Hey, in years to come, our children [yours] would be probably reading UTUSAN MALAYSIA or Berita Harian for their daily diet of news and views.

Definitely this teaching science and maths in Malay will benefit UMNO in more ways than one.

Malay would probably be the language people know best and feel the most for by then. Anything wrong with that?

I thought about it. I studied all subjects except English Language in Malay as well, from primary, to secondary, up to university.

Malay isn’t my mother tongue. But I lived among kampung folks who spoke Malay.

I survived.

But then again I spoke English at home, I read kid’s encyclopedia and story books in English since I was 6.

My teachers, who made up of all races, were excellent in several languages. They were well trained in teaching as well.

There is not much I can say about some teachers these days, if I go by the complaints my 10 year niece bring home everyday.

“[This or that teacher] is lazy, always going for kursus, always on maternity leave, always on sick leave, always tells us to do our own work, mark our own books”.

No wonder tuition classes are indispensable.

So with those encouraging factors on my side, I did not have a problem in university, although I studied in a different tongue.

Some who studied in their mother tongue language all their schooling lives did struggle through university as most of the books in university back then were in English.

Some friends had a tough time. Even those who spoke English at homes found some difficulties, what about others?

This is not to say that those who studied merely in their mother tongue did not excel in English or in their studies at university.

They did, and many I know ended up mastering 3 or 4 and more spoken and written languages. Which made me really envious!

Remarkable. They are so marketable now!

But the whole thing is not solely about the medium of language as much as it is about the government’s lack of conscience or its arrogance in imposing a decision without a referendum of consultation with the people.

Also the BIG question of poorly thought out education system need to be addressed first.

What about the poor quality of teachers? Of students’ questionable literacy rates despite attending years of schools?

I wonder what is Najib Razak’s scores as PM now since this controversy erupted a few days ago?

Hope it plummets to zero!

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  1. pilocarpine says:

    university grads marketability will simply drop even further.
    ton rasa’s reputation plummet to kosong…

  2. lancekorp says:

    Rakyat Malaysia seluruhnya yang berada di dalam dan di luar negara kini boleh mengundi di blog itu di laman sesawang blog Che Det (

    Menteri Pelajaran, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin Rabu lalu telah mengumumkan bahawa kerajaan bertindak memansuhkan dasar PPSMI sepenuhnya berkuatkuasa pada 2012.

    “Jika anda sokong (keputusan memansuhkan PPSMI), undi Ya. Jika anda tidak bersetuju (pemansuhan itu), undi Tidak. Kemudian, saya akan cuba pastikan kerajaan mengetahui pendapat anda,” tulis beliau sambil merujuk kotak undian maya di sebelah bahagian atas, kanan di blog beliau itu.

    Tajuk tinjauan, undian melalui blog itu ditulis dalam bahasa Inggeris, “Do you support the Government�s decision to teach maths & science in Bahasa Malaysia? Anda hanya perlu menjawab sama ada ‘Yes’ atau ‘No’.

    Hingga 10:00 malam ini, keputusan blog itu menunjukkan bahawa kira-kira 7,161 undian telah memihak kepada bersetuju terhadap langkah kerajaan yang mahu memansuhkan PPSMI itu. Ini adalah 15 peratus daripada jumlah keseluruhan undian tersebut.

    Sementara itu, pada waktu yang sama, kira-kira 40,151 undian yang tidak menyokong langkah kerajaan memansuhkan PPSMI pada 2012 itu. Jumlah ini adalah 85 peratus daripada keseluruhan undian itu.

    Jumlah undian secara keseluruhan sehingga jam 10:00 malam ini ialah 47,312 undi.

  3. wits0 says:

    “Menteri Pelajaran, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin Rabu lalu telah mengumumkan …”

    Shows how backward is his Trilobite brain!

  4. tangga says:

    “kira-kira 40,151 undian yang tidak menyokong langkah kerajaan ..”

    That is 85% who dont support Najis govt policy but the “turned over” Merdeka Survey says 65% support Najis.

  5. april fool says:

    To record higher sales that shit media should continue to stir and stir up more shit for BiN (full of shit) until they overflow.
    They should stir up the recent clampdown in Xinjiang capital, Urumqi where thousand are fleeing the city after unrest. They dare not stir because the country involved is China? There are two countries in the world they dare not disturbed, China and North Korea. If they disturbed China, they will C4 your economy. If they disturbed North Korea, they will C4 you with long range missile.

  6. atit says:

    The octogenarian Dr Mahathir is using his popular blog to canvass opinion. “I am not surprised over the disappointment and even anger towards the government’s decision … Seems to me like the government is not listening to the voice of the people,” he wrote.

    Within hours of putting up his online poll, 40,000 people had ­responded with a resounding 84% opposed to the changes.

