If you think democracy is dead in our country, there could only be one color for Aug31: BLACK.

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Message from 1BLACK Malaysia group:

The 1BLACKMalaysia group is having a campaign urging Malaysians to wear BLACK on Merdeka Day to speak up against the various injustices by the government after 52 years of “independence”.

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Tell me, how will you spend your Merdeka?

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  1. What Merdeka? People are so fed-up with the abuses and at the same time struggling to put food on the table…

    How can Malaysians celebrate Merdeka when there are so many incidents that point to a country in cesspool?

    The UMNO rightists under the leadership of Moo!-yiddin are still spewing racist sh!t out of their mouths everyday!

  2. 4RAKYAT says:

    my father will wear black.
    my nieces and nephews will wear black.
    my wife will wear black.
    i will wear black.

    we’re going shopping in midvalley.

    i will ask my brother and his family to wear black.
    i will ask my sisters and their familes to wear black.
    i will send sms to my 400+ contacts in my handphone to wear black.

    that’s what, i, as one individual, can only do…


  3. wits0 says:


  4. 4RAKYAT says:

    “paint it, black” – the rolling stones.


  5. ajajal says:


  6. malingsia says:

    Merde ka? The indonesians demanding royalties for last 52 years, Rais a/l Yatim shut his mouth but will have to go to international court….POOR RAIS ALSO WILL WEAR BLACK NOW kahkahkah

    Ruktiningsih, the head of recording company Lokananta, urged the Indonesian government to act on the “violation of intellectual property rights”. – jakarta globe

    Indonesians Say Malaysia Stole Their Cultural Assets, Including Folk Songs “Rasa Sayang” and “Terang Bulan”

  7. Richard Loh says:

    I will stay at home but still wearing black while I go out to have my lunch and dinner. I will not be near any outlets or places that celebrate Merdeka Day which by true facts we have yet to achieve.

  8. SimoneK says:

    Yes… waer BLACK for MERDEKA!!!



  9. SimoneK says:

    Sorry …” wear ”



  10. mazen says:

    The sounds and sights of Malaysia

    An old American tourist and wife were visiting Malaysia for the first time when, from afar, they “heard” and “saw” a group of youths were shouting….”America! America! America!” and were seen waving the American flags.
    The old man wondered, “Let’s take a closer look and see what’s happening, darling.”
    To their surprise, it wasn’t America they were shouting but Merdeka and the flags they saw from afar wasn’t American but Malaysian flags!!!
    “Why are they wearing all black?

  11. niakong says:

    Hey guys, let’s fly in the NZ All Black team to spice things up! How about that?

    Seriously speaking, i’m sadden to see that our great motherland, painstakingly built by our forefathers, has come to such a sad state, destroyed effortlessly by the present leaders.

    There was a time when we see 9 cars out of 10, flying the Malaysian flags during the Merdeka period. But now, all we can see is 1 car out of 1000, flying the flag. This should be enough to sum up how the rakyat, regardless of race and religion, feel. It’s not that we don’t love our country anymore, it’s just that everyone is feeling down and fed up with the present state that it’s in.

    The present leaders must be stopped from futher destroying and pilfering our motherland. To all fellow rakyat, let’s stand up and be united in saving Malaysia!!!

    Although we’ve yet to see anyone who is really capable in steering our country to greater heights (PR has disappointingly too much petty bickering), we should at the very least, vote the present leaders out, as our very first step to save our country. Remember, the journey of a thosand miles begins with the first step!

  12. mazen says:

    wife asked.
    “They must be mourning or something” her husband replied.
    A passerby overheard and said to them; “You are right, they mourning the death of democracy in Malaysia.”

  13. hawkeye says:

    black it is

  14. veryupset says:


    U mean we have “Merdeka”…???
    I didn’t even realized lah…………………

    Eeerrr…. why everyone wants to wear black..?????

    Isn’t “Independant” suppose to make everyone happy….??????

  15. dependant says:

    In-dependant on BN you are happy, if not wear black

  16. Crankshaft says:

    It’s black all the way for me….

  17. Fearnoone says:

    Show them we mean business – wear BLACK…

  18. rider says:

    Merdeka for Naif Ton Rasa’s H1N1Malaysia. With the latest death toll at 72 what Merdeka? Do you believe that the curse of Altantuya is peaking? I believe.

