This comedy is too much.

A Muslim woman gets the cane for drinking in public, while the son of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad “was recently appointed to the board of San Miguel Corp, the biggest food and beverage conglomerate in the Philippines and the owner of San Miguel Brewery Inc.” (Malaysian Insider ini saja nak malukan Mahathir lah!)

In fact, part time model Kartika Sari Dewi will get caned after Eid (Hari Raya), the pitiful thing. Will Mirzan be next? Is drinking alcohol/beer more sinful than receiving money out of alcohol/beer companies? I don’t know.

UMNO can’t help her, for Prime Minister Najib Razak says today that the party is Islamic : why PAS thinks their are the only Islamic party in Malaysia ke?

Wonder what good ol’ Tok Guru Nik Aziz will say to this.

And for the rest of us who can only watch and laugh at the sidelines,  Take Beer!! ala cow-head protestors in Shah Alam, you all !

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  1. kepala pusing says:

    So we are still living in caves and on trees praying to rocks and moon in this 21st century/new millennium?

    These Umnoputras sure know how to prostitute religion for their corrupt benefits.

    These Umnoputras are indeed hantus!

    Malaysia will forever be in the stone age and Mahathir’s vision 2020 is just one of the 1001’s archaic Ali Baba stories- no substance.

    Boot all these obsolete Umnoputras to the deserts and let them eat sand there.

  2. monsterball says:

    They have bulldog head stout.
    Should come out with cow head beer now…by Sam Migual.
    Mahathir will say..”See how smart my son is?”
    The canning is a joke.and the victim is actually loving every minute of it….for free publicity.
    Then it takes an Iman to say…that the canning ..no pain at all…just for show…..not like 1500 years ago.
    Enjoy the shows.

  3. kepala pusing says:

    Sigh! Bolehland is constantly living in violation of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

    These Umno people sure know how to mingle belief into their desert law.

    Umnoputras are meant for the deserts, not in a modern democratic country like Bolehland.

    Article 18.
    • Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

  4. kepala pusing says:
  5. kepala pusing says:

    All these Umno donkeys are hired to do their jobs properly, not main main with people’s lives.

  6. sebatmirzan says:

    Mirzan & “Buttock Pincher” jamaludin jarjis, must be arrested and whipped at Twin Towers so all muslims will be ashamed of their love for samsu.
    With new technology samsu can also be made made from kancilandaks but fermentation process is a bit slow, more promising results are after adding some duds in the mix.

  7. sebatmirzan says:

    “Then it takes an Iman to say…that the canning ..no pain at all…just for show….”

    ya lah murdrer najis use fether for rosmah syok syok macam

  8. sebatmirzan says:

    abu talib is direktor genting kan.
    anwar beating rci he said koran never say anything about gambling.
    that means imams, syariah courts, dll should all be whipped as anti koran.

  9. bibliobibuli says:

    this is a society which creates hypocrisy, as you point out, and its only the powerless who get caned.

    he should be free to run his business, just as drinking a beer should be a matter for conscience.

  10. kalikavandan says:

    “Amok” Nazri can handle his whiskey very well……..when he is not driving 3,000 taxis

  11. najibmustdie says:

    They should be catching all those muslim arabs in bukit bintang who go around boozing and whipping them also together with all floozies who dont wear tudung like $$$osmah mansur

  12. rainstorm says:

    Yes, it would be interesting to watch what’s the outcome. Hassan Ali, any comments ?

  13. PureMalaysian says:

    There are also photos depicting the son of Nazri drinking beer at a pub, flanked by some sexily clad beauties.

    So is he also gonna be the next one to get caned too? 😉

  14. hang jebat baru says:

    I love beer! mirzan will agree with me.

  15. cun says:

    Bolehland would forever mire in controversial laws of the cults if all these cults persist.

    All these laws of the cults must be exterminated before Bolehland being exterminated by all these hapraks of the cults.

  16. kittykat46 says:

    Hahahahahahahaha….this is something straight out of Comedy Theater….

    Son of Mahakutty becomes director of San Miguel 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Its actually quite diversified now, but to people all over
    San Miguel = Beer = San Miguel

    Tak Beer Mahakutty….Tak Beer…..Tak Beer Mahakutty….

  17. It’s nothing personal. It’s just business. so why former PM’s son should be caned when all he do is just for business but not personal consumption. get the DIFFERENCE!

  18. at one hand, you ppl condemn authority for enforcing the law caning offender drinks beer. on the other hand, you ppl condemning ppl who “did not violate the law” when he has business with beer. what lah…

  19. kittykat46 says:

    Its called making Money$$$$$$ from supposedly immoral business activities…GET IT ??….

    For a Beer drinking, pork eating, 4-D buying Pendatang like me, I don’t care about owning brewery shares or not, but for Son of Mahakutty, last time I checked he’s still a Muslim…..its something else….also known as hypocricy….

    “UMNO is an Islamic party” …..Quote from Naif Ton Rasa ….kehkehkehkehkeh…

  20. For a Beer drinking, pork eating, 4-D buying Pendatang like me, I don’t care about owning brewery shares or not, but for Son of Mahakutty, last time I checked he’s still a Muslim…..its something else….also known as hypocricy….

    what hypocrisy you talking about. he’s doing business in Phillipines, a christian nation. and he’s making money to contribute back our country for development, which is good thing. did he violate any religion teaching? NO? he didn’t drink it. he just investing in the business! and milking back the money so you ppl got good roads and good scholarship to give. why you so petty!

  21. undohr says:

    Bolehland must follow the laws derived from the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights if Bolehland want to be in phase with the Modern world and avoid civil chaos.

  22. wits0 says:

    “why you so petty!” -Dud.

    Why you spewing nonsense to attempt to irritate most everyone else? Why not start your own blog instead?

  23. dudfren says:

    NO? he didn’t drink it. – anonymous dud

    How u kno? He play ur backside oso izit?

  24. CorrectCorrectCorrect says:

    1Malaysia = apapun boleh
    can close 2 eyes

  25. nomamak says:

    Mahakutty is a mamak, therefore son of Mahakutty is also a Mamak.

    How on earth this son of Mahakutty could be bailed out of his shipping company using the rakyat’s money by Mahakutty s/o Kutty?

  26. nomamak says:

    Is son of Mahakutty also a Malay? Is a Mamak s/o Mahakutty s/o kutty is a special breed of Malay and so can take whatever money he wishes from Bolehland?

    Mamak s/o Mahakutty s/o Kutty sure knows how to prostitute his religion to the hilt.

    It’s the ends justified the means.

  27. Kancilandak says:

    They say our education is useless and our mentality cannot competetive in the world.. but when we reach out and do it succesfully.. you still cry foul.. you guys a pathetic lot green with envy lah.. heehee.. but we still pity you.. we still provide you the scholership. umno loves you.. heehee..

