Oh dear… is Malaysia ever short of mysterious deaths, murders?

Is this beloved country ever lacking of persons gone missing – voluntarily or involuntarily?

It seems, we continue to gain notoreity in the eyes of the world for having the most “breaking news” lately.

This sudden death is shocking!

The latest being the “suicide” of an Exco aide from the MACC building – the 14th Floor! People are crying foul play – cause the guy’s to be married tomorrow!

How many more mysterious death?

2. The Altantuya case is still unresolved, though two policemen have been charged and are supposed to be hanged. We still do not know why she was killed and how were such explosives used. Who approved them?

3. Kugan and hundreds of others who died in police custody.

4. How about the late Ms. Sujata, whose death, says Malaysiakini was mired in “muddy politics resulting in a scrutiny of the police force”.

I see we’re fast becoming a very dangerous place to live in.


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  1. Pegasus says:

    Yes Susan, too many mysterious death in Bolehland.My deepest condolences to Teoh’s family circles. How could somebody under the MACC custody dies just like that.?..too many unresolved cases..this could be a turning point in Malaysian politics…MACC has now becomes umno assassin as well…Toyol’s case is a open book corruption…but MACC instead sees fit to go after the PR reps to take revenge for the suspension meted out to Toyol…why still no action against Toyol?…Macc is just another arm for Umno..its cases like this which will drive the Rakyat to vote in a new government in the next 13th GE!!!

  2. aca says:

    this is the works of an evil man whose son was caught red handed with child porno material.

    evility runs in his family.

  3. kittykat46 says:

    MACC….f*ck…just an UMNO barua…

    My condolences to Teoh’s family.

  4. ajajal says:

    The Selangor MACC chief has a special link to that Toyol. Can anyone help to see what is their link and relationship. Soon a mother of all cover ups will come up . Sad for a young man has to go in such an unwanted way. MACC your days in hell will commence on this earth from now.

  5. Richard Loh says:

    ALL IN THE NAME FOR POWER AND GREED. najis must be sleeping soundly with all his plans put in place from the help of MACC, PDRM, Judiciary and the EC. May GOD bless you umno najis and gang.

  6. you only live twice says:

    This is Najib’s 1Malaysia culture. Anybody can fall mysteriously or ‘accidentally’ from great height. The next could be anybody…

    It’s the beginning of real 1Malaysia!

  7. Ray-of-Hope says:

    RIP, Teo BH, My deepest condolence to his family….

    The poor fiancee was denied access to see his face one last time, MACC = MACChai for Najis’ Regime, like Gestapo for Nazi’s regime

    If they cud shoot a pregnant mother with li’l kids to look after in Mongolia, pumped 2 bullets into her pretty face, then C4’ed her to bits-n-pieces before she swallowed her last breath, what other heinous crimes these animals aren’t capable of doing?

  8. limpek says:

    Deepest condolence to the family.

    Nothing is politically right which is morally wrong- Lincoln.

    The Nation’s Moral Compass need to change.

  9. Jed Yoong says:

    Dear Susan,

    I wish to express my deepest and most heartfelt condolences to Teoh’s family and fiancee.

    The government owes it to them to get to the bottom of the mysterious death of the 30-year-old. Classifying it as “sudden death” is neither convincing nor satisfactory.

    This tragedy is another sad affirmation of all that is wrong with our system. If our safety cannot be guaranteed when we assist investigations, we should have the right to refuse as who knows whether we would return alive?

    Although we should refrain from pre-judging, the fact that Teoh was last held in custody by the MACC before his death makes it the prime suspect unless between the time of Teoh’s death and the his release while he was allegedly “loitering” in the building, he met a stranger completely unrelated to the MACC, who was also “loitering” in the building without authorisation. Also, that he died in the vicinity of the MACC building is grounds for suspicion of culpability.

    The Barisan Nasional’s political games may have indirectly caused his death and if this is how it plans to retake Selangor, I’m afraid its strategy has gone very wrong. An unlikely matyr has been born to coalesce previously apathetic individuals into masses repulsed by the Barisan.

  10. kesava says:

    Wangsa Maju MP, Wee Choo Keong, who started the ball rolling has finally tasted DAP blood…..but can it satisfy his lust.
    Meanwhile, will Azmin Ali`s kenduri in celebration be restricted or open to all.

  11. kesava says:

    This has been going on for far too long. The MACC acts like God. They kidnap families and torture those they arrest. They threaten those they interrogate with death if they refuse to talk.

  12. monsterball says:

    The investigation was about a RM10K matter and the deceased was not the suspect at all. He was hurled up for questioning for 8 hours…were breaks are allowed…..if requested.
    He deceased was about to get married …the next day!!
    Why have the bride to be…or in laws to be..not spoken anything?
    Their remarks may clear some doubts.
    Why is ten thousand ringgit case made….look so big…so important…appeared headline news…..when so many other cases..involving much much more….no photos…no headlines….in low tone…secretive investigation.
    In that alone….shows MACC is playing politics in favour of UMNO.
    No wonder Lim Kit Siang call it… agency for cows and cars.
    It needs UMNO.. Min of come out defending MACC…..while Khairy is more sympathetic…. proposing a Royal Commission on the case.

  13. rafraf says:

    “Khairy is more sympathetic…. proposing a Royal Commission on the case.”

    He can afford to be sympathetic as he knows nothing will come of that. The correct idiomatic expression for k-hairy is
    “Playing to the gallery”

  14. rafraf says:

    The Selangor police – yes those guys famed for the Kugan Ananthan brutality – are now in charge of Beng Hock’s case.

  15. Menyalak-er says:

    Nice X-ray of a cromagnon skull, Susan. Hmm, the R. wrist seems pretty ok now…, a belated welcome back.
    Unfortunately BHTeoh’s wouldn’t be so ‘pretty’. My condolences to his family and bethrothed. His death will not be in vain.
    We had enough of pdrm, macc and naif’s ‘executive’ powers!
    To appease the maddening crowd the flunkies who did the job will be persecuted ala Altan, but the real bastardos will never be brought to book.
    Azmin and Wee are partially culpable in the poltical aspects, while the real murderers slink placidly into the night.

  16. wits0 says:

    Decadence in full swing in 1Malaysia now unofficially declared.

    Just look at the mismatching face of the head honcho of MACC. Only his mother will be enchanted and believe that’s an honest looking one!

  17. tangga says:

    Pakatan should also not waste time. They should zero in on the person most responsible – Najib Razak. Not only because he has to be responsible because he is the PM. But also because he is the Selangor Umno chief and has promised to topple the Selangor Pakatan. And the Beng Hock tragedy is a clear-cut by-product of this ambition.

    Just as his attack against the Perak Pakatan reeked of racism, the same sort of race-based modus operandi was being ruthlessly and unscrupulously pursued in Selangor. Now, it has also yielded the same sort of disastrous results.

    As they say an eye for eye and a life for a life. Can Najib – with all his stocked-up wealth – give Beng Hock back his life, his parents their son, his siblings their brother and his fiancee her husband? It is so difficult to get justice in Malaysia. Perhaps, Beng Hock should pay him a visit! For someone must be held accountable, who if not the head honcho himself!

  18. tangga says:

    “Just look at the mismatching face of the head honcho of MACC.”

    Looks like a ruffian, thug and gangster that one.

  19. wits0 says:

    “Looks like a ruffian, thug and gangster that one.” – tangga

    A culmination of all past scoundrel archetypes into one!

