Will this guy be struck off the by-election roll as well?

The Bar Council confirmed that Rohaizat Othman, the BN candidate was dis-barred due to personal misconduct“.

What will the EC say to this?

Why is BN/UMNO so generous in giving Pakatan Rakyat all the extra bullets to shoot straight into the bull’s eyes?

Is someone in UMNO trying to help Pakatan win this seat secretly?

Isn’t this a big disappointment to BN and its supporters?

Even before the Permatang Pauh by election could start, BN/UMNO had already made a mistake by choosing him to be a candidate.

Who’s going to pay for this if he wins?

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  1. rainstorm says:

    Will this guy be struck off the by-election roll as well?
    I doubt it very much. According to the news reported yesterday, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi : “To us, he (Rohaizat) is our best candidate for the by-election.” It just shows that BN lacks good candidate fot this by-election!

    How smart are the voters in Permatang Pasir ? We shall see about that on polling day.

  2. monsterball says:

    If UMNO can go against Allah….this is small matter to them.
    Use money..all settled.
    Candidate will be valid….and now…it all depends on the voters…who to trust.

  3. ajajall says:

    Dishonest candidate dishonest party. UMNO can be say anything
    for all we know they are not going to fool us. Answer is in the ballot

  4. Fatimah Zuhri says:


    The Bar Council has always been pro-opposition. If any of you have any doubt just ask Tun Mahathir himself.

    No wonder Tun Mahathir never trusted this ‘people’. Now I understand what he meant when he told us long time ago that the Bar Council is just like the Opposition.

    Enough about the Bar Council. I would like to highlight the fact that MANY PEOPLE have yet to realize :

    The Koperasi Pekebun Getah have WITHDRAWN…yes…WITHDRAWN their accusation towards Rohaizad. Mind you, his partner was the one who stole the money NOT him. See the links below (dont be lazy).


    There is even an official letter from the KOPERASI themselves.

    I would like to ask Nik Aziz, how come he can proudly say to all that only PAS members go to heaven when PAS members create such a devastating fitnah?

  5. Fatimah, the last statement has some truth in it.

    When a Muslim girl get caught for drinking, she’s being ridicule for “all” to see & to be whip (how many times..?).

    What about Muslim men…???? All they do is just ban beer/liquor for the men.
    “Why ban if they are “NOT” drinking in the first place…??????”

    Why all these men not “whipped”…..???????????
    They “have” been drinking for years….! As if PAS don’t know.

    It’s like as if the men can “get away” with anything that a woman “can’t”…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel it’s sooo……. unfair to only judge “women”……..!

  6. Dr. Rosli Bin Yaakop says:

    If he is bad enough to be struck off the bar list, he should be good enough to be struck off the candidate list.

    By putting a perosn of low ethic as candidate, it reflects that UMNO is a party that pays only a scanty attention to question of moral and ethics.

    If he can take RM161,000 from a lcient and failed to return the money, can we entrust him to look after public fund?

    He has a big potential to cause lost to the people and people’s money if he is a people representative.

    I wolud like to think that he misrepresented his case to UMNO’s election committee. But UMNO is also careless in not scrutinizing him thoroughly.

    The most dignified thing for him to do now is to withdraw from the contest gracefully. This applies to all candidates of all parties under the circumstances.

    PAS! Pakatan Rakyat! Sure win, Insha Allah.

  7. R4Os says:

    Quote Rainstorm: “yesterday, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi : “To us, he (Rohaizat) is our best candidate for the by-election.” It just shows that BN lacks good candidate fot this by-election!”

    Of coz Rohaizat is their BEST candidate lah.., Umno cud not find another guy who have plundered less than Rm 161,000, so comparatively, he’s an ANGEL among the Umno thieves…

  8. If the UMNO/BN candidate is willing to loose his legal profession for the small sum of money (watched over by the legal fraternity) what is there he won’t do with the people’s money ?
    Once a crook will always be a crook, sorry to say UMNO cannot even find one decent candidate amongst their 3,000,000 members ! What a crying shame ,another reason to vote these corrupted goons out of the office after all these years. Can UMNO lead by example ? Oh, yes they do indeed lead by example !

  9. K S Ong says:

    Between Kooperasi and Bar Council, the latter has much more credibility. Withdrawing accusation? Seems more like ‘kautim’ as damage control. Anyway, the statement by Bar Council Secretary is clear and they are open to legal suits if not done professionally.

    Based on BC statement, any refund (if any) later means nothing to improve the person’s integrity at all. Just like those last minute settlement of bankrupts to ensure eligibility.

    BN is the government, anything they want, they get. Opposition parties’ new branches and members have to wait at least a few months before they are approved by Registrar of Societies. But if pro-BN, a new party can be set up within 2 months! Even new Umno party was set up at record speed. Just see how they treat Pakatan Rakyat when they decide to formalise the coalition.

  10. klepek says:

    I would like to ask Nik Aziz, how come he can proudly say to all that only PAS members go to heaven when PAS members create such a devastating fitnah? – Fatimah Zuhri

    KOTA BAHRU, 18 Ogos: Mursyidul Am PAS, Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, akan mengambil tindakan undang-undang kepada pihak media yang memutar belit kenyataannya dengan mendakwa beliau berkata “ahli Umno tidak masuk syurga”.

    “Saya akan berbincang dengan peguam dan akan mengambil tindakan undang-undang kepada mana-mana media yang telah menokok tambah kenyataan saya,” katanya sewaktu sidang media di pejabatnya tadi.

    Beliau berkata demikian kepada media sebagai menenafikan laporan akhbar hari ini yang melaporkan kenyataannya bahawa “Ahli Umno Tidak Akan Masuk Syurga”, di pejabatnya tengahari tadi.

    Sebuah akhbar harian menyiarkan di muka depan kononnya Nik Aziz berkata, ahli Umno tidak akan masuk syurga.

    Sebelum ini, akhbar yang sama telah memohon maaf kepada Nik Aziz di muka depannya kerana mentyiarkan kenyataan yang salah tentang Nik Aziz.

  11. klepek says:

    Drunkard Malaysian Ambassador to US, Jamaludin Jarjis, backside pincher should be whipped. Arse banger Najis a/l Tong Rasak should also be whipped. Traitor Muhiyiddin Yasin who sold Johore to foreigners should be hanged.

