most Malaysian of Chinese origin do not care about MCA. MCA does not represent the Malaysian Chinese. It only represents a small group. If CSL has acted like Profumo, he would not have suffered the disgrace on Sat.

  133. hohohohohoho says:

    “I heard that he has replaced Guru-ji, in certain bak-kut-teh rituals.”

    Holy Pigs………….now they are looking at porky entrails trying to make the pigs fly

  134. wits0 says:

    “If CSL has acted like Profumo, he would not have suffered the disgrace on Sat.”

    It is particularly satisfying to see his disgrace.

  135. monsterball says:

    Try…”Briyani Ori”….27D Batu 2..Jalan Jelebu.
    Owner Abd. Rahim Hassan was so happy to see so many from Terengganu and Kelantan came on their own expenses…to lend moral support plus be useful in the by election..with a 24 hours non stop watch over the 3000 postal votes locked in a store…that no one goes in and out of the store.
    These wonderful Muslims Malaysians are a bundle of joy to talk to….and all are no fools to expect PAS to win…yet all are praying hard….the wind of change comes to the voters hearts…to do the right thing for Malaysia.
    Lets wait for the result …to-night.
    Kittykat….Did you go there?

  136. monsterball says:

    The Bagan Pisang by election is best place for KTK to show his face…alongside with Najib.
    If UMNO ever wins…KTK will claim..his showing of his face…that have convinced some Chinese to vote for UMNO.
    If UMNO looses…wait for them to find a fall guy…and it may be KTK…just like Samy Vellu is blamed for 12th GE downfall.
    UMNO is so truthful…never wrong.

  137. monsterball says:

    ooopp! Bagan Pinan….not Pisang……..hahahahahaha

  138. hohohohohoho says:

    “UMNO is so truthful…never wrong”

    Ya lah, their leader is a “Mosque swearer” (Ms. Najib Razak)

  139. ktteokt says:

    Yes, how to catch the criminals? This is especially true when most of the criminals themselves are in the current administration, be they in the legislature, executive or judiciary!

  140. ChuaShakeLeg says:

    This reminded me of the young Ming Dynasty Emperor Zhu Qizhen, who was all the more eager to display his exceptional power having just assumed the throne.

    Eunuch Wang Zhen, who could read the mind of his boss, told him barbarian troops were causing some trouble at the border, and that the emperor should appear personally to show his power.

    Having absolutely no knowledge of the military situation, Zhu believed he was omnipotent, and thought the barbaric nomads could be subdued easily.

    So the emperor hurriedly organised a 50,000-strong unit without a specific war strategy and practically no knowledge of the enemies’ conditions.

    In the end, having just passed the Great Wall, the emperor’s people came under the ambush of the enemies. Food and water supplies were severed, and the entire army was smashed.

    Emperor Zhu was taken captive, and the Ming Dynasty brought to its knees.

  141. allcopsrbustards says:

    Today, I managed to get the number of Inspector X. When I called him, he said, “kes samun mana ni? banyak sangat kes samun la.

    “I told him the report was made last week but nobody called us. I also said the guys were spotted yesterday. He said, “hmmm, kena tunggu la. saya tengah cuti ni.” I asked, “sampai bila?” he replied, “sampai khamis depan kot”. I asked him what we were supposed to do in the meantime, and he said “nombor plate ada tak?”. I said yes. He asked, “dah ada suspect ke belum?”. I told him that was his job. He said, “ah, awak cuba dapatkan alamat diorang, lepas tu call saya. tapi lepas cuti la”.

  142. baganpinang says:

    “Ya lah, their leader is a “Mosque swearer” (Ms. Najib Razak)”

    Ms. Najib Razak want OTK to f**k off

  143. baganpinang says:

    3:21 : Sehingga jam 3 petang, SPR mengumumkan sebanyak 65% atau 5892 orang telah keluar mengundi.

  144. wits0 says:

    Ms. Najib Razak want OTK to f**k off

    Translated, CSL was, has always been a great(er) umno bodeker – something we always knew!

  145. Look Who's Talking ? says:
    Razaleigh said better Bee-end Umno lost !

    Check this out !

  146. davis says:

    MCA did not and does not have a political agenda. It was formed as a social organisation that became a “political” party with a political idealogy. It is just a group that enriches its leaders, misleads the Chinese people and subservient to UNMO……The sun is setting on MCA.

  147. wits0 says:

    “The sun is setting on MCA.” – Davis.

    Good riddance to darn Kuomintang detritus.

  148. davis says:

    It is ironical that MCA EGM/crisis should occurred on Oct. 10. Oct. 10 is an important date in the history of modern China.

  149. wits0 says:

    1911 An uprising which led to the overthrow of the Qing (Ch’ing) dynasty, China’s last imperial dynasty, began in Wuchang in Central China. “Double Ten” (10/10/1911) became the national day for the Republic of China and is still celebrated as such in Taiwan.

  150. same2 says:

    `…CSL was, has always been a great(er) umno bodeker…’ – wits0

    CSL keeps his women in budget hotels…. Najib keeps in 5star hotels.

  151. same2 says:

    Isa Samad
    United Malay National Organisation
    Zulkefly Mohamad Bin Haji Omar
    Parti Islam Semalaysia

    Total Majoriti: 5331 (Tidak Rasmi)….UMNO wins

  152. nextMB says:

    ISA`s impressive performance makes him the best candidate to replace the current good4nothing MB in NS.

  153. nextMB says:

    …oh, and this is the best time for Hassan Ali to join up with Khir Toyol in s`gor.

  154. Pegasus says:

    Mca has gone headless but marginly better the the dead head Mic has…and the Sotong head at 1 Mca has broken into 2 …Mic has new kids in the block…Makkal sakthi ..and Najis is talking about 1Malaysia? BN itself is going through a big earthquake at a 7+…by the time the 13th GE will be 10. at the Richter scale..!!! devastation!…with the Rakyat’s full rage …will come … a huge Tsunami for Umno/bn…!!! be buried for good..!
    OTK can join Makkal Sakti to reflect Najis 1Malaysia for all we care…BN is imploding…it has started and hopefully it collects momentum and we may see the wrecking sooner..!!!

  155. bp davanced voter says:

    Politics in Malaysia just suitable for white scholars here.

    This MAd Isa just shows that he is too witty for the ignorant ‘ political gurus’ here in this web-blog.

    No where Bn dogs will be subdued by a few mundane scholars here.

    As to Sloone, time to bungus, get a Magali and start producing Mangali kids by the dozens.

    Only then there will be a spark of hope in Malaysia.

  156. davis says:

    Honest people may have lost today. There are still many battles ahead.We, the honest people, will live to fight another day.

  157. AB LIM says:

    How to catch a criminal? How?
    Money conquer us but money is not everything !
    BAD MONEY : Corruption or illegal money…
    1) Can destroy peoples mind!
    2) Can be use to buy up votes!
    3) Can be use to call a hooker!
    4) Can be use to buy weapon of mass destruction!
    5) Can be use to pay hired killer to kill!
    6) Can be use to fund for illegal activities!
    7) Can be use to buy judge to overwrite judge-ment for corruption or murder cases!
    8) Can be use by evil people to stay in power by all mean!
    9) Can be use to control media and tv station!
    and many many more……
    GOOD MONEY : Decent hard working money….
    1) Can be use to buy a place to stay for the whole family!
    2) Can be use to buy milk,drink and food supply for whole family!
    3) Can be use to donate to the needy and very poor!
    4) Can be use to save life during emergency use..operation or serious accident case!
    5) Can be use to support children to further their studies overseas!
    6) Can be use by good Government to sincerely help their poor citizen to improve their living standard regarding of their races or religion!
    and many many more……
    Malaysia is a rich country with 1st class facilities in our big cities but still lots of ignorant peoples with 3rd class mentalities.
    Hope time will change our beloved Malaysian citizen negative thinking to more positive thinking in very near future.
    So…there is nothing to be proud of by using all this bad money to achieve whatever goal or plan…because with this bad money…it can corrupt more innocence peoples and make them more ignorant to know right from wrong….how to move forward?…what will happen to our new generation children?…CAN WE SAY THAT WE ARE PROUD OF THIS CORRUPTED PEOPLES AND CRIMINAL TO LEAD US ALL THE WAY? HELL NO.We wii always be back and back with more knowledge to push forward for a better MALAYSIA MALAYSIAN.
    Well…this is the facts….you can call me idiot because i shout too loud but the facts is that most decent and good MALAYSIAN citizen wanted good and honest peoples to lead us through this challenging time and not this whole bunch of idiots that create more idiots and destroy our beloved country competitiveness with others great nation…time to wake up and change….NEVER EVER GIVE UP HOPE. YES WE CAN DO IT.THANK YOU.

  158. Nice Lim says:

    “Oh yes,my office staff call me last friday to inform me about their pc problem,infected by isa virus and all of their file get corrupted!They use windows 98 version and outdated and now i will look forward to upgrade to window vista!ya,sound better and thanks to my PR friends next door for helping me to figure it out.That’s very nice of them and i will upgrade it next week immediately for long term use without getting this isa virus problem again.yes,get updated one”

  159. Kancilandak says:

    This what I been crying about … Pakatan must pull up it’s socks if it want to be next goverment.
    Let them not kid themself… to say that pas lost becoz of postal votes is lame excuse. The pariah indians also must realise they cannot get to drink big bottles of black beer every night after this BN win.
    The way things are going… Pakatan can wait for cows to lay eggs before they can take over as a goverment. DSAI cannot be sit on his laurels anymore.

  160. R4Os says:

    “A further question is what becomes of BN and Umno without a viable MCA. Without Chinese support, Umno would be like PAS in the days when it seemed like a local party of Kelantan: an exclusively Malay party strong in some localities but irrelevant nationally.” –KuLi (Najisbin)

    Exactly this is what the Chinese/Indian voters must wake up to this ironical fact, if they hate racism, NEP, Quota system, APs, etc, for goodness sake please don’t waste their votes on MCA/MIC which is interpreted as they support Umno, every vote for BN indirectly = votes for Umno = votes for these Umno’s racist policies…..

  161. R4Os says:

    “Monsterball, seriously i think you got a mental problem. You are just giving half truth and you don’t seem to understand what is going on. How old are you seriously, moer than 70? If really so, i suggest it is better for you to take rest and go quietly.” –ahbengkia

    are u saying Monsterball or anyone over 70 yo has no rights to “freedom of expressions”? so what happen when u turn 70? Get lost and go n die quietly? u sound juz as tyrannic and inhuman as Dr.Mahaithiu & Gang if ot worse…

  162. R4Os says:

    “As such, the straight-talking president did not do what most had expected him to do and step down graciously from his post immediately. Instead, he said that the party’s CC would first meet (this Thursday) to deliberate on the matter before delivering its decision…… Najib’s statement today however, delivers a big blow that would surely further dent Ong’s already bruised ego.”–TMI

    As I expected, this thick-skinned big hypocrite OTK is showing signs of backing off from his pre-EGM vow: “I will RESIGN if I lost, even if lost by simple majority”, and now he try to use the pro-OTK’s MCA-CC (some members were appointed by him) to “persuade” him to hang on to his MCA presidency.

    Expect more friendly “Reminders” from various quarters to pressure him to keep his words to resign and get lost…

  163. R4Os says:

    “Translated, CSL was, has always been a great(er) umno bodeker – something we always knew!” –wits0

    If u undertand the BN concept, u wouldn’t call CSL as kaki-bodek, bcoz that’s how they work, many Chinese had voted for MCA/Gerakan candidates bcoz they need those leaders who have good relationships with Umno, to get helps thru’ a “proper channel” when they need to, this is the irony of racial-based politics. In that sense CSL has done a better job than OTK as a BN leader.

