This article is written by Raj Kumar, the son of the late Tenggaroh state assemblyman S Krishnasamy, who was allegedly shot by a hitman as he was entering the lift in the state MIC building. (His murder was reported here).

Until now, Raj Kumar and his family has still not gotten the answers they deserve from the police. Can we trust the police to investigate MACC and others involved in Teo Beng Hock’s case?

You know the answer. Thank you, Raj, for this article that I just wanted to share with my readers. A kind of solidarity message for Teo and his family.


Like many of you, i read the news of Mr.Teoh with so much anger and frustration. He should not have died that way. He was just at the brink of a new life. He had someone waiting for him, he had his parents thinking about him, he had friends who shared common thoughts with him. He was not a street criminal, he was not a person with countless criminal records. He was serving the public thru his employment with YB Ean. Yet, why did he end up dead like this?

Many questions pop up when i read about the death of Mr.Teoh. why was he interrogated till 3.45am in the morning? What was the case about? I know even murder suspects do not get interrogated like this. In fact they get released in the middle of the night and one even got a high ranking government job after that. In this case, was it because Mr.Teoh was with an opposition ADUN?

And why would someone want to sleep in the MACC office after being interrogated when he had his car right below? Wouldn’t he want to call his fiancee or his boss or friends? What happened to his phone? If he was too tired or weak, shouldn’t the officer at MACC helped Mr.Teoh to call his boss? Instead,  they allowed him to sleep on the couch? I find the story a bit hard to swallow.

Again, I am sure we will go through the same process, where people will make noise and the police will drag or postpone the case till everyone forgets about it. Then little by little, whatever evidence will go missing. The suspects(if there are any) will get away free. Finally, police will come up and say that there are no suspects and the police have done a very satisfactory job.

First of all, how can the police be trusted to investigate another agency when the police themselves have very poor record of solving crimes? Just look at the unsolved cases in the last 2 years only, please dont see any further than 2 years( you will be utterly disgusted). There are tonnes of them unsolved or closed under very shady circumstances. Moreover, police and MACC reports to the same boss. The police must be free from all forms of ties to the suspects. That is why we need the IPCMC. Now who is going to investigate the MACC?

Can we trust our police to do it? How do we know that police did a “great” job? How do we know that police did not cover up? How can we even believe a single word that comes out from the police when all their actions have been questionable?

I hope all the leaders will get to the very bottom of this case. Please do not let the police lie to us anymore.

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  1. hang jebat baru says:

    A definite NO!

  2. Dave says:

    you got to be joking.Trust them??? I will trust the devil more

  3. kluangman says:

    Susan and the gang, lu angkat lu punya pak sama lu punya mak, panggil lu punya adik sama abang pergi investigate sendiri maa..

  4. limpek says:

    You hardly see any extended condolences from those so claimed Caring Coalition parties. Hypocrisy clearly shown here.

    But Whenever their Boss came out with any “fart” proposals whether right or wrong , they are the first to came out with compliments.

    Talking about Investigation ? The guess is as good as many of you.

  5. Richard Loh says:

    Malaysians with the right mind would not trust them at all.

  6. xtheman says:

    MY asss la ….. they all in the same boat

  7. dragon says:

    What police…..they are leeches sucking the people of malaysia and licking the sllab of the masters(onmu).My condolence to the family of Mr. Teoh.Hope his ghost will come back and haunt MACC guys.

  8. Guiness Draft says: and I know it..

  9. ONE dirty MALAYSIA says:

    how could the bad guys investigate the bad guys??

  10. My2cen says:

    Indians dies in police lock-up, Chinese dies in MACC office, Malays get beaten up during interragation. Welcome to the new 1Malaysia! FRU and canon trucks awaits at all Pakatan functions, while UMNO goons and their lapdogs gets off scot-free when bikkions goes missing or wasted. Selangor Malays have must be very proud of the Malay achievement with huge palaces built from Istana Zakaria to Toyoland! MACC, care to visit Toyoland and PKFZ??????

  11. bangkalipoeylukiaka says:

    One Malaysia, Bullshit, F%$#


  12. Dave says:

    did you hear whta this guy toyo said (dont put your hadred at MAAC).Trying to be nice now???? You will be the next.Assholes

  13. Ah Tan says:

    No, No, No!! My experience with police officer extorting bribe from a poor kid like me since I was teenager riding a bicycle delivering foods. My second hand car shop was raided by 10 policemen just because I was ignoring a police officer who is trying to solicit bribe. They left only when my ‘Datuk’ Chairman paid them off. They are a licensed gangster which we all know and so afraid off. I am now 50 and my kid is experiencing the same with the traffic police. Let me ask, what has changed after many years?? How can I trust the police when the same is still going on and on and on for years?

