Received this from SUARAM today. Our detention centres are famous now – for being dungeons of death?

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On 3 September 2009, it was reported that a Burmese detainee at KLIA Immigration Detention Centre died on 29 August 2009 due to an unknown illness and six other detainees with similar symptoms were hospitalised at Putrajaya General Hospital.

Today, 25 September 2009, it was reported that six Burmese detainees have died at an undisclosed detention centre allegedly due to Leptospirosis.

Leptospirosis is an infectious disease that occurs due to water or food contaminated by animal urine.

Last month, it was reported that a Togolese detainee died in the same detention centre due to Influenza A(H1N1).

In May this year, two Burmese asylum seekers died at Juru Immigration Detention Centre also due to Leptospirosis, an infectious disease that occurs due to contaminated water or food.

In April, it was reported that deaths of two detainees occurred at Lenggeng Immigration Detention Centre, where a Bangladeshi migrant worker died days after being tortured by the Malaysian police and another Liberian was found dead with an unrevealed cause of death

We, the undersigned organisations, are deeply disturbed that more deaths have occurred in immigration detention centres and concrete actions to prevent such events have yet to be taken.

We have repeatedly highlighted the dire conditions in detention centres such as overcrowding, poor sanitation, insufficient provision of food and water, and inadequate access to necessary medical and health services (including emergency care, treatment for infectious diseases and maternal health services).

How many more detainees must be deprived of their right to life before the Malaysian Government will make the necessary changes to improve the conditions in detention centres?

Following the outbreak of Leptospirosis at Juru Immigration Detention Centre, the Ministry of Health’s actions in containing the outbreak was commendable.

However, the Ministry should have seized the opportunity to play a more proactive role in cooperating with the Immigration Department to monitor conditions in all detention centres, to ensure that adequate sanitary and hygiene standards are maintained and to develop proper medical and health services.

The recent six deaths prove yet again that conditions in detention centres are in a dire state and urgently need to be addressed.

Deaths in custody cannot to be taken lightly. The Government, especially the Immigration Department and the Ministry of Health, must account for the deaths.

As such, we call for the following:

1. The Magistrate to conduct an inquest into the death of the Burmese detainee who died on 29 August 2009, the six Burmese detainees and all other deaths in immigration detention centres.

2. The Immigration Department and the Ministry of Health to immediately make public the results of the post-mortem of all the deceased and to take immediate precautionary steps to prevent the disease from spreading to other detainees if it is infectious.

3. The Ministry of Health to monitor all immigration detention centres nationwide and to cooperate closely with the Immigration Department to establish access to health care services including prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

4. The Ministry of Health to set up permanent clinics at immigration detention centres. The clinics should be equipped with a full time medical doctor and male and female medical assistants and with adequate facilities to be able to address first line treatment needs of detainees and make referrals for medical emergencies and second line treatment.

5. The Ministry of Health include foreign workers and refugees in health prevention program by developing health education materials and information outreach programs in their respective languages, especially with regard to H1N1 and dengue which are currently health concerns in the country.

6. The monitoring of immigration detention centres be included in the Ministry of Health’s efforts to address H1N1.

7. The Government to immediately stop arrests and detention of refugees and asylum seekers and to release all detained refugees and asylum seekers. The Government should adopt laws and regulations for the recognition and protection of refugees, asylum seekers and stateless persons.

8. A Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate and review practices and policies relating immigration detention especially deaths, conditions of detention centres, detention period, treatment of detainees, the role of RELA, and unnecessary detention of irregular migrants, especially children, pregnant women, the physically and mentally ill, and other vulnerable migrants.

Endorsed by the following members of the Migration Working Group and the Northern Network for Migrants and Refugees (Jaringan Utara Migrasi dan Pelarian, JUMP):

A Call to Service (ACTS)
Amnesty International Malaysia (AIM)
Health Equity Initiatives (HEI)
Kuala Lumpur Archdiocese of Human Development (AOHD)
Malaysia Bar Council Human Rights Committee
Malaysian Care
Malaysian Social Research Institute (MSRI)
Micah Mandate
Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM)
Penang Office for Human Development (POHD)
Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM)
The National Human Rights Society (HAKAM)
Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO)

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  1. kittykat46 says:

    Susan, Leptospirosis is a sign of very bad hygiene conditions.
    It is rare in normal civilised societies.

    People living in animal-like conditions, like war-time concentration camps, Stalinist Gulags…and…now…Malaysian detention centres….

  2. wits0 says:

    Bolehland is such a caring society – it cares very much for its facade, the image factor and the mere existence of SHAM(Suhakam). Therefore ppl like Irene Fernandezes needed to be silenced.

  3. pinsysu says:

    F***1Malaysia! they treat detainees far worse than animals!

  4. AB LIM says:

    ”How many more must die?”
    **With the mother earth ozone layer growing larger each and every year…every life form on earth will be expose to higher sun radiation with more skin cancer,new species of viruses mutate to a more deadly form ‘sars’,’h1n1′ etc…with no serious action taken against main polluter like factories,open burning etc…this deadly chemical,toxic will pollute our natural mother earth river and deep blue sea in a very short period to come………with all this unstoppable poison gas,viruses mutate to more deadly forms…..then definitely thousands or millions will die..cause by human error itself…who to blame in this circle of life?

  5. monsterball says:

    It boils down to no management from government…only with titles….Home Minister…..Law Minister….Min.OF Education..and what have you….and when you have a gang of robbers and thieves…governing the do as they like…such deaths with all sorts of excuses…all accepted by UMNO…continue the good work….they will say….for these are the loyal voters to their party. That matters most.
    Best Prime Minister…with prime interest…..only to fool Malaysians and win votes for UMNO. That’s the prime job of PM.
    This is not the first time I read such sad news and feel sick and helpless now.
    All I can do is wait for 13th GE.

  6. Menyalak-er says:

    Leptospirosis? A-H1N1? T.B.? Malaria? Dengue? Nutritional deficencies? etc, etc. Heck the authorities (read MoH) can’t even solve these at ‘asrama’ level or NS camps, much less immigrant ‘detention’ centers. Drs at these centers?
    You must be joking, they don’t have enuff to man GHKL.
    Dept. of Immigration? Minimal sanitation, rotten food (if any), packed sardines, zero ventilation…
    Where is there the competence, incorruptability, humanity and will thereof, to correct these indignities and affronts by the reigning goons?
    Malaysia Boleh, is all there is!!

  7. wits0 says:

    “It boils down to no management from government…” – Monsterball.

    It’s also about callousness and apathetic laziness….worse they shoot the messengers and after having done so, took no steps to address the issue lest that amounts(in their vile thinking)as an admission of guilt. By so doing they have also cultivated a crop of sadistic camp wardens and guards who will affect the general health of society at large as well, one way or another.

    This is another evil fruit of non accountability and non transparency in governance. Until today we don’t know who pushed for the persecution of Irene Fernandez but surely we mostly can guess. So where is justification for prosecuting her at all?

    Leptospirosis is itself evidence enough of gross human rights abuse.

  8. baganpinang says:

    “How many more must die?”

    With a PM who is implicated in murder, his cousin (who has murder in the eyes) as Home Minister and the 2 headhunters (AG & IGP) the answer is


  9. kittykat46 says:

    A doctor in an average hospital or clinic practice is likely to go through his entire working life without seeing a single case of Leptospirosis.

    We have six people die of the disease on Malaysian detention camps.

    What kind of sub-human conditions are the detainees being kept in ?

    Irene Fernandez tried to expose the truth years ago…and the authorities kept hounding her, pursuing the case even after it was clear they couldn’t prove anything criminal against her.

  10. Kancilandak says:

    What madness! immigeren illegal or not are human beings.. this is laziness and general tidak ‘apa’ attitude of the wardens and people in authority in that places.. it points way up to the top. What can we excspect from the culture of people who shoot stray dogs instead of catching them to release in pounds.. and by the looks of it the lock ups must be worse then dog pounds.. and the mental with no medical expertise want to fill kamunting to the brim. While the kerbau minister up there is bathing in his swimming pools wondering who is going to replace him, they subordinate officer kerbaus are lazing around in the mud of indiffirence.. this is about human life.. it must not go unpunished. This half past six civil service must be replaced.

  11. lepak says:

    Watever happened to kancilandak?? He must b on wrong blog.

  12. lepak says:

    6. Over the years, more people in the streets begin to question the rights and the need to have so many royalties for a small country like Malaysia. The people who have high regards for the Royalty are getting lesser by the day. Their popularity dwindle when people gets to know how much it cost the state to maintain a royal family when hundreds of thousands are living in poverty. The Pahang and Johor Royalty are usually in the limelight for the wrong reasons. The Johor Royal family is always associated with thuggish behavior.

  13. lepak says:

    “In Kelantan, the hard line Malay Muslims are questioning whether having a Royalty is against the practice of Islam. Some even questions whether the people are respecting the Su*tan more than the Prophet in their daily rituals when facing the Su*tan.”

  14. ahbengkia says:

    Cunt chill, certainly your intelligence has improved considerably. But you must ask why our bureaucracy is so scr*wed?

  15. banjir says:

    “You are unlucky, so am I. We are unlucky to be picked as pawns. Strangely, we have been used as pawns in this selfish battle,” the poetically-talented Soh wrote in her first posting entitled Am I happy.

    Soh was referring to the political tussle for power waged by Selangor Umno against the state Pakatan Rakyat government, for which Teoh worked.

    It has been widely speculated that top Umno politicians had pushed the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission into pressuring a false confession from Teoh.

  16. Menyalak-er says:

    Friends go slow on pico, if he sees the light – he might just become a micro… Do we dare hope for a macro?
    Kk46, lepto is curable with antibiotics, before hepatorenal failure sets in – it’s just that the ‘tidak-apa’ attitude and accusations of ‘tipu-helah’ by the wardens and their masters that galls us.
    Pico, see what eating rat shit and drinking its urine does to a human being…? Do you care?

  17. fearnoone says:

    Where is anonymous dud? Dying to see his comment, need a good laugh. Either that he has no comment to make…meaning this is true lah, M’sian’s govt only know to look after the facade, other than that, all rubbish inside.What else do we expect, all dungu like anon dud ma!!!!!

  18. wits0 says:

    Expect this foot(or rather, hoof) soldier Dud to return to die for his Minotaur minister like in the wrong side of the Narnia battle line:


  19. Kancilandak says:

    lepak, abengkia and Menyalak-er sir,
    if it is this bad.. then what diffirence is it from Nazi concentrated camps? Even if it is not intensionally yet the lazyness and ‘not my problem’ attitude makes us inhuman in this context, this sloppyiness seems to be normal in all gomen ajencis nowdays. ( I got one bad xperience today.)
    This incidents gives the internasional communitty one more thing to laugh about Malaysia.. I rasa malu lah.. and if our bosses are not smart enough to see this.. then we dont need them!!

  20. tangga says:

    AG is taking Karpal for sedition in Perak.
    Why is the AG not taking sedition against the rapist and abusive Kelantan Prince

  21. AB LIM says:

    ”It boils down to no management from government.”-Monsterball
    Yes,we do have first world facilities but third world mentality and that’s the main problem…….laziness….how are we going to expect this poor management elected representative doing a good job when they are busy with their own problems??? H1N1,Leptospirosis can really be contain if every department in charge of this cases are conscious and serious …and cleanliness are very important at all government dept,detention center or public places as well.
    What about outdoor?…if we are to drive around the city ….most of our main road might have pothole or damage…but not attend to asap…and other public facilities which was also damage by this third world mentality peoples……this are few outdoor problems that we can see how slow things get done….even during holidays accidents death cases are more than this disease cases…………
    How many more must die……there will be more….throughout the years….but hopefully God bless….Malaysia Malaysian from all this unwanted death.*********

  22. Menyalak-er says:

    Pico. if you’re a businessman, most of us can help you.
    If you a policeman who keeps to the law, we’ll help you.
    If you are against corruption and all that is bad in this country, we shall help you.
    If you stop depending and leaning on this useless gomen and start to depend on yourself and your friends (if you call us that), we (no matter what ‘bangsa’) will help you.
    We don’t give you ‘duit ehsan’ – we want you to be proud of your own efforts and help yourself and your children – just like what we do. Then your children and grandchildren will respect you, not because of ‘what’ you are, but ‘who and how’ you are.
    Why? Because you anak bangsa Malaysia… not a bumiputra, this and that, who is looked down upon by bumnoputras.
    My best childhood friend was a malay javanese(not related to toyols) – he chose the ‘wrong’ side and now he is asking me to help him out of the financial mess due to corruption. Should i help him?

  23. thanaif says:

    Dear Miss Susan,
    Should we ask how many lack in our society to clarify the true?

  24. AB LIM says:

    “This incidents gives the international community one more things to laugh about Malaysia..I rasa malu malu lah…and if our boses are not smart enough to see this…then don’t need them”-Kancilsmart
    Wow…are you ok? no acting?
    Actually every citizen are proud to be Malaysian…it’s only a few bunch of this moron or idiots are causing Malaysia falling backward…………………….
    Brain shape are very important…..just example**most Malaysian nowadays have a very sharp and intelligent brain**triangle shape(tiga segi) and if we combine together and turn the shape around…we are all will look like a shinning star**
    Every human being have their right to choose their way of life…good or bad…destiny…as long as we never kill or cheat…we can take our head up high….we are difference in political ideology but not difference in uphold the truth and love for country Malaysia.
    Everything is in our hand…to change for better ( forward) or worse ( backward )………human life are short but just do somethings that our children and great-great grand children will be proud of us.Change to be a good and fair Malaysia Malaysian.*********

  25. storm62 says:

    somebody must have given this kancilanciao wrong medicine today.

    hope he’s not the next one to go!!!

  26. Sentinel says:

    Are we living in the dark ages? Hey, I thought our religion teaches us to respect and care for other human beings? Why spend so much energy on caning a part-time model for drinking beer or busy with Beyonce’s concert, there is hell out there….

  27. AB LIM says:

    **Kancilotak must have seen lots of dead bodies that he sound and act like crying today only…..maybe tomorrow he’ll be naughty back***

  28. storm62 says:

    kancilanciao has been acting strangely of today, you guys better get ready some “white gold” ( pak kam in cantonese, peh kim in hokkien)………normally thats the case.

  29. kittykat46 says:

    UMNO didn’t pay him his allowance :)) ?

  30. vengai says:

    Susan, There are many death in the prison and under custody .And its our own Malaysian Rakyat.The Goverment couldnt be bother about it. And Suhakam just “main wayang “on that issue.

    How will these taited Goverment will look after the walfare of the illegel imigrant?They dont care less at all.

  31. wits0 says:

    “UMNO didn’t pay him his allowance 🙂 ) ?” -Kittykat46.

    I was just about to suggest the same!

  32. wits0 says:

    Whoops..! Me change my email addy and got a different gravita. Now, back to the regular one. 😉

  33. monsterball says:

    Read and noted with delight.
    Malaysia is in good hands.
    GOOD NIGHT to one and all.

  34. wits0 says:

    “They dont care less at all.” – vengai

    Their apathy has also been made all the more easier because of the slavishly cowed and sycophantic MSM/Media all along.

  35. monsterball says:

    Cannot miss this!
    I think kancilandak have seen the Christmas ghost…haunting his conscience.
    Now….he is f..cking UMNO!!……..hahahahahaha
    I think he is tying the art to agree to disagree…..hahahahahahaha
    Moon is playing tricks with his brain….now flooded with water….like high tide…low tide…”water world”..very giddy!!
    Tomorrow…low tide…kancilandak will call all Malays to unit and monsterball………hahahahahahaha
    GOOD-NIGHT again to all.

  36. AB LIM says:

    > or < hard way can't work here….trying soft way*********
    nuts playing 'tai chi' **********

    need lubricant…………………………………………………………………………………
    this goons changing new tactic…you and me knows better
    “IF A PERSON LET YOU SEE ONLY ONE SIDE OF HIS PALM….ASK HIM TO SHOW YOU BOTH SIDE INSTEAD”…( who knows …something fishy…might have bad intention***********************
    SAYONARA AND GOOD-NIGHT…..fellows Malaysia Malaysian.

  37. storm62 says:

    good nite monty, you’ll be lucky if you get screwed by a kancil (cunt kecil)…….big mama will be hoping to get a big one….ha ha ha…..don’t you giggle in you sleep, ok?

  38. Menyalak-er says:

    Now AB, soft needs soft mah – this is not penetration you see… tactics must evolve too.
    Agreeing to disagree is good, but their tactic have always been disageeing to agree and what not. Confused?
    Now according to this convoluted scheme, we agree to give him a chance b’cuz according to kk46 & wits he ain’t got no pay – very, very possible right now – since pokkai ++ by corruption; or he was denied an extra stripe of promotion, or dud got promoted instead!
    No worries, taktik tai chi ada, tapi strategi memang elek porek…

  39. AB LIM says:

    Yes,sad day for him pokai ++ corup …with so many never seen someone suddenly change to a virgin…confused…ha,ha,ha,ha,ha
    today his brain wave change 51% to our side…give him a chance…who knows…..the dud will be watching like raging bull….see how’s the tide tomorrow…log out….Goodnigh********tq

  40. electrolysis says:

    The root of the problem is this illegitimate immigrant aka Mahakutty from Kelara.

    Get rid of this illegal immigrant then All the problems in Bolehland will be solved.

    If the Umno animals are not capable of taking of the rakyat but alas, are treating the rakyat like animals, do you think the Umno animals could treat foreigners with care?

    Bolehland is a democracy whereby it’s governed by representatives elected by the rakyat.

  41. electrolysis says:

    But here we have this illegal immigrant aka Mahakutty installed this Mr. Najib to be the ‘supreme’ in Bolehland but the funny thing is the ‘supreme of the Land’ has to take order from ‘Supreme’s boss aka illegal immigrant from Kelara.

    Therefore for all the deaths in custody in Bolehland the whole universe will hold this illegal foreign immigrant aka Mahakutty responsible.

    Mohamad’s law- a tooth for a tooth- this illegitimate foreign immigrant Mahakutty must pay for all the deaths in Bolehland- Kugan, TBH, and the thousands under this illegitimate Mahakutty’s rule.

    This Mahakutty deserves to be electrocuted.

    The corruption of Mahathir-Letter reply of Soros to Mahakutty

  42. electrolysis says:

    Kudos to you our dearest Sloone for a job well done in exposing all these inhuman wrong doings of the BN animals.

    I thought the opposition parties should put a check on this but what can we expect as the oppos are just a bunch of terrorists, bandits, sodomites, eunuchs which are no different to the animals in the government.

  43. electrolysis says:

    All these oppos job is to goyang kaki zzzzzz…. and put up some banners during festive seasons wishing the rakyat well yes…. please thae good care of yourselves while we are busily looking for jalans making money….

    and let the BN animals free to rape the rakyats, nation and now even foreigners…


  44. electrolysis says:

    Kartika has agreed to be caned for drinking beer…

    This gangster should remove his shirt, pant and be whipped for drinking beer!

    Top Muslim politician from Malaysia drinking beer

  45. kittykat46 says:

    “I thought the opposition parties should put a check on this but what can we expect as the oppos are just a bunch of terrorists, bandits, sodomites, eunuchs which are no different to the animals in the government.”

    Electrolysis, you may not realise it, in your ignorance, but Irene Fernandez has probably done more than anyone else in the country to expose this, at much personal hardship on her part.
    Go look up what her political affiliation is now…

  46. tangga says:

    today his brain wave change 51% to our side…give him a chance…who knows…..the dud will be watching like raging bull….AB LIM

    After a fruitless 10-year siege of Troy the Greeks built a huge figure of a horse in which a select force of men hid. The Greeks pretended to sail away, and the Trojans pulled the Horse into their city as a victory trophy. That night the Greek force crept out of the Horse and opened the gates for the rest of the Greek army, which had sailed back under cover of night. The Greek army entered and destroyed the city, decisively ending the war

  47. danet7882 says:

    all tak boleh pakai one… 5 star allowance/salary but 1 star performance…

  48. ahbengkia says:

    Half baked international institutions like IMF, World Bank, ADB and renowned but perhaps corrupted universities have always talk about global economic growth, trade and investment and their ensuing better living conditions for people around the world. Can we buy all these bunkums? Where did all the growth go? Today, Africa is a black hole. In Asia, human trafficking and poor living conditions have become more acute and prevalent.

    Yes, may be the world practise too much of Naj!bnomics and that is why we have 5% of the wealthy (and the well-connected) getting 95% of the growth. The world is so bankrupted of moral decency I must say even university like Harvard is also now engaging in prostitution –yes if money change hand, they can write anything for you.

    Oh yes, I know, the rich and the famous have never had it better. Just look at their lifestyle –endless partying, fast cars, orgies, jet-setting and holidaying. Even their pets have better living conditions and comfort than billion of humans. Yes, they have pet hotels and those animals travel first class. What has the world come to? I seriously think the world need another Karl Marx and this time we should make sure it works.

  49. AB LIM says:

    **Yes,the Great Greeks hiding inside their Trojans horse…history tells all***Dinosaurs suddenly get wipes out from the face of the earth***
    Today,coming back to our real world…anythings can happen in a split seconds…Hiroshima,Japan..Booooooom …hopefully no more broken arrow (nukes)….or mad scientist using their science park to develop biological or chemical weapon wit very deadly viruses that can wipe entire human race without sending in their army****how many more must die****

  50. AB LIM says:

    **Yes,the Great Greeks hiding inside their Trojans horse…history tells all***Dinosaurs suddenly get wipes out from the face of the earth***
    Today,coming back to our real world…anythings can happen in a split seconds…Hiroshima,Japan..Booooooom …hopefully no more broken arrow (nukes)….or mad scientist using their science park to develop biological or chemical weapon with .. very deadly viruses that can wipe out the entire human race without sending in their army****how many more must die****

  51. wits0 says:

    “Today,coming back to our real world…anythings can happen in a split seconds…” -AB Lim.

    Nothing happens without predisposing choice made earlier individually and en masse. Our mass beliefs slowly shape things before the climaxing of events.

    There’s a fake factor to be aware of also. Don’t simply buy too much into populist Doomsday scientists and their innane computer model – like Global Warming/Climate Change. There’s more than meets the eye and a hidden agenda in fads.

  52. gdp says:

    Yet the money Chiscolm wants could dwarf all the bank’s other problems.

    It’s larger than a s*xtillion dollars, or a 1 followed by 21 zeros. Chiscolm’s request is equivalent 1 followed by 22 digits.

    The sum also dwarfs the world’s 2008 gross domestic product of US$60 trillion, as estimated by the World Bank.

    “These are the kind of numbers you deal with only on a cosmic scale,” said Sylvain Cappell, New York University’s Silver Professor at the Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences. “If he thinks Bank of America has branches on every planet in the cosmos, then it might start to make some sense.”

  53. billauchris says:

    The question, ‘How many more must die before UMNO and its henchmen’s thirst for innocent blood is quenched?’ My answer is simple, ‘As long as it takes to subjugate the masses into submission to its whimsical, fanciful and corrupt systme of goernment’.

    If Teoh Beng Hock could be sacrificed mercilessly while under the detention of MACC, what more can be said about those illegal refugees and immigrants who are hiding or being locked up and ill-treated in some god-forsaken centres.

    Some months ago, if I am not mistaken, someone commented that as many as 1300 people died while under the police detention last year. This worked out to be around 4 precious lives were being vaporised each month. I think this figure is alarming and merely reflects on the high degree of intolerance of those who have been charged to rehabilitate this special class of people.

    This high death rate is certainly unacceptable for Modern Malaysia.
    I could agree reluctantly if this occured during the dark ages of early development but certainly not now when the people are better educated and are more sane than ever before. We cannot be going backward to the days of barbarism and savagery.

    The prison wardens and/or interrogators who are responsible to squeeze confessions out of the detainees’ marrow through the application of extreme torturing means should be sent for rehabilitation and retraining. These people ought to answer and be made accountable to the people for their atrocities and death inflicted by them. They must be punished too.

    Unless the government takes appropriate measures to curb such senseless and inhuman acts or actions being perpetrated at and against their fellow men, the 1 Malaysia will soon become a 1 Blacker Malaysia.

  54. wits0 says:

    Electrolysis is right about the role of MahaKutty in grievously ruining the moral consciousness of this country, among numerous other things, but I cannot agree with his somewhat wild shot-gun blasts in all directions.

    The country owes much to conscientious ppl like Irene Fernandez for exposing the ugly truth about this so-called, “caring nation”. For that she became persecuted for telling the truth. This is the measure of how perverse the system has become while titled goons do their perverse things like such:

  55. AB LIM says:

    “There’s a fake factor to be aware of also.***There’s more than meets the eye and a hidden agenda in fads.”-wits0

    Yes,no matter how we care for our body ….it still going to be rotten one way or another ..nothing are forever…never hide from mistakes,never be afraid to be corrected…do everything without fear or favor with our conscious mind…this is the facts…thanks

  56. AB LIM says:

    **being stupid or quiet doesn’t means he/she are stupid…maybe that’s the hidden agenda inside his/her mind to see what others say or tell…and to see and read our heart in a silent way…before …next move**

  57. ahbengkia says:

    Why keep blaming the government alone for all the migrants’ suffering? Look, we Malaysians in general have this unquenchable demand for migrant workers. Everybody wants to leverage on foreign workers, let’s face it. In Malaysia even the hawkers also want to exploit foreign workers. Since when you still have a bowl of hokkien mee prepared by a local. How come I still can get a bowl of nice Japanese noodle right in the middle of Tokyo prepared by a Japanese, and the price is reasonable in Japanese standard? We Malaysians are generally greedy, selfish and devoid of moral standard. Of course the government is just the reflection of who we are. If we don’t agree with me, just look around the place where we live. Walk into any coffee shop, look into the drains around it, look at the back lanes, look at the streets after the pasar malam – yes look at the unclear tables, the filthy floors, the clogged drains and enjoy the stench. Yes the government messed up, but I would prefer to f**k the Malaysians first. Yes 1f**k Malaysian.

  58. wits0 says:

    Well, ahbengkia, it’s the Gobblemen who sets the policies. The complicit role of the ppl comes afterwards. Without exparting sufficient force to it, a brick simply can’t fly.

  59. Pegasus says:

    Kancilancau..??? I am amazed …. are you off the bottles?
    seen the moonlight…?hmmmmm………..

    1Malaysia going into F1 next year..where millions are going to spent….for? publicity? and here we have our Penans people in Sarawak and now the detention centre…where we don’t have the means to handle and manage the whole thing in a humane way.
    The HM is currently very sad …Nordin Top is dead ..wonder when he can allocate time to see the camp for himself to take action…..

  60. ahbengkia says:

    I know you will say that. But the fact remains that most Malaysians have this unquenchable demand for foreign workers. I think it is not as simple as the government does not want to change the policy on foreign workers today. I think it is more of the people pressuring the government to allow unfettered entry of foreign workers into this country. To begin with, ask the government to mandate equal pay and working conditions for foreign workers and see how many despicable Malaysians can afford to employ them. Ask the government to do it tomorrow. I will support it, would you?

  61. lamakawan says:

    Dear RPK, your timely release of this posting of LKS’s debate on Altantuya is very enlightening. Keep it up the Parts 2 and follow-ons. We need to re-visit these scenarios in order to update and keep reminding people of these important issues that has plagued our society. Never mind that we cannot solve the issues now, but still we must persevere. These are important issues affecting our livelihood and also our country’s future. We must do our best to ensure that this country is to be governed by rules and regulations and not to be ruled by law of the BN’s.

  62. monsterball says:

    Susan is like Lim Kit Siang exposing the bad news and the characters of some UMNO clowns.
    LKS is a politician to UMNO…and how come LKS and Susan talk the same language? Susan is not a politician..nor a political blogger. She is a NGO lady.
    You see….when sincere people have passions for truth …they travel the same road. I have so many NGO friends….all can be found in by-elections…or major events….present in road protests….forums and major events.
    We we meet..we have dinner together and non have ever said…..UMNO is good.
    All hope for change of government.
    We can enjoy and talk with the UMNO supporters….but I feel I am sometimes carried away….insulting or poking fun at them….that the truths may get lost and indirectly….those cpeople may win some voters.
    I read in Rocvkybru….so many are exposing Rocky. That’s excellent.
    All blog owners who are not a member to any political party…all are against UMNO and MCA.
    One blog owner….Romerz…in Penang..with the blog..’The Middle Ground”…is getting more interesting.
    His latest…talking about the Sultan Of Pahang and many more…with deep meanings…are interesting to read.,,,if not to put a comment.
    He does not belong to any party…..but supports DAP government.
    Koh Tsu Koon is his close friend….and go read how he talk about KTK….loosing a friend for the sake of the country and people.
    I have lost few friends…found in blogging…like Rockybru.
    I have lost some who keep having a “swaying” character…no fix commitments ….FOR or AGAINST.
    All of us must be firm and committed..and you judge….shall I continue to poke fun at those stooges or should ignore them… focus on the post.
    We are one…long before Najib trying to teach us…his “one” that is actually more than two.
    Any advises to me? I am all ears.

  63. monsterball says:

    Susan…..please delete all that are moderated.

  64. monsterball says:

    OK guys and gals….my recent comment got moderated!!
    I just want to say….lets not let those UMNO clowns make us loose sight of our objectives.
    I am first and foremost…the first commentator.. to be carried away…poking fun at them.
    I just want your advise..shall we start ignoring them..and focus of serious stuffs?

  65. monsterball says:

    If you say… yourself normal self….then those monkies will get more.

  66. monsterball says:

    I mean…”.be your normal self”

  67. wits0 says:

    “I think it is more of the people pressuring the government to allow unfettered entry of foreign workers into this country.” – ahbengkia.

    This is happening everywhere, even in Obama’s America or EU countries on the quiet but of course locally the capitalistic addiction gere is particularly beyond control. And some ppl here are also conditioned to feel that its too infradig as ‘tuans’ to do many menial jobs.

    We have a country that thinks nothing of losing a million well educated graduates to foreign lands through its apartheid policy – it even sometime even denigrates the as “unpatriotic”. B4 the Asian Financial Crisis happened, it was the norm to flaunt the mega profits in publicly listed companies.

