This post is dedicated to all the beautiful souls who left us recently …

Only the good seem to die.

I am utterly shocked and sad at the passing of Yasmin Ahmad who’s captured the hearts of so many of us by her meaningful and powerful commercials, and films.

She brought us Malaysians together, irregardless of skin color, beliefs and social status and make us laugh at ourselves and love each other the way none – not even a single stupid politician – can do.

It’s true, we haven’t got enough of you and now you’re gone. So suddenly, so abruptly. How can we even begin to understand why, how come, must you?

And yet, for all of us, when the time comes, can we say ‘no’ ? You’ve done your time, you fought well. Your mission on earth is accomplished. If we miss you, we shall return to your blog…the storryteller and the filmmaker.

Must the good, the lovely, the talented leave us so soon? What about the evil, the corrupted, the heinous and the murderers?

Time has all the answers, if only we wait patiently…

It all started with Michael Jackson, then very near to home, it was Teo Beng Hock (a political and most undeserving death under the hands of the MACC), Blogger Ancient Mariner or Captain Yusof, whose blog I enjoy reading as well.  I thought he would always be around, who knew that on July 19, he, too sailed away so very suddenly…

tony thien

It also came as a shock to me when my friend from Sarawak, ex correspondent for Bernama and Malaysiakini, Tony Thien passed away. I will always remember him as a jolly and kind friend, who is always willing to share his work with other journalists. When I covered the Sarawak state elections in 2001, Tony showed me around and made my stay and work in Kuching enjoyable and productive.

I’ve cried many tears in my heart over the past week, to hear and read of all these sudden deaths. It is a bit too much for me at the moment. And so I’ll mourn for awhile. Mostly mourning for myself, who never took the time to care more for my friends…before it’s too late…

But as I think of all these beautiful souls, I remember that our lives have been blessed and made less daunting, by the presence of these wonderful human beings, whether we know them personally or intimately, they have in a small or big way, touch and change our lives.

May their death reminds us that life is indeed short, too short, and one can leave so unexpectedly and suddenly, so quietly, silently and unknowingly.

So tarry not, my friends, but live, love, sing and dance while you can…and tell your friends you love them, before your words no longer matter.


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  1. R4Os says:

    R.I.P Yasmin… M’sia has lost an illustrous daughter…

    I feel sad as I think she’s not old enuf to be called upon by god almighty.

    The sadder fact is that in today’s M’sia we r seeing dwindling number of good ppl around…

  2. koolgeek says:

    “Siti dan Dr. Rohaya memberikan bantuan pernafasan dan saya cuba menekan-nekan dada Yasmin selepas itu. Kemudian dia dibawa ke hospital dan apa yang ajaibnya, setibanya Yasmin di hospital dia mula memberi tindak balas dan boleh bernafas,” jelas beliau ketika ditemui di luar bilik Yasmin dirawat….

    Yasmin died of severe brain haemorrhage…..

  3. koolgeek says:

    Michael Jacksson – heart failure – CPR

    Yasmin – stroke – CPR ????

  4. Yasmin, I should say is a “great” lady…!!!

    And….. a true Anak Bangsa Malaysia….!!!!

    She has done & potray the aspect of true Malaysian’s life on films & advertisments…!!!
    She’s got “guts” to do what other’s “think” they can’t do.

    May her soul rest in peace…!!!

    I don’t think we will ever get another like her & someone else to do the “job” as good & creative like her….!!!!

    Yeah…! Why do good people always have to die young & faster, Susan…?????
    While those ………………………………………………. ??

  5. Kherry Scarry says:

    Her movies reminded me about my teenage years. That was exactly what I’ve gone through and experienced the wonderful love with someone from different religion and race…back then race was not even in my dictionary…what we care for was the beauty of life and the inspirations in whatever we do.

    Felt like I was part of the script…..

    Her movies touched the hearts of many…..

  6. april fool says:

    “Must the good, the lovely, the talented leave us so soon? What about the evil, the corrupted, the heinous and the murderers?”…..This is samsara, the realm of suffering. Let the evil, the corrupted, the heinous and the murderers roam in samsara and let them conrinue to suffer now and the after world. Anyway, nothing arises without a cause, let it be.

  7. whispering9 says:

    “…and tell your friends (siblings, family and spouse) you love them, before your words no longer matter.” Have been trying to do that since getting aware that life is really too short for bullshits and rubbish in general. Have a Happy Day.

  8. bamboo river© says:

    To the good people whom God Loves so much and took them away from us….May you all rest in Peace and continue to send signs of LOVE from Heaven

  9. kittykat46 says:

    May she rest in Peace. My condolences to her family.
    Thanks for all that you created.

    Unfortunately the the evil and the corrupt seem to live forever…

  10. ivanyang53 says:

    Too many deaths of late, sad isn’t it? And it is always the good ones.

  11. caravanserai says:

    Life is a roulette
    It turns and spins
    Who will be this time?
    To meet The Lord
    As the angels wait
    By the doors?

