Who’s the liar, can you guess?

1. This UMNO blogger says the cow head protestors are PKR + PAS members (here). His remarks are of course supported by Rocky Bru who is sad that 52 reports had been lodged against them.

2. Khalid Samad confirms they are not from PAS as he has been the sec-gen of PAS Shah Alam for ten years. If they are/were, he suggests their membership be terminated as their action (here) was against Islamic principles (here).

3. My own check shows that their names are not on PKR list. I was told one of the person leading is the brother of a former adun of Kota Anggerik (Shah Alam who lost in the 2008 elections?)

Who should I believe?

It’s been days since the event occured and out to shame Najib stupid slogan of 1malaysia, people first and performance first. Bullshit it is. He’s also “instructed” the police to take action, but all we see is TALK ONLY, NO ACTION!

The same goes for the idiotic Moo-deka message from the PM (that we do not choose) that we must tear down the walls that divide. What walls? The one that UMNO/BN set up themselves! Hey tear down your own walls first!

ISA minister Hishamuddin Keris has also issued “a stern warning”. Only a warning? What double standards!

I can only come to the conclusion these people are supporters of UMNO because if they were otherwise, for example, if they were ordinary citizens, NGO activists or Opposition members/ supporters, the police would have acted swiftly and brutally!!!

Don’t you think so?

Hey UMNO machais, we are not so stupid to listen to your spinning lah.


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  1. R4Os says:

    If Rocky-Bru & those ArmNow bloggers are not liars, then Satan would be an Angel in their belief…

    These savage r a shameful lot in the bloggersphere, they could tell big lies with their eyes wide open, and yet act like pious believer in Truth…

  2. monsterball says:

    Follow the majority Malaysians.
    By elections have guided you.
    Keep far far away from Rocky..the drunkard frog…that can be bought easily.
    He is pro UMNO a liar and full of shit. He copy mamak character.
    He told me he love Anwar and support him…and now change his mind.
    He is playing dirty politics for personal benefits…and if he supports..UMNO….why be surprised?

  3. R4Os says:

    “ISA minister Hishamuddin Keris has also issued “a stern warning”. Only a warning? What double standards!”

    Make no mistake about it, Keris.mudin’s stern warning wasn’t directed to the Cowhead-Gang, but to the those who r at the receiving-end of this provocation, who may contemplate a “Counter-protest” against the Cowhead demo…

  4. monsterball says:

    Yes….the cow head incident maybe staged to create tensions….provocations by MIC…doing one. to please Najib….but it actually embarrassed Najib.
    Presuming it is a message from ordinary Malaysians…that also prove walls are built by UMNO..division is so strong.
    Now they suffer…ask us to tear down the wall.
    What an idiot he is.
    OTK sacked Chua..to support Najib sicko against Anwar…no sex offenders allowed …and backfired too…to”1Malaysia”
    Crooks are crooks..no matter what cover ups thought out…all will backfire.

  5. monsterball says:

    Yes….the cow head incident maybe staged to create tensions….provocations by MIC…doing one. to please Najib….but it actually embarrassed Najib.
    Presuming it is a message from ordinary Malaysians…that also prove walls are built by UMNO..division is so strong.
    Now they suffer…ask us to tear down the wall.
    What an idiot he is.
    OTK sacked Chua..to please Najib …and backfired too…to”1Malaysia”
    Crooks are crooks..no matter what cover ups thought out…all will backfire.

  6. monsterball says:

    As long as Najib will not listen to Malaysians and sack all MACC..and sincerely choose non partisan people to manage it…the wall to divide…built by UMNO is so clear.
    As long as UMNO MCA and MIC do not close their parties up and ..and manage with all in as equal members in BN….the wall is so clear..build by UMNO.
    As long as UMNO do not amend the Constitution to fee Malays to choose any religion they like….mind control and brainwashing his own race is the most sinful act….UMNO can do…right now…when Malays moved forwards ….are well educated and can think properly…..yet UMNO keep controlling their minds.
    Even in religion…UMNO build up a wall.
    Najib said..”tear down the wall…that divide”
    Who is he talking to?

  7. monsterball says:

    There you see…UMNO can never change.
    Change they kill themselves.
    UMNO is world class liars.. actors…twisters…thieves…con men… so successful…behaving arrogant…so thick skinned …thinking they can keep fooling Malaysians…with money power…to dream governing Malaysians forever.
    They keep stealing by the billions…so greedy..knowing Malaysia is filthy rich country.
    They cover up…by taxing us..which we should enjoy low taxed life..long long ago.
    Such is the evils of UMNO…starting from Mahathir to now.
    Had Mahathir stood for another election…UMNO would have gone long ago…..but Malaysians gave Dollah a chance.
    Now this Najib is the worst of the lot….talk and no actions.on so many matters… Malaysians have enough of his nonsense.
    Feeling no shame at all…is the trademark of UMNO crooks.

  8. wajib says:

    UMNO is UMNO, this shit party is led by Najis who likes fool the Malaysian for his own greedy …shit UMNO

  9. maw says:

    tears down which wall?you walled up yourself ask us to tear down,najib is more lembu than that kepala lembu.had instructed the police to take action against lembu bearers,wah! so fast one ma.you wait till all the lembu come home or is it lost all the lembu along the way home[whichever happen first]belum tentu ada action one ma !.jib you are too lembu for us to believe,jangan story us anymore.

  10. Fearnoone says:

    Spin and spin lah…their heads will surely “sangkut” soon.

