I do not know if Ronnie Liu has read this blog “Truth for Teoh Beng Hock“. But I suppose he should from now on. There are details of his alleged “corruption”. In one of the blog posts, it says:

“Teoh was forced into some unscrupulous dealings. He did not like what he was doing. To protect himself, Teoh made copies of false documents, fictitous public work, and dummy companies. He copied information from his notebook and the office computers into a hard disk and left it with someone. Inside are stack of information detailing the corruption by the DAP in Selangor”.

“Teoh Beng Hock shall not die in vain. The truth will be revealed”.

I hope we hear soon from either DAP, DAP Selangor or Ronnie Liu, about all the allegations in this blog.


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  1. sinewy says:

    If the project lists is real, then you have to give credit to DAP for being meticulous in detailing every expenditures, unlike those racist and corrupted jokers in the ruling party and the government administration quietly plunder billions of tax payers’ money to serve their own interest and their cronies’ interest. If this T4tbh joker is real, please spend more time to dig out all the suspicious transactions done by the UMNO/BN and their supporters to bring justcie to the malaysians….NO? You are not going to do it? Scare for your life? Sorry you are just a useless spinner working for the UMNO/BN…

  2. apapunboleh says:

    Malaysia’s Approved Corrupted Commission

  3. Mike Tan says:

    As someone pointed out in Malaysia-today,the doc is dated from Jan 2008.The G.E was held later and PR ADUNs held office later I supposed?Ronnie will be too stupid to award so many projects
    to the same guy and got it documented.

  4. janice says:

    If Ronnie is involved and what is alleged is true, his head should roll. I don’t care if you are from DAP, MCA,PKR, UMNO or PAS. Corruption is corruption. There is no two ways around it.

  5. wits0 says:

    The BS mill’s first public release – as expected.

  6. siewkhim says:

    Let’s murder all the politicians in Malaysia.

  7. funny, sumbangan wang kepada oku, peruntukan kejohanan bola keranjang, sumbangan kemasyarakatan, menganjur pertandingan karaoke were categorized corruption ? i expect something bigger, like building mansion or something. next time prepare better fake list ….

  8. membekalkan hamper untul warga tua dan miskin = rm10,000 -> corruption ?

  9. wira says:

    I think better ask Teoh’s fiancee to answer.

    She would have avoided PR/DAP if she had any reason to suspect that DAP has anything to do with her lover’s demise.

    The so called revelation is a sloppy hate site.
    Readers cannot even leave any comment there.

  10. Aisehman says:

    It’s a hoax. Sungai Pelek is not Ronnie Liu’s constituency. Update your blog.

  11. BILL C says:

    Hello, how much is the total allocation, not even 1 % OF what BN spending, just dun asked a silly question. By the way, did anyone ask najib n toyo how they spend their allocation.

  12. marcus63 says:

    hello, i thought sungai pelek adun is mca fella.
    anyway, the documents are jan 2008 so before pr take over
    the state, right?

  13. Leong Yook Kong says:

    Some of the transactions took place before Pakatan came into power in Selangor or before 8 March 2008. On one page with the Bil. 01 to 10, the transactions (stealing of money) are RM67,600.00. Suddenly, we come to a page with Bil. 78 to 88, the transactions are dated 28 February 2008 to 5 March 2008 amounting to RM24,900.00. Bil. 89 on the same page is dated 4 July 2008.

    Will YB Ronnie Liu clarify whether he was given funds by BN before the 308 election to spend on the people?

  14. Poh Yee says:

    Ronnie Liu ialah KAKI DALAM KASUT…. Hehehe…

  15. KT says:

    Pardon me for my ignorance. I thought the ADUN for Sungai Pelek (N56) is one Yap Ee Wah from MCA?

  16. ahoo says:

    Hello, why talk about hundreds and thousands when billions being siphoned out by bn cronies ? I am not condoning corruption but this fella seems to be very clear-cut bn spinner. Just because those cronies connected to ruling regime can walk away with billions in the name of development or commission, don’t mean that we don’t know. The day of recknoning will be there some day and they who are corrupt will have to pay for it, in one way or another. Let the show begins,…… and let’s us not forget that the change is inevictable.

  17. kittykat46 says:

    Wow ! If that’s incriminating then its incriminating the THEN BN ADUN for Pandamaran….Dato’ Dr Teh Kim Poo …yes, what a lot of Pooooooo

  18. alin says:

    Yes if he is corrupted he must go BUT DONT FORGET the 24 million palatial home of Khir Toyol and the PKFZ debacle worth billions. Comparing these and why action is not taken against UMNO goons should be the main question.

  19. TYKo says:

    This is just a stack of useless papers with no verifications, chops etc to frame someone but no standard. Anybody can create this, even my 7 years old daughter can do it.
    Furthermore, look at the details.
    Ronnie Liu ADUN for Sg Pelek???
    Ronnie Liu ADUN for Sg Pelek since Jan 2008?????
    What a joke!

    Come on, Susan, you can be better than this!
    You are letting the be-end spin doctors making use of your blog to create doubts in people’s mind!