    A situation ensuing is tied very firmly to bad policies and mean intention involved, and not just only normal human greed. No way there can be an equal pay thing happening for that defeats the innate profiteering drive and instinct.

  68. Menyalak-er says:

    Well ahbengkia, while i agree with you about the ‘quasi-slavery’ of the immigrant workforce by most Malaysians, and the very real fact of our own inherent laziness and pitiable inability for hard physical work under the tropical sun, it has much to do with aspects of demand and supply.

    Why do these illegal migrant workers take the risk of infiltrating our shores? Especially when all know that the authorities are inhuman, and that our employers are the pits of pits? Poverty and lack of opportunities…

    For instance, i would gladly hire a Indon char-lady for Rm800 than to pay Rm1.2k for a local who is recalcitrant, lazy and who can’t distinguish kopi from teh. While one may think of this being cruel, but she(the charlady) certainly doesn’t think so – because she’s hardly got any basic education, abandoned by her husband and has to solely take care of 3 kids and aged parents back in her kampung. With the labor she can provide in Indon – she will be getting a meager eqv of Rm100/ per month.

    While you do have a holistic thinking – one must be pragmatic as to whether a person can function effectively and be economically independent. The problems stem from the very idea of ‘entitlement’ in our Malaysian culture, where one gets something from nothing, or almost nothing. True there are many abuses, but can you imagine our so-called indigenous population manning concete mixtures or work under sweltering conditions yet being ‘proud’ of their work?

  69. wits0 says:

    “The HM is currently very sad …Nordin Top is dead ..wonder when he can allocate time to see the camp for himself to take action…..” – Pegasus.

    “Take action”? Why would he when he can just shoot the messengers. He has already sent the MCMC hounds to intimidate M’siakini. Anyway the dud persona here will justify whatever he does or fails to do.

  70. Kancilandak says:

    sorry I quite buzy.

    In my place the pejabat imigeresen is open till I had to do a favor for elderly reletive.. since yesterday morning I been kicked like a football from one gomen office to another when the faolt is not mine.. and mainly becoz many buffalos on leave and the skeleton staff dont know they job scope.. And I very very very angry becoz they stare blankly as tho kena pukau..
    A old letter writer outside the building told me more than half the buffalo related to each other in the paticular dept.. like family bizness.. one exsample of cronyism.!

  71. Pegasus says:

    witso, take action here is no action…hisapmudin will not move his ass as we know…my meaning was to say ..he won’t do his job as what he ought to do in the first place… as for the dud …he will now probably blame Irene for the deaths….

  72. Kancilandak says:

    Even the policeman taking report from the public cannot use computor properly.. so young cannot use computor..and having brekfast on job table.. I had to redo it myself.. and he give me back to check my own report when time running out.. how easy life! All the 22 years hardwork of TDM to raise the mentality gone to waste becoz of this ‘no worried’ attitude.. these young punks so used to living in comfort zone too long.

  73. Pegasus says:

    Kancil…, …Ha..Ha..! I have gone through that…and I guess most of the people here as well…and happens too in other gomen office as well … Better luck next time ..!

  74. kittykat46 says:

    This Kerala descendant is really desperate for Indian votes….he should ask himself…how much did he contribute to the problem ?

  75. kittykat46 says:

    Kancilandak should turn up with his 4 mini Malaysian flags on his songkok and his I LUV NAJIB button , maybe he will get better service at the counters ?

    For the rest of us, its just the usual non-functioning government bureaucracy…

  76. wits0 says:

    Kancilandak should’ve dunnit himself in “olang pooot-tayh” – without ambiguity mah. Under our hi-octane daily tutoring, that becomes a breeze, man.

  77. AB LIM says:

    Kancillandak…now very busy that never notice so many ppl say his name like **kancil here** kancil there**kancil everywhere….ayo…very ”lansi lanyong already this kancilansi” lansi people how to win election…can go kopitiam keapo only******

  78. wits0 says:

    May require a micrometer caliper but lately even the intonation of WCW’s Star is moving away from blindly cheerleadering the Dacing as before. Guess the Star is projecting itself into a post BN future too. Let the likes of Kutuksan and Rogue-key’s MM commit seppuku absolutely without loss to anyone else.

  79. Menyalak-er says:

    Aiyo pico, you know why you were having such a hard time with the immigration/polis?
    I took a cue from wits and visited the on-line Star portal. The top news from Metro Harian was that a 31 yr. married mother of 2 was caught red ****ed by JAIP at 5.30am for khalwat! She happens to be a ‘pegawai immigresen’ with 4 handphones(!). Her partner got scotfree ‘cuz dia ‘non’ mah… Isn’t this bliss?
    Imagine why that blardy useless/lazy bums who served you at the gomen counters were doing the night before?
    Immigresen, polis, dewan bandaraya dll semua macam ini… main2 saja.
    Btw, why you didn’t offer some duit kopi – gaurantee beres asap!

  80. monsterball says:

    kancilandak booking a place in paradise….after hearing the voice in the forest…saying…..”change or forever be burn in hell”
    He hentam police force now.
    Know how to ambil duit….do no know how to give some to get things done.
    Kudukut buggers always get into trouble.

  81. kittykat46 says:

    “She happens to be a ‘pegawai immigresen’ with 4 handphones(!). ” – Menyalak-er

    Those pegawai immigresen dealing with foreign worker/ foreign maid visas have a licence to print money…they can make things very, very difficult for you by strictly imposing every regulation in the book, OTOH, with the right amount of “lubricating oil” most things can be “kau-tim”.
    Within 5 minutes of the discussion you can sense whether they are looking for “oil”. They usually are.

    Now, Transparency International said the economic cost of corruption in Malaysia is some RM 10,000,000,000 per year ?
    I think it should be more than that….

  82. Pegasus says:

    Menyalak-er, now we know 1 reason why those at that counters are half asleep..
    Kancil….( see no lancau )…am not sure if you become a Chameleon now..but look like you have to go more often to the experience for yourself…all the irregularities with the gov. dept ….wah ..macam YB…pulak…!
    witso..hi-octane indeed…

  83. Menyalak-er says:

    Yep, kk46, no prisoners noawadays – absolute lubrication across the board, no exceptions ‘bumi’ or not. Of course if you’re bumi – got small ‘diskaun’… say 20% less, but that’s it!

    If you ‘non’ and do pay the full deal, of course you get ‘it’ 20% faster, after all the ‘sama bangsa’ are more patient wat…
    Now, the immigrants are a different ‘class’ by themselves – minimum 1k. If they pay 50% above that they will be spoken to, civilly, if 100% on top of that – kopi+ kueh from some nefarious director and they will even send the flur back to his/her local address in the Perdana. Now you can bet out of the 4 hp mentioned, at least one of them is a Blackberry. Stylo++.

    Now, do we know why the moderate and middle class Malays are migrating too? It’s in M.Insider, but that’s only half the story…

  84. What do you suggest? Welcome illegal immigrants with open hands and red carpet? How much Malaysian taxpayers’ money must we waste every year to support the people that we want them to get back soonest to their on country?

  85. kittykat46 says:

    “What do you suggest? Welcome them … with …… red carpet?”
    – maulana arrif

    Yes, at the War Crimes trials in Tokyo , 1946, Japanese Generals who were indicted for the brutal treatment of Prisoners of War gave exactly that excuse.
    A number of them were hanged for Crimes Against Humanity.

    Now, I’m not exactly expecting that kind of punishment, but the officials responsible for the sub-human conditions in our Immigresen detention camps need to be held accountable, ALL THE WAY UP THE CHAIN OF COMMAND.

  86. wits0 says:

    From this maulana’s take and by the same token, General Yamashita, the Tiger of Malaya should not have been later tried and hanged for his war crimes…


    Parit Sulong Massacre
    extracted from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia

    “…During the Battle of Malaya, members of both the Australian 8th Division and the Indian 45th Infantry Brigade were making a fighting withdrawal when they became surrounded near the bridge at Parit Sulong. The Allies fought the larger Japanese forces for two days until they ran low on ammunition and food. Able-bodied soldiers were ordered to disperse into the jungle, the only way they could return to Allied lines. Approximately 150 Australians and Indians were too badly injured to move, and their only option was surrender. Some accounts estimate that as many as 300 Allied POWs taken at Parit Sulong.

    The wounded prisoners of war were kicked and beaten with rifle butts by the Imperial Guards. At least some were tied up with wire in the middle of the road, machine-gunned, had petrol poured over them, were set alight and (in the words of Russell Braddon) were “after their incineration — [were] systematically run over, back and forwards, by Japanese driven trucks.”[1] Anecdotal accounts by local people also reported POWs being tied together with wire and forced to stand on a bridge, before a Japanese soldier shot one, causing the rest to fall into the Simpang Kiri river and drown…”
    The Bolehland’s Immigresen has been indeed been very guilty of much hushed up crimes and not all Gobblemen departments(like Health amd Medical) are similar into such crass evil. Always whenever recruit time comes, there is always a big melayu stampede for such positions because of the big bucks potential there.

    What kind of culture is that?!

  87. wits0 says:

    General Yamashita, btw, fully knew what his men were doing and did nothing to stop their atrocities in Muar.

  88. Menyalak-er says:

    Yep, same thing as the nice Imp Gaurd – these gaurds ‘used’ some of the younger and prettier women ‘illegals’.
    But, be careful not to paint all of them with the same ‘brush’, ‘cos most of them are actually from prisons dept, polis etc. which sorta widens our scope doesn’t it? Who is/was ‘on top’ of these flurs?
    Guilt and sick-psycho pleasure by association, isn’t it?

  89. ahbengkia says:

    Maulana, please don’t talk nonsense here. If we don’t want them, don’t take them. If they come illegally, then send them back. We are just a soulless nation, love to exploit and torture others. There are also Malaysians working overseas, legally or illegally. Do you want others to treat them the way we treat those coming here and now in one our detention camp? Most officers in enforcement agencies – immigration, prison, police, MACC, drug rehabitation centres are sub-humane people. They have no compassion; in fact some of them are even sadists. It is time they are asked to account. We can’t treat another human being like that. Only barbarians do that.

  90. AB LIM says:

    **Yin-Yang Water**
    Guys,after whole days of working our body will be exhausted and water are very important in every lifeforms …you can stabilize your body heat and balance it by drinking Yin-Yang water ( half warm mix with half cold )
    if you used to drink it during morning and night everyday through-out the years you’ll see the difference…very rare got high fever or sick.Try it if you would or believe….no harm and can save others from getting sick and life as well……….
    Messenger from above holy water that money can’t but (universal knowledge)most old peoples know about this.

  91. wits0 says:

    Meantime, towering ppl like pico do delude themselves with this sort of blissful state as the lyrics go – until they find out that they are not high enough in the established pecking order and that they aren’t that much loved in return! The day always cometh. This is the order of things in nature where stupid grandiose delusion faces confrontation with reality.

  92. then those refugee or illegal immigrants don come to malaysia lah, simple as that. this serves good reminder and news to refugees or immigrants don think malaysia got good goldmine for them.

  93. wits0 says:

    “Maulana, please don’t talk nonsense here. If we don’t want them, don’t take them…..” – ahbengkia.

    Exactly, at the bottom line.

    His mind must be so narrow as not to allow for some of these people being possible victim already – victims of their own fly-by-night employment agencies. This is clearly part of the evil that ramifies from human trafficking which Malusia is guilty of also.

  94. pr supporter expect our gov to welcome them with 5-star hotel stay, chaffeur to drive around, nice food for lunch and dinner and finally 1 way airplane ticket home…..

  95. General Yamashita, btw, fully knew what his men were doing and did nothing to stop their atrocities in Muar

    what you know about general yamashita! you know nothing, you only know how to worship chin peng and ignore his attrocities, that’s all.

  96. wits0 says:

    “this serves good reminder and news to refugees or immigrants” – thus spews the dud.

    How are you sure this message was delivered and that this was the primitive and punitive intent and not just out of malice, sadism and sheer evil incompetence?

  97. Maulana, please don’t talk nonsense here. If we don’t want them, don’t take them. If they come illegally, then send them back.

    sound like those ppl either very naive or ignorant. if they want to go back, why they want to leave their country at first place. good lah our enforcer and gov create such fame – those immigrants have to THINK TWICE/TRICE if they want to swim to our country. we already got enough problems of “immigrants” though…..

  98. wits0 says:

    You’re hysterical and desperate, dud. 😀

  99. His mind must be so narrow as not to allow for some of these people being possible victim already – victims of their own fly-by-night employment agencies

    if they got problem with their agency, go complain to their own country or embassy. however they resort to overstay and thinking of our country goldmine robbing the locals’ job! expect our country to feed them/ treat them and buy them airticket home – what a JOKE! the police is doing great service making such headlines to scared off these immigrants to come to our country…..

  100. Mrs Barney says:

    Hi,I’m Mrs Barney,purple dinosaur with good manner and very polite,tall,best of manner and children really love me.
    So,for me i really hate peoples who are without manner and impolite and they don’t like me when i am,if there are any bad boys out there beware because Mrs Barney is here.
    Oh,anoy dud you are full of anger! try to smile a little and relax.I can recommend you our Barney educational DVD title ‘Best Manner’ might help you up.Stay cool boy.why so full of anger?

  101. kittykat46 says:

    “pr supporter expect our gov to welcome them with 5-star hotel stay, chaffeur to drive around, nice food for lunch and dinner and finally 1 way airplane ticket home…..” – THE DUD

    This is Bull-Sh*t.

    Do you know how people get infected with Leptospirosis ?
    It means their skin, the bed they sleep on, the clothes they wear, the food they eat, the water they drink, plates /or whatever they eat from is regularly contaminated by Rat Urine and Rat Sh*t.

    This amounts treating human beings worse than animals.

    The other disgusting point is the disease is treatable in earlier stages. If so many detainees died from it, it means they were denied medical treatment, either deliberately or by neglect.

    You think it is OK to treat people like that, no doubt they may be illegal immigrants ?
    You pray 5 times a day ? Maybe you park your heart outside the door ?

  102. wits0 says:

    “This is Bull-Sh*t.” – Kittykat46,

    That’s what he spews for his daily manna from above.

  103. Kancilandak says:

    TDM worked very hard for 22 years to make this people to become towering.. during his tenor neglect such as this was very minimum in govement service. Ever sinse he left this people have lapse back to their lazy lackadisikal attitude.. the gomen cannot go on like this into the future. How many more Mahathir do they need before they learn to prepare to face this cold hard world?

  104. storm62 says:

    “the police is doing great service making such headlines to scared off these immigrants to come to our country…..” – anon dud.

    Najis did a better job to blow up a Mongolian lady and to scare the Mongolians from coming to out country….Leadership by example….kah kah kah….1Malaysia Boleh!!!

  105. monsterball says:

    At the end of the day….Anon Dud is saying UMNO is the best and kancilandak is very angry that UMNO … not able to handle Malaysians like mamak did in his 22 years.
    Can you imagine ..two of these idiots take up politics actively representing UMNO as candidates for election?
    It will mean UMNO should have gone at 12th GE.
    Anyway…not too late and nice to know what kinds of peoPle love UMNO…so much so…Mrs Barney came out and join the party.. to add more flavours to this blog….to get ready… cane naughty Dud and kancilandak better becareful.
    Where is 1-4-C???..still celebrating Hari Raya or on the run from AhLong.

  106. ahbengkia says:

    Dud, I think you know nothing. We are the taxpayers and this is the way most of us think we should treat these migrants – give them at least the minimum standard of decency and care. By the way how do you know the government has not allocated sufficient funds to manage the migrants? Check it out. Usually it is the abuse of money allocated to the agency that causes so many problems. Yes, money meant for food and shelter of migrants are siphoned off or channelled to their sport and social clubs for their own enjoyment.

    I think the government should spend less money to build places of worship. I don’t think it has made significant difference to most of us as a basic human being. Tell me what is the point for us to “recite” this and that everyday in public and also given time to pray and pray? Even people who don’t worship anything to do behave like those cows in immigration depots. Yes, they can walk around with their smart uniform, giving an aura of discipline and righteousness. Contrary to general belief, it is not most of them are decent, only a few are black sheep. It is most of them are sh!t, only a few are decent, got it dud?

  107. ahbengkia says:

    Cunt chill, please don’t talk cok again. Kutty did nothing on human development. What he did was to treat the Treasury like his private coffer and Malaysia his own Disneyland. If you think by following him, Malaysia can return to the glorious 90s, you are gravely mistaken. Malaysia’s rapid growth was despite of him, not because of him. Only people who know nothing would tend to find a simple explanation to a complex phenomenon. And you are one of them – simpleton. I think Malaysia must have been so short of talent that we have to go back to the same idiot over and over again.

  108. AB LIM says:

    Oh my!!!….i miss the show … favourite Barney….Mrs Barney??? wow….i should have postpone a date with my beautiful girlfriend yesterday…..anyway this dud really get a good impression from Mrs B…HA,HA,HA….better be good boy…go back to basic to learn 123…abc….gooooooood maaaaaaannneeeeerrrrr…ayo…yo
    By the way….this Kancilansi should go to mahakutty museum somewhere Kedah to see what his idol mahakutty have inside for him….he can only see but cannot touch…because not kancilansi property…so kancilansi get nothing again….
    anyway better go and drink my yin-yang water first …to stay cool whole day***********

  109. jubal says:

    Mongolia unimpressed by Najib’s “1Malaysia”

    “I was stopped dead in my tracks by the personable Yale- and Princeton-educated Ms. Oyungerel Tsedevdamba, advisor to the President of Mongolia. She wanted to know, in the nicest possible way, why Malaysian citizens had voted for a person of Najib’s known reputation to assume the highest political office, and, she continued, was it true that in the Altantuya Shaariibuu trial, the Malaysian judiciary was acting improperly to protect Najib?”

  110. jubal says:

    “I am fiercely patriotic, proud of our many achievements in a number of important areas, but like many of you I often hang my head in utter shame and humiliation when I see the cynical manipulation of democratic principles by a government that seems to have lost its moral capital by developing an unethical and immoral political behaviour into a fine art form. To them who govern this country, the end would seem to justify the means.”

  111. lawas says:

    S Samy Vellu’s referral to the Mahathir Mohamad- Anwar Ibrahim crisis, especially his statement on how Anwar was removed, is an attempt by Samy to acknowledge that Anwar was framed and removed.

    Coming from Samy, whom we all know was a devoted Mahathir disciple at that time, lends credence to the claim that all the allegations made out against Anwar were indeed a Mahathir conspiracy. That brings us to the latest Anwar saga and Najib, and that also sheds light into the extent Umno will go to silence any serious opposition against it.

  112. wits0 says:

    “To them who govern this country, the end would seem to justify the means.”

    Ain’t that so?! And bumno can never stop with that. All sorts of bulldust have been and will continue to be used to justify its ingrained and embedded corruption. Ahbengkia is correct on this, about MahaKutty being the one who wrote this very corruption into stone with the attached dire cynicism(about humanity) that only the moral moronic incarnate can and the simpleton(dunno about anything) worshipper like Kancilignoramus embraces.

  113. wits0 says:

    ““I am fiercely patriotic, proud of our many achievements in a number of important areas..” – via jubal.

    No need too be too fierce on that. Good deeds(if any) are often defeated by a single grave act of evil and in that 22 years there have been many gross evil committed without accountability.

    Why speak forever so glowingly of the (economic) achievements of the eighties? Maybe Monsterball in biz propered some 😉 but in the late eighties, Susan was working for M’siakini. Did she prosper and did any ordinary wage earners really?

  114. wits0 says:

    Correction, I mean the late NINEties…!

  115. Menyalak-er says:

    The problem is, in truth, not only are the goons enamored by this octo who had a tentacle in every pie… Even the old generation of nons idolize him, becuz he was firm in his nefarious ways. He was a dictator, and the Confusions loved that, ‘cuz he enabled them to ‘cari makan’.

    Who cares about freedom, corruption, nepotism, social and economic equitibility when they were so full of greed and materialism? The education system then as is now bred incompetence, superficialities and only literacy – but did not give education per se. Kids of all ‘races’ suffered through all sorts of irregularities and now some of them are the ct’s who impose themselves and their inanities on us.

    Pico and many others were brought in a corrupted system such as this without realising there’s no such thing as human immortality.
    This is the debt we pay, the lack of ethical-moral and civil discourse standards.

    Btw, pico remember to repay your PTPtN loan, or if they gave you a scholarship, don’t waste the taxpayers money (according to MM – 90% paid by the nons) and work for a Malaysian Malaysia – not for bumno!

  116. pkfz culprits must be hg says:

    Aiya! Under these corrupt BN & PR, only this kind of thing will happen in Bolehland!

    Even the so called sons and daughters of Bolehland aka Bumiputeras of Malaysia are emigrating to overseas.

    Bolehland is a sordid land for murderers, rapists, suicide bombers, bandits, sodomites, eunuchs, sycophants, concubines… and is a virulent virus countries.

    Only all these stupid and dumbed immigrants would come to Bolehland to seek asylum. They deserve to die!

    When Malays are also migrating

  117. paraquat says:

    So, there’s where that Rahim rapist is!
    No doubt helping himself and his UMNOputras to more of the rakyat’s money at those organisations.

    What’s worst….an UMNO politician or a child molester?

  118. monsterball says:

    Najib said…..”Malaysia is window to rest of Asia. I would like Malaysia for many things”
    Yea…..we are so famous…and unique….so many white elephants….first Japanese roti venture…jungle man laws….crooked politicians with all sort of titles…the most titles in the world…the biggest hypocritical Islamic country in the world….so many….best of all… to to kill a foreigner with C4….supposedly all evidences gone.
    Other Asian countries are claiming….they are windows to the rest of Asian too.
    The best result is based on the amount of tourists going to each country.
    Put Singapore…Thailand…even Vietnam…Australia….Malaysia is no where close to the head counts.
    Najib knows this statistic…..yet keep talking kok..and trying to fool Malaysians.
    Our country ranked as a best Asian gangster wonderland..undeR UMNO.

  119. james says:


    Asked whether (the new) Makkal Sakti (party) would affect MIC’s position as the main Indian-based party in the country, Dr Mahathir said: “I think MIC’s influence has already been diluted.”

    Asked on reports that MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu might consider taking a two-month break from his duties as party president, Dr Mahathir said two months was not enough.

    “It should be extended to about 20 years. He has been there for 30 years. The longer he (Samy Vellu) sits there, the more people are going to hate him,” he said.

  120. monsterball says:

    What does….”Makkai Sathi” mean?
    Mahathir seems be getting stronger with UMNO.
    Do you notice that?
    God son failed badly…..adopted father is back to help…and he hates Samy and MIC now…and Samy suddenly turned from being mamak…is back at his usual sarcastic mood to Mahathir.
    Mamak said…Makkai Sathi party is best..urging UMNO to support it.
    In the 13th GE… clear…vote for the devil and be dammed forever .or save yourself. Lets see how religious UMNO members are.

  121. kittykat46 says:

    Mahakutty was focused on Civil Engineering, which made sense to him, because his UMNOputra cronies fed exceedingly well from the trough….haha….. I know Anwar Ibrahim benefited a lot from those time as well…

    The country’s “software”, its human capital, its institutions like the judiciary, civil service, universities, election commission etc. etc. have been deteriorating ever faster right from Mahakutty’s days.

    One major source of the problem was that Mahakutty, with his power-hungry mentality had zero concept of independent or even semi-independent institutions.

    Everyone must bow to the Great Mahakutty. As a result so many of the country’s institutions are now run by and filled with grovellers whose main qualification is to obey UMNO’s bidding.

    Competence, efficiency, ethics…..apa tu ?

  122. monsterball says:

    Just look….Mahathir has chosen his best friend as the scapegoat for the defeats of UMNO in 12th GE.
    Avoiding to recommend Samy to be investigated for so many corruption acts as a Minister…..knowing Samy have piles of evidences to bring him along….just talk about the person…judge him… if Mahathir is so loved and respected by all.
    Yes….Najib talk weird stuffs…and he needs his master to be weirder.
    That’s why we have few of UMNO weird student here too.
    Leaving that aside…we want UMNO out for massive corruptions and applying ISA….to protect themselves.
    We are fed up with out-dated race and religion politics….which I hope PAS is brave enough to change…and not compete against UMNO with the same out-dated politics.

  123. ahbengkia says:

    {The best result is based on the amount of tourists going to each country.
    Put Singapore…Thailand…even Vietnam…Australia….Malaysia is no where close to the head counts.} monsterball

    First, you must learn how to write proper English. It is not the “amount”, it is the “number” of tourists.

    Second, you must get your facts right. It may sound strange to you, the number of tourists coming to Malaysia is higher those going to Singapore or Thailand. You see, when you get all your facts wrong, your other criticisms, although right, lose their credibility.

  124. monsterball says:

    UMNO can roped all engineers..lawyers.. to vote for them.
    Lim Kit Siang and Anwar…can depend on kopitiam fellas.
    Lets see People’s Power are made of which group.

  125. monsterball says:

    hi….ahbengkia…Stop talking about my english ..and focus on my message.
    And you are very wrong on your facts about tourists.
    Do you mix with tour agents? If not….SHUT UP!!
    Malaysia have been left out of the list for tourists by Europe and USA…for decades….and they need to beg…to put Malaysia one of the destination.
    Why beg….when you are so popular?
    You choose Thailand…and the time…when recent political unrest are happening? Talk the 25 years intake…not just these two years.
    Useless to talk to you about S’pore..with the best Airline and most profitable. That cannot be without more tourists than Malaysia.
    Worldwide..tour Agents do not support Malaysia..but no choice now… sold…and tour must go on….so temporary ..few tours ..divert to Malaysia….and here comes your so call…smart…conclusion.
    Hi….smart man with best english…do you know what is constant and growing in business?
    Now respond to my message and stop teaching me English.
    Millions read and understand me…that’s good enough.

  126. desert man says:

    How many more must die?


    Please wait till our Hassan Ali of Pas becomes the MB of Selangor.

    If Hassan ali becomes the next MB (Menteri Babi) of Selangor replacing the Palm-oil nut PKR Mb, MB Hassan ali (Mentari Babi Hassan Ali) will welcome them with red carpet and let them stay in a 5* hotel in KLIA.

    They can have Kajang satay party everyday in the 5* holel.

    <a href=""The most corrupted scum in Selangor

  127. desert man says:

    How many more must die?


    Please wait till our hero Hassan Ali of Pas becomes the next MB of Selangor.

    If Hassan ali becomes the next MB (Menteri Babi) of Selangor replacing the Palm-oil nut PKR Mb, MB Hassan ali (Mentari Babi Hassan Ali) will welcome them with red carpet and let them stay in a 5* hotel in KLIA.

    They can have Kajang satay party everyday in the 5* holel.

    The most corrupted scum in Selangor

  128. monsterball says:

    hi…ahbengkia..I have my reputation established… need for to comment.
    You so smart….put more comments on all subjects.
    Good or bad…..depends on the readers…not you.
    How do you rate OKT and CHUA??
    On have f…cked it up.
    Are you from MCA?

  129. Menyalak-er says:

    Monty, don’t give ideas to dud – after he open kopitiam, and give us rat urine insread of kopi! Lepto us+++.
    Be fair lah – not all engineers – just the ‘pakar perunding jurutera’ from Felda whose expertise is making pit latrines, collapsing roofs and leaking gutters. Nizar, MB of Perak engineer. Lawyers very anti-lah, Bar Council always hentam those gonss kau-kau. Zaid lawyer mah…

  130. ahbengkia says:

    {Hi….smart man with best english…do you know what is constant and growing in business?} incorrigible monsterball

    See, how to answer you – constant and growing? Which do you want, constant or growing? You have to make up your mind first. You should put it this way: which business is stagnant and which business is growing. Ok, let me answer you, the stagnant business is “loud mouthing with poor English”. The growing business is pimping. You should know.

  131. ahbengkia says:

    {Good or bad…..depends on the readers…not you.
    How do you rate OKT and CHUA??
    On have f…cked it up.} monsterball

    Yes how true, good or bad, it depends on the readers. Am I not a reader?

    How to rate OKT and Chua? Owah, this is a tough question man! Let me see……
    OKT is a loud mouth Hainanese like you. So he is good in that department, i.e. loud mouthing non stop, oh yes, the grandfather of all nonsense.

    I think everybody knows what Chua is good at. For his age, I guess he is much much better than you when you were a young man, am I right? Now of course you totally can not pakai already lah, everybody knows.

    On tourism, I am telling you factual stuff. I am protecting the reputation of this blog, not you. So you don’t have to take it personally.

  132. AB LIM says:

    Wow ….ah beng just cool down….my english are very very bad too…but i used my heart and brain to voice out things that’s bad again Malaysian citizen….no need to argue about broken English…just beat it….cold down man…everyone are doing fine here…ok? cool man

  133. AB LIM says:

    bumno new tactic***********
    after bull dog coming new tactic**********

  134. atit says:

    the stagnant business is “loud mouthing with poor English”. The growing business is pimping. You should know. – ahbengkia

    Very well put

  135. Kancilandak says:

    abengkia, Kutty did not use the nasional treasury as his coffin.. he used it to give us the best roads in the world, to give us MSC, to give us the tallest bulding and the longest bridge.. he give to us for education, for businez and basic infrastruktur.. the Proton and Perodua which all of us drive with pride.. if not for TDM we might have been like in 1970 until now. The elderly stateman with a boyish grin.. you guys gonna miss him when he no more.
    And Sifu says umno is corrupted.. umno is not as corrupted as the MCA.. which we are seeing now.. we have been very accomodating for too long.. and that is our mistake.. that is why Samyvellu is being pressured.. becoz cannot tahan anymore.. we are restructuring according to times.. in due time eveybody will benefit. And was the problem with Sifu english.. I understand him very well.. Monsterball messages are clear.

  136. storm62 says:

    I-4-C missing in action or dead already?

    has anyone make a police report?

  137. atit says:

    good news is after 2 days kancilandak is slowly getting back to normal.

