Oh, look at this 1Malaysia quote of the year:

“The offense committed by Isa was merely a technical offense and it was not an offense under the law” – Najib Razak in 1France.

Money politics is a criminal offense, no two ways about it! Unless there is one law for Malaysia, and another for 1Malaysia!

By uttering these words, 1Najib condoned corruption, and at the same time revealed what the standard of integrity and ethics are in 1Malaysia.

Do you want to be part of Najib’s 1Malaysia? You tell me!

Also read the statement below by P Ramakrishnan, President of ALIRAN today:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Corruption is corruption, Mr Prime Minister. There are no two ways about it. You cannot minimise the crime by camouflaging the offence under some other label. Neither can you make it disappear by simply declaring “that the offence committed by Isa was not an offence under the law”.

It is not true that Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad only breached party ethics. That would be a lie. He was found guilty of indulging in money politics to secure his victory in the Umno party elections for the post of Vice-President in 1994. He won the post with the highest number of votes. In fact, he wasn’t satisfied with the number of votes he garnered. He then quipped that he expected to win his position with an even higher majority!

Following his victory, complaints were lodged with the Umno Disciplinary Board accusing Isa of having resorted to money to secure his victory. The Disciplinary Board instituted an investigation to probe into the allegations of money politics. It called up witnesses to collect evidence and establish proof of the allegation. Isa was given ample opportunity to defend himself. After what must be deemed as a very thorough and fair investigation, the Disciplinary Board found him guilty. He was stripped of his position and suspended for six years, a two-term period. On appeal, his sentence was drastically reduced to three years, a 50 per cent reduction.

Isa was such a powerful force within Umno with wide ranging influence. It would have been very difficult to find such a personality guilty but the evidence surely must have been overwhelming that the Board had no other alternative except to convict him. Eminent people sat on the Disciplinary Board among whom were Tan Sri Zaki Azmi, the present Chief Justice, and Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen, a one time long-serving cabinet minister and lawyer. So the verdict has total credibility and substance to quash any question of impropriety in their decision.

For the PM to claim that the offence was merely a technical one and that it was not an offence under the law is preposterous. Money politics is a criminal offence, it is an act of corruption, and if the PM has any other notion, then this matter should be referred to the MACC to seek their professional opinion! It is rather disappointing that the MACC did not move in to investigate Isa for corruption. If an Opposition person was embroiled in similar circumstances, there would be no doubt as to how the MACC would have acted.

Umno did Isa a favour by not referring Isa’s money politics to the MACC. If that was done then, today Umno will not have this shameful episode of offering a corrupt politician as its candidate at the Bagan Pinang by-election.

P Ramakrishnan President 7 October 2009


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  1. Nice Lim says:

    “Money politics is not corruption in 1 Malaysia?”
    Yes for those BN idiots only,because they think all Malaysian are stupid.
    Very soon they will know.

  2. Menyalak-er says:

    “Corruption is corruption.” P. Rama
    Izzat so? MACC/ACA is ACA/MACC right?
    Ergo Sum Hominem.

  3. Nice Lim says:

    Hope Kuli will be with PR !!! Possible?

  4. AB LIM says:

    If you are good in English….that doesn’t means you are smart.
    And if you are not good in English…that doesn’t mean you are stupid.
    If you are a Leader …that doesn’t means you are a good leader.
    And if you are not a Leader…that doesn’t mean you can’t guide others.
    so my friend…don’t be arrogant …just be humble and wise.
    Good Night fellow Malaysian and our respected Monsterball as well.take care.

  5. AB LIM says:

    so,ahbengkia…freedom to talk is not about to control others freedom…wise up.

  6. bangkalipoeylukiaka says:

    All big fishes will have good excuses from now on: monies, women, real estates etc are channeled “accidentally” to the pockets and the off shore accounts by some mad guys from outer space.

    Bolehland is great. No wonder Altantuya is being C4 to pieces.

  7. billauchris says:

    After 52 years of independence, it is indeed rueful to note that our country has developed into a country where the rule of law has been so often violated by the ruling government and that justice is so partial.

    Money politics disqualified Tan Sri Isa from balloting for the VP position during the last UMNO General Assembly. What Isa committed was seriously regarded by the disciplinary committee to come to the conclusion that Isa was guilty and therefore could not be allowed to contest.

    No sooner had a few months passed than the leader of UMNO and BN forgot about the corrupt and despicable feasance Isa had perpetrated just prior to the party election. What standard of moral decadence is this!

    Our past PM Tun Dr Mahathir had sounded his opnion that UMNO should not filed Isa as a candidate for the Bagan Pinang by-election. Obviously, his opinion had not been taken seriously by the UMNO leadership – a peril that UMNO may have to take and accept if Isa is defeated at the poll on 10 Oct 2009.

    I mentioned sometime ago that the BN Government is bent on selective persecution of those who are not with them or those who openly oppose and embarrass them.

    Just look at Datuk Thiong. He has not been convicted yet; but, the authority has already found him guilty and hence slammed a caveat on his plane and assets. The MACC came out with a statement that it did not find any evidence that Thiong had handed over RM10M to OTK. It appeared to the public that such transaction never took place – which implied that Dato Thiong made a false accusation and therefore defamed OTK.

    For 1 Malaysia to have a reasonable chance of success, it needs to undergo a complete overhaul – be it bodily, mentally, emotio-nally and spiritually. The slogan is still at its conceptual stage. It has not been achieved yet. There is no success story to offer the world. Perhaps, in my opinion it was too premature for our PM in Paris to offer the utopian 1 Universe formula for peace and unity of the whole world.

    Let us not put the cart before the horse. While in search of the horse, let us be humble enough to ride a cow first.

  8. storm62 says:

    commission for submarine also not corruption?

  9. storm62 says:

    Najis said ” PD – Bandar Tentera Darat”

    Storm says ” PD – Bandar Buaya Darat”

    go and ask Zaina Zain whether i’m right or wrong!!!

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  11. straycat's strut says:

    Well, DSN was just trying to defend the indefensible. And now it seems like all the ministers have the same burden. Isa is simply too bad a choice in the long run. DSN should have said no to Isa even if BN should lose batang Pinang. That way,his war on corruption would be more credible. I could not believe that he chose to sacrifice Malaysian’s public opinion for the sake of winning a Batang Pinang.

    Don’t want to defend him lah on this one. You cannot condone corruption. Especially the proven one. Technicality… sheesh. Hate that word.

  12. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi storm, aiya that ‘komisyen’ for Scopenes oso not commission la.
    That 1 called ‘Consultancy’ and ‘Altan-beh-cee’ (Altan can’t die).
    Hey, lets not forget that space tourist – Malonaught, which was somehow tied up with severely hikedup Mig-29M purchases – soon to be retired air inferiority fighter, whose missiles can’t lock on anything smaller than a volcano.
    Soon the Shukhoi’s 31M will rock us, with untold zillions added to our Defence Badget. This is a study in Najibonomics, shiok-shiok.
    Nah it’s not corruption la – just plain old ‘lanun’ization adapted from the times of their forefathers..

  13. mccann105 says:

    sickening country sickening leaders..we are down the drain either we rise up or we all pokai soon…

  14. i-4-C says:

    KJ wants that Arse Banger investigated for RM$3billion stashed away somewhere. Where did the money come from? Well as I said before, it came from 4 undercover CIA posing as Syrian businessmen in 1998. Talking about corruption, my foot starts laughing ………….

  15. monsterball says:

    UMNO is power crazy and greedy….with Mahathir showing the way…to enrich themselves with hundreds of millions…and smartly feed thousands of chosen Malays…to make sure…they follow the path of the evil and not Allah. That exercise have given birth to the haves…the haves…the have not and the untouchables…who are PAS or PPP members.
    Being power crazy and greedy…you can never expect UMNO to be sincere at all.
    It’s their low class political acting and you can all them….HYPOCRITES.,.but it means nothing to them.
    They are consumes by the devils….led by the devil reincarnated…who is still respected and love by UMNO members….are the clear signs…these power crazy with no dignity…are desperate…to get their master to be active and help..UMNO BARU.
    Najib is but one of the master favorite much so…..he is known as the adopted son of the devil.
    Nice to read and know…the devils are all speaking like devils and lets see….are Malaysians devilish or godly people.
    Yes……greed and money keep of capturing weak souls. How many?
    Malaysians lived and tolerated for decades…out of no choice…and out of fear…never respect to UMNO.
    Now there is a clear choice…so we read and relax to enjoy.
    1Malaysia”…:”.1 World”..”People first. Performance Now”….SLOGANS…and only BN buggers feeling joyful…cheerful…acting to be so….out of give their best acting skills..of their lives…for all are drowning men…..holding onto straws…for the last performances…until 13th GE.
    The others call…MCA…MIC and Gerakan…to drown with their masters……..together we lied..together we rob……together we are crooked and cunning…….together we will die…type of attitudes….and all should thank Mahathir….the smartest crook in the whole wide world…..chosen by the devil to do his job in Malaysia.
    We will finish them off…in 13th GE.
    That’s a promise by kopitiam voters.

