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Today, July 22, as Wong Chin Huat rightly reminds us, is Teo Beng Hock’s seven days after his death.  (4 things Najib can do on Teo’s 7th day)

The Chinese believe that the soul of the deceased would return to his home on this day to seek solace, after which, it’s time to move on.

We agree with Chin Huat, that we all hold Najib Razak responsible for Teo’s most undeserving death while in MACC’s custody.

We all pray for Najib’s early dismissal from his post as Malaysia’s 6th prime minister.

Chin Huat outlines four things that Najib can do for Teo and his family, if he wants to disassociate himself from this gruesome ‘political death’.

Is Najib willing to do these to save his skin or would he just go on with his life, while his wife Rosmah, amuses herself with little children, almost on a daily basis?

While I ponder over Teo’s seventh day ‘home-coming’, I remember an incident that is very personal to me that I would like to share with you.

Perhaps, you have similar experiences, too…

Seven days after his death on June 2, 3003, my father came home to visit us.

We knew because they were tiny evidences of his presence.

It was a warm night, my mum and I were sleeping on the same bed, with the fan swirling madly.

We did not use our blankets, and they were kept at the foot of the bed.

In the morning, we shocked to see that we were fully blanketed. We were also sweating as it was still warm.

When he was alive, my dad used to do that almost nightly – coming to our rooms and blanketing us – to keep us being beaten by mosquitos, he would say.

We knew he was back, as the old Chinese custom predicted, as much as I did not want to place my hopes on it.

The other thing we discovered that day was a shift in a letter I left my dad beside a photo of him.

We had a table dedicated to him in the living room, where a black and white photo of his dear face stands until today, amidst flowers or plants, as he would have loved it that day.

I left a cup of Milo [a drink I always prepared for him before bedtime] on the letter, which spoke of how much we missed him, loved him, but will pray for his journey ‘home’.

In the letter, I promised him, that I would never abandon my mother. She was his greatest concern before he left us.

That morning, seven days after his death, we found the letter shifted from its original position, and the cup of milo away from the paper.

No one could have done it as there was no one else at home, but for my mum, brother and I.

You could say we were speechless, but were also comforted, that perhaps, after seeing us, he would at last rest in peace…

As for Teo Beng Hock, who died most undeservingly in the custody of MACC, I hope his ‘visit’ to his loved ones will also give him the much desired peace and comfort.

However, I wonder if those responsible for this death can sleep peacefully at nights.


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  1. James in California says:

    Susan, Thanks for sharing your story…very comforting indeed. May your dad RIP. As for the loved ones of Teo Beng Hock, I know they will be comforted as well. His tragic death will not be in vain and will help bring lasting hope and justice to all true Malaysian! This will spell the end of BN and all its cronies.

  2. I-4-C says:

    No wonder Malaysians are such loving united bunch when they are alive. They leave it to the “ghosts” to fight it out hahaha. Cantonese call it “Kwai Ta Kwai” …….. Just wonder if they have ghosts that are arse bangers too.

  3. oA says:


    he killed just to be in power ….
    and he killed again just so he can hang on to power.

    serialist is simple and easy to read.


  4. I-4-C says:

    Tell that to the CIAs who think they are above God with their licence to kill.

  5. clearwater says:

    June 2, 2003 and not 3003, Susan? May they rest in peace, our dear departed loved ones.

  6. I-4-C says:

    Why would the MACC caused Teo’s death if they probably got him “by the balls” so to speak to reveal some sensitive information like money transfer to BN politicians to hop over other than the corruption amongst Pakatans samsengs in Selangor???

  7. apapunboleh says:

    May his soul rest in peace but may his killers rot in hell!

  8. markky says:

    Of course those who did it will have sleepless night. TBH will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Serve you right, bastards!

  9. ivanyang53 says:

    The message is to mothers that they should not let their right minded sons and daughters join politics especially with the present groundswell of support for better governance and reforms.

  10. JohnAU says:

    Went in as a witness and came out in a coffin. who dares to be a witness and who dares to be a whistle blower in the furutre? Scary, isin’it!

  11. chong says:

    we should give a dead line to the government/polis.

    if they can’t give a logical answer, we should all go to the street demand the sacking of the polis head and MACC head.

    if we don’t stand up this time, we will be forever doomed. nobody will stand up for us next time.

  12. rondeva says:

    Najib has to answer. Just to be in power he is going crazy……Check…..Which ever way you are gone for good….matter of time. Can’t you see someone up watching. Rosmah seems to busy with kids…….Big hypocrite. Rakyat is wide awake and so is the Almighty. Two of you…..whom are you fooling.
    Enough is enough.

  13. oA says:


    Poor Teoh, after they finished interrogated him at 3.40 am many thought that he could leave but that wasnt the case. He wasnt allowed to leave and thats the reason why he was seen napping on couch. that was why his cell phone was with macc officer. that was the reason why he wasnt seen on cctv to have left the building.


    because macc was awaiting ORDER as to whether to release him or kill him. They decided to kill him.

    same MO as the mongolian case – prolly by the same devil.


  14. pinsysu says:

    four things that Najib can do?? no nid 4 lah … juz do one thing: dissolve the parliment and bring fwd GE13! with thugs controlling the country, we’ll never know who the real murderers of BH, Kugan & Altantuya …

  15. PeoplePower says:

    We want the govt to set up Royal Commission of Inquiry within 24hours!

  16. kittykat46 says:

    MACC idiots had been watching too many James Bond reruns….”Licence to Kill”….too literally.

    Teoh never left the building.
    Teoh never left the MACC premises ( a different and very important point, since its an office building)
    There is no release document with Teoh’s signature on it
    MACC was and is under marching orders to destabilise the PR Selangor State government by all means necessary.

    Teoh was having his marriage registered later that morning, and was going to be a father.
    Did Teoh commit suicide ? Would you buy a 2nd hand car from Najib ?