    Just ask anyone out there who has not experienced the same? I dare anyone to do research like Tun Dr.Mahatir in his blog.

  14. ktteokt says:

    It’s like asking a crook to investigate another crook!

  15. telur dua says:

    Does it snow in Malaysia?

  16. Fellow Penangite says:

    It has to be a resounding no. The police (PRDM), the judiciary, the AG chamber and the MACC have very little credibility, if any, in the eyes of the public !!!

    Looking at the torn pants and the position of the body of the demised you don’t need to be an expert CSI to come to the conclusion that there is definitely foul play involved. Can anyone believe that a person who had been subjected to several hours of interrogation would hang around the MACC office to rest???? Will the MACC allow a member of the public to rest or loiter unsupervised within their premises???? There are a lot more questions one can raise regarding the whole episode and many things do not add up and one can easily see through the statement that was made by a director of the MACC.

  17. I-4-C says:

    It appears to be suicide as his betrayal of a corrupt coalition would see his end anyway.

  18. ajajal says:

    This is the greatest joke PRRM investigating MACC or MACC investigating PRRM 2 x 5 = 5 x 2 better ask a blind man to be a traffic officer to look after the traffic . Whose idea is this to get the police to investigate he must be a Jonah. Set up a Royal Commission is the answer. Should the DPM refused then he is also part of the parcel .

  19. Leong Yook Kong says:

    I will never trust the police. I will rather trust a thug more than a police. The fall of the late Teo Beng Hock is a bloodless fall. Did the late Teo landed on a very thick mattress?

  20. hasilox says:

    Of course can be trusted. It’s like trusting pedophile to provide childcare.

    In MACC (Malaysia Accredited Crime Cesspit) we trust!

  21. Ex Neutral says:

    Have anyone heard of Abang Adik.

  22. no money no talk says:

    Hello! Yes Sloone! The police can be trusted if you are willing to bribe them with 1 million bucks.

    This is the reality of this world nowadays. Money is king.

    As a matter of fact, you can buy any judge in Bolehland if you are willing to pay even if you have a homicide case!

    Thy shall be acquitted if you have the money and willing to pay!

    Malaysia is just a gogard country!

  23. wits0 says:

    “Did the late Teo landed on a very thick mattress?” – Leong Yook Kong.

    He was killed before being thrown from the window in the effort to cover up the cause, and in the process something caught on his pants and tore it.
    Cover ups now depends on the mortuary table.

  24. bangkalipoeylukiaka says:

    We want the murderer caught, and then a DEATH sentence for this henious crime.

    We want justice and transparency and we want a Royal Commission.

    We want Nazri be sacked and the MACC top brass be suspended immediately.

    We want all the 18 BIG SHARKS including Toyo be detained and be charged immediately.

    We want IPCMC to be implemented immediately.

    We want the PM to make his stand clearly andimmediately.

    Forget about the DPM, he is a useless IDIOT.

  25. Tangkap itu kluangman says:

    kluangman , lu panggil lu punya apak,lu punya ama, lu punya mok cik, pok cik, lu punya konco-konco tangkap itu kluang dalam gua.

  26. Titi says:

    tidak percaya polis 120%

  27. underworld says:

    Talking about Underworld traids by PRK Wee, our mata2 is the one that has all the connections and characteristics. The mata2 know all the jalans as to the massage, ayam houses, 4 ekors and look after the territories by comming around and collect protection money.

    As to this case, MCCA is responsible for the safety. Can our bloggers drive back after 3 am let alone your boss ask you to go back on your own at this hour?

  28. Kilo says:

    Can, sure, 100%!

    Just like asking a monkey to hold on to a banana for 3 sec without eating it.

    Come, you all should know by now this Bolehland.

    Next time please ask a more serious question, like “Can you trust the MACC to investigate the Police”?

    On a serious note, my condolence to Teoh’s family and girlfriend. Be strong and we will all pull through this together.

  29. Malaysia Boleh says:

    sama seperti monyet di tugaskan menjaga pisang..

  30. How come MACC never investigate their boss’ son who was convicted of paedophile (child pornography) in an Adelaide court in 2008 but still employed as a pilot with MAS?

  31. monsterball says:

    They are one gang.
    They will not betray each other.

  32. Km says:

    What do you think?

  33. vsp says:

    Investigate? If you are for them, they will tell how to destroy all evidences. Then your file will be chopped NFA because they claimed that they can’t find any evidences against you.