  19. rainstorm says:

    Yes, wear black tomorrow !

  20. Kancilandak says:

    Put all issues aside and celebrate the hard work of our forefathers.. MERDEKA!


    I long for the colours of the beautiful rainbow
    Yet I see the poor waiter wearing his black bow
    While the farmer is only left with black seeds to sow
    What else that’s black is there to the whole world show?

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 300809
    Sun. 30th Aug. 2009.

  22. Clooney says:

    All bloggers & web-masters should change the background color of their sites to black color for a day. Lets give UMNO a black eye!!!

  23. Leong Yook Kong says:

    Of course, my family and I will wear BLACK tomorrow for breakfast.

  24. monsterball says:

    All over Subang Jaya….no one fly the National flags…except KFC and McDonald and pubs.
    The message is clear.
    Teoh Beng Hock.. did not die in vain. Malaysians care and feel for the family.
    Mongolian lady….will get her revenge too.
    MCA is so disunited….MIC is gone case and UMNO BARU….Najib can continue his road show…to promote “!Malaysia”.
    Malaysians are mourning….death of so many…out of dirty politics.
    What is there to celebrate…when Malaysians have enough of double standards and totally insincere PM.
    Never in the history of any PM 150 days leadership…have so much exposed and none are solved at all.
    Most court cases are for show…favoring UMNO.
    What happen to Lingam case?
    Najib cares to promote “1 Malaysia”….nonsense..when most Malaysians are already in oneness…to vote UMNO out in 13th GE.
    He can promote his “1Malaysua” to school children and youngsters..supported by low class scums of the earth…MCA…a racialist party…love to divide and rule too.
    I will spend my Merdeka Day…wearing black…searching for nice lunch and dinner with my love ones….who also decided to wear black.
    I only hope..none of our friends approach us and say…”what’s up…who died?”

  25. Chicago bull says:

    Let’s the black nation rises!

    Let’s get organised!

    We gonna get education!

    No more crabs in1 Black Nation!

  26. Jajarbink says:

    You should put a poll up there.. anyway me ? Men In Black.

  27. limpek says:

    Why do the birds stop singing , why do this eyes of my cry ?

    Someone callous took the rainbow and left me colour-blind. I only see BLACK no matter how hard I try.

    Am I going to the Party that hearts of this people have grown dull , their ears hard of hearing and their eyes have closed down?

    Am I going to spend my time listening to Pretty ugly pretenders preaching Pretty lies ?

    No, I am going to wear Black wherever I go in memory of the day Democracy and Truth died.

  28. dumdum says:

    Reminder: RM2.00 from September 1

    Generally, majority of the Malaysians have the mudah lupa syndrome.

    Well, let me remind you that, if you’re now being overwhelmed, or rather overindulged with the cow head incident, starting from this coming Tuesday (i.e. September 1), the RON97 petrol will be sold at higher price.

    From the current RM1.80 per litter, it’s going to cost a 20 sen more, selling at RM2.00, which means, you’ve to fork out additional 11% for your car’s petrol consumption.

    This message is brought to you as part of the national service, on behalf of the Government of Malaysia, who is too busy preparing for the 52th Merdeka, which by the way as far as I’m concern, this Merdeka might go down the road as the least celebrated Merdeka, ever.


  29. dumdum says:

    “There were those who feel slighted or neglected because they did not get some things that they have wanted,” he said.

    “But, that should not be a reason to participate in activities that will tarnish the image of the country, especially its National Day celebrations,” Tengku Adnan told reporters after handing out flags to a crowd at the Precinct 8 market, here, Sunday.

    He was commenting on an SMS circulating in the country, urging people to show their displeasure towards the Government by wearing black on Monday.

    Tengku Adnan said he was alerted of the message by some friends and had informed Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin of it on Saturday.

    He said he expected the matter to be discussed with Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein to see what action should be taken against the irresponsible parties. – Star


  30. ahila says:

    It is sad….how can we have a celeration when Justice is DEAD in this country !!! I still cant see 1M’sia…..i see 2M’sia (bumi and nonbumi)….far from celebration.
    Black – for NO justice, NO freedom of speech………very sad for my dear Malaysia.

