Oh Good. This means a lot of good riddance! Even rubbish could be recycled. But useless ASS-embly men? You tell me what they are good for.

Read this.

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  1. wits0 says:

    Darn good to get rid of the cheap dross! Better sooner than later.

  2. justme says:

    Its to be expected, the public’s trust for Pas assemblymen or women outshine that of PKR. They have this $umno sign written all over.

  3. pinsysu says:

    how can he be shocked when he expected the ‘defection’ to happen??!! we only wonder how many Hee$ were he paid …

  4. kati says:

    Return the Corrupt back to where they belong , back to the Corrupt..

    Comparatively , you HARDLY witness cross over of INCUMBETNT-Minister from Rich party to struggling party who pledge to fight for the right of the rakyat from the botom of the heart ?. Yes we may have but too few to mention.

    The Katak mentioning of differnce in Ideology in certain cases
    are just utterly Bullshit or Catshit.

    The actual Difference is $$$ LOGY ,cigarrete , woman and wine.
    Just as the Canton song goes- NO MONEY NO TALK, .no mnoey no talk…..

  5. wits0 says:

    The Opposition requires a certain degree of belief in principles. The greedy and corrupt, none, except in personal gains.

  6. Pakatan Rakyat will really need to screen their candidates for GE13 really thoroughly and not have these lazy bums not working and now can even claim benefits from BN by crossing over… There is still Wee Chee Keong, Dzulkifli Noordin and of course that famous Katak in Kelantan Ibrahim Ali… get rid of them all. No loss at all.

  7. Mike Martin says:

    I think in the animal kingdom this is the equivalent of “natural selection” whereby the weak and lazy fall by the wayside, leaving the rest to become stronger, more resilient and true to their beliefs.

  8. anak_perelih says:

    what a fool… he should ask najis Altantuya for RM1 billion instead of RM2-5 million only…

  9. Joshua says:

    On Lunas ASS-emblyman:
    Asked whether there would be allegations that Umno had orchestrated the quit decision, Najib said Umno could expect that but in this case it was the elected representative’s own decision to quit.

    Well, well. Najib has had unconsciously or consciously admitted that Umno had orchestrated the elected reps decision to quit in some cases.


  10. R4Os says:

    I strongly urge PR, particularly PKR whose leaders r mainly ex-UMNO stuff, to PURGE out their useless ASSemblymen now, instead of waiting for the “Serial-Time-Bombs” to explode one-after-another like the J.I. terrorists’ modus-operandi…

    If PKR still don’t clean OUT their rubbish, their image wud be demolished to the ground by the time of GE-13, it may cost the PR very dearly if voters lost confidence in their candidates.

    Pleazzz…., this sad country can’t afford to let those Be-eNd thieves to plunder for another 10 years….


    Before the party is over
    There’s already crossover
    What is there to recover
    We’ll all one day discover

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 240809
    Mon. 24th Aug. 2009.

  12. Another Rakyat says:

    Dear Susan,
    First of all, just look at the Quality of the PR (Pembangkang Rakyat) MPs and ADUNs.
    Even the Leader is an ex-convict (on corruption).
    This will not be the Only one.
    As Mr. Samuel Goh said, there will be More to follow.
    This is POLITICS.

  13. monsterball says:

    Paper to be recycled back to printing materials.
    Plastic into plastic resins for making back…..plastic products.
    Useless Ass-embly men into pallets for pet fishes to eat at home.
    Bigger ..fatter .useless Ass-embly men…all into the woods..no chop chop chop…just wholesome for animals to enjoy.
    Most sinful…hypocrites can all burn in hell….or be reborn as beggars.
    No one can carry any money to next world.
    Yet…greedy Ass-embly men never have enough…so greedy..so arrogant….encouraged by the passion of…”money is power” .taught by mamak.
    Jesus have a passion to due for our sins.
    Useless Ass-embly men have the passion to steal…cheat…lie…act and con Malaysians.
    We cannot do wonders to change them. They think they own the country.
    We can prove….who is really holding the power..by voting them out.
    People’s Power will sent all those Ass-embly…to kampongs .. forests…where one hyaena is waiting to lead them…in the 14th GE.

  14. monsterball says:

    Samuel Goh is just pointing ..how dirty …politics can be..in Malaysia ….under UMNO.
    “Another Rakyat” is trying to cash in and twist Sam’s message…made into a beautiful poem…into something else…obviously favoring UMNO.
    How to agree to disagree in low class style …hoping to confuse young readers.