  28. dudfren says:

    .. but when we reach out and do it succesfully.. ”

    Yeah, like idiot successful najis who successfully blow up 2billion maybank money

  29. wits0 says:

    “umno loves you..”

    And snakes and scorpions oso, similarly.

  30. rotan says:

    So this beers brewed by son of Mahakutty s/o Kutty is going to toxicate millions of denizens in the Philippines- is a blatant and serious violation of the Book of the highest degree.

    Son of Mahakutty s/o Kutty and Mahakutty s/o Kutty must be juxtaposed and be whipped in public.

    Both and all in the family are mental drunkards and retards and all must be be sent >+ in the Philippines.

  31. crimefamily says:

    People please, Be proud that a Malaysian is a boss in a foreign enterprise. Be it bootlegging, prostitution or piracy the umnoputra is learning to compete mafialike. Don Mirzan done us proud.

  32. Kancilandak says:

    Menyalak-er and witsO must always use bomblastik word make my head pusing and run for kamus.. and yet I cant find the word in the dictonary.. Menyalak-er sir, what is belligerency bread?

  33. dudfren says:

    Be proud that a Malaysian is a boss in a foreign enterprise. – crimefamily

    Don Mirzan is johnny-cum-lately. M`sia best is SNAKEHEAD IGP MUSA…that is international

  34. Menyalak-er and witsO must always use bomblastik word make my head pusing and run for kamus

    they like to drown ppl with some difficult rare words to show that they’re higher caste ppl. they din understand the ppurpose of language is to send message, not to confuse ppl.

    but when we reach out and do it succesfully.. you still cry foul.

    they think malaysia cannot survive without these kind of “english” educated ppl, foreign emulate culture, but in fact “kita boleh”!

  35. dudfren says:

    but when we reach out and do it succesfully.. you still cry foul.

    Yeah, like idiot successful najis who successfully blow up 2billion maybank money

  36. law is made to be obeyed and respect, not sideshow or decoration.

    son of TDM din break any law, kartika is. and our “learned” judge read out the sentence for the law she violated, simple as that for any sovereign country.

  37. dudfren says:

    kononnya Finance Minister, trained in economics in UK hahahaha

  38. dudfren says:

    Tabung haji cannot invest in genting, Carlsberg, Anchor, ……

  39. wits0 says:

    Proud of this, proud of that but what the hack is the real nature of Malusian pride?! It’s just plain hubris unsupportable by any great or recognizable virtue on theground. That’s how towering is the country’s psyche and level of understanding. The veneer as the facade while venality becomes God.

  40. Proud of this, proud of that but what the hack is the real nature of Malusian pride?!

    you don have pride of being malaysian that’s your business. and that is BAD coz it will make malaysia fail. lucky your kind of ppl looking down malaysia is not majority.

    japan, france, and even singapore are successful coz they have proud ppl. hopefully next time oppos will be obliterated so that they wont make anymore stingy and pessimist ppl.

  41. wits0 says:

    “lucky your kind of ppl looking down malaysia is not majority.”

    Meaning the, “bent over” sort like you, are? Your sort really looks down on the Ground Swell when you bend over.

  42. dudfren says:

    “japan, france, and even singapore are successful coz they have proud ppl”

    MORON [MOWRONG?]. They are succesful because they are not UMNO MALAYS.

  43. wits0 says:

    A Moron drowning in the cesspool of hubris.

  44. prof.wrongungwoo says:

    BN dying………..
    Chua tells Ong to zip it
    Andrew Ong | Sep 11, 09 10:53AM

    BREAKING NEWS The sacked MCA deputy president warned Ong Tee Keat that the party boss would have to spend his retirement days in courts if he doesn’t stop his attacks.

  45. wits0 says:

    “japan, france, and even singapore are successful coz they have proud ppl.”

    They have quality people who were not deprived of their natural birth rights and these hard working people believe in their egalitarian system sufficiently.

  46. prof.wrongungwoo says:

    Munster is baaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkkkkk

    “Mahathir’s influence has now gone further than the Malay vote — Subramaniam is using Mahathir’s name to try to win MIC votes for the party’s deputy presidency. It does not matter that MIC blamed him for marginalising the Indians during his 22 year rule which directly lead to the rise of Hindraf. It does not matter that Samy Vellu said Mahathir “did nothing” for the Indians.

    Here lies the supreme irony. Why is Mahathir, the man all Indian politicians attack as doing “nothing” to help the Indians, still able to draw support in MIC? The fact that Samy and the MIC Youth Wing had to ask Mahathir to stay out of the MIC contest suggest that Mahathir is still influential in BN politics, not just Umno politics. It also shows how shallow Malaysians, especially the non-Malays, are.”

  47. mccann105 says:

    this make malaysia interesting…colours ..as long it make money who cares…hassan ali ? one big talker shaker….look like another orang utan

  48. prof.wrongungwoo says:

    “If Subra wins the deputy presidency tomorrow, Mahathir successfully deposed two BN leaders in “retirement”, i.e. Abdullah and Samy. In the meantime, I can’t wait for one of the two MCA camps to get his endorsement.”

  49. dudfren says:

    one big talker shaker….

    kancilnduck wanker

  50. roundupkills says:

    “DISAPPEANCE” sequel to “S.D.Bala” produced by UMNO to be released in Malaysian theatres for Hari Raya………..

    It was the cops after all who came a-calling for Sivanesan

    “Gobind did not want to elaborate further as he said he does not know why Sivanesan was asked to report to the police station and to a specific officer. However, he did state the witness’s safety is a concern but steps have been taken to address that issue.”

  51. Kancilandak says:

    I check out ‘wanker’ it slang for masterbate.. I still got ‘master’ there.. thanks dudfren for calling me of the master race a master..heeheehee..

  52. dudfren says:

    you idiot. master means small boy in school la playing with your kootchykoo

  53. dudfren says:

    kootchykoo is that leeetle thing between your legs – if you can find it

  54. harrison says:

    I had just rated this article 4 star. It’s good humor. Salam berpuasa. I am tired.

  55. dudfren says:

    in malay it is called butoh or lembumudin`s keris

  56. harrison says:

    Susan, I had sent you a private message days back and have yet to get a respond or request rejected?

  57. Open sky says:

    Spot the difference contest :

    statement 1 – Umno is islamic
    statement 2 – Madonna is unblemished (virgin-lah)

    Bottoms up , maha-bir

  58. Menyalak-er says:

    Do you know why Tok Guru Nik Aziz says the Islam that Bumno and Pas practices are different? For TGNA, halal is halal, haram is haram – and the Law is codified as such – just like in Judaism where Kosher-Herem rules. So owning shares in any gambling, pig-sties, ‘alcohol derived from wineries’ industry etc are so deemed haram.

