438 individuals arrested at the anti-ISA rally in KL


According to CPO KL, DCP Datuk Muhammad Sabtu Osman, the police have arrested 438 people at the anti-ISA rally in KL today and most of them are detained at Markas Pasukan Gerakan Am Cheras and a small group detained in Bukit Jalil Police Station.

From 2.30pm onwards, the police have been shooting tear gas and spraying chemical-laced water cannons towards the 10,000-strong crowd near Sogo shopping complex in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman to force them to disperse.

Another 2,000-strong crowd that marched from Masjid Negara to Pasar Seni were surrounded by FRU and police at Dataran Merdeka.  Tear gas and chemical-laced water cannons were also used during aggressive attempts at dispersing the crowd.

Those arrested include:

1. Sivarasa Rasiah (Member of Parliament of Subang), arrested near Sogo

2. Shahrul Iman Mohd Salleh, arrested at KL Sentral

3. Ikhwan Ikram, arrested at KL Sentral

4. Ahmad Adbul Wahab Abdul Rahman, arrested at KL Sentral

5. Kamal Nadhir Kadeni, arrested at KL Sentral

6. Abu Ubaidah Jalaluddin, arrested at KL Sentral

7. Mohammad Sholihin Mat Salleh, arrested at KL Sentral

8. Faizuddin Hazman Kadine, arrested at KL Sentral

9. Saad Musa, arrested at KL Sentral

10. Mohammad Helmi Hassan, arrested at KL Sentral

11. Mohammad Hafizuddin Mohd Ghazali, arrested at KL Sentral

12. Mohd Lokman Ahmad Mawi, arrested at KL Sentral

13. Mohd Fadzil Jan Jam, arrested at KL Sentral

14. Shamsul Anuar Nordin, arrested at KL Sentral

15. Mohd Marwan bin Husin, arrested at Masjid Negara

16. Aly Idham bin Alykallam, arrested at Masjid Negara

17. Bostaman Jumat bin Jaldi, arrested at Masjid Negara

18. Mohd Zulhilmi bin Mat Zin, arrested at Masjid Negara

19. Zulhelmi, arrested at Masjid Negara

20. Aiman Athirah Al Jundi, arrested in front of Pertama Kompleks

21. Norlaila Othman, arrested in front of Pertama Kompleks

22. Suhaib Mat Sah, arrested in front of Pertama Kompleks

23. Narshita Md Noor, arrested in front of Pertama Kompleks

24. Narshita Md Noor’s child (13years old), arrested in front of Pertama Kompleks

25. Salmah Ismail, arrested in front of Pertama Kompleks

26. Hayati Abdul Samad, arrested in front of Pertama Kompleks

27. Bhari, arrested in front of Pertama Kompleks

28. Vincent Chun Weng Sum (41) arrested at Bandaraya LRT station

29. Nurhazwani bt Hamid (20) arrested at Pasar Seni

30. Sitti Kasuma bt Rojan (22) arrested at Pasar Seni

31. Roslee Mohd Shariff (35) arrested at Bandaraya LRT station

32. Razalie, arrested at Masjid Negara

33. Ali Kasim, arrested at Masjid Negara

34. Abdul Majid, arrested at Masjid Negara

SUARAM condemns the use of tear gas and chemical-laced water cannons against the protesters. The police also used excessive and violent force against the protesters. The traffic in KL is in total lock down because of police roadblocks that are used to screen for protesters and to deny their right to assembly and freedom of expression which are guaranteed under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

Even with the crackdown of the police on this Anti-ISA rally, it is still a massive success as around 20,000 people have attended and voiced out their dissatisfaction on Najib Razak’s government, and that the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) should not just be reviewed, but abolished.

We demand that the police release all arrested individuals immediately and unconditionally. We also demand that the police stop harassing the Malaysian people from exercising their rights to assembly and stop the assault on freedom of expression.

Released by,

Wong Chai Yi


Urgent action needed:

Please write protest letters to the government and the police to express your strongest condemnation of the arrests and the ongoing denial of rights of expression. Please also demand the Malaysian government for the immediate and unconditional release the three activists.

Your protest letters should be sent to:

1. OCPD Asst Comm Ahmad Amir Mohd Hashim

IPD Cheras
Polis Diraja Malaysia
56100 Kuala Lumpur

No. Tel : 03-92842222, 03-92843403, 03-92845398

No. Fax : 03-92879479

2. Inspector-General of Police

Tan Sri Musa Hassan
Ibu Pejabat Polis Diraja Malaysia,
50560 Bukit Aman,
Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia .
Tel: +603 2262 6015
Fax: +603 2272 5613

3. Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak,

Prime Minister of Malaysia,
Prime Minister’s Office,
Main Block, Perdana Putra Building ,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,
62502 Putrajaya , MALAYSIA
Tel : 603-8888 8000
Fax : 603-8888 3444
E-Mail: ppm@pmo.gov. my


[Letterhead of your organization]

Prime Minister,

Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak,

Prime Minister’s Office,
Main Block, Perdana Putra Building ,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,
62502 Putrajaya , MALAYSIA
Tel : 603-8888 8000
Fax : 603-8888 3444

E-Mail: ppm@pmo.gov. my

Dear Sir,

Re: Release the Individuals Arrested During Anti-ISA Rally

I am writing to you, once again, to express my outrage and my strongest condemnation over your government’s ongoing crackdown on freedom of expression.

I am appalled by your government and the police’s latest actions and view this as yet another attempt by your government to intimidate Malaysian citizens from exercising their freedom to express their views.

I demand that the 300 individuals should be released immediately and unconditionally. I further demand that your government stops the assault on freedom of expression.

I strongly urge you, once again, to stop bringing shame to Malaysia. I would like to remind you that freedom of expression and assembly is guaranteed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

Yours sincerely,



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  1. Eric says:

    Bravo Malaysians.
    Yesterday Malaysians of all ethnic and religious backgrounds, both genders and all skin colours, walked together on a matter of national policy. This was simply beautiful.
    I was there. I saw black-clad Malaysian Chinese who shared light moments with tudung-clad Malaysian Malay ladies, brave Unit Amal members giving salt (against tear gas) to Hindraf supporters. That’s why BN is so enraged. Malaysians built history together yesterday, as they did in the Hartal and the PUTERA-AMCJA people’s constitution days. Malaysians have a history together, though it has been hidden to them for decades. They just proved they will build a future together!
    Hidup Malaysia!

    1 Black Malaysia. Democracy First. Elections Now.

  2. Mohamad Ibrahim says:

    Congratulations to the organizers. They have succeeded in creating anarchy in the name of democracy. They have also succeeded in making the lives of KL people miserable yesterday. They also have made many people lose money yesterday. Hopefully, there will be more demonstrations organized so that our economy will suffer. Then, we can become the beggar for money from rich nations like other third world
    countries. I cant wait for that to happen. Hahaha

  3. Eric says:

    @Mohamad Ibrahim

    err, who exactly stopped the roads all the way until Sungai Petani Selatan, Kedah and Kemaman, Terengganu, police or protesters? Who refused a police permit in contradiction with the Constitution’s article 10’s freedom of assembly?
    Why can’t the police grant a permit at 8 am blocking the stretch of road to the police, give half-an-hour to the protesters and whack them if they do not comply? They did this for the lone ProISA protester. The police would not appear as a violent bunch who shot at peaceful harmless protesters.
    I am surprised you hit on the economic angle. Don’t you think corruption is hitting the economy way more than a once-in-year protest? By the way, if you look around you may see the richest states in this continent (e.g. HK, Taiwan, South Korea, etc.) and the rest of the world (e.g. Germany, UK, US, etc.) have large protests, hartal even, round the year. Difference though, police actually organise the protests there and whack only if the participants become rowdy. In Malaysia, only the police is rowdy 😉
    Anecdotically, you may want to get the ground a bit more often. The eateries and pharmacies all around the protest places actually got their best business day in the year, thanks to the protesters.

