golden child

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Voters in the Permatang Pasir should take advantage of the development pledges for the constituency by Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin who has promised to make it a “golden child” of the federal government (malaysia).

So what if the voters choose PAS? What will this constituency become?
Anak tiri or step child?

I hope the voters are not blind, deaf or greedy enough to allow themselves to be prostituted by UMNO/BN!!!!

All those noted in the posters are duties of the government – federal or state – do you think we are stupid enough not to know these are done with OUR MONEY, people’s taxes – and not UMNO/BN’s money!!!

What about other constituencies?

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  1. rococo says:

    Muhai is desperate as his head is on the chopping block when Najis Tong Rosak returns from holiday. The idiot Muhai has even elevated SD to above High Court. UMNO is a laughing stock.
    MACC is poised to jump on Muhai also for using Govt machinery for party purpose. Najis will show he means biz by exterminating the Muhai thorn in his arse.

  2. kookaburra says:

    EC busts ‘bn ceramah’ for abuse of gov’t machinery

    The Welfare Department and a deputy minister were left red faced yesterday after a function they were involved in was stopped by the Election Commission.

    The Barisan Nasional ceramah at Sama Gagah village was stopped following complaints by PKR officials that government machinery was being abused for campaigning purposes.

  3. 1umnoputraMalaysia says:

    Just hope that this Mahathir’s puppet would be infected with h1n1 during the campaign period and when he goes back to Umno headquarters, hope this puppet would spread the h1n1 to all the Umno hantus.

  4. gadogado says:

    The rakyat will rejoice if the whole umno supreme council is wipe out by h1n1

  5. wits0 says:

    The perpetual bottom line umno message : “Ye peasants must eat out of our hands!”

  6. Jalan raya dibuat menggunakan yuran ahli UMNO.

  7. maie58 says:

    setuju dengan hasbullah pit begitu juga dengan tandas awam pun guna yuran umno—-kahkahkah

  8. I Love Malays says:

    Muhyiddin Yassin is Mahathir M.’s mouthpiece. I don’t even need to prove my point. Isn’t it clear for a man who went to the old-snake’s home and seeking his advice and return to UMNO (at that time Mahathir quit UMNO in protest of Pak Lah when the latter was still the PM of Malaysia) has been made the DPM via a shady UMNO deputy President party election when his leading contender, Ali Rustam was disqualified for money politics?

    Whenever the old-snake-head spew venom, it comes out of Muhyiddin’s mouth.

    Now the real “good-cop, bad-cop” melodrama is cloying to the core when Najib portrays himself as a reformist, Muhyiddin is stoking racial hatred against the non-Malays. If that makes sense, I am Ronald Reagan.

  9. wahabi says:

    coming or going wahabi rais is going to get more mca,

    Speak Malay or else get the fu*k out of Malaysia

  10. monsterball says:

    DPM is desperate to get good results….put in charge of this by-election.
    UMNO style of empty promises and bribing voters ..nothing new.
    DPM promise to make Pamatang Pasir…a “golden child” if they vote for UMNO…is the most idiotic low class open air hypocritical remark can get to hear.
    UMNO is so used to talk nonsensical stuffs…. do anything..they win votes.
    If opposition uses same line….Police or MACC may act very fast…arresting that person … with fantastic good reasons
    But it is good…no action on DPM. It shows his low low IQ.
    Let him talk..the more he talk..more votes will run away from UMNO.
    Nowadays…voters are not easily fooled.
    They know…how to take “angpow” and vote for change in government.

  11. MIKE says:

    Masjid, Surau di bina BN
    Jalan , jambatan di bina BN
    Sekolah , klinik di bina BN
    Pasar, Balairaya dibina BN
    Bekalan Electric, Air dibina BN
    Kilang untuk bekerja di bina BN

    10% wang rakyat digunakan BN untuk dibina
    90% wang rakyat masuk pocket BN

  12. 4RAKYAT says:

    translate this into bahasa malaysia.

    burn into vcd or cd.

    distribute 20,000 copies to permatang pasir.

    pakatan has no national tv or radio.

    this is the ONLY way.



    It’s common sight to see the big dangling carrots
    Insulting people’s intelligence like that of parrots
    Election ‘luck’ is way beyond that found in tarot
    Even when ‘goodies’ are bundled up like faggot

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 230809
    Sun. 23rd Aug. 2009.

