Including the likes of the cow head protestors and all their supporters.

To others, thank you for making Malaysia a beautiful place to live in.

Happy holidays and drive carefully.

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  1. rainstorm says:

    SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all muslims and have a safe trip balik kampong 🙂

  2. enjoy says:

    To pemimpin2 UMNO – “Break a leg” ,,,,,,is a well-known saying in theatre which means “good luck”. It is typically said to actors before they go out onto stage to perform.

  3. GoMalaysian says:

    Raja Petra : Menghina Islam? Tolonglah! [Episod 2] – Versi Bahasa Melayu

    sila ke sini untuk menonton!!!

    Selamat Menyambut Hari Malaysia! 🙂

  4. harrison says:

    Eid Mubarak to everyone.

  5. Kancilandak says:

    After drinking plenty many big bottles of black beer on the peanut money given by grand old Slippervellu, the 2000 odd indians will deliver Bagan Pinang into the hand of BN..
    With the big ego wighead backed by still powerful Isa Samad.. (two badly bruiced leaders will prove they strength to umno) Bagan Pinang will be the best Hari Raya present for umno this year! Sleep Aljuburi.. Selamat Hari Raya to Pakatan Rakyat.

  6. mazen says:

    Tahun ini tiada Raya untuk ‘mu’,
    Mookriz, Moonajib, Moohidin, Moohisham,
    Tahun ini tiada Raya untuk ‘kau’,
    Cow, Cow, Cow, Cow,
    Tuhan marah kepada hantu haram,
    Haram, marah; marah haram.

  7. Pegasus says:

    Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim ….
    Kancilancau …are you taking the big black bottles yourself you s-hole…! the indian votes …will be going to the pakatan …Isa Samad is a big thief…already forgiven?…thats Bolehland for you…!…Umno is just telling the world ..it doen’t have anymore clean candidate if he is chosen…Umno is only full of the corrupted idiots and hungry thiefs..which even the hungry ghost has to make way …! Bagan Pinang is umno seat…if it lose this election…its time for Umno/kancillancau to take the kris and commit harakiri..! Ha ha! change yourself … be a good muslim
    The rakyat are simply fed-up with Bn rule…trust umno to try all the dirty tricks in the book and not in the book to win this election!!!..they are desperate after losing 7 straight by-election in Peninsular..!!!..thats a record!!..and still breaking! .. can’t unbreak your heart… SHR!!!

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  10. massage says:

    “Why waste billions and make inferior cars to waste on F1 when a RM20 cow head and caning a model can get Malaysia global news coverage? F1 is foreign but those incidents are truly Malaysian!”

  11. monsterball says:

    UMNO won by huge majority in the Bagan Pinang 12th GE…and it takes no idiots to predict UMNO winning is a forgone conclusion.
    Yet…kancilandak said….best Hari Raya present to UMNO.
    If UMNO wins with a narrow margin…trhatr is even better present to Pakatan Rakyat.
    If UMNO looses…kancilandak should put his head to a pile of cow shit….asking Allah for forgiveness….for his non stop shit comments.

  12. BravoEagleHotel says:

    Selamat Hari Raya to ALL ANAK MALAYSIA !
    Let’s all pray for another ANak Malaysia WIN in Bagan Pinang !

  13. straycat's strut says:

    Its hari raya lah people. Still can not be nice eh?

    Visited this place again today because that is what we do on hari raya; visiting old friends. But most had changed beyond recognition. But I would still wish Selamat Hari Raya from here in Ijok.

    Especially to Sue – I wish this blog is as friendly as it used to be. Where did all the level-headed people gone to? HbH – you owe me lots of of apology.

    Be nice people!

  14. harrison says:

    Hi, Do I know u, Straycat Strutt?

    But to my Dear my beloved ol’ friend, Jeancumlately,

    Many people have changes my dear, including you. Everthing changes my friend. Even the steetlamp have changed color.

    Hey, I am only popularizing my beloved Jean, helping her in anyway possible to be famous.

    Insya Allah. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.



  15. monsterball says:

    I wish all those low down…son of a gun.. pro UMNO racialist Muslims…a Selamat Hari Raya.
    Enjoy yourself.
    Drive safely. Every life is precious…including my dogs.
    Do not drink stout or beer …to get high…to serve wife. Be natural and by the will power…that “thing” will go up.
    Do not gamble…if you cannot afford to loose.
    Give generously to the poor and needy and to your parents and tiny tots.
    Do not try to be too smart….and burn dangerous fire crackers.
    Do so…avoid houses….go to the football field and do that.
    No football field….play sparkles….that’s enough.
    To all my loving anti UMNO Muslims…Selamat Hari Raya too….and may you return to protect this blog from idiots from UMNO.

