I wonder which is worse: suggesting a garland of slippers or brandishing a keris.

Both were done in public. The garland of slippers seem to have hurt only one man’s feelings – Mahathir Mohammad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia – a civil servant – who says he is unfazed by this lack of manners.

The keris on the other hand created havoc and insulted many people, and worst still, put to shame the keris’ culture as the symbol of our heritage.

The MIC man gets reprimanded and the UMNO man who brandished the keris has been promoted to be the Home Minister.

Fair? In Malaysia, you can only find that in skin colour. Never when it comes to what is right or wrong.

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  1. kittykat46 says:

    Semi Value
    Keris Hisham

    3 cobras slithering in the same snake-pit


  2. tshock says:

    the whole of malaysia knows that there are 2 sets of laws.

  3. Danildaud says:

    Why all the big talk if you lack the guts to stand by it!
    The Indian community should be spitting on Sami Vellu’s face for being such a low down jerk!

  4. monsterball says:

    One MIC man dare to throw slipper to make Mahathir smell and eat shit.
    KerisMooDin pull out keris and kissed to show….how he can kill anyone going against UMNO.
    Both actors stinks…..talk alot…..no actions.
    Both act and apologized and will start nonsense again.
    These are UMNO and BN low class actors.

  5. kunta says:

    Even C4 dont mean anything what is that slipper or Keris.

    Even Tun had hinted his own party guys as Lackeys , Hypes , Hypocrite and COWARD.

    They only defend someone to get publicity but not the truth.
    When you are in Power they will stoop to kiss your hands and shed tears. They are the first to walk away when the whole world condemn you.

  6. Lee says:

    Forthose who can’t go into certain websites. Please used online proxy server. Just type the URL in and zoom u r in.

  7. AB LIM says:

    ***Worst actor awards ****
    Hypocrite act….no matter what this idiots do or act ….this idiots have painted their own face with a very ugly color where history will tell to all our coming generation citizen.
    If we compare this idiots to our mother earth natural mountain color,natural leaf color,natural water color,natural sky color,natural skin color……then this idiots are really doing everything very unnaturally no matter their plan,slogan,act,c4,cow head,tbh,kugan,pkfz….and finally they are awarded the worst actor of all time.
    They never learn to grow up and ……never will.
    Change is the best solution for our coming generation….all walks of life good Malaysian citizen.

  8. sky leaning sword says:

    This kerisham is just a frog in a well. If this stupid frog has the knowledge of the existence of the formidable Chinese one-armed sword man, he would not have the guts to wield that kris les he wants to reduce to a no-arm sword man- if he has the gut to have a duel with the one-armed sword man.

    Then our kris brother would be wielding his kris with his foot come next Umno GE>

  9. sky leaning sword says:

    As to the slipper garland on Mahakutty, well this is all the kelings’ affair.

    Non-keling better don’t champor tangan unless you want to be a faked keling ala Mahakutty a faked Melayu!

  10. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha… only in Malaysia!!!
    Good one Susan! Comparing a slippa to a keris…
    The evidence points strongly to the Keris which can amputate parts of the anatomy. What can you do with a flip-flop??
    Off course, octokutty doesn’t mind the slippa thingy, but he’s undergone 2 or more incised wounds and he knows that he can’t take another one.

    The mambo-jumbos’ seem to be at odds with dear leader – he says one thing and the next moment these cows do the opposite. Where is thy vaunted leadership, droopo magnus?

  11. keraspedal says:

    which is worst:

    samy or mahathir????

    i said both..!!!

  12. Kancilandak says:

    The garland of slippers is harmless but is bad manners.. but sinse the MIC idiot ask forgiveness TDM can use the slippers go toilet in his remaining years, so is ok. But nowdays sinse a good many MCA, MIC men carry guns the Home Minister cannot set a bad example for the rakyat jelata by waving his in pubic.. so he do a harmless drama wield a keris to gather support from feudalistic tykes like me.. of course the kris is worse.. a weapon which must draw blood providing Hang Tuah teach him how to use it but the laksmana is long dead.. so no need to worry.. But beware one Aljuburi using a stealth weapon, the sumpit which is worst.. Aljuburi is carrying it around pricking unsuspecting young political aides and the trusting rakyat on they bums..hee..hee..hee..!

  13. Menyalak-er says:

    Pico, the stealth weapon will of course be hidden/stealthed within a ragged old bengali slippa; and i’m sure the whole apparatus will be used to stab your neuronal networks from the posterior aspect.
    That is what wits0 meant about the ‘medulla oblongata’ part of the brain stem, as your midbrain is missing.
    Are you thinking with your anterior horns perchance?