  12. wandererAUS says:

    This ‘uncleaned bloke’ Rohaizat, a debarred lawyer is one of the typical examples how a Ketuanan UMNO Melayu screwed his fellow men…is that the best UMNO can offer?
    Wow! we are beginning to see all the maggots gathering around him to protect his “integrity”

  13. bc says:


    I’d like to pick up on Fatimah Zuhri’s comment about the Koperasi withdrawing its accusation and putting the s**t on Rohaizat’s partner.

    It’s too late, baby. The ship’s sailed and a fraud has been committed.

    The Bar Council has established the truth and the High Court confirmed it.

    Money has been wasted by UMNO making Koperasi come out with official letter retracting the accusation.

    And there is something seriously wrong with the picture in our society if Rohaizat can seriously expect us to put aside the the High Court decision of 12 August 2009 about his disbarment just because he gets the endorsement of Penang UMNO chief and Zahid Hamidi.

    BUt then again, people like Fatimah will just go and take the bait, hook, line and sinker. Poor lady

  14. fearnoone says:

    Just imagine it happens to opposition candidate, BN will use its forceful power to disqualify. If the voters are not stupid, they should know who vote for.

  15. nathan says:

    I just do not understand how the UMNO LEADERSHIP CAN PROTECT AND DEFEND A DEBARED Lawyer. We have not forgotten just after the last Gen.Election there was a big hue and cry over a winning candidate from Perak DAP for just paying a fine to the Bar Council for the mistake of his clerk. Here UMNO’S CANDIDATE swindled the client. This clearly shows that UMNO CONDONES such people. Where is the country heading to ?

  16. BadEgg says:

    Let’s just say for a guy to ‘moronically’ let his ‘partner’ get away with such obvious amount of money pretty much shows his incompentency already. In fact from the looks of it, he’s one of the ‘sleeping buddy’ in the company. Based on that whether he’s innocent or not, he’s still in my ‘not recommended candidate’ list and if I might add ‘…and should be kicked out’.

  17. lakian says:

    Chinese proverd said:The upper beam is slanted follow the lower one will be crooked.Then there is another saying:evil never win just.

  18. ktteokt says:

    UMNO/BN is definitely short of choice of candidates, that’s why even a MORALLY-BANKRUPT guy has to be put up for election! Close shop lah, BN/UMNO!

  19. apapunboleh says:

    The retarted BN ran out of qualified candidates, they had to resort to rejected and tainted ones. Sick, really sick, how low can they really go.

  20. justme says:

    In some parties, one need to have dirty hands, feet, face and whatever you name it in order to be a viable candidate. For the simple reason, more is to come and its share and share alike.
    And their leaders are experts in defending the indefensible.

  21. caravanserai says:

    Albino Albino
    God has come
    The excesses you done
    Making silly mistakes
    Death knocks the door

    Swine fever rising
    Deaths come a calling
    The fear in public perception
    Brewing advice dare not do the right thing
    Close all schools and institutions
    Just bring the holidays forward
    Let them stay at home
    avoiding public closed environment
    Yet you never dare to do
    All about losing wealth and businesses

    Peninsula by elections
    You got zero rating
    Now with Permatang Pasir
    You fielded a tainted candidate
    Yet spinning tales
    Guilty of an offence
    He shouldn’t run away

    Albino Albino
    God is striking you out
    For corrupted and tainted footprints
    Opending folders many dare not jump
    Into the cauldron of fire
    It is paradise for the truth
    Only you seeing otherwise

    The streets noises
    You tell the people it isn’t our cultures
    In your history you forget to open pages
    You know you are telling lies

    Albino Albino
    God has changed plan
    You have grown too corrupted
    You don’t see the light and dark

  22. mali says:

    No need to disqualify , just show it on the votes.

  23. wandererAUS says:

    Just have a look at the UMNO-BN cabinet…..HOW MANY REJECTS DO WE SEE and made Belakan Pintu Ministers?
    This “UNITED MURDERERS NATIONAL ORGANIZATION” not only bankrupt in policies and ideas, they are bankrupt with capable leaders as well!

  24. I just can’t wait for the next 5 days of campaigning where the only thing BN/UMNO will parrot is “disbarred lawyer is OK”….Stupid buggers!

  25. wits0 says:

    Just have a look at the UMNO-BN cabinet……which one has a measurable degree of actual integrity in his/her person? All these needed a huge dose of hype, all along, from the venal journalists from the miserable MSM to have lasted so long in the corridor of power.

    But this tiny corner of the world is changing as commonsense reasserts itself after emerging from forced hibernation after more than half a century!

  26. Maverick says:

    come on guys do you really think that nmno/bn has a
    clean record in their scroll. They are all in for the
    money : I am in for rakyat & country is a farce.

  27. lidyacumlately says:

    Just imagine if he is elected as an MP. Chalk up another “daylight” robber.

  28. omone says:

    When the Peeam is a murder suspect what to expect?

  29. coooo says:

    MCA has admitted it has RM2 billion in assets without being able to account for it and show where the money came from.
    The MCA President flew in Tiong’s private jet without paying while he is supposed to be investigating Tiong’s misconduct involving RM12.5 billion of the rakyat’s money.
    Tiong also gave the MCA President RM10 million in cash, which MCA says does not reflect in the party’s accounts book.
    Yet the MACC is still sleeping.

  30. Mamma MiaMia says:

    All the same on both sides.

    Isn’t it convenient we just forget people from PR came from BN? Or one just becomes clean once he/she crossed from BN to PR? It’s all politics and politicking, people.

    Better search and groom new faces.

  31. rashid says:

    Fatimah Zuhri’s comments above is typical of Mahathir’s zombies!

    A crime has occurred, complaint made by the Koperasi then withdrawn. (Naturally since koperasi are UMNO lackeys)

    Fortunately Bar Council follows through with the complaint. By the way, event the High Court did not see fit to revoke the Bar Council Disciplinary Committee’s findings.

    Naturally those who subscribe to Mahathirism will say that the is in the opposition, being that the Bar is critical of our Malaysian social structure / engineering and justice. The rest just tutup mata, janji perut kenyang!!!

  32. atanco says:

    If the candidiate is from Opposition, you will see huge demonstration by the youth group and all the coalition buddy and governing bodies will come out to support the charge.
    I do not belongs to any party and if this candidte is from Pakatan we will also say NO to him .

    Since the truth being revealed and they give full support to him for whatever reasons ,It’s better to maintain the candidate and it will be interesting to see the outcome of the election.From there we are able to see where we are heading to in this boleh-land.