    So exactly which of your points hold water here?

  4. Eric says:

    Apologies: “blocking the stretch of road to the police” should read “blocking the stretch of road to the Palace”

  5. TEOH says:



  6. Dr.Toh Kin Woon says:

    As a concerned citizen of Malaysia, I condemn these arrests. This action of the police is a gross violation of the fundamental right of Malaysians to demonstrate peacefully, as provided for under the constitution. This action of the police also shows the abuse of power by the government. I call for the immediate and unconditional release of all the 483 detained at yesterday’s rally. I also support the abolition of the ISA.

  7. Menyalak-er says:

    Yep Eric, the ‘chaos and anarchy’ was caused by the goons of musang the muse.
    I doubt that flur understands what ‘anarchy’ really means.
    Using $ and sens seems to be the only thing they understand and that comes from corruption not only materially but mentally.
    Is not our nation a begger right now? If not, why are we begging for FDI’s? Or is it our Dear Leaders are ‘buggering’ us while desperately trying to portray Anwar is a ‘bugger’?
    I think the neural networks these flurs are using are found in their posteriors – near their ‘buggering’ os.

  8. Eric says:

    Agreed with Dr.Toh 100%, except it is an underestimation as latest news state 589 arrests (11.30 pm yesterday).
    Where is this country heading with Musa indeed, Menyalak-er?

  9. Joe says:

    Mind you … all the protestors … thank you expressing your voice. But, can you count how many of who are there. I watched the videos, I saw more than 80% of the marchers are malays .. Come on .. stop being “budak suruhan” to those people who were giving press-conference in a meeting room while you guys are running havoc. And I know, those pro-isa people are also “orang suruhan” that wanted to be noticed by the people who have power.

    For me, look at ourselvses, see other people look upon theirselves and clan … How the use technologies to protest without having to leave their loves one on weekends and keep on encouraging the so called “heroes” for voicing out the Malaysia rights… he..ha… pity those people! Have to walk for miles .. get wet and … badly get caught …

    For me .. get the BNs corrupt people by through technologies ..
    Not wasting your family time ..

  10. monsterball says:

    This is waste of time.
    Vote them out…come 13th GE…speaks louder than words.

  11. monsterball says:

    Those arrests and showing “1 Malaysia” different strokes.
    It also shows…UMNO BARU are like desperate housewives…out to get attention.
    It also shows…..desperate times need desperate measures…and Najib is desperate to out beat Mahathir’s 22 years as PM…….by hook or by crook.
    We have never seen the true UMNO BARU..until after 12th GE.
    Enjoy….be happy …..pray for those that were arrested…are safe and sound.
    Pray….be strong…be firm…show loving kindness..like like Aziz.. with disobedience to UMNO BARU.
    People’s Power is very strong…and Naf Ton Raza is desperate.
    DPM is lost in the woods talking nonsense.
    Sign are so clear…why write this or that letter……..as if must beg…to the ones…who are supposed to serve us?

  12. Ex Neutral says:

    To Mohamad Ibrahim

    The time if we need to beg others for money is when the nation is squeezed dry by the Corrupted people running it. My guess is you are one big fat contractor or someone benifitting from it. How could you ever laugh at a poor situation of a nation. You tak 1Malaysia kah?

  13. Crankster says:

    Hi Susan et al,

    I was there yesterday and my account can be found on my blog at the 3 main locations.

    Jln Tunku Abd Rahman
    Jln Raja Laut (behind Sogo)
    Masjid Jamek


  14. Ex Neutral says:

    Congrats to umno on their actions on ISA march. They have only help quicken the time of BN fading away.
    On musa’s extention as IGB, the 1st lady also says crime gone up, so how to justify extension. But don’t be suprise, this is Malaysia, the last I heard J.Jarjis was given the plum job as the envoy to the US. Maybe all this will help the process of waving goodbye to bn faster. Is this a win win or lose lose, time will tell.

  15. My2cen says:

    UMNO goons,

    Ur bosses are the ones who closed down the roads and refused to let the people walk peacefully on the roads. Obviously, you’ve never been to the Pakatan Rakyat’s events. THe UNit Amal are very profesional and handles the traffic and situation very smoothly. All races can find seats next to each other at Pakatan/PAS ceramahs. Obviously UMNO events are race-based, and you’ve never seen that. It was the UMNO controlled police who were rioting yesterday, flexing their muscles with the water canons and tear gas. ALl this while criminals roam the streets that their took an oath to protect!

    Shame on you UMNO goons! PLease don call yourselves Muslim because you are doing evrything against humanity. and against the teachings of Prophet Muhamad (SAW).

  16. Ex Neutral says:

    The news I saw in Astro513 seems to tell me alot. Who is the aggresor is obvious. The city police cheif are looking for Anwar&LKS . Don’t forget TG Nik Aziz and Hadi and 20 thousand others.

  17. good riddance. the polis should charge them, haul them to magistrate and send them to 3mths jail, make them have criminal record for the rest of their lives so they cannot find good job in future. this would sent stern message to protesters wannabe…

    those protesters should be made force labour to help to build highways, bridges for the good of malaysia to cover shortage of indons and bangla

  18. “Congratulations to the organizers. They have succeeded in creating anarchy in the name of democracy. They have also succeeded in making the lives of KL people miserable yesterday. They also have made many people lose money yesterday”

    yeah lah, those oppos never understand the plight of malaysians and make use of them to oppose the government to achieve their selfish goal. gov oledi said jangan protes, but these oppos push and ask ppl go to protes while themselves behind TV and enjoy aircond. now these ppl got arrested and charged and bear criminal record for the rest of their life, and what would oppos do? giving lecture, consolations. would these provide mangkuk nasi to rakyat kena tangkap. so selfish the oppos…

  19. Another Rakyat says:

    The PR (Pembangkang Rakyat) GOONS are bent to create chaos and disorder in the country.
    The PR Leaders DO NOT CARE about the Rakyat. They misled and conned their supporters to demonstrate.
    The should have gone to the Shah Alam Stadium to do so. I am sure the Police would issue them a permit any time.
    Please let the Rakyat traders make their living.
    Please let the Rakyat have a peaceful Saturday to do thier things in the City.
    This farce is the Politic of the PR only.

  20. I-4-C says:

    If no ISA law, the recent rally would have gone chaotic and cause anarchy, the perfect weapon of the opposition to take over govt copycat of Philippines style democracy. It shows how desperate these poor losers of the last election would behave. Shameful lah !!! Certainly a lot of money paid to those taking part in the rally. Imagine the cost of t-shirts and banners too !!! Many dapat wang??? US or CIA kah???

  21. francis ngu says:

    If the apologists for UMNO still hasn’t got it, and if business of the day is all they can talk about to mislead traders, just think if the tens of thousands more, being blocked by Police out of KL, were to come into city, what more positive impact would there be for the many service and retail outlets !

    BN-run Police have deprived the KL traders of even greater business on 1st August ! Ask TDC, don’t you promote business and economy by bringing people, tourists and locals alike into the cities ? And the anti-ISA organisers would have brought in 50-100k people if not for police crackdown.

  22. chanjoe says:

    We see demonstrations in Iran, London, South Africa, Thailand, Phillipines, Korea…and many many other countries and all were protected by the Police of their country who took the resposibility to ensure there is no disturbances and the participants took part peacefully too.