  14. slaughtering dragon chopper says:

    Of course it’s the man with a dick, sorry keris is the worse.

    This dick-man only has the gut to bully the weaponless and defendless rakyat but when come to defending the nation against the advancing enemies, this dick-man will be the first to retreat to Turkey like a specious turkey ala our former British masters retreating to Singapore when the Japanese armed forces were advancing the then Malaya via Thailand.

    This useless dick-man has got no balls to fight against any enemy because this dick-man is scared to die.

    We should hire the one-armed swordsman to castrate this bully aka dick-man.

  15. slaughtering dragon chopper says:

    I wonder why Malaysia is filled with all these archaic and moribund politicians?

    The only conclusion is that all these archaic and moribund politicians are still holding to their blood sucking business empires established during their heydays and they know that once they are gone, their blooding sucking business empires which cannot expose to broad-daylight will collapse the minutes they are deprived of power.

  16. slaughtering dragon chopper says:

    This was the case when Bodohlah was in power, Bodohlah was encroaching and diminishing slowly the corrupt empires of Mahakutty.

    That’s why Mahakutty was furious against Bodohlah, not because whether Bodohlah was incapable in running the country.

    The PKFZ case is just a typical example these old archaic and moribund politicians are still milking the rakyat with astronomical and ridiculous bills at their whims and fancies.

    Looking at the other rotten systems like TNB, Mas, TM Net, Syabas, North-south hghways, Putra jaya, Cyberjaya, Putras and Star LRT, etc etc, created by all these moribund politicians, they are still enjoying their legitimate share whence all these rotten systems were created using Rakyats’ sweat and blood money during their heydays.

    The Rakyat are suffering because of all these rotten and expensive systems created by all these archaic and moribund politicians.

    So we know now this Semi Keling refuses to resign because he is still enjoying all the ‘fruits’ created by him.

  17. slaughtering dragon chopper says:

    The Rakyats are suffering with all kinds of expensive amenities will therefore boot all these archaic and moribund politicians who are useless blood-sucking parasites.

    The Rakyats must rectify the corrupt and blood-sucking systems created by all these moribund politicians if the Rakyats want to be free from being a slave to all these moribund politicians.

  18. justland says:

    Aiya! Of course is the slippers.

    It’s the slipper man who started all these nonsense 28 years ago when this kerisman was still flying kite.

    Anywhere Wishing all our Muslim brothers and sisters Selanmat Aidil except this Keris, C4, Kutty all all other corrupt goons.

    Hope they all langgar sambil mati by lembu kereta when balik kampong.

    Then this will be a land of justice for all. No more all these nonsenses. °

    Wishing all our Muslim brothers and sisters Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

  19. save_malaysia says:

    Deputy Inspector-General of Police said police were investigating how the Cabinet Paper which involved the Official Secrets Act (OSA) could be exposed online.

    “We are investigating to find out who is responsible for exposing information on the Cabinet Paper. However, I can’t comment more on this as it will disturb our investigation,” he told Bernama here today.

    Asshole, we know it disturbs your “peace of mind”.
    Moron investigate the Finance Ministry, your failure to do so only further emphasise you are corrupt and now you and AG are in collusion in the PKFZ. Tell that fat AG he is going down the drain with you and stop acting so blur.

  20. save_malaysia says:

    Deputy Inspector-General of Police said police were investigating how the Cabinet Paper which involved the Official Secrets Act (OSA) could be exposed online.

    “We are investigating to find out who is responsible for exposing information on the Cabinet Paper. However, I can’t comment more on this as it will disturb our investigation,” he told Bernama here today.
    Acting so blur. A*shole, we know it disturbs your “peace of mind”.
    Moron investigate the Finance Ministry, your failure to do so only further emphasise you are corrupt and now you and AG are in collusion in the PKFZ.
    Tell that fat AG he is going down the drain with you.

  21. wits0 says:

    WRT Batek, Bolehland lost the bragging right of origination(re: UN stand) to Indonesia. In time to come, perhaps the same will happen wrt that piece of readily rusty wavy iron dagger – used mostly for assassination and execution.

  22. Fern says:

    Thats the trouble with indians !They like to say it whatever but then they would’nt feel the shame to eat humble pie!
    How to take their words?They should be fearless in what they meant and its so dammed pathetic to see this sorrowful indian blurping his idiotic behaviour.Now you see this daylight balls carrier yelping sorry and good old Samy is no better!A good leader defends his men! but he shivered after TDM gave him a nudge.
    Hey President of USA Mr.Bush took the shoe throwing smiling and dodging and he took it.