    If u have an MCA leadership who can’t get along with Umno leaders, don’t know how to voice out the Chinese problems, convey protest message when Chinese get insulted, only brave during in-fighting but chicken-out when facing Umno, then what good r they? better tell them to pull out from BN or don’t waste precious votes on them. Since they won’t want to pull out from BN, then we have only 1 choice: Don’t vote for any BN party during elections, until they become irrelevant, or forced to withdraw from BN…

  164. R4Os says:

    “This what I been crying about … Pakatan must pull up it’s socks if it want to be next goverment.
    Let them not kid themself… to say that pas lost becoz of postal votes is lame excuse. The pariah indians also must realise they cannot get to drink big bottles of black beer every night after this BN win.” –Kancilandak


    I have to agree with u on this, 5,435 majority votes can’t juz be blamed on postal votes, many pariahs and idiots have given BN the landslide win, and Isa is smiling from ear-to-ear, who say Corruption isn’t rewarding? At least it is rewarding in M’sia, this is truly a Bolehland.

  165. bp davanced voter says:

    The land slide win by Umno’s corrupt icon in Bagan Pinang just shows that the PR is just a bunch of terrorists, sodomites, dynastic eunuchs worst than the Umno corrupt icon.

  166. bp davanced voter says:

    As long as PR is manned by the suicide bomber, sodomite and dynastic eunuch, come next GE, all these 3 old coc*s will be booted out again.

  167. bp davanced voter says:

    This Lks is nothing but a useless innate lifetime parasite aka dynastic eunuch.

    Lks and son should be hanged for all the mess created in Malaysia.

  168. castrate him says:

    ((“Monsterball, seriously i think you got a mental problem. You are just giving half truth and you don’t seem to understand what is going on. How old are you seriously, moer than 70? If really so, i suggest it is better for you to take rest and go quietly.” –ahbengkia))

    This monsterball is a penchant ball lic*er. Lks is his favourite though without balls.

    What an anti climax this monsterball is.

  169. monsterball says:

    kancilandak is making a mole hill into a mountain.
    We all expected UMNO to win…and the bigger the margin…means support for corruptions is big and on going.
    No need for an UMNO racialist to teach PR what to do.
    No need to be nice one day…such a clear balls carrier of UMNO.
    No need for kancilandak…to practice his acting skills here.
    Go..feel happy and celebrate UMNO’s victory.
    Go praise Indians and Chinese at Bagan Pinang…submit to UMNO’s “1Malaysia” and double standards….and go…be successful…based on who you know…and not what you know.
    Go and kowtow to UMNO for everything.
    Kopitiam fellas are not impressed….but actually rejoicing to confirm…UMNO do support corruptions and crooks.
    Voters are sometimes helpless,,,,,,,,,and maybe Bagan Pinang voters…feel so helpless without UMNO.
    13th GE is a long way off. Let them learn slowly…..and by the grace of God…they will wake up at the right time…to do the right thing.
    That win by UMNO or Isa means nothing ……..but if UMNO mean so much…yet the win…also mean UMNO actually lost.
    Go figure it out…smart ass…kancilandak.

  170. KOPI FREN says:

    Kancilcar must be sombong until ‘fulat’ again.heeeheee

  171. R4Os says:

    “Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad today urged MCA titans Ong Tee Keat and Dr Chua Soi Lek to take the cue from the outcome of the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) yesterday, and resign.” –M’kini

    Shit, of all ppl, evil Dr. Mahaithiu s/o Kutty also poke in his crooked big nose to remind OTK to quit. OTK has brought much shame to MCA…!

    As for CSL, this senile old-fart must have forgotten that CSL no longer has No.2 post to quit, now he’s only an ordinary MCA member…

  172. KOPI FREN says:

    That is what i call for ‘yam seng’ heeeheee
    PR people are not yes man but super man.

  173. wits0 says:

    “As for CSL, this senile old-fart …”

    A particularly irritating specimen.

  174. R4Os says:

    “‘MCA central committee should also resign'” –M’kini

    Yes, the MCA CC must resign “En-Bloc” together with OTK, bcos OTK actually vowed in August’09 that the CC stood by his decision to sack CSL and CC would resign en-MASS if CSL’s MCA membership get reinstated, and the CC agreed.

    MCA CC must resign or else they would bring shame to the Chinese community who take vows very seriously (old chinese proverb: A gentleman’s words is worth 1000 tahils of gold).

  175. R4Os says:

    Oh I forgot, OTK is no “Gentleman” to begin with…

  176. wits0 says:

    MCA CC has long ceased to understand what’s shame.

  177. selamatjalan says:

    Lks is his favourite though without balls. – castrate him

    If you dont like LKS, then go and do to him what you tried to do to wheelchair bound Karpal. Dont worry, PDRM wont take action against you.

  178. selamatjalan says:

    Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Mohamad Hassan has refused to comment on whether his predecessor Isa Samad would be included in his state cabinet should he win the Bagan Pinang by-election.

    “I don’t want to comment. Wait for (Isa to) win first,” said Mohamad Hassan when met after officiating a function at a school in Siliau.

    For this by-election, opposition parties are harping on the potential headache for Mohamad Hassan should Isa win, because the latter has a lot of clout in the state after being menteri besar for 21 years.

    Since Mohammad Hassan took over, he has reduced the number of state executive council (exco) posts from 10 to eight.
    It is good Pas lost.
    Isa will be the new MB, and the Mohd Ass-an will eat grass. UMNO is moving into new stage of infighting like in Trengganu.

  179. kittykat46 says:

    Yeah, PAS needed a kick in the butt.
    “PAS untuk semua” sounds like a good sound bite, but Selangor PAS Hasan Ali, especially has been sounding a lot like an UMNO wanabee. Ditto PKR and to a lesser extent, DAP.
    They need to work together as a team , and pull their socks up.
    No point harping on Postal Votes – that was not the cause of the swing towards Isa.

    As for BN, they ran a really Retro 1980’s style campaign, complete with tainted Mafia-Don type candidate, giving out sewing machines to estate Indians (how tacky can you get ?).

    Well, if UMNO thinks the result means it is resurgent and the Nons have seen the error of their ways and are coming back in a big way to Big Brother……that’s exactly the conclusion I would like them to make…..hihihihi 🙂

  180. selamatjalan says:

    Still it’s safe to assume supporters of Isa will push, shove and prompt that their boss be made MB. But Mohamad Hassan is no pushover. He too have his own supporters (although some said to have jumped ship). And as Menteri Besar he is the incumbent despite being junior to Isa, in age and experience. He won’t give in easily. His band of supporters will make sure of that, if not for anything else.

    If the speculation and conspiracy theory become a reality, then a bigger war is in store after Sunday’s by election in Bagan Pinang. Like Karen Carpenter said in her song “We’ve only just begun…”

  181. najibmustdie says:

    cakap cakap…who will lead the donkey?

    When I look at Najib and Mahyuddin and their coming tussle to lead UMNO I am reminded of this apt description of two Princes fighting over a donkey.

  182. KOPI FREN says:

    Aiiiyo,kalau itu ‘MCA’ atau ‘Mari Cari Aunty’ mari minum kopi hah,aunty kasi buang kopi pi muka dia.heeeheee.Itu OTK tak tau lelaki oh no gentlemen.Banyak criminal malu punya olang.

  183. talimerah says:

    Hahaha, now they must allow samsu in army camps……swimming pool of talimerah, sahip, thai song…..
    kahkahkah “anjing panas” also

  184. cobra says:

    So how to catch criminals?

    OTK should not resign. Let him dig all the criminals out of sewerage shit and send them to jail.

    Mahakutty is the no:1 criminal in PKFZ, no wonder Mahakutty wants OTK out.

    Only a nincompoop would succumb to this big virulent cobra from Kerala.

  185. Kancilandak says:

    13th GE is not a long way off… it is just round the corner…
    Yesterday, Pakatan just got a taste of what 13GE might be for them… PKR is the multiracial party…. they must know by now what they have on they hand…. but what is happening? People are leaving it… Abdul Manap Shahardin, NS oldtimer left with 150 people to join umno… in 3 years time it might be 150000 people.

    Sifu is sad in bad mood..
    come KOPIFREN let’s leave him to do a bit postmortem, let us go yamseng with some kopi kau.

  186. cobra says:

    OTK was voted out because Ling Liong Sick and those dirty baes*ards in MCA were involved in plundering the wealth of rakyat through PKFZ.

    OTK should not resign until all these MCA traitors had been hanged.

  187. R4Os says:

    “When asked whether he would resign as party president, Ong answered: “It’s only fair that we bring it for discussion in the presidential council and the central committee.” –M’kini Observer’s Comment

    This hypocrite OTK knows no shame. Firstly, he ignored his own vow to resign if he lost, Secondly, He has no respect for the delegates decision, how come the CC is more supreme over the delegates and can overrule the EGM’s Resolutions? Then what’s the point of having EGM? It’s only less than 2 days ago that the MCA delegates have voted to kick OTK out and now so soon they forgot about the EGM’s Resolution?

    They do not undestand that the delegates are the highest authority of the party? Shame on OTK, shame on MCA’s Presidential Council, shame on MCA CC, what kind of democracy is this? shame on MCA…!!!

  188. talimerah says:

    “… in 3 years time it might be 150000 people.”

    Once you drink me, you can see 10 times, instead of double.

  189. 1 Alien says:

    Do you know where is ahbengkia ?
    ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

    +Here you are.SNAP.SNAP.SNAP.this is the proof earthling.Go get him-

  190. cobra says:

    Congratulation to Isa The BIG WHITE JAW. Now this BIG WHITE JAW is given the license to rape, murder, rob and terrorize the endemic stupid and illiterate folks in Bagan Pinang.

    And they are the ones to be blamed.

  191. 1 Alien says:

    signal out+-+-+—–+++++++

    brrrrrreeee back to normal.+++++++++++++++

  192. 1 Alien says:

    virus attack.very hard to get this criminal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  193. R4Os says:

    A lot of ppl here still don’t understand how is a BN’s hierarchy and what Najis can do as the PM, if Umno want to stop the PKFZ probe, it’s as easy as 1-2-3, who is OTK? Better wake up from your dream of having this OTK as your hero…

  194. lembuantics says:

    With the “overwhelming” confidence vote in BN, Lembumuddin can now proceed to “fill” kamunting with all PR leaders.

  195. 1 Alien says:

    +At last we help you human down there to trace ahbengkia.He is playing hide and seek,anyway,gotcha with naked eye.-hehohehohehohehohehohehohehohehohehoheho

  196. cobra says:

    OTK should stay back fighting against the dark evil force headed by Mahakutty.

    Coincidentally, the president of International Transparency was also asked to leave because of PKFZ.

    The 28 millions rakyat are solidly behind you!

    OTK will be a hero obliterating the dark evil force headed by Mahakutty from Kerala.

  197. najibmustdie says:

    “Better wake up from your dream of having this OTK as your hero…”

    Najib alredi set up another comittee to “kill” the so-called PKFZ inquiry to save UMNO (the biggest benefactor). He let the 2 chinese fight it out first so the malays get the impression Chinese were responsible for the scandal.
    When it started getting close to UMNO, Najib set up a “scuttle” comittee – because Najib also had his hand in the PKFZ pie.

  198. R4Os says:

    “Congratulation to Isa The BIG WHITE JAW. Now this BIG WHITE JAW is given the license to rape, murder, rob and terrorize the endemic stupid and illiterate folks in Bagan Pinang. And they are the ones to be blamed.” –cobra

    POS…, for a RM100 bribe per voter, and a el-cheapo sewing machine to each Indian housewife, they have willingly sold their souls to a Corrupt regime. Now Isa is given his “License to arse-bang” these voters kau-kau, they deserve it…

  199. R4Os says:

    “OTK will be a hero obliterating the dark evil force headed by Mahakutty from Kerala.” –cobra

    Go on dreaming, u seems to have a poor judgment to identify a real hero from a bunch of fake ones.