    But if you are against them, you will be threatened and tortured and be forced to admit to doctored evidences.

    That is, in short, the type of abject professionalism the police have degenerated into since years ago.

  34. Menyalak-er says:

    Let’s see – This is like asking a father to investigate his son’s pubic lice. Gross? Nah, the father passes it to his son and his son’s mother by contact.
    Both these kutu forces need to be purged, stripped and laid bare.
    By whom? Km’s (8:59): “What do you think?”

  35. wits0 says:

    Anyone who has voted for BN, even once, in the past shares indirectly the guilt of enabling this rotten state of affair that we now all face.

  36. mad says:

    There is no hope of a better M’sia for as long as the authorities behave like criminals and the mafia. What can the rakyat do? We are forever at their mercies, are we? Is there any hope for change at all?

  37. Pegasus says:

    Its really becoming idiotic and sickening to hear the DPM and the stupid Nazri commenting on Teoh’s death.and other issues.its 2009 not 1980..where the BN regime can lie and lie all day…today the people are more intelligent and far more advance then their parents were..BN can’t bullshit the people all the time…they expect to hoodwink the rakyat always… The police has lost all credibility the last 30 years and its accelerating fast.No,we can’t trust the police to investigate this…even Nurin’s killer is not found of the hundreds other cases still not solved..How can the pirates check on the bandits? They will just join force ..and main wayang kulit…doing sandiwara…with MSM reporting..with breaking news ..which are fishy and smells rotten..!!! We know the whole cycle…and the people are just tired…kick the BN regime out and lets vote in a new government to get this nation of ours back into the right track…!!! May God Bless his soul and this great Country!!!.

  38. Leong Yook Kong says:

    Look at the super extraordinary speed of the police investigation. In less than 48 hours, the police had ruled out foul play.

    We rule out suicide because the late Teo Beng Hock is expecting his first child.

  39. why key? says:

    I don’t trust the police at all

  40. billauchris says:

    Darkness looms over the Malaysia sky when the demise of Teo Beng Hock was made known to the public. It sickens the public in general and me in particular on how a young man like Teo who was under the detention and watchful eyes of the MACC could be allowed to wander around and jump over the window and commit suicide when he had so much to live for.

    The excuse given by MACC was most lame and those responsible for his detention, long interrogation, torture and death shall be investigated and if found guilty should be sentenced to death.

    As first when MACC was mooted, I thought that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission would be serving the country with decency and fairness. But no sooner had it been formed than it had degenerated to become the Malaysian Association of Corrupt Commissioners. MACC had certainly stepped beyond its boundaries. It is a shame that it is now under Police investigation for alleged homicide.

    And, MACC have the cheek and audacity to propose to establish MACC Courts to try those who have been charged for corruption or corrupt practices. The proponent must be a nut and one who does not know what natural justice is all about. They cannot look after their own turf and yet they want to expand their wings to be the prosecutor as well as the judge!

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I think MACC is now too swollen headed with such inherent power that it just not how to dispense justice in their operations.

    If I may suggest, MACC’s wings should be clipped. It should be replaced with an Ombusman.

  41. chong says:

    kugan case ring a bell?

    btw, we are having a crime minister as PM.

    we can make a change if most malaysians care about each other.

  42. Waymin says:

    Nazri must go, Ahmad Said must go.
    How come Nazri was so sure that the late Teo jump down by his own (as reported by Malaysiakini), there must be ada udang di sebalik batu.
    If Ahmad Said cannot assure the safety of the witness under his custody, I doubt his cabability as MACC chief!

  43. ken says:

    After looking at the newspaper front page picture of Teoh death scene, my gut feeling is … this is not a man who was kill by jumping from the building, there was no blood splits everywhere, he could be killed before someone throw him out. You need a speculation to investigate. Just like a scientist need a hypothesis conduct research.

  44. PeoplePower says:

    God, pls show your power and punish all those people who think that they are born with license to kill!

  45. I-4-C says:

    Blame the samsengs Pakatan Buntut for his apparent suicide. He is not any ordinary person. Political Secretary man!!! Sure knows too much to be allowed to stay alive by you know who!!!

  46. I-4-C says:

    If homicide, then the samsengs in Pakatan should be investigated. Of course MACC would want him alive to testify in court against the corrupt ones in Pakatan !!! Common sense man !!!!

  47. tshock says:

    yes, when the sun rise from the west and sets in the east.

  48. Justice 4 Altantuya says:

    The deaths of Khugan,Altantuya,and many more in strange and suspicious circumstances invloving the Malaysian Police raises so many unanswered questions !
    How many more must die before the Government act ?
    For Evil to suceed ,brave men do nothing !
    Syabas to all Brave men & women of Pakatan Rakyat who are fighting a tough battle to bring REFORMASI to Malaysia .

