With 150,000 cases of crime in 2004, increasing to 200,000 in 2007 and 2008, do you still want him as the top police officer in your country? (malaysian insider)

An IGP who is political and not impartial can’t really do his work well.

He is too tainted and controversial. There is little peace of mind with him around.

Say NO to his new contract before it is too late!


80 responses »

  1. april fool says:

    Why not…if IGP means Incredible Gutter Person.

  2. wits0 says:

    What about unreported crimes because by now many people sees the futility of reporting them to the cops.

  3. Kluangman says:

    Suka atau tidak, mahu atau tidak, yes or no – apa kuasa kita untuk menentukannya kerana perlembagaan hanya membenarkan kita menukar kerajaan melalui pilihanraya dan jika Anwar (pemimpin anda) memang sekalipun, dia masih mahu Musa sebagai IGP – what can you do?

    Pertukaran Musa adakah akan berakhirnya jenayah dan penurunan kadar jenayah – jika jawapannya ‘ya’ – bagaimana dalilnya?

    Kalau Musa ditiadakan, bagaimana pula dengan Menterinya? Sampai bila nak teruskan permintaan ******** ini.

  4. .... says:

    Why? So cool. He sends so many policemen to “protect” demonstrators.

  5. Leong Yook Kong says:

    IGP is giving free police protection and safety to the people by arresting them. Where on earth can you find such IGP? DO WE STILL WANT MUSA AS OUR IGP TO GIVE FREE POLICE PROTECTION AND SAFETY?

    Of course, my answer is a very big “NO”.

  6. 1. IPCMC mana?
    2. Kugan’s case macamana?
    3. Rising Crime rates
    4. Tainted in corruption case
    5. Politically-biased
    6. Involved in Anwar’s evidence fixing case
    7. … banyak lagi

  7. Musa Susah says:

    Telor busuk

  8. noboat says:

    I dont care if he remains Incredible Gutter Person (IGP) or not. Malaysia is already finished.
    Considering his vile comportment, and the blatant fix role he played in the DSAI sodomy case,
    and considering what happened to to the other key players (like the now dead former `vegetable` AG ),
    I am very interested in how this useless musang finally meets his end.

  9. Ed G says:

    As far as I can remember, the present IGP term of office was extended so as to enable him more time to reform and restore public confidence to the police force. Has he achieve any of the above?

  10. noboat says:

    Despite giving a “blank” message of what he intend to do about fighting crime, the Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan could join in the paeans of praise for the new Prime Minister, as Musa is quoted by New Sunday Times today, saying:

    “The police have done their best to tackle crime in the country and we will not let up in our efforts. From January until now, crime has been reduced by four per cent. What’s important is to address street crime such as snatch thefts and wayside robberies.”

    This is a meaningless statement from the IGP, especially one who had fought a losing war against galloping crime in the past five years, with the national crime index of 156,315 cases in 2004 (which the Police Royal Commission had described as intolerably high which would only frighten off investors and deprive Malaysians of their fundamental rights to be free from crime and the fear of crime) to shoot through the 200,000 barrier in 2007 and 2008!


  11. Antares says:

    No Musa means no Gani means no Najib. All quagmired in deep shit and smell alike.

  12. ghani sulaiman says:

    whoever is IGP has to follow orders from their Master(political) otherwise
    he will be kicked out from his job,same goes to other heads i.e AG,Hakim2 and the others,so don’t waste time complaining,the only way now is to remove and change a better governmentso work hard for the change of new government

  13. storm62 says:

    i want, i want…he’s a damned good IGP…can be easily “kow tim” and also involved in many underworld figures…he is damned good in protecting the criminals and have many murderers and rapist in his police force….good job IGP…your parents must be soooo proud of you!!!

    hang on to this job until your little brother is ready to take over!!!

  14. gaga says:

    Sherlock Holmes only knew Hound Of Baskervilles.
    That is nothing compare to M`sia Sodomy Expert, Musa. After retirement he can become Director for Dreamland mattresses.

  15. gaga says:

    Mattress Musa got someone to fix again:

    “To my surprise the Attorney General reacted so efficiently to this accusation and immediately directed the police to carry out an investigation. Wao, that’s good! I was just about to ask this guy to lodge a police report, but the AG has already called for a probe. ”

  16. Sinkeh says:

    Ghani Sulaiman is right. Even if a new guy take over, so what? That new chap will still have to say “yes, sir” to boss Kerismuddin or big boss Najis. Come to think of it, why is Sloone joining Lim Kit Siang to hantam small fries like Musa when they should attack the bosses…maybe it’s easier and safer? BULLY you.