  20. Timothy Dalton says:

    that site must be one sponsored by the Monkey UMNO-BN lah for sure. incorrect facts and last minute cut&paste job, like some local nation car manufacturer producing “car” that ended up killing masses on the road due to pure QC and Safety features. ignore it lah… if the nation leadership is as dumb as Monkey, don’t expect Orang Utan website any better huh…. No?

  21. “Come on, Susan, you can be better than this!
    You are letting the be-end spin doctors making use of your blog to create doubts in people’s mind!”

    don shoot the messenger but the real culprit…

  22. ghkok says:

    I’m amused. I will suggest that Ronnie Liu should not even be bothered to read this. It’s a waste of time. Come on Susan, surely you can see through this fake “revelation”.

  23. charleskiwi says:

    This is the reason why I pray that my descendants will never be politicians or lawyers or policemen !
    God help me.

  24. jambala says:

    Those lists are more than likely not several contracts to same person but rather many orders based on requests by villages or districts,etc. to facilitate acknowledgementsand payments.
    The orders are issued based on rate quoted by the cheapest supplier who got the contract.
    Look the total amount is about Rgt200,000 plus. Others even of very lower values!
    Compare to the Toyol’s Main Gate-a meer pittance. You need to involve gangsters?

  25. MalaysianWoman says:

    Khalid Ibrahim slaughter a cow to feed the poor, they want to investigate. RM2,400 for flags, they want to investigate. Hoi – don’t waste our taxpayers money lah!! Our education system going to the dogs, poverty and crime rate on the rise, … and these are their priorities! Well, who to blame but ourselves, they are our ‘elected’ officials, right? Making a damn fool out of themselves.

  26. sharath says:

    Susan how about that submarine commission 500millions looted from taxpayers money…….what should be the punishment for that day robbery???

  27. Don't trust BN says:

    Then why Najib is afraid to have RCI in TBH’s death? Is Najib afraid have being found to be the mastermind of this MACC scandal? If Ronnie is guilty, then nail him. But what’s keeping MACC from investigaying Khir Toyol and PKFZ?

  28. nabs says:

    I offer my service as a witness

    I have offered to be a witness to the police investigation on the death of Sdr Teoh Beng Hock. I have sent a letter to the CPO of Selangor this afternoon indicating of my offer. If the police has nothing to hide, I do not see why they should turn down my offer.

    In my speech tonight in Melaka, I have pledged to help finding the killers of Beng Hock to my best ability. We have also handed over a cheque to Beng Hock’s brother and sister at the memorial service (RM50,000) on behalf of the Selangor state government.

    Yes, let Beng Hock be the last person who sacrificed as the result of MACC’s investigations.

  29. nabs says:

    N56 Sungai Pelek YB. DATO’ LIEW CHEE KHONG @ LIEW CHEE CHOONG Barisan Nasional (BN)

  30. Defendermalaysia says:

    Come on Susan,
    Did you really look through the so call documents in MT. I really First the dates on these project are in question and it mention Jan 08 whereby the PR won the GE and form the state gov in March 08. Second mistake Ronnie Liu is not the ADun in sungei Pelek. So these prove tht the writter of this article in hidding behind yhe blog. I challenge the so call writter to publish all these allegation in Public media and not try to blame DAP for causing Teoh death.
    So far NGO, DAP and PR is asking the gov to form RCI to investigate the truth behind Teoh death .That show that they have nothing to hide except the gov is refusing to find the truth.

  31. Justice 4 Altantuya says:

    We must all STAND UNITED & support the Campaign to STOP the beatings & killings of Suspects.
    Next it could be you or your family & loved ones.
    Someone said ‘for evil to continue ,good men do and say nothing’.

    Everyone has a part to play ,Keadilan,Pas or Dap Leaders cannot do it alone-they need every support,however small- you can comment on internet, attend a gathering,join a march /protest, write a letter to papers or overseas organisation like Amnesty International, join a political party or NGO or support in kind and volunteer yr service at ceremahs ,election campaigns- anything but DO SOMETHING- so that the same fate will not happen again to someone else loved ones.

    We will not forget let Kugan,Yogeswaran,Kumar Krishnasamy, A.Gnanapragasam,Teoh Beng,Altantuya and the many many more who have died at the hands of the Malaysian Police & law Enforcement agencies.
    Its a terrible terrible dark cloud over Malaysia.

  32. ibrahim says:

    better 76 projects worth rm200k than 1 project worth rm200m, which gets screwed up then bailed out by govt and cost another rm200m to fix, innit?

  33. Niki says:

    Just a hoax from the AMNO jokers. I am sure MACC must be getting real excited. Khir Toyo skims off 24 million and nobody does anything.

  34. Fellow Penangite says:

    Please read Aisehman’s update on this issue.

  35. siew eng says:

    I was expecting that after police started picking up pace, they’ll come up with evidence linking Teoh’s death to DAP’s dirty laundry (unfortunate fact that every political party has it; just that DAP’s just newly bought).

    Wanna bet?

  36. chong says:

    stupid malaysians, if MACC has just a little proof of DAP corruption, it would have been already blown out of porportion thru BN control media.

    the selangor MB’s car and cow incident ring a bell to you?

    no wonder, BN can keep on ruling us.