  33. lakian says:

    Remember Perak MB case,may be umno going to appeal tommorow and court judge that Rohaizat is not guilty within 2 days.New world record again.he he he

  34. jungleboy says:

    Stealing from someone, got caught, charged and sentenced, then paying back whatever stolen. Clean slate? Common sense will tell us that UMNO paid the co-op the stolen money (maybe more for goodwill) and demanded a letter to clear Ro (Haicat-Pirate).

  35. Selepas Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin mengumumkan pemilihan Rohaizat Othman sebagai calon BN bagi pilihanraya kecil DUN Permatang Pasir Jumaat lalu, kira-kira 65 peratus ketua Umno cawangan serta ketua Pemuda cawangan di DUN tersebut dikatakan berkumpul di sebuah kedai makan, kerana tidak puas hati dengan pemilihan Rohaizat.

  36. idiotseverywhere says:

    Muhyiddin desperately wants to go to heaven

    RM (Ringgit Malaysia/Rosmah Mansor) can easily do that with C4

  37. idiotseverywhere says:

    Najis Tong Rosak is arse banged by sodomist Moo Hee…….

    Permatang Pasir pentas Muhyiddin tikam belakang Najib

    “Malah lebih ajaib dan pelik, dalam risalah kempen BN ‘Suara Permatang Pasir’ yang pertama yang diedar pada 17 Ogos dimuka surat hadapan tertera tulisan
    ‘PRESIDEN Umno, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’ menjulang tangan Calon BN’.

  38. Tenku Razaleigh tears Najis` and Mooheeedeen arse:

    I don’t know En. Rohaizat. He may be a fine upstanding citizen. However, his public record of dishonesty would long ago have disqualified him from being a candidate for public office in any normal political party.

    Is Umno so short of people that we have to find a lawyer disbarred for financial dishonesty to stand? Has financial misconduct become so common among us that we no longer see it as a factor in a candidate’s suitability? The party leaders who select and screen candidates must have known of this impediment but considered financial misconduct a trivial matter.

    Honesty is a minimal condition for public office. Whatever the other virtues of the candidate, he should not be considered if he fails this test. The candidates we field for election must have a clean record because we are asking the public to place their confidence in him as their leader, and democratic government breaks down without public confidence. We are also saying this candidate represents us. I’m sad to have to say such obvious things.

    By fielding a disbarred lawyer, today’s Umno is projecting the image that it lives by a different moral code from the rest of Malaysia. One set of rules for Umno, and another for everyone else. Either that, or this is the best we can do.

    Written by razaleighhamzah

  39. kerabu says:

    Tolong! Jangan Debat Yb Salahuddin! UMNO Dah Terkencing!

    tolong jangan debat. kesian la kat umno. semua pekung orang dah tahu. puak umno dah mati akal dah. umno permatang pasir pun dok tengah bergolak!

  40. jungleboy says:

    I read fatima zuhri comment laughing especially the part referring to TDM. Chedet blog accepts only praises from people like fatima,not critism. You want a better laugh than patrick teoh every morning? Go to Chedet and Rocky Bru blog. Fully guaranteed or money back

  41. bee says:

    I think there is a link between the debarrer and the racist ah mad, both fromPenang. Anyone want to dig up??

  42. Armagaddon says:

    It is common knowlege that UMNO is riddled with politicians with doubtful character like Toyo with his unexplained RM24 million palace and Zaharia with his mansion and the RM500 million given to Baginda Razak for ‘services’ rendered in the submarine deal. One more politician of the same irk is no big deal as bird of the same feather flock together. It he were to be somebody of the character of Ku Li or Zaid Ibrahim, I can bet you his name will not be considered for any election or bye-election. ‘Bye” meaning the result is a forgone conclusion, they probably will loose their deposit.

  43. shafeek taff says:

    Umno is also known as Parti Rompak Rakyat, from the pm down every umm no! leader has been involved in some financial scandal or other, as has been reported in the various media, (well, except in the umno controlled media of course). So this Rohaizat has the same qualiies and qualifications as the other baruah leaders in Umno Baru and well suited to stand for malaysian election as far as they are concerned.
    We voted all the other pirates in so why not one more? Most honest umno members have already left the party, except for that sentimental fool razaleigh hamzah.
    So folks welcome to 1 Malaysia your 2nd Zimbabwe

  44. monsterball says:

    UMNO said Othman…their candidate for the by election..is being victimized by the Bar Council…which means….he can stand for election.
    I told you..UMNO can say…do anything…even going against Allah’s laws.
    What do you expect from the devils?

  45. Sabotage says:

    Sebab itu katanya kali ini dalam PRK Permatang Pasir, pemimpin Umno negeri sengaja mendiamkan diri dengan cadangan Zahid, Non Panjang yang mencadangkan pada Muhiyuddin untuk mencalonkan Rohaizat, walaupun Umno Pulau Pinang tahu Rohaizat punya banyak masalah yang boleh dijadikan peluru kepada Pakatan Rakyat.

    Pasal lesen guaman yang digantung pun mula sekali yang sebarkan ialah orang Umno sendiri. Katanya percayalah sehari dua ini banyak lagi isu mengenai calon ini akan keluar lagi. Dato’ ini bawa orang kampung Rohaizat….. teman ini banyak ceritakan macam – macam cerita tambahan lagi.

  46. coconut says:

    Dried up coconut Muhyiddin flew on a military helicopter to attend the Penampang UMNO division meeting in Sabah after he officiated another division party meeting in Kudat.

    PKR Pantai Jerjak assemblyman Sim Tze Min, who lodged the report, said that the news coverage had clearly shown that Muhyiddin was abusing government property for a non-governmental purpose, which was tantamount to corruption.

    However, the No.2 leader in the government appeared unfazed by the accusation. “These are views that they should just keep to themselves as they are purposely creating a lot of problems for people,” stated Muhyiddin.


    If a fly as a fly is allowed to fly
    Then why the need to disqualify?
    But when a fly is mistaken as a butterfly
    Then who is there simply allowed to rectify?

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 190809
    Wed. 19th Aug. 2009.

  48. Kancilandak says:

    Hee hee.. as if the Bar council have done their duty to be nuetral.. but Rohaizat has be wronged for be partners with wrongdoers. As DPM said, he is legally right. Why must the opposition pick on him to tarnish the BN? it becoz the troublemaker opposition idiots got no more hope.. “Let the one without sin cast the first stone..!”

  49. Another Rakyat says:

    klepek – you refer arse banger to the wrong guy. It should be Anwar Al Juburi.