    Now, as in all things of law there are loopholes. In this loophole that has been exploited, it would seem, since the alcohol from San Miguel is not from grapes, the offspring of octoprick decided that it’s halal. As to whether one drinks it or not, the fact remains academic. That being the case Kartika drank 5% of ethanol based on her conscience. I know of our dear leaders who don’t drink but are perpetually ‘drunk’.

    Now, i would strongly suggest to the far-sighted Muslims not to use antibacterial/viral handcleansers during this pandemic of AH1N1 because the all contain alcohol. Nor can they be put on i.v’s and undergo injections-surgery of any sort as drs only use surgical spirit (alcohol) to sanitize your skin prior any procedure. About ingestion vs. non ingestion – it is religious dogma that thou shall cleanse thy affected parts by scouring with sand and earth if it was unclean. No mention about palat here.

    If any medical procedure needs to be done, it is incumbent that the overzealous Muslims get a dispensation from the Islamic authorities, before that is done. Can someone define alcohol, as kancheel and duddodud seems too be quite drunk.

  59. Now, i would strongly suggest to the far-sighted Muslims not to use antibacterial/viral handcleansers during this pandemic of AH1N1 because the all contain alcohol.

    why are you so stupid and ignorant. alcohol in beer as beverage to become drunkard of course is different in perception alchohol in disinfectant which used as cure. that woman drinks to become drunk, she knows the law and yet she chose to ignore it and violate it. the judge made right decision to have her caned. whereas TDM’s son is just investing, and to warn money and to pay tax for the country which is noble and good. can’t you think of this using your right mind!

  60. ktteokt says:

    If he can earn money made from producing items haram to Islam, then drug pushers should fight for their rights to legalize the sale of dadah!

  61. titter says:

    “…drug pushers should fight for their rights to legalize the sale of dadah!”

    Snakehead Musa also is main drugs line

  62. titter says:

    alcohol in beer as beverage to become drunkard

    Your ularmak father teach you that

  63. titter says:

    “and to warn money” – anonymous dud

    huh, “warn” money……..ini melayu bodoh sangat

  64. bnhabis says:

    Najis to comit harakiri very soon

    KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 11 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was the man who asked Malaysia to look east, and he now believes the sun could be setting on the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.

  65. kittykat46 says:

    So, according to The Dud and the Kancilandak’s logic, its OK to own and manage a business profiting from “perbuatan maksiat” – like prostitution, as long as you don’t actually go and dong a prostitute.

    And to make it perfectly halal, you pump the profits back into the economy.

    Wow, sounds like a justification for the perpetuation of the Mafia…

    Anyway, I wholeheartedly support the right for people to enjoy beer, stout, whiskey, liquor and all that Haram stuff.

    I’m objecting to all these UMNOputra and Mahakutty hypocrisy….

  66. titter says:

    The Dud and the Kancilandak’s logic, also means it is ok to sell their own mamas and sisters for money

  67. titter says:

    I know some banglas and myanmar workers who wont mind attending if the price is right

  68. Menyalak-er says:

    Yeah, i’m a moron – what’s the difference between halal and haram? Is it the thought, the ‘speak’ or the action? But i think that is too difficult for duds. If you have any sense of morals and ethics – is Law, law that is inviolable or is it just a convenience? Maybe that too, is too diffucult. Try this, do you think with your ‘right’ or ‘left’ “mind”? Too difficult still, lets just say what Susan, kk46, wits and other friends are saying here:
    To invest in a haram business is HARAM. To take taxes from Genting Bhd, 4-Ekor and other gambling instituitions is HARAM. To touch alcohol and to drink it is HARAM. To be a dud is HARAM, becuz the thought, speech and act is HARAM as there is nothing in it that edifies, but corrupts.
    This is not what i say, it’s what man-made law says. God’s Laws are beyond our comprehension, except by iblis and syaitan.

  69. wits0 says:

    Matthew, Chapter 15:
    10 Jesus called the crowd to him and said, “Listen and understand. 11 What goes into a man’s mouth does not make him ‘unclean,’ but what comes out of his mouth, that is what makes him ‘unclean.'”

  70. SameSame says:

    Its investing in ‘haram money’ la bro – anon dud.

    Haram is haram!!!! Only if you are UMNO gang, then Haram becomes..BOLEH LA!!!

    One rule for us and NO rule for them (UMNO/BN)

    Sudah-la we all know that there are quite a lot of Melayus still doing all the Haram things yet they pray to aton their sinful acts. So Mirzan and his papa and other bro…also doing la just like rosy and najis…all in the family mah!!! yes UMNO family happy happy happyyyyyy intoxicated with GREEEEEDDDD!!!!

  71. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi SameSame, you MIA a long time friend. Good to have you back. Yes, those guys are really happy – it’s ‘joy’ they lack. I wonder they know the difference?

  72. SameSame says:

    Yes good to be back..Menyalak-er..but never been far away, hehehehe….

    Same ole Same ole nonsense we are fed with. Having bad/teruk indigestion with UMNO’s nonsenses la. Not to mention their counter-parts’ too MCA/MIC….all one happy family! So united to destroy the ‘Malaysian spirit’

  73. Chloe Lee says:

    Dear All,

    let the people who want to sin according to their own religion to sin!
    It is between him/her and God. Totally non of our business.

    Who are we to enforce god’s rules? God has his own way of punishing those who sin, we are mere human and we are not god.


  74. alqaeda says:

    aiyah just hand mirzan over to the moro guerillas, let them cut his head off and drag it around on cnn

  75. abouttime says:

    I also wanna see on cnn
    ‘WARNING: some of these scenes may be upsetting to some viewers” folod by mirzan floating head

  76. Douglas Moore says:

    TheShariah court ruling to cane Kartika is nothing but an act of lunacy. Kartika is a Malaysian married to a Singaporean.

    If you go to any music cafes, pubs at any stretch of Orchard Road, the hotspots at bangsar and Damansara, one will see a lot of Malay lass smoking with beers on their tables.

    Kartika is from Indonesia, probably a Javanese. and Javanese are very horny lasses. After a 1 glass of beer, their hormaoned are raging like wildfire and in quest for sex.

    If you don’t believe me, try go the the Beach at KLIA tonight and yu will be going home with a very itchy p***y(ies).

    And to infringe someone of their rights to drink beer is an act of lunacy.

  77. monsterball says:

    Najib said…”Be cautious on the road during festive season”
    Past 2 PMs said same thing….but road accident keeping increasing.
    Why so?….PM know how to talk..but do not know how to better roads and flyways.
    One flyway takes two years..but under UMNO takes 10 years to complete…and that is usually completed near GE time. Why so long time?
    Give tender UMNO crooks..get millions advance payment…do a little…then run away…face off ….to look different…buy false passport…live elsewhere.
    Start all over again…..new tender out….another UMNO crook win tender…same story.
    No suing..no revealing by UMNO…as also get commission….how to sure suadara saudari?