  37. BrightEyes says:

    Looks like somebody just took the spreadsheet from Ronnie’s website (dated Nov08)…


    …and added his own stuff…


    Compare some of the allocations…

  38. clievo says:

    I am not defending DAP or Ronnie Liu, but I tend to take everything that I read/see on the web with a grain of salt (same goes for all senseless forwarded emails that I received; but that’s another story).

    Anyway, I did a little digging and here’s what I found:

    1. According to the scanned pages those were supposedly allocations for ADUN N56 Sg. Pelek (YB Ronnie Liu)

    2. But Ronnie Liu is NOT the ADUN for Sg. Pelek. He’s ADUN N47 PANDAMARAN (from the Selangor government site).

    3. The previous ADUN for Sg. Pelek was YB. DATO’ LIEW CHEE KHONG @ LIEW CHEE CHOONG (BN). Current one is YB Yap Ee Wah.

    So, there’s clearly a glaring mistake on the first page of the scanned pages. If even one simple fact like that is wrong, I have reasons to believe that the blog is not to be trusted. Also, comments are disabled in that blog. One possible reason is that whoever created that blog wanted to sound impartial and credible and didn’t want people to start commenting and discrediting the information right there and then.

  39. atanco says:

    Whoever is it , By all means all corruptors must be investigated but please not ONLY focus on the opposition (getting tired) and let the other ANACONDA(s) MUI- missing under investigation. Yes, RM1 is also corruption but atleast learn to set priority when you always complain lack of manpower.

    Dont forget Bolehland is Mudah-Lupa. In no times all the cases -abuk pun tak ala. Makan sendiri.

  40. My2cen says:

    If the guy really wants to know the truth, go dig it out of Bali Palace aka Toyoland. The truth is still somewhere in there. Also go check out PKFZ. Don’t diverge. That’s at least RM24 million Selangor fund poured into Toyoland and RM12 bilion Malaysian tax ditched out to cronies of Maha gang. Go and check that. When you finish with the billions and millions, then come and check the thousands. Not start with hundreds and thousands while those wasting billions continue plundering the tax funds for their 10 generations!

  41. tan says:

    “Current one is YB Yap Ee Wah.”


  42. tan says:

    Monday July 14, 2008

    Two offices: Yap runs two service centres to better accommodate the needs of the community. Here he is standing outside the Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi centre. The other office is in Sungai Pelek.

  43. Menyalak-er says:

    Boy, this is a day for tomfoolery!
    Thanks, Susan for doing the needful – i.e airing this very “Pelek” thingy. This so called website is “ANONymus”!
    Dredging their own grave to drown in their pelek sorrows, after the macckies went awol – but none as sorrowful as what they did to TBH.

  44. tan says:

    Monday July 14, 2008

    Two offices: Yap runs two service centres to better accommodate the needs of the community. Here he is standing outside the Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi centre. The other office is in Sungai Pelek.

    The Star

  45. zik says:

    aiya..kecik2 tarak sekolah ka..itu DAP jadi kerajaan after March 08 looo..itu dokumen scan..dia punya tarikh before March 08..aiya..wa tarak tau sebelum MAC 08..DAP one of BN component parties..waa..manyak suspen..manyak suspen..wa sulah pecaya loo..itu DAP manyak jahat..itu MCA dan UMNO manyak22 baik!!!!

  46. hasilox says:

    When in doubt, always go back to the basic.

    If TBH death is accidental or caused by people other than the protected criminals, why spin with a least relevant royal commission? Straight forward, go after the murderers.

    Don’t waste time with moronic spins if the very basic doesn’t even make any sense.

  47. raisman says:

    The Teoh family also hit out at the proposal to conduct DNA tests for Beng Hock’s unborn child in order to resolve the issue of the father’s name on the child’s birth certificate, saying such an act was in gross disrespect for human rights and had insulted Beng Hock as well as his fiancee Soh Cher Wei.

    “We have already recognised Cher Wei as a member of our family and are prepared to let them marry. Are you going to say that we will simply recognise any person?” Lee Lan protested.

    Minister in the prime minister’s department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz has said he agreed that Cher Wei should give birth to the child and then conduct DNA tests for the child to resolve the issue of the father’s name on the child’s birth certificate.

    “I want to ask him whether he really respects human rights and our family.”

    Answer to the last: NO & NO

  48. hang jebat baru says:

    This is part of najib’s deception game,first he came out with RCI on macc methods of interogation- we only want RCI on the death of TBH! Kugan ,Altantuyal and not on how C4 is used!

  49. That blog isn’t the work of UMNO. Neither is it the handiwork of MACC.

    The clue is where the posting states DAP is the culprit and specifically absolves PKR & PAS of wrongdoing.

    Who has been hounding DAP for ages?


  50. raisman says:


    Wee Choo Keong , I dont know why I kept reading your blogs .. maybe I’m too stressful these days and I cant help but to find entertainment from rumour mongers like you. The more you write , the more weaknesses of yourself exposed. Good job , keep up the good work. Why you lost in Bukit Bintang after you left DAP , have you ever wondered why ? Tsumaranai saaaa !!

