This statement is from the Altantuya Foundation, based in Bangkok:




Sunday will mark the start of Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s first official four-day visit to France to discuss bilateral, regional and international issues with top French leaders including President Nicolas Sarkozy and Prime Minister Francois Fillon.

France is one of Malaysia ‘s key trading partners with bilateral trade in 2008 reaching a total of RM13.91 billion. Currently, several French companies operate in Malaysia including Lafarge (cement), Technip (infrastructure for gas and oil exploration), Alcatel (telecommunications), Alstom (energy and railway equipment) and Carrefour (retail).

However what was omitted from mainstream reports in Malaysia and France is that Najib since assuming Premiership in March 2008 is easily the most controversial Prime Minister since political independence in 1957 as he has been linked, through two policemen in charge of his protection and according to the statutory declaration of a private investigator, to a murder case.

And we are not talking of any “normal” murder case but the gruesome murder of a beautiful Mongolian woman Altantuya Shariibuu connected to the purchase of French submarines worth a billion euros.

How is Najib linked then? Apparently, she was introduced by Najib to Abdul Razak Baginda, a close friend and defense analyst from the Malaysian Strategic Research Centre think-tank, to work for the deal Baginda was brokering for the Malaysian government to buy three submarines from France for one billion euros.

According to the same private investigator, the duo quickly became romantically involved.

In October 2006, Altantuya was informed that the commission of 114 million euros was paid into the account of Perimekar, a company Baginda controlled. Altantuya then went to Kuala Lumpur to demand her share of the commission, which was to have been US$500,000.

She went missing on 19 October 2006. In the last letter she wrote before her murder, she said that she had been blackmailing Baginda.

The private investigator who linked PM Najib to Altantuya a few days after reneged on his first statement and then disappeared.

The Malaysian police found fragments of her bone in a forested area in Shah Alam, some 30 km from Kuala Lumpur .

Police investigation revealed that she was shot twice before C4 explosives were used on her remains. Baginda and two members of the police force were arrested and charged for her murder.

The two murder suspects Azilah Hadri, 30 and Sirul Azhar Umar, 35 are members of the elite Unit Tindakan Khas (the Malaysian Police Special Action Force or counter-terrorism unit) and were both assigned to the office of the then Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, who was also the Defence Minister.

Both policemen were found guilty and sentenced to death while Baginda was acquitted. The Malaysian Attorney General has not appealed on Baginda’s acquittal and he is now a free man.

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  1. wits0 says:

    “However what was omitted from mainstream reports in Malaysia and France is that Najib since…”

    I scratch your back and you scratch mine! With France their MSM is focused elsewhere while in Bolehland, the MSM gladly stays mute.

  2. monsterball says:

    Commercial firms do not play politics.
    All they care is making money….and their representatives in Malaysia will keep them well informed..with reports on social…political and economical positions of Malaysia.
    They have sharp eyes and ears….and will pull out..if things are not working well for them.
    You can bet….France will make sure Najib and his family enjoy their trip to France.
    Malaysians have bitter and sad memories..and one must not expect others to pity us….even tough they know the whole story….too well.
    Do we know any sad story about French people suffering? NOTHING!!
    Lets keep Altantuya alive in our heart and minds……for it can happen to her…it can happen to anyone…and that we must get the whole truths as long as it takes.

  3. R4Os says:

    What is US$ 0.5mil (Rm1.75mil) compared to the Rm 540mil commi$$ion$ Najis & Gang received? It’s only 0.3% of the Rm540mil loots, yet they would rather killed that beautiful Mongolian woman whom they had romanced with earlier, shot her twice on her pretty face n blew her into bits-&-pieces with C4, what sort of animals would do such heinous crimes?

    Imagine such criminals helming this Bodohland?

  4. […] Najib walking down memory lane in Paris « *SUSAN LOONE's Blog* […]

  5. 4RAKYAT says:

    re monsterball oct4 2.42am:

    i agree here. int’l community can only empathize (if at all) with malaysians but they can’t do much. the reverse is also true. look what is happening in burma. it’s been going on for years but still with the might of the usa, the generals in burma are still reigning supreme.

    the int’l community can chant slogans, protests (in the comfort of their respective countries) but no amount of protests will overturn the burmese regime.

    only burmese can help burma.
    only malaysians can help malaysia.

    question is; how many of us are just sitting in front of our pc’s and typing away??

    the thais, they did it with class and style. red. yellow. by the hundreds of thousands. that’s what i call effective pressure.


