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Hahaha! If the ‘champion of the Malay race’ and UMNO Youth chief could only garner a crowd like this at a by-election, imagine what support UMNO would be in years to come.

Ok, don’t go that far. Let’s say the next general elections?

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  1. bangmalaysia says:

    Shameful, aint it.

  2. BESTOMYAM says:


  3. cccc says:

    without goodies, who wants to attend

  4. Leong Yook Kong says:

    Khairy was speaking to a half empty audience. It is very shameful lah. An Oxford graduate cannot be a crowd puller. Look at Anwar, Zaid, Kit Siang, Nizar, Guan Eng, Tok Guru, Hadi and many, many more PR speakers. Rain or shine, there will be a crowd bigger than that as shown in the above photo.

    Khairy claims PAS insulted by DAP. Khairy, was it an insult to you for not being appointed as a minister by Najib? Why were you kept in cold storage? However, the loser and your deputy are deputy ministers.

  5. R4Os says:

    This goes to show that Khairy Jam.aludin is not a “Box-Office Attraction” without his dearest father-in-law sitting on the premier’s throne…

  6. mur-de-rer says:

    The rest of the audience gone to k.hairy jamban loading

  7. danet7882 says:

    nah.. i dare to say he will be no one after the next GE..

  8. Armagaddon says:

    The four youths behind look like Mak Rempit, probably paid to attend.

  9. He must first ask himself “why”…???? Do not blame others for who & what you’ve done & made yourself of…!!!

    Khairy represents BN. It’s got nothing to do with him “alone” only….!!! It’s the entire organization.

    Btw Susan…..,
    Najib & wife like MIA. Where are they….!! Kena H1N1 kah…????

  10. yunnan says:

    No worry about the attendance.

    They have the newspapers, the radio stations, the tv stations,etc.

    Khairi’s little fart could be magnified into a roaring thunder.

  11. New Malaysian says:

    Come on guys, let’s be fair. It doesn’t look like the speech has even begun!

  12. pasembor says:

    K.hairy & his NAB (Najib Arse Bangers) go international to get famous:

    MALAYSIA Catholics lodge protest over police inaction against Islamic magazine

  13. MADEinPERAK says:

    He will certainly get more audience if his Movie (15M’sia) shown. Aint he a good for playing an idot role.

  14. straycat's strut says:

    Isn’t it good? Atleast some us know when it is time to stay away. Some of us are mature enough to know when to ignore, discard or stop listening to someone not worth the salt in our tears; the fake gurus, the racist, the corrupt, the hollier-than-thou’ers. Atleast some of us are not blind worshippers. Good ain’t it?

    I guess Anwar and LKS targetted the right crowd. Good marketing strategy.

  15. Musa Susah says:

    Yah. Even from the back view they are dafinately MAT REMPITS.

  16. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Errr …. Susan

    I think the gentleman over there is his driver, that one over there is his personal aide, that one over there is his body guard, this one over here is the NST reporter, this one over here is the NST photographer, that one over there is the technician for the ceramah ……. 🙂

  17. chanjoe says:

    That is actually UMNO’s celebration of the Hungry Ghost Festival. Yesterday was the 1st day of the 7th month and they left those seats empty cuz to accomodate the “good brothers & sisters” of the underworld to attend his ceramah since no living person wants to listen to this spoilt brat.

    Of course the BN controlled papers gave big coverage ob what he said but too bad cuz the voters of PP have make up their mind and who to vote and its definitely not the disbarred dishonest ex-lawyer.

  18. nordin says:

    Everyone in umno knows what will be the response.But that is not the main objective.What the organizer really want is how much they can bill the relevant authority.Meaning..$$$ will go into their pocket.It’s intentional!see the canopy size and the number of chairs.