  16. monsterball says:

    Thanks again AB LIM.
    I just woke up for two hours solid sleep.

  17. monsterball says:

    1-4-C….Your foot is laughing…because Anwar may have those billions?
    hi…Idiot….who cares…as long as those billions are not stolen from Malaysians.
    Personally……I will be very happy if that is true..and much more..if possible.
    How to fight the devil who have billions stolen from us…to apply their power crazy formula ….to succeed…and continue to steal from us.
    I hear funds are not so easy to steal nowadays with millions of eyes watching….and it takes a low class Oxfart trained man…to say..”.lets forget the past…….lets move on”…..obviously…moving on with UMNO governing the country forever..and ever. That’s what he meant…moving on..who loves to dot dot dot and drink kopi kau kau….accusing others…learning that art from Mahathir.
    Yes….lets hope billions are available …..given to Anwar…by kind souls or company or country…represented by a mysterious donor.
    The freedom fIghters from PR can handle the devils from UMNO and BN. There is no doubt about that.
    It’s the billions tax payers money that..UMNO have that needs money matters to deal with money matters.
    Why is your foot laughing…1-4-C?
    Are they as crazy as you?
    Sure the are…it is part of your crazy nutty body…with a pea brain …who cannot understand logic or commonsense.

  18. Professional Mind reader says:

    Oh GOD Monty, u didn’t sleep?

  19. R4Os says:

    According to SL-blog’s Resident-Cybertrooper En. Anon.dud, this is not “Corruption”, this is called “Contribution”, it’s a payment as a gratitude in exchange for favours or services of the other party.

    Such a wonderful “Umnoputra Culture”, they would preserve it at all costs, even to defend it with their Keris if necessary…

  20. wits0 says:

    ““The offense committed by Isa was merely a technical offense and it was not an offense under the law” – Najib Razak in 1France.”

    Ain’t that ONE big Freudian slip from him! It clearly means that receiving hefty commission from approving any mega purchases and projects is A-OK, wat!

    Besides, the law, e.g., is what his AG says it is.

  21. R4Os says:

    “Talking about corruption, my foot starts laughing…”–i-4-C

    Hellooo, i-4-Cybertrooper,

    u r apparently suffering from “Foot-in-Mouth Disease”, so ur foot starts laughing whenever u stuffed it into your mouth.

    To cure this disease, u have to see a psychiatrist…

  22. It takes a thief to catch a thief or better still to know one !
    Pariah Mahathir should know better than anyone else, as he is the biggest thief in Malaysia in his time and as such it is very easy for him to spot another thief. But his none participation to canvass for ISA is bad news, according to the last 8 re-elections everyone he participated UMNO/BN lost and the one he did not do so UMNO/BN won.
    Just like the 92% win of AAB in the GE election, the pariah did not participate or shall I say the people of Malaysia thought he had retired, they people came out to celebrate big time and gave AAB the record win of UMNO/BN. It was not an endorsement for UMNO/BN’s corruption or their pro Malay policies but a celebration of the pariah’s retirement. As soon as the pariah came out and open his filthy mouth
    UMNO/BN lost and almost lost their political existence.
    Now that he says he is not giving any support to ISA, that is bad news for the people of Malaysia just watch ISA will win !
    But if the pariah dies before the election ISA will surely loose and I think he might get his heart attack !

  23. veryupset says:

    Of course it’s not an offense…! Especially when it comes from experienced professionals….!!!!!

    Oh look…! Who’s running our country..????????

    Why do you all think only the Oppositions are hauled up for a mere couple of thousands of ringgit..?????

    Now KJ wants Anwar “looked” into..????
    We “ARE NOT” even finished with Toyol Palace yet….!!!!!

    Perhaps “you” (KJ) should be looked into also. He seems to have so much time on his hands to look into other “stupid” affairs rather than the “rakyat”…!!!
    Wasting my tax paying money only….!

    Our economy is dying….
    Still want to compare to Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, etc……..
    “What for…??”
    When will the rakyat & Malaysia be look into..???????

    Malaysia economy is so damn bloody important & yet whatever “billions” has been allocated……..
    We don’t “see” any outcome…!!

    Cheap talk…. That’s all !!!

  24. AB LIM says:

    Welcome,welcome Monsterball and Thank you too
    ha,ha…monsterball must be very busy 2 hrZzzzzzz
    so..this i-4-C foot laughing….hohoho
    anyway we got a fren here who are expert in no!!
    (648) is foot….yeh….i-4-C can bet 5k and might win million on his foot…hahahaha then his foot can start laughing again…but don’t gamble too much or your eyes will start crying (401)…my oh my…my fren really have no!!! more than DSAI what 3bil?….anyway that sound great for DSAI…because it’s not stolen from you or me…hahaha

  25. puzzled says:

    We remembered the dis-barred laywer Rohaizat’s Criminal Breach of Trust crime that mooohidin says is just a cheap traffic fine, small matter to the pilihan raya kecil voters.

    Or the cowhead Kerishamuddin says about the Umno protestor are aware what they are doing and supports thems.

    These are alos 1Malaysia quote fo the year.

  26. Army General says:

    Read Zorro unmasked.
    “As I was writing this posting, I received a call from Port Dickson to confirm that the people who attend the recent function where PM Najib had announce the renaming of Port Dickson as the Army Town had received an envelope containing cash worth RM300. How fortunate are these people to be receiving such largesse from our generous PM, and if only I knew, I wouldn’t mind lining up among the mass to receive the cash that is more than sufficient to pay off my petrol expenses.”….Brigadier General (Rtd) Datuk Muhammad Arshad Raji wrote.

  27. AB LIM says:

    Sayonara …gozai mazta….
    so,when ‘Kuli’ say they are corrupted to the core is correct…now the good one already wake up and joint forces with ‘kirei’ or ‘beautifu’l PR.

  28. Army General2 says:

    “Now, with regards to the proposed change of the army leadership, I am told that the plan had began back in 2005. Some of the preferred officers were promoted in double quick time, ahead of those who already have the seniority. But for some unknown reason, these officers who already have an edge in seniority are being left in a lurch, and are bewildered as to why have they have been by-passed in the promotion exercise. This is indeed an unhealthy trend that has also created groups within the army heirachy, i.e. one that is favoured and forms the inner circle by the leadership, and the others being left on the periphery. It is believed that the factor of clan is also a criteria to determine who forms the grouping. This is simply outrageous.”

    That is the great, demoralised Army that is supposed to defend the country hahahahahahaha

  29. Army General2 says:

    Ayam UMNO cluck cluck….pak pak pakak….’Muhyiddin will chicken out’

  30. AB LIM says:

    Take 2…nop..they already lost our support !!
    Cunning faces…never buy peoples heart.

  31. baganpinang says:

    Another temple demolition avoided despite Umno opposition to new site

    SHAH ALAM, Oct 8 — Umno opposition to the relocation of another Hindu temple in Jenjarom, Selangor, which was scheduled to be demolished today, is already being exploited by PAS in the on-going Bagan Pinang by-election.

    The move to demolish the 130-year-old Sri Maha Mariamman temple was aborted only after a meeting between the temple committee, the developer KLIA Holdings and Kuala Langat police.

  32. baganpinang says:

    According to Vaithilingam, an alternative site in Taman Kota, about 1.5km from the present site, was earmarked by the previous BN state government to relocate the temple to in 2007.

    However, he said local Umno politicians objected to the relocation and workers who were preparing the infrastructure for the site were “chased away” on Aug 23.

    “The new site is in a multiracial town. Why must Umno object just because the state is now under Pakatan Rakyat.”

  33. AB LIM says:

    The word…’Tolerance ‘ to keep Malaysian together and so PR…
    Malaysian are actually united..only corrupted few will always find fault in our beautiful and unique society to split us,be ‘Tolerance’ to give and take…

  34. rugby says:,be ‘Tolerance’ to give and take…

    Ya, we give and UMNO takes

  35. AB LIM says:

    Ya,we give and UMNO takes:-rugby
    haha…give them empty bag to pack and we take over from them lah….ai ya this is all our good Malaysian wants….

  36. emptybags says:

    “We finally arrived at my mother’s kampung. We talked with elder relatives. They were saying that nowadays, they were afraid to go out of their homes as there were many snatch thefts and crime. Some of the elderly had been cheated by Haj scams proposed by relatives, who were only into making money from these trusting relatives of theirs.

    The government had leased land to the kampung people to develop so that they would gain from high commodity prices; instead they sub-let to the Indonesians, and claimed the benefits from the government and go jolly katak with the money.”

  37. Dr.Ng says:

    “…give them empty bag to pack and we take over from them lah…”

    My heart bleeds to know that authorities from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) right up to our beloved police are really without much bite to bring in the ‘big fish’.

