Sorry for late comment.

Najib Razak and his minions were showing off that the PM has become more popular with 65 percent of respondents saying they were satisfied with his performance in a Merdeka Centre poll.

He must have loved the number 65. But that was before Manek Urai, where his party lost with 65 votes. How numbers matter, don’t they?

But can’ even win with 65 votes despite all this:

Says my friend Dr. Rafick: Looking at the campaigning that took place in MU, it appears that BN or UMNO did not do the campaigns but the campaign was actually conducted by the Federal Government. The media machinery of the government played a significant role. Literally, the entire Cabinet and the ministries went down to campaign. The government even promised the people of MU a new bridge. That shows the level of desperation in the BN camp. Racial sentiment and fear tactics was also strongly played by BN. They even had to resort seeking Lee Kuan Yew help in campaigning. Maybe this is the precursor to stronger relationship between Malaysia and Singapore.

UMNO ought to be ashamed of themselves !

Anyway, PAS ought not to be arrogant with the win as well. They can’t say “a win is a win” and get away with it.

It is embarassing when they are expecting something like 2,000 votes.

So what happened?

The split in the party is all too transparent now. PAS also should not go on deceiving or cause confusion in their voters/support base.

How can they swing between wanting a unity government (ok, they just want to talk) and then going all out to condemn UMNO?

That’s major insincerity. I don’t think they can go on for long like this.  Better decide – wanna be with Pakatan Rakyat or UMNO?

Hope the MU results can be an inspiration for PAS because the Malays are really split between the two Malay/Muslim party.

They really have to choose, either to be here or there.

I think lots of Malaysians already know what they want. It is sad however to observe that many politicians, like those in PKR, and PAS itself, are not sure what they want for the country.

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  1. rusty says:

    So the “murderer” Najis Tong Rosak

  2. rusty says:

    Umno is beyond redemption. Anyone associated with Umno will be associating themselves with Evil and opening themselves to the glamor and seduction of Satan as BN/Umno is an Evil entity.

    It is a known fact that Umno politicians use evil to make political gains. Just like those Umno politician like Nazri Aziz’s uncle Mazlan Talib who used the services of Bomoh Mona Fendey which cost him his life. It is no surprise the likes of Rosmah Mansor and Najib Razak may be turning to the occult for this reason.

  3. justme says:

    It was unfortunate, BN lost in MU, cos I had this idea PR would lose. As it is, PR leadership is in shambles, putting up cosmetic front of being seen as cohesive, and cooperative, where the fact is, it seem everyone and anyone is stabbing each other in the back. Reason as I see it, many has become arrogant, and self interest is paramount, plus the lust to be in a position of power is driving PR into many factions.
    Many PR members in the news is always for the wrong reasons,mainly accusing each other of one wrong doing or another.And to have this idea of forming the next fed government come GE13, I would say, PR would be proud if it can reatin 30% of its seats it now held. Unless PR leaders get down to earth and arrest the rot now.

  4. saiful says:

    Time for Pakatan Rakyat to set up a disciplinary committee to restore public confidence in PR cohesion, coherence, discipline, unity and common sense of purpose

    In responding to my blog “Will Najib call for general elections in November this year if he could crank up his popularity rating to 80 to 85%?”, the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak said at a meet-the-people session in Jitra he had no plans to announce snap elections at the function but remained very ambivalent as to whether he would go the full term or hold early general elections.

    As he said that he “read an email sent by an opposition leader”, let me clarify that I never sent him any such email.

    In my blog, I had asked whether Najib would call general elections in November this year (which seemed to be his personal auspicious number like No. 13 for his predecessor, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) if he could crank up his popular rating to 80 to 85% from a dismal low of 42% just before taking oath as Prime Minister on April 3, 45% a month after becoming PM and a jump to 65% two weeks before his First Hundred Days as PM.

    What I find significant in Najib’s response is that he did not rule out the possibility of snap general elections.