    Nothing is going to come out from the police investigation.
    Nothing less than a Suruhanjaya Di-Raja will do.

    If MCA can’t swing this with Najib, its as good as finished.

    1Malaysia is Dead…..

  17. chanjoe says:

    I also wondered how Wee Choo Keong will sleep tonight? Until today, he still thinks what he had done was right and he had no remorse on his doings which led to Teoh’s death. Maybe Teoh may not go find him cuz he is afterall, still in PR but I ask Teoh’s spirit to go tell Wee C K to keep his big mouth shut and not allow any bullets to be used by BN and their institution agst PR.
    Lets wait and see and end of the day, they will be no case at all agst any of Selangor Exco to have use their offices for any secret society meetings. In fact secret societies are no longer relevant in today’s society. Teoh…do what you have to do and let us, the people, do the rest for you…we shall throw out BN come GE 13

  18. atanco says:

    DENIAL is the name of the survival game and
    MEMORY LAPSE (if takda untung) is one of the latest trend.

    Shoe polishing now is one of the highly paid job. Academic qualification and conscience not required.,Obedience is the main criteria.

    betul , betul , betul…

  19. hussain says:

    kita yang kerdil mesti terus harap dan bertindak supaya keadilan di dunia dilakukan, sunggohpun di akhirat wajib keadilan akan TUHAN BERIKAN KEPADA MENDIANG TEO.

    Saya tak pandai tulis tapi saya tersangat sedih dengan apa mereka lakukan kepada mendiang Teo

  20. wermalaysians says:

    To co-incide with the 7th day of Teoh Beng Hock’s painful death, all across Asia the Solar Eclipse is a telltale sign of things to come for Najib & Dotty. Let’s Teoh’s death not be in vain.

  21. llheng says:

    Damn all those idiotic bums in MACC and PDRM. Most of them are not fit to be there in the first place. However, what do you expect in Bolehland.
    The rakyat hold Mr. C4 responsible irrespective.
    Let us not leave Teoh’s death in vain.

  22. jb says:

    With so much skeletons in the baggage C4 is carrying, the question is when is it going to ‘kaBoom’. At present he needs his cohorts to spin webs of deceit to confuse Malaysians. The simple fact is there is so much wealth in this country for all Malaysians to share. But then it goes to a select few.
    A country succeeds with good leadership….honest leadership. If not, you breed dishonest people (like what you are seeing now).
    The wrath of the devils will eventually descend on these type of people.

  23. Samdup says:

    MACC lied when they said that Beng Hock was released at 3:45AM. If he was released, they should have given him back his hand phone. Why wasn’t his hand phone with him when his body was found ?. Why was it still been kept by MACC ?.
    Like the police and judiciary, MACC is one of the tools of UMNO/BN being used in their grand plan to grab-back power in Selangor. I think he was interogated (read mentally and physically tortured) until either he couldn’t take it anymore and jumped or his refusal to sign statements (implicating corruption commited by Ean Yong Hian Wah and other exco mambers) fabricated by MACC angered and frustrated the beasts who decided to silence him (because they obviously did not want Beng Hock to leave MACC office alive to tell what transpired).

  24. tangga says:

    A second reason I shall not be accepting Zaid’s kind offer is that things have deteriorated to the point that party affiliation is really not the issue anymore. The issue is how we are to save our country.

    Our major public institutions and our political system have degenerated to the point that the public no longer trusts them. A democratic system of government cannot function below a certain threshhold of public confidence. The suspicious death of Teoh Beng Hock under the custody of a watchdog body reporting directly to a prime minister who has his own public confidence issues may have pushed us below that threshhold.

    What we must do now goes beyond political parties. We need the rakyat to rise up to claim their institutions, and demand that our public institutions are answerable to them. We must wake up to our sovereignty as citizens, reclaim the constitution which constitutes us as a nation and guarantees our rights, and demand a comprehensively reformed government to restore public confidence. We must do this before it is too late.

    -Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

  25. tangga says:

    1st the PDRM BAS*ARDS….Kugan’s death….just to name one.

    Then comes MACC BAS*ARDS….Teoh Beng Hock.


    George Town 21/07/2009: A cloth merchant yesterday claimed that she was humiliated by a group of Immigration officers who raided her shop at the Chowrasta Bazaar in Jalan Penang last week.

    Harbans Kaur, 47, said two officers handcuffed her in full view of the public after questioning her nationality during the 4.30pm raid on July 13. “They asked where I was from and I told them that I am Malaysian, but they refused to believe me and asked for my identity card.” Harbans obliged but was shocked when the two men proceeded to handcuff her. “I protested and asked them to remove the handcuffs but they refused until my husband demanded they do so,” she said when met at Datuk Keramat assemblyman Japdeep Singh’s service centre.

    Harbans’ husband, Dalbeer Singh, said the officers did not produce their authority cards despite being asked. “I am saddened by the incident as there was no reason why these officers should treat my wife that way when they were already told she is Malaysian,” he said, adding that both her hands were swollen as a result of the officers’ rough treatment.

    Jagdeep said Harbans was now traumatised by the incident. He said police later sent a letter to her stating that her “case” was being referred to the magistrate’s court. “I will write to the state chief police officer for a review of the case as she clearly did not commit any crime.” An Immigration Department spokesman said the department would investigate the matter but refused to comment further.

    -The New Straits Times

  26. april fool says:

    1 Dead Malaysian, Kill First, Investigate Later.

  27. april fool says:

    “11 goodies at 11.11am on July 11” and now 65 percent, 65 votes – 6 plus 5 = 11.”
    Now July (7) + 22 (4) =11.
    Coincident?…No, no. no
    11 means shiftlessnes, fanaticism, aimlessness and lack of understanding..the trade mark of him….Who? Him, the leader of evils.