  31. toffeesturn says:

    The question of the Uighur has been raised in my blog for two reasons.
    One it is a legitimate problem.
    Two it is a problem similar to the Palestinian problem, Najib has been extremely silent about it, Toy the so called champion of the Muslims has been silent about it, Muhyuddin and Nazri, both najibs sidekicks have been silent about it.
    Have all these people decided to remain silent on Najib’s orders? Are there some hidden truths about Altantuya that would surface if we begin demanding a homeland for the Uighur?
    There is also the French government to contend with, they have not revealed the part Altantuya played in the negotiations for the purchase of the submarines.
    Now do the French and the Communist Chinese have an edge over Najib? Has this compromised our independence?
    We the Rakyat need to know and only t the truth established by a Royal commission will reveal this.
    I fear we may have been colonialised with UMNO being the running dog of French and Chinese imperialism.

    Read about the Uighurs in;

  32. 4RAKYAT says:

    most of all, show the so-called royalties that their ‘subjects’ are not happy with the way their (the RAKYAT’s) country is being run.

    even these so-called royalties are in cahoots with umno. figures, they too are on the gravy train… it’s time the RAKYAT shows them all who’s BOSS.

    that’s right. it’s the RAKYAT’s country as much as it is the royalties’.

    suara rakyat, suara keramat!
    suara rakyat, suara keramat!
    suara rakyat, suara keramat!
    suara rakyat, suara keramat!
    suara rakyat, suara keramat!
    suara rakyat, suara keramat!

    wear black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wear black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wear black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wear black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wear black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  33. syabas says:

    Israeli ex-PM Olmert indicted for graft: prosecutor

    Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert, seen here in March, was indicted on three counts of corruption on Sunday, becoming the first ex-premier to face criminal charges, the attorney general’s office said.

    Former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert was indicted on three counts of corruption on Sunday, becoming the first ex-premier to face criminal charges, the attorney general’s office said.

    Jews smarter than towering UMNO malays (who cannot do a thing about Najis a/l Tong Rosak)????

  34. maw says:

    wear black afterall black is beautiful.what merdeka day?are we merdeka yet?when our voices were silent,ears were deafened,eyes were blinded,hands and feet were tied .definitely this is black merdeka day.

  35. Menyalak-er says:

    Looks that we are aping the East Europeans, Thais and what not with the identity of colors (orange, red, yellow etc) in revolutions. Problem is, Black is not a color – it’s a ‘null’ or non-color. It does not signify ‘death’ as moderns are apt to do – the ancients regarded it as ‘nothingness’. Why black – hopelessness, despair, anguish, hate and nothingness? Why negative?

    Really-la fellas, doesn’t anyone have any idea what a color is?
    Say white – which can also represent life or death, purity of thought, light of conciousness, hope of renewal and right action. Its spectrum breaks up in a rainbow, the promise of Noah, an amalgation of multiethnic, multireligious society that we really are? Any other color oso can, but take into account others sentiment – like say, no to pink!

  36. apapunboleh says:

    does it matter? white or black, as long it is not blue black.

  37. Menyalak-er says:

    “does it matter?” apunboleh.
    Nope. Why are you hanging around then?

  38. storm62 says:

    hey , i’m wearing black…since when did we really have a “Merdeka” day?…..all these years, they are only shouting “Mau Duit Kah”.

    without bn/umno, Malaysia will celebrate MERDEKA !!!

  39. Stanley says:

    Any color as long as its black.

    T-shirt black, pants black, underwear black, watch black dial and strap, black belt, got white hair oso dye it black, black fingernails, black lipstick, black eyeshadow, black leather shoes, black car … to kopitiam drink black Kopi ‘O’ kauuu!

    So black, it’s bad luck to walk around at night this month.


  40. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…Najib said….”TEAR DOWN THE WALL THAT DIVIDE”..his Merdeka speech and tomorrow…his “1Malaysia” show.
    Is he a nut????

  41. monsterball says:

    He copied Ronald Regan famous sentence…wholesale….and who is dividing. Who is building the wall?
    hi… Naf Ton Raza….tear down MACC and sack IGP.