  17. Equaliser says:

    I have made the following police reports the last 3 years

    1. 3 times maids ran away over 3 years – all I get was advice from the IO for not getting a good maid agent.
    2. 2 times robbery and stolen car- no one won was caught despite cctv video and photos provided by to police.
    3. Laptop stolen from my office in May 2009 – suspected staff detail provided but no action from police.

    The above personal reports and many other reports by friends who also have the same experience with the police – no action

    The entire Polis Raja Di Malaysia needs to be sacked and revamped. Policeman not interested in doing police work , should get lost and find some other work. iGP and AG both buggers who are more interested in playing politics should get lost and join UMNO

    We are living on luck daily basis hoping we don’t robbed, stabbed, attacked, raped and what not, because if we did, we are on our own, no one will followup. Polis Raja will only take the police report, do some wayang kulit to show that they are doing something about it while we are in the balai. The moment we leave the balai, file chucked aside.

  18. fearnoone says:

    We do not want the govt, not just the IGP. Tackle the root of the problem and most of the issues. So the focus is to change the govt.

  19. fearnoone says:

    …issues will be solved. So…

  20. ericind says:

    this musang is rotten umnos dog,to get rid of it u have to chase out the master first.

  21. 2nd class says:

    WHy not? Afterall he just go after the politician NOT the normal laymen.

  22. Nasir Khan says:

    Musa Hassan should be booted out! We have no choice but to take risk with whoever that succeed him. He made his way up thru his involvement in trumpeted charges against Anwar Ibrahim.
    This guy is not fit to be IGP. He looked and acted more like Umno Mafia chief!!

  23. john says:

    he involved in controversy and therefore should be replaced.

  24. matrasa says:

    What does the phrase “Going to the mattresses” mean?

    When one mafia family were out to ‘get’ another, the first family would ‘go to the mattresses’. It meant they would stick together, keep their heads down, and close ranks. Safety in numbers 🙂 Sometimes they would literally barricade themselves into their ‘compounds’ – hence the reference to ‘mattresses’, because there wouldn’t be enough bedrooms so some of them would have to sleep on mattresses on the living room floor, for instance.

    Now Musa will be in charge of another mattress case to defend the beleagured BN masters esp the murderer at the top.

  25. ssr says:

    And now his brother has joined the force maybe a new hanif omar might appear i.e igp at 35.

  26. Scorpion says:

    Musa Jamban with his sicko smile. Useless cop. Polis tidak bermaruah! Musa tak malu! Rakyat benci tapi masih nak pegang jawatan. Muka tak malu!

  27. charleskiwi says:

    Who ever replaces the present IGP will act and behave the same as the IGPs before this IGP !
    The only solution is to replace the present UMNO government as the
    pay master of the CJ, AG and the IGP !
    So long as the government is controlled by UMNO nothing is going to change, so make sure all Malaysians voters come out in the next GE and cut the head of the snake ! Without it’s head (UMNO) there will be no snake.

  28. Salvation says:

    This guy is in the same league as one Rahim Noor, remember that joker who beat up Anwar Ibrahim when he was the head of the police force? Best part of it is, he’s a Tan Sri!! Do you see the similarity there? As far as this present Tan Sri is concerned, I won’t even hire him as my security head, let alone the head of a Malaysian police force!! Alas, his current deputy is no better, he doesn’t have what it takes to straighten out this police force. Period.

  29. calvin tan says:

    what`s the difference with or without him it`s still the same with
    these barisan najis governing this country

  30. monsterball says:

    No is not the solution to the problem.
    UMNO will never listen to anything that weakened their corrupted and evil position.
    Few more are standing by as puppets IGPs to UMNO.
    UMNO may comply…to win some votes…but next one maybe worst.
    The solution to the problem….is get rid of UMNO government.

  31. ericind says:

    Umno goons n thier dogs memang muka tak malu,muka tebal dpd kayu jamban,baik pi mampus.

  32. wits0 says:

    Umno will always retain someone based on his loyalty. It cannot afford to hire people of integrity, intelligence or initiative. A totalitarian regime needs zombies as minions – on the basis of, “because it can” and because that strengthens its hold on to power. Simple and clear logic.

  33. chomelwangi says:

    He should be replaced but whoever is replacing him is the same.