  19. mahu duit says:

    I m tired of hearing this one is a traitor,that one anti-islam,those are pengkhinat, some are biadap, a few are playing with fire…..can the oxford boy pls shut up with all these ghost stories and tell us how to overcome the economy,how to deal with H1N1, how to be 1Malaysia etc….these are things oxford got teach but you dont bother, you prefer ghost stories no wonder nobody came to listen

  20. Menyalak-er says:

    I think you are all wrong – that ceramah was filled to capacity – just because the pic doesn’t show the seats are physically occupied, doesn’t mean that the hantus, toyols and djinns aren’t there listening to the iblis. They vote too, you know…
    The fault is with the camera, otherwise its lenses or the CCD device! Especially, the fotographer from MI.
    The haunting echo due to ’empty’ space, which was due to a faulty PA system, powered by eveready batteries.

  21. Observer says:

    Lets get real, ask the downliners like policemen, Govt servants etc , all Malays and hear what they have to say about KJ. So, empty seats should not be any surprises at all. he is nothing but a son in law of an ineffective ex-PM. Even his FIL is not spared by Govt servants who have served or have meetings with him during his PM days. The most common complaint – always late for appointment and looked sleepy while people could be waiting for him under the hot sun for hours !

  22. Menyalak-er says:

    Btw, ‘ghosts’ is too generic a term – we must be more specific.

  23. pasembor says:

    Look at wat this barisan najis want to investigate:

    MACC wants to determine if both versions are identical

    Star – latest

    Why wait for the comparison. Didn’t the Coroner directed the police to investigate allegation in the letter, immediately?

    KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will have to determine if the mysterious letter presented at the Teoh Beng Hock inquest on Wednesday is the same as the one which has been published on numerous portals and blogs.

    MACC deputy director Datuk Abu Kassim said the Commission, which has yet to get a copy of the letter presented at the inquest, has to see if it is one and the same as the version which has been published online.

    “If they match, we will let the police and our internal complaints board investigate,” he said here on Friday.

    This berok najis (BN) want to investigate what the police are investigating as ordered by coroner. Gila babi monyets.

  24. AntiUMNO says:

    Without his father-in-law AAB, he’s more to a small potato la….soon he’ll be just dust after the next GE…

  25. putra says:

    Without his FIL, Khairy is nothing. Ask him to hold a ceramah in Rembau, the parliamentary seat he purportedly represents and see how many Rembawians will attend?

    Khairy doesn’t command support amongst the malay masses. Umno politics is all about money. Without the paid mat rempits nobody will give a damn about Khairy.

    Even in Umno, he is rubbish to them now.

  26. kati says:

    Race and religion the last resort to stay alive.
    Other than these , what credibility is there to shout ?
    Refuse to acknowledge that very own ethnic which was once the strong supporters are getting smarter and wiser as days gone by.

    Finally the faithful supporters realised that the one who is getting better and richer is the one preaching and enjoying himself on the stage while the listeners remain unchanged if not worst till today.

    In our daily simple words we call them Jokers.
    Which joker is coming to town next ? I heard the man in the box is coming too and you know what sermon he is preaching lah..
    As usual he will say nothing but the mother of all truth will be exposed.
    In the end ,Abuk pun tak ada but the saliva accumulate more than the mineral water on his table.

    Pi Mai Pi Mai tang tu. betoi ? orang utara ?

  27. limpek says:

    People get to know him becos of the flip-flop FIL, correct ??

    Now people forget about him becos of his flip-flop without the
    flip-flop FIL , correct ?

  28. wandererAUS says:

    Half filled ceramah, hahaha…even those chairs filled must be from those UMNO paid helpers for this Permatang Pasir by-election. Is that the best this privileged politician can do and an OXFART graduate.??!!
    Ahhhhhhhhh, you must be oozing out shit once too often, no one takes a Celaka UMNO Permuda samseng too seriously……

  29. klepek says:

    The end is near…

    If I am Najib today I will be afraid, very afraid….
    People around him who have got so used to being given pocket money for their needs now are wanting a bigger share of the cake now that he is PM. $5000 handouts are no longer enough. They want more.

    What will Najib do. He is besieged from all sides. For everyone that gives him advise he is wondering if he is with me or with Muhyiddin”? Is the advice being given to me planted by Mahathir or Muhyiddin. For what end? And always there is that ever threatening cloud burst from Mindef days that will drown him if not properly ‘managed’.

  30. thamrin_achmad says:

    Mahathai chop off many DPMs.
    This Muhai is going to be chopped up by Najis.