  49. […] Some reader’s views at Sloone’s Blog Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan urged politicians and members of the public to refrain from speculating or spreading rumours regarding Teoh’s death. […]

  50. LLHENG says:

    Susan, The rakyat has already lost complete trust and confidence in our MACC, how to trust these guys in PDRM?? They are same same la.

    1Malaysia or for that matter Malaysia 1, the country is still run by a bunch of guys with questionable integrity. Talk, talk and talk only.
    PKR must take over come GE13.
    Enough is enough.

  51. cowboy town says:

    Nazri the unlawful law minister cum unlawful taxi man was at the scene and when the young man came out from the interrogation, Nazri the unlawful law minister cum unlawful taxi man pointing a pistol at his head. Nazri the unlawful law minister cum unlawful taxi man asked the young man to jump out of the window or he would blow his head into pieces.

  52. cowboy town says:

    The young man thought he might survive through jumping out of the window and thought it’s only 1 or 2 storey in height.

    To mitigate the case, so Nazri the unlawful law minister cunt unlawful taxi man said this ‘How could I know he would jump out of the window?’

    Nazri is the murderer! He should be thrown out from the window and then we can say the same thing.

  53. hyman says:

    The Malaysian Police force cannot be trusted anymore……Look at all the crimes… murder, snatch theft, mat rempit etc.The Rayat feel no more safe to go around nowaday.These crimes even happened during broad daylight. The Malaysia I.G.P. owes the Malaysians an answer…..

  54. Orang Sabah says:

    Former Prime Minister Abdullah called on the government to consider abolishing the Internal Security Act (ISA). He could have altogether allowed the formation of IPCMC and the independent Anti corruption Agency when he was in power. It is now too late.

  55. sad affair says:

    The raayat don’t trust them at all including the government.

  56. storm62 says:

    how to trust the police and macc? both are the same corrupted, evil, heartless and shameful bunch of crooks produced by umno!!!

    these bastards are turning Shah Alam into a killing field!

    Altantuya – Puncak Alam, Shah Alam.

    Norita Samsudin – Shah Alam.

    Teoh Beng Hock – Shah Alam.

  57. chinlwu says:

    You must be joking. PDRM is a ” goner ” and can be flushed down the drains of Chow Kit Road. They are dirty in heart and soul.

    An animal like a dog, you can trust more and love.

    We have in Malaysia “Extortionist in Blue Uniform “. Each week PDRM set up Mobile Road Block Unit ( usually a Chief Inspector in a Patrol car, will be as a bystander and a couple of traffic police on motor bikes ) , you can see them in PJ, under the bridge facing the new Tropicana City and SS2 by the side of Mobile Station. They ( usually about 6 to 8 personnel ) will stage the road block for two hours or so . God knows how much revenue is collected for PDRM or more like for private kelumpok. This has been going on for weeks.

    In the case of the late Mr. Teoh, it will a forgone conclusion, accidental death, ” NFA”. PDRM and MACC will be having an intense negotiation to work a deal. It is so sad, that hundreds of thousand ora few million of Malaysian have no confidence that justice will be administered by PDRM.

    Once heard a story passed down from the older generation. There was once an incident, during the communist insurgency and an estate conductor was wrongly accused of subverting communist sympathiser. It was a case the rubber tapper wanted to cheat to get more weight in his latex. He was caught by the estate conductor and suspended. He reported to the communist and the estate conductor was beheaded by the communist.

    Family members of the deceased estate conductor before closing the coffin put a scissor and a mirror into the coffin and spoke, something like this ” the police and all of us cannot do much to catch the culprit who caused your death. You have to get justice yourself “.

    Sure enough , within 100 days, the culprit suffered a horrific death in a freak accident. The estate lorry parked on slope moved and run over the culprit.

    The late Mr. Teoh’s death cannot be a ” NFA” case.
    Someone in MACC has to pay for this, whether in a legal lawful way or justice by the ” Supreme Being ”

    An up and coming young man to be married next day and a father-to-be in 7 months time is now gone. His fiancee now a widow and the baby without a father.

    How is she going to tell the baby when he or she has grown up, about his father. MACC chief please ponder over this each night as you put your head on the pillow to sleep.

  58. april fool says:

    When I was very young I asked a question to a friend and a neighbour “why do we call the police as “leather belt’. My friend told me that it means the police wear leather belts while my neighbour, who was a gangster told me that the police would use the leather belt to abuse rakyat for information. He mentioned that when they hit you with a leather belt, it is extremely painful but after a few hours there will be no sign of abuse.
    How many of you out there believe my friend and how many believe my neighbour? I truly beleive my neighbour.