  200. najibmustdie says:

    SHAH ALAM, July 8 — Umno’s Sementa assemblyman Datuk Abdul Rahman Palil, cited in an audit report for conflict of interest in the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal, is now suing the Port Klang Authority(PKA) and eight others for RM11 million to clear his name.

    Abdul Rahman’s lawyers issued the letters of demand last July 3, giving the respondents seven days to respond and apologise.

    A PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report commissioned by the PKA noted Abdul Rahman’s conflict of interest as he was both PKA director and chairman of the Pulau Lumut Development Cooperative (KPPL) which was the original owner of the land that is now the PKFZ site.

  201. najibmustdie says:

    Abdul Rahman said the PwC report was one-sided as there were others who made the decision on PKFZ but only he was implicated.

    He is seeking RM2 million from PKA and PricewaterhouseCoopers and RM1 million each from Kinrara assemblywoman and Selangor senior executive councillor Teresa Kok, newspapers The Sun, New Straits Times, printer and publisher of opposition party paper Suara Keadilan and PKR secretary-general Datuk Salehuddin Hashim.

    Meanwhile, Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim weighed in on the matter, saying the state had initially sold the land in Port Klang at a low premium to KPPL for agricultural purposes.

    The cooperative was suppose to subdivide the land between members to farm but instead the land was sold to KDSB, who in turned sold it to PKA.

    Khalid said in his personal view the PKA did not know how to do business and added that federal government would have to write off the debts owed by the project before it is viable.

  202. najibmustdie says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 12 — With support in MCA split between Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat and Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, all it took for the shadowy “third force” to knock both leaders out was the backing of between 120 and 150 delegates.
    -malaysian insider

  203. cobra says:

    Go on dreaming, u seems to have a poor judgment to identify a real hero from a bunch of fake ones.

    R4Os – October 12, 2009 at 10:20 am

    What a big deal! OTK will be using his chopped dragon dagger and one head after another will be falling off like durian- starting from Kahakutty of Kerala, LLS, C4, CJC, LKS…

  204. R4Os says:

    Let’s wait and see what the newly set-up “Special Task Force” will do to those PKFZ culprits… Will somebody be punished?

    Hope it won’t end up that PKA get milked further to pay compensations and Variation Orders to enrich BN politicians and cronies…

  205. R4Os says:

    “all it took for the shadowy “third force” to knock both leaders out was the backing of between 120 and 150 delegates.” –malaysian insider/najibmustdie

    There will be more MCA power struggles and in-fightings in the future…

    MCA will become even more irrelevant, PR is our only hope…

  206. 1 Alien says:

    “MCA will become even more irrelevant, PR is our only hope…” + R40s
    +++ +++ +++ +++ +++
    …continue,yes you are + correct and that is what we can see the future of mankind from above+++

  207. 1 Alien says:

    + After i snap ahbengkia photo,later i get another of his new photo doing some scratching.Can you human down there tell me what he is doing ? –

  208. 1 Alien says:

    – he play hide and seek again+

  209. bengnightmare says:
    + Gotcha this time

  210. bengnightmare says:

    + bengnightmare

  211. Menyalak-er says:

    Guys/gals while you’re hicking and hawing about the landslide win for Isa and bumno, the shenanigans at unmentionable, irrelevant ‘alien’ entity and their pathetic kidnergarden leadership; i think i’d rather mosey along and start a factory producing cheapo washing machines, a toddy brewery, trade in kain pelikat, supply prayer mats and kopiah, increase the capacity of the joss-stick factory, open up more kopitiams in Kamunting and massage parlors in Tg. Rambutan/Hosp Bhg.

    Last, but not least, i invite all of you to a JV to open a new enviro friendly Zoo in putrajaya, so that the rakyat will be educated in the ‘binatang’ reality of politics. I will donate an exotic chimera which is a cross between a mousedeer and porcupine. Completion date of this edifice is scheduled to be completed by thenext GE.

  212. bengnightmare says:

    + bengnightmare again

  213. bengnightmare says:

    + beng photo.

  214. bengnightmare says:

    ok man menyalak? sorry and ahbengkia already get what he ask hard feeling.good.sorry again.

  215. castrate him says:

    So how to catch criminals?

    Aiya! Very simple, by hiring the A-Team.

  216. winkysay says:

    Présentation : Restrictive laws, like the Internal Security Act ISA , which curb the freedom to speak wonâ t be around in Malaysia much longer, a hacker activist told an international hackers conference here today. Julian Assange, who is one of the founders of Wikileaks, feels that the mood in the country means that laws like the ISA cannot last because people will not tolerate it. â The ISA in Malaysia is well known among journalists around the world as being counter-productive. If Malaysia were to be compared to other countries in the world in terms of freedom of the press, Iâ d say it would be somewhere in the middle,â said Assange who was one of the keynote speakers at the Hack in the Box 2009 conference.

  217. no2pd says:

    I dare not, and will not go to PD from now onwards. As an Army Town the rakyat will be at the mercy of all those army people.

  218. uzdeks says:

    If the tide has really turned why is that Najib felr not calling for fresh elections when he can get a landslide?

  219. wits0 says:

    “I will donate an exotic chimera which is a cross between a mousedeer and porcupine.’ – menyalak-er.


  220. uzdeks says:

    I dare not, and will not go to PD from now onwards. As an Army Town the rakyat will be at the mercy of all those army people. – no2pd

    Maybe the next earthquake tsunami will wipe out that Army Town. Remember you read of it here first.

  221. cum2ting says:

    Nik Aziz going to kamunting:

    “Hishammuddin, who is home minister, said the skirmishes in the Bagan Pinang state by-election yesterday, which involved PAS supporters, showed that the party was now acting like Parti Keadilan Rakyat(PKR) and this was a matter for concern.”

  222. Kancilandak says:

    Thanks Menyalak-er sir, and witsO,
    God bless my specis! see.. you guys got talent.. never a moment I imagine I look like this.. what a beautiful creeture.. a uniuqe animal.. hee..hee.. you guys into genetic sains..?

  223. 1Bata1School says:

    Monday October 12, 2009
    Form Two student addicted to s*x after rape

    1.A FORM Two student claimed that she became addicted to s*x after being raped by a 40-year-old man.

    The girl, who only wanted to be known as Roslina, related to Metro Ahad that since the incident, she would have s*x with up to eight partners at the same time in the storeroom of her school.

    2. A teenager claimed that she was studying for her SPM examinations while her male friend hid under a sofa when a snoop squad came calling just after midnight.

    Skuad Amru operations chief Zin Arif Hassan told Metro Ahad they received public complaints claiming that several teenagers were in the house in Pasir Puteh without their parents knowledge.

    Zin Arif said the squad of seven officers went to the house to investigate.

    “The door was locked from inside. We later found the boy under the living room sofa while two girls were inside the bedroom,” he said.

    Zin Arif added that the teenagers were between ages of 17 and 19 from Kampung Gong Garu.

    He added that the three were brought to the state religious office to assist in investigations before being released on bail.

  224. Army Town says:

    Lebih 99% bangunan hadapi risiko tinggi jika gempa bumi

    PULAU PINANG: Kurang satu peratus bangunan di negara ini mematuhi spesifikasi piawaian kesan beban gempa bumi, kata Penyelaras Unit Kajian Bencana (UKB) Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) Prof Madya Taksiah Abdul Majid.

    Penyelidik utama gempa bumi itu berkata menurut kajian pihaknya kebanyakan bangunan di Malaysia kurang mengambil kira faktor itu kerana beranggapan Malaysia tidak berisiko kepada bencana berkenaan.

    “Malaysia jarang mengalami masalah gempa bumi yang dahsyat dan faktor itu menyebabkan kebanyakan spesifikasi pembinaan bangunan kurang mengambil berat aspek kesan beban gempa bumi.

    “Bagaimanapun, kita tidak boleh ambil mudah kerana Kuala Lumpur hanya 300 kilometer dari kepulauan Sumatera yang selalu berlaku gempa bumi besar,” katanya pada sidang akhbar di USM di sini hari ini.

  225. AB LIM says:

    Aiya,aiya….7.5 rich-ter scale earthquake shake some criminal going into hiding…..dare not to come out face to face…pathetic…..what i can see here the ‘scapegoat alien’ cross the line to support…. get misunderstood and fly away…that’s what happen to TBH case…TBH as scapegoat and the rest supporter or protester are to be blame and need to go for psychiatrist or mental problem test….hahaha outrageous and pathetic who?…the victim get blame and the culprit go into hiding or freed! Criminal always right in this bolehland and still on the run…..peoples began to forget what actually happen until there are new scapegoat again….PAS,DAP,PKR and now PR government will always stand together like a true gentlemen fighting on for the past 52years without a shame of losing every general election until today ….and that’s call true hero with guts and bravery…. even get isa or jail….come out and fight for the truth again and again………all the criminal days are number…when time come.

  226. AB LIM says:

    “Good Lesson To Make A Person More Humble”
    Nobody 100% Perfect.Don’t Worry And Just Be Happy
    Life Goes On.

  227. kahkah_kahkah says:

    RPK’s sedition trial postponed for third time

    PETALING JAYA, Oct 12 – The sedition trial of Raja Petra Raja Kamaruddin had to be postponed for the third time by the Sessions Court here today following the failure of the prosecution to execute a warrant of arrest on the blogger.

    Judge Rozina Ayob in expressing her dissatisfaction with the lack of progress in the case, said it was due to be settled by the end of December.

    The case, which was mentioned last year, had seen two postponements, in May and July because of Raja Petra’s absence.

    Rozina then said this would be the final postponement and set Nov 11 as the new hearing date.

    Earlier, when asked by Rozina on the police’s progress in tracing Raja Petra, Deputy Public Prosecutor Ishak Mohd Yusuff said various efforts had been made, including enlisting the aid of Interpol in 186 countries, but they had not borne any fruit so far.

    On May 6 2008, Raja Petra, 60, pleaded not guilty to committing sedition by posting an article entitled “Let’s Send The Altantuya Murderers To Hell” on his website on April 25 2008.

    Lawyer, J. Chandra, who is representing Raja Petra, had urged the court to grant his client a discharge not amounting to acquittal in view of the continued postponement but Ishak objected, saying it was unfair and prejudicial to the prosecution as several witnesses had already testified in the case.

    “As such, we seek one final postponement,” Ishak implored. – Bernama

  228. kahkah_kahkah says:

    “Ishak Mohd Yusuff said various efforts had been made, including enlisting the aid of Interpol in 186 countries, but they had not borne any fruit so far”

    Blaming it on Interpol now after the last time when the moron said RPK was in the country. This “global” towering malay idiot surely dunno how to use toilet paper even.

  229. Menyalak-er says:

    Sorry for the late reply Pico, was cooking up another batch of Moreau’s beasties.
    Nope, wits and me aren’t into genetic sains, cuz there is no such thing. We are trying to get that problem of ‘graft rejection’ sorted out. You see the B.Pinang victory for bumno was a good thing, because we can now understand what is it that makes people accept ‘graft’ like for instance a sari/kain pelikat, sewing machine, temples and ‘duit raya’/angpows.
    If we can’t fight you we might as well inject you, with a carrier viroid – you know like xenograft? Insert some porcine markers into you…

  230. cobra says:

    So how to catch criminals?

    This is a nation of crimes, hence there is no ending in catching criminals in Bolehland.

    The only solution is to join them. Yes! CRIME is not the exclusive right of all these criminals.

    Every body is free to commit crime ala Mahakutty and others… nobody will be punished for committing crimes in Malaysia.