    We always think
    Good people die early
    Bad people too
    Horrible deaths
    By bullets locked up prisons

    These people only take
    Giving nothing in return
    So we don’t remember
    They too tested our faith
    Of human values and its drawbacks

    Sure we must wish
    Loved ones friends and colleagues
    Even the unknown persons
    Once a while we encounter them
    “Good day and a pleasant journey”

    Life is full of surprises
    Even in death there is a reason
    For God grace move mysteriously
    Telling us we are just leasehold
    On this Earth to learn

  12. downwithtyranny says:

    die beautifully? yeah rite!

  13. …where have all the flowers gone? Well…there must be some truth when it is said that the good ones die young! Dying while making love seems to be beautiful…but death due to old age is preferred by most (but the problem here is when senility creeps in before Hades comes calling!)

    Nothing last forever…there IS an end to any BEGINNING!

  14. apapunboleh says:

    life is short, enjoy while it last

  15. falling star says:


    Only the good seem to die.

    Well! This is just a cycle. No big deal.

    A person may die but his/ her reputation still lives on.

    Yes! Only the ‘angels’ seem to die, unfortunately the devils are still around tormenting the rakyat!

  16. Sabran Hindi says:

    DIMANA KAN KU CARI GANTI – P Ramlee. An apt tribute to Sis Yasmin Ahmad. Innalillah hiwainna ilaihirrajiun.

  17. merandok says:

    It’s part of ALLAH/GOD bigger plan for KIAMAT/APOCALYPSE; take the good one, one by one, one at one time and the fate of the world is sealed for self-destruction, slowly & surely..

    So you old & senile & breathing still and young & disillusion & still breathing; you know your place in the BIG PLAN.. No?

  18. atanco says:

    It’s an honour to pay tribute to the everyday righteous fighters
    in our unjust world. Shame to those who baffled their own consciences and walk on in darkness.

    We honour God when we honour one another from the heart.

  19. andydbrown says:

    “Only the good seem to die.” Check again. No one is leaving this planet alive. The death rate is 100% here on planet earth….but then there was this guy some 2,000 years ago who is the only one in history who claimed to be God, proved in in many signs and miracles and then rose from the grave. Better do your homework on this before checking out of this live as eternity is a LONG time. Who cares for a “beautiful death”! I want a BEAUTIFUL LIFE!!! (John 10:10) Jesus is life and gives life. Without him is only death; in this life and the next to come.
    By the way, you mention “good” people. According to whose standards. “There is no one good. No not even one.” Those who you think are “good” are just as nasty as the ones on your “bad list” when held up to God’s standard.
    Just a few thoughts to consider.
    Peace out!

  20. sun says:

    This is not surprising if you are anti establishment.

    All the hospitals are controlled by Umno. Therefore if Mahakutty wants you to die, he just gives a call to the hospital and the doctors will have to follow instruction?

    Isn’t Anwar’s lawyer for sodomy 1trial Christopher Fernando, a young man much younger than Mahakutty a victim of Mahakutty’s vicious mind?

  21. TJ says:

    Dear Andy Brown,

    Do not believe in fairy tales. That guy who lived 2000 years ago talked a lot of rubbish, although admittedly there are some nice things as well. But by and large, rubbish.

    So, if I were you I will take a dead man’s hearsay with a huge pinch of salt.

    As for Yasmin, lovely lovely soul. What a sad loss to the country. I do not know her but I will miss her voice and work sorely.

  22. My2cen says:

    The good always die young. I will miss her advertisements and her movies. Her’s is one of the few Malay movies I watch as there’s no other who can tell a Malaysian story as well as her. She has touched our hearts in many ways she may never know, and for that I thank her. May she rest in peace.

  23. Sinkeh says:

    Dear TJ,

    Sad to say, you too spew rubbish. If you cannot accept another guy’s view or religion, please don’t condemn by uttering rubbish as you had.

  24. monsterball says:

    She was a rare kind.
    If you see…”Sepet” you see a true Malaysian.
    She won so many International awards……and her film was banned by government…tells volumns of what UMNO “1 Malaysia” is.
    She was promoting a Malaysian Malaysia long before Najib thought out his “1 Malaysia”..which up to now..I don’t understand what it is.
    Yassim sufferings are over.
    May she rest in peace.

  25. Bull says:

    Sinkeh is right. Please don’t insult other’s belief and others are not insulting your beliefs in whatever God that you believe in. Amen.

  26. garfieldcity says:

    Life on earth is no different from life in a prison cell. The only difference between them is only space for one is small, the other is bigger. Read on. When we fly higher up or swim deeper in water, we need to breathe oxygen. O2 in this case is restricting freedom. Therefore it is the same as the steel bars erected in a prison cell that prevent your escape. When you don’t need O2 anymore, you either fly higher into Heavens or sink deeper into Hades. If a person did good, the space upward allows freedom whereas a bad person’s soul will sink deeper into soil which is another worst form of a prison. If you don’t believe me, go and blow up a balloon with your breath. This balloon will fall to the ground when released, right? If a balloon is filled with very light air (helium) it will fly into the sky. So we should all try to purify our own souls B4 we die. There is a real heaven and a real hades waiting for us. No doubt torture is painful but death itself is not painful. When one is about to die, one will feel lots of anxiety and regrets but not pain and that was my own experience in 1993 in my own home. I don’t know about the ‘bad ones’, you have to ask them.