  15. monsterball says:

    And now one rubbish person.. name Big Dog….the most irritating scum of the earth.. and a die hard UMNO supporter.. is exposed by RPK as a liar.
    All who have blogged for few years can recall how Big Dog tried to run me down..leading a pack of hyaenas… to eat me up.
    Dozens on commentators in RPK blog…are giving Big Dog…what he deserves.
    Ramadan month is revealing more truths..with the blessing of Allah.

  16. ant soldier says:

    This is the problem with the Malay culture. Malays could be bought easily over with pittance.

    This is shown here and whether it’s Umnoputras or PKputras.

    The Malayputras are just not suitable to lead a kampong let alone a constituency/nation because the Malayputras don’t have principle in their cultures.

    Unlike Hang Tuah and brothers who upheld this principle of loyalty to their masters for decades and were willingly protecting their masters over their dead bodies but sadly this principle was destroyed by the Umnoputras and/or PKputras.

    The Umnoputras and PRputras have the propensity of betraying their masters (boss) who voted for them to do jobs diligently for the rakyat (boss) and nation.

    But alas once they are in power, they become traitors forsaking the voters and doing machinations at their whims and fancies for their own interests. They are nothing but wolf in sheepskin.

  17. ant soldier says:

    And now they are disparaging the brave Hang warriors who would not tolerate all these traitors cum bandits. The Hang warriors and these Bandits couldn’t exist in congruous. The Hang warriors would either kill all these bandits all send them to jail.

    Why these bandits would not uphold this royal principle to their boss? Well! The Malay culture has just simply replaced by that Mamak from Kelara who has the congeniality of betraying his voters (boss) and thus the Malay culture has been replaced by that Mamak culture.

    The Malays must emulate the Hang warriors’ culture which practices fine culture with principle and has the respect from people all over the globe.

    But now the Malays are practicing the Mamak culture which practices snaky politics which bites the voters who voted them.

    A Malay who practices the Mamak Culture with no principle which forsake the voters (boss) and commits all kinds of heinous crimes would not go far but would be booted out of politics and be sent to jail!

  18. ant soldier says:

    Therefore a Malay who practices the fine principle of culture upheld by the revered Hang warriors would be commented highly and remembered for ages whereas a Malay who practices the condemned Mamak culture which propagates betraying their boss would be detested, booted out, sent to jail and acquiesced!

    Right now the Malays are divided into two cultures- the traditional revered Hang Malay culture and the detested Mamak culture.

  19. ant soldier says:

    The traditional Malay culture with the revered Hang warriors who practiced good principle with loyalty to the voters (boss), all and sundry would bind all the rakyat together and all will be living in peace, harmony and prosperity.

    Whereas a detested Mamak Culture with no principle at all but practicing fervently by mamakputras who have the innate culture of forsaking the voters (boss) once elected and practicing all kinds of corruptions, heinous policies and machinantions which are detrimental to the harmony, peace and order of the nation but only for self interests would be condemned severely, criticized, be booted out of politics and be sent to jail in disgrace for life.

    Hence the rakyat must identify the traditional revered warrior Hang culture and the detested Mamak culture.

    The Mamak culture with no principle leads to destruction of the people and nation!

    The Hang warrior culture with loyalty principle to the voters (boss) binds the rakyat in 1people 1 Nation.

  20. ant soldier says:

  21. efenem says:

    Anwar Ibrahim berprestasi tinggi dan tiada masalah perkahwinan kah kah kah

  22. FenceSitter says:

    my perception is that PR is full of political rejects and the unprincipled, and bn is full of corrupts and power-abusers. As long as there is a “market” for these ppl, we will see defections from either side. But human nature and proven by history that it is easier to be corrupted than to be principled, so we will see a lot more cross-overs from one side, not
    the other way round. Who survives is up to us voters to decide, not the party leaders.

  23. chanjoe says:

    We, the Rakyat listened to you, PR leaders to give you people a chance to lead but look at what happened? You dont dare to clean up your own house of these useless reps who claims that they won due to their own popularity and their own efforts. Many of us gave donations and time to help in your campaigns and we dont expect any returns as long as BN is thrown down the drain but to jump after winning at our expenses is DAMN Low Grade.