  20. buster douglas says:

    PAKATAN RAKYAT… wake up la. Your candlelight vigils are a total waste of time. You guys are softies that dont deserve to lead anymore. Stand up for your fallen colleague! Candles and flowers are useless in this fight. Wake up. Im an ordinary citizen… fed up of your candlelight vigils. Sitting around and singing songs. Geez… You look like fools honestly.

    Stand up and fight if you believe that injustice has occured.

  21. lebaikudin says:

    first thing confiscate the cctv recording at macc at material time..before someone ‘accidently’ erased it..malaysia boleh..ops

  22. storm62 says:

    MACC = Murderers And Corruptors Commission.

  23. CAT says:

    Strange Susan,
    When video of EliWong first emerged the public reaction was conspiracy by BN? Both being in PR, illicit affair with a married man and pictures taken by her lover in her very own home, out of the blue… BN was blamed!

    Kok glaringly in the news blabbered about “boys’ eggs dog food”, my kids almost chocked when they heard her sentence, (BEING an ADUN/MP representing of all states, SELANGOR) with her broken English pronunciations.. this lady stupidly denied she said such things and the media had to replay the clip… again for her to see?

    Now this? Its shocking to see these similar kinds of reflex reaction.. Terkentut busuk dalam kereta tetapi menuduh orang lain yang kentut…

  24. Anti-Killers says:

    I grieve for Teoh. May his soul achieve peace and reach a higher plane of all goodness, and may his family receive comfort of prayers and the blessings of all of us.

    Let us all conduct a lot of prayers ….all of us from various faiths, to dedicate to Teoh’s soul and his family at their time of sadness.

    Agreed with Susan …… what has this country come to, when crimes go beyond corruption and other evils? Mysterious DEATHS only brings to bad conclusions and the perpetrators have only one thing on their hands ………. the BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT!

    Sad Sad day for the country …… and for mankind!

  25. Blardy BN says:

    If killing is the way to go for BN …….. ???????????

  26. Judged_When_U_Die says:

    Don’t go on faking by holding joss-sticks or singing praises to the almighty one or bowing 5 times a day …….. if the act is followed by dispicable actions of corruption, misuse of powers entrusted upon them and KILLING!

    Our lives are impermanent…..and we will be judged the day we die, whatever pretentious faith you KILLERS are.


  27. I-4-C-2 says:

    I-4-C is finally smug and burping loudly…..he was able to extinguish 1 pakatan buntut.

  28. Gail D says:

    Najis out of the country, that monkey muhi-din yassin has to take the responsibility. Dont try to get “amok” “racist” Nazri Aziz to defend you.
    Take off your skirt and put on your pants at least once in your life…..or accumulate more bad karma.

  29. saveface says:

    What do MACC mean that he was loitering in their offices after they freed him at 3.45am.
    Mother farkers think it is so easy to get taxi at that time in shah alam. They tried to sodomise him….thas y his trousers were torn.

  30. dev says:

    Hey CAT,

    What about politicians from the BN? are they any better in English?Come on, it is just being sore that the accepted people are not in power anymore. If other glaring cases of amassing great wealth during tenures in office does not warrant investigation by the so-called Anti Corruption Comm, then all can be said is that they are merely acting on the whistle blowers instead of those complained of. So sekiranya terkentut dalam kereta, di Malaysia ada banyak puak-puak yang sudi menghidu kentut tersebut dan mengikut telunjuk orang yang terkentut itu. SO Come on, you know that if it were the BN who have been alleged to be corrupt the MACC would be still sleeping. It is very evident for all to see. When you point fingers at others three fingers are pointing back at you.

    Cheers mate!

  31. saveface says:

    As chief commissioner of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Datuk Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan is fully aware that all his actions and that of his family members as well will always come under public scrutiny.

    Ahmad Said has been attacked in blogs and via e-mail over the issue of his son bringing child pornographic material into Aus-tralia. His son, a pilot, pleaded guilty and paid a fine for the offence.

    Ahmad Said vehemently denies that it was child pornography.
    “I can bet with you that it’s something that you will find on most men’s handphones,” he said.

    Fark you bustard, you lose the bet you sodomist.

  32. tiga lain says:

    Hey CAT,
    What about politicians from the BN? are they any better in English? – dev

    That pig face muhi-ddin yassin english is 1 st class, badawi also 1st class ROTFL

  33. wits0 says:

    Badawi’s English is simply mediocre. for an ole time free School boy. Muhi, the one with the zombie mask is no better though they were from English medium schools. Both talk cock, something which even better English cannot make straight.

  34. bamboo river© says:

    My deepest and heartfelt condolence to the family anf fiance of Late Mr Teo. You can imagine my shock and disbelief when i heard about the news from a friend yesterday.

    This tragedy must never be ‘covered up’. To Ronnie Liu,Teresa Kok, Azmin,and Wee Choo Keong….get your act together!!!!!
    Your bickerings are the pain in my arse!!!!

    MACC ? Lost for words!

  35. whispering9 says:

    Real ba*tards at work here. Seemingly using the laws and rules to practice selective witch hunting instead of protecting the rights of Malaysians. First PDRM, and now MACC join the fray. It used to be done beneath shroud but now it is just brazenly obvious.

    BR… this stage, I find the internal bickering secondary to a real need of making sure that a two parties system get implemented successfully. Like they said ‘It takes a crook to catch a crook.’ So what if they quarrel and bicker openly….come next election, just listen to the electorate voices and change the unpopular candidates. Life goes on….until a near perfect equilibrium is achieved.

  36. wermalaysians says:

    MACC’s hand is tainted with the blood of innocent Malaysians & the dog for Umno.

  37. jo says:

    Since my second retirement in 2001, I have accepted only one invitation to speak in Malaysia and that was in 2004.

    So to accept this invitation, it took some serious thinking on my part. I have spoken many times overseas but at home I think people may be tired of hearing me talk all the time so as a retiree I should just keep quiet!

    “I accepted this invitation because I have great faith in our young people. For us as a nation to grow and succeed in the future we need good leaders and you here are our leaders of tomorrow.

    So, thank you Tengku Zafrul Aziz for inviting me. The topic you chose is interesting – Jaguh Kampung, A Personal Perspective on Business Outside Malaysian Shores.

    Nowadays, the term Jaguh Kampung seems to suggest our failures. It dismisses our achievements and local successes. It portrays us as a failure overseas. It looks down upon us. It used to refer to sports, now it encompasses business.

    I do not see anything derogatory about being a Jaguh Kampung, for how can you succeed globally if you have not achieved success even at home. It is here that you hone your skills, know of your strengths and weakness, make your mistakes and learn from them; it is here that you plant the seed of your success overseas. It is only negative when you are successful at home yet not able to translate the same success abroad. Why?

    It has been argued that Malaysians are far too comfortable at home and therefore cannot stand the competition outside. For the Malays particularly it is said that we do not have the history of migrants who came in junks and sampans to make a new life in a new land; that we have no history of doing business and that there is no NEP overseas.

    I don’t subscribe to such an argument. Many non-Malays fail too. Many non-Malays who have succeeded here with Government help have failed overseas. It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with ourselves. We have to see our own strengths and weakness to know why we succeed and why we fail. I have no sociological or anthropological thesis on this but I can tell you of my personal experience to illustrate, if that is of any help.