  5. monsterball says:

    Lim Kit Siang has wisely admitted the win with less majority for PAS is not a good sign too.
    It is great to read such sincere news…even though there is much to be happy about.
    Lets hope PAS stand firmly on the ground and not play the tilting game in politic.
    Hadi Awang should retired or ousted out.
    But PAS is divided between old and new school of thoughts.
    The only strength PAS does possess…is when comes to elections…they are united as one….but few maybe confused and undecided and stayed out of voting.
    Meanwhile….as a lay man with dream of change of government…the result to the rest of good news..very good news.
    Let Najib and his gang keep twisting and confusing.. the minds of voters.
    With all their top guns an bribery…they still loose at a place with more than 95% Malays….this is downright insult top UMNO race and religion dirty politics.
    Najib knows race and religion will not work any more…now go for divide and rule..with his “1 Malaysia”…that we know…it is the one and the same old dirty….filthy…sickening racialist politics.
    Without that.they days to steal is over.
    They must always be Lords of the Jungle..with a Muslim Tarzan.

  6. argamaddon says:

    Since we are talking about statistics, let me give you my take. In Che Det,s blog as at 8.30pm 12,863 or 14% supported the move to change the teaching of Science and Mathematics to BM while 80,707 or 86% is against.
    Now if this 86% unhappy Rakyat were to translate their unhappiness in the ballot box, then the current regime will not see the light of day.
    We pray that they continue to make such blunders so that their demise is not just surmise but a certainty. Don,t play around with statistics.

  7. Malaysia Boleh says:





  8. Guan Eng was on record today saying that Pakatan won only by 65 votes at Manek Urai because of internal bickerings within Pakatan. He quoted the example of UMNO-PAS unity talks and Azmin Ali attacking the Selangor MB, from his own party.

    I fully agree with Guan Eng. May I also add Pakatan deserve to win by such shameful narrow margin. Until they grow up and stop the bickerings, they will not progress further.

  9. What was Azmin Ali thinking when he ‘attacked’ the Selangor MB and the EXCO? Is he that impatient to assume the MB post now that he is willing to sacrifice the results of 080308? I am disappointed with him.

  10. telur dua says:

    What 65%? They didn’t ask me.

  11. half kati 8 tail says:

    Hahaha! The people of Kelantan are smart people.

    As a matter of fact, the people of other states should take a cue from the MU voters.

    The voters of Perak had got the cue and now the Perak state reps have a ‘wonderful time’. Hahahaha…. Yes! Please continue fighting to the death and best man/woman wins.

    If you give them landslide victory as of Mahakutty’s or Bodolah’s time, weren’t they arrogant and start raping the country to the hilt?

  12. half kati 8 tail says:

    So the MU result is a paradigm for all the voters of other state seats to bang onto.

    Hahaha! This Hadi is just a nincompoop. Once he is in power, his backside is easy again forgetting he was booted out during the 2004 GE.

    If Allah is almighty, why was he booted out? Could he just a sanctimonious politician who who has his own agenda? Or just doesn’t have the knack of a politician?

    If Hadi wants NEP to be continued and an Islamic state for the nation, then other political parties would also start using religions in politics.

  13. half kati 8 tail says:

    Then we have all kinds of religious parties in Malaysia!

    Wow! Then we don’t know which God or Allah to vote for?

    If you want to have 69 virgins to kiss and embrace you when you die, then die as a martyr ala a suicide bomber… then vote for Pas who would pray in cacophony and send your soul to sky kingdom where the 69 virgins are waiting….

    If you want to go to Heaven and be with the angels when you die, then vote for the cross when you cross the election slip for a Christian political party.

  14. ajajal says:

    Some PAS leaders cannot wait to be a DPM or PM plus FM they are thinking that the last GE the ppl are with them. They are dead wrong the ppl are against the mercyless corrupted UMNO government . Should this greedy PAS leaders think by having the UG to get those positions they will be taken for a
    surprise that all the BN component parties in Sabah and Sarawak may join PR then their gamble to have those DPM or FM will be forever gone and the party will be wiped out totally in any future elections. Sorry for most of the good PAS leaders and supporter to have some of this greedy PAS leaders who are only thinking for themselves.

  15. half kati 8 tail says:

    If you want to go to the moon and be with the moon-lady when you die, then vote for Dap who would be happy to land your corpse to the moon with the Rocket since you voted for Rocket and/or a Rocket supporter all your life.