  28. Pegasus says:

    1Malaysian Idol, Naif ( with 65% support ) has lot of work to do. he has to cover up what his goons has done or lose more public support..the Rakyat has lost confidence in the Police,MACC, Judicary and in the civil service. Its mind boggling what those ministers and umno fools are talking about most of the time..after more 50 years ,BN parties are out dated and have lost in touch with the Rakyat…they think and act on their own..the people views are neglected and thrown aside..these parties are now lifeless, death bodies like MCA,MIC and Gerakan should be given proper burial in the next 13th GE. Naif will be the last umno pm, the next PM will be one chosen by the Rakyat and not umno alone. The country has gone through enough hell, its time every Malay, Chinese, Indian and other races to be united and get back our nation on the right track.!!!. BN has mismanage the country badly, they have rob the nation endlessly and accumulate enough wealth for their own family for generations to come. This has got to stop, its our tax payers money that is going missing, if they have manage well, today we do not have to pay exorbitant toll rate, car prices, pay high house prices, electric and other daily needs.. Every citizen of this country should be living lavishly or at the least contented with the wealth the country has. Kick BN out !!!

  29. Armagaddon says:

    This is a real story.
    A young girl was raped and killed. Her family dressed her in red and put a kitchen knife in her coffin. Shortly after, a young man in the neighbourhood suddenly became amok and ran around out of his senses rushing to the cemetry nearby. He was found dead the next day with his throat slitted.
    The 7th day can be a day of reckoning for whosoever was involved in this murder.

  30. daniel lee says:

    Doesn’t make sense.. if u want to take a statement from a ‘witness’ why not take it from 8am~5pm?

    Why does the ‘witness’ have to endure same treatment as a suspect?

    Too much left to be answered.. As for the Royal Comm.. it’s just a joke lar.. What can the Royal Comm do? it will just end up like Linggam’s case.

    Poor Mr Teoh, I don’t see there will be any truth in his death.. One for sure let his soul rest in peace BUT not after giving the murderer a kick in the butt.. Hopefully the murderer will face Mr Teoh’s soul tonite and will be scared till he goes insane… a proverb to share with everyone (in mandarin) it goes like this “ren jai zhou, tian zai gan” meaning.. human do the work, god will observed it..


  31. dev says:

    Dear Susan,
    Whilst all this is happening, we are already seeing the 2nd version of Sodomy I which took place a decade ago. It is a pity that this administration is not a smart one. It knows only how to copy and ape. Our civil service institutions have been filled in with gestapos who are nothing but souless automatons. Tengku Razaliegh is right, we have to take it upon our selves now to stop this rot immediately before it destroys the nation. They may think that with this death the nons will be scared to enter into politics but let me assure you that the more acrocities are committed by the ruling administration, the more the young will be incensed to come out and defeat them at their game.

  32. i bet MACC will issue internal memo as sign of protest as pdrm did last time:

    a. Sentimen marah dan sedih dibayangkan melalui SMS dan telefon yang diterima dari setiap polis dari seluruh negara.
    b. Kerja mengikut masa.
    c. Menolak elaun RM100 dan menuntut kerja 5 hari seminggu, 8 jam sehari seperti mana kakitangan awam.
    d. Melaksanakan ‘core business’ sahaja – menghakis semangat bersedia berkhidmat.
    e. Mengundi pembangkang pada tahun 2008.
    f. Meminta pembangkang memperjuangkan hak Polis di Parlimen.
    g. Menuntut pucuk pimpinan Exco Persatuan meletakkan jawatan kerana gagal memperjuangkan kepentingan ahli.
    h. Menuntut pucuk pimpinan PDRM meletakkan jawatan.
    i. Biar jenayah naik.
    j. Pegawai penyiasat meletak jawatan beramai-ramai.
    k. Kecewa, Polis sahaja dijadikan sasaran walaupun terdapat kelemahan lain-lain agensi Kerajaan.
    l. Kecewa kerana KKDN berdiam diri.

  33. Tony Lim says:

    I do not have your e-mail address and would like to share a true story about land being 13 years ISA earmarked for PORR project. The owner of the land have obtained a letter from Malaysian Highway Authority dated 29-6-2005 and wrote to Gerakan government to obtain a letter from them that the land is earmarked for PORR project and have the land converted to housing estate. Koh Tsu Koon sent the owner running the whole of Komtar and this issued was unsolved by him when Gerakan lost Penang. When DAP took over Penang the owner went to see DAP government and Lim Guan Eng said that PORR is Federal Project for the last 16 months and promised to look into it have gone unsolved till today. Owner told Lim Guan Eng land is under state jurisdiction and have also seek Jeff Ooi (cheif of staff) help but he did not lift a finger to help. The owner want two letters from DAP government. 1) Letter stating his land is earmarked for PORR project and 2) Issue No objection letter for his land to submit application for development to MPPP. I have documents to show you if you are interested in this story. I am staying in Island Park, Penang very near to the Cathedral Church you pray when you are in Penang at Guan Joo Seng Housing estate. My contact hand phone 012-4810441 – Tony Lim

  34. monsterball says:

    That is a very moving special experience where only with great love….the magnetic force between the spirit world and earthly beings can feel for each other.
    I believe Susan and her dad are always near each heart ..spirit and mind.
    I have a plant…my mother planted 35 years ago…still alive giving me lots of flowers…and when I go near it….I can still feel her presence.
    She died just one year after planting it.
    Teoh Beng Hock’s father is a taxi driver. Can you imagine a poor father having a son…with University degree…life taken away like that?
    7 days have passed.
    May he give us some signs.. and help us to know …his killers.