    Is that hard to enforce in Malaysia? Are we Malaysians so violent in nature? Are we Malaysians like hooligans? Like what Datuk Musa said sometime earlier, why not give them a chance to to demonstrate and see how they behave. If they behave like hooligans, then no more permits.

    I was there and took part in it and came out satisfied but also frustrated as the Police did all the damage right from provoking to attacking. I bet you that the crowd was very well controlled by PAS’s Unit Amal and we just follow behind. I saw people of all races and all ages and whats most heartening was some old couples taking part. We advised them not to get too near but they told us not to worry and even if they are caught, they are ready….

    I see some of you sitting at home passing all kinds of remarks but as a KLite, I dont see any disturbance in life for KL people but instead we sort of enjoy this as a carnival and I was actually surprised that so many came out to take part. Trust me…..come GE13, BN is finished!!!! Thats the consenses of all yesterday. SYABAS untuk semau yang telah mengambil bahagian dalam Perhimpunan.

  23. Aru says:

    AMMNO could have won a point if they had allowed the peaceful procession to take place .Now,they have to defend their atrocities in Permatang Pa.sir.

    Bodoh punya idea

  24. StevenO says:

    I actually understand why some people are so blind to the plight of the general Malaysia public. In most likely cases, they are paid cybertrooper i.e. he get paid for spreading lies and propaganda on behalf of the government. Just disregard them, don’t hate them. They are like us who have families to feed and bills to pay too.

    In fact, I know of a friend who actually do such work, but you know what? He feels like a piece of shit, but he has no choice when the country is going kaput and job is hard to come by! But at least he has a heart. When he’s back from work he will log into the internet and write with a conscience and whack the government left, right and center!

    Najib is on the way out, no doubt about it. change is in the air. When UMNo elected a murderer as it’s president, you know it’s demise is not too far away. Just hope he take UMNo with him to his grave that he dig for himself.

  25. Armagaddon says:

    I have commented before and I am going to repeat it that this man-Naif Ton Rasa-who has been accused by so many of committing so many crimes, would live out his true nature by the way he handles the nation affairs. If and that is a big IF, all that have been said about him is true, then whatever happen now and in the future will represent all that a man without any conscience or guilt will do according to his nature. And that is a fact we have to live with it. So what to do in such situation? Do we have the guts to amass 1 million rakyat to storm the ‘bastille’ now before things get worse or peacefully waiting for the next GE to boot this hated regime out?

  26. llheng says:

    To all peaceful loving Malaysians, long live PKR.
    Down with BN and ISA.
    Never seen so many malaysians of different races together fighting for a good cause.
    Here we have our “super duper efficient” PDRM at their best, harrasing, arresting and beating peaceful rakyat fighting for their rights rather than going after murderers, met rampits, thieves etc… all over the country.
    All Malaysians, irrespective must keep up the pressure fighting for their rights.

  27. cintamalaysia says:

    saya rasa ds muhyiddin yassin sudah kena bersedia dari sekarang kerana ds najib membuktikan dia tidak dapat menyelesaikan masalah demonstrasi ISA ini dari awal lagi. ds najib sama seperti pak lah yang tidak mengendahkan hal demonstrasi ini sehingga ke saat-saat akhir dan menimbulkan kesulitan kepada rakyat awam yang tidak terlibat sama. saya rasa ds muhyiddin lebih berkaliber seperti dr. m. jika dr. m dia sudah dari awal ambil tindakan sewajar dengan memanggil pihak terlibat dan berbincang. ini sampai last minit buat tak tahu dan lepas tu merugikan duit rakyat. kelmarin saja tak tahu berapa banyak peruntukan diberikan kepada polis. raya sakan diorang. saya rasa tear gas and water canon tidak harus disia-siakan untuk perhimpunan aman. sudah cukup pihak polis berada di situ. gaji atau elaun tambahan tidak harus diberikan kepada mereka yang bertugas kelmarin. bagi saya orang pertama yang harus dipersalahkan ialah najib. seharusnya dialah yang bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya terhadap insiden kelmarin.

  28. machitam says:

    Another rakyat “Please let the Rakyat traders make their living.”

    this guy is one good example of barua UMNO!

    i was there…even before any demo arrive…a police officer(full attire with pips and medals all over his jacket) with two policemen on his tow, in a harsh and nazi-like ordered the traders, shopkeepers to close down. if they refuse, he will arrest them. this action was alredy anticipated by musang tidak berjanggut. their main objectives are to create inconvenient to the rakyat i.e provoke the shoppers to condeamed demontrators, paint a fear, provoke demontrators and create a war zone as if the demontrators are rioting.

    who are they to con? the world is not stupid. the people knows who actually create this mess.

    najib oh najib….keris sham oh keris kontot..musang oh musang tak berjangut…..ini bukan zaman bodoh seperti 10 tahun dulu!

  29. 2nd class citizen says:

    They deserved to be arrested for creating havoc especially the millions of ringgits lost by the business entities around those areas. Why don’t they organise the demonstration in Selangor, Penang, Kedah or Kelantan state? These people should be put into jail for creating misery for common people.

  30. apapunboleh says:


  31. Mat Setia says:

    The CRY OF REFORMASI is ringing out all over Malaysia.
    They can stop the Messanger BUT the cannot stop the Message !
    Hidup Rakyat ! Hidup Reformasi !

  32. r says:

    Don’t expect Umno to abolish ISA
    Aug 2, 09 6:22pm

    ‘Umno will never do away with the Internal Security Act because it is a weapon that they can use to save them from losing power.’

    KS: Umno will never do away with the ISA because it is a weapon that they can use to save them from losing power. Malaysia has more than 50 years of experience with this draconian law. The victims were mostly opposition members. On the pretext of public interest and security, the police have thrown people into jail without good reasons.

    Other countries have peaceful demonstrations and the police do not harassed them. Our neighbours use laws to curb politicians who bring up racial and sensitive issues. In Malaysia, it depends on who is talking. Usually, Umno members have a free hand to talk on any issues.

    Generally, the people see that the government does not use the ISA fairly. For the opposition, anything they do is against public order. They are not given a chance to present the issues to the people. The government has the entire media – newspapers, TV and radio – to help them with their propaganda but the opposition have only newsletters limited to their members.

    So demonstration is the only logical thing to do to make people aware of burning issues. But the police will use ISA to stop it. Only people of dubious character will want this type of law to run the country.

    Faidhur Rahman: As a Malaysian with a pro-ISA stand who notes the often negative assessment of the preventive detention law by the alternative media, I would like to let it be known that not everyone opposes the Internal Security Act as it would seem.

    To me, yesterday’s demonstration against the ISA in Kuala Lumpur organised by Pakatan Rakyat parties and their supporters was completely unnecessary, uncalled for and rather needless, not to mention underlines the worrying state of affairs with regard to our national security and stability.

    Sim Kwang Yang in his article, ‘Currents of change in the river of history’ mentioned that such protests would be unthinkable 30 years ago. Adding another 10 years to that number would probably explain at least partly why.

    It’s not like most of the 20,000 who took part were ever arrested under the ISA themselves. One wonders why other preventive detention laws such as the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 and laws that are a legacy of the 1969 Emergency, namely the Emergency (Essential Powers) Ordinance 1969 and the Emergency (Public Order and Prevention of Crime) Ordinance 1969 are not mentioned as “unjust and draconian laws that need to be repealed” at all. Is it because these laws are only used against common criminals and not opposition politicians?

    Some of us do actually believe that the threats of chaos, disorder, anarchy and terrorism are very real, and would like the ISA retained to guard against those threats so that we can have the political stability necessary for a healthy economy and so earn a living.

    Here’s hoping that the ISA is retained, lest we become another Nigeria and hoping that you would publish this letter, so the stand of this segment of Malaysian society is known.

