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ALIRAN asks: is this why the Official Secrets Acts was legislated – to protect the corrupt and the guilty? Read the below press statement from ALIRAN president P Ramakrishnan:

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Malaysia is perceived to be one screwed up nation. There is no doubt about it. It is difficult to fathom what is our priority and what we should be concerned about. Should our priority be safeguarding secrets or exposing corruption?

We are taken aback by the NST report yesterday – ‘Probe into expose of port govt secrets’ – that investigations are underway to determine who was responsible for leaking the cabinet papers on the PKFZ that were posted on the Malaysia Today website.

[Again, shooting the messenger!]

The information contained in the 18-page document that was made available by this webpage for the benefit of the public could potentially implicate the cabinet and put the blame squarely on ministers and prime ministers.

This information throws light on why the cost escalated and how the project was grossly inflated. The Port Klang Free Zone project has squandered billions of ringgit of public money and has seemingly received the blessings of people who have been entrusted to be guardians of our finance. People who were expected to be accountable, transparent and responsible have failed us miserably.

It is these failings that they want to keep hidden by going after those who had a hand in revealing their complicity in this sordid affair.

They are not interested in investigating the element of corruption that is raised in this expose but they are only intent on punishing those responsible for leaking the corruption involved in the PKFZ project.

Is this why the OSA was legislated – to protect the corrupt and the guilty?

Shouldn’t the investigation focus on the incriminating contents of the document and bring to book all those who are guilty of corruption? But the police and the Attorney- General are allegedly directing their energy elsewhere to nail those who had the audacity to expose this corruption.

Shouldn’t what was exposed be of interest to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission? Wouldn’t this be of vital importance in their investigation?

But let it be known that history has shown that the messenger may be stopped but the message can never be suppressed.

20 September 2009

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  1. wits0 says:

    “Malaysia is perceived to be one screwed up nation.”

    Not just merely “perceived” today, but simply IS! Enough Messengers have been “shot” and Perpetrators exempted to make this so. Perversion is thus established.

  2. monsterball says:

    According to Najib…….UMNO have no secrets kept away from the public……unless it is a war plan……how to fight the enemies.
    Documents are out showing UMNO knew all that’s happening in PKFZ RM12.5 billion scandal…which showed …UMNO approved all the money.
    It seems UMNO are more interested to catch the ONE…smuggling out secret papers.
    Those papers are not war plans to fight enemies nor how to catch Ah Longs….or the Vision2020…all forgotten.
    UMNO is caching traitors to UMNO…….and those are secrets kept away from the public to feed the corrupted ministers and party.
    To UMNO….that’s none of the business …to know…..and when exposed….cornered….Najib is as usual…….talking nonsense….exposing what a hypocrite he is.

  3. Fatimah Zuhri says:


    1. How come Guan Eng did not de-classified all state documents of Penang? Dulu sblm jadi state govt bukan main ckp…lol

    2. How come Khalid Ibrahim did not de-classidied all state documents of Selangor when PR won the state? It has been almost 20 months now but still nothing.

    3. How come Kedah still have yet to de-classified state government? Where is the ketelusan that PR has been war warkan?

    4. How come Kelantan for 20 years now have not even ONCE de-classified any state documents? Recently MSO uncovered a story about this one politician in kelantan who sold balak to get support..Why not uncover or de-classified that document..mmm Husam? Hello? lol

    When we point a finger at people, another 4 points back at us. Are all politician in Malaysia main wayang ?

  4. AB LIM says:

    Well**** shooting the messenger again and again in order to cover up from exposing their corruption to the core****
    How or why ? Well….resign or get sack for any of this corrupted goons either from BN or PR….but the main subject now are PKFZ scandal under BN approval…whooping RM12.5 bil ?
    Well*******like husband and wife***if either one have any dark secret hiding from each other (cheating ) and cannot be expose***what will happen to either one of them? Each and every Malaysian citizens have the right and need to know the truth too.

  5. wits0 says:

    A retake:
    09 November 2005
    Charter 2000-Aliran commends NUJ’s principled stand
    Any discerning person can see that the umno/bn Gomen has been using secrecy towards its own self-serving end for a very long long time.

  6. wits0 says:

    One good example of a mystery is one of that surrounds the defense purchase of the MIG 29N Fulcrum. Why did this jet have such a short service life with the RMAF while the McDonnel FA 18 is still going strong?

    Because of the OSA, the man in the street would likely not ever know.

  7. justland says:

    This is all Mahakutty’s fault. Mahakutty screwed up the judiciary so that he could screw the whole country with impunity.

    Now Malaysia is a land of criminals. No wonder Malaysia is still like a third world country with all these criminals running the country.

    Mahakutty enacted all these decronian laws just to protect his as*hole and all his machinations being exposed to the Rakyats.

    Mahakutty is the epitome of corruptions of the highest level in Bolehland.

    Mahakutty could not retire peacefully because he fears alll his machinations performed by him during the past 28 year’s of his tight-fist reign would be exposed and the spear head would be pointing towards him.

  8. justland says:

    Mahakutty was furious with the lackadaisical rule of Bodolah because Bodolah lost 5 states and all his corrupt machinations would be exposed by the oppositions but he is still benefiting from all these machinations he purchased.

    No wonder this Mahakutty wants that sleepy-head and sanctimonious Bodolah and now Semi Value Toll to resign for fear of losing more states and more scandals would surface.

    This PKFZ just show that the BN governments have committed crimes of the highest order.

  9. justland says:

    They are elected to manage the country efficiently but instead they are big time thieves who swindle the rakyats’ money big time.

    If they are in China, they all would be juxtaposed and behea*ed, and the bill for the cost of cleaning the site would be sent to their next of kin.

    Malaysia most corrupt politicians

    The most corrupt politician in Malaysia right now

    Messy politics in Malaysia

  10. rainstorm says:

    PKFZ issue is too big to ignore wth the exposed of rampant corruption. Obviously PM is worry that the worms are coming out from the can & he won’t be able to control the situation any longer. Instead of punishing those involved in the corruption, he’s using OSA to hunt down those who leaked the cabinet papers.

    Kudos to those whistleblowers. The rakyat with sound mind would support you except those from UMNO /BN !

  11. justland says:

    >>sloone : Should our priority be safeguarding secrets or exposing corruption?<<

    For the government- safeguarding secrets
    For the Rakyat- exposing corruption.

    That's what the Rakyats are doing now!

  12. justland says:

    This country is run by gangsters but the beauty is the Malaysian Rakyats are a bunch of inept type.

    In Taiwan, all these corrupt politicians would be in jail long long ago!

    Ah Bian on the way to jail

  13. JLX says:

    Can anyone save our country?

  14. justland says:

    If you are doing the right thing and is not afraid to expose corruption, you are indeed a Bangsa Anak Malaysia!

  15. justland says:

    Just this ‘correct correct correct’ video clip caused 5 BN dogs’ states. With this PKFZ’s ‘OSA’ documents, the BN dogs’ days are numbered.

  16. massage says:

    When we point a finger at people, another 4 points back at us. Are all politician in Malaysia main wayang ? – Fatimah Zuhri

    Why you so stoopid one. In your case you point 1finger and other 4 r stuck up your behind.
    How you expect Penang, Kedah n Sgor to declassify docus when the documents are missing taken away by the previous BN govts. The incoming govt took over empty offices….and police and bastardo AG never took any action till today. You want docus go and ask that java Toyol or the mad physics prof from Penang (ktk).
    This kind idiots oso got.

  17. justland says:

    Wow! Looking at the polis reports filed against all these BN dogs, all these BN dogs still got the cheek to continue holding to their posts and getting pay from the Rakyats?

    These BN dogs are shameless.

    They should be in jail serving time!

  18. massage says:

    When we point a finger at people, another 4 points back at us. Are all politician in Malaysia main wayang ? – Fatimah Zuhri

    Why you so stoopid one. In your case you point 1finger and other 4 r stuck up your behind.
    How you expect Penang, Kedah n Sgor to declassify docus when the documents are missing taken away by the previous BN govts. The incoming govt took over empty offices….and police and donkey AG never took any action till today. You want docus go and ask that java Toyol or the mad physics prof from Penang (ktk).
    This kind idiots oso got.

  19. caravanserai says:

    Don’t hide under OSA
    The Cabinet works for the people
    With decisions arrive
    The people have rights to know

    It involves public funds
    It isn’t your money to do as you want
    You don’t have to tell us in detail
    Only the summary we will know

    For over 52 years
    Many hide under OSA
    For 1Malaysia to work
    Dismantle all the hurdles
    For good governance

    Now we must change
    Bee Anne isn’t helping
    The wealth and projects
    Enriching a few
    And they say “We govern for you”

    Don’t let them take away
    Our rights our wealth
    We mustn’t be afraid of change
    Bite the bullet makes it happens

  20. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    Dear massage,

    What I meant was WHY did all the PR government DID NOT and IS NOT de-classifying all state documents?

    Just recently LGE said state documents are OSA…huhuhu..

    Cakap tak serupa bikin is it?

  21. storm62 says:

    why must the previous govt. of Penang and Selangor removed all state govt. documents in the first place?

    they are the ones who should de-classified and exposed all the docs to the public if they are really talking about transparency.

    this is what i call “cakap tak serupa bikin”

    ISA = to protect opposition parties from writting the truth.

    OSA = to protect ruling parties of their corruptions and abuse of power.

    so sad for a democratic country like Malaysia.

  22. AB LIM says:

    ***do no evil***but they are doing all the evil things….somethings fishy damm wrong about bee end….*******************
    removed all states govt. documents***isa*****osa….
    really really sad……..let them have public debate*********what about that?? fair…..keadilan……truth will be told

  23. ericind says:

    Oi,Fartimah,looks like u r paid by the useless bn/umno goons to defend thier sin n wrongdoings by attacking pr ruled states leaders,u should log to pro bn blog n dont FART around here..

  24. kittykat46 says:

    “Should our priority be safeguarding secrets or exposing corruption?”

    Of course corruption has to be exposed, especially a mega scandal like the PKFZ.

    The big, big problem is that it appears the PKFZ actions had the endorsement of the Cabinet at the time, including now Top Dog Najis.

    See how its absolutely imperative for Najis to suppress this fact, otherwise his “Transparency Hero” act just implodes.

  25. Onecuriousdude says:

    In Malaysia if the secret is of corrupt govt highest ranking officers then safguard the secret. Malaysia under BN has gotten all its priority screwed up. Malaysia memang BOLEH!

  26. zztop says:

    Our big mouth PM has been talking shit since. 1Malaysia or transparency, efficiency etc… are all just talk.
    Instead of catching the culprits in the PKFZ scandal, he and his so called cronies in government r more interested in catching the ones revealing the truth. How amazing. This is Bolehland.

  27. bee says:

    Behind every corruptions there will be a secret. If there is no secret there is no corruption.

  28. wits0 says:

    “..Why you so stoopid one. In your case you point 1finger and other 4 r stuck up your behind…”

    She may be hoping that others are more uninformed than herself.

    Besides, how long has PR been around versus the BN’s 52+ years? Lying deliberately via stoopid assertions ler. For $$$, ’em stoopid CTs will be absolutely shameless and tokking complete kok aplenty.

    “Just recently LGE said state documents are OSA…huhuhu..”
    Under which/what context this, and who originally made the OSA?
    Should LGE break the existing law?

  29. wits0 says:

    Nicely NIAMAH-ed here:

  30. kittykat46 says:

    Now….the other mega scandal badly in need of the Light of Truth to shine on it is “Scorpene”.

    Somehow, somewhere, Najis, Lumpinous, Razak Baginda, Perimekar, Altantuya Shaaribu all mixed in this explosive (!) saga…..

  31. […] Should our antecedency be safeguarding secrets or exposing immorality … […]

  32. apa ini says:

    Mahakutty thinks the people are bodoh.

    This is a crime of the highest order and can destroy the country.

    This Mahakutty deserves to be hanged sambil nafas eelek!

  33. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    For the past 20 months all PR state government had the chance to WALK THE TALK by de-classifying all their state documents.

    But until now…NADA….only got telur

    Why do Penang, Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan still have OSA? Why oh Why? Why we cant see the state document by them all?

    Where is CAT? I thought PR is all for opening up? lol

    U point 1 finger at other people, the other 4 fingers is pointing back right at u.

  34. monsterball says:

    Najib just released 5 prisoners before Hari Raya to show how kind he is….hoping all forget the ten times more he arrested and put to jail.
    Let him sleep with Teoh Beng Hock and Kugan’s death.
    KerisMooDin pitied Mat Top…being killed..saying a life is precious……but not one comment on Teoh Beng Hock or Kugan.
    He will shiver in his pants if asked to comment on C4ed Mongolian lady.
    That is the most useless good for nothing minister..daily talking nonsense.

  35. mohd taike says:

    Mahakutty is the mother of all crooks in Bolehland.

    I sokong he be hanged!

    Let Lks and son takes over and rule Malaysia for another 50 years.

  36. “Let Lks and son takes over and rule Malaysia for another 50 years”

    yah, and more malaysians will be made homeless – hahahah

  37. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    To the person who wants Lim Kit Siang and Son to rule Malaysia….read this :

    Positions held – UMNO President, Prime Minister
    Years in power – 1981 to 2003 (22 years)

    SAMY VELLU (still around)
    Positions held – President of MIC, Works Minister
    Years in power – 1979 to now (30 …years)

    NIK AZIZ NIK MAT (still around)
    Positions held – Mursyidul Am, Menteri Besar Kelantan
    Years in power – 1989 to now (20 years)

    LIM KIT SIANG (still around)
    held – Opposition Leader (OpL)
    Years in power – 29 years as OpL, 35 years to date as Elected Rep + Party Chief

    —————- A dictator does not retire ————

  38. fragrance comes at night says:

    Long live Emperor Lks and son!

    All the people in Malaysia will be Malaysian!.

    Malaysia will be A Truly Malaysian Malaysia (ATMM) under the democratic Dynasty of Lim under Emperor Lks and governor Lge.

    Long live, long live, long long live Emepror Lks and governor Lge!

  39. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    Anonymous dud,

    LOL…Not only will the people lose their homes but more landslide like what happen in Bukit Antarabangsa will happen again!

    Aiyooo… hari tu Eli tak bagi these tycoons kontrak bina kondo mewah tepi bukit, they smeared her name and reputation. But Ronnie and Teresa gave the green light anyway

    Now that they got the contract expect to see more landslides in the near future!

    Long live business tycoons! The rakyat can shuuushh

  40. puzzled says:

    Another Tan Hoon Cheng story of getting the messenger who reported the news to the public. Mr. Ahmad Ismail, of pendatang infamy, insulted the Chinese, likened them to Jews, tore down a picture of a Chinese leader of a party in HIS own coalition and generally created all sorts of racial tensions.

    Now BN governmeent is using the PDRM to find who the next “Tan Hoon Cheng” messenger is that release the information to the public.

  41. kittykat46 says:

    “Why do Penang, Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan still have OSA?”
    Fatimah Zuhri

    Because the Official Secrets Act is a Federal Law, and covers all state government documents as well. States do not have the authority to set it aside as such.

  42. straycat's strut says:

    …and who originally made the OSA? Should LGE break the existing law?

    Oh how convenient? One day you said OSA protects the corrupt and the next day its a place for LGE to hide behind.

  43. wits0 says:

    “States do not have the authority to set it aside as such.”

    Anyone pretending not to understand that is doing a put-on. Kok tokking can be done without having one.

  44. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    1. huhuhuhu u zombies are really funny.

    2. I still remember (maybe Susan can verify this) just a couple of months before GE12 2008, LGE came out with a statement that if PR wins then we gonna repel OSA.

    3. Even if LGE is afraid of exposing state documents due to OSA, then why not leak it out like the PKFZ?

    4. BN ppl can lead the PKFZ to RPK, why cant PR ppl leak OSA status state documents to blogs/websites?

    5. LGE can always say he dont know.

    6. Unless LGE got skeletons in his closet ….lol jeng jeng jeng

  45. AB LIM says:

    ***not only pretending don’t understand but finger pointing also said wrongly….wait Fatimah…u see if u point one finger (pinpoint) to oposite person ….then if you close your three fingers below***that means your three fingers are pointing back at u!!! then you ibu jari strait up very good….u just cannot simply bent your ibu jari and point back to u….it will tergeliat or crack…oi…sakit tau…..then the final result will be
    1 finger point out nnnnnn 3 fingers point in…..then come 1nnn3 or 13 GE then who are going to win then u start practice your pin n pointlah…..
    a yo yo….have heart don’t wish for any landslide to happen in Malaysia …no good because all are Malaysian living together ….have to care for one another….they all have children’s and family ….tooooooooooooo
    should understand now??????????????????

  46. wits0 says:

    “Oh how convenient? One day you said OSA protects the corrupt and the next day its a place for LGE to hide behind.” – strange lost feline.

    Then you should also support the overall repealing of bad laws such as the OSA if you think that is being abused. Somehow, to you, LGE has as much or more skeletons hidden in less than 2 years than bn in 52+ years.

  47. AB LIM says:

    i believe PG friendly peoples are up to date nowadays……know how to compare which is right and which is wrong.**********
    if you turn back the clock to 12 GE …n …why PG friendly voted KSK and gangs out….why,why,why?????? Thats because they are too proud ( sombong ) ….****result not yet come out …wanna to appoint who or who who to be this minister or that minister……reads PG friendlys lips……………..PEOPLES POWER.

  48. Fatimah Zuhri says:


    1. I just love how you people simply ignoring the main point of what I said.

    2. The fact is :

    a) LGE and DAP had 20 plus months to implement OSA-Free state but failed (otherwise the rakyat will find out his scandal in relation to KBP for example).

    b) Khalid Ibrahim and PR had 20 plus months to implement OSA-Free state but failed

    c) Kelantan had 20 plus YEARS to implement it but yang ada only telur ayam …0…lol

    3. I believe Penang people have woken up and realize what bunch of incompetent fools are running their state now.

    4. Go on and talk to the traders on the street and they will tell you since the GE12, nothing has happened.

    5. No wonder both Patrick Teoh and RPK so angry at these incompetent fools..Patrick even called LGE NIAMAH!!! lol

    6. Still…there are some minority of Malaysian who want to live under the Lim dynasty some more…lol

    Funny lor

  49. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    Instead of you guys sitting in front of the computer and complaining about what BN does etc etc…why not you PR/DAP/PKR/PAS Cyber trooper advise your leaders to :


    The rakyat voted you fools to be the GOVERNMENT OF THE STATE of Penang,Kelantan,Kedah and Selangor NOT the opposition of the Federal Government!

    Is it sooo hard for you guys to understand this?????

  50. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    1. But I guess you peeps wont understand/listen and you will continue to act as the opposition.

    2. Well, since u guys LOVE to be opposition so much, I hope the rakyat in all four states will make your dream come true in GE13.

    3. Sheesssh

  51. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    AB LIM,

    1. Why you refer Penang as PG? You takut sama itu LGE kah because he said :

    “I want to make it very clear that the word Penang belongs to the state government……” …..Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang.


  52. kittykat46 says:

    “The rakyat voted you fools to be the GOVERNMENT OF THE STATE of Penang,Kelantan,Kedah and Selangor NOT the opposition of the Federal Government!”

    Yes PR is the State government in these states.
    I live in Penang, and I can tell you the PR State government functions. Problems get attended to.
    Potholes get filled.
    It sounds trivial, but the previous BN State government did a piss poor job of such a basic, trivial matter – mainly because contracts were given mainly passed out based on UMNO connections instead of ability to deliver. And nobody got penalised for not performing, again because of UMNO connections.

    OSA requires Parliament to repeal it. PR has a commitment to have it repealed if it gets a majority in Parliament. Its not about “LGE hiding behind the OSA”

  53. wits0 says:

    “No wonder both Patrick Teoh and RPK so angry at these incompetent fools..Patrick even called LGE NIAMAH!!! lol”

    If anything , it demonstrates the degree of impartiality from Patrick for gaffs. Not every gaff is the same in terms of implication and harmfulness. Jibby is tokking kok here:
    while ruling on a racist card with full support for the likes of Kutuksan.

  54. AB LIM says:

    guiness of book record….still not getting it…..not OSA….PEOPLES POWER.

  55. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    my dear kittykat46,

    1. Problems get attended to eh? Why got so many complaints then? There is even a facebook of ADUN Makan Gaji Buta..its for it.

    2. I came back to Malaysia a couple of months ago in early July and went to Penang (see…I am not afraid to use the for business, and what I saw was same old same old.

    3. Penang is still crowded, dirty, polluted. The ferringhi is still as it was during Gerakan time.

    4. One thing I did realize though was how racist all people have become. If you go to Malay stalls you will hear unbelievable stories about how DAP is managing the state.

    5. If you go to the indian shops you will hear how angry they are about they are about KBP.

    6. If you talk with chinese sellers, you will hear stories about how malays are conspiring etc etc..

    7. In the end, it is just the same old dirty penang with high racist tone.


  56. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    AB LIM…

    1. Be careful..especially if u live in Penang (i can say it because i dont live in MY right now)

    2. U will get sued by LGE and co if you used the 6 letters word.

  57. kittykat46 says:

    Najis calling for Unity…..ROTFL….biggest hypocrite in the country.
    Najis and his party are the biggest racist shit-stirrers in our society.

    I’m realistic enough to realise there’s always going to be some racial/religious tenseness in our society – the same way in any mixed society – US, UK, Australia the same. But left to itself, it should remain at a low, residual level.
    Its UMNO, its racist policies and its Ketuanan shit stirring which is keeping the pot boiling.

  58. wits0 says:

    “Its UMNO, its racist policies and its Ketuanan shit stirring which is keeping the pot boiling.” – Kittykat46.

    Yep. U live in penang now ; I grew up there(in Tg. Tokong, actually), decades ago. After KBP, ’em umno will apparently try to stir the sh*t on the Tg Tokong village next. There’s always more than meets the eye.

  59. AB LIM says:

    Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,…..Fatimah oh Fatimah…..why you still so hypocrite…..still don’t understand……LKS & SON are very reasonable peoples…you can also vote for them next 13GE.
    don’t change the subjects…..try to read and understand what our others iq 100 are telling you….doing put-on again…never learn….PENANG multi racial perfectly share by three main races….CM love CM 1 love CM2 …. and we all love them too….Fatimah…oh….fatimah

  60. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    AB Lim…whatever man..I cant understand a single word u r saying.

  61. Fatimah Zuhri says:


    1. What did i told you..the Penang we have now is :

    The same old dirty crowded Penang as before + NEW racist sentiment from ALL races.

    2. A job well done LGE! 5 *! You have done what other CM of Penang in the past could never have done….


  62. wits0 says:

    “AB Lim…whatever man..I cant understand a single word u r saying.” – Fartimah.

    I tend to surmise that understanding comes from both the mind and the heart. If deficient in both areas, your understanding cannot grow. Instead, overstunting happens.

  63. wits0 says:


    This role is already the sole monopoly of umno/bn. They equivocates full time with the word, “unity”.

  64. kittykat46 says:

    Wah, this Fatimah Zuhri dude cybertrooper must be earning $$$ overtime for Hari Raya posting.
    I know how these UMNO dudes function – they won’t lift a finger without $$$.

    During the few rounds of by-elections we’ve had, it was amazing watching the difference between PR and UMNO election workers.

    UMNO machais all the time waiting for their generous daily allowances. There was even a near riot when one group did not get paid – their “ketua” had pocketed the funds for himself.

    PR helpers all enthusiastic volunteers, the only “allowance” they received was a packet of nasi bungkus lunch and drinks in a plastic bag.

  65. AB LIM says:

    *******When a person can’t understand this and that after being teach and guide by a teacher or sifu********why???
    they just know how to talk evil and do evil that every of their six-sense seal off pretending….pretender…what,what….i can’t remember 14 times….better ask lingam.

  66. davis says:

    The issue before us is whether the BN Govt has acted in GOOD FAITH concerning the PKFZ. Have UNMO and MCA done so ? The question as to whether the five PR state govt should have declassified state documents isanother issue and should not be discussed presently unless one wishes to raise it as a red herring.

  67. AB LIM says:

    ** PR helpers all enthusiastic volunteers,the only ” allowance” they received was a packet of nasi bungkus lunch and drinks in a plastis bag.**kk46
    Wonderful…..very sincere….our thousands of groups will joint in hand in hand to contributes more when the times come………
    Hidup PR and all Malaysian.

  68. Joshua says:

    Daim said punish the pkfz wrongdoers.

    Looks like Daim is the only clean guy. 😉

  69. Fatimah Zuhri says:


    care to interpret this for me? lol

    ” try to read and understand what our others iq 100 are telling you….doing put-on again…never learn…” by AB LIM

  70. Fatimah Zuhri says:


    1. Please read the title of this report.

    2. To summarize it for you the issue is whether we govt (state/federal) should keep their skeletons in the closet or should it be wide open?

    3. The conclusion is both BN and PR are the same…2 x 5…5 x 2

    4. The difference is BN dont talk cock about wanting to have a CLEAN FREE OF OSA state/country when come to power but them PR did..i stress the word DID.

    5. In the end, they could not WALK THE TALK and end up looking like bunch of hypocrites

  71. Fatimah Zuhri says:


    2. To summarize it for you the issue is whether we govt (state/federal) should keep their skeletons in the closet or should it be wide open?

    3. The conclusion is both BN and PR are the same…2 x 5…5 x 2

    4. The difference is BN dont talk cock about wanting to have a CLEAN FREE OF OSA state/country when come to power but them PR did..i stress the word DID.

    5. In the end, they could not WALK THE TALK and end up looking like bunch of hypocrites

  72. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    Oh come on Susan…why are you hiding my comments now? u r better than this

  73. Fatimah Zuhri says:


    1. Please read the title of this report.

    2. To summarize it for you the issue is whether we govt (state/federal) should keep their skeletons in the closet or should it be wide open?

  74. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    3. The conclusion is both BN and PR are the same…2 x 5…5 x 2

    4. The difference is BN dont talk cock about wanting to have a CLEAN FREE OF OSA state/country when come to power but them PR did..i stress the word DID.