    So what are you waiting for?

  231. cobra says:

    This Mahakutty better leaves MCA alone unless this Mahakutty wants to start a civil war in Bolehland!

  232. castrate him says:

    This Mahakutty is no different to the dictator Saddam.

    Mahakutty one day will be living in a rat-hole.

  233. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    Devil inside the rat-hole cooking!

    Oh,i hate devil.

  234. Nice Lim says:

    That sound nice my friend,just sit down and relax.^

  235. Nice Lim says:

    Yes AB,I’m back from Jpn this 18th,Kindly check yr mail & reply.tq.
    Just relax my friend,this is your favourite sweety alan.haha

  236. getreal says:

    so you guys calling the indians ” pariah indians” is suppose to be rational ?is this what pakatan supporters are reduced to? clever in the insults and slurs but in reality ,you guys are just the same.bravo!

  237. monsterball says:

    If the word “pariah indian” fits you….wear it.
    There is not enough words to describe the lowest form of an Samy Vellu.
    There are crooked Chinese and lazy Malays t
    Worst of all….a double headed snake half Indian …half Malay…Mahathir who always project himself as 100% Malay.
    And what is a Malay?

  238. monsterball says:

    Ong Tee Kiat should resign immediately after the MCA supreme council rejected his leadership
    He did say…he will resign if there is a majority of one vote against him…and there was a majority of 14 …..yet he stayed on..take so call 4 days leave.
    This is the kind of shit people…..clinging to power for personal gains and reasons.

  239. monsterball says:

    Some writers are trying to make life difficult for PR to govern… this and tat advises….not to rick the boat…this and that.
    Those smart Alexes from MCA are found mostly at Lim Kit Siang’s blog.
    They want to tell young voters…so difficult to change.and therefore….keep voting UMNO and BN in…is the best.
    Lim Guan Eng…boldly put out.”No to ISA” big road signboard…also got critics…saying how stupid he is.
    The one and only State…leading by example…to free Penang people…is also wrong.
    Young voters are being told to worship UMNO as their task masters and obey them like Gods.
    Malaysians are advised to live and survived willing to give or take bribes.
    Some must get ready their sisters and wives…if they pleases UMNO buggers.
    After all…UMNO have shown….they are….daringly..defying Allah……meaning UMNO ministers are the Gods of Malaysia and Najib is head God.
    What GOD…let all Malaysians go and guess and vote for them..if you want a new words religion…..invented by UMNO.
    Afterall…religions have been misused …misrepresented …misinterpreted…for more than 30 years by UMNO.

  240. monsterball says:

    Go vote for the devil….who cares!!
    It is clearly the good against evil in MALAYSIA.
    You choose your path for your children.
    This is not a joke . It is about lives and the country.
    If you vote for the devils…you have no principles in life…no dignity nor is a true Malaysian. You are the most idiotic selfish low class citizen of any country….willing to sell your souls and children to the devils.

  241. cobra says:

    So how to catch criminals?

    Mahathir is the supreme criminal in Malaysia.

    By catching this supreme criminal in Malaysia and put him in a lock-up, other criminals will join him obediently.

  242. monsterball says:

    Change the government and all devils will be caught!!

  243. Nice Lim says:

    ” Change the government and all devil will be caught!!”:-monsterball
    Yes,perfect 10 …….and that’s what should happen and will happen in coming 13GE…..make no mistake.

  244. Nice Lim says:

    not a surprise…cousin….same style..haha

  245. R4Os says:

    “This Mahakutty better leaves MCA alone unless this Mahakutty wants to start a civil war in Bolehland!” –cobra

    Are u saying u r willing to shed your blood or go to war to defend this pack of Umno lapdogs?

    Sorry, u can count me out, most Chinese r PR supporters, we won’t even want to lift a finger to defend these self-serving bunch of …

  246. R4Os says:

    “If you vote for the devils…you have no principles in life…no dignity nor is a true Malaysian. You are the most idiotic selfish low class citizen of any country….willing to sell your souls and children to the devils.” –monsterball

    Not surprising, a lot of M’sians don’t even understand what is “Principle”.

    Take the most recent case, OTK lost the majority support from the MCA’s highest authority: The Delegates (he got only 49% despite so much of advantages as president), but he find excuses to hang on to his post, with the excuse that the MCA CC still want him. Even some Chinese associations say they want OTK to stay, What the fark is wrong with these ppl? Obviously they don’t know the meaning of “Principle” and what is “democracy”, and these ppl claim to be our leaders, these jokers bring shame to the Chinese community…

  247. TanSree says:

    In Malaysia there is no need to catch criminals but are converted into Chinese/Indians by being awarded “Tan Sree”

  248. Nice Lim says:

    O.k If you are not sure don’t just guess,ASK! yes…i’ve receive your mail and read thoroughly…accept your Mr Nice guy challenge…taking over your nick and not…d*ck….because mine are better…unlucky lost to you on your twinkle little robotic science…what the hell….10k not little!
    agree….taking over your nick and promise to be nice guy until 18th when you are back…..oh…what to do…i’m stuck inside …have to be nice guy….or i lost my 10k?…that’s o.k…stay nice and cool to feel like a weirdo…..hahahahaha

  249. castrate him says:

    OTK could just acquiesce and join the crooks of the worst kind enjoying the loots but he didn’t.

    OTK is trying to bust the ghosts so let him do the job.

    Hey! OTK is suing and going after that farking Tiong bird defending for the rakyats’ money, and not surprisingly all those involved and have interests in the PKFZ bonanza will want OTK out.

    So this is the principle OTK must stay back and make sure all these ghosts be put to hell of jail!

  250. castrate him says:

    Unlike that parasitic eunuch and son can make useless rhetorics, playing patronizing politics and live a comfortable life out of the rakyats’ sweat and blood for life.

    These two parasites must be hanged for fiddling while Rome burns.

  251. R4Os says:

    “So this is the principle OTK must stay back and make sure all these ghosts be put to hell of jail!” –castrate him

    What principle? A ‘principled’ man who took 6 free-rides in the private jet whose owner was still under his investigation? A ‘principled’ man who chickened out when challenged by Tiong to disclose his bank statements to prove he didn’t pocket the Rm10 mil “donation”? A ‘principled’ man who used Suhakam’s name to advertise in the newspapers to lobby for supports but got categorically denied by Suhakam? A ‘principled’ man who vowed to quit if he lost but now hanging on to his post waiting for MCA party CC (8 members appointed by him) to ‘persuade’ him to stay on?

    Btw, wake up from your sleep, man, OTK already got “relieved” from his responsibility to probe PKFZ and got replaced by a “Special Task Force” by Najis many weeks ago, whether he is MCA president or not, it doesn’t matter shit to PKFZ anymore…

  252. R4Os says:

    Now this big hypocrite OTK is exhausting every means to justify his stay as MCA president…

    Anyone with some intelligence could guess who is behind this “I-Love-Malaysia” crap…

  253. wits0 says:

    The entire MCA represents hypocrisy and fakery. Most Contremptible A**holes. The most ‘innocent’ ordinary members amongst them must be quite dim, pathetic and foolishly naive to believe in it.

  254. Nice Lim says:

    Just Have Guts To Call For PERAK Election Again !!
    Just be nice to the peoples of Perak with respect…call for reelection again.Dare you?

  255. wits0 says:

    ““This Mahakutty better leaves MCA alone unless this Mahakutty wants to start a civil war in Bolehland!” – cobra

    “Are u saying u r willing to shed your blood or go to war to defend this pack of Umno lapdogs?………u can count me out ” – R4Os

    That’s right R4Os, most stupid trolling there. One wonders whether it actually deserve any response.

  256. wits0 says:

    Judging from the dearth of flags flying on August 31 ’09 compared with the last two years in Perak, can we say that that the mood of its people is blowing in the wind? I noted that a couple of gomen institutions didn’t fly it this time around!

  257. Ongdienasty says:

    The Ong dynasty in the “Malaysia Contemptibles Ass-hole” kuomintang secret society is already castrated and are national parasites living on the castrated umno eunuchs.

  258. Nice Lim says:

    “I noted that a couple of gomen institutions didn’t fly it this time around”-wits0
    Yes…nothing more to be really proud of….corruption virus attack to the core…damage getting serious………

  259. kittykat46 says:

    Crossword puzzle solution –
    Q. What’s a 3 letter word for the clue “Irrelevant Political Party in Malaysia” ?

    Ans. MCA

  260. wits0 says:

    Irrelevant garbage that stinks heavily all around, Kittykat46. For very long MCA members have been bullying non MCA people over petty squabbles within the community. They love to fix people who are not MCA members!

  261. Nice Lim says:

    Irrelevant is their key to failure….never know how to
    change,diversify…like frogs living in the pond for the rest of their bla,bla,bla …….

  262. vrooom says:

    20% discount on toll charges during Deepavali
    October 13, 2009

    In conjunction with the Deepavali festival, vehicles with private registration will get a 20% discount on toll charges on the North-South Highway and Elite Highway from midnight to 7 am on October 14-16 and October 19-21.

  263. sangathot says:

    From 12 October to 20 December 2009, we’re giving away a BMW 1 Series 118i every week and 2 iPhone 3GS every day!

  264. wits0 says:

    A very brief mention of modern history of China related to the old Kuomintang party.

    Han Suyin, the famous novelist, herself lived in China during the Japanese invasion in the thirties briefly mentioned that Chiang Kai Sek was a traitor to his own country because he was more interested in fighting the Communists than in fighting the Japanese. When one of his generals disobeyed him and fought the Japanese, he cut off supplies to him. Anyway we all know that the Kuomintang lost to the Communists later in the civil war after WW2. Today it no longer rule even Taiwan.

  265. wits0 says:

    “like frogs living in the pond for the rest of their bla,bla,bla …….” – Nice Lim.

    These types :

  266. Kherry Scarry says:

    When comes to raiding and nabbing protitutes joints, number 1 – Malaysia,

    Don’t bother to mention about Mat Rempits and snatch thiefs, criminals and corrupted politicians !!

  267. katak-party says:

    Poison frogs celebrate

    KUALA LUMPUR: The number 1 takes centre stage at the Umno general assembly this week to acknowledge the prime minister’s 1Malaysia concept.

    It will be featured at every nook and corner of the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), where the four-day event is being held beginning today.

    Even the delegates’ bags and media passes are emblazoned with the “1Malaysia. People First, Performance Now” slogan.

    PWTC chief executive officer Datuk Yaakob Mohammad said this was the first time the number was being used as a backdrop at the main hall in Dewan Merdeka.

    “There will be two number 1s, one on each side of the backdrop to represent Umno’s strength and oneness and the unity in Barisan Nasional,” he said yesterday on preparations for the assembly.

  268. Nice Lim says:

    “These types”-wits0
    Hahahahaha….> or < they are damm boring froggy…two sickening type trying to jump over one another….not that colorful….at lease you make them more colorful before they bla bla bla out

  269. Nice Lim says:

    actually I’m AB Lim stuck inside this Nice Lim Transformer body until 18th of this month….lost to this genius 10k on robotic theory ….have to listen to him and be nice…..what to do….but not like a frog stuck inside a pond forever…temporary only…hahaha…take note.
    well…to sign out…will be back…………..

  270. scenario 1 says:

    scenerio: If OTK took up the fight and manages to jail this farking Tiong cuckoo bird, Mahakutty, LLS, LKS & son and all the blardy culprits who had laid their dirty hand on the PKFZ golden eggs, surely OTK will be the hero.

    Then come GE 13, the PR dogs especially the rocket eunuchs will half and puff again for losing all their MP and SA seats.

    It’s no wonder all the PR sycophants and the BN thieves of the worst kind want OTK out.