  31. Lidyacumlately says:

    BN ceramah, esp. by,state,and General Election have the least crowd compared with Pakatan Rakyat coz, they have no corrupt practices to expose, unlike the white-collar scandals akin to the explosive PKFZ which is a gem to the PR that draws crowds that could easily beat any Straycat Strut’s concerts, ex cetera.

    My friend was driving past her routine itinerary back home in Penang after work and was amazed by the massive crowd that assembled and thought it was a Wacko Jacko concert, but no – it was a” ceramah” by the PR days before the 12 GE.

    Maybe I could agree with commentator Straycat Strutt’s that marketing strategy was one of the reasons why they attracted so much crowd but without substance to expose esp – corruption, misuse-of-power, ect. , who would be there?

    Dear friends, I am changing my nick. Formerly known as Jean(cumlately)/Sofiairdina. Just about to get married, Uncle MontySSGoh.

  32. Lim bin Ganesan says:

    I think if LKS or DSAI were to have ceramah and ask those attending to bring their own chairs. It will have a lot more people.

  33. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    1st…KJ sucks..LOL

    Now to a more IMPORTANT and URGENT matter….

    It looks like the PAS/PR campaign is becoming MORE EMBARASSING. The latest :

    1. PAS Cadidate for Permatang Pasir Salleh Man involved in RM60,000 DUIT HARAM.

    2. Anwar involved in a $92,200 USD DUIT HARAM.

    3. Husam Musa sacked his assistant because he was afraid his assistant will ‘bocorkan’ his secret of receiving RM 66,400 DUIT HARAM!

    So is receiving DUIT HARAM part of the PAS/PR culture now? Is it a deposit to paradise? Maybe Nik Aziz punya paradise la kot…LOL

  34. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    Looks like the PAS/PR campaign is becoming MORE EMBARASSING. The latest :

    1. PAS Cadidate for Permatang Pasir involved in RM60,000 DUIT HARAM.

    2. Anwar involved in a $92,200 USD DUIT HARAM.

    3. Husam Musa sacked his assistant because he was afraid his assistant will ‘bocorkan’ his secret of receiving RM 66,400 DUIT HARAM!

    So is receiving DUIT HARAM part of the PAS/PR culture now? Is it a deposit to paradise? Maybe Nik Aziz punya paradise la kot…LOL

  35. chomelwangi & hubby says:

    No need for them to campaign. Ugutan Melayu and NST doing great job for them.

  36. mali says:

    There are many corruptions going on , no denying my dear, but

    Currently the PKFZ scandal is the mother of corruption of all corruption.

  37. kittykat46 says:

    During the Chinese 7th month, just started yesterday, its common practice to leave empty chairs at functions held in honour of the “ghosts”, for their use……

  38. ainol_hasanal says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, 19 Ogos: Mahkamah Tinggi hari ini mengarahkan akhbar Berita Harian membayar gantirugi sebanyak RM150 ribu kepada Ahli Parlimen Pokok Sena, Datuk Mahfuz Omar berikutan laporan mereka, Mahfuz mengajak seorang timbalan menteri bertumbuk dalam parlimen.

  39. ainol_hasanal says:

    Mahfuz pada sidang media sama menggesa Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak agar mengambil tindakan sama dengan mengemukakan saman kepada media yang telah mengaitkannya dengan kes pembunuhan wanita Monggolia, Altantuya Sharibuu dan juga kes rasuah pembelian kapal selam.

  40. vengai says:

    Fatimah Zuhri,
    Dont tell your “cock and Bull story ” to us smart Malysian . Go and tell your friens who have “caudang” brain as u are. What you say is a hearsay. But for your Calon UMNO in PP , its damn true he is a conmen. The court, Bar Counsil and his so called prove it. Go and tell your shit story to The Utusan, Berita and all Goverment control media, They will publish it on the spot for u.ok.
    This Kera Jamban will a historay after the next Amino General Assembly.Mammu Kutty Maha Tai Kerala Junior will “Kebas ” his post .As what i knew he is a pain in a ASS for many Amino goons expecialy for The C4 and his Fat Honey.