    BK: We need answers from the powers-that-be – can anyone tell me how many people at the pro-ISA rally were arrested and if they were subjected to tear gas and water cannon treatment?
    If they were not, can we hear from the BN government on the reason why they were not subjected to the same treatment as those against ISA?

    Since when has it become a crime to distribute pamphlets questioning government policies? Are we a dictatorship or a democracy?

    Peter Ooi: The demonstration against ISA was planned and those involved had said time and again that it would be a peaceful one. All they wanted was to hand over a memorandum to the king.

    Since it was a multiracial efforts, racial tension will definitely be out of question. In this aspect, Umno or Umno-sanctioned protest were more racial in nature and yet virtually no police actions were taken. As such, the anti-ISA protest will not incur the wrath of any race and our country’s peace was not threatened.

    Then why must force, tear gas and water cannon be employed against the protestors? This showed the immaturity of our leaders.

    The police need not be confrontational to the demonstrators. Its role is to maintain traffic flow and make sure that no public or private properties are vandalised. After handing the memo to the king, I believe the crowd would be satisfied and dispersed orderly.

    As the laws of physics goes, ‘ For every action, there is an equal reaction’. Thus, if the police were to treat the demonstrators with respect, they would be reciprocated with similar respect.

    A Selangor Rakyat: The recent embarrassment caused by Gerakan Youth chief Lim Si Pin shows that Gerakan also does not have KPI.

    What right does Dr Koh Tsu Koon have to become the KPI minister when Gerakan doesn’t even know how to follow basic guideline in submitting a memorandum to the palace?

    And why was the pledge given by Gerakan Youth to support the GMI gathering not fulfilled? Is this the standard practiced by Gerakan – giving empty promises?

  33. Pegasus says:

    Wow..! What a gathering!!!.The Rakyat are indeed united…its the BN regime which is keeping the people from being united!…coz that’s the only way for BN to hold power …they have to make sure the Rakyat are divided..then its easier to rule…they will keep on talking about religion and race to pit the Malays against the Chinese and Indians…..this is only way to keep the hatred fire burning…. well this this just getting too obvious and the Rakyat knows this…BN is dying…they have dead bodies like MIC,MCA and Gerakan , these corpses should be given proper burial in the 13th GE. Umno will die a natural dead …thanks to BN goons like the IGP..who are dragging Naif to the grave…The rakyat have enough of this BN shits…with daily bullshits stories…!!! We have to bring in new government in the 13th GE…BN is a waste…after 50 years ..they have wasted our money and rob the country’s wealth clean…these pirates and full time robbers will keep on robbing as long as they rule…! We have to get our country back on the right direction and kick this regime out..!!!…The time is here..we have do it right ..not only for us but for our future generations as well!!!

  34. badawiknows says:

    See how inefficient the police are? Out of 20,000 the police could only arrest about 600.
    And that stupid kerismuddin wants to reduce crime by 20%. He only managed 3% and it was a simple job. He should be sacked for poor performance or demoted to cleaning police latrines.
    Always tokking kok this umno fellrs.

  35. badawiknows says:

    Is this the standard practiced by Gerakan – giving empty promises?
    r – August 2, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    C lah like that koh tsu koon, lim keng yaik….umno say boo…one start spitting the other get heart attack

  36. Samuel says:

    I’m a Chinese & a Christian. I’m standing with my Malay & Muslim brothers & sister in this. They represent my views & my conscience as much as theirs in appealing for the revocation of the ISA.

  37. YobDaud says:

    Thanks to all policemen,FRUs and others who managed to control and detained these people. We are the people who vote for the government. We trust our enforcement people who carry out their duty for the sake of Malaysian. DAP is laughing because they use Malay people to attack Malay people too.

  38. Douglas Moore says:

    A certain commentator above pointed out that the police in other countries including Iran even assisted protestors -which is severely incorrect.

    If you are following the news on Iran, several key leaders of the opposition including top Iranian reformists has been arrested by the (President)Ahmadinejad regime for their role in calling and organizing the street protests against President Ahmadinejad’s June 12th election win which the opposition alleged of vote rigging.

    The Malaysian police is amongst the worst human-rights abusers in the world. The Malaysian police are also murderers as Malaysian lawyer N. Surendran shouted out loud as “Killers of A. Kugan” who died in police custody. The voters of the BN regime is the abettor of this diabolical acts having known of such police brutality, and still endorsed the ruling BN coalition is akin to sanction the barbaric acts of the Malaysian police.

    God will Judge you!

    Hey, where’s my babe, Jeancumlately? cummin early? So you made it with cialis?

  39. storm62 says:

    “If no ISA law, the recent rally would have gone chaotic and cause anarchy, the perfect weapon of the opposition to take over govt copycat of Philippines style democracy. It shows how desperate these poor losers of the last election would behave. Shameful lah !!! Certainly a lot of money paid to those taking part in the rally. Imagine the cost of t-shirts and banners too !!! Many dapat wang??? US or CIA kah???”

    I-4-C – August 2, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    what a stupid comment from I-4-C..ha ha ha.

    If there is NO ISA law, today in Malaysia,
    the Rakyat will NOT have to suffer on 01-08-2009.

  40. Another Rakyat says:

    You were there. Thank you for contributing to the chaos. You must be thinking that going to the streets is your right.
    Do you realized that streets are meant for traffics? What about the rights of other road users? Please do not be selfish!
    When the Police acted on the PR Goons on the streets, it is an abuse of human rights.
    When these people blocked the way, they are abusing the rights of other street users. The Police are there to protect their rights.
    Thank you, PDRM

  41. ACAB says:

    Pemerintah perlu sedar imej mereka telah lama buruk di peringkat antarabangsa ekoran sikap seperti ditunjukkan dalam demonstrasi-demonstrasi. Apa yang dilakukan pada 1 Ogos memburukkan lagi imej mereka, walaupun pada masa sama cuba menangani kemerosotan sokongan ini dengan pelbagai cara.

    Kedua-dua pemerintah dan pembangkang kini terlibat dalam persaingan menyampaikan mesej kepada rakyat dan dunia. Sehingga kini, pembangkang lebih ke hadapan dan pemerintah jauh ketinggalan, akibat apa yang dilakukan seperti di demonstrasi anti-ISA.

    Tetapi apa yang lebih penting daripada permainan imej itu ialah hak demokratik rakyat untuk berhimpun dan menyatakan suara mereka tanpa diperlihatkan sebagai pengacau dan gerombolan yang mengganggu ketenteraman dan merosakkan harta benda awam.

    Tindakan parti pemerintah terus menyekat rakyat dengan keras tanpa ada sebarang tanda untuk memberi ruang hanya akan mempercepatkan tamatnya tempoh kekuasaan mereka.


  42. Bliss88 says:

    CHANGE is Inevitable! We can all argue till all the lembu come home. The arrogance and brutality of the PDRM sanctioned by krisshamudin and his cahoots clearly demonstrates our beloved country is STILL a POLICE STATE.

    Our ONLY hope is the coming 13GE. I have made a VOW to encourage all the ppl I know and also I dun know to register themself (jf they hv not done so) and go out in full force to hv their say.

    Trust me!. I hv managed to garner 20 non-registered voters (all qualified voters for the past 3 elections) and have them registerd as a voter this coming 13GE. Imagine this 20 new voters frens of mine and each manage to garner another 20 new voters each. just like MLM structure, its going to be exponential when it is few levels down. Thats my contribution to the future of our beloved country and democracy.

    It is disturbing and really insult the intelligent of the Rakyat when this buggers kept potraying themselves to be righteous, clean, fair and democratic. It was really insulting…..You buggers have been shitting on us for too long and we are really pissed….REALLY PISSED.