  51. onlooker says:

    I would rather choose to convince myself that Wee Choo Keong has nothing to do with BengHock’s death because I personally do not like to see any internal rifle within Pakatan Rakyat itself.

    However, I always think that Wee Choo Keong should stay away from Politics and go get married and take care of his own mother and his own wife rather than getting involved in politics again.

    When Wee Choo Keong was detained under the ISA together with many other Malaysian dissidents and dissenters during 1980s, he wept in the ISA detention camp in front of the Investigation Officer from Special Branch and begged for his early release. He said that he had gotten a single mother who needed his care and his mother’s intent was for Choo Keong to stay away from politics and go find a good girl to get married. He was later on set free by the Special Branch police anyway.

    However, why does Wee Choo Keong want to join the hardship-bound opposition politics of Malaysia again and then choose to serve two political masters from different camps, one from PR and another one from BN? Why doesn’t Wee Choo Keong just faithfully serve his full term as an MP of the Opposition and go get retired and quietly withdraw himself from the dirty political arena by the next General Election?

  52. onlooker says:

    Go to Wee’s blog, he is really moderating comments, he cannot accept criticism but can make baseless allegations.

  53. monsterball says:

    In politics…we all know…it is very easy to accuse or frame anyone.
    UMNO is an expert in that.
    What is presented to us..is hinting….Teoh took his own life….commit suicide.
    Be it big or small amount….MACC should be congratulated to try and get rid of corruptions or stealing…public funds.
    But we know….billions are involved by UMNO..and now MCA included..into the list….of massive corruptions….yet MACC is not bothered to investigate at all….or taking their own sweet time…to investigate…take years…and then forgotten…just like the BMF case…already more than 30 years old….not solved.
    MACC have proven to be selective in their duties…all favoring UMNO.
    With this in our mind.do we trust those documents?
    So easy to do that.
    Did anyone sign any vouchers at all?
    Any simple accounting worker will know….all money taken out…must have vouchers signed..with the details..why.when and how.. taken out.
    Can you imagine a graduate like Teoh….agrees to stealing with no benefits to him at all?
    Regardless how much he may love DAP…he should resign or tell Lim Eng Guan……Karpal or LKS….if crooks are in DAP…but he kept silent.
    Does that make any sense in your mind?
    Remember…those documents produced are trying to hint… Teoh commit suicide.
    If Anwar went to jail for 6 years for nothing…yet same formula is apply again.
    If a Min.of Law..resigned and join Anwar…so many highly educated resigned from UMNO and MCA..Gerakan to join Anwar and DAP…do you honestly think….all those honorable people do not know DAP or keDAILan?
    This is to throw Malaysians away from protesting Najib’s Royal Commission…..for investigating MACC management …not Teoh’s case and what bunch of bullshit reasons given too.
    All Malaysians demand for RC on Teoh’s case…yet Najib…ignored and talk about laws and orders…which they have broken every single one…..including insulting Allah.
    Will Ronnie Lui respond? I hope he just ignore and lets wait for the official report on Teoh’s death.
    It is paving the way…to commit suicide…no foul play..no torture.
    Just watch the report.

  54. Pathfinder says:

    Yeah DAP and PKR corruptions is like the MB buying cows for korban…….come on man.. hei wakeup you guys don’t you all know that UNMO throw all kinds of mud and hope that it sticks…..

  55. bamboo river© says:

    Interesting exposures. Yang Berkenan Ronnie Liu…what’s your say ?

  56. k1 says:

    nanajis, set up 1 more RCI to clear your name in c4 and submarine case

  57. raisman says:

    If at Hague AG Gani Patil can lose despite forged photos in Pedra Blanca case against S`pore, MACC cows definitely cannot do better.

  58. fearnoone says:

    I doubt DAP is that stupid to expose itself in such doing. All eyes are on them. This is another plot of bloody BN and Najis.
    Whatever you read and hear, just go the reverse. Change the bloody govt now and the country will be fine.

    I don’ need sex
    The Govt fucks me every day.

  59. raisman says:

    Malaysia uses plagiarist’s blog to claim Pedra Branca at ICJ?

    But yesterday, Singapore’s AG, Chao, raised questions about the blog.

  60. monsterball says:

    DAP demanded a Royal Commission on Teoh’s death.
    Will they do that….if they are stealing or cheating public funds?
    It is also saying DAP have no control of their activities….painting it…lousy governance on party….so how to govern a country?
    Have you ever hear UMNO demand a Royal Commission for anything?
    Now look at Lingam’s case….those highly respected Commissioners have spoken….clearly pointing Mahathir ..Lingam..and Yusoff Chin…must be investigated.
    Where is speed lighting fast MACC?
    RC to investigate MACC management and not Teoh’s case..quoting law and orders…must be adhered to…by Najib…makes me sick to the stomach….how much more must we tolerate…UMNO making fools of very Malaysian.
    Malaysians have spoken and demanded….and it takes the “1Malaysia” PM to keep teaching us…now…on laws and orders.

  61. Y.S.P says:

    Why blame on the DAP Ronnie Lui . Peoples are creating n finger pointing at the opposition for they wanted to know the truth too. Where you ppl got nothing to do framing accusation with bad mouth.
    The death of Teoh b.huat murder at the MACC bulding itself. So they are answerable for it Kill n Murder with cold blooded. We pray that justice be prevail in the eye of god.