    Can PR leaders take stock and start a cleaning act in their own homes and if any reps had violated their party rules and sowed distrust among races, take immediate action by suspending these reps and if the situation worsens SACK them instead of waiting for these reps to slap your face by jumping out.

    Please Sirs, TAKE ACTION!!! sack those who are not doing theri jobs and you can rest assured that come next election, we will also throw them out.

    But guess my call will fall on deaf ears as PR leaders dont have any guts to take any disciplinary actions on their own.

  24. apapunboleh says:

    PKR – Parti Kena Reject, this party is full of corrupted politicians from UMNO.

  25. whispering9 says:

    Even dross is being re-cycled into successful products like abrasives shots and wires. Can this country moves forward anymore with such cancerous politicians? Nay! And I am talking about both BN and PR camps. At this point, I honestly think political ignorance is bliss….just like the TV reporter. It’s not the economy, stupid – it’s what you with to it!

  26. wandererAUS says:

    Hahaha, here we go again…political prostitutes in full action!
    Well, better now than later…there is still time to weed out these unprincipled frogs before the next GE…tak malu, you did’nt win the seat on your own merits, f#cking cheapskates!
    Ask the ex-DAP ‘Super UGLY Bitch’ from Perak…….

  27. Susan…

    If one can predict, that means it has been discussed & approved……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    You can only find rubbish in dumpsites. My house got garbage bin that the garbage collector comes to take out “rubbish”……….!!!

    Rubbish stinks, you know…………………!!!!
    (If you all don’t know….!!!)

  28. Menyalak-er says:

    There are no true ‘neutrals’ in blogsphere, otherwise why borther to write/type. Some claim such neutralty, yeah – as neutral as that bloke in Lunas.
    Whatever their amphibian characteristics, this shows that our politicians remain in infancy and our democratic system is dependent on material comfort and wants, and yes rubbish collection.
    In order to have a truly 2 or even 3 party parliamentary system, this primitive behavior of both the powers that be and that of the rakyat in general, must change. All these ‘sandiwara’ are good for edification, if the nation can ‘afford’ it. Can we? We have deadwood aplenty.
    Before, we go into the next GE – lets truly understand what democracy is all about – it isn’t about a personal need but that of society or what we hope it to be.

  29. malaysian says:

    Dear ant soldier, thanx for the great music video. Great stuff amidst the present sea of woes ….. Cheers!

  30. wits0 says:

    “There are no true ‘neutrals’ in blogsphere, …..” – Menyalak-er.

    There are pretenders, though, trying to spin things like this is possible.
    Umno/bn wants to keep people poor and stupid so that they will be induced to vote only for them – forever. The rakyat themselves must give up that bangsat blinkers.

  31. kittykat46 says:

    If you look beyond the MSM spin, the by-election campaign has been a disaster for UMNO. Their candidate has been exposed as a crooked lawyer with a tendency (more than once) to “makan” other people’s money entrusted to him to handle.
    Even by the abysmally low expectations we have of morality among UMNO leaders, this guy is a dud.

  32. termitus says:

    Oh, and what’s this?

    “In an immediate reaction, PKR leaders said that Radzhi’s resignation could be triggered by a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission investigation into his tourism portfolio.”

    Granted, there doesn’t seem to be verification of this yet, but if it’s true – MACC is involved again? Really?

  33. ktteokt says:

    Rainy season is here again, so froggies are active once more!

  34. termitus says:

    This useless fellow should go oso ——— He wants the millions

  35. kittykat46 says:

    Meanwhile, MCA’s “Mr. Clean” Ong TK, has been exposed as one who enjoys occasional large “donations” from Corporate interests and likes to travel in private jets.

    Can’t blame him…private jet ahh..forget 5-star, its 7-star travel…even “Mr. Clean” succumbed to using the facilities…

    I wonder what other moral umm.. compromises he has made…

  36. bee says:

    Adog belongs to a kennel. A bird belongs to a nest. A horse belongs to a stable. A sh*t belongs to a BiN (full of sh*t). That is where he belongs.

  37. scarface says:

    Najis Tong Rosak planning a bigger ONE than his father:

    “What is most worrying is the recent announcement that Umno intends to send its Youth Movement members for paramilitary training. Does Umno intend to train and arm its Youth Movement? If so then what is the purpose for doing so? And is this latest ‘underground’ procurement of millions of rounds of ammunition and tens of thousands of pistols, submachine guns and stun grenades part of this plan?”