  6. julian says:

    i disagre with monsterball when he said foreign firms dont play politics.
    i worked for a contractor (main contractor—–amstrom–french company right?)
    anyway i got electricuted whilst working and guess what????? they didnt even have the courtesy of making an injury report to the safety department——though i got paid for a couple of weeks to recovery. so no compensation for my injury lol.
    like what you wrotr so far monsterball ——no hard feelings i hope

  7. wermalaysians says:

    The French government has got no principles when come to making money. Only their citizens can shame them for the corruption of this unelected Pee M.

  8. Kancilandak says:

    thais did it with class and style.. 4Rakyat..

    watever effective pressure here is staked behind a effectively pressureless man supported by a effectively clannish oppoisition.. a ineffective who leans on effective pas to win all ineffective byelections.. and stay pressureless till the next GE.. and into the sunset.

  9. Menyalak-er says:

    Pico, about “pressureless and sunsets”.
    If so, why do you bother hanging around – go play with your invisble cojones – more pleasure there.

  10. harrison says:

    Like what Wittyo said, “I scratch ur back u scratch mine” practice is on the line, the truth of who really killed Altantuya Sharibuu will remain just at that – the killers – the 2 cops. Nobody can stop the current PM now even if revelation that he has a hand in the said murder case.

    Now I can see in the absence of my buddy, Bamboo River, he may be assuming the role by Storm62?

    *Well my dear friend Monty, U r doing well, but please omit the vulgarities, will ya ;).

    To engage with cybertroopers is good, it gives us and them the mandate to express exculpatory emancipation but not ad hominen.
    I am not pointing to anyone here or anywhere.

    Well, have i ever tell anyone that a couple of spies from BN were deployed to a certain PR ceramah and they became believers themselves?

    The Star online reports that Najib to hold Hari Raya open House in Paris.

  11. Greenbug says:

    This is the season for walking down memory lanes, Susan. Not only Paris is the PM walking down memory lane, even in Bagan Pinang… part of Port Dickson, where the PM was allegedly caught for close proximity (khalwat) with a petite young singer in 1995. It was Isa Samad, the present by-election candidate, who was then the MB of Negri Sembilan and was alleged to have helped the PM wriggle himself out of the incident. Yup, its down memory lane season….

  12. ktteokt says:

    It may be a sweet memory lane for others but it will be a “nightmare street” for Najis!

  13. hey douchebag says:

    The world only prefers to denounce Israel. What’s the big deal if a hot Mongolian model gets obliterated? Anti-Semites love to curse Israel for what is perceived happening to the poor defenseless palestinians.

  14. sosong says:

    Wonder what would hv happened if Mongolia is a democratic superpower?

  15. straycat's strut says:

    I am angry Ms Tuya was murdered and I am also angry at those who said they have the evidence to implicate DSN but failed to go beyond talking about it in ceramah. I guess its French government’s fault too.

    BR-Storm62? I thought “evolution” stopped when it reached human form and decided that it can not get more handsome than that.

  16. kanehmik says:

    “I thought “evolution” stopped when it reached human form and decided that it can not get more handsome than that.”

    Idiots have a tendency to think like that, wait till you become more big headed like this:

  17. wits0 says:

    “Idiots have a tendency to think like that, wait till you become more big headed like this:” – Kanehmik.

    This one can’t dig what you’re implying. You have to serve it Man….starting with Harrison! 😀

  18. apalagi says:

    Blardy kooks

  19. parkrit says:

    Just wait and see, that submarine is going to bocor and sink with all hands.

  20. caravanserai says:

    We can point finger
    We can write essays
    We can make police reports
    We can make statutory declarations
    The laws of the country
    It is just muted on the black knight

    The quietness in the corridor of power
    The agencies taking long tea-breaks
    The wastepaper baskets beside the desks
    All reports throwing into that opening holes

    The black knight casting dark shadow
    Stretching deeper into the agency souls
    Branding with career prospects
    Wealth creations on the side……..

    Atlantuya pieces of soul
    The puzzles will become whole
    Give him enough rope
    He will trip that’s the end of him

    The laws will not touch the black knight
    They are his calling cards…………………
    He has their souls on promises made
    Only the change will find the truth

  21. kipah says:

    “We have the best weapons. We have fantastic bridges, buildings and roads. Heck, we even have submarines now. But we are extremely lacking when it comes to medical and educational facilities. And health and education are far more important than all those white elephants and monuments that swallow billions but bring no income to the country, as would most white elephants and monuments.

  22. steadyaku says:

    History repeats itself….
    I think there are more things in common between Najib and Isa then just being members of UMNO!
    The video will give you a clue of what I am talking about. Does Isa have anything to say before all is reveal?

  23. steadyaku says:

    Why did the War Lords of UMNO chose him as their President? Very simply this – they wanted him to be President of UMNO BECAUSE Najib is indecisive, BECAUSE Najib will not make a decision until he is sure that he will be supported by the War Lords of UMNO. They wanted Najib because he was easily manipulated. And they wanted Najib because when you have a man by his balls…his heart and mind will surely follow!