  41. NonaNona says:

    I assume Ezam should be able to attract a much bigger crowd. Remember his 60 boxes of treasures?

  42. Sofiairdina says:

    Isn’t it good? Atleast some us know when it is time to stay away. Some of us are mature enough to know when to ignore, discard or stop listening to someone not worth the salt in our tears; the fake gurus, the racist, the corrupt, the hollier-than-thou’ers. Atleast some of us are not blind worshippers. Good ain’t it? – straycat’s strut
    Yes, good alright….

    I guess Anwar and LKS targetted the right crowd. Good marketing strategy. – straycat’s strut

    I thinik so, alright….

  43. Loo Si Fer says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 21 – Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing is standing firm in the face of an impending lawsuit from Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat.

    And, he has raised the ante in the quarrel by challenging the transport minister to reveal his bank assets to the public, on top of other allegations about donations and free jet rides.

    Yesterday, he questioned the amount of money that the minister and his wife have deposited in their bank accounts and said that “I urge the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate” but stopped short of saying he would lodge a report with the MACC.

    “Everybody is talking about integrity and transparency. You can calculate how much you can make as a minister and as a member of parliament, and see if the amounts match,” he told The Malaysian Insider when contacted yesterday.

  44. Being literate does not mean you are educated, KJ ?
    Have your parents and your teachers ever told you that ?
    The way you and the many, if not all, in UMNO behave indicate they did not do their jobs well. I suggest you go back and and spend a few more years with them and learn to be educated for a change.

    You and all those goons in UMNO are a bloody disgrace to your own race and must be the by products of NEP. This is especially right to Rocky and a blogger of his, Warrior 231. What a waste of the people’s money, fortunately most of us did not expect much from all of you and those UMNO goons, to begin with ! Have we thrown pearls among the swine ?
    Uneducated swine and do not forget two wrongs (name calling like the educated bastards) do not make one right.

  45. RAYMOND says:


  46. widodo says:

    On 1 July 1996, Justice Syed Idid was forced to resign. Nothing happened to those judges he accused. More than a decade later, the ‘Lingam Tapes’ surfaced to support what Justice Syed Idid had written in that letter. But, still, no action was taken against those corrupt judges, until today.

  47. amoker says:

    Ghost listeners. Even LGE cannot hear his tounts. He is so kecik now.. no power but talk loudly

  48. chinlwu says:

    Dear All Malaysians

    Fact 1.
    Tengku Razaleigh has summed it up best with his questions:

    “Is Umno so short of people that we have to find a lawyer disbarred for financial dishonesty to stand? Has financial misconduct become so common among us that we no longer see it as a factor in a candidate’s suitability?”

    Fact 2
    The Bar Council had explained the reason the BN candidate for Permantang Pasir was disbarred

    Fact 3
    The High Court dismissed the BN ‘s case in support of the Bar Council ‘s decision to disbar the BN Candidate

    What is happening to our blessed country, Malaysia ?

    Are the 3 facts not enough to speak of a person’s suitability to hold public office /

    Are we not the ordinary Malaysians been treated as ” some stupid illiterate SPLK” to be led to believe that an SD will clear all suspicions of the candidates’ integrity and honesty ?

    There is a chinese saying ” a dying person before the last breath still want to grap hold a handful of sand to throw at another person” This is what is happening.

    Let us all God fearing citizens of this country, never let up in praying for this country. At the moment just too much wrongs happening in our country.

  49. Menyalak-er says:

    Chinlwu, u just unvented a new word “Grap”!
    I presume it means: ‘grab crap’?
    Yep, 101% grap from these fkers – they had the audacity to claim that previous SD’s are untrue! Plagiarism, copycat, hypocrite +++.

  50. ktteokt says:

    This 疴屎忽(Oxford) nut still does not realize his backing has collapsed the minute his father in law was dethroned? What a pity, how pathetic? Still think he can act like before, yelling until you can see his big mouth without his eyes?????

  51. kesava says:

    “….yelling until you can see his big mouth without his eyes?????”

    According to parasitologists, the wrong episode of history has been blamed all along for contributing towards tapeworm infection in humans. For several decades, the assumption by most scientists has been that the human tapeworm was picked up by our species when they domesticated pigs and cattle, about 10,000 years back.

