First of all, Najib Razak has to explain why people are being arrested and harassed by police for doing something as natural as responding and rallying to a very mysterious death, asking that the tainted MACC be investigated for the death of young man soon to be married but held for investigation on the eve of his wedding!?

Just plain cruelty on all accounts!

Secondly, Nazri Aziz should really be hauled up and investigated for “knowing” how DAP Teo Beng Hock died [May His Soul Rest in Peace].

Unlike the Altantuya case, we do not know how he had died last night, and what was the weapon of death.

No one knows for sure – there are no witnesses so far. How can anyone, even the newspapers say they believe he had plunged to his death from the 14th floor?

Perhaps we have many bomohs who can see into the past?

Why is Nazri so fast to absolve the MACC from all guilt? Is there something we do not know at all about the MACC?

The same goes for Muhyiddin Yassin. As the DPM he must be open and willing for the MACC to be investigated instead of trying to shield it from all blame, saying there is no need for a royal commission.

“We will no stones unturned?” Of course, we know how. Look at what happenned to the Altantuya case!

Muhyiddin only so far proves that its true – the MACC is a MACChai of the PM, UMNO and all their minions.

We need answers but I am adoubtful if we’ll get any. The problem is, credibility level of all government instituations are so low, even if the TRUTH comes out, its visions are blur.

It’s sad that some people are still spinning for Najib Razak, “so-called experienced journalist at that!” when several mysterious deaths and missing persons have been recorded since his ascension to power, starting with the Mongolian case.

For nothing, Penang’s Lim Guan Eng had been labelled “malicious and cheap”.

MACC has to be suspended until we get answers. It’s a useless organisation anyway, bias, selected and non-effective.

A total waste of public funds. How much more abuses can we people take?

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  1. Lim AH says:

    Susan… you were right! MACC need to give us a good & truth explaination why Teoh Beng Hock can fall to death…

    I am angry as you u and others.

    In the same time I don’t expect BN can give us an answer for it.

    I have make up my mind to vote for PR on GE13.

    We need a CHANGED

  2. tshock says:

    MT reported that DAP will set up a funeral committee for the deceased (may his soul r.i.p.). Would the police allow a permit for this gathering and be careful about wearing black. ….

  3. fearnoone says:

    Uncle Don episode….

  4. khy says:

    what we can describe in our mind is just the word HATRED

  5. My family and I vow never to vote for Barisan Nasional ever again.

  6. twc says:

    No words can describe the sins of the current corrupted govt. My condolences to the family of Teoh & his family.

  7. crystal ball says:

    This diseased young man was just a victim for what has been happening in Selangor.

    First Toyo’s luxurious palace was exposed and certificate of fitness of the luxurious palace is dinied.

    Then this Toyo was being kicked out from the state assembly.

    So Toyo was a man full of hatred espepcially against Dap eunuch State Reps.

  8. crystal ball says:

    This murder was planned and that’s why this poor young man was interrogated till the wee hours so that he could be thrown out of the window without being noticed by anybody.

    There is no need to set up a royal commission, just arrest this Toyo and throw him out from the same window spot.

    This is a tooth for a tooth, habis cerita, don’t waste tax payers’ money and enrich those hp6 parasitic Royal Commissioners.

  9. S.Rajan says:

    Police r worst than anybody & I cant imagine that they r investigating Teoh’s case. What a joke. may god save Malaysia.

  10. Nazri Aziz, how do we know that you may not be the person who pushed him down from the 14th Floor !. If not why are you so quick to come to the defence of MACC. ha! ha! ha!

  11. Bonaqua says:

    First of all, May his soul RIP…

    Nothing much to say, totally got shocked by this news… he was still a live and energetic person seen this morning in the press. Few hours later, he turned into a dead body mysteriously…

    Absolutely agreed with twc …No words can describe the sins of the current corrupted govt…

    FFS is MACC questioning ppl middle of the night? You little dumba$$ has nothing better to do? Try to catch that fck’ing corrupted toyo and questioning him in the middle of the night, see will he still defending MACC?! Why is there such a dirty political plays in Malaysia? why? why?? why???

    F.U MACC!
    F. all those money-scker BN faggots!
    Coz of U, a beautiful malaysia turned into a HELL living space… fck u!!

  12. Leong Yook Kong says:

    Altantuya was blown to pieces but Teo Beng Hock had a BLOODLESS fall. I think the cow had already milked dry all his blood before the fall.