  11. sebatrocky says:

    How come Rocky has not been caned yet for all the drinking? He is 1 of the major “movers & shakers” in sarking up to Ketua Umno in S`gor – Najis Tong Rosak.
    & who said cows are stupid. At least they find their way back home in the evening after grazing whole day. Rocky cannot do that.

  12. rainstorm says:

    Is so obvious those people are UMNO supporters coz’ the delay action taken by the police (after get the “instruction” from PM) & those lame execuses they can’t act as the situation “did not permit” them to do so, according to Shah Alam OCPD ACP Noor Azam Jamaludin.

    The more they spin is going to backfire on them. Is karma…..

  13. sebatrocky says:

    Suddenly the Selangor Ruler is very quiet. Now you people know.

  14. sebatrocky says:

    Stupid 40% indians should leave that area so the muslim values of their land can go up, and Rocky can migrate there also.

  15. sebatrocky says:

    Rocky is not even half-cow, he`s a LUMMOX ASS. Look at his stupid toilet paper since he took over. Just a few pages of rubbish for which the UMNO govt pays him since umno owns it. Pathetic scum journaLICE work in that group. Boycott all govt papers.
    Let all these scum rockies go out and earn a living in the holy land of “Shah Alam” – Darul Islam of Malaysia.

  16. Fern says:

    Rocky is the trouble rouser with his spins!How reliable is his sources as this guy has some ulterior motives.In life its SO HARD TO TRUST THIS MALAYS! You try to force to like them or even trust them for what they are worth but at the end of the day they even sell their mother’s soul to the DEVIL! This is the guy that have been taking you all for a ride in blogspehere! Trust not this blogger and its a wonder he top boss of MM .A chap so hard up to be back !Typical of this guy !

  17. whispering9 says:

    You are right….everyone knows the rule of thumb is rather simple for such scenario. When the police and FRU escort the action and restraint from acting due to sensitivity, it has been sanctioned by U Must Not Object. If they shoot water cannon, charge and arrest without any restraint, you can bet all your pennies that PR is involved.

    Anyway, of late, there are so many frogs and traitors. So what is the big deal if a few PR demonstrators act on the contrary in the name of free expression and that consistent dimply excuse ‘we are not paid’.

    It is very obvious who are the liars and spinners. Hardly read them nowadays…occasionally when some commentators link to their pages, I pop in to read their mostly larcenous tales and plead. Phew!

  18. sunwayopal says:

    Actually sloone, you are wrong. Its not whether PDRM and FRU take action post event.

    if this was headed by PKR or PAS, the PDRM would have taken action DURING the event itself.

    By standing by, you can tell already lah whos the ringleader!!!!!

  19. wits0 says:

    The abetting cops were there to see that the mad cow demo would go on without a hitch, as dictated by umno. No use for them to bullshit later to us about junior personals being in charge there.

  20. R4Os says:

    Rocky Bru does not live up to his nick, he should rename his nick as: LACKEY BOY……

  21. ajajal says:

    Tear down the wall. ops I see not, Mooheedin, Hassan Ali,and
    his Ketam CM plus UMNO are building up walls layers after layers to divide us. The contractors are AG IGP MACC EG and the Korek korek korek judges.

  22. bee says:

    “Who should you believe?”…..Believe in the Truth. The Truth, like The Sun and The Moon does not change. Spining is like lying; you need another lie to cover a lie and in the end you have to lie a thousand times to cover The Truth. Likewise you need to spin and spin and spin until the sh*t overflow the BiN and sooner or later the sh*t will splash on your face. Keep it up rocky, enjoy your spin and sh*t.

  23. Jean is a very horny woman, slender body, tall and flatchested says:

    “Tear down the wall that divide” – Najib Tun Razak

    That catch phrase – Najib, before he’s PM, there has been serious allegations about him, among those;-

    -Kickbacks in submarine deals(when he was Defense Minister) with the possibility of him profiteering from a negotiating/brokering agent.

    -the mystery that surrounds the death of Altantuya Sharibuu and unanswered questions whether Najib has a “hand” in the deceased translator’s death concomitant with the submarine deal and his close friend, who is the owner of the brokering firm mentioned above.

    Now, as a PM, he spouted pacifist ideologies and remedies, among those;-

    -liberalisation of some of the compulsory equities, namely the stock market, wherein the 30% quota previously given and must be owned by “Bumiputera” companies to be listed in the KLSE were repelled.

    I have observed the vagaries of PM Najib Tun Razak and some of his underlings and I have perceived the possibilities that;-


    -As a PM, Najib may have the will to enact reforms but will the one who enjoys years NEP willing him to do so?

    -the enactment of the Key Performance Index (KPI)


    Najib’s DPM, is used as the “bad-boy”, using him as a voice to incite racial hatred while the PM is reticent and his role is the “god-boy”.


    Personally, I don’t think Najib will ever change, afterall, they say – “Old habits don’t die”. They(old habits) never do.


    Me, cybertrooper? Hoohohohohahaha. Well, Thank you for exposing me, and who I really are but I ain’t gonna tell you how much I have been paid by my suga(r)-daddy and how mush I paid for the services of gigolos. “What goes around, comes around.” 😀

  24. wits0 says:

    “Tear down that wall”?

    When the house of umno is built on that great wall of lies from Day One?! Wonder which overdone Reagan-plagiarizing speech writer wrote that trashy and perverse speech for him?