    5. In the end, they could not WALK THE TALK and end up looking like bunch of hypocrites

  75. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    3. The conclusion is both BN and PR are the same

    4. The difference is BN dont talk c*ck about wanting to have a CLEAN FREE OF OSA state/country when come to power but them PR did..i stress the word DID.

    5. In the end, they could not WALK THE TALK and end up looking like bunch of hypocrites

  76. AB LIM says:

    Fatimah oh fatimah……….not in dictionary….u already said PR doing wayang wayang…..have to put on butter on lah…if not how to do??? but u never learn how to be actress ….thats why u don’t know….learn first lah…a yo yo

  77. wits0 says:

    IQ Rating of 90 to 109 Normal or average intelligence.

    Whether yours, Fartimah, is 70 or 140, you stay a devious put-on.

  78. kittykat46 says:

    He/She is just another mindless cybertrooper

  79. AB LIM says:

    **cheong hei por meet cheong hei kong ***
    any more to ask kah???

  80. davis says:

    Fatimah, The OSA is the law presently governing the State documents and only Parliament, not the states, can amend or repeal this legisation. PR is not the Federal govt and cannot amend the law yet. When PR form the Federal Govt. I am sure the law will be amended.

  81. AB LIM says:

    we are all here friendly and just normal human being….taken your dinner? can jup sekejap if u wan

  82. vsp says:

    The real criminals in this country now are:
    1) the UMNOputras,
    2) the MCA mandarins,
    3) the MIC mandors,
    4) the AG,
    5) the Police,
    6) the MACC,
    7) the Judiciary,
    8) 8/10th of the Monarchy establishment
    9) the Bank Negara and financial institutions like banks and Ah Longs
    10) the supporting civil servants
    11) Universities and educational institutions
    12) Biro Tata Negara
    13) the BN cronies like Vincent Tan, Lingam, Tiong King, etc
    14) and many more to be identified.

    The victims:
    The people of Bolehland.

  83. bujang says:

    This khairy tv promo as taxi driver is promoting racialist ideas. Why give minature kris if you want to promot 1malaysia.

  84. storm62 says:

    Instead of you guys sitting in front of the computer and complaining about what BN does etc etc…why not you PR/DAP/PKR/PAS Cyber trooper advise your leaders to :


    oh fartimah ke or partimah ke or pukimah ke…..i tell you this….PR will only act as the government when PR takes over the Federal Government…, you’re right to say PR still have the mentality as a pembangkang….how stupid of you if you were to say PR is NOT the pembangkang…LOL….such a low class idiot….hi hi hi.

  85. storm62 says:

    guys, i think this fartimah guy is a mamak who doesn’t celebrate Hari Raya and speaks tamil at home….maybe it’s a shim (she + him) crossbreed…..see the way she shoots out without any facts and proof…..bukti? eeelek…la dey.

    just notice the time she comments here, she suppose to go for her solat and she didn’t….maybe she’s just a mamak cliaming to be melayu….kakakaka…what a fake.

  86. Fatimah Zuhri says:


    Before GE 12 :
    1. LGE -> We will get rid of OSA if you elect us as state govt!
    After GE 12 :
    1. LGE -> Blame BN! State Govt cannot do it. Have to become Fed Govt first!

    Before GE 12 :
    2. LGE -> We will have local council if u elect us to rule penang!
    After GE 12:
    2. LGE -> Blame BN! State Govt cannot do it. Have to become Fed Govt first!

    Before GE 12:
    3. LGE -> We will save Kpg Buah Pala if we govern Penang! Makkal Sakti!
    After GE 12 :
    3. LGE -> Blame BN! State Govt cannot do it. Have to become Fed Go/vt first!
    3. LGE’s zombies : Makkal what? Indians are ungrateful lot! Those poor Indians are greedy etc etc


  87. Fatimah Zuhri says:


    Yep! Everyone is at fault except PR!

    Yeah PR are bunch of angels! They can do no wrong. Weeeeeee *jumping*…LOL

    All the world is BAD..only PR is good! lol

    Everyone is BAD…only PR is

  88. Fatimah Zuhri says:


    aiiyyooooo…..mamak pun lu mau kacau ka? LOL

    what time r u talking my dear storm62? u dont even have a clue where i am right now..LOL

    U DAPsy ppl make me laugh sometimes…Kit Siang x bagi u all gaji cukup ke for being DAPsy cyber trooper? lol

    Gonna listen to ABBA’s super trouper…lalalal lol

  89. davis says:

    Fatimah, My question whether BN Govt has acted in Good Faith concerning PKFZ is still waiting an answer from you. Can you as a person of religious principles state that all dealing done in PKFZ is in accordance to the teaching of your religion?

  90. monsterball says:

    Fatmah Zuhri …Great you put out all that we are blaming UMNO and we will make sure…13th GE…UMNO be booted out. Want to bet?
    Actually the list is 100 times more.
    Yes…Fatmah….UMNO is shit…UMNO is corrupted to the core and UMNO can never unite Malaysians…and you can keep twisting…to your heart’s content…hoping your style will get voters to keep voting UMNO to govern forever and ever.

  91. monsterball says:

    Poor AB LIM ….also picked up by Fatmah Zuhri to insult.
    We leave him he speaks a language…not harmful…but difficult to understand.
    hi smart Fatmah Zuhri…
    What is “People First. Performance Now”…by Najib?
    I guess you will be the real expert… I am going to learn from.
    Go ahead and explain.
    “1 Malaysia” ..too easy to corner you….but maybe you also like to teach us…what is that?
    Can I ask you…is UMNO corrupted to the core and Mahathir is the devil reincarnated.

  92. AB LIM says:

    Fat-timama oh ******u r back….don’t play play…
    u one shim can shoot three birds with one stone…u see as i’ve told u before….u still use your 1 finger to pin n point 3 nice person at one shot…..woossssssh
    if my calculation not wrong….1nnn3 come to your lucky no. again…. =
    13 GE …HA HA HA boooteeeed out….you name it we have it….ka ka ka ka ka ka a yo yo why like this???

  93. monsterball says:

    hi…Fatimah…Before 12th GE…there was no Anwar Ibrahim…live shows.
    There was no PAS Nik Aziz…three became fight the devil.
    No Raja Petra live shows…only Lim Kit Siang and Karpal.
    No need to teach davis and few…debate with me!!
    You love ABBA…so do all…that’s the only thing we agree.
    But we are not used to relax like you….able to make a living with no work….under UMNO.
    Maybe storm62 is right…you have three between your legs…all normal people have two only.
    Maybe you need not work at all and listening to ABBA everyday…..waiting for actions.

  94. monsterball says:

    You want to play balls with everyone?….come try my monsterball….one only..two you cannot stand…hashahahahahaha

  95. Not only will the people lose their homes but more landslide like what happen in Bukit Antarabangsa will happen again!

    yalah…last time pinang got no flash flood. now got flash flood, make ppl cannot celebrate raya. ini semua pasal LGE …. last time ktk pinang where got flood one. that means divinity also doesn’t want lge continue to become CM (not only he mismanaged pinang until got flash flood)…. cis…

  96. AB LIM says:

    **You want to play balls with everyone?…come try***
    kancilandak miss the show when his ‘sifu’ around…maybe he get drunk playing fire crackers…he will get his perfect mach …please reserve…..there are nuts to crack….balls to rolls,,,,,,,hahahahahaha
    12? +++

  97. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha…. AB LIM is not that dumb…….after all.
    Yes…AB….and all…give this low class racialist no chance to talk cock here.. Gun “him”…”her” or “it” or down……..hahahahahahaha
    In normal language we call them weird idiots….supporting a corrupted government…learning the art to twist like.. “he/she/it” ..sifu….mamak.
    This Fatimah is a gone case.
    Give no chance.
    I am here waiting for the little devil.
    Just because ABBA is coming to K.L….start promoting ABBA.
    The whole music world is mourning for the death of Micheal Jackson….and here we get one talking of old cocks singing.
    How about “Carpenters”…do you like that lady? Died lo….poor soul.
    Waiting “Mama Mia” movie….learn something about ABBA…out come a braggart…..trying to talk high class music.
    hi Fat Ma…you know music …too?

  98. AB LIM says:

    *last time ktk pinang where got flood one** anon-dud
    wow…history master….u should come down to pinang or call ktk what happen to sg pinang during his time? need to use sampan to rescue sg pinang kampung peoples there.why? ask him…thats why he cabut to putrajaya now.

  99. monsterball says:

    Just one year managing Penang…this bloody Anon Dud…is blaming LGE poor management.
    18 years under Koh Tsu Koon….making the “Pearl of the Orient” to be gangsters hide outs…no comments…making Penang so dirty..making Komtar building a real sore eye to tourists…no comments.
    Yes….these idiots have nothing better to do…but keep churning out….useless comments.
    Actually…they have nothing to complain…about PR..but being UMNO and MCA supporters…must complain something…to fight freedom figters.
    How bloody stupid can one become.
    Anon Dud….Fat Ma are great examples.
    kancilandak is drunk.

  100. AB LIM says:

    all our rakyat RM are inside their pocket hole….very big hole come to BILLIONS …..if they care enough,,,then dig hole in pinang lah….giant water pipe,underground tunnel….somethings like Singapore….52years they just develop top only….what about the bottom??? that why not only pinang flooded….johor,kelantan,kedah…and more states as well..after 52 years most of our Wonderful Malaysia water pipe are really rusty inside out…thats what they are still doing…unfinish problems…think twice before you said something bad about some other peoples…the flood water might splash to your face someday…………

  101. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    my dear monsterball,

    1. read the title by susan and understand what it means. how hard can it be? sheesh…

    2. The question here is should we the rakyat just keep quite when govt (both state and federal) use OSA as a tool to hide information (potential corruption) from the rakyat?

    3. Before GE 12, LGE bukan main told the people of penang he will get rid of OSA local election Kpg Buah Pala la…

    4. When rakyat gave him and his DAP corps power to rule Penang, he seems to forgot ALL his promises.

    5. Instead to cover his face, he comes up with all kind of excuses i.e. state govt cannot do this la..must be fed govt first etc….Bull Sh*t I say…why before GE 12 never talk like this meh?

    6. I am not saying LGE lied (that is up to the rakyat to decide 😉 ) but what i am saying here is this fella just talk c*ck only lor.

    7. Dulu macam2 ckp psl Tsu Koon…now he is 2 x 5 like Tsu Koon also. At least Tsu Koon did not gave EMPTY PROMISES (read : Rhetoric) to the rakyat

  102. wits0 says:

    “..yalah…last time pinang got no flash flood. now got flash flood, ..” – that nefarious dud liar.

    This is a written certification of your own looniness. That blardy desperate, huh? 😀

  103. wits0 says:

    “At least Tsu Koon did not gave EMPTY PROMISES (read : Rhetoric) to the rakyat” – Fartinah farts again.

    That spineless and chinless empty suit has no need too – he is hot air and tepidness incarnate.

  104. jail them says:

    Should our priority be safeguarding secrets or exposing corruption?



    Our priority is to jail all these criminals of the highest level.

    If they are not locked-up in jail, then Malaysia will be a land of criminals thus like Zimbabwe, Iraq, Afghanistan..

    These criminals are worst than the terrorists.

    They are mother of all traitors.

    >strong>Nowhere these mother of all traitors can lead the country!!!

  105. hang them says:

    The game is over.

    If they resign now, only individual will be hung.

    But if they resist, their whole family members will all be hung.

  106. hang them says:

    3. Before GE 12, LGE bukan main told the people of penang he will get rid of OSA local election Kpg Buah Pala la…


    The golden rule for the Rakyats is never trust what a politician said!!!

    If they cakap tak serupa bigin, hang them

    This eunuch son and eunuch rocket deserve to be hung- for practicing nepotism only..

  107. kittykat46 says:

    “At least Tsu Koon did not gave EMPTY PROMISES (read : Rhetoric) to the rakyat” – Fartinah farts again

    Aiyoyo….KTK was not only Raja Bodek, he was Raja Broken Promises….18 years as Penang Chief Minister just warming his seat and abdicating all control to UMNO.

    The crowd, the dirt and pollution in Penang from 50 years of Barisan Nasional misrule…

    Of course we are pressuring PR to do better in Penang. Its a question of how much and how fast you can fix a whole lifetime of bad governance…especially with a stonewalling Najis in Putrajaya.

  108. monsterball says:

    HI.. Fatimah….I KNOW and UNDERSTAND what Susan have wriiten out.
    Are you also trying to teach me English?
    You are looking for reasons to bring down Lim Guan Eng and DAP.
    That’s a fact.
    If you are not intentionally doing that….you are getting wrong advises or facts from reading too much newspapers. Try to read other opinions….so many…..especially from Malaysiakini…..that publish all those blocked out by UMNO.
    If you want to judge LGE performance…be fair…wait 17 years more.

  109. monsterball says:

    Koh Tsu Koon is the biggest “yes man” for UMNO.
    Chosen by Mahathir…..go study ll he did for Penang.
    Did you read what I wrote…or just reply ignoring it.
    We are talking about people lives and their futures and this is serious stuffs.
    Do not simply blare our with no knowledge or experiences.
    If you do that…then vote for change of government to be intelligent and on the safe side.
    Come on Fatimah…53 years is simply too much…VOTE FOR CHANGE.
    Say YES!!!

  110. justme says:

    If i am not mistaken, is’nt there a law in Bolehland stating t those who blew the whistle need to provide proof, otherwise its jail time for the whistle blower? If there is , then I wonder do we need investigators then?
    I think there was a time, when the haze was at its height, the air pollution index was also place under the OSA. Reason, so that tourists would not stay away?
    Is there any surprise this OSA is meant to protect rathen than expose?

    I think if all OSA documents other than those concerning state, and national security secrets are released, we may need to reactivate Pudu jail. No?

  111. monsterball says:

    Not easy to govern Penang with 18 years full of shit planted in people’s minds.
    Mindsets are plenty…still believing in Gerakan…..but the fact is..Gerakan is dead and Najib is the only man alive…who can raise the dead to live……insulting voters and Malaysians….not forgetting Allah too.

  112. Morning Dew says:

    @Fatimah Mahzuri,

    It is not about whether the government should or should not reveal documents or minutes of meeting. Government being what it is has a lot of secrets but these secrets can be used to benefit specific individuals or destroy individuals if used wrongly. As an example. If the government had planned to develop a piece of land or had a major development in a particular area. Now that should be a secret to prevent excessive speculation in the land around the project. However if this secret is known only to one or two persons and these persons bought up the land in the vicinity at dirt cheap price. And then this was found out by the public. AG said it was illegal. Cabinet then met to decide RETROSPECTIVELY that these few fellows have the right to the sensitive secret.

    The first secret should and must be kept secret. The second secret and the third secret cannot be kept secret because it is basic corruption and basic cover-up.

    The criteria is morality and ethics and had nothing to do with whether it was BN or PR.

  113. monsterball says:

    It is downright UMNO secretive plans…..ripping off tax payers money …RM12.5 billion..ripped off……biggest rip off of all…..with the help from MCA… all exposed.
    Both have benefited from the loot and now finding ways and means to do more cover ups.
    In the end…UMNO will ignore….for the hold the power to do as they like……hoping Malaysians will move on…forget the past…as advised by Youth Chief…..Khairy…loves to dot dot dot..drink ..kopi kau kau and blame others doing that.

  114. Just one year managing Penang…this bloody Anon Dud…is blaming LGE poor management.
    18 years under Koh Tsu Koon….

    1 year already like that! entahlah 18 years kemudian penang if still under LGE will be totally wiped out then. speaking of flood, did we hear it johor, pahang? no, not at all. sikit sikit hujan pinang already flash flood. last time ktk where got like this one. ini semua pasal LGE that mismanage the state lah. i heard rumors about opening the dam when over water, donno if it’s true or not ….

  115. Mark says:

    Who is this monsterball who loves dot dot dot and yet want to talk about others loving dot dot dot.

  116. Mark says:

    Now this Hasan boy in Selangor want Selcat to be staffed by “eminent” people. I think eminent people to him are those who don’t drink and don’t like to watch Beyonce.

  117. wits0 says:

    “HI.. Fatimah….I KNOW and UNDERSTAND what Susan have wriiten out.
    Are you also trying to teach me English?
    You are looking for reasons to bring down Lim Guan Eng and DAP.
    That’s a fact.
    If you are not intentionally doing that….” – Monsterball.

    Discard the thought that she has been misinformed. This one is is a complete denier and devious dissimulator. She is trying to instill a surreal reality here – like as if she can. Hard luck, crummy farting CT!

  118. monsterball says:

    I never said I do not like dot dot dot.
    I said Khairy loves to dot dot dot and behaving goody goody.. blaming others.
    To me…the more you can dot dot dot..the healthier and younger you should be.
    But make sure you do not dot dot dot.. .to hurt and cheat the little innocent dotty.

  119. monsterball says:

    witso….You are right….and I suspect it is one from Ijok.. with different nick.

  120. AB LIM says:

    **sikit sikit hujan pinang already flash flood.last time ktk where got like this one.**anon dod + i heard rumors!!!!!!!!!
    Looking at a bigger picture,science and technology… warming,antartic,artic ice melting…mother earth ecology system change…..
    we are now living in 21 century and not backward…anythings can happens….haze,open burning,pollution…..corruption….last time where got like this so teribble!!!!????
    don’t be like ”katak di dalam tempurung…living in a pond always” look up to heaven up there…the mighty one are getting angry….floods,pollution and every dirty things we human are doing will be awarded back to us….sad,sad,sad….every day talking politic,who wrong…who right…money,money,money…..nothing true….all wrong

  121. monsterball says:

    Freedom to drink and watch whatever shows they like…is way of life and should not be discouraged.
    It is the limitations…that such freedom must not take over the minds.
    Able to control the minds…go ahead…try all things that do not hurt others…and make sure it does not hurt you too.
    Without all these experiences..the will power to fight off evils…not there.
    Always depend on others and prayers and be weaklings.
    The real power to strengthen your will power is read read read and experiences…ask truths…to be able to think independently…weigh the pros and cons..and to know what is right or wrong….all conclude by yourself.
    Are you learning something….Mark?

  122. Mark says:

    //Daim said punish the pkfz wrongdoers.
    Looks like Daim is the only clean guy.
    Joshua – September 20, 2009 at 7:18 pm//

    In Malaysia, we have to learn fast: What politicians say and how they act are dependent on whether they are in power or out of power; in position or out of position. It is as simple as that. It has nothing to do with ethics, value, philosophy or national objectives. Most of the time we rakyat are desperate fools. Yes, we are desperate to believe what we want to believe. We are hoping against hope that this time it is going to be different. I wish all of you happy believing and happy hoping. As for me, I have stopped hoping and believing. I want to see the body first.

  123. monsterball says:

    hi Anon Dud….have you heard of Smart Tunnel…to keep off floods?
    What happen?
    No floods in Johore now?…so better elect UMNO back to power GE…..don’t rock the boat..correct?
    hi Anon Dud…you are a real idiot la..using floods to campaign for UMNO…which is one of the main reason…UMNO voters are voting oppositions.

  124. monsterball says:

    What ” body”.. you want to see…Mark?
    How about you put your body upfront and experience it…first hand.
    Do you walk the talks?
    If not….do not talk about “body”….and instigate.
    UMNO is trying that too.
    You sit on the fence….be a real goody and post your agree to disagree comments.
    So… do you dot dot dot too?
    You try to corner me…at least have the bloody manners to respond to your replies.

  125. Mark says:

    [Are you learning something….Mark] monster

    You think you have something to offer me? Tell you what; first, you go get an English tutor. Then we talk. If you have ideas, you must learn to organise your ideas into coherent thought and then put it down in writing in a lucid manner. I don’t see that happening now, so I don’t think you can teach me anything. Thanks.

  126. AB LIM says:

    ”Good leaders do not hear rumor or evil ” they will lead by good example….listen,open minded,stand up for justice no matter what skin they are….and more as we live to learn****************
    education is the key to future success for our coming generation of children and leaders in order for them not to live an ignorance life.

  127. I think eminent people to him are those who don’t drink and don’t like to watch Beyonce.

    selling arak is like keeping slave in old days. long long ago ppl upheld the right of keeping slave and condemned against slavery abolishment. every one knows drinking beer and arak is bad and setting decadence, same like enslaving. and yet, these dap condemning ppl by citing it’s drinkers’ right to drink, even they’re being strayed and stop being moral polis. same lah those confederates and planters in old days by citing it’s their right too keeping slaves. dap are a bunch of ppl with no piety, they only think of rights, rights and rights without giving damn of morality of the whole. you can tell how ruthless they are by siding developers when the latter demolished kbp precious homes….. sick of them…

  128. Looking at a bigger picture,science and technology… warming,antartic,artic ice melting…mother earth ecology system change

    typical pr supporter citing technology, modern days, global warming, bla bla when trying to buy excuse. please lah, if ktk is at the helm, those flood nonsense won’t happen one, and it happened during raya some more! it’s because of that lge incompetency pinang got flood! it’s FLASH FLOOD, and what cause flash flood? its unplanned development lah, mismanagement and some say dam is opened coz overflow of water …..

  129. monsterball says:

    It should be…”respond to MY replies”
    And Mark…what do you mean Malaysians need to learn fast?
    Did you not see the 12th GE results?
    How about the 9 by-elections results?
    By the way….we are expecting UMNO to win the coming by-election. They won by huge huge majority……no reasons not to win again. It is the swing of votes that counts…and not by how UMNO keep bragging the votes swinging in the past 8 they lost.
    Malaysians need not learn fast.
    We have already learn so much……much more than expected and are ready to go to the 13th GE…to vote UMNO out.
    Have you learn fast enough to make up your mind join us?
    Please answer that.

  130. Mark says:

    Anonyous dud,
    Owah you very fierce lah. Tell you what; if you can link drinking beer to raping your own daughter; if you can link watching Beyonce to committing incest, then I would help you to get rid of beer and ban Beyonce from performing in Malaysia. Otherwise you live your life and I live mine.

  131. AB LIM says:

    ***the suppose fund bla bla bla in millions not channel to opposition state*****but to this bn control state…..thats why YB LGE feel poor financially to do this and that…got tied up….money,money,money……if got money then this ‘smart tunnel’ anti flash flood can be donelah…..waitlah when PR takes over state goverment….things will not be the same…..are you following??? anon dud

  132. monsterball says:

    This Anon Dud must have watch “Ten Commandments” and inspired by Moses….parting the sea to save his people and drown all enemies to death.
    Wait for a flood in Johore…..and this Anon Dud will talk like Samy Vellu…’It is God’s will”
    But I sincerely hope no more floods….to whole of Malaysia.
    If UMNO used the RM12.5 billion stolen to focus on stamping out all floods…..that could be done with the said money and in 10 years…saving thousands of lives…and millions of RM property lost.
    This is also one reason….why UMNO must be voted out.

  133. AB LIM says:

    ***PR should take over federal goverments****** then everythings will not be the same again.

  134. Mark says:

    [education is the key to future success for our coming generation of children and leaders in order for them not to live an ignorance life.] AB LIM – September 21, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    I wish I can agree with you. But if we look at people like Anonymous Dud, education does not seem to work. The most fanatical, the most racialist and the most bigotry are from those who are educated. Ya, they probably studied the wrong subjects or attended the wrong schools.

  135. monsterball says:

    There we go character and my lousy English are what Mark is talking about.
    Yes….you braggart…stop swing like TARZAN talking to monkies..and declare you will vote change of government.
    Dare not…go ahead..freedom of speeches most welcome..and your last one to Anon Dud is good.
    I must say…you do agree to freedom to drink and listen to music…which i must apologize.
    Other than that…my messages are all understood by highly educated people and lowly educate people.
    Go find out…all your messages are understood too.
    That;s the power of my English language….you can never learn.
    Pro UMNO guys tried your stunts 5 years ago…anything new?
    How about Bahasa…are you good at it?
    If not….you are not fit to be a Malaysian.
    Now answer my points.
    Are you going to vote…change of government?
    Ignoring it…..means you are not a registered voter or maybe a foreigner….trying to teach Malaysians?
    In internet….many kinds of hantus ..but all we can put in our pockets.

  136. AB LIM says:

    ***Ya,they probably studied the wrong subjects or attended the wrong schools.****You are correct Mark.
    1) Pirates school
    2) Their own school
    this is what i have in mind now….because of what have happens to all the rakyat who are suffering because of them……..
    pkfz,lingam case,judiciary appointed by them and much more to come…..hope not after 13 GE.

  137. Mark says:

    [Are you going to vote…change of government?
    Ignoring it…..means you are not a registered voter or maybe a foreigner….trying to teach Malaysians?
    In internet….many kinds of hantus ..but all we can put in our pockets.] monsterball – September 21, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    Undi itu bukan rashia kah? Saya tak boleh bagi tahun lah siapa saya nak undi pada pilihan raya yang akan datang. Kalau saya orang asing mana saya boleh tulis Bahasa Melayu. Ini Tanah Melayu bukan, bahasanya Bahasa Melayu. Keretapi pun Tanah Melayu.

  138. monsterball says:

    AB LIM…..I also agree with Mark…but watch out the art of agree to disagree in favour of UMNO governing the country forever.
    My English is being challenged by Mark.
    What has that to do with country and people…God knows how these jokers minds are thinking
    I guess….use the advantage and fire the opponent..and monsterball English is best to corner me.
    Is that what you learn from BN..Mark?i
    hi AB LIM English is worst than mine…do you agree?
    How about witso?….far far better than your…..correct?
    Shit….we talk about lives and future of all Malaysians….and one is talking English language.
    Mark….how many languages can you speak and write?

  139. monsterball says:

    WAWAWAWA….Real good Bahasa. Now you have proven to be a true Malaysian…and I am considered not so true by my also lousy Bahasa.
    That settled…languages out.
    Now lets talk people and freedom.
    What’s your take on this..spell it out.

  140. monsterball says:

    And do not forget the “body” matter.