    So, I guess I shall start from the beginning. I come from a small place called Lorong Kampong Padang in Kota Tanah, Seberang Perak, Kedah. Growing up I was confused, we had no padang, no kota (fort), no perak (silver)! It was a small kampong where everyone knew everyone. Yet this village produced 3 doctors, 2 veterinary surgeons, a dentist and may top civil servants. As far as I knew, they were no lawyers, yet my father kept urging me “Grow up to be a lawyer”.

    Two of the three doctors were Dr Mahathir who married another doctor, and Dr Bakar who married Tan Sri Dr Salmah, the first female Malay doctor in the country. Amongst my schoolmates and seniors were Tan Sri Hanafiah Ahmad of Tabung Haji, Tan Sri Hanafiah Hussein, the first Malay Chartered Accountant, and Tan Sri Bakar Hamid, Head of Income tax. The list goes on.

    The late Tun Zahir (Speaker of Parliament) helped me with my admission to Lincoln’s Inn. In London I was friends with other students some of whom went on to become Judges, Chief Justices, President of the Ct. of Appeal, Lord Presidents, top Civil Servants etc. I learnt politics from the likes of Syed Albar and even when back in Kuala Lumpur he would come to my house weekends and drive me around Kuala Lumpur introducing me to the whos who of Malay politics. Hussein Onn would tell me Malayan political history.

    When I moved to Kelantan I got to know the various political leaders in PAS like Asri, Zulkifli and Wan Mustapha. In fact PAS was the first to offer me to stand for election. When I joined the Legal Service, I served in Johor and Perak and built up further my network of friends.

    When I was in private practice I represented the Governor of Sarawak in the case of Stephen Kalong Ningkan. I was in Allen & Gledhill then and a very junior lawyer too but the senior partner asked me to do it as he thought that I was able to handle it as he considered me well read and thorough in my work plus he knew that I was well versed in the politics of the day. It was during this case that I got to know Tun Razak, Tun Rahman Yakob and Tan Sri Taib Mahmmud. At 28, I attended my first Cabinet meeting to brief the Cabinet on the case. I never thought that 18 years later I would be attending it weekly.

    Tengku Razaleigh and Manan Othman for reasons known to themselves, recommended to Hussein Onn that I be appointed a Senator. Suddenly people wanted to find out who this Daim was. Manan when he was Minister of Public Enterprise, put me on Board of UDA as I was recognized as a successful property developer then and later made me chairman of Peremba. When Tun Mahathir became PM, he appointed me as Chairman of Fleet Group. Tan Sri Sanusi made me Chairman of Rakyat First Merchant Bank. In 1984, Tun Mahathir made me Minister of Finance.

    It is from all these people that I learnt so much and who had in some way or the other helped me in my professional, business and political life.

    I was also a busy body and had an opinion on everything. I was there when Tan Chee Koon, Lim Chong Eu and Syed Hussein formed Parti Gerakan. I took part in the debate on the issue of Bahasa Kebangsaan and had friends who alerted me that I was to be arrested under the ISA on the issue. I wrote letters to the Prime Ministers in office, offering them my 2 cents worth, the advice unasked and often ignored but that did not deter me.

    I started my private practice with some savings and a RM60k loan from MARA. I furnished my office frugally and spent the rest on the stock market. When May 13 came I almost lost the shirt on my back. I learnt there and then that the stock market is not a casino for me to gamble in but that investment has to be made through informed choices. Later when I decided to go back to the market I only invested in quality and strategic stocks.

    Before I could invest in these quality stocks I had to make money to pay off my debts. Luckily I had my practice; but the need to succeed was too strong for me to remain purely a lawyer. Not one to give up, I decided to go into business. I invested in a salt making business – everyone needs salt right? well, an unseasonal storm washed that away! I went into many businesses that didn’t do too well, until I decided to go into property development. I approached Dato Harun Idris then MB of Selangor for a piece of an abandoned, disused mining land. I paid the premium for it and finally was on the road to success. It was not easy going. It would have been easier if it was a piece of flat estate land, instead I had manylakes to be filled before I can build.

    But if it had been easy then I’m not sure I would have learnt the lessons that failure teaches you. Failure is a great teacher if you are willing to learn. My tenacity was my strength. I never gave up. As Churchill said “Success is not final and failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts”. I stumbled, picked myself up and continued.

    By the time I was in my mid thirties I was a millionaire. With the money I made I went looking for my strategic stakes not only in the stock market but also in properties. By the time I join the Cabinet I was the shareholder of Raleigh Bhd (a name famous worldwide for its bicycle, made since 1887) Raleigh had shares in Prudential and had landed properties and another listed company. I bought into UEP which had a 1,400 acre land bank which I later reversed into SIME for shares, making me the single largest shareholder of SIME then. I also had a Joint Venture with the State Government of Kedah to develop 2,000 acres of converted land. Maluri also JV’ed with PNB to develop 600 acres of land in Kajang. I had a housing estate in Malacca. My land bank was massive. I was also a founding shareholder and chairman of TV3. I was also the largest individual shareholder in Nestle, and in Jaya Jusco. I had 4 factories in Malacca producing cast iron, plastic, packaging and preserved foods. I also invested in a haulage company. I also had a stake in UMBC Bank. I’m telling you all this not to show off and impress you but to share with you my journey.

    When I was asked by Dr Mahathir to join the Government I had to think very carefully. I knew it will be a sacrifice on my part to take the offer but then this would not be the first time I have been asked to sacrifice in the name of national interest. When I had the opportunity to increase my share in SIME to 30% Dr. Mahathir heard about it and asked me not to take it up as it would be better to be given to PNB. When UMNO youth objected to MCA buying shares in UMBC, MCA approached me to exchange my controlling shares in Malaysian French Bank for a non controlling stake in UMBC. I was not keen to give up control in one for non-controlling in another, further I had to borrow as I was buying into a bigger bank, but the government insisted on the exchange for economic and political stability. By the time the deal was completed I was made MoF and later had to sell my stake. The government insisted that I can only sell to a Bumi or Bumi company and at cost too! I had much higher offers from non Bumis and could have made money on this sale but I have no choice. On top of it all, I had to pay tax on the sale too!

    As I said earlier, it was a sacrifice on my part. Joining the Government also meant that I would have to give up my business. I was rich and answered to no one. I was carefree and wanted to enjoy the fruits of my labour. I had my privacy which I value highly. It was a difficult decision to make. I took more than a month to think it over. Whilst I would sacrifice a life of greater wealth, there is more to life than making money and more money. At some point you have to look beyond material wealth and personal interest. In the end the call to serve was made, partially because growing up my father had always drummed it into my head that there was no better calling than to be serving the government. That to be of service is an honour. And he also thought that I should be Prime Minister. In fact when I was appointed MoF and I told him, he replied “bukan PM?”!! Obviously he thought very highly of me.

    There has been bouquets and brickbats, but I did not take the job to win a popularity contest. National interest comes first and in the end, you have to do what you think is best for the nation. Joining the government has brought me immense satisfaction to see the economy succeed from an agrarian economy to an industrialised economy. If I had not joined the government I would have been far richer in wealth but so much poorer in experience. If there is any regret, it is regret for the loss of my privacy.

    I couldn’t have done all this on my own. The friends I knew, the network I built was very useful. You cannot be successful if you are a hermit staying in your house watching TV after work. Whether its through school, work or sports, there is always an opportunity to meet people. Networking, building relationships, what the Chinese called “quan xi”, is important in business – you never know who you meet may be your guardian angel in disguise. Of course I’m not suggesting that you make friends for an ulterior motive – if you are not sincere, people can see through you. If you use people, it can only work once or twice before you lose your reputation and that, if once lost cannot be recovered.