    However, new scientific investigations of the family tree of the tapeworm reveal that the association between humans and tapeworms goes much further back in time. The researchers say that the nearest relatives of the human tapeworm spend their early part of their lives in grazing animals and the latter part of their lives, when they reach adulthood, in various African carnivores.

    Hence, according to the researchers, the ancestors of the human species first got infected by tapeworms when they began consuming more of the worm-infested meat as hyenas and big cats did. They go on further to say that these studies are the first to connect human tapeworm infestations with increased scavenging of meat and hunting by human beings.

    In fact, scientists have found enough genetic proof to make an estimation of precisely when the Taenia asiatica and Taenia saginata bifurcated from a common ancestor. From that evidence they deduce that the human species and the tapeworm association goes as far as 1.7 million years to 170,000 years back, long before livestock was domesticated by humans.

  52. monsterball says:

    He has an established reputation to be insincere and trying to be too smart.

  53. straycat's strut says:

    “He has an established reputation to be insincere and trying to be too smart.” – Monsterball

    Monty, this posting is about KJ. So, please leave Anwar alone.

  54. bamboo river© says:

    I rather watch “Talentime” again and again and again ………

  55. storm62 says:

    Aiya guys, KJ is talking to the “Pengundi2 Hantu” la…actually it’s a full house….but too bad we humans just can’t see them…hi hi hi.

  56. Cindaiberkias says:

    “He has an established reputation to be insincere and trying to be too smart.” – Monsterball

    Monty, this posting is about KJ. So, please leave Anwar alone. -Straycat Strut


    Staraycat, Hahaha. To be honest with ya sweetie, I must admit sometimes I am quite impressed with your suave insinuations. I thought you are only good at, ah, never mind…..but good to see you around again and Happy Ramadan. Time to slim down I guess…

  57. Was that really Khairy? Hitler was a better speaker, HAHA!!! I personally never like him.. Ah!! the ex-mat rempit & empty vessel. I agreed with Monsterball…

  58. monsterball says:

    Happy Ramadan to all my Muslim friends.

  59. RM$ says:

    Monty, this posting is about KJ. So, please leave Anwar alone. -Straycat Strut

    Exactly. The only sincere, humble leader is Najib Tun Razak and malaysians deserve him.

  60. R4Os says:

    What “Half-empty hall”? u fellas r too kind in words, look at the foto again, it’s actually “3/4-empty Hall” lar….

    It’s easy to explain, after his FIL stepped down, nowadays, even UMNO members themselves r avoiding him like a leper, they don’t want to be wrongly associated with the “Sinking Ship” which is sailing to Holland…, No more hope….

  61. idiotseverywhere says:

    Mahathir says Chinese papers should be in Malay

    huh? how to write chinese characters in malay?

  62. Fatimah Zuhri says:

    PAS sucks! PAS has no class! WHY?

    What that piece of garbage (read: Tantawi) did was CLASSLESS, IMMATURE and down right EVIL.

    In the holy month of Ramadhan, he has managed to single handedly destroy the marriage of a fellow muslim brother.

    He may have been given the assurance of paradise by Saint Nik Aziz but he may have forgotten that the real Judge is the Almight Allah S.W.T.

    Semoga dia mendapat balasan dan azab yang setimpal di dunia ini dan di akhirat. Semoga Allah melaknat dirinya, keluarganya serta keturunannya.

  63. monsterball says:

    He is half Indian…half Malay and now… yearning to be half Chinese….dreaming a fool’s dream.
    But for Mahathir..everything is possible…as he lived by that rule for 22 PM. He can do anything and use stolen money to buy loyalties.
    He love to be in the limelight….now that he knows UMNO dare not touch him and his son.. on corruptions.

  64. I Love Malays says:

    Dear MonsterballSSGoh,

    Please don’t insult the Malays Monty, u c, our friend here will not “angguk-angguk” when the Malays are to be relieved off their special rights, right? ok – I’ ll answer- Right!