  42. Kancilandak says:

    I got 2 Malaysia flags on my perdana and 2 malaysia flags on my wife myvi.. 2 on the family mpv..2 more on our house roof and 2 more our shop window..we never dress in mourning black and our family 3 generation go out have nice supper, sightsee and come back just now.. we are the loyal citizen celebrate Merdeka wonderfully.. we thank this country and the BN leaders who give us this land, food and living and future for our children.. MALAYSIA MERDEKA! People who wear black have no gratititude. Insulting our country is like insulting our parents.
    Incidently I see nobody wear black where we went.. you guys are funny hee..hee..

  43. R4Os says:

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    (Observed 3 minutes of silence…, in memory of the DEATH of DEMOCRASY in 1BlackMalaysia, together with the ppl who wear BLACK in my country today…..)

  44. R4Os says:

    …..DEATH of DEMOCRACY in 1BlackMalaysia,……

  45. R4Os says:

    “But, that should not be a reason to participate in activities that will tarnish the image of the country, especially its National Day celebrations,” — Tengku Adnan

    Look who’s talking………?

    The VK Linggam’s judge-fixing messenger, Winsome Tan’s money-sucking buddy, sidekick of judge-fixer Dr.Mahathiu, Mahathafarker T.Adnan, member of the “Gang-of-Four” fully responsible for turning our Judiciary system into the world’s laughing stock, is here to lecture us on how not to tarnish our country’s image… This is so full of Shhiiittt…..

  46. R4Os says:

    “But, that should not be a reason to participate in activities that will tarnish the image of the country, especially its National Day celebrations,” –Tengku Adnan

    Look who’s talking?

    This arsehole, together with VK Lingum, winsome Tan & Dr.Mahathiu, are the “Gang of 4” who have arse-banged our Judicial system and turn it into the Whole Wide World’s laughing stock, and he lecture us on how not to tarnish image of the country???

  47. Chicago bull says:

    This 1BlackMalaysia was created by non other than 1black Mahathir s/o Kutty.

    1BalckMahathir using the racial divide and rule system created all kinds of decronian laws.

    1BlackMahathir is the father of 1BlackMalaysia.

  48. Chicago bull says:

    With 1BlackMalaysia, 1BlackMahathir was abled to plunder the wealth of Malaysia for 28 years and is still counting.

    The rakyats are the boss. How could we the rakyat boss allow this 1BlackMalaysia to exist?

    Therefore to dismantle this 1BlackMalaysia is to put this father of 1BlackMalaysia aka 1BlackMahathir into the lock-up!

    1BlackMahathir is the epitome of all the murdering deaths and crimes in 1BlackMalaysia.

  49. Chicago bull says:

    Now this 1BlackMalaysia is being pursued by the black hyenas below..

    They are the main enemies of the rakyats and the good people of the universe.

    Their existence in 1BlackMalaysia are just a waste of H2O falling from the sky.

    Kick all them (below) out of 1BlackMalaysia come next Ge and the 1BlackMalaysian system will become history!!!

    Kick all these Black hyenas out then there will be no more 1BlackMalaysia

  50. Chicago bull says:

    Kick them out come next GE!

    Kick them out then there will be no more 1BlackMalaysia

  51. Chicago bull says:

    Now this 1BlackMalaysia is being pursued by them.. below..

    Kick all of them out then there will be no more 1BlackMalaysia

  52. monsterball says:

    42 minutes Merdeka parade…shortest in the history of Independence.
    HINI will be the excuse…but the fact is…afraid no spectators….revealing more truths to the whole of Malaysia.
    Best is in Malaysiakini..where the surviving communist members spoke out against rulers and UMNO…and distorted history.
    They claim they fought the British…and achieved Independence faster for Malaysia.
    They said they fought the British…and not Malaysians…but the British used Malaysians to fight them..so kill or to be killed.
    I have lived through Merdeka and May 13 1969.
    More and more truths are out recently.
    Now compare to history books prepared by UMNO.
    UMNO cannot fight Internet…with their lies and brainwashing techniques…..in papers and TV.
    This year…no UMNO buggers smiling and talking to each other in the parade. Even the King felt unhappy and uncomfortable…from observing…his body language..his eyes.
    Only kancilandak is so happy and a cracko…saying we are funny people…not wearing black.
    That’s a trick to you idiotic UMNO buggers la.
    Why should we wear black.We are not mourning..anymore. Teoh and others that are dead for no reasons…will understand.
    We are happy that you paraded with so many flags in your cars.
    I am sure…..many onlookers are laughing …seeing your cars..and ofcourse….identifying you as an UMNO member..a thorn amongst the roses…you lucky devil.
    UMNO buggers wore blue…to respect the police colour. Everything they do or say……they are revealing themselves…what they really are.