    If you want to go to the South Hainam Sky Kingdom and be with the voluptuous goddess Kuan Yin, then vote for the Hainamese Mca party who would sail your corpse in one of the Admiral Zen Her’s ships.

    If you want to rise like the rising sun but never rises when you die before dawn, then vote for the Pkr’s Dawn party who would be happy just to lay your corpse there for eternity!

    If you want to go to an utopia elephant sky-land with beautiful clouds and flying elephants with wings when you die, then vote for MIC who would be too pleased to carry your soul on an flying elephant to your sky elephant kingdom of destination.

  16. half kati 8 tail says:

    Wow! With the above options, the Malaysian voters are real lucky lots. You have a vast array of heavenly choices to select when ‘mangpused’.

    For those who don’t vote during their life, they can’t go up like those voters who have voted all these religious parties but down… down… the abyss.

    So this stupid Hadi should market the 69 virgins concept instead of the Nep principle. But Hadi must ‘mangpused’ first and shows us the 69 virgins are really there to hug and embraced him.

    Or else the voters would not vote for PAS!

    As to Umno, this is another no-use dead wood party. The people of MU would prefer the 69 virgins rather than the offered bridge.

    The MU voters would rather be watching MU verses Liverpool on Saturday nights rather than crossing the bridge for going to places doing hard labor works.

    Wow! Pas has a very bright future if they market the 69 virgins concept to the Muslim people and/or other religious voters. It’s the best option!!!

    In due time, all the religious parties will have to come out something competitive with Pas idea or be left behind and/or becoming history!

  17. vsp says:

    Malaysians who have hoped for a better Malaysia are now in an unenviable situation, placed between a rock and a hard place.

    The BN which has gone on an orgy of looting and abuse of power for the past 50 years has driven many Malaysians to place high hopes on the Pakatan for deliverance. Therefore in 2008 the voters have given the Pakatan a bit of power and clipped the wings of the BN by denying them the traditional 2/3 majority and kicked them out in 5 states. Pakatan was given a probation period to prove themselves. Initially the Pakatan was on a bright learning curve but within a short period of time they are beginning to disappoint.

    For the past 1 month, the Pakatan itself went on an orgy of infighting, mistrust and warlordism. Promising leaders such as Lim Guan Eng, Teresa Koh, Jeffery Looi, Azmin and others have degenerated into fourth-grade leaders of gutter politics and cheap heroism. Instead of being level-headed in consultation and solving problems together each group begins to act unilaterally. They justify their individual action of “trashing out the problems in the open instead of sweeping them under the carpet”. This transparent policy was proudly trumpeted by PKR’s Tian Chua and DAP’s Lim Guan Eng. But what we are witnessing for the past weeks was more of personal attacks and washing of dirty linens in public instead of trying to sincerely solve problems. This “transparent policy” is being used merely as a cover for engaging in unbridled madness and immaturity that threaten to go uncontrolled if not check immediately.

    If these leaders cannot agree with each other in a limited capacity now, how are they going to perform as actual Ministers in the event that Pakatan capture the Federal government? Wake up Pakatan, the people are watching and they don’t like what they are seeing now. If you keep on bashing one another with total abandon you are going to lose the plot.

    If Najib were to spring a surprise of a snap election you would be left licking your own wound and wonder why you have squandered a golden opportunity of doing a noble job for the country. You have been warned – wake up and start working!

  18. ktteokt says:

    Sure desperate lah! Yesterday was the first time in the history of 4D in Malaysia when all three companies, i.e. Magnum, Sportstoto and Pan Malaysian Pools held simultaneous SPECIAL DRAWS! All punters money went to Manik Urai for the by-election. So, actually, all campaigning is done by none other than the RAKYAT themselves!

  19. tangga says:

    The Selangor Pakatan Rakyat state government has bagged a 64 percent approval rating, according to a recent survey by independent pollsters Merdeka Centre.

  20. I-4-C says:

    65% votes for Najib is among the highest by world’s standard. Of course one can get 99.9% votes ford ie Saddam Hussain who kills off the .1% who voted against him.