  62. dato`ramli says:

    “We pray that justice be prevail in the eye of god.”

    WOW! For a while there I was beginning to feel partly responsible, now I know it is HIS fault after all HE and the Agung put the serial killer as peeam.

  63. Anonymous Lurker says:

    Hot scoop! I too found an “authentic” document of alleged kickbacks! And it only took me 5 minutes in Word!

    Give me a scanner and I can make it even more “authentic”! 😀

  64. Info_from_net says:

    Bil. Program / Kerja Tarikh Program Tarikh Cek Jumlah Cek (RM)
    1. Penyewaan mesin fotostate untuk tempoh setahun bagi kegunaan Pusat Khidmat Komuniti DUN N56 Sungai Pelek 15.07.2008 04.07.2008 7200.00
    2. Bantuan Bencana Kebakaran Taman Mawar BBST 12.06.2008 03.07.2008 2000.00
    3. Kelab Nyanyian Warga Emas Sungai Pelek 28.07.2008 1000.00
    4. Gotong-royong & Ramah Mesra Kampung Labu Lanjut 20.07.2008 25.07.2008 2500.00
    5. Gotong-royong Membaiki & Mengecat Surau Kg. Ginching Hilir 25.07.2008 5000.00
    6. Program Mesra Rakyat di Stadium BBST 27.07.2008 10000.00
    7. Program Mesra Rakyat-Ibu Tunggal 27.07.2008 1000.00
    8. Membina Garaj Kenderaan, Membaiki Peralatan Dapur dan Kerusi Meja Surau AT-TAQWA Tg. Mas Bt. 2 01.08.2008 05.08.2008 5000.00
    9. Pertandingan FUTSAL Sepang (Bawah 18) 09.08.2008 14.08.2008 1350.00
    10. Kem Remaja Wawasan 2008 Paksi Sepang Selangor 22 & 23.08.08 14.08.2008 1450.00
    11. Bantuan Pembiayaan Kemudahan Peralatan Kelas Masjid Jamek Sg. Pelek 14.08.2008 2500.00
    12. Membaik-pulih & Menambah Peralatan Pembesar Suara Surau Al-Hidayah Desa Vista Taman Vista 14.08.2008 2500.00
    13. Perayaan Ulang Tahun Ke-94 Persatuan Keturunan Keluarga Sim 28.08.2008 03.09.2008 1000.00
    14. Sambutan Hari Kemerdekaan 2008, Belia Kg. Tg. Mas Bt. 2 30.08.2008 03.09.2008 2500.00
    15. Tokong Bai Guan Yin Sg. Pelek 17.10.2008 03.09.2008 1000.00
    16. Sambutan Hari Kemerdekaan-Bendera Untuk Kenderaan 31.08.2008 11.09.2008 2500.00
    17. Program Mesra Rakyat – Perayaan Tanglong 2008 13.09.2008 11.09.2008 10000.00
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    Bil. Program / Kerja Tarikh Program Tarikh Cek Jumlah Cek (RM)
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    Bil. Program / Kerja Tarikh Program Tarikh Cek Jumlah Cek (RM)
    47. Persatuan Penggerak Muslimat Kg. Ulu Chuchoh memohon Peruntukan 2500.00
    48. Persatuan Penggerak Muslimat Kg. Ulu Chuchoh memohon Sumbangan Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2500.00
    49. Sepang Chinese Methodist Church – Konsert Tadika 11.10.2008 2000.00
    50. Rukun Tetangga Kawasan Taman Sri Sg. Pelek – Majlis Bersama Penduduk 26.09.2008 2350.00
    51. Kerja-Kerja Pembersihan Longkang di Lapis 5, Kg. Baru Sg. Pelek 18300.00
    52. Kerja-Kerja Pembersihan Longkang di Depan Pejabat Pos dan Depan Restoran Tomyam 9000.00
    53. Jamuan Hari Raya Aidilfitri Peringkat Daerah Sepang Tahun 2008 1500.00

  65. infonet says:


    y u post all that stuff, you think we all donno how to use pc ah? cannot give link only ah? And you post all the nonsense from 2008, this aledi ending july 2009 lah.

  66. Ikan bilis says:

    Why are all these people want to join politics in the first place in Malaysia?

    Aiya! You know I know is very easy to make money when you are a politician and in power.

    Looking at those poor Doctors, dentists, engineers, architects, accountants, lawyers blah blah, they are just slaves to the politicians.

    Sampai tua also cannot become a millionaire.

    Whereas nincompoops like Dr. Z, Dr. Kill Toyo, apa nama itu ular mata dari Kelara, Najib, Mayuddin, Bodolah, etc.., they make money like nobody business.

  67. joey says:

    this is clearly a poor attempt at tarnishing the PR government, and a huge conspiracy. The writer is anonymous, does not allow comments, and definitely writing all lies. if the writer has the facts, then report to the polis.

    I am disappointed that you Susan will even bother to give this air time given the anonymous nature of this blog.. and expressing your wish to hear from the DAP.