  141. monsterball says:

    Hi….Many foreigners can speak and write Bahasa much better than some Malaysians.
    Votes are secret?
    It is a war man…for or against change of government.
    Don’t be too smart la.
    Daily we read and know millions are for or against….and you say votes are secret?
    Everyone here have the guts to also tell who they support.
    Even Anon Dud and kancildandak….have some guts tell us who they support too.
    What is so secretive about who you want to vote?
    Do that when we have a great united country and then keep your vote secretive…very good.
    Now we are fighting a corrupted devilish government.
    For the sake of Teoh Beng Hock…Kugan..Mongolian lady..and many more…will you respect them and tell the whole world…who will you vote for?
    Come on Mark…….be brave and do the right thing…and not sit on the fence for selfish reasons.
    Think of the country and people.
    Your call.

  142. storm62 says:

    No flood in Johore….ka ka ka ka…what a joke….Segamat? Kota Tinggi? ask the botak idiot from yemen..Muar no flood ar? Batu Pahat?…….what a liar all these umno goons….spew nothing but lies.

    before 308, u mean Penang don’t experience flood….ka ka ka…go ask Tan Sri P.Ramlee…..his road is always flooded when it rains….ha ha ha….what an idiot this anon. dud is….so sad.

  143. AB LIM says:

    ***somethings like beauty and the beast*****
    english bad can still improve….but heart must be good…..
    PR will have more and more good breed of peoples around coming 13 GE…we are duty bond …standing hand in hand working together moving forward and not backward…..for a better future…for all our younger generation to come……we are in the bright side….history will tell.

  144. davis says:

    The primary issue before us is whether the threat and intent to use OSA against he/her who leaked the document to RPK is fair and ethical. Let us study and debate on OSA and its intention. Is OSA necessary? If necessary what should be its limitation? The preformance of LGE is not the issue here. Please stick to the primary issue.

  145. storm62 says:

    we don’t need liars to rule this country.

    at least, Pak Lah got the guts to resign when he lie about his marriage and the election date to the public….but if he were to SWEAR in the Masjid, i think he will still be the PM today. period!

  146. AB LIM says:

    *********should it be this way………..
    ISA —– to make sure they stay in power..
    OSA—–to make sure that no whistle blower will be free,no press
    freedom…nobody business inclusive all the rakyat jelata.
    PDRM—-will make sure that every of their bn boss job done…be rude to
    opposition never mind…
    MACC—-to make sure that PR get all the make image…even RM2K case
    PKFZ—–to make sure that they share the big cake together
    whats more do we expect????????????????????????????????????????

  147. lge'sball says:

    Ooi! monsterball, why don’t you go to pp and lek lge’s bala?


  148. No flood in Johore….ka ka ka ka…what a joke….Segamat? Kota Tinggi? ask the botak idiot from yemen..Muar no flood ar? Batu Pahat?

    please lah, that one how many donkey years already? why are you being so ignorant! the pinang flood how long was that? who’s the ruling cm now? how long was the rain before penang got flooded? i only read recent news, and please don use donkey years tragedy in the argument, you’re only making yrself a laughing stock – hahaha..

    and if it’s ktk or gerakan still as cm, penang will be even prosperous taking advantage of such economy downturn.

  149. storm62 says:

    hey anon dud,

    please come to Penang Jln Tan Sri P.Ramlee and i will show you around and you bloody hell speak to the people staying around here, how many years have the suffer the flood since BN was the ruling party here.

    don’t just shoot blanks without facts and logic.

  150. please come to Penang Jln Tan Sri P.Ramlee and i will show you around and you bloody hell speak to the people staying around here, how many years have the suffer the flood since BN was the ruling party here.

    like i said, that one how many donkey years ago? i only know the recent flash flood deprived them celebrating raya, and currently penang is under LGE the CM, that’s all….. don’t try to putar belit when the current CM is so incompetent. jadi pembangkang okay lah, jadi CM lain cerita….

  151. storm62 says:

    “please lah, that one how many donkey years already? why are you being so ignorant! ” – anon dud.

    ha ha ha….then why don’t the HM let Chin Peng back to Malaysia?…but he is will to bring back the dead body of the terrorist Mat Top to Malaysia?

    ha ha ha….please la, that Chin Peng was a communist how many donkey years already la!!! futhermore he is so damned old and wasn’t a treat to national security anymore….ha ha ha

    who is being ignorant?

  152. storm62 says:

    “jadi CM lain cerita….” – anon dud.

    so, kalau jadi PM macamana? cerita lain pulak ke? malu aku sebab PM umno tak berani nak saman 11 surat khabar luar negara yg mengatakan yg beliau terlibat dgn pembunuhan gadis Mongolia itu.

    apa pulak dgn cerita pm umno ini huh, dud?

    beliau patut saman depa bertrillion2 kalau beliau benar2 tak salah dan boleh guna duit itu untuk pembangunan Negara dalam kemerosotan ekonomi skrg….betul tak, dud?

  153. storm62 says:

    BTW anon dud, don’t say that happened many donkey years again, ok?

  154. Pegasus says:

    Fatimah, did you just came back from Bermuda Triangle? you seem to be lost … maybe we guys here can surround you and do a bukake on you to wake you up !!..BN has been ruling for the past 52 years..the goons with the majority of 2/3 seats before the 12GE have pass acts in the parliment that are of course advantageous to them..the OSA was pass to have the govenment papers under wraps which was fine…but this was abuse along the just about every projects undertaken by the BN regime were classfied under OSA…the umno/Bn crooks & robbers were having a field day using this acts to rob the nation under the name of development. The toll agreedment between the government and the toll operators were classfied under OSA,the Rakyat did not know what the BN robbers have agreed ..but at the end of the day we were paying rates which are outrageous.which will be increase every 2 or 3years…putting the rakyat in financial difficulities while the robbers laugh all the way to the banks…when the dead man Samy went to India to built the highways, the agreedment was publish in the papers for their citizens to read…unlike here where everything were hidden from the people..
    Asking the state government rule by Pakatan to declassfied these secrets are certainly good if the Pakatastates have these secrets with them…Selangor’s state GE12 result was 1 state where the result was announced late in the early morning…because the Toyol people were busy burning and rushing out the secrets papers out…when they realize they had lost…!!! If you want these secrets out..then vote for Pakatan government in the coming 13th GE..!..!

  155. monsterball says:

    lge’sball…..I do not need to carry anyone’s balls.
    What is lge’s ball?
    Is it….you “leg got earthworm ball”?
    That is because you go fishing…..come back….never bathe.
    The earthworms will give birth to millions.and your leg will have hundreds of balls….need to be cut off….and you become kaki tempang.
    hhhmmmm..”.leg got earthworm ball”…lucky you give me the code to advise you.
    See…treat one with love….how nice.

  156. Pegasus says:

    hey dud, why talk about Penang…when Johor has floods worst then them..even the SMART tunnel in KL which is supposed to divert the flood water is a sad story…talking to umno goons like you will not make any while you look at pakatan states to spew your lies and hatred…wake up as weare making great stride in making the majority of the people of the failures and stupid acts from the BN regime which is helping the Pakatan to win over the people over…

  157. wits0 says:

    Clearly the OSA has helped to protect corruption because there has been no satisfactory explanation for the list of serious happenings below:

    1. The Bank Bumiputra twin scandals in the early 1980s saw US$1 billion (RM3.2 billion in 2008 ringgit)
    2. The Maminco attempt to corner the world tin market in the 1980s is believed to have cost some US$500 million. (RM1.6 billion)
    3. Betting in foreign exchange futures cost Bank Negara Malaysia RM30 billion in the 1990s.
    4. Perwaja Steel resulted in losses of US$800 million (RM2.56 billion). Eric Chia, was charged with corruption for allegedly steering US$20 million (RM64 million) to a Hong Kong-based company
    5. Use of RM10 billion public funds in the Valuecap Sdn. Bhd. operation to shore up the stock market
    6. Banking scandal of RM700 million losses in Bank Islam
    7. The sale of M.V. Agusta by Proton for one Euro making a loss of €75.99 million (RM 348 million)
    8. Wang Ehsan from oil royalty on Terengganu RM7.4 billion from 2004 – 2007
    9. For the past 10 years since Philharmonic Orchestra was established, this orchestra has swallowed a total of RM500 million
    10. In Advisors Fees, Mahathir was paid RM180,000, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil (women and social development affairs) RM404,726 and Abdul Hamid Othman (religious) RM549,675 per annum
    11. The government has spent a total of RM3.2 billion in teaching Maths and Science in English over the past five years. Out of the amount, the government paid a whopping RM2.21 billion for the purchase of information and computer technology (ICT) equipments which it is unable to give a breakdown.
    12. The commission paid for purchase of jets and submarines to two private companies Perimeker Sdn Bhd and IMT Defence Sdn Bhd amounted to RM910 million.
    13. RM300 million to compensate Gerbang Perdana for the RM1.1 billion “Crooked Scenic Half-Bridge”
    14. RM1.3 billion have been wasted building the white elephant Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) facilities on cancellation of the Malaysia-Singapore scenic bridge
    15. RM 100 million on renovation of Parliament building and leaks
    16. National Astronaut Programme – RM 40 million
    17. National Service Training Programme – yearly an estimate of RM 500 million
    18. Eye on Malaysia – RM 30 million and another RM5.7 million of free ticket
    19. RM 4.63 billion, ’soft-loan’ to PKFZ
    20. RM 2.4 million on indelible ink
    21. Samy announced in September 2006 that the government paid compensation amounting to RM 38.5 billion to 20 highway companies. RM 380 million windfalls for 9 toll concessionaires earned solely from the toll hike in 2008 alone.
    22. RM32 million timber export kickbacks involving companies connected to Sarawak Chief Minister and his family.
    Bailouts –
    23. Two bailouts of Malaysia Airline System RM7.9 billion. At a time when MAS incurring losses every year, RM1.55 million used to buy three paintings to decorate its chairman’s (Munir) office. 24. Putra transport system bailout which cost RM4.486 billion.
    25. STAR-LRT bailout costing RM3.256 billion.
    26. National Sewerage System bailout costing RM192.54 million.
    27. Seremban-Port Dickson Highway bailout costing RM142 million.
    28. Kuching Prison bailout costing RM135 million.
    29. Kajian Makanan dan Gunaan Orang Islam bailout costing RM8.3 million.
    30. Le Tour de Langkawi bailout costing RM 3.5 Million.
    31. Wholesale distribution of tens of millions of shares in Bursa Malaysia under guise of NEP to cronies, children and relatives of BN leaders and Ministers worth billions of ringgits.
    32. APs scandal had been going on year-after-year going back for more than three decades, involving a total mind-boggling sum of tens of billions of ringgits.
    33. Alienation of tens of thousands of hectares of commercial lands and forestry concessions to children and relatives of BN leaders and Ministers worth tens of billions of ringgits.
    34. Travel around Malaysia and see for yourself how many white elephants like majestic arches, roads paved with fanciful bricks, designer lamp posts, clock towers, Municipal Council buildings that looks more like Istanas, extravagant places of worship, refurbishment of residences of VIPs, abandoned or under-utilised government sports complexes and buildings, etc! Combined they could easily amount to the hundreds of billions of ringgits!
    35. Since 1997, Petronas has handed out a staggering 30 billion ringgit in natural gas subsidies to IPPs who were making huge profits. In addition, there were much wastages and forward trading of Petronas oil in the 1990s based on the low price of oil then. Since the accounts of Petronas are for the eyes of Prime Minister only, we have absolutely no idea of the amount.

    Let’s also not forget that from its onset, when mahaKutty introduced the declaration of assets for ALL Gomen servants, all these are supposed to report to be made to him alone.

    But to whom was he supposed to report his own ASSETS to?!

  158. lancekorp says:

    Q: But to whom was he supposed to report his own ASSETS to?! – wits0

    A: Fatimah Zuhri, anonymous dud, straycat`s strut and kancilandak

  159. billauchris says:

    UMNO is getting paranoid about losing control of the government. It is desparate. It does not know how to overcome the dilemma for the roots of corruption have crept too far down and wide the administrative system for anyone single solution to be effective.

    Hence, to protect its control, it is using all the A’s to subject and control lawful and rightful human activities which UMNO is fearful that they might get out of hand. All that the police does is to use the chemically laced water canons at the demonstrators. It dare not take any chance. Hence, the ISA, IAA, SA, OSA, ACA etc comein handy.

    Is UMNO acting out of fear or are they fearful that the bumiputras are rising against them? The modern bumiputras just cannot stand its double standard and double tongue way of running the country. Its members are just not sincere. They do not walk the talk most and all the time. Promises are seldom kept.

    Are all the A’s there to protect secrets or corruption? In my mind and oipnion, they are one and the same – they are just there to perpetuate the interest of the politicians.

    Of late, the A’s are used to persecute the Opposition party members and ousting them from ruling the States.

    The picture is quite clear, is it not?

  160. Mark says:

    Oh now it is OSA that is protecting corruption. But if we have no OSA, would corruption be any better?

    In Malaysia we have everything – PAC, Parliament, MACC, Judiciary, Police, newspapers, private tv stations, Suhakam, and numerous political parties and NGOs. Has it ever occurred to you why none of this seems to be effective? So we clamour for more and more good for nothing institutions.

    The issue is not we have none of this or none of that. The issue is not OSA or MACC or Judiciary are useless. The issue is how to make all institutions effective in safeguarding separation of power, human rights and good governance.

    I hope some of you smart Alec here could explain to me why over the years almost all our institutions have become eunuch. Why the power has become so centralised within the Executive branch of the government. So if we have a change in government say from BN to PR but the basic institutions arrangement remains unchanged, how you think the situation in Malaysia would be any difference.

  161. Kancilandak says:

    Do all of us think if PR becomes gomen.. the OSA will be demolishes and corruption eradicated? OSA is to cover the stupidity and no adeptness at governing.. to cover secrets which make the leaders look like fools if expose…. and corruption is to assure that it remains covered..!
    PR can be different..? create a utopia..?? Not in our lifetime! It takes dignity, integrity and proffessionlism like what TDM said. And with a no backbone leader like Aljuburi in PR, what are you guys dreaming about?

  162. AB LIM says:

    *****Check this out man**** past & present
    Pembohong @ liar

  163. wits0 says:

    “The issue is not OSA or MACC or Judiciary are useless. The issue is how to make all institutions effective in safeguarding separation of power, human rights and good governance.” – Mark.

    These, Mark, are the front institutional end of a system gone awry. Like safe containers for corruption and already used as such. Although you are alluding to the substance, you have chosen to excuse the perverted form which helps hide the corruption. This is also a skewered focus/emphasis.

  164. straycat's strut says:

    Did I hear someone said PR is going to abolish OSA once they ruled federal govt?

    Then we’ll be the only nation without OSA. Another LGE-type promise? Another September 16th?

    And to reiterate kancilandak, “…what are you guys dreaming about?” Dreaming of forming federal government.? Yeah right. Can’t wait the day Gwo Burne became PM.

  165. Mark says:

    WitsO, I did not allude to anything. I did not try to hide or protect anything. I just can not figure it out how our country can be better when almost all our institutions are so screwed. How to make them work irrespective of whoever are in power. That should be the way isn’t it?

  166. wits0 says:

    “I just can not figure it out how our country can be better when almost all our institutions are so screwed.” – Mark.

    Perhaps the answer is in the fact that the vast majority of the people are law abiding, very tolerant and actually of rather good nature. But there’s always that much institutional decadence that any system can contain without collapsing at an exponentially rate.

  167. monsterball says:

    Let no responsible and level headed Malaysians ever forget the list… witso put out.
    Countless tenders worth a million or two….like supplying computers to schools…build police depots and furnish them…police and military shoes and uniforms….stationary for all government Depts……just to name a few…all have huge inflated prices….all favoring the chosen ones….so many…worth billions…in total.
    How much more proof do we need to put out…to get UMNO members realize….they are alsobeen cheated and robbed.

  168. kittykat46 says:

    “Then we’ll be the only nation without OSA”.
    straycat’s strut, your ignorance is on parade.

    The UK still has an “Official Secrets Act” but it was defanged years ago – 1989.
    *There is now a mechanism for the public to apply for information to be released. Both Penang and Selangor are actively pursuing this. I know lawyers who are working on this, but again, constrained by the Umbrella of the Federal Level Official Secrets Act.

    * For penalty to be applied, the government must prove the disclosure causes harm to national interests, or it could reasonably be believed that harm could occur. Compare that to OSA Mahakutty style, where “ANY” unauthorised disclosure of government information is punishable.
    *the person making the disclosure must know, or should know, that such harm could occur.

  169. monsterball says:

    And the man who keep exposing all that is non other than Lim Kit Siang.
    Prior to the formation of PR….DAP stood alone with subtle help from PAS.
    BMF was the first scandal exposed by LKS…which got one UMNO auditor murdered in Hong Kong…..30 years ago… case still unsolve.

  170. monsterball says:

    ‘How to make them work irrespective whoever in power”..said Mark.
    There is no irrespective ….if one is sincere to see things work.
    One must make up his chanmge the governmemntr and give PR a chance.
    One cannot keep wanting a 100% guarantee…when UMNO have more than 53 years…working against unity and cheating Malaysians….non stop….why are they still getting so much support…in 12th GE?
    There is no “whoever in power”…to make things work.
    There is putting PR in power….to make things work.
    Other that that…give me a good alternative.
    We have to start believing… People’s Power is all powerful and people’s votes are the power behind the all give them. It is not UMNO…not Anwar…not DAP…not anyone…but people’s votes……most powerful.
    We need to change the government and stop thinking for 100% full proof formula…which is impossible to talk about.
    No fools will talk and discuss…”How to make it work”.
    This is not the first day of Merdeka…to talk like that.
    It’s more than 53 years under UMNO. Did it work?
    NO!!.So change it. Why think so much?
    Why talk like this…when more than 30 years…UMNO have shown….who they are…and surely Mark did not learn all that are put out by witso… …..just today.

  171. straycat's strut says:

    Monsterball, The only argument PR has been able to come up so far is how bad others are. They tried potraying themselves as good guys but so far, they failed to go beyond words and rhetorics. Stop giving excuses for them lah… They are good enough at it.

    I am in Selangor and please lah, don’t tell me there is no more cronyism at Local Council. The only change is, the practice is done by different parties.

    And gangsters infiltrating govt? PR people themselves were the one complaining and I don’t need to say more.

    And not everyone who disagree with your opinion are umno cybertroopers, stupid, etc etc. The only different between you and me is, I am not obsessed with any political parties / figures.

  172. Menyalak-er says:

    I don’t think any nation can function without the OSA. But there must be a statute of limitations, a Freedom of Information Act that limits the the OSA to a period of time, after which all data recorded is made public within the lifetime of the perpetuator… This is what all true democracies do, and the responsibility of the Executive of the day is to ensure that the Law of the Constituition is adhered to.

    In this benighted nation of ours, the very instituitions that exists by Legislative Acts, are in their function corrupt and hide behind the OSA. To tackle this so-called ‘enigma’ it behooves us to change to the present governance to something more holistic.

    Although, this does not gaurantee us a responsible ‘replacement’ Executive, it must be done is that we must move ahead instead of being in stasis – strangled by the very government that the majority has elected (unfortunately… sadomasochistic). To be honest, many of us have no idea what a ‘good’ democracy, should look like! This is because of our peculiar demographics.

    At most, we can have is a ‘guided’ democracy, in which the Executive must not mouth pithy slogans but ensure that the corruption, nepotism and cronyism (CNC) is kept to the bare minimum. There is no nation on earth that has zero CNC, but the hope is that the reduction is real and measurable.
    KPI’s mentioned by al blur dear leader, and supposedly measured by a crap physicist and based on a business model is absolutely insane by any measure! This Quantum Mechanics cum Business Mumbo-Jumbo is not based on any data that is tangible!

    Good overreview of the painful stuff, wits. Btw, i think that the way Fat’s writes, is so very like a ‘Nyah’ and is an illusion. Keep to the core subject, and don’t let them use the above ‘examples’ for their own agenda.

  173. kittykat46 says:

    Ah, yes, the Carrian case and Jalil Ibrahim’s murder in Hong Kong.
    That was the “Altantuya case” of the time.
    Some important facts were suppressed in the local Mainstream Media. Unfortunately, in the pre-Internet pre-Blog days, if something didn’t appear in the MSM, it didn’t exist.

    A minor player, Malaysian businessman Mak Foon Than was convicted of the murder. During the trial, he stated in his mitigation that he had been working for the Ministry of Finance in Malaysia and had come to Hong Kong to collect money on behalf of the minister, Tengku Razaleigh.

    Now you know why the case is still an open question to this day….

    UMNO….is, after all, a 4-letter word….F*CK

  174. monsterball says:

    straycats strut…..Who is governing the country?
    Why keep picking on PR performances..being daily made difficult by UMNO?
    You cannot see that?
    I am not obsessed with any political party.
    I am obsessed to see young Malaysians …to be totally free and united..particularly the Malays.
    I am not going to argue with you on your mentality and thoughts….similar to Mark.
    I treat my vote..most powerful and with that power…we can choose…and not be chosen to be programmed as half past sixes.
    The most glaring ……massive corruptions and race and religion dirty politics by UMNO..are seen by millions.
    You go and conclude anyway you want.
    I belong to no party…and will vote change of government…for better or worst….which cannot be worst than UMNO,
    That you can be very very sure.

  175. Mark says:

    Monsterball, we are actually trying to think one step ahead of your retarded brain, got it? We want to make sure that the new govt, if ever come into power, will be circumscribed by the checks and balance of institutions and not to abuse the institutions as an extension of their political power. If don’t understand what I am saying, please don’t bother to ask because I have no patience talking to dogmatic one-track mind people. You talked like a possessed fellow.

  176. Kancilandak says:

    And it’s oredi 1 year after “The Great 916 Betrayal” Hee..hee.. and I really enjoyed that PR greatest comedy.

  177. monsterball says:

    You think you are one hell of a smart man…Mark?
    All pro UMNO and BN racialists do insult me…like you do.
    A self proclaimed smart man is a bloody fool.
    You want to make sure this and that…when new government takes over?
    You are thinking .. one step ahead…of say
    53 years and on going ..brain washing….disuniting Malaysians…hundreds of problems…for so much filth and dirt to clean…by any new government and want to ..check and balance that new government
    What position are you holding…delivery boy?
    Mark is actually throwing lots of reasons for all to catch catch catch…to confuse readers..indirectly…not to rock the boat and vote for UMNO.
    Why not you check and balance UMNO…why new government?
    I even got a smart Alex suggesting Gerakan is the best…third check and balance UMNO and PR.
    Smart ass like you ..playing…agreeing to change of government…as you are cornered… headaches to the future new government….even before starting to govern.
    There is no doubt in my mind….you are a young chicko…with a big mouth…favoring UMNO and MCA.
    Your idiotic idea…to check and balance PR…is exactly what UMNO wants.
    Can you see….after the 12th GE….UMNO keep checking and balancing acts non stop……trying to fool Malaysians?
    You think with your excellent english language to twist and turn….insult me..can get many to support your so call…”check and balance” stuffs?
    Have you ever check and balance UMNO at all?
    Have you ever put out clear simple message to prove you really favoring change of government?
    witso have proven he never forgotten anything……that UMNO did to Malaysians.
    Can you honestly say…you can feel the pains and sufferings of the people??
    Why guys like you…only know what you want and what benefits you can get.
    Many stated by witso happened before you were even born…and once a while…comes one again…to teach a grandfather something.
    Pro BN loves to insult me…talk of my character and how sick I am.
    Well…Mark…my retarded brain…versus your smart one…..lets see who will all believe.
    In any case…concerning blogging…I have an established reputation.
    You are a nobody. Monsterball is welknown….idiot!!

  178. monsterball says:

    “idiot with exclamation mark “!”…….means you….IDIOT!!!!.
    How is my English?
    kopitiam fellas love to talk to me.
    Snobs like you know only how to act….look down on the poor.
    i guess your best friends are all delivery boys for UMNO.

  179. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    hang them – September 21, 2009 at 5:39 am

    LOL…If we hang those Father and Son…then the Holy Ghost will get angry maaa…LOLOLOLOL

    Cuba teka who is the HolyGhost in this forum….

  180. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    kittykat46 – September 21, 2009 at 9:58 am

    You can spin all you like in your attempt to cover up LGE – now exposed a*s –

    The FACT is under Tsu Koon, we saw a lot of development and factories open..there were ALSO MANY things he did wrong but i think he learned his the rakyat will give him another chance

  181. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    Life as a PR cybertrooper must be syiok meh? I heard Set Akhbar/Set Pol/ Set Parlimen semua got RM4500 meh? Huhuhu…no wonder la many of you try to cover LGE a*s…dont blame is tempting…better than BN RM2500…hahaha

    Anyway good luck and enjoy yer money (remember the money belongs to RAKYAT!

  182. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    monsterball – September 21, 2009 at 11:05 am

    1. Is there a need for me to teach you English? That is why lat u should support PPSMI lor

    2. I am not looking for LGE to be brought down but he is hypocrite and he will be brought down NOT by Fatimah Zuhri but by the RAKYAT of Penang.

    3. I read ALL and regular….from Utusan, the star, malaysiakini, malaysiatoday,malaysian mirror, malaysia insider, sin chew, harakah, and even all those chinese papers

    4. yep i do understand those things u guys write *secretly* in the paper..i translate them and show to friends and family..just to let them know what hypocrisy means

  183. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    monsterball – September 21, 2009 at 11:12 am

    1. A Yes Man for Mahathir ?

    2. Just like how LGE is a Yes Man for Anwar?

    3. When you point a finger at someone, another 4 points back at you. LOL

  184. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    Morning Dew – September 21, 2009 at 11:22 am

    My dear…that is THE problem..who judge WHAT IS RIGHT? What to show or what not to show.

    For example, in the KBP issue how come LGE is hiding all the relevant documents? Why is he using the OSA thingy?