  25. Malaysian says:

    These bloggers can go tell lies and then go pray 5 times a day but what the hell for? You can pray 1000 times a day also no use. You have sinned.

  26. glugglug says:

    “What goes around, comes around.”

    A very trite common phrase among malaysians with no creativity.

  27. R4Os says:

    ““What goes around, comes around.” A very trite common phrase among malaysians with no creativity.” — glugglug


    (I must admit this phrase was borrowed from VK Lin.gum, not my own creation la, heheh…)

  28. R4Os says:

    Jean @ veryhornywoman,

    Did Ray-of-Hope mentioned your name as CT anywhere here? I don’t remember reading about this?

  29. veryupset says:

    With all “their” instruction & warning……………………
    Do you all think justice will be served…?????

    Something else will crop up to divert our attention “again” lah……!!!!

    Susan…, u better keep a list…! Just to remind us when the “time” comes yah………!!!!!

  30. glugglug says:

    “Wonder which overdone Reagan-plagiarizing speech writer wrote that trashy and perverse speech for him?” – wits0

    The great malingsia authority on plagiarizing, now Malay Mail boss in Jeans, Rocky (Ahiruddin`s Atan) is the first one that comes to mind.

  31. glugglug says:

    Anyway wtf Rocky wear jeans to work when he should be wearing sarong. Jeans invented by jew gold prospectors should be banned for muslims. Levi is jewish. Non muslims no problems. Malay Mail even carries advt for jeans. Rocky set example lah….wear sarong to work. Easier to lift up also when your pretty clerks are near.

  32. Freddy says:

    it is very easy to spot the liars …

    if those buggers are truly from pkr-pas, they would’ve been dragged into the police station now …


  33. R4Os says:

    “Rocky set example lah….wear sarong to work. Easier to lift up also when your pretty clerks are near.” — glugglug

    More it would be Najis who come to see him, easier for him to lift up his sarong and bend down to please his master…

  34. glugglug says:

    Rais anak Yatim also is a famous “bender”

  35. Leong Yook Kong says:

    The Rakyat want to know when can the police complete the investigation into the cow head issue? Will the Selangor CPO make known the final result of the investigation to the Rakyat? Hopefully, there will be no double standard in the handling of this case.

  36. wits0 says:

    Rocky Borg is also very fashionably green ; he is more expensively ethanol propelled.

    His message: “Assimilate Now!” And accept your alloted part as the common (inferior)merde!

    The finest literally cutting edge of umnoputra dissembling don’t reach very far or for last very long in Cyberspace.

  37. Jean is a very horny woman says:

    Jean @ veryhornywoman,

    Did Ray-of-Hope mentioned your name as CT anywhere here? I don’t remember reading about this?

    R4Os – September 1, 2009 at 9:19 am

    Yup, (s)he had. Link https://sloone.wordpress.com/2009/08/30/gangster-or-police-spot-the-difference/

    S(he) wrote –

    There r in fact many Bolehlanders who r living on other planets, juz check out comments from some idiots like Kancillanak, I-4-C, Anon.dud, abetterPenang, Jean@horny.woman, GRKumar, etc…

    Of coz many of them are Cybertroopers, who have sold their arses & souls to the evil Be-eNd for a few dollars gain…

    Ray-of-Hope – August 31, 2009 at 11:57 pm

    Only by chance did I go back and found there was a respond to my earlier comments. Thank you. Thank you. hahaha

  38. R4Os says:

    “The Rakyat want to know when can the police complete the investigation into the cow head issue? Will the Selangor CPO make known the final result of the investigation to the Rakyat?”

    Selangor CPO: Siasatan dah selesai, laporan tu dah di serah kepado Dato’ Keris’mudin, he will decide on the matter, for now it’s under OSA, not for me to reveal, sorry…”

  39. glugglug says:

    “The Rakyat want to know when can the police complete the investigation into the cow head issue?” – Leong Yook Kong

    That must wait for Hari Kiamat,……. from rockbebeh.blogspot.com

  40. R4Os says:

    “Of coz many of them are Cybertroopers…”

    Ray-of-Hope said “MANY of them”, not all inclusive, so why you got so worked out?

  41. R4Os says:

    Dear Jean,

    Take it easy…

  42. glugglug says:

    “why you got so worked out?” – R4Os

    Outdoors is H1N1 so indoors is safer to sweat out. His-ham-mud-in & Najib are outside.

  43. wits0 says:

    His-ham-mud-in should contact Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon for a nose job on his clam shell nose so iconic of Lat’s cartoon.

  44. Jean is a very horny woman says:

    “Ray-of-Hope said “MANY of them”, not all inclusive, so why you got so worked out?” -R04s

    Well, mate, my nick was specifically mentioned.

    “Take it easy” – R04s

    Of coz I do (take it easy at most of the times, but merely responding to your question in good faith, geez, being a cybertroopper, I’ll get fired for this meekness), of coz i do.

    Sorry for the space Susan and no disrespect to anyone, now to the point (of the subject).

  45. malaysiawaves says:

    Tuesday, September 1, 2009
    Masjid di RRI Sungai Buloh Betul2 Sebelah Kuil Hindu. Apa Sebab UMNO Selangor Tak Bising?
    Memang Dalan Sebenar Kes Ini Adalah UMNO

  46. alip yip says:

    No need to think too much about the real organiser behind this, and doesn’t matter what or who they claim they were, we all know and very sure of what really happened !
    GE 13 will be the answer !