  34. Wasn’t it under his watch that Polis Di Raja Malaysia became Polis Raja di Malaysia? Why boot him?

  35. limpek says:

    Not so much of who is who will take over that counts but the
    whole system is not ok right from the top. So dont expect too much. Pi mai pi mai tang tu.

    If the head is- Taiko and sing “Beat it ,beat it” the tail -Taikucing will also sing beat it , beat it…
    It does not matter who is right or wrong , just Beat it…

    The whole system is contaminated and “sesat” ..the only way to make complete changes is to change the whole system..

  36. ktteokt says:

    He’s EXPIRED! Get rid of HIM!

  37. msdaff says:

    Unfortunately, the harsh reality is to boot out a corrupted IGP, one has to boot out his corrupted master……..

  38. telur dua says:

    The @#$% is evil.

    Allah will deal with him and the AG very soon.

  39. mesoso says:

    sorry lah people..i seriously do not think any of our opinions matter in this case. we can scream and shout…he’s still gonna get extended..

    😦 but true

  40. eagle says:

    GOD will punish him and don’t worry people.

  41. serpico frank says:

    Whoever is to become IGP does not matter. That person must be able to perform up to the mark expected of his office.Even you put RPK there makes no difference. He is no Saint either!.

  42. dev says:

    Its a pity, whilst some are sick and tired of what the BN-UMNO government takes the people for, the rest are slowly beginning to act like sheep who now coming back into the pen taken on by the fresh grass and carrots dangled by the government. We only have ourselves to blame, we as Malaysians are collectively a group of people who are incapable of looking beyond the BN-UMNO doctrine, thats how effective their doctrine is. LIke what most have said, unless they are put on the sidelines for atleast 2 terms, nothing will change, the corruption will continue and a new dynasty will be form by the cartel that are made of the sons of all the former PMs. We are ones to be blamed, we should constantly give 2 terms to each coalition before they are booted out, then you will see proper governance.

  43. Dr. Rosli Bin Yaakop says:

    He has done somuchdamage to the poloce forceand the nation. He must quit.

  44. Azisirikit says:

    Biarkan dia jahanamkan PDRM. Apa salahnya. Polis malyasia dari atas sampai bawah memang kaki RASUAH! Makan duit HARAM. Cuba selidik polis-polis atau anjing-anjing kerajaan di Subang Jaya dan USJ. Semua kaki duit. Jahanamlah kamu semua diakhirat nanti!!

  45. hang jebat baru says:

    let him stay on so that he will do more damage to the barisan najis gov

  46. chrisyong says:

    It is completely ridiculous to keep someone which such bad reputation for so long! Please highlight his track record one by one, tabulate for public assessment. What are his ACHIEVEMENTS IF THERE IS ANY? Najib, listen to the PUBLIC AND NOT YOUR SLEEPING KPI Minister. He is a clown and is good for nothing. We also had enough of him before he even start.

    If Najib wants to win 85%, he should re-assess those clowns he has appointed. The bunch is good for nothing -like this IGP and Hishamuddin!

  47. Rocio Amor says:

    Make really no sense to keep having some who has made horrible things and who divide the people instead to join together.
    Hope something will be done about it, and really hope some many things change soon.

  48. dybydx=0 says:

    This Musa Hassan aka pig was promoted by Mahakutty to this present position just because he conspired with Mahakutty by telling lies during Anwar’s sodomy trial 1.

    This pig should be sent to jail together with Mahakutty for life for telling blatant lies in the High Court.


    Do you still want MH to as your PIG

    Aiyoyo! Dear Sloone, this Pig should not be moving freely on this land, let alone be the pig!

    Looking at this pig’s face, there is no gaya at all. Hence to hold high position, all you have to do is to follow orders ala 1C4’s bodys- guards Mohd’s theory!

    No! Dear Sloone, we don’t want this MH to be our pig, we want him and Mahakutty to be locked up in jail eternally.

    It’s the best ‘sanctuary’ for them!

  49. Puzzled says:

    The crime rate is more than double actually since we had got fed-up of reporting and reporting just for their statistis but no action taken. Making police report is just a waste of time such that we only report if we need to make a new IC. My son was rob of his handphone previously, we reported and the PDRM says they knows who are the gang but till now still no news. Again he was rob, but will it help us if we made another police report? or just for statistic? Third time he was rob of handphone again!

  50. Lan-ah says:

    How many letters I’d written to him about my case not investigated and he took it like a grain of salt. He knows the cops are corrupt but he closes one eye … maybe he is corrupt too! What they said about him being involved with the heads of crimes might just as well be true. So people, is he fit to be our IGP? Get lost Musa Hassan!