  35. calvin tan says:


  36. waterbuffalo says:

    You people are going to pay for this. The MACC, the Police, The Royalty, you are going to pay. You can forget about ever winning an election. Killing Indians and Chinese and expecting people to forget is ridiculous. You might be stupid, you might be retarded, you might be arrogant, but we will never forget. Orang Melayu Bangsa pembunuh. From the top to the bottom, you are all the same, see you in hell.

  37. Zap Zap says:

    Sign the petition to investigate properly the Beng Hock scandal. For great justice!


  38. Simonek says:

    He will be coming back with Altantuya & Kugan to seek justice

  39. Ray-of-Hope says:

    Tengku Razaleigh: “The suspicious death of Teoh Beng Hock under the custody of a watchdog body reporting directly to a prime minister who has his own public confidence issues may have pushed us below that threshhold.”

    Very well said by Ku Li…, NAJIS IS DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for TBH’s death, last week he n Rosemamah were in Mecca, or else the infamous C4 squad might b deployed again to get rid of the bodily evidence somewhere in Puncak Alam forest, this time they would make damn sure that there wouldn’t b any traces left…

  40. Ray-of-Hope says:

    Where is the Royal-Commission-of-Inquiry? It’s more than 7 days already, r they trying to give those MACC bastards enough time to erase evidences, n find a way to wiggle themselves out?

    We want the Royal-Commission-of-Inquiry NOW!!!

  41. why key? says:

    Was Wee Choo Keong at TBH funeral? The bastard is responsible
    for TBH death. May every Malaysian curse you

  42. Ray-of-Hope says:

    watch this video:

    Najis Regime = Nazist Regime!!!

  43. vsp says:

    UMNO is the most corrupt organization in Malaysia, if not, one of the worst among the corrupts in the whole world. This is a fact and not fiction. Ninety percent of the leaders in UMNO itself have testified that UMNO is steep-deep in corruption: Mahathir, Najib, Muhiyiddin, Tengku Tan Sri Ahmad Rithaudeen, Tengku Razali and the list goes on. If a poll were to be taken 99% of the people of Malaysia will agree that UMNO is CORRUPT. Only a few like Nazri, Khir Toyo, Mohd Ali bin Mohd Rustam and Ahmad Ismail thought that UMNO is never corrupt. With such an endorsement from the cream of UMNO itself lamenting the corruptibility of UMNO, the MACC seems to have blind eyes, deaf ears and leaden legs to move against UMNO.

    When Wee Choo Keong in his ranting made an allegation against his colleagues in Pakatan, the Attorney General and the MACC without even waiting for a police report to be lodged by Wee immediately swung into action. And so efficient and systematic were they that they managed to kill an innocent person, Teo Beng Hock in trying to get a forced confession.

    With such one-sidedness on the part of the MACC to harass and trap the hapless Pakatan assembly people they have shown an inadvertent giveaway mannerism that they are a political tool of UMNO, not to fight corruption but to replicate the successful Perak coup to steal the Selangor state government that they have lost in 2008. In doing so they have revealed themselves as corrupt of the worse kind.

  44. “Killing Indians and Chinese and expecting people to forget is ridiculous.”

    well, it is that ridiculous. this is malaysia after all, bear this.

  45. justme says:

    On this day, if only all the top leaders of PR components, Pas , Dap, and Keadilan, could jointly call for a press conference to formally condemn these incidents.
    Having piecemeal condemnations from only Dap and Keadilan without a strong Pas backing only gives ammunitions for Bn to play the race card.

  46. oA says:


    The objective of macc was to help the no.1 idiot to destablize PR govt in Selangor that is thru corruption incrimination or so it seems.

    When Pkr and Dap were squabbling at each other they did it not because they hated each other but because they wanted PR to be mananged as a govt. as effectively possible for the sake of efficiency transparency etc.. Eventhough the accusation within PR was by no mean only to showcase their election platform of transparency.

    And this was good enough for the no.1 idiot to initiate macc to take action against Dap.

    When Teoh and others were called in for interrogation Teoh was unfortunately been targetted because his political master was the main suspect it seemed. How the no.1 idiot came to this conclusion was mind boggling but because his greed for power knew no bound anything goes as long as he can sustain his power position.

    After interrogation for Teoh which ended at 3.40am macc could extract NOTHING from him to implicate the PR govt. and this was plan A which was a complete flop.

    There must be some kind of communication btw macc and the no. 1 idiot after that as to what to do next since Teoh interrogation produced nothing. And apparently macc was told to retain Teoh while some decision was to be made later as to what to do next.

    Somehow they adopted plan B since they couldnt incriminate PR for corruption – for what better way to pit Dap against Pkr than by killing Teoh since the no. 1 idiot thought that Dap and Pkr arent looking eye to eye.

    Poor Teoh he had to spend the remiander of his time hanging around the dreadful macc office unknowingly awaiting his untimely murder.

    He killed just so he can be in power.
    and he killed again just so he can hang on to power.

    He is serial killer with power and that is a very dangerous combination.

  47. oA says:


    Since when has unmo mutate to such degree that its survival and existence depends on the killing and murdering of innocent lives?

    If this is what unity and pride of malays are made of than this must be the devil’s very own plan.

    And indeed he is the very devil – not his wife as his wife was to be sacrificed to exonerate him from his evil deeds.

    A devil will always be devil and with his bad deeds following him everywhere he goes.


  48. donplaypuks says:

    “Well-placed sources and officials close to the MACC said Teoh was “manhandled and threatened” by investigators during a 10-hour interrogation as part of a political conspiracy to bring down opposition leaders, led by Anwar Ibrahim, and to implicate them for alleged misuse of funds.

    When he refused to do so, the officers dragged him to a window on the 14-story building and threatened to throw him out,”said the source who was not authorized to speak to media.”

    Well, this piece from Malaysian Mirror is interesting. Check it out at:


    We are all of one Race, the Human Race.
    That is all that really matters.