    I think the only way to get justice for the small people is street justice.

  38. Dr.Ng says:

    “Pakatan may have a few flaws but I feel this is acceptable since they are new in running their individual states. Please remember that the Alliance in the early 1960s did far worse when in power resulting in the 1969 incident.”

  39. Menyalak-er says:

    Now the kids are burning down their classes if they don’t want to sit for exams… 1Malaysia for past, present and future arsonists!

  40. mooyidinjual says:

    Straycat peeam asistant mooyidin got no balls to debate with dsai

  41. AB LIM says:

    haha…here we go again..
    yes,for sure come GE13 they need to pack their bag and many will give them bags to pack …shoooooo

  42. mooyidinjual says:

    Malaysia congratulates RI over Batik: Minister

    Jero said that he was very happy and proud after noticing that Malaysia had congratulated Indonesia over the batik.

    Jero suggested that Indonesia citizens wear batik all the time.

    “After batik, our next job is angklung and gamelan (Indonesia’s traditional music instruments),” he said.

    Prior to batik, UNESCO has also named keris (a traditional Javanese dagger) and wayang (puppets) as Indonesia’s world heritage.

    Only culture malaysia pendatang malays got is pissi-culture

  43. baganpinang says:

    Live dari Bagan Pinang : Pemuda PAS dipukul. Program Pakatan di tempat awam tidak dibenarkan oleh Umno.

  44. kunta says:

    Hahahaha.It’s getting more and more technical !!

    As long they are my brothers , aunties , inlaw ,nephew, clans, clients ,we canll modify as per spec and requirements accordingly.

    Satisfaction guaranteed-customer first ma..

  45. baganpinang says:

    Inilah wajah sahabat kita,lihat kecederaan pada matanya.

  46. harold_robbins says:

    “I met the Carpetman more than a year ago. He asked to meet through a mutual acquaintance because he was alarmed that I was about to reveal that the Carpetman is actually Rosmah’s Bagman. But that was not the thing that got him all flustered. What did was the revelation I was going to make that he is not only the Carpetman who is Rosmah’s Bagman but that he is also her Toyboy.

    I only do business with Rosmah, said the Carpetman. My relationship with Rosmah is only for business purposes. I am not sleeping with Rosmah, he pleaded.”

  47. harold_robbins says:

    “The whole country is very focused on Najib Tun Razak’s extramarital affairs. Sure, every Malaysian knows about this. And every Malaysian also knows about him getting caught in a Port Dickson hotel room with Ziana Zain. In fact, Isa Samad even had photographs of Najib clad only in a towel with the delicious young thing in his bed. And Isa handed the photograph over to the then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. (And that is why Mahathir just does not understand why Najib would choose Isa to contest the Bagan Pinang by-election when it was Isa who tried to bring Najib down with the photograph).”

  48. tkahyap says:

    1 Malaysia, 1 Khalwat, 1 Toyboy

  49. JEFFRY BONG says:


  50. jb says:

    It is like an alcholic, who will deny that he is one. Similarily, these guys, PM included,will deny that there is corruption in money politics because for so long that is what has been going on. It just tells you how corrupt this country has descended to.
    The only way out is a change in government as pursued by other similar type countries.

  51. jungleboy says:

    I was a postal voter when I was in the service. I am just wondering whether my name is still in the postal voter’s electoral roll or that it had been deleted since I registered as ordinary voter since 1978 and whether it is still being used to mark X for BN. Anyone have any idea how I can check to confirm?

  52. Kancilandak says:

    Malays by nature are humble, courtoues, friendly and naive..they know to give gift and take gift is in their nature..
    But the tin miners joint venture with British start this gift giving technic.. the Chinese tin miners gave money to the sultan for land aquisition.. and the British gave them protection and favors.
    This combination used a technic to steal from the naive humble malay their land and possessions. Who taught this innocent malay to give and take corruption?
    Now corruption is permeated in every level of society and heirarchy and become as technical thing.. so the PM is right when he said Isa’s is a technical offense. It’s all of YOU who shout foul of corruption.. are actually the corruption givers.. just like the cartoon above implifies!

  53. hamidi says:

    “Similarily, these guys, PM included, will deny…”

    PM say it is only “technical”. He is trying to “legalise” corruption.

  54. ponpon says:

    Najis Tong Rosak boyfriend in trouble……………..

    PARIS, Oct 8 — The new French culture minister, Frédéric Mitterrand, is fighting to save his brief ministerial career after opposition politicians expressed disgust at his autobiography, in which he justified s*x tourism and admitted “paying for boys”.

  55. wits0 says:

    “Similarily, these guys, PM included, will deny…”

    Mr 10%(and greater)was/ is more than one person tho’. But the tradition was established as an entitlement written in stones….by everyone knows who.

    How would the gomen services not mostly succumb to that same sense of entitlement among their venal members? Tell me how!

  56. gdp says:

    More money for Najib ——-

    France also proposed that Malaysia buy 18 Airbus A330 airplanes on top of the 14 already owned by Malaysia Airline and the six A380s jumbo jets it has ordered.

  57. malaysia says:

    No wonder MACC nvr find anything wrong wif 1BN…

  58. AB LIM says:

    **mind NO EVIL**
    world full of ignorant.

  59. A. Hafetz says:

    The BN’s PM also have a lot technical offenses remember? Isa’s technical offenses is kacang, lah

  60. pisciculture says:

    The rot starts from the fish head.

  61. najisub says:

    Oct 8, 09 12:39pm – “The KD Seri Inderapura, The Royal Malaysian Navy’s (RMN) biggest landing craft, caught fire while berthed at the RMN base jetty in Lumut today.”

    Najib`s submarine is next.

  62. chong says:

    what a shame. memalukan bangsa, negara dan agama!

  63. bee says:

    Affair with ZZ in port diction is NOT an offense under the Law . 1 malaysia or is it 1 master-bed?

  64. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    Hi Susan…Talking about corruption..I have one for ya

    SCANDAL : Zulkefly Omar and Gaharu Lenggeng -PART 1

    Zulkefly had shares amounting to RM1.24 MILLIONS in 3 companies.

    Anyone interested in TRANSPARENCY should ask where he got such money to buy those shares?

    2 of the companies have been DORMANT since …inception which is highly suspicious.

    Another company is involved in Gaharu project and I will tell you details of what went wrong…Ready?

  65. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    SCANDAL : Zulkefly Omar and Gaharu Lenggeng -PART 2

    Syarikat L&R ENTERPRISE SDN BHD adalah syarikat yang ditubuh “secara mengejut” pada 2008.

    Kebetulan pada waktu in juga Husam Musa sibuk promote Gaharu as a new source of wealth for Kelantan.

    We all know how DAP created anonymous companies as a proxy to seludup money from the state for party activities.

    Is PAS doing the SAME corrupted activities? Tunnggguuuu….

  66. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    SCANDAL : Zulkefly Omar and Gaharu Lenggeng – Part 3

    1. The following are Zul’s shares in 3 companies (2/3 are dormant..inactive)

    b. L&R ENTERPRISE SDN BHD (RM499,900)

    2…. Out of the 3 companies listed above, only 1 is known to be active (No.2).

    3. L&R ENTERPRISE SDN BHD is “run” by Zul. The following is his website :

    4. The question is where did this chap get his money from? If one say that the money comes from bank, would bank allow making business loans to an inactive/dormant business – company 1 and 3?

    5. Could the money come from “baju petak2 merah” and the companies are just proxies where “baju petak2 merah” use DUIT RAKYAT to salurkan
    to his party machinery?

    6. Kebetulan, around early 2008, “baju petak2 merah” proposed to “develop gaharu” in kelantan and the state is ready to “go all out”.

    7. However this was just an excuse created in order that state money can be channeled to proxy companies in order to fund the party activities and buy votes.

    6. If you google more on Gaharu Lenggeng, you will find an entry by a blogger who said Zul pajakkan tanah to him. Amboi..where he got the money to buy tanah in the 1st place…?

    7. When you see the posting of this blogger, he started out blogging about agriculture but later after receiving the pajak all of sudden he’s a big time supporter of this party…coincindence? CRONYISM?

    8. The business was not successful however…Zul was more interested in receiving money than doing research or marketing. As a result, the quality of the gaharu he sells is of low quality and his buyers soon complained.

    9. As of May 2009, the business was not making much progress and Zul decided to focus more on politics.

    10. However until now the company still receive funding although revenues are not coming in…weird huh?


    No use splitting hair between money politics and corruption
    When they really both belong to the one and same station
    Till it now becomes a well established ‘technical’ institution
    Which all of us can see through without using our intuition

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 081009
    Thur. 8th Oct. 2009.

  68. kittykat46 says:

    Money Politics is not corruption…because UMNO is above the law…and many people continue to allow them to remain above the law.

    Folks in Bagan Pinang are Sooo happy to vote in Mr. Corrupt.