  51. wits0 says:

    If this Musang gets lost tomorrow, another clone musang will take his place. Nothing can change at that level. Umno will see to that.

    Most people knows what it takes to solve this malady and they better remember that come GE13!

  52. Ray-of-Hope says:

    Nope….. why still wanna keep the “Musang” to look after our chicken-dens after he has stolen some of our chicken?

    Please get that “Musang” off our back!

  53. johanssm / khun Pana says:

    The current deputy is not any better .
    Meaning his replacement will be the same.

  54. hang jebat baru says:

    why not make do without IGP for a change? The crime rate may drop cos when you chop the head the tail cant move

  55. […] Do you still want Musa as your IGP? With 150,000 cases of crime in 2004, increasing to 200,000 in 2007 and 2008, do you still want him as the top police […] […]

  56. ajajal says:

    The IGP Musa and the AG will not be removed and will remain this two are life lines of BN. Najis has his balls hold up by this two unwanted human. Unless , they both being removed by unnatural ways.

  57. Fern says:

    Really!! this guy is once again begging for a job on his knees.
    How sad and still not contented with extra two years.He wants more ,this greedy fellow!

  58. justme says:

    To this jerk, what is 150,000 or 200, 000 cases of crimes? So long as he is efficient in cornering and arresting people in black or those with candles in hand, plus ISA’d people for their own safety, this lapdog will always get to lick his master’s hand for handouts.

  59. nstman2 says:

    Do you still want to read Susan Loone blog?

  60. tourman53 says:

    If IGP Musa were to work as a police in Singapore I’m sure he be just a coffee boy .. serving the prisoners.

  61. monsterball says:

    PAS won by 65 votes majority.
    Where is Najib’s 65% popularity?
    I guess they are school children….still yet to learn about real hantus.
    Where is Najib going to hide his face now?
    I guess…he may say .”they have spoken. we accept defeat and need to work harder”
    He is the hardest working PM in the history of UMNO for first 100 days.
    The problem with him is…he does not know…Malaysians did not vote him to be our PM.
    So….let the clown perform his tricks and treats …as much a he likes.
    We will sit pretty and calmly foe the big day…for the .13th GE…and send him for the second Space orbit…FOC…not need waste RM1 billion of tax payer money…..for UMNO show.
    No more news about Space..program ..after spending i billion.
    Fishermen and uneducated kampong folks.. also know…what UMNO is now.
    Lost lost lost..by elections… one after another.
    How thick can his face be.

  62. Disgusted says:

    i dont get that logo/symbol whatever you just put up for this post. so are you saying that we say no to “just say no”?

    so you want us to say yes?

  63. Disgusted says:

    and monsterball, its a slim majority, from 1k++ to a petty 65? i dont think you should brag too much, the election was in kelantan, and that says a lot, haha

  64. Pegasus says:

    Musang must be taking acting lesson from his brother Jalaluddin Hassan..as he is able to carry a stony face around while the country’s crime index is breaking all records….what a shame..! Musang contract should not be extended for the very simple reason that..we do not want a FAILURE to sit in a position whose decision leaves a big impact on the citizens. Musang can soon bring PDRM and join barisan party…!! Crime rates are shooting through the roof..the victims are bitter …the feed back from the Rakyat is disappointing..making police look incompetent..and incapable to handle the situations..Musang contract should not be extended…!!!! We need someone new who could redirect the police force to the right path…Crime lords are working hand in hand with the police in certain places…the people are immune to this now…kick out this Musang…!!!

  65. monsterball says:

    Disgusted….a win is a win….which UMNO loves to say…….but when they looses…….it needs few to find a way to save Najib’s face….so the 1k to few in majority.. is the reason.
    How about his 65% popularity?
    Where is it…if not from Malays?
    Yes…Hadi Awang has always been the pain in the arse of PAS.
    Noticed he was not been active in the campaign?
    Had he appeared…UMNO may win.
    Anyway…all by- elections won by PR…except a teeny weeny in Sabah.
    Now you tell me..put all together…is Najib and UMNO…really trusted by voters?
    I think the wind of change is getting stronger and stronger….people are wise and no matter how much Najib tries….everyone knows he is fishing for votes….never for a united country….an extention of Mahathir’s divide to rule policy…with different stokes…style and acting.
    The change must come..or else Malaysians are the most racialistic .illogical..with so many half past sixes voters…putting an “X”…with no brains…simply lazy blokes….depending on UMNO’s hand outs…like thick skinned beggars.