  78. Douglas Moore says:

    Thanks for the news Mr. Monsterball. Hows the weather in Malaysia?

  79. bluebells says:


    It`s the hungry ghosts month and one of your oldies is coming back to haunt :

    Samy Vellu’s bank account the subject of police report
    Susan Loone, Malaysiakini, 7:03pm Mon Jan 12th, 2004

    Parti Keadilan Rakyat (Keadilan) today lodged a police report on documents purportedly linking MIC president S Samy Vellu to the controversial misplacement of nine million Telekom shares intended for Maika Holdings.


  80. bluebells says:

    “Malaysiakini has obtained photocopies of Samy Vellu’s bank statements issued by the Bank of Commerce, which showed the transfers of millions of ringgit between March and May 1992 – at the height of the Maika’s Telekom shares scandal. However, the veracity of the bank statements could not be determined.”

    The bank officers were very sure SV would be hanged on the statements after ACA got the copies, but SV was saved by Mahathir who said SV was cleared. TDM should be asked the same question now.

  81. Sexy Baby says:

    Hey Carlberg, Hieneken and Tiger hire Kartika as your model. She is pretty and sexy. I am sure, they can’t cane her for appearing in your adverts.Better, if it appears in the Cinema adverts Unless, some smart Shariah judge decides to interpret this as against the Syariah Laws.

  82. aiyoyo says:

    SV fark mahathiu……utusan…….indirectly admits anwar was framed?

    “Apa yang berlaku kepada (Tun) Musa Hitam, apa yang berlaku kepada (Tun) Ghafar Baba dan apa yang terjadi kepada (Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim… orang yang amat dipujinya?”

    Mengenai Utusan, Samy Vellu melabel akhbar berbahasa Melayu itu sebagai satu penerbitan yang ‘rasis’ yang berlagak sebagai “abang-besar”.


  83. peepeepee says:

    Cheers! BN PPP president naughty boy………..

    Court reaffirms misconduct finding on Kayveas and wife

    KUALA LUMPUR: Former deputy minister Datuk M.Kayveas and his wife lost their appeal when they failed to convince the High Court to overturn the decision by the Advocates and Solicitors’ Disciplinary Board which had found them guilty of misconduct.

    Kayveas and his wife, Datin Blanche O’Leary had named Bar Council as the sole respondent in the civil appeal filed on April 14, 2005.

    The complaint against the two was that they acted in breach of their undertaking in respect of money received as stakeholders under a sale and purchase agreement (SPA) between Jordone Corporation and Avacado Corporation Sdn Bhd.

    The two allegedly received the money but did not release it in accordance with terms set out in Clause 2.

    The two were the solicitors for Avacado Corporation — the vendor of a RM2mil property.

  84. hacks says:

    Malaysian Insider hacked

    could be by umno who blame indonesians for it.

  85. Another Rakyat says:

    wits0 – Matthew, Chapter 15:
    10 Jesus called the crowd to him and said, “Listen and understand. 11. What goes into a man’s mouth does not make him ‘unclean,’ but what comes out of his mouth, that is what makes him ‘unclean.’”

    What a good reminder to many of “those” in this blog!
    For once, you have posted something very meaningful!!!

  86. cornporn says:

    Pornography has finally got boring for them, but will they throw him from the 14 floor,

    SHAH ALAM – The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has asked former mentri besar Dr Khir Toyo to be at its office to help in investigations related to his multi-million ringgit mansion in Section 7 here.

  87. donplaypuks says:

    He will claim he is only involved in the non-alcohol side of San Miguel’s biz, and that is ok.

    Remember that other guy testified against DSIA about SP investigations where files wer never opened and who sits on the Board of Genting and claims his salary is paid by the property division and so he is Sharia compliant!!

    Where there a will, here’s a way, especially if big money is involved.

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  88. Lazarus says:

    Go to http://margeemar.blogspot.com and see photos of Hishamuddin and wife pissed drunk.

  89. kempesis says:

    What a good reminder to many of “those” in this blog!
    For once, you have posted something very meaningful!!!
    – Another Rakyat

    Th submarine is still going to sink unless you go and save it with your magic powers

  90. kempesis says:

    Nothing political

  91. Puzzled says:

    Does that mean working for San Miguel he has to drink only San Miguel beer? I met many working in Volvo having to drive Volvo cars, working for Malboro having to smoke Malboro brand cigarettes, working in MAS can only take MAS and alliance plane…………?
    Anyway it’s an oxy-moron having a muslim to promote San Miguel beer drinking when his religion does not permit him to have any relation whatsoever!

  92. wits0 says:

    “We are all of 1 race, the Human Race”

    Unfortunately there are many who are indoctrinated to feel themselves superior and this sort of feelings help promote the “ketuanan” propensity, no less. That hidden worm within the Atlanteans of the Stargate movie lives on.

  93. merdeka? says:


    William Leong is the treasurer of PKR and younger brother of ex minister , Paul Leong.

    Was in law practice for 20 odd years before going into politics .

    What Independence ?

    On this August 31st, we shall celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the British leaving our country. I did not say we are celebrating the 52nd anniversary of our independence. This is because our people have not enjoyed real liberty, democracy or justice. Without liberty, democracy or justice there is no independence.

    In these 52 years the oppressive rule of a foreign colonial master has been replaced by the oppressive rule of a local master. They rule with an iron fist. They use the same instruments of oppression as the British did. They use the ISA, the Sedition Act, the Printing Press & Publications Act and detention without trial. The freedom of assembly, the freedom of expression and the freedom to live a life of dignity free from fear and oppression are illusions.

    In these 52 years the yoke of a foreign colonial master has been replaced by the yoke of a local master. They use the same policy of “divide and rule”. They survive by feeding off racialism. They survive by fostering divisiveness. They survive by preaching religious intolerance.

    What Teoh Beng Hock died for

    Malaysians will not know real independence, will not be free and will not enjoy democracy unless this oppressive regime is thrown out. They must be thrown out just like Teoh Beng Hock was thrown out from the 14th floor of the MACC office. We must not forget Teoh Beng Hock. We must not forget what he stood for. More importantly, we must not forget what he died for. He lived to help Malaysians in the struggle against corruption and oppression. He died so that our struggle can live. He died fighting for justice.

    What Justice?

    Without justice we cannot say we have liberty or democracy or equal rights. We cannot say we have liberty or freedom when Tamil schools have no tables and chairs. When in Sabah and Sarawak , schools have no electricity. A child that is illiterate is not free. We cannot say we have democracy or equal rights for women, when a Chinese girl with 9A1s cannot enter a university. A girl without a job has no rights. We cannot say we have freedom of choice when a man cannot feed his family. A starving man has no choice.