  27. elvie ho says:

    Dear Yassim Ahmad

    I do not know you personally but your films have touch me.How I wish there will be more film director like you who see humans beyond race and religion.No wonder our gov bans your film.History will find you one of our malaysian best directors.May you rest in peace.

  28. Menyalak-er says:

    Yep, Susan i loved that song “Only the good die young” by pianoman Billy Joel too…
    Yet my heart aches for the likes of a untarnished heart like Yasmin, a noble Malaysian.
    TBH, the young idealist who was innocent of any wrongdoing that he was accused of and Ancient Mariner another barrier breacher of uncommon words.
    One might yearn for a ‘beautiful death’, but there is none that i’ve seen. Its ugly, painful and real – the closest to a perfect death is to die a ‘good’ one, whatever that may mean for the individual.
    Yasmin’s, i believe was a ‘good’ one, when she was at her height of career and being loved by many. We will all cherish her memory.

  29. AnimalSpirit says:

    At least it is a reminder for us to make the most out of every moment.

  30. Forrester McLeod says:

    There is a beautiful poem on death over at Made me cry in a lovely way. He captured the bewilderment of letting go brillliantly.

    I’m with Woody Allen on this on:

    “I’m not afraid to die, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”

    Thanks for the Lovely Post.

    Peace All…

  31. Animilsprit says:

    This is a very biased post

  32. p235 says:

    This is a very biased post- Animilsprit

    Nothing compared to this:

    Old Fart said…

    What is so wrong about what Kosmo has written?

    In the spirit and the standards that the Utusan Group has maintained and been supported all this while what Kosmo has written should be perfectly acceptable.

    The hypocrisy of the journalistic profession is so incredible. When they can tolerate the kind of stuff Utusan perpetuates week after week, this write up on Yasmin is no different. It falls within the same descriptive very much approved by those now finding their Yasmin tribute insensitive and vile!

    The Utusan chief should just rubbish away whatever complaints or censure he receives from this or any other group! After all when they find your usual farts smell so sweet, what difference is there now that you have eaten some durian?

    Rocky, by the above, by no means do I subscribe to the trash that Kosmo has written about Yasmin. But I think I am more qualified to vent my anger, disappointment and distaste for this act of insensitivity than the rest of you lot. All of you had the opportunity to vent this same anger and disapproval over Awang Selamat’s writings and every other racist articles published by this group. But you never did! And now you want to? Seems more like a joke to me than anything else!! Sounds more like a Yahoo saying the eulogy!!
    6:44 AM

  33. matrasa says:

    The Mighty Pen says: It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman. What matters most is whether you have lived your life as a true human-being. Yasmin Ahmad did! There is no reason for Malaysian bloggers to get upset, even if this news is true.

    To Marina Mahathir: You need to ask whether you and your family members lead a true life! If all of you do, then why are there so much condemnations on your father’s actions. God knows what sort of comments, readers of this website will be posting shortly. Help! We need a few Umno members to post their comments to cool off the commentaries!

  34. Ricky says:

    Ya, it seems that good people die early and evil people live long. Why? Why? and Why?

  35. Morning Dew says:

    The cycle of life.

    Those that are in power and position of influence was because they were good and kind and helpful in some distant past. Once in power and position of influence they let their greed and evil tendencies reign their life.

    For those that are kind or good in our eyes today were perhaps in some distant past saw the folly of their ways after been tormented by sufferings as a result of their evil deeds before.

    The cycle of life is unending and our delusions is the sail that catches the wind of karma – our past deeds.

    Be still and the cycle of life ends but we will truly live – in dimensions that we never knew or realise exist.

    Be still and know !

  36. wahab says:

    Marina Mahathir……….LIAR;

    Ironically, I understand that a poor mourning mum of a dearly departed was not even aware of the controversy surrounding her child’s ‘history’ (she doesn’t read the papers) and became very distressed only after reps from an ‘offending’ news organisation visited her home with its front page apology that elite journos and ex-es had been championing. Too much-la.
    DumbsTheWord | 4 August 2009 at 1:09 am

    If that is true, and I must confess that I’m unable to check this out personally, it is in sharp contrast to what Marina Mahathir, for one, posted last week:

    “The family is devastated. Yasmin has hardly been buried and Kosmo has already started to publish all sorts of trash about her.”

  37. wahab says:

    Even if Tun Mahathir undergo a se* change operation, he has an ultimate right as an individual and must be respected.
    By condemning Kosmo, you subliminally regard se*-change as a shameful act.
    Stop that.
    July 28, 2009 4:38 AM

  38. wahab says:

    Even if Tun Mahathir undergo a se* change operation, he has an ultimate right as an individual and must be respected.
    By condemning Kosmo, you subliminally regard se*-change as a shameful act.
    Stop that.
    July 28, 2009 4:38 AM

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