    Whenever I travel and meet people I would always write to them, to thank them, to keep in touch, to invite them over etc. So wherever I went I always knew someone or the other. But mix with like minded people. Your so called friends can lead you astray. As I have said earlier,networking is very important but is of no use when all you do with your network of friends is to “omong-omong kosong”.

    Saudara, Saudari / Ladies and Gentlemen

    After retirement I had no ministry and no company to run. All my life I have been active and staying home doing gardening and playing golf did not appeal to me. So I went to the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. I spent my time reading, meeting people, attending lectures. After a few months I was restless. I reassessed my situation – do I restart in Malaysia? If I did, and succeeded, my success would be questioned as I still had friends and contacts both in and out of Government. I had nothing to prove but I thought if I could succeed in Malaysia, maybe I could do so overseas. As I’ve said earlier Malays have been criticised that they can only succeed because of the NEP, I thought that I owe it to the Malays to prove otherwise.

    In the course of my work as MoF I travelled and engaged with various people, government and non-government everywhere. I had visited Eastern Europe and was convinced that Russia could not hold on to them for very long.

    In 1994 I started my banks in Republic of Czech and then Hungary, Albania, Bosnia. Whatever we may say of Russia, it left behind a very good education system and excellent infrastructure. Still, it was tough to do business there. There is the question of language and there was no experience of market economy. It was not easy to get Malaysians to work there and the locals were used to working for the government. We had to motivate them to work for profit, to understand that we go into business to make profit, profit to pay salaries, bonuses and to expand.

    If Eastern Europe was tough, Africa was tougher. Why Africa? Its too long to go into but if you are interested I’ve given my reasons in a separate paper. Its with Tengku Zafrul. It was not easy for us to start in Africa. We were not Citibank or HSBC or Standard Chartered. Whilst most of the Governments in Africa knew me when I was MoF and I was involved in both the Smart Partnership and South-South Cooperation, nobody knew the Bank. Tun Dr. Mahathir’s name carries a lot of weight and Malaysia under him was held in high esteem. All these helped but we still had to prove ourselves and further we had to carry the burden of maintaining Malaysia’s good name. Failure was not an option.

    Africa was tough. There was little discipline, most do not have the expertise nor the experience. The better ones had left and were in Europe or America. The pool to draw staff was small. If it was difficult to entice Malaysians to Eastern Europe, you can imagine what it was like to ask them to go to Africa!

    We started from scratch. Fortunately for me, I had an excellent team who understood and shared my vision. The team you build is critical. You cannot do it alone.

    My team were as determined as me to succeed. We had put our money there and our reputation and the country’s reputation were at stake. My team were motivated and prepared to sacrifice the comforts of home to blaze a trail there. It was pure team work and dedication that made it. Without a good team, no way would we be where we are today. Our banks have won many awards, particularly Euromoney’s Bank of the Year awards, some of them repeatedly. I am very proud of them. And I must add that we have a good reputation in Africa. Wherever I go and I meet Presidents, Prime Ministers, MoF, Governors of Central Bank of countries where we operate and where we don’t, they now know us and of us and are happy with us. They see that we have been fair and honest. We treat them as partners and equals. We train the locals and it is a measure of our success that our local staff are always in demand and poached by other financial institutions. We get a lot of requests to open up in their countries but we are limited by our resources. We cannot over-stretch ourselves and end up with quantity but not quality. Quality is of the utmost importance.

    Today we have a presence in 10 countries in Africa and have also expanded our reach into Asia; Indonesia, Bangladesh, Laos, and are looking at other neighbouring countries. People must think that you have to be immensely rich to be in Europe, Africa and Asia, but that is not true. When we first started, the paid up for each bank was only US$2 million. Today a European bank’s paid up must be at least Euro 5 million, in Yemen for example, US$20 million, and in Nigeria US$100 million. With that kind of requirement, we had to reassess our business plans. We sold off Europe and with the proceeds decided to go to Asia.

    In every business you start with a plan but the plan has to re evaluated, reassessed, and reconsidered at every turn. What works today may not necessarily work tomorrow. Facts change, operating conditions change and we must change with them. Business is not static and we cannot run on the spot.

    I know I have gone on too much, boring you with my personal history. I should have just quoted my son’s one paragraph biography he wrote of me when he was in primary school: “My father was born in Kedah. He studied law and became a lawyer, then a businessman, then MoF twice. He is now retired and runs banks and does charitable work. He is a good father because he plays football with me.”

    Seriously, though, what distinguish one who succeeds from one who fails? Everyone I’m sure starts out wanting success, but it has been said that success usually comes to those who were too busy to look for it. It is a sacrifice. You will have to defer immediate gratification and forgo leisure. You have to be the first to arrive and the last to leave. It really is hard work and nothing else. There is just no substitute for hard work. But you cannot work hard stupidly. You have to plan, execute the plan, change the plan when necessary to suit changing situations. As was said by Darwin – “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one that is most adaptable to change”. How do you know that the situation changes? You have to read, read and read. Read all the time. Be curious about the world around you. Try to keep up with the latest in technology and business, the latest trends and the geo political changes too. As an example, when I read that the French Government was nationalising its banks I realised that it would have to sell its bank in Malaysia as Malaysia then did not allow government owned banks to operate in Malaysia. I saw an opportunity here and decided to contact the French Government to take over the Indo-Suez Bank which I later renamed the Malaysian French Bank. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    It is also important that you take the opportunity to work in and learn from businesses that have been successful. It is no embarrassment to say you don’t know and to be aware of your own limitations. Never be too proud to learn from others. But on the other hand, do not follow blindly. If someone is successful at one thing it does not mean that you can too. You have to know yourself. It helps if you can do something that you love. As Confucius said “Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”. You have to be hands-on. No one is interested in your success except you. Its your money, and in most cases, borrowed money. You have to ensure your own success. You are your own best asset and the master of your own destiny, to make your own future. You have a choice to either work hard, remain committed, diligent, determined and disciplined or just buy a lottery ticket and hope to get rich overnight!

    For the Malays particularly I say this to you – do not be afraid of competition. We are used to competing – we have other races to measure against, so there is no reason why we can’t succeed. Don’t believe in handouts, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Handouts do not test you and when faced with adversity, the price of that handout is failure.

    For the Non-Malays, I say this to you – Do not accept any discrimination or perceived discrimination as an excuse for failure. See it as an obstacle to overcome and an opportunity to strengthen your resolve.
    Do not fear the fear of failure. Do not fear to take chances. Do not fear of making mistakes that will shatter your confidence and fill you with doubts. You have to take a chance on life. When one door closes another opens but you have to look for that open door and not remain fixated on the closed door. Move on, you have done what you can. Learn from it and that will give you confidence in the next venture.

    In your quest for success, be wary of making compromises; your values and beliefs will be tested. Have a clear conscience in what you do as you have to face the mirror everyday. Do not let praise go to you head nor criticism weigh you down. Have faith in yourself and faith in God. He will not let you down.

    When you have achieved material successes, live simply and shun extravagance and arrogance. Do not lose all that you have achieved because you were resting on your laurels. What happens when that laurel wilts? Be humble and reach out to those less fortunate than you. Your success is an obligation and a responsibility to your society and it is only when you give back to society that you are truly successful.