    Liberty , democracy and freedom are meaningless words when there is no justice. Justice is political liberty. Justice is economic independence. Justice is equality. There is no political liberty when you vote out of fear. There is no economic independence when you give your support out of fear your son’s scholarship will be withdrawn or your license will be withdrawn. There is no freedom of choice when you elect a party out of fear for your contract or your business. This is what has been happening in these 52 years and this will continue if we do not act. There will be many more Teoh Beng Hocks and many more Port Klang Free Zones if we do not stop them.

  94. merdeka? says:

    What One Malaysia ?

    Najib says he wants One Malaysia . Teoh Beng Hock’s death has shocked us back to reality. We cannot just listen to rhetoric. We must look at the deeds. When we look, we see what has been done, is a far cry from what has been said. The Perak government has been stolen from its people. Najib has now declared his intention to grab the Selangor government.

    The MACC is a tool. It is used to de-stabilize the Pakatan Rakyat government. Teoh Beng Hock was interrogated throughout the night. He was grilled for buying RM2,400 worth of Malaysian flags. No one has been grilled when PKFZ loss RM12.6 billion. The MACC officers are raiding the Pakatan Exco members’ office so often they are becoming fixtures. Cars and cows and Malaysian flags have become a fixation of the MACC. MACC has not shown the same enthusiasm when it comes to BN assemblymen who used up their annual allocation of RM500,000 in 2 months before the general elections. The MACC has also not shown any interest in the trips by the former chief minister and his family to study the river system in Disney Land . There is no investigation into how the former chief minister can afford to purchase a multi-million ringgit mansion that is beyond the means of a chief minister’s salary.

    Barisan Nasional machinery is now on the move. Books attacking Anwar Ibrahim and Khalid Ibrahim are being distributed. The authors of these books are sowing the seeds of hatred and contempt.. They desecrate the Hindu’s sacred cow in a protest filled with bigotry. They protest against a Hindu temple built 150 years ago when the area was a plantation that today, just like its devotees, the estate workers, had been left behind by development. They have forgotten Muslims were invited to practice their religion amongst the people of Yathrib. They are beating the drums of race and religion and the tone is becoming harsher with each beat.

    The people must now decide. There cannot be any fence sitters. There is no middle ground.

    When Teoh Beng Hock was thrown out, the people of Malaysia was thrown together with him into the sea of political troubles. Whether Malaysia will sink or swim is now up to the people. The people must decide once and for all what is right and what is wrong. There cannot be a neutral ground.

    Dante said:

    “ The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of moral crisis.”

    Today in Malaysia there is no place for neutrality. Malaysians must make their choice now.

    If we want to know what is evil and what is right, we must use our moral compass. It is only when we know the direction where justice lies can we know where we must stand. Do we want to choose liberty and justice which are always right or do we want to choose corruption, hatred, arrogance and oppression which are always wrong? The choice is clear. Every Malaysian must make his stand.

    When you stand for liberty we stand with you.

    I want to tell you that when you stand for liberty, we will stand with you. When you defend democracy, we will be your shield. When you fight for justice, we will be your sword. We will always be with you.

    They assaulted Anwar Ibrahim. They threw him in jail for 6 long years. They call him a traitor and worse. But Anwar will always be here to fight for you.

    They attacked Tok Guru Nik Aziz and try to humiliate him. But Tok Guru Nik Aziz will always be here to protect you.

  95. merdeka? says:

    We have been tested. They have thrown everything they have at us but we are still standing and we are still here.

    We were here in November 2007 when a sea of yellow marched for a free and fair election. This was BERSIH. We were here in December when thousands in orange marched for equality. This was Makal Sakthi. This was the ripple that started the tsunami. Barisan Nasional was swept out of 5 states. Since then Barisan Nasional has become more extreme in their policies. They have become more brutal with the people.

    When we Hope

    So on 1st August, the lovers of justice and liberty marched again. Again Barisan Nasional responded with violence and brutality. 638 people including women and children were arrested. Despite the police shutting down the city, despite the many road blocks and barricades, despite the arrest of those wearing black, the number who succeeded in gathering far exceeded my expectations. But the size of the gathering cannot be bigger than my hope for Malaysia . My hope is for every one that braved the tear gas and water cannons there will be many thousands more. We want hundreds of thousands to march with us. We will march from under the shadow of fear into the light of justice. My hope is that the flame burning in each who gathered that day will kindle the hearts and minds of many thousands more. Malaysians will find the courage to stand up for principles and convictions. We must stand up for what is right.

    This is my hope and this is the hope of all Malaysians. Truth, love and justice will prevail over the forces of hate and oppression. This will only happen when the silent majority refuses to remain silent anymore. This will only happen when the voice of the majority is finally heard. We must be confident that oppression and corruption cannot endure.. We must take comfort that truth and justice will always prevail. But this can only be achieved if we fight for it. We must fight today for a better tomorrow.

    Looking Back in the Future

    Do not let our children look back and say that these are dark days. Let them say that these are great days. These are the most glorious days that our country ever had. These days will be remembered as the days when we were called, we answered. We stood up. We stood together shoulder to shoulder irrespective of race or religion. We fought and we prevailed. Each of us played our part according to our strengths. Our children and their children will look back on these days and celebrate it as the days we became ONE NATION. These days will be etched in our Nation’s history as the days we won over injustice and oppression. These will be the days we celebrate THE TRUE MERDEKA.

    Thank you, Xie xie , vanakam..

    William Leong Jee Keen
    29th August 2009.

  96. RAMBO says:


  97. AB LIM says:


  98. jubal says:

    What a good reminder to many of “those” in this blog!
    For once, you have posted something very meaningful!!!
    – Another Rakyat

    In this Season 1 episode (The Feudin’ Pyles), Sgt. Carter does his best to teach the art of bayonet warfare to the idiotic Pvt. Pyle

  99. jubal says:

    We Say to PAS’s Hassan Ali and the JAWI Goon Squad:

    * A Muslim Woman (Kartika Sari Devi Shukarno, read here) Drinking Alcohol is Caned, But a Muslim Man Engaged in Selling Alcohol Goes Scot-Free.

    * And It is OK for Muslims to Sell Alcohol to Others!

    * That’s Equivalent to Punishing a Drug Addict Victim But Letting a Drug TRAFFICKER Go FREE to Keep on Selling Drugs.

    * See If You Have the Balls and the Courage of a True Muslim to Confront the Brother of the Deputy UMNO Youth Chief / UMNO Minister and the Son of the former President of UMNO.

    * This is a good time to show that you, Hassan Ali of PAS and the JAWI GOON SQUAD are not a bunch of Hypocrites.