  53. ktteokt says:

    Independence? My foot! Just a kid who refused to grow up after 52 years of spoon-feeding!

  54. malai-sial says:

    “I got 2 Malaysia flags on my perdana and 2 malaysia flags on my wife myvi.. 2 on the family mpv..2 more on our house roof and 2 more our shop window..” – Kancilandak

    U very ungreatful malai-sian. Ask I-4-C to push it up your arses also

  55. Dr Su says:

    I am wearing black today!

  56. wits0 says:

    Now we know why Kancilbourgeois sold his arse and soul for – one Perdana, one Myvi , one MPV, one shop, one house! For these reasons he wants the others in Malusia to stay in comatose. Yea, go get your zabiba also, that will ensure your gains be forever secure too!

  57. “Tear down the wall that divide.”

    Who created the wall “in the 1st place”…????
    Who divide it “in the 1st place”..???

    The rakyat is so unhappy..! Don’t our King see & know that..?????
    We ARE his subjects….!!!!


  58. boing says:

    Najib is “Lembu No.1 Malaysia”

    Truth, Sir, is a cow, that will yield such people no more milk, and so they are gone to milk the bull. — Samuel Johnson.

  59. wits0 says:

    “Tear down the wall that divide.”

    And build two in its place! That’s what he actually meant.

    Truth, Sir, is a cow, that will yield such people no more milk, and so they are gone to milk the bull. — Samuel Johnson.

  60. toweringmalay says:

    “Tear down the wall that divide.” – Najis Datuk Nazak

    The dirty fellow talking of Rosmah`s walls between the thighs ler.

  61. R4Os says:

    “I got 2 Malaysia flags on my perdana and 2 malaysia flags on my wife myvi.. 2 on the family mpv..2 more on our house roof and 2 more our shop window..” – Kancilandak


    What? like that u r not patriotic enough lah… u must tattoo 2 flags onto your buttocks, so that every time you bend down to get arse-banged by your political masters, they could see how patriotic u r, like that, soon u can afford to trade in your Potong Banana for a Beemer lar…

  62. wits0 says:

    What stuffs do you sell in your shop, Kancilwhacko, besides Naif’s Full Cream Bull’s Milk?

  63. Menyalak-er says:

    Ok… I’ll go along with 1BlackMalaysia team spirit. As good an explanation as any. But we still need some color… too dreary.
    Huh? No wonder mousedeery porcupine is so rich and burgeoise. He has a shop too! Probably selling those ‘pukau’ and ‘p.ki’ things. He/she isn’t dumb at all, even with a ‘wife’. I especially like his pudina ‘perdana’ – the definite sign that it has arrived.
    The rest of us might have to do with ‘potong milo cans’ cos that’s the only way we can keep our heads above the water, cuz the longkangs are blocked.

  64. najisflies says:

    This thing is big seller in kedai kancilandak, so he beli kereta, rumah dll..

  65. Menyalak-er says:

    Yep, najisflies – ‘Taro Aso’, the ex-PM of Japan.

  66. mountainous guerilla says:

    This Mahathir is willing to change his tribalism just shows that he is a bas*ard.

    He who cheats his fellow citizen is the son of Saten.

  67. mountainous guerilla says:

    1BlacksatanMalaysia is the creation of Satan.

    Destroy the Satan you destroy the 1BlackSatanMalaysia.

  68. najisflies says:

    Najis doing it again:

    Translation: … I was tipped off by a Section 19 Malay resident that a group of Malays have come to create tension at the temple… most of them are outsiders… They … will have a function … For the function they will slaughter two cows (which are sacred to Hindus)! …

    The leader of the group comes from Malacca! He said he ‘represents the people’ and they were forced to take the action through an NGO called ‘PEWARIS’.. Clearly, the silat practising ground is only an excuse.