  14. ericind says:

    It is BN govt’s duty to provide all this facilities since the money comes from taxpayers pocket,Anak Mas??my foot..

  15. casper says:

    The DPM is on course to be serve up on the plate, and perhaps little does he realised he is on the clock(ticking not in his favour).

    It is inevitable that UMNO loses in P.Pasir to record yet another lost. UMNO never stood a chance in this and all previous contest and I wouldn’t be too secure in my ways if I were Mohidin because Pekan Dickhead and Rosmah don’t want too much heat from a deputy well endowed with stolen money – a deputy in the ilks of Ghafar Baba is what both husband and wife are gunning for – so it is just a matter of time before the DPM’s head is serve up.

    Consider this a favour Mohidin. The people that surround you won’t tell you the above as they would stand to gain in your absence. Mark my words DPM as the Pekan Dickhead would rather be done with you.

    Regards Sloone and all.

  16. vengai says:

    UBN claims that the build all the facilities. Its true . They should add another few more .
    1. Kg Buah Pala BN Beli
    2. Adun Katak BN Beli
    3. Stadium runtuh Projek BN
    4.Projek IC (Projek M)BN buat
    5.Lesen Arak BN lulus
    6.Lesen Judi BN lulus
    7.Hukum syariah Fatwa BN
    8.PKFZ projek BN yang bawa untung 12.5.billion
    9.Constitution rape kerja BN
    and banyak lagi boleh tampah
    They think that Malaysian voters are stupid and listen to the shit TV news and That news from toilet paper.
    MOOOOOOOOOOh u are disgaracing the voters who voted and make u and your UBN wins by saying one particular constituency is “Gold Child”.
    You aare damaging the credibility of your UBN Regime and digging gravedeeper and deeper for your Regime with the Wakil Pos Rembau.
    Congratulations Mooooooooooh.well done.

  17. johanssm / khun Pana says:

    Golden Child?
    Kampung buah pala is a shinning example of bn’s golden child.
    P.Pasir wants their land to be confiscated and sold off?

  18. regidor says:

    See the mess that is MAS?
    Kg. Buah Pala is also destined for pro*stitution under Muhai`s UMNO.

  19. cellphonespy says:

    Your cell phone’s battery suddenly runs out faster than usual even when you have not been talking more? Your cell phone is unusually warmer even in between calls? An unusual annoying pulse buzzing while you’re on a call or between calls? You seem to have trouble shutting it off, or it stays lit up after you’ve powered down? The phone sometimes lights up when you aren’t making or receiving a call, or using any other function?

    Your cell phone could be transmitting every word you say, every text message you send or receive (even if you’ve deleted them) and your exact location.

  20. farkMAS says:

    BN gives $$$$ for farks:

    Sim claimed Heang’s had said in her speech that all participants above 60 were allowed to claim RM200 from the organisers.

  21. fearnoone says:

    Quickly come up with 50 reasons why BN should be voted out instead. Keep using the same 50 reasons (I am sure we have more than 500 reasons to vote them out) over and over again online. Surely it will be effective to to influence people’s perception.

  22. zainal says:

    Meanwhile, Najib cannot escape reminders of the murder in 2006 by his security guards of a pregnant mistress of a close associate. The associate was acquitted of complicity in her murder, but the guards were convicted.
    Widespread public perceptions of rot within the system do not easily translate into confidence that the opposition provides a viable alternative. Anwar is widely admired for his eloquence but has been unable to shake off the perception that he is an opportunist telling different groups what they want to hear.
    Ultimately, the race issue prevents wholehearted cooperation among the opposition parties in Anwar’s coalition. Some of the Islamists hanker to make common cause with UMNO to strengthen Malay unity and defend pro-Malay, pro-Islamic discrimination. This in turn fits well with allegations by senior UMNO figures that Anwar is a traitor to his race by aligning with the Chinese and Indian minorities.

    -New York Times

  23. regidor says:

    He is MIA. He is incommunicado. Period. Probably he doesn’t want to be distracted by duty of State so that his negotiations with UMNO would be to his best advantage.

  24. R4Os says:

    Susan:” … So what if the voters choose PAS? What will this constituency become? Anak tiri or step child?”

    Answer: Become “ANAK BESI BURUK”…

  25. kadirkejar says:


    In a separate function, Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said Port Klang state assemblyman Badrul Hisham Abdullah would not be booted out despite complaints that he was not serving his constituency well.