  100. scopalamine says:

    There are many “another rakyats” on mahathir`s blog. His blog is infested with servile fans which goes to show how screwed up and psycophant many Malaysians are.
    Malaysians should know by now that there are three sets of laws in Malaysia: One for ordinary Malaysians, one for UMNO and one for Mahathir and his family.
    The Mahathir clan are the most hypocritical people around, pontificating and lecturing others while doing exactly the opposite.

  101. wits0 says:

    “The Mahathir clan are the most hypocritical people around, pontificating and lecturing others while doing exactly the opposite.”

    One son fleeces the sick, another sells beer and the last strengthens ketuanan. A daughter that strives to make a name for herself in the blogosphere selectively avoiding all things inconvenient.

    You can’t effectively promote decadence more comprehensively. What an “heroic” heritage of encompassing hypocrisy and cynicism towards fellowmen!

  102. Menyalak-er says:

    Well scopalamine, it’s one thing to pontificate with hypocrisy, but quite another to shout while reading into scripture what it does not mean. This Ah Beng’s exegesis is beyond my comprehension. That is why we should refrain from quoting scripture unless we are trying to illustrate a point, which was what wits0 was doing.

    But, the weenies will latch on to anything as they reveal themselves in nakedness. Being a snake does not mean that we too cannot be snakes – “Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”
    I wonder who said that… He i believe, was beyond the Law.

  103. yummy says:

    For some reason I am suddenly reminded of a roast pig with an apple in the mouth. Sooooooo succulent.

  104. yummy says:

    It looks like the S`gor Toyol`s problems have begun. Najis Tong rosak is sacrificing him to survive.

    1. MACC has asked him to report for duty on his 25million mansion
    2.High Court rules Selangor government can fight Registrar’s dissolution of BALKIS

  105. wits0 says:

    When weenies become too smart in support of their chosen bigotry, they usually move full circles and become fools because they don’t have the inherent depth. See, everything is also Cyclical in Nature. The Book of Change aka I Ching, the Tao Te Ching and Law of Karma wrt the affairs of men is well understood by the discerning.

    Luke 16:1-13
    Matthew 10:16 (New King James Version)

    Persecutions Are Coming

    16 “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

    The Compassion of the Buddha itself has to be tempered with Reason.

    I do not quote any scriptures for the sake of supporting any dogmatic specifics but to demonstrate that the spirit of a thing has to be correct or all else becomes fatuously oppressive and quite useless.

  106. janganp says:

    “One son fleeces the sick” – wits0

    INFO : Panadol Merbahaya

    sakit kepala disebabkan ketidak-seimbangan elektron/ion di dalam sel otak. Sebagai rawatan alternatif, beliau mencadangkan membeli sebotol atau 2 botol minuman isotonik, campurkan dengan air minuman pada kadar 1:1 atau 1:2.

  107. kempesis says:

    “quite useless”. – wits0

    You are too kind sir. Another Rakyat is “absolutely useless”

  108. monsterball says:

    Blessed are those who can quote scriptures…Koranic verses…Buddha sayings….Bhagavad-Gita….for they will inherit the earth….that is proven true and virtuous humans.
    But if they are fanatics.crazy for religion…afraid to die and go to hell…God only knows.where it is…having so much guilt hidden inside….then…do not bless them curse them for mocking Gods.
    Religion have been used and control by UMNO…and best is to leave religions aside…and use kopitiam style of talking…that got Najib to tell Oppositions…”if you want to fark me…fark me softly and gently”
    Do not give pro UMNO guys and Islamic fanatics to come here giving us lectures in Islamic values….when they are valueless themselves.
    Modern days should be…..’Blessed are Malaysians who dare to tell the truth…and confront UMNO…for they will win and inherit Malaysia”
    Blessed are Malaysians…that are colourless and embrace the Malaysian Malaysia with great aspirations and inspirations….becoming Freedom Fighters…belonging to no party.

  109. monsterball says:

    And that’s me….I bless myself…hahahahahahahaha

  110. monsterball says:

    His soul mate….Anon Dud..is DungbeetleDud.
    And I monsterball is the shit giver…to both…..very nice to smell and eat…for both of them..hahahahahahahaha.
    Surely all will contribute their shit to the two hungry dung eaters.
    Witso can spray water from his prick to soften it like bubur caca.
    Kittykat…will give final dressings…sweat and tool from a hard days work with foreign ladies in waiting.

  111. monsterball says:

    I wrote one nice shit message for kancilasndak…gone to dustbin.
    I baptized him to be Dungchilandak….

  112. Kancilandak says:

    Sifu.. althogh I hero worship you, most time Monsterball you talk like nyanyok.. you dont get the gist of things in my country.. how can you force fully baptized a muslim in the blogospere.. you want to langgar fatwa is it? And I dont want to eat a tasteless biscuit while listening scripture with the likes of witsO and Menyalak-er at holly comunion.. not in this fasting month.. lu gila lah bep!

  113. Kancilandak says:

    Susan Loone blog begin to feel like a church, with witsO as the padri.

  114. daryl says:

    Please stop mocking our UMNO muslims because they are true muslims. If Najib say they are real Islamic party than they are because if you don’t believe it he can swear again on the Quran. That will probably shut you up.

    Devil is getting a run for their money because at he knows he will only rule HELL. But, now UMNO claim it can run not only HELL and Malaysia but also HEAVEN.

  115. berhenti says:


    stop going to church , there are many other blogs where fatwas work very well like rocky blog or that umno bigdog. You can play and pray there. You have no business mixing with non muslims, read your holy book.

  116. dudfren says:

    Susan Loone blog begin to feel like a church, with witsO as the padri. – Kancilandak

    Kancilandak you can start your own blog instead of telling susan how to run her blog. You can fatwa, fakwa, whatever there. Just fark off if you cannot take comments ok? In any case you do not show any intelligence, aside from providing weird entertainment. Just fark off somewhere deep down like snakes.

  117. monsterball says:

    Bloody hypocrite and typical racialist kancilandak insulting Chritinlity way of conducting their rites….as if praying to a stone by Muslims do not have millions laughing.
    I hate to insult religions but the followers are making a mockery of the religion…especially by UMNO hypocrites.. sickos and fanatics.
    The symbol of the so call tasteless bread is sure tasteless to dung eater like kancilandak…because that idiot does not know what that bread represents….which is far more better than praying to a stone…and dare not show the face of their leader.
    Then kancilandak with the usual and typical UMNO no manners…comes to visit Susan’s house and insult her too.
    That is the real kancilandak exposed…and proven what a hypocrite he is..acting…sweet talking to me….carry my balls..then out came….the real character.
    He is exactly like the beetle dung eater…love shit..talk shit and drink kittykat’s recycled beer from the toot..pouring out ..to the ground..where no one watching…except Dungcilandak…having a good one with the shit he found.
    I am so happy he is insulting me…for it inspires me more to be the guru.the adopted father…and with the power of Susan and Witso’s God..leaving Buddha out…I will be filled with the fire spirit to blow out some heat to him.
    Failing which….I still leave Buddha out…and hope Shiva .. Ganesh and Murugan come to revenge the cowhead incident..which this Dungcilandak said small matter.insulting Hindus.