  49. I-4-C says:

    It’s unbelievably astonishing that the opposition got so few issues albeit this Teo’s case to sensationalise. Their “takeover” of a few states has exposed their incompetence that even an insignificant “political secretary” gotta kill himself under pressure. Now their leader faces court action for arse banging. Truly a Pakatan Buntut that Malaysians should beware!!!!

  50. […] Najib, it’s the 7th day… Today, July 22, as Wong Chin Huat rightly reminds us, is Teo Beng Hock’s seven days after his death.  (4 things […] […]

  51. wewill says:

    Dont worry I-4-C, in good time we will also buntutise you. Your turn will come. Your father is 56 today, go jilat him while waiting for your turn.

  52. Najib Razak says:

    why key & vsp & skyhawk & johntravolta: MACC is responsible for Teoh’s death fullstop, not Wee or anyone else. As you yourself said, Wee didnt even lodge a report. And stop using different pseudonyms you cowering UMNO coward and poor excuse for a human being. May Teoh’s ghost visit you tonight.

  53. stcin says:

    IS poor TBH happy with the RCI which ‘only’ deals with macc’s ways of
    torturing&victimising the witnesses !?

  54. free says:

    Think with your brain, not your S! MACC is just a scapegoat for someone else’s crime.

    Why would MACC want him dead? Ask what Beng Hock witness for? Ask what documents he was about to reveal? Ask who will be in deep shit if these documents are out? The BN government? MACC? Someone did not want these docs to be in the hands of the MACC.

  55. kittykat46 says:

    I’m thinking with my brain. MACC didn’t want him dead. MACC wanted to get him, by any and all means necessary, to make a statement fingering people he associated with. Teoh likely refused to do so. The threat of death or violence is only effective if it is realistic….in this case it became all too realistic.

    This was an “extreme duress” interrogation which went badly wrong. Somebody needs to hang (yes, hang) for this.

  56. wits0 says:

    Of course, kittykat46, that is the case. MACC though it was easy and they were working on a deadline with direct orders from U-know-who. That’s the reason why no lawyer was even allowed. If he was a witness to a palfrey corruption case involving some RM2000 +, he could easily have been asked to go there during office hour itself. Someone certainly needs the rope.

  57. sauron says:

    “Somebody needs to hang (yes, hang) for this.”

    NAJIS TONG ROSAK serial killer.

  58. sauron says:

    Prompt investigation – my foot to PIG Musa Hassan.
    One week after the death of Teoh Beng Hock, the police are still giving conflicting statement.

    Just look at one angle – look at MACC and the 14th floor. No need to look at 360 degrees.

    The police under PIG knows how to harass people in grief by asking to go to Kajang Police Station to ask whether Teoh Beng Hock smoked, had sexual affairs with other women, owed others, history of mental and emotional problems like suicidal tendency. These are the angles the police terrorized even grieving family.

    Yes the police are investigating at all the irrelevant angles because they are afraid to concentrate of MACC and the 14th floor and the place where the body was found. The truth can be found in these 3 areas.

    PDRM is useless that there is not one senior officer deserved to be promoted on merit.


  59. sauron says:

    Prompt investigation – my foot to PIG Musa Hassan.
    One week after the death of Teoh Beng Hock, the police are still giving conflicting statement.

    Just look at one angle – look at MACC and the 14th floor. No need to look at 360 degrees.

    The police under PIG knows how to harass people in grief by asking to go to Kajang Police Station to ask whether Teoh Beng Hock smoked, had se*ual affairs with other women, owed others, history of mental and emotional problems like suicidal tendency. These are the angles the police terrorized even grieving family.

    Yes the police are investigating at all the irrelevant angles because they are afraid to concentrate of MACC and the 14th floor and the place where the body was found. The truth can be found in these 3 areas.

    PDRM is useless that there is not one senior officer deserved to be promoted on merit.


  60. toca says:

    Utusan senior editor Zaini Hassan (the same guy who accused Teresa Kok of banning the use of speakers at mosques, resulting in the latter’s detention under ISA), meanwhile, said when Beng Hock was under investigation, and his notebook was being switched on, he appeared to be “grossly uneasy.”

    Good Heavens! Even such details could be observed by Encik Zaini. Was he standing by Beng Hock’s side when the MACC people stormed in? Such an important clue and witness must be summoned by the police to facilitate the investigation!

    Otherwise, he could be the person “making wild guesses whom the police will deal with under the appropriate law,” as in the words of IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan.

    Of course, Zaini’s motive has been to smear the reputation of Teoh Beng Hock.

    But then why should anyone make such malicious accusations against a dead person unable to open his mouth and defend?

  61. wits0 says:

    Utusan is the sh**pot of racist demagoguery. What can be expected from it except the venom and lies that defines its own malicious existence. An astute person would not even trust any weather reports from it should it carry any.

  62. william wang says:

    They are setting up an inquest & RCI to investigate cause of death & interrogatory procedures respectively. Will it end up like the police’s RCI, richly rewarded and corrective measures ignored. What a twist!

  63. monsterball says:

    Najib is at it again!
    Royal Commission approved by UMNO is not checking on Teoh’s death at all…….but checking on MACC management .
    Najib keep fooling Malaysians.
    Big headlines in papers……Royal Commission approved..but read the details…you will know why Lim Kit Siang is so unhappy.
    When will UMNO going to stop the twisting and bullshitting?
    Whole of Malaysia are shouting for justice for Teoh Beng Hock….and…Najib is trying to protect MACC.
    UMNO cannot be trusted anymore…….playing good guy…bad guy…and always protecting police and police protecting UMNO.

  64. monsterball says:

    Great news!!
    Teoh’s father is very angry with Najib an UMNO.
    Go read the details in Lim Kit Siang blog.