  69. jame says:

    The malay is getting stupid,they are fighting with eachother..ha ha ha………

  70. rockcrap says:

    Rocky feels ‘Sad’ because……
    ’52 police reports had been lodged against the “cow-head” protesters.’

    Speechless !!!!

    Can someone donate a parang to Rocky c/o Malay Mail so he can take it out on the temples.

  71. monsterball says:

    Rocky feeling sad because cow-head protesters no arrests..all free and his boss “1Malaysia” Merdeka show..is a failure .
    His boss…first Merdeka speech…..”TEAR DOWN THIS WALL THAT DIVIDE” got millions laughing..and Rocky love Najib…so much…can feel his pains..therefore Rocky is feeling sad.
    Previously….Rocky feel so happy and proud ….for Mahathir.
    Now he chuck him off…Rocky ..feeling sad.
    He was never sad for Abdullah.
    Rocky is a sad sad sad frog.

  72. toyolumno says:

    Rocky feeling sad karena 52 police arrests made against protesters. Cheeee, ini dia tahi busuk siNajis umno.

  73. toyolumno says:

    How come this drunkard Rocky dont get whipping. Oi Hassan Ali lu pun tidur ka?

  74. 4RAKYAT says:

    “…The malay is getting stupid,they are fighting with eachother..ha ha ha………

    jame – August 31, 2009 at 2:46 pm…”

    now, jame, careful here…. do not pitch any race against another or with itself, this is not what we peaceful malaysians want.

    i declare u a cybertrooper trying to create nonsense.


  75. wits0 says:

    Rogue-key will feel sad if he has to abstain from da fire-water for a 24 hours stretch. Can’t see any other credible reason how he could actually and genuinely feel sad these days.

  76. SimoneK says:

    MAU DUIT KAH !!!
    MAU DUIT KAH !!!
    MAU DUIT KAH !!!

  77. wits0 says:

    MAU DUIT KAH !!! for some.
    MERDE-KA for others.

    Like DEWAR’S “White Label” the Scotch that never varies!

  78. sebatrocky says:

    Rocky should do National Service kalau betul cinta Negara and his religion.
    If Syariah Court sentence Rocky to kena caning, Malay Mail will sell many copies. Also malaysian tourism will improve when many journalice come to “cover” his caning.
    Itu lah 1Malaysia.

  79. sebatrocky says:

    DEWAR’S “White Label” the Scotch that never varies!

    Rocky drink that bcome Mat Saleh, talk like Mat Salleh then go to Beach Club for sarong party girls. Tapi buntut dia masih lagi brown.

  80. hahahaha says:

    Belly full laughing:

    Utusan’s training centre robbed

    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 31 — Several cheques amounting to more than half a million ringgit as well as RM8,000 in cash belonging to Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Berhad were stolen from a safe at the publication’s training and marketing centre in Jalan Chan Sow Lin this morning.

    -malaysian insider

  81. SimoneK says:

    When Najis proclaimed ” MAU DUIT KAH ” , ” MAU DUIT KAH “, ” MAU DUIT KAH “, there are meant for those in PDRM, MACC, UMNO, BN and his cabinet ministers.



  82. hahahaha says:

    “We do not rule out an inside job as the work of prising and sawing the safe is not easy and would have taken at least three to four hours,” he said.

  83. SimoneK says:

    Dear hahaha – August 31, 2009 @ 4.26pm

    This is 1MALAYSIA !!! … anything can be happenned.



  84. wits0 says:

    Cheery news about Utusan – a very rare commodity.

  85. truth says:

    This “low key” merde ka celebration karena H1N1 is all lies.
    It is karena gormen got no money, malaysian economy is in recession lah.

  86. eko-no-money says:

    Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) — Malaysia slipped into its first recession in a decade after the economy contracted for a second quarter, even as the central bank predicts a recovery by the end of the year.

    That is what she says, just like when she supported the idiot economist Najib when he said Malaysia was “insulated” from the global turmoil. They might not be drinking beer, but the green ganja/syabu tea is affecting them worse.
    And today,

    “LONDON (AP) — European shares fell Monday after Chinese stocks plunged nearly 7 percent and Japanese shares weakened after the country’s opposition party came to power in a landslide victory.”


    mkini: “Gov’t announces petrol price hike”

    Means, inflation again to go up. Enjoy Merde (french for sht) ka?