  38. termitus says:

    When RPK warned them about Perak and urged them to dissolve the assembly and call for snap elections, did Pakatan listen?


  39. hahahahahaha says:

    KOTA BAHARU: Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat is disappointed with the attitude of the state’s opposition leaders who pressure Galas assemblyman Che Hashim Sulaiman to resign due to poor health.

  40. lunartics says:

    Mohammad Radzhi Salleh bertindak keluar dari PKR setelah diberi amaran berikutan masalah disiplinnya disamping menghadapi dakwaan penyelewengan kewangan termasuk membuat tuntutan berlebihan sehingga disiasat SPRM.

  41. karim says:

    “Kita juga mempunyai maklumat beberapa bulan yang lalu (Radzhi) mengadakan rundingan dengan Mahadzir Khalid (bekas Menteri Besar Kedah….sebab itu saya membangkitkan di Parlimen sebelum ini tentang cubaan (Umno) untuk membeli wakil rakyat,” kata Anwar.

    “Ini percubaan Umno untuk menggunakan Adun Lunas bagi menarik yang lain. Kita mempunyai rekod dari Adun sejak beberapa bulan lalu mengadu kepada saya bahawa mereka dipujuk Adun Lunas untuk berpindah kepada Umno dengan bayaran yang tinggi,” katanya.

  42. Menyalak-er says:

    “I wonder what other moral, umm.. compromises he has made..” kk46.
    Well, he used the perfumed bidet while in the jet. Some of us publicans don’t even know what a bidet is, let alone a perfumed one! Bangsat flur, didn’t even pay for the fuel and he’s suing for RM500M?
    Excess money will go for education and other activities – but we already have enough of triads! Perhaps paramilitary training like those other ‘youths’; or better still, Casino twinning programme.
    Maybe, he use some of it to digitally enhance a Mature adult video of his deputy – that cam is ridiculously ‘grainy’.
    Next amphibian supposedly Klang adun, what grap…

  43. efenem says:

    Lunas or no Lunas, Anwar Ibrahim is weak.. How would a weak politician govern a country? With multiple fiascos… Well, for once, he couldnt keep his promise to defect 30 MPs from Barisan Nasional…

    Barisan Nasional is no good either, but at least it’s not weak like Anwar Ibrahim, who has been repeatedly marred with personal and internal crisis within PKR… Oh and not to forget, the almost One Billion lawsuit! Surely a person can be a good PM with multiple court cases on his shoulder…


  44. wits0 says:

    BTW, Not many flags are out this time around. But this isn’t Anwar’s fault.

    Spin this, ye scum spinners. Hahaha!

  45. doremi says:

    “Surely a person can be a good PM with multiple court cases on his shoulder…”

    Hey, if murderers can be accepted what else is there to say.

  46. ant soldier says:

    Dear ant soldier, thanx for the great music video. Great stuff amidst the present sea of woes ….. Cheers!

    malaysian – August 24, 2009 at 11:21 am

    If all the Malaysians are like this malaysian, Malaysia will not be in this quagmire!

    The legendary Hang Tuah Vs Muggers

  47. Taking Back My Country says:

    Wear BLACK on August 31st!

    Hi Susan,

    Could you please promote this video? Thanks in advance and have a wonderful week 🙂

  48. blardyfoolkj says:

    “Khairy claimed that there were many Malay voters who were registered with different addresses, in particular Chinese-dominated areas, and claimed that they were phantom voters planted by PAS.”

    This idiot KJ should be blaming the good riddance bad rubbish mahathiu for the social engineering when non malays were upooted and forced into areas where they dint want to go.

  49. najisflies says:

    How can the murderer enjoy walking around in kg. baru with loads of cash buying eats with mahathiu when this is happening:

    Monday August 24, 2009
    Church sends out SOS over food crisis in Sarawak interior

    MIRI: The Catholic Church here has sent out an urgent appeal to the public to help little children and adults who are facing acute food shortage in the remote Kapit Division in central Sarawak.

    The food shortage in the Kapit Division has worsened and the people have sent out another appeal for immediate help.

    The Miri Catholic Church, which has received urgent appeal from the folks there, is urging parishioners and the public to help these people who are living from hand to mouth every day.