  66. monsterball says:

    Disgusted….a win is a win….which UMNO loves to say…….but when they looses…….it needs few to find a way to save Najib’s face….so the 1k to few in majority.. is the reason.
    How about his 65% popularity?
    Where is it…if not from Malays?
    Yes…Hadi Awang has always been the pain in the arse of PAS.
    Noticed he was not been active in the campaign?
    Had he appeared…UMNO may win.
    Anyway…all by- elections won by PR…except a teeny weeny in Sabah.
    Now you tell me..put all together…is Najib and UMNO…really trusted by voters?
    I think the wind of change is getting stronger and stronger….people are wise and no matter how much Najib tries….everyone knows he is fishing for votes….never for a united country….an extention of Mahathir’s divide to rule policy…with different stokes…style and acting.
    The change must come..or else Malaysians are the most racialistic .illogical..with so many half past sixes voters…putting an “X”…with no brains…simply lazy blokes….depending on UMNO’s hand outs…like thick skinned beggars.
    The worst of all….are the MCA ..Gerakan and MIC low class maggots leaders and ministers.

  67. RakyatBukanButa says:

    UMNO is the axis of evil and must not be allowed to continue its existence in M’sia politics. There can never be a 1Malaysia with the continued existence of racial base political party like MCA, MIC & PAS and any party that is only opened to 1 race or religion. How can this kind of political party be matured enough and unpartialed in their thinking to decide what is right and excellent for the the RAKYAT without being influenced by their ethnic biasness and religious believes? We have seen how the issues of race and religion has been manipulated to pressure these self serving, corrupt and immatured thinking politicians to do what ever it takes just to stay in power and continue to enjoy tha fruits of their corruptions.

    ONLY 1 WAY to remedy this for the sake of all RAKYAT, Be Patient & Wait for the next General Election (GE13) with renewed “SEMANGAT” and vote OUT !!! all these RACIST BASED Political Party especially UMNO from the government.


  68. kippa says:

    Thursday, March 26, 2009
    Is Khairy’s victory an indication that majority in UMNO do not support Najib?


  69. argamaddon says:

    NONONO!!!! AGAIN I SHOUT NO!!! This imbecile whose men screamed and arrested lawyers, ADUNs and whoever for peaceful assembly or just wearing black t-shirts gives me the shivers, worst than seeing satan in person. He is a shame to the system which is supposed to care for our safety. He is the system whose mere existence expedite the impending downfall of the existing regime.
    Nothing worthwhile I can think of for his prolong stay, it will only grieve us with his presence, like a thorn carelessly driven deep into your middle finger.

  70. raayat sedih says:

    No difference whether we change this IGP cos the next incoming one is from the same school semua serupa lo taking instructions from the same master. Semua pun mahu kuasa dan pangkat tak mau buat kerja2 betul2 susahkan raayat Malaysia

  71. why key? says:

    A big NO

  72. kesava says:

    How about sending the Musang to a taxidermist, and then sending the finished item to Najis Tong Rosak as a 100 day present.
    Some encouragement here,

  73. 2nd class says:

    Yes I want since the Singaporean said he is a great IGP, they must be right because the Singapore is worshiped by the opposition especially DAP.

  74. JEFFRY BONG says:

    The recent murder cum robbery of Datuk Patrick Wong at his own bangalow in Bukit Bandar Raya shows the criminals is most vicious and must be dealt with severely under the law.This has added another notch of the statistics crime index.This also reflects that it is not safe to stay in landed properties if you are not keen to invest in security measures like alarm system, security camera ,guards and dogs etc.

  75. JEFFRY BONG says:

    ROAD BULLY OR ROAD RAGE have been very rampant lately .These peoples have been watching too much violent movies thus got influenced by all these law of jungle behaviours. The papers reported Road Bully Leaves a couple badly injured in PJ SELANGOR .Mr Chong age 24 and his wife Tee Siew Yee also 24 was very badly assaulted by the errant motorist where chong is a motorcyclist. The motorist was obviously in the wrong but did not offer any compensation nor an apology for his injuries suffered but speed away instead,after being cornered after a chase pretended and agreed to make a police report together but after a short distance used his vehicle as a weapon to mowed chong until he fall and injured another time.That was not enough to pacify himself he even got down from his vehicle and beat him up like a potato. THIS IS ADDED SALT TO INJURIES.OMG What KIND of Monster we have in this society.How can the authorities allow such animal to walk freely .He is indeed a danger to society.
    Either he is Mentally unsound or he is living in the world of his own.I am totally upset that law and order is declining.
    I was very ,very shocked and surprised too when this PERPETRATOR MAKE a report as regard to the so called accident was not even detain for assault and attempted murder.THIS NOT JUSTICE BUT A PERVERTED ONE.This is one of the factor why Road Bully is so very widespread often occured especially in Selangor ,Johore & Penang areas.
    I hope THE PEMANDU OF KPI will arrest this type of situtations from getting out of hand ,itemised this as one of your top priority.
    Make THIS as a condition in the issuing of DRIVING LICENCES.
    This one good example why THE NATION starts to rot if allowed to festered.Do not put on a denying mode as such wild conduct is
    unacceptable and it is not a ‘one off incident’ which the authorities
    usually gives to the PUBLIC to defray public anger.