  23. Pegasus says:

    MIC is full of hypocrites with no balls, just watch its leader, dead man still walking..and apologising to the mamak kutty.. both lying masters..MIC is irrelevant to the indians..it was dead in the last election…to be buried in the next…
    While the slippers was to humilate the mamak, the keris is certainly worst as it provoke the people’s sentiments and feelings..of course Hisapmudin and his goons will incite and fuel religious sentiments in the coming months…this won’t be the last..!

  24. Pegasus says:

    The torpedo from the sub will be good enough for the kancil s-hole and other umno S-licking cyber troopers !… these fools should just take the kris and commit harakiri.. no point of fasting the stomach when the heart/mind/brain is full of shits..not practising the good teaching of Islam…but instead twisting, provoking and inciting religious fire among the races…its doesn’t matter whether its the kris, slippers, broom,shits..just throw the whole lot out in the next GE…!!!.

  25. keris is a culture thing. slipper is an insult. the latter is worse than the former.

    that MIC member really kurang ajar and biadap to a great man brought modernity and prosperity to malaysia!

  26. are you insulting umno flag and polis logo as well ….

  27. wits0 says:

    “keris is a culture thing. slipper is an insult. the latter is worse than the former.” – the perpetual dud.

    Culture is broadly definable as the tastes in art and manners that are favored by a social group.

    The keris is not only bad manners but it has only ONE purportedly useful function – that of (limited)self-defense in a bygone era. On many more historical occasions when used, this was not the case even.

    The lowly slippers are used by everyone as a buffer/protection between the dirt on the rough ground and the human feet. In time this became associated with whatever that’s filthy. IOW. they became just a symbolic insult like any direct utterance of contempt. Some people behave like or are scums, like as if we don’t know.

    Slippers are also clearly not lethal, so how can that be worse than acting belligerently with a keris or any sharp implement of war and aggression? Utterly FAR-FETCHED!

  28. Kancilandak says:

    Sifu, please dont advise people to play firecracker.. it is agaist the rule in Malaysia.. dont go agaist the law people.. for if you pembangkang supporter you very likely be ISA for your own safety… Fireworks are for we the ruling people to play with.. it is our rights which we will not give up.

  29. wits0 says:

    “Where is thy vaunted leadership, droopo magnus?” – menyalak-er.

    The only “leadership” these bn props for umno has is to direct their followers to bent over to umno – for a song, or even less!

  30. massage says:

    I challenge Lembumudin to a duel, he with kris and me with my lethal flying slippers

  31. monsterball says:

    I did not encourage anyone to play fire crackers and said if guys like kancilandak want to curi curi to play …go to football fields and do that.
    Daily…fire crackers sounds are heard everywhere……being fired…although banned.
    Kancilandak better stop supporting UMNO….stop being such a low class racialist….start committing to change of government……and focus his mind to know…UMNO applies double standards..that Muslim can play fire crackers with no laws…..and catch others selling them…..which is mostly Chinese.
    If they apply the same fair ways…there will be no more pirated DVD…government secret documents…..how to cheat tax payers.

  32. AB LIM says:

    Salute all fellow Malaysians and friends………….reject racialist tactic
    Let’s crush the Evil
    UMNO – BN Regime
    for Bagan Pinang.

  33. bujang says:

    sure kris lah. you can make sliper flowers decor lah. Bu kris why have to raise up the kris in parliament etc. Please live in peace after all life is not that long for eceryone. Old days we take belachan, garam for food with all races we dont talk of kris or racial issue why so manypoliticians are so big headed , just to to gain popularity for own sake.

  34. wits0 says:

    Vaunted leadership! So Truly Niamah!

    “I am sad because a life is a life,” he told reporters.

    M’sia’s other half on ‘filling Kamunting to the brim’

  35. monsterball says:

    Very rarely I can comprehend AB LIM messages…but his last one is so clear and good.
    I agree wholeheartedly.
    Bless you Lim.

  36. AB LIM says:

    Duty bond to be united….for a very successful Malaysia Malaysian…tq and all the very best…..Bless you too Monsterball.

  37. L.S.Revi says:

    KerisHashim bares his daring balls
    Mahakutty still banging other peoples balls
    SamyOllu trying tofigure out who castrated his balls

  38. amoker says:

    aisay, anything UMNO does is ok mah. take billions of ringgit.. ok mah. the cost of protecting the race.

  39. jungleboy says:

    ” Fair? In Malaysia, you can only find that in skin colour”

    A chinese friend related to me the many incidents where he was mistaken for a malay. In Malaysia, how does one looks like a malay? Just by the skin colour and facial features? If that’s the criteria, then 99.99 % of the indians around the world will be said to look like malays, since Mahathir, Zambry and many other umnoputras of similar skin colour and facial features are classified as malays.