  65. “Great news!!
    Teoh’s father is very angry with Najib an UMNO.
    Go read the details in Lim Kit Siang blog.”

    so you enjoy reading deceased father being denied justice and seething in anger complain to LKS

  66. “MACC wanted to get him, by any and all means necessary, to make a statement fingering people he associated with. Teoh likely refused to do so. The threat of death or violence is only effective if it is realistic….in this case it became all too realistic.

    This was an “extreme duress” interrogation which went badly wrong. ”

    your writings implied he was too stress and sort to commit sucide and that’s BULLSHIT. i say it’s more like torture that went wrong that result he fall from the building! and to say what MACC benefit to have the deceased died at their yard. the only answer i can think of is they are run by stupid people to begin with….

  67. oA says:


    How they come to the decision to kill Teoh.

    Since macc is under the pm department every action they take against Teoh comes directly under the no.1 idiot purview.

    The priority was to get confession from Teoh to incriminate PR and unfortunately macc got nothing from its interrogation and as a result something else has to be done to destroy PR.

    The no.1 idiot is not a smart person but nonetheless evil so he would need some backing for his evil decision to have Teoh murdered. Was there some else involved with the decision to have him killed?


    Do not be misunderstood that there is some kind of spat going on between the grand old man and the no. 1 idiot. This is a classic govt. MO – good cops, bad cops to split and divide the people. Can you imagine just days after Teoh was brutally murdered the insensitive grand old man wrote a very despicable racially motivated article to split the people – he was playing the bad cop now trying to protray the no. 1 idiot as good cop especially to the Chinese and at the same time to agitate and enrage the Malays.

    Why must he write such an article at such a tragic time? Or better yet why were the MSM playing up to an all out racial and religious sentiments? What was their purpose?


  68. oA says:


    The grand old man was very fond of the “BIG Bang Theory” so to speak – like the coup in the silver state – a big bang – that was meant to awe the malays into submission. And this Teoh case was supposedly be even bigger Big Bang to bring their total submission – similar idea prolly from the same devil himself.

    The no.1 idiot have underestimated PR. PR is made of people who believe in a fair system – thats why even when Pkr and Dap were having squabbles they did it not for the sake of hatred but respect for transparency and accountability.

    When Pkr and Dap were having squabbles among themselves ( Azmin and Teresa ) the sick idea no.1 idiot had was that the Malays and Chinese in PR were not getting along and was a good time to destroy them in totality at any cost.

    Due to their greed for power, they came to the decision to murder Teoh hopefully to set of the mother of all conflict between Dap and Pkr. And at the same time their MSM were instructed to play up all racial and religious sentiments to agitate and incite the Malays hatred toward the Chinese esp. the Dap.

    Well looks like god / allah only protects the good and fair.
    And devils can only protect the evils .

    Who would have thought that human sacrifice is still being practiced in this 21th century here in malaysia. From sick mind comes sick practices.


  69. sky hawk says:

    This is LKS & son’s fault for practicing fervently nepotism, cronyism, favoritism and there is no accountibility, transparency in Dap, thus giving Mcaa the opportunity to move in.

    This Lks & son are just practicing patronizing politics and corruption in Malaysia and that’s why Malaysia is in shamble. With Lks & son around, Malaysia will soon be kaput under the decadent and corrupt rule of Umno and Mca dogs.

  70. sky hawk says:

    Lks & son are just stupid small emperors in Malaysia.. They are responsible also for the death of TBH. Well! Pity this thing happened before TBH resigned from this nepotistic and corrupt party.

    The death was caused by this Kill toyo who is full of hatred and vengeance after being kicked out from the Selangor Aduns assembly and his gigantic palace was disclosed by Dap nepotistic eunuchs.

    This corrupt and decadent Kill toyo was appointed to MB by Mahakutty on the recommendation on the NEP hantu son Mukhritz.

    TBH is just a victim of Kill Toyo, Mahakutty and Najib’s conspiracy to overthrow the nepotistic Dap party from the Slangor state government.

    Now Najib is setting up a hp6 Royal commission to investigate the cause of death in procedural questioning of TBH by Macc.

    Why Najib is afraid of investigating the real cause of death by the hp6 RC?

    This is akin to asking a robber to head an investigating team to probe TBH’s death! Najib has precedent on this in Perak, and now wants to overthrow this nepotistic eunuch Dap yet again in Selangor.

    Dap is easy to be overthrown because Dap is practicing nepotistic politics with little eunuchs which can’t be trusted and relied upon.

  71. sky hawk says:

    Why the eunuch cum nepotistic Dap father & son just made mild protest in this? This Lks & son are just too comfort practicing nepotism, patronizing politics and they would not fight for TBH with guts, courage and over their dead bodies.

    This has been going on for 50 years during the dap’s emperor 50 year reign in Malaysia. And now we have to endure another 50 year of this fucking nepotism by the stupid dap emperor’s son reign?.

    Come next GE, this little emperor and son must be kicked out politics for good so that they could join their hantu chulais of piggy friends ala LLS, LKY, LAL, LGT, Lion LKS. The rakyat are just sick and tire of all these useless fu*king Lims.

    If all these nepotisitic and corrupt eunuchs are not being kicked out of politics in Malaysia, TBH would die in vain and his eyes would never close and rip!

  72. Cato says:

    Dap is easy to be overthrown – sky hawk

    do it.

  73. farida says:


    Sad to say some of your commentator have gone overboard. The water buffalo(kerbau in malay) even call the malays pembunuh. Pembunuh cina dan india. Need me to remind you ini tanah melayu, kalau melayu nak bunuh cina dan india dah lama you all mati tau. Why kill you all now. Baik bunuh dulu lagi tak menyusahkan.

    We have given so much and tolerate other races, memang betul kata orang2 tua, orang cina and keling tak boleh bagi muka pijak kepala.