  76. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Tourists arrivals in Singapore have top 8.4 per cent in the month of November 2009 from a year earlier ,to reach 830,000 visitors reported by STB ( Singapore Tourism Board) a small island republic . Do the tourist promotion board updates their annual statistics regularly concerning the numbers of visitors,the durations of their stay and the amount of money they spend while staying here in Malaysia .The figures will assist us to keep track and improve as it is income generating industry.

  77. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Breaking news in George Town City, Penang. Two sons of a policeman were among three men arrested for allegedly being involves in a series of armed robberies and is also high on drugs. Parangs was also found under the motorcycles seats during a police operation.This was reported by the MSM on the 29 Dec 2009 .It is indeed very unbecoming behaviours of the sons to turned to robberies while the father is working very hard to fufill his duties to go after robbers.This really breaks the heart of the father who is feeding him . Any study done on such similar incidence ???How widespread is this .?? Is this a one off incident???Any records for such practices .???
    The public are very concerns ……..!!!!

  78. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Police must come down hard on illegal and indiscriminate double parkings and obstructions to traffics.One such incident happened on the Saturday 2 Jan 2010
    to Mr Lim a senior citizen who was assaulted by a motorist with a car steering lock
    when he tell him to move his vehicle so that he can move out.What was transpired nobody knows however it was obviously wrong to obstruct other traffics by parking illegally.Mr Lim is a victim of a rogue motorist who assaulted him and ended Dead.The ROGUE motorist was detained for just 3 days for such a serious offence .He must be charge for criminal assaults that caused death to the victim.
    Mr LIM family must sue the pants off of this rogue motorist.

  79. JEFFRY BONG says:

    A tragic end to a Church worker and his 3 sons who died in an accident caused by a beligerant and careless singaporean driver .4 of them in the van died when their van exploded in flame due to the impact .Ong was driving behind a Singapore Registered car when the car suddendly turned into a house.A car coming from the opposite direction swerved to avoid crashing into the Singapore Registered CAR and rammed instead into Ong’s Van.The VAN skidded and burst into Flame Killing Ong and his 3 CHILDRENS. Ong’s wife and one son escaped serious injuries.
    This is one lesson the authorities need to tightened on singapore cars coming in to Malaysia.The reasons are many.
    1) Country Driving and City Driving is totally different.
    2) Unfamiliar with Malaysia Landscape .
    3) Unfamiliar with Malaysian traffic signages .
    I believed many will agreed with me ,I have personally witnessed many singaporean CARS landed in ditches especially the winding roads towards Kota Tinggi Town.

  80. JEFFRY BONG says:

    Divine Interventions at Work again IN two locations.

    1)This was reported in the MSM on JAN 6 2010
    In Sepang ,at a construction site one of the robber was fleeing from his enraged victims,tripped and fall onto a protruding metal rod which pierced his eye ,killing him instantly.
    2)In KL City… A robber aged 29 was shot dead by a security guard at the SUNWAY PYRAMID SHOPPING MALL on Monday JAN 10 2010 after FLEEING with a RM3,000 GOLD chain from a goldsmith shop.

    All these series of events of robberies, happening all over the cities does not reflect very well on our country social fabrics. All agencies ,religious organisations, associations, educations,police, immigrations ,the judicial ,human rights ,social welfare, MCP and lastly the recently minted Pemandu of KPI & NKRA etc etc should pool their resourceS and minds together to stop these rots.Educate those who are misled this is the job of the religious dept and educations dept.
    Provide food if they are hungry this is the Social affairs Dept.Illegal immigrants
    and undesirables foreigners these are the scope of work of the Police & Immigrations Dept .

    Do not Wait for God to take the final ACTS.

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