    Stay put son! You got guts!

    The whole of Hainam Island is reallll proud of you.

  271. katak-party says:

    Chicken rice and frogs legs…..and Ng Yen Yen kekekeke

  272. cuticuti says:

    Future MCA President & UMNO Head declare May 12 holiday,

    KUALA LUMPUR: Kerajaan mengisytiharkan 12 Mei setiap tahun sebagai Hari Jururawat Malaysia untuk mengiktiraf sumbangan jururawat yang berterusan terhadap sektor penjagaan kesihatan di negara ini.

    Menteri Kesihatan, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, berkata cadangan Hari Jururawat Malaysia sudah diluluskan Kabinet, baru-baru ini.

  273. otaki says:

    PETALING JAYA (Oct 12, 2009) : Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat has told his close associates that he is stepping down as MCA president.

    He cannot step down this week olih karena he has to bow before the BUMNOS in PWTC.

  274. kittykat46 says:

    Former Japanese premier plays Ultraman King voice in new movie…..

    Najis can play Genghis Khan for the cartoon remake of “The Conqueror” …..

  275. 1MJ says:

    LOS ANGELES, Oct 12 (Reuters) – Michael Jackson didn’t do it his way after all.

    Hours after the pop singer’s first posthumous single “This Is It” was released amid great hype on Monday, it emerged that the tune had been recorded 18 years ago by an obscure Puerto Rican singer.

    Moreover the co-author of that tune, “My Way” songwriter Paul Anka, threatened to sue Jackson’s estate for proper credit and his share of royalties.

    The administrators of the estate quickly acknowledged Anka’s claims and granted him 50 percent of the copyright, a potentially massive payday for the 68-year-old Canadian crooner. And an equally massive loss for the estate.

  276. 1MJ says:

    PETALING JAYA, Oct 13 — With the strong probability that the MCA president’s post will be vacated in two days’ time, tension is brewing in the higher echelons of the party’s leadership over who would head the party.

  277. 1MJ says:

    Malay Chicken Association [MCA]

  278. 1MJ says:

    1little, 2little, 3little indians…………

  279. kittykat46 says:

    Thanenthirran has “I’ve been bought by Najis” written all over his face…

    Najis is, after all , an expert at such back-room deals.

    Sadly, after 50 years of BN rule, the estate Indians are scraping the bottom of the barrel. A sewing machine here, an envelope of cash there, even a free dinner, and they will happily vote another 50 years of BN subservience…

    Stockholm syndrome anyone ?

  280. justme says:

    One would have to wonder , which incident makes CSL feels more satisfaction?

    The ohhh ahhhahh ing or the bringing down of OTK?

  281. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    Hello Crazy Bug AB,we understand not 10k,,,but 10km either butterfly,free stroke or frog style,,,kakaka you are drown,finish,,,kakakakaka

  282. tengelam says:

    If your navy cannot put out a fire on a smaller craft, what the fark they do with submarine?
    Pakai dua kali and throwaway?

  283. kahkah_kahkah says:

    The ohhh ahhhahh ing or the bringing down of OTK? – justme

    OTK going down after Chua blowjob, and Chua is very ahhhhhh satisfied

  284. monsterball says:

    Based on Bagan Pinang win…Mahathir said UMNO now have 42% support from Malaysia Chinese.
    Samy said more than 70% Indians voted for UMNO…due to MIC tireless efforts.
    MCA said MCA was in 7th Heaven…playing Donkey Kong.
    Mahathir is not the spokesman for MCA and UMNO.
    Already confronting Samy to stamp his authority to speak for Indians…never doubt this old man is trying to out beat Lee Kuan Yew…to be the man behind the PM…to be PM’s ..PM.
    “i P.M.” will come and go…bringing “2P.Ms”…to rubbish bins.
    Can anyone tell me….what is “AM” and “PM”…speaking time langiange?

  285. tengelam says:

    The question today is were the ‘fire fighters’ within KD Seri Inderapura adequately trained? Why did it take eight hours for the fire on board to be brought under control? Were the water pump and the motors working when needed? Were the maintenance level and attitude of the personnel on board KD Seri Inderapura wanting in their ability to meet an emergency situation as the one that occurred and resulted in its demise?

    These are the questions that the Navy needs to answer or has it been answered with the demise of KD Seri Inderapura?

  286. monsterball says:

    I know ..”QED” in maths…is “quite easily done”…..hahahahahahahaha.
    And so…Bagan Pinang is ..piece of cake to UMNO……..put out millions…and outcome the result.
    NOW…Bagan Pinang result will give UMNO…the accurate information….of voters from the whole of Malaysia.
    They are in 7th Heaven……most are one screw loose now.

  287. tengelam says:

    2. Who are the “third force”?

    A. The dejected in MCA
    B. Opportunists
    C. Veterans
    D. The righteous in MCA

  288. wits0 says:

    Actually, that landinding “craft” is ship size and much larger than a Scorpene. But having a fire on board the second time around on the same ship ilike a person returning to his own vomit!

    They have been using a rust bucket or/and a badly maintained one?

    Not a wonder that the RMN Exocets are sea plunging instead of sea skimming!

  289. storm62 says:

    najis bt rosmah will teach them how to detonate a C4 inside the submarine…..then them can buy a new one…..more commission.

  290. FEUR says:

    Fire fighting drill training was also practiced on board our vessels. Names such as Lt Ooi more known as ‘zero zero one’, Lt Teoh from RMNVR and Lt Khusaini are some of those OOD who were much revered and respected for their firmness and insistence that these drills must be done the correct way. These officers do not compromise on any aspect of the training. There will not accept that “this …OOD ok. He slipshod aje…”. They understood that in fighting a fire on board a vessel every second is critical. The better the ‘fire fighters’ the better their ability to minimize destruction level.

  291. FEUR says:

    When our leaders have no awareness of the disastrous consequences of their actions, they can claim ignorance and take no action.

    Or when our leaders have no hard evidence as to what might happen in the future, they can at least claim uncertainty.

    But when they have full knowledge of an impending disaster … they have proof of its inevitability in ANY scenario … and they so declare in their official reports … but STILL don’t lift a finger to change course … then they have only one remaining claim:


  292. lengang_lenguk says:

    UUM to give “dopey” Badawi “mahaputra” award


    Bekas perdana menteri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi akan diberi penghargaan oleh Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) menerusi anugerah khas Mahaputra yang akan disampaikan pada malam bankuet diraja UUM di sini pada 12 Dis depan.

  293. Kancilandak says:

    And I forgot to add… like a phoenix he rose out of the ashes of condemation… baptised by fire… bringing out along with him the condemned back into active politics… our PM will be the subject of research …. like Alexander… like Nappyleon… and Julius Caesar… for future historians.

  294. Kancilandak says:

    Sorry… Ghengis Khan cannot… Ghengis Khan lose to him.

  295. wits0 says:

    Narcissists, many of them go around with “Maha” in their names even.

    Nappyleon must have needed nappies in his final days in St. Helena.

    I’ll say Genghis Khan can – because he won’t accept traitors from the other camp but executed them instead. No futures for frogs.

  296. Nice Lim says:

    “When an eagle fly high into the sky to lead a way … see…to help… the general and their warriors to fight on without any enemy hiding in front or trying to ambush them….and one day when the general get very thirsty…rush forward to the river bed and try to drink the water….suddenly the eagle fly down immediately and….swipe the general hand….and immediately the water splash out….and that make the general very angry…… because can’t have a chance to drink the water!….immediately the general…instruct the eagle to fly down to his hand….and without thinking twice…the general take out his knife and stab the eagle to death….after the general kill the eagle and cool down….he walk up to the top of the mountain….where the main source …where the water came from….suddenly the general was surprise to see one big snake die on top of the mountain….where the snake poison flow out to the river water downstream and make all the water full of poison…..immediately the general think back again how he kill his loyal eagle and feeling very very sad by his mistake and action….”
    This story > or < show us ….every wise loyal cts to our PR party….like we are all the loyal and good eagle always working hand in hand … look out from the outside evil force from destroying us.To tell the truth….to fight for the weak and poor……yes,lawan tetap lawan….enemy cannot be trust…….no future for poisonous frogs either………………….

  297. buggerisnajib says:

    Konsep 1Malaysia juga diciplak dari negara jiran, yang 1bangsa Indonesianya diperkenalkan 85 tahun dahulu

    Bugis monkey Najis Tong Rosak is going to make Malaysya a province of Indonesia

  298. buggerisnajib says:

    Damn indonesian pendatangs are farking up the country

  299. billauchris says:

    Criminals by nature are elusive by night and alert by day.

    At night, particularly in darkness, criminals are more emboldened and they work best to perpetrate their criminal activities. Why? Because it is difficult for people to recognise them. Most criminals are afraid of exposing their identities for fear that they may be detained, indicted and convicted by a court of law. At night, they are as slippery as an eel and elusive as Scarlet Pimpernell.

    But, this may not apply to certain white-collar crimes being committed right before our eyes these days particularly by those in high positions in both the private or public sector. Some of these crimes are not easily detectable as they just look on the surface like normal business transactions. All the documentations are in order except for the highly inflated prices of items purchased. For examples, price of a packet of Maggi mee might cost as much as RM5.00; a plate of nasi lemak, RM30.00; a plane costing a couple of millions more than the normal price etc. Worst of all, the documents are classified and will never see the light of day unless declassified probably 20 or 30 years later when the people concerned have passed on.

    The slipperiness of criminals is enhanced by leaders openly condoning and forgiving their acts. This category of criminals poses great problem to the society and nation. What they do is to steal public money and resources belonging to the country.

    To catch criminals of all the above categories requires hard work from all concerned – from the top down to the bottom of the heirachy in all departments; particularly, the police and judiciary. They must enforce the law to the letter regardless of the position, racial and religious background and political affiliation.

    You need a person like Lee Kuan Yew to exterminate corruption in the government machinery as well as in the private sector. Can Najib be like him? We just hope.

  300. Menyalak-er says:

    “Can Najib be like him? (LKY)?” billauchris.
    Good heavens, no!
    If that were to happen, could you imagine that flur with a ‘Terminator’ demeanor, beer gut, carrying 2 lumps of cellulite and swaybacked with load of Scorpenes, Mig29 and Sukhoi30M and a halo of Mr. Setev’s dearly departed hanging over his head?
    You call that “hope”? I call that status epilepticus… ad nauseum.

  301. monsterball says:

    1Alien…Regardless photo is true or not…..your intention is appreciated by me.
    Thanks for your support.

  302. scenario 1 says:

    Politicians are nothing but profligate liars.

    Politicians are willing to sell their mothers to their enemies for power.

    So don’t be a tong naif to believe in what a politician says.

    All these 1Malaysia, Allah Assbar, Malaysian Malaysia or A new dawn are all slogan to dupe the ignorant voters.

    Only nincompoop would believe in them.

    Which politician do you trust?

    i don’t trust any politician

    Never trust a webbed politician

  303. wits0 says:

    *You call that “hope”? I call that status epilepticus… ad nauseum.* – menyalak-er.

    Perish any such hopeless “hope”! The whole umnoputra ideology is based on entitlement and aggrandizement – at any cost. It cannot understand ethics or integrity, only feudalistic racism. It is so completely seized by this venal worldview that overwhelms their entire consciousness.

  304. 1 Alien says:

    Watching from above to protect and not to destroy.

  305. 1 Alien says:

    “Thanks for your support”++++++monsterball
    +++ +++ +++
    Rules will be rule +++ we will always be around.Welcome.
    We are here to protect and not to destroy.++++++++++++++++++++++

  306. cobra says:

    This Umnoputras better rule the country fairly and properly, otherwise this country will revert to the British Colonial era where the British colonial masters were assinanted was common.