    What’s the fuss? Even ex-convict (on corruption) also can become MP and opposition leader ma…
    So let the people choose loh…

  50. pixel says:

    Najis, his father and mahathai sodomise whole malaysia. umno arsebangers

  51. pixel says:

    Najis Tong Rosak suka main belakang. Thas y rosmah sudah gemuk macam babi.
    Incest-The Growing Scourge among the Malays

  52. wahab says:

    UMNO rewards se* maniacs and backplay experts

    Are we so short of talent that we have to have Rompin also as the ambassador to the US? What special talents are possessed by Rompin? Isn’t he the one who is said to classify Indian Malaysians into the fair and the dark? Did someone else mention also regarding the antics of a cigar man? Can some one enlighten us?

    This Rompin MP is the one who lead the ANGKASAWAN program for “teh tarik and gasing” experiments. Is this another program to “boost” Malaysian image in US to counter Anwar’s popularity with the western countries??

    Real bull fr NR. Giving the se* maniac crony two easy incomes. Or did he know something about AS case that he has to be posted away while still rewarding him?

  53. baaaaad says:

    COCHIN: Malaysia’s first submarine, on its maiden voyage to the naval base in Sepanggar Bay, Sabah, made a port call at the Indian naval dockyard here on Tuesday………

    Kesihan, all the sailors, that submarine is doomed.

  54. kawasaki says:

    Najib Had Se* With Altantuya, Had Her Murdered To Shut Her Up!

  55. ridzwan says:

    Another umno se* maniac……sudah pakai boleh buang
    MB Mohd son of Mohd ran away to Thailand and have se* with the Su*tan’s daugther too.
    Now he is official umno DeVirginiser

  56. ridzwan says:


    RUMOURS that he fathered a child out of wedlock with his sister-in-law surfaced after an article headlined “Selangor Menteri Besar denies se* scandal” was printed in an Indonesian tabloid in July 2000.

    Then 60 years old, he subsequently resigned as the shortest-serving MB in the state’s history after serving slightly more than three years and three months.

    He cited health reasons.

  57. ridzwan says:


    IN late 1989, the former Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker was forced to resign following a se* videotape controversy. In 1994, Vijandran, the former MIC secretary-general, was convicted by a Sessions Court on a perjury charge where his involvement in a pornographic tape was revealed in court. The lawyer was sentenced to one month’s jail and fined RM2,000, in default two weeks’ jail.

  58. monsterball says:

    Kancil said….” Let the one without sin cast the first stone”
    That quotation was from Jesus to those wanting to throw stone onto a prostitute to death.
    He is using the same quotation 2009 years later…on a debarred lawyer…which UMNO said …he was victimized..by the Bar Council.
    Bar Council are the total sum of law makers in Malaysia…vowed to protect the innocent….unless..found guilty.
    UMNO candidate was found guilty and was debarred….yet UMNO said he was victimized.
    I cannot help laughing political corrupted crooks like Mahathir and the rest of his followers are shouting for justice and fairness..for a so call innocent man.
    You can bet UMNO needs to cook up something like that….to have his candidate be valid for the by-election….or else PAS may win uncontested….and the shame to UMNO is far more worst than loosing out in the …votes counting.
    Kancilandek is such an UMNO balls carrier…using Jesus quotation for a prostitute…against a crooked lawyer from UMNO.
    Kancilandak cannot differentiate a crook by the book as a helpless lady selling service…not a crook at all.
    My toes are still laughing hearing crooks talk of justices.
    Skins are getting thicker and thicker…exactly like half Indian…half Malay style of talking.

  59. najigo says:

    H1N1 virus start after Najis announce the rubbish 1Malaysia. Now the whole world kena.
    Only solution is for (H)ishamuddin and (N)ajib to destroy themself so world can be safe.

  60. augustineyeo says:

    Even if you are guilty in court of law, you are still qualify to be a candidate for UMNO.
    If PK placed this type of person all the media especially Berita harian , utusan or the Star or Tv will replay the issue again n again.

  61. kekekekke says:

    The Malaysian Insider

    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 19 — MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, who is battling to stay in power against the wishes of the Barisan Nasional (BN) and the Indian community, says he will stay on as party president until 2015

  62. kekekekke says:


  63. monsterball says:

    kancilandak….All humans are sinners la.
    Why talk kok.

  64. elvie ho says:

    Rohaizat says UMNO have clear him but we ask the voters of permatang pasir to clear such “crooks of umno”

  65. wits0 says:

    The “roh-hai-gone-mangsat”, mah.

    No way Rohaizat can redeem his reputation:


    No way, Jose!

  66. I-4-C says:

    I cant help but noticing that everyone seems to use the term “arse banger”. Plzzzzz reserve this title to Anwar Ibrahim lah.

  67. pilocarpine says:

    we should get used to it by now.

    tainted leaders.
    tainted members.

  68. ktteokt says:

    Monetary bankruptcy is redeemable, but not “moral bankruptcy”!

  69. cobra says:

    Muhi arse bangs Chief Justice:

    Muhyiddin now jumps to Rohaizat’s defence
    Athi Shankar | Aug 19, 09 8:05pm

    The deputy prime minister said the BN candidate will make a statutory declaration, if necessary, to clear his name from allegations pertaining to his disbarment by the Malaysian Bar.

  70. wits0 says:

    Too bad, Muhai couldn’t ban the Malaysian Bar to make the world safe for Rohai and bumno. Watta shame!

  71. Pegasus says:

    BN might as well have Jack Sparrow as its candidate at PP and tell the world its the best it has…umno is just full of pirates and robbers it does not make any difference…just look at its leader..!!!
    Its a blunder by umno for not checking thoroughly on Rohaizat background…the full impact of this will be seen on election day.Can’t blame them…its the Mamak kutty who had taught and guide them to the road of corruption and dishonesty..!!! Umno will lead BN to destruction with the help from corpses-MIC,MCA and Gerakan…all dead waiting for proper burial in the 13th GE…

  72. With money, putting a dog candidate can also win

  73. storm62 says:

    he’s the only one from umno who stole the least….just rm 161,000.00 from the poor….so he is justified by umno’s leaders to be a candidate.

    the rest stole more than that, got it?

  74. Kancilandak says:

    Yes cikgu, all men are sinners, like all men are equal but some men are more equal than others.. so all men are sinners but PR has more sinner than BN.. you know why cikgu? Becoz they leader is biggest backdoor sinner name ALJUBURI and all of you oppoision supporters is supplying the lubrication to sodomee the poor rakyat..

  75. wits0 says:

    “Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin hit out at the Bar Council today for having an agenda against Barisan Nasional’s (BN) candidate for the by-election here, after it was revealed the Umno man was a disbarred lawyer.”