  138. storm62 says:

    “the Proton and Perodua which all of us drive with pride.. if not for TDM we might have been like in 1970 until now.” – kancil

    hello kancil, you can drive a proton or perdua with pride? how about taking a kancil 600cc to the jungle? i love BBQ kancil.

    pls check the prices of proton in Saudi then you’ll be damn proud of this mamak kerala of yours….ha ha ha.

    i drive my Mit. Storm with pride….highways, jungle, offroads…no hal…….kancil? at a high price? what pride are you talking about?

  139. AB LIM says:

    **And Sifu says umno is corrupted..umno is not corrupted as the MCA.. which we are seeing now..we have been very accomodating for too long…and that is our mistake..**kancilansi
    Yes…your ‘Sifu’ correct…listen to him…..but if you say bumno not corrupt…then you are something wrong again…why?…ai ya….one hand how to clap? must be two hand right? i believe all are corrupt to the core….now sinking ship…something wrong inside-out….dog bite dog…snake eat snake….coming to sad ending liao***a yo yo

  140. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha… pico got his salary at last, but dud has morphed into dudder, and fat’s was done in by lol-lies. 1-4-C? Renovating his apartment with our ‘help’.
    Noticed pico’s “..umno’s not as corrupted as..”, very insightfool – as if there’s relative corruption? I think there is such a thing as partial ‘sunat’. That’s why the incessant need for the tallest, longest, thickest, most partners, smartest murderers and the smoothest killer highway. Pico P1 and P2, the most defects…
    Hey, storm 62, since you have a Mitsui – lets go and ronggeng with pico and check out his pit latrine, slave dorms and palace. Pico address please? Promise won’t bring any dodol…

  141. storm62 says:

    menyalak-er, unless kancil wants to get out from his tempurung in the jungle, then maybe we can help by towing his kancil out…otherwise let his drown in his pit latrine…..kah kah kah.

    Mit. Storm No plate : XXX 62 , color : bright yellow

  142. monsterball says:

    ahbengkia….You are protecting this blog with facts makes me laugh.
    You are at least …3 years too late.
    You are protecting MCA..that’s the fact….and you never respond to my fact.that if you do not mix up with tourist agents…and get real facts..please ..SHUT UP!!
    Go teach english and tourism facts..else where…making sure..readers love MCA…with your lies and fool readers.
    Do you travel alot or talk througH your nose?

  143. wits0 says:

    “abengkia, Kutty did not use the nasional treasury as his coffin.. he used it to give us the best roads in the world, to give us MSC, to give us the tallest bulding and the longest bridge.. he give to us for education, for businez and basic infrastruktur.. the Proton and Perodua which all of us drive with pride.. if not for TDM we might have been like in 1970 until now. The elderly stateman with a boyish grin.. you guys gonna miss him when he no more….” – Kancilterbalik.

    That’s how intellectually and selfishly shallow you’re. Should I waste my time enumerating his deviousness yet again? How can an unabashed racist dictator/instigator ever be a noble soul enough to do things in the right spirit and for the right reason?

    Even so, I’m not one to tell him to drop dead because whatever harm he’s done is already done, besides, there’re six kinds of Bardo that we experience as human or sentient beings in samsara that can be changed for the better, but the power to do this lies in the waking state. It is in the bardo of our present lives that we can make the most progress in developing the ability to deal effectively with all the others. His own failure to do so while alive during his full natural tenure means a worse consequence in the next life.

    No, I don’t expect you to dig. 😀

  144. ahbengkia says:

    Cunt chill, if not for this Kutty, all of us would be driving Passat or Golf probably at lower price than cuntchill, got it?

    Ya, MSC, may I know what is left of it after spending billions bringing in those good for nothing foreign experts into the country for holidays. Ya, don’t forget, you should also mention Bio-Valley, Entertainment Valley, InventQ Jaya with that Libyan American conman. These are just a few examples which were hardly mentioned so far. I have left out the more familiar misdeeds.

    Ya, sure we have the tallest building, but may you should look around the places you live. Peek into the drains; look into the back lanes. See the uncollected garbage, the left over food, rats as big as cats running around, and mosquitoes and lizards, everywhere. Yes, while you eat in one of those filthy little shops, enjoy too the stench from the nearby clogged drains. This is kutty’s Malaysia that he has built. You stupid simpleton, obviously you have no inkling life could have been much better. Obviously you have no idea who have scr*wed you hard.

    UMNO not as corrupted as MCA? Hmmm, let me see. Let me put it this way: MCA and MIC would not be able to get a single cent without the tacit approval of UMNO. If you don’t understand what I am talking about, you should consult your Sifu whose English you understood.

    No you are wrong again, you are not accommodating us. We have been tolerating your incompetence, stupidity and corruption for too long.

  145. AB LIM says:

    **very few human being conscious about 6 circle of life**
    what to do…..but they just can’t shoot dead messenger from above*************thousands messages from messenger above coming and coming as a reminder for mankind******

  146. monsterball says:

    Go read..ahbengkai.who knows so much about me..shows the fact.that he/she is here… insult and belittle me.
    Yes….AB LIM…our broken english carries weight..keep it up..and that’s a fact.
    Do not let BN racialists to teach you anything.
    This is an obvious MCA member…protecting MCA minister…who knows next to nothing about tourism…but chosen by Najib…just to play their dirty politics.
    We do not loud mouthing for nothing.
    You have idiots here..including you…ahbengkai.
    We will curse and complain…with no fear…and that’s a fact.
    You are not a reader. You read ..with the purpose to defend MCA.
    We call such readers…..maggots…scums of the earth.

  147. AB LIM says:

    I’m using my Estima 3.0 8 seated MPV to carry all aunty and uncle coming next GE13 ….more peoples…

  148. wits0 says:

    “Hahaha… pico got his salary at last, but dud has morphed into dudder, and fat’s was done in by lol-lies. 1-4-C? Renovating his apartment with our ‘help’…” – Menyalak-er.

    The dud was long jammed in the rudder like that fateful Swordfish torpedo hit did to the Bismarck and doomed it.

    1-4-C most likely lost his contract which was given to the doomed dud sailing in circles.

  149. Menyalak-er says:

    Nah, he’ll dig wits – wiki you see – might take like an aeon to answer you though, but heck that’s the price of education!

    Storm62 my friend, maybe so, but what that Potong ‘pudina’ and other kerbaus of his – the one with 6 jalur gemilang? I think we might have to use a Hummer plus Navarra at least – maybe borrow from Monty. But he’s so riled up now, best to stay cool… Seriously, heard that Storm you’re driving – much tougher than that dinky Triton.. True-ah?

  150. monsterball says:

    How to agree to disagree applied again….by ahbengkai.
    All is well….since message is nice for guys like us…to read…..feel happy….but with passion to change the government…not yet seen ahbengkai messages.
    Protect MCA tourism shows she.he us an MCA member.
    Come play it us….starting to keep insulting me.
    My lousy English is always the main subject…by UMNO and MCA worms.
    Worms want to be nice….OK…but maggots are maggots…so low class racialists… to be second class citizens.
    Do not compare kopitiam fellas with your high class hypocritical life.
    We are not impress…..not born yesterday.

  151. monsterball says:

    “He is so riled up now”…….correct correct correct…Memyalak-er.
    My broken English and I know.. next to nothing about tourism is being told by an idiot.. from MCA.
    But last message….telling me..he/she is on the good side…yet it must mean AB LIM and monsterball are idiots.
    Cannot tahan la.
    Mahathir cannot tahan…told everyone to boycott Australian goods.
    I cannot tahan…yearn to have more…from my new english teacher..out to insult and teach me tourism.
    Traveling is my biggest past time hobby….and this idiot want to talk tourism.
    To talk…prove you have travelled all over the world…you MCA maggot.

  152. wits0 says:

    “Cunt chill, if not for this Kutty, all of us would be driving Passat or Golf probably at lower price than cuntchill, got it?” – ahbengkia.

    True! Because of his pet Potong and the later PuttDud(it loves producing the ugliest cars @ exorbitant price!)many motorists endanger their lives daily, driving old clunkers for 2 decades or more. This is the inherent nature of “patriotic”(rogues and dumbos version)smart deal deals where the buyers are made thoroughly stupid. But cuntchill has that ear2ear grin of the Cheshire cat always.

  153. MatSetia says:

    1803 deaths in Malaysia Police Custody !!!
    A stomach churning figure that No Civilised Country will tolerate except in seems in Malaysia !
    JUSTICE FOR ALL WHO DIED UNDER CUSTODY ……ALTANTUYA &……Gunasegaran,Ulaganathan,K.Kannan,Yogeswaran,Kumar Krishnasamy,A.Gnanapragasam,Kugan,Teoh Beng Huat and the the over One Thousand who died whilst under Malaysia Police & Law Enforcement Officers .
    There are a small number of Police Officers who are damaging the image of the PDRM …..damaging the name of ‘Royal ‘ Malaysia Police.
    These Officers must be brought to justice….yet NO ACTION is taken !
    The joint protest of the Human Rights group should have the full support of all of us -so we can STOP the torture of any Individual be they foreign or local and STOP the terrible conditions they are kept and some ending up dead !
    Those who died have loved ones and family !
    STOP THE TORTURE & DEATHS in Malaysia Police & Law Enforcement Authorities which have been reported in the UN and press worldwide.

  154. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha.. Monty, i think the way you write ok, class of itself and pedigree of its own. Fong soong tau hei, i’m sure that kia understands you now. Forgive lah.
    Anyway you do have some very original ideas, e.g. kopitiam, and you watch our backs, before we get stabbed in the back ler.

  155. monsterball says:

    Lawan tidap lawan.
    Masok ISA..kulua…tak takot.
    Lawan tidap lawan….so said Anwar….who sacrificed so much for Malaysia.
    His English is excellent…cannot use that as his weakness …so create a backside

  156. atit says:

    Proton Savvy diketawakan

  157. Kancilandak says:

    Matsetia is absoluty right.. 1803 is no small matter.. but the indians who die in polis custardy are mostly criminals who are diseased of some kind.. especially kugan the notorios car thief who died of asthma.. and the polis were stupid to torture a statement out of him when he asthmatic.. these insensitive, hopeless, criminally debased triad gangster polis must be punished and replaced. When did they ever was in a place of crime unless coincidense.. we are scared of criminals.. but more scared of the polis now. They dont even know the meaning of the word: vigilance! They are happier doing roadblocks at appropriate times.. PRDM is hopelessly incapable.. what a mess!

  158. monsterball says:

    Yes Menyalak-er..that will be my last message to her.
    Kopitiam fellas will never run away from this blog.
    I know Susan loves kopitiam fellas too…never forgotten my 5.00 am breakfast with her…in a kopitiam.
    Kopitiam voters are very reliable and sincere.
    Be well educated…so am I…but never loose your kopitiam be a snob. Forget your excellent English. We are not politicians or trained political assistants
    Speak like them….and make them comfortable…..listening to you.
    Have been visiting kopitiams and keep teaching them to have a cake of soap at the washing basin..which is my first lesson to them…..non stop…now so clean.
    Found out..not because of my teaching….but because few UMNO buggers came like spies…to listen to our conversations… dirty food and get diarrhoea….very angry…out come Min.of Health…working overtime.
    You see…if you want all the rapist to be caught….UMNO daughters must get it first.
    If you want accidents to be less…UMNO children must get that first.
    Kopitiam fellas curse and complain…one ear in…next ear out….not hue us.
    Tolerate…we must till 13th GE.
    Meanwhile….talk till we all drop dead….and never allow sly fixes from MCA….to teach you anything.
    UMNO guys….we all know are easy to handle.
    HAVE FUN!!

  159. storm62 says:

    hello atit,

    thats a nice video…how can they C4 cunt chill’s brother just like that….should forward this to big mama….kah kah kah

    menyalak-er sir,

    i have the same idea too..storm is tougher than triton. maybe should let Jeremy Clarkson test it out like the above video posted by atit….hi hi hi.

  160. belysoly says:

    As head of the Islamic Religion in the state of Pahang this Su tan does profess to be the protector and defender of the religion. It is in the practice of the tenants of the Islam that he finds some difficulty in adhering to. A case in point…no two cases in point – he gambles and he fornicates. In the latter he has one daughter that we know of, out of wedlock. In the other he has at times amass massive gambling debts that has required the state to guarantee its payment before the said Su tan was allowed to leave the premises of the Casino.

    The University Malaysia Pahang permanent campus is located in Pekan – as and when construction is completed. The construction contract has been awarded to the Su tan – or his nominee or a company he has lobbied for…

  161. AB LIM says:

    “FONG SOONG TAU HEI”-menyalak-er
    Very big guts and heart …..big ocean heart ….any problems can be overcome…together we have a choice….change for better….don’t worry and just be happy***********

  162. AB LIM says:

    kancillansi still some screw loose….but better than previous day….don’t know grumbling what…anyway your ‘Sifu’ can give you good advice and correct your screw nuts anytime….ha,ha,ha,ha,ha

  163. wits0 says:

    Puttdud puts out an ugly van and sold it as a car(Kenari) and then Proton on patriotic competition brough out its real ugly and short-lived Juara! Hahaha! Speak of dumbass asthetics!

    Look at the currrent Saga from an 180° angle – it still is ugly like the Savvy. Jeremy Clarkson should have done his bit on the Kenari, Kembara and Juara as well. So vile and so absolutely ugly!

  164. wits0 says:

    Kancillansi only objects to the system when he is on the wrong receiving end, mah. When he’s the beneficiary, that is a different story altogether. What do we normally call such specimens? 😉

  165. monsterball says:

    If I have a student like kancilandak..I will arrange a picnic….make sure he downs and everyone thinks it is an accident.
    Tempt him to go swimming…grab hold of his head….’gentlty’……push it down….5 minutes…job done…..ACCIDENT!!

  166. AB LIM says:

    kancilansi should go be shivering now….shy type…ha,ha,ha..but cute
    everyone are bless to be expert in somethings they do or learn…..ha,ha,ha,ha,ha i also don’t know why i laught….oh…can look and stay young**********

  167. wits0 says:

    Only his/her mother would think this ‘baby’ is cute:

    An ugly van that was sold as a car.

  168. wits0 says:

    In this old film, Taras Bulba, the father killed his own son – for a reason.

    Monsterball is ready to do the same to his (almost) kai chai!

  169. monsterball says:

    If I can..I would..but Taras Bulba is a Barbarian and living hundreds of years ago..where humans are ruled like animals.
    Here…..only UMNO can do that.
    I habis kancilandak…with pleasure….but must plan smarter than Najib.
    Maybe convert to Muslim…..first and plan ahead.
    How’s Montidollah bin Landak?

  170. cellphonespy says:

    Stop supporting the torture

    So every time you vote for Barisan Nasional, remember what you are voting for. If you can live with this, if you can live with the torture of Barisan Nasional dulu, kini dan selamanya — well, be my guest.

    “It might be a bit hard to understand what all this ruckus relating to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is all about, especially since it seems to have disappeared from the headlines now. So if you haven’t been following the news lately, know this: your money is being used to fund torture and death. What are you going to do about it?”

  171. cellphonespy says:

    “How’s Montidollah bin Landak?”….
    sounds like
    Martin Landau

  172. Kancilandak says:


    Boy..! this is news.. I thought I read somwhere that the casino refuse to let a VIP go unless guarantee by gomen.. I never taught it was him. All I knew was he screw up national football.. but if this is true.. then this ‘takde maruah fellow’ is worse than a pengemis. Taik ulat dunggu.

  173. ahbengkia says:

    AB LIM and monsterball are actually one person.

  174. Kancilandak says:

    Taras Montybola bin Abdullah sounds better.

  175. AB LIM says:

    Ah beng oh ah beng kong lu bea yau thia…ti ki lan…you must be halusinating…nuts crack already…nothing to do..ayo yo

  176. selamat hari raya idilfitri says:

    Wow! It’s really an honor to shake hand with Datuk Seri Najib in Seri Perdana during the Hari Raya Open house.

    His hand is sooo soft, as soft as a baby hand…

    Guess in the US, you have to pay US1,000 before you can shake hand with President Obama!

    Long live to our 1Malaysia PM, hahaha… and

    Selamat Hari raya Aidilfitri to all!

  177. selamat hari raya idilfitri says:

    Wow! Don’t feel like reporting to work tomorrow! Yawn….

  178. F136 says:

    Besides Taras Bulba, Nikolai Gogol also wrote
    “The Government Inspector” –

    “….endless vertigo of self-deception around the main character, Khlestakov, who personifies irresponsibility, light-mindedness, absence of measure. “He is full of meaningless movement and meaningless fermentation incarnate, on a foundation of placidly ambitious inferiority” (D.S. Mirsky).
    The publication of the play led to a great outcry in the reactionary press. It took the personal intervention of Tsar Nicholas I to have the play staged,..”

  179. lagiada says:

    “His hand is sooo soft, as soft as a baby hand…”

    Saiful knows for sure

  180. monsterball says:

    Now that bloody idiot ahbengkia said I have two nicks here.
    That Ah Beng Kia is a ” kia koon”[PIMP}.. at chow kit road…specialized in backside business….looking for orang puteh.
    I told you…this is MCA low class tour agent for back lanes.

  181. tanda says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 27 – The DAP today signalled its intention to go for the country’s largest demography, the Malays, by organising an Aidil Fitri open house and launching its second Malay-majority branch.

  182. tanda says:

    “What is wrong with being old? What is the use of being young but a load of rubbish?” said Nik Abdul Aziz.

    “I had asked him to resign as the Pasir Mas MP as he won the seat under PAS banner. When Pasir Mas PAS told him to step down, he should do so.

    “The money he is earning is not right, his prayers will not be accepted by the God,” said Nik Abdul Aziz.

  183. monsterball says:

    Baby have soft hands…old men may have soft hands…doing nothing…and lazy buggers..who never work…also have soft hands.
    Bosses have soft hands….doing thinking jobs.
    We elect UMNO buggers to be on the inspect and work…not behave like bosses.
    They actually know next to nothing about managing a country or business.
    So they ha ve soft hands and big mouths.
    Saiful have soft hands…being a pondan…holding the stick gently…using his blow torch….no flame… UMNO.

  184. AB LIM says:

    **Ah beng oh ah beng….ha mi su? why you talk through you butt….smelly…terible…you sound pathetic …trying to be what? hero or zorro?
    a yo yo

  185. Menyalak-er says:

    “His hand so soft,…”
    Thats why the blur bride and bridegroom who actually look like a chinapek version of of tweedledumb-tweedlelump had to pay their respects.
    Now tell me there must be something seriously wrong here according to chinaman’s custom! No saiful needed. The bride went to ‘dumb and the bridegroom went to ‘lump. That’s one sure way of 1Berkong-Kong… muah!

  186. ahbengkia says:

    {The publication of the play led to a great outcry in the reactionary press. It took the personal intervention of Tsar Nicholas I to have the play staged,..”}F136

    Yes that was because the Tsar was stupid, didn’t know it was a satire to insult the establishment of his day. Did you read “the Government Inspector by Gogol?

  187. ahabshi says:

    Inilah yang berlaku di kalangan orang Melayu Pulau Pinang.Dapat sikit duit terus jual tanah.Bagi rumah sekangkang kera pun setuju.Macam tu la….

  188. ahbengkia says:

    {Thats why the blur bride and bridegroom who actually look like a chinapek version of of tweedledumb-tweedlelump had to pay their respects.} Menyalak-er

    It is part of the stimulus package – to stimulate the old fart a bit.

  189. lawak says:

    Yes that was because the Tsar was stupid, ….- ahbengkia

    You should read more instead of simply shooting off.
    He was the most liberal Tsar Russia ever had, and he clearly had a sense of humour. Aspects of the play amount to an attack on the local governmental institutions themselves.

  190. zambrykrisis says:

    It is the rape followed by the killing that is arousing. This is what happened at Beslan.

  191. ahbengkia says:

    lawak, did you read this book? I don’t think so. If so, you will not accuse of “simply shooting off”.

  192. lawak says:

    ahbengkia, you are talking nonsense. You called the Tsar stupid… you know the Tsar did not read the book. Just becos you read the book do not make you clever. You are begining to look very stoooopid with your silly challenges.

  193. lawak says:

    Nah, ahbengkia, go to this link, study it carefully, then go and sit for exam on the book and get your cleverness established. Get your certificates on the gvernment inspector. Thousands will go to your house and bow to your intelligence

  194. ahbengkia says:

    lawak, i challenge you??? I just asked you, did you read the book or not? Just answer me. If you have not, which I suspect so, then I have nothing to talk to you because you obviously know nothing other than cut and paste from some Wikipedia. Reading the book does not automatically make me clever, but it makes me more aware of what the book is all about. But if you have not read it, then obviously you know nothing and you are just talking bunkum.

  195. ahbengkia says:

    Lawak, please lah, if Nicholas I was not stupid, Niclolas II will not get the chop, you stupid ass.

  196. lawak says:

    “if Nicholas I was not stupid, Niclolas II will not get the chop, you stupid ass.” -ahbengkia

    You stupid idiot, no.2 got chopped becos the times were such. Your stupidity is amazing.

  197. lawak says:

    If Nicholas ! was stupid as per Mr.World Genius ahbengkia, this would not have happened (another cut and paste to shame ahbengkia):

    “Nicholas I, was the Emperor of Russia from 1825 until 1855, known as one of the most reactionary of the Russian monarchs. On the eve of his death, the Russian Empire reached its historical zenith spanning over 20 million square kilometres.”

    ahbengkia probably cannot acquire more than the 6ft by 6ft squatter house he is staying in.

  198. lawak says:

    “If you have not, which I suspect so..” – ahbengkia

    You would make a lousy detective, maybe polis station cuci toilets can b a good job for you, then you can work your way up and into a flat.

  199. Menyalak-er says:

    Aiyo, flurs, what happened to the poor illegal migrant wokers?
    Nice vid ahabshi , err… what were trying to tell us?

  200. baganpinang says:

    “if Nicholas I was not stupid, Niclolas II will not get the chop, you stupid ass.” -ahbengkia

    Nicky2 was killed by communists, so ahbengkia soln. is for malaysians to become communists and execute umno leaders?
    I think it is impossible.

  201. NaSTy says:

    Kuala Lumpur, Sep 27 (DPA) Followers of a religious cult in Malaysia’s eastern Sabah state wrapped the body of their dead cult leader in plastic and laid it in his home for 13 months while waiting for him to be resurrected, a news report said Sunday.

    The leader of the Benevolent Missionary Association, Ching Chi Vui aka Ivan, was believed to have told his followers not to bury him if he were to die, because he would come back to life, the Sunday Star reported.

    Ching, 37, claimed to be a prophet but the sect was extremely secretive and followers kept to themselves. It was unclear if the sect had any links to the Philippines Benevolent Missionaries Association cult group, which has more than 1 million followers.

  202. ahbengkia says:

    {becos the times were such} lawak

    So what exactly was “the times were such”? You like to label other stupid, but you can’t even articulate sufficiently to make other understand.

    So you are saying stupidity in one period will not affect the performance of another period. Have you heard of a saying King Louis XIV built it, Louis XV enjoyed it, and finally Louis XVI paid for it.

  203. ahbengkia says:

    {“Nicholas I, was the Emperor of Russia from 1825 until 1855, known as one of the most reactionary of the Russian monarchs. On the eve of his death, the Russian Empire reached its historical zenith spanning over 20 million square kilometres} lawak

    Reactionary? Now are you sure you know the meaning of this word, or you just cut and paste again. I told you before, don’t do that, there are lots of garbage in the internet.

  204. lawak says:

    “So what exactly was “the times were such”?” -ahbengkia……you stupid fool if you want answers to that that fill your articulate desires, it is so simple, go and read up history instead of prancing around with your simple mindedness and proving your inability in logic.

    “..and finally Louis XVI paid for it.” – ahbengkia

    And you can shove it up your arsehole.

  205. lawak says:

    Now the idiot dont know the meaning of reactionary and expects to be taught on a blog. Now there`s a bit of ahbengkia garbage in this blog.

  206. lawak says:

    Oi, you moron ahbengkia, this is another cut and paste (I just refuse to teach you):

    Reactionary (also reactionist) refers to any political or social movement or ideology that seeks a return to a previous state (the status quo ante). The term originated in the French Revolution, to denote the counter-revolutionaries who wanted to restore the real or imagined conditions of the monarchical Ancien Régime. In the nineteenth century, the term reactionism denoted those who wished to preserve feudalism and aristocratic privilege against industrialism, republicanism, liberalism, and socialism. Today the term is largely used by those on the political left pejoratively to refer to ideas they consider backwards, outdated and opposing to progress.

    The last line seems to define the ahbengkuai.

  207. AB LIM says:

    ***how many more must die**
    well….talking about road accidents …up 2 date ”238 death” since ops sikap 20 started 2 weeks ago….very high rate…just doesn’t make sense
    how accidental deaths are still very high even this this operation sikap??????

  208. ahbengkia says:

    You see, Lawak, i have not introduced anything new into discussion. I am merely reacting to what you said. I have not talked about you thinking highly of yourself now that you are staying in a 22X75 link house or the fact that you are a junior executive probably working 14 hours a day. No, I never said those things. So don’t insult excessively, because someday you may desperately appear before me to get a job.

  209. lawak says:

    because someday you may desperately appear before me to get a job. – ahbengkia

    Stop crying like a small boy. If I ever know it is you, I will NEVER be looking to you for a job. Now be a good worker and go cuci the polis toilet.

  210. ahbengkia says:

    {socialism. Today the term is largely used by those on the political left pejoratively to refer to ideas they consider backwards, outdated and opposing to progress.}

    That is right, at least you know how to cut and paste correctly this time. But didn’t I hear you earlier that Nicholas I was one of most intelligent and progressive tsar? You are not consistent and that is because you know nothing. You just want to act big and belittle others. Labelling others moron and stupid. I suggest you take a mirror and look deeply into it yourself.

  211. gandhi says:

    5. Hassan Ali real intentions are only known to him but I must say that I am extremely displeased with his methods of raising issues. What he has done is actually weakening the non Muslim support for PAS. Some of my non Muslim friends now begin to question the validity of the slogan “PAS for all”. This goes without saying that it is affecting the stability of the PR government.

  212. lawak says:

    I suggest you take a mirror and look deeply into it yourself. – ahbengkia

    So that`s what you are doing when they tell you to clean the toilets. No wonder all those immigrants are dying. Instead of cleaning, you are preening.

  213. Gan Yang says:

    Makkal Sakthi, Hindraf and MIC had gone into Kampung Buah Pala to turn the residents against the Chinese. Their members have added salt to the wounds of the affected residents and put the blame on the Chinese Chief Minister and Chinese developer. I had been there and know what kind of racial tauntings the ‘imported’ demonstrators are capable of uttering.

    Instead of letting the issue die down quietly, Datuk Dr. Teng had once again attempted to start another round of animosities and hostilities between the Indians and Chinese.

  214. ahbengkia says:

    Lawak, you are an angry man, probably under lots of pressure due to under achievement or deep sense of deprivation. Are you inadequate s*xually? Don’t be shy, seek help.

  215. Gan Yang says:

    “Many years ago, you refused to stroke of a pen to give me a valid medical certificate because you wanted to remain the ‘clean panel of company doctors who don’t issue MCs’. I was really sick and yet, you refused to sign the MC because you want to remain in the good books of my bosses. I had no voice, a bad inflamed tonsils and had fever and yet, you dare not stroke your pen. Now, you want to act hero and talk big. Come on lah, don’t try to fool us. We are not easily fooled. Remember? We Penangites voted all of you out of Penang?”

  216. ahbengkia says:

    Makkal Sakthi kah, Makkal Saki kah, they are not going to make an iota of difference. If Indian Malaysians support Makkal Sakthi, then they deserve to be deprived for another 50 years.

  217. lawak says:

    Are you inadequate s*xually? Don’t be shy, seek help. – ahbengkia

    Why seek help when I`m having a great time banging your arse.

  218. monsterball says:

    Now that l lanchiow kia…..ahbengkia….quoted a book “Tsar Nicholas1 “and commented on himself……asking have everyone have the read…”The Government Inspector ” by Gogol…and go on to talk Louis XVI….all useless European stuffs….trying to Lawak trapped….to talk his language.
    Note those books…all useless European history that Mahathir love to read too.
    Those want to prove they are qualified politicians…ready o stand for election.eed to read such stuffs.
    I love reading too….Lee Kuan Yew ..Che…Groucho Marz..and best of all…”The Three Kingdom”
    hi lanchiow kia…ahbengkia…you read that too?
    How about “Kamasutra”….read also?
    Tell me….do you know the 32 ways of making love?
    Lawak need no help…from me..but kopitiam fellas are ever ready to kick ass with MCA idiots.

  219. baganutama says:

    we bloggers from n9 and Bagan Pinang now give live report from N31.
    We give the latest pictures from bagan pinang. No copy paste report from other blog.

  220. zaidi says:

    I no longer trust our Prime Minister to do what is best for our country. I no longer have faith in his ability to take care of our interests, our hopes and our aspirations. As with all incoming PM there is the grand gestures of turun padang in the first few days in office – going walkabouts in Brickfields, China Town – the obligatory intent of “looking” at the ISA, the intent to clean up Puspakom…but slowly the rot starts creeping in.

  221. monsterball says:

    So guys….you all know who is ahbengkia now..a braggart…from MCA…insulting me… said AB LIM and me are one…what an idiot he is….now talk books……all try stuffs for politicians.
    Maybe this is another Tong Sampah MCA history teacher….never step out of Malaysia..want to talk tourism.
    He keeps bragging by his reading knowledge…and already “suku tiang”….listening too much to UMNO and MCA stuffs…love politics.
    All the “singa tiang” are UMNO jokers here….all half crazy.
    Ahbengkia is “quarter crazy”….to talk catch my weakness…which only an idiot like him do..that is English language…and shoot off his cheebai mouth.
    Now Lawak….is his target…..talking nothing but useless books.
    I read alot of cooking books…never cook anything… but make sure my maids cook well….tampa tampa that…to make this or that.
    Not perfect….bring them to eat at restaurants… go back ….make same dishes. Expensive way teach…but I always bring my maids to eat what ever I like to eat…….and insist all eat together..same home…..although always they will not sit and eat together..out of respect.
    My maids have worked for 10 least 2 years..never ran away…..never steal….for we treat them like relations…never as maids.
    Catch anyone stealing….bring them to picnic…and apply the 5 minutes “accident”… So need..except kancilandak…always in my mind…how to finish him off.
    This ahbengkia is another typical young fut…read so much about me…for I am MCA No.1 enemy too. trying to be…. MCA No1 adopted son….Samy trying to be Mahathir No1 friend…..Najib IS mamak No1 adopted son….thick skin Koh Tsu Koon willingly be mamak shoe polisher…and the list goes on and on…..all in the name of the father .the ghost….and the son……not three but one…all proven liars….as three is always three.
    Ahbengkia….do you like comparative religion studies?

