Asean Human Rights Commission without Teeth

We asked for an ASEAN Human Rights Commission
with Teeth

but were told

  “We don’t need teeth because ASEAN does not bite”

Well then…how about?

An Asean Human Rights Commissions with Balls?


(image modified with apologies)

In any case, I don’t think it’ll work either

as their balls would be too puny !!!

Read: Critics slam new rights body.


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  1. JohnAU says:

    Hi what about for one with no teeth and no balls such as an old eunuch? Members of Asean are good at sweeping snow only at their doorstep for the sake of Asean fraternity?

  2. wits0 says:

    No teeth and no balls, only want salary, that’s the way of ArseSeen.
    How many time can you strut around with that glaring hole in your pants without that be seen, forever?

  3. rondeva says:

    All of them are still searching for their own balls not realising they have NONE.
    Block of wood………what can you see and find………..nothing.

  4. richardpoon says:

    Asean is nothing but an annual talkfest. Since its formation yons ago, nothing substantive have come out of this regional gruoping.

    EU started about the same time. They have a common market, common currency etc.

    Asean is still talking. Look at Mynmar. They can’t even resolve this issue.

    They have neither of the things you mentioned.

  5. Menyalak-er says:

    Asinine Asean? No teeth, no balls and no more than a tok-kok kopi tiam – ever since it was formed. Nobody can really figure out why this entity exists, besides dramatic helicopter escapes for their coterie of eunuchs.
    Sanctity of each individual members ‘internal’ affairs equals lack of humanitarism. Not an economic entity, not a political forum and not even a defensive pact.
    It exists only in name but not in substance – therefore it is truly a wraith. Why would anyone in their right minds expect anything of it?!
    EU is effective marginally mainly because they have a ‘western’ form of democracy – ASEAN has all the worst sorts of governance!

  6. wits0 says:

    “Sovereignty and Integrity”, when translated to the individual level means please do nothing when you find a husband killing his wife on his driveway.

    “ASEAN has all the worst sorts of governance!” – Menyalak-er.

    BINGO! All that unlimited hypocrisy can wrought with impunity!

  7. Human Rights group may be from any nation. UN Human Rights , ASEAN human Rights, Malaysian Human Rights.
    We have all of them ! But what is the point in having a Human Rights group that has no force, no integrity, no sincerity except have members flying here, there and everywhere but all these public stunts mean nothing when there is nothing to show.

    Take ASEAN, fro example. What has it done to get Aung San Suu Kyi and herr comrades released ? Where has ‘constructive engagement” taken them in the case of Myanmar( BURMA)?
    While several talks have been conducted, the poor lady is still under house arrest.

    Why, in the first palce, was she placed under house arrest?Did she commit any crime? Was she a threat to the security of the nation? Or was it because she won the election? Or was she a threat to the security of the Junta Generals and their luxurious lifestyles?

    One simple solution was the one used against White South Africa: kick out Burma from ASEAN! When diplomacy does not work, then sacking it will work! Why keep its membership? Why condone the atrocities meted out by the Junta? Why? Why? Why?

    Their ineffectiveness shows that it is impotent: it simply cannot or could not do anything; and junta could snub all the otehr ASEAN members! What are you doing? Kick out Burma! Show that you are serious. No monkey tricks!

    The same goes to the UN Human Rights group. It could do nothing except making some noise!Might as well close shop!

    Just say, you are impotent! A political eunuch!


  8. Ray-of-Hope says:

    ASEAN is just like a Leisure Club for the Asean H.O.S to take turns to host a gathering regularly for Kopitiam gossips, enjoy nice cuisines, play a few rounds of golf, go massage, exchange some dirty jokes, then say Adios n See ya next yr…

    Why not, it’s such a fun gathering with all expenses paid by the host nation’s taxpayer dollars…

    Huh…? Did u say orang-utan rights, Ooops, sorry, u mean human rights?

  9. jb says:

    Corruption is so rife in ASEAN, so how can each correct the other. So it is usual to talk about trade and how to make money, and then talk cock about other matters. That is what you call progress in ASEAN.

  10. storm62 says:

    no teeth, no balls and NO BRAINS.