  47. apapunboleh says:

    UMNO is a racist party, Rocku Bru is a racist blogger and Hishsamuddin is a racist minister

  48. farkrocky says:

    Why Rocky doesnt translate his blog dan Malay mail into bahasa melayu so people can understand better?
    His godfather (the man whose lanchow mati) mahathiu said vernacular papers should be translated.

  49. kittykat46 says:

    “I can only come to the conclusion these people are supporters of UMNO because if they were otherwise, for example, if they were ordinary citizens, NGO activists or Opposition members/ supporters, the police would have acted swiftly and brutally!!!

    Don’t you think so?” – Susan.

    Yes, yes, yes…..watch what the authorities do , not what they say.
    The whole incident, and the PDRM reaction to it, has the stamp of U Must Not Object all over it.

  50. ktteokt says:

    The wall UMNO built is stronger, thicker and tougher than the Great Wall of China! How to tear it down????? The only way to overcome this is perhaps UMNO digging a hole which is deeper than the Black Hole of Calcutta and all UMNO people jump into it and bury themselves!

  51. hududforrocky says:

    From now on I will support hudud for muslim malays, these so-called liberals who act like mice when the cow-ards are out havocing deserve what they will get. They can all get their heads, hands, legs chopped.

  52. mccann105 says:

    they think people are stupid ..keeping quiet ..we wait for next election.

  53. johanssm aka Khun Pana says:

    1-Illegal assembly but no actions from the polis.
    Not a single arrest,not a single tear gas, not a drop of chemical water
    2- The kepala lembu protest went on smoothly , too smooth
    3-The “Take Beer” banner is a sheer giveaway it was from umno
    4- When the protest was over everybody went home.The polis left the place happily too
    5-After 52 reports,the polis were given Saturday, Sunday and Monday , 3 days to come out with a good storyboard.

    We must congratulates our Hindu friends and Malaysians for keeping their cool and know it was planned by umno with the help from the polis.
    They wants to take over Selangor.
    They wants the non muslims to insult Islam ,
    they wants a riot , they wanted civil unrest but we are NOT giving them a damn.
    Why should we insult Islam when Raja Petra is a friend , Nik Aziz is respected by us , we cheers for Nizar and we voted for PR which is lead by Anwar.

  54. The_Same says:

    The OneMalaysia song in Three languages: Malay, English and Mandarin but not in Tamil.

  55. wira says:

    I respect the rights of those who hold peaceful gatherings to make public demands.

    It’s the racial bigots that I take exception to.
    I don’t really care which party those hooligans belong to.
    Charge all those who made inflammatory speeches with sedition, including the idiot who brought the cow’s head to the demonstration.

    No ISA please.
    It’s the wrong law to be used against them because those are not communist terrorists.

  56. whispering9 says:

    Here is an excerpt from Ronald Reagen speech,

    “General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization: Come here to this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!'”

    Once again, our politicians used plagiarized quotations from other leaders without realizing the true intents. It is not for the general public to tear down the wall put up by the government. It is for the government head of the day, PM DSN, to tear down this wall of racial politics and corruption. It would have sounded better if he said “I shall tear down this wall that separates us.” Still plagiarized but definitely palatable.

  57. jfkennedy says:

    “tear down the wall”???

    John F. Kennedy – “Ich Bin Ein Berliner” Speech

  58. Menyalak-er says:

    The bumno flurs are becoming nihilistic – with such acts of provocation and intimidation, they will certainly declare that all is kosher, err halal. Including their lies!

    Their hope of anarchism by retaliation with subsequent enforcement of Emergency rule in Selangor will come to nought. They may not realize it – but only half or even less, of the Malays support them in Selangor.

    There is no positive ‘spin’ in whatever they do, all ‘activities’ becomes negative integers. Their subjugated machais are irrelevant and totally unmentionable.

    To be honest, i personally don’t give a whit, what pdrm does to those protesters – who have cow udders in lieu of brains – they are just the hungry waifs, hoping for some milk from dessicated heifer, bunmno. It’s the toyols and djinns behind them that count.

  59. Libertybelle says:

    Why are you fellas still reading Rocky Bru and commenting on his spins? Ignore him no matter what the provocation and he will cease to enjoy his notoriety. Why give him the readership numbers? Why bother to comment and give space to his spins? I know him for what he is — a Najib and Mahathir ball carrier and a racist to the core. He left the MM half-dead, and now he’s back there to kill it off completely. So leave the scum alone and he will be of no consequence except to those who serve under the same evil master.

  60. Shame on UMNO says:

    Probably ROCKY place the cow head there..?

  61. Kiwi Charles says:

    In Malaysia there are two sets of rules if you choose to live in it.
    One for the Ketuanan Melayu another for everyone else. Period.
    I chose to live elsewhere so should you.

  62. glocal says:


    Rocky? Rocky’s Bru? There are people who still read that blog? For a long time now, Rocky has been openly showing that he hates Anwar and greatly admires Tun Dr M, his offspring and Tun Dr M. He meets with Marina and Mukhriz quite regularly. What is the big deal about him? He was only with the rest of Malaysians as he wanted Pak Lah to go (Mahathir’s aim), but he never agreed that PR should be the rulling coalition. Leave him,nobody visits his blog anymore, except Mahathir’s enthusiasts.
    Not reading his blog does not mean that one should condone his hypocritical activities. He is sad because reports were lodged against his brother muslim cow head hunters.
    You still think he should be sympathized with in his sadness? Looks the temple bells have tolled for rocky.