  40. Greenbug says:

    Hisha”mood”in was supportive of the cow head demonstrators from Sect.23 Shah Alam. Recently he was also reported to have said he will fill up Kamunting Camp with ISA detainees if need be. He was also the one who mentioned regret at the death of terrorist Nordin Mat Top and wished “Malaysia was given the chance to rehabilitate him”.

    He was also excited about getting Kartika Sari caned for drinking beer in public… Beer? Hey wasn’t Hisha”moo”din photographed with a can of Anchor Beer somewhere? Wakakaka….


    You wear slippers under your feet
    While you hold keris in your hand
    Only when slippers and keris meet
    Will they join together as a band

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 230909
    Wed. 23rd Sept. 2009.

  42. pkfz culprits must be hg says:

    Yes! And brand new!

    Toyota Camry 2.4L for RM69,396.00 (and not RM170,000.00)

    Toyota Altis for RM46,000 (and not RM112,000.00)

    Honda Jazz for RM36,000.00 (and not RM108,000)

    Want more?

    Read the following forwarded article…….by Syed Akbar Ali.

    And know the actual prices of your dream car.

    Subject: Car Prices In Malaysia (crazy high)

    Car Prices In Malaysia
    Digest this article, after that, you may need to vomit. What is the Malaysian Govt doing all these while. Ripping off our Rakyat for the last 30 yrs with APs designed to benefit a few well connected Bumis, the UMNO/BN have robbed millions of citizens in this fiasco, under the pretext of protecting our local industry. The Govt have forgotten we Malays are the largest customers in the country. What is the NEP policy doing ?? Ripping off the Malays (which forms 65% of the consumer base) to benefit a few UMNO politicians !!!

    BMW 535i sells for RM178,000 in the US

    In the United States of America (a developed country which we are also aspiring to become by the year 2020) a 2009 model BMW 535i Sedan is selling for about USD50,367.00. This is only RM178,000 – about the price of a Toyota Camry 2.4L here in Malaysia . The same BMW sells in Malaysia for about RM450,000.

    BMW 328i sells for RM155,000 in the US

    The 2009 model BMW 328i 2 door Convertible sells for USD44,014 or
    RM155,369.00 in the US . In Malaysia the same car sells for over
    RM460,000. This is an untenable situation.

    Audi A4 2.0T Cabriolet Convertible sells for RM142,000 in the US

    The 2009 model Audi A4 2 Door 2.0T Cabriolet Convertible sells in the US for USD40,328.00 or RM142,357. In Malaysia the same car would sell for about RM265,000.

    VW GTI 2.0T sells for RM85,000 in the US

    In the US the 2009 model Volkswagen GTI 2.0T sells for USD 24,039 or RM85,000 only. In China the same car will cost around RM60,000. Overhere the same VW car sells for about RM200,000.

    And the 2010 model Toyota Camry 2.4L sells in the US for USD 19,659.00 or RM69,396 In Malaysia the 2008 Toyota Camry 2.4L sells for RM170,000. Toyota Camry 2.4L, 2010 model. RM69,000 in the US Car prices in Malaysia are about three times higher than the prices in the United States. We are a developing nation. Our land and labour costs are so much cheaper than the US . Why are our cars so expensive? It does not make any sense. Tak masuk akal.

    Then here are some car prices from our neighbour Indonesia .
    The Toyota Altis sells in Indonesia for about RM46,000. The same car sells here for around RM 112,000. Again we are three times more expensive than Indonesia

    The Honda Jazz sells here for RM108,000.. In Indonesia the Jazz sells for RM 36,000. Three times more expensive.

    We are paying ridiculously high prices (and actually impoverishing the Malays – who are the largest buyers of cars in Malaysia) to support an out of date, out of touch with reality motor car policy.

    We are paying the highest car prices in the world to support the Proton and other locally made cars as well as support a mind boggling AP policy which only benefits a relatively few rich Malays. A disproportionately large number of Malays and other Malaysians are being impoverished to subsidise the wealth of a few inefficient rich.

    26 million Malaysians have to pay three times more for their cars just to support Proton and 120,000 people who are directly and indirectly involved in the motor sector in Malaysia and the AP holders. That is a ratio of 216:1.

    This ratio of 216:1 is too skewed. 26.0 million happier people can contribute many more votes than 120,000 members of an inefficient motor industry. 26 million unhappy people can change a Government. (The maths is not really difficult here)

    And this outdated policy is impoverishing the Malays more than anyone else.