  87. wits0 says:

    Since the mid seventies this has been bull merde:

    The myth of a moderate Malaysia
    By the time MahaKutty came into the scene, lies and double speak became the fully established norm.

    All the Gomen cared about was “image”, nothing else matters.

  88. shameless says:

    Kalah ta`apa, gaya mesti ada

  89. monsterball says:

    Rocky sad….Malay Mail getting from bad to worst.
    Promised heaven and hell…no results.
    Just watch his first day to work..wearing jeans and casual.
    CEO never wear jeans to work…except Rocky.
    Pressed for better results..cannot deliver…Rocky drink more fire water…to try get drunk and be happy…..but cannot get drunk…perfect alcoholic…clear minded….sadness cannot hide.
    His days are numbered.
    His froggy ways are numbered.
    He may have 3 years contract signed with MM….but may need to leave sooner…as many are taking up drinking under his bad influence.
    His boss….Najib is aware.
    Give up fire water or else….
    He can give up anything…..not fire water.
    His blood is drunk. His brain is drunk.
    He is a drunkard unreliable frog.

  90. hang jebat baru says:

    I have been flying our flag every year for merdeka but this year I just cant do it cos my heart says no no no merdeka celebration from this year onwards until democrasy is restore.

  91. monsterball says:

    A drunkard selfish frog have no principles in life.
    His weak legs will lean towards a strong supporter…where ever he can find. Give him a chance…he will chuck UMNO and start his smart tongue twisting technique.
    Give him a bottle of Chivas Regal…he can talk to you..for few hours.
    Give him Royal Salute….he is all yours..whole night.
    Give him Johnny Walker black label…he will gulp in up in one hour and say goodbye..not good enough.

  92. monsterball says:

    hang jebat baru….welcome to the real world.

  93. kapalabotak says:

    “Low-key Merdeka rally amid H1N1 fears” but packed Black Eyed Peas Sunway concert H1N1 is no problem.
    This is more proof H1N1 is spread by His-ham-mud-in and Najis.

  94. kapalabotak says:

    All the bad najis sh*t karma for malaysia on murderka day,

    Utusan robbed, small scale rally, petrol price up, and “Express Sinaran Pagi jumps rail at Batu Anam, 7 injured”

    More sure to come.

  95. SimoneK says:

    Last call at the bar… by Najis …………

    MAU DUIT KAH !!!
    MAU DUIT KAH !!!
    MAU DUIT KAH !!!



  96. chanjoe says:

    Mak Toh Kah…..all prices to go up…in Cantonese. Very true with petrol price up. So wats so great about Mat To Kah when they dont recognise all who gave thier lives and soul towards our independence including those who perished and those who are now living their lives in Southern Thailand.

    My wife and I wore black this morning to breakfast and to shopping at a hypermarket. Was so proud and saw some fellow Malaysians wore black too and we smile at each other.

  97. Menyalak-er says:

    “Low key is no key” to the merde celebrations. The top Be-Enders took the extra time off to groom each others ticks and other ectoparasites. Some of them i believe were looking for taenia scolium (Pork, er…ok-lah Khinzir tapeworms) in their shit, while their taikors were looking for their usual much larger bovine tapeworms. That’s why their perpetual hunger – they are human versions of the Hirudea (leech) species.

  98. veryupset says:

    Ok…… low key for Merdeka……………………

    But why need 10 million to splash..???????
    I better NOT comment on this. Something filthty might come out …..!

    As for Rocky………..
    Why you all “waste” your time & effort commenting about him…???????

    You all know how & where he’s comming from..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t support & best of all “don’t read his blog lah.” Let him blog till the “cows” come home & “sad” that no one reads his blog anymore……………………….
    “Ignore him lah………..!!!”

    He’ll eventually “fade away”…………………………………………….

  99. sebatrocky says:

    ‘Why you all “waste” your time & effort commenting about him…???????’


  100. […] What color is your Merdeka? « *SUSAN LOONE's Blog* […]

  101. arnold says:

    thanks for sharing ….

  102. tak suka says:

    Hell yeah you got that damn rite…It’s my country I need nobody telling me what to wear, when I want neither where to go… not you, not them….kapish…!!!

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