  59. vsp says:

    Never have I heard of a person falling down from a high building experiencing a wardrobe malfunction. The tear from Teoh’s trousers is highly suspicious and unlikely. There were no blood splashing around where he fell. The only thing I can conclude is that Teoh was tortured to death and his body flung out of the window. And the only conclusion the police can come in their preliminary investigation is that Teoh died due to injuries from a high fall. Morons, who do not know that? Even a kindergarten child would do better.

    But I do know of one famous wardrobe malfunction. This came from the sister of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson during one of her high-octane performance. From a person bigger than life itself, and combining with another heart-trob, Justin Timberlake the chemistry flow between them inevitably caused a wardrobe malfunction, to the astonishment and delight of million of MTV gawkers.

    But the MACC episode is macabre and disgusting. This is a political murder engineered by no other than the veteran Perak-coup leader, Najib.

  60. vsp says:

    Former Prime Minister Abdullah called on the government to consider abolishing the Internal Security Act (ISA). – OrangSabah


    Nazri hear that? This will be another ‘crook’ according to your lexicon

  61. ericind says:

    Haiya,MACC,PDRM r abang adik mah,same mama different papa only….

  62. kittykat46 says:

    Can the police be trusted to investigate the MACC?

    Bloody crooks all of them.
    If an independent autopsy is carried without fear or favour, it should be easy enough to establish if Teoh was already dead when he when flying.

    Human Blood changes characteristic within minutes of death, and whatever injuries sustained on hitting the ground would look different compared to those sustained by someone who was still alive.

    After what happened to Kugan, does anyone still trust a government autopsy in any case where authorities may be implicated ?

  63. Armagaddon says:

    Trusting the police is like Jesus trusting satan when he asked Jesus to jumb down from a high place and assuring that God will lift Jesus up. In this case, did Teoh Beng Hock trust satan (police)?

  64. penguin says:

    Aiyo! Our dear Susan,

    The IGP had made it known that if even he had to lie in Anwar’s Sodomy 1 case, he blatantly told the judge that he would tell lie in the court.

    This IGP had been telling lies since then!

    And now you are asking this question? Did you just come down from a virgin mountain? Hahahaha…

    The AG-IGP tag-team fabricated evidence

    The Trials Of Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim – The Second Month

  65. arsay says:

    The police force, the judiciary and MACC are all controlled by the evil lords of Malaysia. I don’t think they are independently operated. Once the evidence cannot be covered, there will be a scapegoat to cover the real person behind this……..the top evil doers will continue to stay in power.

  66. mich tan says:

    Hong Kong TVB’s drama script writers and directors will do a better job than our ROYAL malaysian police.. Poodah…

  67. markky says:

    The one with more deaths in its custody investigating the one with fewer death in its custody, come on!!

  68. justme says:

    Can we trust or can we not?
    One death, its alleged to have taken place at the now famed investigation agency.
    I suppose if by normal investigations, maybe only a small number of people that are deemed to be of importance to the case would be called to give statements. But do we see, this follows the pattern of a recent famous case that lasted almost 2 years and hundreds of witness being called? Final verdict, its was big news .
    Teo’s case bears all the hallmarks of that case, recent counts, almost more than 70 tom, dick and harry has been called , with maybe more to come. I suppose if this was brought to court, the testimony of these people will surely blur the case and the verdict will be a forgone conclusion. Lets just say, this investigation most probably do not focused on the subject matter, but going in circles, blurrring the lines on what is true and false. So do we trust or do we not?

  69. Realist says:

    Malaysian are very forgiving & the majority are easily duped.

    No matter how corrupted & evil the BN govt is, every election they will still get elected as the Govt.

    Malaysia is truly a basket case. Hopeless to the very end.

    I wonder when will the large majority of Malaysian (especially the rural Malays) wake up?

    Sad case.

  70. JEFFRY BONG says:

    TBH evoked a lot of anger to the Public,this definitely will not be
    forgotten for a long time to come.It will take a long time to heal and pacify the Malaysian Public.
    It is time for Malaysians to consistently push this issue and not
    allow the pack of Murderers to get away with this Vile and Evil deed unscathed.

  71. Man sentenced to 5yrs minimum for turning in gun….

    Image I found this article on that states a man who found a sawed off shotgun in his garden was arrested for turning it into police. This really amazes me how this man trying to do a good deed gets arrested and sentenced to a…

  72. wwen says:

    better trust devil..

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