    Fatimah Zuhri, there is no need to invent vague allegations about the PAS candidate.
    The BN candidate is an Openly Unrepentant Corrupt Politician.

  69. wits0 says:

    “The BN candidate is an Openly Unrepentant Corrupt Politician.”

    That’s the elephant glue factor that unites them all and for so long!

  70. Thumb Logic says:

    I hope that we do not become like African countries that are run like a prision turned inside out with all the good people on the inside and all the bad people on the outside.

  71. monsterball says:

    UMNO needs racialist like Fatimah Zuhri to point out corruptions is everywhere.
    Sure it is.
    UMNO is not only corrupted….but are robbers .. con men and thieves too.
    UMNO is above the law..above Allah. Who dare to go against such powerful people? Where did they get such power?
    From 92% …down to 52 on 12th GE….and now …not more than 35%.
    UMNO politicians are desperate people…and needs itchify Fatimah to rouse them up.
    Does UMNO not… rule forever…so smart……so ever caring…so humble?
    kittykat have said it. Kopitiam fellas….said and know that too well.
    Kuching is making “1Malaysia”…….the Malaysia Day….with “People First. Performance Now”…both slogans…for reasons to celebrate..using public funds with no second thought of the poor and needy.

  72. niakong says:

    Corruption is NOT corruption in BN???

    Matilah negara kita ni!!!

    BN govn ought to be thrown out before our beloved country become lawless like Somalia!

  73. wits0 says:

    Fartimah is doing her desperate ‘intellectual’ corruption bit here for umno which is Corruption 360º.

  74. Steven Yang says:

    A disbarred lawyer who misappropriate RM 161,000/= from his client is also not a criminal offence as defended by Muyiddin.


    Enticing 2 corruptible ADUN to jump ship is ethical although they are indicted but not convicted yet


    Some guilty of money poltics can also be the Chief Minister and some can stand for the UMNO election but then some other are not allow.

    This is what Najis One Malaysia is.

    One ( 1) for all whether you are innoccent or guilty, corruptible or not, deceit or not.

  75. bashery says:

    What..Anwar..3 billion?
    They should stick him with that instead, but being umno, they were never far from fart holes.

  76. Fishy says:

    A corrupted thief is deemed not fit to hold any position in UMNO and is suspended.

    This same thief is now deemed fit to be voted to represent the people.

    What logic is this ? ? ?

    What is not good for UMNO is more than good for the RAKYAT ?

    Your own reject, and you want to offer him to the RAKYAT !

    1Malaysia, 2Standards, 3Fingers – To play you out !

  77. 4stupidfatty says:

    4. The question is where did this chap get his money from? If one say that the money comes from bank, would bank allow making business loans to an inactive/dormant business – company 1 and 3? – Fatimah Zuhri

    Why not? Ask Najib`s Rosmah the fat baytch……she knows.

  78. i-4-C says:

    The most corrupt politician in Malaysia has to be that Arse Banger lah. Even the terrorist that hide bombs in their arse holes also scared of him haha. You know why?? Detonation !!!

  79. 4stupidi-4-C says:

    “Even the terrorist that hide bombs in their arse holes also scared of him haha.”

    Like your father? Look at you….. from a capital “I” you are already reduced to “i”.

  80. wits0 says:

    “The most corrupt politician in Malaysia has to be that Arse Banger lah”

    And the most arse obsessive commentator here is who? It’s an obsessive compulsive syndrome. The weather is Ur-anus never vary.

  81. arsebangstation says:

    i-4-C must be a pondy and got rejected……like saifool. Dont be deject la, fatimah zuhri want you. Rosmah how? She suka toyboy like that indian carpet felr.

  82. Menyalak-er says:

    Actually, i don’t think that flur suffers from OCD, wits – it seems to be anxiety-depression with a huge amount of paranoia, denial and projection… “Arsebanger” is a very ‘queer’ term, not normally used by the sane. Unresolved Oedepius complex perhaps.
    Whatever the differentials, most times ECT works on such decerebrates, doesn’t it?

  83. bodoh voter says:

    The problem is not BN but PRputra.

    These Prutrs are the slothful type. Only when GE or BE comes, then they start campaigning for votes.

    After GE or BE, then they zzzz. That’s why BN dogs after 50 years soodomizing the Malaysians, the inept Malaysians still voting for BN dogs.

  84. hamidi says:

    “Unresolved Oedepius complex perhaps.”

    Definitely i-4-c

  85. bodoh voter says:

    Malaysia is a condemned country with condemned voters.

    After 800 years under foreign colonial masters, the Malaysian voters are still zzz….

    Do Malaysia want another 500 years of ‘colonial’ rule?

    The voters of Malaysia are the real bodoh lots… they deserve to be screwed by the ‘colonial’ masters…

  86. hamidi says:

    “That’s why BN dogs after 50 years soodomizing the Malaysians, the inept Malaysians still voting for BN dogs.”

    Malaysians are complacent that is why. Look at sodomised i-4-C a fine example.

  87. ikanmasin says:

    Fish in abundance following earthquake

    JERTEH: Fishermen in Kuala Kemasin and Pantai Senok, Bachok had extraordinarily plentiful fish in their nets Thursday, perhaps due to the recent earthquake off West Sumatra.

  88. ikanmasin says:

    According to Abdul Rashid, the victim ran from the mob – who targeted those sporting the PAS logo – and was later slashed at the police station.
    Slashed at the police station?!?

  89. i have a dream says:

    With a little bit of common sense,

    The present Malaysian political system just doesn’t work at all for all the Malaysians.

    It’s time for all the Malaysian voters stop voting… exporting all these pariah endemic politicians to the Antarctica or the Arctics..

    Then just implementing a new and innovative political system in Malaysia….

    Presto, then Malaysia will be like an utopia nation like Switzerland, Norway.. no sweat at all!

    No way the BN or PR dogs can rule the country properly!

    Please la my fellow Malaysians, don’t think you can walk on water… Porraahhh!

  90. wits0 says:

    Perhaps, menyalak-er:

    Oedipina complex (or Gamboa worm salamander) is a species of lungless salamander found in western South America from Costa Rica to western Colombia and northwestern Ecuador. It was formerly known as Oedipus complex.

    The anon dud has fairly similar syndrome as the Oedepius complex, although his real identity is not seemingly hermetic. That’s why I needed Kittykat46 to maybe do some of his digital Sherlock-ing.

  91. hoots says:

    Bocor! RM1.9 million ringgit

    Yesterday, PNSB chief executive officer Khairiyah Abu Hassan dropped a bombshell when she further revealed how much the State-owned conglomerate had forked out for former Selangor MB Mohd Khir Toyo and his family’s expenses during the overseas technical visits.

    She also drew hoots of laughter when she explained the reasons for the trips.

  92. kaifun says:

    Tiong: Paper prompted to run false report PDF Print
    Posted by admin
    Thursday, 08 October 2009 17:16

    (NST) – Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing, who is facing a RM500 million defamation suit, slammed a newspaper for reporting that there was no evidence that he had given a RM10 million donation to MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat for party activities.

    Tiong, the Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB) chief executive officer, said the credibility of the report, carried by a local English daily on Wednesday, was dubious as it did not quote any senior Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission official.

    The MACC, in a separate statement, denied that its officials had said they had found no evidence to back Tiong’s claims that he had given the money to Ong.

    The two-paragraph statement, issued by the MACC’s Putrajaya headquarters, stressed that investigations were still on-going and urged all parties to stop speculating on the case.

    In a not-so-subtle reference to Ong, who filed the suit, Tiong claimed that a certain party had “prompted” the newspaper to run the report in the hope of gaining support going into MCA’s extraordinary general meeting this Saturday.

    “It is an attempt to influence the outcome of that meeting. It is probably also an attempt to give credence to his reputation and gain support,” he said in a statement.

  93. amir says:

    Bagan Pinang voters canvassed by BN

  94. jepuni says:

    Najib has sought to defuse racial tensions by launching a racially inclusive campaign called “1 Malaysia”, dismissed by critics as little more than a branding exercise.

    “The strategy is to pledge a yet unsubstantiated programme of ‘1 Malaysia’ while on the ground running campaigns based on the outdated model of race and money,” Welsh said.

    The Umno leader does not see much chance the Barisan will fare any better at the 2013 general election than it did in 2008, raising the prospect of a prolonged period of political uncertainty that will further unnerve investors.

    “I foresee there will not be a change of government, but it will not be a strong vote for both sides and that is bad for the country.” – Reuters

  95. Menyalak-er says:

    Yes wits, there seems to be several ‘salamanders’ who do not seem to undergo metamorphosis from their axotl state. We can assume that kk46 will do the needful.
    As for Malaysia, it is will be indeed a tragedy, if there ‘will not be a change of government’. That’s how a goose or rather a cow head gets cooked corruptedly!