  118. najibmustdie says:

    Goddes Kali, the most vengeful of the Indian Gods is already wreaking vengeance on “stupid cow”Toyol, who the PM is now going to C4 to save his own skin. MACC already called the Javanese dentist on his 24M $osmah mansion after

    MACC to question ex-MB about his mansion

    “The daily learnt that the commission wants to query Dr Khir, who is currebntly the Opposition Leader in the Selangor state assembly, as it has obtained an independent evaluation report on the cost of the controversial mansion.”

    KALI HAS TRIUMPHED and kancilandaks are dead meat.

  119. kittykat46 says:

    Don’t get your hopes up too high.

    Remember Mat Tyson with his million-dollar bagful of cash ?
    He, too, was subject to investigation, but Zilch came out of it.
    Who believes the bagful of cash came from Halal means ?
    Even UMNO members don’t believe, it was just politically necessary to have it covered up.

    UMNOputras are quite capable of cleansing anything….

  120. najibmustdie says:

    In the final analysis it does not matter if they clear him, (they probably will) but it will dog the “stupid cow” Toyol, and that means his supporters are going to start moving away from him.
    The root canal treatment will result in the most toothless dentist in Kajang.

  121. PandanCahaya says:

    Saturday September 12, 2009
    Dr Khir absent at MACC, pledges full cooperation

    PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo did not appear at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) office here on Friday to give his statement but said he intends to fully cooperate with the commission.

    It is learnt that Dr Khir was unable to meet with MACC officers yesterday because he was not well.

    another lame excuse !!

    what the heck………. toyol !!!

  122. Kancilandak says:

    Hee hee.. how sensitive daryl, dudfren and berhenti can get.. worst is Monsterball.. a little jab in the rib and he become emotional.. and start melatah..heeheehee.. wether Susan get offended or not dudfren is so offended.. so scared of the fatwa council is it? what a laugh..! what a pity..!

  123. watisjab? says:

    .. how can you force fully baptized a muslim in the blogospere.. you want to langgar fatwa is it? And I dont want to eat a tasteless biscuit while listening scripture with the likes of witsO and Menyalak-er at holly comunion.. not in this fasting month.. lu gila lah bep!

    Kancilandak – September 12, 2009 at 2:39 am

    Susan Loone blog begin to feel like a church, with witsO as the padri.

    Kancilandak – September 12, 2009 at 2:41 am


  124. wits0 says:

    Tempuronglandak has yet to answer Menyalak-er, “his
    peers” on what is truth? We’re waiting for him to find his words.

  125. 22years says:

    Toyol wife in trouble also,

    High Court rules Selangor government can fight Registrar’s dissolution of BALKIS

  126. monsterball says:

    Kancilandak is back to his lunatic old self.
    That’s good.
    Insult me…I will not need C4 nor capture him and do things in the forest….secretly………like cowards.
    I will expose him…openly and crucify him….with my words.
    Who is scared of the fatwa court or any courts…this kancilandak..keep blaring our…useless and nonsensical shit stuffs.
    Susan’s blog a Church….witso the padri….then Monsterball is the protector of Truths in this Church..with kittykat…as the cleaner.
    Onward Christian soldiers .marching as to war…plus one seeking the Kingdom of Heaven..and many many more will follow..the good side.
    Saladdin was a great defender of Islam..and UMNO dogs are all spoiling the beautiful religion….with idiotic kancilandak…showing how….in this blog.

  127. Kancilandak says:

    Truth my dear peers, is:

    “An awkward, feeble, leaky lie is a thing which you ought to make it an unceasing study to avoid; such a lie as that has no more real permanence than an average truth. Why, you might as well tell the truth at once and be done with it. A feeble stupid preposterous lie will not live two years – except it be a slander on somebody. It is indestructible, then, of course, but that is no merit of yours.” -Mark Twain in his Advice To Youth.

    Watever it means I susah nak mengerti.. but somehow try to follow.. hee..hee..

  128. alqaeda says:

    Watever it means I susah nak mengerti.. but somehow try to follow.. hee..hee..


  129. wits0 says:

    “Watever it means I susah nak mengerti..”

    That’s how toweringly smart that you’re. Better not try too hard for that may even burn up your rump medulla oblongata.

  130. good4u says:

    CHEERS!!!! 250 YEARS
    Luckily for us, Malaysia has been chosen as one of the destinations for the party to happen along with places such as Dublin, Lagos, and New York!
    To Arthur! Win Tickets To Arthur’s Day Celebration Here!
    8pm on Friday 25th September 2009 at Sunway Lagoon


  131. goodforu says:

    CHEERS!!!! 250 YEARS
    Luckily for us, Malaysia has been chosen as one of the destinations for the party
    To Arthur! Win Tickets To Arthur’s Day Celebration Here!
    8pm on Friday 25th September 2009 at Sunway Lagoon


  132. Menyalak-er says:

    Goodness gracious! Picobrain replied with an ‘unquote’ from Mark Twain?
    Dah lah, pico go study the Holy Quran and maybe you can understand what is ‘untruth’! The Hadith is next; and if you haven’t been extinguished by then – the Syariah. All in their original form – after all i know your dhikr is hopeless and you don’t seem to acknowledge hikmat.
    Yep wits, pico is operating from his m.oblangata, cuz he’s decorticate.

  133. Kancilandak says:

    See, even the sainstific name for brain they take from bahasa melayu: rump medulla oblongata, rump medulla is superfical language make it bombastik.. oblongotak is the word.. otak.. they stole it from our language..!

  134. wits0 says:

    “…they stole it from our language..!”

    LOL! Yo! Thus saith the mutant scions of pirates. To the ancient Indians/Aryans, “You stole ‘OUR’ Sanskrit!”

  135. makanjambu says:

    melayu memang oblong otak, senget otak, beku otak, amok otak, lembu otak, dan lain2

  136. makanjambu says:

    Isa Samad akan dihentam Mahathir

    Selamatkah Tan Sri Isa Samad terpilih sebagai calon mewakili UMNO di kawasan pilihanraya kecil Bagan Pinang.

    Ramai yang menjangka Tun Mahathir bakal merupakan diantara orang yang pertama akan mengkritik ‘kes rasuah’ Isa sepertimana ditempelaknya Khairy Jamaludin dan Ali Rustam selain dari Isa Samad sendiri menjadikan dirinya bahan kempen politik pembangkang.
    Kita tunggu dan lihat siapa ? Dia, anaknya atau orang lain.