    To all our brothers & sisters who was caught by our MASTAPO (malaysian gestapo), We Salute You and Our children, our grand children and our great great granchildren will remembers you for the Sacrifices you made. Thank You, Terima Kasih, Vanakam, Xie Xie !!!!

    Remember 13GE will be those bugger Judgement Day. My advise to them is buy an air-ticket on that day and wait for the GE result at KLIA VIP lounge. They will be many buggers there too!!

  43. I-4-C says:

    The depraved political motives of the opposition behind this rally is obvious lah !!! Doesnt take a genius to figure it out. Evidently a bunch of poor losers claiming to uphold democracy hahaha. My foot !!! Oh yes, they thought it is a good issue to win more votes for the next election at a big cost to Malaysians who are working hard to revive a biting recession. Its only proper that the organisers should be put behind bars without hesitation !!!

  44. oA says:


    the police force is an exact reflection of the leader of the country – coward.

    the home minister was made a joke in al jazeera interview and that is expected.


  45. Sagaladoola says:

    My writing on this issue :

    Bernama News on Losses Due to Anti-ISA Protests


  46. funny news i heard is that sivarasa’s wife barking assembly is everybody right. does she know what is LAW ! does she know what is illegal assembly and that’s violate LAW. can i say it’s a rapist’s right to rape his victim so then he’s innocent. stupid remark, as malaysian citizen we have to respect the LAW. if she doesn’t like it, ask her husband as lawmaker to change it, to convince those 31frogs and change it, simple as that. what’s more PKR ala anwar demo culture has ruined many malaysians future. they are going to JAIL. they are branded as ex-convict, nobody will hire them! does PKR will take care of them for the rest of their life!

    and who says polis the one cause traffic JAM! imagine without polis, there would be 100k gathering! and 100k takes over the street and you tell me no traffic JAM! even funeral rally also coz traffic JAM, new year celebration also coz traffic JAM, what’s more 100k ppl take down the street. without polis, there might be accidents – motorists knock the demos, just like possibility motorists knock down tour-de-langkawi cyclist without polis help. and becoz of demo, polis has to allocated to take care these demos instead arresting rempits, rapists, snatch thieves. stupid oppos good for nothing, i wish polis catch the culprit, charge him, throw him in jail and make him lost the MP status!

  47. Another sign that UMNO has run out of idea to keep hold of its rule !
    Do not do away the ISA just yet, have these people sent to Taiping after the next GE when BN is kicked out of the rule using the ISA.
    Make sure pariah Mahathir is included in the group as he too was responsible for sending many people there. Let him spend his twilight years there to have a taste of his own medication, even though there aren’t many years left !

  48. apapunboleh says:

    anonymous dud – a caveman with a peanut brain…..u should be in jail as a threat to society

  49. jsss says:

    Syabas! to the organizers for their good job on last saturday.

  50. kittykat46 says:


  51. Pegasus says:

    YobDaud,The DAP is not using the Malay people to fight Malay people…are you implying that the malays are stupid and can’t think for themselves.? Why are you so stupid…the issue on hand is we want the ISA to be abolish…as your BN party is using it discriminately to silent the voice of the opposition and arresting someone without charging them in court at their own privilege.This is not the way to run the country..we are matured enough to sit and talk but when BN does not want hear out …then the people have to hit the streets to express themselves..just pray that you or your family members are not caught under ISA , though it will be a good eye opener for you if it happens. This fight is not only our Malay bros. & sis but for ALL MALAYSIAN , Chinese , Indians included and all other Malaysian race. This is a Malaysian struggle to correct whats happening in the country..if you don’t understand , don’t give your stupid comment here and get the hell out of the way..!!!

  52. tourman53 says:

    Teoh Beng Hock tortured before death

  53. chingaling says:

    what’s the point of writing to the government or the police, the very persons who captured them in the first place?

    i say please write to the UN Human Rights Council.

  54. machitam says:

    “…Do you realized that streets are meant for traffics?..” another rakyat

    hello….why are there pasar malam in the street? why are there merdeka celebration in the street?
    UMNO and the police succeeded in fooling the “kiasu” rakyat. no wonder barua UMNO cannot think…
    It’s only a street protest. what is there to be afraid off? you should be afraid of ISA because UMNO and the police can use it any time on anyone…including you….what civillization when you simply detain people without trial!

  55. whispering9 says:

  56. I-4-C says:

    The Teoh saga exposes corruption in the opposition camps. So can u really trust them to rule Malaysia???? Not me and not those who are “reliably informed”.

  57. chanjoe says:

    I-4-C can go on trusting BN and there’s nothing to stop you from doing so. However, the people will show you when GE 13 comes along and then you can see its not so much of why we believe in having a new Govt rather than BN who had continue to milk the people of riches to lace their pockets.

    Probably I-4-C is one of them and my advise is to do what you can in th short period of 2-3 years as thats the time left for BN and after that, all the taps will be shut tight from BN and you will then have nothing to corrupt anymore.

    Its sad that Bn uses Police , MACC and Election Commission as their extended branches to keep on to power…but never mind as their time is fast running out. I am proud that at least the people are waking up to the forces of change buit of course there willbe some who like I-4-C will never be able to accept this force of change. Well to you…I say…may the dark force be with you.

    We look forward to more battles and probably more bdadecisions by BN but all will come to an end soon….very soon….

  58. machitam says:

    1-4-C “The Teoh saga exposes corruption in the opposition camps. So can u really trust them to rule Malaysia???? Not me and not those who are “reliably informed”

    exposes corruption what? PKFZ? MRR2? MALTRADE? Khir toyol masion and disneyland? submarine, aircraft? judiciary & lingam? penang kg buah pala? selangor sand? IPP? TOLL? Petronas? terengganu royalty money? etc etc

    exposes what?
    nanti selepas GE13 kita expose dia!

  59. Pegasus says:

    chanjoe & machitam, don’t waste too much time with people like 14C,they can’t see anything clearly as they are in the dark world of their own…when the 13th GE arrives,we will show them what the Rakyat are talking about …as these umno stooges will deny and refuse to acknowlege what the Rakyat wants . 14C is one of those spoonfed by umno from cradle and will be beside them till the grave…so let it be…let him enjoy his days..no point in beating up a dead snake..

  60. Xcaliber says:

    Change is inevitable. People’s opinion are not heard, so it need to be seen. Anti-ISA law does not protect the Rakyats’ lives, but actually put fear into many innocent lives. Who is above the law, obviously the Ministers, the Police, the MACC and their croonies think they are ! Who the heck is Mohd Khairul Azam, the so called lone pro-ISA protestor who wore the t-shirt that says ISA law is to protect the Malays’ rights. Wait till his Muslim brothers and sisters are charged under ISA. So for the 13GE, just do your duty and uphold all democratic principles that safeguard lives of all Malaysians. Just wait and see.

  61. ahoo says:

    Hi Susan and all, please take note that the above video on TBH’s torture before death may not be correct. The video shown a person dressed in white shirt and black pant whereas the picture of Teoh’s was with black suit and white pant.

    Unless some expert can enlarged the frame of the video and see the face of the socalled tortured victim, we can only guess that the video is of a different person.

  62. monsterball says:

    I also believe it is a different person too ….and not Beng Hock.
    But it does show….how police went beyond and somewhat exposing them ..as extreme racialists ….chosen to do the job.
    It boils down to how cunning and cruel ….UMNO can be.

  63. monsterball says:

    Now those favoring having ISA….is asking why police did not arrest Anwar..Hadi…and LKS..plus the PAS organizer?
    That’s a good one!!
    Arresting demonstrators…small boys and girls….and not the top people…..go free.
    But police dare not do.what pro ISA group want…..for in corruptions…it is the same..arresting small fish and let killer crocs loose …no guts to take on UMNO top guns.
    It is Najib’s wayang kulit show….backfired…by his own group.