  50. najisflies says:

    Hello! The way I heard it across the border from Permatang Pasir, Radzi is having trouble managing his four wives and find it difficult to manage his constituency. Seems his fourth is disgruntled (as Rohaizat’s second is too) and taking a case.

    Desperate times it is in the BN camp…..and they are even welcoming discards from PKR, thus making BN a carbage collector. Fact, as reported, not mirages.

  51. wits0 says:

    W9, there are such material byproducts as those which cannot be recycled. Like radioactive wastes, cyanide, mercury related matters for example. Truly bad rubbish and a threat to health and life itself.

  52. Menyalak-er says:

    Uhh… i beg to disagree wits0 – remember those alchemical fellas under the thumb of Hermes? Philosophers gold and all that grap? Our dear leaders are expert alchemists who can transmutate our taxes into their gold. We were just too foolish not to learn their magic and sorcery.
    Najisflies (7.02pm), about the food crisis in Kapit – have you seen them flurs (Muhi & geng) loading into their buka puasa? Hypocrites? But, we still have to do it ourselves, irregardless of taxes levied. They will just blame it on El Nino, bambino and will certainly be no.

  53. whispering9 says:

    witso…it is my profession to know that many material that can be recycled. Radioactive wastes were actually recycled into armor piercing shells in the 1st gulf war (good grief). My friend actually recycled cyanide and mercury from industrial wastes. But you right about the threat to health and life itself when we re-cycled them. In that way, I am glad UMNO is taking them back. Safe from the public now. Yeah…go get nuke. A kiss and sixpence none the richer. Here is a good morning dedication for you. 😉

  54. justme says:

    This is a little out of topic, but I am just curious what will our esteem T. Abdullah (or something) has to say about this as reported by an MSM today.
    It says–” Camilla Al-Fayed pregnant” Then just an excerpt—“Despite being asked several times who the proud father was, the spokesperson refused reveal his identity,saying only “he is a long standing partner of 3 years.”
    Just wondering how would that T guy describe that child as?

  55. whispering9 says:

    Can’t sleep; think I will explain my version of ‘Kiss me, sixpence none the richer.’ Don’t want to be accused as a gay lover to witso la 🙂 . ‘Kiss me’ is a popular song by the group Sixpence None the Richer. We have been seeing a lot of Judas kisses nowadays. Yesterday, they kissed DSAI, tomorrow they kiss DSN. Sixpence None the Richer was conceived as an inspiration from CS Lewis’s ‘Mere Christianity’ which emphasized on the concept of ‘The Law of Morality’ in one of the book. The law of morality is a secular law of nature. It is about knowing what right and wrong without even having to be told so. Betraying with a kiss is wrong, no matter how much it is explained….everyone knows it. Girl friend & boy friend know it. Wife & husband know it. PR & BN know it. The electorate knows it. And what that is morally wrong will always have dire consequences in nature. You reap what you sow on earth. So whatever ‘gold’ they get from this action is really just worth sixpence and none the richer in this lifetime. The song ‘Kiss Me’ is nice though for true love…if you are the lucky one to have it.

  56. Menyalak-er says:

    Yo W9, just to keep you company – yep C.S.Lewis perhaps was an great influence in the last century, esp in UK inWW2. His sartorical Screwtape Letters probably describe best what we are witnessing now in this unruly nation of ours, although most are more familiar with Mere Christianity, A Grief observed and Narnia.
    How about writing one on ‘stolen kisses’ dedicated to our web host? Hahaha…
    Perhaps you are getting too maudlin’ my friend, i’m awake ‘cos i gotta watch one of my charges wake up. Wits, meanwhile is recharging his vocabulary and poetry.
    Cheers, and i can sleep until the next election.

  57. Rais the Anak yatim says:

    All the rakyats in Bolehland pray this Mahathiu the almighty crook of Bolehland every dawn would not be waken up by allah for life!

  58. monsterball says:

    No need to drink brandy and get drunk.
    Just read the spins….the twists and turns…the out of context…right here..by smart …by too too smart…by not so smart…and by those cattle ranchers…trying their best….the one screw loose ???..what have we got?
    A lively and fun blog……..hahahahahahaha

  59. wits0 says:

    In Narnia, Menyalak-er, Aslan was that noble lion. That was a land of noble animals not one of ignoble slimeballs aka humans. If this is not already self-evident, barking it aloud awakes few others in the process…..if they be fairly soul-less.