    Here is some news from our DPM Tan Sri Muhyudin Yassin about our car
    policy. This is truncated:

    Muhyiddin assures govt support for automotive parts and component sector

    1. KUALA LUMPUR, May 26 – The deputy prime minister said special focus will be given to “facilitate and encourage” the development of the automotive parts and component sector despite the current global and regional economic downturn.

    2. “Under the CEPT and Asean Trade in Goods Agreements, Malaysia has agreed to eliminate import duties on all products in the Normal Track on January 1, 2010. This includes motor vehicles, auto parts and components,” he said.

    3. He pointed out that . .. . the motor vehicle sub sector in Malaysia will not be directly impacted because of its heavy dependence on the domestic market.

    4. “The Malaysian government recognises the contribution of the
    domestic automotive industry towards the development of the country.”

    Para 2 sounds promising but then Para 3 and 4 basically says that the Malaysian motor car industry will continue to be protected. This means we will continue paying the highest car prices in the world for automobiles.

    Cuba kita kira : kalau kereta Honda Jazz di jual dengan harga yang sebenarnya (lebih kurang RM36,000 saja) dan bukan pada harga sekarang
    (RM108,000) maksudnya bayaran bulanan pembeli kereta akan jadi kurang, mungkin sepertiga sahaja daripada bayaran bulanan sekarang.

    Jika sekarang orang bayar RM1,500 sebulan untuk beli Honda Jazz, kalau
    harga kereta lebih menepati harga pasaran dunia, orang kita perlu
    bayar sekitar RM500 saja sebulan.

    Maksudnya tanpa Kerajaan perlu membuat apa pun (merangsang ekonomi, belanja berpuluh billion Ringgit duit rakyat untuk stimulus dan sebagainya) setiap rakyat Malaysia yang membeli kereta yang seharga dengan Honda Jazz akan dapat menjimatkan sehingga RM1,000 sebulan daripada kos sara hidup bulanannya.

    This is like giving the car buyer an RM1000 pay rise without incurring any extra costs for the taxpayer, the Government or the economy. It will greatly reduce the cost of living in Malaysia and spur greater economic growth too.

    Tapi sekarang, yang menjadi mangsa dulu dan yang menjadi miskin dulu orang Melayu juga. Orang Melayu yang paling ramai sekali menjadi pembeli kereta dalam negara kita. Orang Melayu kebanyakannya makan gaji – tiap bulan dapat gaji tetap. Bila harga kereta naik gila, yang menjadi miskin di saf depan sekali adalah orang Melayu juga.

    In absolute numbers, the Malays are suffering the most because they are the most in number among the fixed income people who also buy cars.

    Some folks said the other day that Proton has 150 major component suppliers, dealers, distributors and about 500 other parts suppliers too. Of the 150 major component suppliers, about 15 of them are listed companies. In total they employ about 120,000 people. The Proton supply chain is a mix of bumiputras and non bumiputras. But here is a sad fact : none of them are operating at their level best efficiency..

    Our motor car policy is forcing Malaysians to subsidise Proton so that Proton can sustain major inefficiencies in the Malaysian economy. This is not a good thing at all.

    We have to unwind this situation. Set a target of 18 months from now to unwind all protection for our motor industry. Remove the impoverishing AP policy also in 18 months. Let Malaysian car prices reflect world market prices for the same makes of cars.

    If a BMW 535 sells for RM178,000 in America , it should sell for a little less here in Malaysia (our rentals and salaries are cheaper). Fw: Car Prices In Malaysia

    The Ministers continue making pronouncements about the car industry as though nothing has happened. I hope everyone will please wake up. The
    Government has a real chance of getting thrown out of office in about three years. The people will not accept inept answers anymore.

    The ridiculous car prices in Malaysia is an issue that is just beginning to get more attention and publicity. It is going to become a really big issue in the near future. Be forewarned.


  43. xRey says:


    2:15 AM, September 26, 2009

  44. wegen says:

    let mahakuty speak and treat as entertainmant..

    Indian community will pull down mr. ai yo yo.

    Rakyat, Malay, Indian, Chinese, Kadazan, Bidayuh, Dayak, Oranga Asli, etc.. will pull down toyo the extremist.

    isa samad will collapse in these years..

  45. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Give him a big slipper for robbing all of us RM100bil.Ho Ho Ho 😀
    :A :B :C 😀 :E :F :G :H :I :J :K :L :M :N :O 😛 :Q :R :S :T :U :V :W :X :Y :Z
    Ho Ho Ho i have finish my homework teacher! Bye bye 🙂

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