    Revealing what’s a fact is a duty for the Bar Council. What does Muhai expect of it? Hide that, fudge that, or even deny that?!

    If the bar Council is against the Gormen of bn/bumno, so what? It’s NEVER as if everyone must be pro Gormen, especially such as this one! It’s become an affront to the people’s sensitivities to imply that bn/umno is sancrosanct and must not be opposed.

    Half a century of such a presumption becomes an overbearing imposition from this hard core illogic and sheer arrogance.

  76. I-4-C says:

    No big deal lah this debarring !!! Wat about that Arse Banger disgraced by corruption and jailed and once again in the spotlight on trial for arse banging???

  77. monsterball says:

    Arse banging 1-4-C is pleading to others not to use the words on others….without realizing ….from his own mouth…he is hinting and hinting.. he loves his arsed to be banged. So we fulfill his wishes.
    Kancilandak continues to teach others…and to get attention from me.
    He made such a fool of himself…all forgotten…feeling no shame…starts all over again.
    These two are the present UMNO clowns in this blog.
    God does work in mysterious ways…and these two clowns are helping voters to run away from UMNO.

  78. I-4-C says:

    Or is it your wish since you support that arse banger so much ??? hehe

  79. I-4-C says:

    Talking about God, this is a conversation God had with that Arse Banger:

    God : So Anwar, why r u still banging arses?
    AI: Times have changed havent they? Al Gore told me it’s perfectly fine.
    God: Well, u r still shitting from yor arsehole r u not?
    AI : Nevermind lah
    God : Look, there’s shit coming out of your mouth as u speak. Let me send some fire and brimstone to cleanse it !!!

  80. monsterball says:

    God….1-4-C!! Why are you so sinful and love to insult Anwar?
    1-4-C….I work for UMNO…and it is my duty.
    God….Your duty is to me and I forbid you to keep breaking my laws.
    1-4-C….Your laws do not give me money. UMNO laws feed me and my family. I do what UMNO tells me to do.
    God….You have spoken . So be it. Go….follow the devils and do not use my name to confuse others. You are not a Muslim. You are a hypocrite.
    1-4-C….That I am.

  81. monsterball says:

    God….Do you know I have the power to make you mute.cannot speak?
    1-4-C….Yes I DO.
    God…Are you not afraid?
    1-4-C….I need money and each time and I get special allowances to be in this blog.
    God…..So you admit …you are here to disrupt?
    God….Good….I will not punish you…but will make sure every sen you earn extra..all gone for unforeseen events. ..in your life.
    Easy come…easy it will go.
    Please do not go to the mosque and ask for forgiveness from me.
    1-4-C..That I must do everyday…to put on an act. It’s UMNO way of life.
    God…Oh I see….speaking to me…you are so direct and sincere. Out there…no one knows the real you.
    1-4-C….Facing you…I dare not lie..but out there…it is my duty to master the art of acting and speaking out against Anwar.
    God….Why so?
    1-4-C….Because he is so popular and loved by people…..UMNO needs everyone to do their part..big or small….to bring him down.
    God…..Do you know your accumulated so much sins will make you the one and only hyaena to live in the forest…in next life?
    1-4-C…I do not know.
    God….But you have a nick…indicating you can foresee futures.?
    1-4-C….That was to fool others.
    God….Others are right. You are a one screw loose man. Go play with swines and forever suffer. I have enough of you. I try to bring you to the Light of Hope…but that’s impossible with you. So many have sen the light and left UMNO. You are a gone case. Have you got enough extra money to but a house or a car?
    1-4-C…No..just a second hand Honda motor bike..but UMNO promised me more money…and I believe in Najib.

  82. I-4-C says:

    Sorry but I will give u “F” rating for your script hehe

  83. I-4-C says:

    If ever this Arse Banger become PM, our poor nation will be a laughing stock in the entire world !!!!

  84. Ray-of-Hope says:

    I-4-C = 1-C-4 = Najis’ cybertrooper working towards 1Malangsia…

    Najis modus operandi: arse-banged Alltentuya Seribu, n then dumped her, C-4’ed her to pieces, erased her immigration records, n categorically deny any acquintance with Alltentuya…

    Like his master, I-4-C also tries to arse-bang every1’s intelligence in the cybersphere…

  85. hang jebat baru says:

    Rohazat, your boss muhehehedin ask you to make statutory declaration but I advise you to be like ton rajak to just go mosque and swear!

  86. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha…”F” for my script.
    His must be grading his with an “A”
    He said…Hyaena living in the forest …..hahahahjahaha
    And said..”natural born eunuch”…..indicating I have noballs.
    Proven lousy in maths…by Ray-of-Hope
    Yet….great in judging others.
    This 1-4-C belongs to a lunatic asylum.

  87. kittykat46 says:

    Lets make something clear. The Bar Council doesn’t disbar lawyers on its own initiative. There has to be a serious complaint from a member of the public, and the accused is given due process to defend himself. Koperasi Pekebun Getah must have been pretty incensed with Rohaizat in the first place to pursue a complaint against him.

    If you think a bit about how this cooperative is made out of low-income Malay rubber smallholders, and this slimeball likely “makan” their money….it makes me sick…

    Looks like now everything just “kautim” with UMNO, lah. Typical Boleh-land culture.

    Anyway, either UMNO didn’t check out his background properly, or they are still stuck on “even a monkey will win as long as its BN” mentality. Its entertaining to watch how Muhyiddin twists and turns and snakes over this issue….

    Strictly legally speaking, Rohaizat can’t be disqualified as an election candidate on this grounds, because the Election law is pretty clear about criminal offenses, bankruptcy , that kind of issues.

  88. I-4-C says:

    Afghanistanis go to mock election to legitimise the stooges of America. No wonder there will be no end to “jihad” because young ones grow up to become new breed of fighters !!! America should get lost of Afghanistan immediately !!!

  89. kittykat46 says:

    🙂 Maybe you should stop using your PC with its crappy microprocessor from a crappy US company, and stop posting on this blog hosted on a crappy US-server.

    Otherwise you may be indirectly and unwillingly providing support to “Arse-Banger”…think about it…

  90. I-4-C says:

    Can you imagine the US deficit of US$1.58 trillion kah? Thats US$56,400 or MR$197,500 for every Malaysian (pop=28m). And that’s for this year alone man !!! That’s what I call CORRUPTION !!!