  21. I-4-C says:

    The more the opposition harp against the 1Malaysia concept, the more it is etched in the minds of the populace who want it to happen. Look at Pakatan Buntut. As I predicted, they are already falling to pieces. In the first place, how can a paper rocket, a hand chopper and an arse banger gang together for unity??? Absurd indeed. They only out to “gang bang” the naives !!! But Malaysians are a bunch of well informed people !!!

  22. monsterball says:

    When you want to learn more TRUTHS..leave it to UMNO ministers.
    They pray 5 times a day…and the truth revealed by them is…Najib won…since majority have been greatly reduced.
    These are the truthful and saintly people talking.
    When Mahathir nearly lost the last GE under him…he said….”a win is a win…even by one vote”
    To me.. …Chubby Checker’s song….”Lets Twist Again” is back..the moment MCA….Gerakan loosers are made ministers…by the “1 Malaysia” man…the far….the best twister we can get.

  23. […] Between 65 percent and 65 votes Sorry for late comment. Najib Razak and his minions were showing off that the PM has become more popular with 65 […] […]

  24. farkestinian says:

    “The more the opposition harp against the 1Malaysia concept, the more it is etched in the minds of the populace who want it to happen.” – I-4-C

    You talk nonsense 1 more time, as usual, maybe bcos your mummy and daddy never teach you how to clean up after sh*tting.
    This is the rubbish,shitty 1Malaysia that everyone knows:

    Agence France-Presse – 7/15/2009 9:33 AM GMT
    Malaysia arrests nine Christians for ‘proselytising’: lawyer

    Nine Christians including four from Hong Kong were arrested for allegedly trying to convert Muslims, a serious offence in Muslim-majority Malaysia, their lawyer said Wednesday.

    Annou Xavier said that the group, including two Malaysian students from Universiti Putra Malaysia and four others visiting from Hong Kong, were detained at the campus on Tuesday.

    “The nine have been arrested based on the police reports of five Malay students who claim that the group showed and gave them Christian pamphlets and material,” the lawyer told AFP.

    “The group have denied handing out the pamphlets as they were on campus to meet up with some Chinese Christian friends,” Xavier told AFP.

    He said the nine were released on police bail on Wednesday and have not yet been charged.

  25. limpek says:

    The Polictic scenario here is Pi mai Pi mai tang tu.

    By now one should figure out what we need is just a Strong Oppositon regardless who takes over the federal goverment.

    Let it be Barisan, Tongsan , pakatan , Sesatan or so called Unity govt and…etc charge, alll we need is just someone to make some noise to curtail injustice and corruption.

    Dont expect too much brothers cos,..Power and Money comes together.

  26. Fadzil says:

    It is not only PKR and PAS are not sure what the Malaysians want, but DAP also do not show much empathy towards Malays by perception. One of the clear indication, not a single DAP people are concern about poor Malays social problems. They only worried about pig abbotoirs removed, religous conflicts and other non-Muslim related issues. Where is their Malaysian Malaysia approach…i think better they change their slogan to Non-Malay Malaysia slogan which is more suitable for them. How they want to make majority Malays to believe on them, no what anymore? Just my 2 cents. Pakatan Rakyat, please dont destroy the Malaysian dreams for really people government. Dont waste your chance anymore?

  27. Ahabshi says:

    You are right. After all:

    “Dato’ Seri Najib kicked the ball first to insist to insist none should openly debate if Muslims could slander the followers of other religions..”

    Najib knows better what 1Malaysia should be. Convert all the non muslims.

  28. justme says:


    How would you feel in a country of plenty, like Bolehland, you can feel 4 walls closing in on you, suffocating yet unable to find any kind of justice?

  29. wits0 says:

    Fadzil, quit crapping your head off. LGE went to jail for a(she turns out later to be a rather unworthy)Malay girl. Can you name another politician having done the same?

  30. bacterian date says:

    Oi I-4-C,

    Your flend joining pakatan buntut,


    MCA’s Chua set to join PKR?
    Jul 16, 09 11:09am
    Former MCA vice-president Chua Jui Meng is believed to be defecting to the opposition PKR at a function to be held this weekend.