    For LGE’s cybertrooper that is THE RIGHT time to use OSA, for anti LGE fans it is NOT THE RIGHT time to use OSA..

    See my point? what u said only works in THEORY

  185. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    monsterball – September 21, 2009 at 11:41 am

    1. I agree with ya…Khairy is an a**hole!

    anonymous dud – September 21, 2009 at 11:59 am

    If we give LGE 18 years in Penang (God forbid), then Penang will become like what DAP Malacca is now…LOL… *wink* LGE mesti paham kan?

  186. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    Mark – September 21, 2009 at 12:10 pm

    1. Hassan Ali (PAS) vs Ronnie Lie (DAP) – over alcoholic drink

    2. Pas Youth Chief (PAS) vs Khalid Ibrahim (PKR) – over Beyonce’s concert

    3. Hassan Ali (PAS) vs Teng Chang Kim (DAP) – over elcat roles

    😦 What is happening to my hometown?

  187. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    wits0 – September 21, 2009 at 12:12 pm

    1. Hey! CT rocks! lol

    monsterball – September 21, 2009 at 12:13 pm

    1. Yep Khairy LOVES dot dot dot..what is dot dot dot? Well only Khairy and Anwar knows…lol (what actually happened the night when he gave anwar his passport? hhmmm)

    Mark – September 21, 2009 at 12:30 pm

    1. Daim is a STRONG UMNO if he ask you to VOTE BN, will you vote?

    monsterball – September 21, 2009 at 12:32 pm

    1. Aiyaaa..dont get angry lor…he is just joking only.

    2. Long long time ago in China during the dynasty period, if a nation is struck by earthquake,famine or any natural disaster it is considered by them chinese that it is a SIGN from God…a SIGN that GOD do not approve the fella (in Penang case it is Emperor LGE) and RAKYAT should revolt

  188. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    monsterball – September 21, 2009 at 12:48 pm

    1. Understand this my dear…GE 12 is the result of BN incompetence and stupidity LED by the A*sS*Ho*l* PakLah

    2. The RAKYAT gave BN a lesson they will never forget..The RAKYAT never hated them.

  189. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    AB LIM – September 21, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    1. Finally I can understand you

    2. Yes. Things wont be the same again because things will be WORST

  190. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    monsterball – September 21, 2009 at 1:36 pm

    1. It is people like you lor that makes this country in the SAD state it is now

    2. You want WAR when MAJORITY of Malaysian want PEACE

    3. What abt Mongolia lady?

    4. What about Teoh Beng Hock? Last time I heard he was SCOLDED and SHOUTED AT by DAP fella a few hours before he allegedly committed suicide.

    5. Tell us does DAP has blood on their hands?

  191. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    davis – September 21, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    1. Like I said before…who determines what is right and what is wrong.

    2. how come LGE did not de-classify or ask someone to leak OSA state documents?

    3. A BN guy LEAK OSA document, how come no one from PR can do one?

  192. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    AB LIM – September 21, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    1. KPB – To make sure minorities Indians are further marginalized?


  193. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    storm62 – September 21, 2009 at 2:42 pm

    1. How many Malaysians have Mat Top killed?

    2. How many Malaysians have Chin Peng kill / order to kill?

  194. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    storm62 – September 21, 2009 at 2:51 pm

    1. A lot of things are being said abt Obama…about him being muslim la…about him being a jewish symphatizer la and so on..

    2. Do you see him suing those online/offline paper?

    3. Suing2 ni kerja org gila publisit and duit je adik storm62 ooooiii

  195. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    Pegasus – September 21, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    1. Bukake? That is very rude…Is that how your mother taught you to say to an old lady?

    2. Your argument is weak. You keep spinning the same old tired argument.

    3. FACT is LGE only TALK C*CK.

    4. Before he said he wants OSA to be gone, now he ada je alasan.

    5. Now he said he wants ISA to be gone, in the future if PR ever get to be a govt (God forbid), he will cari another alasan to use and keep ISA


  196. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    Pegasus – September 21, 2009 at 4:09 pm

    1. Wake up my dear

    2. The RAKYAT is starting to see the TRUTH

    3. LGE and his corp is not getting any popular by each passing day

    4. People nowdays dont just read Utusan nor do they read MalaysiaToday only. They read A LOT more from different sources.

  197. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    wits0 – September 21, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    1. My question is simple..

    2. Why LGE keep KBP idocuments as a OSA documents?

    3. I thought PR was different from BN right?

    4. If PR is the same as BN, better the RAKYAT pick the devil they know rather than the devil they dont

  198. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    billauchris – September 21, 2009 at 7:29 pm

    1. Refer my question to wits0 – September 21, 2009 at 5:48 pm

  199. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    Kancilandak – September 21, 2009 at 7:57 pm

    1. Correct

  200. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    straycat’s strut – September 21, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    1. The fact that this Gwo Burne became a MP shows that back then in GE12, even if a cow stands as a calon, the cow will win

    2. GE 13 will be different. Whoever thinks GE12 is the result of Malaysian love PR is deluded

  201. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    monsterball – September 21, 2009 at 9:55 pm

    1. weird isnt it…any case that has DAP involved mesti ada org mati meh?

    2. what the heck does UMNO (malay party) doing in Hong Kong (chinese populated nation) lor?

    3. Same case like TBH i guess…it goes down to GANGSTERISM and MAFIA..

    4. HK is famous for this

  202. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    kittykat46 – September 21, 2009 at 10:26 pm


    1. So Tg Razaleigh is involved in the BNF scandal meh?

    2. Now u know why Tg Razaleigh cannot be PM

    3. Otherwise Anwar will kaitkan him with this issue

  203. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    monsterball – September 21, 2009 at 10:34 pm

    1. Why ppl keep picking on PR?

    2. From what i see 90% of the time, it is BN getting hentam by the press

    3. Why cannot hentam PR lor? PR are bunch of angels kah?

    4. If people kena hentam politician then that is a fascist state.

    5. Is LGE a Mussolini incarnate?

  204. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    monsterball – September 22, 2009 at 2:47 am

    1. delivery boys command a better English then you *wink*

  205. lge'sball says:

    LOL…If we hang those Father and Son…then the Holy Ghost will get angry maaa…LOLOLOLOL

    Cuba teka who is the HolyGhost in this forum….

    Fatimah Zuhri – September 22, 2009 at 4:05 am

    Aiya! You know who has the biggest balls here hari2 leking lge and lks balls sure ball growing bigger by the days.

    The funny thing is this puik lomike never tired of imagining leking dic*s instead of balls for the eunuch son & father have no balls.

  206. lge'sball says:

    So this Mahakutty, Ling Liong Sick, Lim Keng Aid, Lim Ah Leg, OKT, arranged their retirement pension by setting up this PKFZ retirement scheme.

    This is tantamount to swindling the rakyats’ money using what seems to be a legitimate business enteprise.

    Mahakutty is the mastermind of this swindling scheme.

    This mother of all crooks Manakutty and his co-mothers of all crooks should be sent to the guillotine.

    They don’t deserve to be in one piece! Lol..

  207. lge'sball says:

    LGE $ father are typical eunuchs practicing eunuch politics for the last 52 years and still practicing it in this new era with high tech in info and comm.

    This eunuch politics is just obsolete in Bolehland and tak boleh pakai lagi.

    So why these two obsolete eunuchs still want to continue holding to their powers using obsolete eunuch politics?

    This is nothing but due to greed.

    Do we have a future with a greedy cum obsolete eunuch utilizing eunuch politics, let alone a freehold dynastic eunuch practicing obsolete eunuch politics perpectually?

    The question is Bolehland is a land for all, and not for a few obsolete eunuchs to satisfy being the all time eunuchs ala the BN dogs.

    Dey! There is obviously a limit to any position, it’s time to destroy this obsolete eunuch dynasty and go to the sugarcane fields tilting land for brain catharsis.

    That is the only solution for the rotten permanent mindset which could not be reprogrammed any more.

    Or better still, they could travel in time tunnel to the Song Dynasty tasting°° the flying guillotine also!°

    The flying guillotine era during Song Dynasty was more suitable to them than this modern era with advanced high tech!

    Real stupid parasitic father & son eunuchs!

  208. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    lge’sball – September 22, 2009 at 5:30 am


  209. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    lge’sball – September 22, 2009 at 5:54 am


  210. lancekorp says:

    If we give LGE 18 years in Penang (God forbid), then Penang will become like what DAP Malacca is now…- Fatimah Zuhri

    Never have DAP formed the govt. in malacca.
    That alone shows you are inacapable of sound reasoning and that you rely on falsified acts like umno claiming hindraf were a terror organisation for which their representatives AG and police are now being sued..

  211. lancekorp says:

    So this Mahakutty, Ling Liong Sick, Lim Keng Aid, Lim Ah Leg, OKT, arranged their retirement pension by setting up this PKFZ retirement scheme. – lge’sball

    It was done for MCA not for peronal benefit. umno also benefited. The whole cabinet (including Najib) were eating from the same plate – 1Malaysia.

  212. lancekorp says:

    Hee..hee.. and I really enjoyed that PR greatest comedy. – Kancilandak

    It is more fun watching Najis Tong Rosak farking things up (like the economy). When not slaughtering cows, Lembumudin is rehabilitating Nordin Top (now he will be the pilgrim to Nordin`s grave during election campaigns). Now we also have famous yen yen rice (after rice hitam and minnie yen).

  213. lancekorp says:

    If you are having problem getting through to Malaysia-Today Website than try this alternate route HERE.

    There are still a lot of stupid idiots that think that the internet can be block, these are the illiterates and the best part is that they are suppose to be the internet experts working for the government and if this is the expertise we get you can just imagine the quality of the people working for the government.

  214. lancekorp says:

    Cheat your way to power……

    * Some people may be wondering when and how the votes can be manipulated. Firstly soldiers can be brought in and their names are published as unit member’s days before the election. Those who are brought normally have been screened and selected. They will be briefed and will be ordered wisely. They will be told that informed that the Army has ways to find out who they voted for. Indeed the system is not perfect. Post election, we could find out who the soldiers voted based on the serial numbers on the paper as well as the soldiers Bat C 10 No.

    * Since the soldiers voted earlier than the general public, there is a long waiting time between the actual voting and the counting of their votes. These votes can be manipulated. The bags that contain the votes can disappears or be change. This is a serious concern that can actually change the result of an election.

    * The system is not perfect. It is open for manipulation by design. No serious effort is being taken by EC to ensure that soldiers voting exercise would be free from influence.

  215. lancekorp says:

    Pak Lah failed, Najib striving not to follow

    The troubles within his ruling Barisan Nasional coalition prompted him to appeal for unity in his first Hari Raya Aidil Fitri message as prime minister yesterday as he sought to regain the initiative to keep the ship together in troubled waters.

    His efforts have been in vain……Just like Pak Lah, Najib seems content to deliver inclusive sounding speeches on the national stage but is wary of hitting too hard at the party base.

    But without a doubt the warlords are fighting back. They don’t think much of 1 Malaysia, were upset that Datuk Idris Jala was appointed to the Cabinet and showed their true colours at the recent by-election in Permatang Pasir.

  216. wayan says:

    ” Makin ramai orang India berjaya dalam pelbagai bidang profesional antaranya guaman dan perubatan.”

    As always – lembu punya susu sapi dapat nama !

    That Indians excelled in Law and Medicine is due to zero assistance from AS’s masters. Ask yourself, how many of these graduates passed out of local universities ? How many local universities allocate law or medical seats to Indians ? If so how then how many seats ? How many governtment aided universities offer non Bumis seats for pre law or pre med matriculation courses ? How many JPA scholarships were given out to Indians during the 22 odd years of Mahathir’s administration ?

    The same holds true for other non Bumi races too


    Take that AS.–awang-selamat

  217. puzzled says:

    The political party SMNO; Singapore Malay National Organisation (PKMS; for Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Singapura) was originated & a branch of the United Malays National Organisation UMNO, but split when Singapore left Malaysia in 1965.

    PKMS internal rival factions clash violently over power transition dispute. Violence broke out between internal rival factions of the Singapore Malay National Organisation or PKMS (Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Singapura).

    Five people were injured and admitted to hospital. The victims were admitted to the intensive care unit in hospital. Twenty-one people were arrested for rioting.

    The fighting took place outside the PKMS headquarters in Eunos between two camps – the outgoing and incoming office bearers – who are feuding over power transition to either safeguarding secrets or exposing corruption within PKMS

    Surely UMNO have the same fist fight and thugs but not reported in any media. Malu lah!

  218. wits0 says:

    Fart-imah Zuhri finally got full diarrhoea – thru the mouth now, displaying her CT’s desperation. Ditto lge’sball. Wanna dilute the income of lanciaulandak, and total dud, eh?

  219. davis says:

    Fatimah, You dislike LGE and his father because of what they are doing. They are part of Opposition. You do not like Opposition. You want BN to rule forever inspite of all wrongs done. You want the people to accept whatever BN dish out to the people. You never want to have democracy. You want to have a one party rule. You sound like a Communist.

  220. Morning Dew says:


    I really admire your stamina. You read all the online and offline media from chinese,english to malay and yet have so much time in here to take pot shots and answer to all the pot shots at you.

    — Fatimah wrote : —-
    My dear…that is THE problem..who judge WHAT IS RIGHT? What to show or what not to show.

    The current revelation by RPK on the PKFZ fiasco would be a good case study to answer your question. The document revealed wrong doing and corruption. AG said so. Cabinet was then asked by Finance Minister to approve the “bad faith” acts by 2 ministers RETROSPECTIVELY.

    What does your ethical and moral sense tell you ? Someone said that in matured democracy any citizen can apply for information to be released. It is the onus of the government to prove that the information is too sensitive to be released and as such the reasons and rationale could be tested in the court of law. That’s maturity. Not shooting off mindless potshots that “oh LGE also did not do it so it was alright for BN government to hide their grubby hands”. That’s silly.

    On another note when we have a hysterical crowd it is difficult to really discuss or to come to a clearer and better understanding of issues. There are certainly a lot of reasons and rationale but hardly any sense and sensibility. Anyone demonstrating some sense and sensibility is accused and insulted with all manner of insinuations and silly remark. And here I am not referring to you Fatimah !

  221. wits0 says:

    “I really admire your stamina.” – MD

    Hmm…I can’t call it ‘stamina’ nor do I admire the mercenary type of incentive used so desperately to try to trash a blog. From lge’sball, we are told also that eunuch can have children, as well! But I agree that they’re getting really hysterical. 😀

  222. AB LIM says:

    A yo yio….this Fat – mama must be joking ***talking to the wall!!!!!!!!!
    kena puaka kah…he,he,he,he…tak tau malu ni…..all my members sudah gelak kok u ni….padan muka dia…..olee shit the banana crab….all shit comes out….diarrhoea + amok + puaka…..padan muka dia

  223. Kancilandak says:

    Fanthestick! What great advocat we have in Fatimah zuhri.. such priffessionalsm.. this is what TDM was telling us young people to be.. like this we will no more be tottering malays… but towering malays of the future.

  224. nadi says:

    Satu lagi Projek BN from the cash cow state of the Royal PeeAm :

    “KUALA LUMPUR: Tersepit dengan kemiskinan seorang ibu sanggup melacurkan diri dengan meninggalkan tujuh anaknya di Pahang sejak awal Ramadan lalu, semata-mata untuk mendapatkan wang bagi membeli pakaian raya baru anak-anaknya sempena Aidilfitri.

    Ibu terbabit mendakwa apa yang dilakukannya pengorbanan kecil bagi memastikan anak-anaknya dapat menyarung baju raya selain bergembira seperti kanak-kanak lain.” – harian metro

  225. Morning Dew says:

    It would appeared that M-T is again under attack. The government is not blocking for sure but a denial of service SEEM to be currently underway.

    The site, I believe is been flooded with requests and you could hardly get in and when you do you will get index page or just been reset. Using proxies, onion routers etc. doesn’t work.

    As I had commented once before in one of the blogs, Najib is very capable of subterfuge.

    — Susan I know this is off topic but people should know what is happening. At the moment it is just SPECULATION on my part—

  226. storm62 says:

    1. How many Malaysians have Mat Top killed?

    2. How many Malaysians have Chin Peng kill / order to kill?

    Fatimah Zuhri – September 22, 2009 at 4:40 am

    hello Fartimah,

    1. How many innocent humanbeings Mat Top have killed? How can he kill so cowardly?

    2. Chin Peng killed many in the battle field…not like coward terrorrist who kill innocent people, unarmed people, lovely people enjoying their holidays, children and senior citizens.

    are you human, Fartimah?

  227. storm62 says:

    1. How many Malaysians have Mat Rempits killed?

    2. How many Malaysians have the bn/umno govt. robbed?

    3. How many Mongolians have been C4ed?

    4. How many Malaysians killed while in police custody?

    5. How many Malaysians killed in Kg. Memali?

    hope Fartimah can find some answers to the above.

    who are the real terrorist in Malaysia?
    – the opposition or the ruling party?

  228. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha… Top of the morning MD, wits & friends – it’s not called stamina, its called ‘obsessive compulsive’ neurosis. Sometimes verbal diarrhoea, is due to pent-up frustrations, but other times, it’s just refusal to look at the real situation and what is it with Lols? Any edification here? What’s the ‘nature of reality’?
    They see hypocrisy which all have, but to some it’s like a second skin. Explain what is feudalistic, facism dear CT’s?
    Uh, guys… nothing too, mind boggling please, and why are we attacking LGE? Fat’s seems to be a gelakan nyah…

  229. storm62 says:

    you’re right Menyalak-er,

    Fart him mah seems to be a mak nyah from Gelakan whom is hiding overseas…..hi hi hi….you’re sharp bro.

  230. AB LIM says:

    Fat-mama …..if u can’t answer all the above questions*****then we will look forward ******what about free trip to TANJUNG RAMBUTAN???
    what about that??? u did say…” do you know where am i now? ”
    well,thats your good question*******we got answer for u :u must be calling from…tg rambutan****are we correct……waiting for your answer from ni,ab,man,veloo,rocky,chin,din,kak su,fatman and thousands or millions more…..a yo yo

  231. my land my future says:

    How’s the government is going to function with all scandal fo the century being reviewed?

    Looking at precedents, these crooks must be voluntarily return all the dirty money cheated from the rakyats.

    Then they shall be tried under people’s court, charged and sentenced to jail or be hanged.

  232. monsterball says:

    When men meet lady like Fatimah..we used to say….
    “ her no time”

  233. my land my future says:

    There is no other way if Bolehland wants to recover from this fiasco and other many fiasco caused by them and function normally like a civilized country.

    If the people don’t pursue this and let a bunch of useless bumps here with no intelligence to waste earth’s natural resources and Google’s free cyber service, Malaysians deserve to be sodomized by all these crooks of the century with no souls.

  234. monsterball says:

    Kancilandak…There are thousands upon thousands Malays..well educated…great orators…thinkers…non racialists…all hating UMNO and voting for change of government.

  235. monsterball says:

    3 full pages…all reporting 50,000 visited Najib during Hari Raya.
    That’s very good news!!
    It shows Malaysians are no fools…….can smile.. shake hands with the devils… as much as they want…all FOC..and go back……vote for change of government.
    It shows….two can play the game too.
    It argurs well with peace and harmony…giving Najib…false happiness and wet dreams.
    Smart Malaysians …they are!

  236. Kancilandak says:

    I think more than 80,000 people attend Seri Perdana open house yesterday.. all who matter in malaysian politics was there..! I think no opposition people open house got this type crowd.. it augurs well for the PM and his 1Malaysia concept.. Let’s give him our undying support to bring us out of this present racial turmoil instigate by a handful of irresposible people.

    On the other hand Malaysian Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen has struck up a controversi about the origins of Hainan chicken rice.. I think she doing a good job.. in short all BN leaders are doing a great job to put Malaysia name on the business maps.

  237. monsterball says:

    Yes …this childless.nobody wants to marry… Fatimah must be from Ijok.
    I refused to answer childish…saying..”point finger at one…4 are pointing back at you”….that childish kind of argument.
    The way she put out her defense…on LGE and Penang under DAP…really not worth responding to her.
    I guess…she likes to wink at men……..when she speaks and such women are truly itchfy…..any stick can do.
    Yes witso said the best…and I quote..”Fart-mah Zuhri finally got full diarrhoea”
    She is full of shit.

  238. monsterball says:

    Wa….that’s great news….kanilandak!!
    80.000 you say?
    I was hoping 200,000 or more…but I guess most stayed home…cannot be bothered with free food….go back smiling…determine to vote Najib out.
    For those 80.000 …their votes are secret…and kancilkandak is living in fool’s paradise too….with itchfy Fatimah…ready to open legs…for anyone to come in…FOC.

  239. AB LIM says:

    watch out***************

    shooting star*******

  240. davis says:

    Kancilandak, Were you there at Seri Perdana? UNMO has more than 80,000 members. Was Hainamese chicken rice served there?

  241. AB LIM says:

    ****this fat-mama really pisss off……shooting star not available ………
    out of allignment….need service…..hysterical….full diarrhoea…looking for new hubby i think………….try this one**********************
    ********yo mama only
    sorry ab i wont touch yr pc o more ….chou

  242. monsterball says:

    There you see…I was right.
    Mark sitting on the fence….YET…..trying to teach us how to think like him.
    I told you….guys like that..are actually very selfish and cannot be relied upon….to cast votes..against UMNO or MCA.
    My character and English are always the subject by pro UMNO guys…all the time.
    Fatimah tried to be too smart…..just look at all her responds.
    Markee dookiee dare not respond….just insult.
    Mark is s smart…….not to offend anyone…trying so hard to brainwash readers….making all AGAINST UMNO…unable to speak….for ll love freedom of speeches…just as I do.
    But…I am gifted to catch crooks at their best…and I kept exposing Mahathir…without fear….where most are doing just that.
    Anyway….Mahathir is gone case……but Najib is stiil taking orders from him. Just look at how he told off Samy…..insisting he retired from MIC…exactly what Mahathir wants.
    Najib is counting on getting Mahathir happy….to use his crooked dirty politics…to save UMNO.
    Nazri is so quiet nowasdays……because Mahathir hates him most.
    And I bet you….Mark loves Mahathir too.

  243. monsterball says:

    Be very careful for anyone coming in to blog…..applying …how to agree to disagree….giving impossible suggestions for PR to perform…which really means…think and lets all not rock the boat…not take any chances and keep voting UMNO to govern.
    It is safer that way.
    These are political agents from UMNO and MCA..trained not to offend….but make sure readers get programmed by their well planned ..excellent English hypnotized….and vote for… no change.
    That’s their ultimate plan.
    The problem with guys loving freedom of speeches….get caught in that net…….but witso did respond…with diplomacy…challenging
    Mark. That’s his style….yet no one challenges Mark at all.
    For me…waste no time….go straight to the point…expose and be done with it.
    Many in Lim Kit Siang blog….also apply same tactics….but almost everyone there are real smart and sharp….challenging…those smart alexes…now all gone..leaving 3 idiots for us to have fun with.
    Nice to have few idiots here too……but Mark is no idiot…no supporting..Anwar…LKS…RPK.
    He wants to make sure we all know….the impossible management of the country by changing of government.
    That he will surely win… we loose….got it?
    That’s how retarded I am to him….writing this way.

  244. AB LIM says:

    *****Putt For Change*****
    Peoples POWER***************************************
    Silent voters and fellow wise Malaysian watching silently out there……
    time for change ….it’s in our HANDS…….

  245. monsterball says:

    For your information…I did consult with wise people… conclusion…and all said…I am right.
    I do not jump to conclusion….on such important masters…concerning lives and country.
    I am obsessed with passion and willing to lay down my life…for young Malaysians….my children….grandchildren and for the sick and needy poorest of the poor.
    PKFZ is exposed..and lets all wait for what UMNO will do next.
    You can bet……almost next to nothing….except choosing a scapegoat…like Mongolian C4ed lady.
    Bukun Dam will be much bigger scandal….akan datang….bulum sampai….and in the end…all will know…it is Mahathir..the mastermind..,and it will be him….killing UMNO BARU……not Abdullah…you nitwit….itrchfy …full of shit…Fatimah.

  246. AB LIM says:

    ****Putt For Change****
    Peoples Power
    Silent voters and fellow wise Malaysian watching silently out there…..
    time for change…’s in our HANDS…..

  247. monsterball says:

    The retarded have spoken…with lousy English.
    Who cares……If Fatimah can quote so much of my messages….it shows pro UMNO read my stuffs and understands….Markee Dookee Donkie……from never Neverland. …maybe chupchoon…englis blood mix with melayu??…or englis teacher…looking for promotion?…who the hell are you??
    Me monsterball….all know me la…you dum dum son of a bullet-less gun….making your balls like pea nuts and with big mouth.
    Come out….you hypocrite.. I am ready to battle you!!

  248. monsterball says:

    hi AB LIM…Do not repeat same thing la,
    Change some words and be good cheerleader,
    Bless you!!

  249. Morning Dew says:


    you are so full of yourself. I can now understand why LimKitSiang’s blog is now only filled with syncophantic idiots. I was in there briefly and poor uncle lim had to put a stop to your silly little antics. Of course he can’t tell it to your face and so he he put to rest everyone who was had the misfortune of experiencing the kind of faeces you excreted. I can well understand that your herniated ding-dong may impede the shit coming out and hence suffer serious anal retention. But do you really have to defaecate in here and so public too ?

    Geez when will you get off your high horse ? Oh I forgot even a real living horse can’t stand the stench. So when will you get off your high wooden horse ?

  250. AB LIM says:

    HA HA HA….Monsterball
    this goons always play double standard….don’t why everythings double double********************************
    i believe if u scroll up this page*********someone say that this fat mama….are mixture of ‘s’he+he..h’im’
    should call her ‘shim’ (double double)

  251. monsterball says:

    wawaswawa …Morning Dew seems to be able to read Lim Kit Siang’s mind.
    If LKS is reading his message…his toes will be laughing…..but what the heck….that’s how idiots talk about me.
    Morning Dew is trying to be too smart…to get me.. reveal something.
    What do you really want to know…MCA idiot?