    Now I know who is among the one who penned the recent 2 books by anonymous author(s) to instigate Malays against Anwar Ibrahim and Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim.


    straycat’s strut said…
    I hope your leaving for canada is as true as that ufo which landed at the murder site.

    And don’t be surprised if this particular posting will appear in one of PR-friendly blog as a “proof beyond any reasonable doubt” that the ufo had indeed landed and slapped DSN. Or was it Rosmah? Ah, who cares…

    For a while, I thought the Malays would not fight back but I saw some light when blogs like yours start to bark. I saw you were angry and upset over how your race became so gullible and even moronic when they cheered and joined those who tried to wipe them out. I saw your frustration when your fellow malays just angguk-angguk when they were called names, made fun of, spat at, looked down upon, cheated and ahhh… turned against the sultan. Its really sad when the malays were fighting on behalf of others against their very own.

    Keep the fire burning, man.

    March 16, 2009 8:32 PM

  65. R4Os says:

    “Mahathir says Chinese papers should be in Malay”

    If he’s still our PM, he might do juz that! He might turn the Chinese papers into half-Chinese-half-Malay as Monsterball said, i.e. every news in Chinese with a Malay translation, line-by-line or section-by-section…

    This Mother-of-All-Devils is capable of destroying anything if he set his mind on it, juz look at his destruction trails on our Judiciary, our PRDM, our ACA, our English education, our Constitution, the Old Umno, our Tin industry, our Oil money, & EPF money for bail-outs, etc, etc,…

    Mahathiu will be in Burned in Hell @Level -18…….

    Dr. Mahathiu = Bapa Pemusnahan Malasia….

  66. allen ng says:

    The reason why his ceramah was half-empty is simply.There was no money given and the people in Permatang Pasir were more interested in the cash rather than the bull-shit of this half-baked Oxford’s graduate.

  67. kesava says:

    Bank Islam is UMNO tool:

    DUA – Ada satu lagi musykil saya. Media melaporkan, Khalid menyaman Bank Islam pada 18 Mei 2007, dan Bank Islam pula menyaman balas pada 24 Mei 2007. Maknanya, saman Khalid mendahulu Bank Islam selama 6 hari. Namun begitu, mahkamah membenarkan permohonan Bank Islam melakukan penghakiman terus tanpa perlu di bawa kepada suatu perbicaraan penuh.

    Saya mengaku tidak faham semua itu. Tetapi disebabkan Khalid adalah orang politik, tambahan pula dia adalah MB daripada PR, saya menganggap tidak salah saya meneropong juga isu ini dari sudut politiknya, lebih-lebih lagi ketika PRK Permatang Pasir sedang berlangsung.

  68. wits0 says:

    “Dr. Mahathiu = Bapa Pemusnahan Malasia….: – R4Os

    The compulsive sequel towards this end : Ali Rustam’s bridge to bankruptcy.

  69. roman says:

    Maybe his treasurer did not bring enough $$$ to lure the “flies” and “maggots”!

  70. monsterball says:

    I am responding to..” barking magpie”.
    I am not insulting MALAYS.
    I am exposing the true Mahathir genes.. and the hypocritical UMNO Malays..knows that…..yet treated him 100% Malay…going against Tunku….so ungrateful bunch ..they are.
    UMNO is insulting the Malays…not me.
    Everyone knows Mahathir disunited the Malays.
    And here comes…Najib “1 Malaysia” nonsense…when he cannot unite the Malays.
    Is UMNO doing that…yes or no?
    Mahathir could easily pulled all races to be Malaysians…….as Malaysians Malaysia.
    I have lived too long to witness…the UMNO hypocracies…..greed..con job…fooling Malays…first…control other races second…personified and encouraged by Mahathir for 22 years…while plundering and stealing tax payers money and country’s wealth…….on and on and on.