  91. I-4-C says:

    It makes me very angry to see innocent lives lost in Iraq almost everyday as a result of the Iraq War in 2003. Al Gore should make another movie “The Inconvenient Truth – Shocking America” hehe

  92. bamboo river© says:

    Hey guys, I when to the state SPR office to check out why I was transfered to vote at my hometown in the last GE. I voted twice before at my present location.
    There was four staffs manning the office. One lady was sitting at her counter watching TV.
    Two was sitting at their place doing nothing. The fourth was out of my view but can hear her voice talking (maybe attending a phone call but the conversation does not sound like official matters)
    The person manning the counter took my details/thumbprint to verify my status.

    Now the funny part. First she cannot explain why I was transfered to another voting constituency. Second she cannot change my voting venue becos that blardy computer is offline!
    That was around 3 pm.
    I have to fill Borang A and wait for 3 months and check their website if my application is approved.

    SPR …SATU lagi PROJEK membazir wang RAKYAT.

  93. newt says:

    Muhai say Singapore going to arse bang I-4-C
    Malaysia Today talked about the greatest land scam in Malaysian history and Muhyiddin talks about Singapore threatening to go to war with Malaysia over the supply of water

  94. newt says:

    Rocky, playing his familiar role as the conduit that carries the sewage from UMNO bloggers out to all in blogosphere, in his post today entitled “PAS candidate and missing funds in Permatang Pasir”, linked a post from UMNO’s running, overweight canine entitled “Calon Pas N11 gelapkan wang parti RM600,000?”.

    I’m not going to link either of those posts, as I normally would do, else I, too, would be guilty of contaminating blogosphere with UMNO sludge.

    Big Dog accuses, without any substantiation, the PAS candidate in the ongoing Permatang Pasir by-election of having re-routed the sum of RM600,000 that was allocated last year to the PAS election machinery to aid in the Permatang Pauh by-election.

    Big Dog’s source?

    He claims that this serious allegation was made by PAS’ Mujahid Yusof Rawa and Zulkifli Lazim.

    Commentator sheikh kecik alerted me to this report in HarakahDaily.Net that has it that Mujahid Yusof Rawa has denied these allegations and called on the perpetrators of these lies to bring forth proof.

  95. I-4-C says:

    Big deal selling a piece of land to Spore?? That Arse Banger sold the entire country to G Sorrows and his marauder bands in 1997/8 wiping out hundreds of billions of ringgit from our financial system !!! I just shake my head in total disbelief lah reading about all those scammers and ponzis in USA. The US Govt is the biggest PONZI for now hehe issuing new bonds to redeem old bonds. What a joke boy !!!

  96. I-4-C says:

    Wah, MACC car got toasted kah??? Told you guys all along that Pakatan is nothing but a bunch of samsengs !!!!

  97. whois says:

    “I just shake my head..”

    Yeah you been doing it all this while we know.

  98. wits0 says:

    bamboo river© , you may have even registered your address change online via the post office, 9 months earlier, e.g., like i did but the SPR will only update the data a month or two before the next GE. So very hard working department, no?

    This means you have need to constantly access its site to find this confirmation. Still the PO method is somewhat more reliable that any agent/office method used earlier – you get a print out confirmation of your registering at the PO.

  99. Pegasus says:

    Just read THE LETTER at Malaysia Today by RPK…and WOW!!! Toyol is dead meat if the contents are proven..!!! Time for Toyo to change into Toyol and disappear…!!!..can’t wait to see him arrested for the crimes he committed…those umno retards still licking the umno s-holes…your days are numbered..umno will be kick out in this 13th GE for good…! this party is just too full of corrupted people managing it with retards sitting in the cabinet looking lost and talking shits all the time…!!!

  100. monsterball says:

    I decided to join a samseng party and make sure 1-4-C is packed and posted to the forest to be the one and only hyeana..amongst monkies and apes.
    Bamboo River….how is business?
    Mine is terrible…but that’s the life UMNO made us to be so.

  101. jam says:

    Hishamuddin Hashim, a top Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission official, allegedly conspired with Mohammad Khir Toyo, a leading United Malays National Organization politician, to start corruption probes into opposition politicians, according to an explosive unsigned letter sent to officials looking into the death of a young opposition political aide who died under mysterious circumstances on July 16.

  102. jam says:

    NAB [Najis Arse Bang] murderers;

    UPDATED: Teoh Beng Hock’s Death: Fingers Pointing at MACC’s Selangor Deputy Director, Hishamuddin Hashim
    Read ENGLISH TRANSLATION of MYSTERY LETTER (below) AFTER the original Bahasa Malaysia version

  103. tuak says:

    “Muhyiddin: Singapore threatened war if not given water”

    So muhai was sh*t scared and he gave water?
    UMNO pengecut melayu, go and bury yourselves you coward traitors. Keris is only for show. This is admission the Royal Malay Regiment is a waste.

  104. bamboo river© says:

    Witso, tried the PO but only for new registration. Change of venue /address must be at the SPR office.
    That was what the PO clerk said.
    Well, I will make sure my application is successful , if not some one will not get to watch TV anymore.

    Monty, business is slooooowly picking up but not as good as before.Doing some field jobs to get the business going.
    Anyway, it was a blessing in disguise. working only five days week now and every Saturday will be my turn to cook for the family.

  105. monsterball says:

    Good to hear that…..Bamboo River
    All the best.

  106. ganesh says:

    This is admission the Royal Malay Regiment is a waste….tuak

    They should tutup kedai, that submarines is for najis tong rosak and muhaidin to run away.

  107. I-4-C says:

    Sorry guys but I am taking a break hehe

  108. pasembor says:

    Moo-hi-din & umno shaheed zahid to be sued for libel and slander,,,,,,,

    “Bekas rakan kongsi Rohaizat Othman, Yusri Ishak, akan mengambil tindakan saman terhadap mana-mana individu yang mencemar nama baiknya dengan salahlaku yang dibuat oleh calon BN itu. Yusri berkata demikian dalam satu sidang akhbar di Penanti, Pulau Pinang hari ini.

    “Saya bersama hampa dan marah. Saya mahu bersihkan nama saya dan maruah keluarga,” kata Yusri. “Saya bersedia untuk bersemuka dan berdebat dengan Rohaizat untuk membersihkan nama saya dan keluarga,” tegas beliau.

    Yusri berkata dakwaan pihak tertentu bahawa Rohaizat telah melangsaikan wang pecah amanah itu kepada koperasi juga adalah pembohong sebenarnya.