    I will say to the DAP to just ignore this, and not waste everyone’s time on this clearly provocative and wild and poor attempt at DAP assisination.

  68. infonet says:

    A new Blog has emerged called Truth for Teoh Beng Hock which insinuates that the DAP is behind Teoh’s death. It also suggests many other things, all criminal. Invariably, the Umno Blogs and websites are promoting this Blog. Expect soon the mainstream media to go to town on this issue. Before that happens DAP had better be ready with convincing answers.

  69. Info_from_net says:

    Y.B. Tuan Yap Ee Wah
    Kawasan : ADUN N56 Kawasan Sungai Pelek

    Alamat Pejabat : 82, Jalan Besar, Sungai Pelek,
    43950 Sungai Pelek, Selangor
    Tel : 03-31411293

    Alamat Rumah : No. 172, Kampung Baru Sepang Jaya,
    43900 Sepang, Selangor Sungai Pelek Exco Bayangan Pembangunan Kampung Baru dan Penyelesaian Kilang Haram

  70. Ikan bilis says:

    All these professionals have to slot day-in and day-out just to be taxed heavily by all these blood-sucking parasitic politicks.

    This Ronnie Liu was slaughtered by Fried Beefun with his tail between his legs even this fried Beefun was involved in scandals not once but twice in the previous-previous 2 GE..

    So this Ronnie liew with One black dot was then like a beaten dog got to retreat to a safe seat in Pandamalm, Kelang.

    Why did he do after being elected? Nothing accept busily setting up of Cyber cafes, massage parlors and is behaving like a eunuch warlord.

    This little eunuch warlord is really a typical no-use with little prawn brain only knows how to act ‘action’ only.

    It’s just like appointing a samseng to become a school master.

  71. Ikan bilis says:

    This Democratic Action Parasitic party is just a transient government and will never last long and this is the norm of this useless rocket with one stage propulsion and and soar to great height.

    Now they are fighting for powers and self interests, women and land. Typical Dap war lord traits.

  72. Ikan bilis says:

    LKS is just a useless no-balls eunuch and the 25 million Chinese in Malaysia got to suffer miserably for electing this no-ball eunuch as the opposition follower allowing Umno to slaughter the endemic Chinese.

    Why Mahashit the poisonous Indian snake can spit relentlessly virulent poison onto the Chinese? Yes! Because this useless eunuch is in his comfort zone every month drawing thick fat salaries from state assembly and parliament.

    Do you think this Eunuch will fight to the death against kampong Umno warlords to defend the endemic Chinese with his body parts missing?

  73. Ikan bilis says:

    This Eunuch should be arrested and his dic* catricized and be sent back to the sugarcane eating sugarcane- that is where he likes best and should be.

    This no-ball Eunuch is just a waste of the endemic Chinese’s time who kept asking others to retire/resign whence he should have fic*ed off long long ago with his no-little ball son.

    Malaysian Chinese will be better off without this nepotistic eunuchs.

    The longer the little emperor and son stay, the more sufferings the endemic Chinese will receive.

  74. Ikan bilis says:

    Dey! Use your common sense. If a coach has failed to gain a championship, the coach will resign on his on accord, but this no-ball eunuch just clinging to the post as if the chair of throne is embedded to his and his no-little ball son’s ass!

    Aios! Euncuhs, please go and don’t embarrass yourselves and the agony of being booted out ala whence in Penang!

    Perhaps our allah nik of Kelantan can spare you a parliamentary and state seat in Kelantan after being kicked out from Ipoh.

  75. Ikan bilis says:

    It will be interesting to see this no-ball eunuch wearing Islamic gown and turban in Kelantan with allah Nik!

    This disgraceful eunuch sure will also forsake his religion and becoming an Islamic terrorist blasting himself off against the Bn and Umno dogs as martyr so that he can fly and meet his 69 beautiiiiiiiful virgins ‘on the sky’!

  76. Ronnie Liu says:

    I am no fan of Barisan Nasional but yes, this Ronnie Liu is not as clean as what he seems. Just go to Klang and talk to the business people there. I was very surprised when Pakatan govt appointed him as EXCO member.

    But I do not think Ronnie killed Teoh Beng Hock. It was Shitty and his shitty gang.

  77. whoamI says:

    The Sg. Pelek DUN is Y.B. Tuan Yap Ee Wah. So what does it got do with Ronnie Liu?

  78. saiful says:

    “This Democratic Action Parasitic party is just a transient government and will never last long…”

    Another failed attempt by the BN since Oct. 1965:

  79. Dave says:

    There are nothings to answer to this allegations.I can also do the same thing the other way round. Justice for teoh!!!

  80. lbw says:

    The MACC try to sodomy TBH (wedding so they try to shame him as mental torture), thas y his trousers tore. He still dont do wat they say, then they wallop him an he die. Only way to cover up the blue black is throw him out.
    but, they din expec so much public noise, now cover up is difficult. Les see how they behave in witness box.

  81. hang jebat baru says:

    only fools will buy such crap! Ronnie Liu, why take so little?you must learn from toyo,in just 8 years he manage to “save” to buy a 24 million bungalow,he is so rich that he dont mind to sell for 3.5 million!