    Teoh tu mati kerana mendedahkan aktiviti underworld orang cina. Siapa yang suka bunuh orang? Cina and keling. Siapa ketua samseng malaysia? Prostitutions and drug dealer? Cina, cina, cina and india. Head of triads in malaysia dengan duit haram dia bangsa siapa??

    Kalau tak suka Malaysia, LEAVE!!!!!MIGRATE!!!! Jangan menyusahkan orang yang nak hidup aman. Balik cina ke India ke pegi la US .. berambus dari bumi melayu.

    Jangan nak tuduh melayu pembunuh susan. Yes today is the 7th day Teohs death, may his killer is revealed.. all the chinese samseng dihapuskan….!!!!

  74. kittykat46 says:

    anonymous dud,
    I had crossed out the possibility of suicide in Teoh’s case pretty fast.
    My post was originally in answer to an earlier poster who had put up the theory the MACC had no reason to kill Teoh. Well, they may not have had the intention, but he very likely died as a result of whatever extreme actions which MACC took during the interrogation. Whether he was still alive when he went out of the window, we’ll have to see.

    If you look up the dictionary what “Extreme duress” means, it includes torture , its just got a broader meaning.

  75. wits0 says:

    Kittykat46, it was clear earlier that anon dud could not understand your take ; now that you’ve explained it, one still wonder if he now can?

    Now I see we have a mad cow and a carrion eating ‘hawk’ inserting themselves here. How’s is it that anon dud won’t take them on?

  76. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Dear Ms Farida

    If you are a mature adult: Sorry to disappoint you, some of us came back from overseas to help bring about a better Malaysia

    If you are still a young person: Take a course in political science and learn about fascism & Niccolo Machiavelli. A second course on how ruling elites use propaganda to fool and divide the common people would help too.

  77. micasa says:

    LEAVE!!!!!MIGRATE!!!! – farida

    Blame your stupid umno govt for that. They want the chineses & indian votes so they make it difficult for the non to get out by pijakking their heads.
    If you clowns were serious you could easily manage that by encouraging the nons to leave. The US did it successfully with their black slaves.
    You brainless lazy idiots cant even manage simple things. Even a murder you fellows can botch up in the stupidest way possible.

  78. Indian Malaysian says:

    Well Rida, you know why my great-grandpa was her? Just to “torture” Malays girls with our big and long dongs.

    Just to borrow a quote from an American, Douglas Moore below;

    *I was humping a Javanese lass once, when I felt a “hard entry” and she was crying in pain, so I relented out of sympathy and asked her, “Are you a Virgin?”, she replied -”I am married with 5 kids and my fisherman husband went for deep sea fishin”.

    Quote- “Javanese girls are the ‘tightest’, and if one never f–k a virgin before, try javanese lasses, coz they are the true “virgin”, if you know what I mean…..

  79. Halo says:

    “””Teoh tu mati kerana mendedahkan aktiviti underworld orang cina. Siapa yang suka bunuh orang? Cina and keling. Siapa ketua samseng malaysia? Prostitutions and drug dealer? Cina, cina, cina and india. Head of triads in malaysia dengan duit haram dia bangsa siapa??”””



  80. gandhi says:

    ‘Well Rida, you know why my great-grandpa was her? Just to “torture” Malays girls with our big and long dongs.” – Indian Malaysian

    Things have not changed much. Now they eagerly seek out Indians.

  81. gandhi says:

    “Siapa ketua samseng malaysia? Prostitutions and drug dealer?”

    Najis Tong Rosak, Muhi, Hisappudding, Daim zainuddin, IGP, dll

  82. kittykat46 says:

    I have this very cold, hard anger which says….
    Teoh’s MACC interrogators may have been directly responsible for his death, but real root cause goes much, much higher up to the very top of the chain of command.

    Somebody in this thread has called him Malaysia’s No.1 serial killer….

    Remember Teoh Beng Hock
    Remember Altantuya

    ……how many more lives need to be sacrificed to keep this man in power ?

  83. TNT says:


  84. oA says:


    “””Teoh tu mati kerana mendedahkan aktiviti underworld orang cina. Siapa yang suka bunuh orang? Cina and keling. Siapa ketua samseng malaysia? Prostitutions and drug dealer? Cina, cina, cina and india. Head of triads in malaysia dengan duit haram dia bangsa siapa??”””

    Classic rumored finger pointing made famous by the grand old man of blaming the others for their own self destructive nature of greed.

    malays are poor because of rich chinese controlling the economy…etc, etc …. etc. Havent you all heard of it before just that this time pendatangs are blamed for their own misdeeds, incompetence and greed.

    unmo’s corruption was their own doing and these under world triad “STORIES” were made up, meant to be a diversion, to MASK unmo ass of corruption, greed, incompetence etc. etc. etc. that are running rampant and these are the same excuses they are now using to delude the good malays into believing that all the wrongs are caused by the pendatangs.

    Be weary people. unmo the rumor monger.


  85. wits0 says:

    The fact that the cops did not immediately arrest Teoh’s MACC interrogators as suspects already showed where their sympathy lay.

  86. I-4-C says:

    The simple truth is if Teoh did not join Pakatan Buntut, he would not experience this fate. Why? He is a weakling. Interrogation is not a pleasant experience. But for him to take his life, I can smell a very very rotten and decayed rat about Pakatan Buntut. More smelly than excrement ……

  87. kittykat46 says:

    And the excrement is yours….
    The only accurate statement you made (without realising it) is
    “The simple truth is if Teoh did not join Pakatan Buntut, he would not experience this fate”

    Its very much a political killing…..and I hold the No. 1 UMNO-BN politician ultimately responsible for it.

    Remember Teoh Beng Hock
    Remember Altantuya

  88. wits0 says:

    “And the excrement is yours….”

    And barf too.

  89. Menyalak-er says:

    You guys/gals notice how desperate the scenario has become for the 1Shitty sloganeers?
    Their comments are not getting incrementally, but ‘excrementally’ more strident and foolish. Are they so morally deficient?