  252. monsterball says:

    Morning Dew…Get it very clear…I am a Freedom Fighter…and I shoot to kill or to be killed.
    I treat all pro UMNO buggers as enemies and smart Alexes like you and Mark…coming out…when their foot soldiers are all idiots…cannot win votes.
    I have been talking this way for 5 years…no blog owners ever got offended. Why are you teaching blog owners how to manage their blogs?
    Why don’t you do your stuffs and stop judging me.
    Your “Morning Dew” have no mist..all flowers will die under your polluted dew.
    That settle it…

  253. monsterball says:

    Be back…4 hours later.

  254. Were you there at Seri Perdana? UNMO has more than 80,000 members.

    that means most malaysians already FED UP with PR stupid antics and rally behind najib the great PM. not only that, it is reported >5000 ppl visited great Zambry open house, be they chinese, indian, malay, iban, serani, etc etc. the perakians finally accept Zambry as Perak MB – who the hell is nizar and that ngeh-nga cousins, they’re HISTORY! the star even reported one DAP DUN complain bout the cousin…. shame on them, luckily they’re out of office or they’ll be shamed in GE13..

    come GE13 i’m confident PR will be definitely obliterated. LGE better grab whatever available in the office right now else they will be not any chance….

  255. see, i’m no joking. all the signs are telling LGE is unfit to continue as penang CM:

    “Penang Hill train service disrupted again”

  256. nadi says:

    MCA’s real crisis – the Chinese no longer care

  257. nadi says:

    MCA’s Insap think-tank deputy chairman, Rita Sim, says that according to her research, between 80 to 85 per cent of ethnic Chinese now support Pakatan Rakyat.

    “The Chinese voters have not shifted back since last year and their position has hardened,”

  258. Pegasus says:

    Fatimah…since you’re a old crap..will try to get the bulls to do the bukake on you instead…! certainly have stamina ….Fatimah Kacip?Ha ha .. reading all papers and answering all the comments in no time…No raya? he..he Pity you & your team ?…but then again umno must be paying well…
    The problem with people like you..Kancilancau, the dud can’t seem to accept the truth though you know what we are saying is true…this country under the rule by BN has gone screw up…and IDIOTS like you schooled by the BN regime see the need to defend what is wrong though the whole world can see things are terribly wrong with our bn government administration…just take a look at the list put out by Witso…thats BN ..and this won’t be the last and the list will keep on growing…if we are to vote this BN robbers in..Malaysia is a small RICH country with small population ..that the Mamak kutty could sit for 22 years robbing the nation with his umno/bn cronies…if in countries as China, India or Japan…these fellas will be behind bars.!.. Like what Monsterball says we want to change this to have a proper government..problem is the corruption started silently by the lying mamak kutty during his days has grown rapidly and now imbedded in the BN adminstration blood system…you simply need to throw the whole BN out to get this nation back…to get where we were the good old days…my mom taught me all the right virtues in life…and some I had learn enough on my own…to tell you …as a muslim women you are certainly off the track..trying to defend umno for all its wrongdoings…wake up before its too late…repent now lady…jangan buat dosa demi dosa.. dah tua sedarlah sikit!
    Kancilandak..if you’re in doubt whether you’re kancil or landak.. just pick up a dictionary and look for the word SHIT..which aptly describe you..! Its Hari fool …of couse the people who goes to PM place …goes for the food as well…you think all of them are there to see Najis and shake hand with him only? Grow up….S-hole!…

  259. monsterball says:

    “see, I’m not joking….bla bla bla..”….Anon Dud.
    Hundreds of broken down “RAPID” buses…..broke down..unserviceable….not one word from him.
    So clear….big massive corruptions in that too…not important to Anon Dud.
    Want to talk productivity work compare to UMNO….is a joke…but then…..Anon Dud is an idiot……what does he know….about management….except sweeping floor and cleaning toilets.
    Tomorrow KOMTAR building shows many cracks…need to vacate people living around there…also blame LGE?
    LGE needs to clean up all the dirt and filth left by Gerakan….Koh Tsu Koon is comments from Dud..
    That’s how Anon Dud….earn his living…talking kok and carrying UMNO balls.

  260. Pegasus says:

    dud…you must be a bigger fool then the kancillancau idiot..Malaysian people are smarter then you think…like what Monsterball has already say earlier…the people will take whats given and will vote for PR comes next 13th GE…!!!..can’t you see…? thats what happened in the 12th GE… LGE on contrary is doing very well now… then the sotong CM before him…don’t try to convince other way around…this is what the umno crooks are good at… its not the 1st time the Penang hill train service broke down..this is one of the “problem” left behind by BN under KSK admin…which LGE team has to rectifiy…and which he will do…!

  261. storm62 says:

    anon dud….you’re back?…how come you didn’t answer all my questions above?… bloody hell simply shoot then you ran away and hide under big mama’s underwear ka?

    anon dud, the train service in Penang hill was built many2 years ago….so high time they need repairs and upgrading.

    what about that new stadium bulit by umno goons in Terengganu? still very new and yet the roof collapse….ha ha ha….the Agung must be very please the roof did not killed anyone….ha ha ha.

  262. Malaysia is a small RICH country with small population ..that the Mamak kutty could sit for 22 years robbing the nation with his umno/bn cronies…if in countries as China, India or Japan…these fellas will be behind bars.!

    my mom taught me all the right virtues in life

    why want to jail leaders who contribute so much to malaysia prosperity and development – are you lunatic or something? your mum taught you virtues, then do you know “Budi Dikenang Jasa Diingati”, “Jasa DiKenang Pemimpin Disayang”! which gov provide education to you? which gov provide job opportunity to you? which gov provide current standard of living to you? the gov provide prosperity, opportunity, land, shelter, citizenship, even place to meet your wife and start family, and yet you tak kenang jasa macam kacang lupakan kulit, worse, you bite back hands those FEED and PROSPER you! if not BN, malaysia will sink into countries like zimbabwe or uganda. you should learn to syukur to this gov! thank goodness CEOs are not like you, they know this gov is good, and they have virtues better than you!

  263. Kancilandak says:

    Pegasus, of course in the Hari Raya spirit people go to eat and mingle around.. but they dont take each other as enemies even thou they of diffrent political orentation.. and they have to respect the PM as leader of the country.
    Look there was LKS, LGE and other pembangkang figures.. if they fail in they bid to take over at GE13.. they still have to see the face the same leaders again.. so they have to be courteous.
    My father say: after people like Pato and David die Sit Kiang was lost.. for sometime. Now becoz of Anwar and the Singh family.. and the Hindraf rally he survive.. LKS/DAP cannot show to lose face when they know they going to fail next GE.
    So they not only go to eat but to renew friendship.. for future.
    BN strength is screwed becoz of component party but umno at the core is solid.. remember we malays, no matter how we qaurrel among ourself, we will close rank in the face of threat.

  264. AB LIM says:

    ” see,i’m no joking.all the sign are telling LGE is unfit to continue as penang CM (just bcoz of train service disrupted): ” – anon dud
    *****but please remember that if your expensive car that you drive …suddenly break down half way one day….then i’m not joking ( it will happen)….all the sign are telling you that you should give that car away free….unfit for you anymore.that’s right…………. did mention about donkeys…well …let me tell you this donkeys stories that later you can sleep tight and dengue mosquitoes won’t bite….ok …here it goes……..
    This is about small and big duds playing with donkey.****
    1)one day small dud and big dud travel to A village by a small donkey….
    small dud is sitting on the donkey and the big dud pulling it….when they reach village A…the village peoples saying that …why this small dud kurang ajar and let the old dud pulling the donkey and why so stupid…bla bla bla
    2)then they are now going to village B…and this time the big dud sitting on top the donkey and let small dud pull…the village peoples come out and say…alamak…buli kecil dia ni …small boy he also torture…terible…bla,bla,bla
    3)and finally they reach C village…this time both dud’s big and small decide to pull the donkey together…and all the villages peoples say that… why this big and small dud’s are so stupid…got donkey also don’t sit….bla,bla,bla
    finally they realise their stupidity and then both sit down and playing ball with their donkey….nothing to do…and hope that after this donkey story…dud will feel better…no more nutty-nutty or loose nuts inside his brain and can sleep well….thats right..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzdonkey
    so dud,remember that every time you try to talk foolish or do fool things…think twice….every things can rosak and every one can grow old….sleep tight mosquitoes wont bite.

  265. Menyalak-er says:

    Yep pico, ‘close rank’ – so that you flurs can stab each other in the back with your teeny weeny keris – look at Trengganu… The only leader of any note in bumno is Tengku Razaleigh – the one with cojones – what have you got, pebbles?
    If it is as you say, malays close rank in face of threat (whatever that is), do you consider Kelantanese and Kedahans and the many other PR supporting malays, non-Malays?? Must all ‘malays’ be bumno?? Do you know any anthropology???
    Pico, you better go back to your proclaimed Sifu to get a refresher course in rhetorics… Monty, kindly do the needful – whip that micro-organism back into its inert spore.

  266. AB LIM says:

    pico…nuts loose again*******************
    you can ask respected DSAI what happen to his black eye?????
    you do it????????chinese,indian,mamak or fat mama ??????
    go ask your sifu….kancilotak

  267. monsterball says:

    ‘No matter how we quarrel among ourself, we will close rank in the face of threat”.Anon Dud.
    What threat? Hantus have come to conquer Malaysia?
    This idiot is still living in the 70’s…thinking Malays and not Malaysians.
    This bloody racialist cannot give face.
    With such idiots…there will never be Malaysian Malaysia.

  268. monsterball says:

    ‘No matter how we quarrel among ourself, we will close rank in the face of threat”.Anon Dud.
    What threat? Invaders have come to conquer Malaysia?
    This Dud is still living in the 70’s…thinking like a Malays and not as a Malaysians.
    With such people…..there will never be a Malaysian Malaysia.

  269. AB LIM says:

    this idiots are sleep walking and talking….mimpi hantu wang
    wake up to the real world…don’t be racialist…..because that will be the main reason PR will rise like tsunami to flush all this shit out and to give you idiots a big nightmare************ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ sleeping again

  270. davis says:

    UNMO has more than80,000 members. If only 80,000 were there it means many were not there and do not support the PM. Maybe UNMO is not that united>

  271. Kancilandak says:

    Alamak! Sifu with warpaint running the wrong street.. Caaabuut..!Goodnight everybody.

  272. wits0 says:

    “‘No matter how we quarrel among ourself, we will close rank in the face of threat”.Anon Dud.

    They will invent one somehow like they have always, these umnoputras. “Unity” along tribal line never was the ultimate panacea for power. This has been squeezed totally dry and only the dry rind from that lemon remains.

    “MCA’s real crisis – the Chinese no longer care” – nadi

    This is the greatest development in more than 53 years! The end of the influence from these contemptible ex-Kuomintang despicable trash ideology is at hand. There can be no going back. You can feel that in the air and sense the heartbeat of people wising up!

  273. AB LIM says:

    like Chinese ‘Ying & Yang………………………
    bad can be good and good can be bad
    i hope that i ‘could’ put a stop to all this violence that’s happening to our belove country but everyone can see that and know that how??????
    leadership problems….i believe.
    i hope that this bad peoples can change or repent but everyone know….what happen to this frog jumping ( Perak ) and money politics unless
    they sincerely ‘would’ wake the hell up and change.

  274. monsterball says:

    Not caabuut la…need to sleep and get up very early.. to wash Najib’s toilets..sprinkle with air wangi…wait door….get big tips….at night …go get drunk again.
    “running the wrong street” is a cultured way to say..i am mad dog.
    Anyway…..goodnight screw loose..kancilandak.

  275. monsterball says:

    Goodnight everybody.

  276. Mark says:

    testing 123

  277. AB LIM says:

    ***testing 123*** -mark
    nobody in …watching david copperfield magic ….pofooooffff gone ..thats y very quiet
    they are out of battery…..maybe fat-mama@fatimah will be out shooting star doing freak show anytime or maybe not…who knows anythings can happen… this crazy world……
    sayonara and good night everybody.

  278. Pawang says:

    Oi Fatimah, banyak personal problem dengan OSA kah. Kalau tak syoik Penang, jagan pi sana lah. Kalau tak syiok Selangor, belah lah dari sana. Kalau tak syiok, dengan Kelantan, berambus lah dari sana.

    Kalau tak syiok dengan Malaysia, guna wang jadi cybertropper entah dari pihak mana migrate pi Afrika.

  279. fragrance comes at night says:

    Looking at all the scandals involving by our politicians, they are outright criminals.

    Looking at the luxurious homes they are living in- Mahakutty, Bodolla, Mukhriz, Bodollah, Ling Liong Sik, KTK, LKS, LGE, AI, KI, Dr. Z, Toyo, etc. etc., these are nothing but built by money stolen from the rakyat.

  280. fragrance comes at night says:

    All the money they spent for their decadent lifestyle is stolen from the rakyat.

    They are big time thieves and should be in the locked-up but the beauty is they are still in power ruling the country.

    So it’s every rakyat to see that all these expensive homes, yachts, automobiles, planes, helicopters, money in Swiss banks be repossessed from all these political criminals.

  281. wits0 says:

    The so-called “fragrance (which)comes at night” is tainted with the stench of night soil. The hoity-toity-ness embedded within also takes such ‘frangrance’ nowhere far from Indah waters at all.

    Like the one who menyalak, I’ve got a good nose too!

  282. A voter says:

    More by-elections on the way even before Bagan Pinang started?

  283. Morning Dew says:

    “wawaswawa …Morning Dew seems to be able to read Lim Kit Siang’s mind.” Monster-ding-dong

    You are so full of yourself that you can’t see beyond your own silliness. I didn’t have to read his mind. Your shameful display of silliness was in the public domain.

    “What do you really want to know…MCA idiot?” – Monster-ding-dong

    I am from MCA ? That is a new one. I had been accused of many things but this one has to take the cake. You are so full of yourself that you think what you know is the truth.

    Get it very clear…I am a Freedom Fighter…and I shoot to kill or to be killed.
    I treat all pro UMNO buggers as enemies and smart Alexes like you and Mark…coming out…when their foot soldiers are all idiots…cannot win votes. — Monster ding-dong

    You are a Freedom Fighter ? ROTFLOL ..I am tickled pink by your chest thumping. Your monster ding-dong is affecting your hormonal imbalance. You don’t need my sympathy. You need help.

  284. Morning Dew says:

    “it’s not called stamina, its called ‘obsessive compulsive’ neurosis.”

    And what do you call the condition when one engaged her “obsessive compulsive neurosis” ? 😉

  285. a little rakyat says:

    The rakyat is the boss. But all these political criminals have no respect to the rakyat (BOSS) by hiring sycophants to dispel the grouses of the rakyat.

    These politicians are indeed mother of all fu*kers.

    Before GE, the rakyat is the boss
    After the GE: The rakyat is nothing but thrash.

    All these political criminals and sycophants deserve to be castrated and sent to Australia 2!

  286. fearnoone says:

    itu anon dud sememang dud no 1! When he posts his comments, we always have a good laugh of the day! Don’t need to be angry with his comments, just laugh at him will do. Soon we will laugh non stop cos we all are going to vote to change our most stupid govt ever…start with bagan pinang.

  287. FenceSitter says:

    Mr Chen Sui Bien, Taiwan’s ex-president was jailed for life with embezzlement, taking bribes and money laundering, involving a total of $15m (£9m) while in office from 2000-2008…
    Msian leaders pocket 10x more and nothing happens. Go figure.

  288. Kancilandak says:

    ABLIM, Anwar impatience man.. he subtley exposing official secret and cronyism.. he try to jump the gun, he got black eye.. which show clearly that he no middle oblongotak.. he believe in peoples power but under mine his own aides. The problem now he still is oblongotak!
    Menyalk-er, sir, anthropologi is the study of human evolution.. we may have be hindu in ancient times but we were still malays.. the bujang valley.. the mahavangsa.. the majapahit.. the melakan were not indians but malays with hindu names.. and the tanah melayu were eksklusively peopled by the malays.. they known to close rank from external treat.. but never submit completely.. unmo bring us to peak of civlisation.. and we only got TDM to thank.

  289. nadi says:

    “melayu” is a word that means “coward”. No indonesian I met is proud to be called “melayu”, to them it is an insult.
    When they run away to m`sia, and become handicapped, then they are proud to be melayu. Indian muslims like mahathir who run away to malaysia and become handicapped oso like to bcom melayu. Ridhuan Tee after becoming handicapped also like to be malay.
    Now they are leaders tottering on crutches. That is why malaysia is doomed, a nation of failures.

  290. Kancilandak says:

    We never denie the resourceful chinese brothers they rights as they existed with us since ancient times.. even thou they introduce kongsi triad here.. plenty many of the biggest tycoons in Malaysia belong to this community.
    The indians (Mahathir help the indians the most.. yet they want slipper garland him) thou they drink and beat wife never take b/c and i/c for children.. still were allowed their temples and cinema and drama.. but insted helping them, their leader play them out. But there were certain type indians.. work hard to send they children to college and overseas to become proffesionals and they are a asset to the nation.
    We never deny all our brothers.. but now we want to consolidate and strenthen ourself.. in the face of globalisation.. and
    “not go into the night quiettly without a fight.” -from the movie Independance Day

    Yay.. what great piece of writing by Kancilandak

  291. kahkah_kahkah says:

  292. wits0 says:

    The world Globalizes, Bolehland goes Goblok-ing. In ancient parlance, it was called, “making bricks without straws”. Thanks to its inherent fascistic bangsatness!

  293. wits0 says:

    The Borgs shall not prevail:

  294. k1 says:

    all the secrets in corruption are to be used by be end to “control” their men and women so that they “obey” like a dog. why no rojak families voice out anything? are they also controlled by the evils?

  295. AB LIM says:

    **AB LIM, ANWAR an impatience man…** – kancilandak
    answer : not only him but everybody now feel very impatience waiting for GE13 to come….they don’t want that senseless sodo the mice case…out dated…history.for your record….DSAI otak very good and adil…very fast capture so many states.ha,ha,ha,ha,ha you really screw nuts loose again.
    **and we only got TDM to thank ** – kancilandak
    answer : yes thank him + you can also stick all his photos inside every of your house corner and smile and thanks him everyday….but remember don’t play play with shoes especially..also don’t forget to thanks your respected ‘sifu’ every time you sing in here also…so your screw will not get loose again.ha,ha,ha,ha,ha
    **not go into the night quietly without a fight**-from movie Independence Day…..suddenly…..
    Yay…. what great piece of writing by kancillandak**-writer cum editor kancilanday.**
    Wow….u must be very exciting fighting with alien ….don’t forget to shoot straight to that mother f*ker of all sinking alien ship direct to the core and shout as loud as u can….yay…what a great night hallucinate by taking hallucinogen pill to repair your loose screw again….ha,ha,ha,ha,ha
    fish can walk,bird can vote,lion eat vegetable,turtle eat meat,tiger can fly….and much more…..when hallucinating dream come true.
    one and only…..kancilandak.

  296. particle says:

    Lim Kit Siang has been in politics for donkey years producing donkey macais including the bolllekers here.

    Lim Kit Siang and macais are willing to wear songkok and sarong just show that Lim Kit Siang is willing to sell his mother, wife and daughters to the Royals.

  297. wits0 says:

    Anti-matter particles have no real validity in this universe of matters.

  298. fauzi says:

    This Lim Kit Siang has been liking for donkey years his macais… that why his macais will not hesitate to bodek him….

  299. Menyalak-er says:

    Nearlly puked my bile!! Still fasting you see…
    Aiyah pico, pico, anthropology is the study of human evolution? Goodness me what crap have they been teaching these cretins nowadays! Look – evolution is an inexacting science based on biology, physics, chemistry and archeology and based on best intuition thereof. Comprendo?

    To me the only ‘evolution’ that bumno can undergo, does not take into account the hard sciences – the only thing they know is how to dig, dig and dig – their own kubur.

    Globalisation is what?! Wits, has said that in the establishment’s case it’s Globok-ing, which is by far, the best characterization i’ve seen. “not to go quiettly into the night” in bumno’s case actually means “For whom the bells too…” (John Doone)

    Consolidate? Means to solidify, to combine assets, territories, debts, statutes etc into a whole. Nah… can’t do that, cuz that will cause us to accept the corruption, ethnocentric fascism, robbery, knavery, lusts, pride, nepotism, slavery, circumcision and all things bad that comes with it. With a ‘new’ Malaysia, we can recreate a nation proud of itself without rabid mangy pariahs who think that ruling a country as diverse as us, is a divine right. To many of us it’s the ‘iblis’.

    The only Melayu names mentioned in Indonesia are Kampung Melayu and Bandar Tasik Melayu which was hit by an earthquake recently. Even that name has to be borrowed. Who are the proto Malays? The Jakun, Semelai, Temuan dll org asli. Now that’s anthropology.

  300. lawas says:

    Lim Kit Siang is willing to sell his mother, wife and daughters to the Royals.- particle

    Guarantee you cannot prove that so just more BN crap, but everyone knows Najis & GRO Rosmah are no good, drug pushers now BN on ecstasy

  301. wits0 says:

    The only sakai that pico can ever be is one willing to be chopped and eaten by Potong in the name of “patriotism”. He certainly can never towers as legendary Saburo Sakai with 80 kills in his Mitsubishi Zeke – not even in his wildest wet dream.

  302. wits0 says:

    “Lim Kit Siang is willing to sell his mother, wife and daughters to the Royals.- particle ”

    You merely project your own natural propensity on to others.

    The CTs are truly desperately deranged.

  303. kittykat46 says:

    Susan posed a simple and very relevant question for Malaysia –
    “Should our priority be safeguarding secrets or exposing corruption?”

    If the BN-lovers have a logical and cogent explanation why protecting official secrets is more important than exposing misdeeds under the PKFZ, I’m willing to listen.

    Instead the CTs have dished up a whole load of junk, without addressing the core issue.

    Dey, Dud, Fatimah, etc…this is the Internet. “I am UMNO /BN, I am right, you WILL accept this” doesn’t work here….

  304. AB LIM says:

    With this buzzard eating their own meat particles not knowing he castigated himself in order to get rid waste by colostomy way.

  305. AB LIM says:

    This herpes simplex idiot hick himself that will make everyone laugh of the century…this lewd behavior only can be done by this mup-pet…brain dead ecoterrorism ….

  306. Mark says:

    Most of the postings here consist of writings from those of deranged minds. BN government more or less reflects who those people are. It is all about race supremacy, what to wear, what to eat and what to watch. Never mind none of these matters on governance, equality, human rights and decency. It is more than 50 years already, didn’t you bigots and racists see that the policies as practised all these years do not work. It is not because many of you pretend to be blind. It is because many of you are really blind. Yes, blinded from young, being constantly indoctrinated – through TV, schools, places of worship, and your own stupid parents. Yes, most of you here are nincompoops.

  307. monsterball says:

    Mark put out a sensible ,message…and I agree.
    That why we must vote to change the government.
    That is not only necessary….but to change…when we do have a strong alternative. Give some time……no good change back. That’s how to show all poiticians…..voters are most powerful.
    Here comes the Morning Dew filled with poluted air……like a chow cheebai..insulting…instigating and even teaching LKS and blog owners…what to do with me.
    Fragrance comes at night should be pally with morning dew…….one cracko..the other..full of shit.

  308. whispering9 says:

    Here is a nice short video for jackass. 🙂

  309. Kancilandak says:

    Menyalak-er sir,
    thank you for the meaning of anthropology but now I really must find out the meaning most impotantly.. of Melayu.. it cannot be ‘coward’ like what nadi said.. I think I saw it somewhere.. some dictionry.. now I not satisfies until I get the real meaning of melayu.

  310. kittykat46 says:

    BN is now officially the “Undi Pos” party….

  311. simpang says:

    NaSTy is dying……

    “Since Media Prime and the NSTP have a common controlling shareholder, only the minority shareholders and the well-wishers can save the NSTP brand name from being shuttle to the backwater in the name of corporate restructuring.

    The Media Prima corporate dealmakers and their independent advisers will almost certainly offer sweeteners to buy the support of the minority shareholders.

    Money aside, it’s an insult all the same.”

  312. monsterball says:

    So many sirs …chegu..sifu for you.
    Behave and listen to wise men.
    Abil bodek UMNO…what for?
    You don’t know what is real meaning of Melayu?
    It is a combination of Chinese and Indians…ignored by UMNO….to brainwash melayu and say…Arabs is root….therefore melayu is closet to Allah.
    That’s only one small part ..what melayu is.
    The majority Melayus are closet to Chinese and Indian..and therefore…Malaysian Malaysia is always there.
    It is the hypocritical melayu from UMNO using race and religion to separate Malaysians.
    No separation…UMNO will die.
    you…kancilandak…so stupid to die for UMNO…getting nothing… bangalow…no sport car…except few bottles of beer…each week.

  313. monsterball says:

    Please understand…Merdeka time…it was agreed by all to help the Malays.
    Corrupted they are……yet with limitations and contentment…not really that greedy.
    NEP expired and Mahathir is the one….that started all .to the extreme….making Malaysian government..the dirtiest in any developed country.
    It is Mahathir 22 years as a Dictator..kill UMNO..established his UMNO BARU…that cannot survive without race separations.
    Today…all UMNO ministers are obligated to him…and the devil still rule.

  314. Kancilandak says:

    nadi is wrong.. donno where he got that from.. I am correct.. we are the sons of soil of the malay lands.. there’s why we are malays.. and Malaysia is the most sophiscated than other malay lands thanks to umno.

  315. AB LIM says:

    **undi pos** Hmmm!!!! militarize for grave stone letters including mj thriller corpse passport with shortcut to wonderland

  316. AB LIM says:

    As reported by The Sun on accidents cases Sept 13-21************
    11,099 accidents cases
    160 accidents death
    As reported by Bernama
    H1N1 death ====74 up to date
    how many life lost?????????