    Ladies and Gentlemen/ Saudara, Saudari

    Be brave to leave your ‘kampung’ and go anywhere in the world to claim your future. I wish you well.

    Thank you.”

    Topics: L4T, Speeches |

    5 Responses to “L4T Leadership Lectures with Tun Daim”
    Fye Says:
    June 12th, 2009 at 12:22 pm
    nice pics! and I can see (Dato’) Amrin and Faisal

    is that Dato Mukhriz M?


    armin baniaz Says:
    June 24th, 2009 at 4:26 pm
    An inspiring speech and a good effort by L4T team. Extraordinary event. well done. i will be an active participants in your future event.


    Din Says:
    June 30th, 2009 at 11:44 pm
    thank you for the full text of the speech.

    amazing, amazing, amazing. truly inspirational.

    i have left my kampung and on the journey of pursuing my own dream.


    a.zim Says:
    July 9th, 2009 at 10:14 am
    Thanks for posting….

    Such an inspiring speech…..

    jo Says:
    July 17th, 2009 at 8:17 am
    ..tun daim is extraordinary.he created a lot of malay millionaires like wan azmi,tajuddin ramli,tan sri hamdan,halim saad,anuar othman and many more..he also loves malay and thinks education is key.above all,he was a doer that
    knows how to make money work for him.

    ..making money is about guts cant earn salary and do have to 1.make your OWN money 2.built it from there 3.dont loose the money 4.ingat tuhan

    ..never pecah amanah as even when you make the money ie i know some who took zakat and anak yatim’s cash to enrich themselves,god WILL punish
    you and you will know

  38. veryupset says:

    My condolences to Mr. Teoh’s family & fiancee…
    Very sad day undeed…!!!

    Ya all think we gonna get a fair answer from MACC….??????
    Teoh will be blamed……
    Case closed…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kugan case still open arr…??????

    Whoever that’s investigating Teoh’s death will have a “lot of soul searching”…!!!
    “To tell the truth or …………….!!!”

    What about their CCTVs..? Tape hilang..???
    Just like the Puswari Hospital sodomy report “missing”………….!

    We stupid or what…???
    Evidence that goes “missing” that has been kept in the “right” place ought to be investigated…….

    Somebody is playing “punks”………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. says:

    As long as we have lks and son at the helm, we can expect this kind of thing happened.

    Blame Lks and son for playing nepotism.

    Looking at PR and Dap in full swing replacing Bn dogs, they are all the same mode.

    What has changed in the Governance of Selangor since Pr took over last year? Nothing accept changing of drivers.

  40. says:

    Where is the declaration of assets of PR reps? Where is the third vote? Why all the tolls are business as usual? Government departments are still all ex-Bn officials!

    Looking at this Ronnie and ‘Mother Theresa’, aren’t they arrogant? This Ronnie is a real joker. Where ever he goes, he is wearing western suite? Has he got an inferior complex to make up with glamorous suite?

    They are just not like ‘one of us’- the rakyat- their boss~!

    All the Pr reps are all sleeping, goyang kaki and gaji buta only to see them during GE campaigning for votes!

  41. says:

    This Lks and son must be sent to jail for practicing nepotism! Lks and son are the root cause of all these fiasco.

    As long as Lks and son are around, we can expect all kinds of problems in Malaysia. We are having the legislative debacle in Perak, and now in Selangor!

    These are just a few tips of the iceberg! We can expect more such ‘tragedies’ to occur from now on!!!

  42. veryupset says:


    Susan, who wrote that long speech??
    Very good….!!!

    M planning to leave my “kampung”…!!!

  43. alantanblog says:

    Deepest condolences to Teoh’s family…

  44. PeoplePower says:

    MACC must be responsible for this incident!

  45. kmbob says:

    i want to be a Prime Minister of Malaysia for the future.

  46. fearnoone says:

    Where is the people’s power? This is the best time to exercise it and show what we mean by it. When the rakyat speak the paria govt better listen!

  47. chanjoe says:

    AS the saying goes…..”Dead Man Tell No Lies”……so MACC can say anything they like and that bloody Nazri can even say something like that….F..K him. Wiat until the day when someone close to him meets some similar incidents and see how he will react!!!!!!!!!

    My condolences to family of Teoh…..and all others who had perished for reasons still unknown and with no one been responsible. This is BN way and you can bet that one killing will definitely lead to more deaths as they are now used to killings and since their hands are already soiled with blood…they will say its a normal matter to them and say they are only carrying out their job and their job includes killing….

    Bless all Malaysians who dare to stand up against BN’s bloody tactics.

  48. apapunboleh says:

    Killed by MACC hit squad…..something from Hollywood

  49. chanjoe says:

    Hope Azmin & Wee of PKR can wake up as their no basis accusations have brought the BNed MACC to swing to this action and finally led to an unecessary death of a young man. I hope Azmin and Wee will be able to sleep well every night as they are the ones who started the whole stupid nonsense.

    I call upon Wee to stop his baby antics and pay more attention on his constituency of Wangsa Maju where there are many problems….will some take any action if voters of Wangsa Maju complains of his inaction there?

    One word describes all……… STUPID!!!!!

  50. camelsez says:

    Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz.

    Born in Ipoh, Perak on May 15, 1954, Nazri received his early education in Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur and the Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK).
    A law graduate from London, he set up his own legal practice in 1982.
    In 1995, he became Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.
    He became Deputy Finance Minister in 1999 and Entrepreneur Development Minister later that year. [where he got 3,000 taxi permits issued to a company he was connected with]
    In 2004, he became Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.
    Nazri is a family friend of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, as both Ministers’ families hail from Pahang.
    Nazri’s maternal family is from Pahang while his paternal family is from Perak.
    One of his uncles, a State Assemblyman from Pahang, Datuk Mazlan Idris, met a gruesome end at the hands of a witch doctor Maznah Ismail alias Mona Fandey in 1993.
    The witch doctor chopped him to 20-odd pieces

  51. same2 says:

    Penang, July 16,2009: Lawyer Darshan Singh Khaira on Thursday lodged a police report against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng for repeatedly denigrating and insulting him and his religion, Islam. Darshan, 61, who is also the legal adviser of the Kampung Buah Pala residents Association, claimed that Lim had been making personal attacks on him over the village land dispute. He told reporters at the Pattani Road police station here that he demanded that the case be investigated for sedition.

    Lim’s remarks that questioned Darshan’s use of his Punjabi name when he had converted to Islam were reported in Sin Chew Jit Poh on July 11 and The Sun on July 15. Darshan said Lim had insulted hundreds of Chinese, Indians and other converts who retained their pre-conversion names for social and personal reasons.

  52. same2 says:


    That Bayi Singh is a ConfuSingh.
    How can a Singh still be a Singh when a Singh is no longer a Singh?
    He also cannot be a Mohamad Singh. As a Singh is a Singh.
    He can be a Dashat Bin Abdullah .
    Cannot blame CM LIM GE , as CM Lim will definitely call his name as Mr Singh.
    Singh is also confusing all the Mais, jais,kais,mawi, mawas, jawi and kari.
    This Dashat Singh also be better puasa when comes ramadan.
    Or we will report it.

    Comment by johanssm

  53. same2 says:

    And regarding LIM GE rented bungalow,
    Lim paid the rentals for it using his own salary.
    Lim did not use a single sen from the state funds.
    Using owns salary to pay and rent is a crime?
    Ini pun ada salah kah? Betul bodoh punya gerakan.
    PKFZ tak nampak , Khir bin Toyol ( Singh, this is muslim name here ) luxury Bali resort tak nampak,
    Zakar palace tak nampak , Mujahidin bribing Manek Urai’s voters tak nampak .
    Sekarang MACC bunuh orang ada nampak tak?