  82. lbw says:

    8 years he manage to “save” -hang jebat baru

    He din haf to save. State was his kitty. Najis says is ok no need to check da bugr out. Najis oso swear a lot, wen not breaking coconut.

  83. kelvin says:

    The DEATH of TBH obviously a conspiracy to topple PAKATAN’s Selangor government.
    TBH died as a HERO because of refusal to surrender to cruel investigation.
    MACC function as instruments to the power that be, the credibility of MACC had gone down to drain.

    The conspiracy still continue with accusation targeted on Ronnie and Ean Wah. To my surprise, Susan Loone’s as popular and respected for long time put forward dirty conspiracy to netizens which is unnecessary. The point is why so many BNajis mountain high scandal never investigated by MACC?
    What Susan Loone can’t see conspiracy by BNajis to topple Selangor government. Why need to sensationalised this unknown blog issue?

  84. madhat says:

    “put forward dirty conspiracy to netizens”

    To be forewarned is to be forearmed

  85. saiful says:

    The Mighty Pen asks Nazri:

    Can we conduct a DNA test on you to check whether you are your mother’s son? Or can we conduct a DNA test on your flirtatious son to check whether he is born to you and your wife?

  86. adam mat says:

    Muhyidin shud be charged for bribery at at manek urai by-election then>

  87. Lingam says:


    Nota: Selain daripada DUN Pandamaran di mana saya adalah ADUN bagi kawasan ini, saya juga dibertanggungjawabkan untuk menjaga peruntukan tahunan bagi DUN Sungei Pelek(BN- Yap Ee Wah) dan DUN Sunger Panjang (BN-Khir Toyo).

  88. romerz says:

    Dear Susan and all those ready to jump to conclusions simply because the blog title “sounds” sympathetic to poor Teoh Beng Hock.

    Please do a bit of investigation before you are so quick to draw the gun!


    Ever thought that it might be the work of a BN cybertrooper or a really sick individual? Please think, that is all I ask of you!

  89. My2cen says:

    THis is so typical of the C4-man. Create lies and more lies to hide a truth – A death. Remember the Mongolian woman who we can’t name? Remember the USD100 milion submarine commission??? Remember Razak?? All these are forgotten alreadY?? Come on people. The murderer has up things. Personally, I believe this was an accident, MACC only wanted to rough him up and scare the shit out of him, but they went overboard and tragically killed him. Let the RCI investigate his death, not some small inquiry. And keep asking about the submarine and toyoland and PKFZ and all the shit UMNO created. They are the MAster corruptors.

  90. mat says:

    The blogger must be from MACC to know so much..dont try to bluff lah. Why dont you just investigate the commission for submarine purchased when najib was defense minister?

  91. blackhand says:

    Ronnie Liu 2hold media conference 2debunk “blackblog” defaming TBHn 2Excos purportedly on “DAP corruption modus operandi in Selangor”
    Friday, July 24, 2009 15:35

  92. Pakmus says:

    Ronnie Liu constituency is Pandamaran. You all know where Pandamaran is? It is very near to the famous Istana at pandamaran Indah.

  93. blackhand says:

    He also questioned the information on the blog is probably from the Anti-Corruption Committee, as such information is not open to the public, only the anti-corruption to the Land Agency and the contractor will obtain such information.

    “Anti-Corruption Commission must interpret the information is not leaked out of their offices.

    Enter the “t4tbh.blogspot.com” search, it will find a well-known blogger Rocky Bru , Ahirudin Attan, right) finished the first reference time. He 10:14 this morning posted an article that this blog obviously has a political purpose, and has done a very serious allegations of corruption.


    Najis Tong Rosak`s hatchet man “Rocky” again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. goo goo dolls says:

    I could come up with a similiar scanned copies of such expenditure logs by using MS Excel printing it and making a scanned copy. There’s an invoice and then there’s scanned printed worksheets. Hmmph bloggers need to be a bit more computer literate before actually putting up entries like these.

  95. true says:

    Malaysian Police Motto is changed to:

  96. Goody2shoes says:


  97. nadi says:

    I will be joining Sdr Kit Siang at a pc tomorrow on matters relating to the defamatory blog attacking Sdr Ean Yong Hian Wah and me and the Selangor DAP in general.   In my pc today, I pointed out that Wong Chuan How is not a contractor as claimed; he is actually my special assistant who helps me to process the annual allocation for Sg Pelek state constituency.After having a closer look, I found that the blog contains nothing but bullshits.By the way, I have put up all details concerning the 2008 allocation for Sg Pelek, Sg Panjang and Pandamaran  in this blog in Janauary this year ( under annual allocation category).

    -Ronnie Liu

  98. ShiokGuy says:

    Look at the document carefully and analyze them, I am very sure you will fine evident of contradiction.

    When someone is trying to rush through something to defame someone, he will not be able to cover all holes..

    For MACC to be able to answer to the people, MACC has to be under the power of the people which is the parliament.


    Shiok Guy

  99. ShiokGuy says:

    After my last comment, I went to read the blog again a few times. I have pickup something not consistent there.

    I have posted two questions for the blogger here.