  31. jb says:

    BN is beyond redemption. This corrupt govt. is pulling out all the tricks to deceive the people and claim whatever success they can.
    Pakatan needs to know that many in the rakyat are behind them, but they must have a clear vision and effective administration.
    Pakatan needs to understand that it is not individual efforts but a team effort that overcomes odds. Thus more people support.

  32. LHHENG says:

    One is the devil and the other is the deep blue sea. If I were to chose between them, i will involuntarily chose PAS which is the deep blue sea rather than the devil which is BN/UMNO. AT least I have a slim chance to swim for my life.
    With the present turmoil in PKR factions, PAS can still win is a big big blow to BN/UMNO. They can forget about GE 13.
    PKR will wipe them off forever.

  33. thomas wong says:

    everybody understands that english is the survival language in the global market,language of commerce,science,finance,maths you name it.the government also knew its important to acquire those skill to be able to compete internationally. and yet it doesn’t want the malaysian to be smart you know why ? i have long suspect that this was done deliberately so that the rakyat continue to be stupid then it be easily be controlled & influenced. malaysia is one of a country that stop people from getting good education.they even cap the number of SPM subject a student can take.BN is very pro-brain drain. now proof me wrong!

  34. april fool says:

    “11 goodies at 11.11am on July 11” and now 65 percent, 65 votes – 6 plus 5 = 11.

    It goes to say that 11 is a significant number to him. Eleven (11) is a number for idealistic or dreaming person. People like to listen to you. You must be practical and carry out your plans, otherwise you are apt to live in the clouds and accomplish nothing. You should think of others first by serving mankind instead of concentrating on affairs which yield good for only you. Eleven is a master number with feminine principles.

    I doubt eleven (11) is suitable for him, perhaps zero (0) is more appropriate.

  35. khary says:

    Pas has loss support from malays not affliated to any political parties. Blame it on weak state govt, pro anti-Islam DAP, dan very weak unwanted passenger role in PR.


    Both parties better buck up
    Otherwise better close shop
    Politics not everyone’s teacup
    Time for all the mess to stop

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 160709
    Thur. 16th July 2009.

  37. Melvin Ng says:

    I beg to differ…the 65% and the 65 votes are not connected directly.

    I’ve been a supporter of PR but lately they’ve been a bit too arrogant in handling issues, and fighting among themselves instead of for the well being of the rakyat.

    Hope that this will serve as a wake up reminder for them. Otherwise they will lose badly again.

  38. siew eng says:

    suz, there’s no such thing as “UMNO members ought to be ashamed of themselves”.

  39. wits0 says:

    Yes, “shame” is very alien to them umnoites. To have shame is to lose all their all important “jantan-ness and face water”. Neolithic people has no place for shame.

  40. kesava says:

    “I’ve been a supporter of PR but lately they’ve been a bit too arrogant in handling issues,…”

    Thou shouldst not worry too much….only today the MACC was able to put an end to one of them. Just give BN more time and all will go.

  41. dy/dx=0 says:

    To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    This game will not end here. The next could be Shukri Abdull, and the next next could be kesava, Nazri….

    This will be the trend in Malaysia’s life… all started by MCAA Selangor..

  42. hostage88 says:

    The Country is in chaos and plunged into crisis.

    There is nothing much we can do, except to rise up and challenge the authorities.

    IMO, he committed suicide via MACC interrogation and forced into a confession that is not true.

    Hence he is murdered by Malaysian Government and MACC.

    All Officers of MACC should be suspended.

    Digi’s latest promotional advertisement speaks volumne of Najib’s 1Malaysia.

    What next. It should be 2Malaysia. One for the elites in Barisan Nasional and the other for Pakatan Rakyat and Us (the Voters who put the elites there to abuse us).

  43. I-4-C says:

    “MCA’s Chua set to join PKR?
    Jul 16, 09 11:09am
    Former MCA vice-president Chua Jui Meng is believed to be defecting to the opposition PKR at a function to be held this weekend”.

    One thing is common between Chua and Anwar. Both were not content to be No 2. Both are ambitious. Both will be humiliated. Why? Because Pakatan Buntut is not the answer to a better Malaysia.

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