    Comment by johanssm

  54. camelsez says:

    Now they want LGE to jump off komtar, penang huh

  55. ktteokt says:

    Two Indians died in police custody and now a Chinese die in the custody of MACC! What’s next on the menu?

  56. camelsez says:

    # MACC – Police preparing to move in as crowd shout “Ganas” and “Reformasi”.1 minute ago from TwitterFox
    MACC – Tian Chua asks crowd to calm down, waiting for Pakatan leaders to march to nearby Dataran Kemerdekaan.4 minutes ago from TwitterFox
    MACC – Police arrest two protesters as others continue to protest.9 minutes ago from TwitterFox
    MACC – Police dragging injured protester as Elizabeth Wong argues with policemen.11 minutes ago from TwitterFox
    MACC – Scuffles breaking out between crowd and police trying to disperse crowd.15 minutes ago from TwitterFox
    MACC – Guan Eng, Kit Siang, Gobind have entered Plaza Masalam.15 minutes ago from TwitterFox
    MACC – Kit Siang says government spent money to set up MACC to fight corruption, not to kill.16 minutes ago from TwitterFox

  57. Sharif says:

    A very sad day for all peace loving people in this country. Now, neither of us could feel safe anymore living in this country. My heartfelt sadness and sorrow as to what happened to the late mr teo boon hock.
    It would a relieve of sorts if the MACC would detain the two ‘friendly with BN independants’ in Perak plus a no good khir toyo and investigate them. Better still, push them all together from the peak of KLCC.

  58. jam says:

    What’s next on the menu? – ktteokt

    JAKARTA, July 17 — Six people were killed in nearly simultaneous explosions at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and the Marriott Hotel in central Jakarta today, Indonesia”s Metro TV reported.

  59. xtheman says:

    My condolences to Teoh’s family.

    I ma deeply sad in this incident, perhaps Teoh could have been having a great wedding today …. if he was not been detain by the MACC fucker. Personally i cannot accept the sudden death that being classified by Polis …. not in this case ….. too many ????? you know.

    You have heard abt 12 billions PKFZ right ? Khir Toyo Big Bali house right ? Dr M accusing Khairy for money politic right ? and 250++ billions RM paid by Petronas right ? I just wonder why no action at all ? Are you speeping MACC ? We public knows all these not just an allegation la … go to investigate …. la. If you go out for fishing …….you want big fish right ? Blue fin tuna or Kembong ? Bullshits.

  60. whispering9 says:

    “Hope Azmin & Wee of PKR can wake up as their no basis accusations have brought the BNed MACC to swing to this action and finally led to an unecessary death of a young man.”

    100% agreed on this statement. They bite the hands that feed them in a puny display of virtue for purity and fairness. Hey….grow up men where is your loyalty. Get the two-party system established before you go for each other throats. Nymiah! Imperfection is actually a perfect virtue for this place we call Earth. Stupids.

  61. tiga lain says:

    Rocky of Malay Mail is also proud of their role in Teoh`s death:

    This picture of Teoh with MACC officers was taken two days ago and appeared in yesterday’s Malay Mail.

  62. tiga lain says:

    “The Chief Minister’s assertion that Teoh’s death was the result of the MACC’s “political persecution of PR, especially DAP leaders and members” is cheap and malicious.” – Rocky [Najis Tong Rosak lover]

  63. Dasyatnya says:

    Is the Poojabee lawyer Darshan Singh Khaira’s muslim name “Khairul Dasyat ben Dollah?

  64. common says:

    They have so much blood in their hands that no enough water can wash it away. There’s only one way ticket for these people..neraka.

  65. james says:

    MACC – MB Khalid says will not allow state staff to go to MACC office & will engage lawyers for them. Selangor to pay for Teoh’s funeral.

    17 minutes ago from TwitterFox

  66. Morning Dew says:

    Jed was right. We should not jump to conclusion. We need more information. We needed to know whether Teo beng hock was pushed/fell, jumped or thrown. To get some insights into which of these 3 was most likely we have to study the projectile of fall of Teo’s body.

    If we know the distance of the front of the building where MAcc has their office to the point of impact of teo’s body and the height of the fall we will know which of the above scenario is MOST LIKELY. As an example. Assuming that the height of fall (14 storey – 4 storeys) is 30 m (assuming height of one storey is 3m). The time of fall would be 2.47 seconds. If the distance between the front of the Macc office and the point of impact of teo’s body is 25m(82.5 feet) then the speed in which teo’s body was ejected out was 25m/2.47sec = 10 m/s. This speed is same as a 100 m runner speed. Either Teo did a running leap or he was ejected/thrown.

    If someone can provide the actual horizontal distance and the height of the fall we will know a little more.

    The push or fell projectile profile is similar and there will not be any conclusion. I believe if teo had fallen or pushed he would have fallen onto the streets below and not on the next building.

  67. escape says:

    Also never short of unsolved mysterious deaths. The stakes in our political scene has gone up to the highest level…we used to only see arrest of political figures but now it is death.

  68. Matt says:

    Please do not forget DoE official, Rumie Azzan
    Mahlie, who had been investigating a case, died under mysterious circumstances, with the death classed as suicide.

    For details visit

  69. ericind says:

    Mean time,the PG gerakan youth has made a report to MACC regarding CM LGE’s new rented bungalow home.this gerakan BN dog really sounds like HORANGKAN…

  70. kenneth says:

    Just wonderin, Toyo mentioned his has a “surprise”, is tis the 1?

  71. ajajal says:

    Yayasan 1 Malaysia. To the BOT this is your first test how do you
    act on this case . Stay silence and support the MACC for being the most corrupted agency their is in 1 Malaysia or disband your Stupid Yayasan 1 Malaysia. All I know all of yor in the BOT are balls carriers of that C4 murder.

  72. whispering9 says:

    Morning Dew…I guess you have not been subjected to such federal interrogation or investigation (God wish you won’t). It is lonely to the point of suicidal. Even if you are not wrong…50% will think you are bad or have committed some criminal acts. Usually the righteous person breaks first because even a mere suspicious speck is a remorse for him or her. RPK has chosen wisely and he lives. Push, drag, thrown, suicide or fell….doesn’t matter anymore for Teo and his loved ones. MACC did not ensure due diligence in handling the case. MSM editors are also the other culpable culprits.Heads and the Ministry involved must be sacked or suspended with immediate effect until a thorough independent investigation can be conducted.

  73. chanjoe says:

    The photo showed the pants of Teoh was torn and thats prove enough to show he was pushed to his death.

    Gerakan Youth is so baby naive that they now want LGE to fall to his death in the MACC’s bloody soiled hands? Pls wake up Gerakan Youth….REPENT before its too late….your hands are soiled with blood and get out and wash it clean before we…The People…gets you and you will be hammered into the point of no return. Its like the Chinese saying “Borrow Knife To Kill Someone”…

    Wee Choo Keong….your hands are soiled with the blood of Teoh…I hope you will never get good sleep…..

  74. I-4-C says:

    If that deceased pol-sec was co-operating with MACC, who would want him dead?? Isn’t it obvious???

  75. apapunboleh says:

    PDRM and MACC, agents of oppression, corruption and death…..