  222. ahbengkia says:

    Monster, you are not capable of meaningful discord and dialogue because you never fail to use foul words. You can mention all the books you want, but judging from your language ability and intellectual capability, I doubt you understand even if you read. What is the point of learning 32 ways or 64 ways when yours was not functioning from young? Hiding your adequacy again? See, all men of lesser means tend to share the same complex. They like to hit at others out of their own frustration and inadequacy. Bye bye, I tired lah to talk with you fellows here. I just want read for a time being.

  223. monsterball says:

    Welcome zaidi to Susan’s blog.
    Help us to spread the evils UMNO is doing.

  224. Kancilandak says:

    Makal Sakti is the rally cry of indians who were cheated and trample upon by Samyvellu and his MIC.. Makal Sakti is now reconized by the PM.. and an indicasion that the BN dont trust temberang Samy anymore.. if they become a factor for Bagan Pinang to be retained by BN.. then fine.. just dont get them drunk on big bottles of black beer and start a free for all.. for the indians are an emosional and violent lot and all of them have rebellion in they hearts. Only a leader like PM can restrain them.. soft hands or not.

  225. monsterball says:

    You can go to hell….ahbengkai..goodbye for good.
    You want to talk …start declaring which side you are on….and stop the art to convince readers how great MCA is.
    So you call me…’monster” is very polite and cultured?….you bloody MCA balls carrier.

  226. monsterball says:

    No one can explain what “Makkai Sathi ” means and needs an idiot like kancilandak to tell me is an Indian party.

  227. wahai says:

    I just want read for a time being. – ahbengkia

    This English got him a distinction?……….. it is Manglish

  228. monsterball says:

    You start to talk by insulting me…teaching me..and in your so call last are still trying to insult me to the fullest?
    You remind me so much of those weird braggarts.
    Enough of you…GO…and come back when you are ready to support change of government.
    If not…at least be man enough to say…who you supporting and lets debate..any subject….concerning Malaysia………my country and my people.
    Dare not to declare yourself….GET LOST!!

  229. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…wahai…noted and thanks.

  230. monsterball says:

    GOOD NIGHT everyone.

  231. monsterball says:

    Cannot tahan!!
    My cannot function….that ahbengkai said.
    hi idiot…I have 3 ex wives…5 children and 9 lovely grandchildren.
    What have your balls produced for you?

  232. baganutama says:

    UMNO Prophet Khairy saying
    Bagan Pinang : Pengundi Sudah Mula Bagi Petanda Buruk Kepada Pembangkang

  233. Search the Web on says:

    Makal Sakti Party – Hindraf cries foul -Malaysiakini

    See.. I was correct, the indians will never be united in one idealogy.. they always betray each other.. just like coffeeshop.. they drink one table and fight same table.. hee..hee… now if BN reconize Hindraf.. there will be 10 politic parties for the 8% indian in this country.. much like in India.. all headed by movie superstars.. hee..hee..hee.. What a people.

  234. monsterball says:

    And I am not living alone…you idiot!!
    Always wanted..always love by one…if not two.
    I choose my destiny…so far so good…can still smoke at least ..10 cigars per day. You try that….you are dead.. or go bankcrupt.
    I climb hills….to catch or buy two legged forest chickens … nice…so delicious….hahahahahahahaha
    You climb hill…you will need to take medical leave.
    You will be half dead.

  235. monsterball says:


  236. deithamby says:

    `What a people.` …… Search the Web on

    Yes, are they not. Being around for more than 2,000 years must have helped, unlike those monkeys who of only 500 years ago still bow to umno

  237. AB LIM says:

    TESTING 123

  238. deithamby says:

    One day, Prime Minister, Cabinet members … participated a meeting together, but chain reactive car accident happened, sent to hospital for emergency rescue, reporters rushed to the hospital ….

    A while later, doctor came out, reporters quickly asked: “Doctor! Doctor! Can the Prime Minister be saved?”

    Doctor shook his head sadly and said: “Aih .. Prime Minister cannot be saved …”

    Reporters asked again: “Doctor! Doctor! Can Muhyidin be saved?”

    Doctor shook his head sadly again and said:”Aih … also cannot be saved …”

    Reporters then ask: “Then … who can be saved?”

    Doctor happily said: “Malaysia is saved!”

  239. wits0 says:

    MS not only still bow to umno, they’ll eat out of its hands – just another rehashed subsidiary of umno. Any other mystic presumption have completely evaporated.

  240. hamid says:

    Muslims persecuted in Malaysia…..

    IN April 2009, the Selangor Islamic Affairs Council (MAIS) officially forbade the Ahmadiyah community in the state from performing their own Friday prayers. This news, however, did not make headlines — after all, there are at most only 2,000 Ahmadiyah in all of Malaysia, and at most only 600 in the Klang Valley. But from the panic-inducing headlines in the Malay-language press, one would think that the Ahmadiyah were an insidious fanatical sect bent on destroying the faith of Sunni Muslims in Malaysia.

  241. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear Hamid, there is only one type of Islam in Malaysia at the moment. Yes, it’s Sunni and madhdab Shaf’ie, but more importantly it’s bumno’s version.
    They have even divided theirs from others, for e.g. the HadHari EvoIX, just like the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9. All the rest are murtad or nearly so…
    All Ahmadiyah’s except for that Ahmanijad fellow from Iran are considered persona non grata. This word Persona also stands for a model of car from Potong, which my friend pico drives.
    It is also true that Shia and Sufi Malaysians are similarly persecuted. But it is OK, if one happens to be an Ayatollah from Iran. Most of us are not aware of such things and it is best we research things quietly and keep such things for kopitiam not mamak stall talk.
    I’m a dhimmi and cannot say anything more, because they always tape “sermons”.

  242. wits0 says:

    Kancilterbalik’s type of hero and what he did to protect a bow-tie fellow mamak:

  243. ahbengkia says:

    Cannot tahan!!
    My cannot function….that ahbengkai said.
    hi idiot…I have 3 ex wives…5 children and 9 lovely grandchildren.
    What have your balls produced for you?} monster

    See, you just don’t get it. It is not “my cannot function”. It should be “mine can not function”.

    Of course yours cannot function, that explains why you have to keep changing wives! As for children and grandchildren, please ask them to do DNA test.

    As for Wahai, you are just another half baked.

  244. wits0 says:

    While the chinese voters are overwhelmingly rejecting the shameless ancient Kuomintang detritus called MCA, kancilterbalik is helping to promote this new indian party call Makhai Saksi.

    Perish the thought that any meaningful sensibilty has returned to him. Just because he agrees that the Immegresen and Polis are deplorable in their gross abuse of power, that is no indication that he has actually returned to the human race.

  245. concrete jungle man says:

    It’s so calm and peaceful in the concrete jungle during Hari Raya.

    Sigh! With all these greedy and ferocious animals back again from the kampong to the concrete jungle, it’s chaos again and treacherous life begins .. haiyaya…

    Why can’t all these bn animals stay back in the kampongs?

  246. kandi says:

    Behind the attack on Malaysia Today

    A reader, Morning Dew posting from Australia, believes that Malaysia Today suffered an attack on its server in the US — and stretching the bounds of possibility, says “it is not inconceivable that Kuala Dimensi” could be behind it. He (she?) points the finger to the Internet providers, the government, and possibly even kuala dimensi.

  247. kandi says:

    Kebanjiran PATI meningkat

    KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia bakal berdepan dengan masalah kebanjiran pendatang asing tanpa izin (PATI) yang serius jika tindakan pembekuan sementara pembekalan pembantu rumah Indonesia ke negara ini tidak segera dihapuskan.

    Pengarah Kajian Sosiologi Indonesia, Khairudin Harahap berkata, statistik menunjukkan terdapat 10,000 wanita Indonesia telah mendaftar dengan agensi-agensi pekerjaan di negara mereka untuk mendapatkan peluang bekerja sebagai pembantu rumah di Malaysia.

    Beliau berkata, rakyat Indonesia itu yang benar-benar memerlukan pekerjaan bagi menyara keluarga tidak boleh menunggu terlalu lama untuk memasuki negara ini.

    Katanya, dalam keadaan terdesak begini, mereka mudah termakan pujukan tekong-tekong agar memasuki Malaysia secara haram.

    “Hampir tiga bulan kerajaan Indonesia membekukan pembekalan pembantu rumah republik itu ke Malaysia.

    “Sepanjang tempoh itu, seramai 10,000 wanita Indonesia sudah mendaftar untuk menjadi pembantu rumah di sini dan mereka ini benar-benar memerlukan pekerjaan kerana majoritinya miskin,” katanya ketika dihubungi Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

    Beliau mengulas kenyataan Presiden Persatuan Pembantu Rumah Asing Malaysia (PAPA), Zulkepley Dahalan dalam Mingguan Malaysia hari ini bahawa di sebalik pelbagai isu dan kisah penderaan amah yang dibesar-besarkan oleh media Indonesia dan asing, ia tidak sedikitpun membantutkan niat ribuan wanita republik itu untuk mencari rezeki di negara ini.

  248. kandi says:

    Menurut Khairudin, jumlah 4,000 wanita Indonesia yang mendaftar dengan agensi-agensi pekerjaan negara itu untuk mendapatkan peluang bekerja sebagai pembantu rumah di Malaysia seperti didedahkan oleh Zulkepley hanya meliputi Jakarta sahaja.

    Beliau berkata, rakyat miskin yang terdesak mendapatkan pekerjaan sebagai pembantu rumah tidak pernah peduli atau faham tentang memorandum persefahaman (MoU) yang sedang dibincangkan oleh kedua-dua negara ketika ini.

    “Mereka ini ‘orang kecil’ yang hanya mahu mendapatkan pekerjaan dan wang untuk dikirim kepada keluarga di kampung.

    “Kalau dibiarkan lama-lama menunggu, kita bimbang mereka akan datang secara haram ke Malaysia.

    “Bila ini terjadi, kerajaan kedua- dua negara harus menyediakan ‘kantung’ (beg mayat) untuk mangsa lemas semasa dalam perjalanan merentasi perairan Indonesia atau Malaysia,” katanya.

  249. cellphonespy says:

    Previous attempts to nab Polanski when he left France were thwarted because authorities didn’t learn of his travel soon enough — or Polanski didn’t make the trip, said William Sorukas, chief of the U.S. Marshals Service’s domestic investigations branch.

    Polanski arrested in Zurich after 31-year exile

    “This is not the first time we have done this over the years,” said Sandi Gibbons, spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. She said warrants had been sent out whenever rumors circulated that he would be traveling to a country outside France.

    In this case, the honor for Polanski’s work proved to be his downfall, Gibbons said.

    “It was publicized on the Internet that he was going to be at the Zurich Film Festival,” Gibbons said. “They were selling tickets online.”

  250. rococo says:

    It makes one wonder. If Sivanesan’s claims really are false, wouldn’t they be able to question him without needing such a delay, or for stays, or even for revisions or appeals?

    If the appeal is heard, it could add at least a month to the inquest that by right should have wrapped up 45 days ago.

    One can only wonder – is the Malaysian public still interested in this battle royale of theories?
    The inquest is scheduled to continue on Tuesday.

  251. AB LIM says:

    **Philippines Flood Chaos**
    sign of destruction all around the world…FLOODS…ice cube melting

  252. Kancilandak says:

    Good morning witsO,

    Makal Sakti is important to us as a indian base party to care for the indian within BN. There no other party going to do that.. the MIC is under life support.. the indians oredi fed up with Pakatan.. becoz Pakatan cannot deliver anything at all to anybody for that matter. For the indians to see light at end of tunnel they must aline with umno becoz we care for they future.. as rulers were have to be fair.
    Anyway, knowing the indians hee.. hee.. only thing we worried.. hee..hee..hee.. is they will infighting and disintegrate into 243 diffirent factions each vying to be within BN.

  253. justme says:

    Kancilandak—“Anyway, knowing the indians hee.. hee.. only thing we worried.. hee..hee..hee.. is they will infighting and disintegrate into 243 diffirent factions each vying to be within BN”

    What can we expect of those leaders, make a name for themselves as anti BN, then be pro BN/Umno at the expense of their supporters.
    Why? Greed and an opportunist, because the road to BN/Umno is perceived to be paved with gold and untold riches?

  254. fearnoone says:

    What rubbish comments again from anon dud…make my monday.Stupid idiot only can make such comment about the immigrants. They are in this country due to lack of enforcement. everyone is on the take…simple fact. The best is the Mcca idiot is trying to help them come in easily by suggesting to build a RM44b bridge.
    If anon dud said “the police is doing great service making such headlines to scared off these immigrants to come to our country…..” go and f**k yourself in front of the mirror!! Why is crime rate skyrocketing, boom gates are being put up in most housing estates. Don’t tell us we have to build our own hospitals etc in the future???? Pay tax for what??? Please post your stupid comments in future, I need to have good laugh…

  255. Kancilandak says:

    True exactly, justme,

    Tharethran using this opportunitity.. at the expense of Hindraf and its leaders to make himself filthy rich. And why not? If.. hee..hee.. Pananivellu can do it.. so can Tharithran.. make his community richy rich rich.

    Poor Wathamuthy..! padan muka dia.

  256. kali says:

    The fact that there are so many indian parties points to the Indians being a dynamic force and a strong individualism based thinking. This is good for the indians. Soon except for a few tubber tappers, the rest will stand on their own feet (as opposed to their earlier slavery by malays).
    Compare this to the rut that the malays are in, living and aspiring to live 2,000 years ago. Simple thing like caning and that Lembumudin leader of theirs cannot organize.

  257. szetoh says:

    Lim also today announced that the state has managed to cut about RM36 million or 12 per cent of in operating expenditure this year due to its efforts to curb corruption.
    Kudos to CM Lim and rotten eggs for Hasan.

  258. kittykat46 says:

    Are the BN ministers now unpatriotic and disloyal to Potong ?
    ‘Coz that’s what they accused the PR states of…

    BN Ministers & other Big Farts will be leasing Mercs S Class. and 5 Series Beemers now..


  259. szetoh says:

    Since the brilliant econmist trained in UK the towering twittering malay Najib, tookover,

    Where is all the money going? – Source: Bank Negara

  260. kittykat46 says:

    The Makkal Sakthi party, registered at lightning speed by the UMNO-controlled Registrar of Societies, is a sign of Najis and UMNO’s desperation at trying to regain the Indian votes.

    MIC is a “kereta rosak”, so they have to try something else.
    The Malaysian Chinese overall are seen as having swung too far towards PR. They are overall less dependent and therefore less amenable to government cajoling.
    In typical “Divide and Rule” fashion, Najis decided to work on the Indians first.

    Now, has anyone seen or heard the Snake Nallakarupan or his MIUP lately ?
    Thanenthiren looks like joining his corner with the the new MS party. Another UMNO-bodek.

  261. kittykat46 says:

    RPK’s Malaysia-Today is under heavy attack – its not a TM/Streamyx block – that’s easy to just bypass.

    I think its a Denial of Service attack, where they use many PCs to bombard the website until nobody else can access and the server crashes. They may use PCs infected with Trojan Horses to organise many PCs to do the attacking (usually without the owners even being aware, apart from their PC and network access slowing down).

    If your PC is idle and you are not doing anything….but your PC processor is going full speed and your network line very busy, you might just be having an infected “Zombie” PC, controlled by some unknown person somewhere.

  262. AB LIM says:

    **If a poisonous snake never have any intention to kill with it’s lethal bite…it’s o.k to ignore it… but if this poisonous snake always bite and kills with it lethal bite …then this will be an unacceptable cases whereby it push us to the corner..and we have no other choice ..then whereby …it must be contain,caught or to be kill**
    tbh shall not die in vain

  263. concrete jungle man says:

    This Hassan Ali is no different to Ali Hassan aka Chemical Ali

    This traitor which hails from Umno is a menace to the Selangorites. The sooner this Umno’s Chemical Ali be hanged the better for the Rakyat of Selangor.

  264. concrete jungle man says:

    If you see a Keling and a cobra, which do you kill first? Hahaha..

  265. James says:

    Susan dear.

    My innocent comment has been usurped? What happened?

  266. AB LIM says:

    ‘If you see Keling and a cobra,which do you kill first?-concrete jungle man
    well…king of the jungle usually will castrate this so call keling testicle and feed it to the cobra…and others cobra will come in to kill one another….Hahaha..

  267. AB LIM says:

    james-if you scroll up 2 kk46 msg u might get the answer!!! my comment also same experience like what u have.

  268. wits0 says:

    “RPK’s Malaysia-Today is under heavy attack – its not a TM/Streamyx block – that’s easy to just bypass. ” – Kittykat46.

    I think so too and this cannot be bypassed with any proxy server. It’s timing gave some suggestion that it may be mainly of local origination…at least this time.

  269. tadah says:

    Teng dakwa Hasan Ali berbohong

  270. Menyalak-er says:

    Talking about traffic and server gridlocks, migrant deaths, raping, maiming, religious devolutuions and crappy automobiles throughout this thread, it behooves me to mention the kay-poh indices of our very own “Operasi Siakap” – that fishy traffic policing ops that our benighted pdrm carries year in year out.

    Besides being tolled to pernury using the so-called highways and bye-ways that our irrerevant bumno cretins are so proud of, the incidence of MVA leading to DOAs remain unacceptably high. The fact that RTD, has one of the highest rate of kopi-o licencing, and death wishes intermingled with happy&selamat wishes amongst our general population, what Plus factors could there be?

  271. hawkeye says:

    The Malaysia – Today Website is under Heavy Attack!

    Yes they have sent in the Decepticons, they are not blocking or using filters to block. They now have sent in their commandos in to attack. They are not blocking you this time but going on the attack and there will be damages as this is now an internet war.

    And using tactical attack known as DDOS attack. The DDOS or Distributed Denial of Service Attack in an attempt to jam up or crash your servers and to try to plant in trojans and viruses and the life from your server.

  272. igpnfa says:

    This means these two army officers were in the home of the then Deputy Prime Minister for about eight hours during the time Altantuya was supposed to have been murdered. Why they were there during those eight hours and who these two army officers are has not been revealed.

  273. igpnfa says:

    The army officers must have gone to Najib house to deliver C4

  274. igpnfa says:

    “I suggest the IGP investigate how these ‘officials secrets’ managed to leak out and whether the Official Secrets Act (OSA) has been breached. Or maybe the IGP would rather bury the whole issue and file it under No Further Action (NFA) to save the Prime Minister and his wife from having to answer some very embarrassing questions.

    Hmm…I wonder who these two unnamed army officers are and whether they were really at the Deputy Prime Minister’s house those entire eight hours or whether they sneaked out and in again without any ‘official record’.

    Ooh, I just love the OSA that protects the wrongdoer and instead sends the whistleblower to jail.”


  275. monsterball says:

    Have we all not heard all these double standards….all these bullshit ISA so call…protect peace and harmony….the so call guided democracy….by UMNO…all to protect UMNO …promote UMNO.. and those downright thick skin..hypocrites…are constantly trying ways and means to fool Malaysians….never change….and in fact…worst than ever.
    This kind of dirty politics by UMNO are signs .they are desperate to win the 13th hook or by crook…acting…sides moderate and kind they are too.
    No need to give details…..UMNO is so undemocratic…..unfair and unjust…with the ultimate weapon…..steal our MONEY…to buy up loyalties…..waiting for Malays to behave like dogs and cats….tempt them with money….which is most sinful….yet saying UMNO is the protector of Islam.
    Check all events… by one.
    For the young ones..who read too much one sided events in papers and in history books…be open minded. Search for truths…..use the internet to look for alternative arguments and think for yourselves.
    We have better things to do…that bring down a so call fair and just government
    UMNO is a racialist party and no matter how much Najib tries to say…he is a racialist..and that’s secondary more important evil things.UMNO is doing.
    It is the massive corruptions..corrupt to the core…that UMNO encourages that we are fighting against.
    Nice words….like “Commission” used and today in EPF….commission is not taxable… nice.

  276. concrete jungle man says:

    This Mahakutty has been screwing the rakyats all his life, even when this Mahakutty is dying with a tube attached to his nose, this Mahakutty will not ceased screwing the rakyat.

    Don’t know what the rakyat have done to this Mahakutty that he continues pursued this screwing?

  277. monsterball says:

    They are GREEDY to no limits.

  278. monsterball says:

    And they will always deny….for the rest of their lives…so much so…it becomes part of their character…personality..feeling no guilt….training the brain…to think that way.
    Stolen money…billions upon billions….so easy to get…so well make people feel guilty……..but to talk to greedy people…knowing how rich the country is…nothing is enough.

  279. ChuaShakeLeg says:

    NST already withdraw the suit against Lim Kit Siang.
    When will OKT withdraw his against that Tiong tiang felr?

  280. wits0 says:

    “They are GREEDY to no limits.”

    That’s the ultimate “Entitlement” psyche behind it all….that the country belongs to ’em to milk every each way.

  281. wits0 says:

    Meaning, “every and WHICH way” possible. as rent and tax collectors.

  282. wits0 says:

    How to buy a heavy Potong or ugly Puttdud with the 5K trade off on an old but fully functioning clunker –
    according to a salesman :

    1. Get a certificate of fitness from P*ssycorruptcom.
    2.With it, get RTD to transfere name to ’em.
    3.Maybe wait and walk 2 weeks till you get your new car(like as if they need to process your loan, though you pay cash, and wait also for your 5k voucher from the Gobblemen).

    Makes any farking sense, anyone, 1-3? Godammit!!!

  283. wits0 says:

    “This Mahakutty has been screwing the rakyats all his life..” – concrete jungle man.

    Not in his perverted view – one that places him as the greatest saviour of this land, the most righteous one without par, a heroic delusion so completely pampered.

    It takes a an amoral, hypocritical and cynical mutation plus nurture to form such a creature.

  284. AB LIM says:

    **Makes any farking sense,anyone,1-3? Godammit!!!-wits0
    Hahaha….one wear square hat look like an idiot,second one wear round hat also look like an idiot, and…the third one wear a triangle hat also still look like an idiot…1-3 never match….it doesn’t work for me and neither to this idiots……….how to have a good management with three difference view…against one another…never ‘gaam key’…..Godammit!!!

  285. AB LIM says:

    testing 123 ?????

  286. wits0 says:

    After severing a grievous loss, Teoh family is asked to go for ‘mental test’ :

    Rubbing salt into the big wound by some utterly repugnant pro-establishment rascals.

    OTOH, e.g., in a lighter vein, it is clear enough that Potong and PuttDud requires such a test. These GLCs hope to sell cars by pushing the redtapes on to the potential customers! FOAD ler.

  287. monsterball says:

    It is so easy to comment…when we declare clearly ..our commitments…FOR or AGAINST.
    Our team of kopitiam….happy go lucky fellas speak with no fear.
    So many hantus left…but few simply love to come back and battle us.
    I welcome Anon dud…kancilandak to debate us..and 1-4-C..who seems to be… lost in the woods……maybe girlfriend problem.
    The worst are those snaky characters like ahbengkia.”Ah Beng Kia” or “Morning Dew”….with their agree to disagree stuffs…and said votes are secret…dare not declare who they will support.
    Imagine Anwar debating one at a forum…and that opponent does not declare who is he supporting.
    If he supports Anwar….why debate him?
    Blogs are for debating….for having differences in opinions and bravely declare who you stand for.
    Notice…once we have that….all hantus dare not debate and blame Susan is unfair…..this or that.
    Those are gone too…which leaves majority to give their comments with peace from heart and wits from the brain.
    My latest wish is not to drown kancilandak..,but to eat him up..take weeks.OK…as someone said he is a sankancil….small deer!!
    Dearme…if that is he…

  288. monsterball says:

    …..and I am his Sifu…I can do as I like…according to jungle laws.

  289. AB LIM says:

    **Sad or Happy….life goes on…in this circles of life, ‘God’ bless the innocent death to be reborn……..the bad one to ‘Hell’ lo land.**
    Good night and bless all fellow Malaysian.**

  290. monsterball says:

    GOOD NIGHT …AB LIM and to all too.

  291. AB LIM says:

    “….and I am his Sifu…I can do as i like…according to jungle laws.”-monsterball
    Yes,Kancilansi better be a good boy or your Sifu going to give you the best jungle lesson that you’ll be crying and asking for more…Hahahahaha

  292. kittykat46 says:

    Teoh’s family asked to go for psychiatric tests…..

    In the bad old days of the former Soviet Union, regime dissidents were often sent for psychiatric treatment.
    The logic being you had to be mentally ill to oppose such a “perfect” socialist state.

    Maybe UMNO is taking a leaf from the book…

  293. mediumassage says:

    Some people apparently still believe that it’s appropriate and kosher to hand over ‘gifts’ to the ordinary folks prior to a by-election. And so we have no less than the Deputy Prime Minister promising two new schools in the state constituency near Port Dickson.

  294. mediumassage says:

    The logic being you had to be mentally ill to oppose such a “perfect” socialist state. – kittykat46

    There`s the old saw: “You gotta be crazy to see a shrink”.

  295. mediumassage says:

    “On Sunday, 27 September, RPK released yet another explosive document that only served to provoke intensified attacks against MT. I managed to save the text and one image from MT before the site became inaccesssible. The least I can do in the face of such dirty tactics is to reproduce RPK’s post for those who have yet to read it…

    Another case under the OSA for the IGP to NFA”

  296. mediumassage says:

    A conflict of barbarism and envy against civilization and creativity.

  297. kittykat46 says:

    Cops may face charges over Kugan’s death this week – 9 months after the fact.

    I suspect its something to do with Indian votes in the Bagan Pinang “buy”-elections …..

  298. Kancilandak says:

    TDM suggestion is timely.. Tok Guru must give way to the younger generations to lead in PAS. Kelantan is the most under develop state in Malaysia. TDM wants to do something to the poor peoples of Kelantan before it is too late for him to do. Tok Guru seems to be the only block in the path of development for Kelantan. PAS young people are mentally prepared to give the state a boost which it badly needs.

  299. GK says:

    If Obama is smart, he will court these highly skilled Indians and Chinese who are not treated well in Malaysia. The US would benefit from their skills.
    But Obama is not smart.

  300. wermalaysians says:

    “TDM suggestion is timely.. Tok Guru must give way to the younger generations to lead in PAS. Kelantan is the most under develop state in Malaysia. ” Kancil

    So are you saying your mamak is young enuf compared to Tok Guru? I would rather trust Tok Guru than a snake!

  301. AB LIM says:

    “TDM suggestion is timely..Tok Guru give way to the younger generation to lead in PAS.”- Kancilansi
    So…this mahakutty & can play a roll for his son mahakutu to take over bumno also…this kancilansi can hold their balls head up high and still living in halu land.Katak di dalam tempurung….something fishy***

  302. Kancilandak says:

    mamak too old oredi.. that is why he suggest Tok Guru to give way.. just like him.

    So many young people of Kelantan are working in Singapore.. many have enterprising bizznesses in the southern umno fortress of Johor. People like Hassan Ali should sent out the rallying cries to echo around Malaysia for these Kelantanese to return with their expertise to develop Kelantan under a younger PAS leader who is liberal enuf to think about improving the state ekonomically.

  303. AB LIM says:

    **Hahaha….so that they can play something evil or racial card again to break PR goverment….and if you see further to future…if PR takes over Malaysia in coming GE13 …then they can develop better economical and more harmony way.**

  304. kahkah_kahkah says:

    There is much harmony in riding camels together to work

  305. Menyalak-er says:

    Pico, why do Kelantanese prefer to go to Singapore to work and not to urban ares of the west coast? Certainly Singapore is more Haram, than your Halal land.
    Answer that, then we shall deal with your other questions, one by one.

  306. Kancilandak says:

    Menyalak-er sir,
    Singapore is 1st world city.. with lot of teknologic improvement in all its industries.. provide plentiful jobs.. then west coast. And kelantanese by nature are consetious workers.. and of course the exchange rate aginst our currency is good, not only that prices of some everyday item are cheaper in Singapore compared to Malaysia.
    It is not a halal or haram thing.. like in Singapore there is everything in Kelantan.. but as citizens Kelantan people have respek for islam is preserve in Kelantan.. with that including the expertise of having done business and worked in Singapore and a umno fortress like johor, the kelantanese can lend a hand in the development of Kelantan with the help of umno.

  307. 2waybob says:

    The kelantanese can lend a hand in the development of Johor with the help of umno.

  308. kittykat46 says:

    Court rules Sujatha committed suicide.

    I think we have another “suicide” verdict coming up in the “other” case….BN/UMNO will make sure of that….

  309. wits0 says:

    “..and a umno fortress like johor..” – Kancilyucky.

    That’s the worse State of all ; few pleasant news reports emanate from there.

  310. AB LIM says:

    **Like TRH umno senior veteran said Kelantanese should have their oil royalty..but what happen? thats why Tok Guru never trusted Bumno…even TRH said their own peoples corrupt to the core!!!**
    Kancilansi so…can you answer this question too?..or you go and ask your TDM to approve immediately Kelantan oil royalty in RM Billions???**
    What are they trying to prove? Get Tok Guru out first ( main wall ) then start their oyher evil plan? there goes money no talk…got money then Kelantanese will know how to develop their heartland toooooooooo****

  311. AB LIM says:

    “lawan tetap lawan” will be cack later*********

  312. AB LIM says:

    sorry correction
    “lawan tetap lawan” …will be back later

  313. Menyalak-er says:

    Second and other question, pico, while it is true the Kelantanese very hardworking and pious (practice rather than preach) rather than ‘religious’ (i.e. hypocrites); why do Malays from the rest of Peninsular Malaysia, hate their guts and whisper behind their backs?