  317. particle says:

    “Lim Kit Siang is willing to sell his mother, wife and daughters to the Royals.- particle ”

    You merely project your own natural propensity on to others.

    The CTs are truly desperately deranged.

    wits0 – September 23, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    Sigh! Not only Lim Kit Siang is heading to doom, his followers will also following him to the doom.

    If a blind man follows another blind man, both will fall into a pit.

    Dap denotes -Doomed Action Party… it’s there alredi! Sigh!

  318. wits0 says:

    “If a blind man follows another blind man, both will fall into a pit.”

    Speaking to your own mirror now? Sounds like that selfsame dud under another handle.

  319. particleisdust says:

    “If a blind man follows another blind man, both will fall into a pit.”

    That is stupid and an insult to the blind.
    If the blind man in front drops into a pit his shout will alert the one behind him. This is also difficult as the blind can use their sticks efficiently (MAB can arrange demos) to detect obstacles, including drains, pits [idiot particles excepted].

  320. particle says:

    Lol! As a particle which is only a tiny part that forms all elements.

    If Lim Kit Siang’s followers don’t follow the theory of bonding, all elements would fall apart ala the BNputras.

    Sheesh, please go study some theory of science before talking of unity!

    Where is the unity of PR? Why? Because lack of knowledge of science- bonding of particles that are vital to form an element.

    PR is nothing but like the divisible particles- no bonding, hence no element, lol!

  321. particle says:

    “If a blind man follows another blind man, both will fall into a pit.”

    That is stupid and an insult to the blind.

    Wow! Wow! Calling Jesus stupid?

    But when come to campaigning for votes for GE, Jesus is God, Jesus is everything.

    These Lim Kit Siang and followers sure heading to the doomed.

    They will all disintegrate soon and become particles also la!

  322. Pegasus says:

    kancilancau, close rank in the face of threat ?from who? the chinese ? Indians? Indons? why umno broke into 2 ?..and we had umno baru…semangat 46…close rank?…most probably the rakyat will close umno/BN in the next GE instead for good…. Mamak kutty had 3 deputies as he could not get along with them..close rank? Be happy Nordin Top did not blast anything here…!!!

  323. particleisdust says:

    Jesus time there was no Malaysian Association of the Blind – MAB. Your Jesus problems are yours, why you spreading your dust.

    “These Lim Kit Siang and followers sure heading to the doomed.”-
    but you are the one whose backside is itchy bcos of that? so stoopid bn fanatics.

  324. wits0 says:

    Here’s some unity happening:
    Minister to be grilled over PKFZ paper leak

    Make it satay.

    Love to see the BN critical mass building up for the self implosion. The leaker is not really likely to have done it for the right reason also, anyway.

  325. AB LIM says:

    **If a blind man follow another blind man,both will fall into a pit** -particle
    Are you a human being? trying to be smart…what you have here really like idiot hick with mup-pet …brain dead ecoterrorism..fark from shit hole.
    Every human being are equal with hands,eyes,ear,nose,head,brain,legs to do all goods things like any other human being…even blind peoples we must be respected….at least they can use their brain,heart,six sense to do everythings like an ordinary human being….you jack ass ‘particle’ really talking shit with brain stuck in your buttock……
    thats what happen in australia today….stupid ‘particles’ flying around causing peoples eyes sour…..naturally …nature will always win and blew you away ….shooooooooo

  326. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha….”study the theory of science before talking unity”…said particle.
    He should study the particles that forms his scientific body.
    Never heard study science for unity.
    I said study brain….behaviors…mentality….whether it is a human of an animal in disguise as a human talking…for unity.

  327. monsterball says:

    Particle is a religious fanatic supporting UMNO.

  328. monsterball says:

    We have “particle” and “parricleisdust”
    Dust to dust .earth to earth…blow that particle away…but it is from one small particle..takes billions of years…formed earth….so we can say “particle” writer is destined for us to pee on….shit on.
    But science have unite most to use toilets.
    His days of more shits and pees vastly reduced.
    His blood is filled with maggots….but still living…proving scientifically…Swamp Man exists.
    After thousands of years…scientifically evolving…Swamp Man became farmers and Jungle Man.
    NOW….all are evolved to higher planes of life….”particle” alias “particleisdust” still exists….with a brain….so rare…so out of this world.
    Our Museum should book his body

  329. particle says:

    Looking at the ‘Doomed Team’ PR aka Pariah Rakyat, one wonders what kind of theory they are applying?

    Are they applying
    a) Newton Law of Gravity: What goes up must come down?
    b) Newton’s Third Law: To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction?
    c) Einstein Nuclear Energy Law: E=MC2+C?

  330. particle says:

    Sigh! These PR are just a bunch of illiterates heading for destruction since they are defying the proven theory and/or Law of science and instead relying to praying to the moon, rocks and playing with rockets and backsides ala the BNputras playing with C4, Keris, Sukhoi and Scorpenes.

    Looking at the PR formula, you don’t need a rocket scientist like Einstein or Sir Issac Newton to tell this “Doomed Team” is sure heading for total destruction E=MC2+C

  331. particle says:

    Looking at the plebian masters and followers here, is there a future for the rakyat and the rakyat’s children with the ‘Doomed Team’ and the plebian followers using Q=(U2-U1)+(no)W?

    They are no different to the BNputras who defy the proven Law of Nature and applying their unproven Laws at their whims and fancies.

    No wonder Bolehland is forever in quagmire! E=MC2+c

    It’s all the illiterate politicians’ fault in reducing Bolehland into tiny tiny particles!

  332. Menyalak-er says:

    Uh.. excuse me particle, what is E=mc2 + c? What is the name of this law? Certainly not Einsteins law of mass-energy equivalence which reads E=mc2(ie squared).
    Btw, you’re way behind time – in Susan’s blog, we are talking about the String Theory and M-branes. There is no such thing as a particle. Therefore, it begs us to question your sense of reality of the fundamental forces in this universe – are you a ‘strong’ or ‘weak’ or ‘electromagnetic’ or ‘gravitational’. I intuit that you are a ‘graviton’ – a closed loop string attracted to an incomprehensible ‘reality’ called Be-End and Gelakan.
    See what KTK, the jawless lamprey can figure out, so can some of us.
    To flurs to subscribe to Newtonian laws, or even Mosaic laws – it’s time to work on the Quantum (of Damage) Law…, because we are actually being quite Relativistic here.

  333. Transformers says:

    what about we give u a free flight course,packing yo inside my stealth body mixed with meitnerium with your ? particles ^^^going for real ride above yo mother earth -0 gravity ( for yo idiot ‘graviton’ ^^^to let yo feel yo megalomania^^^ how about that?^^^for your record^^^every meitnerium+?particle+e=mc2+c( yo shit theory ) =(2×5)that we let go from -0 gravity will burn or burst to nothing ( not even a tiny ?particle left ) before it hits ground 0….what about that^^^maybe you should left yo testicle for lab test first before yo flight^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  334. monsterball says:

    By the way…..Mahathir launched the Video..”Islam is Science”…30 years ago…cannot sell……lost money.

  335. wits0 says:

    “There is no such thing as a particle.”

    Indeed, the particle accelerators have demolished that old myth. Nary was found that smallest indivisible particle…yet and never will.

    No, KTK, the jawless and spineless lamprey cannot figure anything of wisdom out, despite his touted PhD in old and conventional Physics. Had he done so, he might have intuited some enlightening understanding from the fact that his son has been incapacitated by incurable sickness and his wife is actually in remission from the same.

    ‘Particle’ here is crapping like there’s no tomorrow.

  336. Menyalak-er says:

    Monty, that so? Octo said that? Is that why there are so many Muslims who won the Nobel prizes for science? My goodness, video oso bankrupt? Thanks for bringing it up.

    Actually the ‘muslim’ science like say Ibn Sina (Avicenna) etc. were derived from forced dhimmi (mostly Greek Christians and Persian Zoroastrians) who were forced to convert to escape the jizya or poll tax. It is also well known that a lot of the ‘inventions were Greek (like Greek fire – flame throwers) or Chinese in origin (like gunpowder, the precursor to C4). The Muslims on the other retained the Aristotlean philosophy, while the ‘West’ had to make do with the archaic Socrates and Stoics. The Imperial gaurd (Janissary) of the Ottoman Turks were made up of blond blue eyed ‘babarians’ who were once forcibly converted child slaves.

    Thus our priority here should be abolish slavery and corruption, not woeful secrets of Be-End.

  337. zambrykrisis says:

    Bumiputraism is malay apartheid

  338. Mark says:

    KTK did not have a Phd in Physics. By the way, I would appreciate if witSo not talking about his son or wife. It is not nice.

  339. Mark says:

    How to get rid of Particle? Just vacuum it and flush it down the gutter. That is where it belongs.

  340. wits0 says:

    Okay Mark, KTK has only a degree in Physics.

    It was not nice that he should have taken Penang ppl for a ride for 18 long years and overstayed his welcome. The cost of his personal ego-tripping has been far too high. Knowing him somewhat in his young days, it was still disgusting to realize how he has lived his spineless ways at Penang’s detriments.

  341. Menyalak-er says:

    Pray tell what were his postgrads in? Bodek-ism?
    Yep, agree with Mark, wits buddy – a wee bit over the top there. But i guess much angst thereof.
    My family members in Penang who claim to be gelakan could see his invertebrate ways which were glaring; and eventhough they put up posters etc for the last GE, ended up voting him out. Now they are laughing at the nincompoop Dr.Teng Sumpthing.
    No more free immunizations for them!

  342. kittykat46 says:

    By the time 2000 came around, a lot of Penang folks were well aware of KTK’s abdication of control to UMNO – the real power in Penang. But BN always brandished the bogeyman – if you vote Opposition, Penang will starve to death.
    Many of the older generation have painful memories of Penang’s lean years during the 1960’s and early 70’s. That was a particularly powerful bogeyman.

    Well, its 20 months and counting….and Penang won’t be starving.
    The MSM has been highlighting the effects of the manufacturing slow-down in Penang, but actually strongly BN-controlled Johor is faring much worse.

    The bogeyman has been buried…and that’s bad news for BN.

    The ball is now in PR’s court, and they better not screw up….
    Penang is now up to PR to lose…its far beyond just a protest vote in March 08…

  343. storm62 says:

    bad or hazardous particles in the air are generally called viruses (which is highly contageous).

    some particles that stays in the anus are undesire waste which we call shit, najis in malay….main carrier for this type of particles are parasites in the likes of saiful bukhari arselan.

    we do have a piece of this shit in Malaysia called najis in the form of umno pm attached with countless scandals. highly toxic and reacts explosively when in contact with C4.

    i should have passed my biology test with flying colours…hi hi hi.

  344. monsterball says:

    I really thought how stupid I am….proven by particle mathematical explanation…….until Transformers responded to him.
    This guy is no doubt as Tong Sampah science teacher…or one that watch the video…”Science in Islam”….as if Buddha is not as scientific teacher at all.
    Almost all.. who loves science actually do not believe in a one God theory….evolutions…..listen…think…..and do not simply believe.
    Particle fires PR….then fires UMNO….making all go groggy….making so many keep quiet thinking….’What the hell is he talking about?”…..and suddenly…so clear…a mad scientist is talking after watching…’The Nutty Professor”
    Science and Technology are proven in history….discovered by all types of races that all religions have yet to exists.
    No wonder Indonesians are so mad with Malaysians claiming this and that..not theirs ti claim at all…and here is one shit particle…one speck of dirt…like HINI virus…trying to f…ck our brains up.

  345. monsterball says:

    And now…storm62 made it so clear.
    Yes…Mark…vacuum it …pack with my many dog shits and let Tong Sampah man bury it alive….where it belong…to grow into a worm..for fisherman to hook it up……catch low class fish…as worms are low class too.
    But in Tibet…you do that…all monks may surround you and save the worm……for they believe it may be their relation.
    Particle must have flew from Tibet….to see Najib?
    If so..he is not a Malaysian…shoo him out!!

  346. monsterball says:

    Wait a minute..don’t shoo him out….welcome him with open arms….to see Najib eat it up with his morning breakfast…and then…..booooom….booooooom..booooom…piles of shit…….non stop…..lost 30 kilos…living dead.

  347. monsterball says:

    GOOD-NIGHT everyone.

  348. wits0 says:

    “But BN always brandished the bogeyman – if you vote Opposition, Penang will starve to death.” – Kittykat46.

    The last straw that broke the camel’s back. Sounds like the mother of all insults. Wunderbar! The river of no return finally flows – for BN. The Penang voters crossed the Rubicon on March ’08.

  349. particle says:

    PR formula could not work because of contradictory theory.

    You have one ancient worshiper praying to the moon and rocks as their supreme. The moon and rocks are sanctified and sacrosanct whereas we have another party which would like to land on the moon but never achieving it and this is sacrilegious to the moon worshiper.

    Best still, we have another party just sit on a fence watching the two parties fighting to the death- one wants to go to the moon to meet the moon-lady whereas the other one is treating it as a god… while acquiescing and letting the BNputras playing the backside relentlessly…

    Well! Anybody with the slightest intelligence will know this sanctimonious formula looks specious but will never work unless one is in his/her schizophrenia state.

  350. particle says:

    This is not a solid formula but mires with contradictory ideologies from different poor elements without strong binding and thus are divisible easily with the slightest knock.

    The recent events- dialogues with Umno, banning of wine selling, slothful and missing members, banning of Jesus Bibles and supporting of banning of uttering of Allah by Umno…. just prove that the formula is good for divisible particles and not for fast bonding element.

    The PR are ignorant in defying the Law of Gravitational Force: What goes up, must come dawn. But here in PR, we have what goes up but never come down… thus the whole parties are all screwing up and rotten apples ensued.

    Once an apple is ripened, it must be subject to the gravitational force and must subject to fall, else the tree is eventually filled with rotten apples. This is the case with PR parties.

    Looking at that apa nama itu who refused to subject this Law of Universal Gravitational Force ala the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights- only attracts worms to the rotten apples and therefore tormenting and burdening the apple tree (Rakyat).

  351. particle says:

    Therefore each PR element is a rotten element and if you combine all the rotten elements, can we form a good product? Lol!

    The only solution in rectifying this unworkable formula is to take out the moon and rocks and also the destructive old rockets and provide a thorough cleaning of the backside with qualitative solvent.

    Then might be the formula might work, providing always following the Law of Gravitational Force, Newton Third Law (To every action) and also Eistein”s Energy Law E=MC2+C.

    This computer works on the theory of science and not based on praying to the moon , playing with rockets or backsides…

    Revamping the formula is the utmost task for the PR, else divisible particles await…

  352. zambrykrisis says:

    Murderers Najis and his GRO wife are the the leading evil components of the fast decaying umno which leads the bn.

  353. zambrykrisis says:

    The centre of the bn apple is rotten and now the apple is rotting from within leaving only worms behind.

  354. zambrykrisis says:

    Dear Mr. Ong and Mr. Chua …

    There are 2 scenarios for the public, in which the MCA claims to represent the Chinese community.

    Scenario 1: A president who abused the ministerial power, went against the General Order and flew on private jet, and shameless enough to refute by saying that his office is yet to receive the expense claim?

    Scenario 2: A deputy president who was caught with his pant down, trying doubly hard to reclaim his political career (God knows why?!), shameless enough to tell the world he is doing this to re-unite the Chinese community.

    The only gain, which I’m pretty happy with, is the fact that PR stands to become the direct beneficiary out of this fiasco.

  355. sa yang says:

    UMNO worm is turning,

    PORT DICKSON, Sept 24 — The upcoming Oct 11 by-election for Bagan Pinang, a narrow coastal strip in Negri Sembilan with about 14,000 voters, is an acid test for the Barisan Nasional (BN), especially for Umno and the MIC.

    With estimates showing nearly 80 per cent of Chinese voters nationwide backing Pakatan Rakyat (PR), how the majority of the Chinese voters here will vote is almost a foregone conclusion.

    The battle between challenger PAS and incumbent Umno is for the Malay voters who account for 66 per cent of the electorate, with many of them smallholders, farmers and armed forces personnel, and the 19.9 per cent of voters who are Indians.

    The Indian voters, who number 2,834 and are mostly estate and factory workers outside Port Dickson, will be kingmakers if the Malay votes are divided.

    But there is as yet no sign of a deep division among Malay voters, especially with the 5,000 postal voters, the majority of whom are expected to vote BN.

  356. jayenjr says:

    Let’s stop brow – beating. UMNO/BN do not have any redeeming points in their present set-up. Najib isn’t the “saviour” they are looking for, nor the one the country needs. Even – and this is only wishful thinking – if he does succeed in cleaning UMNO up – he still has many skeletons in his own closet, which I doubt he will endeavour to clean.

    So, what we have here is another PM doing a tip-toe in terms of “reform”; is he better than Pak Lah? Personally, I don’t think so. For eg, the formation of a “super task force” on the PKFZ is reminiscent of Pak Lah’s penchant for forming committees – all of which were no more than opportunities for bureaucrats to sit down together from 3pm – 5pm & have karipap & tea financed by the Rakyat.

    I’m sorry, but Najib cannot reform the country, not when he has big baggages. It appears to me that the warloads like to put in a weak guy (ala Pak Lah) or a guy with dirt on his record( ala Najib), so that they can pull his strings from behind (remember the poster for the movie The Godfather?)

    At best, Najib is a PR guy. Maybe if he didn’t have the kind of baggage he has, just maybe, he could initiate reform.

    But we now that’s just wishful thinking

  357. kittykat46 says:

    “PR formula could not work because of contradictory theory.”

    Oh, yeah…I know BN formula is “Me UMNO, Me Boss….you Small Kid – sit in your corner and behave yourself…”

  358. kittykat46 says:

    Never ending re-runs of CSL Blue-DVD appearing in the market again….


  359. carew says:

    BN formula is impossible bcos of malay apartheid theory

  360. AB LIM says:

    **You have one ancient worshiper praying to the moon and rock as their supreme**-particle
    You idiot just remind us about moon-cake festival that Chinese peoples use to pray once a year….read my lips…well..that’s what happen when this Chinese freedom fighter,hero or so call warrior…put a message inside each of every moon-cake and pass it all over China and ask their peoples to rise up and fight off their evil dynasty emperor with a very strong message….”RISE UP,PEOPLES POWER,UNITED AGAIN EVIL”
    In every religion no matter what they worship or pray…there must be a reason…either good or bad ( all stated in Chinese ‘PA KUA’ or so call ‘Ying & Yang’ philosophy ) history tell everything’s***********
    PR will form a good Government in the coming GE13 with all parties combine together working hand in hand and we are sending out a very strong message **PEOPLES POWER,VOTE FOR CHANGE**
    so,you this idiot particle with retarded brain better pray to your own particles that it will not contaminate you with deadly virus….( no science or medicine can cure you )then you’ll beg for ancient Chinese acupuncture way to pinch needle to your butt****

    ” What Goes Up Must Come Down ” with a sound of ‘Lol ! ‘- particle
    You are wrong…it should be ” What Goes Hiding Must Come Out ”
    Look at Saddam Hussein ( US peoples call him Mad Dog ) goes into hiding….at last have to come out from his own shit hole*****
    Look at Osama…Still hiding?????? Obama take over to hunt him down.
    with the ‘Lol!’ sound you remind me of someone
    Are you
    why have to wait until everyone say good night then only you come out doing MAMBO JUMBO?
    I believe most cyber troopers ‘cts’ will ignore me screw your loose ass here because….have to…for a good cause….bless all Loving Malaysia Malaysian.

  361. veryupset says:

    That means the Altantuya’s & Saiful’s & TBH & many other cases is a “sham”….!!!
    If they are to protect the mighty..!!!!!

    Will justice “ever” be served…?????????
    Mmmmmm…..! Very “FAT” hopes lah…..!

  362. madpet says:

    But lately, I’ve had to scratch my head and wonder what Rais stands for. Some of his thoughts are so archaic — he was Information Minister from 1984 to 1986 — that I wonder how he landed the information and communications portfolio a second time.

    Let’s review some of the headlines he’s created for Malaysia internationally in the five short months since taking up his new cabinet post.

  363. vince says:

    Susan, I thought that we Malaysians would be well served by the Feds.
    Just look at the star spangled office holders in the government.
    They are the most titled people on this planet!
    And they have plenty of alphabets following their names; purported from distinguished universities.
    But they turn out to be nothing but crooks out to defraud the people and the country.

  364. Kancilandak says:

    umno worm is turning -sa yang,

    the 2800 indian voters will take RM100 (for 10 big bottles of black beer) and vote BN in.

  365. wits0 says:

    M’sia among top corrupt nations, where bribes total US$40bil annually

    “…where nearly half of the corporate respondents in a survey admitting to having paid bribes or knowing someone who had done so… ” u/q [www_malaysianmirror_com]

  366. kittykat46 says:

    Haha, wits0, like everyone else, yours truly is guilty paying such “lubricant” every now and then. What to do ?….if don’t pay, cannot get things done…shipments get held up, projects get delayed, the same officials will come and create “investigations”…
    The top management guys talk about “ethical management” but in the end the decision is “pay the Dam*ed thing”.

    And the “minyak pelincir” doesn’t just feed the direct fellas, it feeds people many levels up…..

    Look, I really don’t know whether Anwar, LKS, LGE, and the rest of the PR gang really can run a cleaner show….but I do 100% know the current bunch of Najis BUMNO /BN clowns are a blo*dy bunch of filthy crooks…

  367. wermalaysians says:

    Kancil P**dek!

    Keep on talking & continue to put down the Indians, your master nemesis will come starting with Bagan Pinang.

  368. Pegasus says:

    Susan, my reply to the dud guy is not here,please edit those that
    may be offensive and put it out…

  369. particle says:

    I believe most cyber troopers ‘cts’ will ignore me screw your loose ass here because….have to…for a good cause….bless all Loving Malaysia Malaysian.

    AB LIM – September 24, 2009 at 9:25 am

    This shows that the PR consists of plebian sodomites of low morality. They defy the Law of Nature just like their masters.

    They are nothing but criminals who think they can screw unilaterally without being arrested, charged, whipped and sentenced to jail in a democratic country?

    Where is the law and order in PR?

    According to Newton Third Law, to every action there is an opposite reaction, does it mean the everybody can screw anybody during PR rule (tough dream)?

    Can anybody screw this philistine with impunity?

  370. wits0 says:

    Kittykat46, many motorists too have been forced to use Potong or PuttDud because they need a car and to move around but can’t afford or are unwilling to pay for another make costing 300% of what they should. This is supposedly ‘above board’ extortion but a form of consumer extortion nevertheless.

    Whether PR can run a cleaner show or not, this is secondary as long as the will to make a start exists and the ppl’s views and wishes are seriously considered. Under blardy BN/Umno, it is a certainty that the situation can only get worse.

  371. particle says:

    This shows that PR is just another screwed up coalition consisting of terrorists, sodomites, bandits, eunuchs, sycophants….

    The Bagan Pinang voters are in a dilemma.

    If they vote for the Bnputras, they get screwed by the BNputras..

    If they vote for the PRputras, they got sodomize by the PRputras…

    The only logical choice is to vote for an independent!

  372. wits0 says:

    I might have to request Susan to vacuum these bullcrap particles and heartlessly deny him an income. See nothing of value from a loony fecal duststorm.

  373. storm62 says:

    wei kancilancau,

    when are you going to grow up? you think the Indians are so cheap to vote BN with just 10 bottles of beer? you umno goons have NOTHING in mind other than bribes.

    you must be thrown back to the jungle…..thats where you belong NOT here….ka ka ka….new species kancilancau, a mix breed of kancil and lancau…..ka ka ka.

  374. hey douchebag says:

    wtf secrets! what secret? public has a right to know wtf you are using taxpayers money on and how?

  375. wits0 says:

    A douchbag undying version:


  376. wtf secrets! what secret? public has a right to know wtf you are using taxpayers money on and how?

    unfortunately some ppl like rpk and lge and their selfish unpatriotic cohorts abuse the freedom to shame the country and the country’s vulnerability to her nemesis like singapore and indon. OSA is to avoid this! have you ppl learned ? see what RPK’s damage done to country!

  377. Kittykat46, many motorists too have been forced to use Potong or PuttDud because they need a car and to move around but can’t afford or are unwilling to pay for another make costing 300% of what they should. This is supposedly ‘above board’ extortion but a form of consumer extortion nevertheless.

    this is so stupid – did gov use guns pointing to your head to buy proton or perodua? if you want to show off that you’re owned a car, don blame gov force you to buy proton, you can always work diligently save more to buy your toyota or honda or benz alike. who says car is necessity, you can always take LRT (thank you BN), or buy kapchai for the ride. no wonder malaysia cannot beat US and Japan coz ppl like you – SHAME ON YOU!

  378. AB LIM says:

    **Can anybody screw this ‘philistine’ with ‘impurity’**-particle
    1) ‘philistine’ means a person who does not like or understand art,literature,music,etc:-
    2) ‘impurity’ means substance that is present in small amount in other substance,making it dirty or of poor quality:A filter will remove most impurities found in water…the state of being dirty or not pure.
    There u go……because i don’t like your stupid what third law newton and all the phantasm formula….you are asking someone or any body to ‘screw’ me….ho,ho,ho….you must be -philia or paedophilia or phobia …..and my goodness all this PR are guns downs by you with your idiot newton 3rd law……go dance with olivia newton johnlah….i believe she won’t dance with you this particle + -philia..****
    Thats what bee-end are doing….follow order all or you’ll get screw….political motivated…just a bunch of filthy crooks******
    Well ……this -bull-crap philia particle should be filter or vacuum pla-toon************

  379. wits0 says:

    Truly a nematode can’t even understand what’s an extortion. It starts describing a robbery.

  380. Menyalak-er says:

    Huh? Potong or Puttdud?
    They are biggest secret weapon to wipe the plebs off our toyol-valued tolled expressways!
    Well dud, i do have a Merc (Merz from where-ah?), Honda, Toyota, one putthead for my kids and a curious potong that even the kedai potong won’t touch.
    But they are certainly not bumnos or other Be_end gifts. You see, i rip these flurs off to maintain my ‘fleet’ and feed my lembus.