  64. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi ahoo, this vid was filmed long before TBH was macc’ed and it appeared in mt2day sometime back.
    Although it’s fake as regards to TBH, it’s real when one is interrogated by pdrm from petty crime to serious offences. However, this never happen’s when one is a taikor with a datukship or a mega rich along – then they treat you with velvet gloves and condoms, hoping for some payback.

  65. monsterball says:

    I was told that was not Teoh too….but that was how our police torture suspects. Films were made and were banned from Malaysia.
    The late Yassim Ahmad was talking about a Malaysian Malaysia…far better and more straight forward than.. Najib…..double meaning…”1 Malaysia”….yet her movies were banned too.
    UMNO can only survived ….when there is no unity.

  66. I-4-C says:

    Why the rally in the first place??? Hokkien says “Eng Bow Tai Chee Chor Ah???” Plzzz lah go and prove your worth by doing something constructive so that people will vote you!!!. Arse Banging around is totally destructive to an economy struggling to stay on top of the global recession !!!!

  67. wab2345 says:

    Even taxi drivers know why the rally but “US educated” soothsayers dunno kekekekeke

    “He saw the ISA as the symbol of excessive power against the people. The endless shots of teargas and repeated blasts of water cannons chasing people down the street merely reinforced this belief.”


  68. wab2345 says:


    And this time the Umno-owned Utusan may gone a step too far by labelling his unborn child a bas*ard. The Teohs now want an apology for those boorish and uncouth words. “This country is ruled by law, not religion. Since the PM has promised to help solve the problem, we will wait for his solution,” Beng Hock’s sister Lee Lan was quoted as saying in the Malaysian Insider.

    “If my brother did not die, the question of his child’s surname would not have arisen. Who caused his death?” “My family and the public want to know the cause of death of Beng Hock, how he was killed, who are the culprits, and who are going to be held responsible for his death. MACC can’t deny their responsibility over Beng Hock’s death as he was a witness they should protect and was in their custody. “We want the Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate the cause of death. This is not a political issue. We want the truth. My brother Beng Hock was killed. He did not commit suicide.”


  69. I-4-C says:

    Heard it loud and clear? PAS wants beer ban in Selangor. What next? Ban of beer drinking for whole of Malaysia if they win the next election??? Beware the cunning behind the coalition of Pakatan Buntut guys !!!!

  70. monsterball says:

    So what….you idiotic I-4-C sicko.
    Read the PAS condition carefully…where there is a majority muslims areas.
    At least PAS is ever sincere to protect Muslims from temptations..they see fit. They are suggesting.and not insistng. They are democratic and will listen to reasons.
    Although…banning from one area…allowing sales in another…will not solve the problem…..and that’s where PAS is short sighted….not evil minded……..like UMNO.
    UMNO divide Muslims into three groups.
    That is most evil…and you obviously belong to that crooked hypocrites group.
    I-4-C love to talk buntut and arse bangers…as if he gets a thrill by just talking about it. Hypocrites like him…do have a two face personality..exactly like the movie..”Batman Forever”…which I foresee ..the “two face” villain is..1-4-C hero.

  71. I-4-C says:

    Pakatan Buntut is bankrupt of ideas to win the minds and hearts of Malaysians. If they rule, then be prepared to end of bankrupt both u and the nation !!!

  72. Ray-of-Hope says:

    I-4-C : Quote “Why the rally in the first place??? Hokkien says “Eng Bow Tai Chee Chor Ah???” Plzzz lah go and prove your worth by doing something constructive so that people will vote you!!!…”

    So what r u doing here, I-4-C? u r “Chap Par Kah Eng Bow Tai Chee Chor Ah???” posting nonsense spewing out of your ar$e?

    Or may be not, u r paid by Be-eNd to be a cybertrooper here…

    I-4-C = I’m for(4) C-ybertrooper !!!

  73. machitam says:

    i 4 c “Heard it loud and clear? PAS wants beer ban in Selangor. What next? Ban of beer drinking for whole of Malaysia

    this guy got a brain damage…..or he’s put his brain on his knee..r

    who is banning beer drinking? This Hassan Ali is checking on his community(local council) awareness thingy…..the sale of beer(can and bottled) at 24hrs outlet….because they don’t want this “lepakers” has easy access on beer on the wee hours.

    i4c, it’s your own choosings..u can drink all the beer in the world until yr stomach bloated…who cares…PAS don’t care …..

  74. I-4-C says:

    Hamisu says “we need ‘traitors’ like Anwar”. Yeah right!!! Like assisting G Sorrows and co. to destroy the Malaysian financial markets in 1997? hahaha what a joke !!!

  75. wab2345 says:

    “Pakatan Buntut is bankrupt of ideas ….”

    Saiful Najis lives thru I-4-C & Barisan Najis whic cannot even decide on RCI, bankrupt, hopeless, useless, dead and dying

  76. wab2345 says:


  77. wab2345 says:

    Art Harun apologizes to Mukhriz Mahathir for being “a stupid Malaysian”…

  78. I-4-C says:

    This “beer ban” issue really exposes the extremism of PAS in Pakatan Buntut. Come on man, Muslims are majority in most cities and all states of Malaysia !!! What next?? Hand chopping?? Beware my fellow Malaysians the cunning and extremism of Pakatan Buntut !!! Malaysia may end up like Iran !!!

  79. whispering9 says:

    {This “beer ban” issue really exposes the extremism}….sadly, I agree.

    There is a lot of eligible voters who never vote but work in the service industry which directly or indirectly handle beer & such. To the less informed, I am not talking only about bar tenders, waiters/waitresses, etc., but trackers, shop keepers, store men, factory workers and so on. If someone fire up their imagination, I think extremism will definitely lose the next election for this state.

  80. kittykat46 says:

    Surprisingly, when it comes to sale of beer, Malaysia is a lot more liberal than most Western countries.

    First, for some strange historical reason, you do not need a licence to sell alcohol in order to sell beer. That’s a lot freer than UK or Australia.
    You can sell beer any time of the day or night in Malaysia.
    In the UK, beer can only be sold up to 11 pm at night, unless you apply for a separate unlimited hours licence from the local authority, which may or may not grant it.
    I don’t want to get into this messy socio-religious argument in Shah Alam. There may be very level headed , non-Taliban related socio-legal arguments for controlling the sale of beer by locality or by hours.
    Even in a beer-guzzling country like Australia, some suburbs severely restrict the number of outlets they license.

  81. monsterball says:

    This is pure bullshit by PAS!
    Religion is between God and believers.
    God will judge all action… good or bad.
    Politicians trying to control mnids….will produce tons of Muslim hypocrites.
    UMNO is doing a very good job on that….yet PAS wants to win votes…….by playing same low class….politics?
    PAS is guiding believers …like 100 years ago…like a pack of uneducated cows. It is infact..playing dirty politics…exactly like UMNO….to win votes.
    PAS and UMNO..dare not ask police to arrest Muslims… buying 4 digit numbers. Do that…they will loose votes.
    Controlling minds belong to undeveloped and uneducated citizens.
    PAS is evil….if they chooses to control minds.