  16. justland says:

    Including the likes of the cow head protestors and all their supporters.

    Hi Sloone, aren’t you cute? Hahahahahahaha….

  17. massage says:

    “But I would still wish Selamat Hari Raya from here in Ijok.” – straycat’s strut

    You are very lucky, there are hardly any indians or chinese to disturb your state of mind there.

  18. massage says:

    I`m looking forward to Kartika`s caning when the holidays are over.

  19. puzzled says:

    BTW is Najib a muslim or Hindu? or he prays to both, muslim for his soul and Hindu for his career? He dress like a muslim, talk like a muslim and behave lik a muslim, so he must be a muslim, right?

  20. billauchris says:

    Let the cow-head incident rest in peace and be buried with a lesson to those culprits and to all and sundry to be sensitive to the multi-racial and multi-religious realities of Malaysia.

    For progress and civility, Malaysians must rise above petty issues and be more pragmatic when coming to iron out differences.

    It is timely for people of all races and religions in this season of Ramadhan to forgive our neighbours’ past misfeasances and move forward to engage in interreligious dialogue so as to understand one another better, to instill mutual respect and acceptance of one another as fellow human beings and to leave in peace and harmony with one another in an effort to attain unity among the races of Malaysia.

    Multi-religionism is Malaysia’s strength. Majority of the people are generally God-fearing; and, as such deeply rooted in them, can be found godly virtues like love, mercy, helpfulness, magnanimity,considerateness, perseverence, humility and spirituality. It is these virtues that make any civilisation and nation great.

    We need to move forward and not stiffle our progress by resorting to archaic ways of subjugating the human spirit and conduct that hamper governmental efforts for socio-economic development.

    Negative disciplining merely buys management a lit bit of time. The effect does not last. Let us adopt and employ more civil methods like counselling and rehabilita-tive training like deploying them to engage in charity and social work for a period of time etc.

    Societal problems often surface when men in authority and position attempt to assume and behave like gods – in point, the building of the tower of Babel and its subseqent destruction by God would serve as a lesson to all. Arrogance does not pay.

    Unfortunately some times politicians get carried away by the power that they procure or have procured through one way or the other. Power not properly used tends to obliterate their mental faculty and fill it with prejudices that corrupt their heart and soul to pepetrate crimes and offences against humanity.

    On this day of Hari Raya, I only wish the dawning of the day when we wake up and start to love and forgive our neighbours for the wrong that they have done and avoid doing things to others that we do not want done to ourselves.

    May the peace of God be upon all our people of Malaysia

  21. Jim says:

    Today is 6th day of Raya and I still see Malays shopping at the Supermarkets. Some took 1week leave before and after Raya. Malas…..

  22. billauchris says:

    I am quite surprised that out of the 50 odd who were involved in the cow-head’s demonstration, only a small number were being charged. What about the rest? Were they not guilty as the six who were charged?

    I think the AG is either ignorant of the law or is embarking on the precarious selective persecution approach or under the pressure from his superior to put a blinker over his eyes.

    The trend is quite obvious. Just read about Kupan’s case and one one constable was singled out for indictment. I am sure there were others who were involved as well.

    The public is watching what and how the AG Chamber is performing. By the way what, can Dr Koh tell the public what are the AG’s Key performance duties and responsibilities?

    Is the public at large going to take it that the MACC and the Police are given the power and right to kill those who are detained by them for interrogation even though they are innocent?

    How can we ever achieve industrialised economic status by 2020 when the police and those in authority are behaving like barbarians?

    God Bless Malaysia

  23. M Muslim says:

    Salaam alaykum,

    Here are some ideas of cards and gifts you can get for Eid and for other times.

  24. Anika says:

    yay, we won da match wit aisd 3-0, i kno aks iz da bst!!! no need 2 mension!!! i scored 2 goalz!!! i kno um da bst!!! hav a mind blowin eid wit loadz of fun!!! bst whishes from anika!!!
    😀 hav fun!!! ❤ anika ❤ = )

  25. Billauchris says:

    Just wonder what have happened to all the sensitive offenses committed by the UMNO ruffians? The cow-head incident, torching of churches, the Lynas protest in Penang etc. Look like they just die a natural death. While all those crimes created out of figments of imaginations of UMNO appear to persist. Hey, mana ada keadilan?

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