  11. april fool says:

    “This would appear to be a continuation of ASEAN’s much criticized policy of non-interference in domestic affairs of member countries”……This mean it allows ecthic cleasing, dictorship and racial abuse. ASEAN…go , fly kite, you are not toothless, ball-less but damn useless.

  12. atanco says:

    Have balls but it’s punctured and flat. If not one side big one side small , out of alignment. May be have good balls but forget to take it out left hanging at home on the wall.

    Ada tak ada serupa juga. niaahseng..

  13. kittykat46 says:

    None of the Asean regimes can afford to look closely at their neighbours human rights record…..’cause their own will not bear scrutiny.

    Having said that, I’m pleasantly surprised at how far Indonesia has come, and how much determination it has shown for transparency and open government. I see some good things happening there, though its still a long journey.

    Bolehland….sigh….getting worse and worse…

  14. Do you know that SUHAKAM is downgraded by the UN Human Rights? WHY?

    It has nothing between its legs! All talk and no action! It serevs no purpose other than glorifying its members. We do not need hypocrites in our midst. The sooner it closes shop, the betetr. At least people will say you have a Conscience.

    When will we find a ” Nelson Mandela ” or “Mahatma Gandhi ” in our midst?

    However, we should salute Datuk Shahrih of Johore Baru who refused to be considered as a Minister; and told the incoming PM. The UMNO delegates did not vote for him; and that put paid to his desire to serve the nation. Many otehrs ‘gleefully” accepted posts! ” cari makan? ”

    We should also salute Datuk Zaid Ibrahim who resigned as de facto law Minister when he disagreed with the detention of three
    persons under the iSA.He fought for what is right!

    We should also salute Dr. Chua Choi Lek who resigned as Health Minister after the video clip was publicised. On the otehr hand, we should say ” shame on you” for trying to try a person TWICE ! What political agenda do they have? Simple decency dictates that you do not try a person twice for the same offence ( if it is an offence, “those who have never sinned could throw the first stone. ” )

    S.H. Huang

  15. bamboo river© says:

    My observations whenever there are ASEAN summits, ;
    1) ASEAN reps will wear special customed made attires.
    2) Take groupies photoshots at prominent backgrounds.
    3) Signing of many MOUs that ended where only God knows what happens afterwards.
    4) Spouses will visit place of interest,shopping?,day cares and whatnot with press tailing them to take promotional mugshots.
    5) Asean reps will later making many proposals on many issues that is good for the ears yet failed to materialise.
    6) When questioned about certain human rights issues, those ASEAN reps will reply ” That’s their internal matters and we have an understanding when not to pull the lines”
    6) Not complete without the ceremonial GOLF events.
    7) Finally the closing dinner bash and “Auld Lang Syne” till they meet again on another ASEAN host country.

    I want to know if ASEAN countries except Myanmar will push for the freedom of Aung Yang Su Kyi or remove the membership of that country.

    Aiyah, one round of golf and few rounds of drinks, everything is okay mah!!!!!!
    I wonder if they played golf with their balls or Spaldings?

  16. stcin says:

    aiyaa, wat for : nato only !!

  17. Douglas Moore(Must Read Plus Quote) says:

    Hi Susan,

    Just take a look at Daw Suu, incarcerated by her own government!
    The strict precept of ASEAN (countries) in reality is about “I scratch-your-back, you-scratch mine” policy, which means that in reality and in real truth, keeping reticent from criticizing member countries when one of it’s member committed heinous crimes against it’s citizens and to counter-attack en-masse(ASEAN) against EU/US or any other countries who condemn the barbarous acts of ASEAN country/ies who commited such acts.

    The massacre of Chinese in Indonesia during Suharto era was the real evidence of this when Dr. Mahathir (besides his reticence, an inversion of his hostile attack against Israel, Serbia) cautioned the local NGOs and opposition political parties not to interfere in their country’s affairs.

    If I am wrong about this, SHOOT ME….

    Douglas Duncan Moore
    Long Beach, New Yory.
    *I was humping a Javanese lass once, when I felt a “hard entry” and she was crying in pain, so I relented out of sympathy and asked her, “Are you a Virgin?”, she replied -“I am married with 5 kids and my fisherman husband went for deep sea fishin”.

    Quote- “Javanese girls are the ‘tightest’, and if one never f–k a virgin before, try javanese lasses, coz they are the true “virgin”, if you know what I mean…..

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