  7. monsterball says:

    I do not know about other places….but my neighbors….who are Malays…their parents speak English with their children.
    If they make English is a subject ad a language ……compulsory to pass for promotion… may force parents to take note and if tution teachers are indespensible…it really mean…. the school teachers are lousy.
    So far…maths and science tutorial teachers are in great demand.
    The government is good and in making… half baked cakes.
    They are trying desperately to do something to please Malaysian….especially for the parents to be happy……to win votes.
    That’s their mission….always…and when they succeed with some results…..they will start to squeezed us dry again.
    I am more concern why Lingam case still not completed.
    The RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone scandal.
    The Perak “2 Malaysia”
    And of course….the famous Mongolian murder case.
    Have the judges finally wash their hands with blood?
    Small issues are coming out daily….to make sure Malaysia can easily forget…and move on….not move forward.

  8. zeine says:

    Those who reads his blog are his admirer.
    The result is definitely bias.

    Let it be more independent.. say an independent survey!!

    Again we have been subjected to more yea than nay in the BN controled media. Lets have a more mature debate on this issue.

  9. hang jebat baru says:

    I will give him zero rating for his first 100 days and if he does not improve I may give him a minus zero rating!

  10. caravanserai says:

    The village champion
    Bee Anne encourages
    Giving the rewards
    Employing many teachers

    Languages the passages of knowledge
    In this borderless world we must learn
    The way we wish to achieve
    In the world stage we dream

    Political decisions
    It erodes the confidence
    Of the people challenging the world
    Bee Anne leaders want to stay good
    Telling the people
    Be the village champion

    Other countries marching forward
    Jumping into the wagons to challenge the world
    Here the 1Malaysia leader……….
    Be the village champion

    1Malaysia slogan
    It never works in real life
    The political journey of hidden rules
    The people get fooled
    Only the practical parents know
    Spend extra money for a language
    For the world isnt waiting
    We must chase after it

  11. limpek says:

    Black or White , Right or wrong does not matter.
    Just Beat It…Beat it.. AS LONG I or WE BENEFIT… just beat it.
    Anyway somebody Son is not my Son….just beat it…
    Can you see through the disguise ?

  12. ktteokt says:

    Utusan Malaysia maybe, but definitely not UTUSAN MELAYU, the Jawi newspaper produced by the same group. I am a non-Malay who took to learning Jawi when I was 26. I have been patronizing this newspaper since it was a daily publication and cost only 15 sen. This newspaper was shut down when the price was 70 sen and it emerged again as a weekly publication selling at RM1.00. I was still patronizing it until it gone bust again in February 2007. May 2007 saw this publication emerging again as a “complimentary” and “complementary” paper together with Utusan Malaysia every Monday.

    The way I look at it, Jawi is a dying language and the younger generation simply does not care to learn it. The older generation who knows Jawi is dying out and just how much of the market remains for Utusan Melayu? I have written to the editor of Utusan Melayu who took note of my views!

  13. wandererAUS says:

    Language is like a vehicle, without it, you just stay put!…like the kaompung folks in stagnant Bolehland.
    What’s the point of having a useless language not recognised in most parts of the world to promote nationalism…it is not going to earn you a decent living and competing, in the ever bigger global trade, what will nationalism brings to the table….perhaps, no problem for Ketuanan UMNO melayu…their vehicle, is solely on ‘HANDOUTS’.

  14. Easy… start from scratch (mula mencakar!).

  15. eagle says:

    But by 2013, Utusan Malaysia will be replaced for good and may be nobody will remember the name any more unless Malaysians prefer UMNO/BN running the nation.

  16. tom wong pl says:

    who say quality education is easy? you should know things are good don’t come easy mr.muhidin yassin & thats why your responsibility as a education minister is to help those student iregardless urban or rural to OVERCOME those difficulties . just because our children are facing technical problem in the 2 subjecst[maths&science] being taught in english, you tend to give up so easily. If that,s the case any tom,dick & harry also can be minister, sorry to say.

  17. thomas wong says:

    there are ways to make everybody happy in the ppsmi case,since we have malay national school,religious school,vernicular schools for mandarin & tamil, why not also bring back english medium national school as options to parents to decides whats best for their children.we can start at the urban zone area & put into test till 2020. this is also to prove what our minster education claim by studying both math & science in english not plausible. singapore have succeeded in this system and i can’t see any reason why we can’t & still arguing in “lebih cinta pada bahasa atau pada bangsa”.what a pity.