  76. I-4-C says:

    The death of Azizan’s wife and children at a PJ junction was for obvious reasons wasnt it???

  77. you mean someone (officers) held him at the window ledge by grabbing his pants, and something went awry (because of fear and panicked with the sound of the torn) the witness kicked (resulted the officers lost grip and ejected him away from the ledge)……

    but something’s fishy – the director said he was asleep until 6am before noticed loitering at pantry. and suddenly his corpse was found at 130pm. I wondered what happened in between 6-130pm and where was Ean during that time? he returned MACC building twice the previous day for Teoh at 12am and 1 am, but not the next day?

  78. anyway, isn’t it post motem could review time of death due to bloodclot or something. and if he died > 6am (maybe 8-9am) during daylight, why wasn’t there any scream and scuffle noticed ?

  79. Menyalak-er says:

    Nothing like a tragedy to spark off irrelevance, hahaha…
    Now, we have excrutiating posts on diam daim (why?), cow meadow destruction, Komtar bungee jumping by LGE, Dashat Singh who is not Singh, DAP dynasty, physics of projectiles and metaphysics of vengence, blown up JWmarriots and RitzCarltons…
    Meanwhile, the drama of Frus chasing and arresting ‘peaceful’ protestors yelling jahanam, polis/macc brutaity are being played out in SA. Interesting times eh?
    Wits0, are you still trying to figure out the physiognomy of that ‘senget’ macc chief superimposed on toyol’s botoxed skull?

  80. ktteokt says:

    These government agencies are becoming more eerie than secret society organizations. What interrogation would require a WITNESS to be questioned for so long? If witnesses had to be questioned this long, what about suspects? Really inhuman!

  81. Jonathan says:

    83 seats the Pakatan holds…but what’s the use….they are a bunch of sissys…even if they hold the Federal government they will be sissys and screw up the country…..

    One brave General is worth 10,000 soldiers…

    That in a nutshell is the problem in Pakatan….they dont have that brave General….

  82. zztop says:

    This is what those ar_ehole mu_derers at MACC good at. What have these bums with ZERO compunction did when the ex-pendatang MB Toyoland issue, the PKFZ scandal with billions and billions of $$$$$ involved… etc..are highlighted.?? They are so so..eager to harass and attack the oppositions at the slightest issues and yet do f_ck all on those big issues. Anyone normal person will now know what these idiots and scumbags in authority working for.

    Remember that dick head AS has been attacked in blogs and via e-mail over the issue of his son bringing child pornographic material into Aus-tralia. His son, a pilot, pleaded guilty and paid a fine for the offence. That dick headed AS has vehemently denied that it was child pornography. He got the cheek when he said,
    “I can bet with you that it’s something that you will find on most men’s handphones,” Only real scumbag will talk like that.
    I hope PKR and the rakyat will go all out to find the truth to the death of Teoh. Got to get these murderers.

  83. Zaya says:

    This is murder, pure and simple. Looks like UMNO is so confident that it carried out the execution in MACC office. This is more daring than the murder of Altantuya.

  84. kittykat46 says:

    1Najis, 1UMNO – if you don’t go along with the program, life can be very hazardous (literally).

    MACC has a lot to answer over this incident but I’m also very unhappy with the way PKR’s WCK and Azmin played up the whole issue. If PR keeps slugging it out between themselves in public, the winner will be…..Najis.

  85. april fool says:

    Let us curse MACC and the building until it is haunted.

  86. rasdan says:

    if anwar ibrahim drop dead one day, if karpal singh break his leg while using his special chair, if lim guan eng got swine flu, when elizibeth wong release her nude photo….

  87. Menyalak-er says:

    Gravity? Electromagnetism? Strong and weak nuclear forces?

  88. wits0 says:

    Agree Kittykat46, this sh*t stirrer Wee and and umno weaned Azzmint are the selfish dolts who provided the excuse for MACC to roar into selective action. If SodoMee don’t poison Anwar, such toxic characters will. In that way, Jed is right to say that PKR doth sucks!

    Morning Dew, the mathematical data on trajectory you seek is unlikely to be made openly available by a Gestapo outfit like MACC. We actually already have a good idea tha MACC is totally responsible for this ‘mysterious’ death from its own highly questionable statements and practices. Jed does not use Occam’s Razor.

    In fact MACC shouldn’t be investigating itself or the dishonest cops but an independent commission.

    The Nazi guy is telling people not to blame MACC and cop Khalid classified that as ‘sudden death'(so very helpful ain’t that!).

    Menyalak-er, one look at that ’senget’ macc chief and you’ll realize that only his mother can believe he’s honest.

  89. we have UTK who used to boast killed 6 ppl before, and now we will have MACC officers boasted throwing their detainees down from the building for refusing to cooperate- this even more awesome than jack bauer!

  90. Menyalak-er says:

    Even more awesome than that anondud, is the fact that Muhi is insisting that pdrm (UTK’s command and control) investigate macc! Very soon, the beruk will be investigating the jantan. Truly warp speed.

  91. Morning Dew says:

    Whisper9 , you sounded as if you had been interrogated in such a manner. Why provide an excuse and a plausible explanation of the event to those who had caused so much evil and harm ? Suicide is an unlikely explanation. Getting and arriving at the truth is far more important than speculating and placing blame. When the truth is known everything else will fall in place. Without it everyone is then opened to manipulation.

  92. […] *SUSAN LOONE”’’s Blog* M’sia never short of mysterious deaths […]

  93. wits0 says:

    Morning Dew: “When the truth is known everything else will fall in place. Without it everyone is then opened to manipulation.”

    Truth is being manipulated and may never be known because that is surely inconvenient. Remember that the no. 1 person does not believe in truth, only ‘perception’ which he will surely forge to his own advantage above everything else and at all costs.

    Shameless people has no use for truth and will do all the kok tok they can think of to fudge it for a common evil cause.

    We have to use our own discernment on many matters under this official pall of deception, spins and lies that pervades our society.

  94. whispering9 says:

    Nay WD. Ariving to the truth is not important anymore when body bag starts piling up. MACC and the Ministry must quit or be suspended indefinitely. Arriving at the truth is too late now when we had so many statutory declarations, conflicting autopsy reports and cover-ups. Since when did we ever arrive at the truth? At this point truth will only allow criminal to escape. PAS and PR internal conflict seems so unimportant now. At least for Selangor another Perak type op will not be likely. Call it an opposition sacrifice for a lack of better truth. May God Rest his soul. Good night.

  95. Crankster says:

    No one with any semblance of intelligence will believe that Teo could possibly commit suicide at the MACC headquarters. It’s even more bizarre that he would tear his pants before he did so. Not a very glamorous way to die, is it?

    The face of evidence is overwhelming. And that is what the MACC has been unable to hide. They have not allowed the family lawyer to be present at the identification. That certainly sounds suspicious.

    It’s pretty obvious.

    This was a political aide who had nothing to hide.

    Not an ex-MB with a Balinese-style house worth RM24 million.

    Not a Prime Minister in-waiting who had affairs with a Mongolian model cum translator.

    Not your average Barisan Nasional crook with a hundred corruptions to his name.

    But the MACC was out for some dirt on him at all costs. Unfortunately they went too far, and now the young man is dead.

    His blood is on their hands. May their souls know no peace.

  96. Tunglang says:

    Anyone who want to commit suicide, please go to MACC building, 14th Floor.
    And it will be certified as sudden death, nothing more, nothing less.
    Malaysia Boleh!