  24. shoo_najib says:

    Kris, batik and pendet are now Indonesian culture.
    Najib Altantuya & C4 is malaysian culture.

  25. frogs says:

    French support apartheid.

  26. umnofarkmca says:

    S Africa Chinese ‘become black’
    The High Court in South Africa has ruled that Chinese South Africans are to be reclassified as black people.

    MCA like getting farked by umno.

  27. JEFFRY BONG says:

    The Drama played out is beyond the ambit of everyone imaginations in MANGALAND’s mustang court. This is all about
    remote manoeuvrings .However very revealings and not watertightening but need screwing as it was every where leaking.
    Death sentence was commuted to two Gv operatives who carried
    out the work orderings without investigating the one Generating.
    In the End all Actors get paid for standing -In.Name changing
    for good acting.Finally go for Holidaying and dispearing and back to politiking ,screwing and forgetting.
    Always remembering. Judges would also be judged when they commence judging and deliverings.This is a great judging and the sins they will bound to be carrying.Events leading to such level is very degrading.
    Finally GOD will decide the Proceedings because Curtain is not closing due to bad motoring .
    The Weather is freaking. The Earth is vibrating and Heating.The OCEAN is BOILING ! Everywhere is flooding ,everybody is cursing.
    Everybody is shivering and animals is jumping because lightning is striking.
    Death is coming ! The predictions is finally revealings.

  28. memorylane says:

    The emperor is walking naked –

    French newspaper reveals identity of Altantuya’s alleged assassins

  29. uzdeks says:


    “We have recovered legs and the skull…

  30. rlau says:

    I noticed and look like a female is in the group picture
    taken on the submarine. Is she the beautiful Mongolian
    woman Altantuya Shariibuu ?????

  31. monsterball says:

    I am sorry for Julian accident and hope she is fully recovered.
    Yes commercial firms can be too calculative and heartless too.
    I am speaking commercial firms main objective is to make money.
    I mean they do not take our country’s politics so we do.
    That’s natural…..this is not their people.
    But….yes foreign companies DO play..politics….like offering huge commission RM500 million to get a sale…from one who have authority to buy..and can never refuse such an offer. How many lifetime…can a man get RM500 million commission……..all legal?
    Yes…foreign commercial firms are experts in our politics and do play politics to entertain…bribe…to get things done…all boils down to profits.
    Yes….day in day our…how to win a sale…or favours from the right person…you scratch my back…I scratch yours…a win win situation…and if it means doing or saying few things to favour UMNO…yes foreign firms do play politics.
    But they do that. for PROFITS…not really supporting UMNO at all.
    Tomorrow PR governs…they will do same method…entertaining…trying to get close whoever have authority and be trusted and liked..
    It is great diplomatic salesmanship …to their ways of thinking.
    Well my friend ….Harrison…please make up your mind..which nick do you like best….so many….and many people have said….they like the way I write… I write how I feel with no censorship.
    It has been like that all my life…and I have lots of businessmen…even bankers…whom I depend on their good opinion of get loans approved…no problems…..liking my personality and character. They are comfortable with my total sincerity…no acting…..good or bad…….I do have a generous and understand heart too…and that comes with being your self….truthfully.
    I am most fortunate…doing my own business….for if I work for someone…..sure to get sack…living with the label…..rolling stones gather no moss.
    4RAKYAT…Nice to read… agree with me.

  32. exbanker says:

    “…even bankers…whom I depend on their good opinion of get loans approved…no problems…..liking my personality and character”

    It has nothing to wit that. Remember it is only the CAPACITY TO REPAY that counts. If you are a criminal, but if you have the capacity to repay the banker will lend…….even if you are a donkey.

  33. storm62 says:

    i’ve known of rich people who’ve owed the banks by the millions but ended up just paying rm200k, ever heard of NPL? (non performing loans)…….”you scratch my back, i scratch yours”.

    so i think it’s either Isa scratchin najis balls or vice versa….and bottom line is the Rakyats suffer. the Rakyats have to work like shit and pay taxes for them to enjoy or rob.

    well, this is just my opinion, what say you guys?

  34. monsterball says:

    That depends on what type of banker is “exbanker” came from.
    My father was a banker for 47 years and retired as Area Bank Manager.
    He does not care who you are…,but if you have a bad reputation…doing business that cannot see the sun….no matter how rich that person is….he would avoid doing business with him.
    I know few International bank managers that also will not do business with anyone….they cannot trust.
    Perhaps time have changed ..and why not…being lead by a crooked PM for 22 years.
    Right now…I prefer to do business with no facilities from a my business is small and we can finance ourselves.
    This way..I save lot of bank interest and service charges.
    Ordinary folks need to put our a RM1 million property to lend RM700K….and those are not all cash. It’s cash…letter of credits{LC}…and trust receipts{TR}
    That’s why banks are filthy rich…no risk at all.
    But if you are the son of can get millions with no difficulties…and Mahathir said…..his son is smart……and that’s why they lend to him.