  63. glocal says:

    It’s the toyols and djinns behind them that count. ….. Menyalak-er

    Rocky is one SAD toyol/djinn

  64. RA RAHMAN says:


    begin quote ….
    He said the residents lodged a general report to say that the cow’s head was never meant to be paraded to the State Secretariat building to insult the Hindus.

    “In the report, they stressed that the cow’s head only signified the stupidity of the state government and was not meant to touch the religious sensitivities of anyone.”
    …. end quote.

    this must be the funniest thing i have read tooday! if the protesters did not mean to insult the Hindus and the proposed temple, they should have used a fish head, no? fish head beloved of all Malaysians, no? also non-religious!

    at the back of my mind …… what would have happened if aggrieved Hindus had delivered a pig’s head to the mosque? would the police have stood by calmly and the muslims exercised restraint? I think not. there would have been blood on the streets. the same thing would have happened if a Catholic/Hindu/Buddhist magazine had gone into a mosque and insulted a sacred Muslim ritual. So, why no action taken against the Mulsim magazine that committed sacrilege against a holy sacrament of Catholics, the holy communion?

    The Govt leaders like to tell us “There is a place for all in Malaysia.” what they don’t say out loud is, “But we will TELL yu where your place is in this country.”

  65. outa rocky says:


    “So saudara Rocky, as a former blogger-buddy, as and when we do meet, I can still enjoy a beer or malt with you, I hope.”

  66. outa rocky says:

    Rocky represents all that is sick

  67. Kancilandak says:

    Sigh..h.. you pathetic anti BN lot, are we not mature enuogh to be above all this gutther politiks.. why blow a big hoohah over a trivil cow head matter.. wondering who lie who not lie.. what if this is done by the indians.. trying to reverse psykologi all of you.. try to prove that the state govt is sideline them (check Monsterball).
    Menyalak-er, sir, you seem to be know very well about all the worms.. I’m sure you know what is reverse pisikology.. alamak.. we dont know how to educate you guys lah! ?

    On another matter, R40s, what is a Beember?

  68. klepek says:

    Thursday, July 09, 2009
    SACRILEGE: Profanation of the Eucharist in Malaysia: Undercover Muslims spit out Host

    Police reports were lodged and no action was taken either bcos PDRM is a muslim organization. Najib said no one should question the right of muslims to slander non muslims. Rocky and other UMNO ba*tards support that.

  69. wanmokhtar says:

    “.. I’m sure you know what is reverse pisikology..” kancilandak

    Bapak Sodomy, `BS` Mahathir knows ALL


    Remove the destructive wall builders from the scene
    You get to get rid of many unnecessary walls and sins
    You won’t get to see so many ugly walls everywhere seen
    Remove if you can all divisive walls into the 1 big rubbish bin

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 010909
    Tue. 1st Sept. 2009.

  71. mali says:

    It does not matter Black or White , Right or Wrong.
    Just do it.
    The bottom line They want Selangor back.

  72. Menyalak-er says:

    Oi, porcupined mousedeer – i don’t dare reverse psikologi on you, it’s actually ‘perverse psychology’. No, you don’t suffer from the regulsr species of worms – your problem is fungus (kulat), that liquefies brain tissue.

  73. thiagaraju says:

    Umi Hafilda`s bottom line is intact….judge also agreed. Rocky dunno.

  74. apapunboleh says:

    PDRM is UMNO’s oppression tool.

    Btw, BOYCOTT racist Rocky’s blog.

  75. R4Os says:

    “I’m sure you know what is reverse pisikology.. alamak.. we dont know how to educate you guys lah! ?” — kancilandak

    OK, u know what is reverse psychology, good, so if the Hindus retaliated by throwing a pig’s head into your mosque, how lah? small matter right? no need to hoohah over it lah, right? good, so glad to know that we have very matured muslims like Kancilandak…

    “On another matter, R40s, what is a Beember?”

    Aisehman, kawan, Beemer lu ta tau ka? Potong Banana saja lu bawa, mana ada gaya? ambik satu bijik Beemer (BMW) lar…

  76. “Kami seksyen 23, sekali lagi menyatakan kami tidak akan berganjak walaupun seinci, walau nyawa habis, walau darah mengalir, kami tetap mempertahankan sek 23 daripada dibina kuil” – Ibrahim Sabri, resident.

    who says he’s lying …..

  77. Menyalak-er says:

    Hmm… sek 23? I thought it was 72 virgins, is that for partial lies?

  78. weknow says:

    An Open Letter to a Muslim Journalist “Spy”

    “Sadly, your disrespect knew no bounds. You chose to abandon all human and religious decency with impunity as a journalist and a Muslim. Under pretense of being a Catholic you participated in the church service and even partook of the Holy Communion (a white and sacred wafer) strictly meant only for Catholics.

    You consumed the white wafer which Catholics hold as very sacred and treat with utmost reverence, and both of you spat out the remnants, photographed it and published the picture in an article entitled “Tinjaun Al Islam Dalam Gereja:Mencari Kesahihan Remaja Murtad” which was published in the May 2009 issue of the Al Islam magazine.”

  79. weknow says:

    Specifically for the umno kancilandaks,

    “It makes me wonder how does a “creature” like you exist in this country? Are you the product of the educational, social or even religious system or process created by Bolehland’s leaders (also read as “Umno”) over the past 30 years?

    How is it possible that you could blatantly trespass into a place of worship, violate its sanctity, insult its adherents, even publish your transgression and completely ignore the implications and consequences (will there be any)? What gives you such audacity?”