  97. I-4-C says:

    If not suicide, was he not more likely thrown off by his own kind??? I am more inclined to believe it’s the samsengs Pakatan Buntut the culprit!!!

  98. Joshua says:

    Perhaps, the post by RPK puts in perspective the death of Teo Beng Hock.

    Go to:

  99. Ray-of-Hope says:

    Morning Dew: “Jed was right. We should not jump to conclusion. We need more information……”

    Dear Morning Dew,

    u can pose whatever doubt u want, most of us r matured enough to know that we shouldn’t jump to conclusion on things esp in serious cases like what’s behind Teoh’s death, but no way we can trust PRDM to do a good investigation on this mysterous death @MACC, after what they did to Kugan and numerous unsolved death-during-detention cases. So can u see the real problems we r facing in Bolehland?

    Why don’t you take up this task to thoroughly investigate the projectory of Teoh’s fall, his torn pants, etc., etc.?

  100. Ray-of-Hope says:

    Bolehland is facing a huge “Crisis of Confidence”, the hands that’s supposed to protect us is stained with our bloods, the authorities that’s supposed to uphold justice and ensure peace & order have become servants to the evil forces…

  101. […] M’sia never short of mysterious deaths […]

  102. Morning Dew says:

    wit0 wrote :

    “Truth is being manipulated and may never be known because that is surely inconvenient. Remember that the no. 1 person does not believe in truth, only ‘perception’ which he will surely forge to his own advantage above everything else and at all costs.”

    Truth is truth regardless of how you spin it. If a truth can be manipulated then it is not the truth. Can you or I, mundane being, able to arrive at truth ? What you and I are capable of is at best a perception which is close to the truth. I believe you still remember what I wrote previously on this. In the absence of our ability to arrive at the truth then what we must have are facts – real facts and not those fabricated to support some evil spin or obfuscating the truth of what happened. Even with this it could be a struggle because the perpetrator of this or other crime would do all they could to subvert clarity.

    What I called for was very simple and i.e. we must get the facts. In this I had merely asked for the horizontal and vertical distance. If we know this we could start to eliminate some possibilities.

    So calling for facts is “kok tok” but using your “discernment” to assail such a request is credible ? So what if the “truth” is an inconvenient truth to your “perception” derivied from some magical “discernment” ? Do you have the moral courage to stand up and admit it ?

    *** looks like your perception is badly polluted 😎 ***

  103. wits0 says:

    MD, I think your reading skill and comprehension is flawed and you also have a certain idiosyncrasy in your makeup. Maybe your meditation is not helping that much.

    The facts you seek will, in all likelihood, not be made available and if they are, how do you know they’re correct mathematical data? Are there nothing else that can help us make an astute conclusion under the circumstances?

  104. Morning Dew says:

    Ray-of-hope wrote :

    “u can pose whatever doubt u want, most of us r matured enough to know that we shouldn’t jump to conclusion on things esp in serious cases like what’s behind Teoh’s death, but no way we can trust PRDM to do a good investigation on this mysterous death @MACC, after what they did to Kugan and numerous unsolved death-during-detention cases. So can u see the real problems we r facing in Bolehland?

    Why don’t you take up this task to thoroughly investigate the projectory of Teoh’s fall, his torn pants, etc., etc”

    I think maturity and sensibility is sadly lacking in many of us. Just because I don’t condemn and hurl insults and join the chorus I am automatically a suspect for been a trojan or a bn plant. Someone is certainly manipulating some of your perceptions. If truth be known I had stood up for truth and righteousness many times in my life and I had paid dearly for it – even now I am paying the price right here in cyberspace.

    But I don’t jump, shout and curse because it seem the “in-thing” to do. I am cautious because I know that lies can harm and destroy far more than truth but how many can accept truth- truth that are bitter, uncomfortable and inconvenient ? I know this much – truth may be bitter and uncomfortable but it is liberating.

    Teoh Beng Hock’s death was a real tragedy – no matter how it had happened. I agree with you that pdrm is the worst party to investigate the cause of his death. A royal commission of inquiry is better only if it is filled with credible members otherwise it will just be a royal commission of white-washing.

    So what are the material fact that we know ? The projectile of his body and time of death will immediately eliminate quite a lot of speculation. The torn pants if it could be retained for examination would also revealed how it was torn, the force needed and would further eliminate more speculation.

    My scepticism is borned not from cynicism but from the simple fact that the truth I behold within my mind is derived from perception – with all its faults and failings. Like one old wise man once said “guard your perception, you guard your karma” .

  105. Morning Dew says:

    Wits0, so now it is my reading and comprehension skill and of course my idiosyncrasy. And my meditation is now in question ? Geez your perception certainly had been warped by others. For you to make such an observation I already know immediately that you do not have the wisdom nor the discernment to see things clearly.

    The data I sought is not mathematical but empirical. Empirical data are undeniable – unless it is falsified. For example the weight of teoh’s body is 60 kg is an empirical data. You can’t deny this.

    These data when put together will shed light on what happened and NOT OBFUSCATE.

  106. jkoena says:

    1-4-C, it is Pakatan Rakyat but if you really craze for one, there is Buntut Najis (BN) for you!
    Cat, do Almighty fault us for speaking broken languages? If you dont like the way we speak, you better migratelah!!

  107. Ray-of-Hope says:

    Morning Dew: “Teoh Beng Hock’s death was a real tragedy – no matter how it had happened. I agree with you that pdrm is the worst party to investigate the cause of his death. A royal commission of inquiry is better only if it is filled with credible members otherwise it will just be a royal commission of white-washing.”

    Dear MD,

    Good to know that we hv same understanding, b assured that most of want to know the truth. What r doing is not “Jump to conclusions” as u perceived. What we r doing here is using cyber media as our channel to put pressure on our Gomen to demand for a credible inquiry like u suggested, a “Royal comm of Inquiry” made up of high-integrity ppl.

    The last thing we need is some “Smart Alec” who unwittingly throw a spanner into our face while we try to accomplish that…

  108. Ray-of-Hope says:

    If we look closely at the torn pants, the tear was horizontally across the backside, it looks like the pants was torn by a certain object that forcefully “tear” across’ his pants while he was on the way out of the window n went down…

    Today’s news said, S’gor PDRM Chief Khalid revealed that they hv found some window parts that’s most prob’ly belonged to MACC HQ’s 14th flr window, that’s a good lead to more truth to come, but we still don’t trust Musang’s men on this job, we need a high-credibility Royal comm of Inquiry, with panel members to be appointed by the Gomen n agreed by the PR, nothing less…

  109. wits0 says:

    “The last thing we need is some “Smart Alec” who unwittingly throw a spanner into our face while we try to accomplish that…”

    Hahaha, Ray-of-Hope, you got that big picture too.

  110. Realist says:

    Malaysian are very forgiving & the majority are easily duped.

    No matter how corrupted & evil the BN govt is, every election they will still get elected as the Govt.

    Malaysia is truly a basket case. Hopeless to the very end.

    I wonder when will the large majority of Malaysian (especially the rural Malays) wake up?

    Sad case.

  111. KD Sharibu says:

    Well if you can’t use C4 then do the next best thing. Throw the poor guy out the window of a tall building and call it suicide.

  112. Zack Yuhanis says:

    Info yang sangat berguna. Saya cuba subscribe kepada RSS tapi tak dapat, harap boleh baiki RSS feed tu yer. Thanks

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