  35. monsterball says:

    Nsjib is getting very fat!
    That is a sign of a worried man….keep eating and thinking…what is next move to secure his position as PM….after13th GE.
    So far…signs are not he eats and think think work….just eat and think..and sleep…..bloating up…like a balloon.

  36. Yamashita says:

    The two murder suspects Azilah Hadri, 30 and Sirul Azhar Umar, 35 are members of the elite Unit Tindakan Khas (the Malaysian Police Special Action Force or counter-terrorism unit) and were both assigned to the office of the then Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, who was also the Defence Minister.

    Have anyone seen the two guys’s faces. I mean Azilah and Sirul’s faces. Their faces were always covered like the ‘invisible man’ you saw on tv many many years ago. Why?

  37. Sean says:

    That’ll teach Haris Ibrahim to write “The Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia sampan sets out to sea”

    Najib is obviously worried and will ask his friends in France to do to the SABM sampan what they did to the Rainbow Warrior:

  38. whothefarkcares says:

    “Have anyone seen the two guys’s faces. I mean Azilah and Sirul’s faces.”

    I dont care for their faces….the ones who should hang should be Najis & Rosmah.

  39. whothefarkcares says:

    Nsjib is getting very fat!
    That is a sign of a worried man….monsterball

    Pakistanis call it “mitti ki mauth” i.e. earth of deat5h (based on everything returns to earth….mitti means earth, mauth means death).

  40. Justice 4 Altantuya says:

    The World esp Malaysia will not forget Altantuya and how she pleaded for her life but was shot by men who have really no reason to kill her.
    The person(s) who have reasons & motive to kill her are roaming free …….justice Malaysia style ? ……Indeed it seems only in Malaysia.
    Altantuya ‘s cruesome murder against a backgound of multi million kickbacks on submarine deal and sexual liasion has damaged Malaysia ‘s reputation abroad.

  41. R4Os says:

    “I am angry Ms Tuya was murdered and I am also angry at those who said they have the evidence to implicate DSN but failed to go beyond talking about it in ceramah. I guess its French government’s fault too.” –straycat’s strut

    Ney…! it’s all your fault, bcoz this Bodoland is overrun with too many idiots like u who don’t mind to have a PM who is a prime suspect who plotted the cruel murder of a pregnant Mongolian mother, despite mountains of clues that should warrant suspension from his post for further investigations.

    Why the fark shud the French Gomen care? they have made tons of $$$ from the raw deal, why go against the money? According to your hero Dr.Mahathiu s/o Kutty’s favorite past-time: Bashings of the Western powers, the Westerners shud not poke their nose into our internal affairs!

  42. harrison says:

    “well, this is just my opinion, what say you guys?”

    Well Bamboo River, I say you are probably right Sir.

  43. doneit says:

    Najib`s ill fated submarine will end up like this

  44. vsp says:

    Now this pitiable vassal, the “1 Malaysia” king is being summoned to the throne of the French overload to pay obeisance. This is akin to the annual tribute exacted by the Chinese emperor on his vassals such as the Malacca Sultanate and the Majapahit empire in olden times.

    Be rest assured that most of the mega projects will be awarded to French interests in the coming years. This is how the French will squeeze the balls of this king from the Bolehland peninsula.

  45. rugby says:

    What’s really behind Russia’s dealings with Iran: Kickbacks

    “In 1992, members of Aum Shinri Kyo, the Japanese doomsday cult, held a “Russian Salvation Tour.” With the help of Oleg Lobov, the secretary of the Russian security council, the cult members, identified as “Japanese businessmen” trained at military bases near Moscow, shopped for advanced weapons and attended lectures on the circulation of gases. Sect members later carried out a sarin nerve gas attack on the Tokyo metro in which 12 persons died. At the trial of Shoko Asahara, the leader of the sect, Aum’s chief of intelligence testified that the production designs for the sarin had been delivered to Aum by Lobov in 1993 for $100,000 in cash. (Yeltsin’s response was to give Lobov a promotion.”

  46. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Silencing scandals Vs Telling the truth :
    Most people Quoted that:
    Tak tumbuh, tak melata.Tak sungguh, orang tak kata.
    Literally translated : No Growth, no creepers. No truth, no talk.

  47. Nice Lim says:

    ” Memories ” Altantuya will haunt him forever.

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