  381. wits0 says:

    I’ll get a “Lamborghini” – it’s quite affordable in Bolehland:

  382. AB LIM says:

    This oki opai nematode never learn….small body+brain…origin of pawpaw mixed with shat.License to rob****bolehland

  383. Kancilandak says:

    dont you know the indians are predictable.. they say MIC no good.. maika cheat.. Samyvellu this and Samyvellu that.. and run on the roads behind British pound carrot as thou chariot procession..!
    How you think they vote Samyvellu in for his eternal term as president?? (rumor or not, I heard that RM300 per delegate voting for Samyvellu as president)
    They filem tamil culture one.. thier superstar Wighead got only to work up some sentiment and they get emosional.. and thats it.. This time gobemen no need to spend 3 million.. just 300,000 and they retain B.Pinang.
    the indian not cheap? Hee..hee.. just give them two free ticket each for Ranjiticunt filem show from Velparry and see what happen.

  384. ahbengkia says:

    Kancillandak, you should chill your caunt before you talk so much about Indians. Whatever and how ever they behaved, they are not like UMNOputra who screwed up every damn thing in this country. Talking about being cheap, you should how much foreigners can buy this country for 50 sen and you know who is selling it, caunt-chill.

  385. ahbengkia says:

    And one thing, dud, the government uses more than a gun pointing to our heads. The government owns us all, in case your moronic brain can’t fathom it.

  386. kittykat46 says:

    Just ignore this stupid Kancilandak.
    He’s trying to stir up racist reactions in either direction, just like the cow-head UMNO-dickheads.

    Its UMNO standard operating procedure.

  387. storm62 says:

    cunt chil lan cau, you think Indians are cheap now a days?

    go ask the KBP indians….rm500,000.00 also they reject la….but umno malays, when comes to buy-election just rm200-300 can buy their votes and for some just rm1000 can buy their whole family to vote for them…….now you see? who’s cheap?

  388. AB LIM says:

    ‘This time gobemen no need to spend 3 million..just 3000,00 and they retain B.Pinang.’-Kancillandak
    u lar lar??????mr lan dak can i ask u a few question? u ok lah
    1)How can you predict this 19.9% B.Pinang going to support gobemen?
    2)No need to spend 3 mil…just 300k…how you know & who approved?
    3)Do you feel proud with this money politics?
    4)Tell me, you are not hallucinating about free ticket to bollywood?
    5)What about Chinese 10.5% and Others 3.5% voters…any offer?
    6)What about 66% Malay voters…what offer?
    7)What about you…how much free ticket and $$$$$$$$$?
    8)Do you want to report this ( gejala rasuah ) corruption?
    wow…you really sound happy….good messenger…..

  389. monsterball says:

    Kancilandak have proven to be a sly fox….a still water runs deep…behaving nice to me..but is a real die-hard UMNO member.
    Yes..he said Malays will unite.. to fight others.
    Now that do not trying to insult opposition politicians and instigate Indians…by insulting Indians.
    This can only be done in internet.
    In real life….he is a real coward…who breaks all God’s laws to talk on behalf of the devil…yet behave so godly… and cultured..which the word.”hypocrite” came to talk of UMNO and BN leaders and their supporters.
    At the end …when he fail his “mission”… ..he will try to be nice to everyone and start all over again.
    I traced the pattern of his messages…and his true colour finally all.
    Moon is still small. When full moon comes…he will cal me sifu again…and be nice to everyone.
    Kittykat advise is good…but if we ignore this kind of commentators….it can mean we accept his comments too.
    No….confront him…as usual….when we are riding high.
    Do not relax.

  390. Kancilandak says:

    For the past 52 years.. everybody.. present PR supporters.. rich chinese tycoons.. poor villager.. fisherman, datuks and koolis.. all estet indians.. even the KBP indians have bee voting for BN.. never complain.
    2008 was a little bit rocky.. many reasons.. the biggest indian protest.. all of us know..
    But what change has all these now unsatified grumbling people bring to the life of ordnary man.. nothing.. nothing.. nothing. When I point out the mentality of people (the kingmakers) who are willing to be manipulated eveybody disagree.. fine.. why I care? Hee..hee.. in the end.. by god graze.. confirm we of BN benefit.

  391. Loo Si Fer says:

    HE IS STILL LOSE !!!!!!!

  392. wits0 says:

    “in the end.. by god graze.. confirm we of BN benefit.”

    Now we are finally and openly told, that his god(da Golden Calf) grazes!!! Wooo…hoooooo…!

  393. monsterball says:

    hi idiotic kancilandak……For the past 25 years…Malaysians never complain….correct.
    For the next 26….Malaysians cannot and dare not complain…ruled by tyrants….go to jail…talk too much.
    For the past 2 years….so many events….leading to the dreams of Malaysians to unite and UMNO keep dividing us.
    So…it is for the past 2 years…we dare to complain….with the return of the Jedi…and the forces is with us..that needs the dark force….like UMNO.. to keep disuniting divide and rule…and it needs an idiot like support the dark force.
    You are a hantu….maybe… orang minyak….or a bomoh have captured your do his dirty work.
    You brain….very very weak … out…without thinking…..just talk like a programed robot.

  394. monsterball says:

    That idiot thinks Allah loves UMNO.

  395. monsterball says:

    Sooooo…we are all going to hell…and kancilandak will sure to be rewarded with 72 UMNO..not Allah.

  396. Pegasus says:

    dud, my reply to your preach have been hold back By Susan…just keep your dimwitted stupid thoughts to yourself…and teach those umno fools…bite the hands that feed me? that was my parents who took care of me without any help from the gov…unlike yourself, speak for is you who should not bite the hand that feeds you hence the blind support to umno…no matter what..after all the freebies you’re getting the least you could do…support blindly whatever crimes they commit..!
    Budi di kenang .Pemimpin disayangi??? If those leaders before the 80’s ..then it is acceptable…but our current leaders..? Just look at the PKFZ many pemimpin involve? How to respect this kind of thieves…who are pemimpin… are you nuts..trying to be smart teaching others who to respect? if you wish to remain stupid and live in denial ..that’s your prerogative..don’t try to convince fool!

  397. Pegasus says:

    kancilancau, are you drinking the big black bottles yourself?..just don’t drink too much…lest you’re caught and Dataran Merdeka!!!…Malaysians are more intelligent then you think..umno/bn are imploding and wrecking within after 52 years…Mca, mic, umno destruction are imminent…your points are good for the umno people…given a sewing machine or a bicycle and these people will be voting the umno fools…but even that is changing as the people are wide awake now…no bias reporting or 1 sided story going to convince the Rakyat to vote the useless BN regime…their days of cheating and robbing the Rakyat and the nation is fast coming to a end…! These Bn regime are simply incorrigible…all left is to just kick them out…!!! The biggest indian protest had turn the tide over in the 12th GE…the next 13th GE will see the MALAYSIAN-malays, chinese, indians and the Dan lain-lain group uniting together to get rid of this umno/bn party for good…!!!..

  398. seetrei says:

    Lightning Struck Kuantan High Court

    KUANTAN, Sept 24 (Bernama) — The High Court Complex here was engulfed in smoke early Thursday when lightning struck its air conditioning main switchboard.

    The switchboard exploded causing smoke to billow outside the building, said Pahang Fire and Rescue Department assistant director (investigation) Yusairi Zulkifli.

    The Jalan Bukit Ubi fire station was alerted about the incident at about 2am and firemen reached the scene 15 minutes later to douse the flame, he added.

    Damage was minimal and the complex is closed for repairs, he added.


    Wait la, some more coming, tha felr who call heself PM all the bad news onlyz from pahang, y? Mr. Mongolia bedr wach out.

  399. Pegasus says:

    dud,the price range of Malaysian cars imported and local made are one of the highest in the world!…the AP queen should be arrested and thrown behind bars for cheating the rakyat and manipulating over the years…! the LRT service and the transport service is so badly manage by umno run companies that the people have to resort to buying vehicle of their idiot..!! Its people like you who are despicable who still live in denial and fails to see the wrongdoing of the government…don’t try to convince otherwise…when its happening right in front of you..!!!.Going blind?..will get you are stick …or you can pluck one from your alter-ego..kancilancau…!!!

  400. Pegasus says:

    seetrei, these perhaps are the signs…more to come in a another state next month…

  401. Well dud, i do have a Merc (Merz from where-ah?), Honda, Toyota, one putthead for my kids and a curious potong that even the kedai potong won’t touch.

    that’s why i say most oppos ppl are unpatriotic – they don support local product and willing to sell out for imports. it’s bad petronas spent so much money on ad “belilah barangan malaysia”, yet you ppl so selfish and rather feed foreigners than local.

  402. The government owns us all, in case your moronic brain can’t fathom it.

    that’s why we should be loyal and serve the gov as they serve us. why you like this also cannot fathom, are you being ignorant here!

  403. sabra says:

    I am proud to be ungrateful to the shitty bn who I only owe slipper garlands

  404. that was my parents who took care of me without any help from the gov…

    are you holding malaysian citizenship? do you stay in malaysia? do you enjoy nasi lemak, nasi kandar, roti canai, popiah, teh tarik, etc etc? did you and your children study in malaysian schools? do you own a house in malaysia? do you use the highway and roads in malaysia? are you working in malaysia in malaysia registered company? who provide all this? IT’S THE GOV! IT’s THE CURRENT GOV! without all the gov blessing and contribution, what are you – probably a starved malnutrition refugee child like those in africa countries! shame on you being such ungrateful and forgetful that gov had put the best on you! like i said, no wonder we could hardly become like japanese and koreans and british coz we got lots of ungrateful brats like you. our education should be revamped to brainwash more kind like you so that they know more who is good ( of course the current gov) and who is bad (PR jokers).

  405. I am proud to be ungrateful to the shitty bn who I only owe slipper garlands

    JFK once quoted “don say what gov can do for you but what you can do for the gov”. the gov had done so much good to us but at the end you ppl being so ungrateful and criticized and voted against them. shame on you! maybe you’ve failed moral in your class!

  406. sabra says:

    JFK once quoted “don say what gov can do for you but what you can do for the gov”…..

    I never stop you from farking najis or he farking u. You got plenty morals i know.

  407. sabra says:

    Mayb najis tong rosak get heart attack tonite

  408. sabra says:

    His b*tch oso

  409. sabra says:

    I spit on Najis Tong Rosak and whole cabinet

  410. the price range of Malaysian cars imported and local made are one of the highest in the world!…the AP queen should be arrested and thrown behind bars for cheating the rakyat and manipulating over the years…! the LRT service and the transport service is so badly manage by umno run companies that the people have to resort to buying vehicle of their own..

    what do you mean cars are highest. if cars are expensive then don’t ride on cars – cut pollution and oil consumption and save the world! we can get kapchai or kancil or LRT instead. who says LRT is bad? i commute to work with LRT and i found it absolutely convenient, you don’t simply fitnah coz you rich brat who everyday lunch on grill steak ride on toyota and never on LRT will always know how to criticize only without contributing anything (like that dap seputeh who fitnah ISA feeds dog food when the star research in kamunting found out the food is decent afterall). ppl like you always brag about buying imported stuff, never have pride on local identity and product, you ought to be ashamed of yourself instead!

    you suka and criticize proton and local products, no wonder when

  411. lagiada says:

    Do we really need an institute to tell us these things? Like I said in a previous post, the source of our racial problems are the mono-ethnic parties in the government who are acting like children trying to keep the biggest slice of the cake for themselves. Of course, everyone else only gets to pick their slice after Umno has taken theirs…

    And, by the way, the original lie is that the Alliance (and later Barisan Nasional), represents the different communities in Malaysia. Yes, they may have gotten together to win the most votes, but they are far from working in the interest of the community, much less the communities.

    If anything, this form of political practice is archaic in this globalised world. Well, I would go one step further to say that it’s not far from apartheid.

    You think that’s far fetched? Well, let me share a little bit about customary international law. In public international law (the law betwen nations), there are four sources of law and customary international law is one of them.

  412. AB LIM says:

    Why so many nothing….busy with your banner…what design for 300k election?
    try this brand then there should be something new.******

    remember all the question don’t run here and there and dont talk to yourself only and then ‘cabut’ again….to jungle kah*********

  413. justme says:

    You better wish Najis not to have a heart attack!!! You will then have Mock He Dhin and His Ham Mor Dhin !!!!!

  414. if you ppl have always support local products and proton, AP will never be enforced after all. so don blame AP, rafidah, gov, BN when it is your own conduct to be shamed of for supporting imports!

  415. sabra says:

    if you ppl have always support local products and proton, AP will never be enforced after all. so don blame AP, rafidah, gov, BN when it is your own conduct to be shamed of for supporting imports! – anonymous dud

    This felr is preaching communism and supporting apartheid. CAVEAT EMPTOR.

  416. sabra says:

    Fark Rafidah oso anonymous dud, we r not interested in that fat cow, yu can donate her to seks23

  417. You think that’s far fetched? Well, let me share a little bit about customary international law. In public international law (the law betwen nations), there are four sources of law and customary international law is one of them.

    do you know what is apartheid! apartheid is a regime against the natives/aborigines/original inhabitant of the country. in malaysia where got apartheid? maybe yes coz bumi was oppressed by immigrants robbing their livelihood and rice bowl! now the gov is following south african model to right the wrong by giving privilege to the “prince of soil” and yet this our gov never neglect other races too! what apartheid?

  418. sabra says:

    “maybe yes coz bumi was oppressed by immigrants robbing their livelihood and rice bowl!”

    Lies lies lies. Malays refused to do the workk that immigrants came in to do.

  419. sabra says:

    “prince of the soil” my ass

  420. wits0 says:

    “JFK once quoted “don say what gov can do for you but what you can do for the gov”…..” – the eternal dud.

    And you are a total liar(but deliberately lying is nothing to you) and an extremely stupid one at that.

    JFK did not use the word ‘government’ but ‘country’. They are never the same. Only an infernal dumno cyborg pretends otherwise….and hopes to convince. You’re a completely hopeless CT.

  421. lagi says:

    and yet this our gov never neglect other races too! what apartheid? – anonymous dud

    If you dont know you just prove yourself an idiot

  422. wits0 says:

    He’s worse than an idiot but an enemy of fundamental human sanity. Hard luck here, though.

  423. dawsheng says:

    Bumiputra Term in Malaysia is Similar to Apartheid in South Africa

    Apartheid was an official policy of racial segregation formerly practiced in the Republic of South Africa, involving political, legal, and economic discrimination against non-whites. Bumiputera or Bumiputra is a Malay term widely used in Malaysia, embracing ethnic Malays, Javanese, Bugis, Minang and other indigenous ethnic groups such as the Orang Asli in Peninsular Malaysia and the tribal peoples in Sabah and Sarawak automatically denying the rights of other minorities including Malaysian Indians and Chinese.

    On the 1st of March 2009, Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat commented that the term “bumiputera” is racist and prevented other races from receiving government aid. Nik Aziz’s remarks was made in response over extreme criticisms and threats from UMNO against statement made by Democratic Action Party’s Dr Boo Cheng Hau, the opposition leader in Johor where Dr Boo was reported to have compared “bumiputeraism” with apartheid.

  424. If you dont know you just prove yourself an idiot

    go do google search how the gov helps indians and chinese in education, welfare, job opportunity in malaysia, you ignorant!

  425. JFK did not use the word ‘government’ but ‘country’. They are never the same. Only an infernal dumno cyborg pretends otherwise….and hopes to convince.

    what’s the difference! country is an object. gov is a functioning entity. and this gov is democratically elected and blessed by RAKYAT!

  426. lagiada says:

    go do google search how the gov helps indians and chinese in education, welfare, job opportunity in malaysia, you ignorant! – anonymous dud

    You idiot your farking govt helps fark all and you don learn that from google, idiot. A few for show that`s all (after all there are mca n mic supporters so they get bread crumbs).
    I know more than you of the education system ars*hole.
    You can go and jual your goreng pisang to the ignorant only, but nowadays even they will know you are using reused cooking oil.

  427. Dr Boo was reported to have compared “bumiputeraism” with apartheid.

    shame on this dr boo who never understand history! apartheid is dasar orang puteh lah, dasar menindas orang asal. bumiputeraism is to uphold the native, so contrast with apartheid!.

  428. sabra says:

    “what’s the difference! country is an object. gov is a functioning entity.”

    Idiot talking rubbish

  429. lagiada says:

    “apartheid is dasar orang puteh lah” – anonymous dud

    Idiot, your favorite nasi lemak eating brown monkeys can only distinguish themselves by copying

  430. wits0 says:

    “what’s the difference! country is an object. gov is a functioning entity. and this gov is democratically elected and blessed by RAKYAT!” – unquestionably a dud.

    “country is an object”.

    You’re a mindless ‘particle ‘ within.

  431. AB LIM says:

    **This mup-pet with his oki opai stick to his tongue talking mambo jumbo from pawpaw origin mix with shat…talking to the wall….ciak pa bo su chuoi ka lo….sampat thong em bat sea kai***
    kitycat46 was right….hear no evil and talk nothing to evil….pen pen ang ang…….char koay teow racist patern up down up down….idiot profanity talking shat in the land of make believe.***

  432. sabra says:

    “uphold the native”

    You do that, fark the native duds

  433. Amir says:

    I am so pleased with this article reported by the Malaysian Insider “Malaysia rated 47th least corrupt, Penang praised” – not because of our current position as compared to other countries but because of Penang’s anti-corruption efforts! We need to keep fighting corruption and exalt this nation again.

    We have to start somewhere and Penang had a good start! Well done YAB Lim Guan Eng!

  434. kandhan says:

    Samy Vellu and his driver, Muniandy, were cruising along an Indian area in Sungai Siput country road one evening when an old bull loomed in front of the car.
    Muniandy tried to avoid it but couldn’t – the old bull was killed. Samy Vellu told Muniandy to go up to the farmhouse and explain to the owners what happened.

    About an hour later, Muniandy staggered back to the car with his clothes in disarray. He was holding a bottle of expensive wine in one hand, an expensive Cuban cigar in the other and was smiling happily, smeared with lipstick.
    “What happened?” asked Samy Vellu.
    “Well,” Muniandy replied, “the farmer gave me the wine, his wife gave me the cigar, and their beautiful twin daughters were so happy they kept kissing me!”
    “My God, what did you tell them?” asked Samy Vellu.

    Muniandy replied: “I’m Samy Vellu’s driver, and I just killed the old bull.”

  435. AB LIM says:

    ”What’s the difference! country is an object. gov is a functioning entity. and this gov is democratically elected and blessed by RAKYAT”- non other than dud
    This is what bee-end function…..Rakyat bless them and then all can only be ‘YES’ man and woman only….pathetic dud talking with screw loose inside his brain….coming GE13 there will be PEOPLES POWER and PEOPLES ARE THE BOSS….mindless mup-pet talking like nutty professor***

  436. Muniandy replied: “I’m Samy Vellu’s driver, and I just killed the old bull.”

    when the seksyen 23 marcher with cow’s head you ppl condemn them insensitive to hindu/religion. now this oppos supporter imagine not only the great leader death, but also bull’s death which is sacred to hindu, and used it as joke. see how the true color of pr supporter – DOUBLE STANDARD.

  437. Menyalak-er says:

    ‘Apartheid, menidas orang asal?’ Nitwittian syndrome.
    Apartheid stands for separateness/apartness. It was adopted by in S.Africa only between the year 1948-1994 (45+yrs.), which separated white minority, colored (Cape Malays included) and blacks.
    The ‘orang asal’ were the Khoisan, followed by the Bantu tribes(1200’s) and in the 18-19th centuries by the KwaZulu. The Portugese followed by the Dutch were already there by the 1500’s. These later became the Boers who fought against both the British and the Zulus.
    Apartheid was about ‘racial supremacy’ – not about mere subjugation of ‘orang asal’ – which is obvious in this country…

    By dud’s definition the 3 major races of Orang Asli (Semang, Senoi and Proto-Malays) should be the BUMIPUTRA asal. The ‘Malays’ were secondary or even tertiary after the Indian/Chinese traders. Why was there a necessity to pay tribute to Taiko Thailand and the Emperor of Ming, China?

    Even dear leader insisted that he needs to ‘visit’ China to commemorate his dear da’s previous visit? In fact it is well known that the date this alblur specified was rejected by PRC, ‘cuz it was on a public holiday in Beijing! So he meekly went on the day they appointed!

    Yes, we definitely have apartheid in this country, when the unthinking masses scream: “Ketuanan Melayu!” Is that not separateness? Go learn dud history…, we will stick to unpolluted history.

  438. Apartheid was about ‘racial supremacy’ – not about mere subjugation of ‘orang asal’ – which is obvious in this country…

    tell me what is the originality of apartheid if it’s not a tool for minority aka white to oppress native aka black! you’re trying to spin the context to fit your opposition to gov and you have obviously FAILED as bumiputeraism is a SUCCESS ( we got product of khalid ibrahim, zaid ibrahim, idris jala) while apartheid is failed institution condemned by every nation! go read your history and don preach the wrong thing!


  439. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha… dud o dud read apartheid – it’s the context and it’s division of races, there were also coloreds who were ‘superior’ to blacks. No way i support this but you seem to relish the idea of “sons of soil have divine rights” isn’t it?
    Btw, Idris Jala is a Christian indigenous – and he is a bumiputra, by fiat. Now in the bumno scheme of things, he’s considered ‘colored’, and that’s why there were so many kris’s bandied about within your favored party.
    Yes, apartheid is condemned by every right thinking person.
    So tell us why are countries of the ‘free’ world looking askance of us?
    Do you know why the deal about the US-Malaysia FTA is still in the back-burner? ‘Cuz the American’s don’t like our ‘affirmative policies’ aka ‘apartheid’? Ditto the EU, Australia etc.
    Preaching? Nah – never do that. Too stupid, just plagiarizing…

  440. monsterball says:

    Particle…Dud and kancilandak…are the 3 stooges…of UMNO.
    Enjoy and keep kopitiam talks …alive
    Leader of the pack… 1-4-C maybe in financial trouble….with wrong predictions with his gambling habits. So quiet.. Mad scientist.. particle to replace him?
    Mama san Fatimah…no time….very tired every night….giving free rides.
    Me…go to sleep rock my 3 babies..{ Prince.. Lulu and Pinky}..two lovely chihuahua and one pug.. to sleep now…GOOD NIGHT everyone.

  441. Menyalak-er says:

    Night too, Monty – yep, kopitiam talk’s the best – no pretenders. Let our black beer and toddy buddies wits, ABLim and kk46 and other night owls, do the rest shall we? Btw, Mac if you’re reading this, where the heck are you?
    Hentam tetap hentam!

  442. AB LIM says:

    **If you pull the string too will snap**
    **If you let it too won’t work**
    Nowadays this present Government are using the hard way instead of the soft way…that’s why the RAKYAT start to protest,catch the messenger instead of the culprit( control media or press freedom),MACC death ( TBH shall not die in vain),PDRM (police brutality…death in police custody…Kugan & much more),PKFZ ,Bakun project and much more,Umno,Mca,Mic ( corruption to the core ) Perak ( 3 frogs jumping ) and much more………..Apartheid ( racial supremacy of double standard )
    What is your right to teach us? Do you know what you are doing?
    It is right or wrong?
    Peoples Power.

  443. Transformers says:

    ^^^Fellow earthling and Friends^^^
    We are watching from within^^^combine our forces to fight again evil^^^we shall prevail^^^
    Good night^^^bless you all

  444. So tell us why are countries of the ‘free’ world looking askance of us?
    Do you know why the deal about the US-Malaysia FTA is still in the back-burner? ‘Cuz the American’s don’t like our ‘affirmative policies’ aka ‘apartheid’?

    looking askance? where the hell? we got many american investors over here – intel, western digital, motorola. even obama spoke goodwill about our country! the americans and other invetors are happy with us and current gov for being stability and progressive, tak macam thailand we heard of demo and riots. never i heard these investors speak ill about bumiputeraism and compare it with apartheid – it’s covert lies spin by pr supporter! in fact they praised our country development especially with najib leadership!

  445. Kancilandak says:

    We welcome Tharethran and his Makal Sakti party with open minds, open heart and open hands.. together we will strengthen BN and make this land into greatness.. we welcome our new indian partners and brothers in the vision of 1Malaysia.

  446. ahbengkia says:

    cunt chill, it is not going to work this time, so you can welcome whatever corrupted deadwood you want into BN/UMNO. There is no doubt in my mind that all these mosquito parties are corruptedly formed, approved and accepted to create further division among Malaysians for the sake of UMNO sustaining its corrupted power in this country.

  447. ahbengkia says:

    Sorry dud, you have lost Tanah Melayu. It is now known as Malaysia and the last time I checked, it now belongs to all, and there is not a damn thing you can do about.

  448. particle says:

    This Mr. Tiong King Sing of Bintulu is just another hantu of the highest degree.

    It’s obvious that this PKFZ scandal was the brainchild of Mahakutty and Ling Liong Sik. They are still milking the rakyat even though they had retired from politics long ago.

    Wow! This hantu tiong bought the land for Rm 3 pas and these two hantus Mahakutty and Mca Sick bought the land for Rm25 psf from this hantu Tiong.

    Now the rakyats have to shoulder the burden in paying all the debts crated by these hantus.

  449. particle says:

    Should our priority be safeguarding secrets or exposing corruption?


    Neither! We should skin all these hantus of the highest degree alive!!!

    Billion Dollar PKFZ Fiasco Fallout

    PKFZ scandal: Chan bypassed cabinet

    The PKFZ fiasco: Chronology

    How Tiong King Sing and his companies accumulate that kind of money?!!

  450. ahbengkia says:

    Nevermind, dud, no need to defend so hard for Malaysia. We love Malaysia too. Why don’t we just wait till the next election to see whether Malaysia still wants this government? Yes, no need to shout and curse, after all the majority of the voters are Malays/Bumiputra. We shall all wait and see.

