This article written by former journalist Thomas Lee is very interesting. It is interesting to note that my cousin CHONG CHENG HAI (my mum’s favourite nephew) is NOT an “editorial enuch” like some people I know. One who never wants to promote or practice nepotism, he has never even encouraged me to apply for work in TheSUN. I am so proud of you, Cousin 🙂

Here’s an abstract of the article by Thomas:

First, there are the EEs — Editorial Eunuchs, who take orders from their political emperors and write and spin stories to promote the emperor’s cause. These political appointees are usually in top and senior positions, not because they are good journalists or great writers, but because of their connection to powerful political godfathers. They are first class cronies. Many are ghost writers for their political masters. Some have become millionaires.

(Note: I thank God that, except for one or two cases, the editors I had worked under are not such people. I can vouch that people like Ng Poh Tip, Michael Aeria, Wong Sulong and Wong Chun Wai are good people of principle and top class journalists, not EEs. My good friend Chong Cheng Hai, the chief editor of theSun, is another person of integrity.)

More of the article can be found here: The Seditious Press.


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  1. kittykat46 says:

    Wong Chun Wai a person “of principle”
    Not too sure about that part….I’ve more or less given up reading the Star except the sports page and the business news….even then with a pinch of salt. Even the Star’s business section is driven by BN political agenda these days.

  2. whispering9 says:

    You vouched for WCW? Geezzzzzz. If WCW is in the same ‘good’ category, the rest must be more or less the same sort.

  3. susanloone says:

    I can only vouch for chong cheng hai. not the others.

  4. saynotostar says:

    wong chun wai a man of principle and top notch journalist? that’s really funny. I’ve given up on the Star; an organization that promotes ‘Ee’ and stifles journalists with integrity.

    The Star is only doing well in it’s present form because of the printing and publications act that prevents professional journalism from developing. once that is no longer a barrier, ppl will have better alternative, no one will want to read the star anymore, its readership decreases, advertisors will go away and The Star will be in trouble. you’re basically buying advertising when you buy thestar. pretty much nothing journalistically professional about it. including it’s editor WCW whose views are neither progressive or insightful.

  5. Joseph Tan says:

    WCW is definitely not popular, wrong choice !
    One small mistake and Thomas Lee’s integrity is in doubt

  6. whispering9 says:

    Oooppssss…so sori Susan, it was Thomas Lee who vouched for WCW. I am so pissed with Teoh tragedy that I misread the print. Yes…Chong Cheng Hai is definitely not an EEs…his paper was the first to speak against the tragedy.

  7. maniam says:

    WONG CHUN WAI an EE? Pigs fly ??!!

  8. wira says:

    WCW may not be an EE.
    But he cannot escape the label of PP (press prostitute).
    ie. those who have sold their souls and principles to gain favours and privileges from their political and/or business clients.

  9. Once a BN supporter says:

    Wong Chun Wai is not editorial eunuch? Who is this Thomas Lee trying to kid?

    But then Thomas Lee could be right. Wong Chun Wai is worst than eunuch. At least in China may years ago, eunuch has got backbone. WCW doesn’t.

    This is a bit vulgar but I use Star to wipe my arse after shitting. It hurts my arse but what to do, I got to use the toilet paper.

  10. max says:

    WCW is not an “editorial eunuch”, MY BALLS!!! What a joke!

  11. Hadi says:

    Tat apanama Joceline of the Star really got distorted mind.

    Writing tons of garbage and sacrifies so many trees.

    Should assign her IWK job writing.

  12. Danildaud says:

    His name sounds like some ‘Chap Bo Liau’ Chinky delicacy

  13. Damanja says:


  14. Shanker says:

    Wong Chun Wai.

    Wasn’t he the one who pleaded with Malaysian voters, just days before 8/3/08, to don’t “change the system if there is nothing seriuosly flawed in it”?

    I rest my case.

  15. raintree says:

    You blog, Datuk WCW, I also blog. (but my trapik more than yours la) I believe you are a Christian like me too. And I want to tell you something, Christians don’t walk on middle paths. It is either or. Take a stand. Your blog and the paper you run, they are like on two ends of the poles, north and south. Please don’t cakap tak serupa bikin. I don’t care about the disclaimer you put on your blog. I can smell ‘Wag the dog’ plot from a mile. And I say, we always have our conscience to turn to because the Lord is there.