  307. monsterball says:

    1 Alien…thanks again and that strange cloud over Moscow convinced me….we are not alone.
    I wish they come and help Malaysians fight over evil doers.
    All they need is to get into the bodies of Mahathir and Najib…make them confess…all corruptions….end UMNO BARU.
    But billions are having much more problems…and ours is created by selfish and idiotic Malaysians…….one so smart..the other….a real idiot….group all together…all bought up by the devil reincarnated….with a photo showing how normal he is…eating curry chicken…salted fish…vege…all to brainwash readers….the devil is young and in control.

  308. 1crime-filledMalaysia says:

    This nation is ruled by criminals.

    If you are paying money to all these criminals in the government, you are also a criminal for contributing to the growth of criminals. (The Law of Proximity).

  309. Nice Lim says:

    **A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words**

  310. 1MJ says:

    “If you are paying money to all these criminals in the government,..”

    Starting with all those who pay taxes and are proud of it

  311. 1MJ says:

    “Politicians are willing to sell their mothers to their enemies for power. ”

    Ex GRO Rosmah Mansur [Perempuan Puaka] is Malaysian First Lady lover of Vincent Tan Chou Fa Hai

  312. whispering9 says:

    “This is a dark day for Malaysia because an icon of corruption has become a representative of the people.” LKS.


    {He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him. Pro 18:13}

    A nice proverb for all the dramatic spinners, including LKS. Frankly, it is only a dark day for PR. Icons of corruption have always been representing the people. PR is also not free from it. Isa was charged with corruption but there are others uncharged who ranked far worse. If PR loses Selangor, don’t blame the people and BS about some ‘Dark Day or Dark Force’. BN did not win; Isa did. Come GE13, voters will definitely look at the quality of the candidates instead of the party flag. Luckily, my state has a good PR representative albeit a lousy PR MP. Take a good look at how many good candidates/politicians you have…and you can almost predict the outcome of GE13!

  313. R4Os says:

    “Stay put son! You got guts! The whole of Hainam Island is reallll proud of you.” –scenario 1

    Fuiyoh!!!! this one is even more dangerous than racism, try to promote rivalries or even infightings among Chinese clans, as if the Chinese r not divided enough….

  314. Oic says:

    “A nice proverb for all the dramatic spinners, including LKS.” – whispering9

    O i c. What you are telling us & UMNO, is that Isa Samad is not corrupt. Thank you, but i`ll go along with LKS.

  315. R4Os says:

    “Sorry… Ghengis Khan cannot… Ghengis Khan lose to him.” –Kancilandak

    Yeah… agreed, Najis Khan is much more brutal than Ghengis Khan, he used and slept with a descendant of Ghengis Khan, then shot 2 bullets into her pretty face and C4’ed her into a million bits & pieces, erased her name off the immigration record, and categorically denied he met her before… Ghengis Khan is prob’ly crying in his grave now after knowing what Najis Khan did to his descendant…

  316. Kancilandak says:

    This is nothing… I seen this type cloud all over the places.. this clip is out of the ‘Indipendence Day’ movie… where in Allah’s world got this type aliens..? all unholy hollywood gimicks to make money lah!

  317. R4Os says:

    “Luckily, my state has a good PR representative albeit a lousy PR MP. Take a good look at how many good candidates/politicians you have…and you can almost predict the outcome of GE13!” –whispering9

    So you vote for individual candidates but not the party he represent, disregarding the policies suscribed by his party, so that u get a good rep who will help u solve longkang blockage, hawker license, destroy lallang near your house, etc… But at the same time his party is part of the regime that screws u and your kids with racist policies, plunders your hard-earned income-tax money, disregards meritocracy and breed incompetency and inefficiency at all levels of life, etc, etc. thanks to your votes, your rep supports such policies bcoz u “asked” for it…

    Bravo…. A very “Smart Aleck” indeed, clap, clap, clap…

  318. Hussein says:

    KUALA LUMPUR: Amendments to Umno’s constitution will wipe out money politics in the party, said Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

    How sad…vote buying becomes almost impossible because it will be very expensive? No it will not be too expensive because it is not UMNO that pays –it is the people that pay. It is our money that they take to bribe their own people. And when elected they will then say “ I am very honor to be honored by this honor that allow me to take some more money to buy more honor….no there is no honor amongst thieves!

  319. Hussein says:

    PKR man was caught in anti-graft sting operation, court told

    Steadyaku47 comment: The correct headines should read “Former Perak PKR exco members and now UMNO supporters ….but then this is Government media so what do you expect!!!

  320. whispering9 says:

    “What you are telling us & UMNO, is that Isa Samad is not corrupt. Thank you, but i`ll go along with LKS.”

    O.I.C….how old are you? Don’t answer ‘cos there is really only two age groups when it come to LKS. Those that adorably call him ‘Uncle Lim’ and those that just call him LKS.

    He, like many politicians, is only happy reprieving his role as an orator in an opposition camp, preferably with someone like TDM as his opponent. He can talk but he can’t lead. GE12 just happened ‘cos god send us Pak Lah. Hopefully, LGE will not take after his father but learn to lead Penang well. Leaders must be pragmatic. Sacking politicians like Hassan is pragmatism….LGE to tone down his verbal confrontation, esp. to MSM, is pragmatism. Telling young chikus….oh,oh,oh, dark days have come is just plain stupid and old fashion. Listening without questioning is also just plain stupid.

  321. Hussein says:

    About Razak Baginda. That this man was your friend and confident. They will question the RM500 million payment to Razak’s company for services rendered for the purchase of the submarines from the French. Of the fact that eventually the French were adamant that it was not a commission but a bribe paid to secure the deal. And as an integral part of this Submarine deal they will mention the murder of Altantuya at the hands of UTK – that special unit of the PDRM trained to guard VIPS and “do the bidding of VIPS?” I am sure there will be historians who will chose to delve deeper into these events and they will eventually get to the bottom of what really happened. I have a feeling that your complicity in the whole matter will be proven beyond a doubt. But that will be for your grandchildren to know.

  322. R4Os says:

    OK, having said that to W9, I do agreed with him in a way that PR need to weed out low quality ppl as GE13 candidates, such as Hassan Ali, Ibrahim Ali, Wee Choo Keong, Zulkilfy, etc.

    My sincere apology (about quality of candidates) to W9 for that, but I must emphasize again that we still must not look at trees and lost sight of the forest… No point winning in small battles but lost the war, that’s my message above…

  323. Oic says:

    “O.I.C….how old are you? “….”He can talk but he can’t lead.”

    Wtf that got to do with subject? Y the fark you are here? You go and take ober the dap la….throw kit out la.

  324. wits0 says:

    Najis Khan can’t get to be any near replica of Henry VIII ‘cos he’s totally hen-pecked.

    We need MCA, OKT and d Nanbotinan as much as we need H1N1 virus.

    All politicians spin and exaggerate ; the question is how much of that is total BS. For bn/bumno, the amount is clearly and vulgarly unlimited.

  325. R4Os says:

    Agreed with Oic, if a leader of LKS kind of credentials still can’t win over W9’s vote and if M’sians all think like W9, I’m afraid this sad country will continue to get abused by the plundering Umnoputras regime for another 50 yrs!!!

    Is that it? what W9 want us all to continue to be screwed till kingdom comes?

  326. whispering9 says:

    “Y the fark you are here?” Typical answer but a good question. Answer: I don’t really know myself. Maybe addiction. Used to be loneliness. How about you?

  327. inquest says:

    # INQUEST – Hishammuddin denies Raymond’s testimony.
    INQUEST – Gobind points out earlier witness, MACC officer Raymond said Hishammuddin was seen with two other MACC officers on July 16 morning

    Siapa bohong?

  328. Oic says:

    Is that it? what W9 want us all to continue to be screwed till kingdom comes? – R4Os

    I don’t really know myself. Maybe addiction. Used to be loneliness. How about you? – whispering9


  329. Oic says:

    How about you? – whispering9

    I am not the one complain on LKS leadership.You still have not been able to answer on LKS leadership but flip flopping only.

  330. R4Os says:

    “We need MCA, OKT and d Nanbotinan as much as we need H1N1 virus.” –wits0

    Good analogy, tribalism is as dangerous as racism which history has shown us N times that it could cause devastations to human kinds as much as the H1N1 virus…

  331. Oic says:

    Maybe addiction. Used to be loneliness. How about you? – whispering9

    No la u can NEVER take over dap…..your enemy can be dap leader and have own blog at the same time. You just lazy felr

  332. wits0 says:

    “Come GE13, voters will definitely look at the quality of the candidates instead of the party flag.” – W9

    My guess is that they will also notice the money in their venal kuali too. One Isa does not prove that people have become corruption blind. PAS screwed up over at BP.

    “Is that it? what W9 want us all to continue to be screwed till kingdom comes?” – R4Os.

    Knowing him, W9, I don’t think he meant that. 🙂

  333. Oic says:

    Knowing him, W9, I don’t think he meant that. :)…..wits0

    He should have put in better way, yes? maybe got up bed wrong side today.

  334. wits0 says:

    “maybe got up bed wrong side today.” – Oic

    Maybe his hot water shower bath broke down this morning…hence the cold water got splattered all around. 😀

  335. daunpisang says:

    MCA unlikely to rebuild in time for general election

    KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 13 — In the face of an unprecedented leadership crisis, MCA uphill task of winning back the Chinese votes just got more difficult.

    UMNO to takeaway banana leaf, mkini-

    Khairy issues bold call to Umno Youth
    Hafiz Yatim | Oct 14, 09 11:03AM
    In his maiden policy speech, the Umno Youth chief argued that the party should move away from the age-old concept of ‘Malay dominance’ to one which emphasises ‘Malay leadership’.

  336. wits0 says:

    “Khairy issues bold call to Umno Youth”

    Oxfart style curry ala double speaking. Salvador Dali’s surreal deli.

  337. whois says:

    The Turkish agency Sabah quoted Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan as saying…… “In international platforms, efforts ensued to blame Islam for Islamic terror.”
    Whom does he think is to blame for Islamic terror – Hindus? Buddhists? Christians?

  338. whispering9 says:

    *Is that it? what W9 want us all to continue to be screwed till kingdom comes? – R4Os

    I don’t really know myself. Maybe addiction. Used to be loneliness. How about you? – whispering9

    kekekekekekeke* O.I.C

    Now…that was an originality. A good joke 🙂 . That way…you will win the election. Remember pragmatism is the word. Even your enemies become your friends. Hehehehe.

  339. whispering9 says:

    “My guess is that they will also notice the money in their venal kuali too.” wits0 😉

    You can have b(u)y-elections…but come GE13, methinks BN fella are quite broke now, what with most of the taikors migrating (higher capital outflow). Maybe, that is why, TDM is sounding the alarm about sanctioning money politics. At this rate, Malaysia might be taken over by our rich southern neighbor and not PR or BN 🙂 .

  340. wits0 says:

    ‘Whom does he think is to blame for Islamic terror – Hindus? Buddhists? Christians?” – whois.

    In the blood of Turkeys are found the blame and denial corpuscles. Ask the Armenians.

    Umnoputras have gotten some transfusion/transmission.

  341. purgery says:

    Raymond Nion John Timban is a LIAR says his boss… that means raymond is to go to prison for perjury?

  342. purgery says:

    “Malaysia might be taken over by our rich southern neighbor…..”

    Very very good…..then Lembumuddin will be their citizen.

  343. bargeri says:

    Najib says that it is the indication that the multi racial facet of Bagan Pinang voters is accepting the 1Malaysia concept he propelled through all media.

    None of the big leaders accept that the win in this resort town was due to Isa personally. It has nothing to do with the acceptance of 1Malaysia or any other national issue.

