Congratulations to the new IGP, Musa Hassan, for another year of work. May the Universe protect Malaysians!

Please start your work immediately, and before you go partying to celebrate, what’s the status of Finardo Calibao’s mysterious murder case in Kuala Lumpur?

Remember, he was said to be ‘tortured and bludgeoned to death’ and targetted because of his work against human traffickers.

The NGOs from across the globe are already crying out loud:

“Thirdly, we demand that the Malaysian government promptly and thoroughly investigate the murder of Mr. Cabilao and make every effort to identify, arrest and prosecute his murderers. We remind the Malaysian government that the international community has found its efforts to combat trafficking wanting and that the flagrant murder of Mr. Cabilao is a direct result of the sense of impunity that human traffickers have enjoyed for too long in Malaysia. We believe that the commitment of the Malaysian government to opposing human trafficking is in doubt as long as it allows the murderers of Mr. Cabilao remain at large”.

Read the rest of their statement HERE.

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  1. monsterball says:

    Wow ..I forgot this….until Susan brought it out again.
    Perform shows…catch some…released them..end of story.
    Finardo Cabilao is forgotten.
    Human trafficking is a multi billion business….and anything for the dark side…corrupted police officers were involved.
    How to catch a crook by a crook?

  2. wits0 says:

    The power of the abetting Bangsatland’s MSM is demonstrated in this case. A wall of silence is being erected.

    The bottom line becomes an “acceptable”, “I dunno”, line, followed by, “everything okay”!

    Bangsatland banks on the US State’s department’s myopia and forgetfulness plus its own denizens’ non awareness. It’s not a new script.

  3. sani says:

    want to book foreigner girls for pleasure? Sure you can purchase them in pubs/night clubs kings (30-40 heads) golden lotus (around 30) 126 manila cafe tip top aramai fisherman etc etc. Useless if you report the human being trafficking cases to head department policemen. more ever they treat you as enemy because you block their incomes.

  4. storm62 says:

    what a shame for Malaysia…..

    firstly, 2 cops being sentence to death for murdering a mongolian lady with any motive….the IGP have to RESIGN for failing his job!!!

    secondly, arresting innocent people with ISA and peaceful candlelight vigils in a DEMOCRATIC country…he should willingly step down….but the idiot still wants to cling on.

    thirdly, with so many suspects being tortured or die misteriously in the lock-ups or held in police custordy…..he’s blaming to toilet floor being too slippery!!!

    who the phuck does he think he is? tell he, how many Malaysians really respect this idiot as an IGP? can’t he just look at himself in the mirror?……bertaubatlah wahai si musang semasih engko boleh bernafas lagi.

  5. umnopreacher says:

    who the phuck does he think he is? – storm62


  6. redoctober says:

    He is flying around too much, increasing his chances of a plane crash. Another by-election coming up very soon and the IGP better be ready to carry out sabotage investigations.
    Yet to be confirmed, highly placed and reputable sources say there is a murderer(s) loose in high circles.

  7. WTH and WTF is he? solve malaysian murders case first is better. get in the queue, would ya.

  8. enama says:

    get in the queue, would ya. – anonymous dud A

    At least you had a good enema today

  9. umnopreacher says:

    “At least you had a good enema today” – enama

    What is the duffer-ence? It still got nothing to say

    “i got nothing to say.”
    anonymous dud – September 3, 2009 at 8:06 pm

  10. umnopreacher says:

    IGP`s possible international contacts besides Yakuza, Russian Mafia….

  11. Menyalak-er says:

    I heard it from the grapevine that human trafficking especially those poor souls from Burma is big business run by cartels linked to our nice immigration and police officers.

    Finardo of Cabilao Island must have step on some serious dung to get done-in like that. Or maybe it was a case of truly mistaken identity which implies that he never was never in this country – aka, immigration records missing.

    Not to worry folks, our newly re-appointed tiger-general will ask Interpol and Macc to investigate. Just like he will ask them about that ‘pendek’ dance, KBP/cow head controversy, the plate tectonics that caused yesterday’s 7.3 RS earthquake that demolished Tasikmalaya and the Illumati’s conspiracy to destroy the world with that ridiculous AN1H1.

    Since our friend JJ is in Washington DC, he may even ask the FBI/CIA and DHS for more firepower and to send in the Marines.
    There are 4 sovereign nations that need to be invaded – Zimbabwe, Burma, North Korea. and Bangsar.

  12. tourman53 says:

     Subject: FW: The Truth of Teoh Beng Hock \ Death. Very Tiao !

     1. Why did MACC not inform Teoh’s family immediately when the body was found at 1.30pm on the 16th July?
    Teoh has his wallet with him and he could be identified easily. Why did MACC not informed his family immediately which is the normal practice.