    I call it Scanned or Scammed documents. I think your reader will find it very obvious and I am waiting for Page02-Page07 to surface.

    Shiok Guy

  100. sky hawk says:

    It’s a notion that when one is in power, all these politicians will try to plunder and make as much money as possible while being in power.

    There is no exception to all these dap eunuch warlords.

    This is the culture in Malaysia since Mahahantu initiated the plunder.

    To halt is to jail this Mahahantu first, confiscated his plundered loots during the 22 year reign in Malaysia and then jailed him for good.

    This Eunuch Lks should have pursued this line of action but instead kept practicing nepotism and corruption is rampant in dap and controlled state.

  101. ShiokGuy says:

    OMG it must be 430am in the morning after 4 cups of coffee, I pasted a wrong link.. so so sorry Susan, could you remove and replace with this


    My apology, the wrong one is my friend’s online store. Sorry!

    Shiok Guy

  102. sky hawk says:

    This dap eunuchs must be skinned alive and the carcass send to chicken farm for feeding the chickens.

  103. […] Ronnie Liu, how will you answer this? I do not know if Ronnie Liu has read this blog “Truth for Teoh Beng Hock“. But I suppose he should from now […] […]

  104. seetanggang says:

    memangnya buat baik berpada pada, buat jahat janga sekali,

    kalau dah jahat tu, sapa sapa pun DAP, UMNO, PKR, PAS, sapa pun patut kena belasah habis habis.

  105. Joseph Tan says:

    this guy is more effective than MACC, doesn’t make sense

  106. star says:

    This Ronnie Liu b4 he was every where, now can’t even see his shadow.

    This is the style of dap eunuchs. Only when election comes, they are everywhere.

    This Lks is just an old obsolete rocket waiting to be scrapped long long ago.

    What the fuc@ is he still around?

  107. daniel lee says:

    hahaha the star even run the story of this blog…. what a noob…

  108. Realist says:

    Malaysian are very forgiving & the majority are easily duped.

    No matter how corrupted & evil the BN govt is, every election they will still get elected as the Govt.

    Malaysia is truly a basket case. Hopeless to the very end.

    I wonder when will the large majority of Malaysian (especially the rural Malays) wake up?

    Sad case.

  109. Fern says:

    Oh! Susan, Susan you fell for that line hook and sinker?
    Y eap! you feel for the oldest trick in the book!Would have thought you double check your sources!
    You have been had girl !

  110. BadEgg says:

    Somehow I have a feeling BN is desperately unleashing full frontal assault in forms of a bunch of bloggers and commentators to various blog/commentating sites to attack the oppositions.

  111. Scott says:

    Check this out.

  112. mama says:

    HA HA HA !!!

  113. medusa says:

    Hi People,

    First they use frogs to topple Perak. Now they are trying to use Mad Aging Cows and Cars to topple Selongor. Get it

  114. kukupet says:

    hello miss susan,

    I dont know if you’re blind or retarded, i suggest you should go see a psychiatrist immediately.

    Just look at the evidence on page 1, 29-jan-2009? He wasnt the state assemblymen at that place that time!

    Formality aside, fking cunt please get your shts right before you make any posting next time stupid bich

  115. monsterball says:

    You bloody idiotic.. kukupet….talking nonsense and insulting Susan..to satisfy your ego?
    Go read Susan’s simple straight forward…message carefully.
    Besides being an expert to insult Susan…and judging others….let see you out beat 1-4-C…fortune telling.
    Go ahead…all are waiting for a smart asshole like you…to talk serious stuffs.

  116. monsterball says:

    When one resorts to insult Susan like kukupet….Susan must be doing something right..to wake up Malaysians…to vote..change of government.

  117. wits0 says:

    That’s one ketupat served with sh*t sauce only. Maybe will find a customer with 1-4-C.

  118. monsterball says:

    ku- ku-pet….is an idiot loves to play with his own kuku.. like a pet..as no one wants that smelly dirty toad kuku..hahahahahahaha
    He tried it like a pet…petting it….stroking it….all by himself.
    He is destined to sell kutupat at the road side….where bullshit fortune teller …..like I-4-C is his best customer.
    Do not be surprised….his kutupat have funny smell!!
    Away you go….toad.
    Siapa rasa monsterball tarok…rasa bola sakit.

  119. astradamus says:

    i believe you susan.right now their mind is clouded with emotional. just keep it to your self.when the time right the truth will

  120. free says:

    The blogger for “Truth for Teoh Beng Hock” forgot to type invoice number for all the invoices before he scanned them.

    Aisehman is right, he also forgot to move the text cursor away before he screen capture the so called scanned document. LOL.

  121. Very dissapointed Malaysian Abroad says:

    This incident really makes me sick to the stomach, very sad that Malaysia has rotten to this stage…after Rahman’s era. Running by a bunch of geedy, lazy SOB and clowns…driving the country down the drain! We are really too weak to even voice out and fight for our fundamental human rights. Decided to leave this country for good! Sisters and brothers back home…find a better “home” for you and your family~

  122. RL secret says:

    its obvious that Ronnie Liu dictated everything. ‘DAP’ has gone to far

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