    Besides his strong personal presence felt by the local Teluk Kemang constituents it was the pulse of UMNO and ordinary public of Negri Sembilan (NS) as a whole.

    UMNO in NS is at the weakest under Mohammad Hasan and almost everyone in NS has the apprehension of accepting Mohammad as a viable leader to defend UMNO from the ever growing influence of the opposition parties.

  344. sinew says:

    umno victory is enough to drive Hassan Ali to drink karlsberg

  345. i hate dictator says:

    How to catch criminals?

    As long as lks, son & dil are still in politics, this status quo of political lawlessness will remain.

    The criminals will be there as long as these dynastic family of eunuchs are still feeding on the rakyats’ blood and sweat money doing nothing!!!

    Hence this dynastic team of the eunuch kingdom has to piisss off fast- the sooner the better- before there is a turning point in Malaysian politics from the abyss- before all the criminals are rounded up!!!

  346. wits0 says:

    “As long as lks, son & dil are still in politics, this status quo of political lawlessness will remain.” – i hate dictator,

    And I hate selective bullshitter insulting our intelligence.

  347. kahkah_kahkah says:

    “i hate dictator”………but your god is Najis

  348. kahkah_kahkah says:

    …… if Khairy is unable to bring up at all any iota of evidence that DAP is racist, he should just go hide in his corner and play with his marbles, and stop making baseless statements to stir racial sentiments.

    Khairy should look at himself and UMNO in the mirror, and count for himself the number of times the term “Malay” is stirred,……

  349. kahkah_kahkah says:

    “- before there is a turning point in Malaysian politics from the abyss-”

    Najis point in your abyss is pulathics

  350. americk says:

    Hai Yah Art, these poor people are so innocent. They don’t understand how things work with the ‘inspector’. Let me tell you how it works.

    You are supposed to call the inspector to make an appointment to see him at his office. When he is free he will invite you over to see him. Thats when you are supposed to grease his palm….for what I don’t know….but thats the modus operandi. Then maybe something will be done. You think I am talking rubbish? Well let me tell you the number of times I have had problems with the Polis Raja Di Malaysia in my practice. Do you have a couple of weeks free sometime?

    My clients have told me that just to release a body for burial from the University Hospital mortuary (after a road accident) a figure of RM5,000.00 is demanded by the investigating officer. I have had police witnesses refuse to attend court even after a sub poena has been served on them because “Lu punya klien belum jelas hutang “.

    When I ask my client what this means they tell me this officer had originally demanded RM2,000.00 to allow them to lodge a police report but they only paid him RM500.00 at that time as they didn’t have enough money on them.

    The list goes on and on. Am I surprised Marina’s friends have got no where? No. Try a handout of say RM5,000.00 and mountains will move.

    Believe me.

  351. wits0 says:

    Cop’s adat or gangster’s “kuay kwei”, what’s the difference? Decadence is already firmly established in Bolehland.

  352. americk says:

    2Indian fight

    KUALA LUMPUR: Sacked People’s Progressive Party (PPP) youth leader Senator Datuk T.Murugiah filed an RM10mil defamation suit against party president Datuk M.Kayveas.

    Murugiah, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, claimed that the defendant had uttered several false and malicious statements and remarks against him which were reported by the print and electronic media between May 9 and May 11.

    He filed the suit at the High Court civil registry at 2.30pm on Wednesday

  353. americk says:

    Decadence is already firmly established in Bolehland. – wits0

    ‘Saya bersyukur… saya hanya akan rasa takut sekiranya UTK* tidak berada bersama saya,” – – Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

    *UTK is unit tindakan khas of pdrm

  354. hairypottie says:

    Mr. Mongolia Najib & Perempuan Puaka [peepee] Rosamah Mansur also bersyukur for UTK

  355. brrrnama says:

    A new dawn for Umno

    Ya, Red Indian saying “Today is a good day to die”

  356. hang them says:

    We have politicians who had been practicing archaic and obsolete politics in the 60s and now carrying forward this archaic and obsolete politics in this new millennium.

    The politics now we are experiencing is the politics of the 60’s.

    So how to catch criminals with archaic politicians applying politics of the 60’s??

    Wait till all these archaic politicians mangpus first err!!!

  357. hang them says:

    It’s time the hp6 politicians applying modern politics, else bust off!

  358. hang them says:

    The old and obsolete politicians just couldn’t keep up the pace with the dynamism of modern politics.

    All these old and archaic and obsolete politicians must be booted out so as not to waste the rakyats’ precious time for progress and prosperity.

    If they refused and resist,

  359. Nice Lim says:

    i))wits0 domo arigato gozai masta….what a great haha song for me “C’est Mai”…anyway thousand thanks…i still miss my kirei alantosan songs….hahaha
    O.k ….unleash the autobots to catch criminal …beware!!….hahahahaha

  360. Nice Lim says:

    **I . D . O . Ts . It is 1 Malaysia with the middle finger !!* !* !!
    When the devil pull the string too hard….and it snap…fall down….below will be calling them when time

  361. monsterball says:

    Najib is so happy…declaring UMNO will admit non muslims as members…than stop talking…realizing he is killing the golden goose that keeps UMNO winning elections…that is race and religion politics plus corruptions…..where all BN parties approve like qua qua doggies.
    Admitting non Muslim……..Malay to Malaysians….still UMNO.
    MCA and MIC need to quickly follow or be redundant or known as racialist parties.
    hhhhmm….MCA…Malaysian Congress Association?
    MIC….Malaysian International Currypuff.

  362. monsterball says:

    RPK have declared few times he is in Malaysia and the authorities knows where to find him……if they really want to catch him.
    Crooks are never blur…just pretend to be blur…playing wayang kulit with RPK.
    Catching real crooks….not blur…plain stupid.
    Catching UMNO crooks….totally blur…all system no go.
    Go no money…no commission…incentives…small tenders…no let go…if caught taking bribes.
    Cops and crooks in Malaysia are like the Keystone kops and Charlie Chaplin.
    We are the world showcase of comedians and idiots….to make everyone happy…so that while performing…..UMNO steal… also do not know.

  363. ExCIA says:

    Hate working with these idiots who are afraid even to go to court to fight for their cause !!!!

  364. scenario 1 says:

    So how to catch criminals?

    In the US, it’s against the State and Federal Laws to practice racial discrimination.

    Now we have all the politicians in Malaysia practicing racial politics and discrimination.

    Therefore according to US State and Federal Laws, all the politicians in Malaysia are criminals.

    They should be all locked up in jail.

    If Malaysians are practicing laws enacted by all these legislative criminals, then all the Malaysians are also criminals!

    So how to catch criminals?

    Every one in Malaysia is also a criminal, go lock yourself up in jail.

  365. kittykat46 says:

    I have to correct some errors of fact stated by some commentators here.
    Mat Isa was never charged with corruption. He was suspended within UMNO for practicing “money politics”. In reality its corruption 2x fold – I’ve explained it before – the act of giving money/favours in kind for votes – and the act of amassing massive slush funds to finance such vote-buying activities. You have to be pretty dumb to think the funds were obtained by halal means.
    Nobody has ever been charged in the real sense because UMNO is above the law.
    And it will continue to be above the law as long as people continue to vote for them, whatever they commit.

  366. sinew says:

    “Mat Isa was never charged with corruption. He was suspended within UMNO for practicing “money politics”.”

    EXACTLY……and by extension UMNO and the MACC are corrupt.
    Now UMNO is trying to freeze the PKFZ scandal too.

  367. R4Os says:

    Why can’t they simply honor the peacement accord and let this harmless old man come home? his only wish now is to be buried at his birthplace, next to his dad & grandpa’s graves…

    Afterall, they had even assisted the mass-murdering JI terrorist Nordin Top’s body returned to his homeland for burial, treated him almost like a home-coming hero!

  368. masokmelayu says:

    If Chin Peng becomes muslim and marries a melayu umno will have to allow him back.

  369. R4Os says:

    Najis has to show that he is serious about his “1Malaysia” policy, by granting Uncle Ong’s rights to returnhome, same as they had given to Ong’s ex-Malay comrades, or they r racists to the bones, even for the ex-Commies…

  370. masokmelayu says:

    Then “hang” Chin Peng will be a national hero for k-hairy jamban-lud-in

  371. R4Os says:

    Not surprisingly, Uncle Ong is very sore with the M’sia’s no.1 devil Dr.Mahathiu s/o Kutty, who invited Ong to the peace-talk, signed the agreement, then dishonoured it to block Ong’s return… Even ex-IGP is willing to help Ong to testify in court.

    Dr.Mahathiu: Bapa Pembelot Malaysia

  372. amoker says:

    For the oppostion and other races, take extra 1 sen also must be interogated till death. For UMNO, its free for all to take whaever they want from the country

  373. ptui says:

    “BREAKING NEWS updated 11.35pm Embattled MCA president Ong Tee Keat is likely to stay put as party chief and is expected to appoint loyalist Liow Tiong…”

    That is the real eunuchs in the 1World of the Emperor Najis Tong Rosak

  374. wits0 says:

    The Chin Peng issue demonstrates the umnoputra need to nurse an old hurt forever to keep alive the iconic pet hate thingy.

    After WW2 the once warring nations came to terms with one another but bolehland cannot do what others could.

    Hate,instead, becomes a hallowed enzyme to perpetually stimulate the last dreg of partisan “unity” through skewered passion. The Arabesque penchant for absolutism is firmly entrenched as some holy culture here and exists as a badge of “patriotism”.

  375. Liverpool says:

    This Chin Peng is also a pondam. If Chin Peng wants to see his home land again, I can always send him a U tube video clip and he could see every day about his home town.

    A real stupid old nutcase.

    Bodoh punya kominis.

  376. ptui says:

    IO ordered not to lodge report after Teoh’s body found

  377. ptui says:

    Saudi Prince Faisal bin Fahd bin Abdullah al-Saud has big plans for Liverpool.

  378. ptui says:

    Eunuch Warriors…..

    Tee Keat orchestrates move to stay on?
    By Lee Wei Lian and Leslie Lau

    KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 15 — Hundreds of supporters held up banners this morning at Wisma MCA urging the man who is under probe for graft and who admitted to taking free plane rides from a contractor to stay on as MCA president.

    Full-page advertisements suggesting the community was backing him were also placed in Chinese newspapers this week.

    An online petition was also put up to appeal to Malaysians to support Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat’s purported fight against corruption.

    -malaysian insider

  379. ptui says:

    Wanita UMNO now into prostitution…

    Thursday October 15, 2009
    Wanita ready to ‘raise their skirts’

    A PENANG Wanita Umno speaker shocked Wanita delegates when she said that the movement’s members were ever willing to “sinsing kain (raise their skirts)”.

    But all this, Siti Faridah Arshad of Balik Pulau Wanita division clarified, was for the sake of Umno.

    “I was informed that PAS is scared of us Wanita Umno and this is because they know that we are willing to raise our skirts, roll up our sleeves, leave our family and even young children at home to fight for Umno.

    “We are willing to work hard and sacrifice for the party and ask little in return,” she said. Siti Faridah also called on Umno to work harder to win back her state from Pakatan Rakyat, which she claimed was weak and could not get its act together.

  380. sinew says:

    “Wanita ready to ‘raise their skirts’”
    Wat u get when GRO is the First Lady….all become perempuan puaka

    “We are willing to work hard and sacrifice for the party and ask little in return,” she said….
    Migrant workers r happi, now 1Fark only RM2

  381. wits0 says:

    Kok Tok unlimited. Ya mother is also ya father!:
    Umno is not racist: Najib

    KUALA LUMPUR: Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has warned political parties to not simply accuse Umno of being racist…..

  382. wits0 says:

    The raging Malusian river of Denial!