    WCW, Rocky EPs no principle, only BN principals

  16. libertybelle says:

    Wong Chun Wai is one of the best examples of an editorial eunuch. I believe he lobbed his own balls off to please his masters rather than they castrate him as such. The Star is at its lowest point under his leadership. He’s the greatest arse-licker this side of the Straits of Malacca. Between him and Rocky Bru, there is little to choose from. Both are men without principles but pretend to be imbued with noble intentions. Both are frauds. And Chun Wai is a so-called committed Christian who puts on the cloak of holiness on Sundays but continues to pander to evil every day of the week. Didn’t the Bible say you can’t serve God and mammon? If you want to serve mammon, at least don’t bother to pretend to be holier than thou. And Rocky? If any Muslim deserves to be whipped for drinking, it should be him, not that model in Kuantan. I have long boycotted the writings of these two self-serving scribes, and if everyone does the same, they will be deprived of an audience. Both are not interested in fostering a just society. They merely want to further their own ambitions. To hell with them.

  17. Wong Chun Wai, Joceline Tan, Zainul Ariffin and Rocky Bru, all in the same category, you decide the name Susan.

  18. wits0 says:

    Thomas Lee asserts that the Sun rises in the West and that the Earth is flat!

  19. 3neety says:

    Each single day that I forgo reading The Star is a blessing upon my soul and without subscribing to WCW’s bullsh*t editorial is
    its reward.

  20. sammy says:

    WCW, ballsless(?) lapdog, enuchs have more dignity, please….
    Rocky…hopeless..had so much faith in him, being an editor doesn’t mean changing your views, will lose his bolas soon…do I hear a datukship around the corner?

  21. tangga says:

    3.5 This means firstly that the PDRM and officials of the Home Ministry have caused Minister Hishamuddin to mislead Parliament by saying to Parliament on 22.6.09 that the report was since 21.2.09 with SPRM for their further action

    3.6 Secondly, the police having received the report back from SPRM ( who received it end of February 2009 ) have done nothing about it. I conclude that there is now a concerted plan in PDRM to ensure that nothing is done and the crime I have alleged remains covered up. As my report implicates Gani and Hassan ( the current IGP ) in the making of a false report, this cover-up must be directed from the top itself.

    3.7 With SPRM saying they have no jurisdiction to investigate and with the police now taking no action, it is clear to me that Gani and Musa are being protected politically for their role in 1998 and their continuing role in framing false and politically motivated charges against me.


  22. Menyalak-er says:

    Say what: eunuch editors?
    I beg to differ, there are two different types of eunuchism: the just “ball-less” and the other both “ball-less” and “dick-less”. It depends on the level and age of castration.
    I personally think that these ball-less editors should be placed in either of these 2 catergories, so that we can differentiate between the severity of their ‘null’ effect – for instance, wcw and mineral lump in the first; zainul in second.
    Why? The latter was castrated at a much younger age, and as a result is a different breed from any Malaysian alive. They have to squat to pee (meaning no offence to ladies), and that makes them very angry – until they even see racism in death!
    I’m speaking from a canine perspective of course, where the males just cock one of their hindlimbs.

  23. […] My cousin in not an ‘editorial enuch’ This article written by former journalist Thomas Lee is very interesting. It is interesting to note that my cousin […] […]

  24. siew eng says:

    But Susan, Father Thomas (actually a nice man whom I used to think was also a good, principled journalist until he keeps defending Wong Chun Wai) is not doing your cousin a favour by naming him among such ‘distinguished’ company.

    I understand the mainstream media’s seeming helplessness with the highly repressive PPPA ever ready to be used against them – which meant they could not speak up against many, many injustices, such as undemocratic policies and procedures (how they love to say “illegal gathering”, for one, without contextualising it, and silencing legitimate dissent, such as against all the white elephant projects of Mahathir) – but what got my goat was they could not even celebrate and promote their own cause – press freedom. They don’t realise how important the press is to the people and the nation, while showing clear comprehension of its importance to its political owners.

    I remember the many instances of self-censorship and censorship under Ng Poh Tip – which an insider now says is actually zaman kegemilangan compared to the suffocated environment now.

    I blame the partisan mainstream media for the state we are in now, as incisively analysed by Farish Noor

  25. siew eng says:


    “…until his continual defence of…”

  26. siew eng says:


  27. gazetna says:

    I remember the many instances of self-censorship and censorship under Ng Poh Tip – which an insider now says is actually zaman kegemilangan compared to the suffocated environment now.

  28. mymodernweb says:

    I never read the paper any more. Just blogs and digg.

  29. bk says:

    haaa..i wanted to laugh to death how could this veteran journalist Thomas came to this conclusion that Wong Chun Wai and a few others in the Star are honest journalists/editors!! Come on, just check with junior journalists in the Star, they will tell you how terrible these ppl are/were!! Who are their political master? Mr Thomas, if you are really an experienced journalist as you claimed, pls la check your fact….

    But one thing you are right though, Chong Cheng Hai is a rare breed in jounalism, salute to him…

  30. Boh says:

    It is eunuch and not enuch.

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