  96. Money and politics go hand in hand and the people suffer because of it.

  97. KOPI FREN says:

    Lau eh,,,then kopi duit also no corrupt?
    legalize already only in 1 Malaysia.

  98. KOPI FREN says:

    this i-4-C stay which block? so funny name!
    arse burger or ‘ka chooi play play’?
    ai ya,shit all smelly.why do this?don’t frame our fren lah,AI no bang ka chooi one,wan ong sama good,no good.

  99. KOPI FREN says:

    you should call your name like this@@@@@@@@
    i am 4C or C4 then brooooooommmmm your arse.sound good.bam bam hard feelinglah.why? because you start one first ‘wan ong sama AI ‘lau eh.dia punya wife banyak friendly one,good people and we spent AI & Datin kopi kau kau when they see us.they walking also hold hand one,very loving couple.

  100. KOPI FREN says:

    Kopitiam talk are very straight forward one,that’s why people like and trust,,,and every morning wake up at 5am ( chicken calling ) and working until 12 midnight ( ghost calling ),,,not easy life,,,when i hear them money politic also not corrupt? you know,,my brain short circuit$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ wah lau eh,,,,so easy money,,,then i compare with our kopitiam fellows fren,,,i respect my kopitiam fren more because they work hard for the money,correct,yes,no robbery,yes,hard earn money,yes,yes,yes,,,,,so proud of my fren all.

  101. KOPI FREN says:

    Ai ya,i talk too long this Fatimah Zoori later no syok,nevermind i can spent her kopi kau kau also,but on one condition,,,talk good thinglah about us PR peoples,,,why? yes,,,because no talk no fren and talk talk lama lama jadi fren,,,maybe Fatima Zoori senyum already,,,HaHaHaHaHaHa,,,,she sure come out cuci me later one,,,anyway nevermind,,,,i can tahan one,,,,with kopi kau kau

  102. kampongchicken says:

    Now Zahid Hamidi want to get commission…….

    Thursday October 8, 2009 MYT 8:34:00 PM
    Another craft to replace KD Seri Inderapura

    PORT DICKSON: The government proposes to buy a new landing craft to replace the Royal Malaysian Navy’S biggest landing craft, the KD Seri Inderapura, which was destroyed by fire while berthed at the naval base jetty in Lumut Thursday morning.

    Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the 40-year-old vessel could not be used anymore due to be being burnt for the second time, the first being in 2002.

    “I have contacted the Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak) just now, he is abroad, I believe that the PM who had been defence minister for 14 years would ask to look for an alternative to replace the ship, however it is difficult to look for one as it was difficult to get one on the market now.

  103. samadoraemon says:

    Isa dituntut selesai ‘hutang’ dengan peneroka Felda

  104. 1 Alien says:

    ”Olii cow,1 cow in 1 Malaysia being Abducted ”
    Must be too corrupted and should be abducted for another 52++ years.

  105. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Yes,surprise and look who is talking about corruption?

    Make sure you wipe thoroughly the window glass before you jump!
    He should be worry too,maybe next!

  106. Joshua says:

    Poison is a perfume by Christian Dior.

    Corruption is a perfume by Naif Ton Rasa.

  107. i-4-C says:

    That Arse Banger has ANUS COMPLEX? Know what sickness this is? In Melayu, we call it GILA BUNTUT hahaha

  108. tokkok says:

    “Even the terrorist that hide bombs in their arse holes also scared of him haha.”……….i-4-C

    Ya lah, 4 expert U it is always “kok a doodle do any kok will do” ….like blakang mati pros

  109. tokkok says:

    “In Melayu, we call it GILA BUNTUT hahaha”

    Again toking kok………U go and have some sup bontot

  110. AB LIM says:

    ” Now the Kids are burning down their classes as if they don’t want to sit for exams…”-menyalak-er
    Maybe this kids get money very easy way…no need to study anymore!!…make sure they are not in politic and be our future leader!!! hell on fire……….

  111. tokkok says:

    “In Melayu, we call it GILA BUNTUT hahaha”

    So U have been putting yours “In Melayu” and the other way round oso hahaha finally we know you are a back farker as well as a farkee

  112. i-4-C says:

    This Arse Banger has been buying his “IKAN BILIS CROSS OVER MIXED UP POLITICIANS” one million ringgit here and one million ringgit there using the monies given him by CIA during AL Gore’s regime lah. Let all Malaysians not be fooled by this arse banging traitor !!!

  113. tokkok says:

    “…make sure they are not in politic and be our future leader!!! hell on fire……….”

    Not to wori 2 much, they will be with i-4-C having sup bontot

  114. tokkok says:

    Let all Malaysians not be fooled by this arse banging traitor !!! i-4-C

    I hate CIA for being useless. Najis and KGB are doing a good job for sup bontot 1Malaysia

  115. AB LIM says:

    olee shit the banana crab…this i-4-C nothing to talk….whole day subject talk c*ck…banging here and there…he must be ‘gay lo’ or ah pon also,pathetic…roll your mini moonie buntut in and we will grill it for you…hahahahahah

  116. i-4-C says:

    I had sup buntut in Medan at a posh restaurant and it was yummy hehe. While Najib has 1 Malaysia vision, this Arse Banger’s vision is to be the first asian Arse Banger ever to become PM after Hitler hehe

  117. AB LIM says:

    ai sheh,i-4-C got aids bam bam sup in Medan…finish,tanga porci,useless already…nevermindlah….AI only interested to get back corrupted Billion or Trillions back to all Malaysian to be back on track again…not interested in your ass hole bang bang…outdated….now got modern one…auto service one….yours are outdated.hahahahaha…useless

  118. AB LIM says:

    so…fellow Malaysian…Good Night and Sweet Dream.
    i-4-C @ C4 …so if you still want to hallucinating and play with your own arse,buntut,wet dream…just carry on until tomorrow…and you can try scratch the wall or bang on it…then tell us how you feel….that’s why i heard so much weird things about i-4-C …..weirdo…. not interested…outdated..hahahahahahaha

  119. Menyalak-er says:

    Aiya AB, that flur got confused la – sup bontot is a speciality of Sulawesi – especially in Makassar and Manado. That 1 in Medan fake la – like Singaporeans copying our char-kuay-teow. Barger oso never been to Sulawesi near Ambalat – scared shitless of those Benteng fellas mah. Very constipated.
    That’s why he so syiok and fixated with his anal anxiety and obsession. Harpic Enema asap needed…

  120. monsterball says:

    I sense Allah spoke to 1-4-C …f..cked him proper and good….woke up his peas brain a little. I noted improvements in his search for truths
    Lets wait for more comments from him….to see is he fully cured and constantly return to the good side.
    If he sways with the rhythm from his weak brain…like a drunkard monkey…sorry for him.

  121. wits0 says:

    Take break guys, from his hydrogen sulphide stench and let sweet alan sing a stirring Taiwanese folk song for us :

  122. i-4-C says:

    Guess what ??? The classified Pentagon file called “REFORMASI” is gathering dust hehe. Obama got no time for this Arse Banger lah. Oh yes, his only supporter thru these blogging is one Looney Maloney hehe

  123. tokkok says:

    “Guess what ??? The classified Pentagon file called “REFORMASI” is gathering dust hehe.” – i-4-C

    Who the fark cares about CIA or Pentagon. You take care of your father who has been arsebanged so many times, and now the offspring follows. Not to mention your mother prostituting herself to BUMNO – a very happy thoroly arsebanged family you all are.

  124. tokkok says:

    “I had sup buntut” – i-4-C

    That is what I said you arsebanged idiot. Btw pendatang Najis Tong Rosak originated from the “sup buntut” paradise of Sulawesi.

  125. najibmustdie says:

    Just imagine what could be done for the country with the massive billions that have already been used to bail out all the follies of Mahathir? We should have just given his children and his cronies a billion each and it would still be worth every penny spend to rid ourselves of these vultures and criminals that have bleed our country dry.

  126. najibmustdie says:

    “People talked about Malaysia incorporated. No it was more a Mahathir incorporated run on the same lines as the Mafia. If you are family you are a ok. …the only difference was even with the Mafia there was a limit to the amount of money they could lose…not with Mahathir. Not with Mahathir. Even the Mafia did not have access to the billions that Mahathir so generously gave to his cronies. …and he thinks he is the father of Development of Malaysia? Huh! Our challenge now is to learn from his mistakes. It was his mistakes not ours but we still have to learn from his mistakes. So that we will never allow within our midst a leader like him again. “

  127. najibmustdie says:

    Najib`s idol………

    “French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterrand said Thursday he would not resign over his autobiographical novel that describes paying Asian boys for s*x and denied having ever engaged in paedophile acts.”

  128. baganpinang says:

    Live dari Bagan : Tuan Guru Nik Aziz dan Lim Guan Eng di Bagan Pinang pada malam tadi.