    “Dakwaan Rohaizat telah buat bayaran penuh kepada koperasi adalah tidak benar kerana bayaran masih belum selesai. Saya pelik dengan kenyataan tersebut kerana Rohaizat lebih maklum akan urusan kewangan syarikat, lebih-lebih lagi beliau sendiri yang menandatangani cek meluluskan wang syarikat untuk diberi pinjam pada kenalannya,” kata Yusri Ishak.

  109. pasembor says:

    Ini merupakan tamparan hebat kepada UMNO BN keseluruhannya kerana petanda kekalahan awal sudah akan terlihat di PRK Permatang Pasir. Dakwaan UMNO BN ketandusan calon yang bersih memang benar, kerana tubuh badan UMNO BN itu sendiri terpalit dengan najis yang sukar di bersihkan.

  110. monsterball says:

    Take a long break…..1-4-C…..say….until.. after 13th GE.
    You will not be missed

  111. Fatimah Zuhri says:


    I do not understand this PR mentality..Please let me explain :

    1. PR accused Najib of killing – TRUE

    1. T4TBH accused DAP of killing – FALSE

    2. PR accused Najib of butt-loving – TRUE

    2. The Court declared and sent Anwar to prison for butt-loving – FALSE

    3. Memfitnah Rohaizad – OK

    3. Orang PAS sendiri tuduh Mohd Salleh Man – NOT OK

    4. Malaysian Malaysia DAP – OK

    4. 1Malaysia Najib – NOT OK

    5. Dr Mahathir tegur org Islam Malaysia – Mahathir Zalim, Mahathir “£$%*

    5. Nik Aziz kata DAP boleh caci Islam – OK, Nik Aziz hebat, Nk Aziz jamin masuk syurga maaa..LOL

    6. When BN bulldoze houses that were build on government land – BN Zalim, BN Jahat

    6. When DAP and Khalifah Guan Eng bulldoze the whole Kampung Buah Pala –
    Org India memang degil, Org India minum todi 24/7, Those ungrateful lot, Penduduk KBP hungry for money..etc..

    7. When any blogger write an entry that criticize PR -Blogger BN, Blogger sold his soul to demon, etc…LOL

    7. When the same blogger write an entry that criticize BN – Good, Fair, Welcome back, X for Prime MInister!…LOL

    8. When BN person found guilty of corruption – itulah UMNO, UMNO jahat, UMNO tu dan ini (why UMNO?)

    8. When PR person found guilty of corruption – Konspirasi, Tuduhan liar, Lie, PR people are angels that was guranteed heaven by Saint Nik Aziz so they can do no wrong,etc..LOL

    Do you guys see how pathetic these monkeys are?

    To them EVERYONE who are againts them are their ENEMY.

    Sounds very much like Hitler Nazi / Mussolini party/Bush!

  112. monsterball says:

    Fatmah Zuhri….Malaysians are no fools.
    We will see whether Party Rakyat or UMNO is the real enemy..in 13th GE.
    Useless to debate with your list….which itself is proving PR is working under such difficult conditions.
    Why don’t we talk…if democracy is dead or alive in newspapers and TV.
    How about PKFZ…Teoh’s death…Mongolian girl…C4ed??

  113. monsterball says:

    Best of all…lets talk “1 Malaysia”….with 33 years behind time..why?
    My pet subject is Mahathir….do you hero worship him?
    He ruled for 22 years….and UMNO BARU .his party….killing off the original..is corrupted to the core…under him. Is that true or false?

  114. monsterball says:

    The weird mentalities …attitudes and deny syndrom of UMNO politicians are welknown….true or false?
    UMNO chosen few are filthy rich…true or false?
    UMNO law makers make a mockery out of the Islamic religion…true or false?
    UMNO law makers are great hypocrites….true or false?
    UMNO is a racialists party…and love playing race and religion out-dated politics…true or false?
    UMNO love to divide and rule…true or false?
    I can go on and on….and you answer all that before you try to be too smart…to twist and turn..like a snake.

  115. monsterball says:

    Finally….Susan Loone is an NGO and a smart lady.
    She owns the blog .. and we are playing to her tunes…as commentators and visitors.
    Your complaint is indirectly accusing her to be unfair…unjust to UMNO…and her slogan..”may the truth save us all”…is a joke…true or false?

  116. bamboo river© says:

    Fatimah Zuhri, try some Tamiflu tablets, lots of water and a good sleep will help.

  117. wits0 says:

    Fatimah Zuhri needs thorough de-toxification, both mental and physiological, to survive the Reality bites. Her cocoon is no longer hermetic and cosy as before.

  118. pasarborong says:

    Najis (Mr. Rosmah mansor) is a MURDER SUSPECT. TRUE.
    Swearing in a mosque is not a replacement for giving evidence in Courts. Neither are Statutory Declarations “higher” than High Court.
    Najis should stop arse banging Saiful and go to Court and stand up like a jantan while he is cross-examined.
    Tapi as I said earlier, Najis Tong Rosak, Muhai-din, His-ham-nud-in, are all the malay cowards of today.

  119. pasarborong says:

    Sounds very much like Hitler Nazi / Mussolini party/Bush!…Fatimah Zuhri

    Ya ya we knowm Umno puteri bottom line still intact. Like 1001 arabian nights they get deflowered and claim their bottom lines still intact kekekeke

  120. pasarborong says:

    Guns should be legalized so rakyat can defend themselves from trigger happy polis and MACC

  121. ketuakg says:

    Barisan Najis is all NAB (Najis Arse Bangers) and should be shot. The head should be pancung kepala.

  122. Fatty Ma says:

    Sabah UMNO puteri dies in illegal abortion?

    What’s significant about the incident is that the deceased, Alimida binti Zakaria is said to be a member of UMNO Puteri Kota Kinabalu and the ‘biological father’ of her four-month old child, is an official of Kota Kinabalu UMNO Youth, currently working as a senior officer of the State-owned Sabah Urban Development Corporation (SUDC) while the father has a medical profession background specializing in treating women.
    The wife is said to be a close relative(1st cousin) to the current Chief Minister of Sabah , Datuk Musa Hj Aman

  123. whispering9 says:

    ToDay is TGIF…so I am all fun and so let me explain.

    1.[PR accused Najib of killing] – No accusation. Only insinuation that the truth is still out there.

    1. [T4TBH accused DAP of killing – FALSE] ….probably, ‘cos PDRM would have tangkap them on the slightest probability.

    2. [PR accused Najib of butt-loving – TRUE]….Rule 101, all politicians on either divides must learn to be butt-loving. 🙂

    2. [The Court declared and sent Anwar to prison for butt-loving – FALSE]….ain’t PR fault; the Court reversed the judgement.