  80. najisflies says:

    by Paul Warren – 19 minutes ago

    Why waste time with formalities? Just arrest PR assemblyman and woman for corruption and charge them in court. Fine them more than RM2,000 and put them all in jail. Take over of Selangor complete. who in their right mind is going to object to this anyway? After a while everyone will settle down and UMNO can plunder Selangor for all it is worth. See, even Perak nothing happened. It does not matter what the bloggers say. And it does not matter what the foreign press say. the thing is, UMNO Selangor is dry and needs money badly…Only way to do it is take Selangor. come on make Najib look like a real hero!!


  81. inta says:

    A scar is born – Cocky Brew d’ Spin of the spin.

  82. wits0 says:

    “PM Najib has made it clear he wants Selangor back, stating that “If you want to win it, you must do what is necessary”.”

    The keywords are. “what is necessary”. Capisce? IOW, no hold barred, all vile means permitted.

  83. sebatrocky says:

    This criminal bas*ard should be in prison for interfering with police investigations………

    ‘Cow-head’ protesters to meet Hisham
    Rahmah Ghazali | Sep 1, 09 2:12pm

    # BREAKING NEWS Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said that the Shah Alam Section 23 residents wanted to see him tomorrow to voice out their grievances.

  84. sebatrocky says:

    How about police reports against that umno skunk

  85. wits0 says:

    “Heavy alcohol consumption might exaggerate brain shrinkage in social drinkers. Chronic heavy alcohol consumption should be avoided,” according to Dr. Motoo Kubota and colleagues from Chiba University in Japan report in the July issue of the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry.

    Alcohol, among the various forms insults both physically and mentally, now turns out to potentially shrink the brain according to the studies….”

    That’s why liars are easily exposed because all contradictions and convolutions appear in telling lies via forgetting what was told previously.

    Of course, OTOH, some naturally mush brained moron don’t even actually need to be ethanol powered to to spew forth foul flatus aplenty.

  86. abeeraday says:


    Did you know that “research extending back as far as 1926 has demonstrated that drinking in moderation is associated with greater longevity than is either abstaining or abusing alcohol. The medical research evidence is now unquestionable and demonstrates that the effect is not the result of health-compromised alcoholics who abstain.”

    A Harvard’s Nurses’ Health Study consisting of over 85,000 women reported “reduced mortality among moderate drinkers.” Now isn’t that fascinating!

    “In addition to having fewer heart attacks and strokes, moderate consumers of alcoholic beverages (beer, wine or distilled spirits or liquor) are generally less likely to suffer hypertension or high blood pressure, peripheral artery disease, Alzheimer’s disease and the common cold. Sensible drinking also appears to be beneficial in reducing or preventing diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, bone fractures and osteoporosis, kidney stones, digestive ailments, stress and depression, poor cognition and memory, Parkinson’s disease, hepatitis A, pancreatic cancer, macular degeneration (a major cause of blindness), angina pectoris, duodenal ulcer, erectile dysfunction, hearing loss, gallstones, liver disease and poor physical condition in elderly.”

  87. razorblade says:

    “BREAKING NEWS Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said that the Shah Alam Section 23 residents wanted to see him tomorrow to voice out their grievances.”

    DSAI went to prison for telling the cops to speed up investigations.
    Keris-mud-in should now be taken to lock up and beaten up by IGP.

  88. 1BlackDay says:

    where’s the FRU when you need them???

  89. razorblade says:

    Najis Tong Rosak`s badua relative, and his badua ministry……..

    On the 3rd of August our Company had contacted Officers from the Home Ministry and we were informed that the permit had been approved and the hard copy of the Publication Permit would be ready for collection on the 14th of August 2009. On the said date we went to collect the Publication Permit at the Home Ministry but were informed that the Permit was not ready. I then requested for the Permit number so that we could begin with production work on the understanding that when the magazine would be printed and distributed in 10 days time, the Permit would be ready.

    We were given the Permit Number PP8541/08/2010(0282145) ISSN 1688-5398 by the officers on that day.

    I refute any allegations that Gedung Kartun is published with a false permit. The Home Ministry has made a serious accusation that implies that I made up the Permit Number PP8541/08/2010(0282145) ISSN 1688-5398.

    Political cartoonist, Gedung Kartun Editor

  90. sun no zoo says:

    Now UMNO again instigates malays against chinese—–

    Siapa yang pilih kerajaan ini? beginilah mulanya 13 Mei bila Cina bawa penyapu.

  91. wits0 says:

    Abeeraday, if alcohol is evil, why did Jesus turn water into wine?

    Hyperventilate for a minute or so, by breathing rapidly, and even oxygen becomes bad for us. That’s the nature of things in Nature….too much of a good thing becomes bad.

  92. chanjoe says:

    We all know that no action will be taken against the heads of the demo as Hiskerismudin has issued a warning and is also meeting the demo 50s. His warning is for any others who dare to demo agst the Malays of Section 23.

    He will just give a lighthearted warning but even pat them on their backs and say good job done.

    Wat kind of Govt are we having? If the demo 50s are Chinese or Indians, they would have been sitting in the lockup right now awaiting for the AG to press charges.

    This is Malaysia Boleh land and 1 Malaysia for you. Its actually 1 Malays and not Malaysia.

    Where do we non Malays stand now? We are not allowed to demo and not allow to light candles, not allowed to wear black and not even allowed to gather. But their own stock can shout bloody words and allowed to carry a cow head to show their displeasure against Hindus and yet no actions taken. WHY????