    “From my understanding, there was an accident which had affected his brain,” Khalid told reporters yesterday.

    Medically boot him out and have election before he cross-over la.

  26. Leong Yook Kong says:

    Muhyiddin can promise us a “bed of roses”. If he is really sincere in looking after the people’s interest and welfare, he could have built the bridge in Manik Urai with the hope that the people will return the power to BN.

    Why is Muhyiddin penalising the people? It is the people’s right and power to vote whoever they want.

  27. ktteokt says:

    If Permatang Pasir falls into PAS hands this by-election, it won’t be an ANAK TIRI but ANAK YATIM PIATU. This has always been the case with constituencies lost by BN, as if they do not form part of MALAYSIA! BN only cares to bring “development” to constituencies under their rule!

  28. lancekorp says:

    umno opens new front:

    Syariah court judge says Kartika’s detention is illegal

    KUALA LUMPUR: The order to detain part-time model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno in prison for the execution of a syariah whipping sentence is ultra vires, said a senior Syariah court judge.

    Terengganu Chief Syariah Judge Datuk Ismail Yahya said if the government went ahead with the detention and whipping, it might open itself up to a suit.

    “Kartika can sue. This is because her detention, and subsequently the whipping, is illegal,” he said, one day before Kartika has to surrender herself to the authorities at Kajang Women’s Prison to receive six lashes of the rotan for consuming alcohol.

  29. wandererAUS says:

    To these despicable UMNO goons, promise everything and do nothing….especially, when they know the chances of they winning is negative. “Words are cheap”
    That is how the story goes, that’s the glory of power……

  30. kati says:

    What to do , after many empty promises and countless corruption ,misuse of power ,we still have many easily deceit and emotional supporters around.

    Dont be surprised if there is a kejutan in the coming PRK just the way when it was least expected at Malek Urai.

    Whatever it is we need a strong opposition in any constituentcy to curb undesirable governing.

  31. bill says:

    Hoi BN ! Yang kau buat Semua itu hasil Dari duit kepala bapak kau ? Kalau duit bapak kau, boleh kau tulis macam tu. Duit jambatan Dan masjid tu semuanya duit cukai Kami penduduk Melayu, Cina Dan India permatang pasir. Sepatah kata anwar Ibrahim memang betul “1 untuk kau 10 untuk aku”. Kepala butuh kau lah UMNO !!

  32. ant soldier says:

    The Malays have shallow culture and thus they have this’ bahasa jiwa bangsa’, and therefore fear of being wiped off from this planet.

    The only warriors were the Hang Brothers during the Malacca kingdom in the 1600’s.

  33. ant soldier says:

    Other than that, the Malays are either lazy, corrupt or cowards.

    RPK is no Hang Tuah but is just a black and white hantu.

    If Rpk is living in China, Rpk would be sent to the firing squad for corruption and the bullets spent would be reimbursed from his next of kin.

  34. Pro-dharma says:

    UMNO/BN obliged to bring development all over Malaysia since they are the ruling party and control budget of this country. Income-tax is collected regardless of party affiliation hence the ruling party is spent rakyat`s money wisely.But do you think the present goverment is spending rakyat`s money wisely. UMNO/BN is full of robbers,racial terrorist, licensed gangsters,murderers, and hardcore bigots whom have no respect for religous teaching and humanity. All UMNO/BN is interested is to rob the rakyat dan this country. UMNO/BN dont use money from their pocket to develop this country.It is rakyat`s money and they deserve all the basic services and development humanity need. So it is wrong to say UMNO/BN brought development to Perrmatang Pasir. Permatang Pasir could have developed more if UMNO/BN dont practice discrimanatory politices based on political affiliation.



  35. Kancilandak says:

    The posters are saying 100% truth.. the truth will set the rakyat free.

  36. wits0 says:

    Pro-dharma , that’s the DHARMA of it all and no truly wise person would have ever voted for UMNO/BN, ever! It’s the very benchmark of personal wisdom and integrity.

  37. Menyalak-er says:

    “…the truth will set the rakyat free?” Hahaha…
    Wah, how very ‘1Malaysian’.
    Hey mousedeered porcupine, you went to church this morning ah?
    Unfortunately that poster just talks about material things, and what would wild animals need those things for?
    Freedom and truth? Those creatures don’t know these things mean – the have been zoological specimens for too long!
    “Man does not live by bread alone…”, but animals and the cerebral atrophied can.
    Susan, you need a break from Sawadee-land, too many polite words over there – i would have called it “whoring”, hope you are keeping well.