  129. monsterball says:

    How smart Mahathir sons are.
    Truly out of this world geniuses.
    Both can borrow hundreds of million….from nothing.
    One is a big time businessman.
    The other sole agent for Porche sports cars….that needs hundreds of millions to get the franchise.
    This reminds me…Tommy…son of ex Indonesia President…Soeharto…..closest buddy of Mahathir…also sole agent of Ferrari Sports. Is that a co-incident that the close friend’s sons have the best sports cars sole agency?
    But Tommy’s failures is due to his playboy character.
    Mamak..cannot stand sodomy…do have better children.
    But do you honestly think these people have children.. smarter than most of us….to instantly be rocketed to become multi millionaires…with money…drop from the sky?
    Ah yes…..Mahathir said …all PMs are non corruptable…..trying to be too smart….than change a CNN interview. CNN interviewer Zain….cornered him…and he said….she is not qualified to interview at all. Remember the same Zain started interviewing Abdullah….with this opener….”What on earth is happening with you and Mahathir…bla bla bla”……proving CNN takes Mahathir a nobody too.
    I say I say I say…..are we really soooooo stupid….that Mahathir is blessed with such smart children?

  130. mamaksodom says:

    “Mamak..cannot stand sodomy…”

    Must have been sodomised by his father (mamaks are famous for sodomy). He used that against dsai bcos dsai was involved in islamic abim movement, so the ulamak mamak used that against dsai, but it bommrang on him. Even that fat pig AG who carry mattress in and out of court ended up dying like a vegetable.

  131. charleskiwi says:

    Didn’t you once, in recent times, said that because pariah Mahathir has a Malay grand-mother and also a Malay mother and as such the pariah is in no question a pure Malay ?
    If that is your theory please tell the people the pariah’s multi millionaire son who has a Chinese wife and that their children are half Chinese. I hate to agree with you up to that only.
    When one of these children married another Chinese the off spring will no doubt become pure Chinese.
    What a spooky thought that is, to have the descendants of the pariah Mahathir’s pollute the blood of the Chinese ! That would be a disaster even worse than a nuclear bomb dropped in China !
    That is according to your theory, the people know you were, just like those half breeds in UMNO (may be you are one of them) trying to play Allah. Is it because you and the half breeds in UMNO decided that since Allah did not have the pariah born as a Malay (why ?) ,you all will still make rules for him to ‘become’ a Malay ? Is it so easy to become somebody else other than the one you are born as ?
    To me the best way to determine who the pariah Mahathir and all half breeds UMNO members really are, have their DNA tested, and you will get the real answer once and for all time. But let me warn you beforehand the so called Malays might become the minority of Malaysia ?
    So stop playing Allah and have the real answer, once and for all, call an Indian an Indian and not a Malay. Or are you all concerned you all might loose you so called Malay right and the many clutches.

  132. R4Os says:

    MCA president OTK now tries hard to carry Najib’s balls, he calls MCA as “1MCA Team” now, tak tahu malu…

    Until recently he accused CSL as Umno running dog, now he is desperate to please his master himself, blardy hypocrite…

  133. baganpinang says:

    At a Pakatan Rakyat press conference a PAS volunteer masks himself against the deadly B1N1 virus.

  134. tingtong says:

    [Ahead of EGM, Tee Keat touts his ‘1 MCA’ ]

    Tiong: Paper prompted to run false report
    Thursday, 08 October 2009 17:16

    (NST) – Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing, who is facing a RM500 million defamation suit, slammed a newspaper for reporting that there was no evidence that he had given a RM10 million donation to MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat for party activities.

    Tiong, the Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB) chief executive officer, said the credibility of the report, carried by a local English daily on Wednesday, was dubious as it did not quote any senior Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission official.

    The MACC, in a separate statement, denied that its officials had said they had found no evidence to back Tiong’s claims that he had given the money to Ong.

    And that is OTK`s 1MCA,
    and Latuk WCW (Star) is the fellatio expert.

  135. R4Os says:

    Then one fine day MIC president Sami-Velloo may also call his party as “1MIC” lor…, don’t be surprised…

    Then Najis will have 1Be-eNd consistent with his 1Malaysia, 1World, 1Universe, 1xyz Visions…


  136. jamshed says:

    charleskiwi – October 9, 2009 at 8:44 am,

    “Zuhri”is also a derivative of the Pakistani/Hindi “Suri” which means “pig”

  137. jamshed says:

    UMNO godfather is George Bush,

    THERE is a ubiquitous campaign billboard in Port Dickson now. It says, “For 63 years, Barisan Nasional (BN) has protected you. Don’t destroy the country’s security.”

    The arithmetic is baffling. The BN was officially registered as a coalition in July 1974. As at October 2009, this would make the BN only 35 years old. Yes, the BN is only as old as Posh Spice a.k.a. Mrs David Beckham. Former US President George W Bush is 63 years old, not the BN.

  138. R4Os says:

    “KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 8 — The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) today reiterated that investigations into claims that the MCA president received RM10 million in donation from Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd (KDSB) chief executive Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing are on-going.” –M.Insider

    This news should give a big slap to that MCA’s mouthpiece helmed by Chief Eunuch WCW, who tried to spin stories to cleanse his master OTK in “The-Star”, to try to influence the voters of MCA’s 10.10.10 EGM…

  139. tokoh says:

    The word “Malay” or “Melayu” in the modern and post-modern times has carried its connotation of “malaise”, “withering”, “wilting” “backwardness”, “paranoia”, disempowerment”, and even “laziness”.

    Me-layu = wilting
    Malays = malaise
    Mel-ange = range of differences/fragmentation
    Malas = lazy

    In Malaysia, particularly wherein Malays form a substantial majority and political power is in the hands of a “Malay” party called “United Malays National Organisation”, concepts related to the word “Malay” have been hovering to indicate the “malaise-ness” of ideas:

  140. tokoh says:

    If this is a progressive, model Muslim nation, I wonder what that says about Islam. If I were a Muslim, I would actually be insulted. I also wonder about the US’s understanding of what “progressive”, “moderate” and “model” mean.

    Therein lies the deceit of such glowing descriptions about Malaysia by the Obama administration — whether real or embellished by Najib. They are inaccurate and disingenuous. They create a falsehood about the kind of undemocratic nation we have become — one that is ruled with the threat of violence and fear in the name of Islam and Malay supremacy.

  141. komsen says:

    Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the 40-year-old vessel could not be used anymore after it caught fire for the second time, the first being in 2002.

    Another C4 case coming up soon when he and Rosmah fight over commission

  142. Kancilandak says:

    The giving of gifts and taking of gift is a cultural norm in Asian countries.. even so in Malaysia… it’s ‘buah tangan’ When we visit people in they houses or hospitals or fuctions we bring gifts and exchange gifts… if at that time we cannot get gifts we give money… likewise in a political functioin giving gift between supporters and leaders is tradition… in Isa’s case it was money… less hassle buying gifts!
    Some quaters want to pin Isa down on such technicalities.. but now they realise… it’s simple giving gift is a matter of adat.

  143. R4Os says:

    “Some quaters want to pin Isa down on such technicalities.. but now they realise… it’s simple giving gift is a matter of adat.” –kancilandak


    Guess who pinned down Md Isa when he practiced this “good” adat melayu giving “Buah(Duit) Tangan” to Umno delegates? It was none other than your Umno bosses lar… They were the one who suspended him for 3 yrs and disqualified his VP post won by highest votes, so what say u…?

    Your left hand slapped your own right hand izzit?

  144. R4Os says:

    “Since the component parties have no real input into the policy process, they are left with only one option to gain some political legitimacy and “save face”.

    This option is to set up “service centres” to solve the day-to-day problems of the working class. They will do anything but make government policies. They will get involved in hawker licence issues, rubbish collection issues, runaways, dirty drains, cannot get Telekom phone lines, etc, you name it, they will do it. But if you ask them to change government policy, they will hide under the desk and pretend you are not there.” –James Chin (TMI)

    BINGO…!!! It’ 100% SPOT ON…….

    Read this nice piece from political analyst Mr. James Chin:

  145. wits0 says:

    Once upon a time a mouse deer mated with a porcupine and produced a kancillandak. It couldn’t tell a porcupine from a mouse deer.

    As it turned out, the product also cannot tell an inducement from a gift.
    If a wolf wears sheepskin, it becomes a sheep, to it.

    Adat explains and excuses all wrt dishonesty and illegal behaviour. Almighty adat, verily!

  146. kahkah_kahkah says:

    … it’s simple giving gift is a matter of adat.” –kancilandak

    kancilandak should folo his adat and offer his mother to Isa…..
    ISA SAMAD and what he thinks money can do!

  147. kahkah_kahkah says:

    Isa to get either mousey dear or porky pine after kancilandak makes offer to Isa Doremi [former NS MB]

  148. Morning Dew says:

    Fatimah, what exactly was your point ? That 2 corruption makes a right ?

    Your speculative post is characterised more by its lack of substance and malice than ethics.