    It is also known that Kelantanese prefer to help their own statesmen, and that the women are very good business sense. They are very independent free spirits, who are not easily ‘cowed’ by poverty and lack of resources. They are ‘big-hearted’ in the way they deal other nonbumi Malaysians (with exceptions of course).

    Why do you not respect a good spiritual leader like TG Nik Aziz, who has much wisdom, incorruptible, honest and humble – even if he is old?

    In all honesty, would you prefer TG Nik to be your spiritual leader or your present ‘idol’ Octokutty?

  314. Menyalak-er says:

    Sorry, the ‘women have..” not ‘are’.

  315. wits0 says:

    Johor is the worsT State, i.e. Bumno reeks.

  316. wits0 says:

    “If Obama is smart…”

    Hahaha, he’s not at all. Just an overhyped empty suit.

  317. wits0 says:

    “TDM suggestion is timely……” – Werekanncillontong.

    Many ppl would suggest that he STFU as well. Not in anger though but because he has no integrity m his own person.

  318. Menyalak-er says:

    Yep, wits johor is the pits – but pico-pica doesn’t know that – he’s travelling around in his potong window-screens stuck up ‘cos the motors royak. Can’t get a whiff of the mercaptans and H2S!

  319. Kancilandak says:

    ABLIM and Menyalak-er,
    Mahathir did not yeild to the oil royalty thing.. becoz oppoisition PAS…. but order to strengthen the malay solidarity, he says Kelantan must be given a chance.. while I respeck Tok Guru and humility towards him, in all earnestness I also believe the malays on both side must unite under TDM in his this latest endevor to develop Kelantan.. while umno whom Tok Guru call infidels, can develop spiritually.. which is also ultimately good for the country.

  320. AB LIM says:

    Yes,yes,yes…this world really full of ignorant peoples…that’s why this be-end always twist and turn,cover this and that….so Kancilsmart why not we try to put it this way like….Drop DSAI sodomice case,abolish ISA,OSA and etc,open up PKFZ case to public to know the real truth…nothing but only the truth,press freedom…fair even oppo can say their view on our local TV,fair judiciary to all no kangaroo style…ai yo many many more….can your beend help you to do that…no right?
    then…that’s why you should learn not to only listen (rumors)or see their face smiling but most important things….HEART GOOD !!!!
    hope Kancilansi not trying to avoid or shy to ???????

  321. wits0 says:

    “ strengthen the malay solidarity..”

    The Ayrab type ‘solidarity’, or “unity” openly collapsed with the decline and fall of the Ottoman empire. In any case, there’s only so much juice that can be squeezed from a lemon. The malay solidarity thing has a similar type of lifespan. It depends on self INsufficiency and paranoia built along racial lines.

    IOW, when the spirit of a thing is wrong because of its own tribal taints, its stunted virtue becomes quickly short lived. Ir’s a known fact that midgets normally don’t enjoy longevity.

    Just ask Menyalak-er.

  322. AB LIM says:

    **Kancilansi actually trying to proof some point here but you have to understand that if what this peoples done ….wrong is wrong and right is right….but what majority of Malaysian see here is that they are doing lots of wrong things rather than right things**
    we are happy to have you to debate here,thank you…..but keep on your whatever idea to come*******

  323. Menyalak-er says:

    Well pico, i’ve yet to mention the Kelantan oil royalty that in all fairness and justice should be returned to Kelantan, as mentioned by Tg. KuLi who promulgated the Petronas dictats.

    If one follows promises and is righteous and just as Islam reveals, why would one deny another, who’s political ideology does not conform to his own? Octokutty nor any single Malay PM, does not own the oil found off the shores of Kelantan. It is to be shared amongst all Malaysians – “tak kira bangsa atau keturunan”! A special 10% rayalty must be paid to Kelantan – no if, buts or otherwise…

    Therefore, is your leader righteous, just and lawful? Is he a true Muslim, or is he a hypocrite? Maybe he thinks he can hide from God, because he is greater than God? Believe me all men die, or even that you are not aware of?

  324. wits0 says:

    “Believe me all men die, or even that you are not aware of?”

    He expects that worshipping Octo is the highest virtue and he’ll go straight to paradise consequently. There, he’ll call for malay unity to make it a malay paradise!

  325. Kancilandak says:

    With the way things going BN will win again in 13GE.. maybe with thin margin.. after that (even now) must make sure that ministrys held by MCA MIC and other component party must be wrested away from them.. then we can see the truth behind ISA OSA and PKFZ and expose the reality.
    DSAI sodomy? finished.. he lost his chance and whoever align with him is not performing well.. Sit Kiang? ah.. he tok tok only.. coffee shop man.. only Sifu Montybola can appreciate him!

  326. Kancilandak says:

    Menyalak-er, sir,

    That is the very virtue of leadership.. political leadership..not to brook even the tiniest opposition.. (sir, with due respect, you should be teaching me this..) In that sence how would he allow the royalty to one state, when he got a whole nation to run?
    He shared the royalty equally to Malaysians.. Tok Guru if is gomen, would have done what Mahathir did.. but, alas, Tok Guru other than have Kelantan in a stranglehold and aline himself to Sodom and Gomorah.. did not make any effort to wrest other states in his time.

  327. kittykat46 says:

    Pico has been memorising all his BiroTatanegara lectures…
    Another zombified UMNO-clone.

  328. Kancilandak says:

    And to tell you guys my heartfelt truth.. tho I pro-BN, I appreciate Haris Ibrahim and Susan more than I appreciate LKS or DSAI.

  329. gdp says:

    I can tell you how much we lost.
    Imagine that if there was not this Mahanomics brain child, car prices was 25% lower. It is the most conservative estimate. Just for your info, on current prices, without this Mahanomics invention g for the price a Satria Neo, you could own a Honda Civic.

    Take a look at the table below. It is the summary of Car loans outstanding on the bank books for the last 3 years.

  330. gdp says:

    “Now RM 32 billion a year is the price for all the new cars bought in that year, but what is its actual value? We know that the price is abnormally high due to Mahanomics, but assuming there was no Mahanomics, we could surely bring down the price by 25%. That means instead of having to spend RM 32 billion a year on new cars and RM 31 billion to pay off the cars we already “own”, we would instead only need to spend RM 23 billion respectively.

    Thats a huge savings. It actually translates to RM 21 billion for the last 2 1/2 years. This RM 21 billion would have remained in households, could be used to purchase local goods and services, support jobs and increase quality of life.

    I have even ignored the multiplier effect in the economy! “

  331. kancilandak says:

    RM21 billion would have remained in the households..
    my goodness gdp.. what a information! The cow resposible for such mahanomics must be shot! The excrement should be removed from ruining our country!

  332. wits0 says:

    “This RM 21 billion would have remained in households, could be used to purchase local goods and services, support jobs and increase quality of life.”

    The cost of vaporware, “pride and patriotism” via our awta local car (highway men)industry.

  333. wits0 says:

    When Octo resigned, some big time bodeker biz man started the publication of a set of Mahathiran encyclopedia. Don’t think that took off well as a biz venture but ppl like adulating pico may have a revered set of these hole-ly books.

  334. monsterball says:

    I suspect kancilandak is learning the art to agree to disagree….to fool all of us.
    Giving him the benefit of the doubt…now…talk so much appreciations….not good enough.
    Say you will vote against UMNO is best.
    Afraid I will drown you…not to worry.
    I decide to catch you..chop chop chop and roast them to eat…tho away the backside and head for one hyena in the forest.
    After all….i am old….eat kancilandak…and be merry and ready to go to hell.
    But if he vote against UMNO…i will shave my head s monk for 3 months.

  335. monsterball says:

    Lets see….kancilandak appreciates Haris and Susan….and Susan and Haris.. appreciates Lim Kit Siang and Anwar…but kancilasndak do not appreciates LKS and DSAI!!!
    This is too deep for my.
    It is like telling us…he appreciates Najib and Mahathir,,,,,but not UMNO or vice versa.
    Is my student ..a nut or trying to be too smart?

  336. wits0 says:

    “Is my student ..a nut or trying to be too smart?’

    He wanted to be profound and ends up in the Mariana Trench where even a Scorpene cannot reach.

  337. Master-detective says:

    like i mentioned long ago, kecilandak is someone who used to sing the same song like us sometime ago. He veered left coz all songs seems to be sycophantic and quite cloying.

    I already have a guess who kecilandak may be(among the regulars here)……but like Straycat Strut’s say, Susan has changed, I can’t see why a comment like mine has been usurped for what reasons? I was a bit wrong about u Sue, u changed!

  338. wits0 says:

    Betcha Straycat wears Jeans too….

  339. Pegasus says:

    Guyz & Gals, Here is a post by Syed Akbar Ali on the Malaysian car prices…read on..

    BMW 535i sells for RM178,000 in the US

    In the United States of America (a developed country which we are also
    aspiring to become by the year 2020) a 2009 model BMW 535i Sedan is
    selling for about USD50,367.00. This is only RM178,000 – about the
    price of a Toyota Camry 2.4L here in Malaysia . The same BMW sells in
    Malaysia for about RM450,000.

    BMW 328i sells for RM155,000 in the US

    The 2009 model BMW 328i 2 door Convertible sells for USD44,014 or
    RM155,369.00 in the US . In Malaysia the same car sells for over
    RM460,000. This is an untenable situation.

    Audi A4 2.0T Cabriolet Convertible sells for RM142,000 in the US

    The 2009 model Audi A4 2 Door 2.0T Cabriolet Convertible sells in the
    US for USD40,328.00 or RM142,357. In Malaysia the same car would sell
    for about RM265,000.

    VW GTI 2.0T sells for RM85,000 in the US

    In the US the 2009 model Volkswagen GTI 2.0T sells for USD 24,039 or
    RM85,000 only. In China the same car will cost around RM60,000. Over
    here the same VW car sells for about RM200,000.

    And the 2010 model Toyota Camry 2.4L sells in the US for USD 19,659.00
    or RM69,396 In Malaysia the 2008 Toyota Camry 2.4L sells for
    RM170,000. Toyota Camry 2.4L, 2010 model. RM69,000 in the US

    Car prices in Malaysia are about three times higher than the prices in
    the United States . We are a developing nation. Our land and labour
    costs are so much cheaper than the US . Why are our cars so expensive?
    It does not make any sense. Tak masuk akal.

    Then here are some car prices from our neighbour Indonesia . The
    Toyota Altis sells in Indonesia for about RM46,000. The same car sells
    here for around RM 112,000. Again we are three times more expensive
    than Indonesia .

    The Honda Jazz sells here for RM108,000.. In Indonesia the Jazz sells
    for RM 36,000. Three times more expensive.

    We are paying ridiculously high prices (and actually impoverishing the
    Malays – who are the largest buyers of cars in Malaysia) to support an
    out of date, out of touch with reality motor car policy.

    We are paying the highest car prices in the world to support the
    Proton and other locally made cars as well as support a mind boggling
    AP policy which only benefits a relatively few rich Malays. A
    disproportionately large number of Malays and other Malaysians are
    being impoverished to subsidise the wealth of a few inefficient rich.

    26 million Malaysians have to pay three times more for their cars just
    to support Proton and 120,000 people who are directly and indirectly
    involved in the motor sector in Malaysia and the AP holders. That is a
    ratio of 216:1.

    This ratio of 216:1 is too skewed. 26.0 million happier people can
    contribute many more votes than 120,000 members of an inefficient
    motor industry. 26 million unhappy people can change a Government.
    (The maths is not really difficult here)

    And this outdated policy is impoverishing the Malays more than anyone else.

    Here is some news from our DPM Tan Sri Muhyudin Yassin about our car
    policy. This is truncated:

    Muhyiddin assures govt support for automotive parts and component sector

    1. KUALA LUMPUR, May 26 — The deputy prime minister said special focus
    will be given to “facilitate and encourage” the development of the
    automotive parts and component sector despite the current global and
    regional economic downturn.

    2. “Under the CEPT and Asean Trade in Goods Agreements, Malaysia has
    agreed to eliminate import duties on all products in the Normal Track
    on January 1, 2010. This includes motor vehicles, auto parts and
    components,” he said.

    3. He pointed out that . . . the motor vehicle sub sector in Malaysia
    will not be directly impacted because of its heavy dependence on the
    domestic market.

    4. “The Malaysian government recognises the contribution of the
    domestic automotive industry towards the development of the country.”

    Para 2 sounds promising but then Para 3 and 4 basically says that the
    Malaysian motor car industry will continue to be protected. This means
    we will continue paying the highest car prices in the world for

    Cuba kita kira : kalau kereta Honda Jazz di jual dengan harga yang
    sebenarnya (lebih kurang RM36,000 saja) dan bukan pada harga sekarang
    (RM108,000) maksudnya bayaran bulanan pembeli kereta akan jadi kurang,
    mungkin sepertiga sahaja daripada bayaran bulanan sekarang.

    Jika sekarang orang bayar RM1,500 sebulan untuk beli Honda Jazz, kalau
    harga kereta lebih menepati harga pasaran dunia, orang kita perlu
    bayar sekitar RM500 saja sebulan.

    Maksudnya tanpa Kerajaan perlu membuat apa pun (merangsang ekonomi,
    belanja berpuluh billion Ringgit duit rakyat untuk stimulus dan
    sebagainya) setiap rakyat Malaysia yang membeli kereta yang seharga
    dengan Honda Jazz akan dapat menjimatkan sehingga RM1,000 sebulan
    daripada kos sara hidup bulanannya.

    This is like giving the car buyer an RM1000 pay rise without incurring
    any extra costs for the taxpayer, the Government or the economy. It
    will greatly reduce the cost of living in Malaysia and spur greater
    economic growth too.

    Tapi sekarang, yang menjadi mangsa dulu dan yang menjadi miskin dulu
    orang Melayu juga. Orang Melayu yang paling ramai sekali menjadi
    pembeli kereta dalam negara kita. Orang Melayu kebanyakannya makan
    gaji – tiap bulan dapat gaji tetap. Bila harga kereta naik gila, yang
    menjadi miskin di saf depan sekali adalah orang Melayu juga.

    In absolute numbers, the Malays are suffering the most because they
    are the most in number among the fixed income people who also buy

    Some folks said the other day that Proton has 150 major component
    suppliers, dealers, distributors and about 500 other parts suppliers
    too. Of the 150 major component suppliers, about 15 of them are listed
    companies. In total they employ about 120,000 people. The Proton
    supply chain is a mix of bumiputras and non bumiputras. But here is a
    sad fact : none of them are operating at their level best efficiency.

    Our motor car policy is forcing Malaysians to subsidise Proton so that
    Proton can sustain major inefficiencies in the Malaysian economy. This
    is not a good thing at all.

    We have to unwind this situation. Set a target of 18 months from now
    to unwind all protection for our motor industry. Remove the
    impoverishing AP policy also in 18 months. Let Malaysian car prices
    reflect world market prices for the same makes of cars.

    If a BMW 535 sells for RM178,000 in America , it should sell for a
    little less here in Malaysia (our rentals and salaries are cheaper).

    The Ministers continue making pronouncements about the car industry as
    though nothing has happened. I hope everyone will please wake up. The
    Government has a real chance of getting thrown out of office in about
    three years. The people will not accept inept answers anymore.

    The ridiculous car prices in Malaysia is an issue that is just
    beginning to get more attention and publicity. It is going to become a
    really big issue in the near future. Be forewarned.

    Posted by Syed Akbar Ali at 5:49:00 PM 11 comments

  340. wits0 says:

    “The ridiculous car prices in Malaysia is an issue that is just
    beginning to get more attention and publicity. It is going to become a
    really big issue in the near future.”

    After a quarter century of throat cutting in whatever(jackass) name, it definitely is a bona fide BIG issue!

  341. kancilandak says:

    Dont be too sure Sifu, you may be have to shave your head bald.. for 3 months to let me see my face on your baldy pate when circumstences allow us to meet.. hee..hee.. and Master detective, I will shave my head botak if you can identitify me. hee..hee..hee!

  342. monsterball says:

    kancilandak said he loves to meet me….yet thinking…no one can identify an idiot.
    The fact is…through his writing…no one really want to met him at all.
    If he declares he will vote for PR…then I maybe tempted to invite all of you to a kopitiam….and see that idiot..with tea tarik and tosai or roti chanai..all on me.
    Beer….you pay for yourself.
    Limited cigars also available.
    Best place is Summit Shopping Complex…..” Starbucks”…which bamboo river met me few times.
    I hope to meet Susan again…and no doubt… to meet kittykat. too.
    hi kancilandak… organize everything…and make them come…and I will meet you…..but be prepared….you cannot go home….”disappear” ….if you try to fool us.

  343. wits0 says:

    I don’t agree with Master-detective that whupping a bad system of governance makes things cloy here in the Blogs.

    The System has all along the MSM/Media cloying throughout for itself, sickening the discerning people to near death already. How many can still tolerate watching local TV or read noose papers anymore?

    Susan’s integrity has not lessen, nor our support for her takes. It’s the hopeful dissimulators who are at the wrong side of history and are finding things too hot generally.

  344. Menyalak-er says:

    Yes, Master-detective & wits, i’m aware of that. But that’s the name of the game. Susan, has not changed much. In life there are always ‘thongs’ that go awry. It is always good to argue with self prescribed “intelligences” who neither see the ethical-moral conundrum that they face.

    Turning back to pico, “..political leadership.. not even to brook even the tiniest opposition”, izzit?
    * Are you then saying that Octo is not a Muslim – whose life is the free from the ethics and morals that the Prophet (pbuh) wrote in the Holy Quran and ‘revealed’ in his life as the Hadith?
    * Do you mean that a Muslim can chose to withold the property that rightfully belongs to another Muslim who opposes him politically, just because he has the ‘power’ to do so?
    * Besides your ignorance of any form of righteousness and justice, you reveal to us that you condone the very things that God tells us is “derhaka”!
    * If you say you respect Susan and Haris, why do you support Be_end?
    * What has your oft mentioned ‘al-juburi’ done to you that you so hate him without cause? All evidence revealed that he was “fixed-up”, by your ‘idol’ octo and now by your ruthless dear leader.
    * How do i know this? Because, i might just know Anwar personally since my varsity days… He may be sometimes quite ‘blur’ about other peoples motives, because he tends to see their light, instead of the darkness – in that way he is open to criticsm, because he has a problem with hero-worship – that i begrudge you. Nothing else.
    * For every 10 questions i throw at you, you answer 1 or 2, why is that?

  345. wits0 says:

    “* If you say you respect Susan and Haris, why do you support Be_end?”
    – menyalak-er.

    Well, he telling us that a snake swallowing its own tail is really a physical viabilty. He can’t answer these fundamental questions because they are out of his brainwashed depths. So he’ll remain playing the role of a cheeky urchin with kaya smear on the corner of his mouth – one who dunno much about anything as the song, “Wonderdul World” lyrics went..

  346. storm62 says:

    aiyah menyalak-er…how to answer all ur questions?

    you from vasity, kancil from jungle…different wave lenght ma.

  347. Kancilandak says:

    What I mean is that Haris Ibrahim works for his ideas.. get us to act in one way or another.. to get involve.. and Susan.. she tells us to speak our mind .. discuss and thrash out ideas where each other can share and learn many things.
    What is LKS or DSAI..? oppoisition figure heads..politicians who will change they minds at will if it benefits them.

  348. Kancilandak says:

    Frankly.. sir, I just dont know how to answer your questions.. it touche into my core and say maybe I am wrong.. I cannot be too sure footing as you.. I admit.. but how can I forget the great 916 faisco.. even Mahathir trembled.. when it suddenly poooffed.. and DSAI was later jubur by a nobody punk.. and I was hurt.. DSAI oppoisition chief.. will it work anymore.. then I said better the known devil than the unknown devil. Am I wrong?

  349. AB LIM says:

    “what is LKS or DSAI ..? opposition figure heads..politicians who will change they minds at will if it benefit them.-Kancilansi
    sometimes i wonder did you really pray for world peace?
    **without world peace our country will not be peaceful…and if our country are not peaceful…then all our Malaysian citizens will also not live in peace…and if all our Malaysian cannot live in peace…then our family members will also cannot live a peaceful life…and the last one will be you and me!!!!!!!
    Without this opposition figure to fight for justice and right then there will be a gomen too free to do whatever they like without anyone oppose to them…then there will be more and more trouble…this opposition figures are really a very special breed of human being that working none stop that maybe you and me cannot match with them either….just go to their blog to see it for yourself…what they have done and how they have done their duty…maybe you can follow their twitter update daily……just be fair to them…anyway at least i still have a choice…and i choose them for a better Malaysia…than the present one full of none stop problems throughout the years****

  350. AB LIM says:

    kancillansi….if i want a very beatiful girlfriend ….anytime i can get bcoz i’m tall and handsome….not need to play sodo the mice….and i believe DSAI was frame and political motivated …why? if not sure he’ll be still in jail from his sodo the mice part 1…use your kancil intelligent brainlah…or maybe you are mup-pet brain kancilansi******Hahaha

  351. kancilandak says:

    AB LIM, At least the known devil got confidense.. got poise.. willing to face problem head on.. emerge the victor by hook or by crook.. propose new ideas. With our oppoisition leader its diffirent. Cory Aquino did it, Sukarnoputri did it.. they are leaders.. they rally peoples sentiment to get they objektif done.. but here in Malaysia .. other way looks like the people pushing a reluctant oppoisition leader to action.. one day say A, the very next day say Z. Karpal cannot agree with Sit Kiang..Sit Kiang cannot agree with PAS, PAS cannot agree with Karpal who cannot agree with Anwar.. so it goes.. round and round.. what are we.. idiots? At least the known devils got plans and working with a zeal towards commimtments to better evreybody.. so they say.. so let us look see.. as for me.. I agree if it is right.

  352. AB LIM says:

    Transparency is what majority Malaysian wants right now…this computer era,space age,21st century….they oppose ISA,OSA and many more to get fair trial and correct information for every Malaysian citizen …and more open argument in PR and everybody knows….well,that’s good at least they are doing it in the natural way rather than acting….look what happen to BN internal problem now also….crazy for power and corruption to the core…that was not reported…what about dragging Ipoh speaker Siva out from sitting in parliament? rude and lawless ….they should go for peoples power,peoples choice to call for a snap election there…rather then waste rakyat money in PKFZ projects and many many more****time will tell as we see,listen,learn and get to the right decision.***

  353. AB LIM says:

    One things very good about PR leaders is that when anythings serious happen to our Malaysian citizen of any races….they will be there to care and voice out for the minority…never play this so call racial card tactic…just gaduh gaduh normal only…but they are still together…so what you expect? If you are maried..did you ever got misunderstanding and gaduh gaduh with your wife also?Kancilansi

  354. AB LIM says:

    Kancilansi…if you can understand my point of view on PR gomen style then you should learn more about this PR leaders …how get black eye,ISA,sweet and sour life…this and that…this PR gomen still young and i prefer to vote for fresh and more transparent PR gomen than this 52 years old++ BN…too long and corrupted to the core…and did you know who they choose to represent BN in B.Pinang…read ISA history…short term victory maybe and maybe not….long term Malaysian will wake up from too ignorant and choose the good one….believe me.

  355. kancilandak says:

    AB LIM, I got three sisters marrid indians.. but they didnt beat they wives.. beleive it or not 3 sisters! 1 brother marry chinese 1 cousin marry chinese and 1 neice marry punjabi, 1 christian, 1 buddhist.. maybe 3 hindus.. I dont interfere.. but I dont share with them what I share with you guys.. on this blog. I thank Susan for that.

  356. AB LIM says:

    wah lau a…kancilansi…ala Malaysian style mix married….must have very cute baby!!!!Open up your mind…think positive and listen to your wise ‘Sifu’…sure he will not eat you one…but care for you…change and pakat lah bagus….Hahahahha

  357. Menyalak-er says:

    It’s OK if you cannot understand pico.
    First let’s address the 916 fiasco. It was good that it did not happen. Why? Becuz, it would have made Anwar swell-headed again.
    It is not a good thing to win a gomen by defections becuz it is as i say, it lacks ethics. I too was caught up in a dream that Anwar planted becuz, i love my country too much and was blind to the danger. On the other hand, with the economic depression that came needed someone like Anwar to deal with it’s implications, fight corruption and all the bad things that are still happening.
    The present gomen is not functioning as you had just witnessed. It is barely moving along because there are still some (very few) gomen servants at the top.

    All the sloganeering by dear leader is in vain?
    Why? Becuz the Khazanah is pok-kai. Raped by the bumno and their allies. Our nations budget deficit will show you that each citizen will hutang, even up to the time of your children and your grandchildren.
    Meanwhile, the ministers are incompetent, only know how to talk but nothing comes out that is useful. Look at that idiot min. that insist that laksa, nasi lemak, mee goreng etc be called Malaysian “cuisine” – this not what a min should do!
    Gaji buta ++.
    They keep making the same mistakes and can’t even deal with some Indons who are yelling for our blood!
    A-H1N1? Katun showmanship. Now not a single sound, while making everybody panic++. Try to stop something they can’t.

    What is 1Malaysia – rubbish! What is the point of F1 1Malaysia – lagi rubbish! What is “Army Town”? Port Dickson! Where is the leadership of this country doing? Dreaming about getting rid of one man! That man will make them fall instead, even if he is wrongly put in jail again. That is justice.

    We are not like the U.S., which can run into fiscal deficit of trillions USD. They sneeze and we die!

  358. storm62 says:

    army town = port dickson

    najis town = pekan

    toyol town = Sek23

    zombie town = SUK Ipoh

    natang town = K.T

  359. AB LIM says:

    Well,that’s what i really like about Susan Loone’s Blog….everything’s to share and learn…thank you Susan.
    **correct me if i am wrong**
    thank you Menyalak-er for your comments above and explanation and concern throughout the days,week,months and years…Hahaha
    O.k…good night guys and all fellow Malaysian.

  360. Menyalak-er says:

    Good perspective there Stormy!
    Potong town – Gurun.
    Beer town – Kuantan.
    Sebat town – belum ke?

  361. wits0 says:

    “It is not a good thing to win a gomen by defections becuz it is as i say, it lacks ethics…” — menyalak-er.

    Correct! That’s why I wasn’t that dismayed when 9-16 never happened because I was quite lukewarm to that “hope”. I viewed just it as an overboard bravado.

    “the ministers are incompetent, only know how to talk but nothing comes out that is useful.”

    This is laid bare for all to see, except the willfully blind. No useful content whatsoever.

    Whatever they claim they want to change, you can be sure, will be weighed forever and lengthily against their own interests, not the people’s. That’s why the more they claim to want to change, the more they stay the same.

    As half truths run short, full lies will have to appear.

  362. monsterball says:

    kancilandak sure have colourful nieces and nephews.
    Maybe staying near estates and ll sisters hentam by Indians…which do make good husbands though…if not drunkards.
    For that matter…compulsive drinkers….gamblers makes lousy husbands.
    Womanizers also make lousy husbands.
    Everything in moderation…with commonsense applied…all OK.
    Do not live like a saint nor a devil.
    Do not be extremists nor hypocritical.
    A human being need not be like so…just to be rich and live in fool’s paradise.
    UMNO politicians led by Mahathir have shown to Malaysians … to lie…be cunning …how to twist and steal.
    No matter what Mahathir and UMNO are saying….they are most sinful and dirtiest politicians you can ever find in the world.
    Today……you still find them governing is solely due to their mind programming …non stop advertising… attract weak minds and greedy Malaysians.
    You are noticing now…Malaysians are n more fools…and UMNO have no other choice……but to continue their….side shows … twisting and half truths…hoping to con young voters. support coming 13th GE.
    Failing badly… Mahathir full power to help.
    If ever Mahathirt was so powerful…..all the three by-elections he spoke at… would have won UMNO voters…and the said elections.
    This old man is the main contributor to disunity and creating thousands of insincere…. cunning Malaysians….especially from UMNO Malays.
    Truly a devil reincarnated…and now….still hero worshipped and wanted by Najib…to help him.
    Do not be like UMNO sick and corrupt …racialists ministers.
    Ong Tee Kiat and MCA politicians are the worst Malaysian Chinese to so clearly..carrying the balls of Najib…..leading Chinese to be selfish and calculative…how to live with the devil and get rich.

  363. straycat's strut says:

    I love Monty.

    Ong Tee Kiat and MCA politicians are the worst Malaysian Chinese to so clearly..carrying the balls of Najib…..

    (Like, worse than those Gangsters, ah longs, pimps, gwo burne and monsterball)

    …leading Chinese to be selfish and calculative…how to live with the devil and get rich.

    (Like, they were helplessly led to be Gangsters, ah longs, pimps, gwo burne and anything monster? Like, they would be a sami or saint with an understandable english if they were led by Lim Kit Siang?).

  364. money4nothing says:

    Betcha Straycat wears Jeans too….wits0 – September 29, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    I`ll skip the bet

  365. Spy-Master says:

    “I already have a guess who kecilandak may be(among the regulars here)……but like Straycat Strut’s say, Susan has changed, I can’t see why a comment like mine has been usurped for what reasons? I was a bit wrong about u Sue, u changed!”

    Everything changes. No, Susan has not change if your are referring to ethical matters. She’s still pro-active in BN-bashiing but if you are talking about underwears, of coz she change that.

    I love Satay Cruise;

    Straycat Struts? Hehehe. many have mistaken Ms. Struts as a guy coz the etymology of the words derives from an all-male-band-group. the said commenter is angry, spiteful and ever-ready to change like a chameleon. Now that she only have a chin left to be identifiable……(sorry to say that) 😉

  366. shylockhomes says:

    “…many have mistaken Ms. Struts as a guy…”

  367. AB LIM says:

    **’GOD Wrath’**
    around the world….warning sign mankind…to treat mother-earth better..

  368. AB LIM says:

    **’GOD Wrath’**
    around the world….warning sign mankind…to treat mother-earth better..

  369. eatwell says:


    Low in cholesterol and sodium, the fleshy fruit may be hard to stomach for many, but is an excellent source of dietary fibre. A whole fruit weighing about 602g contains about 885 calories, 269 of which come from saturated fats.