  90. wits0 says:

    “Are they so morally deficient?”

    We better believe it.

  91. I-4-C says:

    “Morally deficient”? Tell that to the Americans !!! The major cause of this worldwide financial crisis

  92. wits0 says:

    Now grabbing the Strawman and throwing it in!

  93. nabs says:


    You take the “worldwide financial crisis” and shove it up your behind. Then you can join the Najis Pakatan Buntut (NPB- not Nippon Professional Baseball you idiot).
    This is Malaysia and subject is Teoh`s daeth, but you put your finger in your nose and run off to make love to your savior Obumbler.

  94. Menyalak-er says:

    Hmm…, can’t see bait eh? Hahaha.
    They even have the audacity to admit moral laxity!

  95. tan says:

    “..but you put your finger in your nose and run off to make love to your savior Obumbler.”

    heehee he want to have the white house felr baby

  96. I-4-C says:

    The worst criminals acting with authorisation from the US Govt are found in CIA. No wonder many of them cant stand and double cross their agency. Hehehe. So please dont simply accuse here and there when the Police are investigating. After all it’s obvious Teoh is dead. And it is very tragic. And more tragic is the fact he is the political sec of Pakatan Buntut.

  97. raisman says:

    “So please dont simply accuse here and there when the Police are investigating.”

    kekekekekekekekeke rotfl

  98. raisman says:

    Never trust white house blacks.
    Police investigations on Teoh`s death which they were forced to retract bcos of public pressure:

    mkini: Jul 17, 09 8:33pm – Cops rule out foul play

  99. Realist says:

    Malaysian are very forgiving & the majority are easily duped.

    No matter how corrupted & evil the BN govt is, every election they will still get elected as the Govt.

    Malaysia is truly a basket case. Hopeless to the very end.

    I wonder when will the large majority of Malaysian (especially the rural Malays) wake up?

    Sad case.

  100. jkoena says:

    May the angry ghosts of TBH, Kugan & others continue to come back every 7th day and haunt & torment that rotten shitty umno forever until umno mampus & pupus!

  101. R4Os says:

    We demand a Royal Commission of Inquiry to find the cause of Mr. Teoh BH’s death, not a “Royal Con-mission of Inquiry” just to investigate the MACC’s work procedure.

    A Magistrate heading this inquiry is definitely UNACCEPTABLE to us!!!

  102. R4Os says:

    I-4-C = I (I’m) 4(for) C(ybertrooper)!!!

  103. ooompapa says:

    I-4-C = I (I’m) 4(for) C(ybertrooper)!!!= I`m for cuckoos


  104. hamid says:

    Suruhanjaya DiRaja atau Sarkas DiRaja ?

    Mengapa rakyat mahukan SR bagi menyiasat kematian Teoh ? Jawapannya kuasa SR adalah lebih luas dari kuasa seorang Majistret di dalam siasatan inkues. SR sebagai contoh boleh memanggil mana-mana orang dan juga boleh menerima apa-apa keterangan termasuk keterangan yang sekiranya dikemukakan di Mahkamah akan ditolak ( lihat seksyen 8 ( f ) Akta tersebut ).

    SR yang ditubuhkan sekadar menyiasat teknik penyiasatan SPRM adalah SR yang ditubuhkan untuk tujuan hiburan semata-mata . Adakah Najib inginkan Suruhanjaya DiRaja atau Sarkas DiRaja ?

  105. muhi says:

    Deny yourself whatever it is you normally indulge yourself in so that these companies do not earn your money, which in the end ends up in the pockets of Barisan Nasional and Umno.

    Another way to hurt them financially would be to launch a hartal. On 8 August 2009, a few NGOs and civil society movements are organising a hartal in Perak. They want to turn Perak into a ‘ghost town’. Stay home on 8 August 2009. Don’t leave your house. Empty the streets, shops and restaurants. Do what you need to do the day before. And on 8 August 2009 stay behind the locked doors of your home.

  106. blindmanbluff says:

    An 18-year-old National Service Trainee has all but lost his left eye while undergoing training at a National Service camp in Mersing recently. The 18-year-old victim was sent to the Mersing Hospital and later transferred to the Batu Pahat Hospital, where he is now. After two operations, doctors are uncertain if he will ever regain his sight. The incident happened after a trainer allegedly flung his truncheon to the ground in a fit of rage during a marching session, and rebounded off the ground and hit the victim’s left eye, seriously injuring it. This latest incident was not reported by the BN controlled MSM in order to protect the Evil BN/Umno Regime of Najib Razak.

    We have often heard of parents and even NS Trainees praising the program. Parents who praise such the NS are very much the same people who would tell teachers in schools to cane their children believing that it would toughen and instill discipline in them. It is parents like this would probably physically abuse their children all in the name of instilling discipline. What these parents don’t realize is that teachers looked down on such parents as they feel that they have failed as parents. As for those Trainees who praise the program, well either they were lucky they didn’t come home in a box or it was an opportunity to showpiece their repressed egos.

    Talking about egos, PM Najib Razak and the BN/Umno regime must be held responsible for the tragedy that has befallen NS Trainees thus far. There is good enough reason to immediately scrap the cursed National Service instead of teaching pendatang they should be slaves to the bumiputras. The BTN is enuf for that rubbish.

  107. japani says:


    Date : 31-07-09 (Friday)

    Time : 8:00pm

    Venue :MBPJ civic hall


  108. kerenga says:

    But not to worry. Prime Minister, Najib has announced that Jamaluddin will be still be able to serve as MP for the people of Rompin as he would have a strong team to assist him and he would return for Parliamentary sittings. Strong team? Return for Parliamentary sittings??

    Sigh…I don’t know whether to laugh or cry la. Only in Malaysia la.

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