    Your post has one saving grace though. It had allowed so many posters here much needed psychological release 😎

  149. kahkah_kahkah says:

    Ok Guys competition Time.!!
    Please submit your entries for
    “50 ways to call Mahathir”

  150. adatmelayu says:

    Residents also reportedly threw stones at the Royal Malaysian Air Force plane that brought rescuers and aid for victims.

  151. R4Os says:

    Please submit your entries for
    “50 ways to call Mahathir”

    This is fun, better than giving him slipper garlands…

  152. kittykat46 says:

    Money politics is a mere technicality ?
    Bull-Sh*t. UMNO takes it lightly only because everyone in UMNO practices it, from Najis downwards…
    Mat Isa was just the sacrificial lamb for Dollah’s “transparency campaign” of that time – late 2005, which he quickly gave up. Every UMNO idiot was doing it.

    Let me lay out Money Politics in its full ugliness.
    Every act of Money Politics actually involves 2x separate acts of Corruption.
    First , the act of a candidate giving out cash, holiday tours, goodies, women, etc to voting candidates as part of campaigning is simply Corruption. No other name for it.

    Second, and much more dangerous to Malaysia’s national fabric.
    How does a Minister / Menteri Besar with a modest salary come out with Tens of Millions of Ringgit to bankroll his campaign ?
    Simple – he either controls massive private Slush Funds or he gets “Friendly” business supporters to act as his banker – often China-putra businessmen.
    Either way, they are Corrupt gains.
    Slush funds come from 10% or 20% of approved projects, or front companies milking taxpayers funds through contracts.
    Remember PKFZ ? Its just the tip of the iceberg.

    As for China-putra financing, they are always quid-pro-quo for past or future business awards and opportunities. Corruption and Abuse of Power, no more, no less.

    UMNO – Corrupt to the Core.

  153. AB LIM says:

    ” but now they realise…it’s simple giving gift is a matter of adat”-kancilansi
    this over twisted kancilansi must be still in slumberland dream talking….i will suggets to this kancilansi that he should cash out all his bank money all and give as a gift too…then that will be call adat .haha..but if he use others tax money to give as gift…he must be talking from his corrupt slumberland again..hahahahaha

  154. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    1 of 50 entries Hmmmmmmmm
    ‘Ma ka hai’ or ‘Ma hai tiu’

  155. Chairman of Joint Chief Of Staff, General George Pearsly says:

    Slush funds come from 10% or 20% of approved projects, or front companies milking taxpayers funds through contracts.
    Remember PKFZ ? Its just the tip of the iceberg. -Mr. Kittykat

    Ok lah Oklah. Aren’t you the one, once upon a time a member of a component party of the BN? How much have you “made”(undertable, or whatever forms of gratifications) thereof?

    Now that you may have everything to lose ala Chua Soi Lek, you become a BN critics. Haiya, should award you a Congressional medal for that. Keep on complaining nia MAH(non-related to Patrick teoh NIAMAH)…….

  156. Menyalak-er says:

    Pico: “Buah Tangan… ia lah adat.”
    Hahaha.. so now the pico is using ‘adat’ to justify corruption. Well that’s certainly true – why didn’t it use some ‘adat’ to lubricate his tenuous ways through the labrinthe of polis and immigresen, the last time his pampers got sangkut?
    Careful pico, don’t let the good Muslim catch you in such a comprimising position – they will shaft that material ‘adat’ into all your avilable orifices!

  157. Look Who's Talking ? says:

    Careful Of Being Poison!!!

    Why all this stupid act happen to our Malaysian?

  158. kittykat46 says:

    Chairman of Joint Chief Of Staff, General George Pearsly –

    I have a very successful career which has nothing to do with, and never has had anything to do with Barisan Nasional or the Malaysian Government.

    That’s why when I decided to walk away, it was very easy. Nothing to hide, nothing anyone can hold against me.

    By the way, that was long before the GE12 – at the time PKR was called “Party Kurang Relevan”

    I have been a regular on Susan’ blog, arguing for honest, open government since early 2007 – those days she got about 5-10 comments per day on her blog.

    Wits0 I know, he was there.

    Where T.F. were you at the time ??? Chairman of Joint Chief Of Staff, General George Pearsly – ????

  159. Menyalak-er says:

    Second that KK46. Seems a lot of sowing of discord here. Watch the nicks, guys – same trolls… Each one of us will be targeted in turn. Your message has been consistent and you have been forthright, but these blurs are getting desperate mah… We will back you up.

  160. AB LIM says:

    Back up-correct correct
    We are new kids on the block…blog with full force.

  161. 1world says:

    Chairman of Joint Chief Of Staff, General George Pearsly – October 9, 2009 at 12:36 pm,

    if you are going around dishing out those rubbish congressional medals, give 1 to Najib – u will get to spend a night with his former GRO wife. Then you can donate your american military might into her.

  162. wits0 says:

    “UMNO – Corrupt to the Core.” – Kittykat46.

    That’s its adat.

    Anyone knows who’s ‘anon dud’?

  163. 1world says:

    [Anyone knows who’s ‘anon dud’?]

    Najib`s right testicle

  164. 1 Alien says:

    + Anyone knows who’s ‘anon dud’? –
    Najib’s left testicle

  165. wits0 says:



  166. kahkah_kahkah says:

    anonymous dud is khir toyo hahahaha

  167. 1 Alien says:

    hehohehohehohehohehohehoheho toyol alien???????

  168. trumpetz says:

    Justice is TWO-FACED!!!

  169. 1 Alien says:
    + We drop him out at section 23 lulu planet.
    – He will craw back anytime very soon.

  170. kahkah_kahkah says:

    Dikir Toyol

  171. wits0 says:

    “- He will craw back anytime very soon.”

    We can do free root canals on him then – minus anesthesia.

  172. kahkah_kahkah says:

    “– minus anesthesia.”

    O o, now that Najib felr will think anesthesia is a russian lady…..round 2 after mongolia

  173. AB LIM says:

    olee shit the banana crab….what happen?
    Alien landed!!!

  174. monsterball says:

    ‘minus anesthesia”….very painful.
    wisto cannot tahan or up to his neck with disgust.

  175. Five Star Kopitiam says:

    baby,go on yr 60″lcd ‘Ah B’ calling,got show tonight,come for capucino,over!

  176. Nice Lim says:

    Come on!!
    All not nice faces,where got any Mr Clean,bullshit.

  177. niamah says:

    “not nice faces”

    Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s message to the MCA delegates who will be voting at the EGM tomorrow is a simple but pertinent one – Vote for a clean leader.

    ONLY RM33.88 cheep cheep

  178. niamah says:

    RM63 million owed to Seruan Gemilang would still need to be paid as today’s decision would not affect the main judgement (ordering the Pahang Government to pay RM63 million) made by the High Court in 2007, the court held.

  179. niamah says:

    “The logging scam, exposed by Malaysiakini in 2003, centred around a 10,000-acre plot of land – about 40 sq km in size – near Pekan.

    The plot of land, part of the Nenasi forest reserve, was awarded to Umno Pahang in 1998 by the state government led by then Pahang MB and Umno state chief Khalil Yaacob, ostensibly for oil palm plantation.

    To make the deal aboveboard, the party was required to pay a RM4.8 million land premium before logging activities could start. Although almost all of the land has been stripped to date, Umno has repeatedly failed to make the payment.”

  180. Chairman of Joint Chief Of Staff, General George Pearsly says:

    “Where T.F. were you at the time ??? Chairman of Joint Chief Of Staff, General George Pearsly – ????” – Kittykat

    Well I was leading a covert military operations in arming the local Afghanistans and Iraqis using “illegal” slush funds from the Pentagon against A-Qaeda and other militants groups. I was a Lieutenant General(3 star General) at that time. of course that’s bullshit, mah. Joking mah. 😉

    My, points are (while I have nothing personally against you) while you are a Gerakan member like Jeff Ooi, I am quite sure there are pecuniary to be siphoned-off. Even a small-time clerk of any parties of esp. the corrupted BN when ordering some functions made at least hundreds in kickbacks, mah.

    I don’t believe you join Gerakan just because your kids are given free balloons, but I believe you are a recipient of some sweetheart deals anew. But good acumen for switching party, and keep up the good job of complaining and digging out their dirts coz the one who is deeply involve has proven to have an in-depth knowledge of that. Keep it up, complaining, MAH……

  181. i-4-C says:

    Get all the facts right guys! That arse banger served 6 years jail imprisonment for corruption !!!!

  182. R4Os says:

    “Get all the facts right guys! That arse banger served 6 years jail imprisonment for corruption !!!!” –i-4-C

    Sentenced by a Kangaroo Court sat by Dr. Mahatiu’s hand-picked judges brokered by VK Lingam, prosecuted by Dr. Mahatiu’s hand-picked Ghani Patel, Investigated by Dr. Mahatiu’s hand-picked Musang Hassan. yeah, we r so convinced…….. Not!