  370. chuckwalker says:

    **’GOD Wrath’**…….AB LIM

    The above simulation from the PALEAOMAP Project shows this giant landmass: Pangea Ultima. At that time, the Atlantic Ocean will be just a distant memory, and whatever beings inhabit Earth will be able to walk from North America to Africa.

  371. Kancilandak says:

    Thanks Pegasus for all that information.. the cows have be skimming off the top.. the Syed Akbar Ali article must be posted in all blogsites..but I dont understand the ‘start to unwind in 18 months part..’ how could we ordnary man on street help to do this?

  372. zainal says:

    There is some good news. Now in malaysia you can beat up your wife for only RM700

  373. zainal says:

    UMNO have slipper garlanded Mahathir by picking Isa for Bagan P.

  374. wits0 says:

    To AB Lim:
    The Fallacy of “Climate Change”
    Don’t fall too readily for populist fads. Doomsday prophets always periodically appear. What better bandwagon than that of incomplete or fake science and bleeding heart mindless compassion as promoted by the likes of pop nut Bono(give, give, give, till it African countries with nary a word about endemic corruption and over production there or any other more deserving countries…just Black Africa).

  375. whispering9 says:

    “Thanks Pegasus for all that information.. the cows have be skimming off the top.. the Syed Akbar Ali article ”

    What do you want, if you are a bumiputra? Cheaper Cars or NEP/NDP? Or do you want both? Why? Because expensive cars are one of the subtle ways the government takes back what she gives…maybe you pretend not know; NEP is not so ‘free’ for majority of the bumiputra too, unless, you are an associated crony. If you want cheaper cars, you must let go of NEP/NDP. Otherwise, it is just shallow thinking for someone who does not know his economy but wants everything foc.

    (Question directed to SAA….sori kancilandak. Do you know, I brought all of SAA books. He usually starts out brilliantly in the first few chapters. Then he begins to morph into self indulgence for the last remaining chapters) 🙂

  376. wits0 says:

    W9,who’ll actually take what kancilconfusion says seriously? Apparently, however, da stray cat thinks it matters enough though.

    Syed Akbar Ali has a good list but similar ones have appeared from
    time to time before, as well. I thought that many would have come across then in the past already. In fact I’ve recently come across SAA’s list earlier but it didn’t strike me as something so that new.

    I only have SAA’s book, “Club of Doom”. The really amazing thing he did was not in clearly naming the underlining Ideology in the whole book! 😀 What would you cakk that? “Sudden Nomenclatural Blackout”?

  377. loyar_buruk says:

    UMNO is the cancer of this country, and I hope a miracle happens in Bagan Pinang and that Pakatan upsets UMNO; and more importantly, I pray that Malaysians will open their eyes to see that we cannot go on being governed by people who subscribe to corruption as a normal practice.

  378. kittykat46 says:

    Yup, Mat Isa’s selection as the candidate for Bagan Pinang state seat is simply the latest confirmation that UMNo regards Corruption as Business as Usual.

    I’m well aware DSAI and LKS have their flaws….but there is no hope for Malaysia to be a better country as long as Corruption Central remains in power in Putrajaya.

  379. dragonsmoke says:

    Pimimpin UMNO Menagih Dadah – Sudah Tiba Masanya Menukar Kerajaan

    ”Memang sah, kepimpinan utama pemuda UMNO Bahagian Kemaman ditangkap kerana menagih dadah,”ujarnya.

    Menurut beliau, mereka yang ditangkap adalah Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO Bahagian, Ahmad Tarmizi Johar dan Ahli Jawatankuasa UMNO Bahagian Japilus Ismail.

    Katanya abang Japilus yang turut ditangkap disyakki menjadi pengedar dadah tersebut dan ketiga-tiga mereka merupakan pimpinan pelapis yang telah dididik oleh Menteri Besar Terengganu, Dato’ Ahmad Said, yang juga adalah Ketua UMNO Bahagian Kemaman.

  380. Kancilandak says:

    Straycat, Whispering.. I acknowledge.

  381. Kancilandak says:

    Isa Samad is back.. PR is going be humbled.. hee..hee..

  382. kittykat46 says:

    You mean Six Million Dollar Mat Isa ?
    Yeah, he will win……and at the same time expose how weak and rotten UMNO is…

  383. whispering9 says:

    Winning Bagan Pinang seat is a foregone conclusion for UMNO. But fielding Isa will give ample opportunity for PR to highlight UMNO condescending attitude towards corruption and money politics. A miracle won’t help PR to win. A disaster like losing the postal votes might help. I guess UMNO has also adopted GE12’s spirit coined by jean ‘Even a cow can win’. Hehehehe. 😆

  384. kittykat46 says:

    Mat Isa’s candidacy is simply more proof what many people already know….it is impossible for UMNO to reform. The corruption is so deeply rooted, it will die rather than reform.

    If you had people close to you who died from cancer, you will be familiar with this. Once the disease has spread too widely, there comes a time when it is hopeless to continue medical treatment. Because the medicines used for chemotherapy are themselves toxic, further treatment will kill the patient as surely as it fights the disease.

    So we just let the patient die as peacefully as possible.

    UMNO needs to die for Malaysia to live …..its impossible to treat the disease.

  385. straycat's strut says:

    Just as disappointed to see Isa Samad being nominated. Najib might as well take a gamble, field someone else n lose that seat but managed to send a clear signal about battling corruption. Its ok to lose a battle or two but win the war in the end.

    But sorry kk46… it does not mean that DSAI is a better choice. Lets not be hypocritical. You want to crucify Isa and worship DSAI at the same time? Funny when you said “…but there is no hope for Malaysia to be a better country as long as Corruption Central remains in power in Putrajaya,” and yet, still support DSAI.

  386. Isa Samad is back.. PR is going be humbled.. hee..hee..

    COOL. now bagan pinang will go back to BN. long lives isa, long lives BN. even the coward incompetent penang CM also sked of isa.

  387. kittykat46 says:

    I support PR because…I repeat..”there is no hope for Malaysia to be a better country as long as Corruption Central remains in power in Putrajaya,”

    We live in a world of imperfect solutions. The only perfect certainty in this world is Death. But solutions , imperfect as they are, we need, to move forward Its not hypocrisy…

    Where I live, Penang, I can already see a change for a “cleaner” government in progess. Contracts have actually been won by people with good track record, without heavy leaning on political connections. One guy I know who tried to swing his proposal using the same Operating Procedure from BN days got told his tender document will be opened together with everyone else’s – no more, no less.

    Still a long way to go, and Lim Guan Eng still has a lot of loose cannons, UMNOfied-plants etc. in the state government bureaucracy. But if we hadn’t kicked Koh TK and his shadowy UMNO government out, things would have been a lot worse.

  388. Mohd Yusmadi, the Member of Parliament for Balik Pulau said a new formula was needed to replace the Barisan Nasional (BN) formula which gave the Chief Minister’s post to the Chinese and the Deputy Chief Minister’s post to the Malays.

    and penang DAP says no! what a power hungry goons. please voters in bagan pinang have your conscience.

  389. AB LIM says:

    “Isa Samad is back..PR is going be humble…hee…hee..”-Kancilansi with hantu kum kum sound…heeeeeeee
    actually nothing to be proud of… should say i malu malu again…corruption central still remain in power in putrayaja…then this still happen….what TDM or Kuli going to say??

  390. AB LIM says:

    Attn : wits0 (sep 30,2009 at 10.46am )
    noted with thanks

  391. AB LIM says:

    **Chin Peng sue Government for breach of contract!!!**

    poor old man being cheated…

  392. if we have ex-convicts like penang CM and oppos leader, why want to sensualize isa past. isa is great man. even the penang CM also sked of him. with him as candidate, i believe PR will lose like hell.

  393. AB LIM says:

    “if we have ex-convicts like penang CM and oppos leader,why want to sensualize isa past.isa is a great man.”-anon dud
    convicts your own mup-pet head….wear black,hold candles also can go to jail…nonsense things in bolehland….why not you give them termination letter and ask them to resign now…you really make me laugh again….Hahahahahahah
    maybe and maybe not…but PR already win so many by elections…Hahahaha again….hell not for PR but for Be-end…Hahahahaha agian…Tok guru already said that…no need to explain. anondud oh dud dud duck

  394. why not you give them termination letter and ask them to resign now…you really make me laugh again….Hahahahahahah

    actually i did submit one letter to local MSM but they don’t want to publish, how? even the malacca CM (the penang CM hometown) also criticized him for being ex convict.

    the penang CM and oppos leader are not jailed for candlelight vigil – where are you when they went to court, charged, tried, found guilty and sent to jail.

  395. AB LIM says:

    “the penang CM and oppos leader are not jailed for candlelight vigil-where are you when they went to court,charged,tried,found guilty and sent to jail.”-anon dud
    where am i…who am i????Hahahahah
    watching Kangaroo boxing with mike tyson….everythings oppos done are wrong one…everyone already know the answer before they were charge to court…i believe you should know the answer also…that’s why most watch kangaroo boxing better…
    and if your bumno man charge to court …i believe you also know the answer…Hahahahahahaha…there i laugh again

  396. AB LIM says:

    try to extend your brain bigger …..if the corrupted peoples still hold power…sure they’ll do anythings in their power tby using money,army,police anythings they have in their power to make sure that they will always hold on to their position….everywhere in the world mostly the same…so where are you again…blindly support them againlah…right?

  397. wits0 says:

    “the penang CM and oppos leader are not jailed for candlelight vigil – where are you when they went to court, charged, tried, found guilty and sent to jail.”

    Raving like any soul-less, and mindless minion serving the Forces of Darkness throughout the Ages.

  398. kittykat46 says:

    “isa is great man” – DA DUD.

    OMG…how much is UMNO paying this joker? It better be A LOT.
    Does he really believe in the stuff he writes ?

    Just reading this makes me risk losing the contents of my lunch..

  399. waterlilly says:

    We know the BN is expert at coming up with rosy slogans and empty promises. Now, we are indeed witnessing an Umno/BN regime – like a lost ship – adrift at sea, without an ability to articulate a new vision for Malaysia – at least not one that is consistent with the values of a truly multicultural society.

    Unfortunately for the BN, more and more voters have caught on to this game of theirs. So while I am keeping my glass chilled to toast the day that Samy’s MIC become irreversibly defunct and inconsequential, that will only be a minor cause for celebration.

    The true celebration will be to see this BN bickering – and not to mention the scandals that expose its sheer corruption – continue right through to the next general election.

  400. wits0 says:

    “Just reading this makes me risk losing the contents of my lunch..”

    Da DUD would, as da ABOMINATION!

    Animals are more noble beings.

  401. waterlilly says:

    Towering moron “Lembumud-in” does it again……

    PUTRAJAYA, Sept 30 – There’s good guilt and then there’s bad guilt, going by the argument Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein put forward today in defence of Tan Sri Isa Samad’s selection as Umno candidate in the Bagan Pinang by-election.

  402. wits0 says:

    It’s a morality tale from Minotaur, waterlily.

  403. Pegasus says:

    dud..have you skip your medicine again?…umno must have mutilate your brain over the years … only in umno/bn we have tainted and blemished politicians…who keep coming back for more goodies as opportunities are given to do so…Isa is of dubious character…he might win with the postal votes thrown in…but the damage is done by picking him…he could be a umno idol for the people there…but for the country…we know umno/bn are lacking qualified candidate….they are running scare to lose… may the people of Bagan Pinang chose wisely in considerations of their future..and the country’s.

  404. whispering9 says:

    When a disease ravages us, the only solution is to administrate vaccination. Fighting the disease with a weakened disease. Similarly, in a political system, most of the problems can only be cured with similar consideration. It is naivety to consider a goody-goody politician for the job to cure the system. We will get cleaner politics once that solution has been effected. It is not an insult but a compliment that for the perfect imperfect solution, DSAI fits the bill. Many of us want the two-parties system to work. You cannot deny the obvious check & control this system has brought into Malaysia politics. 😉

  405. monsterball says:

    Hollywood produced “The Three Stooges”….to make the whole world laugh and enjoy.
    In Malaysia….the corrupted scientists…doctors and lawyers from UMNO…in the name of Science and Technology….produces thousands of real stooges….of which three are here to perform for our pleasure.
    Anon Dud leads the way…and these low class actors.. do get the whole world laughing too…..with insults …curses and complains…how can any human being do such evil things to their fellow countrymen.
    That’s why…Malaysians have identified hem as devil’s children….in disguised to praise Allah.
    Their Sifu in Malaysia…is non other than Mahathir and now…..Najib…adopted son of the Malaysian Sifu..
    Anon Dud is a Raven…kancilandak is the hyaena…and the most stupid fortune telling toad you can ever find in the whole wide world…and he is still drunk…and loosing like hell in gambling….so quiet…nothing matters more now……except to convince girlfriend …not to leave him.
    Ravens are the protectors of the Devil…..and Anon Dud is a foot soldier of the Devil….with no brain… quality……….no substances….with all his messages….except to keep promoting a …”His Master Voice” record..with a needle poking him…to make him speak.
    1-4-C….is the braggart drunkard.
    Their backsides are very itchy….and constantly need dot dot dot…cannot get…come here….something better than nothing to be dot dot dot by us..with words and insults.
    He is contended….so are we.

  406. Pegasus says:

    Right W9, the country should head for a 2 party system to work…

    BN should not only close rank…but also close umno, mca,mic ,Gerakan and others for good…and open the party to all ..if they have the balls…thats how 1Malaysia should be…..not bumi,non-bumi,malay,non-malay… WE are ALL BUMIPUTRA,born and bred here …thats 1Malaysia… not the way umno/bn are ..sowing the seeds of hatred among the races…to stay in least Pakatan are leading the way in showing unity among the races by opening up for all races…

  407. Pegasus says:

    wah…kah..kah…thats a good laugh ..Monty..

    These fools will stay in denial mode…their brains are half dead ..only functioning to collect crumbs thrown by umno…

  408. Pegasus says:

    kancilancau…I was amazed ..but not are afterall
    a double headed creature…!

  409. Kancilandak says:

    Right now Isa Samad is taking the umno stage by storm.. (Pak Lah and 4 floor boys are looking like chimpazees now) Najib’s crooked but smart manovering game DSAI cannot match. PM too smart for DSAI. Bagan Pinang is the umno fortress right now.. and they going to crush Pakatan.. dealing a blow that will shake Pakatan to their sences.. the euforia of having continouos success have numbness they brains… B.Pinang will make them know where they stand for behaving sloppy for too long.

  410. apparently pr supporter still don’t know what is repent and served the sentence. isa was corrupted, but he already got punishment. what about the penang CM who went to jail (and complained no tilam somemore). what about the sodomite (even he was freed and yet he still haven’t repented and got new mess).

    the penang CM knew if isa was chosen there’s no way PR will win because the latter popularity. you ppl continue saying he’s corrupted but reality is reality – isa will WIN.

  411. AB LIM says:

    Oli shit the banana crab….
    i believe this mup-pet should go for psychiatrist check up and also MCD injention…Kancilansi also say ( Pak lah and 4 floor boys are looking like chimpazees now) ???Hahahahahahaha …should be their backside itchy again…need service again********

  412. AB LIM says:

    **Talking about disease…Hmmm i wonder what kind…maybe something like brain wave damage sending wrong messages…this mup-pet brain only function like robot …listen to their master and only know how to fart without making sense …this mup-pet brain always think of winning,control,selfish,vengeful …o yeh..a double head creature ..! as quoted before… takes a an amoral,hypocritical and cynical mutation plus nurture to form such a creature…mup-pet nematode.

  413. monsterball says:

    See…I told you..UMNO stooges are performing non stop.
    Hollywood also produces “Frankenstein”
    Here…corrupted doctors….lawyers..engineers…..scientists..can clone long before anyone discover how to do it..
    The above two nuts are the end results of their successful cloning process……except..cannot clone brain.
    Can you imagine thousands of mamak speaking?
    One already make us sick….how to tahan thousands?
    Tahan we must. With patience and tolerance……cool as a cucumber…kopitiam fellas will curse and complain…until 13th GE.
    Began Pisang was won by UMNO with a huge huge majority in the 12rh GE….and here comes these two idiots…will say…..”See I told you. UMNO will win”…in 2 weeks time.
    Isa is proven corrupted by UMNO …and it is UMNO that have proven what great hypocrites they are…fielding a proven save their own skins.
    I am sure Anwar and Lim Kit Siang are enjoying themselves..speaking at rallies.
    This is a test…… many Malays still support UMNO in Negri….and not so much of th result….which is an expected win for UMNO.
    It is a test for Indians and Chinese Malaysians too.
    I will enjoy the stooges smart predictions…and them after the by election. Right now…let them brag.
    It is 9-1 against UMNO.
    So what if… is 9-2?
    In football terms…UMNO should hide their faces in shame.

  414. AB LIM says:

    Kancilansi…why waste your life like this away doing nuts job??? PR never scare of loosing the B.Pinang but they only afraid of loosing the support from millions of Malaysian…why so happy…jumping up and down…Hahahahaha…listen to your ‘Sifu’…i really respect your ‘Sifu’ that’s why i 100% support PR now…the only antidote for success in future for Malaysia Malaysian.Yes.

  415. monsterball says:

    I will keep quiet and read only.
    I will not respond…even if those two idiots try to insult or irritate me.
    All of you ……..please continue.
    I say good night to all now.

  416. AB LIM says:

    Testing 123 poooooofffff wow going for David Copperfield Magic?

  417. Mrs Barney says:

    Boy ‘o’ Boy,what do i have here! Oh,Anoy dude and Kancilandak!!
    O.K boys,first of all listen to aunty,i’m 75 years old and very polite and gentle and more knowledgeable than both of you,so don’t be naughty and anuty barney will give you both a big hug and kises and then a good lesson.Oh dear,would you guys like that?

  418. Mrs Barney says:

    My goodness,did i scare them off? It’s late and good night.Bye for now.

  419. Mrs Barney says:

    **Open your eye**
    For RM30? Millions*******
    Money to hold on to their position!!!

  420. Kancilandak says:

    Deary dear Mrs Aunty Barney,
    I dont know why Sifu left in a huff.. and Pegasus so worked up.. actually is just a simple thing.. its the return of the prodigal son.. Just like PM (PM even overide TDM.. see how powerful) telling we the disapointed umnoputra.. saying: “sembelih the fatted cow we going to celibrate.. for once he was lost but now is found” and all of umno people say “so be it”
    And DSAI, LKS, Tok Guru and the rakyat behind them 3 also say “so be it..!” Just like tharethran ursurp Makal Sakti to dump them at PM feet and Uthayakumar say “so be it”
    The only person never say so be it is RPK and Wathamuthy hiding in a 2 diffirent cave in some r diffirent remorte corner of the glob. Hee.hee.. what a country.. learn to laugh lah guys.

  421. storm62 says:

    “Hee.hee.. what a country.. learn to laugh lah guys.” – kancilanciao.

    how to laugh when the whole world is laughing at Malaysia for having a umno PM (Pembunuh Mongolia) to lead this shameful nation? …..habis maruah negara!!!

    just compare the quality of the cabinet ministers to our S’porean counterparts….vast of a different….you teach me how to laugh?

    i know of some umno members removing the umno crest and stickers from their cars and homes….ha ha ha…now i can laugh….ka ka ka.

    gone were the days when we use to say we are “Proud to be a Malaysian”……tak malu ke bn/umno, pengkhianat dan penghina Rakyat negara Malaysia???

  422. AB LIM says:

    Kancilansi…why you so happy your TDM being overide by PM?…and your hantu kum kum laugh make me wake uplah…lau a …you now sound like two head cua or kanciltootau…Hahahahaha

  423. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha… ‘sanctified’ pico talking about Prodigal Son(s), true sons of the night-soil – loosely translated to ‘najis-pemalam’.
    What is a disappointed bumoputra? A cremasteric reflex – also synonymous with ‘kecut telor’, ‘sau-suk’ or ‘shrunk balls’!
    As soon as they become ‘un-disappointed’, the ejaculate once then ‘koro’ sets in – strange flurs these… But it’s in their genetic make-up and there’s nothing medical science can do.
    I guess they have always to worship ISA, in more ways than one.
    Pico, why was Isa sacked in the first place – becuz he was a paragon of virtue, morals and ethics right?

  424. Kancilandak says:

    And guys.. I forgot to add.. there is a one who is the Almighty.. one who can forgive sins..Hihi..hee..hee..hee..! No guys.. I am one headed.. and level headed.. I promised myself to do something.. and I wont let it fizzle out.. I’ll stomp on.. even if you call me two head.. I stomp on. Good night friends.

  425. AB LIM says:

    Oli shit the banana crab….he stomp,stomp,stomp???what?
    Yes…should be just now he mention…(Pak Lah and 4 floor boys are looking like chimpazee now)…maybe kancilansi used his small legs to stomps that 4 chimpazee ….Hahahahaha
    wah lau a…ok Good night guys and all fellow Malaysian.

  426. Kancilandak says:

    Sifu, I know you nochet sleep.. promise me you wont cincang me and make Kancilandak keema for your chapati when I meet up with you Summit Starbucks.. I live way far out.. I think more than 500km.. but I errange when I can.. please bear with me. Why you sleep early.. hee..hee..hee you bingung or what?

  427. AB LIM says:

    oi….kancilansi you now only know your ‘Sifu’ really care for you and miss him already…Hahahahaha
    it’s already morning….tidurlah….your laugh make me wake uplah…..
    just say good night to your Sifu and let him cincang or eat you tomorrow nevermind one…jungle law anything also can…Hahaha

  428. Menyalak-er says:

    Pico’s one Almighty, besides the $$? Yep – yours forgiveth, mine forsaketh.
    In hypomanic stage now are u? Imagine, a barking mad MDP chimera!
    Sleep tight and don’t let the lintangs bite! Take care of your koochi-ku-ku.

  429. kittykat46 says:

    Somebody just reminded me yesterday that Port Dickson holds some very sweet memories for Najis….wasn’t he reported to have been caught in a “wet” situation there years ago ?

    The Religious department goons conducted a “Basah” raid, surprise, surprise the semi-naked fish they found in the hotel room was a VVVIP…. LOL :)) :))

    Everything kau-tim, of course, but even in the pre-Blog days its impossible to keep this an absolute secret.

  430. straycat's strut says:

    …that for the perfect imperfect solution, DSAI fits the bill.

    W9, atleast you are being honest enuff to admit that DSAI is simply that gooey and sticky stuff that holds PR together. But by doing so, PR risked their moral rights to complain about corruption, abuse of power, ec. etc. Its similar to Hishamuddin’s argument of “good guilt and bad guilt.” What is good and wha is bad simply depends which side of the divide you are standing. Anwar is acceptable but Isa is not. That is hypocritical. Its like kk46 harping on PD-escapade episode. He would question all evidence and bring out every conspiracy theories ever invented when it came to anything Anwar / PR but would comveniently accepts what was “reported” as the truth when it cums to DSN.

  431. adalagi says:

    So my friends if you ask me what was Anwar’s biggest contribution to our consciousness until now – it will be our political awakening of what is right and what is wrong with our government,with our Prime Minister and with UMNO.….and after much thought we know that Mahathir and UMNO is wrong for our nation! So do not question Anwar’s on his commitment to our cause – we are with him in HIS cause to bring decency and dignity back to how things are done in Malaysia. He showed us the way, he stands in front – but we are together now and we will persevere.

  432. adalagi says:

    “….wasn’t he reported to have been caught in a “wet” situation there years ago ?….”

    ….Escaped, only to carry out a “wet” operation years later……C4 is putty in our boy`s hands.

  433. kittykat46 says:

    Mat Isa “I did not commit a crime”

    Its a bit tough when your contester’s first public statement as the candidate becomes a damage control exercise……

    By contrast, Anwar has hardly had to endure questioning on his Mahakutty-era criminal convictions. That’s easy – the majority of fair minded Malaysians who followed the case didn’t consider it a fair trial and much of the “evidence” was either patently manufactured or tainted.
    The silly stained mattress being carried in and out of the court was a stupid joke…

  434. straycat's strut says:

    …so do not question Anwar’s on his commitment to our cause – we are with him in HIS cause…

    Chilling ain’t it? And really, most of us would think that adalagi is an exceptional do-not-question-me-coz-I am-hollier-than-thou person.

  435. kittykat46 says:

    Cop charged for causing Kugan grievious hurt

    Nine months after the fact, but just 1 week before the Bagan Pinang by-elections, Gani Patel finally charges 1 policeman for “causing grievious hurt”.

    I’m sure they would rather not act on it at all….its just that Najis finally realised that even the Makkal Sakthi Party “I’ve been bought” Thanenthiran may not be able to guarantee the 20% Indian vote in Bagan Pinang. Most of the Chinamen already seem to have the moon in their hearts…

  436. whispering9 says:

    “PR risked their moral rights to complain about corruption, abuse of power, ec. etc.”

    Hahahahaha….if you really want lecture on moral rights, don’t lah listen to politicians or commentators. Go find a recluse holy man/woman who is not exposed to the internet yet. If DSAI is simply that gooey and sticky stuff, what then is DSN? The shiny stainless steel nail holding the boards? Hehehehe. 🙂

  437. Menyalak-er says:

    kk46,W9 – obviously there is some confusion as to what marals and ethics are. Some ‘struted’ domesticated felines, take it as a form of legalism and religion. They are in a parallel universe of ‘mindfulness’ and there can be no ‘melding of thoughts’ as the Vulcans say.

  438. Mat Isa “I did not commit a crime”

    it’s pretty obvious – did he sent to jail? did he wear orange suit and stayed in sungai buloh? did he live in big house?

    unlike the penang CM and oppos leader still tak malu and let reporter photographed his face with his handcuff (other rapist and kidnapper and murderer to hide their face with plastic bag, shirt, etc).

  439. kittykat46 says:

    Yes, Lim Guan Eng went to jail helping to defend the rights of an underaged girl who had been ravaged by a Predator who happened to be a senior UMNO leader. Mahakutty had to have his revenge…
    Lim Guan Eng in prison garb is a Badge of Honour.

    The only reason Mat Isa is not a criminal is because UMNO long ago declared it is Above The Law. UMNO proceedings are beyond ACA jurisdiction, don’t you know ?

  440. whispering9 says:

    Menyalak-er….actually morality is only a definition in a shifting human mind. Yesterday, it was alright for the cowboys to kill red indians and to be turn into a Hollywood exploit. Today, they can’t even harm a kitten. It is a descriptive usage.

    It may be hypocritical for a pot to call the kettle black but it is not morally wrong to point out corruption and so forth.

    Dud….you are always missing the ‘oomh’. Those send into ISA are not by any legal standing criminals ‘cos they are not formally charged and trialed by any court of laws. They were just collected and thrown into confinement. DSAI, on the other hand, was acquitted by Malaysia court of law. Isa was found guilty and punished for corruption and vote buying by UMNO council. But somehow, he was never investigated by ACA or the polis. Does this logic baffles you? Maybe you think there is a moral to it….like Hishamuddin? The right side is always right eh.

  441. kittykat46 says:

    The stray is a cynic who knows the faults with everything, but the value of nothing. I personally know a number of people like that.

    They are (usually) effectively BN supporters because if they do turn up to vote, they will vote BN by default.

  442. AB LIM says:

    “So my friend if you ask me what was Anwar’s biggest contribution to our consciousness until now – it will be our political AWAKENING of what is right and what is wrong with our government,”-adalagi
    Once upon a time in ancient China there was a 3 years old boy throw a seed into a jungle road during his childhood..times pass and he’s back to the same jungle road when he is 23years old…looking hungry,tired and thirsty as well…and suddenly in front of him appear one very old man and say to the young man….my boy …so you are back again.. my boy,all this years i have being watching over the seed that you’ve thrown into this jungle road …and now it’s already 20years old and start to bear very good and fresh fruits…come on and eat as much as you wants…because without you there won’t be this wonderful tree standing tall over here…my boy..and so……
    o.k coming back to the real world!!!!!!!!!! wake up,wake up…….
    So…over the years our respected Datin Seri Wan Azizah has been patiently waiting for his beloved husband come back from his evil enemy jail and vacant her Permatang Pauh to get a fresh mandate for Datuk Seri Anwar as voted again by peoples power and peoples choice..if DSAI wife and family trust her beloved husband and father….then we Malaysian should give them moral support and not to judge DSAI now…if only he done somethings very wrong to our nation…but no…he is a new man now…wake up,standing tall,charge forward….He should get back what he has lost all this years by force or conspiracy ….bless him

  443. AB LIM says:

    Bless DSAI
    Good is good and Bad will always be bad….bad boy….

  444. AB LIM says:

    be back 2night…so kancilansi if don’t stomp stomp stomp tonight then i will teach you acrobatic…Hahahahahah

  445. adalagi says:

    Chilling ain’t it? And really, most of us would think that adalagi is an exceptional do-not-question-me-coz-I am-hollier-than-thou person. – straycat’s strut

    I would be right to call you a prostitute then.

  446. adalagi says:

    “When his trail started do you remember what Judge Augustine Paul said when a request was made by Anwar’s lawyers for observer status to be given to the Malaysian Bar Council, several rights group and the U.N. Rapporteur Param Cumaraswamy?

    “This is a big insult to the court,” Augustine said of the request. “It gives the impression that the court may not be dispensing justice.”

    In hindsight and knowing what we know now, I do not know how this Augustine Paul could have prostituted himself to do the biddings of Mahathir!”

  447. adalagi says:

    Like DSAI, Najib and his gang should go to prison first, atone for their sins and then only seek acceptance to be leaders. Which is why they are now on rubber legs – plastic people who do not deserve ANY respect but slipper garlands.

  448. whispering9 says:

    oooopsss…LGE did go to jail and not ISAed. Thousand apologies.
    Here is his quote:

    “If I fail and have to go to jail, I have no regrets. I have no regrets of going down fighting for the principles of truth and justice. And pursuit of human rights, especially women’s rights. There can be no women’s rights if women rape victims are considered equally responsible, and even detained, whilst the accused remain free.”