    3. [Memfitnah Rohaizad – OK] …Sister, all politicians are game. That is rule 101 No. 2 for politicians and celebrities.

    3. [Orang PAS sendiri tuduh Mohd Salleh Man – NOT OK] ….the gloves are off…show me the proof. Rofl.

    4.[Malaysian Malaysia DAP] – OK….Nice slogan, by a long shot.

    4. [1Malaysia Najib – NOT OK]….well, I think the 1 thing reminds me of 1utama….nice slogan for shopping, though. Beside, One is not Unity. Which inadvently led to so many Not OK comments. “1” is actually a singular supreme sublime expression. If you boss tell you, “Hey, we are 1 big happy family”, you are screwed ‘cos 1 family means all of you are the slaves, he is the 1boss.

    5. [Dr Mahathir tegur org Islam Malaysia – Mahathir Zalim, Mahathir “£$%*]…..Lol, I think TDM is okay some of the times.

    5. [Nik Aziz kata DAP boleh caci Islam – OK, Nik Aziz hebat, Nk Aziz jamin masuk syurga maaa..] LOL. I am, well, temporary without a God. Either way, syurga is not the prime concern.

    6. [When BN bulldoze houses that were build on government land – BN Zalim, BN Jahat] – I would say that if I am the owner of the bulldozed house or an opposition.

    6.[ When DAP and Khalifah Guan Eng bulldoze the whole Kampung Buah Pala –
    Org India memang degil, Org India minum todi 24/7, Those ungrateful lot, Penduduk KBP hungry for money..etc..] – 😉 Lesson to be learned; next time don’t use BN bulldozer, use lah PR bulldozer.

    7. [When any blogger write an entry that criticize PR -Blogger BN, Blogger sold his soul to demon, etc…LOL…] – Yeah, I read that a lot. LOL.Hey, all you commentators, the lady is angry, have a break, have a kit-kat.

    7. [When the same blogger write an entry that criticize BN – Good, Fair, Welcome back, X for Prime MInister!…LOL] ….wow! writing two opposing views…ain’t it traitorous, Sister?

    8. [When BN person found guilty of corruption – itulah UMNO, UMNO jahat, UMNO tu dan ini (why UMNO?)] Back to lesson No.4. 1BN….he is the BOSS :()

    8. [When PR person found guilty of corruption – Konspirasi, Tuduhan liar, Lie, PR people are angels that was guranteed heaven by Saint Nik Aziz so they can do no wrong,etc..LOL] Really,Sister, let me tell you what I learned. In Malaysia, Guilty is a relative term. Semua nya OK…if you know what I mean…knowing the right person, that is. :()

    [Do you guys see how pathetic these monkeys are?] Yeah…poor monkeys, having their brain eater alive. Errrrh…Sister, who are the monkeys here? BN or PR?

    [To them EVERYONE who are againts them are their ENEMY.] Give me Five, Sister. Vote for me…I shall be your FRIEND. 🙂

    [Sounds very much like Hitler Nazi / Mussolini party/Bush] Gosh…are we screwed? Will Petronas saves us again?

    Have a Nice Friday…..:)

  124. R4Os says:

    i-C-4: “Wah, MACC car got toasted kah??? Told you guys all along that Pakatan is nothing but a bunch of samsengs !!!!”


    u shud b toasted together inside the car, it’s Dirty Harry’s way of getting SWIFT Justice done…..

  125. R4Os says:

    Just in case this retarded i-C4 doesn’t know “Dirty Harry” :


  126. Fatty Ma says:

    2. [PR accused Najib of butt-loving – TRUE]….Rule 101, all politicians on either divides must learn to be butt-loving. 🙂 – whispering9

    Mahathir sodomised malaysia for 22 years.
    Anyway, you can safely say he revolutionised corruption and sodomy in Malaysia and single handedly developed it into an art form!! Also a master inventor of empty slogan ……..”Malaysia Boleh!!”
    Najis is an eerie clone of mahatai.

  127. mur-de-rer says:

    TBH flew
    Najib knew

  128. widodo says:

    Umno diminta mendapatkan penjelasan berhubung dengan kes pecah amanah calonnya, Rohaizat dari bekas pemangku Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang di zaman BN.

    Ini kerana, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Disiplin Majlis Peguam yang membicarakan kes Rohaizat adalah Tan Sri Khalid Ahmad Sulaiman sendiri.

    Tan Sri Khalid Ahmad Sulaiman adalah bekas Penang BN Secretary dan merupakan Pemangku Ketua Menteri selama 6 bulan dalam tahun 1979 ketika ketua menteri Lim Chong Eu berada diluar negara.

  129. bamboo river© says:

    W9, why ahh you soooo koot lat ?( hardworking in Hokkien) rebut all those misunderstood FZ? You must be having a very good Friday vibes 🙂

    R40s , reminds me during the 80s where we motor heads used to put R40 additive into our RXs fuel tank for added horsepower.
    The exhaust fume will have a pungent smell that attracts other motor heads . Sort of “smell my exhaust fume, now do you wanna race ?” teaser. 🙂

  130. RM$ says:

    Kali ini Nora terima voice clip yang Nora rasa perlu Nora keluarkan. Kita sama dengar dan kita nilai. Klip ini sebenarnya menafikan kenyataan Rohaizat Othman dalam Malaysiakini.com yang mengatakan bahawa beliau hanya mempunyai seorang isteri. Dengar ya…anyway Nora rasa perlu seorang yang mahu dilantik menjadi pemimpin bertindak jujur dan telus.

    Klip ini mengesahkan bahawa Rohaizat telah bernikah dan ini tidak selari dengan kenyataan beliau dalam malaysiakini.com. Klip di dakwa adalah pengakuan bapa kepada wanita yang dinikahi bernama Rafizah.

  131. R4Os says:

    Bamboo river,

    u mean this?

    Click to access Castorene%20R40%20-%204%20Wheel.pdf

    Ya, few yrs ago, I used this nick in the car forums, I was an active forummer in “Autoworld Forum”, like bashing rotten “Potong” cars, those days Autoworld Forum was fun, those good old days, hahaha…

  132. kesava says:

    Muhaidin`s blue eyed boy Towering Malay Real Acheiver:

    m`kini –
    Not one but three charges against Rohaizat
    Hafiz Yatim | Aug 22, 09 6:40am

    The Umno candidate and disbarred lawyer had two other charges of wrongdoing but these were not pursued as he had already been found guilty and struck off the rolls on the first case.
    He was fined twice before
    Found guilty of misconduct

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