  451. ahbengkia says:

    Yes, dud, we can all see very clearly why some are supporting this government to the keel. Yes, those (certainly they include you) who are parasites receiving endlessly government largesse will surely support this government. Unfortunately not all Malays are as fortunate or as greedy or as spineless like you. I think you have contributed nothing in your whole life other than just take and take. Tell me what you do – indulging in UMNO politics that waits for another negotiated contract? a government servant that do nothing? a employee in a GLC that live on life support of the Treasury? a police officer that continue to harass the people for more money?

  452. ahbengkia says:

    You know what, dud, all your arguments above can categorise you into one of the following: 1. a greedy person, 2. an ignorant moron, 3. a third world pariah, 4. a parochial dude, 5. a spineless parasite, and 6. a holier than thou bigot. Tell you what, if you can link watching Beyonce to committing incest or raping your own daughter, I will help you to ban her from performing here. Otherwise just keep your mouth shut.

  453. particle says:

    Kudos to Ong Tee Kiat in pursuing this PKFZ fiasco of the century and no to Dr. Chuah Sooi Leg in colluding with this Hantu Tiong who is a buddy of Dr. Ling Liong Sik.

    We know this Dr. Chuah Sooi Leg is just a proxy of Dr Ling.

    So obviously there is a conspiracy to topple OTK.

    If these hantu team succeed in toppling OTK, that’s the end of the probe into this PKFZ scandal of the century.

    Now the MCA AGM has to decide their fate: To be hero or traitor of the highest level.

    Long live MCA OTK & LWB hahahaha…

    PKFZ a Failed Project From The Start .
    PKFZ a 4.6 Billion Ringgit White Elephant ? Tax Evasion ?

    PKFZ Scandal: What next?

    Why Dubai’s JAFZA abandoned PKFZ?

  454. particle says:

    All these PKFZ bastar*s of the highest degree should be juxtaposed in Selangor Padand and beheaded publicly!

  455. wits0 says:

    “Nevermind, dud, no need to defend so hard for Malaysia.” – abengkia.

    He isn’t defending M’sia, just its contemptible system of deceit and apartheid. He is just parroting old worn Goebelling assertions and lies. A despicable slop without mind and soul. Too bad, the Net says that the truth gets itself made known. The old Media is also dying as people no longer trust its sycophantic ways. Look at the NYT and LAT, e.g.

    Even established propagandists fail to convince, how much less the virtual inmates of Tg Rambutan like this really raving dud.

    One day the ADB is saying that Bolehland will be badly hit by the present financial, the next, Zeti is aying that the worse is over! When institutions pronounces dubitable things too frequently, they become unbelievable. What more pathetic cyber troopers so dependent on their mindless “lie for bread” spams?

    WRT the PKFZ, the statement by Jibby is the selfsame rehashed trash attitude of BN/Umno – you the people will ONLY know on the basis of “NEED” to know! If one knows how to read between the lines by experience i.e. Who decides what the people should or should not know? Borgish scoundrels and supporting amoebic parasites like these CTs?

  456. Gan Yang says:

    tell me what is the originality of apartheid if it’s not a tool for minority aka white to oppress native aka black! you’re trying to spin the context to fit your opposition to gov and you have obviously FAILED as bumiputeraism is a SUCCESS ( we got product of khalid ibrahim, zaid ibrahim, idris jala) while apartheid is failed institution condemned by every nation! go read your history and don preach the wrong thing!


    anonymous dud

    Bumiptutraism is a form of apartheid, and it is condemned. Bumiputras are failures (e.g. kancilandak, anonymous dud, fatimah Zugri dll). It is why Malaysia is fast becoming a failed nation and is now a full fledged member of the Club of Doom.

  457. ahbengkia says:

    Dud, yes native rule, native rule. Natives have more rights; yes, they are the prince of the mud. Tell you what, the whole of Africa is now a black hole because they have native rule, native rule. Since native rule, what changes have they brought to their people other than one genocide after another, one hunger and starvation after another, one hopelessness, one deprivation and one destitute after another. Yes so much for your native rule. That is why we are challenging the native rule. That is why we want native rule no more. We now know we cannot rely on native rule because native rule bought sh!t to all, both natives and non natives. Got it prince of filthy mud? Natives like you just know how to eat and sleep and may be how to produce like rabits.

  458. wits0 says:

    To the incorrigible dud, a country is an object and BN/Umno is god! And Kancilanciau cheers on confirming that his god truly grazes!

  459. nadi says:

    Melayu means “run” in both Javanese and Mandailing and “tanah Melayu” means the “Land of Refugees”.

    In his “Suma Oriental”, the earliest ever written account of Malay history by a European, Portuguese historian Tome Pires, writes of Paremaswara`s first arrival after fleeing Singapore,:

    The said paremaswara told the Celates (Orang Selat) – You already know that in our language a man who runs away is called a Malayo, and since you bring such fruit to me who have fled, let this place be called Malaqa, which means “hidden fugitive”.

  460. wits0 says:

    These amoebic CTs like Fartimah, dud and kancilanciau and others have never heard of Sabri Zain, nadi, and even if they had, they will just switch to Denial mode.

  461. wits0 says:

    “Native rules” – ahbengkia.

    That’s not the highest virtue nor a panacea, just a preumption of worth to the shallow and venal.

    Confucius was correct that only the able should rule and this implicitly means that color is not a key determinant.

    Liberia can’t rule itself and needs the UN to manage its financial affairs. Its President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has the gumption to accept this fact.

    Why would I care if an Eskimo should rule as long as he/she has integrity and is fair?

  462. baganpinang says:

    A Malaysian medical student, Siti Nurhidayat Pazil, who has been studying for four years at University of Indonesia (UI), said: “When (lecturers) ask me to do something, they will say ‘Hey Malay, can you finish this please?’ They don’t call me by my name.”

  463. wits0 says:

    The Siti Nurhidayat Pazils of this world are finding out how it feels like to be discriminated against. No, I’m not insinuating that it’s her fault but all nons have learnt that feeling earlier, even while in school.

  464. pkfz culprits must be hg says:

    The issue here is not BN cyber troopers but those no-soul traitors of Bolehland.

    These cyber troopers just want to divert the attention from the pkfz issue.

    Leave them alone and those culprits of pkfz must be brought to book.

  465. Kancilandak says:

    What is the need for us to divert all attention away fom PKFZ.. we too want to know what is all about. PKFZ nochet scrutinize in a court of until than we will not assum anything.. when it is scrtunize then there is possibilty we may know what pendatang.. or the trust we native put on them is all about.

  466. kittykat46 says:

    Pendatang ! Pendatang ! Pendatang ! Pendatang !

    Most of the “Bumiputras” I know also have fairly recent ancestors who were from pretty far away.

    Aceh, Sulawesi, Narathiwat, Takbai, Mandailing, Surabaya, Bangkahulu, Madura, Kerala, Trivandrum, Pondicherry, Karachi, Kabul, Kandahar, Muscat, Yemen, ….

    does it sound like anywhere inside the territory of Malaysia/Malaya ?

    And they have the cheek to call me Pendatang.

  467. wits0 says:

    These cyber troopers actually want to divert the attention from everything that the kancillanciau’s grazing god has committed, not just that of PKFZ.

    “And they have the cheek to call me Pendatang.” – Kittykat46.

    And Idris ala as “kafir”, but hasn’t yet picked up their courage to openly do so yet. Pea brainers of the evil sort, reminiscent of Lilliput and Blefuscu. As in Macbeth, all the perfume of Araby will not hide that sort of stench.

  468. wits0 says:

    Got any melayu named, “Hang” as in “Hang Tuah” kah?

    Dei, Kancillanciau, hang yourself ler, and be the just melayu “Hang”! Pordah! 😀

  469. wits0 says:

    Dei, Kancillanciau, hang yourself ler, and be the FIRST melayu named “Hang”! Pordah! 😀

    (Can’t wait for a genuine Indian to tell him so, hahaha!)

  470. ahbengkia says:

    //when it is scrtunize then there is possibilty we may know what pendatang.. or the trust we native put on them is all about.//Dud

    Hey when come to stealing money, I think the natives are the first class. Their whole life is centred around taking and more taking. Anyone can confirm that.

  471. ahbengkia says:

    witSo, you think I don’t that. This is just to hit back at a f**king racist here.

  472. Menyalak-er says:

    Haha.. wits, pico is certainly ‘hanged’ but never ‘hung’ with those pebbles of his.
    Btw, i don’t think the dud has been circumcised, it is a SB ct who has zero parallel processing ability. Some strange attempted hacking of my computer yesterday.
    In many ways some of us have more inkling to the going on’s in the top (or is it bottom?) tier of the gomen. Why is it that they are stuck with the potongs including ais potong, otak beku?
    Soon they’ll be casting aspirations to our loyalty to king and nation, as if these belong to them.
    They then come to the conclusion that we are CIA, Mossad, MI5, SiA, AiS and FSB – but yet they say the world at large love’s dear leader!

  473. wits0 says:

    “Soon they’ll be casting aspirations to our loyalty to king and nation, as if these belong to them.” – menyalak-er.

    That’s why the dud is trying to spread the old tattered canard about country and gobblemen being one and the same. The world at large loves ear leader and the gobblemen? Ask neighboring Indonesians these days ler.

    If, e.g., Motorola has any secret plan to move out from Penang, this would become the closest kept secret and LGE will be blamed!

    They have twisted Obama’s telephone call as an endorsement when it wasn’t. Now they hope that the US(and locals) will soon forget about the human trafficking matter with time. The MSM will naturally play their part in the silence of obfuscation too.

  474. klepek says:

    Indonesians don want sampah malaysia (Lembumudin) buried there,

  475. storm62 says:

    Mat Top – will be sent back to Malaysia for burial.

    Mas Selamat – Kept in Kamunting for his protection.

    Chin Peng – Banned from coming back to Malaysia.

    Malaysia Boleh!!! ……..Home of Terrorist but NOT ex-communist coz we already have a communist ruling party here.

  476. electrolysis says:

    Wow! This Ling Liong Sik is a big time thief representing the Malaysian Chinese to fight for the rights of Chinese inBolehland.

    This Ling Liong Sik must be castrated and sent to the field, let the buffaloes banged and be then electrocuted.

  477. raptor says:

    “Corruption is a way of life in Malaysia.” It is a fact that almost everyone knows. But surprisingly, not many people know that “several UMNO politicians are involved in the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) Project.”

  478. Kancilandak says:

    Ok.. for discussion sake..
    let me admit that my status as bumiputra has make me someone who take and take but dont give.. incompetetive in a globalised world.. my leaders are vicious, corrupt and in denial mode as a gomen.. and the party that I support is infighting and malicius of each other..

    Keeping in mind the future of my children, what choice do I have as a citizen?

    Shud I entrust my future to and old man whose party leans towards religios extremism?
    Or to another old man on racial crutches who talk talk talk about NEP only for his personal existence sake?
    Or to another old man from Sodom and Gomorah who was equally greedy and corrupt as his boss when both them in power? Shall I leave the future of my children in the hands of a weak, spineless, idealogically incompatible colition of a goverment the above 3 old man created, weaven by a loose fabric call oppoisition?

  479. klepek says:

    kancilandak, your children`s future is in the hands of the murderer….be happy with it

  480. wits0 says:

    What sort of attempted Hamlet-ish soliloquy are you doing, pico?
    To hang or not to hang thyself?

  481. banjir says:

    Kartika said she would decide whether to turn to acting only after her caning sentence is carried out.

    “It is too far ahead. I can’t think of anything beyond my punishment at the moment,” said the mother of two.

    She is still awaiting news from the Pahang Religious Department as to when she would face her punishment for drinking beer at a hotel in Cherating last year.

    Kartika, however, admitted that she was approached by a producer to star in a movie on her ordeal over the Pahang Syariah Court’s decision to cane her six times for the offence.

    It is learnt that the producer had met her personally at her father’s resort home last month.

  482. Menyalak-er says:

    Pico, the pebble is beginning to think!! Eloquently too…
    As in all things, one must choose – Reality. What is reality then?

  483. raptor says:

    What sort of attempted Hamlet-ish soliloquy are you doing, pico?
    To hang or not to hang thyself? – wits0


    Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow
    of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy: he hath
    borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how
    abhorred in my imagination it is! my gorge rims at
    it. Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know
    not how oft. Where be your gibes now? your
    gambols? your songs? your flashes of merriment,
    that were wont to set the table on a roar? Not one
    now, to mock your own grinning? quite chap-fallen?

  484. ahbengkia says:

    Cunt chill, you admit right about your bumi status. The rest of your post you got it all wrong. As I said, incompetent people are usually wrong, hardly right. Yes I am referring to you.

  485. Transformers says:

    fellow earthling have pass this message to yo from our recording<>this is all yo got^^^
    Beep^^^changing to human voice mode^^^
    (((^^^ditto lge’sbal wanna dilute the income of lanciaulandak^^^kancilandak is living in fool’s paradise too^^^yep pico, ‘close rank’ – so that you flurs can stab each other in the backwith your teeny weeny kris^^^go ask your sifu….kancilotak^^^not caabuut la…need to sleep and get up very wash Najib’s toilet’s..sprinkle with air wangi..wait door…get big night..go get drunk again.^^^So many sirs…chegu…sifu for you.Behave and listen to wise men.^^^kancilancau,close rank in the face of threat?from who?the Chinese?the Indians?the Indons? ^^^Kancil**dek.Keep on talking^^^Cunt chill^^^Kancillamduck^^^pico^^^Kancillan^^^beeeeeeeppp^^^
    Taking over^^^so Kancillandak@earthworm^^^from yo record we are please to spake to yo that we can only confirm yo true dna cum identity where yo origin originate from^^^ only if yo left yo balls with us for lab test ^^^what about that?^^^wanna go for free ride around the globe?^^^<<<<>>>>>>

  486. Transformers says:

    ^^^From our detector^^^yo really sound and act racist to yo other human race^^^calling them pendatang^^^yo have make fellows earthling felling insulted^^^some are born before yo^^^we are watching from within^^^
    Yo^^^Kancillandak@earthworm^^^what about we give you a free ride around the globe in a speed of light with our space shot ^^^what about that?^^^for yo size and record^^^we would advice yo to hold on to yo two little ball tightly and make sure it won’t drop out or shrink to -o^^^
    what about that>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  487. monsterball says:

    If kancilandak children are like him….new government must extend houses for perculiars from Tanjong Rambutan and Tampoi…to one more.
    Maybe in Pulau Langkawi to make Japanese roti….with his dear old man smiling at him…in flesh and in spirit….forever.
    Father talks like an idiot…children must be idiots too.
    This old man…..that old man….talking kok….talking weird typical of UMNO welknown mentalities and behaviors..

  488. sosong says:

    Cannot equate LKS holding DAP power (long time) with Dr. M. or Sam Vel. there is no money to be made at DAP top post!!!
    Top post at DAP (opposition) only means tons of hard works little money and high risk of been prosecuted. Only ppl with genuine intention to serve (not for money) would want to be at opposition for long time.

  489. wits0 says:

    Sosong, righto. Also cannot equate LKS’ nepotism with BN/Umno nepotism. LGE more than earned his spurs. Look at the abject way that Lim Keng Aik tries to promote his non quality si-pan.

  490. storm62 says:

    ha ha ha…cunt chill lanciao, you? bumiputra???

    you should admit you’re an umnoputra…NOT…bumiputra, ok?

    Unless, if you’re really born a kancil, then i will agree with you, you should be living in the jungle…not here….got it?

    Then maybe your enemies will be the orang asli, cos they love to have a BBQ kancil down with some toddy, nira or some rice wine….i love that too.

  491. Menyalak-er says:

    Might as well round off to 500 comments, eh?
    LKS and junior, must start to rule with pragmatism.
    Right now LGE is doing pretty OK with regards to admin. and fighting corruption.
    He has now got to stop the FDI ‘mentality’ – everything oso investment this and that. Look at todays world economics – still reeling, hicking and hawing. Who’s gonna to invest in a puny island and S.P. when a ‘small’ K.B.Palat issue had to be settled with so much ado?
    Penangnites are known for their shrewdness in trading – given half the chance, they will sell ice to the Eskimo. Trade man, trade!
    The other expertise they have lots off, is all those blokes who were/are employed in E&E, IT – is it so difficult to make Penang an out-sourcing hub for ‘Asean’ + China? Scared of Chennai ah?
    Puh-lese-lah, instead of looking to Korea, China and Japan, much less the US/EU, look at what you have in your backyard…

  492. tangga says:

    Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng says he is “humbled” by the recognition by TI and added that he was concerned over the fact that that corruption could cost Malaysia as much as RM10 billion a year – an amount equivalent to 1 or 2 per cent of GDP as pointed out by the GCR when it cited the findings of the special government business facilitation task force Pemudah and the World Bank.

    Additional report contents that were of concern to Lim was Malaysia’s per capita spending of only RM5 on anti-corruption efforts and the fact that only about 10 per cent, or just 7,223 potential corruption cases, of the total 71,558 reported between 2000 and 2006 were investigated by the Anti Corruption Agency, the precursor of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, with a conviction rate of less than one percent.

    “The GCR 2009 concluded that this illustration of the Malaysian government’s inaction in the light of the serious corruption allegations, along with its seeming inability to catch the big fish instead focusing on the ‘small fry’, suggests that what anti-corruption efforts exist are mere tokens,” said Lim.

    “RM10 billion in losses from corruption per year is a huge sum and there must be greater commitment from the Federal government towards fighting corruption to ensure that 27 million Malaysians can benefit from this RM 10 billion dividend from successfully combating corruption.”

    Lim also today announced that the state has managed to cut about RM36 million or 12 per cent of in operating expenditure this year due to its efforts to curb corruption.

    “Transparency International’s recognition of anti-corruption efforts by the Penang state government through CAT (Competency Accountability And Transparency) governance is backed up by savings of nearly 12 per cent of the 2008 Penang state budget of RM 36 million from operating expenditure. This RM36 million savings has allowed the state government to carry out social programs and implement its people-oriented government,” said Lim.

    TI said that the Penang state is the first Malaysian state government to implement the open tender system for government procurement and contracts.

  493. Pegasus says:

    dud , are you taking exstacy pills..? you sound like a retard..don’t skip your medicine now..!preaching again about the gov..what they have done…are you really an idiot?..the gov was chosen by the people for the trust we had on them by the older generations over the decades….not knowing this umno/bn stays in power by divide and rule strategy…playing the racial and religious issues up to stir and maintain the fire and hatred among the people….while robbing and cheating the Rakyat …if you are Malaysian citizen…you should know…don’t pretend otherwise..if you can’t remember…then its time for your medicine…!!!!

  494. wits0 says:

    The Star’s front page today headlined a story about so-called VIP’s who renege on their repayments to the National Higher Education Fund Corporation. These loans obviously were taken out for their VIP children for pursuing tertiary education. And these Yang Berhormat’s (elected people’s representatives) and Yang Berbahagia’s (honorary title holders) owe the fund to the tune of RM400million!


    To da dud, the gobblemen can do no wrong, wat.

  495. monsterball says:

    If kancilandak is a kancil…I will not drown him.
    I will eat him ……all up…take weeks..OK…..but sure to eat him up.
    After all…i am his Sifu……..and have the power to kill him…according to jungle laws.

  496. Kancilandak says:

    For almost a day and half… I missed the scoldings that you always give me… Sifu!
    What a releif.. hee..hee.. I tot I’ll not hear from you for a while.. but my luck just ran out.

  497. puzzled says:

    Here is one big secret to expose on corruption in the Army. Who is the Menteri Pertahanan at that time.?

    Pengakuan ini dibuat oleh Kepten Mejer (B) Abu Bin Kassim dihadapan Suruhanjaya SPR. Berikut adalah sedutan pertemuan kami dengan SPR. Pada hari isnin 28hb September 2009 pimpinan PAS yang diketui oleh YB. Dato Abdul Halim Bin Abd Rahman telah berjumpa dengan SPR. Wakil PAS adalah YB. Salahuddin Ayub, Sdr. Kamaruzaman, YB Firdaus, saya sendiri Suhaizan Kayat dan ramai lagi.

    Pihak SPR pula dibarisi oleh Pengerusinya Tan Sri Abd Aziz Bin Mohd Yusof, Timbalan Pengerusi Dato Wan Ahmad Wan Omar dan lain-lain lagi. Berikut adalah sedutan ucapan saya dalam pertemuan tersebut.

    Suhaizan Kaiat : Selepas Komanden menerima Karung Khas SPR yang di dalamnya terdapat Sampul-sampul Keutamaan dan selepas Proses Penyerahan pada hari pertama bagi menunggu Proses Penyerahan untuk hari yang kedua Karung Khas SPR akan disimpan dalam Gurd Post tentera atau lokup polis atau bilik kebal SPR.

    Pihak EPP(Ejen Pengundian Pos) tidak dibenarkan berkawal kerana kedua-duanya adalah kawasan larangan untuk orang awam. Keadaan ini mencurigakan. Terdedah kepada sabotaj daripada pihak-pihak tertentu.

    Kes Al-Maunah dan suspek lari daripada lokup di Kota Tinggi tahun 2008 merupakan bukti-bukti yang balai polis dan Kem Tentera tiada jaminan Karung Khas SPR selamat.

    Dato’ Wan Ahmad Wan Omar : Jadi tuan tidak percaya dengan tentera dan polis lah?

    Suhaizan Bin Kaiat : Maaf Pengerusi saya minta bekas anggota tentera Pak Abu Kassim berpangkat Kapten Mejer(B) yang turut sama datang hari ini beritahu kita bagaimana beliau handle Karung Khas SPR semasa bertugas.

    Pak Abu Kassim : Maaf tuan. Saya ni bekas anggota tentera. Terlibat dalam pentadbiran. Sayalah yang pangkah dacing pada kertas-kertas undi tu. Saya pangkah BN. Banyak tuan.

    Tan Sri Abd Aziz : Kenapa tak pangkah bulan ? Pak Abu Kassim : Saya pangkahkan bulan juga tapi saya rosakan borang 2. Saya takut masa tu tuan sebab pegawai saya duduk belakang saya. Saya patuh ajalah arahan dia.

    Tan Sri Abd Aziz : Bila tu Pak Abu?

    Pak Abu Kassim : Masa saya bertugas sebelum tahun 2000.

    Tan Sri Abd Aziz : Itu cerita lama. Sekarang era saya tak akan berlaku lagi.

    Suhaizan Kaiat : Lama memang lama. Tapi sistem tetap sama tuan.

    Tan Sri Abd Aziz : Sekarang tidak akan berlaku lagi.

    Suhaizan Bin Kaiat : Saya minta EPP(Ejen Pengundian Pos) dibenarkan mengawal 24jam tuan.

    Dato Wan Omar : Perkara tersebut tidak ada dalam undang-undang. Nanti SPR kena pertisen pulak. Kawalan ini telah dibuat oleh pihak tentera dan polis. Mengapa kita curiga?

    Pak Abu Kassim : Maaf tuan. Masa saya jaga kawalan selepas saya berhenti tentera. Tahun 2000. Masa Roslan Kassim lawan Sothinathan. Tan Sri Isa Samad mahu masuk dalam kawasan Majlis Daerah PD. Saya yang halang tuan.

    Dato’ Wan Omar : Saya pun tak pasti Pak Abu ni. Saya banyak terima aduan macam ni. Saya pun tak pasti. Pak Abu begitu lancar sekali. Tan Sri Isa masuk tu tak de bukti. Lagi pun pihak lagi satu(UMNO) pun tidak ada disini untuk mempertahankannya.

    YB. Dr Maria : Bukan kita tidak percaya dengan polis dan tentera Tan Sri Pengerusi tetapi kejadian-kejadian yang telah berlaku sebelum ini telah membuktikan bahawa manipulasi tersebut berlaku. Kita kena kawal semua ini Tan Sri.

    Pertemuan ini bermula jam 11.30 pagi dan berakhir jam 2 ptg.

    Banyak perkara yang dibincangkan. Tetapi tiada suatu pun komitmen SPR untuk berubah dalam pilihanraya Bagan Pinang ini. SPR nampak baik aja. Tetapi sebenarnya SPR menyimpan pekung yang sangat besar dalam pengurusan UNDI POS

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  499. Thumb Logic says:

    There was this government employee who paid RM 4o Million to get rid of his first wife eveybody wants to emulate him without asking where and how he got that kind of money. Two government employees murder a foreigner and everybogd wants to send them to hang but no one wants to ask why did they do it. It is very difficult to get rid of corruption because it allows people with very little abilty to get all that they want. And once you have that kind of money it is easier to buy your way into power than to to buy a good education. Or have I spoken out of turn. When I was in government I was warned by my late father not to take even the writting paper and pen home because the Chief Clerk, he retired as a Chief Clerk , could report you to the ACA. Now I sleep well thanks to my late father but some time I have to go to bed a little bit hungry. It is ok.

  500. JEFFRY BONG says:

    In parliament recently there was a comment that the defence purchased cannot be opened to Tender due the National Security issues and it got to be direct purchased.Then why there is a need for an arm broker and huge commissions was being factored into the purchase .Where in the world manufacturer are willing to pay 114 Euros millions as commissions ??Unless it is your Money and my Money!

  501. JEFFRY BONG says:

    The former DG of immigration was recently charged in court for accepting RM 60,000 to expidite 4,337 Bangaladeshi worker’s pass for the month of june and july. What about the rest of the year??
    Damn it ,this is just the tip of an iceberg .No wonder one can often see Bangaladeshi jobless camping under bridges and highways as their home and at same time begging for food.This is indeed oversupply and definitely there is a surplus. Make minister responsible for their actions even if they are not in their position anymore.
    Another report came in today ,the public must be warn.Foreign pickpockets gang at work at LRT STATION IN KL.
    Even foreign criminals found that Malaysia is so lucrative that they decided relocate their operations here.This really a danger to all to all Malaysians who uses the services daily.. Where is the operator responsibilities to ensure passengers are safe.Don’t they
    employ any security guards
    OMG the country is really in jeopardy with these ……worshipping money officers.

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