    2. When did Teoh news break out?
    Teoh death was not known until 6pm.
    What happened between 1.30pm and 6pm at the MACC?

    3. When was Teoh release? Or was he ever released?
    MACC claimed that Teoh was released at 3.45am on the 16th July. However the fact that MACC still kept his handphone shows that he was never released and was in custody until he was found dead.

    4. Did Teoh ever left the MACC Building?
    No, he didn’t. The CCV recording at the entrance only shows his entering the MACC but there
    was no recording that he left MACC.

    5. Was Teoh a witness or suspect?
    MACC claimed Teoh was a witness after he is dead.
    However they refused to allow a lawyer to accompany Teoh during the interrogation and claimed they have the right to question him for 24 hours without allowing anyone to see him – this clearly shows that Teoh was arrested as a suspect.

    6. When was Teoh last seen in MACC building?
    He was last seen at 6am in the pantry.

    7. When is the time of death of Teoh Beng Hock?
    According to the autopsy report, Teoh Beng Hock was dead at around 8 -9am

    8. Why is the MACC door kept closed at 1.35pm?
    Malaysiakini reporter Rahmah Ghazali, found out that the MACC door was closed at between 1.25pm and 1.40pm. It was reopen at 1.50pm.
    Why is it so? MACC should be operating on a 24 hour basis and therefore the door shouldn’t be closed. “Coincidently”, Teoh’s body was found at 1.30pm. What is MACC doing behind closed door?

    9. Why is Teoh’s body not removed until 9.15pm?
    Nobody is allowed to have a glimpse at the body and Teoh’s body was not removed until 9.15pm. Why does it take so long to remove the body? Are they trying to hide something?

    10. Why is MACC lying about Teoh’s handphone?
    MACC claimed that all belongings have been returned to Teoh when he was “released” at 3.45am. However the police confirmed that they got Teoh’s Handphone from MACC. Why is MACC lying? It is obvious that Teoh’s handphone contains important information.

    11. Why is the police classifying Teoh’s death as a sudden death but not murder?
    The questions that the police pose to Teoh families shows that the
    police already presume that Teoh committed suicide and tries to mislead
    the family. The police is clearly protecting “someone”.

    Timeline of the incident 15th July 5.00pm Teoh Beng Hock was brought to MACC hq
    16th July 3.45am MACC claimed Teoh was released(cctv shows he never left the building)

    6.00am Teoh was last seen in the pantry
    8.00am Teoh was dead
    1.25pm MACC front door was suspiciously closed
    1.30pm Teoh Body was found lying at the fifth floor balcony
    6.00pm News about Teoh dead was made to known publicly
    9.15pm Teoh’s body was removed

    Please watch this video

    There are too many suspicious circumstances in Teoh
    Beng Hock case. We must not let Teoh Beng Hock die in vain. Get angry and get into action.

    Forward this to everyone in you mailing list and let them know the truth!!!
    We must seek justice for Teoh Beng Hock!

     WE WANT

  13. monsterball says:

    Do anyone recall…the man.. famous in catching DVD pirators was murdered?

  14. adelphaveloso says:

    Cabilao’s fellow social workers said he has been receiving work-related death threats. He was writing a book on the business and victims of human trafficking for prostitution in Malaysia.

    Non-government organizations involved in fighting trafficking in persons described Cabilao as “a tireless champion for trafficked victims.” They credit him for helping find and repatriate back to the Philippines numerous women who were trafficked into prostitution in various Malaysian provinces.

    Nina Belmonte, a Kanlungan case manager, said Cabilao has helped them repatriate 15 trafficking victims so far. The last time he emailed her about a case she has been inquiring about was on August 4. Belmonte said Cabilao reported handling 177 cases of human trafficking in his International Social Welfare Service Concept Paper for June 2009.


  15. Menyalak-er says:

    As i said human trafficking is big big business – the syndicates that run it are always in cahoots with the authorities of each domain. They are extremely well organized just like the Mandellin, Escobar and Khun Sa drug cartels. Even armies become vulnerable to the corruption (eg Colombia).

    While many think that i was smug in criticizing the igp – it’s because the can’t see the ‘real and present danger’ of dealing with such inhumanity. Cabilao deliberately put himself as their target, in the hope that he can help even one lost poor soul. For he lived the truth that “greater love has no man, than to give his life for others.”

    So i think, these ‘global’ NGO’s are barking up the wrong tree. In order to stop this form of modern slavery and debauchery – tackle the demand side of the supply! Otherwise, they are just fooling around if they think they can take on the cartels…

  16. wan says:

    Snakehead IGP runs the biggest cartel

  17. kittykat46 says:

    What’s the difference between the IGP and a crime warlord ?