  383. tokkok says:

    Dr Mahathir feels that time might be too short for Umno to reform but emphasised that the party must deliver in order to regain support from the people.
    “It is relatively easy to make speeches and promises but after this I am quite sure that the people will be watching whether you deliver or not, whether you walk the talk.

    sudahlah bingong, 1malaysia only kok up the wok with tok

  384. wits0 says:

    Is Malaysia a Racist Country

    By Hussein Hamid
    Is Malaysia a racist Country?
    YES 455 (94%)
    NO 29 (5%)

  385. kittykat46 says:

    Najis says “UMNO is not a racist party ”

    Hihihihihi….is the sky blue ? Is the grass green ?

  386. Sharanya says:

    It’s apartheid, says poet who fled Malaysia

    “Last year, my grandfather, a former High Commissioner, had a passport thrown at his face and was shouted at by a Malay officer at the Malaysian Consulate in Chennai! ……”

  387. kittykat46 says:

    One of the most important steps to creating true nationhood is to have a civil service which is reflective of the ethnic make-up of the country.

    The current, effectively mono-racial government service breeds its own racism and incompetence

  388. Ahbengkia says:

    //Charlie Chaplin.
    We are the world showcase of comedians and idiots….to make everyone happy…so that while performing…..UMNO steal… also do not know.//monster-ass

    Don’t insult Charlie Chaplin. But if you say you are idiot, then i surely agree. You are more than an idiot, you are a moron who caused the defeat of PR in Bagan Pinang. I told you before, just sit at home to wait for you time to go, don’t create more trouble here. guess you never listen, stupid ass.

  389. Kancilandak says:

    Not one single person is talking anything good about umno… in blogspere… getting worse after BP… what a pity! Why Malaysian mudah lupa?

  390. kittykat46 says:

    My advice is the same one I give to PAS/DAP/PKR etc….don’t spend all your energy trying to fight each other…in the end the Bad Guy wins all the way to THE BANK.. 🙂

  391. Search the Web on says:

    That indian peot grandad must have a breathe that can kill a cat one mile away… reason why the malay officer screech… as if we dont know they types.

  392. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    ‘Together We Stand’ for PR.

  393. Kancilandak. says:

    eh? what happen my name?

  394. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    wrong name.go to register your surat beranak again.what kancillandak?

  395. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    kakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakaka wrong name

  396. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    go home what?

  397. kittykat46 says:

    “Not one single person is talking anything good about umno… in blogspere… getting worse after BP… what a pity! Why Malaysian mudah lupa?” – Cu*t-chill

    I haven’t had anything good to say about UMNO for a lo..o..oong time.
    Even the “Merdeka” bit is getting iffy. I don’t deny their part, but seeing UMNO’s attempts to erase other people’s contributions to by re-writing the history books makes me sick…

    UMNO, as it stands today, is a liability, an obstacle to a better future for Malaysia…..

  398. Wrong Place Wrong Time says:

    PKFZ full of criminal.More will be expose very soon!

  399. Nice Lim says:

    I use to be nice to every nice and wise cts over here ….but not the goons…!))haha

  400. kittykat46 says:

    “eh? what happen my name?” – Cu*t-chill

    This UMNO CT has been surfing the web using too many Nicks….forgot what /who he is supposed to be ….
    like the Romeo who called his girl-for-the-moment by the wrong name….

  401. wits0 says:

    “UMNO’s attempts to erase other people’s contributions to by re-writing the history books makes me sick…” – KK46.

    It has always been hell bent at it and is very systematic about promoting the persistent evil of this insidious hegemonic intent.

    It;s actually an understatement just to say that a liability, an obstacle to a better future for Malaysia. It’s an anathema.

  402. Chairman of Joint Chief Of Staff, General George Pearsly says:

    Najib : Umno is not racist

    “Go and tell it to the marines.” -American catchphrase. and “go and fly some kites” (another one).

  403. muftibaubusuk says:

    That indian peot grandad must have a breathe that can kill a cat one mile away… reason why the malay officer screech… as if we dont know they types.
    Search the Web on – October 15, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    2. Saya tertarik dengan rencana bekas mufti Perlis (baca disini) berkenaan dengan kononnya Islam melarang gosok gigi di bulan puasa. Kononnya mulut yang bau busuk kerana berpuasa sebenarnya harum seperti bau kasturi. Ini diulangi berkali-kali dalam televisyen.

  404. kleptomaniacumno says:

    “UMNO’s attempts to erase other people’s contributions to by re-writing the history books makes me sick…” – KK46.

    Nordin Top`s people have been doing it for thousands of years e.g. Indian numericals became Arabic numericals

  405. ongtrekkie says:

    “Tee Keat clings on,….” –

  406. kittykat46 says:

    He’s just another Klingon….yawn…

  407. ongtrekkie says:

    The cow is giving Klingons a bad name,

    “I have decided to go back to the grassroots” – Ong Tee Keat

  408. 1Toiletmalaysia says:

    ‘1Toilet’ plan to let teachers and students mingle freely
    Thursday, 15 October 2009 17:03

    (The Star) – The state government will introduce a “1Toilet” policy in a move to liberalise education, where teachers – and even principals – will soon have to share toilets with their students.

    State Education, Higher Learning, Human Resource, Science and Technology Committee chairman Ahmad Razif Abd Rahman said the policy was mooted in line with the 1Malaysia concept, and teachers and students could have a feeling of “oneness”.

    “We want students to have a sense of belonging that we believe would inspire them to excel further in their education.

    “When students share the toilets with the teacher, they (students) will believe that they are on par with academicians and this automatically invokes a sense of being important to an organisation, which, in this case, is the school,” he said here yesterday.

  409. wits0 says:

    “I have decided to go back to the grassroots” – Ong Tee Keat

    Pretending that the roots has soil.

  410. 1Toiletmalaysia says:

    “The IGP is the biggest serpent to terrorise this country.”

  411. wits0 says:

    “When students share the toilets with the teacher, they (students) will believe that they are on par with academicians and this automatically invokes a sense of being important to an organisation, which, in this case, is the school,” he said here yesterday.

    Students tower before winning their spurs. Nice example of entitlement!

    Echo of the earlier umno instigated removal of all corporal punishments that caused the beginning of schooling rot by the seventies.

    Somehow I’m not sympathetic with the present generation of teachers tho’.

  412. 1Toiletmalaysia says:

    Now they will eat crap from same plate to create towering heaps

  413. monsterball says:

    Crazy for Maya Karin..cannot keep as mistress..who is happily married to an Italiano…this pariah low class UMNO Youth Chief…spoke so much to ask UMNO members to change mentalities and attitudes…but not one word….to stop supporting corruptions.
    This pariah low class UMNO youth gangster keep insulting Anwar… calling Anwar a hypocrite.
    I guess..he runs out of words..or is speaking to please Mahathir too.
    3000 youths met and confirm corruptions is the main contributor to slow progress in Malaysia….not important to Khairy to comment…..yet UMNO keep saying they represents all Malaysians.
    People are so sick of UMNO’s nonsense…now propose…”1 Toilet” for all….no first or second class buggers……..hahahahahahahaha

  414. rockykominis says:

    Response to Malay Mail article calling CPI ‘communist’

    The bloggers annual gathering, co-organized with the National Alliance of Bloggers, is another major activity engaged in by the CPI. In fact, Ahirudin Attan, the present group editor of Malay Mail himself headed the organizing committee of the event — a joint effort between CPI and All-Blogs of which Ahirudin, better known as Rockybru, is pro-tem chairman.

    The keynote speaker at this year’s bloggers forum held in May was none other than Dr Mahathir Mohamad who operates Malaysia’s most visited personal blog.

    Rusdi Mustapha’s article imputing that CPI is an anti-national organization is not only lacking in fact but is also full of fancy. It is aimed at rabble-rousing that imperils participants online who are presenting rational arguments to advance critical thinking and knowledge in our society.

  415. rockykominis says:

    “Bau busuk mulut orang yang berpuasa itu lebih harum di sisi Allah daripada haruman kasturi”

  416. wits0 says:

    “Rusdi Mustapha’s article imputing that CPI is an anti-national organization is not only lacking in fact but is also full of fancy.” – rockykominis.

    When is umno capable of stating facts, especially these days?? They have been crapping for so long down the decades while being protected by the pathetic old bad media that they think they make any sense that matters.

  417. verytrue says:

    VERY TRUE!!!

  418. G_D says:

    God bless my specis!
    Kancilandak – October 12, 2009 at 6:12 pm


  419. Ahbengkia says:

    The only pariah here is monsterball @ byebye kia

  420. Nice Lim says:

    **Pay Back Time**
    Just go…don’t twist and turn again.The End.Next.

  421. Nice Lim says:

    i))haha….Rich peoples usually will take their head up high when talking to poor peoples….true….double standard? yes?
    Normal human being can cheat others normal human being but….not ‘GOD’
    Messages from messenger above to Evil peoples!
    1) When they do criminal things….God knows!
    2) When they kill others….God knows!
    3) When they will have their heart attack again…..God knows!
    4) When they are to be reborn and to be call back….God knows!
    5) When they commit crime and corruption…God knows!
    6) When they change their evil tactic…..God knows!
    7) When they will fall….God knows!
    8) When they pretend to be good,bad or evil…..God knows!
    so…to all the criminals out there….life is short…’GOD’ know everything we have done in our life….good,bad or evil….so….no matter how this criminal act or do or trying to act as good peoples….keep it to yourself…because…’GOD’ really knows everythings. ***believe it or not! – better believe it!**

  422. Nice Lim says:

    **Try to be nice to others….maybe miracle might happen…who knows?…just don’t always insult others !…that is very uncivilized and not nice at all. yes it is true !**

  423. monsterball says:

    Nice Lim…if you depend on God to correct sins made by Malaysians to vote UMNO in…it is asking too much.
    Ignorant and selfish Malaysians make those mistakes….it is out duty to correct their selfish mentalities…attitudes ..greed and weird habits.
    God have laid down clear rules….and scholars have guided us…the chain reactions..the ultimate outcome..if we do not correct our own mistakes.
    It has reached a position so serious..if we do not fight the evil doers..that have captured so many weak minds…we agree to be blamed.
    Leave God to do God’s work.
    Malaysia is ruled by Godless sinful hypocrites and Malaysians supported that.
    We must expose those evil doers to wake up minds and souls.
    That’s what God expects us to do…to solve the problems Malaysians created and do not depend on God.
    Go……study the history of all corrupt countries that changed for the better.
    Carrying God in their hearts…they marches on without fear.

  424. wits0 says:

    “’GOD’ really knows everythings. ***believe it or not! – better believe it!**”

    It’s Man who determines his own own Destiny, dear Nice Lim. God will not interfere when the Laws of Nature are already wholely set in place here, since Time began

  425. trantor says:

    Raja Petra is the 1Rebuked by the UMNO musang.

  426. trantor says:

    “The Largest Black Holes In The Universe”
    1 Alien – October 15, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    Now available at the 1Toilet PWTC

  427. R4Os says:

    “I have decided to go back to the grassroots” – Ong Tee Keat

    This OTK is much worse than I thought…

    I thought he would cling on with the excuse that the MCA CC “persuaded” him to stay, but turned out the CC asked him to quit to honour his own pledge, this big hypocrite finally showed his true colour and decided to eat his own words and stayed on shamelessly.

    Sin-Chew-Jit-Poh reported that he went to seek advise from Taiwan’s buddhist guru Master Hsing Yun (星雲), who advised him to quit the post, but he didn’t heed the advise, he is too addicted to the power as MCA president he would do anything to hang on to it…

  428. JEFFRY BONG says:

    BRAZEN bogus police making their rounds in the name of crime preventions is raiding flats and apartments to commit robberies.
    Beware folks do not falls victim to such scamps.

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