    — Lim Guan Eng,

  449. Kancilandak says:

    .. give them moral support and not to judge DSAI now.. -AB LIM.

    Like how?

    When you guys say you will be satisfy just by reducing majority for BN is good enough?
    Even before the war, when you say that, you are oredi condeceding to failure.. what moral support is that?
    PR should take the offensive by utilising the weakness points of BN to generate a victory (which is impossible), instead of wondering how to face the umno giant of a man named Isa Samad.
    The answer is DSAI dont have the capacity for an offensive at B.Pinang.. despite of past PR victories.. no matter how big anybody’s moral support..
    Isa Samad is a giant and was and still is the Godfather of Negri.

  450. Menyalak-er says:

    Giants and dwarves are easy to kill… all it needs is a little bitty stone. Watch and learn, how godfather’s get sabo’ed by their own family, pico.
    Btw, why aren’t you agreeing with your Lord Octo? Your master who’s paying you told you not to?

  451. ahbengkia says:

    {Isa Samad is a giant and was and still is the Godfather of Negri.} cunt chill

    It is not isa Samad s great. It is people like you who is stupid. We hero worship scumbags not because they are good. We support them because they are rich and powerful So much for our education.

  452. Those send into ISA are not by any legal standing criminals ‘cos they are not formally charged and trialed by any court of laws. They were just collected and thrown into confinement. DSAI, on the other hand, was acquitted by Malaysia court of law.

    some ppl with selective memory – the oppos leader was jailed for CORRUPTION, only sodomize was cleared, but not for long in the new trial! once a sodomite, always a sodomite (even the great TDM attested this!)

    “If I fail and have to go to jail, I have no regrets. I have no regrets of going down fighting for the principles of truth and justice. And pursuit of human rights, especially women’s rights. There can be no women’s rights if women rape victims are considered equally responsible, and even detained, whilst the accused remain free.”

    typical quote from criminal who does not REPENT. he thinks he’s right – since when he was jailed for justice and fight for woman. he was jailed because he dispensed false information, framed and tarnished the ex-cm. you know “fitnah” is great SIN! why didn’t he work up against the CM and not DSAI who was convicted for corruption (where is the 4mil!) – what a double standard. still, he still does not repent and continue to screw penang which is not his home state pun (he made kbp residents homeless, mind you).

  453. and even detained, whilst the accused remain free.”

    what accused remain free – do you mean the ex-cm was rapist! this is blasphemy! as you deny the oppos leader a sodomite, you should too acknowledge the ex-cm is innocent – the court found the penang CM was great liar and sent him to jail while the ex-cm is no rapist, mind you! get this FACT!

  454. AB LIM says:

    Stomp Stomp Stomp Kancilansi-did you pass your moral test? o.k as a moralist we know what to do in a proper way….respect one another…he learn our culture and languages and so do we,silent way,shouting way,get together like one big family,cheer leader way,wise way…as every wise peoples are watching and reading now,and most important voting way…to send another very very clear signal like a tsunami where as any giants will fall ….coming 13GE …we will vote for CHANGE….history will tell….
    Coming to this anon dud du duck…he got nothing to say…his mup-pet master only tell this dud to attack LGE day and night….he thinks others are stupid don’t know their idiot plan…perak …then…selangor….then..penang..atack atack..without moral..outdated.
    so this is what we call to kill 2 birdies with one stone…kan the duck
    giant also fall with a tiny stone**************

  455. nano says:

    masih hari raya? Bodoh punya chipai!

  456. AB LIM says:

    masih hari raya? Bodoh punya chipai!-nano chipai
    oi..pangil itu cipai chipai anon balik raya…tak boleh main politik jangan main di sini…balik tidur chipai punya cabai!

  457. AB LIM says:

    It’s Indonesia heritage!!!
    reported by UN !!!

  458. nano says:

    Moshi moshi ab lim! Nanderska, lanjau lu kasihdiaskah!

  459. adalagi says:

    once a sodomite, always a sodomite (even the great TDM attested this!) – anonymous dud

    He should know, he sodomised the country for 22 years.

  460. another sign of the penang CM incompetency:

    Ah Long transactions in Penang rake in RM15m

  461. adalagi says:

    AB LIM – October 2, 2009 at 7:30 am,

    Origins of Keris: An alternate view
    Pic: Lord Indra with Keris

    Read the following excerpt from Draeger’s book:

    “On arrival of Islam (in Indonesia), the Hindu warlords and their pande scattered, but their old faith in Vishnu and Civa did not die. The powers of these two Hindu gods came to be passed into the keris, and the wearing of the keris now shifted from the exclusive right of the noble class to a universal practice whereby every commoner carried one. The keris took on a new significance and its reputation grew as the power of Civa was invoked for anti-Muslim endeavours. By the commoner wearing the keris , design features were affected; it was made to be worn comfortably and hidden easily in the sarong, ready for instant use. On the fall of Majapahit, the pande were driven into East Java, Bali, Madura and the Celebes, there to fashion keris with still further modifications according to the needs of each geographical area. The original keris forms, said by Ngabehi Karjadikrama to be only four (Brodjol, Tilamputih, Sangkelat, and Panimbal) from which all others derive, were greatly diversified.” (Source: Donn F Draeger , 1992, “The weapons and fighting arts of Indonesia”, p.94, Tuttle Publishing, North Clarendon, USA )

  462. adalagi says:

    once a sodomite, always a sodomite (even the great TDM attested this!) – anonymous dud

    Once a murderer, always a murderer – like the one malaysians have now.

  463. apalagi says:

    another sign of the penang CM incompetency:
    Ah Long transactions in Penang rake in RM15m – anonymous dud

    Penang CM is not a policeman,
    what is IGP doing about Ah Longs who contribute heavily to the BN.

  464. clockout says:

    One thing we do know is that, true or false, these charges are political, and not about the morality of Anwar’s se*uality. The head of the Malaysian anti-gay police (not kidding) says that homose*uality is “a crime worse than murder” in Malaysia. Of course, he WoULD say that. But that doesn’t mean that he isn’t expressing a common sentiment. It’s likely that the best way to defang an opposition leader is to accuse him of being gay.

  465. clockout says:

    anonymous dud is head of the anti gay police who will be murdering all gays

  466. AB LIM says:

    Oppppps ninja coming…nano

  467. kahkah_kahkah says:

    anonymous dud is a PC – Pen*s Catcher

  468. kittykat46 says:

    “another sign of the penang CM incompetency:
    Ah Long transactions in Penang rake in RM15m” – DA DUD.

    On the contrary Monseur DUD.
    Transparency International singled out Penang for mention on improvements in governance.

    Ah Longs are under the protection of YOUR party – the Most Corrupted Association , you should know….

    For some weird historical reason, non-deposit taking money lenders come under the Local Government.
    They were supposed to regulate the business, but MCA has instead been turning a blind eye to Ah Longs….
    UMNO, MCA, MIC….all the same…they corrupt everything they touch..

  469. AB LIM says:

    wakarinai…oki opai nun dudesan…diaskah,,,,,,Kakakakaka

  470. Transparency International singled out Penang for mention on improvements in governance.

    so? who’s the ex-TI joined DAP recently. “you scratch my back, i scratch yours”, isn’t it……

  471. One thing we do know is that, true or false, these charges are political, and not about the morality of Anwar’s se*uality.

    why don you say this about CSL as well, hypocrite…..

  472. kittykat46 says:

    I had an interesting conversation over the weekend on the subject of Postal Votes with a retired Army officer – who knows the good, the bad and the ugly of the system.

    Postal Votes actually mean votes cast the one’s duty post – not “post” as in mail…
    The Postal voting system we actually inherited from the British. In its day, the British Army was spread all over the globe. When it came to General Elections, the soldiers were obviously entitled to vote, but it was impractical to send civilian officials everywhere to conduct the balloting. The next-best process they came up with was for Senior officers to act as impartial overseers of the voting process.
    The British Army officers apparently took this duty very seriously and honourably, and the system worked. In over 200 years of elections, there have been very few complaints of any improper practices in military Postal voting from various political parties in Britain.

    Now to Bolehland….. it becomes the duty of military officers to ensure their men…vote for Barisan Nasional…

    The officers watch the men mark their ballots – there is no secret vote. Now, if an enlisted man really has strong political views, he can vote any way he da*ned wants, and the offficers cannot change that….but there will be repercussions, later, of course…

    So Most of the soldiers just vote the way they are expected to.

    Trust UMNO and BN to pervert what was by origin an honourable system.

  473. Now to Bolehland….. it becomes the duty of military officers to ensure their men…vote for Barisan Nasional…

    what’s wrong with this? as gov officers and enforcers, they should stand behind the gov policy. as citizen, they entitled to vote. in fact to make things easy, the gov should set all civil officers/gov servants/enforcers should have their ballot 100% for the gov. i don;t see any wrong here, as many majority will agree with me.

  474. kahkah_kahkah says:

    why don you say this about CSL as well, hypocrite…..anonymous dud

    You must prove you are a moron? Get your brains out of dicks, or is it the other way round, get the dicks out of your brains….maybe then you can save yourself.
    CSL caught on tape, “”while blazing”
    CSL also admitted, so how can I be a hypocrite you moron.

  475. AB LIM says:

    ***PAS never trust thin bumno goons***
    PAS say it correctly********

  476. kittykat46 says:

    So All Penang, Kedah, Selangor , Kelantan state government officers must vote for PR ?
    Hahahahahaha 🙂
    PR IS the State government in all these states , you know ?

  477. Kancilandak says:

    Ah long transactions in Penang rake in RM15m -anonymous dud

    Penang also ah..?! All the while me thot that Ling Loing Sick was the god of Ah Long and Michelle Chong his henchman.. now Sit Kiang son also ah..?!
    All Tired gangsters are the same.

  478. CSL caught on tape, “”while blazing”
    CSL also admitted, so how can I be a hypocrite you moron.

    idiot, the affair is his private business, and his wife already forgives him – so it’s no longer issue. it’s just PR always want to bring this up. but when bn supporters bring up sodomy case, PR keep denying this, what a double standard.

  479. not only the penang gov made ppl homeless, they even threaten people rice bowl:

    13 Immi officers removed from Penang Airport

  480. Kancilandak says:

    Master car thief Kugan was killed in the biggest lockup one to one fight.. by a people saviur super hero cop Navidran like what we see in a tamil movie.
    See what the indians do to each other.. this alone is proof of tamil filem culture of Malaysian indians.

  481. kittykat46 says:

    “not only the penang gov made ppl homeless, they even threaten people rice bowl:
    13 Immi officers removed from Penang Airport” – DA DUD

    Care to know the story ?
    There was a whole plane load of passengers waiting to exit through immigresen – with no immigration officers manning the checkpoint…. they all came late to work…..

    Malaysia Tak Boleh….

    Kancil landak is back to his usual Ketuanan racist self.
    Took him 2 days to get over his mild upset at being mistreated by some little Napoleons…

  482. kahkah_kahkah says:

    idiot, the affair is his private business, and his wife already forgives him – so it’s no longer issue. it’s just PR always want to bring this up. – anonymous dud

    Moron, no one is talking of him and his wife farking. MCA talk about it for their EGM. UMNO distributes CSL tapes for MCA. You oso tok of him. People talk of DSAI, you bring up CSL, and then you complain

    “but when bn supporters bring up sodomy case, PR keep denying this, what a double standard.”

    What double standard? Why is girly Najib boyfriend CSL not in jail for unnatural s*x? What he did is against the law oso.

    But morons like anonymous duds …wander and wonder wander and wonder wander and wonder wander and wonder……..

  483. There was a whole plane load of passengers waiting to exit through immigresen – with no immigration officers manning the checkpoint…. they all came late to work…..

    stupid, it doesn’t need to the extent to transfer all of them out, warning cukup lah…. gila kuasa punya….

  484. kittykat46 says:

    “stupid, it doesn’t need to the extent to transfer all of them out, warning cukup lah…. gila kuasa punya….” DA DUD

    Yah, Immigresen is under control of KerisHisham…. Yup, I’ve always known KerisHisham is a “Gila Kuasa” dude…

  485. AB LIM says:

    HOhoho….this dudes are really desperate to win coming GE13 …bcoz if not ..they have to pack their back flying to neverbackland after they have lost their tickets…Hahahahahaha…the perak 3 froggy are trembling now also…thats why they have nothing to argue but try to find stupid reasons to argue…..three stooges…hahahahahahahah

  486. AB LIM says:

    Stomp..stomp..stomp…Kancilansi…this chimp for your eyes only!!!
    Kahakakakakakakah so now kancilansi know why they wonder wonder wonder in wonderland…moron

  487. AB LIM says:

    If we PR supporter chit chat we need to use only 5% of our free mind to fell free to talk….but when come this morons crack nuts which eat wrong medicine…we all need to use 50% of our intelligent to screw them to get this mup-pet brain back to normal…really nuts head never listen to their mama and papa….and very near to the future i believe all PR supporters everywhere will be back with 100% +++++ power to vote happily for CHANGE…No wonder they so panic and now looking for so many stupid reason to argue.**************

  488. HOhoho….this dudes are really desperate to win coming GE13 …bcoz if not ..they have to pack their back flying to neverbackland after they have lost their tickets…Hahahahahaha…the perak 3 froggy are trembling now also…thats why they have nothing to argue but try to find stupid reasons to argue…..three stooges…hahahahahahahah

    the last raya we have 5000 berbilang kaum attended zambry open house! how many attended nizar’s one last last year. nizar and his goons are already pastthing and forgotten men, good riddance for the sake of silver state!! come ge13 pr will be total obliterated!

  489. kittykat46 says:

    Hahaha….Zombie only had 5,000 visitors?
    Nizar’s open house was overflowing….

  490. AB LIM says:

    yeh…i’m back anon dud dud
    why not you ask this Zombie to bubar dun…fresh election for perak? can you do that?…then you see how many thousand you all can get…ok?

  491. monsterball says:

    When the Terminator said……”I am back!”…..billions went to see him hentam all the crooks.
    When Anon Dud said he is back in this blog…..everyone is so glad…to play ten pin blowing with him…as the one stupid pin….keep standing.
    If you know bowling…to spare is much more important than to make to a strike.
    With kancilandak….it is call a two pin splits.
    I read and noted the great success of freedom fighters bowlers.
    Whether you know the game….not important.
    The results is excellent….as young voters can see how smart Malaysians are against UMNO ambil bola tiga suku memvers.
    If 1-4-C joins in…it is the best 3 pins split..two extreme corners and one at the center.
    To spare that…you need money bowler to teach you how.
    Usually very precise…just knock one pin…at the very extreme tip of it….let it fall…..from the extreme.. .and let it slide to know the other two. Money bowlers .not interested in trophies…or glories.
    Very interested to bet and play.
    In golf….Tervino…was welknown to make money golfer.
    I suspect Woods is doing that too..for fun….as he is so far above all others…he an also play stupid.

  492. AB LIM says:

    as usual everyone (spy kids) go there najis ,zombie here and there open house just smile makan makan then go back but coming election they always know what to do….vote PR only…hahahahahahah
    i need to go and train my student on Chinese Gymnastic now…
    glad Monsterball back…..all the best monsterball…i’ll be back again quite late tonight…sayonara for now…

  493. kittykat46 says:

    Welcome back Monty….now where is wits0 ?

    You are all invited to play a ten-pin bowling game with 3 target pins – DA DUD, PICO and I-4-C (haven’t seen him here for a while).

  494. monsterball says:

    hi..AB LIM…kittykat…..I have always been around..just choose to keep silent and read.
    Witso is around….I am sure.

  495. ahbengkia says:

    How can a kopitiam ass keeps quiet, that is like the sun coming up from the west. Walk the talk, don’t just talk the talk.

  496. monsterball says:

    By the way…I am going to Bagan Pinang next weekend to lend support to PR and PAS.
    Maybe those 3 stooges can arrange a debate with monsterball….all 3 against one..with kittykat standing by…as my substitute.
    Surely cannot get center stage….but our own build up soap boxes style at football field…will do. Deal or not deal?
    To be at Bagan weekend…is all I can do…to walk my talks

  497. talimerah says:

    hese three Chinese Towkays will ‘invest’ on Isa wining the by – election. Isa knows it. Najib and Mahyuddin knows it. UMNO knows it. And those taking the money knows where to go to get the money. It is a merry go round and they think that we do not know about it?

    I know who the three are and I will name them –

    · Tan Sri Gan
    · Dato Chua
    · Dato Yap

  498. talimerah says:

    “Three Chinese Towkays are taking a very expensive gamble that ISa will win. That UMNO will win the next GE that they will have enough time before the next GE to recoup their ‘investments’. There have not put a cap on what they are willing to spend in Bagan Pinang – they have told Isa that they will give whatever is needed. As I have said before there will always be rats swimming to the sinking ship of UMNO …”

  499. monsterball says:

    ahbengkia….loves to teach walk the talks
    As much as I fully understand why some stays faceless and nameless…let ahbengkis…the ..chow cheebai kia..know. I am not faceless nor nameless.
    No one can judge me…unless you dare to expose yourself too.

  500. ahbengkia says:

    {the ..chow cheebai kia..know. I am not faceless nor nameless.}monster-ass

    See, this is what we a freedom fighter talk about – foul words! Frankly PR would be much better off without an ass like you. Please don’t go Bagan Pinang, you will screw up everything there. By the way, who cares whether you are faceless or a face full of sh!t!

  501. monsterball says:

    lu hor nan kan…..chow lok tong kia!
    See…kopitiam fellas are fearless.
    When one braggart…who start posting to judge me…tells me not to go..means must go.
    This insincere….should have a lianc hiow kan his kar cheen…..hahahahahahahaha
    I think he is 1-4-C in disguised.
    If not….the more he merrier….backside itchy….simply love to be f…ked up.
    Never seen a 4 pins split….so difficult to covert into a spare.

  502. monsterball says:

    hi ahbengkia…..stop talking kok.
    U are an UMNO bola stretched both hands to catcher…….trying to be funny.
    You kept quiet….i appear.
    Trying to be hero or wanting attention?
    I guess….you are sooooooo lonely nobdy hue U…so insult me and get attention?
    Sia ne na…te papa yang!! I cae su….ly ly ly…ku kar cheen…how bangali kan…….hahahhahahaha

  503. ahbengkia says:

    hi monster, don’t think you are doing a great job here. Others are treating you like a clown.

    You have to accept reality, you have no calibre or quality to talk about national issues or politics. YOU are just a tong sampah – filthy, sh!tty, full of flies.

  504. Kancilandak says:

    After one and half day missing in action.. Sifu is very angry fierce today.. loss at sharemarket, kot??

  505. Pegasus says:

    1-4-C must have settle down in 1 of the Rumah Sinar Harapan after not getting his dues from his masters…or the alongs must have get to him….

    hey dud, have you stop taking your medicine ?…your eyes & nose must be bleeding reading those comments here… ha are turning out to be a bigger joker then the kancil fellow… you can stand on your head , trying to convince the world …with your moronic views that your umno master is the best…but we know better…

  506. Pegasus says:

    Kancilancau..the whole country knows that Kugan was not bashed up by 1 cop but a few of them… with the Bagan Pinang election coming up…the IGP has done a ” wonderful” job of trying to conclude the case …and having the cheek to have a Indian cop as the scapegoat…as if its not the Malay cop or bash the Indian detainee…but ..gosh…another indian cop!!!…you want me to buy this story?…do we all look like kinder garden school children? The fat slob IGP…should simply resigned…he has taken good care of his master…may God gives him the right punishment…and he is a Muslim?…

  507. Pegasus says:

    Malaysia , thank god we do not have natural disaster as some of our neighbour..our deaths occur on the road…more then 264 deaths during the last OPS SIKAP….more then 1200 deaths in police custody over the years and another thousand over deaths in immigration detention camps… Corruptions..? they did not get enough money…? Not enough pay? Not enough funds? Tolls ..when are they going to stop collecting this? The deaths on the old road could be reduce..if they stop collecting tolls at the highways on all major festivals…and allowed the people to drive safely home…not thinking of avoiding paying the exorbitant rates… whatever…BN has badly manage the country over the years…as a result there will be a big tsunami coming to Malaysia in 3 years time to change the political landscape…!!!

  508. Kancilandak says:

    I dont beleive any malay cop involve in ‘gone in 60 second’ murder. If you say many superstar indian cops involve, I believe..becoz the arrogant indian ‘filem tamil’ mentality coupled with polis ‘licenced to kill attitude’ of egoistic vicious indian supercops.. dealing only indian cases. The malay wont have the heart to kill a detainee, the malay know he have to answer in the akhirat.

  509. ahbengkia says:

    cunt chill, please don’t talk cok here. If what you said is true, UMNO-BN would not be so scr*wed. Don’t worry; soon there will be Malay detainees die while under police custody and perpetrated by Malay policemen. This thing about akhirat is a big scum. If you fellows really believe it, there wouldn’t be rape, incest, corruption, abuse of power, treachery, deceit etc. wise up.

    Yes monster-ass lost money in stock money. Told him before, can’t afford to lose, don’t dabble in stock market.

  510. hightech jebat says:

    Welll Well well! With the accelerating rate of Umnoputra dogs eating into the fresh of the Rakyats, I am afraid many many more will die… if not the whole population will be wiped out!

  511. hightech jebat says:

    All these Umnoputra dogs are insane. They have reached the point of no return.

    Either these Umnoputras and their running dogs must be stopped by default, else they would destroy this beloved land of ours.

    No where these Umnoputra and their running dogs could cease eating the fresh of the rakyat cos this is their livelihood.

  512. hightech jebat says:

    If not for the United Nations preventing one nation from conquering another nation- Malaysia would be obliterated long ago and disappeared from the the face of the earth long ago!

    The defense system in Malaysia is practical a negative zero. Our military is a laughing stock of the world.

    It’s there not to defense the nation from outside aggressors but suppress the endemic rakyats of the land.

  513. hightech jebat says:

    These Umnoputras must understand that to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction (Newton Third Law), or Do not do to others what you do not like others do undo you (Jesus/Confucious).

    These Umnoputra dogs and their running dogs must realize that they are responsible to all the crimes they are committed.

    There is no such thing as free lunch. You must pay for your crimes, period!

    The rakyat will make sure you pay for all the crimes you committed ala Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Chen Sui Bian of Taiwan, Marcos of Philippine, Suharto of Indonesia and many many more….

    So you you can laugh and joke while in the comfort zone, but sorry when the time comes, it’s too late to regret.

    So enjoying now while you can, but don’t blame the rakyats being ruthless ala Hang Jabat obliterating all these traitors, bandits, murderers, robbers, thieves, rapists, sodomites, eunuchs, phidophiles…

  514. AB LIM says:

    “whatever…BN has badly manage the country over the years….as a result there will be a big tsunami coming to Malaysia in 3 years time to change the political landscape…!!! ” – Pegasus
    Yes…when times come…all walk of life rich or poor will be together as one voice to vote together to make Malaysia a better place to live with true racial harmony….so,what happen now is that the way BN manage Malaysia is like a very rich man look down on poor peoples!!!
    You see…if a person pretend to be stupid in front of you…that doesn’t mean he/she are stupid….actually by being stupid …he/she can really feel the insult,look down upon,see your true color and then by pretending stupid only then he/she can only really see through your heart….whether good or bad.
    So….don’t be arrogant in this world as there are many intelligent human being watching,judging…by using their eye,ear,mouth,senses to see all the evil things they are doing without using their conscious mind….don’t try to cover up your wrong doing…you cheat others…then you cheat yourself….then in a very short period…3 years from now…i believe there will be a loud voice from above and from the rakyat….very big tsunami…CHANGE for a better MALAYSIA.

  515. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…ahbengkia..lunchiow chow ceebai kia.. loves to insult and instigate.
    This young fut loves to get my attention…and his idiotic comment leaves everyone quiet….saying..”let monsterball handle him”.
    hi…lunchiow kia…can you make people laugh?
    Try it…show me your skill.
    Me..filthy….shitty full of files???
    You….brainless…big mouth …balls carrier of UMNO….backside always ready to be dot dot dot by the beck of the call of your masters.
    Me….a dirty fly…..this and that?
    Why you young punk…I was talking politics…when your parents have no decided to make you yet.
    Anyway….I have seen enough..know enough of these spineless creatures.
    Let me see……Raven….hyeana…toad…and NOW…a jackal.
    Jacky Ah Beng kia with peranut balls….hahahahahahaha

  516. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha….kancil rubbing in…with his prediction…….and chow cheebai kia loves to agree.
    hi idiots!!….I have never play stock market in my life.
    I was born with a money tree … problem with money…want some..just take that from the tree….hahahahahahaha

  517. monsterball says:

    No one have ever dare o talk to me about money matters except two idiots….with one lanchiow chow ceebai kia…trying to make such a fool of himself…..behaving my adviser……hahahahahahaha
    I knew that hyeana from the forest….calling me Sifu is not that well brought up….and do have one screw loose.
    He is so guilty to be a gambler himself…and buying umpat ekor non stop…never strike….have learn the art to label me…with the same label I gave him.
    hi….I gamble with class and big time….if you want to know.and I can afford to loose. can you? Do you and lanchiow kia have a money trees?
    Are you still talking sweet to daddy-O…for money help?
    Are you paying your car installments punctually?
    How many cars do you own?
    Kanciladak….beat up motor cycle. What about you…lanchiow kia…daily by bus?
    Back to you two idiots.

  518. Kancilandak says:

    Sifu.. dont forget.. I no need money tree one.. land umno give… house umno umno give… job umno give… car umno give… wife umno give… education umno give … even food on the table umno give… hee.hee.hee. how many money tree you want… my umno can give you one, but you must grease my palm lah…hee hee… as if you donno? umno ever give you also what.. remeber.. May 13 you grease polisman palm? You easy forget one lah, Sifu .

  519. You see…if a person pretend to be stupid in front of you…that doesn’t mean he/she are stupid….actually by being stupid …he/she can really feel the insult,look down upon,see your true color and then by pretending stupid only then he/she can only really see through your heart….whether good or bad.

    this is so so true. pr ppl like the ones in penang are one kind like dat. you see, you have one ppl with slow understanding (it’s not he’s ignorant) and yet penang dap esp that chief of staff like to ridicule, look down and very arrogant. they even ditched their ex-deputy CM, calling him inept. and same too with perak dap likes bullied women and even threaten to drop them from next ge contest when the latter fights back to claim their right. enough is enough, this bagan pinang must teach great lesson to PR. these PR goons famous in putting up act, deep inside they’re even worse than BN – see how PR treated KBP residents. thank god if the next GE PR is obliterated for good.

  520. wits0 says:

    “Welcome back Monty….now where is wits0 ?” – Kittykat46.

    A lil’ computer glitch for a coupla days. I see you’ve been wasting considerable saliva on this mad dud.

  521. tribes says:

    F***1Malaysia! they treat detainees far worse than animals!
    pinsysu – September 25, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    One can`t expect less when this is their mentality:

    “2. Saya tertarik dengan rencana bekas mufti Perlis (baca disini) berkenaan dengan kononnya Islam melarang gosok gigi di bulan puasa. Kononnya mulut yang bau busuk kerana berpuasa sebenarnya harum seperti bau kasturi. Ini diulangi berkali-kali dalam televisyen.”

  522. tribes says:

    “7. Membunuh wanita kerana memalukan keluarga juga tidak ada. Tetapi di beberapa buah negara Islam dilapor berkenaan dengan wanita dibunuh oleh bapa atau abangnya kerana perbuatan tertentu. Islamkah ini? Hukum Allah kah ini?”

  523. celebrations says:

    BN is crumbling,,,,,,,,,,,,why Najis dare not call for elections………

    Umno losing faith in Barisan partners

  524. monsterball says:

    Makkai Sathi means…..”People’s Power”.
    When one like kancilandak thinks all the money given our by UMNO belongs to UMNO…he is a real idiot!!
    UMNO have no billions. They steal from tax payers and steal country’s wealth….which also belong to kancilandak.
    UMNO members still do not understand…..UMNO is given out money stolen from them too.
    Mahathir said..”We sponsor him…to further study and he is so ungrateful…..bla bla bla”
    This clearly shows Mahathir thinks UMNO own the country..OR…he is playing dirty politics.
    Wellknown for his cunning….tonque twisting double meaning dirty politics…he keeps fooling Malays….talking that way…..and kancilandak is the result of UMNO’s dirty politics.
    kancilandak do not feel one bit shameful…..talking that way….OCT 3 1.41am.
    He is insulting his own race too…yet he feel so proud.

  525. wits0 says:

    “He is insulting his own race too…yet he feel so proud.” – monsterball.

    Shows clearly that he, and many like him, does not understand what is real dignity.

  526. kasihandia says:

    brush teeth cannot, drink cannot, pray to the UMNO sami Najis only can.

  527. wits0 says:

    Umno losing faith in Barisan partners
    Jolly good! BN implosion is impending.

  528. monsterball says:

    Joke aside …witso…kancilandak and the many like him are sick racialists……created by UMNO.

  529. wits0 says:

    They’re sick and real true blue believers in umno because of indoctrination and lack of innate intelligence. That combine jeopardy of negativity and stupidity which are so receptive to the most crummy ideological manipulation of the day.

  530. monsterball says:

    “UMNO losing faith in Barisan partners”
    These ..MCA…MIC and Gerakan parasites feeling no shame at all.
    Voted out…put some back in as ministers…some as Senators…all thick skinned politicians feeling so happy.
    Now UMNO blaming them and plan to reduce candidates from those parties for 13th GE…yet they keep quiet…never feel insulted at all.
    The truth is…UMNO is right…and UMNO is also very wrong.
    MCA…MIC …Gerakan all gone cases…..and the 12th GE…result is the Malaysians rejecting UMNO…not Barisan.
    The whole country knows…Barisan is just a window dressing by UMNO.
    Those parties never had any say at all…….just for show and work for UMNO.
    The Chinese and Indians have rejected MIC…MCA and Gerakan.
    Biggest problem with UMNO…is massive rejections from Malays to vote for UMNO now.
    UMNO will never admit this…as it always depend on fooling the Malay voters.
    They know Malaysians are united…even though they wamt to divide and rule.
    So out come.”1 Malaysia”….to actually keep fooling the Malays…saying to them….UMNO loves Malaysians as equals..hopefully to satisfied the Malays who never think like Malays…but think and live like true Malaysians….treating all races as equals.
    Everyone knows…..UMNO is a racialist party….and now..out to save their own skins….by blaming Barisan.
    This mentality and attitudes of UMNO racialists crooks are wellknown….yet MCA..MIC..Gerakan stick to the so call ” Barisan” like leeches..parasites….all for personal glory and benefits….never representing their own minority races…sincerely.
    This is so clear…the day Mahathir came into power….until now.
    UMNO is too deep in debts…too deep in sins…to change at all.
    Impossible to change…..yet MCA…MIC…Gerakan depend on a weak UMNO…show these parties are actually good for nothing long long ago.
    Smart Malaysians cannot be fooled any more.