  71. monsterball says:

    And all my messages are with the ulterior motives to convince voters…to change the government for the country and people…and to open minds of young readers…to think and judge for themselves..and not to simple believe everything UMNO promise.. say..or do.
    They must not believe everything I r oppositions are saying too…and be independent and decide.
    For me…who is next PM…I do not I never depended on UMNO for anything…but I do care for the young generations…not to suffer like me…under UMNO double standard ways of so greedy….making tax payers pay more and more.
    Crooks can never be fair….even to his own race.
    They love to convince Malaysians..that Japan and European countries are paying much more tolls…electric and water bills……but do not tell you how much much more those citizens are earning…far far more than Malaysians. S’pore is a good example…just next door. Go and check out the wages paid,
    They play games to bring us forward with their corrupted white elephant projects….making huge pile of commission..and everyone is happy….Malaysia have so many first in the world….all happy…and make sure Malays stay backwards……to keep depending on UMNO.
    Mahathir is the architect to UMNO BARU’s doomsday…as he was the ring leader to kill of Tunku’s original UMNO.

  72. kali says:

    Kit Siang asks MACC: Is Muhyiddin above the law?

    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 22 – The DAP’s Lim Kit Siang demanded to know today why the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) did not appear to have started a probe into allegations that Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin abused his powers and used a military aircraft to attend an Umno party function.

    It was reported last week by Bernama that a Royal Malaysian Air Force helicopter ferrying the deputy prime minister was forced to make an emergency landing in Sabah.

    Bernama also reported that the helicopter was being used to transport Muhyiddin, who is also deputy Umno president, to attend party meetings there.

    Following this, a PKR Youth delegation lodged a complaint with the anti-graft agency.

    The DPM dismissed the allegations that he abused his power last week. He said the complaint showed that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) had run out of ideas to attack the Barisan Nasional (BN) government.

    But Lim pointed out today that former Commercial Crime Investigation Department director Datuk Ramli Yusoff had been charged for using a police aircraft to survey two plots of land in a flight that was not related to his official duties.

  73. kali says:

    Umno candidate Rohaizat Othman’s scandals have proved embarrassing for the party. — Picture by Jack Ooi

    Umno and the ruling federal Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition have already watched in horror their campaign efforts go down the drain following revelations that Rohaizat had been disbarred for professional misconduct, apart from a few more cases and allegations of a second wife.

    Campaigning has also been lacklustre, with very few turning up for the political ceramahs featuring top Umno leaders. Only a few allies from BN component parties have pounded the streets to canvass votes in next week’s by-election, where Rohaizat faces Penang PAS state commissioner Mohd Salleh Man.

    “Many here were shocked when they found out that Rohaizat was picked instead of Zaidi and this has created discontent among the local Umno supporters,” said an Umno man here who spoke to The Malaysian Insider on condition of anonymity.

  74. R4Os says:

    Wits0: “The compulsive sequel towards this end : Ali Rustam’s bridge to bankruptcy.”

    If this “Sumatra Bridge” get materialized, it should become the “Mother-of-all-Plunders”, Bolehland could SINK into a financial abyss especially after our oil wells run dry…

    This cud well be Dr. Mahathiu’s last & biggest plunder before he go to HELL, scraping our “Oil Barrel” till the last drop…

  75. Kancilandak says:

    hee hee.. funny picture.. I think this picture was taken at 5am morning when people prepare go to work or somebody go quickly to take picture taking avantage the buka puasa time.. try something else lah.. we no schoolboy.

  76. monsterball says:

    Typical UMNO way of talking..with idiotic reasons.
    People are sitting down and listening….to Khairy talking.

  77. R4Os says:

    kancilandak: “I think this picture was taken at 5am morning when people prepare go to work or somebody go quickly to take picture taking avantage the buka puasa time..”

    So u r saying all those muslims there were skipping their prayers & buka-puasa @5am, listening to KJ’s rubbish with a growling empty stomach? What CRAP u r talking during this holy Ramadan month?

    Tok-guru Nik Aziz is right, this Rat-deer-Porkupine & his kind is so unislamic he shud go to HELL…

  78. […] Is this all Khairy can summon? (image from Malaysianinsider) Hahaha! If the ‘champion of the Malay race’ and UMNO Youth chief could only […] […]

  79. najisflies says:

    kancilandak: “I think this picture was taken at 5am

    Idiot, at 5am kj farking his wife not giving ceramah la……or are you farking kj wife while he give ceramah

  80. laugh, laugh all u wan…

    at the end, the true victor will emerge….. and that will be the righteous one….

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