  137. monsterball says:

    hi..makanjambu…Bukan sumua melayu la.
    lu makan banyat jambu…pun jadi gobolok.

  138. monsterball says:

    Api lu cakap2 Bahasa sahaja di englis blog ini?
    Satu ..dua kali….ok la. Tiap2 kali…kurang ajah yu.


    We are in need of many more modern parables
    To help turn all the necessary messy tables
    So that we can help make the world more stable
    When we have the right righteous people at the tables

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 120909
    Sun. 13th Sept. 2009.

  140. makanjambu says:

    Seks23 dan Lembumudin LEGALIZE IT IN MALAYSIA ALSO

    From AP:

    A 12-year-old Yemeni child-bride died after struggling for three days in labor to give birth, a local human rights organization said Saturday.

    Fawziya Abdullah Youssef died of severe bleeding on Friday while giving birth to a stillborn in the al-Zahra district hospital of Hodeida province, 140 miles (223 kilometers) west of the capital San’a.

    Child marriages are widespread in Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest country, where tribal customs dominate society. More than a quarter of the country’s females marry before age 15, according to a recent report by the Social Affairs Ministry.

    Youssef was only 11 when her father married her to a 24-year-old man who works as a farmer in Saudi Arabia, said Ahmed al-Quraishi, chairman of Siyaj human rights organization, which promotes the rights of children in Yemen.

    In February, parliament passed a law setting the minimum marriage age at 17. But some lawmakers are trying to kill the measure, calling it un-Islamic. Before it could be ratified by Yemen’s president, they forced it to be sent back to parliament’s constitutional committee for review.

  141. makanjambu says:

    Api lu cakap2 Bahasa sahaja di englis blog ini?
    Satu ..dua kali….ok la. Tiap2 kali…kurang ajah yu. – monsterball

    I`m not malay but I have no problem understanding malay. How about you getting your Indonesian girlfriend to teach you then you will be more ajar than me.

  142. Kancilandak says:

    I olso want Indonesian girlfriend.. like my sifu.. so I can make peace with Indonesia for Malaysia.. yeeh..!

  143. wira says:

    Haha …. we need Hassan Ali for this. However, I got this sinking feeling that UMNO mole would be a quiet as a church mouse over this.

  144. confusedus says:

    Mirzan now says it is just business, but why then is UMNO making noise to remove the brewery from selangor? Why also are they instigating their jawi and jais raids on the poor malay bartenders/waitresses.
    Whip this Mirzan first as an example.

  145. Pegasus says:

    Wah Ka ka!! its nice reading those comments here lampooning the pitiful landak…& his dud buddy…!Wish I had more time to join in to spear the landak lembu and the useless cowdung dud eater..landak, you can always take the sampan to Indon and look for your gal…of course they will burn you up in your sampan even before you set your foot there! It will be good riddance though!
    Malaysian Mafia king..the mamak kutty will spin tales on his son’s involvement in San Miguel Brewery..as a muslim its haram to received money from haram activity…simple as that ?, while Kartika is caned, a muslim is sitting on board a brewery? and its halal to take the money ..apa lancau?…he he..apa landak? bole terima kah logik hang tu? Bodohnya…!!!! Go around to etablished hotels on new year eve…and you’ll witness muslims drinking liquors!…don’t sleep to long under the coconut shell..don’t make a mockery of yourself..its now 2009…! No point praying 5 x day ,150 times a month …if the values you learn are not use for good practise…talking shit and eating shit , will not take you far..only up to Bolehland.and not even to Indon!!.Fasting? Don’t forget the cowdungs!!!.

  146. gadogado says:

    The Rembau Times is calling on Ketua Pemuda UMNO, Khairy Jamaluddin to defend the honour of ex-Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, after news reports are beginning to emerge that Malaysia’s 4th Prime Minister was savagely attacked by delegates at the recently concluded MIC General Assembly.


    ADI ADI semua tu MIC jangan kasi chans sama dia

  147. monsterball says:

    kancilandak have brought his team of dung beetles shit eaters into this blog.
    All you need is to put a pile of shit in front of them..with kittykat recycled beer from his water hose….and out come..these idiots…cannot resist the pile of shit.
    To fish out fishes eating shit like Anon Dud or 1-4-C…you need different baits…like shit mixed with some eggs and no peeing allowed by kittykat.
    These two high class shit eaters love beacon and eggs..with beans.

  148. stupid PR nothing-to-do…. if they so holy and righteous, go close down and kick carlsberg brewery out of shah alam lah, since shah alam is not under p-r …..


  149. indrabagus says:

    Bagus! Now Indonesians will get more angry, they must teach malaysia and attack putra jaya and shoot up the whole cabinet, then annexe malaya as Indonesia province. PANCASILA !!!!!

    KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 15 – The Syariah court judge who sentenced Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno to be caned for drinking beer has served up a similar punishment on an Indonesian man for consuming alcohol, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

    The New Straits Times said that Nazarudin Kamaruddin, 46, had become the first person to be caned for consuming alcohol in Pahang state in central Malaysia.

  150. same2 says:

    Mahathir is “Bapak Arak Moden” [BAM], his son only can sell liquor, 7 eleven cannot, Tabung haji cannot……

  151. nopain says:

    “Jadi, hukuman itu perlu diteruskan supaya orang dapat melihat sendiri sebatan menggunakan rotan kecil itu tidak menyakitkan seperti disangka, selain orang yang disebat juga berpakaian menutup aurat,”

    – Persatuan Peguam Syarie Malaysia presiden, Mohamad Isa Abdul Ralip

    They will be using a teeeny weeeeeny whip.

  152. arazak says:

    written by arazak, September 17, 2009 12:21:13
    It is quite intriguing though; why are they always, in the name of Islam, raiding non-Muslims establishments looking for people drinking and selling liquors? Why don’t they raid the Pernas chain of Hotel? They sell liquors too. Heck. . . they even raided some Chinaman trader selling T shirts in central market in the name of Islam!

    Why detain Muslim workers working in pubs. . ., just because the pubs have liquor? What about those pushers; The UMNO cronies who are board of directors of Carlsberg? And what about this fella?;

    KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 10 — Mirzan Mahathir, the eldest son of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was recently appointed to the board of San Miguel Corp, the biggest food and beverage conglomerate in the Philippines and the owner of San Miguel Brewery Inc.

    Why the double standard?


  153. ktteokt says:

    If a Muslim is to be caned for drinking beer, then a Muslim who manufactures beer ought to be STONED!!!!!

  154. Menyalak-er says:

    W9, the only way this flur can be ‘stoned’ is by smoking a weed from a vessel made of used slippers.

  155. Menyalak-er says:

    Oops, sorry ktteok… not W9.

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