  82. wab2345 says:

    Barisan Najis is bankrupt:

    Probe MIC boss ‘sabotaged’ claim
    Aug 6, 09 1:00pm
    * Tamil newspapers are abuzz over the news that a Barisan Nasional component party leader was involved in undermining Samy Vellu’s chances during the March 8 polls.MORE
    Battle for works Ministry
    Saravanan: Serious allegation

  83. Menyalak-er says:

    Yes kk46, i was kind of hard put while in Aussieland when we hankered for lager and my son had to drive 12km in the middle of the night to get some.
    This issue in Shah Alam, is a very small cyclone in a beermug – but the underlying issues aren’t. Ronnie Liu, is too much of a straight shooter and that Hassan chap is probably an undercover ‘establishment’ type. Open quarrels like this are hyped up by msm, much to the glee of leprechauns and djinns.
    Methinks that MB Khalid and ex-Law Min. Zaid have too many distractions already!
    All the PR state gomens has to sit down for a min. of 72 hrs. each to trash out their hubris before this gets out of hand! El Nino and CSteargas must have sucked up the moisture from their barely functioning CPUs.
    Of course, with the recent failed attempt by the Macc-aques on Rodziahs office tells us that they have already lost their marbles.

  84. whispering9 says:

    It really mystify me whether the PR politicians know the context of \’Don\’t Rock the Boat\’ at least until you reach the shore? This principle is especially important for the present day boat full of amateurish politicians. 🙂 It is wearing a lot of voters\’ patience thin. Even the esteemed peer is no exception to this madness.

  85. Kancilandak says:

    It take a understanding PM to tell all you guys to go protast at a stadium lah. More room for eveybody. Why distrupt the economy? Kancilandak see eye to eye with PM in more common sense than all the pembangkang put together lah!

  86. what goes up, must come down says:

    The problem with Malaysia is that Malaysia is managed by a bunch of corrupt and greedy politicians which hold power for too long- whether government or opposition.

    It’s time for the rakyat (the real boss of this nation) to get rid of all these freehold parasites gradually before Malaysia can be a utopia country.

  87. Ikan bilis says:

    Yes! All these politicians (BN & PR) are all totally mentally sick to the core and therefore all should be rounded up and dumped into a no-man island secluded from the rakyat and let them fight among themselves for power, women, land, sand, sea water…. over there!

    Then there is no need of ISA or counter ISA.

  88. Ray-of-Hope says:

    C’mon fellows,

    Don’t lose sight of the FOREST juz bcoz u see 1 rotten tree…

    We must exercise our voting power, we must vote SELECTIVELY in GE13, to give those rotten politikus a clear message!!!

    Yes, we must vote out those Extremist n Racist Bustards, but don’t vote out PR, not yet, PR is still a baby in every sense, so don’t throw the “BABY” out with the bath-water….

  89. wab2345 says:

    “Tidak sedarkah Melayu sedang dihina” patut di gantikan dengan
    “Tidakah sedarkah UMNO sedang dihina.”

    “Melayu jangan jadi bacul” patutlah digantikan debagai
    “UMNO jangan jadi bacul”


  90. wab2345 says:

    Utusan Melayu … or Ugutan Melayu?
    By Azly Rahman

  91. wab2345 says:

    But within PAS, there is growing unhappiness with Hassan, the party’s state commissioner who kicked up a ruckus on Tuesday, calling for a ban on beer sales in Shah Alam. Sadly, he didn’t stop there but went on to attack Ronnie.

    The suspicion that Hassan was trying to upstage his own party mates – including Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad – cannot be denied. In fact, it is quite widespread.

    Khalid Samad has already denounced Hassan’s actions, stressing that he did not have the approval of the state liaison committee to make statements with such far-reaching consequences.

  92. wits0 says:

    It’s obvious that Hassan Ali is out to upstage his own party. His timing hints strongly at his bad intent. An ex-umno mole has been activated. “Suspicion”, is therefore quite a redundant word used here. One obvious tentacle of the Empire striking back.

  93. wits0 says:

    Does anyone know why sjsandteam wordpress blog has suddenly disappeared?

  94. ezy2blog says:

    I salute the heroic rakyat at the rally!!!

  95. wanadoo says:

    Coming 13GE a good numbers of non Malay voters vote for PAS will give their votes to BN.Pakatan got their chance if they cann’t prove themself can work together sorry……..it better to have corrupt working gov than non working Pakatan,the day of Malaysia Malysian still long long dream in waiting.

  96. Ray-of-Hope says:


    pls read my post above, do u agree or not?

    or instead of taking another chance, wud u rather let u & ur kids/grandkids get screwed by Najis & his Be-eNd Gang for another 50 yrs?

  97. ganesh says:

    “wud u rather let u & ur kids/grandkids get screwed by Najis & his Be-eNd Gang for another 50 yrs?”

    50% of the country prefers being screwed.

  98. rambler says:

    Clamping down on students – The crime of being anti-Rosmah

  99. wab2345 says:

    Dear Readers,

    As at Today 1:36 PM Zurich Switzerland, 7:36 PM Kuala Lumpur – Malaysian, We reached our target to hit 5000 viewers from 0 viewers in a day.

    We accomplished this in around 12 hours.

    We would like to thank Malaysia Today and MalaysiaKini for their links to us on their website.


  100. chorus says:

    Umno and its sycophants and apologists are trying to be too clever by half. The party’s mantra on National Security will degenerate and fall apart if it is held up to global scrutiny against National Security concerns in civilised countries around the world and especially the Great Powers. The humbuggery, hypocrisy and double standards of Umno and its running dogs on this so very important life-and-death issue will be exposed once and for all for the world to see. Nothing less than the abolishment of the ISA will do. That would be poetic justice. It’s no use Umno now chanting about a review of the evil Act. That would be too little, too late. A review will be nothing but an exercise in cosmetics. The more things appear to change, the more they will remain the same. The end of the ISA will be the end of Umno. Umno is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. The ISA is the Achilles Heel of Umno.

    The millstone around its neck. The albatross hanging around its neck. The Sword of Damocles hanging over its head. The last nail in its coffin. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Begone, oh evil one!

  101. kittykat46 says:

    Don’t Rock the Boat Baby, Don’t Rock the Boat….classic Bob Marley…

    Often a wise advice, but not to be applied too rigidly. If we had followed the advice to the hilt, which the National Front no doubt wanted us to, we’ll be ruled by Najis until he retires in 2030….
    gives me nightmares just thinking about it..

  102. sha says:

    Pay special attention to segment 2:30 to 2:45. Watch his body language. His sneer. His venom.


  103. ashton says:


    KJ, the extremists are in Umno
    Aug 9, 09 8:29am

    ‘The real extremists and terrorists in multiracial Malaysia are born, bred and indoctrinated by none other than Umno, especially under the reign of Mahathir Mohamad.’MORE

    Two demos, only one ended in arrests
    Cops caused RM200m in economic loss

  104. the plunderer says:

    That is why this Mahathir’s all the illegal assets must be confiscated and sent him to the lock-up b4 Malaysia’s democracy can function properly again.

    This is the key to the debacle in Malaysia right now!

  105. kesava says:

    Mahathir was/is the biggest hore:

    Good old Harry Truman was correct when he observed, “My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a hore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference!”


  106. kesava says:

    PPSMI: Government bars PIBG meeting
    Does the Government now believe that PIBGs have become a potential grouping that is subversive?

  107. the plunderer says:

    As long as there is no separation of powers and checks and balances in Malaysia, we can conclude that Najib’s 1malaysia is talk only la!

    Looking at the ISA czar who could simply fire water cannon at the rakyat “ISA Czar’s bosses’, this ISA czar appears too tired of living.

    As long as Najib is king of czars, more arrests in the future is just a kind of sip of tea to the czars.

  108. monsterball says:


  109. wits0 says:

    Survey topic
    Have you stopped reading the New Straits Times?

  110. hamid says:

    K.hairy jambanluddin future suicide bomber:

    Umno Youth leaders to get military-style training
    Sunday, 09 August 2009 18:20

    (Bernama) – Umno’s training bureau will soon organise a course for Umno Youth division chiefs based on a commando-type training module, Umno vice-President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said.