  18. machitam says:

    i speak malay at home with my children.they also speak malay with their friends. and they score A’s in the English subject. and they speak very fluent english. they read a lot of books in english. wheres my neigbour and some of my friends speak english at home….but their children speak broken english and the got poor grade in the exam.
    i studied in an englsh school, wheres my brother studied in a malay school the 70’s. and my brother is very proficient in english.
    initially i found difficulty at first to understand certain malay term in science and math..e.g calibration, settings, circle, square etc.but not for long within minutes i can grasp the terminology in malay…
    one of my sons is studying in the u.k. he told me that he was puzzled why some student from malaysia had “forgotten” the bahasa melayu when they mix around with those foreigner who are very much interested to know our national language.

  19. Teachers Not In says:

    What’s the big deal ? English or BM or whatever dont matter at all bcos the teachers will always come in and say “buat kerja sendiri, exchange and mark your friends exercise books,” or the teachers never turn up for lessons (somewhere in the building), on maternity leave, went for kursus, MC, etc….our kids almost learn by themselves and some tuition.

  20. Menyalak-er says:

    No matter, Utusan is as good as Swahili to me – incomprehensible in terms of content but not demeanour.
    Since naif is so fond of ‘mission schools’ – it would be most appropriate to give the back their independence, crosses and Queen’s English. Never will happen, cos that flur is non-chordate and he eschews ‘missionary positions’.
    Going back to the educational system in 60’s and 70’s is like ‘Back to the Future’ – during those times one could speak Malay, English, a Chinese dialect and Tamil (a little bit at least, if one was not one).

  21. My daughter is less than 2 years old and she can understand both English and Japanese, and later will introduce Malay, Mandarin and Cantonese.

    I can’t see why we cannot take 1 step forward to integrate the BM textbooks few years back with the current English science and maths text books. Its a lot of effort, but why move backward instead of forward. We can allow students to use either English or BM to answer in the exams as long as the maths and science principles are correct.

    Some good will surely come out of the dialectics at work between both languages instead of choosing either one. We need new advancements. We need Malaysia Boleh. Not some power struggle between languages.

    When will Malaysia advance and not hold on to race and language as stumbling blocks but embrace our differences as advantages?

  22. wits0 says:

    A better M’sia cannot coexist with the Utusan toxin, can it?

  23. ajajal says:

    Umno one step forward three steps backwards. I will like to challenge all the top UMNO leaders plus the component parties
    leaders where did they educate their children? They are good in fooling the people just to win votes .

  24. pistil says:

    It’s the mainstream media’s religious duty to be Umno’s propaganda machine.

    It’s the mainstream media’s religious duty to treat its readers as juvenile morons.

    It’s Umno mainstream media’s religious duty to glorify suicide bombers and mass murderers by calling them ‘berani mati.’

    It’s the police force’s religious duty to violate the constitution and deprive people their right to free speech.

    It’s the police religious duty to be an extension of and to serve as Umno’s enforcer.

    It’s the police’s religious duty to mastermind sodomy trials against Umno’s political adversaries.

    It’s Umno’s religious duty to imprison people without trial.

  25. wits0 says:

    Umno and BN props want to keep people poor and stupid so that their scions shall always be lord over them all. It’s really that simple.

  26. sky juice says:

    This Mahakutty not only corrupt to the core, but also screwing our education and social life to the hit.

  27. sky juice says:

    This Mahakutty (Mamak from Kelera) must be caught and skinned alive before shipping his carcass back to Kelera.

  28. sky juice says:

    I BEGIN with a confession. I may be fairly described as a dyed in the wool admirer of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew,Singapore’s Minister Mentor. I am pleased that his recent visit to our country went well. He was received and treated as an honoured visitor, in the grand palaces and everywhere else he went, as well he should, because Lee undoubtedly played an important and historic role in the creation of Malaysia as a political entity. That is a historical fact.
    I am glad that Lee gave Mahathir a wide berth. It would have left a bad taste in the mouth if he had asked to meet the bitter old man of Malaysian politics. Mahathir could have been relied upon to be obnoxious and boorish as only Mahathir knows how. His reference to Lee as the little emperor from a small Middle Kingdom is vintage Mahathir, dripping with venom and uncharitable innuendoes. The man, Mahathir I mean, is a total disgrace to the Malay sense of gracious hospitality and traditional decorum. I suppose the kindest thing to do is to ignore Mahathir and let him continue to entertain the sad fantasy that he is an indispensable part of our country’s process of governance.

    Lee Kuan Yew is far from perfect. His record on human rights and media freedom is well documented, and there is not a great deal to choose between his and ours. We should wipe off that feeling of smugness. On balance, though, Lee runs a tight ship and Singapore’s pre-eminent position as a modern, affluent and corruption free society owes entirely to his vision and his determination. What he has achieved for his country in the face of the hopelessly impossible challenges says a great deal about his single minded devotion to public duty in the public interest. Enriching himself or his family has never been part of his game plan.