  531. AB LIM says:

    Oli shit the banana crab….oi anon dud da dud…forget to take your MCD pills again? trying to be Indian champion? you must be pathetic….when your peoples insult the Indians in sec 23 and over here you are trying to be their hero!!! going nuts…when you see how Respected CM LGE debate with pak turut KSK very soon…hahahahahha

  532. AB LIM says:

    Stomp stomp stomp…Kancilansi goind nuts again trying to play racial card…may 13..he must be joking…talking about akhirat…kancilansi should wipe his eye with night dogs crying tears….then he can know what is akhirat in front of him with syaitan syaitan chasing after him…you just make fellows Malaysian laugh at you and the international community as well….thats why Tok Guru says you bumno are unislamic…playing racial card to get away with all your dirty sins…peoples are not stupid now…in a split seconds….everyone will know…mup-pet nematode….hahahahaha

  533. ahbengkia says:

    Hello monster ass, you are no freedom fighter. You are not even good enough to talk cok in kopitiam. By the way, don’t claim kopitiam talk cok is your invention. Someone labelled you that some time ago. Now I don’t think you deserve that as well. Your place is the back lanes talking to vagabonds and prostitutes.

  534. ahbengkia says:

    Hello monster ass, you are no freedom fighter. You are not even good enough to talk cok in kopitiam. By the way, don’t claim kopitiam talk cok is your invention. Someone labelled you that some time ago. Now I don’t think you deserve that as well. Your place is the back lanes talking to vagabonds and pr*stitutes.

  535. Spy-Master says:

    Freedom fighter = suicide bombers. I am just referring the casual etymology.

  536. monsterball says:

    Soooooooo …..ahbengkia….what’s new?
    Each time I put out a truthful message…one like ahbengkia love insult me.
    I guess pro UMNO maggots must be feeling their days are numbered.
    This “Ah Beng” kia is no Chinese.
    He is here solely to irritate and insult me.
    “Talking to vagabonds and prostitutes”…..sums up….this lanchiow kia mentality….treating those poor souls like nobody.
    I guess he also know…they hate UMNO too.
    Yes…those vagabonds and prostitutes are as powerful as you….lanchiow kia….when come to voting.
    You son of a chow ceebai…only know how to give UMNO everything free…including your…?????….
    “Someone label me as a kopitiam man”….and I must not claim that to be my INVENTION. What type of pariah English is that?

  537. monsterball says:

    AB LIM….ahbengkia is a melayu la.

  538. ahbengkia says:

    {What type of pariah English is that?} monster ball

    There is only one person writing pariah english here and everybody knows except that pariah himself. He is the worst of the pariahs, the king of pariah, a pariah who never stop using foul words.

  539. Kancilandak says:

    …Barisan is just a window dressing by UMNO -Monsterball

    How very true sifu..
    without umno there was no Merdeka.. can MCA and MIC join hand and go beg independese from British or not ? cannot right? UMNO was the core of nasionnalism.. the begining rumbles if nasionalism started in the umno when the other two parties were.. hee.hee..fidgeting with their hee..hee.. internal clans problem.
    UMNO is holding Barisan together.. but the window dressing is flapping wildly in the storm. UMNO is the foundation.. the rest all stick on for dear life… hee..hee..hee..!

    Dear AB LIM,
    Dogs got tears when they cry meh..? hee..hee.. Some old granny bluff you lah.. hear azan 5 times all syiatan run away.

  540. wits0 says:

    “..hear azan 5 times all syiatan run away.”

    With each ablution the evil karma seeps in deeper and collect until it forms critical mass for those who imagine that they can sin for all they want and each time they go through the ablution ritual, all past evil deeds get washed away…fat hope. So shallow, some people.

  541. Kancilandak says:


    dont say such words.. please.. watever said and done we are still family here.. I plead with you.

  542. AB LIM says:

    oli shit the banana crab…kancilansi…if you hear 100times azan also no use because this syaitan syaitan still looking for you…you should know with your hee hee hee sound…hahahaha …don’t believe tonight go to any where got dogs barking or sound like wolf calling then you rub their tears into your eyes…then you’ll know…no granny story one lah…you must be trembling now…i believe you don’t have guts to try…hahahaha

  543. monsterball says:

    hi kancilandak….without Chin Peng fighting the Japanese…Britain may delay freedom for Malaysia.
    If you say….Malays fought for freedom .yes….but it is Chin Peng that speed up the process…which is equally important to remember.
    However…you are so used to UMNO false history books and propaganda work….you even think UMNO give you money…which is stolen from you!!
    Chin Peng may have saved your mother being raped by the Japanese.
    So learn to be grateful and know real truths.

  544. AB LIM says:

    Dear Susan….why my msq just gone’usurped”?

  545. Kancilandak says:

    Talking about azan..
    yesterday azan maghrib was a touching one for everybody at Nordim Md.Top’s kampung.
    NST said when his body was lowered into the gravey.. a old lady fainted when the azan maghrib came on.. latecomers lamented they could not be on time for the burial.

    How unusual and touching are the ways of nature.

  546. monsterball says:

    kancilandak…I am never hurt by ahbengkia insults.
    I just like to respond to enjoy myself…and the more he insults me…the more readers will know the real truths.
    I am however thankful to your respect and kindness shown to me…..but as long as you support UMNO…we are not one family.
    We are Malaysians….united…but daily divided by UMNO for th sickening out-dated politics….and you have ahbengkia..sole mission here is to confront me.
    Yes..this was the previous one.change a nick to enjoy himself.
    I also enjoy responding to him too.
    My english…never perfect…never claim to so by me…..but messages are understood by readers.
    hi kancilandak…what do you think?……..ahbeng lanchiow chow ceebai kia…can convert votes for UMNO with his messages……or mine for PR?
    Remember…he supports you.
    Got to go…..back in the evening.

  547. ahbengkia says:

    If you fellows are smart enough, you should just leave this cunt chill alone. There is no doubt he is trying to instigate by his sheer nonsense here. Let him talk to himself.

    But don’t underestimate him; he is a smart ass, at least 100 times smarter than that loud kopitiam/back lane fellow. He is laying the trap and he patiently waiting for some to fall into it.

  548. ahbengkia says:

    hmm, how true, as expected, an idiot has fallen into cunt chill’s trap. See i know best, i know exactly the strategy used and who will fall into that strategy. How sad, we have this fellow who claims to be more than 70, have had three wives before, is rich, read books on all the famous people and yet can be so stupid, sigh…………

  549. Pegasus says:

    The malay wont have the heart to kill a detainee, the malay know he have to answer in the akhirat – Kancilancau.

    Kancilancau…are you still in Slumberland ?..come back to Bolehland… the malay cops are very much involve in the mindless death of Kugan, TBH and thousand over detainees…Kugan died in Subang Jaya not in India you fool!…..are you hitting the big black bottles again?…go easy ok..Nordin Top will have alot of answering now at the Top… or in his case way below down… !
    Who killed Altantuya?…he also have alot of anwering to do in akhirat… Umno before going to akhirat in the next 13th GE..will have to answer for all the crimes commited…sembahyanglah sebelum kamu disembahyangkan…!

  550. Pegasus says:

    Thanks do have point there on the Kancil istigation traps he has laid out…but guess our reply is to make him understand the issue and most of us knows why he is here for…together with the … dud guy..

  551. wits0 says:

    To hope to, “to make him(pico) understand the issue ” is rather too sanguine a thing. Rather, to expose his glaring erroneous zones for the benefit of some other third parties, seems the most we can aim to do.

  552. AB LIM says:

    Bravo Sue…on race relations in Malaysia!!!
    Intelligent Sue…way to go…bravo!!!

  553. wits0 says:

    “How unusual and touching are the ways of nature.” – kancilskewed.

    What’s unusual is that group denial that they buried an evil man. That’s what’s unnatural – to deny the obvious.

  554. monsterball says:

    Usually the usual is unusual to some unusual clowns… where the unusual is usual to them and they write with pride …how usual those unusual events are…and the usual is unusual to them.
    But if the usual message are felt and hurt whoever are concern…party or persons…truth hurts and out come their usual find faults with the writer.
    In this case…I am usually targeted by them for years….which makes me happy…a feeling…..most of the unusual or usual half past sixes….can never understand.
    But one is here.desperately wanting attentions…wanting to b famous to knock out the usual strong and writer of truths.
    That’s ME!!….hahahahahahahaha
    Feeling sick and irritated…..lost all bearings and becomes a chow ceebai lanchiow kia…….feeling unhappy….why some have the arse luck to be respected and love…and why he stays usually unnoticed…except by the usual unusual fellas..which are.. usually his kind of friends….the unusual..trying to be usually right..exactly like his unusual party….UMNO………which Malaysians by and large….are usually peaceful and contented…no more!!…lawan tedap lawan…..masok jail…kuluar……tedap lawan…the inspirations and words spoken by the future PM….after 13th GE.
    For me…cekap sampai mati….sampai suma ortak tak center..jadi gila anak binatang…..sama anjing saya…woof woof woof….hahahahahahaha

  555. talimerah says:

    FACTBOX-Five risks to watch in Malaysia

  556. monsterball says:

    Harrison bin Handsome…I thought you went to Australia to work……but you commented and I hope “unc” means me. Your list is noted….especially the sweet young ex of yours.
    Are you starting a fan club?

  557. monsterball says:

    yip my friend…talimerah….that was great you read and keep everyone up to date informed.

  558. ahbengkia says:

    I am perfectly cool man. It is you who can’t control yourself. How can you ever be taken seriously when foul words keep vomiting out from your depraved mouth? You are a sick psychopath indulging in delusion. Hello, wake up, there is nothing great in you. You talk rubbish and you are a disservice to PR.

  559. monsterball says:

    Kopitiam evergreen….inspiring song….which I put out the main words and everyone should know what this song is….
    “Some people say as man is made out of mud.
    A poor man is made with muzzles and blood.
    One fist of iron…the other of steel…
    If the right one don’t
    get you….the left one will.”…..
    Haris Ibrahim have chosen…”The Impossible Dream”
    That itself tells us..Haris is is impossible to knock out UMNO.
    Mahathir loves….”My Way”….telling UMNO buggers to copy his way…which they do faithfully.
    If Haris is a general fighting Mahathir in a war…who do you think will win?
    He wants kopitiam fellas to stop cursing and complaining…be like him….protest with great messages….but deep inside…it is an impossible dream to knock UMNO out.
    It has been observed..only Nicol have proven…she is a real world champion..with her kind of mentality and inner strength. Beaten….and came back strong to prove she is world No.1….no fluke shot.
    Now check the mentality of few trying to lead and fight UMNO….yet feel so proud to sing….”The impossible Dream”
    What kind leader is this?
    When I put out “Lets Twist” …insulting UMNO…at Rockybru’s blog….all UMNO buggers became crazy and f…ked me left and right.
    Mission accomplished.

  560. wits0 says:

    Kancilterbalik is by no means unusual in the sense that he is unconventional in any individual/original way – he is the expected run-of-the-mill common(‘komen’) product of the entitlement indoctrination of bumno machination. A classic GIGO case.

  561. monsterball says:

    You have eyes..and you see not.
    You have ears and you hear not.
    I think you do hear and see……but choose to be a lanchiow chow ceebai kia here.
    Why not go to Lim Kit Siang. blog and do same thing to me?
    Why only here?
    hi idiot…..spread your good words to all blogs la.
    Dare not….that’s why you are a lanchiow chow ceebai kia…with no balls.

  562. Kancilandak says:

    why never pay for electricity again.. where got people no need pay for electricity.. what country is this?

  563. ahbengkia says:

    Monster, let me show you a thing or two. How can you draw conclusions based on one or two catch phases like “the impossible dream” and “my way”? It is pointless to shout like a mad fellow and it is pointless to keep throwing foul words. If you want to say something, think comprehensively and write coherently. Your last posting was in the mess. Frankly what were your talking about – about yourself (how great you are), trying to insult haris, trying to curry favour Mahathir, about nicol and her achievement and about you fighting in rocky bru blog? Come on, think strategically and act impactfully. Usually the loudest in the blog or in any room is the weakest.

  564. ahbengkia says:

    {Why not go to Lim Kit Siang. blog and do same thing to me?
    Why only here?} monsterball

    what are you talking about. Why should I go to places as directed by you? Who are you?

    Why, is Kit Siang your god father? You think he will protect you is it? I don’t know, i have not checked, but judging from the way you write here, what difference does it make – it is the same filthy words from a depraved mouth that no amount of Lesterine will ever clean.

  565. monsterball says:

    Anyone who supports the lanchiow chow and ceebai UMNO and Barisan devils are also lanchiow kia.
    Worst of all….one who is a lanchiow kia trying to be too smart to play agree to disagree…thinking he can help Barisan to fool Malaysians.
    How is my english?

  566. monsterball says:

    Goodnight everyone.

  567. If Hang Tuah is around, surely Hang Tuah would have exterminated this Mahakutty long long ago.

    Mahakutty is the mother of all b*stards, he deserves it!

    Long live Hang Tuah, go to hell (hottest spot) Mahakutty!

  568. monsterball says:

    hi lanchiow ahbenkia…..don’t twist my words and meaning.
    Since you are so fond to expose and insult me…you should follow every blog I visit….and i was guiding you..
    Your reply is so obvious.
    You are a real lanchiow kia….chow ceebai..chow loktong kia..trying so hard to disrupt good flow of thoughts…in this blog only.
    You are such a low class hypocrite.

  569. monsterball says:

    Hang Tuah cannot fight and win in modern times…with crooks like Mahathir…using modern methods…namely…money.
    It must be won through people’s power and votes….and if these lives are daily being made difficult by UMNO….it will be won from the streets with no fear…as this is not Isreal..nor Palestine.
    Vast majority Malaysians will never allow UMNO to go to the kill or arrest by the thousands.
    Take note…….how Indonesia voted out.. corrupted politicians..with the all powerful Golka party….out… reduced to become ..a small fry.
    Take note….how Indonesia have advanced by leaps and bounds within these 10 years…under new leadership.
    Take not of USA brave and smart American voters.
    If by 13th GE…Malaysians have not learn to unite as one…and allow UMNO to keep dividing to rule….we deserved to be look down by the whole world….and can be proud to be isolated in S.E.A…to be the first wealthiest S.E.A country…going backward..instead of moving forward…. govern by a gang of corrupted hypocrites backward …in S.E.A.
    It will be dog eat dog…cat fight cat…side shows and nothing real….on and on…to become..the animal kingdom…we once was…and still is….successfully steering Malaysians to be so ….by UMNO…..for their pleasure and comfort.
    Slaves will be the masses…and chosen few are the lucky ones.
    It this what you want for your children?

  570. wits0 says:

    “The stray is a cynic who knows the faults with everything, but the value of nothing. I personally know a number of people like that.” – Kittykat46.

    Well said! “It” is bigotedly critical of the motives of all and sundry outside bumno which alone has managed to transform racism into some great virtue when none others could in modern history. Strut and twaddle, the puss in boots.

  571. wits0 says:

    Pegasus, da Dud is even worse than a classic GIGO case. That one displaysthat totally unabashed vehemence of imbecilic irrationality. Even 1-4-C was somewhat less similarly consumed.

  572. Malaysia is a blessed land with all the natural resources minus the calamities ala the Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia… are experiencing now..

    Malaysia by right should be a land of utopia!

    But don’t be naive to think that we are extremely lucky that our homes are not being destroyed by all these natural disasters- like typhoons, earth quakes, floods- our neighboring countries are experiencing now…

    But we are experiencing other kinds of disasters everyday for 52 years and counting..

    Malaysia is a condemned country managing by a bunch of bandits, thugs, rapists, murderers, terrorists, phidophiles – horrendous disasters created artificially and humanly by all these avaricious and filthy endemic are bas*ards aka Umnoputras and their running dogs- are worst than the calamities impacted to our neighboring denizens.

  573. The poor denizens of Malaysia are having the experience of sufferings due to all these man-made horrendous disasters created by all these avaricious and sordid Umnoputra dogs and their running dogs similarly or worst than our neighboring denizens are experiencing- every day- today. tomorrow, tomorrow’s tomorrow…

    Hence the agonies experiencing by the endemic denizens of Malaysia are worst than the calamities our neighboring brothers and sisters.

    Once the calamities are over, our neighboring brothers and sisters will start rebuilding their homes and be rejoicing for the worsts are over..

  574. But in Malaysia, we are still continued experiencing all these ‘calamities’ generated by all these avaricious and sordid Umnoputra dogs and their running dogs.

    Sigh! Our disasters are a freehold (infinity)! Sigh!

  575. monsterball says:

    Computer chip….Great videos………..and how lucky Malaysia is.
    Philippines have many islands and relatively poor compared to Malaysia and corruptions are relatively high too. The innocent citizens always suffer mos
    Indonesia…have the most volcanoes in the thousands of islands. Again knowing that…how lucky Malaysia is.
    Yet can we say….Malaysia is advancing much more than these two countries? The are very poor and citizens travel all o0ver the developed world to work as maids and factory workers.
    Here UMNO keep pampering their poor members….making them lazy and useless and stay loyal to UMNO.
    Is this helping their own race for 53 years… and on going?
    No no no….UMNO make sure these Malays depend on UMNO …poisoning their minds…that it is UMNO money..that they need to depend upon…when infact…belongs to the country and actually stealing from the rich to feed the selected few…the choose at their pleasure.

  576. johanssm@Khun Pana says:

    Not just dying while inside a detention place is an issue.
    But locking up refugees and classifying refugees as illegal immigrant is also a big issue.
    Refugees are forced to abandon their place of birth and yet this country put them in jail.
    In Islam they believes Allah is the one who created all of us.
    Therefore nobody is an illegal in the eyes of allah.
    But , we put them in jail , abuses them and sell them like cattle at the Thai border . All these are done by our govt .
    And the govt people have the nerves to say that they are good muslims.

  577. ahbengkia says:

    {It must be won through people’s power and votes}monster

    Owah so enlightening, how come we never thought of that before? He must be a sage. Hello, it is not just people’s power and votes, it is also the election processes, the media, education etc, got it?

  578. monsterball says:

    Lanchiow….chow ceebai ahbengkia…is trying so hard to irritate me.
    But he got a valid point…which he does not realized…his UMNO masters can control the election process… ..brainwashing educational system….showing clearly…this lanchiow chow ceebai kia….thinks UMNO will rule forever.
    He is here on an idiotic mission…..making a fool of himself…trying to be too smart with me.
    You got it….lanchiow chow ceebai kia?

  579. monsterball says:

    An old and wise man I am…you lanchiow chow ceebai good for nothing big mouth….pea brain…low class pretender to be one of a race with your nick.,…which you are not…but a low down son of a racialist UMNO crook…coming here to finally know……monsterball is a sage…and then put out the most idiotic 3 reasons to out beat People’s Power…which UMNO is most afraid of.
    Perhaps…this lanchiow chow ceebai kia….is Melaka CM..Rustam balls polisher…thinking UMNO will rule forever with those 3 reasons?
    hi..IDIOT….have you eve heard the world is so small now…with internet facilities.
    How much more can UMNO try to fool Malaysians….that you are so proud of?
    Sage I am….glad you realized it.
    Do you wash your lanchiow before going to mosque?
    Outwardly…washing face…ears.. eyes….after a quick one…fooling a poor innocent girl…and go ask for forgiveness from Allah..and start all over again.
    Try not to scratch your balls while praying…….no manners to Allah.
    Tahan la…you bloody no manners idiot.
    Do come back…I am enjoying myself…..hahahahahahahaha

  580. storm62 says:

    wah lau eh….monty relaxs a bit la….don’t get so fired up by this “small people” or “small creature”…..tai yan yau tai leong…ok!

  581. wits0 says:

    Actually, storm62, I can’t determine whether abengkia is “small people” or “small creature” or not……unlike with i-4-C, Kancilsatay, loony dud and da hoity-toity feline.

    I think he’s an ah beng, not a melayu.

  582. monsterball says:

    ok storm62….I take your advise.
    I am finished with him..although he is here ONLY to irritate me.

  583. monsterball says:

    witso..what is “ah beng”?

  584. wits0 says:

    “ah beng”, AFAIK = regular chinese guy.

    Try not to be easily irritated and agitated lah, hahaha! The beef between you two is mutual.

  585. ahbengkia says:

    Ok, this is my last posting here in this thread.

    Hi old sage, when I label you sage, i meant you are the sage in the gutter, understand, ya wise guy to the vagabonds.
    You know your posterior is probably at the same place as your mouth and that is why you have never stopped vomiting sh!t as you speak. And when you eat, you probably eat sh!t too, that is problem of someone having mouth and posterior at the same place.

    You better be careful, what you have just posted is probably seditious and please don’t put our host into trouble. You drink water you must know the source. Everyday you cry father and cry mother for what, would it change an iota of situation here? Told you before, you must think and act strategically. Don’t shout like a mad dog, what do you get, clown. Anyway I got no time to entertain you now. I got more impt stuff to do. Till then, bye bye. And remember, be cool. But then if you are cool, I don’t think you have anything to say. I have been reading your postings for a long time, it is just foul words and more foul words.

  586. monsterball says:

    witso….no Chinese will want a nick as “ahbengkia”
    It has to be another race.
    You are not attacked and insulted…therefore ii is easy to advise…but I take yours and storm62 advices with appreciations
    However…while I get irritated…I am also enjoying myself.
    I thought both of you will like to join in the fun too.
    if someone insult Susan….we all stand united to defend her.
    Strange that attacks made on ME…..surprisingly…kancilandak
    For the sake to stand united….I did not appreciate his support for me.
    Anyway….whether small matter or big…kittykat did defend me too…but I guess most know…I can take care of myself…and not applying selfishly…”mind my own business”….attitudes.
    No you are wrong witso….”ahbengkia” is not a Chinese and 99% Malay. I thought you knew of a Chinese clan name “Beng”

  587. monsterball says:

    I know you have been reading and know me very well.
    So don’t just talk kok and threaten.
    You are a real chow ceebai…good for nothing UMNO balls carrying racialist kia.
    You will never get lost. You said that before and came back.
    I am waiting….and try not to threaten…DO IT!!
    The likes of your kind…I have seen plenty…balless with a chow ceebai mouth.
    Come….play with my balls..if you dare.

  588. monsterball says:

    I eat and vomit shit. Is that your bers insult to me….chow ceebai kia?

  589. monsterball says:

    “sage” means ..wise old man.
    Chow ceebai kia say it means…a man from the gutter.
    An idiot from Malaysia is trying to teach English to the English race..whose mother tongue has always been English for centuries..and this pariah feels no shame at all.

  590. wits0 says:

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.”

    Remember that saying from when you were a kid? Who were they kidding? Words are powerful tools and have a very profound effect on us.

    Words of praise make us happy; words of love fill us with warm emotions; words of criticism can make us sad or defensive, and angry words can hurt us deeply.

    Yet it is within our own means in self control and mental capacity to be somewhat less vulnerable and that predictable.

  591. kittykat46 says:

    Eh….welcome back wits0.
    Yes, words are the most powerful weapon in the world, for good or evil….yet it is possible to strengthen one’s defences against negative or manipulative words….

    “Will Isa be an exco? MB tightlipped”

    Isa doesn’t want to be an exco…he wants to be the MB…
    Now there’s one big opportunity for PR to engage in some manipulation of the UMNO base….
    Current MB Mohammed Hassan isn’t likely to stand idly for “the next MB” to waltz into his office….

  592. parkir says:

    Azeez layak menerima gelaran Pelakon Terbaik Malaysia 2009.

  593. apalagi says:

    If Isa loses Bagan Pinang, UMNO will be having Mooyidin rendang….

    No such letter that says Najib wanted Isa
    Sunday, 04 October 2009 10:37

    PORT DICKSON – Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor has denied issuing a letter that revealed it was Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak who had wanted former Negeri Sembilan mentri besar Isa Abdul Samad to represent the party

  594. kittykat46 says:

    UMNO must win the Bagan Pinang buy-elections.
    It SHALL win……

    ……otherwise Najis is cooked

  595. monsterball says:

    Great attitude witso.
    Keep it up.
    It also means you can apply double standards.
    You can qualify to be a cunning selfish politician.

  596. monsterball says:

    kittykat…Without Isa for Negri Sembilan.. to buy votes daringly..who dare to do that for 13th GE?
    Without Mahathir coming back to help his adopted son…who can fool Malaysians better than Mahathir?
    But Isa will be watched by thousands of eyes and ears…not so easy for him to bribe. Dozens of NGOs planning to watch ballot boxes..and walk around to hear and see things…from both camps.
    Propaganda work from UMNO have started!!
    Koh Tsu Koon said he was so scared…confronted by hundreds of PR hooligans.
    DPM said he was belted with stones.
    Tok Guru said…no sign of any wounds. DPM and KTK walk and talk as usual.
    Knowing UMNO stand great chance to win…no ISA…no arrests…now is PR bullying BN politicians.

  597. wits0 says:

    Be Wise as Serpents yet Harmless as Doves – that’s the right eide of the raging Spiritual warfare. That’s very different from practicing double standards.

  598. wits0 says:

    KTK is such an appropriate acronym too : King Tok Kok! In the best tradition of that Gelekan’s saliva spilling LKY.

    Yeah, Kittykat46, if he loses, he’s cooked. Internal dissent will increase exponentially.

  599. exbanker says:

    You can qualify to be a cunning selfish politician.-monsterball

    Wits0 has mentioned befo that he never voted for BN (I am willing to be corrected on that).
    But you slimy skunik have been a lover of Badawi haven`t you? Just bcos you got some new growing wings doesn`t make you anything. Actually you are nothing but pigsh*t………no matter how many times you walk around as a “freedom fighter” (that is a blardy laugh).

  600. exbanker says:

    Monsterball is a Trojan Horse…………he cannot be trusted.

  601. exbanker says:

    “The Trojan Horse was a tale from the Trojan War, as told in Virgil’s Latin epic poem The Aeneid. The events in this story from the Bronze Age took place after Homer’s Iliad, and before Homer’s Odyssey. It was the stratagem that allowed the Greeks finally to enter the city of Troy and end the conflict. In the best-known version, after a fruitless 10-year siege of Troy the Greeks built a huge figure of a horse in which a select force of men hid.

    The Greeks pretended to sail away, and the Trojans pulled the Horse into their city as a victory trophy. That night the Greek force crept out of the Horse and opened the gates for the rest of the Greek army, which had sailed back under cover of night.

    The Greek army entered and destroyed the city, decisively ending the war. A “Trojan Horse” has come to mean any trick that causes a target to invite a foe into a securely protected bastion or place.

    Beware the Chinaman who bears gifts.

  602. halalrat says:

    1Malaysia will be surviving on rat steaks 1Day. I just dunno how they will make it halal.

  603. wits0 says:

    No, exbanker, I’ve never voted for bn/umno, neither has Susan AFAIK. We have NEVER been taken in for whatever (foolish) reason.

  604. monsterball says:

    Now an exbanker is accusing me something???
    Trojan Horse?? Was that not a smart idea by one….to sneak in a city and won a war….in Never never land?
    exbanker is treating everyone who are my blogging friends for years.. as idiots..and he is giving smart advises…beware this beware that.
    Read my message in respond to him…
    Again truth hurts…and I am targeted. What a life!!
    Nevermind….exbanker can stay as exbanker and say all he likes.
    Hi…have you been an Area Bank Manager?
    Do you know what that means?
    Besides the CEO…West Malaysia is divided into North…South and Central…managed by three Area Managers.
    In short….besides the CEO…those three are his right hand men.
    Now..I used to get plenty of “ang pows”…brand new bicycle….and my Dad takes all..add more money and give back to those people.
    He does not want to be obligated nor too friendly to his customers.and he was a banker.until age 70…yet he retired …..under his own free will… one dismissed him.
    hi….exbanker…what are your successful story as a banker….tell us la.
    hhhhmmmm….Trojan Horse.
    I was told I was a golden horse….never a trojan horse…but I am not born under the sign of a horse.
    So many guys love to label me…this and that.

  605. monsterball says:

    When Abdullah just became the PM….he was daily insulted from day one…at RPK’s blog..”and i defended him…with fun and laughters and certainly lots of 4 letters words.
    Even RPK threw in 4 letter words…but he has one weakness…no one can criticized him.
    So he created a “Swimming Pool” site and tell us go there and slug it out. I refused….end of story.
    exbanker forgot Abdullah won with 92% majority…which he maybe one who voted for him too.
    I love to defend the helpless…..but I never voted for UMNO all my life too… I love democratic country.. more than anything else.
    All these grandfather stories twisted….with half truths…”beware the chinaman who bear gifts”….so Malaysian Chinese are now suspected… not sincere too.
    I say….beware of UMNO and MCA useless messages.

  606. monsterball says:

    WOW!!…witso is sooooo wise….soooo logical…soooo spiritually rewarded.
    Anyway….my thousands of messages have painted my character…all know too well….by now.
    I can only say…you know who your real friends are..when you are in trouble.
    How right he is…..if he thinks that way….and how sad it is…that he is so wise and I am so stupid……cannot be like him.

  607. monsterball says:

    Yip!! According to exbanker … I will be going to Bagan Pisang….as a Trojan Horse…or a chinaman bearing gifts to PAS…that may have HINI virus hidden to make all sick.
    So beware and be forewarned.

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