  60. wits0 says:

    “But useless ASS-embly men? You tell me what they are good for.”

    Susan, they are only good for ASS-(re)semblance….except that they’re actually toxic.

  61. kerabit says:

    All the rakyats in Bolehland pray this Mahathiu the almighty crook of Bolehland every dawn would not be waken up by allah for life!
    Rais the Anak yatim – August 25, 2009 at 3:32 am

    I hate to disappoint you but I dont pray for that.
    What I want is for him to suffer agonisingly. His body must erupt in sores, his diseases must emanate such dirty smells as he suffers that even his family will not go near him. If that cannot, I am willing to settle for him seeing his children suffering from such…..Mukriz is a good candidate.
    After that his allah can take him….and his family.

  62. najisflies says:

    Najisflies (7.02pm), about the food crisis in Kapit – have you seen them flurs (Muhi & geng) loading into their buka puasa? Hypocrites? –

    In the course of my work, I once had to go to a pig farm in Bukit Pelandok.
    The pigs there really were no different from Muhai & geng. One even looked like today`s Najis Tong Rosak minus the snout.

  63. trumpetzzz says:

    The fact is many of these scums are just in it for the quick buck. PR will eventually weed out most of them. As the saying goes “the shit will float to the surface”.

  64. turnout says:

    PMTG PASIR – Voter turnout at 10am is 28.5 pct or 5,775 voters.

  65. whispering9 says:

    Menyalak-er….sorry, finally got to sleep. Yup, all BN’s strategy can actually be learned from Screwtape Letters. Some quoted ‘Art of War’ as the source….nope, it is Screwtape Letters and Animal Farm combined. You can almost profile his advisers by now. Scary isn’t it…to have brainy working for him. Lol. Can’t sleep ‘cos of work….no longer getting work up with traitors. How to…when you get an avanlanche of them. Some commented that shits will float up and easily decanted. Funny thing is, some heavier shits stay put at the bottom….least we become disappointed again by conniving politicians. A two party system will solve the shit problem when they need to depend on the electorate for employment and flavor.

    ps: MB…my theory is better than your co-authored ‘Fish Tales and the Origin of Life.’ LOL 😉

  66. R4Os says:

    kittykat6: “Meanwhile, MCA’s “Mr. Clean” Ong TK, has been exposed as one who enjoys occasional large “donations” from Corporate interests and likes to travel in private jets.”

    This blardy Ong Ti Kus, he is a hyper-hypocrite ever since his MCA-Youth days, juz that nobody really paid full attention to him before he became MCA Snakehead.

    I watch him on TV forums before n regularly read his column in the SinChewJitPoh, he usually spoke with “Forked tongue”, twist-here-twist-there with bombastic Chinese proverbs/expressions, wiggled his way out whenever he got cornered by oponents, he’s such a Slimy a$$……

    He likes to pretend like he’s a chinese swordsman hero, attacks like a Rotweiller during infighting with a fellow chinese, but shitting like a Chicken when confronted by his Ketuanan UMNO counterparts…

    His latest sueing of PKFZ’s Tiong for mind-boggling Rm500 mils compensation shows his real colours…

  67. kerabit says:

    Pegawai Khas Adun Lunas Tidak Dibayar Elaun Selama 7 Bulan

  68. straycat's strut says:

    Good riddance, bad rubbish…

    But please lah… be practical. Don’t get rid of ALL the rubbish. PKR cannot be a party without them. PKR without Anwar? Ceramah without Zaid Ibrahim? Life without Eli?

    Life will be so boring when we could only talk about the economy and sleep.

  69. kerabit says:


  70. kerabit says:

    Sejak akhir-akhir ini, memang YB Lunas kerap melawat kawasan, iaitu sejak dihebohkan dia membuat tuntutan perjalanan yang banyak, mencecah RM18 ribu sebulan,……….

  71. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha, Animal Farm and Scewtape Letters into one, W9? Yep u’r right! May i add Dante’s inferno?
    Very soon we may end up with a list of recommended readings.
    Wits, your contribution please?
    Btw, Is that Kelang adun Badrul flur jumping soon enuff?

  72. fracturedflickers says:

    Harun Taib penghalang kerajaan baru Terengganu?