  13. ajajal says:

    Both of this politician from UMNO are trying to cover up the case
    They are 102% part of the master plan to silence the opposition; Unlike KJ who has a more fore looking politician. Shame to this very two evil man. Hope someday it will happen to any members of their families .

  14. colimac says:

    the bn has given macc so much power that the bn is already scared of them and so they have to protect them.look @khir apple polishing the balls of the macc

  15. AM says:

    When Khir Toyo starts to speak up in defence of MACC in this very tragic case, what does it say about our BN government under Najib’s administration and the MACC itself?

    Teo – satu lagi tragedi kekejaman kerajaan Barisan Nasional!!!

  16. Ah Tan says:

    “Why is Nazri so fast to absolve the MACC from all guilt?” It shows he has no heart. Doesn’t he care about the feeling of Teo’s family? Our ministers are acting and talking in a ‘fuckup’ way.

  17. limpek says:

    The way some “leaders” carry themselves ,what have you got to look forward if there is no Total Overhaul of the whole system sooner ?
    How long do you want to keep on listening to silly comments and
    silly jokes ?

  18. MP Nabhan says:

    I have been going through all the comments extre,extra,extra. Hei, Malaysians – did you hear any condolences or comments from any BN representatives of the Dewan yang mulia,except Nazri with his filthy mouth and a dump misterious bag DPM.

    No one is human I suppose. Dont they have a heart? Come on man be a human then only you know about ra’akyat needs. Can all step down and stand as individual and see whether you can win the next 13 GE. Morons.

  19. siti tanjung says:

    Takziah diucapkan kepada keluarga Teoh…

    DPM sepatutnya melihat kes ini sebagai suatu kes yang berat dan Nazri Aziz seperti biasa sentiasa membuat speklulasi tidak cerdik dalam banyak hal…….dan sangat malang sekali kerana kedua-dua badut ini adalah pemimpin 1Malaysia!

    MACC, Polis dan Hakim boleh percaya ka???

  20. monsterball says:

    While promoting “1 Malaysia”….under Najib…too many have licenses to kill.
    Few are made fall guys.
    These are signs of a gangster world…far from being united as one.
    And as one..UMNO..MCA and MIC must close up their parties and be one..sincerely.
    Show that….than talk oneness.
    What’s happening…right now…be it MACC…or ACA…or by IGP…all are protecting UMNO.
    So why be so surprised….Muhi and Nazri talking kok?
    Go read one who was tortured by MACC and revealing all…right now…at Malaysiakini.

  21. ch lim says:

    I pray the good people of Malaysia will remember the death of this young man is due to the moral decay of human rights in Malaysia. Please people remember this DAY.

  22. S.Rajan says:

    Can u imagine tat Khir Toyo is defending MACC? Wat a great joke? This sort of weird things can only happen in Malaysia.D general public r very well aware tat MACC is one sided.If MACC is really sincere in curbing graft, they shud use their brain & check how tis Toyol affort to built the Toyoland mansion which is reported to worth RM24M? Even Tun Mahathir have commented about it but our great MACC r damm blind & deaf if it involves their croonies. Ha,ha,ha, MACC u guys r really invincible.

  23. malaysiaku says:

    Biar musang yang jaga reban ayam,pasti dijamin selamat ayam-ayam.
    nasihat dari bekas menteri pertanian.
    ha ha ha malaysia boleh semua pun boleh.

  24. apapunboleh says:

    Only the corrupted defends the corrupted

  25. tempulin says:

    orang yg bunuh teoh orang dari DAP sendiri.Caya tak??? Ini cerita macam cerita Jalil Ibrahim masa dia pergi hong Kong untuk siasat kes Bank Bumiputera dulu..Anak Karpal Singh cakap memang macam Benggali jaga lembu punya orang macam dia punya tuban lagi panjang lagi BELIT nya….LOGIK tak????

  26. vsp says:

    In the developed countries, scientists have utilize the knowledge of genetics to modify crops and animals. These genetically-modified organisms were initially thought to be beneficial to mankind. But now it has become commonplace that these genetically-modified organisms are potentially dangerous to the environment and to those who consume them. So now there are derogatory terms to describe such genetically-modified organisms as Frankenfoods and Frankenfish.

    In Bolehland our politicians have also genetically created a monster. The moribund anti-corruption agency was transformed into a ferocious and violent Commission that everyone at first thought would be good. But hardly a few days of its birth, it has become a Frankenstein monster.

    Just like the Frankenfish and Frankenfoods the MACC has now become a FrankenCom. This is a gift from sleepyhead, Abdullah Badawi to the people of Bolehland.