    WE want justice and fairness for all irrespective of race and creed.

  93. Tan Teik Cheng says:

    What’s this about Jean being horny? I don’t fancy Jean lah. I prefer you, Susan…hope you are horny, eh? Wink…Wink.

  94. SameSame says:

    hahahaha….my god they think we are sooooo stupid!

    Hey did you see the MalaysiaKini headlines…Najib wants to get back Selangor. So don’t you think all this ochestrated???

    Never mind la, let them try. However we have to be mindful of these scumbags! and handle the situations from now on forth.

  95. inta says:

    If you want to win , you must do the necessary.
    By hook or by crook also can ? sound vely scary lah.

    Why you all reaction so slow one ,still talking about this swine and that cow when the ground begin to crack###. I not so clever also
    can feel Selangor move under your feet.

    The Bomoh say dont wory about the safety cost this earthquake
    wont collapse buildings or any structure but I dont quite understand when he said only those people whose name got NO-KICK ,TAK ada UMM(NO..UMMM) will be affected.

    My Japanese Master friend give me this name to consider ,

    KIASU-KIASI ok ka ?


  96. truth says:

    “why did Jesus turn water into wine?” – wits0

    Shows how stupid Hassan Ali is. But is Jesus was here today, Hassan Ali would lead the crucifixion and kerismuddin will be doing the whipping

  97. malayamuda says:

    have a referrendum among the Malays. If majority votes to send the Indians and Chinese out of Malaysia, we give them 5 yrs to leave…….simple ! I am sure if you give the ultimatum to the non Malays it will be easier for them. Instead of all this heart breaking messages ! The we can go back to rearing chickens in the kampung like we have been doing before. Do it before there is riots here


  98. KJAN says:

    If the melayu are so unhappy, unsensitive and ungrateful here as happened in sec 23, they can immediately bungkus their barang and migrate balik to wherever they came from as it’s in their genes to melayu (flee) here and there!

  99. Ray-of-Hope says:

    “It was reported in The Malaysian Insider that Tsu Koon was pleased to have Idris Jala as KPI assistant.”

    This piece-of-shit KTK, his skin is so thick that there is no way he could feel insulted, no matter what crap is given to him, he would swallow it and say it taste good…

    Koh Tsu Koon isn’t juz an UMNO lapdog, he’s also 1 BIG LIAR…

    He lied about his role in Kg Buah Pala land scam, he betrayed the KBP villagers, he sold the prime land at dirt cheap price to a Umnoputra crony cumpany, and he say it’s all LGE’s fault..

  100. Kancilandak says:

    Astafirullah al azeem.. weknow.. you touch my consains lah.. but what is consains anyway? let me check my kamus first?

  101. lanchowkancil says:

    You go and check your con sains, tapi that kartun Rais now padan muka —

    “Malay Muslims are now permitted to attend a concert by US hip-hop band Black Eyed Peas, organisers said today, reversing an earlier stand which saw Muslims banned from the event.”

    Another idiot who never knows if he is coming or going.

  102. Menyalak-er says:

    “Another idiot who never knows if he is coming or going” lanchowkancil.
    Yep, it’s called ‘retrograde ejaculation’ – his piss hole is too small, or he has stoppered it up.

  103. FenceSitter says:

    Why need to “spot”? They are all liars.

  104. Chauncey Gardener says:

    That’s twice in a month that Rais has had to backtrack.

    It shows that there is no consistency in policy matters by the current adminstration, This inconsistency is bad for business, literally.

  105. whispering9 says:

    “PUTRAJAYA, Sept 2 – The Home Minister today defended and justified last Friday’s cow-head demonstration after meeting with Malay-Muslim representatives of Shah Alam’s Section 23 at his office here today.”

    The finale to ‘Who is the Lair?’ The fat lady has sung. Lol.

  106. kittykat46 says:

    Keris-Hisham has spoken.
    The cow-head demonstrators will get away free-of-charge.
    In fact Keris-Hisham is using it to score some “ketuanan” points against the Selangor state government.

    What a lot of Bull-S*it.
    But I’m not surprised, it coming from Keris-Hisham.
    The Keris-wielder can’t change his spots.

  107. getout says:

    September- Hungry Ghost time. This time the Indians will be driven out if they dont go peacefully, Kerismuddin will use his keris. Or the keling can convert.

  108. Sick_Of_Rocky_Bru says:

    I am so sick of Rocky’s spinning. I used to follow his blog closely but since becoming editor of MM, the spinning is worse than a washing machine on cocaine.

  109. hello says:

    same thing …

    the more you write ,the more you show your true colours.have you watch the malaysiakini clip ? watch the person calling for bloodshed if the temple goes ahead? are there indians to you?were the persons carrying the head are there indians?(notice a lot of pekida there,easy to spot them)

    if you can’t answer them ,then you are bodoh for not observing or maybe you made a mistake but refuse to admit it .then we can call you bodoh sombong.

  110. bust those umno crooks says:

    What a joke, bastard hisham to meet and not to isa those sec 23 kepala lembu protestors, this bastard hisham is no different from that cousin bastard najis, both are useless slime balls only know how to instigate racial problems by using those stupid kepala lembu protestors and other anarchists. All these useless & rotten slime balls can go jahanam and rot in the rubbish hole or tong najis (only in pekan).
    BTW, why are you – malaysian indian cowards’ samyular so silent? If you dont protest now, sooner or later, instead of kepala lembu, kepala samyular would be chopped off, main main and paraded in the street.