    KUALA LUMPUR, Ogos 25 —

    Sembilan ADUN Umno yang diketuai oleh Rosol Wahid dikatakan telah bersetuju untuk menyertai PKR. Mereka dikatakan akan bergabung dengan lapan ADUN PAS dan membolehkan mereka membentuk kerajaan baru di Terengganu.

  73. turnout says:

    mkini –
    Voter turnout hits 65% at 3pm
    Aug 25, 09 8:51am

    UPDATED 3.15PM The EC is hoping for a 80 percent turnout and since polling opened at 8am, the numbers have been on the rise – as of 3pm, the turnout was 65 percent with two hours to go.

  74. turnout says:

    “DPM Muhyiddin Yassin claimed that a wind of change is blowing across the Permatang Pasir constituency on polling day favouring the federal ruling coalition”

    PM is murderer, DPM is nyanyok

  75. Kancilandak says:

    Before 13 GE all the good guy will leave PR.. people of integrity and dignity will no more.. even now the Aljuburi admit PKR is weaked.. Now people realise this too late.. one of the earliest to realise the lies of PR is Mrs. Hee but pembangkang supporters call her all kind bad name.. now eveybody realise that PR backbone is diseased.

  76. wits0 says:

    The cock has about 2 hours left to crow before his fulat.

  77. wits0 says:

    The cock has about 2 hours left to crow before his fulat. Kancilandak, we know, will take of his own pants for his dear leader’s emergency.

  78. wits0 says:

    The kok has about 2 hours left to crow before his front stage fulat. Kancilandak, we know, will take of his own pants for his dear leader’s emergency.

  79. aljuburi says:

    “Before 13 GE……………” – Kancilandak

    Barisan Najis will be destroyed by the all the dirt it has collected from Pakatan Rakyat, but you are right that BN is being sodomised by PR. Your turn coming soon, enjoy it wen it happen.

  80. aljuburi says:

    Ai kancilandak, does kj know you been banging his wife at 5am wen he is giving ceramah?

  81. S&M says:

    Meanwhile, I have chosen not to respond to personal attack launched by MCA President. I have a lot to say but I have chosen to remain silent. I can understand why my president is hysterical. I thought by remaining silent would enabled him to concentrate his ongoing battle with Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing and his allegation of RM10million. Obviously, the MCA President as usual, thinks that he can do no wrong.

    If I choose to respond then he will continue to allege that he is facing attack from all fronts, both within and outside the party. The President was so paranoid about his purported enemy that MCA leaders and members that have gathered at the Johor MCA headquarters in Jalan Segget, Johor Bahru were reported as ‘gangsters’ out to ‘ambush’ him.

    – Chua Soi Lek (keke Dr. S*x)

    By GE (`lucky no.13`) all BN will be walking with torn arses.

  82. habislah says:

    Malay literature tries to show a clever kancil, but we get an idiot one. Is this a reflection on malay literature? (kalah ta`apa, gaya mesti ada)


    Unofficial tally: PAS en route to victory
    Aug 25, 09 6:34pm

    BREAKING NEWS Based on the unofficial tally, PAS appears to be on track to retaining the Permatang Pasir state seat with a commendable majority.MORE

    More than 4,000 majority
    Only two ballot boxes left

    Looks like BN wipe out man!!!! Kena jubur kau kau kekekeke that oso in fasting month. This is xtreme bad luck for UMNO led by back&front Najis Tong Rosak.

  83. wits0 says:

    Muhai may blame insufficient kancilandak’s type support. Kancilandak can blame Assseen. Blaming is, of course, their specialty.

  84. habislah says:

    Ok dah confirm dah, kancil punya andak koyak………….

    mkini —-

    PAS wins Permatang Pasir
    Aug 25, 09 6:34pm

    BREAKING NEWS PAS candidate Mohd Salleh Man has defeated Barisan Nasional’s Rohaizat Othman in the Permatang Pasir state seat by-election in Penang although the majority has decreased by more than 700 votes since the last general election.

  85. kalai says:

    CORRECTION PMTG PASIR – Majority is 4,551

  86. kalai says:

    But PAS’s majority today, just short of last year’s 5,433 margin when the turnout was higher, suggest the status quo in terms of support for both PR and BN remains the same.

    Today’s turnout was 73.1 per cent compared to last year’s 82.57 per cent.

    PAS’s handsome win also appears to indicate that in PR’s own backyard, they are unbeatable.