  27. Pegasus says:

    Its horrifying to read Teoh’s death’s…a young man who is to start a married life is dead and gone…he is not a robbery victim or a natural disaster victim..but a BN government victim….!!! Muhyi and Nazri are some of the ministers who likes to proof how idiotic they are with nonsensical low brain statements…its embarrassing to note we have such a low quality of calibre people in the cabinet as ministers. We must dump this clowns and vote in capable people who can lead the nation to progress further and start moving the nation ahead..BN mismanagement has only digress and we are stepping backward while our neighbours have catch up or already moving ahead of us…bring on the election now!!!

  28. PeoplePower says:

    We the nation want a Royal Tribunal to investigate on this incident!

  29. Siebel says:

    A Malaysian friend who has a relative working in the police force told me this long ago…during our University days in the UK:

    If the police has killed the victim under their custody, they will push the body down the building to make the death appear as a suicide. This is a clever cover-up for the police. A very neat solution they have come up with since they know the best cover up to deflect blame away. Then, they can answer “I don’t know” to all the questions raised by the public and the victim’s family.

    If during a car chase, the police has shot one victim, the remaining victims will also be shot. Otherwise, the remaining victims can act as witness. This way, the case can be closed out neatly….no messy trails and remnants.

    Reading about Teoh’s death make me sad.

    I hope the police and interrogators will get to have a taste of their own medicine real soon. Then they can feel how Teoh’s family feel. I hope the loved ones of the police and interrogators will suffer “mysterious” death or better still, suffer from terminal illness.

  30. wits0 says:

    That’s how things work in Bolehland, Siebel. It first began with cynical selfish self preservation of the group ; then it became the secret norm as this increases their promotional prospects if they pursue it with gusto as and when the the worsening politcians in power step fully into the equation.

  31. […] Muhyi & Nazri – defending MACC or yourselves? First of all, Najib Razak has to explain why people are being arrested and harassed by police for doing something as […] […]

  32. ktteokt says:

    They are not defending themselves, they are just covering up their BACKSIDES!!!!!

  33. Joe Ang says:

    I cannot say much but to wish upon the MACC, The Police and the few ministers, what had happened to Toeh. Teoh was murdered, we all believe and we do not trust the police to investigate.

  34. april fool says:

    These goons are the leaders of the “Deceptorcons”. Very, very soon the “Autobots’ will demolish them completely, for the ‘parent’ of the “Transformers” are …..Transparent.

  35. Pegasus says:

    Under Naif’s 1Malaysia, MACC,PDRM,Muhyi,Nazri are all 1 together..this useless bunch will talk 1bullshit stories..expecting the Rakyat to buy it…well folks..we are not in Narnia or Neverland..but in 1Bolehland where we have heard enough…throw this BN regime out..thats the only solution…!!!

  36. charleskiwi says:

    The reason is so obvious why Toyo is defending MACC.
    It must be because he is most grateful he never got investigated by MACC for the many corruption scandals he was involved in. So make sure the present government is voted out in the next GE and then have Toyo’s many scandals and corruption investigated and most important of all have him indicted and sent to Taiping jail.

  37. hassan_ali says:

    PUTRAJAYA: Former Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo had a six-hour interview with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over the purchase of his huge bungalow and the alleged abuse of funds from an association formerly headed by his wife.

    It is learnt a senior officer interviewed Dr Khir about the two cases shortly after he arrived at the MACC office here at about 8.30am.

    Dr Khir was believed to have used the basement entrance to enter the office and left at 2.30pm unnoticed by pressmen waiting outside.

  38. JEFFRY BONG says:

    The Malaysian Association OF Cat & Cows finally admitted Bala is an important witness to the Mystery murder of ALtantuya.With the mock up c.-o-u-r-t… long ago concluded . Just wake up ????Is it too late.?? Is it still a mystery only now and not at the beginning ???? Why all the procrastinations ??? Now only request for formalities to write to them then they will act .????Is an SD not sufficient enough .?? Then what is the use of having people like the commisioner of oats , lawyers and court registrar AROUND???Is it being out dated under this Regime??They will be unrecognised and jobless by now because of the extra impositions or perhaps due to lacked of initiatives or fecklessness ??
    Compared with TBH case they acted super lightning speed having the witness ended MYSTERIOUSLY DEAD .Why the inconsistency in work performance ?? Then What is the use of having the KPI and NKRAs for ?? Just for showcase!!!
    Finally the applications of LAW is irrespective to Title , Position or status in Society.
    It is an icon of shame just to ingratiate and protect someone without any morality or human conscience .

  39. Jamie says:


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