    Keep on trying, i-C-4…

  183. kaneh says:

    Get all the facts right guys! That arse banger served 6 years jail imprisonment for corruption !!!! – i-4-C

    Just bcos your father was arsebanged, and he arsebanged your mama, does not mean that the spunk must be in your arsebanged head.
    Go and do some research on that “so-called corruption”. Give details to substantiate your allegations, not those of some corrupt judges who got arsebanged by Mahathir and Bumno.

  184. kaneh says:

    Only in 1ArsebangedMalaysia is it consider corruption to tell police to “speed up investigations”.

  185. Lee says:

    ai yoh fat mama hubby said “its just a parking ticketlah” hahahahhah “rakyat di ketepikan, kroni di utamakan” 1malaysia.

  186. hangthem says:

    PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim today challenged the authorities to investigate him again over allegations that he had RM3 billion in several master accounts. At the same time he wants similar investigations to be started against several Umno leaders, including Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and former prime minister Badawi

  187. monsterball says:

    Get the facts like….you idiotic.1-4-C
    That arse banger is not an arse banger.
    UMNO always accused others for what they are.
    Now Mahathir teaching UMNO crooks he made…to be not corrupted.
    You want to learn the art to twist and turn….show us many more and not keep talking about Anwar.
    You are a product from a Tong Sampah school…just like kancilandak that your balls will shiver …..knowing…without UMNO your days are numbered.

  188. i-4-C says:

    What a load of misled idiots !!! I have better things to do. Catch another month or so hehe

  189. hohohohohoho says:

    Get all the facts right guys! That arse banger served 6 years jail imprisonment for corruption !!!! – i-4-C

    Just bcos your father was arsebanged, and he arsebanged your mama, does not mean that the spunk must be in your arsebanged head.

    kaneh – October 10, 2009 at 10:01 am

    HaHaHoHoHaHaHoHo he is now going for 1Month of ARSEBANGING

  190. Kancilandak says:

    Watever you say sifu.. by making Isa win the people of Bagan Pisang have endorsed Najib as PM. Now worried about what drunkard indians can do, my ….. really shiver. For ricecooker and sarees they can sell the country, buy it back and sell it again.

  191. monsterball says:

    Kancilandak….rejoice your party won big…..but do not think the biog win…will mean Malaysians have endorsed Najib as PM.
    What an idiot you are…taking few thousand votes to represents 4 million.
    That win….ever to endorse is endorsing Najib is full of shit and he supports corruptions.
    That win…means voters in Bagan Pinang…seems to think they have no choice…..or survived …based on corruptions…giving bribes… to get things done…or taking bribes…to continue their way of life..for selfish reasons.
    The win does not make kopitiam people shiver not feel disappointed.
    Anwar is back and Permatang Puah…Isa is back from Bagan Pinang.
    UMNO trying so hard to make Anwar disappear… if you do not know. If UMNO is so strong…no need to apply such dirty tactics.
    Anwar is loved and respected by millions….as if UMNO and you also do not know that.
    1-4-C surely know that very well.
    So….it is a battle between the good and the evil.
    Let Allah apply HIS judgement day on 13th GE.

  192. monsterball says:

    1-4-C said we are a bunch of mislead idiots.
    This low class racialist son of a gun…do think UMNO owns Malaysia.
    Say it bloody hypocrite.

  193. whispering9 says:

    Frankly, I am glad to see PAS lost BP! At this moment, many do not appreciate their antic disposition in those states they ‘won’. Sure, PR can blame ‘planted saboteurs’ from UMNO. A Party that can be easily infiltrated by saboteurs is worse than a Party who genuinely makes mistakes or bad judgments. And PAS is not the only party with ‘saboteurs’. Better get down to business running the states they won with as little politicking and excuses as possible. Some of the PR representatives and MPs are doing great jobs. But majority is just giving lame excuses like ‘too busy’, ‘electorate doesn’t understand’ and ‘not enought fund/staff.’ ISA won because of the old golden quote ‘It is better to trust a known Devil than an unknown Angel.’ Yes, Malaysians think ‘corruption’ is better than having a berserk angel (this is not sarcasm…just a matter of fact).

  194. Even state DAP chief Anthony Loke admitted that the Pakatan Rakyat campaign only picked up pace much later.

    “The challenge for us is the postal votes. We have no access to the army camp,” said Loke.

    sore loser is sore loser. blame this and that. padan muka pr kalah!

  195. R4Os says:

    “What a load of misled idiots !!! I have better things to do. Catch another month or so hehe” –i-4-C

    Yeah… whenever u make some stoopid posts here n then got arse-banged by the angry mob here, u would need to take a month off to recuperate, you poor arse….

  196. selamatjalan says:

    Word have it that Mohamad Hassan does not enjoy the full support of UMNO Negeri Sembilan. Such talk has been heard for a long time. An UMNO watcher put it as five out of eight UMNO divisions in the state as not supporting the MB. It seems that Rais Yatim and Shaziman Mansor , big names in UMNO Negeri Sembilan are also not keen on Mohamad Hassan. True of false? It all depends on who you talk to.

    Some say when Mohamad Hassan became MB, he incurred the wrath of Isa by chopping off Isa’s men. Now it looks like it’s pay back time. According to an UMNO watcher, the day Isa was officially named BN candidate for Bagan Pinang, many of Mohamad Hassan supporters abandoned him and jumped onto the Isa band wagon.

    Now some are boldly speculating that Isa will be made, no not senior exco but Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar, replacing Mohamad Hassan.

  197. najibmustdie says:

    .. by making Isa win the people of Bagan Pisang have endorsed Najib as PM. Now worried about what drunkard indians can do, my …..kancilandak

    Drunkard indians the best, they have put the rusting nails in UMNO. I cannot say for sure what they can do to your….., all you have to do is lie back and enjoy it.

  198. billauchris says:

    BN won the Bagan Pinang by-election by over 5k votes on 11 Oct 2009. The victory broke the dry spell for BN for a long time where by-elections were concerned.

    While BN have reason to jubilate, the general masses are truly disappointed. The fact remains that UMNO by picking Isa as the candidate for the by-election indeeds have given the wrong signal to the electorate if not to the whole country; in that, it condones and accept corruption and continues to practise a perilous brand of politics that is fraught with double standards, arrogance, avarice to the total neglect of its responsibility and sensitivity to the future generations. The policy of seeking and amassing wealth through immoral and foul means looks like it is being encouraged in the open by the UMNO leadership.

    The question remains to be resolved is this: why should postal votes be allowed with the camps are so near where the polling was? I am sure that many of the soldier boys were based at the Recruits’ Training Centre. Certainly, they could be allowed to go outside the camp to exercise their voting rights! There is no special reason why postal votes for these resident soldiers be allowed! I think the Election Commission has to answer to the use of postal votes! In peace time, there is no reason that they have to go for operations in the jungle.

    The choice of Isa was against all odds and advice from UMNO’s elders. Looks like UMNO is now exfoliating the elders after making use of them to seek support and securement of their leadership positions

    Isa is rich and I am sure he cannot over night remove all the leopard spots on his body. The public is still strongly speculating whether his victory was not attributed to his money politics.

    Let us continue to train our telescoipe on such tainted characters
    in UMNO as well as BN. Get rid of them through the ballot boxes at the next election.

    The country needs reformation and a series of thorough cleansing. We cannot continue the country to be senselessly raped by unscrupulous politicians. We need to make Malaysia a better country, not only for us but also for the many generations to come.

    To do this, we as Malaysians must work in one direction with one mind and vision to attain a united Malaysia based on justice, equality and liberty regardless of race, colour and religion.

    God bless Malaysia

  199. kelvin says:

    Well, some ppl support Isa does not imply that we support bn in others states district.

    let mca and mic and some abeno big heads ride on the titanic and sink later.

  200. rakyat says:

    sahabat kopitiam and rakyat jelata still keen on PKFZ saga and others cases.

    plenty of us knew that there were involvement of many politician into this. even some former abeno party leaders..

    too many politician telan duit . soem quarters are behind the scene try to shut off the truth to be revealed. macc didn’t bother to investigate this ?

  201. brrrnama says:

    Nik Aziz, who is also Kelantan Menteri Besar, added that the voters also had the perception that the party comprised terrorists and extremists, causing them to be too afraid to accept it.

    On Umno’s extraordinary general assembly, Nik Aziz said : “Umno can only be accepted by the people if its national policies be changed to Islamic policies and its name be changed from United Malay National Organisation to United Muslim National Organisation.” – Bernama

  202. yum says:

    PR – PKR, PAS & DAP can continue to held dialogues and discussion for improvement.
    Kawan kopitiam and at mamak stall know that bunch of corruption ppl were related with PKFZ case.
    The truth is going to disclose. let those culprits and kroni kena punish nd pay us back the money.
    perhaps consider the option of the PPTN , pay or else can not go -oversea.. and……

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