    The win also comes despite Umno’s attempt to portray Anwar as a traitor to the Malays, while simultaneously playing the race and religion card.

    If Permatang Pasir is any gauge, Umno’s attacks have not gained much traction on the ground except among its own core supporters.

    Now we know why najis tong rosak is waving mongolia flag for merdeka

  87. Ray-of-Hope says:

    Quote habislah: “Malay literature tries to show a clever kancil, but we get an idiot one. Is this a reflection on malay literature?”

    This one is not a Kancil purebred, this pariah animal is the byproduct of a DNA experiment gone wrong, after crossbreeding
    Kancil + Landak = an IDIOT instead of a clever Kancil…

  88. wits0 says:

    Here comes the blaming :
    Rohaizat saddened by unfulfilled vows of Chinese support
    LOL! Who vowed on behalf of the Chinese voters? The MCA(Most Contemptible A**holes)?

  89. Menyalak-er says:

    Yep, MCA vowed: “… ’til death do us apart.” However, it seems that the consummation remains ‘quirky’.
    What’s with the over-dependence on Cina apek votes?
    Didn’t the blardy asses say that the ‘pendatangs’ should get lost?
    They have, and yet disbarred lauyar says that they are not avowed. They just migrated to the opposition camp, permanently.
    Oi, the ‘pendatangs’ have longer memories than your batangs, Rohaizat!
    Btw, do you know what your name means in guttural cantonese? Hahaha, it certainly isn’t kancilandak!

  90. monsterball says:

    Why so silent from the usual UMNO guys?
    Mamak said low turnout…bad for PAS before election.
    Low or 100% turnout…the result with be the same with a huge huge majority for PAS.
    Permatang Pasir voters have spoken for 27 million Malaysians.
    Malaysians are showing UMNO…who is the real boss.
    Elected civil servants…keep fooling us and treat Malaysia…as if their grandfathers give to them…will have it big coming….in 13th GE.
    Why 1-4-C..kancilandak…so quiet?
    Speak la…tell us why UMNO lost. PAS bribe voters? Khairy borak tak boleh pakai? Look-a-like Brutus..DPM said wind of change and voters mentalities changed….so true….now only he knows………but you bet…he will never learn. Out comes his nonsensical idiotic remarks for many future events…will surely come. He is saying that to protect himself as the ring leader in the failed mission.
    Now lets sit back…and watch ‘1 Malaysia” man speak.

  91. habislah says:

    Now the umno has lost, the winneris Rohaizat who managed to make his ex-partner the scoundrel, cheat, conman in their legal firm.
    A few days time Rohaizat will be sued. But first someone can lodge a police report for action to be taken against the ex partner for criminal breach of trust.
    Muhai-deen can be Rohaizat witness.

  92. Kancilandak says:

    BN make a sad mistake by fielding Rohaizat without checking his background.. they should known his opposision smear integrity will be a lossing factor.. but we were quite knave in trusting and forgiving people.. in a oppoisition place especially when the oppoisition is out for vengeance.. but never mind.. sometimes we make mistake.. sometimes we win sometimes we lose.. in due time the rakyat will realise what is right.. we still have 3 years.. it is natural for the economy to turn around.. with all promises kept.. we prove to the pembangkang that we a force to reckon with.

  93. jubal says:

    “.. but we were quite knave..” – Kancilandak

    but you have always been knaves…….cant expect much when the Queen of Tarts is your first lady.

  94. monsterball says:

    He is a low class UMNO jerk…jubal

  95. whispering9 says:

    “.. but we were quite knave in trusting and forgiving people..” Hahahaha…you are funny. I read that his UMNO division want to sack him for lying about his past. If he had won…they would probably have quite a ‘knave’ to trust and forgive.

    Incidentally, do you know the definition of knave….”an unprincipled, untrustworthy, or dishonest person.”

    LOL…you admitted to be ‘quite a knave’. You are a funny and honest man/lady. 🙂

  96. najisflies says:

    MACC is believed to be reporting directly to Najib PM Office and not to the Parliament. There is no check and balance in MACC. All MACC Officers must declare their assets online. Before these officers are qualified to investigate corruption cases, they themselves must be legally clean and transparent.

    “Before you judge others, remove the plank from your own eyes then you may be able to remove the speck from other people’s eyes.” If these MACC Officers are corrupted themselves, then how could they remove the ‘speck’ from the public and private sectors???

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