  38. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha….kancilandak is a different person…from the start of Ramadan month.
    He cannot tolerate lies…….but he will still vote for liars…hahahahaahaha

  39. R4Os says:

    Kancil-landak kind of ppl r hypocrites, during Ramadan, pretend to talk about forgive & forget, after Ramadan, after the so-called soul-searching month, start talking crap again…

    Kancil-landak & his kind r in fact still consciously spreading LIES & MORE LIES even during the holy Ramadan month…

    Hypocrites to the CORE!!!

  40. wits0 says:

    Kancilandak is also pretending to be naive and innocent – this alone makes him a hypocrite already, around the year.

  41. hahahahahaha says:

    When Stamford Raffles sailed up the Singapore river for the first time, some Malay ladies were swimming-bathing in the river.
    They left their clothes on the tree at the river bank.
    A half-blind Punjabi Singh was cycling by the side of the river.
    He saw some sarungs hung on the tree.
    He looked around and saw no one nearby.
    So he took everything including the sarungs.

    The Malay ladies saw the man from a distance removing their clothes.
    They started shouting at the top of their vocies: “SINGH KAPOH…. singh kapoh, singh kapoh….”

    Stamford Raffles heard the roar of the beautiful giggly ladies, got enchanted, and so – based on his British ears – decided to name the place, SINGAPORE.

    (And you can safely assume that’s where ang mors got the term ‘sarung party girls’ from also).

  42. najisflies says:

    It was heard around the Bangsar circuit that Khairy whispered to a colleague, “My FIL was tickled pink when Muhyiddin lost the two Bukits and left with a distant batang.”

  43. monsterball says:

    “hahahahaha” writer…….jokes is good…..but not factual.
    Singapore was known as Tamasek for a long time..and ruled by the crooked corrupted useless…brother of the Sultan of Johore….planned by Stamford.

  44. klepek says:

    09:45am: Anuar testifies that Fizami Construction received 21 projects worth RM147,812, Haris Ent. received 14 projects worth RM88,275.30, MNKN Ent received six projects worth RM50,765 and MA Bina Melur received seven projects worth RM69, 010. He also tells the court that based on MACC investigation all the projects allegedly went to Teoh and Ean Yong for approval. Mohd Anuar tells the coroner’s court that based on MACC’s investigation, four companies were found to have given commissions to DAP and its Serdang Aman and Bandar Sungai Long branches. The four companies are WSK Services, Hong Chee Ent., Saharun Ent. and Sharideen Ent. The commissions given totalled RM25,546.56. Information was obtained from four documents printed from Teoh’s laptop and his recorded statement with Selangor MACC officer Mohd Nadzri Ibrahim.

  45. klepek says:

    10:20am: Tan Hock Chuan asks for a short break for all interested parties to have a discussion. Gobind objects again, saying, “No, the damage has been done. The allegations about DAP has been put on record. Teoh did nothing wrong. This inquest has turned into a corruption trial of Teoh Beng Hock.”

  46. klepek says:

    Umno division vice-chief cleared of bribe charge

    SEREMBAN: Former Seremban Umno division vice-chief Mohamad Nor Awang was acquitted on Wednesday by the Sessions Court here for allegedly giving a RM700 bribe to a branch chairman in August last year.

    Mohamad Nor was facing two charges for allegedly giving the money to Taman Zaiton Indah branch head Rezwat Shahril Zainal Ariffin as an inducement to be nominated for the top post in the party divisional elections which were held the in November.

    Judge Zamri Bakar said the prosecution had failed to establish a prima facie case against Mohamad Nor and that there was no clear evidence linking him to the bribe.

    “The court finds that Mohamad Nor did give the money to the Rezwat but it was meant as duit belanja (expenditure) to pay the deposit for the hall where the branch meeting was to be held on Aug 3 and for light refreshments.”

    “It was not meant as a bribe for Rezwat to nominate Mohamad Nor (for the post of division head),” he said.

  47. monsterball says:

    UMNO treat tax payers fund like water..because the leaders are so filthy rich ….approve this or that small amount…seems to be overlooked as corruptions..because corruptions by them iare so huge and plenty…impossible to take all and talk one by one.
    LKS is after big fishes. He knows alot of small corruptions and ignore talking.

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