    He has never wavered in his belief right at the outset that corruption, humanity’s greatest curse, was not going to be a feature of Singapore’s governance model. His administration is both clean and efficient, and Singapore’s economy is among the most competitive in the world. Judged against most indicators, Singapore is among the top global performers. While we wallow in corruption and are daily buffeted by one financial scam after another, the ‘Little Red Dot’ – the highly offensive name former President Habibi of Indonesia gave Singapore – continues to notch one accolade after another. Singapore has shown that size does not matter.

    I am often asked the reason for my being such a loyal Lee Kuan Yew fan… It goes a long way. As I have said, he is not without a blemish or two, but no man has done more to curb corruption in public life as Lee, to the eternal gratitude of his people who are well served by a corruption free civil service and political leadership. The benefits for Singapore have been enormous in reputational terms. Investors know that their investments are safer in Singapore than in many other jurisdictions because Singapore operates a justice system that is incorruptible.
    Singapore has succeeded in curbing corruption to a degree that is rarely achieved elsewhere in Asia, except possibly Hong Kong. Singapore does not need a bloated anti-corruption bureaucracy such as we have with our ineffectual Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission that is a drain on public funds… But whatSingapore has in large measure is political will riding on the shoulders of a remarkable leader whose abhorrence for corruption takes on an almost messianic crusade. When we think of Singapore before Lee Kuan Yew, what comes to mind was a country that was a corrupt colonial backwater, filthy, ugly and smelly, not unlike Hong Kong at that time in its history.
    Today, Singapore has shown the world that by confronting corruption decisively, and by putting in place systems and policies specifically to make unethical public behaviour a high risk and low return business, a country will become competitive which is the name of the game in the globalised economy. How do we fare by comparison?

    The government, in spite of protestations to the contrary, tolerates corruption in all its manifestations. I am not just talking about money changing hands. That is bribery, but equally insidious is bending the rules and exploiting loopholes with a view to defrauding the nation’s coffers. The Port Klang Free Zone scandal is a case in point, and yet we are being told to move on without any of the perpetrators being called to account for their part in this multi-billion ringgit swindle. The government must do its duty in ensuring that those responsible are brought to justice. A scandal of this order of magnitude even for a country such as ours that is so used to living cheek by jowl with grand corruption on a daily basis beggars the imagination. We wait with bated breath to see what Najib will do in this case. Or is he no different from Mahathir and Badawi?

    Through sheer force of character, and leading by example, Lee Kuan Yew has been able to make a difference to the lives of his people. Singapore is able today to punch way above its weight. It is a respected name, human rights NGOs may disagree, and I for one wish Singapore well in its relentless fight against man’s most debilitating social ill.
    (By TUNKU ABDUL AZIZ/MySinchew)

  29. storm62 says:

    yeah, by 2012 utusan meloya and berita harian will record the highest sales in scrapped and unsold newspapers.

    many will be reading english news online to improve their International language as it is a borderless world by now. even my kids are chatting with friends in europe and US…exchange ideas and info for that matter.

    bahasa melayu???
    best in S’pore and JB and some says Batam (indonesia) too.

    sorry, copy this from Phua Chu Kang.

  30. CYC says:

    Utusan is not a newspaper that impart knowledge other than acting as propagandist of the ruling party. Awang Selamat while being a false nationalist champion cannot be compared to Said Zahari.

    Since we can’t even learn proper Bahasa by reading Utusan, so waste your money buying it.

  31. billauchris says:

    The retrogression to reverse the teaching of Science and Maths back in Bahasa Malaysia must be one of the gretest mistake ever made by the BN Government in recent times.

    Some of the teachers from the north who could not master the English to be able to teach Maths and Science must be misfits – square pegs in the round holes. By subcumbing to the demands of these few morons there and ignoring the voice of the progressive, the UMNO and BN will continue to enjoy the backward blessings of the people.

    The public could not care a damn whether Utusan Melayu succeeds or fails. They are more concerned whether their children can one day come out of their schools and be able to fit into or survive in the competitive globalised world of today. For all they care, Utusan Melayu can vaporise into thin air.

    Maths and science are dynamic in that new things are discovered and invented every year. Can our translators be able to cope with these advances? Are they going to update themselves every now and again and continue to translate these new discoveries and inventions?

    I think this policy reversal is going to cost the Government Millions of public funds just to ensure that what is taught in schools is the latest and most recent frontiers of knowledge.

    I remember when Tun Mahathir introduced the teaching of Science and Maths in English, every sensible and progressive parent in the country was so happy that we had a PM who had the future of our children at heart. The policy was a success except we had some disgruntled teachers who could not master the English after five years to be able to teach the two scientific disciplines.

    To reinvent the wheel after five years against the voice of the majority must be another step nearer for UMNO/BN to the tomb.
    Best of luck.

    For those who wish to vote against the policy, please go to the blogsite, of Tun to do your duty.


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