  111. ycg says:

    actually contrarary to all your beliefs, I think Hisap puddin is quite smart. you see, these people that causes the commotion, they have no where else to turn but UMNO. We know, PR know, UMNO knows as well. So now UMNO flexing their power by defending them… ” APA?? TAK BOLEH KA??! ” By doing so, it is sending a very strong message to all malays, SOKONG UMNO, UMNO WILL DEFEND YOU COME WHAT MAY!!

    See…very simple, you ask these jokers now, who are they going to vote for in the next GE, Sure they say UMNO. Simple, right, you defend them and you get some extra cows that will follow you around anywhere.

    Smart rite?? who says he’s dumb?

  112. ycg says:

    ops! wrong thread

  113. monsterball says:

    “hello” writer…..I am versatile and flexible.
    You talk of my true colour exposed….a proud idiot.
    You are at liberty to say what you want about me.
    I have written thousands of messages.
    You mean …it takes you to read my thousands of my messages…all these few years to conclude.. who I am….now?
    You are a slow coach idiot.

  114. R4Os says:

    “It shows that there is no consistency in policy matters by the current adminstration, This inconsistency is bad for business, literally.” — Chauncey Gardener

    Who say no consistency? got mah…


  115. wits0 says:

    “Koh Tsu Koon isn’t juz an UMNO lapdog, he’s also 1 BIG LIAR…”

    He’s the chinless and spineless wonder jellyfish who managed to hoodwink Penang people for 18 long years. I hope they have learnt their lesson well!

  116. wits0 says:


    It is only consistent in being perverse and falderal.

  117. R4Os says:

    “You mean …it takes you to read my thousands of my messages…all these few years to conclude.. who I am….now?” — Monsterball

    MB, of coz we know who u r, but if u made a mistake, juz admit it, 1000 messages made 1 mistake is no big deal lar, juz own it like an honorable man, nobody will cannibalize u for that…

  118. R4Os says:

    “Keris-Hisham has spoken. The cow-head demonstrators will get away free-of-charge. In fact Keris-Hisham is using it to score some “ketuanan” points against the Selangor state government.” — kittykat46

    See post#3 comment above, this marthefarker Bangsatwan Keris’mudin so predictable, he might even lend his own Keris (the one he used in the Armnow-youth live-show, remember?) to the savage Cow-head gang if their threats of “Walaupun nyawa di korban, walaupun darah mengalir…” become real…

  119. veryupset says:


    It seems that these protesters told Keris fella that they feel victimised….!!!
    By these cow head fellas beheading a cow “head” & said it signifies Hindu religion…….

    Aren’t the Hindus actually being “victimised”….?????

    Who’s the bloody “outsider” are they talking about..???? Catch that bugger…..
    Now after meeting the cow head fellas, is he gonna meet the Hindus to see what they have to say…???????

    Worst than our local dramas lah………….!!!!!!

  120. Morning Dew says:

    Much as I would like to accept your “research” and references as truth I cannot.

    a. Khalid samad did not say outright that “Amin” as mentioned in the blog you refered to (http://anotherbrickinwall.blogspot.com/2009/08/isu-kuil-dosa-lepas-menghantui-pakatan.html) was NOT a member of PAS. He merely inferred the conclusion. The jury is still out.

    b. Mahyuddin Manap’s status would be easy to check up. He may not be a member of PKR in selangor but he could be a member elsewhere. It would be easy for PKR’s leaders to put to lie what was said.

    c. Ibrahim Sabri’s status as DSAI supporter in the past and went to prison supporting his cause is again something not difficult to reveal.

    So what is a lie ? Perhaps it is good to revisit what a lie mean. A lie is something whereby we know the truth or believe that it is the truth but willy say something else. If I behold something that is incorrect and thought it was the truth and similarly defended it as the truth would I still be lying ?

    What if I was so embarassed but did not want to lie but instead kept quiet ? Would that still be a lie ? I can well understand that it could be perceived as a lie but would it be a lie ? I was caught in such a quandary many years ago. I still remember vividly that incident. I did not reply but the person thought I did. And till to this date when I have to be ostracised and disparaged by some very powerful forces such incidences get twisted to make me look like a liar. After that incident I felt foolish. But when ms. loke asked me the same question again later the embarassment was no more and I had the courage to speak the truth.

    How many actually had the courage to admit their own wrongdoing or lies that they had done ? When I was still actively employed I made a very bad mistake. NO ONE knew about it. After one night of “wrestling” with the embarassing truth I went and admitted by mistake. It was career sapping kind of silliness. Before long almost everyone was saying I was “weak” for admitting my mistake. I was supposed to be like them – strong and upright without a blemish. But I rather to be human with all my failings. One gentle christian lady, however, met me at the pantry and told me that he doesn’t believe I was weak but rather I showed great courage.

    It made me wondered how many people could really handle raw, unadulterated truth.

  121. vaishnavite says:

    It made me wondered how many people could really handle raw, unadulterated truth.- Morning Dew

    You can ask najis tong rosak but I not sure if he will answer you.

  122. R4Os says:

    “It made me wondered how many people could really handle raw, unadulterated truth.” – Morning Dew

    I want to ask u a question, do u honestly think that if the Cow-head demo involved pro-PR ppl, Keris’mudin would risk his political stake to defend their wrong-doing? Don’t u think he would have pounded on this opportunity to slap ISA detention on these culprit?

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