    Ahmad Zahid, who is the bureau’s chairman, said the course would enhance resilience and competitiveness among Umno Youth leaders.

    “For them to win back the young voters, they need to be resilient and this can be achieve through the commando-style training,” he told reporters after opening the Jasin Umno delegates’ meeting at the Dewan Alamanda, here today.

    He said the course would be carried out by the Umno Youth movement, National Civics Bureau (Biro Tatanegara) and the Malaysia Veteran Commandos Club.

    “This was the kind of course we had when Datuk Seri Najib Razak was the youth chief.

    “Camaraderie needs to be instilled in today’s youths; that is why (Umno Youth Chief) Khairy Jamaluddin and his executive council members have agreed to take part in the course, to be held soon,” he said.
    The training bureau would also provide a course with a different module for Wanita and Puteri Umno leaders, he said.

  111. hamid says:

    Mahathir: Samy killed the Indians

  112. wahab says:

    Muhyiddin Pengkhianat Melayu Sebenar?

    Umno gadai tanah Johor kepada Singapura
    Khairul Azlam Mohmad
    Mon | May 15, 06 | 1:46:04 pm MYT

    KUALA NERUS, 15 Mei (Hrkh) – Pemimpin Umno dan kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) didakwa telah menggadai sejumlah tanah di negeri Johor kepada kerajaan Singapura pada awal tahun 1980-an lagi.

    Pemimpin Umno pada waktu itu telah menyerahkan tanah seluas 51,170 hektar kepada Singapura dengan bayaran RM350 juta, kata Pengerusi Majlis Tindakan Rakyat Kelantan, Dato? Paduka Ibrahim Ali.

    Beliau mendakwa Menteri Petanian dan Asas Tani yang juga bekas Menteri Besar Johor, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin bertanggungjawab menggadai tanah-tanah orang Melayu kepada Singapura.


  113. sha says:

    It was never meant to be a permanent solution. Our method of racial power-sharing is primarily a system for resolving conflict in a deeply divided society. It was designed as an interim work-around, an early stage on the way to “a more perfect union” and not as the desired end-state. Over the years, however, we have put up barricades around our system as if it were a fore-ordained and permanent ideal. In doing so, we have turned a half-way house into our destination, as if we must forever remain a racially divided and racially governed society.

    -Tengku Razaleigh

  114. Mirage says:

    “K.hairy jambanluddin future suicide bomber:” …..hamid

    If BN loses next GE.

    written by Mirage, August 09, 2009 22:04:35

    This threat is very real. As I have mentioned earlier, there is no other way for Najib to control the country (just like TDM) if fear and muscle is not employed. His (Najib’s) first message to us was that he can control the judicial esp with the Altantuya case and even as a DPM then. He then showed that he control the PDRM and the actions taken cannot be question. They interogate and control the opposition rally and gathering with arrest. Third he showed us that he is not afraid to be questioned by the Public when he muscled his way into Perak. Then the whole works of discrediting the opposition started – with Elizabeth Wong, with Ean, with Ronnie, with Anwar and the list goes on. Subsequently he went after the opposition on corruption which UMNO is famous for which resulted in the death of Teoh. He also showed us openly the Govt controlled media to spread his propaganda. He will have a trail of death (which he considers as collateral damage) in his hands before the end of his tenure. And now it will be the bloggers and RPK is in the list.

    I am sad that Anwar has not really surface since the sodomy trial and the cross over failure and yet he has not name a sucessor if he was unable to lead the coalition. A leader MUST be responsible as he has a lot of followers looking up to him. We should not allow him to lead if he is not in position or has been weaken. This will only build the momentum of the BN on their favour.

    Lastly I hope and wish RPK well.


  115. saiful says:

    The country must survive? Aren’t BN getting a little presumptuous here? This has nothing to do with the survival of the country but everything to do with the survival of BN and the BN is NOT the country!

  116. monsterball says:

    “i want to stay on…nobody will pressurused me to leave. I can stay on..but I resigned”….so said Mahathir…the gist of it….not his exact word..from that video I viewed.
    He left when he won the GE with 52%…the lowst result of UMNO.
    He KNEW…he stay on….UMNO BARU will be wiped out.
    Now he blame Samy Vellu…blame ungrateful Indians.
    Yes…..Zauid Ibrahim was correct.
    UMNO BARU…under Mahathir are the racialists.

  117. monsterball says:

    All my comments lost in the woods!!

  118. wits0 says:

    “This has nothing to do with the survival of the country but everything to do with the survival of BN and the BN is NOT the country!” – saiful

    To be more specific, it’s mainly about the survival of umno ; the rest of bn are just opportunistic camp followers and exploitative props.

  119. wits0 says:

    “Mahathir: Samy killed the Indians ”

    That being the case, yet he didn’t know? Or he knew and simply didn’t bother?

  120. I-4-C says:

    To sum it all, ISA is essential to keep the poor opposition losers in check so that mass street protests are avoided. The confessions exposing Britain’s involvement in Iran’s street protest is a classic example. Come on man! These losers need money to stage all these protests right???

  121. mojo says:

    “These losers need money to stage all these protests right???”

    You so stupid one ah? Protest you only need bus fare to get to the venue. Where got people serving makan2, caterers…..Only umno need money

  122. mojo says:

    Patung Najib pula di Batu Caves

    KUALA LUMPUR – Para pengikut Kelab Maya Umno (Mykmu) sedang bertempur sesama sendiri ekoran terbinanya patung raksaksa Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak di Batu Caves sempena lawatan beliau ke sana semalam.

    Patung itu, menurut saksi, lebih besar dari gambar besar Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim yang dibina di situ tahun lalu.

    Yang menjadi isu adalah, ketika gambar Anwar dinaikkan pada Oktober tahun lepas, para pemimpin Umno melalui medianya secara besar-besaran mengutuk PKR yang menaikkan patung itu sehingga ia diturunkan semula.

  123. I-4-C says:


    U lagi stupid lah !!!

  124. dawsheng says:

    Actually, the more Utusan Malaysia incites racial hatred the better it is for PR. You will be scared if they start singing about 1Malaysia.

  125. toweringmalay says:

    Carlsberg menyiarkan nama-nama ahli Lembaga Pengarahnya dimana 1 dari mereka adalah dari kalangan umat Islam iaitu :

    (3) Tan Sri Datuk Asmat bin Kamaludin

    Rujukan :http://www.carlsberg.com.my/corporate.aspx

  126. grkumar says:

    There is a story doing the rounds apparently confirmed by some that Raja Petra Kamaruddin “RPK” has died.

    It is believed he remaind with his in laws in Thailand for the past few weeks where he died earlier this week.


    Could omone confirm. We have it froma thus far reliable source.


  127. coooo says:

    Could omone confirm. We have it froma thus far reliable source…grkumar

    Reliable sources say you have been arse banging I-4-C oso, now the VD has infected both your heads..up and down.

  128. wits0 says:

    http://takemon.wordpress.com/ – what kind of scatological blog is that?! The owner is that desperate. eh?

  129. omone says:

    “Could omone confirm.”

    Your reliable sources are unreliable.
    As an Indian you may check with Semi Value or the Hindraf people.
    If lazy, you can also check with IGP.

  130. R4Os says:

    grk: “Could omone confirm. We have it froma thus far reliable source.”

    We also heard from our reliable source that GR-Kumar is a Be-eNd Cybertrooper and a Semi-Value’s ar$e-licker…

    Could u confirm?

  131. R4Os says:

    GRK: “Could omone confirm. We have it froma thus far reliable source.”

    Our reliable source said that GRKumar is a Cybertrooper reporting directly under Semi-Value.

    Could anyone confirm?

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