    And BTW, many of his lieutenants are also up to their neck in sleazy business. Most of the top senior officers in PDRM are living way beyond their means. Guess where the money comes from…..
    This was a confession made to me by one of them, who is , frankly, also on the take…

  18. Menyalak-er says:

    Guys, this snakehead cum tiger-general shouldn’t and mustn’t be taken head-on, because we can’t. Its tentacles spread too far, wide and deep, and he will cekek you die-die like a parasitic fig tree.

    Of course we know that kk46. That’s why when PR forms the next Fed Gomen, we need them to shake up the whole fig tree and see what falls off. Not only must the goons declare their own and multiple spouses assets but also their ‘extended’ families, which include their parents, in-laws, sibling’s, uncle & aunts, cousins etc. and especially their anak angkats, drivers and servants.

    Just beware and keep our eyes open, ‘cos politicians have convenient and all too pragmatic ideation & memories.

  19. najibmustdie says:

  20. wits0 says:

    “..we need them to shake up the whole fig tree and see what falls off.” – Menyalak-er.

    But the two flat Hindraf apanama tyres chose to bark up the wrong tree instead. Such brilliance!

  21. najibmustdie says:

    But the two flat Hindraf apanama tyres chose to bark up the wrong tree instead. Such brilliance! – wits0

    Rubber tree fertilised by cowdung mentality

  22. najibmustdie says:


    SEREMBAN, Sept 4 — Barians Nasional’s (BN) Bagan Pinang state assemblyman Azman Mohd. Noor has just passed away in Seremban, according to BN sources.

    His death will trigger the ninth by-election since Election 2008.

  23. boing says:

    “His death will trigger the ninth by-election since Election 2008.”

    That is karma. Tell them nicely they won`t listen, but more on the way. 2 days ago in Indonesia was a tectonic earthquake measuring 7.3 Richter Scale which hit the city of Tasik Malaya.
    So umno please carry on as usual it is good to hear BN reps dying after the PR showed the way.
    e.g. How long more can the rotting meat Heehaw of Perak live?

  24. Raikonen says:

    The timing cannot be better after the Kerismuddin’s comments…7th month la…the revenge of the cow taking the live and coming back for vengence….!!!!

  25. buenos says:

    Suddenly the Rembau monkey has woke up……

    “MELAKA, Sept 4 – Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has proposed that the Internal Security Act (ISA) detention order be looked into by the court or an independent body and not by the Home Minister.”

    Fried Rais in Culture said US UK copied ISA, Rembau monkey telling fried rice and the Minister-in-Mud to look for spiders.


    Is it a case of “out of sight and out of mind”
    Even though there’s still conscience to remind
    Do we blatantly dare say, “Never mind!”
    When God says, “Vengence is mine!”

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 040909
    Fri. 4th Sept. 2009.

  27. navvies says:

    Navel gazing is exciting for some.

  28. najibmustdie says:

    When God says, “Vengence is mine!”

    Fair enough……and man can be the tool of God`s vengeance then.
    The Bible also enjoins one to hate evil.

  29. toast says:

    “The MCMC is misguided as this is the role of the media — to raise public interest issues. The source of the problem is not the media airing the footage, but the protesters who used methods that were despicable to voice their protest. It is the organisers of the cow-head protest who should be targeted and not the media that reported on the matter,” Gayathry said in a statement today.

    “This is a repeat of the [incident which saw the] arrest of Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng under the Internal Security Act last September [because she] reported on a public speech by Penang Umno leader [Datuk] Ahmad Ismail, where the messenger is attacked for what a politician expresses in public,” she added.

    Gayathry called on the MCMC to stop its harassment and leave the online media to report the news as it saw fit. “There is no irresponsible or unethical reporting involved in the videos and if the commission is serious about not wanting to fuel public sentiments, it should support civil society calls to reject any use or threat of violence and hatred,” she added.

    Malaysia is a Police State under the BN.

  30. wits0 says:

    The MCMC’s alibi :
    Social regulation which includes the twin areas of content development as well as content regulation; the latter includes the prohibition of offensive content as well as public education on content-related issues.
    M’siakini is not the originator or source of any offensive contents. It has a duty to inform the public of the public happenings. A duty which the dastardly MSM has partly or wholely abrogated. The real offenders need to be exposed, no less. The merit or demerits of a minister’s public speech is up to the public to judge.

  31. veryupset says:

    Bala they “cannot” even find……
    What’s so effecient about them….????

    GOD saves us all………………………………………..
    My wish…!

  32. Menyalak-er says:

    Latest suspect for the Calibao murder is allegedly his gay partner.
    Apparently ‘homosexual rage’. Believable, but lets wait.

  33. bust those umno crooks says:

    This musa(ng) is only good at catching those ass fucker(s) and pathetically useless at other policing functions!

  34. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Bogus cops …a plenty ……gomen in crook garb…..crooks in gomen gormen garbs .Where the hell they obtain these genuine regalias complete with medals and badges.Really shocking!!

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